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Topic: English girl caned in front of people by my Asian boyfriend
home so when it happened in this relationship it was a bit of a surprise. It all started over something that didn't seem very important, me leaving the house untidy type of thing, and he was very annoyed and said I would be punished at the weekend. I didn't really think much of it but when Saturday arrived I got a good few straps to the palm of the hand and it hurt. This would happen more and more frequently, adding up any mistakes I made during the week and administering punishment on the next Saturday. We had a good and fun relationship and I quite got to like someone being in charge but things progressed from that start to more severe punishment. He started waiting until I had finished for the day and would send me up to the bathroom to bathe and come back down and present myself to him in the lounge wearing only my dressing gown. I was quite used to being nude with him he liked to take pics of me and even has them on Flickr, but having to bend over the back of the sofa and have my backside strapped made me very aware of how exposed I was in front of him and then he started leaving me nude facing the wall sometimes having to bend over holding my ankles showing my red cheeks. I was stood like this one night when his mobile rang and he instructed me not to move and to remain like that till he came back and left. A few minutes later I heard the door and he came back into the room, I was aware of someone else being with him but I couldn't see and he told me to stay quite still. A while later I heard them leave the room and the door closing and then he returned and I was allowed to move. I asked him who had been there but he told me to not talk about it or I would be punished again. Things carried on as normal for the next few weeks with the odd but nothing serious until I went out on the way home from college and had a few too many drinks. I knew I was in trouble and waited with some trepidation for the weekend to arrive. Saturday came and that afternoon I was told to go to the bathroom and prepare myself and to make sure I shaved my private parts completely bare. I know he likes me to keep neat and trimmed down there but this was different, but I did as ordered and slipped on my dressing gown and headed downstairs hoping it wasn't going to be too bad. I went into the lounge and there he was and to my horror so were two of his cousins and that I had met before and an old man that I didn't know. I just looked at them all, not knowing what to think when he came up and gripped my arm and led me across the room in front of the others. Words were exchanged, I don't know what they were saying but they were obviously discussing me and then the two jumped up and went over to a table and lifted it into the center of the room. The old man seemed to be giving the instructions as my boyfriend held me tight with my arms behind my back. He moved me out of the way to let them position the table and I could feel the dressing gown starting to gape open at the front but my arms were still pinned behind my back. The two lads moved back to the settee and now the three of them were focusing on my helpless shape with the dressing gown starting to expose my front but I soon forgot this when I felt it jerked off my shoulders and before I could move it was tugged off my arms and slung across the room. I didn't have time to cover myself before the old man barked an order and my boyfriend turned me round and bent me over the table. I was told to reach my arms forward and grip the far end of the table and then after more talking

by Marianne Sun Feb 24 00:06:37 UTC 2013

he reached down and grabbed one ankle and then the other and forced them further apart. Without warning he started raining stinging strokes on one cheek and then the other. Before too long he stopped to my relief and he pulled me back up to a standing position. I was busy rubbing my backside as they talked loudly to one another and in an instance with my hands gripped behind me he turned me round to face the others. I could see them looking me up and down as the old man pointed and almost shouted some order and the two young lads jumped up and before I knew it I was pushed back onto the table, laid on my back and both legs lifted up and over and the three of them pinned me on my back with my feet each side of my head. I was still in shock with this when I saw the old made walk up in front of me between my wide open legs, I was so embarrassed when I saw him wrapping the belt around his hand he looked closely at the exposed area and started applying strokes of the belt to the inside of one and then the other thigh. The pace increased and the shorts landed higher and higher until he aimed directly at my exposed bits and thrashed me for what seemed an eternity. Eventually the blows stopped and the room fell quiet as the grip relaxed and each leaned over to get a close look of their handiwork. My legs were returned to the floor and the old man reached forward and gripped my nips and hoisted me to a standing position nearly lifting me off the ground with the force. They laughed as I stood with my nips now pointed and hard and the young lads came around the front and examined my flat chest making what I presume were rude comments. I was left to stand in the middle of the room while they talked and made ready to go and finally I was allowed to leave and gathered up my gown and ran upstairs. This was my first but not last experience of having others see me punished. It is good to talk about it , bur I found it difficult at the time .

by Marianne Sun Feb 24 00:37:40 UTC 2013

so who else has seen you

by guest Mon Feb 25 13:33:11 UTC 2013

A good few in one state or another. He had family in Yorkshire and I know that the women made fun of me especially my flat chest. They seemed to find that particularly amusing and often pointed at them and several times pulled my top up to show them.

by Marianne Mon Feb 25 19:51:24 UTC 2013

oh fu ck, thats bad :( asian as in Chinese or Indians ? Me Indians so asking...

