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Topic: wife caning husbands using chooral
in a few days femdom very much most of the families wife gives chooral kashayam to husbands for forgetting house chores

by sheela Thu Jun 24 23:28:49 UTC 2010

I regularly cane my husband. He is younger to me by 2 years. I am 35 now. I have been caning him ever since our marriage 8 years back
At home I am fully in charge and he has to obey me completely. If he fails in any of his assigned duties gets the chooralkashayam immediately on his bare bottom or thighs.
Ussual minimum dose is 3 strokes.

by Daisy Fri Jun 25 17:00:22 UTC 2010

my frnd told that there r 1000s of videos are available,especially form kerala tamilnadu and maharastra.....from where v get this......i like indian canings....if any one knows,pls send the link...or site name......

by guest Sat Jun 26 10:49:52 UTC 2010

chooral caning story...



by guest Sun Jun 27 04:22:18 UTC 2010

thats nice daisy. can you explain the normal chores you assign him. i too cane mine. i started doing it as because of the my hubby's interst in bdsm. but later on i started enjoying it. one good thing is he is completely obedient towards me.

by guest Sat Jul 03 05:01:37 UTC 2010

just fyi, we've been married 8 years i started caning him since we were in college. he is 31 and i am 33.

by guest Sat Jul 03 05:10:16 UTC 2010

Sheela.who has started this topic is a male and fake.

by guest Sun Jul 04 04:49:48 UTC 2010

i am a college lecturer teaching malayalam.i punishing husband for forgetting house chores.he had no job now and i used him as my house wife.He is a lazy man so i managed using chooral of 3 feet length and 8mm thick.Ond day i went to college as usual and i return back early, at the time my husband watching cricket in television and not doing any house chores then i call him to my bedroom pushing undressed and bend over the chair and i gave more than 10 whacks and his bottom full of pain then he cries .I took my unwashed panties to his mouth.Also i gives caning to his palm .later my husband enjoy house work and dont forget any.I gave chooral kashayam on a daily basis now and he is an obedient servant too and comlpetely my slave.

by guest Wed Jul 07 10:50:19 UTC 2010

Since both of us are working , and he doesn't know cooking, I do all the cooking and he has to do all the rest of the chores like cleaning the house,bathrooms, washing the dishes and also helping with the cooking. He gets caned ussually for untidy work, and forgetfulness. As such he is completely obedient and submissive in front of me. When I am at home he does not have freedom to do anything without my permission.
Every day evening I inspect all the rooms before bed and any untidiness noticed will be punished with atleast 4 strokes of my thin cane. I ussually cane his bare bottom for his untildiness and thighs for forgetfullnes.

by Daisy Fri Jul 09 03:40:41 UTC 2010


by Miss Simantha Sat Jul 31 04:00:15 UTC 2010

My friend told me this. I dont know how far it is true. He is staying with his wife and mother in law at his wife's house, since she is the only daughter and her father is not alive. He is 28 his wife is 21 and his mother in law is 44.

he says that he gets caned regularly by both his wife as well as MIL ! He has even shown me the marks on his thighs. But he seems to be quite happy with the whole situation. According to him he gets it in the nude from both of them. He has to obey both of them and he has to perform several 'duties' failing which he is caned by his MIL and wife.

by Rajesh Tue Sep 21 13:15:05 UTC 2010

i am a teacher and my husband is a farmer,he is uneducated.He joined open school from my advice for sslc.After class i reach home evening whether he do all house works.Then i started teaching giving very harsh punishments.I buy a dozen of choorals and hang on his study room.I punish him like a mother punishing her child since he is a grown man who can bear more.I apply good dose of chooral kashayam all over his body.Now he reads english fairly

by pushpa uthup Thu Oct 21 04:47:57 UTC 2010

Hi pushpa do you give tution at home ? Will you be my teacher ?what dress do you put on do you put on sleveless niety or blouse and and are you a primary teacher or high school teacher

by Sohom Sun Oct 24 06:24:11 UTC 2010

i give tuition only for my husband,i am a plus2 teacher.I wear churidar or short tight pants and t-shirt

by pushpa uthup Wed Oct 27 06:35:05 UTC 2010

Dear pushpa mam do you put on sleveless dress how you cane him do you cane at school what is the type of school boys or girls how many strokes do you give do you give other punishment

by A guest Thu Oct 28 16:08:44 UTC 2010

i put sleeveless dress only in house and wear churidar or saree in school.There is no caning in our school and i use the cane only in my house.In house comfortable dress for caning is t-shirt and short pant

by pushpa Fri Oct 29 10:44:32 UTC 2010

Dear pushpa mam minimum how many strokes do you give him do you make him kneal down murga and other punishment what is his body structure and yours do you cane him cowbeating do you keep cane under your bed and before sleeping cane him what is your age and weight do you ever make him to kick your sweaty armpit please reply soon with details

by A guest Sat Oct 30 04:53:05 UTC 2010

caning depends on his study,for every wrong answer i put a thorough thrashing and not counted.he is a dark white in colour and i dont kick him.I punishes using my several types of chooral which hangs on his study room ie.our bedroom.Thus chooral is the constant reminder of him for studying

by pushpa uthup Sun Oct 31 07:59:42 UTC 2010

Do you make him to lick your sweaty armpits do you make him kneal down murga does he cry when he receives your cane

by A guest Sun Oct 31 12:57:10 UTC 2010

i dont do such dirty things,i gave him caning and kneel down punishment.Yes he cries the louder the voice the punishment will doubled

by pushpa Tue Nov 02 04:00:48 UTC 2010

hi pushpa madam,your husband are very lucky man.can you please describe your unforgatable caning and last caning..

by guest Wed Nov 03 13:19:44 UTC 2010

Dear pushpa do you cane on his palm and back side of his palm please answer soon

by Guest Wed Nov 03 19:37:49 UTC 2010

Pushpa Maam What's your mail ID

by guest Thu Nov 04 09:11:17 UTC 2010

Pushpa mam please describe your last horrible punishment to your husband

by Sohom Tue Nov 09 13:40:42 UTC 2010

There is no much horrible.I only punish him for the mistakes he done during study.I conduct test in everyday and punish him for every mistakes using chooral

by pushpa Wed Nov 10 04:03:15 UTC 2010

Does your husband got punishments from you daily?

by guest Wed Nov 10 04:24:34 UTC 2010


by pushpa Thu Nov 11 04:30:46 UTC 2010

what dress he wear while u give caning?

by guest Thu Nov 11 12:30:35 UTC 2010

he wear shorts and t-shirt

by pushpa Sat Nov 13 02:28:05 UTC 2010

How much strokes your husband receive daily from you?

by guest Sat Nov 13 04:32:34 UTC 2010

pushpa maaam,wr r u frm?.

by guest Sat Nov 13 17:52:02 UTC 2010

hai pushpa mam, did u get caning from him any time?

by rani Sun Nov 14 13:24:03 UTC 2010

Nice Puspa mam. u r wonderful lady !

by guest Mon Nov 15 17:12:50 UTC 2010

Hi will someone punish me

by Rajni Sat Nov 20 10:51:21 UTC 2010

I got poor marks in my maths test. Someone plz tell me what punishment i should get? I am ready to accept any punishment

by Rajni Sat Nov 20 10:56:20 UTC 2010

hi rajni are u ready to accept punishemnt from me. i am 23 years old boy. i will give punishemnt to u

by youngboy23 Sat Nov 20 12:18:57 UTC 2010

yes,i am ready to accept ur punishment. pl tell me what is my punishment?

by rajni Fri Nov 26 06:04:27 UTC 2010

hi rajni,my punishment for u isu kneel down and hold ur ears for 1 hour

by sanjay Fri Nov 26 06:14:46 UTC 2010

hi rajni i will give murga punishment to u. on tat time i will cane on ur butt. are u ready to accept this

by youngboy23 Sun Nov 28 03:09:02 UTC 2010

hi Rajni. will you be intrested in recieving punishment from me. i am in chennai and male aged 30yrs

by guest Sun Nov 28 12:11:29 UTC 2010

Yes youngboy23 i am ready. Tell me how long i have to be in murga position

by Rajni Sat Dec 11 06:04:35 UTC 2010

Yes youngboy23 i am ready. Tell me how long i have to be in murga position

by Rajni Sat Dec 11 06:05:48 UTC 2010

hi ranji if u need my mail id i will give . shall we chat in mail.plz reply

by youngboy23 Sat Dec 11 12:27:42 UTC 2010

Yes, i need ur mail id. We can chat. I m 4m kolkata

by Rajni Sun Dec 12 04:54:22 UTC 2010

Ok, we can chat tomorrow at 9 pm. Be online at that time

by Rajni Sun Dec 12 14:44:50 UTC 2010

i want punishment from any girl
is anyone intersted......

by aman2012 Tue Dec 14 20:36:40 UTC 2010

hi ranjni when u will come to online.

by youngboy23 Sun Dec 19 05:31:54 UTC 2010

I will be online at 8pm on monday

by Rajni Sun Dec 19 14:44:18 UTC 2010

ranjni i will come to online daily at 9pm to 10pm. can u plz come to online at tat time

by youngboy23 Wed Dec 22 15:17:33 UTC 2010


by Rajni Thu Dec 23 13:08:16 UTC 2010

hi rajni i send msg in ur mail. did u see tat.reply in mail

by youngboy23 Thu Dec 23 15:33:31 UTC 2010

Write something on the thread "different punishment to husbands from your ideas"

by Guest Fri Dec 24 07:34:21 UTC 2010

pushpa madam kettittu thallarundo hus ne

by kuttan Sun Dec 26 12:59:07 UTC 2010

hi pushpa madam, I sent u mail

by kuttan Wed Dec 29 14:19:55 UTC 2010

i got into this site looking for some thing to help as new teacher to give better to my students in our school no punishment and very strict by the head teacher and with the permition of the parents and it's used as last option i got surprise when i am reading throu different topics about teacher how the punish even older students not even spared from the punishment and i beleive most of this in India but the most took my attention to see husband teaking punishments from his with why?? i am 24 years old female i am already engaged to one of the teachers in our school for those Simaths,Daisy, Guest all the rest of the female teacher do you have slave or a man how you sleep with your husband and excpect him to treat you like a woman in bed when you give his severe punishment is it respect much better ,and if your husband not educated why you choose to marry him what are going to tell your kids if they saw you hitting their father how the kids going to respect their father even if never see him taking the punishent but the marks will show and pain will show and for Ms Simantha husband since you are educated and you are school teacher why you agree to take the punishment is it because of the money or what? it's amazen to read thru all of that without any comments

by Ms Debie Fri Dec 31 08:17:13 UTC 2010

Dear Debie,
Don't be surprised to read about the punishments that wives are giving husbands. I know about at least 2 of my very close friends who also punish their husbands regularly.

In my case it is absolutely necessary to keep the house in order. Since my husband is younger and very immature in nature I had to take control of things and is continuing. As far as sleeping with him it is no problem since his performance increases with caning. If not I give him special caning for that also.

by Daisy Mon Jan 03 11:02:07 UTC 2011

Hai daisy does your husband objects against this?what type of caning you give to your i husband,does you give any other form of cruel punishments please reply

by Gal Tue Jan 04 04:54:17 UTC 2011

Hi Gal,

My husband never objects to any of the punishments that I give him. He always accepts them without even a murmur. He is now completely submissive to me and obeys all my instructions without question. During his punishments also he obeys me completely. Whenever he is to be punished I ask him to undress completely. Then I question him about whatever mistakes he has done. Then I ask him to get the cane. He himself will bring it to me. After that I cane him holding his left hand on his bottom and thighs. 10 to 12 very heavy strokes are given each time. After exch stroke he jumps up and down. Some times I allow him to rub. When he is not permitted to rub and if he rubs I give him palm caning also as extra punishment. For this he has to streatch out his right palm first. I adjust its height and apply the cane with full force after raising it above my head. With years of prctise now I can ensure that the tip of the thin cane falls directly on the centre of the palm. After each stroke he bends in double rubbibg his palm. The next stroke I give him on the left palm and it continues for atleast 3 to 5 on each palm

by Daisy Tue Jan 04 08:41:03 UTC 2011

Daisy do ever been caned by your husband i think no but do you alow him to cane you when you give him his punishment is their any time or you avoid sleeping time do you have kids from him if yes do you cane him infront of the kids is his parents knows about him that he is taking the punishment from you

by Debie Tue Jan 04 20:38:10 UTC 2011

Dear Debie

We don't have kids. Nobody else, other than the 2 of us knows about these punishmnets.

I have never beeen caned by my husband. But I did receive a lot of caning in school both from male and female teachers. I never avoid sleeping with him. I have been caning him since last 8 years. But even now he shivers when I take the cane in hand. Because of the fear of caning he is very obediant all the time.

by Daisy Wed Jan 05 07:33:38 UTC 2011

good luck daiy i think you have a slave not husband he do the house work you punish him any time you feel and then you enjoy sleeping with him and may be the reason you not having kids from him because you have him for fun and enjoyment at bed time and i think he never refuse to go to bed with you even if he is in pain

by Debie Wed Jan 05 20:17:27 UTC 2011

Dear Debie,

You are 90% right. His performance in bed is better when he has been freshly caned. He will be completely obediant to all my demands. Or else he will again get his medicine. The cane is kept on the bed side table at all times. It is also his duty to ensure that it is well oiled and kept evry day. He has to also make sure that a spare cane is available all the time in the house. This one is kept in the bath room so that the flexibility is maintained by the moisture in the bath room.

by Daisy Thu Jan 06 12:36:41 UTC 2011

pushpa mam
what is chooral kashayam? What is the difference between pinch on thigh and chooral kashayam.
i used to pinch always on thigh ... I feel it is good .. could you explain in detail please

by guest Fri Jan 07 17:57:03 UTC 2011

Hai guest chooral kashayam means applying good dose of chooral on his body.this results much pain and husband obeys more.pinching on thighs is not good the pain is very less.There are different types of choorals depends on the thickness.The more the thickness the more the pain.Sometimes bleeding occurs on powerful caning so the husband cant disobey and do the work properly

by Pushpa Mon Jan 10 02:16:56 UTC 2011

Thanks pushpa mam,
I got it chooral means canning.
Pinching on thigh with river sand or rock salt also gives severe pain. we can't touch the pinched part for some days. sometimes bleeding occurs. I had experienced lot of river sand pinch on both of my thighs. I had one red mark on my right thigh.
could please share your views please

by guest Tue Jan 11 17:22:02 UTC 2011

Pushpa madam
I am interested in getting chooral and thigh pinch punishment. Are u in chennai? or any of your friend in chennai ready to give those punishment to me. I need to experience both.
Please respond.

by guest Thu Jan 13 17:00:27 UTC 2011

There are nasty things hey dudes think that they are not your slaves when you continue there when you have a son he too gets that think tat bludies

by Prabha Sun Jan 16 02:35:07 UTC 2011

Most of You teachers are in competent, this is not a fantasy forum, so dont post your fantasy. All you uneducated filthy teachers must know what to post and what to promote online. If you are good enough no child ever disturbs you in the class. Ashemed of the website moderator, who is allowing such posts to be hosted and indexed by search engines so that the entire world know the psychology of the teachers of a country which is day dreamining of becoming a super power. such post be removed

by guest Sat Jan 22 16:41:04 UTC 2011

hi i am jahid from london..if any girl wish to give me chooral kashayam then plz mail wil give her money..plz mail me

by jahid_8800@yahoo com Mon Jan 24 19:05:12 UTC 2011

i have a girl servant in my home. i am 27 years and my servant is 16 years girl. when my parents go to office then me and only my servants live in a home. then one time i make her angry always that girls are powerless. they never win with boy by day i give her challenge that we will fight and if i can,t win i will obey all her order and punishment and this will keep secret between us. but she doesn,t agree cz she know she is very little.then i said i don,t use my hand when we fight. then she agreed.after that she slapped and hit me to much.then i said that i lost. after that when my parents go out for work do u know wwhat happen? she wake up me in the morning by beating with my belt and she didn,t do any work,i has to washed her clothes, cleaning home everything. and when i work, in that time she always beat me with belt. one day maybe she beat me 100 time. i need to obey her all order..but she don,t know i like it.oneday she slap me 40 time at a time.she make my life like heaven.i do my work and she belted my body..kick my, pull my ear and hear ....use slang about my parents. i just work and say sorry. what a life

by rahim Thu Feb 03 18:05:28 UTC 2011

Beware of chooral kashayam. I am a outsider salesman working in Ernaklm kerala. I am very fond of high heeled beauties. one day as usual I was fiddling with friends anklet which broke due to my mishandling. As a corrective measure she offered me the kashayam so in future I will take care, at at her study room. Not knowing, I simply agreed. she invited me with her own style that, I should wear white silk lungi. with overwhelming joy I bought new lungi from mkt and made my way to her room only to get invited during day time. Following day on my visit she told be go to bath room keep inner garments. she called to hall put on tv raised the volume. kept the anklets on floor to asked me kneel down and to keep my forehead and told me she will cane be for breaking. knowing her tender touches I simply agreed for a dozen swats. she started thrashing on top of my lungi. but I could not take it. I started discharging within three and at six i got up. she shouted and told me if I don't take full dose she would shout and call others. having fear of other things I laid down. with a smile she made to gulp all the medicine decided by her. I hauled jumped in pain but she gave me 12 doses of chooral kashyam with full force I can never ever forget.

by Vinay Mon Feb 07 14:31:38 UTC 2011

but my servant was 16 years. so she can,t belted me too much high...

by guest Mon Feb 07 15:30:16 UTC 2011

dear guest in place of belt give her 42"x12mm cane then u will see stars ...........

by guest Tue Feb 08 13:40:36 UTC 2011

belt sound is too loud but soft pain...its feeling too much goood.

by guest Thu Feb 10 02:52:28 UTC 2011

Is there any malayali bich ?

by guest Tue Feb 15 17:20:54 UTC 2011

Is there any malayali bich ?

by guest Tue Feb 15 17:20:59 UTC 2011

Do you teach him what dress do you put on while caning. Do you cane in school dot you teach in boys school does your husband fear you . Reply soon

by Dev Thu Feb 17 12:54:56 UTC 2011

My wife strokes my butt with hand between the caning and then continues again.sometime she pinches the hole.Any other wife does this

by guest Thu Feb 17 17:44:41 UTC 2011

sheela which tight dress do u wear while caning?

by guest Sat Feb 19 03:12:12 UTC 2011

sheela when u cane the boys do u cane right on the butt hole and then after caning do u open the pant and see the mark and then squeeze the private parts in order to humilate

by guest Sat Feb 19 06:22:58 UTC 2011


by sheela Sat Feb 19 14:52:17 UTC 2011

Hai guys i cane boys over pants and no way to humiliate them.

by Sheela Sat Feb 19 15:40:27 UTC 2011

sheela write more plz

by guest Sat Feb 19 17:31:09 UTC 2011

whtr videos are available

by manu Mon Feb 21 03:13:24 UTC 2011

Hi, I am from Chennai. Are there any ladies from Tamil Nadu who deliver or would love to deliver chooral kashayam(caning) to their boy friend or husband. I am the one who would love to take it from a woman.

by Murugan Tue Feb 22 18:00:55 UTC 2011


by guest Fri Feb 25 17:52:16 UTC 2011


by boy Mon Mar 21 07:16:10 UTC 2011

i like ur dominant role sheela mam. Actually some boys enjoy female i believe wat u says.

by boy Mon Mar 21 07:18:39 UTC 2011

Hai boy thanks for your compliment

by sheela Wed Mar 23 05:12:18 UTC 2011

Hai guest describe more and give your mail id

by Honors Sat Apr 02 04:20:41 UTC 2011

what did you'll talk after that guest? did you tell her how much you enjoyed her beatings?

by another guest Sun Apr 03 12:37:18 UTC 2011

Guest plz continue...Cant wait

by guest Tue Apr 12 15:06:50 UTC 2011

pushpa mam and sheela mam please write some experiences in school slapping

by guest Wed Apr 20 15:25:26 UTC 2011

arkengilum girlsinte kaikondu adikittiyitundo?

by veena Fri Apr 29 10:15:24 UTC 2011

iam a married person .ilike spanking.njan ente bharyayodu ente thudayil kaikondu adikan parayum.aval eniku 3-4aditharum.aval adichal nalla vedanayanu avalude viral padukal kanan nalla rasamanu

by guest Fri Apr 29 11:05:29 UTC 2011

pls write your spanking experience........

by guest Fri Apr 29 11:17:07 UTC 2011

My wife had good collection of choorals of varying thickness.All them are of almost 4feet long and thickness varying from 6mm to 12mm.Her caning is very painful and not allow me to rub.I am her house boy

by soloman Sat Apr 30 04:12:23 UTC 2011

My wife had good collection of choorals of varying thickness.All them are of almost 4feet long and thickness varying from 6mm to 12mm.Her caning is very painful and not allow me to rub.I am her house boy

by soloman Sat Apr 30 04:12:34 UTC 2011

please write abt how she uses the cane on u and she makes u naked and rubs ur penis while giving hard strokes

by guest Sat Apr 30 08:28:36 UTC 2011

Ok any body has received any dirty punishment plz write.

by guest Mon May 02 02:35:26 UTC 2011

Do you want to discuss and read about caning experiences? visit the below link and

replace the [dot] with a .


The best cane stories ever....

Subscribe to the blog and get notified via email when new expereinces are posted.

This forum is moderated and only valid expereinces are posted.

Oneline replies and unnecessary comments are not permitted.

Please feel free to post your own experiences and exchange them with other users in

the same page...instead of going around in circles...

