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Topic: in kerala whether boys are brought up nude at home
this is in reference to the articles written at this blog. Few boys have mentioned that they are brought up nude at home and also that studying nude helps them to concentrate better. They also mentioned that they are from kerala and parents allowed them to be brought up nude. feedbacks sought

by kp Wed Jan 19 13:58:44 UTC 2011

We kids are naked at home, and it helps our discipline. The boys are often whipped for disobedience or homework failure.

by Sally JJ Tue Jan 25 12:16:09 UTC 2011

Nice to read and I do admit that while studying it is better to be in konakam so that one gets good concentration. It is good also to be in konakam and and it also helps to be discipline.

by Siva Tue Feb 01 05:22:06 UTC 2011

In kerala boys are usually dressed at home but there r some homes where the boys r kept nude full time.They will be nude at home upto 10 std or even upto 12th. In some homes parents strongly insist them to be naked at home.

by RAJESH Wed Feb 02 06:46:51 UTC 2011

I personally feel that no parents insist that their children or boys to be nude at home till the age of 10. Of course, the parents may insist them to wear konakam compulsorily. That may be the case. It is in the interest of the boys, that they should obey and wear konakam without any shyness and should continue in their later years also.

by Kannan Sat Feb 26 10:13:35 UTC 2011

I dont think that boys brought up nude at home,i understand sally means wearing only konakam is the same as nudity.I myself wore only konakam up to my schoolfinal, after that i used to wear a small mundu over konakam. Wearing only Konakam in the Childhood helped me not only discipline, but also to be humble.

by Rajesh Sun Feb 27 17:55:12 UTC 2011

What Rajesh said is absolutely right. Even in many people in Kerala do the same thing, that at their young age they wear konakam and when they grow , they wear mundu over konakam. But the tradition of wearing konakam is still maintained and of course I am also wearing konakam at home. When I was in kerala, I used to wear konakam till the age of 12 . Childhood everyone considers konakam is the ideal innerwear for boys.

by Kannan Fri Mar 25 10:50:09 UTC 2011

I am surprised with the comments. Is it really correct that in Kerala some parents insist that their boys are naked or wearing Konakam komanam only? What is the reason?

And also if visitors or servants are there will the boys have clothes or do they continue to be in Komanam or naked?

I was under the impression that in old days (upto 60 or 70 years ago) there was such a practice. This was definitely the case with Namboodiris and may still be the cae in some Namboodiri families in rural areas, in the case of those families whose children learn Vedas and adhyayanam.

But I am surprised that so many people in this forum refer to such a practice of boys wearing only Komanam still continuing (and in some cases naked but why they should be naked)? I request members to clarify thee doubts.

In my case I am Tamil brahmin of age 58. I have worn Komanam full time since age 11 or 12. From that age up to age 16 or 17 I had only Komanam in the house after school (for playing in street I had a towel above the Komanam). This was because my mother was very orthodox and did not want suddham in the house for pooja etc to become impure by my clothes for school. After evening bath I had to continue in Komanam for my prayers or sandhyavandanam (as required for brahmacharis). So I will have a towel for the night's food and then sleep only in Komanam. So also in the morning after getting up and doing exercises and bath as well as washing my clothes only in Konakam (and wear clothes before going to school only).

This was not common practice even 40 to 45 years back Even my father had stopped having Komanam by the time I started wearing it and my mother did not like the change (She could not succeed in training my brother who is 6 years younger to me to wear komanam. But I found Komanam very natural and comfortable. So I never thought of changing or fashion which I was not aware of even).

But it was not completely unusual in some Brahmin agraharam households. Even neighbours and visitors were used to this. So some older men and many ladies used to appreciate me for wearing Komanam. Some mothers who were our neighbours even instructed their boys also to wear full time Komanam after seeing my mother's example and discipline.

And I can say the environment and people's attitude was vry conducive and supporting for the Kaupeena habit. That is why it ws natural for me to even stand at my house entrance in Komanam to see processions etc. Many grown up people bith brahmin and non brahmin also had this practice of standing in Komanam at the entrance prior to bath etc. So it was still a natural practice in those days of 40 years back for a boy of teen age to be wearing only a Komanam.

Unfortunately the custom started changing from 1980 or 85 and few people have Komanam nowadays. Any one wearing komanam is also made fun of by some people. However there many people who also appreciate and respect people who wear the Kaupinam for under garment.

That is why I am surprised that there are comments saying boys in Kerala are still having only Komanam or sitting naked at home. Is this correct?

by Nonstitched Tue Jun 07 08:32:53 UTC 2011

myself and my wife wear komanam only as under garment for chudithar pant etc.
but during day time i wear a veshti over komanam.
of course during nights we sleep with only komanam

by balan Tue Jun 14 18:58:53 UTC 2011

Please post to the thread GENDER
punishment forum about your

by guest Thu Jul 07 15:01:15 UTC 2011

I am first time visiting this forum, and quite interested in the topics. As far a wearing konakam is conerned (I m from Kerala, and there we say konakam), i have only seen in Tamil movies that too kids below 10 yrs wearing komanam in house. i have not seen any late teen boys wearing this.. by only doubt is that , what will happen when there is an arousal. It will be definitely projected, and does this wont treated as a disrespect for others, mainly girls and ladies. also for some boys, if there is thick pubic hair, it should be sticking out.. how do people control and hide these. please someone experienced may clarify this point.

by unni Sun Jul 17 15:27:54 UTC 2011

Dear Mr Unni
Let me clarify your questions. First point is that being in Komanam in the house is only for convenience and discipline. So it is the case that it is mostly in privacy. Normally only parents will be present and occasionally close relatives or servants and neighbours or family friends may visit. On such occasions if required a towel or veshti etc can be put on also. In any case, such arousal will be rare as the feelings may not arise in front of others.

To make it more clear, it is a habit formed by early age (under parents encouragement or requirement) and not continued after 16 or 18. Even aftr age 12 or 14, a towel etc is put on for visitors unless they are close relatives or neighbours or famil friends who are familiar with the practice. Pubic hair is not a problem because it grows only after 14 or 15 and also because it can be shaved if required.

