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Topic: mothers experience of caning their child school punishment
hi i am a mother and since my child is having bad habits becouse he is living far with me in big city with his father he even dont liked my face ..
once at our cousion marrige he came along with his father to the hotel he even not touched my feet so i hav also decied from then that i will teach him manner i this vacation so pls all the moms tell me what to do and share ur experience

by jyoti Tue May 27 05:32:13 UTC 2014

jyoti, u can prefer caning as ur child punishment u explain him to stop misbehaving and obey my orders and then if he not obey u can then prefer caning

by reshma Tue May 27 05:52:38 UTC 2014

but reshma is he will allow me to beat him as he is very naughty and also he is now 13yrs old so it is correct to cane him at this age

by jyoti Tue May 27 05:55:27 UTC 2014

y not jyoti, yes u can cane him at this age because if he dont realise his mistake during this age then u will cannot make him understand manner at all during his older age so y r u thinking that he will not allow u to cane him as u r a mother u hav the authourity to do whatever with ur child but only punishment which not hard but some painful

by reshma Tue May 27 06:00:44 UTC 2014

ok reshma thanku to give me a right way reshma did u ever punished ur child

by jyoti Tue May 27 06:02:12 UTC 2014

Hai njan sri lakshmi

by sri lakshmi Tue May 27 06:03:49 UTC 2014

no jyoti i am not a mother even i hav married until i am only age of 24

by reshma Tue May 27 06:03:51 UTC 2014

hi sri lakshmi

by jyoti Tue May 27 06:04:39 UTC 2014

How did punish plus two girls

by sri lakshmi Tue May 27 06:05:14 UTC 2014

sri lakshmi r u a mother

by jyoti Tue May 27 06:05:53 UTC 2014

Jyothi please replay

by sri lakshmi Tue May 27 06:06:18 UTC 2014

pls share ur experience of punishing children

by jyoti Tue May 27 06:07:06 UTC 2014

plus 2 girls means

by jyoti Tue May 27 06:07:50 UTC 2014

Alla Anik 24 Age und

by sri lakshmi Tue May 27 06:08:19 UTC 2014

Njan tution edukunund

by sri lakshmi Tue May 27 06:09:40 UTC 2014

i think the girls of 24 age should marry then only realise the problem of their mothers the girls hav to then look after their families then only they understand

by jyoti Tue May 27 06:12:05 UTC 2014

sri lakshmi pls comment in english i cant understand

by jyoti Tue May 27 06:13:14 UTC 2014

Jyothi Amma Anno? Kutikala Anginaya Adikunath?

by sri lakshmi Tue May 27 06:14:51 UTC 2014

How did you caning child

by sri lakshmi Tue May 27 06:17:02 UTC 2014

hi i am asha a housewife and a mother my son age is 12 and he is studying in class 7. 2days before we hav gone to my sister's house in a village . i and my son went their by train at the railway station my sister and his son is waiting of our train . after meeting each other we went back to my sister house (cotinued next )

by asha Tue May 27 06:18:49 UTC 2014

Mothers how did you cane your doughter

by sri lakshmi Tue May 27 06:21:44 UTC 2014

How did you caning your doughter

by sri lakshmi Tue May 27 06:26:43 UTC 2014

(story cotinued) we had lunch and then we and children gone to sleep at evening my sister's child anuj has broken the window glass my sister maya became very angry at her i tryed to console her she has decided to punish him with the strokes of cane but his cane was already broken by him so she take me to the market where the carpainter sits (continued next)

by asha Tue May 27 06:26:59 UTC 2014

(story continued) my sister said carpaninter that which type of stick she wants the carpaiter made the stick which wants it was thin round and long made up of a rattan then we returned home my sister ordered his son to come in hall then she ask him to show his palm the boy was shivering with fear and didnt show the palm maya (my sister) said me to hold his hand i cannot disobey because she help me in financial works (continue next)

by asha Tue May 27 06:50:57 UTC 2014

(story continued) i hav to hold his hand with the first heavy stroke the child begain to cry then she give more 5 strokes in each hand the child i crying badly his skin is somewhat broked and the red lines were visible seeing all this my son laughed i cant control my self and i snatched the stick and caned him on his hand badly he also begain to cry then my sister applied the medicine to the both child hands

by asha Tue May 27 06:58:07 UTC 2014

thankss asha to share ur experiece is the heavy strokes really cut the skin

by jyoti Tue May 27 07:02:05 UTC 2014

yes my dear jyoti if u apply heavy strokes with thin cane on soft hands it will start bleeding and pls then apply the medicine named "clomotyme 18" it will stop bleeding but the pain remain till the next two days