Visit the site, subscibe, leave your comments and share your experiences.

by guest Sun May 08 03:33:37 UTC 2011

I well built male but for me it is difficult to take even best of six on my bare back. How people talk about taking dozens ? my girl fnd keeps me away using cane with the prize tag if won then I can have x with her. Is there any medicene to with stand her caning ??

by manoj Mon Jun 27 14:58:50 UTC 2011

Hi Manoj, share some of ur caning experiences

by guest Sun Jul 10 07:11:29 UTC 2011

hai guest
Today I go severe caning by our lady

by guest Tue Jul 12 16:43:39 UTC 2011

female giving caning is good culture it is no fully grown in india . it creates a intemisy in husband wife relarion ship, it develops wife confident level also. but in schools male teachers cane male sudents mostly this is the probelum caning is opposed. mostly some female teachers cane with our any artistic sence and in friendly sence so it creats problumes, many female in india is not awere of female caning male option.

by vigna Sat Jul 30 12:10:36 UTC 2011

am male in tamilnadu i love to be caned by women verymuch i would like to marry a caning wife with great plessure, may men ro no about that pleasure

by vigna Sat Jul 30 12:37:51 UTC 2011

one of my ambition is to get caning from female demale teacher

by vigna Sat Jul 30 12:39:48 UTC 2011

i like to get a wife like shela mam, deasy mama,puspha mam, if i get like that i will be very happy.

by vigna Sun Jul 31 05:19:55 UTC 2011

Hi Vigna... I am also from Tamil Nadu... May I know from which part of Tamil Nadu you are?

by Mn... Mon Aug 01 14:30:48 UTC 2011

Hi sheela,
I am sherily, By profession i am collage teacher. i married to a person who is in complite control of me. I married him because he is not educate and i can made him my slave very easily. i used him for my cruel pleasure.He does all house chore as servant and my personal slave.Failing to do these duties he receives seviour punishment caning, pinching, slapping. he cry for mercy i stop only when i satisfied.Then i use him for my pleasure.
Ms. Vimala i like your sentance Ny husband is my slave. Do write to my Mail id About you how you keep your husband at home and how he serve you i can get some idea to improve my pleasure.

by sherily Sun Aug 14 15:31:59 UTC 2011

am from maduri

by vigna Wed Aug 17 11:21:25 UTC 2011

hai sherily ur husband is very luckey, me to like to marrey a women like u . ilike to resive caning from wife and female teacher

by vigna Wed Aug 17 11:25:42 UTC 2011

Hi Vigna... I am from Mdu too but now settled in Chennai...

by Mn... Fri Aug 19 14:42:13 UTC 2011

This sherily is a male and fake,his language was very poor

by abc Wed Aug 24 04:49:49 UTC 2011

Guys, I think, Daisey, Sheela, Pushpa, Shirley and Vimala Rajan all are fantasy males. I don't think that Indian women are liberated enough to express their dark side yet. It is very common in Canada, US and Europe. By accident, I came to this site but won't believe it. So, please do not waste your time on this.
Guest from Canada

by guest Wed Aug 24 23:30:43 UTC 2011

My dear guest from Canada, I being an aristocrat house wife I use cane with pleasure. but never I when I am angry. But v took very long time since our marriage to this kind of life style owing to medical problem.

by Gouri Thu Aug 25 16:59:15 UTC 2011

hi gouri,please share your latest caning experience

by guest Thu Aug 25 20:57:08 UTC 2011

Thanks Gouri. I am really surprised to know that you use the cane with pleasure. Nothing wrong with that as long as you both understand and agree. I came accross some posts by a name Vimals Rajan saying that she applied chilie powder and balm in the fresh cane marks of her husband. She also mentioned that she purchased him for 10,000,000 rupees and she is doing from her first night. I find it is too hard to believe. Again, I can believe this could happen in Europe or North America.
from Canada

by guest Sat Aug 27 16:07:24 UTC 2011

Hi pushpa mam plz describe caning process

by guest Sat Sep 03 07:02:54 UTC 2011

I want to take any punishment.from lady any punishment like whipping caning murgha etc plz.give me punishment my name is akshay

by Akshay Mon Sep 26 01:59:59 UTC 2011

Hi I want some medicine to bear the pain. can any one help me. my girlfriend gives me best of six with her four feet cane which makes me lay at her feet. she agrees to do anything if I can bear 2 doz.

by Manoj Tue Sep 27 17:25:25 UTC 2011

Hai manoj describe more from your girl friends routine punishments

by ajays Mon Oct 03 03:38:14 UTC 2011

I am going to get married soon. Can the experienced ladies please help give me ideas to start the punishments?

by Dhanya Fri Oct 07 17:08:54 UTC 2011

Hi Dhanya I do'nt know if u r a lady. it is better tie the hands before u pickup cane.

by nita Sun Oct 09 16:58:45 UTC 2011

Thanks Nita. I used to be a teacher and enjoy caning a lot. Now I want to introduce my would be husband to submit to me for caning. So any ideas are welcome.

by Dhanya Sun Oct 09 19:12:29 UTC 2011

Hello name is anthony and i was raised by Mummy to accept that i would be disciplined had whenever i displeased her. i am very grateful to Her for this and for training me to kow that it is my duty to carry out housework. Now i am married and much older i do all the housework,cooking,shopping ironing so my wife does not have to waste her valuable time on such things.Women should not have to spend tome on menial tasks. If the way i have done something displeases Her then i am caned. She also has a Woman friend who knows about this and has me do the same for her holiday house although She doesn't cane me. i think all Women should discipline their men and am very encouraged by all those who write to Your site my Lady. thank You, anthony,an obedient male.

by guest Sun Nov 06 12:18:25 UTC 2011

My wife is a real domme . After coming from office , I have to do all the chores. If she is not satisfied (n that is more often than not) , she punishes me naked ... like standing me naked in centre of room, or naked kneel down, whipping on naked ass, naked murga etc. After ~1 year of marriege my mother-in-law shifted to my house. I thought that I will not get punished any more. But I was wrong. She too joined in with my wife. I still remember the first day I was exposed to my mother-in-law. ---- my wife tied me naked with a window in my room n went out keeping the door open. I was terrified. After some time mother-in-law entered in my room n started laughing. I was dying in shame. She laughed n humiliated my tool saying how little I am.Then my wife entered and said that from now on I will have to serve her as well, otherwise I will be punished very heavily. From then on I am slave to both of them. Mother-in-law's (MIL) favourite is to make me naked murga and make me look at her eyes and she would lecture me about how to be a good husband. All the time she would wear a naughty smile. Then she would make me say humiliating words like.... "I have done wrong and so I am punished naked by my wife and MIL. I will not do this again" ...etc .for long time loudly (from 15~30mins). Ocassinaly they would whip my naked ass n I have to count them. While keeping me naked , they would make humiliating rules like .... while moving I have to hold ears and move in little jogging steps!!! Sometimes they would tie a small bell to my balls and a tail !!!

by Rahul Tue Dec 06 10:19:54 UTC 2011

I want Chooral Prayogam From Ladies wilsonred@rediffmaildotcom

by Santhosh Kumar Thu Jan 12 11:54:31 UTC 2012

I caned my husband first time on valentine's day. It was soo nice (for me atleast). He forgot to get me flowers, and he agreed to be punished for that. LOL. He got more than he bargained for. And his performance in bed was so much better after the session.

by Dhanya Thu Feb 16 21:54:49 UTC 2012

Hi im rejin, i'm a slave to ma gal friend she makes me lick her usd panties

by Rejin Thu Feb 23 08:58:53 UTC 2012

Ma gf used humiliate me a lot call bad words spit on ma face slap

by Rejin Thu Feb 23 09:01:39 UTC 2012


by guest Thu Feb 23 18:32:04 UTC 2012

Hi Dhanya... Have you caned him after that... Pls share more experiences...

by guest Sun Feb 26 14:55:06 UTC 2012

Hiiii dhanya kya tum muje murga banaogi

by Guestji Mon Feb 27 21:37:43 UTC 2012

I am a boy of 28 years old . I am an obedient husband. I use to get caning from my wife at my back , thigh . She use to slap me . She use to make me lick her feet , use to give me kicks at my various parts of body. She & her sister use to punish me making me naked and giving me kicks with their slippers & bare feet . If any mam is there who wants to make me her footslave pls e-mail me at dib23@rediffmail

by Dibyendu Sat Mar 03 11:12:12 UTC 2012

Hi pushpa mam I want to be your slave . i am ready to give any type of interview .

by Dibyendu Sat Mar 03 11:19:52 UTC 2012

not yet Guest. What is ur real name?

by Dhanya Wed Mar 07 05:52:12 UTC 2012

Here is my TRUE story - I was invited to a close friends party where I saw this woman wearning a translucent light green saree, woen way below the waist and exposing her navel. However, I couldn't take my eyes of her massive brsts, high and firm pushing thru the sleeveless blouse. She caught me staring at her, and her expression changed to being angry, it happend a few more times too and I saw her talking to my friends wife Asha who looked over at me angryly too. After the party was over, Asha asked me if I could stay as she needed help and I say ok. My friend said he needed to run to the airport and I said I'll wait. As soon as he left, Asha walked over to me and told me to go to the basemnt, which was furnished where I saw this girl again setting a stool and she motioned me to come over. She was blunt and she told me, "You are going to be punished for your behavior", then she looked over to the right and called to the two other girls, did you get the ruler? I was scared stiff and just said meekly "Please I'm sorry!", but she just moved quickly again to the stairs, her saree flying about and showing more of the waist and her almost backless matching green blouse, that had ared string tied at the top that looked sexy. I heard her shouting, "I need abowl of rice", and heard Asha saying "Just a minute Geetha", I had no idea what she was doing, just as the two girls one in white top and black jean an the other in a light gray skirt and black top held my arm on either side. Asha came down and gave the rice bowl to Geetha, then came over to me and said "Chetan, I'm very disappointed in you, you deserve it!", then pinched me hard on the arm and waited, waited for Geetha, who was putting the rice onthe floor in two spots. After she was done, she just said motioned the girls to bring to over to the spot, I got pushed and the girls just stayed behind me. Geetha was looking at me and I hesitated to meet her eyes, couldn't help staring at her brsts. I still had no idea what she intended to do, she suddenly grabbed me ears hard, the grip itslef was such that I felt a little scared, but my heart beats increased as she almost shouted, "Kneel Down!", It all then sank in as I heard a gasp from Asha and the other girl Radha, that she was going to make me kneel on uncooked rice, I resisted, while Geetha twited and tightened her grip trying to force me down. Asha said I have to watch this or something while Geetha plain ignored me "Pleases", the pain getting more painful...She had now clasped and pinched so hard I was moaning "Ahhh ahhh", and didn't want to kneel, but the forced on her grip made me touch the knees on the rice, the two spots almost perfectly placed to prick the knees, I realised how severly painful its going to be. As soon as I had kneeled down, Geetha's navel was right in my face, I saw her sexy wiat band tied just above the waist line, giving me a erektion. Now her pinch turned to a upward movement, making me kneel straight. Then Geetha settled herself on the stool, crosslegged, and said "Where were you looking at me all the time?", As I said "Nowhere",she changed the grip now and started twisting back and forth and said "Girls". The hard whack on the back of left thigh brought me back into focus, realised Radha had used the ruler to hit me hard. Then it was Sreelatha, the other girl in Jeans, hitting me on the right. And Radha and Sreelatha again continued as Geetha loosened the grip a little but started to pull and rub my ears. Her next question was sharp, "So am I sexy? Answer me!". The girls must have given me about 10 on each leg, when they stopped, as I said "Yes", Asha joined in and pinched both my arms squeezing and pulling and turning, then said "Punish hime severly Geetha!". After maybe two minutes of pinching, she looked at me strictly and walked off.

by guest Sat Mar 17 18:51:46 UTC 2012

Getha's ear twisting had now become very painful, twisting back the ear, harshly pulling on it or rubbing with her tumb and index finger...she would not even let got for a minute. She must have done this for an hour, my knees pricking so much all I could was not think about the kneel down punishment. Then she relaxed suddently and said stand up, but got pulled up, then she had me dust off the rice pieces sticking to the knees, not letting go of my ears, and said to on of the girls, Go call Asha. When Asha came, I noticed her backless blouse and in a flowering print blue saree, see thru showing her navel, and she put her hand on on her hips. I had forgotten with Geetha vsisible than even Asha was sexy, though very slim. Geetha then said "Asha, do you still have the cane you used for Amar?". Asha smiled and and said "Yes its in my bedroom, Rads, can you get it?". By this time I was just pleading and saying sorry, but they wouldn't listen. Asha said, "You've been punished for a half hour only, we're not going to let you go so soon, Amar isn't going to be back for another 3 hours". Half hour just felt more than an hour, Oh my gog, I could not think anything except saying "Please Asha, I promise I won't". Geetha just said while rubbing the ears, "Yes, caning will make sure of that!". When Radha came down, Asha quickly took the can from her and said, if you want to leave, that ok, we'll be for some time. The girls left me with gorgeous Geetha keeping up the ear twists, almost reading my mind said "I have lot of stamina, this will go on for hours", send a shiver thru me as it was hurting now, ears flaming hot and then came the swish swish swish of the cane. I had taken my eyes off look at what Geetha was saying, as Asha just bend and started the caning, pausing for the pain effect on the lower part of the leg on the calves, then moveing upward, on the back of the thighs. I started to touch the places she had caned, but Geetha hard twist and stern voice stopped me "No, NO, you cannot touch you legs", and she contiued the upward pulling and pinched hard on the top portion of the ear, "Ahhhhh Ahhhhh" I stopped my hand movement. After giving me another 8 or 10 cuts on the legs, Asha stopped. Then Geetha just kept pinching my ears for along time, which they chatted and after about 20 minutes sa1d, "Asha, now you pinch hime,gimme the cane!". Asha gave the cane and told me "This is normal, we give our husbands a whacking every few weeks and we swap, I'll punish her husband and Geetha punishes your friend. Geetha has a lot of variety of punishments, you'll find out over time". Over time, which means they were going to do this many times, God, I was now scared, but not crying yet. I had messed with the ring leader of the dominant wife's club and now she was going to cane me, I was sure it won't be as easy as Asha's either.

by guest Sat Mar 17 23:59:18 UTC 2012

My wife has discovered pictures of caning pictures on my computer and has decided to cane me. She has sentenced me to 25 and has given me a week to think about it.
She has bought the cane which looks fearsome and she has told me she will be baring my bum for the whacking.
Perhaps I'm lucky compared with some of the descriptions of beatings i have read but I think she is going to enjoy this and there will be repeats.
Any tips on how to endure and even enjoy this?

by BEN Fri Mar 23 20:51:38 UTC 2012

Hi daisy i need person like you. will you train me

by slave Tue Apr 10 09:16:19 UTC 2012

i was very happy with my husband who is 2 years elder than me.after 5 years of our marriage he lost his job and started drinking heavily.i warned him a couple of times but he never bothered to stop day my mother came to my place to stay for the night and found my husband drunk and misbehaving.she called me aside and told me that only corporal punishment can do some good before its too late.she left next day but advised me to slap his hands with a ruler once he is sober i called my husband next day to our brd room and was surprised to find that he does not remember most of what has happened while he was drunk.i took a ruler and told him that either he accepts my punishment or i will not give him any money.reluctantly he heldout his hands while i gave 5 sharp cuts on both his palm.he cried with pain and promised not to drink again.he still drinks now and then and i give him the same punishment next day.things are getting better particularly after using a thin cane also across his calf.this cane was sent by my mother.i have given him permission to drink only on saturdays but any other day if he cheats and get drunk he gets the ruler and cane.i must say that this strict action has improved our lives.

by rina madam Tue May 29 21:00:06 UTC 2012

Hai madam what was the most hard punishment you give to your husband,which type of cane you used,which part of the body you targetted,please reply

by suku Sun Jun 03 11:51:55 UTC 2012

hello rina madam r u teacher ?

by guest Mon Jul 02 22:28:51 UTC 2012

caning is a pleasure

by guest Wed Jul 18 15:07:11 UTC 2012

I want Caning from Ladies 9400390776

by Santhosh Kumar Tue Aug 28 07:34:47 UTC 2012

I want Caning from Ladies 9400390776

by Santhosh Kumar Tue Aug 28 07:34:47 UTC 2012

my wife canes me if i swear 10 canes for everytime i swear on me bear bum!!!!i once recieve 100 and made my bum bleed!!!

by ricky b Sun Sep 09 07:02:34 UTC 2012

I am school teacher.Yesterday I gave vary hard caning to my hubby on palm and bare buttock for not doing his assigned work.

by Dhanita Fri Oct 19 09:56:35 UTC 2012

Can anybody suggest me how many strokes of caning can be given safely on palm and buttock as I started such punishment to my hubby recently.

by Dhanita Fri Oct 19 10:00:40 UTC 2012

Enikke age28aane wife23aane nalla body shape unde avalkke.chiri nalla bangiyane anu ennane pere.vanitha policil aane joli.oru divasam njan oru pennine kannirukki kanichu.athe anuvinte friend aanenne enikke ariylllaayirunn.anu enne stationil vilippichu.entekoode onnum chodichilla.flexible aaya thadich chooral kondu thudayil 2adikitty njan karanju poyi aadyamayittane aval enne adichathu.pinne vadi kondu thatti enne thirichu nirthi chandikku kure adikitty.baryayude kie konde adi kittiyathe enikku nanakkedayi.5adi njan chandikku tharum.last adi kittyal odykollan anu paranju.njan ody veetilethy.engine anuvine face cheyyum ennayirunnu ente chintha.anu vannu.sarikku vedanichu alle.aval chodichu.oint ment puratti thannu.pinne divasavum veetil ninne aval enne adikkum.

by Nijesh Sun Oct 21 07:05:05 UTC 2012

Hai pushpa thick cane konde adi kittiyal hus karayarundo

by Nijesh Mon Oct 22 02:37:28 UTC 2012

Daisy husintem chandiyil ninnum chora podiyarundo

by Nijesh Mon Oct 22 02:48:16 UTC 2012

koi mughse punish hona chahta h vo b free of cost

by abc Tue Oct 23 08:17:02 UTC 2012

Hai nijesh what are you doing now?what is the dimension of the cane she used,is there any bleeding occurs,please tell i am eager to wait

by Palti Wed Oct 24 08:13:12 UTC 2012

Njan oru private companyil work cheyyunnu.aval police aayathu kondu nalla thadicha vadi konde aane adikkunnathe.anu vadi kiyil eduthal hus aanenna pariganana enikke tharilla.schoolil teachermar adikkunnathu polonnumalla onnu kondal thala karangum.rail palam pole chuvanna thadicha line undavum

by Nijesh Wed Oct 24 17:31:54 UTC 2012

Anu ninne adichathil thettonnumilla.athu ninakkulla sikshayanu.ella divasavum ninne thallan anuvinu vattano?anuvinte chodyam cheyyunna murakal ariyamo?

by Priya Sun Nov 04 03:22:38 UTC 2012

Nijesh policende adi anganeyanu.ninakku dose alpam kurachukanum

by Priya Sun Nov 04 03:25:55 UTC 2012

Anu upayogikkunna chooral enganeyullatha?anu kainakham neetty valarthiyittundo?

by Priya Sun Nov 04 03:48:32 UTC 2012

Priya ningal streekal angineye parayu.anu enne 2adichappol mattulla policekarikal mathi ennu paranjittu veendum orupade adichu.priyayayirunnenkilum ingine cheyyumayirunno?njan chila divasam dutikku povathe friendsnoppam karangum.annu krethyamayi aval ariyum.pinne aval paranja enthenkilum karyam cheythillenkil sadarana wifene pole mukam veerpikkunna seelamonnum avalkilla.roomil vache krithyamayi dose enikku tharum.aalukalude munnil vache enne nalla bahumanamane

by Nijesh Mon Nov 05 10:09:08 UTC 2012

Priya married aano.husne thallarundo?policende adi annenikku manassilayi priya.veetil oint purattitharumbol aval paranjathe njan sarikku thalliyittilla ennane.sarikku kittiyirunnenkil?

by Nijesh Mon Nov 05 10:14:56 UTC 2012

Nalla thadicha choorale aval yoose cheyyu priya.flexiblum aanu.tholi chooralil ottivarum oro adikkum

by Nijesh Mon Nov 05 10:17:35 UTC 2012

Priya anuvinte kie nakam nalla baniyane.idathu kieyile ella nakavum mukkal inch neetti vachittunde.

by Nijesh Mon Nov 05 11:26:13 UTC 2012

Anuvinte nakham athupole thanne cheyyatte

by Priya Mon Nov 05 13:08:04 UTC 2012

Anuvinte nakham athupole thanne cheyyatte

by Priya Mon Nov 05 13:08:09 UTC 2012

Anuvinu valathu kayylil nakhamille?

by Priya Mon Nov 05 13:09:55 UTC 2012

Njan paranjathu sariyalle,aval nannayi thalliyilla

by Priya Mon Nov 05 13:12:39 UTC 2012

Anu police alle anuvinu siksha nadathiye mathiyaku

by Priya Mon Nov 05 13:16:16 UTC 2012

Ninakkariyille anuvinte job enthanennu.anuvinte kayil kittiyal avar kuttavalikala

by Priya Mon Nov 05 13:18:47 UTC 2012

Anuvinte neettiya nakham kandal pediyakumo?

by guest Mon Nov 05 13:20:26 UTC 2012

Nijesh pedikkum

by guest Mon Nov 05 13:32:57 UTC 2012

Anuvinte nakam athu pole thanne cheyyatte. enikku manassilayia priya.valathu kiyilum nakam unde cheruthane. Athaval nail polish cheyyarilla.njan paranjille nee anuvinte side nilku.aa adiyonnu kitti nokku athinte vedana arinjal nee anuvine support cheyyilla

by Nijesh Mon Nov 05 14:02:11 UTC 2012

Anu thettu cheythathu kondu sikshichatha.nakham valathukayyilum neettanam.

by Priya Mon Nov 05 14:44:47 UTC 2012

Enthinanu valathu kiyil adikam neettunnathe

by Nijesh Mon Nov 05 14:50:31 UTC 2012

Anuvinodu chodikku.anuvinte nakham enthina?

by Priya Mon Nov 05 15:15:59 UTC 2012

Enthinanu idathu kayyil anuvinunakham?

by Priya Mon Nov 05 15:17:18 UTC 2012

Priya athu vache enikke edakkide kittarunde.pakshe valathu kiyile nakathinanu vedana kooduthal.kal inchu neelam unde athu.priya 9.30ne foruthil varamo

by Nijesh Mon Nov 05 15:27:39 UTC 2012

Idathu kayyil enthina mukkal inch nakham? Athinte shape entha? Nee chodichittille ithenthina ennu?

by Priya Mon Nov 05 15:29:52 UTC 2012

Athu koortha shape aane priya valathethu round shape aane njan chodichu orikkal .ente barmudakkadiyil koodi kiyitte chirichu kondane nalla oru pich aval thannathu.enthinanonnu manasilayonnu chdichu

by Nijesh Mon Nov 05 15:45:21 UTC 2012

Kuttavalikaleyum anu ithu thanneyano cheyyaru?

by Priya Mon Nov 05 15:51:48 UTC 2012

Ninkku manassilayo athinte gunam?

by Priya Mon Nov 05 15:54:14 UTC 2012

Koortha shape enthinaannu manassilayo? Ninte wife ithu thanneyanu kuttavalikaleyum cheyyu.