To make it more clear, it is only for personal comfort and due to family discipline or practice, habit from young age etc for comfort or forming good habit of kaupinam or for simplicity. It is natural in such situations as above due to practice or habit from young age and acceptance by family or relatives and in such cases it is never considered odd etc. Any way the practice discontinues from age 15 or latest 18.

by guest Tue Jul 19 07:49:08 UTC 2011

Dear guest,
thank you for giving me a detailed reply. From your reply , I presume you are a either a Tamil or a brahmin, if not please excuse me..however, I just need to know, does this practise still exists in Tamil nadu.or is it only in villae and rural area.. why i am asking this question is i have a colleague from Tamil nadeu (Tanjavur), as he shared his personal experiences. He is from an orthodox family. as a traditional customs, he was forced to wear only konakam at his house into his late teens. through out his childhood he used to wear this in and out. but as he started going to college in the city, he found it odd and dint want to wear at home. but for his father was so strict that he forced him to wear at home even after he started the colleges..also according to him boys and young men never use towel while bathing, but only konakam whether it is at the well or in the pool. what do you think? is it proper to force people to wear konakam if they dont like? do you know similar incidents? what is your point of view? pls. reply.

by Unni Wed Jul 20 10:31:09 UTC 2011

Dear Mr Unni
You have put many questions but all are good questions. I will try to answer one by one.

Yes to first question, I am a Tamil brahmin from Tamil Nadu. I come from a district headqaurters town of Salem and my ancestral houses were in Srirangam (mother's side) anda village near Krishnagiri in former Salem district.

Second question is if this practice of boys wearing Komanam only in the house still exists or if it is only in a rural or village area. To begin with this practice of wearing Komanam (not only for boys inside the house only but generally wearing Komanam as under wear) has almost completely stopped for last 30 years except in a few cases. Up to forty years back or late 60s wearing Komanam as under wear was common. But really the practice was gradually being given up from the 50s I think. But it was still quite common up to end 60s or even 70s middle. In my case and in a number of cases the families have continued the prqactice of Komanam for males and Madisar for ladies even up to my generation and next generation. But this is only a very limited number of people. May be one in thousand families or something like that.

Next question is about your friend's experience. First, all orthodox families such as vedic families of priests and many others such as some traditional Vaishnavite families such as my family still follow at least some items of traditional dress. So I dont find anything new in your friend wearing Komanam as under wear. At least one in five hundred or thousand people if not more still have this habit. It is only a guess but I think it is only an under estimate.

What your friend says is also correct that towel is not used in bathing but only in Komanam. In Brahmin families bath was always taken at the well, even in my case and you are expected only to be in Komanam to take bath. Nude bath is not encouraged even in a bathroom and having kaupinam during bath also is a must for decency. Also, in my school and college days I often used to take bath in tanks with Komanam only. I still do it occasionally when taking bath in a tank or pond in a temple.

I had to do my sandhya vandanam also in Kaupinam only because of traditional custom. The reason for this is that a brahmachari is expected to wear only a kaupinam. Therefore at least sandhya vandanam n kaupinam only was a must in my house.

Brahmachariam may be the reason your friend's father required him to wear only Komanam in the house even in college days. But in the old days of about 100 years ago a boy was married by age 15 if not 12. So it was all right for a boy to wear Komanam only until marriage. So if this was the reason the friend's father was using the principle without understanding of the concept and changed times. But it is only a guess on my part.

Last point is about your friend being required to wear only Komanamin the house evn in his college days. Part of the answer could be the misunderstanding of Brahmachariam principle I mentioned already. But first I repeat that even in my case I was only a Kaupinadhari in the house during school days and up to 17 or 18 in college days. But the only compulsory requirement in my house was that from age 10 or 11 (when I had my thread ceremony) I should always wear Komanam as under wear. Second was that I must wear only towel or veshti in the house (and from age 13 only wear a veshti to school and not half trousers or pants). Or that I can be in Komanam only in the house which was also considered all right. Because at such young age the towel was not staying on the waist my mother encouraged me by saying since you have Komanam anyway there is no need for towel in the house. That is how it started and my father also said it is enough. I also found it convenient at age 11. There was definitely encouragement but no compulsion.

One more reason was what is called Madi or purity of clothes. Since my mother was very orthodox she insisted that I change and put on only a fresh Komanam after schoo

by Nonstitched Thu Jul 21 11:59:37 UTC 2011

I am writing below the rest of the reply (which was not shown in the above reply for some reason)

One more reason was what is called Madi or purity of clothes. Since my mother was very orthodox she insisted that I change and put on only a fresh Komanam after school. This prevented unnecessary washing may be one reason but Madi was definitely a requirement.

In general it is still considered in India and definitely so in Tamil Nadu (and even kerala) that a man in Komanam is thought to be properly dressed depending on the occasion. This is because it was thought that Komanam is an essential and respectable item of clothing and good for discipline and self control. But the occasion was important. It will not be accepted if one went to school or temple or a marriage wearing only a Komanam!

How ever, a worker in the field or a man bathing or doing gardening in his own house used to wear only a komanam and no body gave a scond look.All gardens in village agraharam houses and also in places like Srirangam or Salem are behind the house. In old days many of my neighbours will be doing gardening in the evening in Komanam only. It was natural and normal. For example in those days I will collect milk or dhobi's clothes from the front door in oly Komanam. Or I will watch a procession. Many other people also had a similar practice in those days (that is if they happened tobe wearing only a komanam prior to taking bath or washing clothes or gardening). Or I will be doing yoga in Komanam or studying and visitors may be present inthe house. But only known people like relatives or neighbours. Such people who did not find it unusual or odd I mean.Such people who had seen me from young age like family friends or neighbour knew and understood that I was wearing a Komanam only due to practice in the house.So they were used to it and considered it normal. If any other visitor came and I had to meet him or her I would put on towel or veshti. And on many occasions I would have a towel also even when there was no visitor. There was no hard and fast rule but it was mostly only in kaupinam for convenience. And out of habit. And I felt no shyness because I was accustomed to it from young age. Only my class mates used to make fun of me but I never bothered about it.
Even in Kerala I know it was very common for people to have Komanam or take bath only with Komanam. The Nambudiris gave only komanam to their boys and girls up to age 10 or 12. And the boys continnued to have only komanam up to at least age 15. Even in nair and other families the males had only Komanam for under wear.

