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Over the years I have often read-with a certain ammount of disbelief I might add-across the various CP Forums of how people were spanked as a child and,to be quite honest,most,if not all,were very dubious accounts of Parental discipline,the most dubious accounts in fact that I have ever read.
Therefore I feel more than inclined to relate as to what a REAL and PROPER spanking felt like from my own childhood memories.
At the age of 9 I ended up in a Home For Boys in Buckinghamshire that was run by an elderly Matron,two nurses and an Irish cook.
The in house discipline was reasonably strict and when a boy needed punishing this was administered by the Matron upstairs in her own room strictly in private.
Discipline was by way of an over the knee spanking given with her hand across the bare bottom-she spanked firm but not excessively hard but nevertheless,it was hard enough that a boy well and truly felt it.
One day in the late summer of 1945 I was on my way back from school and purely out of devilment,started to throw stones at the church windows across the road from the Home.
The women caretaker-who lived there with her husband-caught me as I put a stone through the enterance vestibule window who then marched me across the road to the Home and reported my actions to the Matron.
The Matron appologised to the lady at the same time as reasuring her that I would be most severly dealt with straight after tea.
With tea over I was instructed to go upstairs and wait outside her room where I was to be soundly punished-and I was in no uncertain manner.
I was led into her room and while she positioned the chair I was told to drop my trousers and underpants down and then to come over to the side of her knee. After a brief lecture I was pulled over,firmly positioned then the spanking begun.
This was the first proper spanking that I had ever had and was'nt quite sure what to expect-but I was more than about too find out.
To say that it stung would be an understatement to say the least.I never knew that a spanking could possibly hurt so much.
She certainly knew how to administer well deserved chastisement and laid it on with a will-how many slaps I got would be difficult to say-maybe 15 or 20 even possibly more for all that I can realy remember was the unrelenting sting of her hand that got worse as the spanking progressed.
I do remember that I cried loudly all the way through it and squirmed and twisted as I tried to evade the relentless slaps that never seemed to end.
After the spanking was over I was made to go to bed where I cried myself to sleep with a very sore bottom as company.
Needless to say,I never threw another stone again!
A small lecture

by guest Sat Apr 30 17:56:04 UTC 2011

Hi Guest. Was oly the matron allowed to spank at the home? You must have had teachers and normal schooling while at the home, and during the time you mention it was normal and common for boys to be spanked by teachers.
What were the ages of the boys at the home, and how many were there? Were the older boys also spanked bare by matron or anyone else?

by Guest 2 Fri May 06 01:00:25 UTC 2011

Hi Guest,sorry that I'm late with answering your questions-I have been rather busy lately.

To the first part of your question.

Yes,only the Matron spanked for apart from her,there was just a very young nurse-Miss Baker,and an elderly cook who had no disciplinary authority but could,along with the nurse,report you to the Matron which more often than not,meant a spanking-it happened to me just once-I had shown the cook disrespect,was spanked good and hard then sent to bed.

To the second part of your question.

We all went to an outside school,about a mile walk from the home, where discipline was the cane over the clothed seat.We were caned not often but when we were,it was given properly-hard and very painful.The school Teachers,as far as I remember, never spanked- you was just sent to the Headmaster with a note for caning.


There was about 20 boys at the home between 6 and 10 years old when I was there and quite possibly I would say that a third of them had more than felt the Matrons hand across their bottoms at one time or another.

Ihope this answers your questions adequately.

by guest Sun May 08 19:02:07 UTC 2011


I'm sorry,I did say that there was only one nurse where in fact-well for most of the time anyway-two.
The elder nurse,I believe,was training to run another home over on the other side of town.
Whether she finaly did or not I'm not to sure but she was a kindly soul and I can't possibly immagine that not for one moment would she ever bring herself to spank a boy-maybe at ac push over his trouseres but not bare bottom-then of course-one never knows.
She was more than capable of it,no doubt and like any other woman I suppose but I just could'nt immagine it at the time.

by guest Sun May 08 19:19:59 UTC 2011


As a boy of the times spanking was a favoured measure of parental discipline-it was harsh but accepted socialy.
Due to this-and not unlike most boys I would say-I was spanked reasonably often but not that severly except on one particular occassion-it was for swearing at my aunt-I was given a very memorable spanking by my Mother-in fact,it was the hardest spanking that I was ever given in the whole of my childhood days.
If you wish to hear more about it,I can relate of the punishment in another post.

