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When I caned a boy it was'nt just a simple matter of putting him over a desk then laying on the cane-there is much more to it than that.

To begin with a boys bottom is very small and when giving six-of-the-best the area for caning is very limited indeed.

This is even more so when caning a 12 year old (I never caned boys younger than that) so in order to avoid causing the boy any unecsessary injury I would use a lighter cane given at three quarter force.

I would have him bent over as tight as possible thus exposing the bottom entirely allowing me to cane accurately and hard enough for him to feel the caning.

The first stroke I would then lay down hard across the center of the bottom followed by the second stroke laid tight as possible just above it-any higher and I would consider this as entering into the danger zone which should be avoided at all costs--the boy needs punishing,not dammaging.

This now allows me room to lay the remaining four strokes below the center with the sixth stroke striking an inch or do above the crease between bottom and top of legs.That's how I used to cane junior boys.

Caning senior boys however was a different process entirely.

To start with the bottom presented a far more larger caning area thus allowing me to cane much harder and to use a heavier cane as is nescessary when caning older boys.

For this I would lay down a full force stroke-again over the centerline-then progressivly cane BELOW the line to inflict maximum pain.

When I set out to cane a boy-junior or senior alike-I set out to do it properly-for a caning to be in any way effective it has to realy be felt so I used to take my time to make well sure that it was.

A well caned boy was never in a hurry to pay me another visit in my study-but that was only because-and as I said-I caned accuratly,slowly and as hard as the caning was needed to make the boy feel well and truly punished.

So, that's how I used to cane-hard but safe slow but painful.After all is said and done a caning is meant to correct and in order for it to do so-it has to be felt and make it felt I most certainly did.

by guest Thu May 12 05:33:05 UTC 2011

I feel that after writing of my caning experiences I should explain as to how I came about relating of this on a CP Forum.

Well quite simply I was asked to do this by a well known associate of mine who openly admits that he's a CP enthusiast and in this event I could not see any harm in relating as to how I caned when I was a Headmaster.

It was,after all a nescessary part of my job and,because it was, I set out to do it well-if you are not prepared to cane a boy that truly deserves it then simply do'nt do it and leave it to others that will.
On occassion I have been asked as to whether or not that I ever caned bare bottom-the answer to that is-no.
I never found it nescessary although at one time it was available to me under the particular schools CP policies.
The major reason that I never caned a boy on his bare bottom was because I strongly believed that if you caned a boy hard enough over his trousered seat there is absolutely no need.
Most people-and in particular those that were never caned at school-have little,or no idea,as to just how intensly painful a caing is-in particulary,six-of-the-best.
I was caned myself as a boy therefore I'm fully aware of just what a boy is feeling when I am caning him and it's far from a pleasant experience to say the least.
When I was caned at school-two fours and three sixes-it was a very long time ago and I was most certainly caned a lot harder than when I caned boys.But that was the way it was back then and you just went over the desk,clenched your teeth and endured the pain as best as you could-but it was'nt easy.
Another thing that I have been asked to do is to relate as to how a boy,junior and senior reacted to a caning and if at all this ever caused me to show leniency and this I propose to answer some other time.

by guest Thu May 12 06:23:25 UTC 2011


Due to a cancelled appointment (with my Dentist actualy!)I am able to relate as to how a boy reacted to a caning earlier than I thought.

Junior boys reactions.

As I have previously pointed out,I used a much lighter cane on juniors and with less force.

However this is not to say that six-of-the-best was'nt truly felt for it most certainly was.

The junior cane imparted a sharper sting than the senior cane that did'nt so much penetrate as it stung the surface of the bottom very intensly.

Aboy would react to this as I expected and would be jerking half upwards with each stroke and by the time that I had laid down the fourth he would be crying quite loudly and freely.

Ther were times-especialy if it was the boys first caning-that I was'nt fully sure as whether or not he would be able to take the full six.

In such circemstances I would monitor the boys reactions to every stroke and if I deemed it nescessary I would ease back on the force just so that I could give him the full six.

This is very important when giving a boy a six stroke caning that he should recieve the full ammount otherwise it would get around that I would show leniency if a boy over reacted-and,knowing boys,they most certainly would.

Giving a senior boy six-of-the-best was a different matter entirely.

Here I would be caning a boy that should have known better-what the consequenses would be and therefore fully deserving of the punishment.

For this I would use the senior cane at full force strokes given at around 8 second intervals betwween strokes for maximum effects.When I caned a boy I would make certain that he felt the caning to its fullest possible benefit-this,after all,is why you cane a boy in the first place-discipline.

The senior cane being considerably heavier penetrates deeper than the junior cane and therefore far more painful.Also the bruising is far heavier therefore the caning is still painful for quite a while after I have finished.

Even a Senior boy will react to a well laid down six-of-the-best and will vocalise very loudly after the third or fourth stroke and even my Secretary in the adjoining room to my study can often hear it.Usualy on the occassion that I intended to give a senior boy a realy severly hard caning I would arrange it so that the boy was caned during her lunch break.

After the sixth stroke even a Senior boy would be in tears and quite often in a state of deep distress-but the boy needed caning and it's all part of the punishment.

So that is how I caned as the Headmaster of a private school where if a caning was'nt made to count-and I certainly made sure that it did-boys would only need caning again at a later date and I did'nt particulary like the idea of having to cane the same boys twice.

Once should be enough and I made more than sure that it was.

by guest Thu May 12 12:37:38 UTC 2011


My somwwhat over enthusiastic associate has asked me if I would relate on the Form of the caning positions that I favoured when administering corporal punishment.

Well before I do I thought I might tell you of the positions that I had to adopt when I was caned at school.

Generaly it was bent over a chair when I was to small to go over the desk then of course as I grew taller-the desk offered the best position for my Headmaster in which to cane me.

However on one occassion after setting another boys jacket alight with a bunsen burner in the Chem Lab I was immediately marched off to the Headmasters study for a certain caning.

On arrival there the chemistry Master knocked and entered into the study to find the Headmaster entertaining a visiting delegation-two or three women and a rather large man with an immense beard.

The headmaster was imformed of my missdeed and,of course,a caning could'nt wait a minute longer and not being able to use his study he caned me in the adjoining general store annexed to his study-but there was no chair in which to have me bend over so I was made to touch my toes then given a very hard six-of-the-best in this most unstable position and during the caning I 'collapsed' twice.
Obviously the delegation next door in the study heard the caning but moreso,my loud vocal reactions to it.

Anyway,and because of this experience I myself have never caned a boy in that position as it's far to precarious for a hard caning.

