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Topic: why komanam is worn by priests
i want to know why priests wear komanam. i have seen a lot of priests and religious people wear komanam. in one of the articles i read that we should not wear stithed clothes and worship. what is the connection

by pandu Tue Mar 13 13:15:37 UTC 2012

Cloth stitching is new to India it is basically came from Arebia. So specially brahmins not accepted it since it is foreign although level of acceptation happended in north india.
According to brahmin tradition torn clothes should not be used as well patched clothes stitching is one way of tearing and patching it
In religeous occasions people will remove their shirt and stand because shirt is the only stitched cloth a male member had in olden days, now even removing shirt on religeous occasion will not required untill and unless one is not using kaupina.

by Narain Sun Mar 18 10:47:14 UTC 2012

I am the person started using Kaupina after understanding these realities, initially I had hatred towards komanam had a thinking that it is not modern.
But I had a environment in my house my father was using it and I had a inspiration that my mid aged uncles shifted to kaupina without any hesitation.

by Narain Sun Mar 18 10:53:52 UTC 2012

Very good message,being a regular wearer i came to know only after going through forum. Keep writing this kind of useful ones.

by guest. Wed Mar 21 15:58:26 UTC 2012

Even for ladies the petycoat and blouse becomes the integral part of traditional dressing but it was the new addition because in kerala olden days event ladies used to avoid that in relegeous occations. For male white chaddy has became the part of dress on top of komanam with dothi but priests will remove chaddy while performing pooja and stay only in komanam and dothi

by guest Sat Mar 31 07:12:13 UTC 2012

On relegeous occations wearing clean pure white unstitched garments like komanam and dothi and brahmavasta on shoulders, where dothi in kachcha style is preferable and it will give lot of confidence where komanam is completely hidden.

by guest Sat Mar 31 07:16:32 UTC 2012

I personally feel that komanam should be worn not only for regligious occasions but it should be regularly. I am a komanam user and using komanam for the past 6 years and I find it very convenient and excellent feeling of being in komanam. One should wear komanam and feel the comfort afterwards he will not shift to modern underwear. Komanam is the best for all seasons and also like to mention that : KOMANAM PURUSHALAKSHANAM

by pattukomanam Mon Apr 09 05:38:06 UTC 2012

Wearing wet tight konakam and dhoti during prayer is best. It gives me special power to concentrate in my prayer.

by K G K Pillai Thu Jun 28 20:47:31 UTC 2012

What Mr.Pillai has written is very true and you can feel it while you practise it only. Me a regular wearer of komanam whole time,while meditation, prayer and pooja wear only wet komanam along with veshti,we can avoid distractions.

by iyer. Thu Aug 09 04:43:17 UTC 2012

I am a Keralite brahmin performing poojas and tantric rituals and practice.While doing all these rituals it is very essential that the acharya must wear tight broad konakam to get a good result.

by guest Wed Aug 15 17:48:46 UTC 2012

All poojaries are wearing konakam, but are always trying to hide it due to shyness, wearing sheddy over it. Why it is necessary ? Never mind others. You manage yourself and forget your shyness.

by Okd kerala namboothiri Sun Sep 02 19:25:17 UTC 2012

All poojaries are wearing konakam, but are always trying to hide it due to shyness, wearing sheddy over it. Why it is necessary ? Never mind others. You manage yourself and forget your shyness.

by Okd kerala namboothiri Sun Sep 02 19:25:21 UTC 2012

If you are an actual poojari, U always should wear kaupinam in hindu culture. No need to wear a chaddy over kaupinam for hiding. Never mind others. Go ahead with ur own duty. I am also a brahmin.

by Tamil brahmin Fri Sep 07 18:19:41 UTC 2012

Why to feel shy when others see you in konakam. As a poojari, you should wear konakam and no need to hide konakam. Iam also a tamil brahmin hail from kerala and I wear komanam . In fact I am proud to say that I am a komanam wearer and I am quite happy with this costume . I am happy and I am continuing with it.

by komanam user Sun Sep 09 06:09:00 UTC 2012

White chaddy is become a part of the dressing usually worn by people who is using komanam. Specially it is used while going out and travelling it makes us more secure. Inside the house only komanam is used under the dothi. While performing relegious rituals one should remove the chaddy and stay in komamanam and dothi like shirt removal. Nowadays 99 percent people are not using komanam so it looks odd if one is showing his komanam in open. It is not the question of shyness. It also goes with the usage and environment like home parents will instruct to wear chaddy when we start using dothi initially. and usage like I will not tie a knot at the back so white chaddy keeps the komanam secure and tight. White chaddy should not be tight in anycase. I have also seen priests removing white chaddy with their shirt before starting the rituals.