I am mentioning all this to give you an idea of how it was not abnormal or un natural in those days. But let me repeat again what I mentioned in reply to your last week's comment that it was not the norm for boys to wear Komanam only in the house. It was very rare cases only in my boyhood days. (I consulted some very old people I know and they said that about 70 or 80years ago the practice of boys wearing only Komanam was very common in Brahmin families up to age 15 or 16).But for those who knew us well it was not anything abnormal. However as I mentioned before some neighbours and friends and especially some mamis in nearby houses used to be amused. (but even they did not think it was abnormal or shameful because they accepted it and were very natural when talking to me on such occasions). I remember noticing it but not understanding why. I got the understanding only much later.

Your last question is whether it was correct for the father to force your friend. I dont know what to say. Many parents force many things on their children such as beating or no cinema or no games or only kudumi or things like that. It may be due to a belief that it is good for the children whether the belief is right or wrong. To a certain exten it happens. In this case the father may have considered it good for discipline or for brahmachariam reasons. I dont know. I am sympathetic to the fathe

by Nonstitched Thu Jul 21 12:08:11 UTC 2011

Some more was left out. There may be a length limit. Here is the left out portion (fianl portion)

I dont know. I am sympathetic to the father because he may have believed it was good for his son. If your friiend is keeping up the Komanam habit it was definitely good for him! In any case he should forget about it as he is now an adult and not under parent's control.

I had to write very slowly because I had to think and write slowly because I wanted to explain as much as possible to give you an idea. I have tired to answer the questions based on my own understanding only and to the best of my ability. I hope some questions at least are clarified to some degree now. You can put any more questions also if you wish. I will try to answer as far as possible.

by Nonstitched Thu Jul 21 12:10:36 UTC 2011

Dear Nonstitched, It is highly apreciated to have such detailed reply on this issue. Thanks for the time taken. yes, you have clarified almost all the points. and we (with my friend) too had a disucssion on that. .Another question came to my mind after seeing a tamil movie, (its a black & white version) that i have seen a young man near the river taking bath , but its not a proper komanam, but a piece of cloth in front and one at the back side. i mean the cloth is not tied up. only two pieces front and back. i was amused on this and asked my friend about this. and what he said is in villages u can see people wearing these type of cloth pieces.. i still dont know if it is only for sake of movie, or its real. Sir, can you explain on this.. does this type of clothing is also happening in Tamil nadu? and if it is healthier ? also, my friend told me that he is used to be in this situation before taking baths , of course that is during his school days. appreciating ur reply for this also.

by Unni Tue Jul 26 07:45:17 UTC 2011

Dear Mr Unni
In Tamil Nadu the labouring communities such as farm workers or construction workers wear it like that. I mean, in front they leave the end of the Komanam outside the string (whereas most of the higher classes including Brahmins tuck the front end inside the or under the string).

But in India including Tamil Nadu nobody leaves the back end hanging outside. I have only seen it photos of Red Indians in America. So in the film they were probably showing that for novelty.

I will add that leaving the front end hanging outside is not considered to give a good fit. It comes loose in front and many times you can see openings on the side. Moreover it needs frequent adjustment for tightness. That is why the large majority will not have any cloth hanging outside but have the end of the kaupinam tucked inside under the string. In this method, the pressure of the body and test ic les on the ends (which are inside and under the outer layer of the Komanam) will give a good, tight fit.

I have one question with reference to your earlier comment (with reference to your friend from Thanjavur district). I understood from the comment that his father insisted that he should wear only Komanam in the hoouse and nothing else. Is my understanding correct because my reply is based on that understanding? If so, how old is oyur friend? Because it is very unusual nowadays if he is young (like 25 to 40). In that case he may belong to a vaideeka family. Please clarify. Thank you.

by Nonstitched Fri Jul 29 09:10:14 UTC 2011

Thank you nonstitched for your time and replies given. In my previous post, you didnt really get the point. those guys mentioned were not wearing a single piece komanam. in fact it is two pieces, one piece hanging in front side and one at the back. they were not joined. my friend told , such scenes quite common on rever side... people taking bath. my question, whether it is practiced and if it is healthy.. coz. it is not covering the test i cles at all. if you know similar case, please share with us.
for your second question about my friend, when i asked him in detail.. he just revealed the fact that it was a kind of punishment from his father during his college days to let him wear only komanam. also he made it compulsory for doing exercises every day wearing komanam with oil applied on the body.. now such situation is very rare as he is abotu 23 - 24 yrs old and mostly stays away from home.

by Unni Sun Jul 31 08:10:35 UTC 2011

Dear Mr Unni
I have not seen such a thing in my experience such as people having one flap of cloth in front and one more in the back and bathing in public. What is the use? It will not cover properly and the private part can be seen. It is the same as naked. It is better to have a towel or under wear or komanam for bathing. As per sastram you should respect watr and not enter without kaupeenam (it is more proper than towel or even jatti in any case as it tightly covers geni tal region ).

What you say about cloth hanging in front and back is unknown to me. It is not proper I think. I have not come across it.