The positions that I chose-both for the boys safety and the due to the fact that if it was nescessary I could cane a boy extremely hard without worrying about his stability.

There were times in my early days as the Deputy Headmaster where I would cane boys quite often with them bent over a chair.This was generaly just fine for a 'standard' six-of-the-best but that was all.

So,in conclusion I would say that I have given far more canings with a boy bent firmly over my desk than bent over anything else.

by guest Thu May 12 17:19:32 UTC 2011


Before I am asked this,as my assocate most surely will eventualy,I thought that I would refer to it before he does.

When my children-three boys-were far to youg for caning-It was my wife that actualy took care of Home Discipline in the traditional way of administering a bare bottom spanking over her knee but always in the privacy of the childs beedroom-not over severly but enough for it to be
well felt.

Eventualy all three were found a place at my school which now left me in the unenviable position that at any time I might have to cane one of my own sons-but it only happened once.

Natuaraly just because he was my own son I could'nt show any favouritism as the other boys would have given him one hell of a time and,rightly so,deeming it as most unfair.

So in both the interests of my son and in the interests of my duty as Headmaster,I had to on one occassion,cane him for a serious infraction that qualified for six-of-the-best which I duly gave and just as hard as I would have caned any other boy.

My wife was somewhat concerned over the deep cane marks as the result but was reconciled after I had explained that this was quite normal-and expected-after a hard caning.

Fortunately for me my son never wanted to feel another caning like it ever again and in consequence never needed one.

by guest Thu May 12 17:58:34 UTC 2011


I'm almost certain that I wiil be asked this question eventualy therefore before I am I would like to take the opportunity to answer it now.

This enterely depends what you are caning a boy for.
If,for example the boy is a ruthless bully then most certainly I would derive great satisfaction after seeing how he reacts to a dose of his own medicine.
That's not to say that I would want to injure the boy by purposely laying six full strokes all in the one place-the center of his bottom for example-but I would most certainly feel satisfied that he was getting more than he deserved by reacting painfuly and to each well intended stroke of my cane and there would be no question about it that I would almost certainly be caning the boy as hard as I possibly could and,after many years of caning,I can tell you that that would be extremely hard to say the least.
In short I was regarded by the boys as the hardest caner in the school and the most ready to cane a boy immediately that he stepped out of line.
Over the years I have handed out literaly thousands of canings mostly fours followed closely by sixes-I very rarely gave a boy less than four and,have on occassion, given nine during an assembly caning.
To say that I actualy ENJOYED caning a boy is another matter entirely because,and to be quite frank about this,I did'nt.
Certainly there were boys that realy did need a good hard dose of the cane but somehow always managed to avoid it.
I knew very well who these boys were and if one tripped up, so as to speak, and found himself up before me I would more than make sure the he felt the worst caning of his life and realy take my time over the caning making eaach and every stroke as exruciatingly painful as possibly.
That then to me is'nt satisfaction-its nescessity and a caning that the boy has been far to long overdue for.

by guest Thu May 12 20:07:51 UTC 2011


In my earlier days as Headmaster I would have absolutely no doubt in mind whatsoever that the cane carried the highest deterent value of all.
Put plain and simply a caning hurt,and hurt immensely.In short,it was feared.
It was feared for two main reasons.
The first,and most obvious of course was the pain.
The second was as to whether a boy could whithstand it-if not he would loose-and most important to any boy in a school enviorement-his credibility.
A caning then was-from any boys point of view-the worst possible way of ammounting up Kudos-there were far less painful ways of becoming a Hero so as to speak.
There was never any 'interboy' competition to see who got the most canings in a Term or,indeed,the most strokes-let alone the most sixes but,of course,and as I have already pointed out elsewhere,NO boy ever wanted six-of-the-best from me again-and to this end,I made more than certain of it.
However,and as times moved on,caning became less and less severe where six-of-the-best could easily be endured with the minimum of fuss by almost any boy-the pain was far less intense-the after effects almost non existent-in other words,fast becomong totaly ineffective.
For a caning to be of any effect at all and in particular to act as the ultimate deterent,it had to be excruiatingly painful both during its administration and for a considerable time after.
But alas Headmasters were more or less restricted by modern day expectations and in consequence,caning a boy was little more than a token attempt at containing discipline to such an extent that boys ACTUALY saw it now as the ultimate way of gaining credibility!!
In my early days,I can promise you,that this was most definately not the case-a caning was more than made to count and boys were more than well aware of it.
As a way of comparrison there was a time that if I had more than two or three boys waiting outside of my study for caning it would be in excess of expectation-in later years up it would come as no suprise to have maybe half a dozen waiting in line to 'collect their Kudos' at the same time as making light of it and displaying not the slightes show of fear of what was about to come almost to the point of where each boy would be hoping for six-of-the-best instead of four.
Times have most certainly changed-but have they changed for the better?
I might soun old fashioned,and no doubt I am but I still think that a good solid caning had a lot going for it especialy as regards to a deterent.

by guest Fri May 13 08:41:35 UTC 2011


Since becoming somewhat involved in this Forum I have rather got into the swing of things-no pun intended-therefore feel that it might be of interest as to how I canewd a boy for the first time.
This of course was many years ago now and the recollection is rather hazy in my mind-nevertheless I will do my best to describe it as I remember it.
This one particular boy in my class was most disruptive and,to a point,showed unacceptable behaviour to wards my self and,in fact realy did need a good caning-but I did'nt know how.
Certainly I had a cane available-a rather frightening thing in dark brown that rested on top of the blackboard.
However,I consulted a colleque abot this particular boys behaviour and he comfirmed my own thoughts by saying that the boy most certainly needed caning and that I should see to it that that is exactly what he got.
At first I did consider sending him along to the Headmaster which would almost certainly guaranteed the boy a caning but somehow I had to excert my authority and prefferably on the boys bottom-so I caned him.
I carried out this during the break at the end of the class where I had him bend over a desk while I gave him-what I thought at the time-was three good hard strokes sommewhat accompanied by more than a certain ammount of trepidation.
The strokes,or as far as I could mafe out,landed square to the center if the bottom but with seemingly very little effect-after,the boy just got up,smirked and walked away without as much as even rubbibg his bottom.
Later that day I had a word with the Headmaster about this who told that the best thing he could do was to have me attend the next caning he would be administering which was to be later in the afternoon-he was to give a boy six-of-the-best and to a boy that realy needed so it was,by all accounts,to be a very severe caning-and it was.
However and possibly a week or so later I found it nescessary to hand out another caning to,believe it or not,the SAME boy.
This time Iintended to make it realy count and realy well felt.
Again I had the boy go over a desk and laid down what I considered a good hard and telling six-and he more than felt each and evey stroke.Needless to say I had no further trouble from him.
For the record when I met the same boy years later when he was visiting the cschool on old boys day,by which time I was the Deputy Heads Assistant,he told me that the caning I had given him those many years ago was the hardest caning and most painful caning that he had ever recieved in all his time as a schoolboy and,apart from anything other than an extremely sore bottom for a week or more it changed his attitude towards Teachers completely.
So,Isuppose you could say that I ear'nt quite a reputation as a very hard caner only after giving out just two canings-a quick learner perhaps...?