by guest Sun May 08 19:32:50 UTC 2011

I am a CP enthusiast and have always had an overwhelming interest in the traditional bare bottom spanking moreso than every other method of domestic chastisement.
In my pursuits of authentic of AUTHENTIC recollections of this now rarely used practice as regards to chastising children in the home and institutions,I was made aware of a certain long since retired Care Home Matron who kindly agreed to be interviewed on this subject.
For the purpose of this discussion I will refer to as Ms X.
The lady is now in her 90s but nevertheles uquite within her capability to converse on this subject and relate to me in suprising detail of how House punishment was dealt when she was personaly responsible for the administeration of it a long time ao back in the 194os.
My first question then was.
"Did you spank bare bottom evey time some cases over clothing?"
Ms X.
"Never over clothing,the child would not feel what I indended it to feel-a spanking has to hurt enough for the child to regret the reason that led to the spanking in the first place"
"How many slaps on average would you say you would give as a typical example"
Ms X
"This would depend on the offense of course but generaly speaking never any less than 10 and in more severe cases where a child realy did need to be taught a lesson,then up to 25 slaps would be more than adequate-and of course,justifiable."
"How hard did you spank for example much harder at times than others when you might have seen cause for leniency?"
Ms X.
"I spanked very hard with older children and slightly less severly with 7 or 8 year olds. If a child of any age is'nt spanked hard enough this simply defeats the idea that a spanking should first and foremost sting a childs bottom to the extent of reddening and soreness"
At this point the good Lady wished to retire but agreed to further questioning at a another time,the outcome of which I will relate to you in a further posting.

by guest Wed May 18 20:39:44 UTC 2011

I'm not altogether doubting that Ms X actualy exists but it does seem questionable that a woman,particulary at her age,would openly discuss how she used to chastise children.
It would be fair to say,and most certainly during the era claimed,that as the the Head of a Care Home as suggested,that the nescessity to punish children would have been commonplace and OTK chastisemant as essentialy the accepted way by which to administer it.
What somehow does'nt quite ring true however is the Ladys willingness to discuss on a CP Forum-in viberant detail I might add-the way in which she administered it.
Anyway,it's a bit too early at this stage to make any fair and conclusive judgement so I will wait for further developments.

by guest Thu May 19 17:14:36 UTC 2011

Of course,I have no way of validating this and since I can't see no point in going out of my way to try-you iether believe it,or you don't,that's your privalige.
At the moment I am waiting for the Lady to be available for more enlightenment on the subject,which,I hope will be soon.
I can however name the Care Home that she was once put in charge of but it has long since been used for other purposes and for the sake of discretion I would therefore rather not disclose which,I'm sure, you will understand.
All that I can say is the Lady is most genuine and has in fact during her role as the head of the Care Home as mentioned she actualy did deal out mant OTK punishments as one would rightly expect her too considering her position.
Again,as previosly mentioned,I will post in any further developements as soon as they become available to me.

by , Fri May 20 12:03:27 UTC 2011

Continued from above.
I have since had a further oppotunity of intreviewing the now long since retired Care Home Matron as I discussed previously and, as reffered to for the sake of discression as-Mr X.
My opening question was.
Can you possibly recall the hardest spanking that you had to administer?
Ms X.
"Well there were occasions where a more severe punishment was called for-boys being boys you understand-and that was when a 12 year old boy bullied another 9 year old and,in fact pushed him into a pond.
For this I decided to punish the boy with a slippering,across my knee where normaly I would have used my hand.
He was taken upstairs into my room and with his trousers pulled down put across my knee and soundly punished."
And how many did you apply-and of course,I would immagine that this would have been given with the utmost severity?
Ms X.
"Yes it most certainly was considering what the boy had done and for this I would have given him at least 20 smacks with the slipper that proved to be most effective."
I then asked what would be the after effects of such a slippering.
Ms X.
"Well quite understandibly,a very sore bottom but then again that was my upmost intention-the boy realy did need to feel the full effect of the punishment and I made more than certain that he did-as I have said before,a spanking whether it's given with hand or slipper, it has to hurt,realy hurt"
I then went on to ask her if at any time did she ever use a cane.
Ms X.
"There was a cane avaiable to me and on occasions,and especialy where older boys needed a more severe punishment,I would administer a caning although this was'nt all that often"
How many strokes and how hard and how positioned was my next question.
Ms X.
"Always six given across the trousers.I laid the cane down hard but not overly so as say a Headmaster might.
As for positioning,as you call it,I would have the boy bend over the end arm of a settee where I could apply the caning hard but safely"
How did the average boy react during and after a caning I then asked.
Ms X.
"Well needless to say realy most,if not all,would cry after about the second or third stroke and jerk upright where occasionaly I would have to pause between strokes to allow them to regain composure and get get back over the chair-a caning is meant to hurt and it most certainly does but the boy obviously needed it so I always set out to do it properly,but it was never very pleasant-I would far prefer to spank a boy rather than cane him but sometimes a more painful punishment is called for"
At this point I ended the interview as I did'nt wish to tire the good Lady out but she did invite me to come back again at another time and would try and answer any questions that I might have the outcome of which I will let you know about.

by guest Sat May 21 12:10:20 UTC 2011

Re:My earlier doubts.
I realy can not make my mind up about any of this quite yet but it all sounds feasable if not totaly convincing.
With regards to administering OTK chastisement of course most women,especialy a mother for example,is more than capable of carrying this out-mothers have been spanking their children for centuries I would immagine but apart from an experienced Headmistress not man mothers,or woman come to that,would use a cane by way of correcting misbehaviour.
Of course,and having said that,I suppose a Care Home Matron who deals out punishment to lively and mischevious boys when they need it should'nt find any great difficulty in administering the cane on the comparitevly few occasions when she sees the need to punish a boy,for whatever reason,more severly and six strokes of the cane is most certainly all of that even when applied moderately hard as the Lady suggests that she did.
Anyway,I shall await your next report but until then,I shall keep my opinions as to whether or not this authentic.

by guest Sat May 21 19:51:15 UTC 2011

Dear Guest.