Thanks for the answer to my question.

by Nonstitched Fri Aug 05 12:27:31 UTC 2011

It is not correct to say that boys are forced to naked at home in Kerala. Up to 10-12, elders are indifferent. Boys may or may not wear komanam. After upanayanam , komanam is a must at home. No teen age boy is allowed to roam around nude at home without komanam . After 10 plus 2, around 18 years of age , boys wear towel or vesti around when at home. Once a week oil bath is a must. Then komanam is enough. So is the case of any special puja where madi is important. Presence of girls and female relatives is immaterial as komanam is accepted in orthodox families.

by Krishnan Fri Sep 02 15:59:21 UTC 2011

Krishnan Sir,
Why do you think that " presence of girls and female relatives "is immaterial?
It is not immaterial from the perspective of girls and female relatives to live among such virtually nude men all the time.
See my detailed comments on the Kaupina Forum.

by Sri Latha Thu Sep 08 16:20:47 UTC 2011

Again! Please note Krishnan is using the word "acceptable". Hemeans it is immatrial where it is acceptable to females. And there are many females in such families whoo find it acceptable. You really have a bee in your bonnet Srilatha.

by Nonstitched Fri Sep 09 01:57:00 UTC 2011

I am from Kerala. When I was young many decades ago I used to play outside at random, wearing nothing up to the age of 5. Then we moved to a town and I had to wear 'half trousers with straps'! I never wore anything under these until I reached SSLC. Please I would like to hear more kaupinam stories and experience.

by neelakuyil Thu Oct 27 14:07:27 UTC 2011

boys can be kept naked till 15-16 in house

by archana Sun Nov 13 15:33:54 UTC 2011

i was not wearing dress in house till finishing +2

by aswin Mon Nov 21 10:58:49 UTC 2011

You say "boys can be kept naked till 15-16 in house". But why? Any benefits or reasons? In what way being nude at home is better for boys than being clothed?

by guest Tue Nov 22 13:48:42 UTC 2011

they should get rid of their shame and false modesty. there is no wrong in even a grown up man wearing just lungi or dhothi inside house, even when visitors are there. so the young boys can be naked too

by archana Fri Dec 02 05:36:33 UTC 2011

y only boys should be nude? their private part is also easy to display

by infant Tue Dec 06 17:16:16 UTC 2011

There are many poor people in Kerala who cannot afford to buy boys clothes, especially those with many children. Some also send their boys to school naked or with torn pants.
One can also see naked boys begging in the street.

by Reesha Wed Jan 11 20:09:02 UTC 2012

i was staying inside house till +2 without dress most of the times. it was shame , but i have to obey mummy that time

by aswin Wed Jan 18 07:21:10 UTC 2012

When I grew up in the 60s, I was the only boy with 3 sisters and I was naked for oil baths.My sisters were happy to bathe me till age 12. They were concerned about cleanliness around my male organ especially pulling back the foreskin. I enjoyed their attention and only became shy after puberty.

by Ajay Sat Feb 25 07:53:52 UTC 2012

The only time I felt a little shy was when my female cousins visited. They had not seen a 12 yr old boy naked and they were very curious. My sisters helped me overcome my shyness by letting them bathe me.For the girls it was exciting at first, then I was able to walk around naked without shyness.

by Ajay Sun May 06 15:58:37 UTC 2012

I was visited Kerala a few years ago. While I was having tea with my friend and her 2 teenage daughters, their young maid was bathing her 12 year son just near us. She undressed him completely as if its very normal, the girls just looked as smiled as teased him about his cute little birdie.He didn't protest or show embarassment at having female attention on his private parts. I am a single city girl, so for me it was surprising. The young maid washed him all over and slowed down to wash his peenis and scrotum with soap. The boy just just squirmed and giggled but did not protest. The girls again teased him saying they will pull his birdie if he was naughty. All this was done without any embarassment. I feel this must be good because the boy was so obedient. The maid then brought him over and the girls applied talcum powder all over paying a lot of attention to his private parts. Is this common in Kerala?

by Priyanka Mon May 07 06:56:57 UTC 2012

I was visited Kerala a few years ago. While I was having tea with my friend and her 2 teenage daughters, their young maid was bathing her 12 year son just near us. She undressed him completely as if its very normal, the girls just looked as smiled as teased him about his cute little birdie.He didn't protest or show embarassment at having female attention on his private parts. I am a single city girl, so for me it was surprising. The young maid washed him all over and slowed down to wash his peenis and scrotum with soap. The boy just just squirmed and giggled but did not protest. The girls again teased him saying they will pull his birdie if he was naughty. All this was done without any embarassment. I feel this must be good because the boy was so obedient. The maid then brought him over and the girls applied talcum powder all over paying a lot of attention to his private parts. Is this common in Kerala?

by Priyanka Mon May 07 06:56:57 UTC 2012

When I asked them, they said he was just a little boy only 12. For them, only when he reaches puberty, they will give him more privacy,but the maid will still checks his private parts are washed properly. They felt he was a boy, so he shouldn t be shy. He was actually a tall boy and his organ was bigger than most boys his age. I felt I was looking at a hairless teenage boy rather than a 12 yr old.

by Priyanka Mon May 07 07:04:59 UTC 2012

Thanks Priyanka for your frank descriptions. I had similar experiences too.My younger brother was bathed by both me and my mother and maid. It was done in the open until he was 13 when pubic hairs started growing. It was normal even when he had stiffening around age 10 onwards. We just laughed that it was ticlish for him so it was normal. Only pnce when I was washing his male organ around age 13, he was very stiff and was squirming alot. i think I soaped too much and over stimulated him and he had a release. He was so apologetic about it. For me it was a good experience learning about boys. He usually undresses in front of my maid and she is very comfortable bathing him. She is better than me and helped him feel less shy.