by Priya Mon Nov 05 15:58:06 UTC 2012

Kadutha kuttavalikalode aval krooramayi perumariyittunde.caril aanpillerkoppam ellam nadathi karangiya penkuttiye kie pirakilakki kettiyitte nenjinde njettil pidiche nannayi pichi.aval athu jeevithatgil marakkillennu anu ennodu paranju

by Nijesh Mon Nov 05 16:03:09 UTC 2012

Ho priya ente kannil kkode ponneecha parannu.

by Nijesh Mon Nov 05 16:07:12 UTC 2012

Anuvinte nakgam joli cheyyunnundu.

by Priya Mon Nov 05 16:10:31 UTC 2012

Sarikku joli cheyyunnunde.priyaaareyenkilum pichrundo

by Nijesh Mon Nov 05 16:43:51 UTC 2012

Illa, anu police aanu.avar duty cheyyatte.

by Priya Tue Nov 06 03:08:34 UTC 2012

Cheriya thettukalkku anuvinu sikshikkan adhikaramundu

by Priya Tue Nov 06 03:10:45 UTC 2012

Anu ethu stationil aanu work cheyyunne?anu kroorayano?

by Priya Tue Nov 06 03:24:41 UTC 2012

Hus aayalum kuttam cheythal anu police aanu

by guest Tue Nov 06 03:47:40 UTC 2012

Anuvinte nakham kandal pediyakumo?

by guest Tue Nov 06 04:04:02 UTC 2012

Anu nakham neelam koottunnundo? Anu thanniye aano nakham koorppikkunnathu?

by Santhosh Tue Nov 06 04:06:09 UTC 2012

Anu kroorayalla priya nallathane. Ethu statianil aanu worku cheyyunnathennu parayilla

by Nijesh Tue Nov 06 05:38:48 UTC 2012

Nee poda nuna parayathe

by Santhosh Tue Nov 06 07:54:00 UTC 2012

Anu police alle.randu kayyilum orupole nakham venam

by Priya Wed Nov 07 13:35:16 UTC 2012

Ennittu venam enne 2 kie kondum orupole pichan.angine avalkku rasam kayariyal pinne ente karyam ho.priyamolku vayichu rasikkananlle

by Nijesh Wed Nov 07 16:59:07 UTC 2012

Anu rasathinu cheyyunnathano?nee cheyyunna kuttathinu ninne police sikshikkunnathalle?

by Priya Thu Nov 08 01:16:05 UTC 2012

Anu ee forum kandal 2kayyilum orupole nakham valarthum

by Priya Thu Nov 08 01:34:22 UTC 2012

Oru kie kondu kittunnathu thanne thudayilum buttoksilum nakam aazhennirangiyathinde chandrakala polulla padukal kureyunde. ini priyakke nirbandamanenkil ingottu vannolu njan anuvinodu priyayude buttoksilum thudayilum nalla pichu tharan parayam

by Nijesh Thu Nov 08 02:39:55 UTC 2012

Anu nee kuduthal kalichal stationil pidichukondu pogum

by Priya Thu Nov 08 07:24:01 UTC 2012

Enthina pidichu kondu povunnathu

by Nijesh Thu Nov 08 09:40:04 UTC 2012

Ninne lock up sistem kaanikkan.ninakku anuvine uniformil kaanumbol pediyundo?anu kuttavalikale kaikaaryam cheyyanano nakham valarthunnathu?

by Priya Thu Nov 08 12:43:28 UTC 2012

Anuvine uniformil kanan nalla luck aane.enikku pediyalla ishtamane angine kanan.nyamaya karyangalkke anu kuttavalikale thallarullu.stationil aval thanneyanu thallunnathe

by Nijesh Thu Nov 08 14:01:51 UTC 2012

Anuvinte nakham kuttavalikallu vendiyullathano?

by Priya Thu Nov 08 14:23:54 UTC 2012

Kuttavalikalkkum enikkum vendiyullathane

by Nijesh Thu Nov 08 14:29:19 UTC 2012

Enthanu kuttavalikale athukondu cheyyaru?

by Priya Thu Nov 08 14:34:41 UTC 2012

Anu thallunnathu enganeyanu.policinu athintethaya methods ille?

by Priya Thu Nov 08 14:36:25 UTC 2012

Undavum priya. njan avalodu chodichu.stationil vannal ningale thanne cheythu kanikkam ennane aval paranjathe.

by Nijesh Thu Nov 08 14:47:12 UTC 2012

Nalla police

by Priya Thu Nov 08 14:54:29 UTC 2012

Anuvinte nakhamkondu kuttavalikale enthanu cheyyuka

by Priya Thu Nov 08 14:55:36 UTC 2012

College school piller okke pidichal nannayi pichum.kadutha kuttamanenkil dress remoove cheythe nipple il pichum pinne sthanathum pichum.kooduthal chodichappol nale ningal stationil vaa njan ningale cheythu kanikkam pinne samsayam undavilla ennu paranju

by Nijesh Thu Nov 08 15:56:18 UTC 2012

Anuvinte chooral etra thadichathanu?etra neelamundu?4feet undo?

by Priya Fri Nov 09 04:48:51 UTC 2012

Chooral 12mm thadiyunde priya.5feet neelamunde.doore ninnan adikkunnathu.nalla minitha chooral aane

by Nijesh Fri Nov 09 05:58:00 UTC 2012

Kettiyittittano thallunnathu?

by Priya Fri Nov 09 07:33:07 UTC 2012

Police sadharana 2cm thadicha chooral aanallo use cheyyaru.anuvinte kayyil ille athu?

by Priya Fri Nov 09 07:46:16 UTC 2012

Minimam etra adiyanu kuttavalikalkku anu kodukkaru?

by Priya Fri Nov 09 07:47:56 UTC 2012

Chilappol kie uyarthi janalinodu kettiyittu thallum.

by Nijesh Fri Nov 09 09:31:37 UTC 2012

Priya police aano. Chooralinde thadi krithyamayi ariyamallo.2cm neelamullathu flexible alla priya flexibl allathathu kondu enne thallilla anu.thadicha flexible aaya verorennam unde.athu kondu aval adikkarunde

by Nijesh Fri Nov 09 09:39:44 UTC 2012

Priya sarikke adi kodukkarunde anu.chodichal aval parayilla.venamenkil adichu kanikkam ennu paranju. Priyakke enne adi kollikkan nalla ishtamanu alle.oru karyam cheyyam.pryakkanu ethra adi kittum enne ariyendathe enne njan anuvinodu parayam.anu priyaye thanne adichu kanikkum.entha ok yano

by Nijesh Fri Nov 09 09:48:31 UTC 2012

Anuvinte adi enikku venda.njan police alla

by Priya Fri Nov 09 12:38:26 UTC 2012

Ninakentha anuvinte thallu kollan?athu mattullavarodu parayan?anuvinu joli policilanu,anu kuttam cheythavare adikkum.athu sadharanamanu.njan veruthe enthinu anuvinte thallu kollanam?thettu cheyththal police adichotte.athu anu aayalum.

by Priya Fri Nov 09 13:49:31 UTC 2012

Nee evide? Nalla 4thallu policinodu vangan aarum pokarilla.anu ninne ketti thallunna karyamalla,kuttavalikale thallunna kaaryama chodiche?

by Priya Fri Nov 09 14:18:11 UTC 2012

Nallatha anuvinu nakhavum nalla chooralum.kaalile bootsinteyum beltinteyum ruchikoodi neeyarinjamathi

by Priya Fri Nov 09 15:09:47 UTC 2012

Anu stationil aano?

by Priya Sat Nov 10 08:10:44 UTC 2012

Ethra pravasyam paranju priya kuttavalikale thallunna karyam chodichal aval thalli kanikkukaye ullu enne.ninakentha kuttavalikale anu thallunnathu kelkan ithra? Enne anu thallunnathu kelkkan ithra?bootsinum beltinu enne nee adiyum chavittum kollikkum alle?

by Nijesh Mon Nov 12 01:56:40 UTC 2012

Nee hus alle?krutyamayi chodichal anu paranjolum.anuvine wife aayi kaanan padikku

by Priya Mon Nov 12 05:59:49 UTC 2012

Anuvinte bootsil laadan ille?

by Priya Mon Nov 12 06:37:06 UTC 2012

Hus cheyyendathellam cheyyunnunde priya.ethu laadan de karyama binlaadan aano

by Nijesh Mon Nov 12 10:09:53 UTC 2012

Priya pinangiyo

by Nijesh Tue Nov 13 23:58:27 UTC 2012

atleast 1 cane wil break for every 2-3 strokes while i cane my husband.weekend i wil punish my hubby with 5-6 canes.

by kavitha Mon Nov 19 19:11:40 UTC 2012

i wil use guava is very flexible and
normally it want break.but i wil break while
caning ,i wil cane on
palms,shoulders,thigh.definetly u wil see redlines
after every stroke.totally i wil use 10canes,until
they break i wil be caning .

by kavithamam Tue Nov 20 09:43:14 UTC 2012

Kavitha nakham prayogikkunnathu munpu paranjallo?

by guest Tue Nov 20 13:34:34 UTC 2012

i wish me wud be wife punishes me....i wud like to be my wife's slave will be pleaser if she punishes me in front of her friends..and get me punished by them..also infront of MIL and SIL wud be good..

by slave chhali Fri Nov 23 16:51:59 UTC 2012

hai priya . priyakku polesine ishtamanenu manasilayi. balalsangam cheythal enthu siskshaya police kodukkaru. anu enthu siskshaya rap cheyyunnavarku odukkunnathu

by roshni Sun Nov 25 08:47:30 UTC 2012

I was not in married but when married after my wife want caned or kneeldown punished to me i will freely allowed.because i love punishment got from wife.

by Vinesh(original name) Thu Nov 29 12:14:18 UTC 2012

I want CANING from Ladies drthomaschandi40@rediffmaildotcom

by guest Fri Nov 30 13:47:24 UTC 2012

Vineesh ninne pole thanne njanum.

by Karan dupli name Fri Nov 30 15:53:00 UTC 2012

Roshni police aano?

by Priya Tue Dec 04 12:07:01 UTC 2012

I want punishments from ladies and womens aunties or girls please any interested means mail me

by guest Thu Dec 06 16:28:02 UTC 2012

ෆෙම්ඩොම් පවුල් අද ජනප්‍රිය වෙමින් පවතිනවා.මෙහිදී ස්වාමිපුරුෂයා ගෙදර ඉන්නෙ භාර්යාවගෙ අණසක යටතේ.ඔහු තම බිරිදගේ කායික දන්ඩනයට ලක් වෙනවා.එය ඔහුට සතුටක්.බිරිදටත් සතුටක්.දඩුවම් කරන්න ආසා කරන කාන්තාවන්ටත් දඩුවම් ලබන්න ආසා පිරිමින්ටත් මේ ක්‍රමයේ පවුල් ප්‍රයෝජනවත්

by kuvera Sun Dec 09 07:23:30 UTC 2012

priya pacha eerkil prayogam ennal entha

by roshni Mon Dec 10 04:10:40 UTC 2012

Roshni entha ninaku pani?

by Priya Mon Dec 10 12:34:35 UTC 2012

Njan vanitha poliecil joli cheyyunnu priya &roshni.pacha eerkil prayogam ariyille roshnikke.njan parayam roshni.innale ivide oruvane cheythu athe.nalla pacha eerkil pennu kesil pettavante athil kuthiyirakkum njangal.14lokavum kanichitte njangal vidarullu.

by Anjali Thu Dec 13 12:47:20 UTC 2012

Anjali,enganeyanu ithu cheyyunnathu? Vyakthamayi parayamo?

by Priya Fri Dec 14 01:22:54 UTC 2012

Priya avane aadyam nakaked aaki malarthi kidathu.pinne sadanam tholi thazethi holil mulaku purattiya eerkil kuthiyirakkum

by Anjali Sun Dec 16 16:11:17 UTC 2012

Anjaliyano ithu cheyyaru?

by Priya Mon Dec 17 00:36:42 UTC 2012

Anjaly ithenthinulla sikshayanu?anjali cheythittundo?oru vanithapoliceum ithu cheyyunnathu sammathikkarilla

by Sajitha Mon Dec 17 05:06:31 UTC 2012

Chila kuttavalikalku kadutha siksha thanne venam

by guest Mon Dec 17 05:28:23 UTC 2012

Anjali,hus ne sikshikendi vannitundo?

by guest Mon Dec 17 05:43:36 UTC 2012

Anjali vere enthellam sikshakalundu?

by Sajitha Mon Dec 17 05:51:03 UTC 2012

Anjaly kayyil nakham valarthiyittundo?

by Sajitha Mon Dec 17 05:52:51 UTC 2012

Anjaly innu 6 manikku forumil varumo?chilathu ariyananu

by guest Mon Dec 17 05:57:57 UTC 2012

Anjaly innu 6 manikku forumil varumo?chilathu ariyananu

by Sajitha Mon Dec 17 05:58:05 UTC 2012

Sajitha,njanum kandittundu chila vanithapoliceinu neendu koortha kainakhangal.ithenthinullathanu?aarengilum parayamo?anuvum nakham valarthiyittundennu paranjallo?

by Priya Mon Dec 17 06:11:42 UTC 2012

In my maths exam i got 15 outoff teacher is not will punish,anybody please punish to me.

by Raj Mon Dec 17 07:41:05 UTC 2012

In my maths exam i got 15 outoff teacher is not,anybody please punish me.

by Raj Mon Dec 17 07:41:49 UTC 2012

I want female domination.female freely punish mens.

by Kiran Mon Dec 17 07:50:53 UTC 2012

Any wife enjoy for punish husband?

by Nikesh Mon Dec 17 07:58:42 UTC 2012

Anjali,mam evideyanu?

by Sajitha Mon Dec 17 12:19:35 UTC 2012

Priya njanalla ithu cheythathe.aadyamayanu njan kandathu.oru manabanga kesile prathiyayirunnu avan 35age unde avane.sujatha chechiyanu cheythathe.njanum koode undayirunnu.kese ithayahu konde dayavu kanichilla

by Anjali Wed Dec 19 10:29:17 UTC 2012

Sajitha priya njanum nakam valarthiyittunde.bangikku vendi cheythathane.pakshe ithu konde ippol nalla dose kodukkarunde

by Anjali Wed Dec 19 10:33:03 UTC 2012

Anjaly sujatha ithu ellavareyum cheyyumo?mam nakhathinte prayogam parayamo?

by Sajitha Wed Dec 19 13:48:19 UTC 2012

Mam nakham vanithapolice jolikku valare aavasyamano?

by Sajitha Wed Dec 19 13:51:40 UTC 2012

Anjaly mam ella chodyavum vayichu ellathinum marupadi tharu.ethengilum utharam tharathe?

by Sajitha Wed Dec 19 13:54:38 UTC 2012

Anjaly,innengilum vaikittu 6 maniku varumo forumil

by Sajitha Thu Dec 20 07:30:19 UTC 2012

Anjaly entha varathe?

by Sajitha Thu Dec 20 13:01:23 UTC 2012

Anjaly,nee police thanneyano?

by guest Thu Dec 20 13:10:21 UTC 2012

Nee police aanengil 3rd degree vyakthamayi parayum.ninakkariyilla athu.poyi pani nokku penne.police anennu paranju vannekkanu.

by guest Thu Dec 20 13:13:21 UTC 2012

Guest mam nodu venda keto.ninne lock upil kittyal kaanichu tharum police murakal.athu thangan ninaku patilla.

by Sajitha Thu Dec 20 13:15:54 UTC 2012

Sajitha,aaninte lingathil pidichale ithu cheyyan pattu.ella vanithakalkum ithinu madiyavum.

by guest Thu Dec 20 13:29:00 UTC 2012

Guest,athu avarude joliyude bhagamalle?cheyyathe pattumo?

by Sajitha Thu Dec 20 13:32:41 UTC 2012

Njan viswasikille.ellavarum parayum cheyyumennu.pakshe aarum cheyyilla.enthina eerkil prayogam matram cheyyunne?vere onnum cheyyille?

by guest Thu Dec 20 13:35:40 UTC 2012

Guest,chila criminalsinu ithu thanne cheyyanam.itra vedanayulla veroru sikshayum kanillayirikkum.anjaly mam avarude neenda nakhathinte prayogam paranju tharum.

by Sajitha Thu Dec 20 13:39:04 UTC 2012

Guest valare ariyavunna police vanithake methods cheyyan pattu.avar satyam parayichirikkum

by Sajitha Thu Dec 20 13:43:35 UTC 2012

Ee anjaly evide?

by guest Fri Dec 21 13:02:59 UTC 2012

Anjaly koodeyulla police nodum avarude expierience ezhuthan parayanam. entha ennum ezhuthathe?

by Sajitha Fri Dec 21 13:39:56 UTC 2012

anjaly man sujatha maminu ethra vayasayi. avar married ano. eerkil kayatumpol sujatha maminte mukhabhavangal enganeyanu. avar ithu enjoy cheyyarundo

by rejani Sat Dec 22 07:25:40 UTC 2012

Rejani, anjaly police alla

by guest Sat Dec 22 14:01:58 UTC 2012

Police allathavar enganeyanu avarude sikshayeppatty paraya?

by guest Sat Dec 22 14:03:08 UTC 2012

Rejani,eniku vanithapolice aakan ishtama.pakshe eniku ee work sariku cheyyendathengane ennarinju kooda.

by guest Sat Dec 22 14:05:29 UTC 2012

Athentha anjaly nakhathinte prayogam?njan kettittilla.

by Latha Sat Dec 22 14:19:34 UTC 2012

Latha,namukariyatha pala prayoganalum vanithapolice cheyyarundu.

by Preetha Sun Dec 23 03:08:11 UTC 2012

Vanithapolice prayogikkunna murakal ellam avar parayathathentha?

by Latha Sun Dec 23 05:27:46 UTC 2012

Were is anjaly?

by guest Sun Dec 23 11:09:06 UTC 2012

Anjaly,prathiye sikshikunnu ennarinjathil santhosham

by Vinod Tue Dec 25 03:47:52 UTC 2012

Njan alpam busyayipoyi ini njan undavum

by Anjali Sun Dec 30 12:05:49 UTC 2012

Sajitha sujathachechikku35age enikke 26.ini orikum ingine cheyyan ninakku thonnilla ennu paranju chechi ennodu eerkil eduthu kodukkan paranju.ariyathe pattiyathanennu paranje avan karanju.pakshe chechi athu kuthiyirakki.

by Anjali Sun Dec 30 12:22:18 UTC 2012

Anjaly mam,mam ithu cheyyathathentha?madiyano?mam married allathathu kondano?

by Sajitha Sun Dec 30 23:48:19 UTC 2012

Anjaly mam nakhathinte prayogam paranjillallo?

by Sajitha Sun Dec 30 23:54:50 UTC 2012

anjali mam sujatha mam eerkil evideyanu kuthiyirakkiyathu. pathukkeyano atho force upayogichano kuthiyirakkiyathu. eerkil kuthiyirakkumpol sujatha ma enjoy cheythu. appol sujatha mam nte bhavam enthayirunnu. avante bhavam enthayirunnu. avan nilavilicho. blood vanno. okke parayamo. jinjasa kondanu

by rejani Mon Dec 31 15:20:36 UTC 2012

Anjaly mam cheat cheyyunnu

by Sajitha Tue Jan 01 02:52:20 UTC 2013

Rejani police aano?

by Sajitha Tue Jan 01 07:07:58 UTC 2013

sajitha njan police alla but policenr enikku ishtamanu.vivaham kazhikumenkil oru poleesukarane ayirikkum

by rejani Tue Jan 01 07:46:18 UTC 2013

sajitha eerkil prayogathe patty thanikku ariyunna karyangal parayamo

by rejani Tue Jan 01 07:47:59 UTC 2013

Madiyayittalla sajitha.ithokke seeniorsineyane si elpikkunnathe.sujatha chechi aavasyamullathu kuttavalikalkku kodukkan midukkiane.

by Anjali Tue Jan 01 12:36:08 UTC 2013

Anjaly mam nakhathinte upayogam ithuvare paranjilla

by Sajitha Tue Jan 01 12:43:37 UTC 2013

Savitha nee enthu cheyyunnu.njangal scool college piller girl friendine kootti konde parkil varum.njangapidichal pavam piller aanenkil stationil kondu poyi nalla pichu kodukkum.pichunnathil njan expert aane

by Anjali Tue Jan 01 16:42:07 UTC 2013

Anjali mam etra neelathil valarthiyittund?2kayilu undo nakham?stationil vere aarum nakham valarthiyittille?vanitha station aano?etra staff und

by Sajitha Wed Jan 02 00:26:05 UTC 2013

Sajitha enthu cheyyunnu ennu paranjilla.valathu kiyil kurachu neelam mathrame ullu.edthu kiyil arainch unde.sujetha chechi edathu kiyil alpam valarthiyittunde. Vanitha station alla njan4per unde

by Anjali Wed Jan 02 10:12:35 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,njan housewife aanu.age 45.enthengilum parayumbol athu vyakthamayi vivarichu parayu.njangalku ariyillallo ningal policekarude reethi.athukonda.eerkil kayattumbol blood varumo?etra time venam ithu cheyyan?lingathil aaranu pidikkunnathu?

by Sajitha Wed Jan 02 12:57:08 UTC 2013

Anjaly mam,nale oru samayam paranjal aa nerathu njan forumil varam.vaiktu mathi.munpathe chodythinu marupadi ezhuthanam.mam vivaham kazhinjathano?

by Sajitha Wed Jan 02 13:00:51 UTC 2013

Anjali mam njan ravile 6 muthal 7.30 vareyum vaikittu 6 muthal 8 vareyum ee forumil undavum

by Sajitha Wed Jan 02 13:30:59 UTC 2013

Eerkilil chuvappu pattiyittundavum.njanum pidichu koduthu avande lingathil kazinja thavana.kuthiyirakki 15minutte vachu.edakkide eerkilil pidiche elakkiyum amarthiyum sujatha chechi sarikku vedanippichu.

by Anjali Wed Jan 02 15:31:03 UTC 2013

Anjali mam enthanu police aakan karanam?mam married aano ennathinu utharam paranjilla

by Sajitha Thu Jan 03 00:02:05 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,enthha ningalum mindathe? Njan mam nekal prayam aayathukondano?ente makante age alle ullu mam,maminu

by Sajitha Thu Jan 03 13:38:09 UTC 2013

Sajitha police joliyil namukku siksha kodukkanulla adikaram unde athane ee joli enikke ishtam.njan married alla.sajithakke entha ariyendathe chodikku.

by Anjali Thu Jan 03 14:09:48 UTC 2013

Namukalla mam,mam aanu sikshikkunnathu.kuttam cheythavare sikshikkan itra cheru prayathil thanne mam thayyarayathu enthukonda?

