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Topic: home caning punishment for girls in kerala
hai girls, pls describe the punishments u get at home in kerala. did u caned by father or mother for any offences?

by neelima Tue Nov 03 15:35:05 UTC 2009

priya did u cry while caning? in which age did u receive caning?

by neelima Thu Dec 24 15:45:10 UTC 2009

what was the reasons for u to be caned?.what are the other punishments given by ur mom?

by niketha Thu Dec 24 17:43:07 UTC 2009

my mother uses different types of cane . Some are thin some thick. she will also oil the cane and keep in sun to make it flexible

by sany Mon Jan 11 10:13:33 UTC 2010

My mom is a firm believer in 'spare the rod spoil the child'theory and often resorts to caning whenever me or my brother commits any mistake. She normally uses thin flexible rattan canes, but at times thin bamboo canes are also used. We are scared of our mother's caning.

by Raghav Mon Jan 18 03:20:33 UTC 2010

jasmine -- can u pls chatwith me on yahoomsger
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by amit Sat Feb 06 09:26:26 UTC 2010

akhilinte nikker oori adikkam

by guest Mon May 03 09:04:00 UTC 2010

yes.Avande chandie nokki adikkaml

by guest Sat Aug 07 10:21:05 UTC 2010

All the above "female" contributors are actually males

by guest Tue Aug 10 02:30:50 UTC 2010

Your experiences are similar to mine.Why dont we exchange views! E mail ID ms.cchandran@rediff dotcom

by chandra Fri Aug 27 09:54:06 UTC 2010

Ajitha! I want to exchange mails with you,if you are not male.

by Chandra Fri Aug 27 09:56:46 UTC 2010

when i was a girl of 17 age i undergone tuiton for degree class .The teacher was a rude charcter.She given strokes to me on most of the on arm. one day on thighs.but when giving it if left thigh is caned only 5-6

by guest Thu Oct 28 11:13:43 UTC 2010

and next day she uses only right leg.5-6 caning .some time she makes another method.we 3 girls and 2 boys studied.boys will be get in front of us and we get later.

by guest Thu Oct 28 11:17:10 UTC 2010

You are obviously a male masquerading as female!Too bad.

by Chandra Tue Dec 07 01:58:59 UTC 2010

Rathi! You are Ram is it not? Do not masquerade!

by guest Mon Jan 10 05:00:13 UTC 2011

Most girls and boys do in Kerala.

by guest Sat Jan 22 01:57:27 UTC 2011

Enikku kittiyittundu almost naked chanthiyil. on two times.

by jinu Sun Mar 20 06:55:36 UTC 2011

Don't your brother try to cover his secrets when you see? Its very interesting & jokeful for you.. my mother also ask my little sister to pee while she wash her.
Pls. send me your email.

by Kareena Sun Apr 10 05:34:23 UTC 2011

durga, pls describe ur latest and also d severe caning experience from ur mother. How did ur mother cane u? How many strokes did u get usualy? Did u cry while caning?

by asha Sun Apr 10 13:08:09 UTC 2011

ete amma teacher anu. Athu kont enik oru pat adi kiy ku kittiyituntu

by Keerthana Mon Apr 11 06:41:23 UTC 2011

keerthana, amma veettilum schoolilum adikumo? Ethu clasil vare adi kittiyitund? Kayil mathrame adikukayullo?

by guest Mon Apr 11 10:53:37 UTC 2011

if u all dont mind may i also share my experience...............

by guest Tue Apr 12 14:24:19 UTC 2011

Hey guest please describe an incident in which you got the most worst punishment

by Prakash Thu Apr 14 00:02:58 UTC 2011

NO parent should ever cane a child-period.
With a Schoolmaster-or Headmaster-it's an entirely different matter altogether-they know HOW to cane while a Mother,for example,while she may have the physical strength to cane,I would doubt very much whether that she would have the experience.
To administer a proper caning is much,much more than just swinging wildly and hoping that each stroke lands safely across the bottom and not too high,or not too low.
The ideal target area for a safe but effective caning is far smaller than most people realize-4 to 6 inches at most.
In order to lay down six reasonably hard strokes of the cane over such a restricted target area requires accuracy and experience and a practiced Headmaster can do this every time-a most painful caning without causing undue damage.The sole purpose of a school caning is to make it a very painful experience but applied so as not to cause unescessary suffering by striking dangerously way off target-and if a Prent decides to cane a child,this can quite easily happen.
So,and as I have often made clear elsewhere across these punishment Forums,if a child is in serious need of a short,sharp painful lesson,do NOT even think about a caning-iether send a note along to the childs Headmaster or Headmisteress requesting them to cane the child and this way the child will be caned properly but more importantly-safely.
Of course most sensible perents would'nt even consider using the cane and would normaly punish in the traditional way-a proper spanking or slippering-both very effective-both well felt and both totaly safe and seen as good home discipline that is usualy more than enough punishment to correct the worse behaviour-but,and I repeat,DONT cane a child.

by The Apache Kid Mon Apr 18 11:56:12 UTC 2011

Keerthana! Ninte ammai ninne evade adikkunu? Chandiyilo?

by Meena Sun May 01 05:07:06 UTC 2011

Hi Meena-what a lovely name.

Anyway,what are you saying?


by guest Fri May 13 18:40:29 UTC 2011

malayali girlsinu veettil naked caning kittarundo? explain

by rejitha Mon May 16 11:26:37 UTC 2011

Eppordum chandiyil thanne kiitiyundu.

by Rajitha Sun Jun 19 07:01:39 UTC 2011

njan plus one nu padikunnathu vare amma enne chooralu kondu adikumayirunnu. Njan enthenkilum thetu cheythal amma ente pant oru vashatheku valichu tight aki chandiyil chooral onnu thadavum, pinne malappadakam potunnathu pole adiyanu. Ammayude adikondu ente chandi murinjitund.

by vishal Thu Oct 06 10:21:52 UTC 2011

keerthana, amma ethu vadiyanu use cheyyunnathu, pera or chooral. Chandi potikarundo

by vishal Wed Oct 12 11:43:04 UTC 2011

hai vishal amma chooral kondu etra adi vare tarum? Amma ennankelum tuni azechu matti naked akki talliyettundo?ettavum severe ayi kettiya adi onnu vevarikkamo?

by nobin Sun Oct 30 20:36:07 UTC 2011

njan 10il padikumbol veetil ninnu tution pokan irangiyitu college groundil kalikan pokumayirunnu, tutionu pokunna divasangalil sugamillathathu kondanu varathathennum hospitalilayirunnu ennoke paranju raksha petitund. Ente clasil padikunna veedinaduthulla oru penkuti ente ammayodu njan tutionu pokatha karyam paranju, amma townil vanna oru divasam vaikitu ente tution clasil vannu annu njan poyirunnilla, vaikitu njan veetil vannu dress mati kulikanayi thuvarth uduthu nilkumbol amma kayari vannu bhayangara dheshyathode chodichu nee innu tutionu poyo, eniku pediyayi tution illayirunnu ennu njan paranju, amma ente kayil pidichu kondu halileku kondu poyi avide ente ayalkariyaya penkuti undayirunnu aval tution undayirunnu enna karyavum njan sthiramayi vararilla ennum paranju. Amma Akathu ninnum chooral eduthu kondu vannu aa penkutiyude munpil vech ente thuvarth valichu muruki 18 adi chandiyil adichu, pinne mutu muthal thuda vareyum adichu. Athanu eniku kitiya valiya adikal.

by vishal Sun Nov 13 05:40:50 UTC 2011

vishal amma ella devasavum tallumo? Enganatte chooral anu amma use chayyunnatu? Vannamulla chooral ano? Tallumpol amma entu dress anu darikkunnatu? Achan onnum parayelle? Amma tallumpol vishal karayumo? Entu paranjanu karayunnatu? Pls reply....

by nobin Mon Nov 21 13:22:19 UTC 2011

ella divasavum thallarilla vannamulla chooralanu upayogikunnathu, thallan vendi prathyeka dress dharikarilla. Achan gulfilanu. Nobinu veetil adi kitarundo

by vishal Mon Nov 21 15:27:27 UTC 2011

enikkum mekka devasavum step mom nte kaiyyel nennum nalla adi kettarundu. Entayum achan gulfilanu.
Amma chooral engananu care chayyunnatu? Veetil ammayude kayyil etra chooral undu?

by nobin Tue Nov 22 10:54:12 UTC 2011

randu moonnu chooralukalund ammayude roomil vechirikum. Nobinu enganeyanu adi kitarullathu, kitiya nalla adikal vivarikamo

by vishal Tue Nov 22 15:28:45 UTC 2011

enikku mekka devasavum adi kettarundu.njan entu cheriya mistake chaitalum randanamma chooral kondu nalla adi tarum. Adyam ente muzuvan dressum azechu matti naked akki nerttum. Chelappol kettiyedum. Ennittu nalla vannamulla chooral kondu adikkum. Chandikkum kalinum okke adikkum.chelappol purattinettum kaikkettum okke adikkum. Mekkappolum adi nerttumpol potti blood vannittundakum.annu penne tuni udukkan sammatikkella.chelappol terracinte mukalil poyi vailattu nilkkan parayum.

Vishalne adikkumpol amma entakkayanu parayunnatu? Adikkunnatente procedure onnu vivarikkamo?

by nobin Tue Nov 22 19:36:31 UTC 2011

hi nobin dress nobin azhikumo, atho mom ano azhikunnathu. Jetty polum idan sammadikille. Enne amma ithrayonnum adikarilla

by vishal Wed Nov 23 05:03:05 UTC 2011

dress enne kondu tanne azeppikkum. Tallumpol jettyum edan sammatikkella.
Vishalinu heavy adi kettiya mattoru sambavam parayamo?

by nobin Wed Nov 23 10:53:31 UTC 2011

9th il padikunna samayathu veedinaduthulla chetanmar bike rent eduthu enne padipikamennu paranju, njan veetil kallam paranju avarodopam poyi njan odicha bike oru kutiye idichu, bhagyathinu kutiku onnum patiyilla avante cycle poornamayi thakarnnu bykinum thakarar pati, njan veetilethi roomil pedich irikukayayirunnu, vaikitu bike idicha kutiyude ammayum bike rent edutha chetanum veetil vannu, appozhanu amma vivaram ariyunnathu, njan tutionu pokukayanennu paranjanu irangiyathu. Amma enne vilichu chodichu sathyamano ennu njan sammadichu. avarku paisa nalkam ennu paranju vitu. Annu amma enne ammayude roomileku kayati ennodu pant azhikan paranju, njan pant azhichu mati ammayude dheshyam theerunnathu vare enne adichu chandi poti chora vannu. Nobinu kitiya adikal parayamo

by vishal Fri Nov 25 06:46:38 UTC 2011

nobinu jetty mathram itu ninnu kondu adi kitiyitundo, vivarikamo

by vishal Fri Nov 25 06:49:11 UTC 2011

njan 8il padikkumpol school kazenju groundil cricket kalikkan poyi.kali kazenju veetil vannappol samayam 5.30 ayi. 5 manikku munpu veetil kayaranam ennanu ammayude order.njan vannappol amma gaitenaduttu nilppundayerunnu. Enne kandappol akattekku vada ennu paranju.njan akattu vannappol mesappurattu nalla vannamulla oru chooral eduttu bachettundayerunnu. Uniform azekkada ennu paranju amma chooral kayyil eduttu.nalla saktil amma 5 adi jettikku purattinattu tannu. Njan odan nokki.appol amma enne pedichu ammayude churidarinte shall kondu ente randu kayyum oeu tunil kettiettu.ennittu jetty azechu matti vendum adikkan tudangi. Chandi potti blood varunnatu vare adichu.