I can fully appreciate any doubts that you may have and in particular the one you have over whether or not a woman- other than an experienced Headmistress- would cane as a way of correcting misbehaviour.
Well I can see your point regarding this particulary when most women,and a Mother in particular, would in all liklehood punish by spanking,be that by hand,slipper or hairbrush.
But that does'nt nescessarily imply that a women cannot,or would not use a cane and use it effectively.
I would almost certainly agree that any caning administered by a Mother for example would come nowhere near as severe and painful as that applied by a Headmaster and you would'nt expect it to-a school caning is a different matter entirely when compared to domestic chastisement and one can't possibly immagine that a parent with a disobedient child would need to cane at that level-six firm but well intended strokes would be more than enough to correct a child in a normal home envioreoment and this is no more or no less than the occasional caning that a boy in the Care Home would have recieved,and over a trousered seat.
When I meet the good Lady again,soon I hope,I will ask her as to how long the marks from a caning as applied by herself would,under normal circemstances, have taken to heal up this then should give a good indication as to just hard she caned.Personaly I would have said a week at most but that's yet to be found out, I hope, during our next interview.
With regards.

by guest Sun May 22 17:01:42 UTC 2011

Again I had the privelaged opportunity to question the Lady concerned further.
I first asked.
How long did the marks-on average- of a caning last for
Ms X.
"Well quite often,as you can well immagine in my role as Matron,I would see boys bottoms particulary during bath time.
Genealy speaking,and bearing in mind of how hard the boy needed caning at the time,I would say that any marking would be gone within 3 or 4 days.
There has been occasions where I had to give an elder boy for example a very severe punishment for a very unnaceptable display of bad behaviour and his bottom would be well marked for a good week-but this was very rare."
I then put it to her by asking if she ever gave less than six strokes.
Ms X
"When ever I decided that a normal spanking was inadequate for the deserved offence yet six strokes of the cane might be just too severe,then I would show a little leniency and onl give four but I always believed that if a boy needed a caning then a caning he would get and six was, on most occasions, well and truly justified"
I then asked as to whether or not that did she ever spank,or cane, a boy in front of all the other boys.
Ms X
"I never saw the need to administer a spanking other than in the privacy of my own room.The sound of the punishment,and the boys reactions to it of course,could well be heard throughout the house and this was enough by way of a deterent.
I did on a very few occasions cane a boy in the common room with the whole house present as a way of setting an example but I did'nt do this very often"
Was any of the other staff present during such canings was my next enquiery.
Ms X
"No,I did'nt consider it nescessary that the two young nurses in particular,should have to witness a caning although they would have most certainly heard it but that was inevidable-you cannot expect a boy to take a caning in silence."
Again I did not wish to tire the good Lady with further questioning and we agreed to meet again at another time.
I will keep you informed.

by guest Thu May 26 08:47:05 UTC 2011

Re above

Your claimed MrX is slowly emerging as possibly,but only possibly,as authentic but I still as yet reserve my judgement.
In the light however that there is any authentication in what you relate could you ask her the next time that you meet as to what size cane did she use and as to whether or not she caned as hard as she could or whether or not the severity of the canings were administered as according to age.
I await your further reports with anticipation.

by guest Thu May 26 17:35:43 UTC 2011

If that's the Care Home I think it is and Ms X is the Matron that run it,then I was a boy in that home for everal years.
Like many of the boys there I was punished over her knee and caned twice,six both times.
The good hidings as you say were always with the trousers down and realy hurt.A caning even hurt a lot more and as best as I can remember the cane marks lasted for about three to five days but what made it hurt more was that she landed all the strokes nearly all in the same place, just below the middle.
When she put you over her knee she did much the same thing and slapped all in the one place-the top of our bottom and thats' why it hurt so much.
Apart from that she was a kind lady in many ways and gave us a lot of freedom to do what we liked but she was also very strict if the need called for it.
I real would like to meet her again but I wonder if she would remember me.
My name is Robin Eady but everyone called me Robbo.
Mind you,this might not even be the Care Home that I'm thinking about but I'm almost certain that it is

by Robbo Fri May 27 09:25:47 UTC 2011

can the matren still do it for me if i mde soms mony for canes then i culd see her and spank me hard with them boys you sed and weres her live to do it.

by malika olheon Fri May 27 14:51:35 UTC 2011

It might help if you could write and spell English properly.
Anyway,don't waste your time,all that Matron stuff about spanking and caning boys is a figment of a parverts immagination!
Just think about it for a moment.
WHY would a so called 90 year old Matron agree to discuss with a CP enthusiast how she used to spank and cane boys in her charge then go on to relate it all in such fine detail?
Apart from anything else,I'm more than certain that she would'nt want to discuss the marks left after one of her six of the bests and as to how long a boys bottom stayed marked for-would you?
No I'm afraid,it's all too surealistic for my liking but,and even so,it makes for good Forum Fodder if nothing else!