by guest Fri Sep 14 13:16:13 UTC 2012

As a poojari i have no hesitation or shyness in wearing konakam,kaupinam,komanam along with a dhoti on top and which is very much visible.I was taught like that and i use to wear kaupinam only when i recite mantras front of my guru when i was young.Those days it was seen as a costume and i still remember when my brother came back from school and hurriedly started to go to his freinds place my mother strictly asked him have bath and asked him wear new washed clothes and see that he wears kaupinam.nowadays it has become a status symbol. It will change.

by sasthry Sun Dec 09 09:16:30 UTC 2012

I started wearing komanam on a religious ground.Though not brahmins,we have a family kovil in our premise and the responsibility to conduct the rituals are entrusted to the elder man and elder woman in the family.earlier it was done by my father and grandmother.they were regular komanam wearers .They are no more now my mom and myself are performing the rituals.As an year long compulsory custom,to be in komanam inside the kovil,we both are regular wearers of the traditional dress and feel no shame in it.

by sooraj Tue Jan 01 03:06:02 UTC 2013

New generation and style of today's life fully spoiled indian hindu culture. So many want to wear konakam by hiding it. See All new stiched under garments are made like a konakam, but never it is equal to our best traditional cotton konakm. When I started to wear it, now I can't live without it & it given me a lot of benefits. I have no shyness and always wear it.

by GV Gurukkal, kerala Sun Jan 20 12:03:48 UTC 2013

I do agree - Mr. GV. I am a regular user of konakam and I am using it even though I am living in a City. I like to wear komanam or konakam and it is my favourite costume of underwear and I like to be in konakam all the time at home. I like very much to be in komanam. I use stiched komanam & my only advise to all the youngsters is that never go in for readymade underwear as it is not good for health and itching problem will start once start wearing readymade underwear. Konakam is very good from health point of view and it shows simplicity and it is traditional also. Start wearing komanam or konakam and feel the comfort level. I am wearing komanam for the last 8 years and I do wear while going to office also.

by komanam user Tue Jan 29 08:55:34 UTC 2013

do thiyya people wear komanam while performing pooja at home ?

by aravind Fri Feb 15 16:41:36 UTC 2013

I think stiched cotton konakam is better than a traditional konakam, because it never loose. U can tight as u like and ur organ will get rest and comfort in it. Sometime un-stiched may open from back and slipping chances ard there. For pujas it is best. So u keep both with U and use daily. Forget white sheddy.

by K G Kurup, kerala Tue Feb 26 09:41:28 UTC 2013

Yes Mr. Kurup - We have to forget our readymade underwear and start using konakam only. At any time konakam is better . I am also a regular konakam user (Iyer) and I enjoy wearing konakam very much. I use stiched konakam only and I am very much comfortable in that. I sleep only in konakam . KOMANAM IS PURUSHA LAKSHANAM

by R iyer Wed Feb 27 03:10:30 UTC 2013

Now a days priests do not want to wear uw konakam. As a part of job they are bound to wear it only with shy for pujas and rituals. In the name of God many temples are doing business sply in this kaliyug. See what is happening inside the asrams. Keep in mind ! Nobody can challenge with God.

by Mr. Kurup Sat Aug 24 17:10:33 UTC 2013

If the priests do not want to wear konakam willingly do the poojas, then they are not the bloody priests.They are only layman

by R Iyer Tue Aug 27 04:27:47 UTC 2013

In the hınduısm kaupınam ıs really a perfect under wear 4 a brhamın, pandıt or poojarı. If he wear, he get good personalıty. So all should wear kaupınam durıng ur puja tıme.

by A hındu poojarı Mon Jan 13 17:53:00 UTC 2014

Hindu Poojari : Definitely, kaupinam should be worn by all people of Hindu Religion. Especially, poojaris or Brahmins or pandit should compulsorily wear kaupinam or komanam

by kaupina guest Wed Jan 22 09:48:32 UTC 2014

I am priest and a full time konakam wearer.i usually took bath in the temple pond only in konakam and perform pooja wearing konakam and mund where the konakam is visible to all devotees and there is nothing unusual in their feelings.And in my home many people including ladies used to visit me for various jothisha and religious consultations and my dress is konakam and a trnasparent half mund and everybody can see the konakam.No need of shyness to wear the traditional dress if you are a priest and people will only admire you.

