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Topic: Authentic canings from retired headmaster
There is no doubt many people who read these CP Forums have at some time come across the writings of Dr Dominum-a very well read and articulate now retired Headmaster who in his years as a teacher has had to administer between 5 to 10'000 canings--mostly 3s followed by 2s and then 6stroke canings.
He often describes himself as a very strict disciplinarian who believes that if you are going to cane a boy-"cane him properly"
However,while he caned,and caned hard,he was well liked and respected by the boys who,I might add,were more than well aware of the'bounderies'-beyond these,a caning was more than a possibility.
As a CP enthusiast I questioned him at great length over such matters pertaining to the caning of boys,their reactions to a hard caning,his caning technique,what happens when a boy can't 'hold' out for a full six and so forth and he answered equaly in great and imformative detail some of which I would like to impart here.
Aparantly there were three levels when it came to giving a boy six of the best-standard-hard-and a 'strong impression'-THE caning most feared!
This caning would be given out,without hesitation,for cheating and bullying the latter sometimes given in front of the bullies victim as a show of justice and obviously making the caning much harder to take for the bully as he tries to conceal cries of pain and difficulty-It's as the Dr once said "six of the best is the most painful experience a schoolboy could possibly immagine.
He also relates of one point in his career when he had to abort a 12 stroke bare bottom caning for feer of,and I quote "Excessive damage" It was the last 12 he ever gave.
When I asked about his preferred caning position he told me that the touching toes position was ok for a 'standard six,but for a harder caning he far preferred the boy bent over a chair or desk-"the safest position in which to deliver a realy hard six of the best"-the worst possible caning a schoolboy could expect.
Finaly,well at least for now anyway,the good Doctor went on to relate that on one occassion it took over 10 minutes to give a boy an 'impressionable'six of the best for halfway through the caning the boy needed to go to the toilet otherwis he would no longer be able to mantain himself and on a final note the Dr explained that a hard caning was more to do with timing than force and caned at 10 second intrvals between strokes-one minute of unimmaginable pain.

by The Apache Kid Tue Mar 22 11:49:28 UTC 2011

I have taken an example here from actual events between two linked schools-one for boys,the other for girls.
A boy and a girl from both schools had committed a crime that effectively lost both their schools a victory in some kind of inter-schools competition.For this they were to both be caned EQUALY as hard.Also,if the headmaster gave the boy six,the headmistress would cane the girl likewise and this is where the equality of the caning broke down-and all this actualy happened.
The headmaster,the hardest caner by far,gave the boy,and I quote "the worst caning that the boy could immagine"
Meanwhile,the headmistress of the girls school raised the girls skirts and gave her the hardest six that she was physicaly capable off which,by all accounts,would have been very hard-she once in another school caned three teenage boys to tesrs with six of the best each,so there was no doubting her caning severity but,she could'nt cane near as hard as the headmaster.
The outcome then was that the boy got the hardest caning and the sorest bottom by far while the girl,although sore from a good hard caning,in comparison escaped with a less painful caning.
Ithen put it to the Headmaster at the time that it would have been equaly fair to both if both had either been caned by either one,or the other.
Whether or not the girl could have whithstood six of the best from the Headmaster,if it was he who was to give the canings,is a matter of conjecture but certainly both boy and girl could have JUST about held out for six each from the Headmistress.
However when I suggested this the headmaster explained that both schools had different policies on CP and that the sister school usualy only caned where 4 was the maximum whereas his school,who obviously believed that boys NEEDED caning harder than girls gave a maximum of 'six over a trousered bottom' but of varying levels of severity which in this case would have meant the utmost level permitted by the rules of the school-in other words-a 'full on six'
So,while both miscreants were caned,and caned hard and both having to suffer a very sore bottom for a week or so,it still does'nt alter the fact that one-the boy-was caned a lot harder for the SAME crime as the other-the girl.
And that in my view is NOT an equality caning.

