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Topic: History of Dhamial in Pothohar
Hi I am a Dhamial rajput a british national and back home from Tehsil Sohawa Disst. Jhelum. I would like to meet Dhamials all over the world and gather information and shjrah of Dhamials. if anyone would like to say any thing about themselves or what ever they are told about their Clan by their elders.
you can read information about Dhamial Rajputs on
your right side of this home page.
I have met lots of Dhamials who are well educated as Doctors, Teachers, Army officers,Businessman etc. in Pakistan and U.K.
I am collecting some history books like Tarikh farista and I need some other refrences to collect the accurate information and history of Dhamials. Please do let me know if you have books of Lepel H. Griffin(Cheif and families of note in punjab), Punjab Castes by Denzil Ibbetson, Tehreek-e-Janjua by Raja Anwar Khan.

by Raja Aamir Wed Sep 28 21:32:52 UTC 2011


by IQBAL DHAMIAL Fri Dec 16 05:44:39 UTC 2011

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Salam,thanks for your message. I will call you soon.

by Aamir Wed Mar 21 23:59:50 UTC 2012

I also belong to District Jehlum Sohawa, born & living in Lahore. 03004108336

by Raja Farooq Thu Jun 14 05:21:48 UTC 2012

Assalam-o-Alaikum, I am from Rawalpindi District, serving in Pakistan Air force as an Junior Commissioned Officer, belongs to a respectable and noble family of Dhamial Rajputs. There are hundreds of Dhamial families residing in Rawalpindi, Haripur and Abbottabad districts, We are inter-married with Bhakrals, Abbasis(Dhund) Gakhars (Kiani), Sattis, Karlals (Sardar), Jadoons, Tanolis, Awans, Choudharies (Gujjar) and Maliks of the respective regions. I also have some historical information about Dhamial clan of Rajputs. You can consult Tarikh-e- Farishta, Tarikh-e-Hazarah, Tarikh-e-Rajputan etc. My cell No is 03332079871. Any comments in this regard will be welcomed

by Imtiaz Raja Sat Jun 16 09:07:34 UTC 2012

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by ch iqbal dhamial Tue Aug 21 10:03:26 UTC 2012

I am a Dhamial from the village of dhamial near Chakswari, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. My information is that we are not Rajputs but the descendants of Sayedina Mansha alaihissalam, son of sayedina Yusuf alalhissalam.

by Zafar Hussain Tue Dec 18 23:31:52 UTC 2012

salam,i want shajra of dhamial from raja dhammi khan.sohawa

by ch.M.yaqoob.03075889265 Fri Feb 22 16:56:00 UTC 2013

hi i am also from the sons of Raja Dhami khan

by guest Sat Feb 23 06:40:45 UTC 2013

hi i am having a shajrah at my home, i just want to correlate with anybody else who is having..!!

fb: raja.NAT

by Rajax Sat Feb 23 06:52:33 UTC 2013

what s difrence between rajput&jutt dhamial and whats relation with junjoa

by ch.M.yaqoob03075889265 Sun Feb 24 16:36:52 UTC 2013

what s difrence between rajput&jutt dhamial and whats relation with junjoa

by ch.M.yaqoob03075889265 Sun Feb 24 16:37:33 UTC 2013

what s difrence between rajput&jutt dhamial and whats relation with junjoa

by ch.M.yaqoob03075889265 Sun Feb 24 16:37:33 UTC 2013

hi, i'm raja umar dhamial from Distt Rawalpindi, Tehsil kahuta,i want shijra(family tree).

by raja umar Thu Mar 14 06:25:57 UTC 2013

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by ABDUL MALIK DHAMYAL Mon Apr 08 18:39:45 UTC 2013

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by abdu malik dhamil Mon Apr 08 18:45:06 UTC 2013

