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Topic: Revival of onnara
Onnara or thar was worn by ladies of Kerala about 30 years ago, mainly by Hindus.Generations of ladies used onnara and around 100years ago upper class ladies used only onnara, without mundu above. From last few years, following the invasion by churidhar, gradually ladies abandoned onnara, and started using knickers followed by panties or shuddy. Eventhough panties provide benefits like easy to wear, easy to wash, will not become loose easily,can be worn under pants or churidar with out difficulty, produce health problems in many.Those who are interested please respond. We can discuss in detail later

by Guest Thu Mar 31 16:28:01 UTC 2011

Onnara is still worn by many working girls;especially teachers.So I think the assumption that the custom of wearing onnara is become obsolete is not a factual statement.some lady teachers instuct highschool girls to practice onnara for beauty and safety aspects.

by girija Sun Apr 03 16:47:05 UTC 2011

Yes, What Girija Mam says is very correct. There are few ladies still using onnara, especially in Trissur, Ernakulam, Kottayam and Kuttanad areas of Kerala.In these areas Madithar type of onnara is prevalent.Because onnara is free erom synthetic elements like elstic, polyester nylon etc, it will not produce any health problems like allergy, discoloration or infection of skin.For those who wear saree or loose or baggy churidhar onnara is ideal.Wearing onnara with optimum tightness help to shape the body.Shall discuss advantages of onnara in subsequent discussions.

by Guest of March31 Mon Apr 04 15:43:02 UTC 2011

I am also a lady teacher who regularly wears onnara under skirt and saree;in my home,almost 30 yrs back,my mom and her sister(chitta)were in a simple onnara and mundu with jacket-and no underskirt was worn over onnaramundu.In that costume,they appeared to be cute and fascinating!My hus still is fond of onnara as he observes that it is the most inspirating lingerie he has ever seen......

by Radha Mon Apr 04 16:36:34 UTC 2011

Dear respondents,why should we try to revive onnara in this modern era where most suitable cotton lingerie like panty girdles are available in plenty?I have never seen a teen-age girl tucking in onnara in my hostel;and our senior P G chechis are also using knitwear as inner cloth.Save our matron who is a strict conservative middle-aged lady,none in our hostel premise are seen with onnara as undie.Anyhow onnara is a primitive undercloth that need be condemned soon.

by Leena Mon Apr 04 16:43:30 UTC 2011

Dear Leena Mam, To answer your question, we have to compare the merits and demerits of onnara and panty, the modern lingerie, and decide.So let us discuss. Before that I should introduce myself.I am a male physician, M.D, General Medicine, practising in Kerala Govt Service from lst 26 yrars, and treating several types of diseases and my observations and experiences are the basis of my opinion

by Guest of March 31-Doctor Tue Apr 05 15:33:04 UTC 2011

Merits of panty,
1.Easy to wear,
2.Easy to wash,
3.Compatible with modern dresses like skinny jeans, leggings etc,
4.Will not become loose and will not fall off, as long as elastic is good,
5.Easy availability, can be bought even from road side vendors,
6.No training is needed to wear, just slip on,
7.Good for exhibitionists, many girls show their panty by wearing very thin and transparent pants of churidar made with the material used for shawl and wearing top with side slits reaching up above the level of the upper boarder of pants, so that the panty can be seen very clearly.

by Doctor Tue Apr 05 16:06:12 UTC 2011

Demerits of panty,
1.Made of some elements of synthetic material like elstic, nylon, polyester, synthetic yarn etc, which can produce allergic reactions in many and I have seen many such cases,
2.Only a small area of cloth covers the genital area, so can not absorb secretions effectively and may predispose to infections,
3.Continuous irritation by elatic may lead to contact dermatitis of upper thigh and lower abdomen, also discoloration,
4.Synthetic materials will not absorb moisture from secretions resulting in wetness and perpetuation of fungal infection, also urinary tract infection,
5.If thin under skirt and thin sarees or thin pants are worn,with churidar, shadow of panties will be seen from back and it is awkward in our set up, even though foreigners enjoy it giving a name called 'vpl'(visible panty lines)(search google or you tube),
6.In a good number of girls panties produce health issues and I have treated several cases.

by Doctor Tue Apr 05 16:27:51 UTC 2011

Revival of ONNARA is not easy. After all, ONNARA is only confined to certain sects of women in Kerala. Even amongst them, today's girls are so used to wear Panties right from their young age and most of them consider ONNARA as an old fashioned underwear. Of course, as the Doctor has pointed out, like any other modern things, panties have their health problems as well. But nobody can deny the fact that ONNARA, if properly worn, is a healthy, comforting form of underwear adding to the beauty of any KERALA woman.

by guest Fri Apr 08 17:19:23 UTC 2011

I don't think revival of Onnara as an women's underwear is a problem. Only thing is, today's young women has never been to it and they don't know the comfort it provides. Also, they think that it is pretty old fashionable and fear that others may take notice of it. But the truth is, Onnara is never as visible from outside as panties and once today's young ladies try the comfort it offers for a few days, it will catch like wild fire and drive out panties from the market, at least in Kerala.

by guest Sat Apr 09 02:19:24 UTC 2011

For western women, who wear half-gowns or mini-frocks, panties or even a loin cloth is OK. It allows for lot of cool air to be passed over the inner parts of the body. But for a tropical climate like India where ladies wear saree with full skirts or churidars, there is hardly any flow of free air to their private parts and this gives rise to heavy sweat formation.Here, the multipurpose "onnara" of Kerala women can be very useful acting as a good abosrbant of sweat and can play a good role in keeping the private parts clean. I think, today's young women folks should try this ancient inner wear rather than a loin cloth.

by From another forum Sun Apr 10 02:31:16 UTC 2011

Each culture has developed its own dress code over the years.Onnara and Mundu is supposed to be a speciality of the Kerala women and in no other States, it is seen. But everywhere, women has developed some ways of cloth tucking around their private parts. Tamils have theri own style' Marathis have a different style of wearing Thaar. Onnnaramundu always appeals better to Kerlaites. May be it has a grace and beauty of its own with the white colur and it slips easily inside any dress, traditional or modern. It is a pity that our women has almost said Good bye to Onnaramundu. Only old ladies wear it these days. Even in villages of kerala, it is not seen these days.

by guest Wed Apr 13 06:26:20 UTC 2011

How to ware onnara(with pictures)

by Remya Sat Apr 16 04:08:38 UTC 2011

Please elaborate on the measurement of mundu and muzham in feet or inches.

by guest Thu Apr 21 03:02:30 UTC 2011

The normal length of a mundu is 6 feet or 180 inches. To wear onnara a mundu of nearly 9 feet or 260 inches is needed. Width needed is 3 feet or 90 inches. Ready made onnara mundu is available in hantex or handloom stores, kasavukada in Trivandrum and Ernakulam. Also mallu mundu can be bought in desired length by cutting in the dimensions given above ie 260 in >< 90 inches, and stiching the sides. Wish u a happy onnaraying

by Doctor Thu Apr 21 03:42:19 UTC 2011

Usually a Muzham is measured by a forearm length.
Roughly, it can be over a feet or 40 centimeters or put it accurately 1 muzham= 46.6666 centimetre [= 1.53 ft]. When taken the actual measurement in feet, onnara will become very lengthy, about 9 ft. in length. For most of the women, this much length is not necessary and a mesurement of 2x1 metre shoud be ideal. Or one can buy traditional onnara from Handloom stores like Karlakada or Kasavukada. kasavukadaonline has even a E-shop where one can buy online. One can view a traditional onnara diagram in their webpage link-Traditional

by guest Thu Apr 21 04:21:13 UTC 2011

Doctor who is great advocate of Onnara advises a 9ftx3ft measurement. This is useful if one is not wearing any pettycoat over onnara and is just used to wear a mundu over onnara (while staying in the house). Such a lengthy onnara can easily cover upto ankle and there is hardly any need of a pettycoat. also, it is OK inside a housecoat. But these days, one is so used to the pettycoats especially when you are going out, lengthy onnara can be some nuisance. Hence a 6ftx3ft can be a little more comfortable wear under a saree or churidar and it can be worn with a maximum tightness.

by guest Thu Apr 21 17:26:46 UTC 2011

I too use both 3 x 1 metre as well as 2 x 1 metre cloth as onnara. 3 x 1 seems to be ideal at home. It covers more area and can be worn a litte loose. It provides more length at the tail portion which can be tucked deeply inside. No need of Pavada at home. But since more portion is tucked inside at the back, sometimes it presents a bulge at the back especially when you wear saree. So a 2 x 1 metre is preferable when one goes out. Also, remember to put knots at both ends so that tucked in portion will remain tight inspite of the lesser length. If you wear it tightly, this will never come out and will remain in place through out the day for any number of hours.

by guest Fri Apr 22 04:18:47 UTC 2011

Actual measurement of Onnara is 6 into 2 or 2 point 5 muzham ie a mundu of 3 into 1 or 1 point 25 metre is assumed But most women prefer a 2 into 1 metre mundu for conveniece At home I use a long chuttythorthu as onnara and a 2 into 1 m cut piece of soft mallumundu to tuck in while going out

by Radhamony Sat Apr 23 10:29:06 UTC 2011

Is there any special advantage of wearing chuttythorth at home and malmundu for outside ? This thorthu, will it not be very rough to wear and very small in size?

by guest Sat Apr 23 15:22:58 UTC 2011

Thorthu is a fine absorbant of discharges and cheaply available but a bit tough to wear as yu observe almost 20 yrs back Janathathorth of Kannur handloom was available throughout Kerala not now Chutty is a mark of beauty and an erotic symbol for male counterparts sufficiently long thorths are available in Travancore area for use as onnara for domestic use chuttythorthu is enough and for comfort onnara made of mallu is desirable for beginners who are being trained to tie onnara on attaining puberty thorth was suggested in southern districts

by Radhamony Sat Apr 23 19:02:07 UTC 2011

What will be the length and width of Chuttythorthu available these days ? Usually we get only 4ft x 2 ft. standard measurment which is not at all sufficient. Using Chuttythorthu during periods, can we avoid completely using of other Napkins or other materials ?

by guest Sun Apr 24 01:21:40 UTC 2011

Thorthu available in our area is of 4 into 2 point 5 muzham size which is sufficient for madithar During periods we insert a thick pad made of old pieces of soft white cloth and tie a konakam over that And we normally dont wear onnara during periods Instead chuttythorthu is worn as ordinary mundu under skirt We have seen napkins but never used this modern absorbant

by Radhamony Sun Apr 24 06:14:20 UTC 2011

Why onnara is not worn during periods? I was thinking that Onnara is best designed for use during menstrual days.

by guest Sun Apr 24 14:59:42 UTC 2011

Some women to keep onnara clean during menstruation may do so And madithar is not advisable during period Then njori thar is the best suited with the old model menstrual care

by A rural housewife Sun Apr 24 20:11:50 UTC 2011

Some women to keep onnara clean during menstruation may do so And madithar is not advisable during period Then njori thar is the best suited with the old model menstrual care

by A rural housewife Sun Apr 24 20:25:24 UTC 2011

I wanted to try onnara during my next menstrual time thinking that it will give some added protection. But now confused, as some regular users say that they dont use it during those special days. Want to seek advise from the Doctor in this forum.

by guest Mon Apr 25 03:34:40 UTC 2011

Onnara can be safely used during periods.In the early 1970s ladies used onnara supplemented by soft clothes during periods.Chutty thorthu mentioned here is a good option.During the first day usual onnara is adequate for most. Then soft clothes are folded in layers and placed inside the madi and a konakam may be tied above that and onnara is worn tightly above that.Ladies in my family are wearing like this and they say they feel safe and secure then and superior to napkins and panties.During heavy flow days, the inner soft clothes may be changed, keeping konakam and onnara same till next bath. Several ladies do not tie konakam, but keep clothes inside near skin and wear onnara directly over that.If soft clothes are adequate wetness will not come out and feeling caused by napkins will not be there. Try onnara. Good luck

by Doctor Mon Apr 25 15:36:31 UTC 2011

Thank yu doctor for the valuable information But I have a doubt While inserting pieces of clothes without tying konakam and tucking in onnara during menstruation wont these pieces fall down in the bathroom I am a recent converter to onnara on yr advice a working girl aged 28 yrs Hope the respected doctor cud clarify

by Hema Mon Apr 25 20:23:58 UTC 2011

Thank yu doctor for the valuable information But I have a doubt While inserting pieces of clothes without tying konakam and tucking in onnara during menstruation wont these pieces fall down in the bathroom I am a recent converter to onnara on yr advice a working girl aged 28 yrs Hope the respected doctor cud clarify

by Hema Mon Apr 25 20:25:07 UTC 2011

Dear hema, You say you are recently started using Onnara and a working girl. I want to know whether you face some difficulty in changing from pantice to onnara. Any problen while using bathrooms at office. Do you fear it will get loose and come out easily. Why I am asking is, I too a working girl and want to try this on health ground. I have tried using onnara on sunday but the problem I face is it gets loosend easily while working at home and it always make me overconscious about it falling down. may be I am so used to pantice and not well trained in tying onnara. I tie onnara the ordinary way and I don't know whether it is what some call Madithaar. I usuall wear saree as well as churidar. So far I have no courage to use onnara for office for the fear that it will come out or other colleagues may notice it. I want to know your experience since you say you started wearing recently.