Vishalinu ammayude kayyil nennu mattu entankelum punishment kettiyettundo? Example uppukallinte purattu muttu kutti nerttuka, chattukam pazuppichu vaikkuka angane entankelum? Undankil atonnu vesatamayettu parayamo?

by nobin Fri Nov 25 21:21:27 UTC 2011

matu punishments onnumilla, vazhaku parayuka adi tharika athreyullu

by vishal Sat Nov 26 04:41:15 UTC 2011

vishalinu ammayude kayyil nennu adyamayi chooralinu adi kettiya sambavam ormayundo? Atu entinayerunnu? Etra vayassil ayerunnu? Detail ayettu onnu parayamo?

by nobin Sat Nov 26 10:38:02 UTC 2011

I am a Maths Teacher I used to cane my students with cane. 9400390776

by guest Sat Dec 10 12:55:19 UTC 2011

who r u!

by guest Tue Jan 31 19:40:30 UTC 2012

chootiya saala

by gaandoo Thu Feb 02 10:04:47 UTC 2012

Maths teacher with 9400390776- are you a female teacher.PLease write

by guest Fri Jun 01 15:22:11 UTC 2012

My father always canes me and my younger brother whenever we get low marks. He is very partial to my brother (although it may be because i always get bad marks but he has come near the top of his class at times) and canes him on the underwear whereas he pulls down my skirt and panties out and canes me on my bare butts. Also my brother enjoys seeing and humiliating me while he gets caned privately.

by Janani Radha Varadarajan Fri Jul 13 10:46:15 UTC 2012

contact for heavy caning 9786050436

by guest Tue Jul 31 10:16:24 UTC 2012

Iam intrested at giving caning.....

by Ashish Sun Oct 14 06:43:26 UTC 2012

Hi anusha we both are of similar type . . Same thing happens to me to . . can i mail you . .

by Anandu Tue Nov 06 18:30:16 UTC 2012

Underware uri te ano adi.. Anandu

by Sisira k Tue Nov 06 18:31:15 UTC 2012

enneyanenkil amma thallitte illa....thallunnath oru tuition teacher aanu....shorts valich tight cheyth ancho aaro adikal vare tharum....ennum question chodikkum ..ath kazinje class thudangarullu....chila divasangalil back of knees kittum appol irikkan nalla budhimuttayirikkum....chilappol teacher question chodich udane thanne pratheekshikkath thudayudd mun bhagath thanne adi tharim...athinu nall vedanayayirikkum...pinne thudayil frntil karuthathum chuvannathumaya padukal oru azhchayolam kidakkarund....ammayanenkil teacherod parayum iniyum nala thallu kodukkan.....teacher mikkavarum divasangalil ente veettil vannanu class edukkunnath chilappol njan angottum pokarund.....enthayalum eppozhum teacherinte pakkal nalla oru vallichoooral undayirikkum....i hate her i cant run off from that....

by manu Fri Nov 09 17:42:45 UTC 2012

i want caning. enik ethuvarakum aranum adi kittitilla so i want.

by guest Sat Feb 23 18:58:40 UTC 2013

pakshaengana aruda aduthu parayum

by guest Sat Feb 23 18:59:57 UTC 2013

arangilum paranju tarumo enganaya adi kittanath ennu enna arum tallarilla

by by sri Sat Feb 23 19:03:43 UTC 2013

iam a girl enikum vanam chandik chooral kashayam

by by sri Sat Feb 23 19:05:12 UTC 2013

arangilum onnu paranju tarumo engana chandik adi vadikanath ennu

by by sri Sat Feb 23 19:06:06 UTC 2013

I am An English girl and I was caned at home by my Indian boyfriend. It started with just stap to the palm of the hands but after a couple of years he had me nude and strapped on my bare body and sometimes other people were present. I wrote about the first time this happened with people present in the Caning Forum and would like to hear from anybody that has had a similar experience or took part in one.

by Marianne Sun Feb 24 12:24:46 UTC 2013

Love to hear more about your caning Marianne
dennis_ctn on yahoo or on yahoo messenger dennis_ctn

by dennis_ctn Mon Apr 01 13:46:36 UTC 2013

Dennis what do you want to know? Or should I say what would you like to do to me?

by Marianne Sun Jun 23 14:03:52 UTC 2013

As a teacher way back in the 60's when it was acceptable and allowable to give children CP, I did everything I could in the primary,junior school I taught at to ensure none of the children I was responsible for were sent to the school head. Instead, I would take the child into the stockroom and deal with the child in there with my hand on either the seat of the trousers or the seat of the skirt whilst across my knee. For 2nd offences I would use the slipper with the child touching toes.

Although I would say it was not an easier option for the child as they were tearful at the end, it was in my opinion better than the child bending over and being whacked with the cane. Of course using the slipper with the child bending over was something I did but somehow I felt it was kinder for the child than the cane.

I did witness a few good caning's at the juniors school and also witnessed some as a supply teacher in a secondary school. The only point I would make from purely a visual point of view, the boys in those days wore short grey trousers and seeing them bend over rather outlined the bottom. It was difficult not to observe the caning however I did feel for the child even though I appreciated the sight of the bottom bending over.
Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Sat Nov 16 21:16:44 UTC 2013

enne ente koottukarikal adichittundu....

by nivin Mon Dec 30 10:04:35 UTC 2013

Nivin,can you explain more?

by sj,thrissur Thu Jan 02 12:31:40 UTC 2014

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by Vijaya Lakshmi Tue Jan 28 06:02:36 UTC 2014

Vijaylakshmi mam, I need some hard punishments from you mam.Please write me to dynuseratgmaildotcom

by dyn Wed Jan 29 20:14:51 UTC 2014

njan cheriya kuttikalkk veettil tuition edukkunnund. High school padikkunna 2 penkuttikal aanu ippol ullath. njan avarod valare snehathil okkeyanu perumarunnath. padikkanum kazhivullavar aanu. athu kond thanne vazhakk parayenda avasyam undayittilla. kazhiv und enkilum uzhapp nalla reethiyil ullath kond avaril ninnum pratheekshikkunna oru result undaakarilla. pen kuttikal aayath kond thanne adikkan onnum njan thuninjittilla, cheriya thettukal kannadakkum, chilappol cheriya null okke kodukkum athum vedanippikkarilla adhikam. ivarude kazhivukal maximum purath kond varan enthanu nalla oru strategy? any suggestions from experienced tutors?

by SP Fri Jan 31 16:14:27 UTC 2014

chanthiku nala adikoduthal mathi

by gust Thu Feb 06 21:23:29 UTC 2014

Watch my real session on youtube "Indian caning punishment by Mistress Vijayalakshmi"

by Vijayalakshmi Fri Apr 04 10:42:58 UTC 2014

I like to give caning to girls. anybody here?

by AK Thu May 15 12:24:34 UTC 2014

i am a tution master and routinely canes my students.but only at homes where parents approve. at home too it is part of our dicipline routine.

by Gopi Wed Feb 25 17:46:42 UTC 2015

is caning for married womens at buttocks is correct..

by guest Tue Mar 10 16:36:30 UTC 2015

Njan oru tuition centril padipikunnunu..vettilum undu tution.veetil varunna kuttikalkay njan oru chooral vaghi vachittundu..

by guest Thu Apr 02 14:56:53 UTC 2015

Njan padipikunnathil oru penkutty undu 6thil padikunnu..aval nalla uzhapanu athinal avalde veetil ninnu paranju nalla adi kodutholan..athukondu njn nalla adi kodukkum.veetil ninnum paranjittundu adiude padu ennum kananam ennu.athinanal kaal muttinum padathinum idakulla thudutha bhagthe adiku..aval mikkavarum pavada ittu anu varuka adi kollanulla sowkaryathinu.chilapol athu kurachu poki muttinu thottu mukalilulla bhagathum adikarundu.

by guest Thu Apr 02 15:05:05 UTC 2015

Ente father gulfil aanu. Njan 10th il padikumbol aanu ee sambhavam.Athukondu valare strict ayi aanu amma enne nookkunnathu. Orikal schoolil nadathiya maths pareekshayil mark kuranjathinal amma yodu paranjilla. Paper kittiyillennu kallam paranju.Ente oru relative aya teacher ikkaryam ammayodu paranju.Njan viittil ethiyappol amma enne store room
Il kondu poyi vathil pootiya shesham pant azhikkan paranju, athinu shesham jatti um azhippichu. Enne kashtappetu padippikkunnathu ithinano en nu chodichu.Thirinju nilkkan paranju . njan thirinju ninnappol ennodu kuninju nilkkan paranju. Ennittu oru chool odiyunna vare ente chandi adichu potichu. Ennittu ennodu chandi thurannu kanikkan paranju . njan chandi thurrannu kanichu. Appol amma theepetti urachu ente maladwarathil vachu thannu.kallam paranjal ithayirikkum shiksha ennu paranju . athinu shesham 1 week enikku nere irikkan pattiyilla. Toilet il pokumbolum athinu shesham chandi kazhukumbolum maladwaram neeri.Athinu shesham njan ithuvare kallam paranjitilla. Kallam parayan thoonumbol eniku chandiyile adiyude vedanayum, maladwarathile pollalinte neetalum orma varum.Ente ammayude punishment karanam anu njan innathe njan ayathu. I love my mother soo much.

by Abhinav Fri Jul 17 07:01:23 UTC 2015

Ente father gulfil aanu. Njan 10th il padikumbol aanu ee sambhavam.Athukondu valare strict ayi aanu amma enne nookkunnathu. Orikal schoolil nadathiya maths pareekshayil mark kuranjathinal amma yodu paranjilla. Paper kittiyillennu kallam paranju.Ente oru relative aya teacher ikkaryam ammayodu paranju.Njan viittil ethiyappol amma enne store room
Il kondu poyi vathil pootiya shesham pant azhikkan paranju, athinu shesham jatti um azhippichu. Enne kashtappetu padippikkunnathu ithinano en nu chodichu.Thirinju nilkkan paranju . njan thirinju ninnappol ennodu kuninju nilkkan paranju. Ennittu oru chool odiyunna vare ente chandi adichu potichu. Ennittu ennodu chandi thurannu kanikkan paranju . njan chandi thurrannu kanichu. Appol amma theepetti urachu ente maladwarathil vachu thannu.kallam paranjal ithayirikkum shiksha ennu paranju . athinu shesham 1 week enikku nere irikkan pattiyilla. Toilet il pokumbolum athinu shesham chandi kazhukumbolum maladwaram neeri.Athinu shesham njan ithuvare kallam paranjitilla. Kallam parayan thoonumbol eniku chandiyile adiyude vedanayum, maladwarathile pollalinte neetalum orma varum.Ente ammayude punishment karanam anu njan innathe njan ayathu. I love my mother soo much.