by guest Fri May 13 12:01:26 UTC 2011

Ido appologise for some of the erratic spelling and punctuation to the above but I was in quite a hurry.
During my relating of it I was called-believe it or not- by my dentist who imformed that due to an unexpected cancellation he could see me almost straight away.
Needless to say-I was in no particular hurry...

by guest Fri May 13 12:14:40 UTC 2011


You'll find out that the best plans in life never work out,but these are ballanced out by the ones that do-and the ones that do,are the ones that count.
Cane a boy half heartedly and you will have failed-he will learn nothing from it.
Cane a boy hard and with determined intent and he will learn everything that you teach him-the intense agony is short lived.
It's a simple choice,a temporary sore and very bruised and painful bottom,or a lifetime of failure-six good well laid and hard strokes of the cane at the right time,or a lost cause for ever.
As a Headmaster,I gave many a boy a thorough good caning and a thoroughly saw bottom-but I also gave him a thoroughly good education.
The caning was painful-I made sure that he felt it-I made sure that it was-
but now as that boy enjoys the rewards of success the caning he once suffered with loud response and physical pain is now a faded painful memory and long,long forgotten.
In my time I caned well,I caned hard,I caned often-but there was far more success because of it than there ever was of pain.
A Headmaster can'nt ask for no more than that-and I did'nt.

by guest Fri May 13 22:08:53 UTC 2011


While I made it clear several times above that when I caned a boy I set out to make it realy count both either for his own good or the need to make an example,there were times when I saw that leniency was justified.
Some boys can take a caning reasonably well others with great difficulty and others that just simply could'nt take it at all.
So whenever I had a boy up before me that I knew full well that there was absolutely no way could he withstand an intended six-of-the-best I would have to be lenient in order for him to do so but-and most importantly-that he did'nt recognise that I was-it was also just as important that he recieved the full six otherwise other boys would see this as a kind of weakness and most certainly try and monopolise on it.
My way around this was to use the junior cane with less force but at the same time making it appear that I was.
To pull this off so to speak I would draw the cane right back as far as I normaly do then 'break' just before impact but still with enough force for the stroke to be felt.
As is always the case when a boy is being caned,he will jerk upright after each stroke and as the caning progresses he will express the pain by 'yelping' and crying out quite loudly but this is to be expected and I don't ever expect a boy to take a caning in silence-although some do,most don't.
I will also monitor the boys reactions to every stroke very closely an adjust the severity accordingly-most certainly I want the boy to feel it and,of course,I make sure that he does otherwise it would be pointless caning him in the first place-but at the same time I don't want to cause him any undue suffering-it's all a question of balance between a well deserved and well felt caning and the boys physical ability to whithstand it and it's not always that easy to get this right but most times I do.
So yes while a boy might need a thorough good and well deserved caning he also has the rights to consideration.
Recognising the need for leniency then is just as important as caning a boy as severly as is warranted.

by guest Sat May 14 09:53:24 UTC 2011


If a boy is guilty of gross misconduct-say for being insolent to a Female teacher in particular-and is sent to me for an immediate caning he then obviously has no time to try and conceal 'padding'-he will just have to feel the full force of the caning and suffer it the best that he can.
However,and as an example,where I intend to cane a boy first thing in the morning of the following day-a time that I normaly administer punishment-he will have more than enough time to 'pad' himsef out in order to block out the impending caning.
Sometimes this can-without actualy removing the boys trousers and underpants to check as to whether or not he is 'padded'-can be at times quite difficult to recognise although IF he is 'padded' the cane will make a different sound on impact-but not always.
In the view of this,and obviousty unknown to myself,I have quite possibly caned quite a few boys ineffectively and-as I implied-not knowing that I have-if a boy gets away with it then good luck to him but if he does'nt and I discover that he is wearing 'padding' this is a another matter entirely.
I will have the boy remove the padding and he would be more than feeling six-he would most definately be feeling nine and given extremely hard.
The last thing as a Headmaster you cannot positevly allow a boy to make a fool of you as it would soon get around the school.
If when I am punishing a boy and I notice that his reactions are'nt that of a boy undergoing a hard caning then I will be very suspicious as to why not and get him to remove his clothing so as to comfirm my doubts and-if- he is found to be wearing 'padding' he will almost certainly be facing nine-of-the-best instead of six.
It's the chance that some boys are prepared to take-they iether get away with it,or they don't-and if they don't they will more than regret it with a much more severe caning than they would have normaly got.

by guest Sat May 14 12:56:17 UTC 2011


This would normaly depend on when the offence occured and as to whether I was available or not.
Generaly I would cane a boy as soon as was convenient as I don't believe making a boy suffer more than is nescessary-the suffering is the caning it's self.
In the event of an assembly caning that would be a different matter entirely were the announcement would all be part of the ritual as this is the most severe caning thet I would be administering.
The boy would first attend me in my study where I would listen to his case and if I deemed that a normal caning would be to lenient considering the boys offence then I would imform him,then and there,of my intentions-usualy nine strokes at the end of the following days assembly.
The announcemet that a boy was to be severly caned would be made at the begining of assembly then executed immediately after it was finished with all the teachers- excepting for any Female staff- and the rest of the school in attendance.
This would be very ritualistic caning that would usualy take up to five minutes to give and at the same time as setting an example.
Because of the severity and number of strokes awarded the boy would after his caning be taken over to the school sanitorium where he would be checked over for any exessive bruising that may have broken the skin something that is at times due to unavoidable lappink of strokes although I do my upmost best to avoid this but if the boy should move suddenly as a stroke is well on its way this could more than alter the intended part of the bottom that I had aimed for-trying to land nine hard strokes in such a comparitevly small area and with the boy liable to lurch out of position at any moment is very difficult to judge.
Usualy however,and by laying four strokes close just above the center of the bottom and four tight below I do at most times manage to cane'cleanly'