Asalamu alaikum,

I am from Dhamial Tribe in Chakswari Azad Kashmir; according to my information Dhamial Tribe is not from Rajput Tribe, a brief story how Dhamial Tribe adopted the name Rajput Dhamial is that in the time of British rule in India, British colonial government wanted to recruit people from local Tribes to join The British Army in India. They recruited people from Rajput and other tribes in the army and somehow they left out Dhamial Tribe. When it came into the knowledge of Dhamial Tribe they protested and demanded to the responsible authorities to take their people into the army as well. The recruiting Officer told Dhamial Tribe that the list of recruits have already been sent to London for its approval from Queen Victoria, its too late to add Dhamial Tribe into the list. He gave a solution to solve the matter suggesting to Dhamial Tribe that they can still join the army under the name of Rajput, so Dhamial Tribe had no other way to join the army but by adding the name Rajput to Dhamial and thus becoming Rajput Dhamial and losing their pure identity of Dhamial.
Dhamial is name derived from Dhami. Dhami Khan is short name of Sultan Adham Khan, who was father of the Tribe Dhamial and the meaning of Dhamial is children of Dhami Khan or you can equally say children of Sultan Adham Khan. By the grace of Allah there is no non Muslim in the lineage of Sultan Adham Khan, ancestors of Sultan Adham Khan go back to Manshah (AS) son of Prophet Yusuf (AS) son of Prophet Yaqub (AS) and so on…to Saam (AS) son of Prophet Nuh (AS).
Manshah (AS) and his younger brother Ephraim (AS) were sons of Prophet Yusuf (AS). Manshah Tribe was one of the Tribes of Israel and was part of Kingdom of Israel. In 723 BC the Kingdom was conquered by Assyria and the population deported, from that time the Tribe of Manshah has been counted as one of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. After being deported from Israel people of Manshah Tribe travelled to various directions of the globe such as Africa, Europe and Asia. In recent years Israeli government have allowed 7232 people of Manshah Tribe to come and settle in Israel from Northern India.
Sultan Adham Khan was a Qutub (spiritual symbol) of his time; he was a Commander in the army of Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq. He was gifted 150 Murabba feudal lands (Jagir) by Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq. 1 Murabba = 200 Kanals so 150 Murabba x 200 = 30000 Kanals (3750 Acres).He built a qila (fort) at Kot Dhamiak. He divided his land to his eight sons and left Kot Dhamiak and went to Tilla Jorgian stayed there for a short period and then moved on to Chakwal by the lake Kallar Kahar and secluded himself in the remembrance of Allah. None of his sons went with him but his servant Habib who has recently converted to Islam and was from the Tribe Nagyal. He served him until Sultan Adham Khans death in Hijri 831. Habib became Gaddi Nasheen. In Sargodha the Nagyal Tribe is called Nagyana; they still today have disciples and are still being recognised as a Gaddi Nasheen. Sultan Adham Khan is buried in Dharma Chak No 11, Sargodha. People are not allowed to visit his resting place because of sensitiveness of the area due to Pakistan Air Force being based near the tomb.
Sons of Sultan Adham Khan had adopted the title Sardar (Chief). Below are the names and details of his sons in the sequence of birth:
(1) Sardar Lohore Khan, his descendents live in Sub-division Sohawa and also in Windsor and Camberley in England.
(2) Sardar Dawood Khan, no information is available about his descendents.
(3) Sardar Dilawar Khan, his descendents live in Sub-division Sohawa.
(4) Sardar Qabal Khan, his descendents live in Sub-division Fateh Jang, Chakwal and Rawalpindi.
(5) Sardar Sparas Khan, his descendents live in Sub-division Kahuta.
(6) Sardar Ismail Khan, his descendents live in Jhelum.
(7) Sardar Ranyal Khan, his descendents live in Rawalpindi.
(8) Sardar Bakhtawar Khan, his descendents live in Kandor, Samlotah, Chakswari (A.K)

by Mubarak Dhamial Sun Apr 14 20:40:31 UTC 2013

Continuing from post above…

(8) Sardar Bakhtawar Khan, his descendents live in Kandor, Samlotah, Chakswari (A.K) Pul Manda (A.K) Towns and Cities of England, Woking, Slough, London, High Wycombe, Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds, and New Castle.

by Mubarak Dhamial Sun Apr 14 20:43:55 UTC 2013

My family are from Kandore in Dadyal sub-district but i was born in Slough and we are Dhamial aswell now i have read all your stories. However, i don't believe that we are not Arabs or likely to have any Semitic blood either. Now most south Asians are always trying to not to be south Asian. Sardar and Khan's are not the names of Arabs or Jews they are Pakistani names. Its total make believe the real truth cant be found but blood tests can be done to trace blood line of people back many thousands of years of history. So i believe this is cooked up a fancy story to explain why are Muslims and pure Muslims never being Hindu but this sadly make believe and we should not as proud Muslims believe in make believe it is not right or honest. As for the story i think is mostly to be true is this this one:

The Punjab in the pre-Mughal era was one of much civil wars between many kingdoms and new dynasties began to spread their dominions over other crumbling dynastic houses.

In the early thirteenth century, the Janjua chieftain, Raja Mal Khan rose to prominence. He increased his dominion over Hazara (later renamed Amb through his son Raja Tanoli, Jhelum through his son Raja Jodh, parts of Kashmir through Raja Khakha, Rajghar (later renamed Malot) Chakwal through his eldest Raja Bhir and what is today known as the Kahuta district through Raja Kala Khan. Tarikh-e-Alfi of the Ghorids makes a mention of the rise to power of Raja Mal.

According to Lepel H. Griffin, in Chiefs and Families of note in the Punjab (Lahore, 1910, ii, p254),:

"On the death of their father, they determined to divide the country called, from Raja Mal, the Maloki Dhan between them. Jodh took the Salt Range near about the Makrach, and captured the town of Makshala from a colony of Brahmins (Mohyals)...He changed its name to Makhiala and built a fort there and two tanks for rain water..... Wir Khan (also spelt Bhir), took the possession of Khura (also spelt Khewra) near modern Pind Dadan Khan."

The descendants of Raja Jodh continued to rule this region through various interruptions until the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Raja Bhir meanwhile took over the Malot (Rajghar) state from his father.

It was in this tradition that Raja Bhir's later descendant, Raja Malu Khan, allying his cousin Raja Mubarak Khan who was the descendant of Raja Jodh Khan, gained control of the region of Dhamial and Ranial.

According to the Tehreek-e-Janjua (Sahiwal Press, v1, p224), these two Rajas employed a sudden military onslaught to conquer the areas of Ranial and Dhamial. Through the repute of their military success, they were able to win the neighbouring gentry over to their own side and established good relations with them.

Raja Malu took the area of Hayal Ranial whilst Raja Mubarak took the Dhamial plain. Interestingly, Raja Malu's offspring were known as the Rajas of Ranial and Raja Mubarak's offspring likewise, were known as the Rajas of Dhamial. This later culminated in the recognition of these two branches as simply Ranial Rajas and Dhamial Rajas.

Being neighbours, they taxed their subjects separately, but followed common and shared policies on other matters such as the supply of soldiers to the Mughal emperors, cultivation and trade. A tradition which is maintained to this day in modern day Pakistan. However Dhamial in itself gained greater prominence but through the shared input of both branches. Today, there is an established military base in Dhamial.