by guest Fri May 27 18:00:54 UTC 2011

Obviously quite a few Doubting Thomases amongst us!
Of course this has to be expected,I myself have quite often questioned the authenticity of more tha several accounts of both domestic and school discipline most of which quite frankyl,I do find somewhat ludricous to say the least.
However,I can only relate to what I have discussed so far in all good faith-as to whether you believe it or not is,of course,out of my hands.
But having said that I will still continue with my writings as regards to the good lady in qquestion on the assumption that not ALL readers are of the same doubt.
Meanwhile I await the good ladys availability to continue the interview.

by guest Sat May 28 11:11:27 UTC 2011

Me and my sister were sent to a Home during the war years and nobody was ever caned.
A man and wife team ran it and in all there were about 40 of us in the Home at any one time.
Discipline was maintained by spanking,sometimes on the bare bottom and sometimes not depending on what you had done to deserve it.
The husband punished the bos and his wife the girls.
Both me and my sister were spanked-me three times-her twice-over a period of about 4 years.
I think that my sister got spanked the hardest becaue she always got it on her bare bottom whereas I only ever got it like that once for throwing a bottle of ink all over another boy.
We were always spanked in the office but sometimes up in our bedrooms.
The most slaps were usualy no less than ten and no more than twenty for serius misbehaviour-we used to count when others were getting it as you could hear it from all over the house-a spanking sounds very loud when someone else is getting it yet when was spamked I can't remember hearing much at all although I realy felt it.
Anyway this may help to lend credibility to the above accounts of domestic spanking in Homes of the period.

by Reggie Percival-leighton buzzard Sat May 28 20:44:48 UTC 2011

Further to my interview with Ms X the retired Care Home Matron as discussed earlier above.
As requested,I enquired about the size of the canes that she used and as to the severity applied according to age.
Ms X.
"The canes-I had three altogether-were all of the same same size and about 36 inches long I believe,although I'm not too sure,and were quite thin and rather springy
With regards to how hard I caned this of course depended on the boys age but I never caned boys under the age of 12,I considered this as too harsh a punishment for a child of that age so I iether spanked them instead with iether my hand or slipper,again depending on the severity of the punishment needed to rectify the behaviour be it serious or otherwise.I never set out to over punish a boy but nevertheless the punishment had to be severe enough to be effective".
I then asked her if she ever felt at any time during a punishment whether or not that she was punishing hard enough judging by reactions of a boy in general.
Ms X.
"Not very often,but some boys could take both a spanking and a caning better than others.
Generaly speaking though,I could usualy tell whether or not the punishment was hurting as much as I intended by a boys facial expressions more than anything else.Vocal respose can be stifled,genuine pain cannot as reactions to it are hard to disguise."
I then asked if on occasion where she intended at first to give a certain ammount of slaps as deemed sufficient but the boys response was'nt as expected,did she increase the'dose' and indeed,apply it harder.
Mr X.
"Certainly there were times that during a hand spanking in particular that I felt that the boy was'nt feeling it as much as I would have liked so,yes,in a case like that I would extend the punishment and spank harder"
Again,not wishing to over burden the good Ldy with too many questions I agreed that it was time to take a break at then she invited me to stay and have afternoon tea with her and with those kind thoughts I ended the interview where she also invited me back at a later date.

by guest Sun May 29 13:31:05 UTC 2011

Holdes by the ear is best wen isnt it canidg but my mumer did it herder on me all time and I cry a lot wen it hurt me on my botem

by Keta Sun May 29 18:05:42 UTC 2011

Is your 'mumer' some kind of contortionist or something?
If she aint could ou explain how on Gods Earth did she hold you by the ear and cane you at the same time.
It's a physical impossiility unless of course you're some kind of fish and your mumers some kind of an octopus.

by guest Wed Jun 01 18:42:25 UTC 2011

The final intreview whith Ms X.
At this point I felt that I had covered almost everything that I wished to ask the good lady and in conclusion I asked her this one final question.
"Did you ever cane across the hands?
Ms X
"Yes but at the time when I was first appointed to the position as Care Home Matron,corporal punishmnt by caning was only permitted on the hands where the maximim strokes that I was allowed to appyl was just four-two on each hand.
While this was reasonably effective with younger children it was nowhere near as effective with 14 or 15 yre olds for example and after pointing this out several times to the Visiting Committee they later allowed me to cane on the trousered bottom of older children,but still no more than four strokes.
After a year or so it was decided by the Governors that all children could be caned povided that their ages were taken into consideration with regards to the severity off the punishment.
Also the permitted four strokes was raised to six which I found most effective.
I was also permitted to use a small leather strap for spankings but found that I could attain the desired results with my hand,or slipper without the need of the strap"
So with that I closed my interview with the good Lady and felt rather sad as I drove out of her drive even though I promised myself that I would call back for an imformal visit in the near future.