by guest Mon Apr 21 00:34:44 UTC 2014

Brhamins of South India want to wear traditional kaupinam, but they can not. Because other peoples are looking them in a wonder and shaming also. what will do now a days maximum peoples are wearing modern undrwears designed like a kaupinam. Actually new generation peoples arenot thinking and don't know our Hindu culture and tradition.

by R. Namboothiri Kerala Sun Nov 23 12:30:11 UTC 2014

Dear Mr. Namboothiri : Let us not bother about others how they feel if we follow the traditional custom. Wearing komanam or kaupinam is solely individual choice. One need not bother about others. I am also a komanam wearer an put up in a City and I wear komanam 24x7 even to office. I enjoy wearing komanam almost all the people in my house know that I am wearing komanam. I dont care even if others make comment on this. Please do carry on wearing kaupina. OK Thirumeni

by kaupina guest Fri Dec 12 03:12:43 UTC 2014

wearing komanam is more comfortable. i am muslim by religion and iam using komanam from my teen age .i never feel shy to take bath in river, ponds, and other open places wearing komanam. being a traditipnal wear why to shy.

by abdul kareem .trichy.tamilnadu Sun Oct 18 17:39:42 UTC 2015

wearing komanam is more comfortable. i am muslim by religion and iam using komanam from my teen age .i never feel shy to take bath in river, ponds, and other open places wearing komanam. being a traditipnal wear why to shy.

by abdul kareem .trichy.tamilnadu Sun Oct 18 17:39:43 UTC 2015

In Indian hindu culture everbody can wear konakam if want. In north Indian Pilgrim centres so many peoples are wearing konakam, but not in Kerala Nair style. surf internet of Kumbmela images to see various type of kaupinadharanam. I like only kerala kaupinanam style.

by Kaupinadhari Kerala Sun Nov 15 17:37:37 UTC 2015

Kaupinadhari: Exactly what you said is right. Kerala style konakam or komanam is the correct of way of wearing . One should adopt konakam or komanam like what people of kerala are wearing like me - I am also a keralite wearing komanam 24x7 and I reiterate that Komanam is the best undergarment for Gents.

by Guest-Mumbai Sat Jan 30 04:27:39 UTC 2016

Becos konakam is a religious dress and respectable dress for pujas. If wear under wear it will look like a ridiculous. Now a days poojari or brahmins wears, 0but want to hide backside with second dothi. What is the need? In Kerala some poojaris are hiding their konakam. One poojari with kudumi, chandan and konakam with dhoti will look like a perfect follower of Hindu culture.

by K K Nair, Kerala Mon May 09 17:49:44 UTC 2016

In north India I had seen some sadhus are wearing konakam, but not like south Indian style. Simply wearing tightly and roaming here and there near Ganga river snan ghats. At least they are not respecting the dress. Some sadhu or brahmins are wears lined drawer also and not good for Hindu culture. But if U wear nobody look curiously at ur attire and that is only one plus point.

by One Pilgrim from South India Wed May 18 16:19:20 UTC 2016

I and my wife use konakam regularly, but with waist band (aranjanam). This fits well. With dhoti or trousers, I prefer this since it keeps the parts aerated.

by ganesh Mon Jul 04 11:20:59 UTC 2016

In north Indian temples or river banks you can wear komanam freely without shyness. Nobody will watch you. All are in their own way. but in South India the people will watch curiously on your komanam and commend. Why ? I can't understand even the brahmins or poojaries try to hide their komanam with white chaddy or Brahma vasram. They should not do. Actually komanam is an old religious cultural dress and try to wear without shyness.

by Kaupinadhari from South India Sat Aug 13 05:36:47 UTC 2016

If wear best cotton konakam and dothi you will get more ventilation fresh air and it will be most better than modern uuderwear and tight pants. Try and feel self....Kdhari

by One Guruvayoor Bhaktan Sat Sep 24 04:43:02 UTC 2016

Myself specially like to take snan or holy dip in holy rivers of North India only in konakam. Never feel shyness. Nobody mind you and you can take bath freely and happily. But in other states some people will look curiously and if you mind you can ever wear konakam directly. At least you have to cover your konakam with dothi. That is the major difference.If you want you can come try...please

by One Pilgrim from South India Sat Oct 08 18:08:10 UTC 2016

i am a nair and at certain occuation i wear konakam.while going to office i wear only stiched underwear . While go to Sree PadhmanabhaSwamy temple in thiruvanthapuram i usually wear a konakam under ny dothi.Eventhough the konakam is visible from behaind andsome of my friends asked me why are you wearing konakam , i said it is our traditional underwear so i wear konakam insted of ready made underwear.

by mohan nair Thu Mar 29 07:10:05 UTC 2018
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