We had similar stuff but only after marriage.

by guest Wed Feb 27 08:26:24 UTC 2013


by Marianne Wed Feb 27 11:39:15 UTC 2013

Oh marianne, would u like to make indian boys get punished by you on forum. I will do as you order. I am a 31 yearold male.

by raja Fri Mar 01 20:00:38 UTC 2013

I think I'm more used to being punished than dealing it out.

by Marianne Mon Mar 04 17:42:23 UTC 2013

Marianne, thank you for posting your story. Our experiences are rather similar. Like you I am English and my boyfriend is ethnically Indian. I love him to bits and he loves me too and he is rich and he takes me to fabulous places and he gives me lots of presents, but I also have to obey him and live by his rules. I love that he dominates me and it makes me feel special. He often ties me up and makes me helpless when we have sex and that makes me a little scared but in an exciting way.

But one of his rules is difficult. I think that many Indian men like their women to dress covered up, but my boyfriend expects me to dress sexy whenever we are out. He likes to display what a sexy girlfriend I am and I would like that, but it can be so embarrasing. Often I have to wear very short skirts and dresses that hardly cover my bum, but also he will not allow me to wear any underwear. No tights, no panties, and also my lady parts must be completely shaved. If I ever disobey him then he ties me down and canes me, so I have no choice but to dress as he insists.

All his friends know I never have bra or panties on, and sometimes he makes me stand in front of them and lift my skirt up. He says that if I don't, he will tie my hands behind my back and let them have fun with me.

But recently I suffered a much worse punishment. We were going to a club and he gave me an outfit to wear - long black boots, a black skirt and a black, flimsy top. The top was bad enough, as I have quite big breasts and I was not allowed a bra, but the skirt was awful. It was like an ice-skater's skirt, tiny, pleated and flared. I had to wear it low on my hips and even then it was level with my bum cheeks, and he still wouldn't let me wear anything underneath. I begged and pleaded wih him and I cried that everyone would see glimpses of my private lady parts but he got angry and said I had earned myself a severe punishment. He made me go to the club in the tiny skirt and he said to teach me a lesson he deliberately parked his car further from the club and wouldn't let me wear a coat so I had to walk along the street with the hem giving glimpses of my bare bottom and I know that some saw my lady parts too. He said it didn't matter.

It was quite dark in the club and if I had trusted him and not complained he would have parked close to the club and so I know I brought the situation on myself and deserved punishment. I had no idea how bad the punishment would be.

by Kate Sun Mar 10 11:55:33 UTC 2013

Like you, Marianne, other people were involved and I think that this was something in the Indian community, a place where girlfriends and wives were taken. He took me in the car and I was blindfolded so I didn't know where we went. Inside the building my blindfold was taken off and there were three Indian men there and an older Indian woman. I had to undress completely in front of them and this was horrible, but I had no choice. Even worse, I saw they had a video camera set up and they were filming me naked!.

They led me over to a strange stool contraption with padded leather surfaces. I had to kneel on the lowest level and lean over the upper level, but before I settled over it, the woman slipped a mat covered with tiny spikes under where my breasts would rest. Then she fixed various straps that held my wrists, ankles and also across my back. When she tightened the last strap it pressed my breasts down into the spikes and it was already really painful and I began to beg and cry, but then she fetched a thing that was a bright red rubber ball with straps each side that turned out to be a gag. She pushed the ball into my mouth and buckled the straps around the back of my head.

So I was naked and bent over and helpless, and then she caned me. I thought my boyfriends's canings were bad but they were nothing compared to her. I was in agony from the first stroke and I screamed though the gag and I cried and they took not the slightest notice. The pain was so bad and I couldn't stand it, but I had to. Then she continued across the backs of my thighs and that was even worse. Somehow the thought came to me that I wouldn't have to wear miniskirts for a while and I tried to think of that, but the strokes kept coming and I just screamed and screamed.

When they took me off the stool I could hardly stand. My bum and thighs felt like they were on fire and my skin seemed to tighten and my poor breasts were also a mass of pain and bleeding from numerous pin pricks. The woman wiped down my breasts with some kind of antiseptic that really stung.