by asha Tue May 27 07:05:19 UTC 2014

How to got caning doughter

by sri lakshmi Tue May 27 07:08:43 UTC 2014

pls moms share ur experience of caning ur child

by jyoti Tue May 27 07:09:45 UTC 2014

sri lakshmi first introduce ur self

by jyoti Tue May 27 07:10:47 UTC 2014

I am professionally not a teacher. But I got number of chances for caning. During 2005 I was working as a computer assistant in a reputed private girls eng medium high school at Hyderabad, where thickly populated muslim area. In High school section each class got 3 divisions. All the teachers are carrying good canes with them and punishing the students. After my joining, as I am in the office, I cannot see the punishment to the girls. But some sounds of canings I can hear. Very first day, certain students are punished in the office by the HM (2 strokes in each hand), which I have enjoyed, because after leaving my school life I am not able to see such scenes. The girls (mostly above 20 years), because there (girls)birth certificate is not necessary, so at the age of 10-12 they are admitted in 1st std. Next week, the HM given me a thick cane and asked me to go to the gate and punish the late comers with 2 strokes in each hand. When I reached the main gate it is closed, and about 20-25 girls are waiting there. I opened the main gate all entered into the school compound. Then I closed the gate, and told the students to stand in line. Actually I was shivering because I do not have any experience of caning. I told them that as per HMs instructions you have to take 4 strokes of caning, and asked them to be ready. Firstly one very beautiful girl shown her right palm. It was very soft and pure white as they are using gloves in hand. I hit her palm with the cane in full force. With the 1st stroke one red line appeared in her hand. I applied the cane once more and asked her to show left hand. I do'not know when I got the cane in my hand I used my full force, most of the girls cried loudly and in palms became heavy red marks. Afrter punishing like this for one week, no. of late comers was nil. Any how I caned lot of girls palms and only once or twice some of them got injuries, but there was no complaint. One thing, I cannot apply cane lightly, it will be with my full force. Now I have change the job

by sujita Tue May 27 08:19:00 UTC 2014

Chanthik Adphchitundo?

by asha Tue May 27 08:35:34 UTC 2014

hi asha r u new here

by jyoti Tue May 27 14:22:23 UTC 2014

hai jyothi chechi..........

by midhun Tue May 27 15:45:14 UTC 2014

sreelakshmi chechi kutikale nullarundo?

by rahul Wed May 28 04:37:49 UTC 2014

hi midhun hai rahul

by jyoti Wed May 28 06:42:11 UTC 2014

Nyan enthe 2 kutikalkkum nalla adi kodukarundu.oru mol eppol plus two padikunnu.2 mol 9th il.adi koduthu valarthiyale sheriyakullu.

by ranjini Wed May 28 13:51:41 UTC 2014

Hi jyoti iam interest and love to punish my daughter. apart canning i made her my slave dog.Now i give her very sad punishments which no one image,i feel satisfied when she cry and screams. every moment she suffer under my powered punish its true i gain pleasure in sex.
pls share u r other punishments.

by Yasoda Thu May 29 14:12:40 UTC 2014

No reason required any time i wish self sex pleasure my daughter receive some number of kicks from my boots leg on her face till i my self feel arose,I think my daughter has to face my boots since she is a slave dog.

by Yasoda Thu May 29 14:27:42 UTC 2014

Ranjini Anganaya Adi kodukunath share chayu

by sri lakshmi Fri May 30 05:36:07 UTC 2014

Nyan skirt pokki chanthikku nalla adi kodukkum nalla steel ruler vechu

by ranjini Fri May 30 10:18:53 UTC 2014

tnxx yasoda pls share ur experiece of caning your child and talk either in hindi or english

by jyoti Fri May 30 10:54:43 UTC 2014

Hi jyoti I came to know my daughter feel in love with local fellow so I decide to punish her, I felt angry and I tie her hands legs and made her to sit corner of walls, then I wear my police brown zip boots and start to kick her face, some kicks I offered, as she screams for every kick I don’t know what happens to me angry reduced but I felt the very pleasing pleasure when my boots grained her face, I felt wet in my private part, and I start to enjoy the sad punishment, and I convert her as slave for my punishments.
Then I sit on a armed cushion chair and make her to lick my boots which kicked her on seeing this my pleasure doubled then in final I made her to lick my pvt, parts until I pass the liquid in her mouth.
Jyoti pls say some more ideas from your side ( more powerful and some brutal punishments) I feel to share with some one.