by Shristi Fri Jun 01 06:57:15 UTC 2012

I have a different experiece about this bathing and wearing konakam and all. We were living in tamil nadu and when dad got tranfered to north. we had to shift to our parantal house.My self at the age of 9 or torten and mom tayed with grandma and one or two cousins. There we had a maid servant and she used to do a variety of jobs for all. I used to take bath in bath room previously and mom gave me bath till then. I had a problem. If a hand goes near my my private part it will erect. Its a small one but the touch of hand made it. mom used have a laugh on face when she gave bath and i never understood the reason for his laughter. In the ancestral house there is no tap water and the water is to be lifted from well. So almost all preferred the pond bath which was in the compound itself. My maid servant asked mom to send me along with her for bating and mom agreed. So the first day i went along with her and she asked to carry a towel.we went to pond and she asked whether I know swimming. I said no and she said i should not get into water till she says. She first washed all the soiled clothes and asked me to remove my dress. I removed my shirt and she said to remove trousers. I was hesitant as I have never done it before a stranger. She asked me whether I dont' have a konakam. I never understood what it is. She laughed and I got shy. Don't worry wear the towel and remove trousers she said and helped to wear towel over my belly. I did and she asked me to go to waters with dipped me in water to the nick and asked to come out. I did and came out and during this time my towel got loosened from waist and fell down. I felt terribly shy and immediately covered the small one with both hands. She jovially said not to be shy since i am a boy only. i wanted to take back the towel from water and wear it but she prevented and told I have already seen and no ned of it now. I was really embarassed and turned my back to her and stood. She started applying soap on the back first and slowly the hands went all over the body and ended up at the thigh. By the time her hands came up and touched my scrotem it got erected as usual and she could not control her laughter. She made some commend and i never understood its meaning.she never missed to touch it and apply soap over it and give two or three mild stroke. I felther finger sesing the tip and finished the cleaning. After giving good bath to me she asked me to wear new trosers and shirt and wait on steps. She removed her dress one after the other and pulled one cloth from under her main mundu. she immediatel pushed in water and wore a mundu over her breast and removed bra. Then she started bating and I was feeling so shy to look at her. She asked me so many questions while cleaning her body and I saw her cleaning up to her upper thigh portion. Then she entered water was cleaning her front and I could not see any thing. After bath she wore only wet dresses and we proceded home. The whole of the day I was thinking about it and felt very shy again. She saw my organ and she laughed. I felt bad and decided notto go with her for bath next day. I decided to tell mom and go with her if needed.
will continue

by Renju Wed Jun 06 07:03:59 UTC 2012

Next day when I was about to take bath I asked mom. She said to go along with maid and she is busy. I said I am not going with her. Mom asked why and over hearing this she jumped into the scene and told mom i am afraid of water since not familiar with swimming and I had to take him by force to water. Mom said then you just teach him to swim. She agreed and laughed. i was about to weap but controlled.
That day she tok more freedom and removed my dress with out my consent. i got terribly angry and shy. i told her i will report to mom. Again she laughed and told mom wilnot do any thing if i tell. i had to obey her and just kept quite. on that she oiled me and while oiling on my private part it got hard. She commented it joviously and i didnt get meaning. again she checked the tip with oil and applied a little pressure on the fore skin. I felt irritated and showd my feeling and she suddenly left it. she told me she will teach swimming from next day onwards. I had a mixed feeling. I wanted to study swimming but hesitant from her. she will touch all over my body and i will be again in problem. But studying swimming and posing a hero after going to big places was my ambition. soi didnt make any remark to her suggestion. That day also she washed me well and all parts were taken care very well. I didnt feel as ticklish as on the previous day. After giving bath she started and the procedure continued. with out my knowledge i looked at her on that day and saw herprocess well. she called me while bating and asked me to just give a scratch on her back as she got itching. she pointed the place and i scratched her back just below her neck and down ward. she made me to do it for few minutes and said thanks. her body was so smooth and i never felt any irritation to scratch her. I never understood her pulling down of cloth and immediately dipping in water. that happened that day also.
days passed. as promissed she started swimming class to me.she stretched two hands and asked me to lie on it.I was hesitant but she made me to do it. one hand was near my chest and other on waist.she kept me floating in water like that asked to splash in water with hands and legs.Initially it was difficult but gradually i got the point. the only problem was her one hand was touching on my little man hood and it was hard. the rubbing of hand on it made me a little bit worry. we contined it and stopped for the day. Other routine continued. The same proces continued for few days and i was very familiar to it.
one day she said she is going to next step and she wil take her hands and i have to float myself. i said i will try. By that time i became very close to her and her touching was a must for me. I started enjoying her rubbing on the organ,konwingly or unknowingly i dont know even today. as told she removed both hands while i was splashing and i lost my balance and got dipped in water. i just grabbed her and she also helped me to bring the face out of water. It took a few seconds to understand and i was holding on her waist with mouth agaist her pp. i didnt know any thing and had gulped some water also. she asked me to sit on the steps and take rest. i did and got relieved after few minutes. she laughed and said this is how swimming is studied.Do you want one more trial today.I said no. that day passed on and i tried to recollect the happenings.when i held her my hands were on her butt and face close to pelvic. she was in single cloth that too completly quenched in water and i remember a dark shade under the cloth. my curiosity incresed to watch more carefully next time. The very next day it happened again. i noticed two things. while i was supported on her hands my body parts touched her breats well and she used to stand in forward bend position. i strongly doubted she was inserting pressure on with her chest. i understood its a tremendous feeling. I was unknowligly enjoying it aal the days. when she left me free again i lost balance and held her hip with fo

by Renju Thu Jun 07 02:35:22 UTC 2012

This time i could see the blanket under the cloth in veiled form. i have never seen a female in nude form till then. so i was not knowing how it will look. i understood it is dark with lot of fur over. i wanted to see it very clearly and tried for it. i knew the swimming class wil close soon as i was almost ready for it. So the earliest opportunity i wanted to make use. next day when she left alone on water i grabbed her cloth and pulled it down as if unexpectedly. My presumption was correct and it was a thick black blanket and she got embarassed. she took the cloth from water and wore on that time i had a clean view and its my first sight of a pp of woman.I told her sorry several times and convinced my position. She got convinced it as an accidental mistake and pacified me. i was growing. i was not that old boy and many changes were happening in me. the soaping and oiling of my organ made me very happy and her constant effort on the foreskin made it to move up one day. initially it was paining and susiquently it got reduced and every time it became hard the head came out of skin. she was enjoyng it very much every day. she will go massaging till it is hard and enjoy the way it stands and by that time the opened skin. the tip was blood red and ahe started mild rubbing on the head also with oil.i was hardly ten and quite young for all these. but it was circumstances. she had only this small time affair for her enjoyment. slowly i got attache more to her and all my primary classes were taught by her. Still i remember those days very bright. i was pny a boy and her association made me a full fledged man.
i am expaling this precedence just to enforce the attitude of elder unmarried ladies towars the love affairs. they made use of every opportunity to enjoy on the pretext of helping younger ones. many gave them breast milk even though there is no milk. many used them for their company in night to hug and do minor affairs. northing wqas serious. but things happened. If i am mistaken sorry. from my experience i measured.