by guest Fri Jun 03 18:23:47 UTC 2011

I'm quite certain now that this was the home that I went to but as far as I can remember when she caned me all the strokes landed in the same place.
This aslo seemed to happen to all the other boys that were caned and I'm sure it was intentional as it hurt a lot more than when I got caned later at school where the strokes were more spaced out.
One boy I remember could'nt take a full caning so he was slippered the next day as part of his punishment which must have hurt even more.His name was Cheesman if I remember rightly and he ended up as the most punished boy in the Home but he never got the cane again,just a slippering each time.
One particular day five or six of us had been messing about in a mud swamp near the river and came home caked in it and for this we were all tanned in the bathroom after being cleaned up but the eldest boy,Rutherford I think he was called,got a caning later in the office for being the rinleader.He got the usual six but over his pyjamas and screamed the house down!
We all saw the marks after at bedtime and they were so close together that it looked like one wide stroke.
Apart from all that though it was a good Home and Ms *********was a fair lady and only punished us when we deserved it but she always did it properly but not over hard.

by Robbo Sun Jun 05 19:00:16 UTC 2011

Immaginary description of a good hiding as would be given to Mrs Beale-Busses daughter.
"I firmly believe in parental discipline and therefore punish all my children firmly across the bottom.
Not that long ago I had to give my daughter a good hiding and for this I took her upstairs to her bedroom where I bared her bottom,put her over my knee and gave her a realy good,hard sound hiding that she realy did feel.
Had she been one of the girls at my school,where I am the Headmistress,then she would have most certainly have recieved six of the best-my own daughter or not,I will not tollerate bad behaviour.My girls know this and my daughter knows it as well-all children need a good solid dose of corporal punishment every now and then so as to let them know exactly where the bounderies are beween bad behaviour and a thorough good hidind or caning.
I also punish my children when appropriate,across their bare bottoms with a small but effective leather strap"

by guest Sat Jun 18 17:35:20 UTC 2011

It does'nt take a lot of working out that this Beale-Buss woman is a freak.

What kind of woman straps and canes her kids,Headminstress or not?

If she tried that on me,she'd have to get past a Colt 45 Magnum first!!

OK I suppose to give her girls a deserved caning now and then in view of her job as long as she does'nt over do it-but with her own kids?-like I said a Colt Magnum oughta stop her in her tracks!!

by guest Thu Jul 28 14:27:22 UTC 2011

Bullet versus hand,belt,slipper or cane eh?
Not what I would term as corrective discipline by any means so I can't possibly see where this is relevant.
I've heard of'pistol whipping' but this is hardly the same thing at all,but whatever...

by guest Sun Aug 07 05:01:08 UTC 2011

Ooooh, I love reading about naughty children being put over an adult knee for a good old-fashioned walloping on their bare bottom. An upturned barenaked backside is such a purely natural target for concentrated smacking and strapping and paddling. Yes, and for lovingly patting and rubbing as the warm, stinging blush from the tanning spreads over every tempting inch of precociously provocative bum flesh.

What I love best are the smacks that land squarely across the very middle of the bare bottom. That is soooooooooo deliciously naughty!

by Rhonda Wed Nov 02 16:41:37 UTC 2011

Naughty bare bottoms need to be smacked and paddled and strapped and slippered until their mischievous owners have learned their lesson. Oh, and goodness, yes. Guaranteed to make the bottom the uncontested focus of attention. Shame on the naughty girl or boy for needing to have their pants taken down and be turned over Mummy's or Daddy's knee for an old-fashioned walloping on the bare bum! Tsk tsk tsk.

by Mrs. McDougall Wed Nov 09 21:28:20 UTC 2011


by MALK20 Fri Dec 02 02:43:04 UTC 2011

I was always hit or threatened with hitting, but not hard and not bare. I love you british.
Six of the best with the cane on the bare bottom!

by billy graham Wed Jan 04 01:19:33 UTC 2012

always wanted a god hiding but never got one

by guest Sat Mar 17 20:39:57 UTC 2012

Got disciplined once with a razor strap with only pajamas on. That was so many years ago but how many times I've wished she'd made me take down my bottoms for it.

by guest Sun Jun 10 12:08:11 UTC 2012

Yeah, what the heck was wrong with her?! A razor strap on the bare bottom is as purely natural as chocolate syrup on vanilla ice cream.

by Apple Annie Wed Jul 25 17:39:56 UTC 2012

Well, I guess to some of you I'm a monster, then. But when my stepson gets the belt, it's pants-to-the-floor, including his underwear. He's 14 and thinks he's too old to get belted that way, but then, we've only had 4 times in a year and a half that I've had to give him the belt at all. A few times, he's been in trouble but my husband and I chose grounding or some other form of restrictions to get the point across. But he's got a short temper and fights from time to time without a justifiable claim of self-defense. It can only hurt so much without it leaving an injury to belt him a few licks, so I have him drop his pants to the floor and place his hands on his head. Yes, if you're asking, he's reached puberty. Yes, he's humiliated to have his big, hairy "private" part swinging around with each lick from the belt, but you know what? It will be a good 4-5 months before he forgets his shame and hits another kid.