by The Apache Kid Tue Mar 22 15:18:24 UTC 2011

"...and make a real impression on both of their bottoms"--Dr Dominum after exposing two cheats in his class.
The two boys were caught cheating at an end of term exam.They were both exposed to the rest of the class on the monday and were to be caned--six of the ver best--during the recess break at the end of the lesson.This is a very severe and painful punishment and it would have left the boys in great discomfort for the rest of the day due to very heavy weals and bruising--but they got a last minute reprieve.
Due to a certain technicality the boys escaped what would have been their first ever caning and the good Doctor thought that six of the best would be far to much to bear so made them re-sit the test.
As the Doctor said "The get out of jail free card,to end all of get out of jail cards and he was right for as was well known in the school six of the best from the Doctor made a lot more than just a "real impression"

by The Apache Kid Wed Mar 23 08:15:03 UTC 2011

A good hiding--a good spanking--a good tanning--a good slippering--a good strapping--a good hairbrushing--a good caning--a good beating--a good thrashing--a good six--a good birching--a good flogging,you name it--they all end up coming to rest on the same place--the bottom.

by The Apache Kid Wed Mar 23 08:27:28 UTC 2011

What does it SOUND like when being caned?
Now this question is'nt as silly as it sounds.
What a Headmaster hears when he is giving a caning is a whole lot different than what it would sound like to a boy,bent over his desk,and fealing six of the best.
The Master will hear the full effects as he canes--the terrible swishing as the cane cuts through the air--the dull crack as the cane drives into the boys bottom with trmendeous force-- the verbal expression as the boy reacts to the pain and the boys sharp intakes of breath as he struggles to keep composure--the lurching upwards and forewards from the impact of the cane and the final high pitched yell as the two last strokes quadruple the pain of the previous four.That's what the Master sees,that's what the Master hears.
Now,and this might suprise many,particulary if one has never been caned before,but in effect you don't realy hear that much at all as the sense of hearing is blinded out by the pain.What you do hear,and haer very loud and clear,is the impact of the cane mini-seconds before the agonising pain explodes across your bottom.
So,the swish and thwack for the Headmaster,the painful thwack for the boy.
Which would you rather be hearing?!

by The Apache Kid Wed Mar 23 16:04:43 UTC 2011


I recall an incident in my House at Boarding School once when this particular boys best friend broke into the schools farm poultry house and stole all the eggs-his idea was to sell the eggs to the house Prefects-but he got caught.
Never having been caned before he was now about to face a certain six-of-the-best from the
Housemaster and when the Housemaster caned he did'nt hold back.
Being a frail kind of lad he knew that there was absolutely no way that he could withstand such a punishing caning-he would have taken it with great distress and just was'nt physicaly capable to hold out for a full six-the pain would have been just too much to bear.
So in steps our hero,the lads best friend,and took the full blame-and a realy hard full on caning while he was at it-six-of-the-absolute-best after which he wished that he had chosen to be a coward and to hell with being a hero!
He did,however get to claim his friends sweet ration for the next three weeks-about the length of time it took for his backside to heal up!

by The Apache Kid Tue Apr 19 03:49:26 UTC 2011


Our egg rustling friend,about a month later,DID IT AGAIN!
But this time-sweet ration or no sweet ration-his friend was'nt about to play the hero for a second time-so it was over the Housemasters desk for the caning that he should have got.
However,the Housemaster knowing that the lad would never be able to stand a full on six gave him four determined strokes instead-and he got to keep his sweet ration but at the expense of a realy sore bottom and a 'ladder' of painful bruises!

by The Apache Kid Tue Apr 19 04:05:23 UTC 2011

This was an incident that happened one morning at the end of school assembly at my school back in the 40s.
Three boys-who flooded out the upper school toilet block by plugging up all the sinks and turning the taps on full,just out of sheer devilment-were to be severly caned-nine strokes apiece-administerd by the Bioligy Master-by far the most hardest caner in the school,with the Headmaster coming a very close second-and he was to use the 42 inch 'assembly' cane,especialy kept aside for 'special disciplinary measures'
The first boy up-Collings I think was his name-went over the caning table assisted by two Form Masters to hold him in position-while the Bioligy Master took up his position with the cane.
He delivered the first stroke that was so hard that the boy lurched bodily foreward in spite of being held down at the same time as letting out a pain loaded scream.
The next stroke followed 10 seconds later-then the cane snapped up by the crook!!
When something,even as rare as this,happens the caning is immediately abandoned-as school caning policy dictates-no going back to a caning no matter how serious the offence.
Well while one lad still got a very sore bottom,even just after two strokes,the other two lads walked away unscathed-in other words the most unsucssessfu assembly caning in the entire history of the School and mutch,of course, to every boys dissappointment!