by guest Sun May 15 11:42:18 UTC 2011


For a few years in the early 1960s I took over as Headmaster at a mixed school where boys were caned on the bottom and girls on their hands but caning of girls on the bottom was nevertheless permitted at the Headmasters discretion.
Now up until I took over girls had always been canbed on their hands and while effective it was'nt the way that I preferred and made it clear in m first assembl that as from now on all girls would be caned equaly as the boys-on the bottom.
Up until that point I never caned a girl iether on the hand or bottom ad wasn't real taken up with the Idea of having to cane girls at all-but discipline had to be mantained.
The previous Headmaster caned the girls on their hands,in his study and for this he did'nt require a witness but I thought that if I caned a girl,on har bottom,I would onlt ever do it with a Female present as a way of safegaurding myself and also due to the fact that I intendedto cane over a girls underwear convinced that caning over a heavy dress, underwear and tights, the caning would be far less felt.
After only having been at the school for just three weeks I had a senior girl sent up to me for a serious infraction that had she been a boy he would have most definately be given six-of-the-best without the slightest hesitation whatsoever
In this light,and with a Female teacher present I decided to cane the girl equaly as severly as I would a boy and gave her also six strokes of the cane.
Ihad her bend over a chair and grip the legs then insrtructed the teacher present to raise the girls skirt and fold it back over her back.
The cane that I used at the time was a 36inch senior cane as used on all the boys and caning at three quarter force I gave the girl a well and truly deserved six-of-the-best which,to my suprise,she took quite well in fact,better than most boys-make no mistake,the caning certainly hurt her as she jolted upright to each stroke but with minimum vocalisation although she did cry after the fourth stroke quite freely,
That then was the first time I had ever caned a girl but in the years to come,the first of many
Caning a boy I never had any problem with but caning a girl,even with a Female present was never pleasant at all and I simply never likes doing it but girls,like boys are no differenbt in this respect where at times only a good dose of the cane is what the sorely needed.

by guest Sun May 15 17:11:05 UTC 2011

Again I appologise for the misspelling but I was never what you might regard as an expert with a keyboard and did'nt realy have the time to go over the text.

by guest Sun May 15 17:20:30 UTC 2011

There are times when I have had to abort a caning for several reasons.
The most common is when I have a boy who after the third or fourth stroke can no longer take any more.
The obvious sign of this is hysterics.I know from experience when a boy is putting on an act in an attempt that I might show leniency and I respond to this by caning harder.
Another boy,while at first might appear to be taking it reasonably well,will sudenly give way at the legs and fall from over the desk part way onto the floor.
If he finds it impossible to regain position I then allow him a minute or so to regain his composure enough for me to get him back over the desk so that I can finish his caning.
However,if I can see that he is undergoing genuine difficulty and cannot possibly take another stroke,even if I reduce the force then I will at this point abort the caning.
The boys name will be entered into the punishment book as a special case where he can not possibly whithstand any more than a moderately lighter caning of up to four strokes using the junior cane at half force.
There of are course other reasons that I have aborted a caning for example where the cane has split at the striking end-the last six inches-or if a boy cannot contain himself any longer and wets himself.
This I have had happen just after the opening stroke and in this event I would let the boy go for now and instruct him to report to me iether later or the next day to be caned fully
There are times when when caning boys that they are just not physicaly capable of whithstanding punishment and I have to determine whether or not the boy is genuily undergoing dificulty or whether or not that he's just simply putting on a show in hope that I will abort the punishment but it never works and the boy just ends up being caned much harder than I intended.

by guest Sun May 15 22:17:59 UTC 2011


I can only answer this from personal experience from when I was caned as a boy and from what I see by way of reaction when I myself am dealing out punishment.
From how I remember when I was severly caned as a boy it-well to me anyway-was the first stroke.
Given hard across the dead center of the bottom let you know,in no uncertain manner,of what was about to come.
You could say,Isuppose, that the intense pain of the first well laid stroke partly numbed the other five-until you got the fourth stroke and it was for me the the worst and most painful experience as a boy-the finishing two,although they were agonising enough were seemingly less intense as if the Headmaster had eased up but in those days,Headmasters intended to make a caning realy count-when you got six-you realy did get six and most certainly well reminded of it every time that you went to sit down for a considerable time after.
A caning is meant to chastise and in my time as a schoolboy it most cerainly did-the agony of a proper caning is something that you will never forget and the Masters of old made well and truly certain of it.
From this I knew just what to 'aim' for when caning boys when it was my duty to administer corporal punishment.
The first stroke is the one that I realy did make felt and the fourth,even more so and that's why in many ways very few boys that I caned ever came back for more.

by guest Mon May 16 12:17:31 UTC 2011

I always cane, tawse, etc across the bare bum,as the boy bends across a table. I aim between the half-way mark to the top of the thighs
This guarantees the boy will feel the pain every time he sits!

by bob miles Thu Aug 04 17:15:48 UTC 2011

Not so sure I agree with you....usual school pants or underpants don't give that much "protection" ....and BUTTS are not the same simply because it's a junior or senior butt...except that it might have been "bigger"....!! I think a bare butt caning ....if given correctly could've been much more effective and appropriate ....suited the offender more correctly ....simply because you could SEE exactly what you where doing and not simply rely on YOUR experience.....years AGO....!! Sorry....not trying to offend you....I simply don't understand why a bare butt caning is such a big deal for some people.....!!

by guest Thu Sep 29 16:50:50 UTC 2011

I do not think six of the best in grey schoolboys shorts relly hurts.I could take it easily across my backside.I might scream and cry but I could hold down even for full force strokes.I could even take twelve in shorts.

by guest Sun Feb 19 22:17:59 UTC 2012

The first stroke of my canings always seemed to have hurt the most.

by guest Mon Apr 09 11:29:29 UTC 2012

This Forum Jar needs a spell-check. But is full of interest and honesty

by Francis Sun Apr 29 22:25:38 UTC 2012

I was caned many times at my school, which was a private boarding school. Our housemaster, and the headmaster caned. Our housemaster used the slipper for a general discipline.

by Andrew Sat Jun 02 09:25:35 UTC 2012

Dear Guest ( Head Master )
why have you not mentioned your email add anywhere . Is this your fantasy OR real life experience.

by Anju Mon Jun 04 05:16:48 UTC 2012

I nevver heared uf a hedmaster that cudn't spell.
Roger that on the spell check.