My boyfriend said I would have to sit and meditate for a while and think how I must obey him in the future. At that moment I had no intention of ever disobeying him again! He could lead me through the streets naked if he wanted! I was so relieved that the punishment was over, or that was what I thought. My boyfriend did say that if I made any sound during my meditation I would be punished further

The woman folded my arms behind my back and tied them there, and then they led me to another room. One of the men carried the video camera and tripod. I was still gagged, and this was also becoming painful, making my jaw ache.

by Kate Sun Mar 10 11:56:02 UTC 2013

In this room was a strange contraption that I didn't understand at first. It was a solid black wooden structure and looked quite old. It had a base, with four upright legs that supported a solid block of wood. This long wooden block was triangular in end view, it had sloping sides that met at the top in a long narrow ridge, which I noticed was stained from use, though I didn't realise how. They told me it was called a wooden horse and I would have to ride it during my mediation. I still didn't quite understand, until they lifted me up and put me on this horse, sitting astride it! The sharp ridge was right between my legs and if I hadn't been just able to reach the floor with my toes, my entire weight would have pressed my lady parts down onto the ridge, which I knew would be unbearably painful.

The woman tied a rope from my folded arms to the end of the horse. Then she tied ropes round my breasts, pulling the ropes tight until I was in yet more pain, and tied the ropes to the end of the horse in front of me, pulling me forward slightly so the ridge was under my cl*tty. Already it was uncomfortable standing on tiptoe and I was frightened of what it would be like if they left me like this for any length of time.

But they hadn't finished. The woman fixed a leather strap around one of my ankles, then pulled it back and clipped the strap to an attachment at the end of the horse. Immediately more of my weight pushed my poor cl*tty down onto the wooden ridge. I was now really frightened and began to try to plead through my gag, but she took no notice and did the same with my other leg. Now my entire weight was pressed down on my cl*tty. Then she spoke to me sharply and reminded me that I was to be silent in my mediatation or I would be punished badly. It was awful, but she just looked at me and smiled, and said she so enjoyed seeing women on the horse.

I sat in such pain, tears running down my face, with the video camera silently recording me and I wanted to scream but I dared not do so.

by Kate Sun Mar 10 11:59:34 UTC 2013

Somehow I lasted out. My boyfriend told me I was on the horse for 40 minutes. Being taken off the horse was a new agony as life seemed to flow back into my lady parts, and I couldn't walk at first. But my boyfriend kissed me and cuddled me and told me how proud he was of me and how much he loved me and despite the awful punishment I felt so glad that I was his and that he cared for me. Marianne, I know that you feel the same about your own boyfriend.

I feared the marks from my caning might last forever, but they eventually faded and I was shocked to find my skin was left completely unmarked, as my boyfriend had said they would. I am back in miniskirts again, still without panties, but I know I shall follow my boyfriend's rules, which I want to because it pleases him. But also he has given me a warning. The video of me was sold to a rich client who enjoys watching women's suffering. If I had made any noise on the horse, I would have been caned severely across my breasts, so I thank the gods that I managed to keep quiet. But my boyfriend says the client wants to see another video of me being treatedly much more severely. I wondered if that could be possible, but he told me that another wife had been put on the horse with heavy weights fixed to her knees and left for two hours, moaning and crying out in pain, and as a result the woman caned the wifes breasts as hard as she could until the wife passed out. The client enjoyed that video and wants the same done to me!

So I am very careful not to displease my boyfriend. He still canes me for small offences, but I know I must learn to be a better girlfriend and I am still so proud that I please him and to know he loves me. Marianne, I understand how you must feel too.

by Kate Sun Mar 10 12:00:18 UTC 2013

@ Kate's boyfriend. Please do this to her no mercy! I would love to see this. Where can I buy the videos?