The Dhamial are of both Raja and Jat status, as are many tribes of the Pothohar region.[1] Historically, members of a Rajput tribe did not touch the plough, but employed other communities to till their fields. The Dhamial Rajputs that took to agriculture became part of the Jat community bearing the title 'chaudhry' meaning baron or landlord (jagirdar). This title was conferred to zamindars by the sultan of delhi. The Dhamial account for themselves as having come originally from Ghazni to the Sialkot District, from whence t

by Tariq Fri Jun 21 19:26:54 UTC 2013

...they went to Dhamiak (Jhelum Tehsil) where Sultan Dhami khan built a fort. The area is known as Dhami qila (dhamakna or kot dhamiak). Sultan Dhami Khan ruled the area and fought a fierce war with Malik qadd khan gakhar.

(This Afghan connection is abit dodgy but we lots of green and blues in our area..)

They are chiefly found in the Rawalpindi District but also in Gujrat District, Jhelum District and Attock District of the Punjab and Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir. In Azad Kashmir, the Dhamial are the second largest Rajput-Jat tribe in the state.

and this one to explain why some many of us are now called Jatt or Choudry...btw Jatt was a martial race in the British Empire too! Allah Hafiz maybe Allah protect us for evil and bad practices. Ameen

by Tariq Fri Jun 21 19:31:22 UTC 2013

plz snd me information of raja dhami khan,father of rajputs.i m also belong to a rajput famialy of dhamial.03015635389

by raja adnan Wed Jun 26 06:05:59 UTC 2013

plz join dhamial family group on face book admin by ch iqbal dhamial .u will get all the answer .i have shajra all the detail .or call me 03366998234

by ch iqbal dhamial Tue Aug 13 19:39:54 UTC 2013

Assalamu alaikum,

It has been passed down generation after generation through my family that we are the children of Sultan Dhami Khan and he was a descendant of Prophet Yusuf Alaihi-Salam.

Panjeri is a town of Azad Kashmir, where there was a person called Fazal Ahmed. He was a Birth Registrar, meaning his job was to keep records of newborn babies i.e. their names, fathers’ names and date of birth. In those days local professionals such as the Birth Registrar, Tailor, Hairdresser, Blacksmith etc, were not paid hard cash as their salaries; instead they were paid commodities such as wheat or corn etc.

Fazal Ahmed used to go once or twice a year to collect his wages from his customers. He had memorized lists of family trees off by heart and whilst on his rounds collecting his wages, he would recite the family tree of customers upon request. I learnt from my parents and various relatives that Fazal Ahmed would also recite our family tree, in reverse order, mentioning the names of Sultan Dhami Khan, his father’s name Longah Khan and he would go all the way to the name of Prophet Yusuf Alaihi-Salam. During the recital of the list he never mentioned the tiles ‘Raja’ Dhami Khan or ‘Raja’ Longah Khan. Instead of that he would always use the title ‘Sultan’ Dhami Khan or his sons titles ‘Sardar’ Bakhtawar Khan and so on.

Sultan Anwar Khan is one of the forefathers of Sultan Dhami Khan and was martyred in 387 Hijri during the battle against Mahmud Ghaznavi. Later, Mahmud Ghaznavi was informed about the reality of Sultan Anwar Khan, that he was a descendant of Prophet Yusuf Alaihi-Salam. Ghaznavi greatly regretted his action of killing such a noble personality and as a result appointed Sultan Anwar Khan’s son Bukhari Khan to the post of General in his army in honor and respect of him. If Sultan Anwar Khan had been a descendent of the Rajput Tribe, then why was his lineage mentioned to Mahmud Ghaznavi as a descendant of the noble Prophet Yusuf Alaihi-Salam? Mahmud Ghaznavi launched 17 campaigns against Rajput Kingdoms; he would not have appointed Bukhari Khan to the post of General in his army if he had been a descendant of Rajput Tribe or if he was not a descendant of Prophet Yusuf Alaihi-Salam.

by Mubarak Dhamial Wed Sep 11 14:30:04 UTC 2013

Assalamu alaikum,

A brother named Tariq of Dhamial Tribe writes in the Rajput Dhamial Forum, that Dhamial account of themselves as having come originally from Ghazni to the Sialkot District, from where they went to Dhamiak where Sultan Dhami Khan built a fort and ruled the country.

If we read the above quotation whilst keeping in mind that Sultan Anwar Khan was martyred during the battle against Mahmud Ghaznavi in 387 Hijri, after which his son Bukhari Khan was made General by Mahmud Ghaznavi in his army (due to becoming aware of Sultan Anwar Khan’s ancestry to Prophet Yusuf Alaihi-Salam) it indicates that this battle took place in Ghazni. Therefore we can assume that Sultan Anwar Khan and his immediate forefathers could have lived in Ghazni.
Furthermore, the family tree of Ch. Muhammad Hussain Dhamial of Windsor shows the martyrdom date of General Bukhari Khan in 413 Hijri, he was martyred as a Governor, supporting the fact that he could have been Governor of Ghazni. Another aspect is that Sultan Dhami Khan could have been born in Ghazni. We don’t know his date of birth or his place of birth but we do know that he died in 831 Hijri, if we count the period from the martyrdom date of Sultan Anwar Khan to the demise date of Sultan Dhami Khan, it is approximately 444 years. Sultan Dhami Khan could have been circa 25-35 years when his Tribe set off on the journey for Delhi through Northern India and later from Delhi to Kot Dhamiak in is leadership. Sultan Dhami Khan’s father, Longah Khan the Governor of Deccan was martyred in 770 Hijri so this means Sultan Dhami Khan died 61 years after his father’s martyrdom if we minus 61 from 444= 383. So they would have lived no more than 383 years in Ghazni, from the time of Sultan Anwar Khan’s Martyrdom to the time set off on the journey for India.