by Sally. Sun Aug 05 18:35:09 UTC 2012

More creative writing from 'Sally.' Unfortunately, Sally's too dumb to realize that no one who actually did what she described would ever boast about it like that. Just another crude indulgence in exaggerated cruelty at the keyboard. Have a nice day, 'Sally.'

by Nobody's Fool Sat Aug 11 15:25:09 UTC 2012

bare bottom

by guest Wed Nov 28 22:07:40 UTC 2012

bare bottom

by guest Wed Nov 28 22:07:41 UTC 2012

I can tell you that when aged about five Ibroke my father cigarrette silver case which he loved the result was a bare boittom smacking over his knee till both my buttoicks went red

by RICHARD Wed Nov 28 22:11:30 UTC 2012

bare bottom

by guest Sun Jan 20 18:23:50 UTC 2013

bare bum

by guest Sat Mar 02 16:36:35 UTC 2013


by guest Sat Mar 23 14:21:23 UTC 2013

barenaked backside

by guest Thu May 02 14:50:58 UTC 2013

I was "disciplined" bare bottom as a child in the 80's. My mom & Nanna never did it to leave marks or until I was red. They also only did it with their hand, no cane or belt. As a kid, I just figured I was being disciplined. Now as an adult though, I realize I was abused. I have lots of mental, emotional, and psychological issues now. They were very humiliating. My Nanna would bare our bottom in front of whoever, wherever, and for whatever. I am trying to work through resentment I have for her because I feel like she abused her power over small girls. She did it cause she could not because she should have.

by Lanie Thu May 09 12:20:00 UTC 2013

I wish I could've seen your rosy red bottom after one of those bare bottom smackings. Heck, I wish I could've seen the smacking. I bet you squealed and squirmed while your barenaked bum was being warmed. Anyway, it taught you a lesson.

by guest Sun Jun 02 15:13:47 UTC 2013

I have read all the above and it seems a few porky's are said..i was in care from the age of 5 up till 14 when my gran took me in..ours was run by a certain mr cressy..he was about 5ft 3 but had the most thunderous voice one could hear..he was a very strict gentleman and thought nothing of giving the cane ,strap or slipper.we lived 6 to a room and there was even dorm punishments ..he always slippered boys on the bare bottom also the strap as well..i never got the cane on the bare but i new boys who had and seen the result..this was the 50's and i am afraid there was now such thing as child line or the just took what was given because it was pointless trying to inform anybody as you would not be believed ,your word against upstanding gentlemen was no for the gentleman who talks about a certain matron,im afraid with the boys i new in my home she would not stand a chance..she would have been the one to get a punishment....

by chubbs Thu Dec 12 09:53:47 UTC 2013

My mother used to punish me physically when I really got out of line. I had to pull down my pants and my underwear and lie flat across the bed on my stomach. After a stern lecture and warnings she would paddle my bare bottom with a big wooden bath brush. She did not count swats- she hit me until I cried uncontrollably. After it was over, she left me to sob quietly for about 15 minutes afterwards.I only got it when I really deserved it, but man o' man did it HURT!

by mike Sat Dec 14 04:09:40 UTC 2013

Too bad for you, sissy boy.

by guest Fri Dec 20 16:49:03 UTC 2013

My folks paddled me on the bare bottom with paddles and switches from the time I was 5 until I was almost 15. The last few years of the punishments were enjoyable to me. At times I would do naughty things to get myself paddled on purpose. After a flogging I would spend hours looking at my bottom in the mirror.

by frank Mon Feb 03 07:43:50 UTC 2014

I was in a children's home in the late 1960s and early 1970s in Shrewsbury between the age of 8 and 12.

The head of the home was supposed to be the main person administering corporal punishment but he was not there at night. The head wielded the slipper and cane with gusto. I was first slippered by him when I was eight and caned at the age of 10 but that seemed perfectly normal by the standards of the day.

At night there was normally only one 'house father' on duty. Whilst some were not unpleasant there was one house father who was a bit of a drinker (you could smell it on his breath) he was known as a martinet.

From our dorm window you could see into his room downstairs as he never drew the curtains, on several occasions I remember looking out of our window and see him at work with the slipper or cane. Unfortunately, with the boy being punished over his desk my view was obstructed by his body but you could see his arm raised up and then come down hard and the boy's head jerking forwards with the force of the punishment but no more other than the boys feet around which were invariably his pyjama trousers or trousers and underpants.

I had my first caning from the house father when I was 11 for being outside in my pyjamas at night (I had been shut on the fire escape by some of my friends. He immediately took me to his office and told me to remove my pyjama trousers, he then gave me 'a severe thrashing' about 20 strokes with the cane. Then he took me up to my dorm (still without my pyjama trousers) and made me bend over the end of my bed and gave me 20 hard whacks with the slipper before he finally sat on my bed and put me over his knee for a 'long hard sp**king'.

That was a punishment I will never forget. I received other similar punishments for the remaining two years I was at the home but none were as memorable as the first punishment I got from this guy. He was eventually put in prison for assault, my evidence of beatings being one of the reasons why.

by guest Mon Feb 03 17:29:30 UTC 2014

To Frank:
Were you paddled over the knee? That's how my mother always warmed my bottom after she'd taken down my pants. When I was 14, I almost burned our house down playing with matches. You should've seen how red she turned my bottom across her knee with her old wooden hairbrush!