by Renju Thu Jun 07 11:04:37 UTC 2012

Ente nadu kasargod aanu ivite 12 vayas vareyulla boys veettil dress use cheyyarilla avarute pennis ellavarkkum kaanan pattum chilappol athu kambi(errected)yayum chilappol semi-erected aayum kaanappedum

by Sajna Mon Jun 25 12:35:05 UTC 2012

nothing wrong in mothers bathing boys till 15-16. i still bath my son. he is 15. sometimes my maid also do it on sundays when he has an oil bath

by archana Wed Jul 18 14:30:04 UTC 2012

ARCHANA MADAM> You are right in bathing boys upto 15-16 years age. But it would be nice to make the boys wear komanam from the childhood days so that they can continue wearing komanam even when they grow elder. Thereby you can keep the traditional alive and you are making aware of the traditional custom . Wearing komanam is a must for boys and gents and it should be cultivated from the young age itself. That is why it is called ' KOMANAM PURUSHALAKSHANAM '

by KOMANAM USER Tue Jul 31 07:11:16 UTC 2012

if there is nothing wrong in mothers bathing boys till 15-16, "then" there is be nothing wrong in fathers bathing daughters too till 15-16. Giving them full nude bath, oil bath

by human Sat Aug 18 17:37:36 UTC 2012

as girl parts are inwards and also have menstruation,so they need more cleaning and supervision during bath for full cleaning inside too. So it is appropriate to wash them fully nude too. There is no need to be shy about this.

I was bathed nude by my elder cousin brother,father,mother till the age of 13 who was elder to me by 3 years. On sundays sometimes he gave me oil bath with special care on my private parts below my waste. And i think that led me to understand, why girls need more cleaning, as they are having vag*n* inside, which is not fully intrisicly visible to themselves, so in those teen years too they need some guidance for that.
As they had seen me nude since my childhood so it was normal for me, the only day i was ashamed, when my elder cousin was bathing me and my neighbour boy of my age visited us and he had a big smile on his face. But then i tried to just not see into his face, while my bro was washing me.

by Smriti Sat Aug 18 17:49:43 UTC 2012

girls can be bathed too. my daughter also is bathed. but shes now 12 only

by archana Sun Sep 02 10:59:29 UTC 2012

My mother bathed me and my older brother together to save time. My brother ia 2 years older to me. When he was about 11, he would get stiffness but mother would say that it is so cute, so i was comfortable seeing his maleness. But when I was 10, mother bathe me separately for modesty but my brother was bathed openly till 13. Sometimes I would bathed him too. of course I enjoyed it very much. I think it is healthy for boys as it helps overcome shyness.

by Asha Sat Sep 15 10:46:02 UTC 2012

ofcourse asha, its fine. i too do the same with my children. my son is 15 still i bath him openly. boys must not be modest

by archana Sat Sep 22 08:19:09 UTC 2012

archana can we share more........

by infant Wed Oct 03 16:30:59 UTC 2012

contact me infant. archana.nair73 in yah00

by archana Thu Oct 04 14:20:57 UTC 2012

i grew up in a village near kumbakonam.till my marriage i used to be in komanam only at father and grandfather also wore komanam only.while going out shirt and dhiti were use4d and once inside the house again komanam only.even girls used to be in komanam only till 10 or 12 years and afterwards pavada davani over komanam.i do not know the practice now

by guest Fri Dec 07 07:05:26 UTC 2012

I have a ten years old son. he using konakam only in my house regularly. he is very comfortable. In his sleep he wearing konakam only.

by Syamjih Sun Dec 16 08:58:58 UTC 2012

sYAMJIH - Please telll your son to continue wearing konakam and make him understand that konakam is our traditional dress. Konakam is a must and he should insist all his friends and relatives to start wearing konakam and discourage him from going to readymade underwear and readymade innerwears are not good for health. Only konakam is good for health and it is traditional also. KOMANAM PURUSHALAKSHANAM

by R IYER Fri Jan 11 04:27:43 UTC 2013

ranju write more

by a Thu Jan 17 12:22:16 UTC 2013

hi Renju are u still here? pl write more....

by a Wed Jan 23 10:18:29 UTC 2013

My 12 yrs old son use konakam regularly at his 8 yrs old onwards. It he use in the home and also outside. He not using other readymade innerwears. Sometimes I and my wife allow him wearing konakam only in the home. In his open bath he also using konakam only. But, he go to bed he waring a towel or dhoti only. While I do not allow to wear konakam. In my opinion, Konakam is very comfortable for all boys. Konakam is a trational dress and very beatifull for male children. So the parents insist your boys to waring konakam regularly. It is also good for your boys helath.
- Ramkumar

by Ramkumar Sun Jan 27 08:13:06 UTC 2013

is really kerala boys brought up nude and bathed naked upto 12 to 13?

by a Wed Jan 30 15:16:15 UTC 2013

tell more experiences you have experienced or seen in kerala about boys nudity .....

by 2ue Wed Jan 30 16:52:36 UTC 2013


by 123 Sun Feb 17 12:28:14 UTC 2013

i was not always naked at home. but my mummy or servant lady used to bath me till i finished SSLC. that time many have seen me without dress. very very shameful, but no choice. have to obey mummy

by aswin Fri Mar 08 01:16:02 UTC 2013

tell more aswin

by 2ue Mon Mar 11 09:39:10 UTC 2013

what more ?

by aswin Wed Mar 13 05:48:32 UTC 2013

its embarassing even to think of those times

by aswin Wed Mar 13 05:49:26 UTC 2013

boys till 15-16 years must be made nude inside house now and then teling some reasons, allow others including his friends or sisters etc to watch him during that.
this will help him to overcome his false modesty, will be always obedient to women. and the other factor is those who see will get xcitement too.
I do it to my son. he is 13

by archana Wed Mar 13 05:49:42 UTC 2013

archana tell us more about your experiences

by 2ue Fri Mar 15 05:03:36 UTC 2013

aswin pl tell your story in detail

by 2ue Fri Mar 15 05:04:27 UTC 2013

till i was 15 years old, finished 10th std, either my mummy or maid used to bath me in the evenings after reaching from school and oil bath on saturdays.