by guest Tue Apr 26 02:40:11 UTC 2011

Dear Hema, What the ladies I know do is they take soft clothes like kerchiefs or clothes of 30cm>< 30cms from old double mundu or mallumundu and fold to a sufficient size and place in front and tuck it's upper boarder part in the aranjan which they constantly use. The hanging portion they place over the area to be covered and tightly wear madi of onnara over it. While untying to answear natures call it will not fall down, but hang from aranjan.In order to prevent loosening of onnara, knots are put on both sides of onnara tucked on front and back, which can be mastered by wearing it for few days.Any doubts welcome

by Doctor Tue Apr 26 15:12:02 UTC 2011

Doctor Sir yr clarification was like a true demonstration and we do appreciate it Yu are a great man with a commitment to preserve our old conventions Being motivated thru yr posts there are 3 more converts from panties to onnara Let us collectively try to revive onnara And w r to the remarks of the guest in the first stage I felt a bit difficult to walk while wearing onnara but loosening was not a problem for me as I tie the mundu almost tightly and comments from my colleagues are in favour as many of them wearing saree are quite aware of madithar and its advantages To my surprise it is learnt that 5 of them including my supdt are still wearing onnara regularly They are of opinion that onnara adds to our confidence and feeling of comfort

by Hema Tue Apr 26 18:41:20 UTC 2011

Dear hema, Thanks for sharing your experience. But in my case, I have tried it wearing it tightly, but after some time when you walk, move and bend, it gets loosend and the tail comes out. I have tried to put a knot at the end as some people suggest,but for that you require a lengthy mundu and when the mundu is very long, it shows a bulge at the back side which is noticeable easily. My colleagues are quite fashionable and surely mock at me for turning to such a old way of dressing. But as you say, onnara gives me such a feeling of comfort compared to pantice and I don't want to give up. You are lucky that you have company of onnara wearing friends with whom you can share the problems.

by guest Wed Apr 27 03:12:46 UTC 2011

Dear Guest pl try soft bleached cotton onnaramundu widely available in South Malabar On nerratting yr problem our colleague from that area suggested to use such an onnara of 5 muzham lengh to meet yr requirement That size mundu has a narrow kara and available in almost all shops in Malappuram and Palakkad dristicts Pl wear 2 thick cotton underskirts over onnara to avoid probable notice of onnarakkuthu by others Regular practice of tucking in this type of onnara will bring in better results reduce yr problems Best wishes dear guest

by Hema Thu Apr 28 16:17:55 UTC 2011

I have a simple solution to women who love to wear "ONNARA" and are at the same time afraid of it getting untied espcially, the tucked in portion at the back. Wear Onnara as usual. If you are comfortable putting a Knot at the back end, it can sit tightly. Then put on your Pantice above it. This way, you have multiple benefits. You can escape from any allergic situation coming from the use of nylon pantice and you are also having the comfort of the Onnara. Above all, since you are wearing pantice over onnara, even if the tail portion of the Onnara comes out, you will never have the fear of it falling out completely. Once you get the confidence, you can do away with Pantice completely.

by guest Mon May 02 02:08:20 UTC 2011

When regularly weared onnara or madisar sari it is necessary for komanam or konakam in period. it is best with madisar from the experience of myself. Not possible for napkins with madisar. I am not tried onnara because of not necessary for madisar sari.But I am thinking it is same like madisar and Komanam will suit for people who weared onnara regularly also.

My advice to persons who are now try to change to weared onnara regularly is for Komanam in period. It is better than pad. Any problem or question you can be consult myself. Also if any person of first time onnara having problem or experience can write question or experience. I can able to suggest.

by Kusu Kusu Thu May 05 15:49:24 UTC 2011

Dear Kusu madam for madisar what kind of sari is used cotton sari or pattu sari onnara is like madisar Can we see women wearing madisar throughout the day in your area

by Suma Thu May 12 04:49:37 UTC 2011

Suggestion of the guest works well. Tried wearing pantice over onnara. Though the feeling of the pantice not there, it gives confidence for beginners. There is wonderful feeling of safety and security of onnara sitting tight while in the office.

by guest Sun May 15 03:12:28 UTC 2011

Sorry for the late reply. You can waered Madisar with silk sari and also the cotton sari. FOr daily the cotton is best and it is the best comfortable cloth for Madisar. Silk is for functions. In my area of Salem ony very few weared Madisarkattu regularly. But in Chennai in some areas like Thiruvallikeni and Mambalam you can see more. Even young peoples of 25 to 40 age. Also in some villages.

by Kusu Kusu Mon May 30 16:31:23 UTC 2011

y you all r advocating 4 such a spl. dress code as it was used by only nairs or upper cast women? vat bout ladies of other community..?
how can u call onnara as THE Keralite dress when majority of women did not know even how 2 wear it

by guest Sun Jun 05 18:07:13 UTC 2011

Onnara was mainly used by nairs or upper clss women in olden days, but gradually others followed.Durind sixtees seventees and early eightees onnara was worn by ladies of most Hindu communities in central Kerala.Due to the invasion of churidar from north India, ladies abandoned onnara and accepted panties and many developed health issues.In this context some ladies thought of reintroducing the ancieht simple healthy dress code and started blogs example being "" and ", but due to reduced responses they abandoned them.Donot misundestand that onnara is a dress code of upper caste women, it can be used by any health conscious lady, benifits of which we have already discussed in this forum.Discussions in another forum describe that even christian ladies use onnara these days.Apart from the point of view of health, onnara if properly worn, covers the front portion, presses it while walking and give them a sexual satisfaction,also help to control sexual urge to some extent. It is high time to bring back the habit of wearing onnara among the ladies of Kerala irrespective of religion or community

by Doctor Fri Jun 10 15:37:02 UTC 2011

Wow, this was an interesting topic. I never knew an onnara was so good! During college, my hostel mate from Pandalam had a set of long thorths, different colors of chutty and I was seeing this funny lingerie for the first time then. It was soft and she said a lot more comfortable than panties. I think I'll give it a try. Are these the normal thorthu we get from store? The ones we use are small and I don't think I can wear it the way you described above. Should we ask for onnara thorth? What is this muzham(?), equivalent to feet?

by Suma Jose Thu Jun 30 11:35:06 UTC 2011

'Doctor' gives an excellant talk on Onnara.
I would like to bring your notice to the blog : for a lot on Onnara (Thaar).

by guest Fri Jul 08 08:18:52 UTC 2011

Respected Suma madom,to answer yr doubts let me say onnara is not the normal thorthu we purchase from stores;it is only 2.5 muzham long kulithorthu.As yu mentioned it is not enough to tie as onnara and too small.Onnara thorth was once available in textileshops almost 20 yrs.back;and is not widely available now;but still being purchased from some local handloom society outlets in middle Kerala.Muzham is almost 45 cms.equivalent to some 1.5 feet.A typical onnaramundu will have 5 or 6 muzham length.Onnara is still favoured by the rural womenfolk to shape their buts and to avoid the probable loosening of the private parts after delivery.To my experience,a regular user of onnara will have a well-shaped buts,narrow waist,and a tight yoni.All these have health and beauty plusmarks.

by Vanaja Fri Jul 08 18:42:21 UTC 2011

Since one cannot shop around for Onnara mundu these days, it is better to buy the usual single mundu which gents use. Its size 6x4 ft. is ideal for most woman. Putting knots on both ends will help it to sit tight fitting and one can walk as confidenlty as one used to with pantice. My experience is once you are used to onnara, you won't feel comfortable without it. I would advise all youngsters irrespective of caste, creed and religion to give it a try. Fashion alone cannot make us comfortable.

by guest Sun Jul 10 04:09:34 UTC 2011

Who says onnara mundu is not available? you can buy nice white cotton muslin cloths 3X1.25 m and use as onnara. It's very soft, no bulges at the back, cool, and comfy. Onnara, above all, works as a kind of inner in winter and summer.

by guest Sun Aug 28 05:47:50 UTC 2011

Dear All, Constant onnara wearers and recent converts please narrate their experiences through this forum so that more and more become aware of onnara and start using it

by Doctor Sun Aug 28 13:32:08 UTC 2011


by CHANDU Fri Sep 02 08:22:18 UTC 2011

Is this the way ONNARA is being worn ? It looks clumsy

3.bp.blogspot (dot) com(slash)-WX6PfJbt7NU(slash)TkqJWjywSoI(slash)AAAAAAAAGdo(slash)-soZo3w0qOA(slash)s1600(slash)soofi+paranja+kadja+Sharbani+Mukherjee.png

3.bp.blogspot (dot)com(slash)-FqcCfmfUXsU(slash)TkqJVa57JmI(slash)AAAAAAAAGdk(slash)1HiZkhZBIV0(slash)s1600(slash)spicy+photo+of+Sharbani+Mukherjee+mundu+mulakkcha+kerala+dress.png

by guest Mon Sep 26 02:17:54 UTC 2011

See padipura old mal movie sitara in onnara

by by guest Thu Sep 29 17:37:20 UTC 2011

padippura movie VCD,DVD, where is it available, I have searched everywhere, not available, kindly let us know, dear guest of sep 29

by guest Sun Dec 11 11:47:41 UTC 2011

See Guruvayoor Kesavan. Lot of onnara scenes are there

by guest Wed Oct 17 16:18:09 UTC 2012

Everyone has stopped writing about onnara ?

by guest Fri Oct 19 17:08:46 UTC 2012

ennaa onnara udukan padipichthu entaa valliyamayaa....valliyama onnara udukunathu kannan nalla rasammannu...njan onnara eppolum koothiyudukarudooo....

by kavitha nair Fri Nov 16 04:15:09 UTC 2012

njan nair annu...enthaa veettiel njan kallathu eeranayi vannu onnara kuthiyudukum...ennittu pujaroomel poyi villaku vakarudooo....

by kavitha nair Fri Nov 16 04:20:02 UTC 2012

Keep writing Kavitha

by guest Fri Nov 16 15:33:55 UTC 2012

Njan oru nattinpurathanu thamasikkunnathu. Ente veedinte aduthu oru paadu onnara udukkunnna pala prayathilulla sthreekalundu. Ente veettil njanum, aniyathiyum, achanum, ammayum, ammoomayum aanullathu. Ente ammavante veedu ekadesam oru kilometer akaleyanu. Ammavan townilulla companyilanu joli. Onnidavitta azhchayil ammavanu night dutyanu. Oru divasam amma ennodu ammavante veettil poyi ammayi ottkkayathukondu orazhcha rathri kidakkan pokanam ennu paranju. School vittappol veettil vannu kulichu kappi kudichu. Ennittu cycle eduthu ammavante veettilekku poyi. Avide ethiyappol ammavan joilikku poyirunnu. Njan cycle muttathu vechu ummarathekku kayari. Ammayi veedinte akam adichu varukayayirunnu. Ammayi oru 45 vayasulla sthreeyanu. Irunirathekkal kooduthal niravum athyavasyam thadiyumulla sthreeyanu. Appol vella otta mundum blousumayirunnu vesham. Adichu purathekkuvannappol enne kandu. ‘Nee eppo vanne ullo, nee irikku’. Njan ammayiye sarikkonnu nokki. Avarude niranja maridam blousinte purathekku chadan vembi nilkkunnu. Udutha mundinte thazhathe randu thalayum eliyil pokki kuthiyirikkunnu. Mundinte adiyiloode thazhekku nokkiyappol, adiyil onnaramundu valichuduthirikkunnu. Enikku santhoshamayi. Ammayi onnaraa uduthirikkunnathu kanan nalla haramanu. Nallapole valichudukkum. Ammayi pinne ethirvasam thirinju ninnu adichu varal thudarnnu. Pinvasam manoharamayirunnu. Muzhutha chandikal. Velle niramulla setmundinte munddanuduthirunnathu. Athinadiyiloode onnaramundinte murukkiyudutha vaal sarikkum kanaam. Ammayi vaal nalla pole neelathilittanu udukkunnathu. Athukondu onnara pinnil valichu kuthiyirikkunnathu nallapole muzhachu nilkkunnu. Nere nivarnnu nilkkumbozhum pinnile muzha kanam. Udutha mundinu thazheyayi idathe kaalinte pinbhagathu ‘V’ shapil onnaramundinte thala nalla bhangiyil kanaam. Valathe kaalinte pinbhagathu ‘U’ shapil onnarayude matte thalayum kannam. Ithokke kandu enikku melumuzhuvan koritharichu.

by Hari Fri Nov 16 18:08:29 UTC 2012

enta veettiel ammayum... njanum.. anniyathiyum annu ullathu...father gulfel annu...najan eppol bteh nuu padikunnu..njan nair annu..enta ammayku eppol oru 40 vayasu undoo...amma eppolum onnara udukarudoo...ennaa ammayanu onnarayudukan padipichathu...njan veettiel varubol nighty annu use cheyyunthu...njan nightiyuday adiyil onnarayudukarudooo...aballathiel pokobol eppollum onnarayudukum...anniyathiyum onnarayannu udukunathu veettiel....

by saritha nair Sun Nov 18 09:24:35 UTC 2012

Ethu kelkumbolenikum onnara udukannamennudu. But athu udukanariyilo eniku. Athinal athu upekisichu. Youtubilum kadilla. Ariyunnavar onnu add cheyathal vallare upakarikum, enikum enne pole ullavarkum.

by Neethu Wed Nov 21 08:08:46 UTC 2012

eghinayaa onnara udukunathu....athu onnu malayalathiel paraju tharumooo?

by anju Thu Nov 29 10:32:36 UTC 2012

Onnarayudukkan adyam vendathu nalla onnaramundanu. Karayulla mundu kondo velutha mmalumundu kondo onnarayudukkam

by savithri Thu Nov 29 16:54:49 UTC 2012

Onnarayudukkan adyam vendathu nalla onnaramundanu. Karayulla mundu kondo velutha mallumundu kondo onnarayudukkam

by savithri Thu Nov 29 17:02:56 UTC 2012

New generation may not like 'onnara' because of various reasons. Actually they really don't know its advantages. Just see the body shape of a lady who is wearing onnara. It gives a pleasant sexy look. And it gives extreme protection to the genetic area also. The thick layer will help to absorb any type of discharges. Since the fabric is made out of pure cotton there is no question of any allergy or irritation even in extreme summer also.

by shammy Thu Dec 06 09:40:53 UTC 2012

enta kalliyanam kazijittoo eppol 8 year ayyiii..enna onnara udukuvan padipichathu entaa husband annu..duty kaziju vannael njan vaykittoo onnaara kuthiyudukum....

by smrthi... Fri Dec 07 05:06:42 UTC 2012

onnarayudukunathu onnu paraju tarumoo?