by The Apache Kid Tue Apr 19 12:51:32 UTC 2011

Well,I have this from a REAL but retired Headmaster and therfore able to guarantee its authenticity.
He told me that there were occassions that he would have had to give a boy a much harder caning than usual-it was,as he explained, sometimes nescessary as while there were at times the occassional boy that more than truly deserved more than six-of-the-best - this was the maximum caning that he was permitted to administer under the schools corporal punishment policy but a harder caning would be deemed acceptable under extreme circamstances as and when he saw it as justifiable.
For such a caning,he went on to explain,he would have the boy positioned over his desk which was far more stable-especialy for a harder caning-than having the boy in the somewhat precarious position of just touching his toes-just fine,he went on,for a normal caning,but no more.
In order to monitor as to whether or not that he was caning the boy hard enough,he further explained,after the first stroke if the boys upper body jerked upright then he would know that the boy was realy feeling it and would then continue the caning as hard throughout noting the boys reactions to each individual stroke as the caning progressed.
If the boys reactions were less than expected he would adjust the force of the next stroke accordingly.
For a propper caning to be effective-and of course painful-the strokes are 'drawn' out-that's about 8 to 10 seconds between each thus allowing for the fullest possible pain to accamalate and in this manner the boy will be in pain for at least a full minute which,as he again explained,was the full and intended purpose of the punishment.
Further to this,he continued,the after effects of such a severe caning would last much longer,particulary in the way of bruising but this should clear up within ten days to a fortnight depending on how easily the boy bruised or, how he did'nt-all boys,he told me,react differently to a caning-some take it reasonably well-others will have great difficulty and will respond to each stroke loudly and unable to take a caning in complete silence.Mind you,he said,not many boys can!
So,that should give you a fair idea as to how a school caning is administered and as to how a boy might react to six-of-the-best.

by The Apache Kid Mon Apr 25 14:35:01 UTC 2011

I'm a mate of The Apache Kid-in fact,were much of the same person and I tell you this just to show how easy it is to get thrown by double Aliases.
Anyway,we're both campaigning for a more credible CP FORUM and there's no valid reason why this Forum could'nt become as such.
The problem so far seems to be that 99% of the people that post in are closely related to Mickey Mouse-in fact some of them actualy think they ARE Mickey Mouse!!
Now the plain and simple truth is this.
If you have never ACTUALY BEEN caned,with all the will in the World, you can not possibly immagine what it's like.
The Internet is full of accounts written by some of the best Fantasists to be found outside the gates of Disneyland--but also,and as incredibly rare that they are,there's also some very true and authentic accounts of corporal punishment as it REALY was.
The only time that I'm ever convinced by a so called authentic caning is when I can compare the details favourably with my own Boarding School experiences from back in the days when Corporal Punishment was a very painful reality and not a painful fetishistic account by someone who's on vacation from Cloud Cuckoo Land with nothing better to do.
Of course,to fully appreciate-if indeed that's the appropriate word here-what an old style traditional school caning actualy felt like-during AND after the caning-is something that you will only ever be able to relate too if you've ever taken a REAL caning from a REAL Headmaster-and I'm afraid that as time moves on more and more people will never,ever know just how excrutiatingly painful a TRUE six-of-the-best realy was-so in response to this the Forum inevidibly gets swamped out with the most unlikely and incredibly fantastic accounts of meke believe only equaled by the likes of Louis Carroll and he was high on opium!!
So folks IF you've been caned-REALY caned-then by all means post in the FACTS.
If you have'nt leave it to others that have!

by The Wichita Linesman Fri Apr 29 12:17:25 UTC 2011


By way of a cedibility test post in-in every possible detail- your own experience of a proper school caning and then let myself,and others who have actualy FELT a caning,be the Judge.
We'll soon know whether or not if you're claims are to be believed.
While it's more than possible to knock up a fantasy caning that almost has the uninitiated goggled eyed in awe and wonder-it's totaly impossible to immagine the pain,the after effects,the days of discomfort and the sight of a senior school cane resting on the Headmasters desk just moments before you are about to feel it-fantasise all you like,but the REAL THING is certainly as far removed from fantasy as it can possibly get.
Fantasy is painless.Six-of-the-best most definately is'nt !!!