by aswin Sun Mar 17 09:22:12 UTC 2013

more stories pl

by 2ue Sun Mar 31 07:41:22 UTC 2013

till i pass 10th std, either mummy or our house maid used to bath me in the evening after i come from school.
when mummy bathed me she did it in the bathroom mostly. she will never close the door. if some of her friends neighbours etc are in house also mummy do the same. so they sit on the bed talking with mummy while mummy bathed me. many times the other ladies will have their children with them who are my neighbours schoolmates etc. boys and girls. mummy never hear my pleas to close the door saying i'm still a little boy. So they all seen me with out any dress.
if it was the maid, she bathes me outdoor near the tap. she likes when the neighbouring children, my friends etc comes to watch it. she too removes my dress completely while bathing.
and during saturdays oilbath was a more shameful thing. maid makes me fully naked and oil my body after lunch. then i have to stay outdoor in backyard till evening when she bathes me. many of my neighbour children comes and be there. i feel shameful even now to face the kids who seen all my secrets.

by aswin Thu Apr 04 09:18:03 UTC 2013

how long you have to stay naked outside oiled?

by 2ue Thu Apr 04 09:46:41 UTC 2013

i am kannan 23 yrs old.i am wearing komanam past 6 yrs i am full time komanam wearer..

by Komanam Kannan Sat Apr 06 08:44:48 UTC 2013

Very nice indeed Mr. Kannan . I hope you are a bachelor and still enjoy wearing komanam. Very good keep it .Before marriage, tell your would be that you are a komanam wearer so that she will be mentally prepared to accept a traditional husband wearing komanam. Anyway it is very good and I am quite happy . I am also a komanam wearer and I enjoy wearing komanam. Right now I am sitting only wearing komanam and typing this message. Komanam is very good for all especially males. Enjoy wearing komanam.

by pattukomanam Thu Apr 11 05:38:06 UTC 2013

I am also a komanam fan..I and my wife enjoy wearing komanam at home...but only closing all the doors.

by Krupanandan Sun Apr 21 06:08:07 UTC 2013

Almost 3-4 hours I was made to stand oiled without any dress

by aswin Tue Apr 23 02:29:24 UTC 2013

Krupanandan > why you have to close all the doors and wear komanam. Komanam is a traditional dress and one need not feel shy in wearing it. In fact you should feel proud of wearing komanam. Consider komanam is your dress and think you are in your traditional dress - understand that KOMANAM PURUSHA LAKSHANAM. In case you want to get in touch me, you can reach my mail Id : pattukomanam(at)gmail(dot)com

by komanam user Fri May 17 03:55:14 UTC 2013

I am a regular user of konakam since 10 years. I have some doubts regarding its use. Which is better cloth for konakam? Softer or less harder? Is there any stitching needed in konakam? According to me a piece of cloth 25 cm wide and 1m length cloth and a string is enough to make a konakam which makes it so easy to use. And one more doubt around which time our konakam is replaced by our modern inner wear? Pls answer me if any body knows this

by VIJAY TVM Fri May 24 11:56:55 UTC 2013

pl write more pl

by s Mon May 27 14:58:53 UTC 2013

Vijay > Cotton cloth is good for konakam. Konakam should be made of cotton cloth only. Never use silk or any type of similar cloth. The length & width of konakam what you have mentioned is OK. In case you want to use stiched komanam that is also OK. I am a regular user of konakam (stiched konakam) and I am very comfortable. I like to be in konakam all the time. Another thing, why should you think of replacing konakam with moder underwear. You should continue to use konakam only life long. As per Hindu Shastra, once konakam is used, he should never switch over to modern underwear at any point. Be happy with konakam - KOMANAM PURUSHA LAKSHANAM.

by Iyer Wed May 29 03:57:14 UTC 2013

Njan suresh. enikku 12 vayasulla mon undu. avan palappozhum veettil nilkumbol nagnanayi nilkarundu. chlappol konakam kettikkondum. avanu athu rasamanu. njan vazhakkonnum parayarilla.

by guest Sun Jun 02 16:58:16 UTC 2013

Vazhakkonnu parayanda.... konakam nallathe thanneye ... konakam udukunnathe avasyam thanne... veetil ullappol konakam mathram mathi... athaa nallethe.

by konakam Mon Jun 03 03:55:20 UTC 2013

ente peru gopidas. enikku 3 boys (Sons) undu. they are 8 yrs 11 yrs 13 yrs. avar konakam sthiramayi udukkarundu. Veettin konakam mathramuduthuthanu kaliyum mattum. Mr. Suresh, ningalude mon konakam udukkunnath prolsahippikkanam. karanam konakam nammude tradition veshamau. mathramalla, avarude vrikshanathinu (boll) kshetham pattathe krithyamayi vaykkukayum cheyyum. pinne Suresh, njan rathriyil urangaumbol konam kettan makkale sammathikkarilla. Karanam, makkalude pennis palappozhum Kampi aayi (Uddharichu) nilkunnathe kanarunde. Konakam uduthirunal avark athu vedanagundakkam. Athukondu rathriyil thorthu uduppichanu kidathru. Morningil kalayayittanu (thorthillathe) kidakkaru. Moonuperudeyum pennis kampiyayi nilkum. Athukondu, Mr. suresh rathriyil kalayayitto (nagnan) thorthuduppicho mone kidathunnathanu nallath.

by guest Tue Jun 04 07:08:24 UTC 2013

ente veedu kollathanu. ente aduthaveettile payyan konakamuduthu nilkunnath kanumbol enikkum konakam udukan agrahamunu. avan 7th classilanu. njan 9th lum. pakshe veettil our supportum illa.
- viknesh

by guest Wed Jun 05 08:07:50 UTC 2013

Veetil arrum sammathillenkil entha.... nee konakam uduthu kazhingal veetil ellavarum athu sammathikum ... Konakam nallathane... Konakam uduthu seeliku .......njanum konakam udukkunna aalanu ... enikkum athanu eshtam .... kOMANAM PURUSHA LAKSHANAM

by KONAKAM GUEST Wed Jun 19 03:40:59 UTC 2013

if you can not write in english, plz don't post.