A tribe is always recognized by the name of its Patriarch, not by the titles like Raja or Choudary etc. Raja, Sultan and King are titles equivalent in meaning, only language differentiates them, Raja is a Sanskrit word, Sultan is an Arabic word and King is an English word. A king’s son can not be called King likewise a son of Raja can not be called Raja. A king’s son is called Prince likewise a son of Raja is called Rajput or Rajputra. Prince and Rajput or Rajputra are titles only adopted by true sons of a King or a Raja.

If one person calls another person Raja or Choudary, it is said so in honour or respect to that person. However, if someone writes the titles Raja or Choudary with his own name without it officially being given to him or he wants to be called Raja or Choudary, then it should only be considered his personal name not a title. Only, the Patriarch’s name written or called with personal name gives identity of a Tribe.

Allah almighty says in sura Al-Hujurat (Aya 13) O, mankind, indeed we have created you from a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes that you may know one another; verily the most honourable of you in the sight of Allah is the most careful of you; Surly Allah is Knowing and Aware.

by Mubarak Dhamial Sat Sep 14 19:45:57 UTC 2013

Where is it mentioned in Islamic history that Hazrat Yousaf AS descendants came to India or in Punjab or any reference of Asian historian mentioned of it. Please it should be a well known historian not a random local person who has been paid to write history of any family.

by guest Tue Oct 01 16:12:43 UTC 2013

How come Jats of Mirpur and Chaksawari claim descendants of Sultan Dhami of Kot Dhamiak who was a Rajput and Ruler of Pabi, Pothohar, his decendents in this area from Jhelum to Chakwal to Rawalpindi to Abbotabad are known as Rajas of Pothohar. It does not make sense and on top you are writing stories against Dhamial Rajputs how they became Rajputs. Its relay stupid to hear that someone from another state claims to be their children and write against his original descendants. It proves that you trying to improve your identity and to make it look real you are trying to say that you are right and they all are wrong, very sad, If due to some unknown reason you are unable to become Rajputs in your area, now you are trying to connect with Rajputs of another country to cover up your Jat cast.

by guest Tue Oct 01 16:34:50 UTC 2013

Sultan Adam Khan was a Gakhar Sardar brother of Sarrang Khan Gakhar, his grave is inside Rawat Fort.
Why are you printing false information. There were only Janjua or Later known as Dhamial rajputs and Gakhar rulers or Ranjit singh ruled this area. You are totally confused.

by guest Tue Oct 01 16:57:41 UTC 2013

Sultan Sarang
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (August 2012)
Rawat Fort.JPG

Sultan Sarang was a chief of the Gakhar tribe which resided in the Pothohar region in Northern Punjab, modern day Pakistan. He was born in Pharwala fort and his father was a Gakhar chief Tatar Khan. Due to his services to Mughal emperor Babur, Sarang Khan was bestowed the title of Sultan by Emperor Babur.
Sarang's father Takar Khan or Tattar Khan allied with Mughal Emperor Babur on his campaign of Hind. However, Hathi Gakhar had assassinated Takar or Tattar in a late night raid on his camp, capturing his possessions, his women and wealth. Whence Hathi Khan was defeated by Babur (who recruited the local Janjua Rajputs for this battle), he was later assassinated by an aged Sarang through poison. Sarang, now claimed leadership of the turbulent Gakhar tribe, inheriting also the title of Sultan from Mughal Babur.
Rawat Fort Main gate.JPG

When Sher Shah Suri expelled Mughal Humayun the son of Babur, Sarang resisted Sher Shah on the notion of loyalty to the ousted Mughal.
Sultan Sarang was later captured by Emperor Sher Shah and flayed alive.[2] His daughter was handed to Mughal commander Khawas Khan in accordance with the Imperial order of revenge upon Sarang for his refractory rebellion against the Suri Empire.[3]
Sultan Sarang died in 1546 CE and is buried in tomb in Rawat Fort. His brother Adam Khan assumed leadership of the tribe upon his demise.
Sultan Raja Erij Zaman Khan is the present chief.

Jump up ^ The Panjab Chiefs: Historical and Biographical Notices of the Principal Families in the Lahore and Rawalpindi Divisions of the Panjab by Lepel Henry Griffin, Charles Francis Massy, Publ. Civil and Military Gazette press, 1890, p. 356
Jump up ^ The History of India, as Told by Its Own Historians: The Muhammadan Period by Henry Miers Elliot, John Dowson - India - 1963, p. 278
Jump up ^ Tārīk̲h̲-i-Śēr Śāhī by ʻAbbās Khān Sarvānī, Brahmadeva Prasad Ambashthya, Publ K.P.Jayaswal Research Institute, 1974 p. 556

by Khalid Dhami Thu Oct 03 12:08:49 UTC 2013

Tomb of Adham Khan
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Coordinates: 28°31′24.43836″N 77°10′56.13″E

Adham Khan's tomb, which also house the tomb of his mother, Maham Anga, Mehrauli, Delhi.
Adham Khan's Tomb (Hindi: आधम खान का मकबरा, Urdu: ادھم خان کا مزار ) tomb lies to the north of the Qutub Minar, Mehrauli, Delhi, immediately before one reaches the town of Mehrauli, built 1561,[1] it is now a protected monument by Archeological Survey of India.[2]
Contents [hide]
1 Architecture
2 History
3 Further reading
4 References
5 External links