by Yasoda Fri May 30 15:05:09 UTC 2014

Jyothi mam I am reshmi from kerala and I stay with my aunt in nagpur . I am doing my engineering first year . my aunt ask me to wear knee length shorts inside the skirt always when in home . She beats after lifting the skirt with a steel or wooden ruler on my shorts . is it right what the aunt is doing.

by reshmi Fri May 30 20:03:00 UTC 2014

Ranjini chatingil varuna samayam parayamo?

by sri lakshmi Sat May 31 03:03:02 UTC 2014

Email id theru Sri lakshmi

by ranjini Sat May 31 03:20:06 UTC 2014

Sory emai id illa ipol on linel undo?

by sri lakshmi Sat May 31 03:51:31 UTC 2014

Ranjini makalku kodutha best Adi parayu

by sri lakshmi Sat May 31 03:56:11 UTC 2014

Ranjini plz come

by sri lakshmi Sat May 31 04:14:43 UTC 2014

Reshmi malayalathil parayamo? Oru best Adi expalin chayu

by sri lakshmi Sat May 31 04:20:40 UTC 2014

Nyan enthe auntyude koode nagpurilanu thamasikunathu.aunty Enodu skirtinthe ullilayi muttu verae verunna shorts edanamennu parayum veetilullapol.eppol adikumbol skirt pokki shortsinthe mukalil chanthikku steel ruler vecho elenkil wooden ruler use cheytho adikkum

by reshmi Sat May 31 04:35:32 UTC 2014

Oru best Adi vivarikamo?

by sri lakshmi Sat May 31 05:00:51 UTC 2014

Kittiya best Adi vivarikamo?

by guest Sat May 31 09:30:23 UTC 2014

Ranjini kutikalk kodutha best Adi parayamo

by guest Sat May 31 10:50:11 UTC 2014

Ranjini chechi, chooralo Mattu vadikalo use cheyarille makkale adikkan? Avarkk kodutha oru nalla adiyeppatti parayamo

by guest Sat May 31 11:53:51 UTC 2014

Ranjini chachi plz come

by sri lakshmi Sun Jun 01 11:14:14 UTC 2014

Sujita ma'am where are you from?

by guest Mon Apr 27 06:46:26 UTC 2015

Sujita ma'am can you punish me?

by guest Mon Apr 27 06:48:44 UTC 2015

Please punish me Sujita ma'am

by guest Wed Aug 26 17:12:34 UTC 2015

iam a mother of 3 children 2 girls 1 boy younger one iam now 42 iam married to a army men at the age of 19 .. i used beat my children mercylessly becoz i like their wound body parts but now u will feel bad about me but my children are the best ones in our colony if any one complanits me about my daughters cry will be heard by them for my son my hus will belts and big thick sticks

by guest Sun Jan 03 10:48:58 UTC 2016

continued ... i like u all sree lakshmi .ranjini

by guest Sun Jan 03 10:50:41 UTC 2016

I'm Victor by name.....I'm a very naughty boy due to over pampering..
.I need someone strict to be leading by caining.... contribute please...

by victor Tue Jan 05 09:52:51 UTC 2016

I am mother and strict believer of caning.I have three daughters who gets there thighs redden whenever they misbehaved.

by Priya Wed Jan 13 11:03:06 UTC 2016

I am mother and strict believer of caning.I have three daughters who gets there thighs redden whenever they misbehaved.

by Priya Wed Jan 13 11:03:07 UTC 2016

I am mother and strict believer of caning.I have three daughters who gets there thighs redden whenever they misbehaved.

by Priya Wed Jan 13 11:03:07 UTC 2016

priya explain it

by manu Sun Jan 17 14:16:07 UTC 2016

My brother too never hesitate to redden my thighs whenever l misbehave

by Amy Thu Feb 04 12:25:55 UTC 2016

Priya how you redden their thighs
did you ever slapped them...???

by Daughter Sun Apr 10 10:30:03 UTC 2016

I use thick wooden ruler on thighs.I slapped them when they were kids

by Priya Mon Jul 18 11:26:24 UTC 2016

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by guest Sat Nov 26 14:11:34 UTC 2016

Is this forum still active?

by Divya Tue Dec 27 10:38:56 UTC 2016


by Ananya Thu Jan 19 13:41:18 UTC 2017

Hai ananya experiance parayoo

by shani Tue Jul 04 19:44:54 UTC 2017

Hai ananya experiance parayoo

by shani Tue Jul 04 19:44:54 UTC 2017


by Kum Mon Jul 10 12:10:39 UTC 2017


by Kum Mon Jul 10 12:10:40 UTC 2017
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