by $99 Wed Aug 07 08:08:30 UTC 2013

i feel its true and is happening in some rural parts of kerala even now.
i have witnessed this in a keralite family during my last summer vacation in kerala

by Anvitha Singh Tue Aug 13 08:20:37 UTC 2013

tell us your experiences in detail pl,Anvitha Singh. what have you witnessed?

by soh Sun Aug 18 05:48:07 UTC 2013

In April we were in Alappuzha in kerala for our vacation. It was a small village famous for backwaters and house boatings. And it was the home town of one of our staff girl. So we stayed in her home, which is on a lake shore, as a homestay.
There was her mother, brother, his wife, their son and daughter. The boy was around 13or 14 as he told he was in 8th class, and the girl 8years.
The boy was still bathed by his mother in the lake, naked. he was almost all the time made to be naked or wearing just a panty whenever he was at home. they didnt seem to have any consent for the boy. even when we were there as visitors also, it was like this. first we felt it bad or sorry for the boy. Then we too decided to leave it. The girl, my staff told its normal in villages in kerala

by Anvitha Mon Aug 19 02:48:58 UTC 2013

thanks for the reply. wanted to ask you a question.
"Anvitha"...are you a boy or a girl? sorry but from your name i do not get it.

by soh Tue Aug 20 11:02:10 UTC 2013

I am a woman in late 30s. Married and mother of two. Not a 'girl'. Hope you got me right.

by Anvitha Wed Aug 21 06:05:14 UTC 2013

yes.thank you Anvitha. thanks for sharing your experience in this forum.
while staying in that village did you see other boys naked like him? you said that the boy was naked all the time.was he not allowed to be clothed? was he naked in house also? did he not feel shy in front of strangers? did you ask his mother why she did not give him privacy?

by soh Wed Aug 21 09:11:35 UTC 2013

Actually I didn't see any other boys as old as him in their birthday suit. But some toddlers. He was almost naked whenever he was at home. That was a vacation time and he had no school. He was even bathed stripping stark naked by his mom, in the backwaters, where many other ladies and girls were washing clothes and taking bath(but not nude).He was really shy, I could see that. So I told my kids not to laugh or tease him. He was also not playing with the neighborhood children who were persuading him. He was always trying to hide from them, but in vain. I told u, the boy's mum was our employee's sister. A village lady knows only Kerala language. We had some hi-bye only. But I asked our employee, the mom's sister about this. She told, its common for boys in villages to be brought up naked. May be a punishment for some nonscense or for easy control of boys. Anyway it was their family issue, and we were to stay there only for 6 days, we never dug deeper. It was a visual treat for sure, atleast for young girls, including my daughters.

by Anvitha Thu Aug 22 02:06:50 UTC 2013

how did you guess he was shy? did he protest not to be naked in front of you?
you told "May be a punishment for some nonscense " what that means? did he get nude punishment also?
"It was a visual treat for sure" yes indeed but which part you enjoyed the most?

by soh Thu Aug 22 09:10:33 UTC 2013

no need to 'guess' ! it was understood from his facial expressions and his actions that he was shy to be infront of others in his birthday suit.
athat means; when i asked about it to my employee lady, who is the boys mom's sister, told me that nothing was new that hes naked in home as hes a teen boy and that happens in the village. And if some times in Kerala boys are punished naked. So its not a new thing. And to see a cute 13 yr boy in his full glory red with shame is a visual treat

by Anvitha Fri Aug 23 01:45:07 UTC 2013

anvitha , did you get to see him punished naked?

by a Fri Aug 23 10:51:57 UTC 2013

njan vivahithayum 2 boys nte ammayumavu. ente veedu tvm sree varahathanu. males & boys konakam udukkunnathe cinemayil mathramanu kandittullathu. marriage kazhinju njan husbandine konakam udukkan nirbadhichu. adyam adheham ethirthenkilum pinne sammathichu. illpol adheham jatti upayogikkarill. konakam mathramnu upayogikkunnathu. makkalkku 10 & 12 years anu. avar veettil konakam mathram ketti nilkarunde. muttathu kalikkumbozhum avar konakam ketti nilkkarundu. avarum jatti upayogikkarilla.

by guest Sun Aug 25 08:20:02 UTC 2013

I am confuse the wearing of konakam. give the solution

by guest Sat Aug 31 07:43:45 UTC 2013

I am confuse the wearing of konakam. give me th solution.
- syam kiran

by guest Sat Aug 31 07:45:07 UTC 2013

Sakshara keralam konaka keralam please wear decent dress avoid konakam

by Sam 23 Wed Sep 04 16:07:29 UTC 2013


by guest Fri Sep 06 06:53:52 UTC 2013

no more experiences?

by a Sun Oct 27 09:18:32 UTC 2013

pl share more experiences of yours

by g Wed Oct 30 11:58:10 UTC 2013


by A Sat Nov 02 17:50:09 UTC 2013

Guest : Konakam is considered a decent dress for Hindu Religion. Hence question of avoiding konakam does not arise. In fact, all the readymade underwears shoud be stopped and only konakam should be made available. Many young & new generations have shifted to konakam from the readymade underwear. So please you also shift and enjoy wearing konakam and be happy with konakam.

by Konakam guest - Mumbai Sun Dec 29 03:24:29 UTC 2013

Guest : Konakam is considered a decent dress for Hindu Religion. Hence question of avoiding konakam does not arise. In fact, all the readymade underwears shoud be stopped and only konakam should be made available. Many young & new generations have shifted to konakam from the readymade underwear. So please you also shift and enjoy wearing konakam and be happy with konakam.

by Konakam guest - Mumbai Sun Dec 29 03:24:29 UTC 2013

What nonsense. I'm a Trivandrumite. I've never seen or hear anyone wear konakam or anything. Underwear is the norm.
Boys always remain dressed with a t shirt and bermuda mostly. However some of the older males remain shirtless with a lungi only at home but even that is slowly changing.

by guest Sun Mar 16 09:44:44 UTC 2014

My parents used to bath me only till I was 8 or so. Afterwards, I've bathed myself. Being bathed by mothers till 14-15 is pure fantasy.

by guest Sun Mar 16 09:46:49 UTC 2014

I was punished in komanam . please check link
use h t t p s

by komguy Mon Mar 17 14:47:30 UTC 2014
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