Believe me, Frank, I know exactly what you mean about being enchanted by the sight (and the touch, of course) of your well-paddled bum. My mom paddled the very tops of my thighs as well, and boy oh boy, did that ever sting!

I had two mirrors in my room, so I could get a really good look afterwards at my rosy red backside. I loved my mother dearly, but I also think she got some real enjoyment out of having my cheeky bare bottom turned up on her lap, especially in my teens. She paddled my bum just because she didn't like my tone of voice one time.

by Rennie Fri Feb 21 16:24:50 UTC 2014

At my boarding school boys often got the cane OTK it seemed childish and babyish thin nursery cane was used we would kick wriggle and squirm and howl unsual but highly effective!!!

by paul Tue May 06 21:57:21 UTC 2014

I would say Mrs Beale-Busses is a figment of a very fertile imagination.

by guest Mon Jul 07 23:27:01 UTC 2014

When I was in 5th grade our yoga teacher Ms. Sarita Solanki was very strict and used to slap on our ass as a punishment when we misbehaved. But as I was shy student and never got slapped on my ass from her. Once I made up my mind that I should get punished from her. So while doing yoga I pulled the hair of one of my classmate wilfully who was standing in front of me. She noticed this and gave a hard slap on my ass and warned me that she would pull my ears if I did again. I remembered that slap for a long time. Now I get punished from my wife. She pulls up the stool and bends me over herlap and gives me a good hand swats first on the covered bottom and then on the bare ass. I feel pretty hot after the punishment.

by ack Wed Sep 03 15:14:02 UTC 2014

I was belted by my mum we were a single parent family I was a cheeky brat she worked really hard and I wanted for nothing the strap as she called it hung ona pegunder the stairs she leathered me bare right up till I left school I grew up in Scotland inthe seventies

by Garry Sun Sep 28 13:04:15 UTC 2014

I was brought up in the 50's and earned a few good sessions across My Mothers knee. Not always bare but her hand really stung. Lying there waiting for it to end wriggling and bawling most times with or without clothing on. All you could see through the mist of tears were her slippers and hoping she was not going to remove one of them and use it. A Mums lap was the norm for most in those days.

by Bazz Tue Sep 30 09:33:30 UTC 2014

There are places online where I've been able to post photos of my bare and sometimes paddled bottom. I enjoy doing that. Maybe a woman will see it and think how much she'd like to have me stretched out across her lap with my trousers and my underpants pulled down, leaving my soft and saucy backside all bare and perfectly framed for a thorough application of palm, paddle or strap - or maybe all of them together. Mmmmm, that would be lovely!!

by Guess Who Mon Oct 06 19:24:20 UTC 2014

I was a well behaved child so I was never caned at school but was once smacked on my bare behind by a teacher who accused me of talking after being told to stop. I was six years old at the time so you might say barely out of nursery. In actual fact I had only told the boy next to me to be quiet before he got us both in trouble. It wasn't our regular teacher who rarely smacked anyone very hard but a rather shrewish young woman who usually taught older boys and girls. One was never punished in front of the other children but frogmarched next door where everyone could clearly hear the pitiful howls of the poor sod getting his (or rarely her) bum whacked. I suppose it encouraged total and instant obedience.

by Ash Fri Nov 07 16:14:41 UTC 2014

Smacked on your bare behind...ooooh. Did she just give you a few quick smacks, or did she maybe take her time and make a proper job of it, turning you over her knee and warming your naughty backside?...mmmmmm. Shame on you!

by Rousseau Sat Jan 17 01:43:12 UTC 2015

When I was in school in the 80's corporal punishment in school was still going on. (I lived in the US, in the deep south). I still remember being sent to the pastor's office for a paddling. There was a female assistant in the room to make sure nothing sexual happened, but he did paddle me on the bare bottom. I had to bend over his desk with my panties down and my skirt tucked up out of the way. Then he used a paddle on me --- long, made of wood, you know the type. I don't remember much beyond the humiliation of the whole thing, lol.

by Southern Belle Sat Apr 11 22:42:38 UTC 2015

How old were you? If you were in your teens, the pastor might well have found himself 'enjoying' paddling your barenaked bottom, even without ever touching you. Had you ever had your bottom paddled before?