by The Wichita Linesman Fri Apr 29 12:44:56 UTC 2011

Can anyone advise how best to take a caning. I am to be caned soundly on the 20th May 2011.
18 on briefs 18 on bare I am nervouse and wonder if its best to relax bottom or to present it to Sir full out , is there anyway I can prepare mentally and physically.
I invite serious debate from serious students of discipline.

by Tue May 10 19:16:03 UTC 2011

Look ol' buddy,NOBODY can take 36 strokes of the cane-period.
When you wake up from your dream and read this I'm sure you'll agree.
IF on the other hand it's NOT a dream-then God help you!!

by guest Tue May 31 21:34:03 UTC 2011

Guest due for a Naval caning.
Realy you need'nt worry,the Navy does'nt cane Cadets any more-the last time they did was about a century ago-I think it was aboard Noahs Ark...

by guest Tue May 31 21:38:27 UTC 2011

Guest again.
Look,tell you what I'll do.
Send our arse recorded delivery by Parcel Force,and I'll send it back in a Body Bag-caned to shreds-hows that?

by guest Tue May 31 21:46:08 UTC 2011

If you are one who fantisises about caning and find yourself someone experienced in giving one, my advice to you is to be bloody scared! The amount of dreamers out there that seem to think themselves capable of taking more than a REAL six beggers beleif! Just try lying over a desk with your pants down and after the first stoke, which by the way, feels akin to having a 1kw electric fire bar layed across your bottom, see just how long you can endure much more!!

by guest Sun Aug 21 08:47:07 UTC 2011

What effect does the senior cane have on teenage boys in grey school shorts? I am an adult but feel like a 14 year-old boy when in shorts..I have been very naughty and wonder if the cane would help me behave.

by very naughty boy Sun May 27 20:10:38 UTC 2012

Do not believe a word written by the fake 'headmaster' above. He's a notorious liar, fantasist and all-round lunatic.

by Soothsayer Wed Aug 01 11:38:31 UTC 2012

I can certainly endorse what 'the Wichita Linesman' said. To be properly caned is a truly shocking event that will affect you the whole of your life. I was caned by someone (a headmaster) others thought of as the most awesome caner at a christian brothers school in Malaysia. He also had a 'reputation' (let's say for wickedness...!) even to the people of those days back then. I accidenly met him in the street as an adult, and I literally came in my pants on the spot automatically when I recognised him. I RAN after him and asked him to take me to his home and cane me again. I just couldn't help myself. He was an old man, but he was more effective than ever!! And, I asked for and got, my first ever a. f. afterwards - which was an awesome and exciting experience that I will treasure forever. He told me too, that my own mother was a cane addict and had organised my school caning! I know you won't believe this, but it is factual in every detail.

by guest Wed Aug 01 16:50:35 UTC 2012

There is no such thing as a 'real caning', or a 'real headmaster', or indeed a 'real cane'. All canings were different, all headmasters were different, and most canes were different.
There were some headmasters, and others in schools who may have had an interest in caning, but every one of them would have had a different interest. And as for boys remembering the length, and dimensions of a cane they had probably only seen a few times, 30 or more years previously, that is a total nonsense. Things look different when you are younger, and I doubt if they would have been trying to work out the dimensions of a cane than was about to be used on them

by Mr Wells Mon Aug 13 10:00:13 UTC 2012

If you are an headmaster who beleives in corporal punishment..ring the uk only..

by adult schoolboy Fri Aug 24 17:11:11 UTC 2012


by slim jim Tue Aug 28 06:53:30 UTC 2012

Mr. Wells - the reason you use words and phrases like 'probably' and 'I doubt' and 'may have had' is because you just don't know. There are those people who DO know, and I know enough of them personally to realise that there are shared common experiences of both the physical reactions and of how REAL canings were given. Moreover, I have in later years learned that there GENUINELY always has been an underground S&M cult, in effect, that developed and evolved a series of techniques that are quite fixed. In this 'underground' cult, absolutely none of it at all, is fantasy. People do indulge in fantasies of course, but when some of us talk of the REAL thing, there is a particular material meaning. That there have been mish-mashed versions of caning as CP in various schools and various places at various times does not belie the truth of what those who know, are speaking. A 'real' caning is a diabolical erotic science, and quite a bit different from the hamfisted brutality used by the backward and the ignorant. A real caning is given with a long wind-back and delivered with full and aggressive adult force, and the angle used is judged for different reasons. I'm not sure why you are taking an arrogant tone, whilst gainsaying through your own mere assumptions what others have said.