by Abhinav Fri Jul 17 07:01:24 UTC 2015

Ammede kayyil ninnum 12th std vare enikku kittiyittundu. Mark kuranjalanu kuduthalum kitunnathu. Enne ammede roomil keeti pants um jatti um azhippikum. Athinu shesham kuninju nilkan parayum Ennittu chooral kondu Chandi adichu polikkum.

by guest Sat Jul 18 02:37:50 UTC 2015

Enne kunjile amma enne adichitundu. Orikal kalikide veetile widow glass njan polichu. Amma ente trowser um jatti um azhippichu.Amma chair il irunna shesham ammede madiyil vannu kamannu kidakkan paranju.Ennitu eerkkil kondu ente chandiyil adichu.Eerkkil odijapol veendum kondu vannu adichu.

by guest Sat Jul 18 03:08:52 UTC 2015


by sheena Sat Jul 18 13:00:25 UTC 2015

Hi sheena parayu

by guest Sat Jul 18 18:06:05 UTC 2015

I am ready caning

by guest Sun Jul 19 20:04:10 UTC 2015

Njan 9th il padikumbol veetil patayathe cinema ku poyi . Ente oru classmate paraju ithu amma arinju. Njan veetilethiyappol ammayude muriyil kondu poya shesham dress muzhuvan azhippichu. Ennittu thirichu nirthiya shesham chattukam choodaki chandiyil vachu.

by Rahul Mon Jul 20 02:42:16 UTC 2015

Eniku oru son anullathu. Ippol 8thil padikunnu. Avan vikrithi kanikumbolum, mark kuranjalumanu njan avane adikarullathu. Njan avane avante chandiyil mathrame sikshikarullu. Njan Ella ammamarodum parayunnu adikkan ettavum pattiya sthalam chandiyanu, karanam body il adikumbol kuduthal vedana edukkunnathu chandi yilanu. Adiyude padu purathu kanukayilla. Njan ente makane thettu cheyyumbol ente muriyil kondu poya shesham pantum, jattium azhippikkum. Chooral kondanu adikkunnathu. Jatti azhipicha shesham thirinju nilkan parayum. Ennittu Oro chandiyilum mari mari 5 adi kodukum, adi kodukkunna samayathu chandi thadavan samathikkaruthu. Njan adicha shesham avanu nanakedu thonnan vendi avante 2 chandikalum pelarthi pidikkum.Appol avan orikalum thettu cheyyila ennu paranju karayunnundakum. Appol njan Avanodu parayum sneham kondanu Amma adikunnathennum, ithu orikkalum avarthikaruthu ennum parayum. Anthinu shesham Avanodu katilil thurichu kedathiyittu, avante chandi thadavi kodukkum.

by Lincy Wed Jul 22 18:42:01 UTC 2015

Njan enthenkilum thettu cheyythal Amma ente trowser um jatti um azhippicha shesham chandikkidayil kaiyyittu maladwarathil nullum.

by Abhinav Thu Jul 23 17:13:35 UTC 2015

Hai friends

by Reena Sat Jul 25 02:39:58 UTC 2015

I love kneelings. When boy was punished like this in my school. The usual ritual was to recive some handcanning or faceslapping and then kneeling. I even was sent in 4 times to kneel in the girl's class. I am from Spain and 49 years old. If you wanna talk about can write me to the gmail castigadoderodillas.

by castigadoderodillas Sat Aug 08 18:34:04 UTC 2015

Schoolil padikunna samayathu ammede kayyil ninnum adi kittiyittundu. Pavada pokki Steel scale kondu randu chandikalilum mari mari adikkum.

by Sarika Tue Sep 01 17:16:31 UTC 2015

Aarkkenkilum Adi tharuvaano kodukkuvaano thaalparyamundo????vilikkoo9447480644

by amal Sun Sep 06 12:13:55 UTC 2015

Nte tution clsil nte kuda padikunna boyk anum chandil teacher adi kodukkum

by tusara Fri Sep 18 17:04:44 UTC 2015

Tusharakku chandiyil adikittiyittumdo.

by Sarika Mon Sep 21 05:59:11 UTC 2015

Sarika, chooralo Mattu vadikalo kind chanthikk adikittiyittundo?

by Deepa Wed Sep 23 01:37:48 UTC 2015

Kittiyittundu. Orikkal mark kuranjathu kondu veettil kanichilla. Ammayarinjappol Enne adukkalayil kondupoya shesham, ennodu skirt azhikkan paranju. Njan azhichappol thirichu nirthi oru choolu odiyunna vare ente chandi adichu polichu. Athinu shesham 1 week mootram ozhicha shesham ichi kazhukumbol,chandi neeri.

by Sarika Wed Sep 23 03:54:34 UTC 2015


by t Fri Sep 25 05:00:07 UTC 2015


by t Fri Sep 25 05:00:10 UTC 2015


by t Fri Sep 25 05:00:39 UTC 2015


by t Fri Sep 25 05:00:39 UTC 2015

I want come beat on my buttocks by a female teacher

by guest Fri Sep 25 05:03:00 UTC 2015

Sarika ethram clasil vecha amma ingane adichath?

by Deepa Sat Sep 26 04:45:58 UTC 2015

9thil padikkumbol

by guest Sun Sep 27 05:10:59 UTC 2015

9thil padikkumbol

by Sarika Sun Sep 27 05:11:35 UTC 2015

Hey anybody

by rupika Mon Oct 05 09:35:47 UTC 2015

Rupika.. Veettilo schoolilo adikittiya incidents undo?

by Nitha Tue Oct 06 09:32:45 UTC 2015

iam interested in ur topic

by guest Sun Oct 11 10:08:49 UTC 2015

iam scared of my home tution teacher

by guest Sun Oct 11 10:09:45 UTC 2015

Guest whas ur name? Tuition teacher sherikk adikkumo? Eth clasila padikkunnath?

by Nitha Mon Oct 12 00:46:22 UTC 2015

Injan oru superkarket manegar anu oracha munpu injagalude super marketil oru penkuty bill yedathe sadanam kondupokan noki injagalude sekurity athu pidichu a kuttiku 18 Vayasu varum athine yente rumil koduvannu aval karayuka ayirnnuinjan avalodu karyam chodichu aval thetusamathichu

by gust Tue Oct 20 00:43:27 UTC 2015

gustinjan paranju seri police ne vilikam aval yente kalivinuv karanju kandal kollavuna kudubhathile annu yennu thoni ijan paranju penne yenth venam ninne veruthe vidan pattilla vittal ne yeniyum ethupole cheyyumcheyyum aval karanjukodu ninnu injangalude security parnju yetu avalude adavanu sir police ne viliku sir avar kondupoye chutta randennanm kodukumbol yella sathyam purathu varum aphrum aval karnju kondu nilkuvanu injan paraju seri oru karyam cheyyam yedurha sadhanathinte billu adakku yennal vidam aval pranju paise yella seri yedutha sadhanangal thirike vappichu security iud paeanju oru chural konduvaran ayal oru chural kondy vannu yellavarum purthu nilkan paranju avalk chural candapole karyam manasilaye sir yenne onnucheyaruthu injan yeni yenganeonnu cheyilla injan paranju ijnan parayunnarhu pile kettal ninne veruthe vidam aval chodichu yenthu venam sir injan paranju ye chural kondukondu 10 Adi tharum athu vangiyal nene vdam yennu sir pleas aval khenji injan paranju no combramizecombramize avasanam aval samathichu aval sari anu udithirunnathu injan churalumayi acalude aduthu chennapole aval vathu kai yente nerku neti thannu ,...

by gust Tue Oct 20 01:03:15 UTC 2015

Guest baakki parayu

by guest Tue Oct 20 16:24:48 UTC 2015

Injan avalud vathu kaiku midil bhagath orenam koduthu aval ayooo enu vilichu kai kuranju rajdamathe adku aval yedathu kai anu kanichatu injan randamathe adi nallstron aye koduthukoduthu aval eshhhhhh enu paranju kodu kai kudanju adutha adiku aval kai netiyella aval karaju kondu paranju mathi sir please injan paranju pora ethu randannam alle ayullu eneni 8 eanbam kudi kidakunnu

by gust Tue Oct 20 22:53:24 UTC 2015


by guest Sun Dec 06 10:38:37 UTC 2015


by guest Tue Dec 22 08:00:12 UTC 2015

Aval pedichu lpedichu enne nokki paranju sir enne vetteku eni orikkalum ethu avarthikilla

by guest Wed Dec 23 10:29:04 UTC 2015

Sorrey shiksh oru excusum yella vegam kayi kanikku aval paranju sir yente kai anakkan vayya sir please mappakkanam sir appole kai anakkan vayya engil venda namuku vere oprion ondallo aval chodichu athentha sir injan paranju kutty a window pidichu therinju nilku athendina sir ijnan paranju yenikku thande battaks ayalum mathi aval paranju ayyooo sue venda injan paranju yellengil police ne vilikkam avar kondupokkolum aval paeanju ayyooo vend sir aval msdichu madichu jannali piduchu ninnu injan avalude purakuvasam aswduchu nalla vadivorha sariram annu avaludethu ijnan paranju thante churidar onnu tight akki pidikkammo aval karajukindu churidarinte pante tight cheyithu injan paranju panre alla top tight akku injan rhante thudaku alla chandiku annu adikkan pokynnathu aval kranju kondu enne nokki injan paranju pettennu vennam alkkar veliyil waite cheyyukayanu

by guest Wed Dec 23 10:43:15 UTC 2015

Thankal story yude oru bhagath penkutty saree aanennum mattoridath churidaranennum parayunnu. Entha ingane?