by Sajitha Thu Jan 03 14:41:36 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,njan entha mam ne vilikkande?mam ennu thanne mathiyo,atho mole ennu vilichal mathiyo?

by Sajitha Thu Jan 03 14:45:21 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,itra cheriya oru kuttiye njan pedikkanamengil athu aa uniform aanu.athu manassilaayille?

by Sajitha Thu Jan 03 14:57:01 UTC 2013

Gentsinayalum ladiesinayalum kuttam cheythal nalla adiyum punishmentum kodukkan enikku ishtamayirunnu.athu kondane njan ee joli etteduthathe

by Anjali Thu Jan 03 15:13:36 UTC 2013

Mam ennu thanne vilichal mathi.sajitha kuttam cheyyukayanenkil enne bayakkendi varum

by Anjali Thu Jan 03 15:16:06 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,eniku pediyund mam policine.

by Sajitha Fri Jan 04 00:05:48 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,maminte achano ammayo thettucheythal mam avareyum sikshikkumo?avarum mam ennu thanneyano vilikkunnathu?

by Sajitha Fri Jan 04 01:45:06 UTC 2013

Orudivasam oru lady stationil vannu.husumayi prasnathil aayirunnu.38age unde avarkke husineyum njangal varan paranjirunnu.2pereyum chodichappol manasilayi.wifinde ahankaramanu karanam ennu.njan si yodu paranju avalkku 2pottichal prasnam solve aakum enne.avale njan vanitha sellil kondu poyi.pokumbol ende special chooralum eduthu.athu kandappol pedichu virachu aval pedichu virache avide ninnu.njan thudayil onne pottiche nadakkan paranju.pinne aval odukayayirunnu.enikke athu kandu chiriyum vannu.aa pavathine adikkanenikku vishamam undayirunnu.pakshe adikkathirunnal sariyavillallo.sari azikkedi ennunjan pearanju pedichu konde udane aval sari azichu.pavadayum shaddiyum njan oori matti thirichu nirthi aadyathethe chandiyil potti aval ariyathe chadipoyi pinne karachilinde pooram.nirthedi ennu paranjathu switch off cheytha pole ninnu 3ennam njan pottichu 3ne avalude moothram poyi.

by Anjali Fri Jan 04 01:54:33 UTC 2013

anjali mam oru doubt. eerkil prayogikkumpol kuttavaliyude lingam udharikkumo. atho sadharana nilayilano. ethu nilayil ayirikkumpozhanu eerkil kayatan elupam

by rajitha Fri Jan 04 02:36:41 UTC 2013

njan reghu . 12 varshangalkku munpu oru penninte parathiyil vanitha cell SI enne pacha eerkil kayatiyitundu. anganathe cruel ladiesum undu.

by reghu Fri Jan 04 02:51:24 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,njan chodichathinalla marupadi paranjathu

by Sajitha Fri Jan 04 04:14:04 UTC 2013

Veruthe angu kayattumo raghu reghu aakuttiye manabangam cheythittundavum

by Anjali Fri Jan 04 04:16:58 UTC 2013

Sajitha achanum ammayum cheythal siksha nadapadi njan ettedukkill

by Anjali Fri Jan 04 04:19:09 UTC 2013

Avar anjali ennane vilikkuku

by Anjali Fri Jan 04 04:21:05 UTC 2013

Athentha anjali mam,mattarengilum kuttam cheythal mam sikshikkunnathu?ningalude aalukale verutheyum vidunnu.ithano sari?njan karuthy mam strict aanennu.mam chooralsine patty parayu.pinne ningal 4 peril 2perude karyangalo pero paranjittilla.

by Sajitha Fri Jan 04 07:21:14 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,mam njangalude makalayilla ennorthu vishamichirunnu.mam makalayirunnengil njangal kuttam cheythal ellavareyum sikshikkunna pole njanaleyum cheyyanam.kaaranam ente makal thoppi vachu aarudeyum munnil thala kunichu nilkkan paadilla.veettilum mattidanalilumanu njangal rakshithakal.thettu cheythu stationil varendivannal kuttam crime cheythavarum.avide ente makale alla enikku vendathu.avale makalayi njan kaanilla.aval thanne njangalku siksha nadathanam.athil njanglku abhimanamanu.njan chodichathu mam veettil chodichu achanum ammayum enthanu parayunnathu ennu ennodu parayamo?

by Sajitha Fri Jan 04 12:41:44 UTC 2013

Sajitha njan ningalodu yogikkunnu.kuttam kuttam thanneyanu.siksha sikshayum.thettu cheythavar thettu cheythavarum.police eppozhum policeum aanu.Anjali mam matre anganallathaku.athalle maam satyam.

by Vinod Fri Jan 04 13:24:02 UTC 2013

Vinod ithu vayichu ente hus paranju ee kuttam njan cheythalum ithu thanneyaanu siksha.athum ente makal thanne eniku eerkil kayattumennu.athu avalude siksha reethiyanu.athil vishamam onnum thonnilla ennum ennodu paranju.avale stationil police aayi matrame kaanavu.allathe makalayi kaanaruthu ennum.

by Sajitha Fri Jan 04 13:43:13 UTC 2013

anjali mam . aval oduthathu fake complaint ayirunnu. vanitha SI oru investigationum nadathathe enne roomil kootikondu povukayanundayathu. enikkippozhum oru purushante karthavyangal niravettan budhimuttanu

by reghu Fri Jan 04 18:39:07 UTC 2013

Orupadu per ingine kuttam cheyyunnathu konde aa si raghuvine pattiyulla complaint sariyanenne karuthikanum.raghuvinu sukhamavatte

by Anjali Fri Jan 04 21:11:08 UTC 2013

Rajitha pedichu virachu nilkumbol aarkenkilum lingam udharikkumo?

by Anjali Fri Jan 04 21:14:13 UTC 2013

Sajitha ente aalukale njan veruthe vidilla.avarkkulla siksha nja kodukkilla enne paranjullu aatopic nirthu

by Anjali Fri Jan 04 21:18:33 UTC 2013

Sajitha nerathe njan oru ladye adichathu paranjille aa kesil njan upayogicha chooral nalla thadicha flexible aayathane aadythe 2adi chandi thudangunna bagathu naduvinu thaze koduthu. Avide adichal sahikkan pattatha vedanayayirikkum.3mathethe pavam thonniyathu konde chandiyil adichu.pinne avale mukamokke kazukiche fresh aaki husbendinde aduthu kondu poyi.athinu munne oro adi kodukkumpozum njan chodichirunnu ini maryadakku jeevikkumo enne .avalude phone number njan vangichirunnu. 2divasam kazinje njan vilichappol aval maryadakku jeevikkunnunde ippol ennu manasilayi.njaedakke avale vilikkum ippol njangal nalla companyane njan jyothi chechi ennane ippol avare vilikkunnathu.adi kittiyathinde pitte divasam avarude barthave swakarya nimishathil jyothi chechiyude chandiyil pottiyathu kandu.appol chechi ende adi kittiya karyam paranju.enne kandal angine adikkumenne thonnillenne hus paranju.

by Anjali Fri Jan 04 21:47:10 UTC 2013

Mattu randu per oraleyu m adikkilla avar pancha pavangal aanu sajitha

by Anjali Fri Jan 04 21:49:48 UTC 2013

Mam kandal enganeyanu?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 05 03:23:38 UTC 2013

Kandal njan pavam policukariyanenna ellavarum parayunne.bhoomika chowlaye poleyundennu paranju aduthariyunnavar bhoomike ennum vilikkarunde.pakshe enikke angine thonnioyittilla

by Anjali Sat Jan 05 03:45:01 UTC 2013

Njan chodichathu bodylanguage aanu mam

by Sajitha Sat Jan 05 04:18:02 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,eathu age aanu police aayathu?etra varsham service aayi?etra kuttavalikale mam ithu vare sikshichitundu?gentsineyano ladiesineyano mam kooduthal sikshichittulle?etra prayam vareyullavare mam sikshichitundu?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 05 05:01:01 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,rekhuvine aa mam sikshichittu 12 varsham aayennalle paranjathu.iniyathu sariyavumennu thonnunnudo mam?enthina niraparadhikale sikshikkunne?kashtam.kaakkiyittal inganeyanu alle mam?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 05 12:28:51 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,ningal ee prayogam cheyyunnavalanu.married allatha mam engane oru anya purushante lingathil pidikaan thonnum?

by Vinod Sat Jan 05 12:45:41 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,vedana kooduthalulla bhagathu matre adikkarullu alle?chooral etra neendatha?etra ennam undu?pala valuppathilullathano?orokuttangalkum chooral pratyekamundo?etra adiyanu kuranja siksha mam kodukkaru?prathiye engane niruthiyanu?cellil vacho vere special stalamundo?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 05 12:57:47 UTC 2013

Kuttam cheythavare anjaji punish cheyyumenkil court enthina?

by guest Sat Jan 05 13:42:20 UTC 2013

Nalla bodyane sajitha endeth.gentsineyum ladiesineyum kooduthal ladiesineyanennu thonnunnu.jyothi chechikku thanneyanu prayam kooduthalulla siksha38age il.reghuvinte karyathil thettu patti sajitha.pakshe athine patti paranjitte ini karyamilla.vinod oru pennine upadraviche ende munnilethiyal enikku eerkil kayattan oru madiyum thonnilla.pinne avane athu thonnilla

by Anjali Sat Jan 05 15:51:17 UTC 2013

Mam etra simple aayi paranju,rekhuvinte karythil thettupattiyennu.avanu nashtappettathu thirichu kodukkan ninglku pattumo mam?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 05 16:23:26 UTC 2013

Anjali mam sikshikkunnathu nallathanu.athu thettucheythavare.mam ellam vayichu marupadi tharathathentha?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 05 16:27:15 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,kayyile nakham kooduthal neetty valarthi koorppichu vaku.iniyum varum niraparadhikal.avare manthi poliku.mam trupthayavatte

by Sajitha Sat Jan 05 16:47:54 UTC 2013

Niraparadikale matramalle mam sikshhkkunnathu.

by Sajitha Sat Jan 05 16:49:36 UTC 2013

Sajitha chilappol policekaril ninnum niraparadikku peedanamelkendi varum.sajitha thettu karananennu karuthiyanu njangal sikshikkunnathe.njan nakam kondu manthi college pillere mikkappozum parkil ninnum mattum kittarunde.nakam vache pici njan avarude chandiyile tholi cut cheythedukkum.pinneede 2viral konde avide ende njerikkal unde alppol piller karayan thudangum.ingine cheriya sikshakkullathanu nakam

by Anjali Sat Jan 05 17:02:24 UTC 2013

Sajitha vedanikkan vendiyalle adikkunnathe.chooral 3meeter kanum16mm unde.12mm um unde athe school ennal+2.pinneyullathu lathiyane athu criminalsaya ladiesinum gentsinum upayogikkum.kalinde muttinu thaze ellinane adikkunnathe athinde vedana kure divasam undavum.nalla kuttam cheythavaranenkil kie mutte vachi purathu nalla idi kodukkum.athum kurekalam vedanaundavum

by Anjali Sat Jan 05 17:14:04 UTC 2013

anjali mam udharikkatha lingathil eerkil kayattiyal erkil nere ullilekku pokumo. eerkil ethta azhathil vare kayatum

by rajitha Sat Jan 05 18:14:27 UTC 2013

hai alla lady police and ladies. ente peru madhu. njan poleesukarananu. prathikale chodyam [bhedyam]cheyyunna squadil anu njan. orupadu kuttavalikale njan eerkil prayogam nadathiyitundu.anjaly mamnodu njan yojikunnu. kuttavaliyennu urapayale njangal pacha eerkil edukkrulloo. balasangam anenkil pacha eeerkil kayatiyirikum. ente ormayil 10 varshathe servicil njan 28 perude lingathil eerkil kayatiyitundu.rape allatha peedanam anenkil condom prayogavum undu. i enjoy doing these things. anjaly man thettu cheyyunnavane sikshikkoo. athanu mamnte joly. keeep going

by madhusoodanan Sat Jan 05 18:20:46 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,vere enthellamanu sikshakal?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 00:01:22 UTC 2013

Pokum rejitha udharichalundavunnaneelathinde athrayum povum

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 00:29:31 UTC 2013

Chila punishml ent parayam sajitha.benchil kamirthi kidathi kie 2um vayuvil vidarthi veppikkum.kal vellayil chooral konde adikkuka.mula njettukal njerikkuka. Adi vayattil idikkuka.vayu kaserayil irutkuka

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 00:37:11 UTC 2013

Vere ille?purushanmarku vere enthellam sikshakalanullathu?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 00:54:46 UTC 2013

Unde sajitha ithu puthiyathane maladwarathilpump vazi petrol ozikkum.iru chekittathu onniche shakthiyil konde chavittum.

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 01:16:09 UTC 2013

Petrol enthina mam ozhikkunnathu?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 02:02:05 UTC 2013

Vereyum kaanumallo mam sikshakal.lingathil vere enthellamanu mam cheyyaru?aa si rekhuvine enthavum cheythittundavuka?mam siksha koduthittullavar rekhuvine pole aayittundo?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 02:09:42 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,itrayum parichayamaya stitiku ini njan enthengilum kuttam cheythal mam sikshikkumo?mam nte motherinte prayam ullathukondu chodichatha.sikshichal thanne enthokkeyavum sikshakal?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 02:57:04 UTC 2013

Petrol prayogam nadathiyal dahichu thalarum.enthu cheyyanam ennu manassilavilla .njan siksha koduthavarum rakhuvine pole aayittundavum.ethra parichayamayalu kuttam cheythal sajithakko ende siksha urappane.sajitha sadarana kuttangale cheyyan saadyathayullu.athu konde jyothi chechikku koduthathu pole.sariyum pavadayum adivasthravum neeki.16mmflexible chooral konde chandiyi adikkum.

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 03:27:19 UTC 2013

Entha sajithakku veno ende kie konde

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 03:28:51 UTC 2013

Kie nakathinidayil mottu soochi kondoru prayogam unde.

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 03:30:23 UTC 2013

16 mm chooralinu adichal nalla vedanayundaville?enthina mam,prayathe manichengilum siksha ozhivakkikude?enthinanu mam sikshikkan karanam?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 03:37:38 UTC 2013

Mam cheyyarundo athu?enthu kuttathina?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 03:39:46 UTC 2013

Mam,body langage paranjilla?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 03:40:57 UTC 2013

Anjaliye ente kayi kittiyal rap cheyyum.

by guest Sun Jan 06 03:47:46 UTC 2013

Ende kie kondu 16mm chooral kondu kittiyal athunngan kure divasam edukkum.njan paranjille thettu cheythal prayamilla siksha urappe.sajitha kuttamcheythalanu siksha.mottu soochi njan kure cheythittunde.kalavu kesil aane athe

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 03:51:27 UTC 2013

Body langage nammude amala paul indethu polirikkum

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 03:53:24 UTC 2013

Theere size kuravalle kayyum kaalum?kaiku nalla thadi aavasyamalle mam?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 04:04:45 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,enikkurappundu njan kaalu pidichu karanjal mam sikshikkillennu.

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 04:07:10 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,oruthan mam ne nasippikkumennu parayunnu.

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 04:09:15 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,mam nakham enthu shape cheythirikkunne? Nakham kandal pediyakumo?kurachu koodi athayathu orinchengilum neelam 2kayyilumundengil studentsinu pedi koodum.

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 04:24:24 UTC 2013

Tholi poliyuvan vendiyano mam dress azhippikkunnathu?anungaleyum mam chooral kondu adikkarundo?avarku minimum etra adiyanu siksha?oro adikkum pottumo?kuttam anusarichu adi koodumo?mam ore aayathilthanneyano adikkaru?3m neelam valare kooduthalalle?etra akhale ninnanu mam thallunnathu?adi kittumbol karayan anuvadamille?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 04:37:38 UTC 2013

Ende kie konde adi kittiyal sajitha karuthum maminde kieyude shakthi povattenne

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 14:24:42 UTC 2013

Mam evideya?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 14:45:39 UTC 2013

Angane njan karuthilla mam.

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 14:47:11 UTC 2013

Kalu pidichu karayumbol njan sajithayude kiyil pichu athu kittumbol sajitha ariyathe ezunnelkum pinne kalu pidichathine 2ennam kooduthal sajithakku kittum chooral kashayam

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 14:49:42 UTC 2013

Ende nakam koortha shape aanu sajitha

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 14:52:29 UTC 2013

Adiyude vedana aryumbol ee snehamonnum kanilla sajitha

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 14:55:11 UTC 2013

Illa mam,athu sikshayalle?athum snehavum yathoru bandhavumilla

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 15:06:33 UTC 2013

Mam alle thallunnathu.kettittu thanne pediyavunnu

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 15:08:39 UTC 2013

Mam iniyum thadicha chooral edukkathathhnu thanks

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 15:10:42 UTC 2013

Entha mam,nakham kooduthal valarthathe?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 15:12:05 UTC 2013

Entha mam,nakham kooduthal valarthathe?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 15:12:11 UTC 2013

Kalu pidichalum sikshayundo?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 15:14:21 UTC 2013

Enthina mam ellavareyum ingane sikshikkunnathu?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 15:15:58 UTC 2013

Prayathil koodiyavare thalliyal daivam porukkilla

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 15:17:29 UTC 2013

Athe Tholi poliyan thanne3meeter venam sajitha teacher adikkunnathu pole adi karyamilla.dooree ninnum adichal nalla forcil aanu adi veezka.oro adikkum chandi potti chora varum.aanungaleyum adikkum.ella adiyum full forcil aanu.aanungalkke 4,5,6adiyokke kodukkum.karayan njan anuvadikkarunde ennalla karanju povum.athe anuvadikkathirunnal mosamalle

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 15:22:39 UTC 2013

Kooduthal nakam pichumbol potti povum.kalu pidichal kiyude purakile tholiyil nulli njan ezunnelpiche kalu pidichathinu 2adi kooduthal adikkum sajitha

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 15:28:15 UTC 2013

Sikshayillenkil aarkum pediyundavilla

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 15:29:51 UTC 2013

Kuttam cheythal ellavarkkum adiyane

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 15:33:10 UTC 2013

Sajithakkane adiyenkil oro dikku chota ozukum chandiyil.2.5mtr doore ninne chooral nalla uyarathil aayam pidichane sajithaye adikkuka.

by Anjali Sun Jan 06 16:33:55 UTC 2013

Pediyundavanano sikshikkunnathu?mam ethu stationil aanu?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 06 23:35:46 UTC 2013

Pediyundavanum kuttam theliyikkanum aanu sikksha.kozhikode district aanu.sajitha evideya.

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 01:42:17 UTC 2013

Kozhikod evideya?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 01:50:12 UTC 2013

Kuttam thelikkanano siksha?oduvil cheythittillennu thelinjal kodutha siksha niraparadhikkaville?mam swadesam evideya?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 01:53:19 UTC 2013

Kuttam thelinjathinu seshamalle mam sikshikkendathu?mam nte prayathinteya ellavareyum sikshikkan thonnunnathu.mam etra vayassila police ayathu?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:00:53 UTC 2013

Samsayamundenkile njan sikshiku.kozikodu dist thanneyanu.

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:01:49 UTC 2013

Samsayamundenkile njan sikshiku.kozikodu dist thanneyanu.

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:02:00 UTC 2013

Sajitha ennale2ennathine kitti cheruthayi pottichu

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:03:48 UTC 2013

Police station etha mam?aa stalathinu perille?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:06:15 UTC 2013

Athu koodi undavum chooral kandal enikku sikshikkan thonnum stationile chooral njan edakke eduthu nokum

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:07:00 UTC 2013

Enthayirunnu kuttam?enthu sikshayayirunnu?eppozha mam duty innu?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:08:28 UTC 2013

Njangalkke ingine punishment kodukkan padilla.athu konde station parayan pattilla

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:09:02 UTC 2013

Chooral mam select cheythu vangiyathano?sujatha mam chooral ille?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:10:28 UTC 2013

Parkil karangi nadakkunnu.couples aayirunnu.