by Curious Cat Sun Apr 19 16:05:20 UTC 2015


by guest Mon Apr 20 13:01:44 UTC 2015

I am a high school teacher in Mississippi. I teach 9th and 11th grade Math. I do think kids should be hit in school. From k-12th. At our high school we can hit our students with a leather paddle, a wooden paddle or a leather belt. The teacher is allowed to pick what they will use on the student. The teacher could hit the student or you may send them to the office. It is your choice. The teacher's are allowed to give the child anywhere from one pop or more pops. Until you feel the student has learned. We are not allowed to hit the child over five minutes. I try not to paddle the children. The 9th grader's are about the ages of 14-15 and my 11th grader's are about 16-17. However everyday I am paddling someone in class for being bad. Mostly the girl's act up. I have seven periods to teach. I paddle about four little girl's a day and about four little boys a day. Mainly they are not the same person. It is always someone else. Because I paddle good. I take the baby child teenager into the coat room and I grab one arm in my hand. And then with my other hand I have the leather paddle and I apply the paddle to their bottom. I always make sure they are dancing and tapping their little feet. That lets me know I am getting them good and well. They also love to try to brake free from me holding their little arm while I am paddling them. They do this to try to get away from the pain of the paddle. But it does not work. I hold their little arm even tighter and I go and move where ever they go and move. I make sure I am always hitting their bottom.I never stop the punishment until they are crying. I always paddle them for four minutes. Once I am done. I make the child stand in the corner in the coat room for another four minutes. Once they calm down then they may return to learning. Teenager's are just like babies in a bigger form. And a paddling to them will feel just like it would if they were two or three or four years old. When you paddle them right. You will never have to worry about them being bad again. The best way to paddle them. Is to hold their little arm in one hand and get in back of them and paddle their little teenage bottoms. Trust me this works way better then any other way. It works on my little teenage girl's and boy's.They are just like little tall babies and you must teach and love them. So when they get out in the world they can be ready.

by Mrs. Patty Smith Mon Apr 20 13:56:54 UTC 2015

Whip the teenage kids. I know I whip my four girls ages 17,15,13 and 11 at home and my two boys ages 9 and 7 with a belt for about five minutes. I am a High School History teacher in Ohio and I whip my Students in class as well. I hold them as well. I whip them for five minutes every time. They cry, jump, dance and move. But that does not stop me until the minutes are finished. then I walk them back to their seat and make them put their head down for the rest of the class. I make them stay after school and do their History homework. I to whip the girls more then the boys. I teach eight periods. I have to whip everyday as well. I whip them with a leather belt. And yes to every one Mrs. Smith is right the holding the child and being in the back of them does work the best. They feel every lick. And you know you got them good when their feet taps on the floor and the tears flow.

by MR. PHILLIP INGRAM Mon Apr 20 14:25:22 UTC 2015

I don't know about Smith, but Ingram is a nauseating fake who just likes talking about inflicting abuse with a belt. What a charmer! Don't worry, Ingram, you'll get yours - count on it!

by Inspector Thu Apr 23 17:03:18 UTC 2015

I had great parents but they paddled us boys bare for something serious thru high school--It was a paddle on the bare butt over the knee til 14+ and then bending over holding ankles---Of course I felt the pain on my butt---but if it were something I had done that had offended mom--I more than anything felt sorrow for waht ihad done I am sure it was the same for my brothers--

by gary Sat Jun 06 22:15:24 UTC 2015

why dont u lurn to spel, you freeking moron?! And stopp using the word butt. It suxx just like yor muther!

by Millicent Wed Jun 17 03:01:51 UTC 2015

I read that in rural America not only did they used the woodshed for storing wood, but also as a place to take a naughty child for a harder than normal sxxxking.

It was usually the mother that would administer such a sxxxking whilst the father would attend to the more serious business of handing out a more severe punishment to elder sons, and possibly elder girls though girls in need of punishing would more than likely have felt their mothers hairbrush.I have seen a picture of a mother, sat on two tractor tyres, administering a very hard bare bottom dose of the hairbrush to her daughter across her knee.

Can anyone confirm this?

by guest Sat Aug 22 19:26:02 UTC 2015

In addition to the above, was it common practice to strap and sxxxk on the bare bottom ? I ask this because I have often read that it was for otherwise the punishment would not have stung enough to punish properly but all the films where a woodshed punishment is acted out the strappings and sxxxkings were always given over a clothed bottom.

by guest Sat Aug 22 19:34:31 UTC 2015

I have to say I very much share your special interest in good old-fashioned, bare bottom s p a n k i n g and strapping. It's my personal understanding that such punishments continue to be given to naughty American children, and not just in rural settings.

It's hardly surprising that films don't normally show a bare bottom being smacked, paddled or strapped. Would you honestly expect them to? But in reality, it makes perfect sense for the bottom to be laid bare and made the uncontested focus of attention. After all, shame and pain are the critical elements in traditional domestic discipline.

I happen to believe that mothers are best suited to warming their children's bottoms. My own mother paddled my bare backside across her lap well into my teens, and those hairbrush s p a n k i n g s on the side of her bed did me a world of good. When your mother takes down your pants and turns you over her knee, that's about as helpless and infantile as a grown child can be made to feel.

by Rory Tue Aug 25 19:30:04 UTC 2015

A hand whipping is nothing. Try 12 of the best with a cane on your bare bottom. Those marks won't be going away for a while.

by Scottie Wed Mar 16 01:49:47 UTC 2016

Caning sucks!

by Monty Tue Apr 05 23:46:13 UTC 2016

can they punish me

by guest Sun Apr 17 06:22:58 UTC 2016

s p a n k me please

by guest Sun Apr 17 06:25:49 UTC 2016

on your bare bottom?

by guest Mon Apr 25 21:28:24 UTC 2016
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