by shine Wed Dec 23 18:51:31 UTC 2015

Athoru mistak pattiyathanu

by guest Wed Dec 23 20:11:42 UTC 2015

injan veendum chooral yeduthu avalude vathu bhagathu samanyam nallathu pole thanne onnu koduthu avaaval jannalil nennum kai yeeuthu adi kittiyq bhagathu amarthi pidchu alari karanju ijan paranju kai mattu aval kurachu neram karinju kai matti injan veedum koduth yepravasam nerathe kdutha thinete middle thanne kondu aval jannal ninum pidivettu tharayil yerunnu karanju ayyooo yennu nelavilichu injan paraju yerunnelku aval karanju kondu paranju sir deyvathe orthu yeni yenne adikaruthu injan parnju vegam yerunnetu therinju nenno allengil adi yude yennam kudum injan paranju yennu nente chandile tholi injan urikkum nee kurachu devasam yee chandhi kondu yengu yerikkan padilla ath kettathum aval veedum karanju kondu yerunnettu yepprawsayam avale jannali pidikkan samayam koduthilla aval yerunnettathu injan avalude munthuda nokki orannam koduthu athu aval ottum pradeshichillashichilla aval alari velichu kondu thudayil amarthi pidichu kondu kuniju yerunnu asamayam injan avalude pirakuvasathu vannu yennitu avalude chandi orennam kude koduthu athum aval pradeshechilla athodukudi aval nelathu kidannu asamayam injanveedum avalude munthudayil onnum kude koduthu aval pettenu kamarnnu kidannu

by Guest Wed Dec 23 20:35:20 UTC 2015

Avalude kaalvellayil chooraladi kodukkaan melayirunno?

by shn Fri Dec 25 10:36:34 UTC 2015

Athinu aval kai kanikkande randamthe adi kondappole thanne ksi valichu kalaju

by guest Fri Dec 25 22:07:41 UTC 2015

Kaivellayil alla. Kaalvellayil.foot sole.

by shn Sat Dec 26 03:33:28 UTC 2015

Injan athreyum chindichilla kaalvellayil adichal avalk yerunnettu nilkan bhudhimuttavam

by guest Sat Dec 26 12:07:04 UTC 2015

Kaivellayil adikkunnathinekkaal vedhana kooduthalakum kaalvellayiladichchaal.

by shn Sat Dec 26 14:37:24 UTC 2015

Athu seriy shini ku ethu poleyenthengilum anbhavam undayerundo

by guest Sat Dec 26 21:25:16 UTC 2015

Anubhavam illa. Ennaalum paranjukettittund.

by shn Sun Dec 27 03:26:07 UTC 2015

Than yenthu cheyyunnu school il padikkumbole adi kitteyutundo

by guest Sun Dec 27 07:43:31 UTC 2015

Krishi. Schoolil ninnum ishtampole adi kittiyittund. Ellam kayyil. Orikkal chanthiyum thudayum cherunnidathum, mattorikkal thudayude munpilum.
Thankalude post vayichu. Ishtappettu, sadhya bhagam - kayyil adi koduththath. Enik veluththa sundarikalaya slim beauty aaya yuvathikalkk kaivellayilum kaalvellayilum chooraladi kittunnath othiri ishtamanu. Aththaram storykal undenkil parayanam. Ningalude shopil sales girls undo? Avark punishment kodukkumo?

by shn Sun Dec 27 09:41:33 UTC 2015

Nengal male anno female anno adi kittiyappole vedana undayerunno penne injagalude shopil sailes girls undu avark yethuvareyum adi onnukodukkenda avasyam vannittilla thangale teacher anno mash anno adichathu chhooral kondano adichathu penkuttikalk adi kittynnathu kandittundoo injan adutha postil vere oru sambhavam parayam

by guest Sun Dec 27 11:12:43 UTC 2015

Sara phone number ittirikkunnath

by amal Sun Dec 27 15:46:06 UTC 2015

Sara phone number ittirikkunnath

by amal Sun Dec 27 15:46:07 UTC 2015

Alla injan alla samsarikkan thalparayam undengil ph notaru

by guest Sun Dec 27 17:51:22 UTC 2015

Njan male. Entha angane chodichath? Ennne adichittullathellaam teachers aanu. Mashumaar aarum adichittilla. Eth adikkaa vedhanayillaaththath? Adiyude ookk koodunnathinanusarich vedhanayum koodum.chooral kondanenne adichittullath. Penkuttikale adikkunnath kandittund.

by shn Sun Dec 27 18:11:38 UTC 2015

Penkuttkale adikunnathu onnu parayamo

by guest Mon Dec 28 03:09:03 UTC 2015

Avare kayyilanadikkunnath. Padanavumayi bandhappetta karyanhalkk adi kodukkunnath sadarana alle? Answer parayathirikkuka, homework cheyyathe varikay, examil tholkkuka, textbook, notebook konduvarathirikkuka itinokke. Pinne classil varthamanam parayuka, uniform idathe vatika,thamasichu varika, thudangiyavaykkum adi pathivaanu.boysnum girlsinum kayyilanadi.pinne apoorvamaya sambhangal ennu parayavunnath headmaster pankuttikale adikkunnathanu. Ath pathivullathalla. Njan 6 Kollam oru schooil padichittum 2 praavashyam mathrame headmaster penkuttikale adikkunnath kandittullloo. Ath melpparanja karyangalkkonnumaayirunnilla.

by shn Mon Dec 28 05:34:48 UTC 2015

Penne yenthina hedmaster penkuttikale thalliyathu

by guest Mon Dec 28 06:39:43 UTC 2015

Ath njan 5 il padikkumpolaanu. 2nd term. 1988 il. Njangalude headmaster oru karkkashakkaaranayirunnu. Theerecheriya karyamankenkilum adi tharum. Adheham varandgayiloode class ullasamayath rounds adikkumpol aarenkilum onnanangiyal mathi, appol kittum. Adiyennu paranjaal, adi kollunnavan saari,u chuttum vattam karangi vann adyam ninnitat varum . Pinneyum kodukkum. Angane 3 adiyanu pathiv. 3 ennam kittunnavan vechu vechanu pokunnath. Classil chennnitt alpaneram deskil kamiznnu kidakkunnath kaanaam, ethra aarogyamulla kuttikalanenkilum, athayath sportsukarum avareppole aarogyam ullavarum okke. Ithellaam boysine adikkunnath. Girlsine aanenkil kannadachcu vidum.
Njangl cheriya classile kuttikalil chilar boysum girlsum classilirunnayirunnu chorundirunnath. Njanum classil vechayirunnu undukondirunnath. Ente classinte thottupurakil 7th class. Adi kittiya penkutti aa classil padikkunnavalaanu. Aval thottathayirunnu. Ippozhate kuttikaleppole cheriya kuttikalalla Annundaayirunnath. Ippozhathe degree studensinte valuppam varum. Ee kuttiyum sadharanayilum nalla valuppamulla kuttiyaayirunnu. Continued...

by shn Mon Dec 28 11:50:16 UTC 2015

Oru divasam njan classil chorundukondirikkukayaayirunnu. Thottupurakile classil aa penkuttiyum chorunnukayaayirunnu. Kurachu kazhinjappol head master varaandhayiloode chooralumaayi varunna kandu. Koode ethaanum aankuttikalumund. Saarinte valiya chooral aanu. Mattullavarudekkaal neelavum vannavum und. Saarinte varavu kandappol enikum pediyaayi. Aare pidikkaana varunnathennariyillallo. Kaaranam saarinte swabhaavam anganeya. Cheriya karyam mathi. Ethaayalum Ente classum kadannu thottupurakilulla 7 th classil chennu kayari. Appol aa penkutti last benchinte attaththirunnu chorunnukayaayirunnu. Aval mathramaayirunnu appol aa classil chorundukondirunnath. Continued...

by shn Mon Dec 28 18:06:30 UTC 2015

Oru divasam njan classil chorundukondirikkukayaayirunnu. Thottupurakile classil aa penkuttiyum chorunnukayaayirunnu. Kurachu kazhinjappol head master varaandhayiloode chooralumaayi varunna kandu. Koode ethaanum aankuttikalumund. Saarinte valiya chooral aanu. Mattullavarudekkaal neelavum vannavum und. Saarinte varavu kandappol enikum pediyaayi. Aare pidikkaana varunnathennariyillallo. Kaaranam saarinte swabhaavam anganeya. Cheriya karyam mathi. Ethaayalum Ente classum kadannu thottupurakilulla 7 th classil chennu kayari. Appol aa penkutti last benchinte attaththirunnu chorunnukayaayirunnu. Aval mathramaayirunnu appol aa classil chorundukondirunnath. Continued...

by shn Mon Dec 28 18:06:30 UTC 2015

Shine, please continue

by guest Tue Dec 29 17:44:17 UTC 2015

sar avalod alpaneram cheriya vazhakkupole entho samsarikkunnathu kettu. Athimushesham kaikaanikkaan paranj chooralukond aangyam kaanichu. Aval pedichu pedichu madiyode idathu kai neetti. Sar adhehathinte full forcil chooral kond avalude idathukaivellayil oru adi koduthu. Adi kittikkazhinjittum aval kai pinvalichilla. Sar pinneyum enthokkeyo vazhakkupole paranju. Ennitt neettippitichirunna kayyileykk munpathe pole oru adi koodi koduthu. Athukazhinjum aval alpaneram koodi kai neettippidichukondirunnu. Athinushesham ini adiyillennorth aval kai eduthu. Appozhellaam sar avale vazhakku paranjilondirikkukayaayirunnu. Sar pinneyum enthokkeyo paranjukazhinjitt kaineettan chooralukond aangyam kaanichu. Aval dhayaneeyamaayi sarine nokkikkond pediyode kai neetti. Thottumunpile adikalude athrayum varillemkilum nalla forcil thanne oru adikoodikoduthu. Adikittikkazhinjittum aval kai eduthilla. Appol sar avalodu paranju. Ini adiyilla, kai edutholaan. Appol aval kai eduthu. Pinneyum sar enthad vazhakku paranju. Njan pala pravashyam paranjathaanu, choridarithennu. Ini engane cheyyaruthennu paranju. Ini ingane cheythaal saarinte roominte varandhayil kondupoyi nirthi ellavarum kaanke thallumennu paranjitt saar poyi.
Adiyellam kazhinj aval bakki chorunnan thudangi. Alpam kazhinjappol aval karayan thudangi. Kurachuneram angane chorunditt muzhuvan unnathe aval karanjikond ezhunnett poyi. Kai kazhuki vannitt aval deskil kuninjukidannu karayukayaarunnu. Annu muzhuvan aval karanju. Vikunneram karanjukalangiyam kannukalum idumichcha mukhavumaayi aval veettileykk poyi. Pinne aval 3-4 divadsam vannilla. Aval pani pidichu kitappilaayirunnennarinju. Athukazhinj aval schoolil varan thudangi. Athinushesham avale aake oru mood off aaya avasthayilaayirunnu kandirunnath. Adi kittiyathinte vedanayekkal nanakkedayirukkum avale thalarthiyath, karanam penkutti enna nilaykk head masteril ninnum adi vangendi vannath. Head master sadarana penkuttiksle adikkaarillallo.
Ini adiyude reasonileykku varaam. Sar poyiklazhinju njan karyam anwedhichu. Ath adutha podtil parayam.
Veroru sambhavam koodiyund. Ath ee headmaster alla. Vere headmaster. Njan 10- il padikkumpol. 8-ile penkuttikale adichathanu. Ath ithtayum hard alla. Athum adutha postil parayam

by shn Tue Dec 29 20:56:46 UTC 2015

Guest evudepoyi?