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:12:59 UTC 2013

Ariyam mam,ennalum kuttam cheythavare sikshikkanam.veruthe jailil adachittu karyamilla

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:13:52 UTC 2013

Njangal 2perum aa chooral aanu use cheyyunne.sujatha chechiyano vangiyathe .sajithayude sthalam ethane

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:17:56 UTC 2013

Maximum neelam koodiya chooral aano mam ningalk ishtam?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:18:08 UTC 2013

Kochiya mam

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:19:37 UTC 2013

Mam swanthamayi chooral vangathathentha?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:22:34 UTC 2013

Sajitha avideyundo

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:25:35 UTC 2013

Mam paranja sikshakalellam valare nalla sikshakalanu.vereyumundo?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:25:38 UTC 2013

Ivideyund mam

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:26:48 UTC 2013

3meeter neelam athanrnikkishtam

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:27:24 UTC 2013

Cochi evideya njan vannittunde

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:28:39 UTC 2013

Evidunna mam ithu vangunnathu?enthu vila koduthu?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:30:05 UTC 2013

Sajitha engineya thadichittano

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:30:08 UTC 2013

Fort cochi

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:31:11 UTC 2013

Entha sajithakku chooral vaangano?chooral kadakalil vangikkam

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:33:16 UTC 2013

Nannayi tadichitta mam.entha chodiche?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:33:50 UTC 2013

Nannayi tadichitta mam.entha chodiche?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:33:57 UTC 2013

Beachinaduthano mattancheriyano?evideyane mail adress undo

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:35:25 UTC 2013

Thadichittanenkil adi kittiyal vegam tholi pottum

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:37:52 UTC 2013

Veruthe chodichatha.sikshikkanulla choorlinte vila ariyanamennu thonny.enikenthina mam chooral.athinte upayogam ningalkalle?vedanayalle njangalku?mam entha chooral vangathathennu paranjilla?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:38:16 UTC 2013

Sajithakku gentsinte adi kittunnathano ente adikittunnathano pedi

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:39:37 UTC 2013

Adikkunnathine kurichanu eppozhum chindha alle?daily thallarundo?etra perkundavum?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:40:43 UTC 2013

Enikku stationil aanu chooral aavasyam.athe avideyunde athanu njan vangikathathe

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:42:27 UTC 2013

Adi aarudeyayalum pediya.mam adikkunnapole aaru adichalum vedanayundaville

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:43:09 UTC 2013

Enikku stationil aanu chooral aavasyam.athe avideyunde athanu njan vangikathathe.parayu gents or ladies aarude adiyanu pedi kooduthal

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:45:02 UTC 2013

Chooral mam nte swanthamano?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:45:30 UTC 2013

Ente kie kondu kittiyal vedana nalla kooduthala chandi potti chora varum

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:47:17 UTC 2013

Mam thallunnapole aaru thalliyalum pediya mam

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:47:36 UTC 2013

Chooral ente swanthamane

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:48:23 UTC 2013

Ente kike balam kooduthalane athu kode adi entethu kittiyal orikkalum marakkilla

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:50:49 UTC 2013

Mam parayunna kettittu kayyum kaalum virakunnu.appol kuttam cheythavarude avastha enthayirikkum.stationil evideyanu adi kodukkaru?maximum oralku etra adi koduthittundu?ella adikku pottiyo?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:51:35 UTC 2013

Ente kike balam kooduthalane athu kode adi entethu kittiyal orikkalum marakkilla.avideyundo sajitha

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 02:52:52 UTC 2013

Mam ethu age aanu police aayathennu paranjilla?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 02:58:44 UTC 2013

Mam evideya

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 03:04:19 UTC 2013

Balalsanga kesile prathiye sijatha mamum njanum eerkil prayogamokke nadathiyathinu pittenne njan avanu chooral prayogam nadathi 7adi entethu kittiyappol avan thala karangi veenu.moshanakesile oru pennine 8adi koduthu

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 03:35:34 UTC 2013

23age il police aayi

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 03:37:47 UTC 2013

Appol muthal sikshikumayirunno?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 03:56:32 UTC 2013

Oru adikku thanne enthu vedanaya.8adi avarengane sahichu.mam adiyude ennam enganeya theerumanikkaru?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 04:02:08 UTC 2013

Sikshayude katinyam anusarich adiyude ennam theeru manikkum.3adi koduthapool annavar thalakarangi 3thavanayayi koduthu

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 04:08:27 UTC 2013

Adikkan kittunna avasaram njan ozivzkilla nalla adi chandiyil kodukakan enikku cheruppam muthale ishtamane.sajithakke adi kollan ishtamanalle chandiyil

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 04:11:23 UTC 2013

Siksha kodukkanamennu theerumaanichittano mam police aayathu?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 04:11:35 UTC 2013

Venda mam

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 04:12:49 UTC 2013

Mattu 2per enthinanu mam police aayathu?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 04:14:06 UTC 2013

Mattullavar jolikku vendiyanu police aayathe.athe nalla adiyum pichum kodukkan police aayathu kondu kaziyunnu

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 04:29:35 UTC 2013

Sajithakke adi kollan ishtamano

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 04:33:01 UTC 2013

Ill am adi ishtamalla.mam nu aanungleyano pennungaleyano sikshikkunnathu ishtam?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 05:16:18 UTC 2013


by Anjali Mon Jan 07 05:18:26 UTC 2013

Evideyanu siksha nadappakkunnathu?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 05:30:44 UTC 2013

Oru ozinja muriyil aanu siksha

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 06:00:58 UTC 2013

Adiyude ennam munkooty prathiyodu parayarundo mam?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 06:02:03 UTC 2013

Muriyil enthellam sajjeekarichittundu?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 06:03:24 UTC 2013

Vanithapoliceinu nakham neetty valarthan anuvadamundo mam?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 06:08:37 UTC 2013

Munkootty prayarilla adiyude ennam.adi kiitikazinjzlum iniyum undo enna pediyayirikkum avarkku.ende oru reethi njan parayan marannu. Adi kodutha udane njan avare kaserayil iruthum. Appol avarkkr thee kanalil irikkum pole thonnum

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 06:57:20 UTC 2013

Vanitha policene nakam valartham

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 06:59:14 UTC 2013

Njan paranju kettittund,oru mam ne pole oru police oru cheriya vattathil kaiketty ninnu kodukanam.minimum 10 chooral adiyathe avarude siksha.adi kazhiyathe kaikettiyathu azhikkuvano roundil ninnu kaalu purathu povukayo cheythal veendum 1muthal siksha thudangum.ithu krurathayalle mam?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 07:23:44 UTC 2013

Vanithapoliceinu nakham illegal alle?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 07:25:00 UTC 2013

Adi kondukazhinju thadavan anuvadikkarundo mam?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 07:28:27 UTC 2013

Adi kondukazhinju thadavan anuvadikkarundo mam?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 07:28:37 UTC 2013

Adi kondukazhinju thadavan anuvadikkarundo mam?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 07:28:49 UTC 2013

Avarudethu nalla siksha reethiyane krurathayalla.aaranu paranjathu vanitha policenu nakam valarthan padillennu.pakshe njan 4adi adikkumbozekkum avalude(avante)bodam povum.

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 09:28:53 UTC 2013

Illa adi kondu kazinjal thadavan sammathikkilla njan.nalla kuttam cheythavaranenkil kaserayil iruthu appol avarkke chandikadiyil thee kanal vachathu pole thonnum.avar karanju konde ezunnelkan ariyathe sramichu povum appol njan munthudayil 2pottiche amarnnirikkan parayum.njeripiri konde karanje avar irikkunnathu kandal chiri varum.chilarude1um2um avide pokum

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 09:38:31 UTC 2013

Mam studentsinu vendi matramanu nakham valarthiyathu alle?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 09:50:36 UTC 2013

Roomil vere enthokkeyund?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 09:52:04 UTC 2013

Mam,kaalile bootsinu enthanu pratyekathayullathu?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 07 09:55:42 UTC 2013

Athe nakam studentsinane

by Anjali Mon Jan 07 10:58:12 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,evideya?

by Sajitha Tue Jan 08 02:43:32 UTC 2013

Eniku mam nodu cheriya oru veruppu thonnunnu.

by Sajitha Tue Jan 08 03:08:20 UTC 2013

Entha sajitha veruppu thonnan

by Anjali Tue Jan 08 03:43:56 UTC 2013

Entha sajitha veruppine karanam

by Anjali Tue Jan 08 10:57:26 UTC 2013

Siksha thettucheythavarkku orupole aavanam.mam mamte veettilullavare sikshikkan thayyarallathathu konda veruppu.avar thettu cheyyathirikkatte.pakshe ennengilum cheythupoyal maatramulla karyama njan paranje.

by Sajitha Tue Jan 08 12:25:30 UTC 2013

Aa veruppe theeranam enne enikkagrahamilla sajitha

by Anjali Tue Jan 08 13:00:38 UTC 2013

Kshamikkanam mam,njan ini undavilla.Anjali mam,good buy ennu njan parayunnilla.mam oru nalla police aanennu thonnunna samayathu njan varam,mam nodu samsarikkan.

by Sajitha Tue Jan 08 14:56:34 UTC 2013

Appol sajitha ini varanda njan ithu pole thanneyayirikkum

by Anjali Tue Jan 08 15:12:07 UTC 2013

Appol sajitha ini varanda njan ithu pole thanneyayirikkum

by Anjali Tue Jan 08 15:12:47 UTC 2013

Mam ne poleyullavare kochiyil njangalude kayyilenganum kittiyal kaanam.

by Sajitha Tue Jan 08 23:37:25 UTC 2013

Enthu cheyyum sajitha

by Anjali Wed Jan 09 03:06:01 UTC 2013

Ninde maladwarathil mulakum velichennayum cherth arache ozikkum njan

by Anjali Wed Jan 09 03:09:16 UTC 2013

Mam athinu kozhikod alle?

by Sajitha Wed Jan 09 07:32:49 UTC 2013

Sajithaye kiyil kittiyal njan athu cheyyum

by Anjali Wed Jan 09 12:44:11 UTC 2013

Veruthe angu sikshikamo mam?

by Sajitha Thu Jan 10 00:28:23 UTC 2013

Enikku sikshikkan ishtamane.athu kondu cheriya karanam kandethi njan sikshikkum

by Anjali Thu Jan 10 02:21:27 UTC 2013

Mam vivaham cheyyunna aal oru criminal aayal?

by Sajitha Thu Jan 10 04:29:44 UTC 2013

Theerchayayum criminal swabavam njan maatum.mattullavarkku kodukkunnathinekkal kooduthal aayirikkum siksha

by Anjali Thu Jan 10 04:47:56 UTC 2013

Enthokkeyanu koodiya sikshakal?

by Sajitha Thu Jan 10 07:25:58 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,innu evening 6.30 nu forumil njan undavum.

by Sajitha Thu Jan 10 07:38:04 UTC 2013

Evide mam ithu vare kandillallo?mam thirakkilano?

by Sajitha Thu Jan 10 13:01:07 UTC 2013

Anjali,nee oru police alla ennu ningal theliyichu.

by Sajitha Thu Jan 10 14:12:28 UTC 2013

Sajitha njan alpam thirakkilayippoyi

by Anjali Thu Jan 10 14:44:00 UTC 2013

Aadyam nee ennu vilichu pinnentha ningal aayathu

by Anjali Thu Jan 10 14:45:39 UTC 2013

Entha nee ennu vilichal?

by Sajitha Thu Jan 10 23:58:31 UTC 2013

Oru prasnavumilla

by Anjali Fri Jan 11 05:32:36 UTC 2013

Njan veruthe vilichatha mam.deshyam varumo ennariyan.mam koodiya sikshayekurichu paranjilla.

by Sajitha Fri Jan 11 07:22:40 UTC 2013

Entha ariyendathe sajitha chodikku njan paranju tharam

by Anjali Fri Jan 11 07:34:30 UTC 2013

Koodiya sikshaye kurichanu mam.mam 6 30 maniku forumil varamo?

by Sajitha Fri Jan 11 07:57:17 UTC 2013

Njan nee ennu vilichappol ennodu deshyam thonniyo?

by Sajitha Fri Jan 11 07:58:35 UTC 2013

Mam evideya

by Sajitha Fri Jan 11 12:44:24 UTC 2013

Mam,ee forumil krutyanishta paalikkunnilla.oru policeinu vendathu aadyam athanu.

by Sajitha Fri Jan 11 12:49:05 UTC 2013

Eppozum siksha kodukkunnathine kurichano vicharam?

by Sajitha Fri Jan 11 12:53:32 UTC 2013

Mam kuttam cheythavare sikshikkanam.athu mam nte joliyanu.njan enthengilum paranjathu kaaryamakanda.enikkum police aavanamennundu mam.

by Sajitha Fri Jan 11 13:02:15 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,ente oru request aanu mam kainakhangal kooduthal neetty valarthi koortha shape cheyyanam.

by Sajitha Fri Jan 11 13:10:04 UTC 2013

Nakham upayogikkan vendiyalla mam,policekariyude kayyile neendu koortha nakham enthu prayogathinanennu karuthi kuttam cheythavarku pediyundavana.

by Sajitha Fri Jan 11 13:13:21 UTC 2013

Hai sajitha busy aayipoyi

by Anjali Fri Jan 11 14:05:11 UTC 2013

Njan nakam valartham sajitha

by Anjli Fri Jan 11 14:07:33 UTC 2013

Mam ella chodyangalkum utharam tharu mam

by Sajitha Fri Jan 11 14:46:54 UTC 2013

Enneyum ende nakavum chiriyum kandal aarum pedikkarilla.nokki irikkum.njan adi kodukkunnathu kandal ellam pedichirikkum

by Anjali Fri Jan 11 14:47:58 UTC 2013

Neenda nakhangalum police joliku avasyamanu.upayogichu padikkanam.

by Sajitha Fri Jan 11 14:48:55 UTC 2013

Kainakham nannayi koorthittano?

by Sajitha Fri Jan 11 14:51:29 UTC 2013

Ippol njan nannayi koorpichittunde

by Anjali Fri Jan 11 15:29:21 UTC 2013

Mam,entha ella chodyangalum vayichu utharam tharathe?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 12 07:29:49 UTC 2013

Enthu chodyathinane utharam kittanje

by Anjali Sat Jan 12 11:24:12 UTC 2013

Mam ella chodyangalum utharanaglum vayichal mam nu manassilavum.

by Sajitha Sat Jan 12 13:04:23 UTC 2013

Mam ethu samayathanu forum nokkaru ennu parayamo?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 12 13:48:54 UTC 2013

Enikkonnum manassilavunnilla.sajithakke ariyendathe enthayalum chodikku.njan forum nokunnathinu prathyekam samayam onnumilla

by Anjali Sun Jan 13 04:35:25 UTC 2013

Mam,husine sikshikunnathu enganeyanu?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 13 08:48:32 UTC 2013

2adi kodukkandathanenkil hus aanenikil5adi koduthirikkum.koodathe ende kalum shoes um thudachu vrithiyakikum.pakshe kuttamonnum cheythillenkil adhehathine ettavum nalla baryayayirikkum.

by Anjali Sun Jan 13 10:06:02 UTC 2013

Vere earkil prayogam undavumo mam?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 13 15:54:16 UTC 2013

Entha mam,siksha lock up il kondupoyi cheyyumo?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 13 15:56:40 UTC 2013

Sikshayil hus ne ozhivakkathathentha?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 13 15:58:42 UTC 2013

Mam upayogikkunna boot enganeyullatha?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 13 16:01:06 UTC 2013

Mam evideya

by Sajitha Mon Jan 14 03:00:25 UTC 2013

Sajitha eerkil prayogam venda kes aanenkil theerchayayum undavum.lock upil kondu poyi siksha kodukkum.veetilethiyal vereyum siksha kodukkum.husine sikshikanulla adhikaram ullathu kondane siksha ozivakathathe.sajitha engineyulla boot aane kandittullathe

by Anjali Mon Jan 14 08:12:22 UTC 2013

Njan kandittilla mam.

by Sajitha Mon Jan 14 11:36:56 UTC 2013

Veetil enthanu siksha?earkil kayatiyal pinneedu mam athu upayogikkan pattumo?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 14 11:38:44 UTC 2013

Mam husine earkil kayatan pidikkumbol hus karuthum vere enthino aanennu.

by Sajitha Mon Jan 14 11:47:19 UTC 2013

Mam husine earkil kayatan pidikkumbol hus karuthum vere enthino aanennu.

by Sajitha Mon Jan 14 11:47:21 UTC 2013

Pinneede upayogikkan pattum sajith .oru aazecha kazinjal vedana marum.pinnede athinde deshyvum pinakkavum theerkkan suka chikilsa kodukkum husine.pidikkumbol vere enthino aanenne karuthikotte appol nalla sokaryam aane eerkil kayattan.

by Anjali Mon Jan 14 14:36:20 UTC 2013

Sajitha boot engineyullatha uddeshikkunne.

by Anjali Mon Jan 14 14:40:00 UTC 2013

Veettil sadarana siksha thanne kodukkum

by Anjali Mon Jan 14 14:41:13 UTC 2013

Kuttam cheythal veetu joli muzuvan husinekondu cheyyikkum

by Anjali Mon Jan 14 14:42:32 UTC 2013

Vrthiyayi cheythillenkil nalla adiyum kodukkum

by Anjali Mon Jan 14 14:47:32 UTC 2013

Mam,kalyanam nokunnille?njan chodichathu bootil laadan ullathano ennanu.pinne husine earkil kayatendivannal athu mattareyengilum elpichal pore mam?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 14 23:52:40 UTC 2013

Njan kalyanam kazichilla.bootil laadan ullathane.husinu kodukkenda punishment njan thanne cheyyum.ende vaka beltine adi free aayirikkum husine

by Anjali Tue Jan 15 01:59:12 UTC 2013

Mam,enne friend aayano kaanunnathu?

by Sajitha Tue Jan 15 04:08:16 UTC 2013

Sajithakke engine kananane ishtam.

by Anjali Tue Jan 15 04:39:55 UTC 2013

Engane kandalum eniku gunam onnum illallo mam.

by Sajitha Tue Jan 15 05:32:20 UTC 2013

Enthu gunamane sajithakku vendathe enthayalum para

by Anjali Tue Jan 15 07:23:56 UTC 2013

Gunam ennu paranjal enthengilu case undayala

by Sajitha Tue Jan 15 07:59:45 UTC 2013

Sajithakke enthenkilum kes undayal1adi kittenda sthanathe njan 3adi tharum.laadan ulla boot njan prayogikkum

by Anjali Tue Jan 15 08:07:57 UTC 2013

Sajithayude chandiyil pinne tholi undavilla.thadichikalude chandiyi ende chooral konde adichal nalla sabdam undavum.pinneede 2divasam chandi thaniye aadikalikkum keto

by Anjali Tue Jan 15 08:55:56 UTC 2013

Kes ondayal enthu gunama vendathe.enthayalum parayu

by Anjali Tue Jan 15 09:30:39 UTC 2013

Anjaly,njan posting vayichu.njan oru pennine enthengilum cheythal enne kaikaryam cheyyan orikalum ningale anuvadikilla.athinu aanungalille stationil?earkil kayatan ingu vannu pidichal nee vivaram ariyum.

by Sajeevan Tue Jan 15 12:47:11 UTC 2013

Deshyapedalla sajeeva njan veruthe paranjathalle

by Anjali Tue Jan 15 12:55:48 UTC 2013

Deshyapedalla sajeeva njan veruthe paranjathalle

by Anjali Tue Jan 15 12:56:20 UTC 2013

Ithano veruthe parayunnathu?

by Sajeevan Tue Jan 15 13:06:44 UTC 2013

Oru aaninte samsaram kettappol pennu pedichu.neeyanodi police?

by Sajeevan Tue Jan 15 13:15:18 UTC 2013

Ingotu kayattan vaadi ninte earkil.njan kanikkam aaninte chooru enthannu.

by Sajeevan Tue Jan 15 13:25:56 UTC 2013

Pedipikkathe po sajeeva

by Anjali Tue Jan 15 13:43:47 UTC 2013

Athu paranjappol sajeevan pedichu

by Anjali Tue Jan 15 13:59:00 UTC 2013

Mam,avan ente aniyana. Ariyatheparanjatha. Ini undavilla.mam entha avane aadyathe chodyatil virattamayirunnille?

by Sajitha Tue Jan 15 14:11:49 UTC 2013

Mam,enikku ariyathe thettu pattippoyi.maappu.

by Sajitha Tue Jan 15 14:13:48 UTC 2013

Sajithakke siksha kittenda kuttam thanneyane.

by Anjali Tue Jan 15 14:27:52 UTC 2013

Ninte mattethil mulaku thecha ulakka kayattum.ketodi ponnu mole anjali

by Sajeevan Wed Jan 16 04:16:05 UTC 2013

Ninde chandiyile tholi njan ende chooralil ninnum oro adikkum thudachu mattendi varum sajeeva.athenikke ishtavumane

by Anjali Wed Jan 16 04:32:16 UTC 2013

Podi pulle

by Sajeevan Wed Jan 16 07:21:54 UTC 2013

Anungalude lingathil earkil kayattup pole ninte samanathil ulakka kayattunbol undavunna vedana ninne njan ariyikkum.

by Sajeevan Wed Jan 16 07:25:13 UTC 2013

Ninte aa ishtam nadakilledi

by Sajeevan Wed Jan 16 07:58:30 UTC 2013

Ninde sadanam njan thanne pidiche athil eerkilil mulaku puratti njan thanne sadanathil kayattum.athinde vedana arinjal pinne nee nannavum.

by Anjali Wed Jan 16 08:53:40 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,innu njan varan vaiki.avan mam nodu paranjathu sariyalla.avanodu njan paranjittundu.ini avarthikilla ennavan urappu thannittundu mam.kshamikkanam.

by Sajitha Wed Jan 16 12:38:50 UTC 2013

Avan oru alpam prasnakarana mam.avanariyam avane mam nu orikkalum pidikkan pattillennu.athu konda avan vrithikedu paranjathu.kaakki kaanunnathe avanu pediya.

by Sajitha Wed Jan 16 12:41:59 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,eniku oru apeksha undu.

by Sajitha Wed Jan 16 13:13:52 UTC 2013

Enikariyam mam,sikshikkappedenda kuttam aanu njan cheythirikkunnathu.mam enne sikshicholu.athil eniku vishamam illa.njan kuttam angeekarikkunnu.ini mam paranjolu enikkulla siksha.njam mam evide varan paranjalum varam.mam nu enne kittiyal pore?kuttam cheythavar kochiyilayalum mam kozhikod aayalum kittendavare ningal kondupokum ennariyam.mam budhimuttanda.mam parayunna stationil mam nte munpil njan hajarayirikkum.

by Sajitha Wed Jan 16 14:30:55 UTC 2013

Sajitha no problam ninne pidikkanamenkil enikkariyam pidikkan.avaneyum enikku venda.ende chooralinde ruchi ariyan ivide kure pere kittunnunde.eerkilinum ippolorupadalunde

by Anjali Wed Jan 16 16:02:15 UTC 2013

Daily earkil prayogam undakarundo mam?

by Sajitha Thu Jan 17 06:16:38 UTC 2013

Daily undavan ithentha stationil varunna ellavareyum cheyyan pattumo

by Anjali Thu Jan 17 06:46:49 UTC 2013

Weekly 1okke undavum

by Anjali Thu Jan 17 08:27:30 UTC 2013

Enthina weakly ithu prayogikkunne?mam etra neelamulla lingam kandittundu?chilathu kaanumbol thanne pediyavum ennu kettittundu.bhayangara neelavum vannavumayirikkumennu.sariyano mam?

by Sajitha Thu Jan 17 10:54:07 UTC 2013

Njan sarasari paranjathane weekly 1enne.8inch okke kandittunde.vanitha policine kanumbol chilavande valuthayittundavum.pakshe eerkil kayattan thudangumbol kattu poya baloon poleyavum

by Anjali Thu Jan 17 14:52:17 UTC 2013

Mam ne kanumbol ellavarudeyum lingam valuthakum alle?

by Sajitha Fri Jan 18 00:36:48 UTC 2013

Mam paranjallo husine earkil kayatendivannal oru azhcha kazhinju vedana marumennu?appol reghuvine aa mam enthu reethiyavum cheythittundavuka?mam angane aareyengilum cheythittundo?mam enthayalum sikshikarund.appol pinne kayyil neenda nakham undengil lingathil pidikkumbol kuttavaliku kooduthal pediyundavum.pinne lingathile kurachu tholiyedukkunnathum nannayirikum.vere enthengilum ningal prathiyude lingathil cheyyarundo mam?

by Sajitha Fri Jan 18 01:20:18 UTC 2013

Raghuvinde lingathil kayattumbol nere kayattathe sidelekke idakkide kuthi kayattiyittundavum.2pere angine njan cheythittunde.chilarude tholi eduth njan avide uppum mulakum purattarunde.