by guest Fri Sep 07 16:32:33 UTC 2012

And most especially - a real caning, is certainly NOT what you see, on the video clips that abound now, although some go close, though not many at all.

by guest Fri Sep 07 16:37:56 UTC 2012

I think both girls and boys should be caned if the offence warrants it

by guest Thu Oct 18 17:12:43 UTC 2012

I am going to get a real 'six of the best' on the 16th November and I am scared..I asked for it,can I change my mind or should I go through with it and hold down till the last stroke..

by adult schoolboy Tue Oct 23 22:21:08 UTC 2012

In 1977 at a Leicestershire comprehensive school two classes of boys were caned for making excessive noise in the changing rooms following pe, they were lined up outside the main hall so that most students could see them, then they were taken in single file to the principles office and given 2 strokes.

I know this is real because I was one of the boys.

I agree that cp should be used in schools.

I also cane guys and girls on a regular basis

Master.steve@btinternet. Com

by Master Steve Tue Nov 27 07:57:18 UTC 2012

I never had the cane just the strap in school but want
To know how six of the best feels ? But trying to get a master to deliver it is hard !

by Pat Flynn Sun Dec 16 19:20:50 UTC 2012

Did you get the strap on your hands Pat or accross your backside?


by guest Thu Mar 14 10:44:09 UTC 2013

any roleplay headmasters in sheffield text 07773718417.i need someone to help me behave.

by a very naughty adult schoolboy Sat Apr 06 20:54:59 UTC 2013

I would love the cane and very hard on my bare bottom 07962 239292

by tony Mon May 13 18:47:15 UTC 2013

Master Steve, do you punish online?

by guest Thu Jul 04 20:16:38 UTC 2013

Whereabouts are you Tony? I may be able to help.

by Robert Thu Jul 11 13:40:54 UTC 2013

canings given 07855 175984

by guest Sat Nov 16 19:20:49 UTC 2013

canings given 07855 175984 - any administered by phone for distant punishees?

by Bk Sun Dec 29 01:10:47 UTC 2013

i have been a very naughty boy and deserve caning

by DAVID Tue Dec 31 15:10:00 UTC 2013

I have done quite a few canings within the context of consensual SM relationships.All but one have been on males,the exception was a very game Canadian lady who took it as well as all the men.
In every case it was a success and I have a large collection of E mails from canees thanking me for their experience.I always operate with a restrained subject.A converted vaulting horse equipped with eight wide leather straps plus a single extra wide waist one ensures there is no movement of the subject,however hard they are caned.In addition the canee is offered the option of hooding sand gagging.Most acept the gag,but not the hood.My guess is that this is because seeing me in the "Uniform" I wear is a large part of the enjoyment.This consists of a custom made pair of knee height laced "Jean Gaborit" boots worn over skin tight black leather breeches with a five inch wide three buckle belt that cinches my waisr.A crisp white shirt and black tie plus leather gloves completes the outfit and gives rather the impression of a police or prison officer.
I use a dragon cane on are skin.Unless otherwise agreed the strokes are given at full force.As I am a six foot two sixteen stone regular long distance swimmer the force is formidable.I particularly enjoy the impact of the first stroke and the appearance of the two parallel lines that look almost as if they have been applied with chalk.these start to fade at the point when the pain is coming to a peak and often coincides with the canee fighting his straps,which due to their thickness and number and the fact that I buckle them down with my full strength is,of course,totally futile.
Allowing ten second intervals the canee usually quietens down around the fourth to fifth strokes as the endorphins come in strongly.Often by the eighth to ninth strokes he offers no reaction whatsoever as he enters the calm phase.
This is where experience becomes important.As well as the positioning of the strokes to avoid "wraparound" etc it is imperative to monitor the wellbeing of the subject.I also provide aftercare and dressing with antiseptic cream if the subject expresses the wish for that.

by MasterBD Sun Feb 16 10:59:11 UTC 2014

I am to be strapped and caned tomorrow 27 4 14 i will be secured, and given 78 strokes. The anticipation is really bad at present.

by guest Wed Mar 26 07:04:42 UTC 2014

just been beaten bare over the knee with hairbrush but as i was kicking and wriggling and clenching my bottom and generaly resisting got the nursery cane OTK! Lesson learned re controlling my behaviour when disiplined!!