by shn Sat Jan 02 15:10:48 UTC 2016

Shn nalls rasam undu pleas continu

by guest Sat Jan 02 21:59:17 UTC 2016

Nalls---ee word manasilayilla

by shn Sun Jan 03 08:20:48 UTC 2016

Shine please continue.

by guest Mon Jan 04 02:11:12 UTC 2016

Guest vere oru sambhavam parayamennu paranjath parayu

by shn Mon Jan 04 04:36:04 UTC 2016

Hi!!!!! Every one iam supriya. Iam studying degree. My mom stopped caning when I was in inter. I felt very happy. But last we ek back I did to much of noise and stupid things in home. I broke my dad computer screen. If my dad saw that my mom will be caned. That is my dad rule. For our mistakes he canes my mom. My mom's that and got angry on me. She pulled my ear so hard and told that I will be caned. I was terrified on listening that. She took me to my room.and asked me to re.give my pants. Surprisingly she asked me to remove my underwear. I started doing and begged my mom not cane me bare bottom. My mom told that any late will earn me extra punishment. I removed my underwear. She took k the cane and started to cane me. After 10 strokes. She told me bend down. Remembering her and warning I calmly bent down. Then she gave me 20 strokes. On that day night I heard my mom shouting in pain when my dad is caning her

by supriya Tue Jan 19 10:47:18 UTC 2016

Supriya,I wish to share caning stories with you.

by Bina Wed Feb 17 15:38:41 UTC 2016

Bina what are your caning experiences?

by Jeena Fri Feb 19 13:07:31 UTC 2016

ee kalthu aru adikanna ithoky old karyam ale

by vipin Sat Feb 27 19:30:47 UTC 2016

Ente amma teacher aanu.athukondu thanne anikum aniyathikum nalla adiyum thudayil nullum kittarundu.ammede kayil nalla vannam kuranga our chooral undu.njangal anthengilum thettu cheythalo examinu marl kurangalo vazhakundakiyalo okke amma punishment tharum.thettinte gauravam anusarichu athra adiyanenu parayum.amma kayilanu sadharana adikunathu.adiyude annam parangal kai neetanam.adi kazhiyunathu care kai valikan Padilla.valichal extra our adi koodi kittum.nalla valiche amma adiku.kittathirikan njangal sramikarundu.pakshe annalum kittum.

by Nithya Sun Mar 06 06:34:27 UTC 2016

Nithya chanthik adichittundo amma? Eth classilanu

by hari Sun Mar 06 11:46:42 UTC 2016

nithya null parayu

by manu Sun Mar 06 15:25:50 UTC 2016

Chanthiku angane adikarilla.nullu kittunathu mikkavarum padithakaryathilanu.thudayilum kayilum cheviyilum okke nullum.ammede kayil nalla nagham undu.athuvechu tholiyum irachiyum koodi pidikum.anitu karakan thudangum.nalla vedanayanu.athra karangalum amma vidilla.10 minute vareyokke our nullu undavum.

by Nithya Mon Mar 07 10:01:44 UTC 2016

Manuvinu nullu kittarundo?

by Nithya Mon Mar 07 10:12:25 UTC 2016

null kitiyitundu

by manu Mon Mar 07 11:39:21 UTC 2016

nithyaku gmail undo

by manu Mon Mar 07 11:39:48 UTC 2016

nithya ippol entha padikkunnath?

by shine Mon Mar 07 12:28:26 UTC 2016

Nullu kittiya anubhavam parayu
Njan 8thil padikunu.

by nithya Mon Mar 07 17:05:45 UTC 2016

Nullu kittiya anubhavam parayu
Njan 8thil padikunu.

by nithya Mon Mar 07 17:06:01 UTC 2016

Anikum aniyathikum innu ammede kayil ninnu adiyum nullalum kitti.innale amma kulikunna samayathu njangal chooral aduthu odichu kalangu.kuli kazhingu vannapo amma question chodichu.njangal randuperum answer parangilla.amma adukan chooral nokkiyapol kanunnilla.njangalodu chodichapo kandillenu parangu.cheviyil nalla our thirummal thannitu padikan parangu.chooral odichu waste basketil ittathu amma kandu.amma njangalodu chodichu aara chooral odichathenu.njangal parangu ariyillenu.amma njangal adutheku vilichu.anitu ullanthudayil nulli.nagham kondu skin valichu pidichu.anitu karakan thudangi.swargam kandupoyi.15 minute nullu kazhingapol adutha thudayilum 15 minute nulliparichu.njangal odichathanenu smathichu
bakki siksha nale annu parangu.
Innu amma schoolil ninnu vannapol puthiya chooral vangikondu vannu.njangal vilichitu parangu 10 adiyanu punishment annu kallam parangathukondanu athrayum adi annu parangu.aadyam enne vilichu.njan chennu kai neetti.chooral kondu valichu aadyathe adi thannu.moonamathe adi aayapozhekum njan kai valichu poyi.athinte extra adi kudi kitti
Total 11 adi kazhingapozhekum nalla neetalayirunu kaiku.our 6 maniyayapozha adi kittiyathu.ipozhum kaiku nalla pukachilundu.

by Nithya Mon Mar 07 18:31:42 UTC 2016

nithya eniku auntuyde kayil ninnanu kittuyitullath kayyilum thudayilum anu kitttiyitullath

by manu Tue Mar 08 05:05:59 UTC 2016

nithya ammapadikathe erunnal enganeyanu nullunath

by m Tue Mar 08 05:07:24 UTC 2016

Padikathe irunnal apo thonnuna sthalathoke amma nullum.vedana kuduthal ullanthudayil nullumbol aanu.

by Nithya Tue Mar 08 05:59:33 UTC 2016

nithyayude aniyathiye nulliyathu parayu

by manu Tue Mar 08 06:32:50 UTC 2016

Aniyathikum nullu kittarundu.avalu bhayangara karachilanu kittikazhiyumbol.innale amma nulliparicha samayathu aval kalachilayirunu.kalu nilathu kuthitilla.

by Nithya Tue Mar 08 08:09:43 UTC 2016

Manune kittiya nullu anganeyayirunnu?

by Nithya Tue Mar 08 08:12:08 UTC 2016

enne aunty ayirunnu padipichirunath padikathe irunnal aduthu vilikkum ennittu thudayil nullum

by manu Tue Mar 08 08:17:20 UTC 2016

nithyakku schoolil ninnu null kitiyitundo

by manu Tue Mar 08 08:18:14 UTC 2016

Schoolil ninnum kittiyituntu.Chemistry teachernte nullanu nullu.alla masavum teacher test paper idum.25 lanu mark.15il kuravu mark kittunavark Randu kayilum nullu tharum.nullu kinda sthalam neela nirathil kidakkum.

by Nithya Tue Mar 08 09:09:33 UTC 2016

Manu aunty enganeyanu nullunnathu?nalla vedanayano?

by Nithya Tue Mar 08 09:11:11 UTC 2016

Nithya chemistry teacher nails undo?classil allavarum nullu konditundo?teacher thudayil nullarundo?

by Priya Tue Mar 08 11:20:14 UTC 2016

Nithya chemistry teacher nails undo?classil allavarum nullu konditundo?teacher thudayil nullarundo?

by Priya Tue Mar 08 11:20:25 UTC 2016

auntiyude nullalinu vedhana undu

by manu Tue Mar 08 12:05:31 UTC 2016

nithya chemistry teacherinte oru null parayu

by manu Tue Mar 08 12:06:22 UTC 2016

priyakku null kitiyitundo

by manu Tue Mar 08 12:14:00 UTC 2016

Chemistry teachernte nailsnu nalla neelamundu.classil allarkum thanne nullu kittiyitundu.thudayil nullarilla.
Kazhingamasathe test paperinu aniku 7 mark aanu kittiyathu.Annu classil 50 peril 30 perku 15 il kuravayirunu.teacher allarem nullu.ente Randy kayilem tholi poyi.

by Nithya Tue Mar 08 12:43:19 UTC 2016

Manu auntyde our nullu parayu.enganeyanu nullunnathennum parayanam.

by Nithya Tue Mar 08 12:45:41 UTC 2016

aunty asradha kanikumbol anu nullunnath tettu kandal aduthu varan parayum ennitupqthuke thudqyil nulli thudqngum ennitu rqndu kai kondu randu thudayilum nullum

by manu Wed Mar 09 03:14:43 UTC 2016

amma nithyaye schoolil mark kurayunnathinu nullumooru story parayu

by manu Wed Mar 09 03:18:12 UTC 2016

Mark kurangal mikkavarum thanne adiyanu punishment.Exam kazhingu paper kanikunna divasam adiyude pooramanu.

by Nithya Wed Mar 09 04:56:35 UTC 2016

hi nithya

by manu Wed Mar 09 05:00:40 UTC 2016

ammayude oru null parayu

by manu Wed Mar 09 05:02:19 UTC 2016

Innale aniku ammede kayinu nullu kitti.amma padikan paranga samayath njan kalikan poyi.amma schoolil ninnu vannappol aniyathi njan kalikan poya karyam parangukoduthu.amma enne vilichu anitu muttu kuthi nirthichu.our 30 min kazhingapol amma enne vilichu.anitu ente Randy cheviyum valichupidichu nagham kondu amarthi nulli.10 min nulli tholiyeduthu.

by Nithya Fri Mar 11 07:29:30 UTC 2016

nithyayude amma aniyathiye nulliya oru story parayuu

by manu Fri Mar 11 07:55:11 UTC 2016

Hi every,one,after long time iam visiting this blog.already shared my caning story in is log and now i am oing to share one more fine morning my riends came to y hme and told y mom tmrw there s trip my said ok and arned not loose my costly cell.but unfortu,ately that is hat happened i lost my hone i d mom about his and r angry went peeks.she told that re will a caning session tmrw.i id ot get sleep tat night.nxt day my mom ol me to get ready at 8 she came with ,belt,slipper i was fainted on seeing om told me to e nude frm the waist.i obeyed her then she expained that his punishment has 3 positions and coating with implement first with cane she told me to bent down touch he floor then 30 stokes with the vane.then took me near to bed told e lie n bed and raise my two legs another30 strokes with cane was very itterly amd oudly.

by Supriya Fri Mar 25 10:24:07 UTC 2016

Then the same dose was given by belt amd slipper but for belt a slight change mom took me to bathroom and applied oil to y back.this ve numbness to my buttock .on that day night my mom shouted in pain while my dad caned her.

by supriya Fri Mar 25 11:08:57 UTC 2016

Njan 21 vayasulla aan kitty aan.itc padikkunnu,enikk Adi kollan ishttamaanu,teacher kayilum thudayilum adikkarund,but enikk chanthiyil Adi kollan oru moham .please enikk Adi tharoooo...please please

by amal Fri Mar 25 14:00:08 UTC 2016

hi amal please translate your comment in english

by supriya Mon Mar 28 01:54:17 UTC 2016

Amal evideya padikkunnath?