by Anjali Fri Jan 18 03:52:53 UTC 2013

Nakham nalla neelam venam keto mam

by Sajitha Fri Jan 18 04:01:53 UTC 2013

Ippol neelam koottiyittunde

by Anjali Fri Jan 18 07:00:06 UTC 2013

Sideileku earkil kayatiyal enthanu pattunnathu?enthinanu angane cheyyunnathu?ivareyonnum kodathiyil kondu pokarille?

by Sajitha Fri Jan 18 07:23:30 UTC 2013

Sidelake kayattumbol eerkil thazethunna vaziyilellam njangal kuthi thulachu kayattum.aa vedana orikkalum povilla.

by Anjali Fri Jan 18 15:18:46 UTC 2013

Enthina mam,ingane siksha? Ithu krooramalle?

by Sajitha Fri Jan 18 17:18:07 UTC 2013

Enganeyanu itra cheru prayathil sikshikenda vidham ellam padichathu?mam,veettil aarokeyundu?avar enthanu cheyyunnathu?mam cheyyarullathu veettil parayarundo?enthanu mam avarude prathikaranam?

by Sajitha Fri Jan 18 17:23:39 UTC 2013

Earkil enthanu cheyyarullathu?koorthu munayakkumo mam?

by Sajitha Fri Jan 18 17:39:06 UTC 2013

Enthu kuttathina mam sideleku kayattaru?

by Sajitha Fri Jan 18 17:42:01 UTC 2013

Krooramaya balalsangathinane ee siksha.ithe krooramonnumalla kuttathine ithavasyamane.njan aalochikkum engine asikshichal evanu kooduthal vedanikkum enne.appol manassil thonniyathu chwyyum angine padichathane ithellam.veettil achanum ammayum unde.njan avarodu paryarilla siksha reethikal.eerkil koortha munayakkum sajitha.mulakum uppum purattum athil. Krooramaya balalsangathinanu sidelekku kayattuka .njan siksha koduthal orikkalum koodipoyi ennenikku thonnarilla.mathramalla kuranju poyennu thonniyal veendum vannu kodukkum.eerkil kayattanundenkil stationil policekar valiya sambavam pole ithu paranju kondirikkum.pakshe enikke ithoru sadarana karyam mathramane sajitha.

by Anjali Sat Jan 19 02:15:22 UTC 2013

Avare koottikondu pokumbol avar balaprayogam nadathille mam?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 19 02:36:10 UTC 2013

Earkil sideileku kayattiyal avante lingam pinneed upayogikan pattille?mam arudeyengilum lingathil pidichappol beejam purathu vannittundo?vanithapolice pidichal angane undakarundu ennu kettittundu.

by Sajitha Sat Jan 19 02:49:55 UTC 2013

Mam,sahodarangal ille?avar enthu cheyyunnu?oru chodyam husine earkil kayattendi vannal mam athu nere kayattumo,sideil kayattumo?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 19 02:58:52 UTC 2013

Avande vayattil amarthi oru piditham pidichane kooti kondu povuka pinne avan bala prayogam nadathilla.sidelake kayattiyal pinne upayogikkan vishamamane.chilarudeth chikilsayil sariyavum.njan pidichappol ellavarudeyum beejam purathu vannittunde.enikku sahodarangal illa.kuttathide kadinyam anusarichane sajitha eerkil sidilekkum nereyum kayattunnathe.sidelekku kayattendathanenkil husineyum angine thanne cheyyum

by Anjali Sat Jan 19 04:05:38 UTC 2013

Vayattil pidikumbol nakham thadassamaville mam?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 19 04:47:26 UTC 2013

Mam oru makal matre ullu alle?pinnentha si aavanjathu?padichille?earkil kayattunnathu eniku kaananam ennundu mam.njangale kaanikkumo?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 19 04:52:17 UTC 2013

Mam,earkil kayattan prathiye kondupokumbol muthal avarude manasikavastha,kannilundavunna pedi,avide mam kondupoyi avare ithinu thayyarakki kidathunna position,kaalinteyum kayyudeyum position,pinne avarude karachil,mam nodu avar aruthennu kenapekshikkunnathu,ellam onnu vyakthamaakamo?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 19 05:39:37 UTC 2013

Vayattil pidikkumbol nakam cheriya prasnamane .njan si test ezuthiyittunde.sajithakku kanan nalla aagrahamanallo.kanikkam.aarane njangal

by Anjali Sat Jan 19 06:27:54 UTC 2013

Adi roomil njan avande vayaril pidichu kondu povum.sujatha chechiyum njanum mattu randu perum chernne tableil kidathum avane.njangal avane ariyikkilla ithinanu kondu vanna thenne.pantum shirtum oori matti avante kiyum kalum kettiyidum.nalu vanitha policine kanumbol avande ligam udharikkum.ithu kanumbol njangal policukar noli chirikkum.pinne njan mulaku purattiya eerkil avan kanathe eduth konde varum.njan avande shaddi pathiye muttu vare valichu thazethum.appol avande lingam kutthane nikum.idthu ki konde njan avande lingathil.pidikkum appol avan kannukal ariyathe irukki adachu povum. Athodoppam suklam purathekku therikkum.athu kazinjal avanodu njan parayum ninne eerkil kayattan povukayane.ithu kelkumbol avan karanju parayum cheyyalle mam enne.njan kiyilulla eerkil valathu kiyilum. Edathu kie koavande lingam pidiche tholi thazethi eerkil kayattum avan uchathil karayum kutharum

by Anjali Sat Jan 19 06:47:22 UTC 2013

Mattu randuper aareyum onnum cheyyarilla ennalle mam paranjathu?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 19 08:12:37 UTC 2013

Avaronnum cheyyarilla adi roomil pidichu tharan varum

by Anjali Sat Jan 19 08:57:21 UTC 2013

Adi roomil enthellam undu mam?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 19 11:19:06 UTC 2013

Aadyamayi purushane lingam kandappol mam nu enthanu thonniyathu?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 19 11:20:48 UTC 2013

Adi roomil oru table.oru chair.oru stool criminalsine iruthan naduvil kuziyullathe.pinne eerkil,chooralukal,lathi,cutting player,stoolil kuziyulla sthalathe koortha kambikal 4ennam unde irikkumbil ithil chandi amarnne muriyum.

by Anjali Sat Jan 19 12:51:50 UTC 2013

Ithrayum valuthe undavumo ennu thonni aadyam lingam kandappol

by Anjali Sat Jan 19 12:53:13 UTC 2013

Mam,ithinte ellathinteyum prayogangal koodi parayu.

by Sajitha Sat Jan 19 13:53:09 UTC 2013

Itra valuthu undo ennu thonnan mam 8inch vareyullathalle kandittullu.athil kooduthal neelam athayathu peedana kesile oru prathiku 13inch neelamulla lingam undayathayi police paranjittundu.mam valiya lingam kayyileduthappol pedi thonniyille?

by Sajitha Sat Jan 19 13:57:21 UTC 2013

Cutting player konde irukki pidikkum.ethra valuthe lingam kiyileduthalum pedi thonnilla.chilappol vishamam thonnum ithil eerkil kayattanamallo ennorthe

by Anjali Sat Jan 19 15:35:11 UTC 2013

Cutting player konde irukki pidikkum.ethra valuthe lingam kiyileduthalum pedi thonnilla.chilappol vishamam thonnum ithil eerkil kayattanamallo ennorthe .chair criminalsinu munnil enikkirikkanullathane.samsarathinidayil njan cheviyilum chandiyilum thudayilum pettanne cutting player prayogikkum.kalu konde avande chandiyil nadu kuzinja stoolinadiyil koode idakke njan chavittum ende kal nakam konde avande chandi muriyum appol.ende kal nakathile blood avande madiyil kal vache njan thudakkan parayum.

by Anjali Sat Jan 19 15:44:06 UTC 2013

Angane thonni aareyengilu earkil kayattathe vittittundo?entha mam earkil kayattan thonnatha vidham aa lingathinu pratyekatha?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 20 11:40:33 UTC 2013

Mam,stationil ulla gun enthu model aanu mam?

by Sajitha Sun Jan 20 15:27:53 UTC 2013

2 per njan eerkil kayattiyathi pavam gents aayirunnu.sahacharyam avare aruthathathe cheyyan prerippichathayirunnu.avarude 2perudethilum eerkil prayogikkan enilkku vishamamayirunnu.pakshe kuttam cheythavarkke oru dayavum njan kattarilla.athu konde eerkil njan prayogichu

by Anjali Mon Jan 21 07:25:01 UTC 2013

G 5model gun aane sajitha

by Anjali Mon Jan 21 12:47:58 UTC 2013

G5 model ennu paranjathu manassilayilla mam.pinne ningal police karude lathikalum orupadille?ellam vyakthamakamo mam?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 21 13:09:24 UTC 2013

Ariyathe aarum ee kuttam cheyyarilla.athu kondu yaathoru dayayum venda.

by Sajitha Mon Jan 21 13:13:56 UTC 2013

Gun inde model name aane sajitha g5.lathi mula kondullathune .ippol puthiya glass fiber model unde.

by Anjali Mon Jan 21 14:23:41 UTC 2013

Pinne ullathe chooral aane flexibli chooral pala size ullathe8inch muthal 16,20inch kanam vareyullathe.3meeter neelam muthal 1meeter neelam vareyullathe

by Anjali Mon Jan 21 14:51:49 UTC 2013

Glass fiber lathy entinullatha mam?

by Sajitha Mon Jan 21 23:56:55 UTC 2013

Athu konde adicha aa pade orilkkalum mayathe kidakkum sajitha

by Anjali Tue Jan 22 06:36:08 UTC 2013

Enthina mam padu mayathe kidathunne?

by Sajitha Tue Jan 22 07:19:12 UTC 2013

Athu aa lathiyude prathyekathayane

by Anjali Tue Jan 22 08:25:48 UTC 2013

Ini njan kuttam cheyyillenne aaa padu kanumbol orma varum sajitha

by Anjali Tue Jan 22 08:27:01 UTC 2013

Marakanavatha tharam sikshakal aanu police murakalil alle mam?

by Sajitha Tue Jan 22 12:32:57 UTC 2013

Mam itra cheru prayathil kuttavalikale sikshikkan thayyarayathinu karanam vallathum undo mam?

by Sajitha Tue Jan 22 12:35:59 UTC 2013

Mam,303 ennanallo njan chodichappol arivullavar parnjathu.gunninte

by Sajitha Tue Jan 22 13:13:41 UTC 2013

Chooralinte alavu paranjathil mam nu thettiyo mam?8inch ennokke?

by Sajitha Tue Jan 22 13:19:28 UTC 2013

Enthu patty mam?innale entha varanje?

by Sajitha Thu Jan 24 00:42:01 UTC 2013

anjaly mam.. i like u.... njanum oru student anu... mam nte nakhaprayogam ketit frndsumay purathupokane thonnanilla....

by guest Fri Jan 25 15:51:17 UTC 2013

sajitha mam.. what are you doing?

by varun? Sat Jan 26 12:18:04 UTC 2013

hai i like to get caning from auntys

by guest Sat Jan 26 17:14:42 UTC 2013

any auntys like to slap and cane pls send ur mail id

by guest Sat Jan 26 17:16:58 UTC 2013

Anjali mam evideya?

by Sajitha Mon Feb 11 00:32:19 UTC 2013

hii sajitha mam.. evdarnu..

by varun Mon Feb 11 10:57:41 UTC 2013

Anjali mam illathathu kondu varathatha

by Sajitha Tue Feb 12 00:35:01 UTC 2013

madam evde poyathavum..?
enik madathe orupad ishtayi...

by varun Tue Feb 12 12:08:20 UTC 2013

Avar evideyanennu avarkalle ariyu

by Sajitha Tue Feb 12 13:26:44 UTC 2013

enthayalum orudivasam varumarikum....

by varun Wed Feb 13 17:23:38 UTC 2013

Nee entha avare ishtappedan karanam

by Sajitha Thu Feb 14 03:32:09 UTC 2013

valarthi valuthakiya parentsine onnum cheyyillannu paranjille athodopam thanne baki ellavarkum orepole sikshayum und.. even hubby too... pinne ithrem parijayamayitum mam ne polum sikshikumnu paranjille....

by varun Thu Feb 14 11:04:46 UTC 2013

Athu sariyalla varun.kuttam cheythal aarayalum sikshikkanam.

by Sajitha Fri Feb 15 09:12:05 UTC 2013

ennalum valarthi ithrayum akiya achanum ammayum arkayalum oru weakness thanne anu.. mam avare sikshikillanne paranjitullu.. vere arekondenkilum sikshipicholum.. athenikurapanu..

by varun Fri Feb 15 11:03:10 UTC 2013

Pakshe aa siksha avar thanneyanu kodukendathu.njanalude makal aanengil njanale sikshikkunnathu aval thanneyaavanam.athil yathoru sentimensum paadilla

by Sajitha Sat Feb 16 02:02:40 UTC 2013

Valarthi valuthakki police aakkunnathu kuttam cheyyunnavare mukham nokkathe sikshikkananu.avalude aa niyamam enikkum husinum badhakamaanu.avale makalayi orikalum njangal kaanilla.veettil maatrame njangalku makal.stationil njanglku munpil aval police thanneyayirikum.

by Sajitha Sat Feb 16 02:32:49 UTC 2013

Varun forumil varunna samayam parayu.aa samayathu njan varam.enne mam ennu vilikenda.housewife aanu.

by Sajitha Sat Feb 16 03:12:43 UTC 2013

checheennu vilicha mathiyo..?
njan free akumbozhoke varum

by varun Sat Feb 16 03:47:56 UTC 2013

Varun,ente makalanu anjaliyengil njan cheytha kuttathinu enne aval sikshikkanam.ente kayyileduthalum earkil kayattiyalum enikku vishamamilla.karanam aval police alle?njan kannadachu kidakilla.aval enne sikshikkunnathu enikku kaananam

by Sajitha Sat Feb 16 04:50:19 UTC 2013

Samayam paranjal nannayirikum varun

by Sajitha Sat Feb 16 04:51:50 UTC 2013

6manikku forumil varu

by Sajitha Sat Feb 16 10:07:56 UTC 2013

njanentha vilikandennu paranjillalo..

by varun Sat Feb 16 11:47:53 UTC 2013

Chechi ennu mathi

by Sajitha Sat Feb 16 11:52:56 UTC 2013

Chechi ennu mathi

by Sajitha Sat Feb 16 11:55:13 UTC 2013

Evideya varun?

by Sajitha Sat Feb 16 11:58:41 UTC 2013

Entha vannittu pettennu poye?

by Sajitha Sat Feb 16 11:59:38 UTC 2013

Avarude siksha reethikal kettille varun?eniku orkumbol thanne pediyanu.

by Sajitha Sat Feb 16 12:05:31 UTC 2013

njan ccl cricket kanua chechee.. police mikavarum per ingine ayirikum.. mam mathre ath paranjuthannullu..

by varun Sat Feb 16 12:14:52 UTC 2013

Athu sariya mam sikshikkan vendi kayyile nakhamellam neetti koorppichittundatre.varun angane aarudeyengilum kandittundo?

by Sajitha Sat Feb 16 13:40:22 UTC 2013

ladies mikavarkum nalla neelamulla nails undallo.. police nte angine sradhichitillarnu.. ee forumil kayariyepinne nokithudangi..

by varun Sat Feb 16 14:16:41 UTC 2013

Sajitha chechikke ithu pole orale sikshikkan avasaram kittiyal enthu cheyyum

by guest Sun Feb 17 02:23:52 UTC 2013

Eniku sikshikkan aavilla

by Sajitha Mon Feb 18 01:42:09 UTC 2013

apo checheede kutikale sikshikarille..?

by varun Mon Feb 18 04:58:45 UTC 2013

Eniku kuttikal illa

by Sajitha Mon Feb 18 12:14:19 UTC 2013

chechi arem ithuvarem sikshichitille?
aniyan..aniyathi...... angane aruundayille..?

by varun Mon Feb 18 15:01:36 UTC 2013

Policinte siksha anganeyallallo varun

by Sajitha Tue Feb 19 02:48:56 UTC 2013

namuk nammude priyapetavar thetucheyyumbo engineyano athupolethanneyanu police nu ellavarum..

by varun Tue Feb 19 15:49:13 UTC 2013

Sajitha Chechi engineya aniyaneyum aniyathiyeyum sikshikkunnathe

by guest Tue Feb 19 16:37:53 UTC 2013

Hai guest what is your name?

by Varun Wed Feb 20 06:09:32 UTC 2013

Varun ninte chechy ninte lingathile tholi nakham kondu paricheduthum.athil earkil kuthiyirakkiyumano ninne sikshikkaru?anganeyonnum parayalle.athu police murakalanu.enthayalum kuttam cheythavar siksha anubhavikkanam.athinu pattiyavare police aakavu.anjali siksha kodukkan vendi thayyareduthatha.athu anganeyulla vanithakalku mathre pattu.ellavarkum pattilla.valare neelathil koortha nakhamulla vanithapolice sikshikkanayi kondupokumbol aarkkayalum pediyundakum.ella vanithapoliceum kuttavalikale nannayi kaikaryam cheythu padikkanam.nannayi nakhavum valarthanam.

by Sajitha Thu Feb 21 13:29:49 UTC 2013

chechi paranjath seriyanu...

by varun Thu Feb 21 16:18:15 UTC 2013

sajithechiyentha ipo varathe..?

by guest Sat Feb 23 08:42:41 UTC 2013

Entha anjali mam siksha vendennu vacho?

by guest Thu Mar 07 02:30:41 UTC 2013

njan saji, kalyanam kazhij 15 varsham ayi.
kashinja varsham ente job poyi. pinne wife nte
chilavilanu jeevikunnath. adyamoke oru
prasnavumillarnu but petennu thanne ente
jeevitham marimarinju. orikal njan avale
thamasayayi patty ennu vilichu. ath idayk
vilikarullathanu aval ath karyamakarumilla but
annu vilichapo njangalude mon wife nte aduth
paranju njan arenkilum patty ennu vilichal
amma enne nullumallo achane entha onnum
cheyyathennu chodichu apo adyayi avalenik
oru nullu thannu. kalyanam kazhinjit enne
adyamayi upadravikunnath annanu. aval mone
kanikanayi cheruthayitanu nulliyathenkilum
enik nannayi vedanichu. pinne orudivasam aval
oficil pokan irangiyapo neram vykiyathond
ennod alakkivachirikunna dress unakanidanam
ennu paranjirunnu. but njanath marannupoyi.
aval thirich veetilethiyapo dress muzhuvan
bucketil thanne irikunnu. aval deshyathode
ente aduthuvannu ente shirtnte adiyilude kai
akathek kayati kakshathil orugran nullu thannu.
annu avalde nakham enne swargalokam
kanichu thannu. athoru thudakam
mathramayirunnu.pinne valare petennu thanne
avalente husbentum njanvalude housewife um
ayi mari. ipo veetile ella joliyum njananu
cheyyunnath. avale satyathil enik pediyilla. but
avalude neenda koortha nakhangal epozhum
enne pedipichukondirikunnu.. ithuvareyum aval
enne adichitilla. but monte munpil vachu vare
enne nulliparikum..

by saji Mon Apr 01 16:25:08 UTC 2013

Ninte wife police aano?

by guest Thu Apr 04 02:36:02 UTC 2013

alla bank employee

by saji Fri Apr 05 09:05:34 UTC 2013

Police aanengil ithilum kadutha siksha thannene

by guest Sat Apr 06 03:51:21 UTC 2013

Avarodu police il cheran parayu.age over aayittillengil

by guest Sat Apr 06 05:33:03 UTC 2013

ithilum kadutha siksha entha kitanullath? aval punishment tharanam nnu vijarichal pinne njan swargalokam kanum. but ente work ellam perfect ayi cheythal no prblm. ennod valiya snehamanu. aval paranja dutiesil cheruthayipolum oru matam vannal pinne nokanda. avalde nails kanumbozhe enik thalakarangum

by saji Mon Apr 08 12:36:45 UTC 2013

please contact me 9786050436

by guest Tue Apr 09 03:22:10 UTC 2013


by guest Tue Apr 09 18:10:14 UTC 2013

hat is the diferents between pichal and
nullal... njangalude divya teacher chilapo
pichum ennu parayum chilapo nullum ennu
parayum.. entha ith thammilulla vyathyasam?
arkenkilum paranjutharanakumo?

by guest Tue Apr 09 18:10:46 UTC 2013

Entha avalude nakham atra pedithonnan atra neendathano?

by guest Wed Apr 10 05:22:17 UTC 2013

orupad neelamonnumilla. but pinch bhayankaramanu.

by saji Wed Apr 10 16:29:36 UTC 2013

I want CHOORAL PRAYOGAM from Ladies.PLease give me Chooral Prayogam. wilsonred@rediffmaildotcom

by Santhosh Kumar Thu May 02 07:45:55 UTC 2013

Anjali evide poyi?