by Rajesh Fri Mar 15 08:18:39 UTC 2013

kate , don't u have any self respect for ur self ...........uh ? u love a guy who treats u nothing more than a girl who sleeps around or i must say much less than a dog . do u know , india is a place where u treat ladies and girls with almost respect and diginity . he is just using u for his pleasure in seeing u in pain and in entertaining others , and getting some money by selling ur nude pics......... this is so humilating that u are forced to walk almost naked , come on ur private lady parts are not for the world to see , its somethg tht precious to u and u alone and ur bf or husband ........... r u crazy or somethg to love such a lunatic ............i seriously can't believe such people still exist in today's world . u pleading to him tht u can't were those clothes is common sense , for tht he has no right to punish u . afterall u are not some 10 yr old who can't take care of her self , or who doesn't knw how to correct her mistakes, for each and everythg u do , u ought to be punished , y don't u asked him to walk naked , let's see his reaction ........... an advice to u little girl, run away from him , he is such a waste and useless. i am sure there r much more manly men u would be ready to love u and treat u with the respect and diginity u deserve. kate i would like to hear ur comments on wht i just wrote,,reply soon plz.

by 123 Sun Mar 17 10:08:21 UTC 2013

123 - how dare you say I sleep around and that I am less than a dog. You don't know me and you don't know my boyfriend and from your lack of ability to write English or spell, I wonder if you know much at all.

by Kate Sun Mar 17 23:28:59 UTC 2013

Hi kate,I am also agreed with 123,how can you tolerate this type of boyfriend?

by Ruby Sat Mar 23 10:21:16 UTC 2013

Kate, he is your boyfriend, not ur husband & if he were your husband he has no right to punish or humiliate any other person even not his wife,but if any wife allows her husband to discipline her thats another case...& it is also her own choice though a person with self respect must never allow this type of humiliation but that case is not my concern.Always try to remember that you are only a kept or a toy to your boyfriend & he surely doesnt love you because if he had any respect for you he could never punish you at present of outsiders and has shown the video to his clients..!!He didnt even treat you like a "private property" but like a "public property" and you have also no objection to this kind of attitude of your boyfriend.your boyfriend is most probably a mental patient or a psycho but you are (psycho)^10,nothing else.This types of mutual respectless relationships alwasys remain like "boyfriend-girl friend" or "kept-master" but never turns into the relationship of "husband-wife".

by Dipabali chowdhury Sat Mar 23 11:09:28 UTC 2013

It sounds worse than I have experienced, how did it make you feel being used like that? I thought the worse thing was being exposed to people like that, the thought of all those people having seen me not just naked but spread out for them to look at was really embarrassing. Once he had me examined by his friends and I didn't know where to look every time I saw any of them again.

by Marianne Sun Mar 24 17:38:12 UTC 2013

if you have this done show us what you look like u have pitres he take mariane

by guest Mon Mar 25 15:31:12 UTC 2013

Interesting that Marianne and Kate have also posted their stories almost similtaneously in the 'Strict Husbands caning wives' forum. Makes one suspicious!

by Harry Fri Mar 29 01:39:32 UTC 2013

What are you talking about? This is the only forum where I have written of my experience and I was encouraged by Marianne's post to write my own, several days later.

by Kate Sat Mar 30 14:45:17 UTC 2013

OMG, my story has been copied to the Strict Husbands caning wives forum as Harry says, and Marianne's too. I am guessing that Marianne didn't do this either. Whoever did this is a f***wit.

by Kate Sat Mar 30 15:03:00 UTC 2013

I put this on for some serious feedback not to have it reposted and trashed.

by Marianne Mon Apr 01 20:14:28 UTC 2013

You really do have a flat chest marianne. let me punish you hard pls

by jsad Tue Apr 23 19:13:52 UTC 2013

Darola2 your photos he shows I see them and I want to see you punished more

by guest Mon May 06 20:15:35 UTC 2013

if any asias would like some help off a white guy in caning your white girl just ask!

by Ken Tue May 21 14:38:30 UTC 2013


by ANONYMOUS Sun May 26 22:17:21 UTC 2013

I haven't had the chance to look at this site for a while and I was hoping that there may be some useful comments or more similar experiences added. I am back in touch with my old boyfriend and he wants to see me again this summer. I don't know if I should but I quite like the thought in a funny way but I'm not sure but he does still have a lot of pics of me and says he might use put them on the net as well as those he already shows there. Trouble is he could let friends or family be aware of the site. I don't know what to do.

by Marianne Sun Jun 16 19:49:58 UTC 2013

I like the pics.. want me to stretch you out and give you long hard punishment with plenty of witness to see you. I will take my time and give everyone a good view and examine your lovely body while I pay plenty of attention to those tender parts. Message me and I will give you what you deserve and make sure that a group enjoys your pain.

by Raj Wed Jun 19 23:38:51 UTC 2013

Yeah, nice body, wouldn't mind watching her getting a good thrashing, tell uys more and where you are.

by guest Thu Jun 20 21:52:24 UTC 2013

To Marianne and Kate

Thank you for posting your stories.