by Russ Sat Jun 30 21:47:17 UTC 2012

I was caned several times at school in the U.K. in the late 1940's and early 1950's t was always six of the best bending over and touching your toes. The headmaster would administer three strokes and then pause before delivering the last three. The first time that I was caned I did not realise that this was his procedure and so I started to get up after the first three and was told that he had not finished with me yet and and to remain bent over. He gave me the next three and they were very hard and stung like anything but I stayed bent over not knowing if he had finished. He then gave another two good hard ones for getting up before he had finished making a total of eight in all. Believe me my backside stung for quite a long time after that session

by Stanford Wed Jul 04 01:57:41 UTC 2012

I was caned several times at school in the U.K. in the late 1940's and early 1950's t was always six of the best bending over and touching your toes. The headmaster would administer three strokes and then pause before delivering the last three. The first time that I was caned I did not realise that this was his procedure and so I started to get up after the first three and was told that he had not finished with me yet and and to remain bent over. He gave me the next three and they were very hard and stung like anything but I stayed bent over not knowing if he had finished. He then gave another two good hard ones for getting up before he had finished making a total of eight in all. Believe me my backside stung for quite a long time after that session

by Stanford Wed Jul 04 01:57:42 UTC 2012

I was at school in the 60s. The teachers were the bullies and any feeble excuse was used to beat boys. This was a state comprehensive. I am firmly of the opininon that the majority of masters had a sexual kick out of caning a teen boys buottom. Especially when they had their free hand in their pocket whilst usuing the cane. Judging from posts on here I am more of that belief now. Our PE teacher really got off on using his slipper and their was no doubt he was into scantilly clad boys. I was useless at sport and because of this was frequently on the receiving end of his size 11 slipper across my shorts for not "doing it" right.Thank God all this nonesense has been banned by law. There are many fewer peedo teachers as well. God knows how I got on this site!! Whenever didi violence to a child achieve anything it made me most resentful. Resentment I still hold today. Thank God most of these techers are no longer with us. My three kids were NEVER hit. Didnt need to do it.

by Will Sun Jul 29 12:45:03 UTC 2012

Do not believe a single word written by this 'guest' headmaster. He's a notorious fantasist who has never been a teacher, never been a headmaster and never caned anybody in his life.

by Soothsayer Wed Aug 01 09:50:11 UTC 2012

I think it's the Apache Kid!

by guest Thu Aug 02 09:55:29 UTC 2012

Do you still offer canings?

by Prof Mon Oct 22 19:45:20 UTC 2012

some teacher tried to cane me . he lost three teeth

by john Thu Jan 10 23:02:43 UTC 2013

The guest Headmaster.

No,he ain't The Apache Kid!

by Guest Headmaster Tue Jan 15 19:17:57 UTC 2013

A scool caning hurt,it was meant to,but nothing like as painfull as often described on here.
Six of the best stung and sometimes intensely,of course it did,what else could it have done? but that was all.
It was durable and the effect would had worn off after just an hour at most.
The welts,well not much more than red lines really,that normally be well gone within two days at the most.
What do you think these Headmasters were,Barbarians?!

by Realistic Tue Jan 15 19:27:57 UTC 2013

Can the retired head master please get in contact with me so I can experience the cane I never got it and want to know how it feels all that ritual etc, trouser and bare

by Jon hill Mon Feb 04 19:05:31 UTC 2013

would love to get the cane on my bare bottom very hard and a well deserved trashing needed
07962 239292

by richard Sun Feb 24 15:34:26 UTC 2013

hi. very interesting to hear from a proper headmaster. i am 22 so never got the school cane but wanted to choose it instead of detention as i think caning would have made me behave better. my mate was caned at school and says if i got the cane for anything i would not do it again. we agreed today that if i smoke he can cane me and see if it works. bit scared but tempted to try. martin

by martin Sun Mar 24 14:41:51 UTC 2013

do some people really like to get the cane? i sort of understand the thrill of being naughty and when drunk me and girlfriend do play smacks but can anyone enjoy caning? marti

by martin Sun Mar 24 14:50:49 UTC 2013

i was naughty at school and deserved caning but got a detention, but would have prefered the cane and would not mind meeting someone to cane me know

by Gary Fri Jun 14 15:07:20 UTC 2013

I've never been a master, but I was Head of my House at my public school, a post which involved administering canings. Black marks were 'awarded' bur various misdemeanours. Four earned 4 strokes. Eight meant 6. Without quite realising it I found myself tightening up the discipline. To be truthful I found administering four unsatisfying, so to have more and more boys coming for six was inwardly fulfilling.

The miscreant would come to my study during evening prep. I would detail his offences and his punishment, and tell him to wait for me in the undercroft. I did not hurry. I liked to prepare quietly, and my reflections always took in the waiting boy, wondering when he was going to hear my footsteps.
In due course I would pick up the cane I had already selected, and walk to the punishment venue.
The boy would immediately see that I had taken off my jacket. I smiled when I saw his expression.
It was a matter of moments to get him bent over, and gripping his ankles. Carefully I would fold the bottom of his jacket over the small of his back.
I would step back. From now on, slow, measured action was required. I would cut the cane through the air several times. Usually I could see the victim's knuckles whiten as he gripped more tightly. Then I would lightly touch the seat of his trousers, stretched over his bottom. I always enjoyed this, and took good care not to hurry. At last I would draw the cane back, pause, and deliver the first stroke. In a way, this first one is the most crucial, and I make sure that my arm and wrist coordinate beautifully to deliver a truly searing cut.
It takes a few moments for the pain to spread from the intense line across his bottom. It does, though. It always does. And his knuckles whiten further.
More tapping, and a small shift in my position. Then.....But no! He's not getting the second yet. I would tell him that I am not satisfied with his position, and that he is to reach down properly. He struggles to obey.
Eventually I am satisfied, and the second is delivered - right on top of the first.
(I know the theory that the cuts should be spread. But in my opinion, nothing causes such grief as one on top of another. The anguished sound emerging through his teeth seemed to underline the correctness of this.)
And so to the end. Each of the four final strokes has its own value. But the first two are usually my favourites.

by rob Fri Jun 28 11:00:21 UTC 2013

I was never caned at school. When I was 12 I received the strap - six of the best on my hands, initially two on my right hand, then two on the left hand, the final two were back on my right hand.

by Keith Sat Jul 20 06:41:51 UTC 2013

any like to give me caning my num pls do me my num nine six double zero six zero seven duble three five

by vinoth Sat Jul 20 10:41:55 UTC 2013

I was quite often caned at school in England in the 1970s, It was acroos grey short trousers in younger years and acroos long trousers later. It really stung and in earlier years at least would leave me crying, But I believe that the cane did me good, improving my behaviour at school.