by jaya Sat Dec 08 09:23:53 UTC 2012

Onnara is one and half mundu, nearly six muzham in length. This is wrapped over the buttocks and the two free ends are kept at equal length. One end is pulled up to the face level and the other end is tightly wound over this and inserted at the side. Then leave the top end and it will fall freely over the other end and will be touching the ground almost. Now one has to kneal down to and catch the back portion of the mundu and bring it up to the waist under the portion falling down. Now spread the legs little bit and inset this portion in between bottom belly and the edge of the dothi. This portion will be tight now over the pelvis, the thighs will be covered upto the knee fully and partially downwards. Now the final proces starts. Bring one hand to the back and catch the falling end through the spreaded legs and pull the end as much tight as possible and nicely insert the tail portion in between the back over the buttock and cloth. By now for ladies of some good structure some statue look will be there and curves and shape of the back will be well displayed. In olden days only a plain dothi will be worn over this so that the onnara will be partially visible through the cloth. Now there is one underskirt for fully covering the onnara. Still the buttock shape will be prominent with an onnara and any brand of panty can't keep the structure like this.
Please follow the proc
edure described, you can successfully wear onnara

by guest Mon Dec 10 04:59:41 UTC 2012

Onnara Ormakal
I am an onnara wearing lady, retired teacher, having vast experience in onnara, also I had used panties.I like to share my experiences with all of you with an aim to promote onnara among younger generation ladies.if you welcome respond.Thanks

by Geetha Tue Dec 11 04:35:55 UTC 2012

Mr.Hari paramnjathu pole ee blogil hariyude ammayi onnara udukkunnathayi parayunnu.ithu vayichappol nalla oru experience ayirunnu. athupole kavitha nair, saritha nair, savithri, smrthi, ivarellam ad chaitha comment vayichu.ellam nannayittundu.athupole ithil ezhuthunna chila guests, pinne mukalil vivarichavar
ningalellavarum avaravarude veettilundayirunnathum, nattilundayirunnathum, pinne avaravarude casincinte,reletionsinte,ex-(ayalathulla palukodukkan pokunna veedu, kuliyodanubhandhicha onnara kadhakal, pinne brahamin veedumayi bhandhamundenkil athu,pinne naattil parijayamulla chechimar ex-(devu chechi, janu chechi,etc.. perukal ezhuthiyathu njan udhesichathu manasilakan veendiyanu.) pandukalatheyum ippozhatheyum 'ONNARA' kadhakal
ex-onnayudukkunnathu kandittundenkil athu,onnarayuduthathinu sesham undaya karyamgal, onnayuduthukondirunnappol onnara udukkunnathro avarariyathe akasmikamayi ningal onnayuduthukondirunna aale kandittundenkil aathu, etc..('santhosh loveing person in buttoks ladies' ennu perulla oru onnara blog undayirunnu.aa blogil melvivarichathu poleyulla anekam kadhakalum vivaranamgalum undayirunnu.) eni muthal ithil ezhuthunna ororutharum avaravarude anubhavamgal vivarikkum ennu viswasikkunnu.
enthayalum vivarikkanam .PLEASE

by Saramgi namboothiri. Tue Dec 11 15:56:36 UTC 2012

Saramgi, njan oranubhvam parayam. .ente ammakku njangal 6 pennumgalum (ennekootti) 3 anumgalumanu makkalayittundayirunnathu. oru
karkkidaka vavu dhivasam njangalude tharavattukulathilanu njangal vavu baliyittukondirunnathu.njangal pennumgal athi ravile vannu balidharppanam kazhichu kuliyum kazhinju pokum.balidharppanam cheyyumbol iranaya mundukondu ONNARA
njorinjudukkanam.athinu seshame anumgal vannu baliyidarullo.
.njangal pandukalathulla nair tharavattukaranu.
njangal 5 pennumgalum njorinjudutha onnarayanu adiyil uduthirunnathu.athil oral vayasariyicha dhivasavum pinne 1-2 masavum mathrame adiyil onnara uduthittullo.athinu sesham aval bangalooril ammayiyude aduthu ninnanu padichathu.athinal avalkku onnarayudukkan sariyayittariyilla.
Njan nerathe paranjallo bhalidharppanathinte karyam, njangal 6 pennumgalum bhalidharppanathinayi athiravile kulathilottu varan nerthu adiyil udutha onnara yallathe 1 onnara mundu veetham adhikam konduvarum. njangal 5 pennumgalum njorinjudutha onnarayanu innum adiyil udukkunnathu.
Bhama mathram pantiyanu use cheyyunnathu.bhalidharppanam cheyyumbol avalum pantimatti onnarayudukkanam.njangal 6 pennumgalum thalenna rathriyudutha vasthrathodukoodi kulathil iramgi 3 thavana mungum.ennittu mukalilottu kayari thorthu mundudukkum.ennittu thalenna rathriyudutha melmundu thothinadiyiloode valichoorum .athinu sesham adiyiludutha onnarayum ithu pole valichoorum.ennittu nerathe paranjallo kulikkan varumbol ororutharum 1 onnara mundu adhikam konduvarunna karyam.aa onnara arayil chutti kulathil iramgi 1 thavana mungum.ennittu mukalilottu kayari aa ieranaya onnara kondu nannayi njorinjuduthu kalvidaviloode pinnilottu nithambhathil koodi valichu murukki pinnilottu kuthum.
bhalidharppanam cheyyumbol maril ieran thorthumundum njorinjuduthu ieran onnarayum mathramanu vesham.nananja mundukondu onnarayuduthathinal kal thudakalilum mattum nannayi pathinju kidannolum.ennittu kunthichirunn baliyidum.appol nithambathinidayiloode onnaraval nannayi pathinju kidakkunnathayi feel cheyyum.ennittu bhamaye njan ithu pole ieranaya onnara njorinjuduppikkum.ennittu bhalidharppanam cheyyippikkum.aa samayathu avalkku onnarayudukkan ariyathathu karanam njan avale vazhakku parayum.ennittu bhalidharppanam kazhinju veettil chennal njangal 5 perum adiyil udutha ieranaya onnara matti .puthiya onnarayum ottamundum blousum dharikkum.thudarnnu veettu jolikalil earpedum.bhama bangalooril pokunnathu vare pavadayum adiyil onnarayum blousumanu vesham.veettilullappol pennumgal adiyil onnarayudukkanamennu vayasaya sthreekalkku nirbhandhamanu.karanam veettinakathu avideyuw evideyumayi dharalam dhaivamgale sthapichittundu.

by Ammu Tue Dec 11 18:00:00 UTC 2012

ethokka kettapoll enta charupathiel kurachu onnara anubhavaghael undayii...njan eppol qatarel setiled annu..enta amma njan 9th padikubol njagallaa vittu poyii,,,njan otta mole ayyirunu...achan oru hotel udamayayirunu..amma marichathinu shesham achan vara vivaham kazichillaa...enta vettiel jolliku adutha vettiela chachiyannu vannirunathu..aa chachiyuday husbant njaghalludayaa hotelliel annu worke cheythirunaa..avarku kuttikael ellaa...achanum aa chettanu kallathu 4maniku jolliku pokum...njaghalludayaa vettiel pashu undoo,,aa chachiku eakadhasham prayam 38 vayasudoo..chachiyaa kannan nalla bhaghiyaa...chachi eaghadhasham 5mani akkubol kullikan varunathu njaghalludayaa kullathillaa...oru dhivasam njan naratha ennittoo appol chechi kullikaziju vettilla adukallayiel ethi,,appol chachiyudayaa vasham oru otta mundum blousum mariel oru thoruthumundum mathram undayirunollu...mundintaa madithalla eaghadhasham muttintaa kizhaa varaa njanu kidakunudayirunu..chachi pashuvinaa karakuvanayii thozhuthillaku poyiii,chacheyudayaa kudayaaa njanum poyyiii...njan thozhuthiel channappol chachi udutha mundu onnu nanayi muruki kuthii,ennitto madithalla nanayi othuki muttinta kizhu varaa ettoo...ennitto randoo kallum nanayi aghathi vachoo,ennittoo mudinta pooraku vasham muniellotto vallichu pidichu ennitto madithalla purakotto nanayi vallichu koothii ennitto chachi onnu nivarnu ninu,,ennitto chechi munvashavum pinvashavum nanayii nokkiii...appol chechiyudyaa veasham blousum onnarayum mathra mayirunu..ennitto chechi pashu vinaa karakan kuttiyirunu,,appol njan chodichu enthinnaa eghanna udukunathu ennu,appol paraju pashuvinaa karakubol eakaa vasthram padu ennu,,enna onnarayudukan aa chachiyaa padipichu thannathu...njan nattiel vannael onnarayanu kuttiyudukaru,,,

by aswathi Wed Dec 12 06:36:50 UTC 2012

Ithellam vayichappol enikkum ezhuthanamennu thonni.Kalam 1970kalude madhyam.Annu njan B- edinu padikkunnu.Hostelil 15 perundu;warden padippikkunna teacheranu.Annu dress code strictanu.Nalla kaithari sari ellavarum udukkanam.Pularche eneettu paditham;pinne kuli kazhinju mass prayer.Ella kuttikalum nirbandhamayi onnara udukkanamennu special orderanu.Njangalil ere perum collegil cherunnathinu munpu thanne onnara adiyiludukkumayirunnu.Onnu randu parishkarikal mathram mallinte nikkarittanu vannirunnathu.Avar pinne thattuduthu thudangi.Onnara uduthal adakkavum othukkavum ennanu wardente sankalpam.Achadakkathinu murukki thattudukkanamennu parayum.Hopstel oditta neenda oru kettitamanu;ottanila.Neelan varandayil valiya aya;9mani avumpolekkum aya muzhuvan neelan onnarakal nanachittundavum;veluthu nertha karayulla mallum pinne korayum.Thiruvithamcooril ninnu varunnavar neenda chuttikkarayan thorthanu thattudukkuka.Malabarukar 5 muzhamulla onnarayum.Maditharukar thorthum njoritharukar mundum uduthirunnu.Pakshe vadakkan reethikku thattuduthal munbhagathinu oru marayum pin bhagathinu nalla chandavum thonnum.Durvicharangilillathe ekagramayi padichu pareeksha passavan onnara njangale sahayichu.

by Kumudam Wed Dec 12 14:34:35 UTC 2012

Ammavante veettil ninnanu nan pre-degreekku padichathu.Ammayi High school teacheranu;ammavan aandilorikkale varu-gulfilanu.Nannayi veluthu kozhuthu oru nadan lookanu ammayikku;pakshe valiya gauravakkariyanu.Markku kuranjal sakarikkukayum adikkukayum cheyyum.avar onnu virattiyal thanne enikku moothram povumayirunnu.nikkar ethra murukki uduthalum moothram thadayanavilla.pinne ammayi thanne thattudukkan paranju;appol bhayannalum moothram pokunnathu niyandrikkam.Ammayi serios allthe kanunna oru samayamundu;churulanaya ammvante photo nokki thaniye irikkumpol;appol avarude kaalukal akalunnathum oruthram kaamam kannukalil theliyunnathum kaanam;photo nokki avasanam ammayi oru lasya bhavathil onnarayude kuthazhichu udukkunnathu kanam.

by Sheela Wed Dec 12 14:47:53 UTC 2012

ethokaa kettappol enniku onnarayudukannam ennuthonni,,pakshea uduan ariyillaa,,enniku englishel valliyaa parijanam ellaa,,athu kodu araghillum onnarayudukunathu onnu malayalathiel paraju thannael nanayirunu,,pls pls pls....

by hema Thu Dec 13 05:38:09 UTC 2012

Onnara ormakal in my childhood.
I was born in central Kerala. My father was an ayurvedic practitioner(Vaidyakalanidhi) and mother is a house wife. I am having only one elder brother.Apart from we four, my Acamma and a maid servant was there in our house. Till the beginning of regular periods, I was using knickers as underwear. Father bring stitched knickers for him and for me from local tailoring shop. Chettai was wearing cotton trousers. Achamma, Amma and Santha were using onnara and mundu. We had paddy cultivation, and coconut palms in our property, and there was a big pond to irrigate the paddy. We used to bathe in that pond. The elder ladies take bath wearing only onnara and bodice, and I saw onnara thus. Because no men were around, they did like that.I took bath with knickers alone. Once I asked Santha about onnara, she explained in detail about it, and with a small thorth, she taught me to wear it, and I enjoyed it. Shall continue

by Geetha Thu Dec 13 11:08:26 UTC 2012

Geetha madam,it is very interesting to read! Pl. continue to write on yr memoirs on onnara....

by Rema Thu Dec 13 15:46:57 UTC 2012

Onnara ormakal in my adolescence
My first menses occurred when I was in 9th Std. As Santhechi explained about it before, I was not frightened, and no special rituals were done. Amma insisted to wear onnara after that, and I was happy to do that. Initially I found very difficult, as whenever I kneel down tuck from back become loose and come out. Santhechy (servant) demonstrated her technique to prevent it, I tried and gradually succeeded. It was like this. Put the madi a little longer, that is above the level of head when lifted up. Then pull back tightly between the legs, insert in the central part of back after retracting the abdomen, pull the tail through the cloth inside in such a way that inside part of the tail is passing just inside of the outer part, so that outer part will press the inner part preventing loosening. I found it effective and initially I used onnara in home and knickers in school. I completely switched over to onnara, during my college days- pre degree. Onnara and Santhechy will follow

by Geetha Nair Sat Dec 15 07:31:23 UTC 2012

Getha nair eni muthal anubhavamgal MALAYALATHIL vivarikkamo.njangale polullavarkku (malayalam medium)english languge theere illa.

by Ammu, guest, Neethu, vilasini,Devu Sat Dec 15 12:21:17 UTC 2012

Getha nair eni muthal anubhavamgal MALAYALATHIL vivarikkamo.njangale polullavarkku (malayalam medium)english languge theere illa.