by paul Sun Apr 13 08:21:24 UTC 2014

Looking for judicial style caning, 36 strokes by male or female. HELP me please. Oxfordshire england area.

by Ken Tue Jun 24 07:23:12 UTC 2014

Sir MasterBD Would you please consider administering a judicial style caning to me. see above. Ken.

by guest Sat Aug 16 10:53:28 UTC 2014

I am a mature 60 year old,that was never caned at school.I was though put over a private tutors (male) knee and punished on my bare bottom at the age of 13. I would love to relive this experience by a man 60-75

by Jay Tue Oct 21 13:04:54 UTC 2014

I made very many visits to the headmistress study from the age of 5 when she would pull down my trousers and pants and tanning my seat, at 7 it was kneeling on a chair bent over the back for the strap, again on bare bum.
About 9 in position to be strapped Miss commented about me needing a meeting with the Headmaster, she left the room and returned with Sir, a good look at the waiting quivering seat, they discussed the situation and agreed that I should be introduced to the cane, that put the fear of God into me having heard stories of it.
A cane was produced about 20 to 24in long very thin and I was shown it and warned that it would make my bum sting,soon I had felt it 3 strokes and my seat was really stinging and a few tears running.
As I grew older the cane got thicker and longer, some left a sting, some sore and others both.
I made many visits to see Sir and got my first 6 stroke at just short of 11 years old in 1949 a really bad stinging seat.
I recall a couple of years later visiting the study in the morning for 6 strokes only to be repeated in the afternoon, I was stinging and sore, getting home I got a good thrashing withth a freshly cut switch, sitting was very uncomfortable for days.
Yet I do still occasionally like to have my bum tanned,strapped and a reminder of MY BEST SCHOOL FRIEND that kept me on the straight and narrow.

by David Wed Oct 29 14:54:20 UTC 2014

0ne of the worst canings i got was at my public school in the 70s in the dormitery i was getting the nursery cane bare bottom OTK 6 STROKES but i was kicking wriggling and clenching my bottom and generaly resisting i got the strap 3 on each hand as i kept putting my hands in the way So i had a well caned bottom and stinging hands!

by guest Tue Nov 18 20:12:54 UTC 2014

Adult school boy needs a smart reminder of the caning received at school plus the tawse. Ideally a strict mistress to deal with many bad deeds deserving a sound thrashing over shorts and the bare. Can attend a study in herts London in whatever uniform demanded. kresatpostdotcom

by kres Mon Dec 01 09:57:38 UTC 2014

i v recieved many canings at school x at home frm my dad it should be in use today.

by slippered regular. Fri Jun 05 21:43:32 UTC 2015

I will b needing one soon, good and hard judicial type. can anyone help please.

by guest Wed Aug 12 17:31:33 UTC 2015

When I was 10 I was called into headmasters office. The strap n cane lay on desk. My boyfriend n I had played truant. He received 4 with strap then 6 of the best. I however received a good telling off since that day I have had a fascination. I am 39 and still not even been smacked.

by guest Sat Mar 12 23:00:12 UTC 2016

I am due to be caned by a Master in London on Monday at 6pm. He will first give me a preparatory slippering and then strap me quite hard. Once satisfied that I am ready he will proceed to cane. He usually lines up a number of canes on a bench at the end of the room and asks me to fetch one at a time, hand it to him and then bend back over his punishment bench. He will restrain me if necessary.

by pyjamaguy Fri Apr 08 21:39:36 UTC 2016

I live in leicestershire would love a proper schoolboy caning .schooll uniform and white pants. Im 38. James.

by guest Mon Jun 06 14:51:45 UTC 2016

Brought up with canings and still need the headmaster treatment from any master or mistress who can use a cane with firmness. Like to chat similar adult prefects or like minded. Please email me in London north regulation(at)mail . com

by Kr Fri Jul 01 14:40:25 UTC 2016

any one in the kent area up for giving a naughty Adult school boy a dame good thrashing and an otk s.........g i would love to here from you please phone me on 07921268989 thanks ex headmasters welcomed

by paul Thu Jun 08 00:04:15 UTC 2017

Wish I could meet a retired headmaster so I could relive some school experiences

by basil44 Sat Jan 06 12:15:34 UTC 2018
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