by Nigel Tue Jul 23 22:46:18 UTC 2013

At my strict grammar school in the 1960s the cane was a common punishment for all boys. I was a pupil at the school for seven years and must have got the cane three or four times each year including a couple of times when I was in the Upper Sixth aged 18.
A caning was given by the headmaster after school and if you were due for one you had to stand with other boys outside the door of the headmaster's study with the youngest boy closest to the door. When your turn came and you were called into the headmaster's study you had to stand in front of his desk and admit your bad behaviour, which might be no more than failure to wear your school cap, as when I got the cane in the fifth form (what is now called Year 11). I was made to stand in the centre of the study and bend down and grip my ankles. I felt my blazer folded up to expose my grey-clad bottom. The cane was tapped lightly against my backside and then the first slash was swished across me. Then there were another five, resulting in the traditional "six of the best". They really hurt and by the end of the caning I was really fighting to avoid tears!
After the caning I had to stand with my hands on my head until dismissed by the headmaster.
"Do you think you've learned your lesson, Smith?" he asked.
"Yes sir," I answered.
And then I was dismissed. Only then, otside his study, could I rub my bottom to ease the pain of the caning.
I'd like to hear from any other schoolboys who got the cane for misbehaviour.

by Terence Wed Jul 24 02:18:02 UTC 2013

I'm a fifteen-year-old schoolboy about to start Year 11 and of course I've never been caned at school cause its not allowed. But I'd liked to hear from any school master who believes in caning schoolboys because I think my behaviour, or misbehaviour, deserves the cane and i think I might like it so long as its not too hard. Please get back to me, sir.

by Michael Wed Jul 24 02:39:01 UTC 2013

I was caned and slippered at school always bend over touch your toes it always stung like hell made you walk funny for an hour or so and you would not be able to sit still at the desk as it was painful all this in the 1960 we were always punished in front of the class no exceptions unless you went to the head who would always see you after assembly the next morning or if deemed serious caning carried out at end of assembly by marking you wait it made you think and you knew what was coming next day then you had the humiliation of walking into class late with a stiff walk and sitting on hard chairs with the recent caning stinging on your backside we were never ever told to bend over a desk and grip hold of the edge,the head caning was worse as he instructed you to to bend touch your toes FURTHER DOWN BOY and you went that extra bit then you heard the swish clenched your buttocks a then the cane Made contact with whack sound & 1or2 seconds later the pain which grew in intensity he always took his time each stroke coming at 1 min interval that way the sting was at its height when you heard the swish & no 2 stroke landed & so on until you were told to stand & go always with the words let that be a lesson to you Boy but somehow you would end up back again not having learnt or maybe because certain people just had to do a minor infringement and others got away with it to be honest I quite miss seeing some one get the cane as I used to enjoy watching other getting the cane as other must have enjoyed seeing me get the cane or slipper in front of the class & yes the slipper did sting you stood up some times with a tear in your eye walked back to the desk as if you were holding grapes in your backside

by dodger 666 Tue Aug 06 22:53:27 UTC 2013

I was caned both at school and at home; my father had been using the slipper when I was at junior school but he came home with two new canes when I started senior school. Punishments at home were given with a degree of ritual and formality and he kept the canes hanging up in his wardrobe. Canings were usually administered in his bedroom with me bending over and holding onto one of the lower drawers in his wardrobe- the one where he kept his cravats and pocket squares. I would be made to wear a special pair of pyjamas that he kept exclusively for the purposes of punishment. He always administered 6 strokes and on occasion 8 if he felt the offence warranted it.

by pyjamaboy Thu Aug 15 08:01:14 UTC 2013

I was at school in the 1950s, and was caned both there and at home. As a junior I was caned wearing nothing but skimpy cotton gym shorts, but never more than 6 strokes. Once I was fifteen he caned me without the shorts, and the punishment was increased to nine strokes and on one or two occasions, twelve. My father was very much in favour of cp and saw nothing wrong with me being beaten naked - told me it was all part of growing up. Looking back, he was right.

by Negasman Wed Aug 28 13:55:41 UTC 2013

in my school where i was a student,we boys got the cane on our clothed buttocks,bending or lying down.Girls were never caned on buttocks but on their hands.The teachers held that female buttocks are to be desired and respected,hence they should not be beaten on the bum.whenever they had beten us as students,we boys had been taken to a corner and ask to bend down,then the teachers cane would be used to whip our bum.we would jump up and rub our bum.The girls hands would be whipped with caned.after the caninng when the pains must have subsided on my bum,i always try to play with girls backside in secret.This was because the teachers told us that female bum was respectable.later on in life and till now,i like and am attracted to female buttocks cos their bums are to be respected and our male bums are to be beaten.

by wisdom Tue Oct 22 15:18:19 UTC 2013

I was at Christian Brothers college in South Africa in the 1970's. Both the strap and cane were used. The strap on the hand as well as the bottom. Canings were in the touch your toes position, in front of the class and usually 3 or 4 cuts. Everything depended on the brother beating one-one brother hit that you had slight red lines and it stung but the dreaded brother Liguri had most boys jumping up and in tears after 2 cuts-he was very strong and skilful and caned "through" with cuts so much harder(and louder)

by guest Thu Oct 24 08:58:49 UTC 2013

As a teacher back in the 60's I did witness a few getting the cane. I was always feeling sorry for the child however when it was a boy the tight grey trousers did rather outline the bottom clearly when bent over.

Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Sat Nov 16 21:51:53 UTC 2013

At my prep school there were two sorts of punishments, from the deputy head and from the head. The deputy head administered most of the punishments from a list that was drawn up every 24 hours starting after lunch through to lunch the next day. If your name was on the list you reported to his study at the top of the main house where his room was up in the attic, conveniently away from the main school.

The time to visit the study was after lunch. Sometimes it would just be you, on other occasions there would be a small queue of boys. One by one you went into the study, the crime discussed, a lecture given and then sent outside to await your turn. Then once each boy had been seen, there would be a pause until his door opened and we were summoned in one by one to receive punishment. In the centre of the room was now placed a low backed chair over which you bent down and then you were whacked either with an enormous slipper which made a lot of noise or with the cane, up to six of the best (but never less than three of the best). The cane made less noise but hurt and for longer more leaving red stripes on the bottom where as the slipper just pinkened. The twist in this tale is that the order you were called in was in order of severity, so the younger boys for the slipper went first then the ones who were going to get the cane later with the final boys all getting six of the best with the cane.

The Head's canings were much bigger events and less frequent. If a visit to the Head resulted in the need for more than a visit to the deputy head you were told to report to the gym. You waited outside until the head came. He would unlock the door and then escort you in, locking the door behind you (something always thought very scary). Then the order to 'remove your shorts and underpants' was given. Once we were disrobed then it was into the gym store room where there was a low vaulting box over which you had to bend lengthways holding onto the sides. The cane was then administered slowly and in silence (other than the yelps made by the boy of course). The Head gave six of the best and sometimes more, eight, 10 or 12 of the best.