by shine Tue Mar 29 10:55:21 UTC 2016

Thrissur,shine evidunna

by amal Wed Mar 30 15:03:11 UTC 2016

Supriya iam studiying in iti I got canning on hand and thigh till now.but in my plus two days I got canning on buttocks only,I want to receive canning on my buttocks...please give me

by amal Wed Mar 30 15:59:31 UTC 2016

njan kottayathu ninna

by shine Thu Mar 31 18:37:16 UTC 2016

Enikk chanthiyil Adi tharaamo????

by amal Sat Apr 02 18:03:53 UTC 2016

yes, amal evideya iti padaikkunnath

by guest Mon Apr 04 10:11:06 UTC 2016

Thrissur,St Mary's iti

by amal Mon Apr 04 14:12:42 UTC 2016

Shine entha cheyyunne,

by amal Mon Apr 04 14:14:12 UTC 2016

വര്ഷം 2002. പത്താം ക്ലാസിൽ പഠിക്കുന്ന ആൺകുട്ടിയും പ്ലസ് ടു വിനു പഠിക്കുന്ന പെൺകുട്ടിയും ഉള്ള വീട്. അച്ഛനോ അമ്മയോ ടീച്ചർ ആണ്. വീട്ടിൽ നല്ല ചിട്ട. പഠന കാര്യത്തിലും അച്ചടക്കതിലും ചുട്ട ചൂരൽകഷായം ആണ് ശിക്ഷ. വീട്ടിൽ രണ്ട് കനം കുറഞ്ഞ നീളൻ ചൂരൽ ഉണ്ട്. ഇനി അവിടെ നടക്കുന്ന ചൂരൽ പ്രയോഗം ആലോചിച് പറയൂ

by guest Wed Apr 06 03:28:34 UTC 2016

Hi manu, iti boys only aano? Evideya adikkunnath? Uniform undo? Aviduthe class vivarikkamo? Enganeya adi? Studentsinte age group entha? Iti yilokke adiyundennu viswasikkan pattunnilla

by shine Mon Apr 11 07:16:16 UTC 2016

Amal, Peru marippoyatha

by shone Mon Apr 11 07:18:27 UTC 2016

Ippol enteyum perumari. Type cheyyumpol pattunnatha

by shine Mon Apr 11 11:20:38 UTC 2016

Hi every one this is supriya.I have already posted my caning experience s in this I am going to share another with you.
Last week we went to for a function. My mom already warnedme not to do any silly things and that results in a caning. On Tuesday I started playing with my cousin. We took our uncle ipad and played with it and not knowing anything we download some files with contains some worst things. My mom saw those and blamed me and my cousin not showed it to my aunt.both of them that told we will be caned bare buttock.on Wednesday my aunt and my mom came and told us to bare our buttocks.they told us we have to receive 20 strokes with the cane 10 from both of them .first is my cousin and my mom started the first stroke my cousin started crying severely. By 5 strokes she was crying and jumping.then it is my aunts turnround cane her .then it's my turn and bent down . My mom started caning me n I aunt came near to me.she gave the 1ststroke and suddenly I jumped and in attention and crying severely. She completed her caning and I was crying and rubbing my buttock both of us are made to stay in a corner for 30 minutes.then we ate lunch with our bare bottoms

by Supriya Tue Apr 12 11:52:43 UTC 2016

There is a small mistake my mom showed those files to my aunt they caned our bare ass

by Supriya Tue Apr 12 11:55:11 UTC 2016

Ayyo ippo Ella iti lum nalla Adi und.njan mechanical aanu so aan kutikal maathame ulloo,but adikkunnath civilile penkuttikalkkum kaanam.uniform und,munnilekk vilich thirich niruthi pant valich pidich thudayil aan Adi..

by amal Tue Apr 12 15:37:39 UTC 2016

Penkuttikalk evideya adi?

by shine Tue Apr 12 21:08:05 UTC 2016

enikum kti inu

by guest Wed Apr 13 18:29:51 UTC 2016

Penkuttikalk muttinu thottu thaazhe,aankuttikalkk chanthikk thaazhe.principal chanthiyil adikkum aankuttikale.

by amal Wed Apr 13 19:02:44 UTC 2016

Penkuttikalk muttinu thottu thaazhe,aankuttikalkk chanthikk thaazhe.principal chanthiyil adikkum aankuttikale.

by amal Wed Apr 13 19:02:44 UTC 2016

Gust enthu cheyya,evidaa Adi kittiyath,

by amal Wed Apr 13 19:04:20 UTC 2016

Amal, iti evideya? Penkuttikale ellayidathum kayilanallo adikkunnath. Kayyil orikalum kayil adikarille?

by shine Fri Apr 15 02:51:40 UTC 2016

Ente classil penkuttikal illa,principal adikkunnathaanu..kayilum Adi und..aankuttikalkk thudayilum chanthiyilum maathrame ulloo

by amal Fri Apr 15 17:05:15 UTC 2016

Vere classile penkuttikale kayyil adikkunnath kandittundo? Avar ethu prayathilulla kuttikalanu? Principal male aano? Ethra age und? Penkuttikale classil vannano principal adikkunnath? Atho officil vilippichano? Enthinanu principal thanne avare adikkunnath? Avare padippikkunna teachers adichal pore? Enthu thettukalkkanu kayyil adi kotukkunnath? Kai pottumo? Valichano principal adikkunnath? Parents complaint cheyyille? Principal girlsinu kayyil adi kotukkunnath onnu vivarikkamo? Avark ettavum last kayyil kotutha oru hard chooraladiyeppatti parayamo?

by shine Sat Apr 16 06:17:34 UTC 2016

Record,diary,late coming pinne shirt inside cheyyathinokkeyaan principal adikunnath,office Il vechaanu Adi,penkuttikale adikkunnath adikam kaanarilla,njagale aanu aadhyam adikkunnath,penkuttikale adkkunnath kandittund ath plus two pdikkumbol aanu.

by amal Sat Apr 16 17:03:20 UTC 2016

Principal nte Adi vallaatha oru Adi thanneyaan..enikk eppozhum kittunnath inside cheyyathathinaanu.ente uniform pant tight aanu athu kaaranam veeetil ninnu varumbol inside cheyyilla.mikkappozhum pidikkum.chumarinod cherth nirthi valich aanu Adi,rand thudayilum orumichaanu Adi..adiyude paad ippozhum und.

by amal Sat Apr 16 17:12:51 UTC 2016

Amal plus two Il vech girls ne engane aanu adichirunnath? Avark kodukkum ath Kanda oru nalla adiyeppatti parayumo

by hari Sun Apr 17 17:13:58 UTC 2016

Njan plus two vhse (nursing) aayirunnu,njagal 30 penkuttikalum 6 aankuttikalum aanu, ojt(on job training) nu vendi 5 group. Aayi poyi,oruvdhivasam miss undaayilla annu njagalude group le 5 penkuttikalum njaanum koodi cinema kk poyi.ith school Il ariju,pittenn 1st year um second year um orumich meeting vilichu.njagale 6 pere vilichu,ennod innale undaaya kaaryagal parayaan paraju,njan ellaam paraju,pinne leaderod chooral kondu varaan paraju,aval office Il poyi ettavum valiya chooral kondu vannu.aadhyam oruthiye vilichu ,penkuttikalk coat um pantum aan.avalod mesayilkuniju nilkkaan paraju,teacher coat kurachu madakki vechu,chooral eduthu chanthiyl thadavi pinne 6 ennam valich pottichu,avalude karachil kett njagalum karaju,pinne Ellavarkkum kitti chanthi pottunna pole Adi,,jeevithathil oriokalum marakkaatha Adi aanu ah.

by amal Thu Apr 21 17:34:22 UTC 2016

Penkuttikal sherikkum urakke karanjo? Chanthi pottiyo ellarudem? Chanthi thadaviyo adichappol? Kochukuttikaleppole aano karanjath?

by Hari Fri Apr 22 12:45:21 UTC 2016

Urakke karaju,chanthi thdavii,ente chanthy potti

by amal Sat Apr 23 18:13:25 UTC 2016

Ente Amma plus two vare enthekilum thettu cheythal chandi adichu pottikkumayirunnu

by Abhinav Sun Apr 24 14:44:43 UTC 2016


by manu Sun Apr 24 15:43:37 UTC 2016

Egana pant oori aano adi

by amal Mon Apr 25 17:04:12 UTC 2016

Amal fb yil undo?

by shine Tue Apr 26 07:03:35 UTC 2016


by manu Tue Apr 26 08:50:19 UTC 2016

Haai aarum ille

by amal Tue May 03 16:22:17 UTC 2016

hi amal evideyayirunnu

by shine Tue May 03 20:00:59 UTC 2016


by amal Wed May 04 18:04:44 UTC 2016

Amal, puthiya visheshangalille?

by shine Thu May 05 20:55:41 UTC 2016

Nth......shine what are you doing

by amal Sat May 07 17:04:41 UTC 2016

ente makaneyum makaleyum idak njan dress azhipich nirtharund shikshikan .examinte mark verumbol anu pradhanamayum avare dress azhich punishment kodukkunath

by preetha Mon May 09 06:42:06 UTC 2016

preetha null ano kodukkunath

by manu Mon May 09 11:21:42 UTC 2016

Enth punishment kodukkunnath,evideya kodukkunnath

by amal Mon May 09 16:45:17 UTC 2016

cheria thetukalk oke ullam thudayila shikshikaru.pencil kooti njerudum.

by preetha Tue May 10 07:20:22 UTC 2016

hi preetha

by manu Tue May 10 13:19:58 UTC 2016

preetha gmail undo

by manu Tue May 10 13:20:35 UTC 2016

illa manu

by preetha Tue May 10 16:08:46 UTC 2016

Preetha Adi kodukkarundo

by amal Tue May 10 18:10:17 UTC 2016

preetha mole nulliya oru incident parayamo

by manu Wed May 11 05:08:53 UTC 2016

adi kodukarund amal.kalil anu kodukaru.molu mikavarum midi or full skirt arikum veetil idunath.ath mut vare poki mutinte madakil chooral kond adi kodukara pathiv.

by preetha Wed May 11 10:11:02 UTC 2016

null parayu

by manu Wed May 11 11:09:43 UTC 2016

avlku 8thil mathsil kure formulas padikan undarunu etra padipichalum thetikum angane vanapo njan pencil kooti thudayil pidichit paranju ini thetichal pich kollum ennu pinneyum rand moonnu ennam avl marannapo pencilinte munayil tholi kooti pidich onnu karakai koduthu avlde kannu niranj poi pinne thetichilla.chilapo shikshikumbo avl deshyapedum but mon pavama vedanichalum pranoob ninnu karayathe ollu thirich onnum parayilla

by preetha Wed May 11 11:17:14 UTC 2016


by MANU Wed May 11 15:42:32 UTC 2016

null adhikavum pranoobinu anu kodukaru

by preetha Wed May 11 17:42:03 UTC 2016

molde tudayil matre adiku ulo?