Adham Khans tomb, surrounding archway, Mehrauli
It lies on the walls of Lal Kot and rising from a terrace enclosed by an octagonal wall provided with low towers at the corners. It consists of a domed octagonal chamber in the Lodhi Dynasty style and Sayyid dynasty early in the 14th century. It has a verandah on each side pierced by three openings. It is known popularly as Bul-bulaiyan (a Labyrinth or Maze), for a visitor often loses his way amidst the several passages in the thickness of its walls.[3]

Adham Khan tomb interior, Mehrauli, Delhi
Adham Khan, son of Maham Anga, a wet nurse of Akbar, was a nobleman and general in Akbar's army. In 1561, he fell out with Ataga Khan, Akbar's Prime Minister, and husband of Ji Ji Anga, another wet nurse, and killed him, whereupon he was thrown down from the ramparts of Agra Fort twice, by the order of the emperor Akbar and died [4]
His mother after fortieth day of mourning also died out of grief, and both were buried in this tomb believed to be commissioned built by Akbar, in a conspicuous octagonal design, not seen in any Mughal building of that era, a designed perhaps designated to the traitors, as it was common design features visible in the tombs of the previous Sur Dynasty, and also the Lodhi dynasty now within the present Lodhi Gardens (Delhi), which the Mughals considered traitors.[5]

Qutub Minar from Adham Khan
In 1830s, a British officer named Blake of Bengal Civil Service, converted this tomb into his residential apartment and removed the graves to make way for his dining hall. Though the officer died soon, it continued to be used as a rest house for many years by the British, and at one point even as a police station and a post office. The tomb was vacated and later restored by the orders of Lord Curzon,[6] and the grave of Adham Khan has since been restored to the site, and lies right below the central dome, though that of his mother Maham Anga never was.
Further reading

Adham Khan's Tomb The Delhi that No-one Knows, by R.V. Smith. Orient Longman, 2005. ISBN 81-8028-020-9. Page 18.
Mughals Dictionary of Islamic architecture, by Andrew Petersen. Routledge, 1996. ISBN 0-415-06084-2. Page 203.
The Cambridge History of India: Mughal Period, by Edward James Rapson. Published by University Press, 1937. Page 532 Tomb of Adham Khan.
Delhi and Its Neighbourhood, by Y. D. Sharma. Published by Director General, Archaeological Survey of India, 1974. Page 60-61.
Islamic Tombs in India : The Iconography and Genesis of Their Design, by Fredrick W. Bunce. (Series : Contours of Indian Art and Architecture No. 2. 2004.) ISBN 81-246-0245-X. Chapt. 20.
Annual York-Noor Lecture Series: “Murder, Mausolea and the Emperor Akbar: Two Early Mughal Tombs” York University
Mughal Architecture of Delhi : A Study of Mosques and Tombs (1556-1627 A.D.), by Praduman K. Sharma, Sundeep, 2001, ISBN 81-7574-094-9. Chap. 9.

Jump up ^ Adham Khan Tomb
Jump up ^ List of Monuments - Delhi- Delhi Circle (N.C.T. of Delhi) Archeological Survey of India.
Jump up ^ Ashri, Shashi Bhushan (2010). Delhi: A city of cities. Delhi, India: Anubhav Prakashan. p. 38. ISBN 978-93-8005-320-2.
Jump up ^ What makes a man great? The Tr

by Khalid Dhami Thu Oct 03 12:44:18 UTC 2013

Mubarak I hope the refrences i have given you are better than a Phand's memories.
You know what are Phands...Marasies and you are giving us reference of a phand.

by Khalid Dhami Thu Oct 03 12:47:53 UTC 2013


From Sultan Dhami Khan to our time, six centuries and fifteen generations have passed during this era we have
always been told by our forefathers that we are descendants of Sultan Dhami Khan and his bloodline goes back to Prophet Yusuf Alaihi-Salam, so this is a proof and Dhamial’s have unshakable faith on it.

After the invasion of Assyrians, the ten tribes of Bani Israel were forced to leave their homeland and they set on journeys towards various parts of the globe, peoples of Manshah and Ephraim tribes travelled in the direction of Asia and ultimately they reached and settled in the areas of Afghanistan, Hindustan and Kashmir. In present time descendants of Manshah tribe are known as Dhamial, Yusufzai and Khatak and descendants of Ephraim tribe are known as Afridi.

Sultan Dhami Khan was a descendant of Prophet Yusuf Alaihi-Salam, how and when did his ancestors became Rajput? There was no tribe called Dhamial Rajput in his lifetime. Four centuries after his death this name of Dhamial Rajput came into existence. Initially having been excluded from recruitment due to a conspiracy by rival tribes, when dhamial elders confronted the authorities, they were allowed to join the British Indian Army under the name of Rajput, Janjua and Awan Tribes.

Rajas of Pothohar are descendants of Rajputs likewise Dhamials of Pothohar and Azad Kashmir are descendants of Sultan Dhami Khan of Kot Dhamiak.

There are numerous theories about the origin of the Jats, ranging from their sudden appearance from Shiva's locks to their lineage in the Aryan race. Dhami is another tribe; they are descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan.

Fazal Ahmed was a Registrar of Birth and a family tree preserver (in Urdu Nasab Daan and in English Genealogist). Looking down upon somebody because of his caste or profession is a worse kind of bigotry which is not permitted in Islam and not acceptable by civilized societies.

Read the translation of Sura Al-Hujurat Ayat 13 and ponder on its message.