by guest Fri May 17 13:12:30 UTC 2013

i am a young Australian man aged 22 . I am coming to India soon and would love to be caned by a strict older Indian lady. I have been very bad and will submit to my punishment

by Mark Mon May 27 07:34:24 UTC 2013

Hi i am madhu from bangalore my husband is my slave i give him to punish every day he washed my panties after my bath if fails i beat with belt his bare body

by Manjula Sat Jun 01 07:28:33 UTC 2013

Hi i am madhu from bangalore i will give punishment my husband experts please suggest me. I am very strong lady compared him physical punishment suggest me please 9480701502 plese only send sms only

by Manjula Sat Jun 01 07:33:38 UTC 2013

madhu mam pls mujhe bhi apna slave bana lijiye and punish me

by sandeep Sun Jun 02 19:18:16 UTC 2013

pls mam punish me

by sandeep Sun Jun 02 19:19:46 UTC 2013

Hi I am Rekha from Mysore I am punish my hubby always ,if give any back answer I beat with thick cane.he is like dog infront of me

by Rekhaa Wed Jun 05 17:58:00 UTC 2013

Rekha mam pls mujhe bhi punish karo

by sandeep Thu Jun 06 10:24:50 UTC 2013

Rekha mam pls mujhe bhi punish karo

by sandeep Thu Jun 06 10:24:51 UTC 2013

rekha mam My homework was incomplete, she pulled my ear & slapped me three times & made murgha in front of whole class

by sandeep Thu Jun 06 10:58:34 UTC 2013

hi sandeep I am rekha which place is belongs to u r u married

by Rekhaa Thu Jun 06 17:12:48 UTC 2013

no mam i am unmarried

by sandeep Thu Jun 06 18:10:26 UTC 2013

i belong to karnal

by sandeep Thu Jun 06 18:11:51 UTC 2013

pls mam punish me

by sandeep Fri Jun 07 02:19:02 UTC 2013

rekha mam kis time online hoti hai

by sandeep Fri Jun 07 08:14:01 UTC 2013

rekha mam aap kis time online hoti hai

by sandeep Fri Jun 07 08:15:01 UTC 2013

ok sandeep I will kiss u but I punish only my husband

by Rekhaa Fri Jun 07 12:35:56 UTC 2013

today morning my husband orgue with me so I beat with belt 10 strokes he was crying

by Rekhaa Fri Jun 07 12:42:04 UTC 2013

pls mam mujhe b punish karo

by sandeep Fri Jun 07 12:51:13 UTC 2013

mujhe bhi belt se punish karo pls Rekha mam

by sandeep Fri Jun 07 12:55:29 UTC 2013

aap jo punishment degi mai karunga

by sandeep Fri Jun 07 13:08:55 UTC 2013

rekha mam mujhe apna slave bana lijiye and punish me

by sandeep Fri Jun 07 13:48:34 UTC 2013

mam pls punish me

by sandeep Fri Jun 07 14:51:53 UTC 2013

I insert my unwashed panties to his mouth now

by Rekhaa Fri Jun 07 16:25:59 UTC 2013

mam pls use hindi

by sandeep Fri Jun 07 16:37:18 UTC 2013

Rekha mam pls mujhe bhi apna slave bana lijiye aur belt se punish kijiye

by sandeep Fri Jun 07 16:41:39 UTC 2013

Koi mujhe punish karna chata hai to pls punish kare

by sandeep Fri Jun 07 16:48:57 UTC 2013

pls mam punish me

by sandeep Sat Jun 08 12:39:28 UTC 2013

rekha mam aap mujha murga bana kar punish karo pls and mere hips ki service belt ya dande se kar do

by sandeep Sat Jun 08 12:45:26 UTC 2013

pls mam mujhe punish karo

by sandeep Sat Jun 08 15:46:16 UTC 2013

rekha mam aaj aap online nahi aayi mam pls punish karo

by sandeep Sat Jun 08 16:33:21 UTC 2013

rekha mam, i'm a bad boy how you punish me

by kiran Sun Jun 09 07:05:49 UTC 2013

rekha mam mujhe bhi punish karo

by sandeep Sun Jun 09 07:47:56 UTC 2013

rekha mam main bhi bad boy hu pls mujhe b punish karo

by sandeep Sun Jun 09 09:13:44 UTC 2013

rekha mam pls punish me

by sandeep Sun Jun 09 11:09:39 UTC 2013


by sandeep Sun Jun 09 11:11:10 UTC 2013


by kiran Tue Jun 11 16:48:01 UTC 2013


by sandeep Tue Jun 11 18:08:17 UTC 2013

rekha mam pls answer me where r u?

by sandeep Tue Jun 11 18:27:22 UTC 2013

I used my husband treted as a dog

by Rekhaa Fri Jun 14 16:39:28 UTC 2013

rekha mam pls used me treted as a dog pls mam reply me

by sandeep Fri Jun 14 17:26:17 UTC 2013

Rekha mam pls give me murga punishment etc etc pls mam

by sandeep Fri Jun 14 17:31:49 UTC 2013

pls rekha mam pls answer me

by sandeep Fri Jun 14 18:12:21 UTC 2013

ok sandeep u call me my no 9035948363

by Rekhaa Sat Jun 15 13:31:53 UTC 2013

ok mam

by sandeep Sat Jun 15 14:49:53 UTC 2013

rekhaa mam this no is wrong no and pls punishment in forum

by sandeep Sun Jun 16 17:21:40 UTC 2013

pls mam pls punishing me in forum

by sandeep Sun Jun 16 17:22:56 UTC 2013


by SSS Sat Jun 22 07:58:42 UTC 2013


by SSS Sat Jun 22 07:58:43 UTC 2013

nail punishment

by mohini Sat Jun 22 14:26:07 UTC 2013

Mohini hai

by guest Tue Jun 25 10:39:48 UTC 2013

mohini... entha nail punishment?

by guest Fri Jun 28 05:26:42 UTC 2013

kuttam cheyyunnavare ente aduthekku vidu.. avane nanam keduthikkum

by reeja Sun Jun 30 07:58:51 UTC 2013

Reeja enthu cheyyukaya?

by Sindhu Mon Jul 01 00:58:05 UTC 2013

my home punishment

by geetha Sat Jul 06 08:27:46 UTC 2013

Geeta pl explain home punishment

by Rekhaa Mon Jul 08 14:36:28 UTC 2013

I want to give punishment to my husband pl Iexplainre me

by Rekhaa Mon Jul 08 16:54:00 UTC 2013

kai randum pidichu kettuka ennit nulli kollanam

by geetha Sun Jul 21 14:57:31 UTC 2013

Please Geeta use English

by Rekhaa Wed Jul 24 17:20:08 UTC 2013

geetha mam.. parayu.. enthokeya mam nte punishments

by reji Thu Aug 01 05:25:55 UTC 2013

I beat to,my husband with belt

by Rekhaa Sun Aug 11 16:59:24 UTC 2013

Enthu belt aanu rekha mam?police aano?

by guest Tue Aug 13 00:34:32 UTC 2013

No I am very very strict wife

by Rekhaa Wed Aug 14 16:53:44 UTC 2013

njan enthenkilum kuttam cjeytha ente wife enne sikshikkunnathu vichitramaya reethiyil anu.avalude yoniyil oru banana vechitu ennodu suck cheyyan parayum, appo njan insult akumenna aval parayunnathu

by sajan Thu Aug 29 14:49:53 UTC 2013

Anjali mam,w r u?

by guest Tue Sep 03 08:29:24 UTC 2013

Rekha mam i love you

by Rohan Sat Sep 07 10:29:44 UTC 2013

Rekha mam i love you

by Rohan Sat Sep 07 10:30:00 UTC 2013

I punish my husband regularly

by deepika Fri Sep 13 16:55:45 UTC 2013


by DEEPIKA Fri Sep 13 17:04:47 UTC 2013

Deepka where r u from my husband also lazy person please give some tips

by Rekhaa Sun Sep 15 01:06:26 UTC 2013

What r all the punishment u give u r husband

by Rekhaa Sun Sep 15 01:09:14 UTC 2013

rekha i give my hubby many punishments such as standing murga,sit stand,caning on palm,kneel down,raising hands for long hours,chair position etc
sometimes my husband starts crying.....then i make fun of him.....

by deepika Sun Sep 15 14:56:28 UTC 2013

Deepka u r not beating to u r hubby . I am beating to my husband normally using belt r stick

by Rekhaa Sun Sep 15 17:14:54 UTC 2013

yea I beat him with a cane.

by deepika Mon Sep 16 16:41:36 UTC 2013

Deepika which place is belongs to u

by Rekhaa Tue Sep 17 13:27:54 UTC 2013

Tamil nadu.rekha which place do u belong to

by deepika Wed Sep 18 07:26:12 UTC 2013

rekha tell something about your favorite punishments

by deepika Wed Sep 18 07:27:19 UTC 2013

Karnataka Bangalore,my favorite punishment is beating with belt his bare body he crying that time I am very enjoy

by Rekhaa Wed Sep 18 14:30:54 UTC 2013

my favorite punishment is standing murga .

by deepika Thu Sep 19 06:39:45 UTC 2013

Standing murga is not pain u use belt see then u r husband fully u r control

by Rekhaa Thu Sep 19 13:13:44 UTC 2013

cane is better than belt.
i have 2 canes.
one of 8mm and another of 1 cm.

by deepika Sun Sep 22 06:51:56 UTC 2013

ente nullu aarkokke evedayokke venam...

by mohini Sun Sep 22 10:05:26 UTC 2013

mohini please speak in english

by deepika Sun Sep 22 15:39:26 UTC 2013

mohini please speak in english

by deepika Sun Sep 22 15:39:28 UTC 2013

mohiniyk long nails undo? ithuvare areyoke nulleetund?
evide nullunnatha ishtam?

by goury Mon Sep 23 13:22:36 UTC 2013

Today morning my hubby gave back answers I am very angry I beat him 10 stroke

by Rekhaa Mon Sep 23 15:06:47 UTC 2013

hello deepika madam,neenga tamilnaattula entha oor?.unga age enna and unga hubby age enna?.marriage aana piragu first eppa unga huby ku adi koduththinga antha incident yaabagam irukka..

by karthi Mon Sep 23 19:27:18 UTC 2013

rekha you should give him some severe punishment such as raising his hand with bent knees for whole nyt.IF his hand came down or join together durung his punishment he have to do 25 sit stand for every mistake

by deepika Tue Sep 24 08:14:44 UTC 2013

Deepika actually he is getting 80000 salary per month but I given 1000 rs per month every month end he s begging me

by Rekhaa Tue Sep 24 13:45:30 UTC 2013

rekha tell me something about your fav punishment expierence with your hubby....

by deepika Thu Sep 26 08:29:41 UTC 2013

Giving overwork load , washing clothes, including panties also, some Times he s objet that time I beating heavy strokes, one day he was crying long time, I told stop it but he was not stopped, I insert my unwashed panties to his mouth. U also give this type of punishment. Please u also share u r experience.

by Rekhaa Thu Sep 26 14:33:34 UTC 2013

Giving overwork load , washing clothes, including panties also, some Times he s objet that time I beating heavy strokes, one day he was crying long time, I told stop it but he was not stopped, I insert my unwashed panties to his mouth. U also give this type of punishment. Please u also share u r experience.

by Rekhaa Thu Sep 26 14:33:36 UTC 2013

one day my husband came home very late.he came at 11 o'clock.BUT normally he came home at 7 o'clock.
i asked him for the reason butHE DIDN'T tell me.
that night i got too much angry.i made him standing murga on a stool for whole night.AT 2 O'CLOCK, HE STARTED CRYING SO I ASKED HIM TO STAND.THEN I asked him to raise his hand and bent his knees for whole night.WHEN I GOT UP AT 8 O'CLOCK he was doing the punishment and was crying I forgive him and told him not to come late.

by deepika Thu Sep 26 15:13:00 UTC 2013

Who s the financial management at home u r ur husband

by Rekhaa Thu Sep 26 16:58:23 UTC 2013

Who s the financial management at home u r ur husband

by Rekhaa Thu Sep 26 16:58:25 UTC 2013

we both.

by deepika Fri Sep 27 08:40:19 UTC 2013

I am not giving financial management to him. U should manage that s also one type of punishment.

by Rekhaa Fri Sep 27 11:51:35 UTC 2013

What type of work load to giving him. Deepika really my husband like a dog infront of me. I am very enjoy punishing him

by Rekhaa Fri Sep 27 12:06:36 UTC 2013

I am also wife practising this very succesfully.Initially my husbund was a very naughty and negative man.Any way i knew that he is fancy of punishment.So i suggested the idea because no way to correct him.Luckily he agreed.Not that i like to punish him but i had to start it.Now we have been practsing it for 4 years.If i am really irritable due to some offence committed by him i will relive my stress after punishing him.It is a good stress relieving method.I will send my kid to her friends house for play and isolate my husbund.Otherwise my caning produce sound.My husbund make no noise or utter a word during punishment.Then i ask him to hold the wall or table ,take the cane make sure he gets the full blow.Some times i order him to lie face down on the bed then work out from bottom to calf.I can see nice parallel lines appear but it will not cause harm.don't cane to the back of knee joint. At the beginning i felt sorry but now we both get use to it.I guess he also like it.Any way i am lucky as my husbund agreed to it.But if your husbund doesn't like it you will not be able to do it.But my advice is practice it maintaining his dignity and punish for good reason.Any queries ask me please.

by Chandima Sat Sep 28 04:20:49 UTC 2013

Where are u deepika

by Rekhaa Mon Oct 14 14:48:36 UTC 2013

Let me tell you my most recent punishment.This is actually long period after last punishment.
My wife normally doesn't like me going to my parents house which is situated many miles away.
6 th october i went there and didn't come that evening back home.When i came home following evening i realised that her mood was not so good.Sraight away she asked me to go to bed room.At that time my daughter and mother in law were watching TV downstairs.She came to room immediately.i was asked to wear short and forced to kneel down.Now i was kneeling down her like a child.She lectured me offences done by me last few days.
Then she fetched her 8mm width cane she said i will be given 50 strokes.I was shoked beause i know that when my wife is really in bad mood canings would be really hard.She asked me to get into bed and stand against the wall so that my legs were at the same level of her cane.Then she said she is going to teach a good lesson and to count the strokes.First stroke struck on my calf I felt lightning pain.She gave 10 whacks to calves.After a pause 10 hard strokes to back of thighs.Then ordered to get out of bed and bend over 10 strokes to buttocks.I begged her not to hit legs any more.Now my legs and buttocks were burning.She said still she has not finished and asked me to hold palms She finished with 10 trokes to each palms and completed 50 strokes.I can't imagine how females are so strong when necessary.Then made me kneel down 30 minutes.
Later when i saw my legs i could see nice parallel red lines.and calf and thigh were swollen.They were burning and very sore when sat down.Now red lines turned to brown and still there.

by JNR Fri Oct 18 08:50:42 UTC 2013


by guest Sat Oct 19 06:39:04 UTC 2013

@jnr u should be punished more by your wife.

by deepika Wed Oct 23 16:43:43 UTC 2013

Deepika ,What punishment would you give to him

by guest Thu Oct 24 11:52:05 UTC 2013

Let me tell you how i start punishment to my husbund.On his birthday i went to shopping to buy some food stuffs and thinking to give him good dinner.Before long he was calling to my mobile to come soon saying he needed car to go some where.He was keep disturbing me several time.I was very annoyed as i wanted to give him surprise party.Even though i told still haven't finished shopping he keep on troubling me.So i was very angry.I bought a very flexible cane and came home.
I told him to i brought a birthday present he should accept it.I got promise not to refuse it.Then i asked him to go to room.I brought the cane and asked remove the trouser.He was shocked and hesitated.I swung the cane in air ordered firmly.He obeyed and now he was like a naughty boy infront of me.I lectured him and said this is birthday present.I gave 12 very severe strokes to back of his legs.He wriggled and promised not to be naughty again.I said i would continue punishment if behave badly.

by Janaki Thu Oct 24 19:55:26 UTC 2013

janaki tell more about your expierences...

by deepika Sat Oct 26 09:31:20 UTC 2013

i would give him standing murga punishment for 2-3 hors.@guest

by deepika Sat Oct 26 09:34:02 UTC 2013

Janaki my husband also behave like child pl give some tips

by Geeta Sat Oct 26 17:25:17 UTC 2013

To Geeta,
First of all you and your husbund should agree to both give and receive punishment for the betterment of your family.Clearly explain to him he needs correction and change his altitude.Most of men like to receive punishment from ladies.Then you set the rules and discipline at your home and write down punishable offences and get his consent for punishment so that he can't escape.
Now it is time to find punishment instrument.Cane is the best one.Buy different types thin and thick.You need some practice to apply effective caning.First tap the area where you want to cane and end part of cane should hit the target area with full force.When at a discipline session you have to behave real dominate and should not show any sympathy.Lecture him before punishment and sentence him number of strokes and warn to double if struggle or jump. By experiance i know that thin cane applied to thigh is very stingy by looking at his reaction.He may beg pardon But carry out the number of strokes you already decide to give.You can change the target area ,buttock ,thigh,calf,palms.After punishment train him to thank you and persuade he is punished because he is wrong.Number of strokes you need to decide and for repeated offences punishment should be doubled.You should maintain a punishment book.After caning order him to kneel down some time and ask him to think why he is punished you may ask him to write 50-100 sentences not to do again.
If you practice it routinely and strictly you will b able to make a disciplined and well mannered,well controlled husbund.But most of all you should be behave well.
I personally know most of the husbunds are very naughty and family life is a nightmare.This is 100% true experiance and ask me any queries.

by janaka Sun Oct 27 07:09:55 UTC 2013

Anjali mam ne konnu kalanjo?

by guest Sun Oct 27 13:02:35 UTC 2013

@janaki tell some difficult punishment that i can give to my husband.

by deepika Sun Oct 27 14:36:19 UTC 2013

To Deepika,
Punishment should be more human.To me caning is enough to control my husbund.I give less than 10 for minor offences.and more than 30 for severe offenses .Varying degree of kneel down punishment.My caning is so effective that his buttocks and legs are sore for 2 weeks.He definitely doesn't like to get another caning for 2-3 weeks.So he behave well.You need to decide punishment to your husbund by yourself.Punishments are not to harm him just to correct him.Don't take canes more than 10 mm in width it can cause deep contusion also avoid caning back side of knee joint. Important thing let him understand that why he is punished.

by janaki Mon Oct 28 02:50:13 UTC 2013

thnx for telling @janaki

by deepika Mon Oct 28 09:53:43 UTC 2013

Janaki what type of work load to give u r hubby

by anitha Thu Oct 31 14:04:08 UTC 2013

I don't give excessive work load to him.I just expect normal duties of a husbund.I punish him for following reasons ,not caring me and my daughter,forget what i want to be done,carelessness ,negative altitudes laziness,unnecessary spending money.Being rude to me,

by janaki Thu Oct 31 21:52:33 UTC 2013

Who s financial management

by anitha Fri Nov 01 05:33:03 UTC 2013

Janaki what's u r fevorate punishment

by anitha Sat Nov 02 08:25:56 UTC 2013

IT is not that i like to punish him.But if he really make me angry i am very harsh on him.Then my favourite tool is the cane.Some times he does very foolish things after repeat warnings.I could remember i caned him so severely that cane broken .So i usually have apare canes.

by janaki Sun Nov 03 06:48:47 UTC 2013

Janaki earlier he spending more money so now I am not giving more money only 1000rs per month end he begging me. Who s the financial management at u r home

by Anitha Sun Nov 03 14:47:11 UTC 2013

Both are earning and spending seperately.But i don't allow him to spend excessively.

by janaki Mon Nov 04 03:57:44 UTC 2013

Which place s belongs to u my place Bangalore, I am house wife my husband software engineer

by Anitha Mon Nov 04 04:06:50 UTC 2013

u r amazin deepika madam.

by ddr Wed Nov 13 17:00:11 UTC 2013

My husbund survived more than month without punishment. But last few days he was very naughty and made me angry.I was waiting until my daughter sleeping.I asked him to go to punishment room wearing shorts made him kneel before me and lectured.He accepted the faults.He bent over the chair.My caning was so severe that the cane broke.Then i took the second cane.I saw red lines appeared on his legs.After that i ordered him to kneel down 30 minutes.

by janaki Tue Nov 19 04:50:40 UTC 2013

Janaki mam use belt his bare body it is more effective

by Anitha Tue Nov 19 16:19:39 UTC 2013

janaki you should cane him on his palm..

by deepika Mon Nov 25 01:37:27 UTC 2013

I am teacher by profession and my husband is a business person.I am the in charge in our relationship and do not hesitate to punish my husband if rules are broken...My standard treatment would be a good dose of palm caning and corner time for 30 min.

by Sailaja Mon Nov 25 23:38:09 UTC 2013

@ janaki, Anitha, Deepika
Never knew there is a forum which is available like this. Else would have joined lot earlier to discuss more abt this :)

by Sailaja Mon Nov 25 23:40:09 UTC 2013

hubbiyk nail punishment kodjkunna arenkilumolundo?

by guest Tue Nov 26 04:37:34 UTC 2013

sailini I also cane my hubby on his palm. some times he does not do his work properly so I make him
standing murga at nyt in front of my bed so that he could not put his butts down.
tell about your fav expierence.

by deepika Tue Nov 26 11:39:12 UTC 2013

Sailaja, have you ever got caning on palms?

by Shamir Tue Nov 26 14:25:26 UTC 2013

@Shamir : Yes..reckon, couple of times during school days !!

by Sailaja Wed Nov 27 12:14:06 UTC 2013

@Deepika: My Fav experience would always be making him stand on single leg while me watching TV or doing school work for say 15 - 30 min, depends on the severity of the offense. every time he put his leg down, it will be counted and punishment will be given say 2-3 for each time....

by sailaja Wed Nov 27 12:20:42 UTC 2013

I meant 2-3 strokes with my school cane..He indeed enjoy this for the most !!

by sailaja Wed Nov 27 12:23:25 UTC 2013

what mistakes did your husband do?

by deepika Wed Nov 27 17:24:45 UTC 2013

@sailaja you should make him stand on one leg and his hands raised.his hand should not touch each other.this is a better punishment for him

by deepika Wed Nov 27 17:39:25 UTC 2013

Happy to know that there are ladies who thinklike me.Earlier it is thought that husbunds are dominated.But when they doing some stupid things we should take control.I am now total control in my house.I am earning more ,I am superior to him at work place My decision making is better than him he is compelled to listen to me.
Every day in the night i call him to my study room and ask to confess any foolish thing he comit.Now he is so obedient that he doesn't get punishment frequently.But just to remind him that i am incharge i give 3 caning strokes every sunday nightwith very thing cane.At the end he thanks me.

by janaki Thu Nov 28 20:23:02 UTC 2013

@ Janaki: well that sounds like a weekly maintenance just to remind him who is in charge :)

by Sailaja Sat Nov 30 00:43:01 UTC 2013

@ Deepika: My husband has this nasty habit of forgetting things and tasks that he is assigned to do which makes me angry so often...Would u ladies, pls suggest a unique punishment which Mr.Murthy shouldn't forget for long time !!

by Sailaja Sat Nov 30 00:46:47 UTC 2013

if he forgot to u can punish him for whole night being standing murga or raise his hand for whole nyt. this would be very painful and he will not forget anything.u should also buy a thick cane for him.give him 10strokes on each Pam for things he forget.

by deepika Sat Nov 30 07:02:02 UTC 2013

@Deepika: Reckon,Standing whole night and 10 strokes on each palm would be very severe..Because generally my caning would be very hard that he will not be able to take more than 4-5 on each palm....then he will start pleading n crying like a school boy :)

by Sailaja Sun Dec 01 10:55:40 UTC 2013

after punishment did he do his work properly.if not then u should give him the punishment i told u earlier.i can also suggest u some more punishment for your hubby..also suggest some very severe punishment for my hubby...and do u know any site in which a wife punish his husband

by deepika Sun Dec 01 15:43:05 UTC 2013

deepika have you tasted the pain of punishment any time? have you taken murga punishment from any one during schoool or college days explain your pain

by savita Mon Dec 02 16:39:12 UTC 2013

deepika have you tasted the pain of punishment any time? have you taken murga punishment from any one during schoool or college days explain your pain

by savita Mon Dec 02 16:39:14 UTC 2013

Janaki,what are your punishment tools.Has he ever refuse punishment.Does he cry.