by guest Wed May 11 20:23:05 UTC 2016

bharthavinte kayil ninu punishmnt kitunavr undo?

by laya Wed May 11 20:25:09 UTC 2016

layku kitar undao?

by guest Wed May 11 20:29:45 UTC 2016

undalo ...

by laya Wed May 11 20:30:14 UTC 2016

ath aval cheytha thetinu anusarich irikum.valiya thetukal anel dress azhipich adikuka anu pathiv apo novukayum cheyum cheytha thetinu nanakedum thonum.

by preetha Thu May 12 17:09:52 UTC 2016

full naked akumo ?

by guest Thu May 12 21:01:01 UTC 2016

laya bharth enthu punishmnt anu tarune ?

by guest Thu May 12 21:05:27 UTC 2016

I am 22 years old and my younger brother is 9 years old.My hobby is that punish my little brother by a cane.I use the thin rattan cane,bambow cane.I caning him in the hand,buttock,thigh,leg.I laugh when I caning him and I give him 100 strokes in buttock,in hand,in leg and in thigh but he did not cry.I caning him without reason.

by Chinmoyi nath Fri May 13 14:25:16 UTC 2016

chooralnu nalla adi tarum tudayil

by laya Fri May 13 19:33:54 UTC 2016

tudaa potikumo husbebt

by guest Sat May 14 18:02:21 UTC 2016

avalude achan anu adikunnathenkil full azhikilla avle kond thanne skirt pokikum then panties nalla pole valich poki idan parayum enit bare buttocksil chooral kond adikum

by preetha Sun May 15 07:18:27 UTC 2016

Pretha mol ippol ethram classila padikkunne? Full naked aakki adikkumo ippozhum? Ettavum last angane adichath vivarikkamo

by sreekala Sun May 15 08:08:41 UTC 2016

avl ini 9thilek.atra serious aya kutangalk matrame dress azhipich adi koduku.athum roomil kayati kathak kuti ita shesham matram.orikal adi koduthapol avl ozhinj mari chooralinte thump kannil kondu athnu sheshama ingane adikan ente aniyathi paranjath.avl teacher anu.

by preetha Sun May 15 12:45:22 UTC 2016

Preethaykk pand ithpole adikondittundo? Parayu athinekkurich please

by sreekala Sun May 15 14:20:58 UTC 2016

sreekala enth cheyunu?veetil aroke und?

by preetha Sun May 15 17:17:45 UTC 2016

full nude aki adikune entina panties n bra edichu adichu koode ?

by jisna Sun May 15 17:51:06 UTC 2016

full nude aki adikune entina panties n bra edichu adichu koode ?

by jisna Sun May 15 17:51:08 UTC 2016

panties thazthiyit chairil pidich kunich nirthumbo chandi randum akannu irikum so randilum mari mari adikam.sadharana kodukunathnte double dose kodukam.adikonda idath veendum adikathath kond potukayum illa

by preetha Sun May 15 18:14:30 UTC 2016

preetha mole ingne adikune achan kanr ile?

by guest Sun May 15 18:33:30 UTC 2016

preetha mole ingne adikune achan kanr ile?

by guest Sun May 15 18:33:30 UTC 2016

ethu type chorala pretha use cheyne

by jisna Sun May 15 18:36:42 UTC 2016

bharya tettu cheyne kanda punish cheyunavr undo?? enthanu best punishment wifenu kodukn patiythy>?

by sapin Sun May 15 18:47:11 UTC 2016

bharya tettu cheyne kanda punish cheyunavr undo?? enthanu best punishment wifenu kodukn patiythy>?

by sapin Sun May 15 18:47:12 UTC 2016

bharya ayalum mole ayalum punishment chooralkashyam anu nalthu.

by guest Sun May 15 18:53:36 UTC 2016

bharyamare chooralinu adikunavr undo gust ?

by sapin Sun May 15 18:54:21 UTC 2016

sure njn kodutitu undu rare ayitu

by guest Sun May 15 18:59:21 UTC 2016

Teenage prayamulla makkal ningalude adikond mulliyittundo

by guest Mon May 16 03:45:31 UTC 2016

roomil kayati door adachite shiksha koduku.chetanod prayarund mole engane anu shikshichath ennu.pala sugestions chetanum parayarund.

by preetha Mon May 16 12:12:25 UTC 2016

chandiyil adikan thadicha neelamulla chooral anu use cheyunath.pinne use cheyunath pencilinte kanam ulla vallichooral anu ath oru prathyeka rethiyil theere cheruthaki veti examinu ethelum vishayathil fail ayal matram use cheyum

by preetha Mon May 16 12:27:24 UTC 2016

Preethayk ithpole adikittiyittundo

by guest Mon May 16 12:50:08 UTC 2016

thalli valarthiyale makkal nannavu enna pakshakar arunnu ente parents.enne kal kooduthal ente brothernu anu kitiyit ullath

by preetha Mon May 16 13:32:54 UTC 2016

preethaye husbent punish cheyar undo?

by sapin Mon May 16 14:36:03 UTC 2016

preetha enthu suggtions anu chetan tararu

by jisna Mon May 16 14:45:07 UTC 2016

chandiyum thudayum cherunna bhagath adyam oradi kodukanam enit 5 minute wait cheyanam adi kond bhagam thadich verumbo aa thadipil repeated ayi oru 3 ennam koduthal etra kadich pidichalum karayum ennu chetana paranj thannath

by preetha Mon May 16 15:45:22 UTC 2016

haha husbent nalla expernce anlo..hus preethaye tallar undo ithu pole

by jisna Mon May 16 15:54:16 UTC 2016

jisna kk kitar undo husbent kayil ninnu ?

by sapin Mon May 16 16:02:58 UTC 2016

yes nalla null kitar undu chilappo

by jisna Mon May 16 16:20:29 UTC 2016

evide anu nullar

by jisna Mon May 16 16:34:06 UTC 2016

ennu matram chodikale plzz

by jisna Mon May 16 16:37:41 UTC 2016

chodikum atenaa angne ? evideya nullar

by sapin Mon May 16 16:48:54 UTC 2016

atenna nullune ..puli tallule?

by sapin Mon May 16 17:08:21 UTC 2016

atenna nullune ..puli tallule?

by sapin Mon May 16 17:08:22 UTC 2016

kuttikall ulatha apo amme talliya shari avilaloo...nullu avr ariyilalo

by jisna Mon May 16 17:09:14 UTC 2016

jisnak etavum avasanam ennanu nullu kitiath?

by preetha Mon May 16 17:13:22 UTC 2016

gust vanapo door turakte kidanu uragi enu parnju janvary last orenm kiti ayirnu

by jisna Mon May 16 17:15:34 UTC 2016

husband enagane anu picharu

by preetha Mon May 16 17:19:15 UTC 2016

ninku punishment kitar undo ?

by jisna Mon May 16 17:19:17 UTC 2016

kai randum ketti nikanm pichu terum varee...chandiku tazhe anu picharu sarva lokavum kandu pokum

by jisna Mon May 16 17:22:59 UTC 2016

jisnak etra makkal anu?

by preetha Mon May 16 17:45:10 UTC 2016

pich kitiyapo enthu dress ayinu ? atho dress oorich ano ?

by sapin Mon May 16 17:45:57 UTC 2016

nighty anu idar sapin

by jisna Mon May 16 17:47:07 UTC 2016

preetha oru monum oru molum undu

by jisna Mon May 16 17:52:11 UTC 2016

avre jisna punish cheyaundo

by preetha Mon May 16 17:53:48 UTC 2016

exams time oky akubo punsihmnts iruthi padipipikal oky undu

by jisna Mon May 16 17:56:05 UTC 2016

enth punishments anu kodukaru.molkum monum orepole ano punishments?

by preetha Mon May 16 17:57:29 UTC 2016

chilapo mutel kutich angu nirthum..exam oky fail ayitu vanna nalla vallichooral undu tudaykit nalla peda kodukum

by jisna Mon May 16 18:00:28 UTC 2016

makkalku enth prayam und

by preetha Mon May 16 18:02:01 UTC 2016

mone 6th molu 8th lum....nite makkale etreyila ?

by jisna Mon May 16 18:03:14 UTC 2016

jisna husbent kayil nail udno pichubo toli edukumo?

by teena Mon May 16 18:05:46 UTC 2016

mol 9 thil mon 6thil.

by preetha Mon May 16 18:06:07 UTC 2016

hey ila teena nail ila parnij karyam ila nalla vedanaya toli dress kooti pidichu pichumbo kannu niranj pokum.. teena hus punish cheyr undo

by jisna Mon May 16 18:08:00 UTC 2016

jisna hus chiplpo punish cheyr undu

by teena Mon May 16 18:09:07 UTC 2016

enthu punishmnt anu last kitiye

by jisna Mon May 16 18:14:39 UTC 2016

pilere talluna chooralinu anu adi kitar ..last time punish cheyn nokiyapo chooral ilayinu.pakaram mobile data cable kondu anu tallu kitiye

by teena Mon May 16 18:16:37 UTC 2016

cable kondu tallune adhyam ayi kelkuva engne undayinu expernce? engne ya tallune ?

by sapin Mon May 16 18:22:51 UTC 2016

preethaku husbent punishmnt tarar undo?

by sapin Mon May 16 19:04:56 UTC 2016

Preethayude parents enganeya u adichirunnath? Ethra vayasuvare adichittund? Brotherine engane aanu adichirunnath?

by sreekala Tue May 17 03:49:30 UTC 2016

Cable kond adichal tholi pottum. Valiya vedana aayirikkum.

by guest Tue May 17 05:59:17 UTC 2016

Cable kond adichal tholi pottum. Valiya vedana aayirikkum.

by guest Tue May 17 06:17:30 UTC 2016


by manu Tue May 17 13:51:14 UTC 2016

Preetha reply cheyamo

by sreekala Tue May 17 14:02:59 UTC 2016

Preetha reply cheyamo

by sreekala Tue May 17 14:03:01 UTC 2016

Jisna and tena r u here?

by kala Tue May 17 14:46:18 UTC 2016

Aarenkilum undo

by anu Tue May 17 17:03:15 UTC 2016

Jisna ipozhum makkale adikkumo

by reshmi Tue May 17 17:38:58 UTC 2016

resmi yes ipozhum adikar undu

by jisna Tue May 17 19:29:32 UTC 2016

teena cable kondu evideya anu adikaru

by guest Tue May 17 20:13:26 UTC 2016

teena cable kondu evideya anu adikaru

by guest Tue May 17 20:13:26 UTC 2016

tudayil anu adikaru

by teena Wed May 18 19:33:12 UTC 2016

dress oortichu ano teena adikune ?

by sapin Thu May 19 10:07:42 UTC 2016

illa dress pokikumm tuda vare

by teena Thu May 19 18:38:51 UTC 2016

tudayil padu veezhar undo? ?

by sapin Sat May 21 18:35:34 UTC 2016

sapinu kitii nalla expernce undenu tonuallo ?