by Ammu, guest, Neethu, vilasini,Devu Sat Dec 15 12:21:32 UTC 2012

1986 il njan degre kazinju veettilulla samayam.ente chechiyude mariage divasam athi ravile (pularche) njanum avalum kulikkan tharavattu kulathil poyi.kallyanamalle avalkku tenshanundu.
avalodu njan first kulikkan paranju.sulu oru thanuppan characteranu.njan paranju nee sadharana upayogikkunna onnara innu use cheyyanda.appol aval
sadharana upayogikkunna onnara thanneyanu kulikku sesham upayogikkuvan kondu vannirikkunnathu.njan avale vazhakku paranju.ennittu njan veettil poyi kallyana pettiyil ninnum kasavinte oru onnara yeduthu avalku konduvannu koduthu.appozhekkum aval aa pazhaya onnara udukkanayi arayil chutti idathe madi bhagham illiyil kuthi njorinju pinnilottu kuthan thudangukayayirunnu
(ithu paranjathu udukkan ariyathavarkku manassilakan vendi paranjathanu) njan avalodu( 'avalodu' ennu idakku idakku parayunnathu njangal friends ne poleyanu)
pazhayathu matti puthiyathukondu thattudukkuvan paranju.appol aval paranju eni njan veettil poyi puthiyathukondu thattudutholam ennu paranju njan kondu vanna puthiya onnara kaithanddakkittukondu udutha onnarakku mukalil thorthu uduthukondu enikku koottu ninnu.njan paranju 'nee athu matti puthiya onnara udukku' karanam annokke kallyana pennu nalla veethiyulla kasavu settu mundanu kallyana ssaariyayittudukkunnathu.pinne athinu cherunna pavadayum pavadakkadiyil onnarayum.pakshe ivaludutha pazhaya onnara oru light pavumundu poleyullathayirunnu.athinal ivaludukkunna pavada oru light vella kalaranu. oru pakshe nizhaladikkumo enna oru viddiyithamaya dharanayayirikkam.aa samayathu ethoru aniyathikkum chechiyude drassingil vyakulatha undakam.enthayalum avalathumatti kasavu onnara njorinjuduthu.avaludutha onnara thirummi pizhinju ennittu avalitta nananja cheru tighttaya black blous azhichu matti thirummi pizhinju onnara marilittu.appozhekkum ente kuli kazhinju thala thorthan thudangiyirunnu.njan avale nokkiyappol aval oru kaal oru step mukalil kayatti vechu nilkkukayayirunnu.aa nilpil avalude njorinja kasavu onnara kayatti vechu kaal thudakaliloode muzhuvanayum thazhottu keezhinnu kidakkunnu.thazhathu vecha kaal thudakaliloode kasavodukoodiya onnara 'v' shayipil thudakaliloode pathinju kidakkunnu. ithu njan paranjathu! avale nokkiyal 'guruvayoor kesavan enna moviyile jayabharathiye pole sarikkum thonnum.aval oru grahmina sundariyayirunnu (innum) .njangalude kuli kazhinju tharavattu vilappilulla sarppakavil vilakku vekkunnathinayi angottupokumbol eathire njangalude ammayum, valiyammayum, cheriyammamarum kulikkanayi varunnu. njangalude aduthethiyappol amma enne nokki (chuttine velichathil)chodhichu 'ninte mundevide'.appol njan nokkiyappol njorinjudutha
onnarayum aramnjanavum mathrame arayilulloo.onnarakku meetheyudutha thorthumund kanunnilla. thalennu udutha onnara thirummi pizhinju athu maril ittittundu. njangal 2 perum kulathil ninnum pakuthi dhooram ponnirunnu.appol amma enne vazhakku paranjukondu paranju ''ninte arayil onnarayenkilum undalloo! athu thanne maha bhagyam.saramilla neram veluthittillallo.anumgal arum eneettittilla.ningal 2 perum vegam poyi sarppakavil vilakku vechu veettiloottu po.
Onnara mathram uduthu e samayathu adi padi varika ennu paranjal "hum" vegam po" ithu paranju kondu amma kulikkan poyi.sarppakavil njan mula kachayum onnarayum mathram suluvanenkil maril nananja onnaramundum, adiyil njorinjudutha kasavodukoodiya onnarayum, vilakku vechu njangal 2 perum veettilottupoyi udutha onnarakku mukalil pavadayuduthu mukalil sariyuduthu thirichu kulathilekkodi enthinenno njan onnarakku mukaliludutha thorthinayi.njan kulathil chennappool ammayum mattullavarum onnara mathram uduthu kulichu kondu enthokke paranju chirikkunnundayirunnu.karyam thirakkiyappol amma paranju ninte thorthu aa velikku mukalil thoogi kidappundayirunnu.enikku sarikkum adhisayam thonni.kulathil ninnnum sarppakavilekkulla vazhikkiruvassavum mulveliyanu.iruttathu onnarakku mukaliludutha aa cheriya thorthu kurumgiyathu njanarinjiia.onnara mathram uduthu kondu vazhiyiloode nadannu varika ennu par

by Vilasini Sat Dec 15 18:06:52 UTC 2012

Ennu parayumbol enikku nanam thonni.pinne oru karyam koodi kallyanathinu 2varsham shesham suluvinte kayyodinju.aval vazhuki veennathanu.athinal avalkku onnara udukkan kazhiyumayirunnilla.avale kulikkan help cheyyunnathu njano allemkil ammaym aanu.athinu shesham adiyil onnara njorinjuduppikkunnathu njananu.njan avalude arayil adhyam onnara chuttum. ennittu valathe madithala pokki illiyil kuthum.appol idathe bhagham njorinjathu poleyakum aa bhagham avalude kaal vidaviloode valichu murukki pinnil kuthum.ennalum edakkidakkazhiyum.appol njan thanneyanu avalude munainte pinvashathulla gyappilloode kayyittu onnaravaal pinnilottu valichu murukki kuthikodukkum.aa samayathu aval garbhiniyayirunnu bhaghyathinu vere onnum sambavichilla.garbhiniyayathinal amma paranju nee adhikam kanamulla mundudukkanda ennu.athinal theere kanamillatha transpirintaya mallu mundanu njan uduthu kodutha onnarakku mukalil njanuduppichirunnathu.aval pinvasham thirinju nadakkumbozhellam avalude chanthikkidayilloode pinnilottu valichu murukki kuthiyirikkunna onnaravaal (KONAKAPALI)ekathesham muzhuvanayum kanamayirunnu.innum aval enne kaliyakki parayum 'ha' ippo nee udutha onnarakku mukalil mundundallo?ennu.mulveliyil udakkiya thorthumundinte karyamanaval uddhesshikkunnathu.njan vazhiyilloode onnara mathramuduthanallo sarppakavilottu poyathu!
Eni ningalude ororutharudeyum anubhavamgl ezhuthumalloo.ezhuthanam PLEASE.

by Vilasini Sun Dec 16 02:56:30 UTC 2012

Ente kaumarakkalathu neelan pavadayum long blousumayirunnu ellavarudeyum vesham.Kilikazhinju adyam dharikkuka onnarayo brayo ayirikkum.Pakshe njan brayum shimmiyum adippavadayum adhyam dharikkum;ennittu blousum pavadayum ittu arum sradhikkatha oru roominte moolayil poyi aranda velichathil thuniyellam pokkimatti valare gopyamayi onnara adiyil valichudukkum.Adimundu thattudukkunnathu ammayeppolum kattathe valare gopyamayi aayirunnu.Innum sariudukkumenkilum onnara kettunnathum thattudukkunnathum athupole thanne.Angane seelichu poyi.

by Uma Sun Dec 16 15:46:23 UTC 2012

Enne pennukaanan vannappol ullathil nalla sariyokke uduthu oru parishkaariyeppole orungi nilkkan njan sradhichu;ulluduppu pakshe thani naadan onnaramundaayirunnu.Pradhama raathriyil ente pazhaya ulluduppu kandu chettanu anishtamundakumo ennu sankyundaayirunnu;athisayamennu parayatte adheham dharichirunnathu langottiyayirunnu!Tharum,konakavum enthu nalla chercha ennu paranju njangal annu rathri muzhuvan ARMAADICHU!

by Prasanna Sun Dec 16 15:54:47 UTC 2012

Valiya thengin thoppum parambum okke ulla oru visalamaya sthalamayirunnu ente veedinodu chernna purayidam.Naalu manikku school vittu vannal ayalathe saradayodothu parambil pullu chethan pokum.Cheriya thdukal neenthikkayari doore ponam pullinu;annu vayassariyichittu onnara uduthu thudangiyitte ulloo.Cheriya kuttikkattinu marapetti peduthittu sarada thattudukkunnathu kanan nalla chelayirunnu.Thothu thattuduthu thulumbunna nithambavumayi purake njanum;nalla rasamulla naalukalaayirunnu athu.

by Sarala Sun Dec 16 16:16:17 UTC 2012

Onnara and Santhechy
Dear Ammu, Devu, Vilasini, Enikku Malayalam englishil ezhuthuvan valare vishamananu, ennalum sramikkam, thettuntenkil kshamikkuka. Santhechy ammayude oru akanna bandhuvanu, avarude achan cheruppathle avare upeshichu poi, Amma cheriya joliyikke cheythu valare kastappettu valarthy, avarude budhimuttarinjappol ente Amma avare njangalude veettilekku konduvannu. Enikku orma vakkumpol avarkku 30 vayassundavum, kallyanamonnum othuvannilla. Avar sthiramayi onnarayum mundum blousum bodiceumanu dharichirunnathu. Pavada avar udukkareyilla. Purathu pokumpol melmundu upayogikkum. Avar matchingil valare sradhichichrunnum. Blosinte ate nirathilulla karayulla mundum onnarayumanu avar uduthirunnathu. Onnarayute kara nalla veethiyullatayirunnu. Uduthukazhinjal onnarawal karayanu pirakil kanuka, Onnara frame cheythu vachathu pole irikkum.
Njangalude kinar adukkalayilninnum alpam doorathilanu. Annu motorum water supplyum illayirunnu. Santhechy vellam kori kalathil adukkalayilekku kondupovukayayirunnu. Pullikkari orudivasam vellam kondupoyappol mundil thatti urundu veenu, muttinu kedupatti orazhcha veettil kidannu. Athinusesham checy mundinte randu konthalakalum othiri pokkikuthy onnaravude 75 sathamananavum veliyil kanichanu joli cheythirunnathu. Kulathil thuni alakkan pokumpol chichi pundu parichu kalanju onnara mathram uduthanu joli chythirunnathu. Onnarayude karyathil ente Guru chechyanu. Nellu muzhuvan pathayathilanu sookshichirunnathu. Athil nellidunnathum edukkunnathum chechyyanu. Cheriyoru kilivathililoodeyanu randum cheyyunnathu. Idan eluppamanu, edukkuvan vishamavum. Chechy mundundurinju tharumatham uduthu noondu kayari nelleduthukondu varum. Checykku onnara mathram udukkukayanu esttam. Onnarayum college jeevithavum thudarum

by Geetha Nair Mon Dec 17 04:08:45 UTC 2012

Onnarayeppatty vayichappol ente gramathile ulsavathinu nadatharulla thalappoli aanu ormayil varunnathu.Veettil ninnu thalamedukkunnavarkkulla nirdesangal nalkan chettathyamma undu;masamura kazhinju ezhu divasamayavrkku orazhathe vrathamedukkamenkil thalamedukkam;vrathamedukkumpol randuneravum kulichu adiyil onnarayuduthu vlilakkuvechu thozhanam;veg food kazhikkanam;bharthavumayi akannu sudhi paalikkanam ennokkeyundu.Thalam ambalathil ethan 2 manikkoredukkum ;athuvare moothrasanka thaduthu nirthan valiya onnaramundu nannayi murukki udukkum.Thattudukkathe otta pennum thalamedukkarilla.

by Thankamani Mon Dec 17 15:35:22 UTC 2012

Geetha Nair, please continue

by guest Mon Dec 17 15:48:22 UTC 2012

Ayalpakkathu vivaham kazhichu vanna oru chechi ellavarkkum mathrukayayirunnu;avarkku iruniramenkilum sundari;nalla vasyathayum nithambavadivum dehabhangiyum.Aa chechi sthiramayi thoovella onnara adiyiludukkum;nalla ilam niramulla kaithari sari avarkku bhangi kootti.Thattuduppu,thechukuli,kurithodal ithellam ANGASAMSKARATHINTE bhagamanennum athu nammal seelikkanamennum avar njangale upadesichu.

by Syamala Mon Dec 17 15:49:51 UTC 2012

Evideyenkilum pokumpol apratheekshithamayi thamasikkendi vannal spare onnara karuthiyillenkil prasnam thanne.Oru koottukariyude veettil chennappol vaikittu 5 mani.Udane onnarayum brayum azhichu oru thorthu avide ninnum eduthu melechutti ulluduppukal nanachittu.Vaikittu melkazhuki;avide sandhyavandanam pathivundu.Adiyiludukkathe engane vilakkinu munpil chellum?Mattoru thorthu samghadippichu thattudukkan sramichu nokki;cheriya thorthu ethunnilla;pinne oru idea thonni-aa thorthu madakki konakam pole adiyiluduthu ellavarkkumoppam prarthanayil pankukondu.