I was slippered from the age of seven when I first joined the school and was caned from age of eight, earning my first headmaster's caning when I was nine and receiving several more from him before I left age 12 including two full 12 of the bests, which were very memorable.

by k6 Sun Dec 08 15:45:10 UTC 2013

at school in 60's we all had detention once a week and had the choice of the cane in shorts in the gym or 2 hours of maths sums which had to be correct before we could be dismissed, which ended up with a slippering if they were wrong. Mostly we chose the cane lined up in the gym ready. To go over the horse. Many of us ended up with great in-trepidation and also re-action down below, not un noticed by the housemaster with his cane, who would have our shorts removed to embarrass us in front of everybody and given 6 of the best on the bare in a very uncomfortable state,which usually disappeared after the third stroke. We all had to have showers after usually. Inspected by the master witnessing all the read wields he had inflicted. Be interested to hear from others with similar experiences and perhaps share interest. Kres(at)post.cxx

by Kres Mon May 12 06:29:56 UTC 2014

We sometimes had the choice of the cane or detention. Most of us, boys and girls, choose the cane.

by guest Thu May 22 02:00:57 UTC 2014

I was caned it was always on the bare six of the best and it hurt, was never in a hurry to visit headmaster again but somehow i did
and got another dose of the same

by nigel (rs) Tue May 27 22:36:03 UTC 2014

Interesting comments! I attended boarding school in Surrey from 1952 and corporal punishment by the masters (and also the prefects) was a wholly integral part of day-to-day school life. Unlike many of the postings here, canings were always administered on a bared bottom, either over the master's knee or bent over his desk. I suppose I was quite a boisterous and energetic lad and consequently had the experience on many occasions. Certainly I harbour no ill feelings about it all, it was an excellent school in every way and stood me in the best possible stead for the future ahead.

by Roger Wed Jul 23 10:02:35 UTC 2014

Me & my girlfriend were both caned at school fo havin sex in cloakrooms . . When we were caught by a teacher.

by mx5guy Sun Aug 10 19:03:12 UTC 2014

Headmaster, you are a sex predator You get pleasure from caning and molesting young kids for nothing than for sexual gratification. You will be reported.

by guest Tue Sep 16 11:39:23 UTC 2014

Headmaster you are a sex predator and child molester. I know who you are and will slaughter you and your whole family

by guest Sun Sep 21 03:15:11 UTC 2014

ONLY USED TO NAUGHTY STUDENTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by SLIM JIM Sat Sep 27 06:21:23 UTC 2014

I would adore being very tightly secured to a caning bench in a Reformatory situation. I would be reprimanded very severely, feeling very frightened and then receiving 6 - 12 strokes of the cane. I would hear the strokes being counted by a third party. Unable to move there would be little I could do until all strokes had been administered. My VERY sore and tender bottom would then be checked painfully by an uncaring Matron. I can only imagine the pain and trying to sit down. By the way I am female..! Has anyone experienced this.

by Lady with a yearn Sat Oct 04 18:56:55 UTC 2014

A Head Master who so many spelling mistakes, and it only take a couple of minutes to check your work before submitting, I feel is very undoubtly a Head Master. No Pride.

by Jackson Fri Dec 12 11:45:49 UTC 2014

I was beaten by my Housemaster at private school in the 1960's - ten years old, ten strokes of the cane on the bare. When the caning was finished he rubbed cream into my buttocks, then explored the perineal and adjoining region with his fingers. He took his trousers off, put his large, fat member between my buttocks and proceeded to sodomise me.

He was a dirty old man and a predator but the worst of it was that I had an enormous involuntary orgasm while his big one was thrusting in and out of my distended bottom hole.

For the next three years I had a relationship with him, experiencing corporal punishment followed by sex on numerous occasions. I actually did things to earn a beating knowing that we would inevitably have sex afterwards.

Fifty years on and I have a CP and schoolboy fixation - and a yearning for homosexual relations after a caning.

by guest Wed Jan 07 20:40:47 UTC 2015

I love canings on my bare buttocks

by xyz Fri Jun 26 12:03:33 UTC 2015

As deputy head of a colonial era junior boarding school for boys in Asia in the 1960s and 1970s it was my responsibility to attend to the disciplining of the boys in my charge between the ages of nine to 13. Minor discipline was largely dealt with by the classroom teachers in the form of the slipper either in class or after class in private. All teachers were allowed to use the slipper. Only serious offences came to my attention, normally either after I had seen a boy commit an offence or if he had been sent to me. I always tried to be fair so asked the boy about what the offence was before deciding whether corporal punishment was necessary, sometimes it was not, or sometimes there was a more appropriate non-corporal punishment (such as picking up litter etc). But ultimately, the school, the parents and the boys themselves expected corporal punishment to be used most of the time. For the younger boys (under 10) punishment normally consisted of a whacking with a wooden Jokari bat, with the boy lying across my lap. 10 or 20 whacks on the bare bottom were the norm. Whacks were hard but not excessively so, the boy certainly felt it with most whackings being noisy affairs.

The cane was used for boys over the age of 11 and for more serious offences (bullying etc).

Canings were always administered to the bare bottom, with the boy ordered to take his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. The boy bent over a spare desk and held the front legs.

I had two types of canes, a 65 cm junior cane and a 75 cm senior cane, both about 10mm in diameter, the senior cane slightly thicker than the junior cane. Our canes were made by a farmer who grew rattan cane nearby, we had a fresh supply provided each term to ensure that the canes were flexible.

Once the boy was in position the caning was given deliberately but not with full force. I found a slow pace was best, about one stroke every five to 10 seconds depending on the severity of the punishment. The 10 year old (and younger occasionally) boys got between 4 and 8 strokes. The older boys (normally 11 and over) would get between 6 and 12 of the best. Occasionally a boy would get a double punishment or punished for two offences at the same time.

As the boy's bottom was exposed, I could always gauge how hard the caning was. I prided myself on inflicting red tramlines but never did much damage beyond that.

For the most part, boys were brave and kept the noise down to the usual sorts of gasps and yelps one would expect. There were sometimes tears but these soon cleared and the boy was generally fine to return to class within five minutes. If the boy was crying he remained in the study until the tears had cleared. I often saw the boys I had punished later that day on my dormitory rounds, most were fine if a little sore. There was a lot of stripes and some mild bruising, no more. Most boys sat down with little discomfort immediately afterwards.

Canings or whackings were not that frequent. I did not punish a boy again if he was bearing the marks of recent punishment, often finding another form of punishment instead or else delaying punishment for a day or two (not my favoured option).