O mankind, indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted. (Al-Hujurat Ayat 13).

To read the poem about Sultan Dhami Khan in Urdu Text copy & paste

by Mubarak Dhamial Mon Oct 14 17:59:33 UTC 2013


To read the poem about Sultan Dhami Khan in Urud text highlight & click on Open Link

by Mubarak Dhamial Tue Oct 15 13:36:38 UTC 2013

Congratulation M. Tariq and Raja Adnan because Mr. Mubarak knows about Dhami Jats of india and I only used Khalid Dhami instead of Dhamial so he's gona speak the truth about himself. We all know that Kashmir was and still is ruled by jats of Hindu background and Dhami Jats of Himalya Pardesh still have Dhami Princely State and now their Raja is called Raja Partap Singh at present.
Now if Kashmir was ruled by Hindus or Sikhs, after Kashmir was sold to English without struggle, there were jats still living in Kasmir afterword.
Some of those Kashmiries were called Dhami aals mean Dhami's people, later when they accepted islam they started using word Dhami AAl as Dhamial or Dham Yaals.
This is also a fact that till 1975 people from Mirpur and other area were really poor and they used to come to Pothohaar for work usually in farms or washing Blankets etc, you can ask your elders if any doubts. Now when they came here they heard about Dhamials and lied to their children that they are children of Sultan Dhami Khan, at present they are still called Jats in Kashmir and unfortunately vary low level Jats because they are still ruled by Thathaals, Rathores, Sudhans, Khawajas and Jaraal etc.
Now because most people from Mirpur, Chaksawari etc. came to U.K and Europe and they made a lot of money and their 3rd generation in Europe wants to know who really they are? some how they found materiel on internet about Sultan Dhami Khan and it reminded them of those thing said by their for-fathers that They are really Dhamials and because its difficult to be accepted by Dhamial Rajputs of Pothohaar, they found a new indentity of Egyptian ancestry and using Sultan Dhami Khan's name even though they even don't have any record of who is called Sultan Dhami,whats his real name in history or which of his sons children they are only working on guesses they are so desprit that started writing on net and started blogs about Sultan Dhami khan.
I asked this man to give us evidence and he's telling same story without any historical evidence or Islamic history's references which shows that hazrat Yousaf AS's children came to this area apart from Egypet and Africa. Now he's talking about Quraan's iyats. For his information Quraan also says Momen will only talk with Dallil and if someone has not got a Dallil he's a liar. So if you can't give reference or evidence which is acceptable please don't hurt Sultan Dhami's soul, He was a very noble and spiritual ruler and he stood by islamic faith and lost his battle with Gakhars or Khakhars or Khokhars different names in history who were also responsible for the death of Shehab ud Din of Ghor Afganistan in Kot Dhamiak.
His children at later stage took over this area once again and lost battle with Ranjit Singh.
Later again when English took over they came back in power some started using Janjua which was used by Raja Mall because he reverted to islam at a place called Ja Naja or Junaj thats why he was also known as Janjua. But later his sons used their own names as ruler like Sultan Dhami Khan. Some of Janjua in Jhelum are known as Dhamials in Gujarkhan and Sohawa, Ranial in Jhelum, Khakha in Kahoota, Tarnoli or Tanoli in Hazara and Kala in Kashmir. If you wana know famous Dhamial Rajputs or Janjua Rajputs check the list of Muslim Rajputs or Janjua Rajputs or Ranial Rajputs or infect Dhamial Rajputs. If you all are sultans children you should be in main streem politics or Army officers in Kashmir. Just to add I have heard there are Tailis in Mirpur they use Janjua as their cast which is a proof that in Occupied area anyone can call themselves Gilani or Janjua or Bhati or Gakhar who cares.

At last Dhamials don't need to change their Identity because 1st Muslim Rajput General of English Army is called Raja Iftakhar Khan of Chakwal who is of Raja Mall blood line, may be in your area of Kashmir you had to use Rajput in fact Dhamial Rajput to get jobs in English army.

by guest Mon Oct 21 17:10:12 UTC 2013

I have a suggestion for you, in Kashmir there were alots of tribe came with Mehmood Ghaznawi like Saduzai which are known as Sudhans and are called Sardars, there's another tribe came with him called YousafZai like you must have heard of Malal Yousafzai, they mostly are in Afganistan or Pakhtoon Khawa. If you try to link your self with them would be a better idea if they accept you? or just stay as Dhami Jats not Dhamials. Thanks

by guest Mon Oct 21 17:18:32 UTC 2013

Also check Dhami Royal Family in Google and you will find out about Dhami Jats

by guest Mon Oct 21 17:35:17 UTC 2013

Assalamu Alaikum,

The poem I wrote about Sultan Dhami Khan on reflects my identity. I don’t need to tell lies about my tribal status as an imposter like yourself who pretend to be Rajput because of being victim of inferiority complex and also lacking faculty to accept the truth even if it comes from your forefathers.

Descendants of Sardar Lohor Khan and Sardar Bakhtawar Khan elder and youngest sons of Sultan Dhami Khan are in complete agreement that we are descendants of Prophet Yusuf Alaihi-Salam through his blood line to Sultan Dhami Khan of Kot Dhamiak.

Source of any evidence or reference can be word of mouth, it is not necessary that it must be in written text. The important fact is what has been said and who has said. Now I will refer you to Raja Amir Dhamial, younger brother of respected spiritual personality of Pothohar, Sheikh Tariq Dhamial, they are also descendants of Prophet Yusuf Alaihi-Salam, he has confirmed in a conversation on Facebook that his elders said they are Egyptian and their blood line goes back to Prophet Yusuf Alaihi-Salam, also Sheikh Tariq Dhamial has on numerous occasions stated that Dhamials are descendants of Prophet Yusuf Alaihi-Salam.