I think both of you are in what might be called "dom-sub" relationships and but without any negotiation. This is different from a domestic relationship in which the husband asserts his right to punish his wife. You are right that it was inappropriate for someone to repost your stories in the 'Strict Husbands Caning Wives' Forum, which deals with a different situation.

What many couples do is agree a "slave contract". There are many examples of such contracts on the Internet (Google it) and basically they set out the rights and duties of each partner. I'll assume here that the dominant is male and the sub is female, though often they relate to dominant female sub male relationships and often these are harsher.

Such contracts vary but will detail the duties of the sub partner - often making it clear that she has to obey her master's orders, wear (or not wear) whatever he wishes, take whatever punishments he decrees (including for his own pleasure), submit sexually in whatever way he wishes, but also the contract will define her rights of veto. It will state whether or not she has a safeword, and also will contain safeguards, making it clear she cannot be ordered to do anything illegal, that nothing may be done to her that could cause permanent harm, protecting her family, no involvement of animals or children. Usually there is prohibition of permanent marks without separate negotiation, and often prohibition of breakage of skin (e.g. a caning must be discontinued if bleeding begins).

Such contracts are not enforcable in law and it is a good idea to recognise this within the contract. The value of such a contract is that both partners have thought about and defined boundaries.

In Marianne's and Kate's cases, there is evidently no negotiation, and so no recognition of boundaries and the danger that matters may be taken too far.

In Kate's case, the video aspect is disturbing. Commercial videos involve contracts, insurance, safewords and recognition of limits. Here we have an underground video without these protections. Anti-p0rnography activists often claim the existence of underground "sn*ff" videos where the victim is t0rtured to death, though in fact these are generally regarded as a complete myth. Even so, Kate, where is your protection against the sort of scene you have described from going into the realms of severe injury?

Consider these words from Kate's posting: "he told me that another wife had been put on the horse with heavy weights fixed to her knees and left for two hours, moaning and crying out in pain, and as a result the woman caned the wifes breasts as hard as she could until the wife passed out. The client enjoyed that video and wants the same done to me!"

This sounds like very severe punishment, but perhaps exceeding safety limits and without any safeguards. However, did it happen at all? I think it likely that Kate's boyfriend has made this up, as a story to ensure she obeys him. Better would be negotiated understanding of boundaries.

by Doc Mon Jul 15 04:59:54 UTC 2013

This is an awful forum. Moderator, please get rid of these offensive bloggs

by karuthakakka Thu Jul 18 14:33:18 UTC 2013

Marianne, I believe the public nature of your punishment adds to its effectiveness. Last night I had to give my girlfriend a good smacked bottom in front of one of her friends. The smacking itself wasn't too severe; she's no stranger to the cane and slipper. What made it worse for her was the friend watching her getting her behind tanned like a naughty child.

by Dave Tue Mar 18 15:40:52 UTC 2014

@ Kate's boyfriend. I would still buy his video if it is possible. Usual SM videos feature paid models and all action is limited. Any breast caning consists of gentle strokes and they have a safeword. It would be wonderful to see the wife punished properly. Two hours on the horse and then caned across her breasts as hard as possible! Real punishment! Was the wife Indian, putting on weight and with large udders? I still hope Kate has had this too now, with equal severity, and that this is on video too. Punish these women without mercy and you can make money!

by Rajesh Thu Apr 10 15:19:54 UTC 2014

Interesting...I would like to take part in caning a mature lady at her bidding and discreetly

by peterbarrett Wed Jan 07 18:12:51 UTC 2015

you all are stupids

by guest Sat Mar 21 09:47:39 UTC 2015

plese share some stoties about pissing during cane punidhments

by guest Fri Jul 03 11:36:34 UTC 2015

she likes to tell her story so as more punishment I put her pics on tumblr

by guest Mon Nov 02 23:17:15 UTC 2015

Would love to cane them both and sniff and wear thier wet panties while i did.

by guest Fri Apr 28 22:28:05 UTC 2017

Naughty girl your tale has made me hard i would cane you every day whilst wearing your pantieskh

by guest Sat Apr 29 03:45:10 UTC 2017
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