The last boy I caned before retiring back to Melbourne was 12 years old. As it was the end of term he earned hiomself a double punishment 8 stokes for the original offence (pushing a non-swimming boy into the pool) and 12 of the best for committing it on the penultimate day of term. He was in his swimming gear I recall when he was sent to my study and still wet. He was soon out of his swimming gear and over the desk. He had stretch to reach the front legs as he was quite a small boy for his age. Nevertheless, he took a hard caning and had a well striped bottom to show for his silliness, then it was straight back to the pool to cool his now very tender behind off in the water!

by Former head teacher Sun Jul 19 16:13:31 UTC 2015

I suppose male teachers pleasure in caning the bottom of boys is verging on the homosexual.As a man one should only enjoy it whenever he beat females on the bottom NOT males

by guest Sun Aug 09 12:25:46 UTC 2015

i was only caned on my bottom as a school boy.Girls were generally caned on the hands and boys on the bottom.

by guest Sun Aug 16 12:48:10 UTC 2015

i was only caned on my bottom as a school boy.Girls were generally caned on the hands and boys on the bottom.

by guest Sun Aug 16 12:48:13 UTC 2015

During the late 60s and early 70s, I attended a boys grammar school in the southeast of England. Both the cane and the slipper were used fairly frequently, and I received both forms of punishment on a number of occasions. The slipper really stung, especially if you got it during a PE lesson over thin PE shorts, but the sting of the cane was much worse. I mostly got the cane during my first and second years at the school. It was usually two or three strokes, administered in the touching toes position, over school uniform shorts, which were compulsory for all first and second year boys. If you were to get more than three strokes, you'd get it bending over a desk or a chair. I hated getting the cane, but I think it kept me in line and prevented my behavious from getting too much out of hand. It was over quickly, and although the pain whilst being caned was excruciating, the initial sting wore off reasonably soon. I always considered a caning better than being given a detention or extra homework. I remember one occasion when, along with about a dozen othe boys, I became involved in a playground brawl. We were all given the choice of three strokes of the cane or a detention. All of us, with the exception of two boys, chose the caning.

by David. Thu Aug 20 22:52:11 UTC 2015

interesting to read about sexual abuse after a caning and the way you can become "hooked" on it. I got bummed up by my games teacher after a slippering. I was twelve and knew what he was up to, but he was too strong for me to resist. He revelled in deep thrusts that stretched my bum-hole and bouncing his balls off my poor red buttocks. The piece de resistance was when withdrew and made me fellate him , telling me to "....suck your bum-slime off my c**k" before ejaculating a huge quantity of thick stuff in my mouth.

I should have done everything possible to prevent anything ever happening again....but it did, within a week, and weekly (or more) for two years. I even attended his house for "special coaching" on a couple of occasions, where he and three of his friends took turns with me. And still I came back for more! Forty years on, I am sure that this was because I was sexually thrilled by being taken anally in this way.

by pariah Mon Oct 19 18:11:20 UTC 2015

Being caned is a wonderful experience, very painful, but needs to be enjoyed
Panties down is the only way.

by Mike Sat Apr 09 06:22:43 UTC 2016

i,m an adult schoolboy who wears 2" inside leg schoolboys shorts..i want punishment for being a naughty boy...text me on 07511851689 and i will tell you the punishment i want...

by philip Thu Jun 15 17:59:04 UTC 2017

does anyone remember the poor BOY who got six of the best in front of the school from headmaster bull. ragstone road school slough uk 1961?

by JIM Fri Jun 30 22:41:22 UTC 2017

I attended a very strict Catholic school in the late 1970's in Coleraine Northern Ireland where corporal punishment was the norm. I regularly received the strap on the hand quite often for talking in assembly or messing about. On a few occasions I got caned on my hand which was personally the worst to endure especially when given in front of others. On one occasion it was so painful I pulled back my hand for a
the final strokes. I was warned and did it again. The headmaster was furious and told me to report to his office after school. When I arrived the vice principal was present and I was informed that such disobedience would never be tolerated and I was to pay the ultimate penalty. He then told me I was to be caned on the bare bottom and I was ordered to take my trousers and pants down to my ankles and bend over a chair in the middle of his office. He then proceeded to give me 6 really hard strokes so painful the marks lasted for 4 days. He then told me to hold out my hand again to complete the original punishment which I did. He really laid the final strokes on he hand on so hard as I think he was trying to make me pull my hand away again. I was close to tears as bare bottom canings were extremely rare. I only knew of one other boy who got it. Most received it across their trousers and I know of a few girls who got it across their skirt. In my day it was skirts only for girls no trousers like today!

by Damian Sat Aug 26 20:45:15 UTC 2017

In a boys private school in North Sydney, the ruthless Headmaster boasted to Mothers at a meeting he has given 6 boys 6 of the best until their backsides bleed for putting small holes in cafe bar cups in the book covering room in the Library. The boys said that he (Jika) landed all 6 on the same spot.

by ouch Sat Oct 21 08:49:34 UTC 2017

I have spoken with Lewis who informs me he has booked an appointment with you on Friday August 25th at 2pm.

He has previously received extensive punishment therapy from Masterkain (Karl Strong) in London but hasn’t received any of this necessary treatment for around 18 months. I believe it is important now to recommence punishment therapy in earnest and would hope that you could see your way to:
1. Slippering him with two grades of slipper he will provide -
2. Strapping him (your choice of straps) Please remove the gown during this part of the punishment.
3. Begin to cane him with a junior cane (please regown at this point). Lewis will be wearing pyjamas throughout stages 1 – 3.

I think it is important to have a break at this point and you might usefully discuss with him the effectiveness of the punishment so far. After this discussion please continue in whatever way you see fit. I believe a borstal session is on offer? This will be a new experience for him but is one which I can only see as being beneficial.

If Lewis won’t stay still, please introduce restraint. It is important that you do introduce restraint at some point anyway please.

Finally, Lewis has expressed his desire to have a topping and tailing. I leave it entirely to you how to prepare him for this part of the session but please ensure both hands are appropriately chastised.

I anticipate that this session may take around 2 hours and he has agreed to transfer the remaining fee - £100.00.

Please could you report back his progress and the effectiveness of the punishment.

by guest Wed Dec 13 17:51:16 UTC 2017

boys should be caned regularly on bare as well as clothed bottom

by guest Fri Feb 02 19:25:29 UTC 2018

Can you punish me sir for being a naughty boy..I wear short schoolboys shorts...

by Jason.. Tue Apr 17 19:02:13 UTC 2018

Would like to expe5ience the caning administered by the guest headmaster who made lengthy, intereswting observations

by Richard Mon Apr 23 19:12:43 UTC 2018
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