by guest Tue Dec 03 01:40:42 UTC 2013

@savita I has to raise my hands in my school days.tell about your expierence.

by deepika Tue Dec 03 09:32:34 UTC 2013

@guest I have 1 cane.he some times refuses my punishment s but after that he has to do double punishment

by deepika Tue Dec 03 09:34:51 UTC 2013

I want chooral Prayogam from Ladies 9400390776

by guest Tue Dec 03 14:04:30 UTC 2013

Hi Guest,
My husbund did lot of stupid things and was very stubborn.I convinced that his behaviour was not acceptable.I gave 2 options either divorce or need correction by me.So he said yes to disciplinary procedure and signed an agreement to take punishment.So he can't refuse now.Also i am a consultant in my field and he is an ordinary employer In that way too i am superior to him.So he is like a school boy to me
Canes are my punishment tools.I have 2 working canes 24 inch in length and 8 mm in width ,20 inch in length and 6 mm in width.At the moment these are really effective .I have additional canes in case of breaking the cane.
He never cry.He wriggle after first 4 or 5 strokes truly my caning are very hard as now i am an experienced caner ,but i never allow him to rub or never stop half way without giving sentenced number of strokes.I warn him for his offence i will give this number of strokes and he has to bear it and if struggle punishment will be doubled.At the end of punishment how ever painful he thanks me.I love him very much and i don't want to loose him

by janaki Wed Dec 04 01:36:46 UTC 2013

Caning Experiences


by guest Wed Dec 04 14:20:21 UTC 2013

janaki do you give physical punishment to your husband?

by deepika Sun Dec 08 18:18:52 UTC 2013

@@Deepika,Is caning not a physical punishment?

by Janaki Mon Dec 09 09:18:06 UTC 2013

sorry I forgot to type some other phy. punishment.@janaki

by deepika Mon Dec 09 16:49:50 UTC 2013

Although my husbund is good he is lazy.He is not keen on career progress.So i decided to use my authoritative power for his career.I made him to apply exam and guide him.Initially he didn't want to get exam.I called him to room and took my cane and asked him to hold the rail.When he got 3 strokes across his legs he agreed.
Every week i give him some section to study.At the end of week i checked whether he does it and study it properly.I started it recently and i will tell you weather he gets punishment or not for not doing well.I warned him every week i asses him.I need to guide him like a school boy.

by janaki Wed Dec 11 01:06:38 UTC 2013

iam a submisive man. I want to live as a slave of a lady. I want to be her dog. pls ladies whaatsap me. my whaatsap number. 919526087653

by arun Wed Dec 11 17:30:29 UTC 2013

I will wait

by deepika Fri Dec 13 17:45:44 UTC 2013

Arun I want to beat u with belt. I regularly beat my husband

by deepika Wed Dec 18 08:20:17 UTC 2013

hey who is using my name in his comment ..

by deepika Wed Dec 18 17:19:11 UTC 2013

Anjaly mam come back

by guest Mon Dec 23 04:24:39 UTC 2013

Please stop this forum All fantasy stories

by guest Tue Dec 24 14:34:58 UTC 2013

I have written a love story which includes female domination. This story is in Marathi. You may like to visit. The language may be an barrier for many for you. but still you can try to enjoy it. thanks.


by guest Thu Dec 26 05:12:25 UTC 2013

Janaki my wife given severe punishment for silly silly reason

by suresh Sun Dec 29 05:40:25 UTC 2013

suresh what type of punishment do u get from your wife.

by deepika Sun Dec 29 08:20:56 UTC 2013

Beating with belt remove my shirt, washing clothes in midnight,belt she s fevorate tool

by suresh Sun Dec 29 16:54:30 UTC 2013

what are the reasons for punishment@suresh

by deepika Sun Dec 29 17:37:24 UTC 2013

She is very saddist, she s very enjeoy for punishing me,when I am crying she s smiling & standing infront of me

by suresh Mon Dec 30 05:19:25 UTC 2013

for how many hours u are punished

by deepika Mon Dec 30 17:20:28 UTC 2013

Is there any body ,dare to say that these are not fantasy stories

by guest Wed Jan 01 00:43:05 UTC 2014

@ guest,If you are my husbund iwould have shown you weather true or not

by janaki Wed Jan 01 11:26:05 UTC 2014

very true @janaki
if he would be my hubby , i will show him power of woman

by deepika Wed Jan 01 15:40:33 UTC 2014

Exactly Deepka u r currect before marriage I was also very strong person

by suresh Thu Jan 02 15:27:44 UTC 2014

Actually Deepika my salary is 1.2 lack per month but I don't have ATM card, every time I begging to her I am very suffering, u also treat to u r hubby

by suresh Fri Jan 03 08:18:12 UTC 2014

Its true many ladies make their husband murga for mistakes or foe enjoyment .

by guest Fri Jan 03 13:07:02 UTC 2014

I also make my hubby do murga punishment just for fun sometimes and he had to do it.

by deepika Sun Jan 05 04:02:17 UTC 2014

Deepika are you tort his pens

by guest Tue Jan 07 08:23:36 UTC 2014

Deepika are you tort his pens

by guest Tue Jan 07 08:23:37 UTC 2014

This is my most recent punishment to husbund.Yesterday i was back at the rail station after rail station.I rang my husbund to be on time at the station.It was cold and raining.I was waiting but he was not there.All other passengers were accompanied by there relations.I was very cross.Any way he came after 10 minutes late saying traffic.I didn't utter a word until go home.
Then asked him to get ready and have a cane ready.I had a cup of tea and went upstairs.As usual he was facing wall.His fair legs are very inviting for treatment.I knew that today my hand would be very powerful.He has chosen 6 mm cane .I told him this is what you have selected you will be given 10 strokes from it But my choice to day is 8 mm one i will give another 10 with that.
Nothing mush he could do now.First 10 strokes were so hard that believe me i broke the cane.He apologised and pleaded not be late again.I saw nice parallel red lines across his legs. I am sure if he goes out wearing shorts everyone can notice his caning.I didn't finish punishment until he was kneeling 30 minutes.

by janaki Sat Jan 11 07:45:26 UTC 2014

very gud janaki....he should be on time..

by deepika Mon Jan 13 05:59:00 UTC 2014

caning is very hurting

by guest Wed Jan 15 06:59:57 UTC 2014

caning is very hurting

by guest Wed Jan 15 06:59:57 UTC 2014

Janaki mam, can punish my hubby.

by Guest Sun Jan 26 05:19:36 UTC 2014

guest i will punish your hubby.

by deepika Fri Jan 31 18:02:27 UTC 2014

Hi deepika, it would be pleasure if u can . pl give ur e mail id.

by guest Fri Feb 07 17:54:46 UTC 2014

Deepika & Janaki U r in face book

by Anitha Sat Feb 08 05:20:52 UTC 2014

anitha aad me fb salim saed profeel mangos eny ladees techers

by salim Sun Mar 02 20:27:43 UTC 2014

Police aanu.orupaadu kuttavaalikale sikshichittundu.

by swapna Thu Mar 06 01:50:12 UTC 2014


by guest Tue Apr 01 18:29:24 UTC 2014

I love the fantasy stories in here..really makes me h.. :)

by princepurple1979 Sat Apr 12 20:12:10 UTC 2014

Dear strict wives don't hesitate please share punishing your husband

by guest Sun Apr 13 12:53:07 UTC 2014

This is not fantasy story today morning i was caned by my wife.Cane is used by my wife fairly regularly Today my talk made her so angry that straight away she got the cane made me to bend over the chair and hold tight the legs of chair.Believe me when she is angry power of strokes you can't imagine.I was wearing short and first i felt lightning pain on my bottom.Automatically i got up after a few strokes.Disturbing her caning is another punishment.So she tight my hand to legs of chair then gave 12 strokes to my thighs and calves.Let me stay there 30 minutes so i can'even rub my legs.Then i feel hot and and burning my legs.After my punishment finish i saw my legs have nice parallel double red markings.However much i get pain i was satisfied that i was punished for what i should be deserved.i will behave at least another few weeks

by JNR Tue Apr 22 05:44:51 UTC 2014

People who are interested in wives dominating husbands should go and visit this site

This has a lot of real life stories of sub husbands. One of my favorite. Definitely much better than the fantasy stories here...

by princepurple1979 Sun Apr 27 12:43:52 UTC 2014

Hello all

by guest Wed May 14 12:13:34 UTC 2014

I like to get a sub wife who like to be caned. Anybody here?

by guest Wed May 14 12:15:09 UTC 2014

orikkal ente ayalvaasi yuvathiye njaan paarkkil kandu. njaan avale mooluu enn vilikkukayum cheythu. aval thirinhnhunokkiyilla. appol njaan onnu kuudi aduthth chenn vilichu. pinne chumalil onnu thatti. aval thirinjnju nokki. apozhan enikk abddham manassilaayath. ith avalalla. avalude chaayayulla matoru kuttiyan. sameepaththu thanne undaayirunna policene aval vilichu. avar enneyum kuutti steshanilek poyi. avide oru vanitha head undayirunnu. avar enne kaikaaryam cheyyan thutangngiyatheyullu apozhekk s.i vannu. (ithinakam kaivellayil chural kond muunnennam kittiyirunnu.)

s.i. vannpol head enne addehaththinu mumpil kondu chennu. appozhkk oru visitor avide eththi. enne parichayamulla aalan. s.i yude bandhuvum an. ayal enikku vendi shuparsha cheythu. kesedukkathe vidan addeham headinod paranjnju. udane s.i bandhivinte kude purathth poyi.

pinne head randamathum enne chodyam cheyyan thudangngi. oru 10 minute neram maathram. ithinidayil 40 l kurayathe kitti. kaivellayilum thudayilum. muunu thavana muuthram itippoyi. valre kurachonnumalla ketto.

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head avarod paranhnhu. ningngal avane onn kandu nokk. ennaal ningngalkk daya thonnum. athinu maathram nhaan koduththittund. angngane jyeshtaththiyum aniyaththiyum enne iruththiya roomil vannu; enne kandu. karanhnhukalangngiya mukham, kayyilum thudayilumulla chukanna paadukal, underwarile muuthraththinte nanav, dayav kaanikkanamenna ente yaajana - ithonnum avarude manassaliyichichilla. avarude mumpil vechch enne adikkanamennum ennaal case edukkaathirikkaan sammathikkaamennum avar paranhnhu. head madichchu. apol jyeshtaththi avarude identity card kaanichu koduththu. avar oru vanitha s.i aayirunnu. athode head enne avarkk kaimari. avarodum kitti 20 l kurayaathe. athinu shesham pennungngale kaanunnathu thanne enikk pediyan.

by AK Thu May 15 11:38:36 UTC 2014

Very good

by guest Fri May 16 08:27:32 UTC 2014

nobody here?

by AK Fri May 16 11:38:38 UTC 2014

My wifes favourite tool is belt. She wears tight pants. She comes home opens her belt and sits on bed edge takes me over har lap and starts belting my butt. then she pulls my foreskin as I have phimosis and then pats my butt and asks me to get up

by guest Mon Jun 02 11:37:48 UTC 2014

Police belt aano?

by guest Wed Jun 04 10:38:11 UTC 2014

Ente wife nu neenda nakham aanu tool

by guest Wed Jun 04 10:52:37 UTC 2014

Njangalude veetil oru 'equal rights system' undu. Enikum wife-num ore pole equal aaya avakasangalum adhikarangalum aanu ella karyathilum. Veettile jolikalum mattu karyangalum okke equal aayi share cheyyunnu. Athu pole thettu cheythal sikshikkanulla adhikaravum. Oral thettu cheythal athinu yojicha punishment kodukkanulla avakasam matte aalku undu, athu pole thirichum. Aval enthenkilum thettu cheythal enteyum ente bhagathu ninnu enthenkilum thettu undayal avaludeyum vaka punishment kittum. Punishment ennu vechal nalla chutta adiyanu - onnamtharam chooral prayogam. Different size & quality ulla chooralukal vangi vechittundu veettil. Thettinte seriousness anusarichu eduthu prayogikkum. Parasparam ethrayokke sneham undennkilum adikku oru mayavum undavilla. Njan avaleyum aval enneyum adichu chanthiyile tholi polichittundu palappolum. Mikkavarum 40 - 45 divasathil orikkal enkilum enikku avalude kaiyil ninnu adi kittarundu. Athu pole thirichum.

by Suresh Thu Jun 19 08:34:48 UTC 2014

poda kunne

by guest Thu Jul 24 14:33:57 UTC 2014

Please use English

by guest Wed Aug 13 08:52:30 UTC 2014

I found this forum accidently and it is really nice to read this forum because I also punish my husband regularly with cane. I am now 24 and my husband is 26 years in age. When the time we were married he had many bad behaviors and I could correct lot of those bad behaviors during our 3 years marriage life using the cane and kneeling punishments. Every time I find his bad behavior I severely punish him with cane. Normally I give him minimum 10 to maximum 50 cane stroke to his bare buttocks according to the degree of his bad behavior and ask him to kneel down 30 minutes to one hour. I love my husband and he also loves me very much and he also loves to punished by me.

by sheela Mon Nov 24 02:29:19 UTC 2014

Sheela, u r not real. but ur story ok for new comers.

by Shweta CN Mon Nov 24 04:11:02 UTC 2014

Shweta CN, You feel like that because I have given very short summery of my real life experience. There are lot of untold stories specially how this begin and I am not going to post everything here. He initiated this and now we are really enjoying this. Wish you have a similar experience one day.

by sheela Mon Nov 24 09:48:30 UTC 2014

Sheela maam, I too give this one, but he breaks up for best of six using 9mm cane. I can't think about beyond 2 sets because for him it is unbearable. any way happy married life.

by shweta CN Tue Nov 25 08:32:52 UTC 2014

Last week I went my sister house. My sister give punishment to her husband really horrible. I am also give punish my husband pl give suggestion me.

by Sangeetha Wed Dec 03 16:53:28 UTC 2014

Sangeetha follow your sister

by guest Wed Dec 03 23:03:07 UTC 2014

Hi sangeetha What kind of punishments does your sister give her husband?

by guest Tue Dec 09 01:24:45 UTC 2014

Beat her husband using belt.with bare body. He s always crying

by Sangeetha Thu Dec 11 12:37:24 UTC 2014

hi sangeeta have you started punishing your husband

by priya Sun Dec 14 18:51:09 UTC 2014

Yes yesterday itself. He s given back answers. I gave full clean, washing cloth. Yesterday I beat with belt like my sister. Realy it s very pain it seems.

by Sangeetha Mon Dec 15 17:21:49 UTC 2014

great Sangeeta how he react on all these?during beating does he cry or ask for mercy?

by priya Mon Dec 15 17:53:45 UTC 2014

Hi sangeetha it is best to use cane to punish your husband. I think it will be more effective.

by guest Mon Dec 15 23:57:19 UTC 2014

Starting he was given back answers. Y r u beating. Then I beat more then he reply sorry I am not giving back answers next time. Now he behaved like a dog. I don't have cane. Only I have belt.

by Sangeetha Tue Dec 16 04:22:27 UTC 2014

hello Sangeetha How old are you?

by guest Tue Dec 16 09:57:26 UTC 2014

I am 35 years old my husband 38 years

by Sangeetha Tue Dec 16 17:34:47 UTC 2014

apart from beating him with belt what other kind of punishments you gives him?

by priya Tue Dec 16 18:45:43 UTC 2014

have you ever made him to do sit up or murga

by priya Tue Dec 16 18:46:09 UTC 2014

Hi all. I am getting moderate to severe caning by my wife and by my girl friend. I never had an opportunity to disobey them during the last ten yrs. The ritual is monthly and lasts about 05 to 15 minutes.

by Y Vinod Wed Dec 17 17:08:38 UTC 2014

hellow Vinod What is the reason they punish you like that?

by guest Thu Dec 18 13:09:02 UTC 2014

When the time we were married I had many bad behaviors and I harassed my wife. To overcome alcohol drinking & correct lot of bad behaviors she used the cane with her friend who later became my friend (but not during punishment session).

by Y Vinod Fri Dec 19 16:45:35 UTC 2014

Y Vinod can you tell me something about your punishment session?

by priya Fri Dec 19 18:28:54 UTC 2014

Ma'am, they are simply ruthless with the cane. I have to present my backside failing which I receive other places. Murga style for severe mistakes, laying on bed for normal mistakes.

by Y Vinod Sun Dec 21 05:05:48 UTC 2014

Y Vinod how long and hard such session and hows ur friend(ur wifes friend)helps her

by priya Sun Dec 21 18:57:36 UTC 2014

Ma'am, as explained it lasts about ten minutes. while I am kneeling they target my bum from either side using nine mm thick 42" canes. generally soaked in salt water on previous day to avoid infection and same water is poured on backside after the session. In the first few strokes I cry but in the middle I could tolerate but the end is very painful. I take oral pills to relive pain.

by Y Vinod Mon Dec 22 13:49:44 UTC 2014

They use chamois leather gloves and the canes have ferule for better grip, also it acts in stopping the the rod from slipping through their fingers when administering severe thrashing. during last couple of years I never won.

by Y Vinod Mon Dec 22 15:39:26 UTC 2014

They use chamois leather gloves and the canes have ferule for better grip, also it acts in stopping the the rod from slipping through their fingers when administering severe thrashing. during last couple of years I never won.

by Y Vinod Mon Dec 22 15:39:32 UTC 2014

Y Vinod does she use other punishment method like corner timing or mouth soaping?hows you fear from her and her punishments?

by priya Mon Dec 22 17:35:18 UTC 2014

Priya Ma'am, corner time, foot stool and holding tea tray on my back is some other corrective measure adapted by them. for writing this one also may earn some of them.

by Y Vinod Fri Dec 26 16:10:21 UTC 2014

Hy priya would u like to punish me

by Viren Fri Jan 02 12:16:30 UTC 2015

Kannada davaru yaradaru caning experience idre share madi

by guest Tue Jan 06 16:39:03 UTC 2015

Thumba janaru irabahudu !

by guest Fri Jan 09 16:47:43 UTC 2015

Hai njanoru kadha parayam

by unni Wed Jan 21 09:26:20 UTC 2015

Kannada stories pl

by Ravi Tue Feb 10 11:59:47 UTC 2015

Nanna hendti tumba strong. Avalu halli avalu
Kelsa madi strong idale. Avalu helida hage nanu kelbeku.illa andre belt nalli chachtale.Ella kelsa madstale.salary full avala kaile kodbeku

by srinath Mon Feb 16 17:34:36 UTC 2015

Hai srinath sir you are really lucky to have such wonderful partner. (anthaha adbutha madadi padeda neevu thumba adrustashali )

by vija Tue Feb 24 18:02:26 UTC 2015

hi guys...i always used to visit this forum...and i liked all the stuff written here about female today i m also going to write a story about me that happened in my school days....

i m going to write in hindi only....
mera naam deep assam se hu..yeh undino ki baat he jab me class 8 to 10 me padta tha...sayad 2000-2002 ki baat he...mere class me ek leena naam ki ladki thi...dekhne me bahoot khubsurat thi...pahle me uske saath utna baat nahi karta tha...ekbaar ek school festival me usse pahli baar baat kiya tha...woh bahoot hi simple aur acchi ladki thi...uske baad me hamesha usse baat karne laga...aur uske saath he bethne laga clas me...hamare class ka seating arrangement aisa tha ki desk ki ek side deewar ko touch hua karta tha...matlab ekside close tha aur ek hi side open tha...matlab jo last me dewar ke pass bethega use bahar aane ke liye bakiyo ko uthna parta last desk me leena ke saath bethna start kiya. us desk me 3 ladkiya aur me betha karta tha. me deewar ke pass last position me, mere paas leena aur uske pass aur do ladkiya....
ek desk me 4 log muskil se beth sakte he...isliye me bahoot kam jagah me betha karta tha so leena ko koi problem na ho...

me dhire dhire leena se pyar karne laga...woh bahoot serious ladki hamesha use help karta tha jab bhi usko chahiye hota tha...uski note book me hi likhta tha...woh aram se bethi rahti thi...woh hamesha apni elbow mere kandhe me rakhti thi...muje bahoot accha lagta tha...woh jaha bhi jati thi me uske piche piche jata tha...
uski beg bhi me hi carry karta tha...
exam me agar kam marks aate the toh woh bahoot daata karti usse bahoot darta tha...class ke beech me me hamesha uski haath dabaya karta tha...uski ungliya kheesta tha...use bahoot acchi lagti thi...

by deep Wed Mar 04 21:30:44 UTC 2015

hi guys...i always used to visit this forum...and i liked all the stuff written here about female today i m also going to write a story about me that happened in my school days....

i m going to write in hindi only....
mera naam deep assam se hu..yeh undino ki baat he jab me class 8 to 10 me padta tha...sayad 2000-2002 ki baat he...mere class me ek leena naam ki ladki thi...dekhne me bahoot khubsurat thi...pahle me uske saath utna baat nahi karta tha...ekbaar ek school festival me usse pahli baar baat kiya tha...woh bahoot hi simple aur acchi ladki thi...uske baad me hamesha usse baat karne laga...aur uske saath he bethne laga clas me...hamare class ka seating arrangement aisa tha ki desk ki ek side deewar ko touch hua karta tha...matlab ekside close tha aur ek hi side open tha...matlab jo last me dewar ke pass bethega use bahar aane ke liye bakiyo ko uthna parta last desk me leena ke saath bethna start kiya. us desk me 3 ladkiya aur me betha karta tha. me deewar ke pass last position me, mere paas leena aur uske pass aur do ladkiya....
ek desk me 4 log muskil se beth sakte he...isliye me bahoot kam jagah me betha karta tha so leena ko koi problem na ho...

me dhire dhire leena se pyar karne laga...woh bahoot serious ladki hamesha use help karta tha jab bhi usko chahiye hota tha...uski note book me hi likhta tha...woh aram se bethi rahti thi...woh hamesha apni elbow mere kandhe me rakhti thi...muje bahoot accha lagta tha...woh jaha bhi jati thi me uske piche piche jata tha...
uski beg bhi me hi carry karta tha...
exam me agar kam marks aate the toh woh bahoot daata karti usse bahoot darta tha...class ke beech me me hamesha uski haath dabaya karta tha...uski ungliya kheesta tha...use bahoot acchi lagti thi...

by deep Wed Mar 04 21:30:44 UTC 2015

Madarchod apni love story ki aur ko bta yeh punishment grop tera lover strory grp nhi h madarchod bc bhag yha se dalla saala

by guest Sun Mar 08 03:56:14 UTC 2015
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