by vimal Sat May 21 18:38:37 UTC 2016

expence para arelum

by guest Sat May 21 19:26:38 UTC 2016

ente cherupatil amma cheriya tettukal polum shiskum ayinu athu mutinu tazhottu pokubo piler oky kanum red mark ..athoky oru kalam ayinu ipo angne oki undo

by resmi Sun May 22 12:34:26 UTC 2016

amma nullumo resmi

by manu Sun May 22 15:17:18 UTC 2016

ilaa adikare ullu

by resmi Sun May 22 18:22:39 UTC 2016

Resmi chanthik adichittundo amma

by sanju Sun May 22 18:25:56 UTC 2016

Resmikk ennuvare adikittiyittund

by sanju Sun May 22 18:27:05 UTC 2016

illa amma kalele adikar ulayinu

by reshmi Sun May 22 18:28:55 UTC 2016

Reshmik school or tuition Adi engane aayirunnu

by guest Sun May 22 18:29:55 UTC 2016

tution oki kail anu adi kityitu ulathu

by guest Sun May 22 18:33:13 UTC 2016

sanju arenkilum taliyitu undo

by resmi Sun May 22 18:33:44 UTC 2016

wifne punish cheyunavar ivide undo?

by sapin Sun May 22 18:43:35 UTC 2016

jisna para detail ayi kelakte

by guest Sun May 22 18:52:39 UTC 2016

sanju nu expernce onum ile ?

by guest Sun May 22 19:04:47 UTC 2016

Enikk Innu principal nte kayil ninnum Adi kitti, diploma mechanical padikka njaan juniors nte munpil kondu nirthi 5adi kitti chanthiyilum thudayilum

by guest Mon May 23 17:25:22 UTC 2016

chandiyil adide padu kidapu undo

by sree Mon May 23 17:46:23 UTC 2016


by guest Mon May 23 18:24:09 UTC 2016


by shine Mon May 23 18:27:47 UTC 2016


by VIDHYA Mon May 23 18:29:19 UTC 2016

ENTHU UNDU vidhya expernce valom undo share cheyn

by sapin Mon May 23 18:31:15 UTC 2016

chooralukond chutta adi vendavarkk ente aduthu vannaal thikachum soujanyamaayi nalla chutta adi kotukkunnathaayirikkum

by shine Mon May 23 21:23:32 UTC 2016

chooralukond chutta adi vendavarkk ente aduthu vannaal thikachum soujanyamaayi nalla chutta adi kotukkunnathaayirikkum

by shine Mon May 23 21:23:32 UTC 2016

shine arenkilum punish cheyr undo?

by sapin Tue May 24 08:42:46 UTC 2016

wifne punish cheyunavr undo ivide?

by sapin Tue May 24 19:20:18 UTC 2016

eniku husbent kayil ninu punishment kitaer undu

by tess Tue May 24 19:24:50 UTC 2016

Shine enikk venam chooral kind chutta Adi ny number 9447480644

by amal Wed May 25 18:57:43 UTC 2016

ente amma oru teacher anu.adiyude karyathil oru expert anu.palapozhum adikond potiyit und

by gopika Thu May 26 09:03:50 UTC 2016

gopika amma nullumo

by manu Thu May 26 11:01:32 UTC 2016

ohh ammayude null speacial anu toli edukum

by gopika Thu May 26 20:05:13 UTC 2016



by ROJI Thu May 26 20:15:23 UTC 2016

Ente amma ente chandiyil nullarundu

by Arjun Fri May 27 05:08:42 UTC 2016

Gopika amma engane aanu adikkunath? Ennuvare adikittiyittund

by guest Fri May 27 05:31:30 UTC 2016

Gopika amma engane aanu adikkunath? Ennuvare adikittiyittund

by guest Fri May 27 05:31:30 UTC 2016

gopika ammayude oru null parayu

by manu Fri May 27 07:39:18 UTC 2016

amma ene adikune puli vadi vachu anu athum tudyill

by gopika Fri May 27 20:00:35 UTC 2016

Gopika ethram clasila? Thuda pottumo adikittumbol?

by guest Sat May 28 02:13:52 UTC 2016

nj 10th anu

by gopika Sat May 28 10:27:06 UTC 2016

pavada pokki ano adikuneee

by manu Sat May 28 18:17:42 UTC 2016

10th oky padikuna kutitde pavada poki adikumo

by simi Sat May 28 18:20:48 UTC 2016

enite mole njn adikubo pavada pokii tudayil tane adikuu chooralinte padu tudayil veezhanm enale orku

by jeena Sat Jun 04 19:14:55 UTC 2016

avle kodu tane pavda pokikumo?

by mathew Sat Jun 04 19:40:54 UTC 2016

mole adikuboo husbent muniil vachu ano adikaru

by tessa Sat Jun 04 19:43:15 UTC 2016

jeena mole nullumo

by manu Sun Jun 05 10:02:35 UTC 2016

manu nullae undo ? bharyee?

by jeena Tue Jun 07 18:09:05 UTC 2016

yes njn nullar unu...oru 5 mintu adupich oru nullal kodukar undu.....

by manu Sat Jun 11 20:24:23 UTC 2016

Ente experience enikku achante kayyinnum chettante kayyinnum nallavannam kittunnudu njan 9 standardil padikunnu

by lekha Wed Jul 06 18:02:41 UTC 2016

Avaru randum teachers aanu. Chloral kashayam ente eeswara enturu veedhanaya. Achan maths siraanu. Nalla Randy chloral veettil undu .pinned pera kambum kappi kambum vachu thallum. Achan enne maths veettil oru tuition Poole padipikkum. Appo problems thettiya nalla adi kivellayil tharum thudayil adikkum nallathai padum varum. Pinne chevikku nalla njerudum tharum.chettan Hindi teacheraanu. Njan second language Hindi aanu eduthathu. Subject related aayittu allayrikkum thallu .schoolil mathrame subject related aayi adikku abide cheettan ellarem.pichum.ennale book churutti kivellayil nalla pottiru thannu. Veetil chettante chloral vachu chandiyil aanu kittaru kooduthalum. Kivellayil kittum athu pakshe chloral kondalla thadicha kappi kambu kondu. Peers kambum chettan prayoogikkum. Chettan thoolil nallathai pichi dasha valichu edukkum. Eni undu nigal comments post cheyyu.

by lekha Wed Jul 06 18:19:55 UTC 2016

Chloral alla chooral ariyathe thetti pooyatha. Entered Amma enne adikkathumilla vazhakkuparayathumilla. Njan oru situation parayam aarengilum enne onnu vazhakkuparayamoo. Enikku mathdinu 30 this 19 markke ullu enne aarengilum vazhakkuparayamoo plz.

by lekha Thu Jul 07 08:52:52 UTC 2016

Enikku oru fatherinepoleyo motherindpoleyo chettanepoleyo orale enne vazhakkuparayam and that should be private. Aarengilum ready anenki njan ente fb account parayam

by Preethu Thu Jul 07 13:41:35 UTC 2016

lekhakkku null kittiyitundo

by manu Thu Jul 07 15:13:59 UTC 2016

Undu cheettante kayyinnu

by lekha Thu Jul 07 16:34:11 UTC 2016

My my Facebook account is Preethu Premlal plz ente friend aakamoo.ennitte enne vazhakku parayanam. Ente dehathe padu ayachutharamayirunnu. Chettan enikku Nalla peda tharum chooral kondum eerkkil kondum

by preethu Thu Jul 07 16:48:26 UTC 2016

oru null parayu

by manu Fri Jul 08 14:27:49 UTC 2016

Oru nullu school vachu kittiyittundu. chettan classil question chodhikkum ennu paranju . Njan pittennu padikman mara nnu pooyi . Chettan ellaroodum question chodhichu ennodum chodhichu njan paranjilla. Parayathorkkellam chettan nalla nullu koduthu enikkum kitti enne mathram randu kayyilum nullu thannu . Dasha pichieduthu. Ennittu enne oru nottam nookki veetti chennittu bakkitharam ennu paranju. Vetti vannittu ente chevi pidichu thirichu pinne chooral kondu randu pottiru chandhiyil thannu . Chettan parayunnathu tnikku nanamkeeda mattu pilerude munpil njan utharam parayathathu. Athukondu chandhikku kittiya e adi marakkumbol ni orkkanam ennu

by Lekha Fri Jul 08 15:48:49 UTC 2016

Preethu njan vazhakk parayam. Friend aakkano fbyil

by jithin Sat Jul 09 07:31:17 UTC 2016

Oo so u r jithu KS

by preethu Sat Jul 09 10:24:37 UTC 2016

Jithu cheetta enikku message pattunnilla fbil

by preethu Sat Jul 09 13:05:46 UTC 2016

Jithu cheetta enikku message pattunnilla fbil

by preethu Sat Jul 09 13:05:46 UTC 2016


by guest Sat Jul 09 15:00:16 UTC 2016

Jithu chetta nale morningil njan onlinil varaam chetta chettane ente friendslistil kanunilla chettan onlinil varumbo enikku message ayakkane

by Preethu Sat Jul 09 16:35:19 UTC 2016

i got 200 caning , up to bleed my bare bottom . it is very painfull and like burning

by ria Fri Aug 05 15:38:28 UTC 2016

i got 200 cane on baree bottom and got bleed , and never done mistake again .

by Riya Fri Aug 05 15:39:29 UTC 2016

Enthina 200 Adi kittiye .adi enniyo

by Anjumol Sun Aug 07 14:17:39 UTC 2016

Enikk hostel Il vech kitti chanthiyil 5 ennam .ippozhu nalla vedhanayum paadum und

by Anjumol Sun Aug 07 14:20:58 UTC 2016

anjumolinu null kittiyitundo

by manu Sun Aug 07 14:59:19 UTC 2016

hostelil chooraladiyundo? undenkil details parayamo?

by shine Sun Aug 07 17:48:24 UTC 2016

Chooral kondaanu Adi.chanthyil paavada pokkitt

by Anjumol Mon Aug 08 17:15:11 UTC 2016

kayyil adi kittarundo? undenkil details parayu

by shine Mon Aug 08 17:25:11 UTC 2016

kayyil adi kittarundo? undenkil details parayu

by shine Mon Aug 08 17:25:11 UTC 2016

Anjumol ethram clasil padikkunnu? Enthina adikittiyath?

by sumi Tue Aug 09 01:53:07 UTC 2016


by Remya Tue Aug 30 20:07:48 UTC 2016

Hi Ramya? Chooral Adi kittiyittundo

by sini Wed Sep 07 04:20:36 UTC 2016

hai sini

by shine Thu Sep 08 06:04:35 UTC 2016

hai sini

by shine Thu Sep 08 06:04:35 UTC 2016

Plus two...late coming

by Anjumol Tue Sep 13 15:48:28 UTC 2016

enganeya adichath? details parayoo

by shine Tue Sep 13 18:19:13 UTC 2016
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