In the book Punjabi Musalmans by Capitan Hamilton, he writes about Dhamials, that they account for themselves as having come originally from Ghazni to the Sialkot District from where they went to Kot Dhamiak and built a fort, so this is a written evidence that backs claim of Dhamials they are not descendants of Raja Mal Khan because his blood line originates from Rajput Tribe.

There is no mention of Sultan Dhami Khan or Dhamial Tribe in books called Chiefs and families of note in Punjab, Tarikh-e-Farishta or Punjabi Castes. If you know any book which contains information about Sultan Dhami Khan or Dhamial Tribe then print that reference on this forum including page number, line or paragraph.

It seems that you are going through Jat phobia but worry not if you’re a Rajput then they are your cousins because both originate from Hindu blood line.
Finally whether you’re Rajput, Dhami Jat or Dhamial you should have a name, don’t conceal yourself under guest name.

by Mubarak Dhamial Mon Oct 28 13:58:55 UTC 2013

by Mubarak Dhamial Mon Oct 28 14:04:58 UTC 2013

Yes we are Rajput and very Proud Rajput of Pothohaar and your mentality shows that people who accepted Islam hundreds of years ago you still hate them and saying that hour bloodline is Hindu, Sham on you and your elders, who lied to you that you are not only Dhamial but from the blood line of Holly Prophet.

You can not be from the bloodline of Hazrat Yousaf AS because his blood is pure and will give more respect to who reverted to islam than a born Muslim. You have insulted Sultan Dhami Khan and his elders.
I asked you to prove it with proof and again you are talking about what ever your elders have told you. Come to reality and face it.

Did word Islam came before Hazrat Muhammad AS's Prophasy or before his time there was a relegion called Islam. Even his father and forefathers were Muslims ?

Who are Israilies? One need to think before opening his mouth!

Now its pointless to discuss anymore with you when you have so much hate for Rajputts and Jatts because they are from Hindu bloodline even though they were ruling this area and help to spread Islam in Hindustan.

by Raja Khalid Khan Dhamial of Kahoota Tue Oct 29 20:07:34 UTC 2013

Assalamu Alaikum,

May Allah give you intellect to respect the elders; don’t forget that the elders of Shaykh Tariq Dhamial and Raja Amir Dhamial have also told them that they are from the bloodline of Holy Prophet Yusuf alaihi-salam. What will you call them liars and shameful?

I don’t hate any tribe, race or religion and I consider those who converted to Islam, equal in status to any other Muslim. Bloodline determines parentage (Nasal) not a religion; Dhamial and Rajput are two different bloodlines and two different tribes.

You asked when Islam began. The preaching of Islam actually starts from Prophet Adam alaihi-salam and ends up to Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu-alaihi-wasallam and all those Prophets who came between them they all preached Islam.

You have raised the question about the faith of Holy Parents of Holy Prophet Muhammad sallalahu-alaihi-wasallam. Shaykh Muhaddith Dehlwi radi Allahu anhu said that the parents of all Prophets were never disbelievers.

Another point to remember is that if the parents of Prophet Muhammad sallalahu-alaihi-wasallam were disbelievers why were their names “Abdullah and Aaminah”? The meaning of Abdullah is “Slave of Allah” and Aaminah means “One with Faith.”

A Tradition extracted from Bukhari found in Mishkaat, under the chapter “Fazaa’il Syedul Mursaleen” contains the following words of Prophet Muhammad sallalahu-alaihi-wasallam “ I have been sent from the best group of the children of Adam, from one group to the next, till I am in that group which I am.”

You have also raised the question, who are Israelis? Prophet Yaqub alaihi-salam his appellation was Israel therefore, his children are called Bani Israel they are people of The Book, they were twelve tribes including Manshah Tribe, in 722BC Assyrian invaded their land Canaan (Nowadays Israel) and deported them from Canaan. They travelled in various directions of the glob such as Africa, Europe and Asia. Ancestors of Sultan Dhami Khan finally reached and settled in Pothohar and Kashmir.

by Mubarak Dhamial Sun Nov 10 22:55:28 UTC 2013

Continuing from post above…

Historic facts of Dhamial and Rajput Tribes confirm that they are two different bloodlines and Tribes. Sultan Dhami Khan and Raja Ajmal Khan are two different patriarchs’ founders of two different tribes Dhamial and Muslim Rajput.

 In 997AD Sultan Anwar Khan one of the ancestors of Sultan Dhami Khan, was martyred during the battle against Mahmud Ghaznavi. At that time no Rajput had converted to Islam.

 In 1022AD Bukhari Khan and Bhoj Khan, son and grandson of Sultan Anwar Khan, were martyred and at that point in time no Rajput had converted to Islam.

 In 1030AD Lakhan Khan was martyred, at that time no Rajput had converted to Islam.

 In 1097AD Haidar Khan was martyred and yet no Rajput had converted to Islam.

 In the early 12th century between 1101 and 1150, first Rajput Raja Ajmal Khan, son of Raja Dhrupet Dev, converted to Islam in the era of Saif Khan one of the ancestors of Sultan Dhami Khan.

 The people of Dhamial Tribe who joined The British Indian Army in the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901 also Empress of India 1876-1901) were asked to add the tribal name Rajput with their tribal name Dhamial to join The British Indian Army and they did so, thus Dhamial became Dhamial Rajput and lost their true identity.