by Radha Mon Dec 17 15:58:24 UTC 2012

1976 il njan 7th std il padikkunnu .ente peru lakshmi.aayidakkanu ente chittayude makal vayasariyichathu. njangal 2 perum ore schoolilanu padikkunnathu.njan 7 std ilum sathi 10 std ilum.annokke theendarukallyam ennu paranjal eakathesham oru kallyanam poleyanu.nattilulla oru vidham veedukalil chennu parayum.akkoottathil njangalude school teachersinte veedukalilum chennu varan vendi paranju.
annoru sunday ayirunnu.veettil aalu vannu thudangi thirakkayi. kurachu kazhinjappol ente class teacharum vannu.teachar oru pink colour cotton sariyanuduthirunnathu.teacharkku oru 28 age undakum.nalla velutha dhehamulla adheeva sundhariyanu teacher.theendaru kuli chadanginayi veettilulla pennumgalum purathu ninnnu vanna pennumgalum koodi tharavattukulathilottu pokanorumgave ente teacherum koode ponnu.kulathilethiyappol ente ammayiyum kurachu pennumgalum koodi sathiye kulippikkanayi vellathilottirakki.koode teacherum ierangi.vellathilottiramgiyavaril teacher ozhike mattullavarellam settu mundanuduthirunnathu.appol teacharodu ente amma paranju 'teacharinte sari nanamjallo" eniyulla karyamanu enikku athyalbhudhamundakkiya sambavamundayathu.vellathil ninna teacher udanthanne sariyudeyum adipavadayudeyum konthala koottipidichu eakadhesham thudayude pakuthiyolam pokki arakettil thruki.najan teacherinte nokkiyappol adipavadakkadiyil nalla kumkuma colourinte veethiyulla karayodukoodiya onnara mundukondu nannayi njorinju (vadakkan keralathil nannayi njorinjanu onnarayudukkunnathu) valichumurukki tharuduthirikkunnu.appol teacharude idathe kaal thudakku pinniloode onnara v akruthiyil kaalmuttinu thazheyayi neendu kidakkunnu.valathe kaalthudayiloode churandu pinanju pongikidakkunnu.onnarayude oru 80% vum purathu kanamayirunnu.ente a divasthram purathu kanunnundu ennulla vicharamonnum teacharkkilla.athanu nattinpurathe aalukalude nalla manassu. ellavarkkum ore manassanu.enthayalum sathiye ammayiyum,(kulippikkanulla avakasam ammayimarkkanu) vere pennumgalum, teacharum koodi kulippichu kondirikkayanu.oru vella colourulla kulikkaanupayogikkunna veethiyulla thorthu mundu kondanu ammayi valichumurukki tharuduthirikkunnathu (ithu chadangu veshamanu) athinu mukalil length theereyillatha oru thorthu mundu arayiluduthirikkunnu.aa thorthu veruthe uduthathanenne thonnukayulloo. Pokkilinu thazhe thudamgi ''guhhya" bhaghathukoodi aa valiya chandhikkidayilloode thorthu mundundinte vaal nalla tightayi pinnilottu valichu murukki kuthiyirikkunnu. ammayi ilakumbol chanthiyum thullunnathu kanam.sathiye vellathilottirakki mumgunnathinu vendi ammayiyum teacharum sahayichu kondirikkunnathinidayil sathi vellathil mumgiyappol kurachadhikam vellam teacharinte iru thudakalilekkum vannu veenu.athodoppam konakapaliyozhike onnara muzhuvanum nananju.athu saramilla ennu paranju sariyum pavadayumkoodi onnukoodi pokki arakettil thiruki.ennittu sathiyude tharuduppikkal chadanginayi ammayiyum teacharum sahayichukondirunnappol teacherude kaal onnu kavachu vechu vellathodukoodiya kulakkallil irunnu.appozhundu njan nokkiyappol teacherude guhya bhaghathodu koodi (femaile organ) nalla kadum chumanna karayodukoodiya padupoleyulla onnara vaal pinnilottu valichu murukki kuthiyirikkunnu. chadangellam kazhinju kulathil ninum eallavarum veettilethi.ammayi chadangu vesham matti onnarayum melmundum uduthu.sathi aadhyamayi onnarayuduthathu kanan nalla bhamgiyayirunnu.amma vannittu paranju"teacherude onnara nananjathalle.athu matti alakkiya ente e onnara udutholu ennu paranjittu teacherkku oru pachakarayulla onnara koduthu. athudukkanayi teacher oru aallozhinja room nokki nadakkunnithinidayil njan thanichirikkukayayirunna roomilottu kayari vannu."nee entha evde thanichirikkunnathu eannu teacher eannodu chodichu.njan paranju "nalathekkulla book rediyakki vekkua ennu"appol teacherude kayyil oru pachakarayulla mundullathu kandu.teacherum njanum mathrame roomiluloo. teacher roominte vathiladachu kuttiyittu.appol teacherude kaalilloode nananja onnarayile vellam ozhukunnudayirunnu.udane teacher s

by Lakshmi Mon Dec 17 16:49:54 UTC 2012

Sariyum pavadayum azichu matti.appol njam nokkiyappol teacharinte vesham nananja onnarayum blousum mathram.amma kodutha onnara arayil chutti athinadiyoolde nananja onnara valichoori.ennittu arayil chuttiya onnarayude eadathe madibhagham illiyil kuthi.ennittu valathe bhagham njorinju onnaraval undakki.ennittu valathe kaal 1 adi uyaramulla kattili kayatti vechu. appol kal vidaviloode nalla gyappundayirunnu.athinidayiloode onnaraval valichumurukki pinnil kuthi.appol teacher udutha onnara nalla tight aayirunnu.ennittu mukalil pavadayitu athinu mukalil sariyuduthu "nee nale schoolil varille"ennu ennodu chodhichu teacher purathottu poyi . schoolil ealladivasavum teacher adiyil onnara uduthanu varunnthennunikku manasilayi.aa cheru prayathil polum teacher adiyil onnarayaudukkunnathu.njan purathottu iranginokkiyappol ammayi sathiyudutha mundu pokkipidichu avle uduppicha onnara azhichu nallathupole tightakki onnarayuduppikkunnu.ammayiyude mundinadiyilloode pinnilekku valichu kuthiyirikkunna nalla karayodukoodiya onnarval sarikkum kanam.

by Lakshmi Mon Dec 17 17:35:36 UTC 2012

Onnarayum College Jeevithavum
Enikku medicinu pokanayirunnu agraham. Pattanathle Womens Collegil second groupnu pre degreekku admission kitty. Veettil ninnum 20 km dooramundu, Busil poi varum. Annu half sariyanu vesham. Mukkal kilometer natannittu venam bus stopil ethan.Randu koottukarikalum undairunnu veetinaduthuninnum. Orudivasam vaikittu bus samaram karanam kure nadakkendivannu, Nadannunadannu thudayuranju tholipoi. Koottukariyodu paranjappol aval paranju onnara sarikkuduthal angine sambhavikkilla enikkoru kuzhappavum illallo ennu. Njanum onnarakkariyanennu avalkkariyam. Pokunna vazhiyilanu avalude veedu. Njan aval vilichathukondu avalude veettil keri avalude muriyil poyi. Pavadayoori aval onnaravudutha vidham kanichu thannu. Appol aanu Sanchechy enne padippichathile thettu manassilayathu. Valathe konthala neetiyittasesham kalinadiyiloote valichukuthukayanu njan cheythukondirunnathu Athinu munpe mundinte pirakile thazhatte attam pitichu kalinnidayiloode munpottetuthu, madiyute thazhathu kuttanam, nannayi murukki. Athinu sesham venam madi pirakil kuthuvan.Appol thudayute idayil munduntakum, urayilla. Angine uduthathinusesham aa prasnam undaittilla.Enikkariyavunna palarum sarikkalla onnarayudukkunnathennu appol anu manassilayathu. Cinema Guruvayoor Kesavan irangiya samayamayirunnu athu. Athil marimukilin peelikayyil enna paattil Jayabharathi anakku chuttum oodunna rangangalil eevidham thattuduthirikkunnathu sarikku kanam ennum aval paranju. Pinnetorikkal aa cinema kandappol athu njan sradhichu, sariyanu.
Pre degreekku markkuranjathukaram medicinu kittiyilla, Aa collegil thane BSc Zoologykku chernnu. Appozhekkum saariyakki vesham. Degreeyum onnarayum aduthathil

by guest Tue Dec 18 10:23:30 UTC 2012

Lakshmi, your teacher is exciting. Please continue

by guest Tue Dec 18 15:16:03 UTC 2012

Degreeyum onnarayum
Degreekku 30 penkuttikal mathrame undairunnulloo, mikkavarum onnarauduthavar. Ente aduthirunnathu oru pariskari Soosan ayirunnu. Enikku print illatha plain colour ulla sarikalayirunnu istham. Uchakku oonukazhinju kuninju ninnu chottupathram kazhukumpol pirakil ninnu nokkumpol onnara muzhachirikkunnathu vrithiyayi kanamennu Soosan paranjappol njan paranju njangal ellavarum athanu adiyil udukkunnathu, kantal saramilla. Evide pennungal mathramalle ulloo ennu. Pakshe aval enikkoru perittu. Muthiyamma. Nee entanu adiyil edunnathu ennu chothichappol aval paranju ee adutha eda vare knickers thaippichu upayogichirunnu. Eppol shaddy ready made medikkan kittum, athanu upayigikkunnathennu. Avalute samudayathil onnara upayogikkarilla, prayamaya streekal adikacha enna veethiyulla konakam njorivacha mundinte adiyil udukkum, cheruppakkarikal knickers anu upagogikkuka, eppol chilar shaddy upayogichu thudangi, neeyum ee tharu parichukalanju shaddy edoo. Acammayum Ammayum sammathikkilla ennu njan paranju. Oru divas am aval ente saariyude pirakil pitichu valichu onnarayute pinkuthazhichu kalanju. Njan vishamichu poi, classinitakkanu. Pirakiloote kai katathi murukkan pattunnilla, teacher kaanum. Oru vidhathil class kazhiyum vare sahichirunnu, toilettil poyi onnara azhichuduthu. Avalude pirakil pitichu nokkiyittu shaddy ooran pattunnumilla. Aval edakkite ee paripati thutarnnappol njangal onnarakkar kooti oru pani pattichu. Njan oru divasam vella polyester sariyum kattikuranja pavadayum uduthu otta noottathinu nannayi kanavunna vidhathil alpam thazthi murukki onnara val muzha valuthayi kanunna vidhathil chennu. Soosan athu nookunnathu kantu. Classinidayil aval purakil ninnu pitichu valichazhikkan nokki, entammo ennum ochaeduthu kondu oru chattam. Njan randu mottusoochiyude muna mukalikkakki ente dehathu kollathe tharu kuthunnidathu adjust cheythu vachirunnu. Athanu avalude kayil kondathu. Teacher chadichappol kalil urumpu katichu ennaval paranju.Athode avalute sookeedu mari. Thudarum

by Geetha Nair Wed Dec 19 04:35:02 UTC 2012

Radhakku nalla intrestingaya pandu kalathe onnaraormakal ille?

by Laksmi Thu Dec 20 17:33:40 UTC 2012

Njan keralathile eakathesam oru vadakkan jillayile grahmathilanu janichathu.ente ammayum achanum njanum aniyanum cherunnathanu njangalude kudumbam.oru dhivasam achante koottukarante makalude kallyanathinu purappettu.annathe dhivasam enniku nall paniyayirunnu.ayathinal ammayum achanum aniyanum mathrame poyullo.enne avar tharavattilottu kondupoyakki.karanam avar kallyanaveettil oru dhivasam thamassiche varikayulloo.28 varsham munpulla karyamanu parayunnathu.annokke rathriyayirunnu kallyanam.tharavattil muthassiyum ammyude chechiyum 4 aniyathimarumanullathu. njan 6 ilanu padikkunnathu.enikku sthalam marikidannal sadharana urakkam vararilla.

by guest Thu Dec 20 17:55:44 UTC 2012

ammyude aniyathimarkkellam enne nalla ishttamanu."njan ninakku koottukidakkam athu kondu nee pedikkathe kidannuramgikko" ennu paranjukondu oru chitta ente koode vannu kidannu."eannalum eanikkurakkam varunnilla" ennu njan paranjappol chitta eanne kettipidichu kidannu.chitta oru mundum blousumanuduthirunnathu.peadi karanam njan chittayeum kettipidichu kidannu.appol ente kaiy chittayude arakettil(pirakuvasam) oru cheru panthithinte shaippil entho thadanju.njan a bhaghathu koodi veendm veendum kayyodichu.eanikku athe feelingu thanne thonni.chitta cheruthayi urakkam thudangiyirunnu."evde ithentha panthupole" ennu njan chittayodu chodhichu.appol chitta paranju "athonnumilla mole athente muntinteyya moluramgikko"kureneram kazhinju njan toiletil pokan vendi eanittu. eannittu 'kambramthalinte' thiri nallathu pole pokkivechu.appozundu chittayude melmundu bedsheettinadiyil churundu koodi kidakkunnu.chittayude thuda vidavilloode konakamuduthathupole thuniyude bhagham pinnilottu poyirikkunnu.

by guest Thu Dec 20 18:00:36 UTC 2012

thudakalillooe mundinte bhaghamonnum karyamayittilla.chitta malarnnanu kidakkunnathu.njan veendum vannu kidannu.kurachu kazhinjappol chitta eanittu."nee uramgiyille ennu chitta eannodu chodhichu.njan nokkiyappol chitta ezhunnettu nilkkunnu.njan nokkumbol chitta onnara mathram uduthu nilkkunnu .eannittu chitta melmundu bedil thirayukayanu.pettannu chitta thirachil nirthi toilettil poyi.thirichu vannappol onnarakuthazhinju kidakkunnu.chitta onnarayazhichu 2mathu arayil chutti nallathupole kuninju onnaraval nannayi pirakilottu valichu chanthikkidayiloode (nalla azhathil) eaduthu pinnil kuthi.appol pinnilottu nokkiyappol onnaraval pinvasathukanane illa.onnarakuthumathrame kananulloo.eannittu chitta melmundudukkathe vannu kidannu.karanam nalla choodukalamayirunnu.pittennu ravile chitta muttamadikkayanu.melmundu pokki illiyil kuthiyirikkunnu.eannittu kuninju muttamadikkumbol thudakkidayiloode pinnilottu pokunna onnaraval 99%um kanam.appol eathu vidhamayirikkum melmundu pokki illiyil thirukiyathu eannu manassilayi kanumallo.

by guest Thu Dec 20 18:37:18 UTC 2012

Degreeyum onnarayum thutarunnu
Aaa kollamanu njangalude collegil women NCC thudangiyathu. Zoology Sr lecturer Radha teachernayirunnu charge. Thantum thadiyumulla pillere oodichittu pitichu cherthathinte koote njanum pettupoyi. Kakki cotton thuni , shoes, socks enniva thannu vittu, pantsum shirtum alavanusarichu thaipichu konduvaran paranju vittu. Njangal ellavarum kooti townile tailoring shoppil poyi. Oru sthree vannu alaveduthu, rantazcha kazhinju thaichu kitty. Collegile alamariyil vachu, veettil kontupoyilla. Oru saniyazchayayirunnu aadyathe parade. 9 manikku collegilethy, Class roominte janalum vathilumadachu ellavarum sari azhichu, pavadakkadiyiloode pants valichukayatty. Appozhanu ariyunnathu ente pant nalla tight aanu. Paninte koote ranukalilumulla onnara thuni arayilekku kayari vattathil muzhachirikkunu, mumpile button (annu zib illa) idan kazhiyunnilla. Njangal ranu moonu perkku angine patty. Shaddykkarikalum knickerkarikalum cool aayi pants ittu njelinju nilkunnu. Chilarude pant nalla loose aanu, nandu kalum onnil kayattam. Kootukariyude aphiprayam anusarichi onnara mattiyappol kastichu button idam, patshe adiyi onnumidathe pants mathram ittu parade nadathiyal avidathe tholiyellam katti kakkithuniyuranju pokum. Appozhanu oruthy oru upayam praranjathu. Period atukkumpol palarum bagil thuni kontuvarum, avalute bagil puthiya thuniyundu, athukondu konakam uduthu adjust cheyyanam. Vere nivrithy illathathu kondu angine chethu, oruvidham kazhichukootty. Annanu aadyamayi onnarayute budhimuttarinjathu. Pantitumpozhum mattumpozhum palaruteyum adivasthangal kanuvan sadhichu. Onnarakkar kurepperuntu. Kurepper knicker dharikalanu. Shaddy randuperkkundu.Sampathikamayi pinnokkam nilkunna chilar konakam uduthathum kantu, oru kutty onnum ittittilla, avalkkum orukutty thuni kotuthu konakam udukkuvan.
Appol aanu veettilirikkunna shaddykaleppatty oorthathu. Ammayute chechy Bombayil aanu. Vallyachan Bombay P&T yil aanu. Kazhinja masam avar naattil vannappol Malini chechy(avarude mootha makal) enikku kure shaddyum randu moonu sariyum thannirunnu. Adutha paradinu athupayogikkamennu theerumanichu, Tharuduthu kondu veettil ninirangi(shaddy Kandal Amma Kollum) collegial chennu tharumatti shaddy ittu. Vallatha vishamam, oru murukkam kittunnilla, adiyi onnum illathatupole. Oruvidhathil, parade theerthu, thirichu pokum vazhi tailoring shoppil randu pantum loose cheyyan koduthu. Shaddy namukku pattunnathalla ennumanassilakki

by Geetha Nair Fri Dec 21 05:47:47 UTC 2012

B Edum Onnarayum
Degreekku first class kitty pakshe medicinu kittyilla. M.Sc kku poyi teacher post kittan othiri panam kodukkanam. Athukondu B.Ed nu apply cheythu, jilla asthanathulla collegil kitty. Doore aayathukondu hostelil thamasam sariyakki. Samudayika sanghatanayude working women’s hostelil student anenkilum admission kitty. Double room ayirunnu, room mate Rugmini chechy RDD officile clerk ayirunnu. Avarum sthiram onnara udukkunnavarayirunnu. Avarude veedu dooreyanu, husband privte school mash aanu, velliazcha vaikittu veetil poyal thinkalazcha nere officil vannu, vaikittu hostelil varum. Orazcha kontu thane njangal nalla suhruthukkalayi. Chechy palatharathilulla onnara kanichu. Officil pokumpol sariyude adiyil kattikuranja onnara mundu(neelam koodiya, hantex shoroomil kittunna onnara mundu) maditharayi murukki udukkum. Veetiloode pavada udukkathe nadakkumpol, sadharana mundukondu onnara udukkum, nalla covereginnayittu. Periods ullappol thuniude meethe chutty thothu kondu tharudukkum, karanam chutty thorthinu nalla katty undu, softum aanu, kara nannayi absorb cheyyum.
Mess staff muzhuvan pennungalayirunnu. Avarkku dress codum undayirunnu. Ellavarum nirbandhamayum onnarayum mundum dharikkanam. Athiloruthy ennodu company adikkan varumayirunnu. Avaludte purakil mattullavareppole onnarayude muzha kanunnilla. Athentanennu chodichappol aval udukkunna reethy kattithannu. Onnara wal neetty ittu uduthaseshan pirakil athu vitarthy veethiyil pirakil kuthum appol muzhachirikkilla. Njan try cheythu nokki pakshe nalla murukkam kittunnilla. Kamavikaram niyanthrikkunna techniqum aval kattithannu. Onnarayute madi yoniyute munnil vacu onnu thirichu thiripoleakki valichuduthal athu private partsil sarikku amarnnirikkum. Appol kamavikaram kurayumathre. Thutarum

by Geetha Nair Sat Dec 22 03:58:21 UTC 2012

Geetha yr narration is a presentation of bare facts very interesting and trustworthy pl proceed

by Jaya Sat Dec 22 05:38:53 UTC 2012

Geetha nair onnu youtubil upload cheyu, athu udukunnathu...

by guest Sat Dec 22 16:19:05 UTC 2012

Periodsum onnarayum
Munpu, napkin erangunnathinu munpu, ellavarum thuniyanu upayogichirunnathu. Periodsinte thudakkathil njan thunikondu konakamuduthu mukalil knickers ittu schoolil poyirunnu. Randu pavatayum uduthirunnu. Stiramayi onnara upayogichu thutangiyappol, konakamututhu onnara mukalil uduthukanku collegil poyirunnu. Periodsinte aadyathe divas am valiya flow untavarillathathukontu njan thuni collegial kontupoyirunnilla, onnara mathiyayirunnu aadya divasam. Randum moonnum divasangalil thunivututhu, mukalil onnara murukkiyanu poyirunnathu, safetikkayi rantu pavatayum ututhirunnu. Onnarayututhirunna chilar periodsnu onnara utukkathe mundu sadharana utukkumpole cheriya thorthu ututhu mukalil mundum ututhu natakkunnathu kantittuntu, pakshe ente veettil ellavarum onnara periodsinu ututhirunnu. Santhechiyute konakaval itathe chantiyute mukali tharinte atiyil chilappol thazhekku neetu kitakkum, pullikkari athonnum sradhikkarilla. Njan periodsine samayathu kattiyulla muntumkontu tharutukkum konakawal cheruthayi ittu, munpilekku valachuvakkum tharwaline adiyilakkum purathu kanathe. Enkilum tharwal alpam muzhachu nilkum. Carefree erangiyappol njan tharinte adiyil upayogichunokki, kuzhappamilla, kallanam kazhinjasesham sthiramayi carefree anu upayogichirunnathu, mukalil onnarayum. Eppol shaddiyil ottikkunnatharanmanu kittunnathnnu parayunnu, njan atupayogichittilla, athinumunpe periods theernnu.

by Geetha Nair Sun Dec 23 14:28:18 UTC 2012

Video etukkanamenkil mattoral camera kaikaryam cheyyanan, ente husnu camera upayogikkuvan ariyilla. Cameramane vilichu shoot cheyyan pattumo mosam, hus sammathikkilla, sorry

by Geetha Nair Sun Dec 23 14:30:46 UTC 2012

Geetha,kalyanavum onnarayum onnu vivarikkamo please....

by Suma Sun Dec 23 16:13:03 UTC 2012

You tubil upload cheyyuvanayi keralathile ethenkilum sthree video cameramante munpil ninnu tharutukkumennu enikku thonnunnilla. Njan udukkenta vidham nannayi vivarikkam Alpam imagine cheyyan kazhiyunna aarkkum cheyavunnathe ulloo. Steps
1. 6 muthal 8 adivare neelavum 3 adi veethiyulla oru mundu sankatippikkuka.
2. Sadharana muntukukkumpole utukkuka, pakshe valathusasathe konthala neettiyituka, mukalilekku pokkiyal thalakku mukalil attam etunnathuvare.
3. Etathe konthala matiyute atiyiloode valathuvasathu murukki kuthuka.
4. Kuninju ninnu muntinte purakuvasathebhagathinte thazhatte attam, kalukalkkitayillote munpottum mukalilekku valichetuthu matiyute thazhathu tight aayi kuthy urappikkuka.
5. Mati thazhathekkittu, kuninjuninnu valath kai valathe thudakku pirakiloote munpottittu thoongikitakkunna matiyute attathu pitichu kalukalkkitayiloote murukki purakottu valichetuthu chanthy chaliloote mukalilekketuthu muntinte purakile mukalbhagathu naduvil akathekku valichu kuthuka.
6. Nivarnnu ninnal nalla murukkam thonnanam, muruki erikkuvan thar valinte attathu tightness nokki oru kettittasesham kettakathakki murukki kuthiyal kuniyumpol azhinju pokilla.

by Geetha Nair Mon Dec 24 03:59:33 UTC 2012

Atta thodum atta chedathiyum onnarayum
Ente veedinaduthu oru cheriya thoduntu, adhikam ozhukkilla, valiya azhavum illa, sukhamayi kulikkam. Anungalkkum pannungalkkum vevvere kulikkadavukalumuntu. Orudivasam kurachuper avideyatuthulla Thressiamma chedathiye thoottieduthumkondu Achante aduthu vannu, ennittu paranju avarude rahasyabhagathu kulichukontirunnappol atta kayarippoyi, ellavarum petichu poi. Achan parisodhichappol sariyanu bhagyathinu atta purathanu ullilekku kayariyittilla. Achan paranju petikkanta alpam kazhinjal thaniye chatippokkolum, pakshe kure raktham poyekkam atukondy ippol thane kalayam ennu paraju marunnu vachu atta chadippoyi. Aa thottil nattilulla kannukalikale kulippikkumayirunnu, angineyakanam atta atilundayathu. Ethayalum Thressiamma chedathykku nattukar perttu, “atta chedathy”, thodinte peru attathodu. Athinu sesham tharudukkunna pennungalellam tharuduthe athil kulikkarulloo, konakamudukkunna chedathymar avide kulikkathayi, mundinadiyil konakam kanunnathu mosamanennu karuthy. Chila shddykkarikal karutha pavaddayuduthu shaddy veliyil kanikkathe shaddyittu kulikkum. Njangal avite pokarilla, parampile kulathilanu kuli, athil attayonnumilla. Enkulum njangal tharututhanu kulikkarullathu, njan mukalil thorthum udukkum.

by Geetha Nair Mon Dec 24 04:00:20 UTC 2012

Chumayum onnarayum
BEd inu hostelil thamasichu padikkumpol adutha muriyil thamasichirunna Alphonsakku chuma pitichu. Orudivasam messil ninnirangiyappol pullikkari sakthiyode onnu chumachappol kure moothram veliyil chadipoyi. Athinusesham chumakkumpol avar kalukal cross cheythu vacirunnu, moothram pokathirikkuvan. Appozhanu Achan paranja orukaryam njan ormichathu. Achanteyaduthu valareyadhikam shtreekal chumakku vararundu. Orikkal Achan oru rogiyotu parayunnathu kettu, sthreekalute moothrakuzhal cheruthanu, prasavichavarute arakettile pesikalkku balam kurayum athukontanu sakthiyayi chumakkumpol moothram pokunnathu, murukki onnara uduthal nalloru athirthivare ethu niyanthrikkuvanakum. Njan alphonsayodu eekaryam paranju. Alphonsa Dr re kantirunnu.Allergy yute chumayanu, maruvan alpam thamasikkum, orumasathekku marunnum kurichu kotuthittuntu. Avarute edayil onnara aarum utukkarilla. Aphonsa nknickers aanu upayogikkunnathu. Jolikazhinju vannal azhicu kalayum.Njan avare thattutukkuvan padippichu, vishamichanenkilum avar uduthu, moonunalu divasam kazhinjappol paranju, moothram pokalinu kuravuntennu. Onnara mukalilekku pressure kotukkum, mootham pokal niyanthrikkum. Achan paranju kettittuntu, onnara ututhirunna pazhaya thalamurayile ammamar pathum panthrantum prasavichaseshavum garbha pathrathinu oru kuzhappavumillathe payarupole oodinadannu paniyetukkunnu ennu. Onnara garbhapathram thazhekkirangunnathu nannayi thatayumathre.

by Geetha Nair Mon Dec 24 04:00:50 UTC 2012

,kalyanavum onnarayum pinnetu vuvarikkam

by Geetha Nair Mon Dec 24 04:01:41 UTC 2012

Pennukanalum vivahavum onnarayum
BEd kazhinjittu kurachunal kazhinjappol atuthulla management schoolil leave vacancy yil joli ktty. Athinitakku kurepper vannu pennukanan, pakshe onnum othuvannilla. Orudivasam oru alochanayumayi orammavan vannu. Cherukkan nationalized bankile ckerk aanu, post graduate aanu. Veetile nantamatheyal. Mootha chechiye kettichu, aniyan padikkunnu. Chrukkan vannu, pinnetorudivasam ariyichittu ammayum achanum vannu. Amma akathekkuvannu cheriyoru interview chethu. Avarute vettil sarppakkavuntu, vilakkuvakkanam, kutty onnara utukkarunto ennu chodichu. Ammayanu marupaty paranjathu, aval onnaraye ututhittulloo. Avarkku panteesukare istamalla, aviteyellavarum thattutukkunnavaranu, peroidsnu adukkalayil kayarilla. Amma paranju eviteyum angineyanu. Enthayalum ellavarkkum isttamai kallyanam nischayichu.
Thuni ernakulathe valiya oru thunikadayil ninnetuthu. Cherukkante Ammayum pengalum vannirunnu. Ammayum Achanum njanum poyirunnu. Onnaramuntulppate ella dressum euthu, pudavakodukkalinu munputukkanayittulla full set dress njangalum etuthu. Kallyanamandapathilayirunnu chadangu. Veetil ninnu thane uduthorungi erangi. Annu beautician onnum illa, bandhukkalum koottukarikalum chernnu orukki. Valare nertha onnaramuntanu vangiyirunnathu. Koottukari athu nannayi utuppichu.
Pudava kitty kahinjappol pennine uduppikkuvan cherukkante veettile urupattam pennungal muriyil kayari enne uduppikkuvan vannu. Sari azhichu, blousum maty. Bakki azhikkuvan enikku bhayankara nanan,chuttum pennungalanenkilum. Ettirunna brayute mukalil avar kontuvanna bra ittu, pavata oruvidham azhichu, onnara azikkan manam kondu kazhinjilla. Onnarayute mukalil avar kontuvanna muntu kontu tharututhu dress cheythu. Valiya budhimuttu thonniyilla, enkilum njan oru technic eduthu, toilettil pokanamennu paranju avite poyi adiyile muntumatti orumuntu mathram ututhu thirichu vannu. Kallyanam motiyayi kazhinju. First night ente veettilayirunnu.Thutaram