 Raja Ajmal Khan and his descendant Raja Mal Khan had no blood relationship with Sultan Dhami Khan of Kot Dhamiak.

If you know any book which contains reference about Sultan Dhami Khan that proves Sultan Dhami Khan’s bloodline to Raja Mal Khan or Raja Ajmal Khan bring it forward.

by Mubarak Dhamial Sun Nov 10 23:01:26 UTC 2013

Iam a British born I don't know much about cast, but I never been back home because of rishtay, I always been heard jatt as high cast, so I found my brother birth certificate it said Damjal Rajput. But my friend say's his cast jatt is higher. pakistan near bewal samote. village malik pur

by guest Thu Nov 14 19:37:21 UTC 2013

basically dhamiyals are rajputs.rajput could't be associated with hinduism.before the fifth century ad the main religeon of the peoples of subcontinent is buddism, and the history of rajpoots was traced to nearly 4000-5000 BC.

by guest Sun Mar 16 13:34:31 UTC 2014

donot act as those numerous casts whom had builted there shajras and stories of there own and contradicted each other and made there geniune character douubtfull. noble character shows noble blood not the reference.

by guest Sun Mar 16 14:00:38 UTC 2014

I have a question for you brother as I am from the A.K Kandoor. As it says on the Info that that (8) Sardar Bakhtawar Khan, his descendents live in Kandor, which where I am from. Dose any one know what were names of sardar Bakhtaran were?

by guest Mon Apr 21 08:36:21 UTC 2014

wa,alikum salam,

Sardar Bakhtawar Khan was the younger son of Sultan Dhami Khan. I don’t know exactly how many sons Sardar Bakhtawar Khan had but he had at lest one son called Inder Khan and grandson Malook Khan they are my forefathers I am eleventh generation from Malook Khan.

by Mubarak Dhamial Sun Apr 27 15:43:43 UTC 2014

Brother. My for father Was bawa sirkaru not sure what his fathers name was he had 2 son Gulum Hasan who is my fathers grandad! I am trying to find out what was the name of as I have know bawa sirkaru dad and grandfather who came from kot dhamial. Thanks

by guest Sun Apr 27 21:51:15 UTC 2014

I wonder if you have information Dhami family from chanduwal ? Baba Eda and Midaa Baksh

by guest Tue Jun 03 23:39:50 UTC 2014

asSalaamu alaykum,
my maternal side live in Chak Sharaf Shah, Dadyal.
They are from Dhamial tribe.
Can someone message the lineage from Dhami Khan [rua] until Adam [as]?

skype: akeel.arshad
facebook: xakeelx

by Akeel Arshad Tue Jun 24 18:21:40 UTC 2014

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "If somebody claims to be the son of any other than his real father knowingly, he but disbelieves in Allah, and if somebody claims to belong to some folk to whom he does not belong, let such a person take his place in the (Hell) Fire."
[Sahih Bukhary]

by Akeel Arshad Tue Jun 24 18:34:36 UTC 2014

My maternal side are Dhamyaal, from Chak Sharaf Shah
My paternal side are Thathaal, from Darunny, Dadyal.

I would like to know the tribes' true lineage in-shaa-Allaah.

@Mubarak, brother. Your statement about parents of all prophets [alayhimus salaam] is incorrect, Ibraaheem's [as] father was a kaafir.

by Akeel Arshad Wed Jun 25 16:13:55 UTC 2014

wa,alikum salam,

The Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) has said that the essence of his existence had been transmitted and ultimately conveyed to his immediate parents through a PURE, a Holy and Sanctified Progeny.

Ibn Katheer in his work on history writes:

Ibrahim (as) was the son of Tarakh. When Tarakh was 75 years of age, Ibrahim (as) was born to him.

This is also confirmed by Imam Tabari, as he gives the lineage of Ibrahim's (AS)

Family in his history collection, but then also in his Commentary of the Qur'an he states that 'Azar' was NOT the father of Ibrahim (AS).

It is certain through verses and hadiths that all of the grandfathers of our Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) are clean believers. To say the opposite means to deny verses and hadiths.

In the 28th verse of the chapter At-Tawbah, it is stated that the polytheists are unclean. It is stated that all of the grandfathers of our Prophet (PBUH) are clean.

In the Qur'an, the Uncle is called the Father.

Hazrat Ismael is the uncle of Hazrat Jacob (Yaqub). However, in the Qur'an, “your father Ismael” is used instead of “your uncle Ismael”. His children say to Hazrat Yaqub," thy fathers―of Abraham Ismael and Isaac..." (AL-Baqara, 2-133) that is, "your father Ibrahim, your father Ismael and your father Isaac...". As a matter of fact, Hazrat Ismael is Hazrat Yaqub's uncle, not father. It is stated in the interpretations that in the Qur'an, the uncle is called the father.

It is customary to call the uncle, the stepfather, the father-in-law and charitable people as ‘father’ not only among Arabs but also among other nations.

We call people who help others as “father” or “father of the poor” figuratively. We also call old people “father” to show respect to them.

In his book, Kitabud-darj-il-munifa, Imam Suyuti proves that Azar is Hazrat Ibrahim’s uncle with evidence and resources.

by Mubarak Dhamial Sat Jul 05 16:07:28 UTC 2014

by Mubarak Dhamial Sat Jul 05 17:20:51 UTC 2014

i need shajera nasab of dhamial family .any one who can help me .i will contact above cited cell numbers as well.

by raja haider ali Dhamial Wed Jul 09 18:04:46 UTC 2014
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