by Geetha Nair Mon Dec 24 05:50:52 UTC 2012

Thrasippikkunna vivaranam geetha valare nandi adutha bhagathinayi kathirikkunnu

by Suma Mon Dec 24 06:43:07 UTC 2012

Geetha madam shesham bhagam vayikkan kothiyavunnu

by Akhil ramesh sunil Mon Dec 24 06:47:13 UTC 2012

Eagerly waiting for the next part and for many other chapters on onnara

by Syamala Mon Dec 24 06:50:48 UTC 2012

First Nightum onnarayum
Annu vaikittu thirakku kuranjappol Santhecchy ennotu poyi kulikkan paranju, kulimuriyil chooduvallam kontuvachu. Njan vatale tensionil aayirunnu. Engineyavum experience. Karimpana cinemayil Seemakku Jayanil ninnulla prathikaranamakumo enikku kittuka. Oru roopavumilla. Thuniyetukkan poyappol alpaneram samsarichathallathe oru parichayavumilla. Angine palathum alochichu kulichu. Ellavaruteyum kooteyirunnu chorum untu. Santhechy appol vilichukontupoyi nannayi palluthekkuvan paranju, njan athu cheythu. Pinne Santhechy entemuriyil kotupoyi onaara puthiya muntukontu nannayi, chulivonnum illathe utuppichu, nerathe ututhirunna muntil moothram manathalo ennuparanju. Njan athinekkurichonnum chintichirunnilla. Santhechy appol ente muri vriyhiyakki puthiya bed sheetum puthappum thalayinayum vachu, kure mullappookkalum vithariyittu, ellam chechiyanu cheythathennu pinneetanu njan arinjathu. Samayam pokumthorum ente tension kooti. 10 mani kazhinjappol oru glass palum thannu enne muruiyilekku Santhechiyum mattu pennungalum kooti thalli vittu. Thutaram

by Geetha Nair Tue Dec 25 05:20:42 UTC 2012

Ente Amma Nattile Onnara Teacher
Njan soochippichallo Achan nattile nalla practice ulla vaidyan ayirunnu. Rogikalil pennungalayirunnu kootuthal. Aviteyatuthu vere allopathy Dr appol untayirunnilla. Garbhapathra sambandhamaya asukhamullavarum aadyam Achaneyanu kantirunnathu. Garbhapathram thazhekkirangivarunna rogamullavarkkum, moothram pitichu nrthan budhimuttullavarkkum Achan marunninte koote cila vyayamangalum nirdeshichirunnu, kootathe nirbandhamayum onnara murukky utukkanum paranjirunnu. Onnara ozhivakkiyavarekkontu athu veentum utuppichirunnu, utukkan ariyathavarutu oru veethiyulla muntum vangi Ammaye kanan paranjirunnu. Avar muntum kontu varumpol Amma avare purathe virakupurayil kontupoyi vathilatachu thattutukkan padippichu vitum. Angine othirippere Achan nirdesichathanusarichu Amma tharutukkan padippichittuntu. Angine njangal Ammakkoru perittu. Thar Asatty. Pala Christian chetathymarkkum tharutukkan petiyuntayirunnu, karanam mattullavar kantal entuvicharikkum. Amma oru prathividhi paranju kotuthu. Tharinte mukalil colour ulla pavadayututhu muntu njorivachutukkuka, tharu kanilla. Palarum angine cheythu. Chilar muntu matti veettil sariyakki tharu kanathirikkuvan. Thutarum

by Geetha Nair Tue Dec 25 05:39:24 UTC 2012

I have gone through the above comments. I hereby express the merits of the traditional underwear of Kerala that
1. The shape of the waste can be maintained in a good manner.
2. The tightness of pelvic floor muscles can be retained.
3. The tightness of Sphincter muscles can also be retained.

Besides this there are so many advantages by using this underwear instead of panties and thongs. Most of my patients above 50 yrs I strongly recommend Onnara.

by Dr. Ananthakrishnan Mon Dec 31 07:14:29 UTC 2012

Doctor mukalil paranja abhiprayathinodu njan 100% yoijikkunnu. Ente veettil pandu muthale ellarum adivasthramayi thar upayogikkunnu. Puthiya thalamura sadhikumenkil veettil vachu thar udukkuvan apekshikunnu. Doctor gynacologist aanenkil adress allenkil e-mail thannal nannayirunnu.

by Bharathi Nair Wed Jan 02 05:44:52 UTC 2013

Njan evide parayunathu ente oru anubhavam anu. Ennu kannan sadikathathumaya oru anubhavam.njan collageil padikunna kalam. Oru 15 kollam munpanu.classil Ente utta friend ayirunu paravathi. Avalku thirichum. Aval oru namboothiri kudubathile kutti ayirinnu.avalude achanum ammayum aniyanun ente vetiloke vannitudu. Ente achanum ammayum avideyum. Avarude vedu oru pashaya namboothri illamanu. Avalude achan aduthetho ambalathil poojariyanu.

by Vinodini Sat Jan 05 05:09:59 UTC 2013

Avalum vettukarum vekeshanu 2 divasam avarude vettil vannu nikanamenu ennodu paraju. Vettukare parijayamulathukaranam ente vettukar athu samathiju. Aval enne bus stopil kathu ninnu. Njan ethiyathu vykuneram ayittayirinnu. Chayaum pashavum ellam kasichu njan avide ulla ellavareyum parichayapettu. Pala age ulla alaukal avide undu. Avalude achante amma,achante aniyante wife, kuttikal egane pokunnu a pattika. Kurachu neramayapol avalude achante aniyate wife paraju ,eni kulichu varu.. Ennitkam samsaram, neram orupadayi.. Ennal namku kulichu varam, valapil kulamudu. Avide kulikam, mattan dress kodu vannathu edutho. Njan poyi mattan koduvanna churidarum mattum eduthu vannapol aval enne kathu ummarathu nilkunnu. Avalaum appol ettirikunnathu churidhar thanne. Pakshe mattan ulla churidhar kanunilla . Ullathu kayil mudum jacketum mathram. Njan avalodu chodichu nee kulikunillee. Aval chirichukodu parachu, ente vettile veksham settumudum jacketuma. Njagal kulathileku nadanuu. Alla avalude kayil bra yum pantiyum,pavadayum onnum kanunillalo. Ethayalum kannan pokkunna karyam chodikaunnathethinu? Apolekum kullamethi, valiya kulam kadal thanne pediyakum. Ninku neethan ariyamo? Aval ennodu chodichu. Ariyam, cherupathil achan padipichittudu. Avide ulla ayayil brayum thorthum kadapol ente oru samsayam mari, kulathinte aduthulla roomil poyi aval soapum chakiriyum koduvannu. Aval ente kayum pidichu kolathilekiragi. Aval thortheduthu arayil chutti, churidarinte topum pantum asichu. Epol mukalil shimmiyum brayum, adiyil thorthum pantiyum mathram. Nee vegam eragu... Njanum dress asichu thorthu chutti, kulkan thodagi.. Thudarum..

by Vinodini Sat Jan 05 06:32:24 UTC 2013

Etta Thunikalam kashuki, pishichu vachu, mugi kulichu aval ayayil kadnirunna radu puthiya thorthukal orennam enikum orennam avalum eduthu, ethukodu thalathorthikoluu.. Njan thalathorthi kasichapol, aval parachu nee a roomil poyi dress mariko. Njan dress ellam mariyaposhekum aval vannu. Aval thorthinu mukalil pacha karayulla mudu uduthu. Athinusheksham ayayik ninun brayum, jacketum ettu. Aval ente vetile panty kando..ennu parchu, udutha pachakarayulla mudu onnu asichu maithala neeti njoriju onnarayuduthu..athuduthu avale kannan nalla bagiyayirunu.. Athinumukil aval settumudu udthu..adipavada aval vettil upoyogikelathre.. Vettile sthreekalum... Thudaram.

by Vinodini Sat Jan 05 07:22:15 UTC 2013

Njan oru onnara premiyaya male aanu. enikku onnaraye patti dharalam ariyam.cheruppam muthale athu kandanu valarnnathu.enikku ningalude koote chlathu pangu vekkamo. sammathamallengil njan pinmaram.oru prayasavum illa.ningalude abhiprayam ketta sesham thudaram.

by Anju Sun Jan 06 11:08:54 UTC 2013

Njan schoolil padikkunnakalam eakadhesham 38 varsham munpu.vacationu njan eante ammavante veettil poyi kurachu dhivasam ninnu. ammavan gualfilayirunnu.ammayiyum oru makanum pinne oru panikkariyum mathrame veettilulloo. ammayi veettil ottamundum blousumanu sadharanayayi vesham.ammayi ealla dhivasavum athiravile eanikkum koode eanneyum vilikkum.ammayi nalla oru dhivabhakthayanu.ammayi adiyil onnarayanudukkunnathennu eanikkariyam.njan ethu payan karanam ammayiyude mundinadiyiloode onnaraval pinnilottu valichu kuthiyirikkunnathu kananpattum.njan cheriya kuttiyayathinal (4std)eanne kulippikkunathu ammayiyaanu.amgane kulippikkumbol ammayi melmundu pokki kuthi arakettil thirukum.appol adiyiludutha onnara poornnamayum purathu kanan pattum.kuninju ninnu eane kulippikkumbol kalvidaviloode onnaraval nithambhathinidayiloode pokunnu.aa samayathu ammayi onnaramathrame udukkarulloo.athinumunpu bhakkiyulla thunikalellam alakki kazhinjittundakum.kulikazhinju athiravile vilakku vekkunnathu ammayiyanu.


by Kunjumalu Sun Jan 06 14:10:07 UTC 2013

eanne ammayi oru kavikalarulla thunikondu konakamuduppikum.athukazhinju ammayiyum athekalarulla thunikondu konakamudukkum.eannittathinumukalil onnaramundukondu thattudukkum athinusesham eanneyum kootti poojaroomil karyari vilakkuvekkum.appol konakavum athinumukaliludutha onnarayum eranaya blousum mathramanu ammayiyude vesham.vilakkuvechathinu sesham onnarayazhichu konakam matti onnaramathramuduthu athinumukalil melmunduduthu veettujoliyllerpedum

by Kunjumalu Sun Jan 06 14:14:46 UTC 2013

kulathil ninnu thirichu varumbol aval enodu chodichu ninte vettil arum onnara udukarille?. Ella... Apol ninaku onnara udukan ariyilla alle..? Njan padipikam, nalle ravile ambalathil pokumbol nee onnarayum settumudum uduthal mathi. vettil puthiya onnarayum mudum undu. Onnu noku pantyekal nallathanu... Ethayalum onnu try cheyam... Pattilekil upekshikam..njan manasil karuthi..

by Vinodini Sun Jan 06 16:25:50 UTC 2013

kulathil ninnu thirichu varumbol aval enodu chodichu ninte vettil arum onnara udukarille?. Ella... Apol ninaku onnara udukan ariyilla alle..? Njan padipikam, nalle ravile ambalathil pokumbol nee onnarayum settumudum uduthal mathi. vettil puthiya onnarayum mudum undu. Onnu noku pantyekal nallathanu... Ethayalum onnu try cheyam... Pattilekil upekshikam..njan manasil karuthi..

by Vinodini Sun Jan 06 16:26:42 UTC 2013

Ravile nerathe enettu kulichu, aval eniku settu mudum onnarayum thannu. Thudaram

by Vinodini Sun Jan 06 16:30:21 UTC 2013

Anju,welcome... anubhavangalakku swagatham.Kunjumalu,Vinodini...thudaroo...

by Suma Sun Jan 06 16:50:45 UTC 2013

Sume njan oru salyamakumo ennoru pedi.Suma ozhike oralum mindunnilla.njan salyam aakaruthu ennu enikku nirbhandhamundu. randu divasam nokkatte.ennittu theerumanikkam. kshamikkanam.

by Anju Mon Jan 07 05:43:05 UTC 2013

anju,welcome,,,,anju,ta onnara anubhavaghael thudarammmm,,,,,

by geetha Mon Jan 07 09:12:06 UTC 2013

Aval enne nannayi nojoriju onnarayudupichu. Vedum ennekodu ashichu udupichu. Engane undu...? Aval ennodu chodichu, kollam... athinumukalil settumudum uduthu.. Avalum athupole thanne..pakshe eniku nadkabolum kuniyubolum,erikumbolum oru prayasam.pakshe Arakettinu oru pratheka balavum tightnessum undu..njagal ambalathil poyi thoshuthu. Thirichu vettilethiyapol njan chodichu, eni dress matti churidar edamalle.?ethinu Eveduthe penugalude veksham etha... Ennal veda.. Njanum. Kanam kuracha settumudanu.. Vettil use cheyan ayathukodakam, vila kurachathu kodu ennariyilla. Adiyile onnara purameku vykethamayi kanam. Avalude vettile ella sthreekalude karyvum ethu thanne. eniku oru samsayam, ente vettilarum onnarayudukathetha.? Annu vykuneram kulikan pokukayalle ennu chodichu. Pokam aval eniku mattoru onnarum settumudum kodu thannu..thudaram.

by Vinodini Mon Jan 07 16:43:04 UTC 2013

anju"ta onnara kadha thudaramm,,,wel come anju....

by sumi nair Mon Jan 07 18:10:29 UTC 2013

anjunu onnara purannathaku swhaghathamm,,,,

by devi,,, Mon Jan 07 18:14:58 UTC 2013

Ellavarkkum namaskaram
Chilarkku enne ariyam. Ariyathavar undenu karuthunnu. Avarude arivinayi enne onnu parichayappeduthatte. Ente peru Ambujakshan anju enna churukka peril ariyunnu.anju ennu paranjale ariyu ippol. Married aanu. Bharya Nirmala nimmy ennu vilikum. Randu kuttikal oranum oru pennum. Aanu moothatu Arjun, pennu thazhe Deepthi. Arjun just entered a job after Btech Deepthi in +2 with commerce group. Njan ippolum servecil undu. Ithu ente ippolathe avastha.
Enikku ippol 48 kazhinju. Oru 40 kollam mumbilekkanu ningale kondu pokunnu. athanallo nammude pradhipadya vishayathinte kalam. 48 major angangalum avarude kuttikalum adangiya oru pazhaya tharavattile angam aanu njan. Ente veettile partition kazhinjapol athil oppitta ettavum cheriya major njan aayirunnu..Annu eniku 18 vayassu. Athinu mumbu ulla vasthuthakal aanu njan ivied rekha peduthan sramikkunnathu. Athu kondu chilappol chila pizhavukal varam. Evideyum onnum kurichittittilla. Ellam ormayil ninnu perukki eduthu nirathukayanu. Poraymakalum, thettukalum kshamikkuka. Oru karyam kooti. Njan ezhuthunna vivaram enne aakrshichatanu. Athil oru aadhikarithayum njan avakasappedunnilla. Ente kazchappadu mathram. Aa reethiyile ningalum athu kanavu. Thettukal thiruthi tharuka. Vivaranam kadu kerunnundengil nirthan aavasappeduka. Ellam santhosha purassaram sweekarikkum. Oru virodhavum illathe.
Ningalude anuvadathinu samarppikkunnu.

by anju Tue Jan 08 04:25:27 UTC 2013

Ethellam vayichappol enikkum onnara udukan thonnunu. Nirdeshangal thannu sahayikkanam.

by Santhakumari Tue Jan 08 07:02:37 UTC 2013

Tharavattile bhalyam
Oru 8 vayassu vareyulla karyangal enikku vykthamalla. Elamoru modal manjil pettapoleyanu. Athinu seshamulla karyangale enikku orkkan sadhikkunnullu. Saisava kalathu njan tharavattil aayirunnilla. Pakshe evide enno onnum krithyamayi orkkan vayya. Njan Malayalam veettil irunanu padichathu oru vacationail.athinu sesham nattile schoolil chernnu. Nattile aacharangalo visheshangalo onnum aryillayirunnu. Thikachum aal koottathil thaniye. Athinte gunavum dhoshavum undayittundu. Pala Malayalam vakkukaludeyum artham ariyillayirunnu. Ellam ammayodanu chodikkuka.amma paranju tharum. Anganeyanu padichathu.sathathilammayanu sarikum guru. Oru divasm njan first flooril nikkumbol ente oru chichi ennodu oru onnara eduthu kondu varan paranju. Evideyanu ennu njan chodichu. Ayayil undu ennu paranju. Njan ayayil nokiyappol kure thunikal kidakkunnu. Njan oru pavada eduthu kondu vannu koduthu. Chichi chiriyodu chiri ennittu oru commentum ‘ee chekkanu ithum ariyillennu’. Njan aake vazhalayi enikku onnum manassilayilla. Chechi chadi keri mukalilekku poyi. Njan ammayude aduthekku oodi. Ammayum kure perum entho cheythu kondirirunnu.njan keri ammayodu chodichu entha amme ee onnara. Amma kanappichu onnu nokki oru aattu. Kadannu poda avidunnu. Kettu ninna ellarum kooti oru chiri. Athilu kurachu cheriya penkuttikalum okke undayirunnu. Enikku aake sangadavum, deshyavum, oru vallatha virayalum okke thonni. Ellavarum kaliyakkunnu. Chechi chekkan ennu vilichathe ishttappettilla. Athinu oru pakaram kodukkan nokkiyatha. Athum cheetti. Athilum karyam vashalayi, pillerellam vaya adakki pidichu chirikkunnu. Njan pettanu karanju poyi. Appolanu ammayi angottu vannathu.enthina e anju karayunnu. Entha undaye ennoru chodyam.athu kettappol enikku karachil adhikamayi. Eni ammayi chodikkum.udane amma keri idapettu. Onnuulya edutheymme. Chekkante oru kinungala ennu.ethayalum avaru enne aduthu pidichu purathu thatti mon karayanda ennu paranju koottikondu poyi. Enikku ammayodu valiya deshyam vannu. Achan varatte kanichu kodukkamennu manassil parayukayum cheythu. Annu rathri kidakkumbol njan ammakku mugham thirinju kidannu. Kurachu neram kazhinjappo amma cheruthayi chirikkunnathu kettu. Enikku deshyam kooti. Njan kurachu urakke paranju chirikkanda. Amma enne kettipidichu melle paranju. Vallathumariyanamengi melle vannu chodikkande ammyodu. Athu streekalu mundinte adiyilu udukkunna munda. Athu avide vechu paryan patto. Potte eni deshyappedanta. Urangikko. Kurachu neram enikku urakkam vanilla. Mundinte adiyilu mundo. Athengane . Aa aalochanayil njan eppolo urangi poyi.
Athanu ente aadythe onnara anubhavam. Innum manassil kothi vecha pole kidakkunnu. Amma innilla. Aa orma orikkalum mayilla ennil ninnu. Ente guru ente amma.

by anju Wed Jan 09 06:15:34 UTC 2013

Thudaru anju...

by guest Wed Jan 09 16:06:14 UTC 2013

thudaru anju,,,,,

by leela s nair Thu Jan 10 09:21:36 UTC 2013

Onnarayum mundum.
Annathe sambhavathinu sesham onnara ennal oru mundanu ennu enikku manassilayi. Pakshe vere oru prasnam.ethanu mundu ethanu onnara ennu thirichariyande. Athu aarodengilum chodikkan patto. Ammayodu chodicha evanu ee onnarayude karyam mathre chodikkanullu ennu thonniyalo. Athu kondu mindathe kazhinju kooti
Aayidakkanu oru sambhavam undayathu. Tharavattile thanne oru govindan ammavan undayirunnu. Nalla thadichu vluthu kudavayarum meloke romavum okke ulla oru ammavan. Avar vere aanu thamasam. Veettinaduthu thanne. Ammavan adutha dikkilekku pokumbol shirt onnum dharikkarilla. Nalla thadicha malmal mundu udukkum. Oru chernna angavasthravum.kuda undakum. Purathu varumbol konakathinu purame oru neelamulla underwearum undaku athanu sadharana vesham. Oru masathil orikkalengilum adheham varum. Vannal thante alakkiya mundu azhichu vechu oru mallu mundu vangi udukkum. Pinne pokumbole athu matti thante mundu udukkarullu. Athu vare aa neelamulla underwearum azhichu mundinte koote vekkum ennu parayunnu. Ethayalum vannu keriyal oru mundu ennu kalppikum. Ethengilum ammamar udane pillarodu ammavanu mundu kodukku thekke murelu arengilum undengi purathu pore ennu parayum.athu ammavanu vasthram maran. Pinne vaikeette pokullu.
Annu vannappol njan poomughathu nilkkunnu. Nee bhagyathinte monalle, entha ninte peru ennu chodichu. Njan anju ennu paranju. Oru mundu eduthonu va ennu paranju, appolekkum ammayude order akathu ninnu , anju valyammamanu mundu eduthu kodukku. Mukalilundu ennu paranju. Njan oodi mualil keri oru mundum eduthu thazhe vannu koduthu. Ammaman athum vangi muriyilekku poyi.
Mukalile thalathil niraye aya kettiyittundu. Athil niraye mundum thorthum viriyum okke kidakkum. Avaravarkku avaravurude vasthrangalariyam.ellattinum oru adyalamundu oru moolayil. Enikku onnum ariyillallo. 4 mani kazhinjappol ammavan poyi. Aa mundu nere alakkan idum. Athanu pathivu. Sandya samayathu sthreekalude oru kulathil pokkundu. Athu adivasthram mattananu. Kulathil ninnu eeran uduthu neere mukalile thalathilekku poyi mundo onnarayo eduthu oru muriyilkeri uduthu varum. Eeran ayayil idum. Ithanu pathivu. Annu valiyamma vannu ore bhahalam. Valiyammayude onnara kanan illa. Aareduthu. Ellavarodum chodyam aarum eduthavarilla. Ellavarum kai malarthi. Evide pokan . aarengilum matti edutho. Aake oru thirachil. Appo valyammade makal janu chichi kayyil churutti koottiya oru mundumayi varunnu. Ithano ammayude onnara. Ithu engane avide vannu. Enikkariyilla. Thekke arayinnu ammavante mundu edkkan poyappo ithu avide kidakkunnu. Aara ithu avide kondittathu. Appo oruthi paranju innu anjuvanu ammamakku mundu koduthathu. Aye ente onnarayanallo ammamakku koduthathu. Ara ivanodu paranju. Ammamakkum manassilayille. Appo oru cheriyamma paranju koda vayarilu chuttan nalla pakam ennu vicharichu kanum. Ellarum kooti ore chiri. Valiyammakku kopavum sagadavum oru chammalum okke kooti vannu. Valiyamma aa ladies circlelil melle entho paranjathu kettilla. Ellarum adakki pidichu chirichappo entho oru valippanu ennu thonni. Pinnedanu paranjathu arinjathu. Konathinu mukall onnarayudutha ammama divasam muzhukke irunnathu. Eni athu engane udukkum ennu. Appo aaro paranju upekshikkan. Mattu chilar mattu palathum.
Mundum onnarayum thirichriyan annu rathri amma paranju thannu njan chodikkathe thane. 6 muzham onnara, 4 muzham mundu. Alannu nokkanda. Neelam kootiyathu onnara.
Athum oru chammlayi enikku.ammamakku onnara koduthavan enna adakkam parachil.

by anju Thu Jan 10 15:08:16 UTC 2013

Puthiya genertion onnum entha onnara upyogiakathathu..?

by Raju Thu Jan 10 16:33:25 UTC 2013

Puthiya genertion onnum entha onnara upyogiakathathu..?

by Raju Thu Jan 10 16:34:53 UTC 2013

Onnara nirmanam
Onnara oru branded item aanennanu njan vicharichirunnathu. Mattu pala sadhanangaleyum pole oru kadayilpoyi oru onnara tharu ennu paranjal athu kittum enu karuthi. Evideyum poyi chodikkathathu bhgyam. Orikal kooti nanam kedathe kazhinju. Onnara nirmanam valare lalithamanu ennu manassilayathu pinneedanu. Onara oru nirmitha vasthram allallo. Athine aniyal alle athine angane vilikan karanam. Thattu, tharu,onnara evayokke erekure ore artham varunna vasthu anallo. Athil onnarayum,tharum oru adi vasthram enna nilakkanu varunnathu. Thattu oru alangara vasthrabharana reethiyanu. Athu kondu prayoga reethi sookshichu venam. Thattuduthu nadnam aadi ennu paranjal athoru anthassanu kodukunnathu. Tharazhichu aaduka ennathu valare thznna tharathilulla oru prayogavum.Athu kodukkunnathu oru athineechamaya apagyathi aanu. Dharikkunna reethiyile mughya ghdagam randilum onnanu thanum.
Tharavattil stheekalkkulla vasthrangal edukkunathu varshathil oru thavana aanu. Onathinu mumbayi varum athu. Athu pothuvilulla oru reethiyanu.Pradhanmayum mundum onnarayum, thorthum,virikalum okkeyanu. Pinneyulla thunikal ellavarum avarkku ishtappetta vidham kadayil poyi vangum. Mundu purushanmarkkum sthreekalkkum venam. Athukondu valiya pieces aayittanu athu vanguka. Aadyam athil ninu onnarakku venda neelam murichedukkum. Pinne mundinum. Purushanmarude mundinu alpam neelam kootum. Theere waste varathe ettavum adhikam mundu murichedukkan annu experts undu. Avaranu neelamalannu mark cheythu murikkuka, murichu kazhyumbol oru valiya kunnu mundu undakum. Mundinte randu vasavum thaikkum, izha pirinju pokathirikkan. Onnarakku athu pathivilla. Athu udukkunnavarkku alpam prasnam undakkum ennu parayunnu. Mundinte vakku thirakkuka ennanu parayuka.Athinu experts undu. Oru thalakkal ninnu viralu kondu urutti ketti vekkum. Thayyal ariyavunnavar thaikum. Nalla bhangi aayirikkum kanan. Ettavum cheriya thirayanu ettavum bhangi.athu ellavarkkum ariyilla. Onnara mundu kandu pidikan ithu nokkiyal mathi. Vakku adikkatha mundu onnara aayirikkum. Pinne ellavarkkum thirichariyan mundinte oru moolayil cheriya adayalam idum. Athu madiyil varunnathu kondu purathu kanilla. Athu nokkiyanu ayayil ninnu mundu edukkunnathu. Mundu mari edukkalum bhahalavum oru sadharana pathivanu. Athu pinne parayam.
Oru samayathu 12 onnara mundukal vare veettile ayayil kidannirunu. Athil valiyathum alppamcheriyathum okke undayirunnu.Ithu kootathe thirandu kuli thudangatha kuttikalude cheriya onnarayum undayirunu. Athu mallumundalla.nanutha puliyilakkara mundo, pavu mundo okke aayirikkum. Athoru stop gap aayathu kondu athinu valiya pradhanyam illa. Kuttikal uduthu thudangumbol athu upayogikkum.Valuthayal pinne sadharana onnara aakum.
Sthiramayi onnara udukkatha cheruppakkarum undayirunnu. Avarellam puthan thalamurayile adivasthrangalilekku mari kondirunnu. Pakshe chila pratheyka divasangalil ellavarum onnara udukkanamennu nirbhandamundayirunnu.Annu ella onnarayum purathu varum. Chilar murumurukkunnathum sapikunnathum kelkkam. Chilar athu kettu mootti koduthu avare cheetha kelppikkunnathum pathivanu. Oru karyam valare vykthamanu. Aviduthe jeevithathil onnara oru pradhana vishayamanu.Orikkalengilum oru onnara sambhavam kelkkathe sooryan asthamikkilla. Athinte vyapthi pala divasavum pala tharathilakum. Athinidkku kidannanu njan valarnnathu. Arinjo aryathryo njanum melle melle athil alinju cheruka aayirunnille ennu pinneedu enikku thonni. Athanu ee kurippukalkkadharam.

by anju Fri Jan 11 08:46:20 UTC 2013

Anju, excellent. Please continue

by guest Fri Jan 11 17:13:09 UTC 2013

ente veetil ammayum ammammayum njanum mathrameyullu. amma ksebyil section officeranu. ammamama teachwr ayirunnu. ente achan accidentil enikku 8 vayassulappol marichu poyi. njangalkku kure sthalam undu . oru valiya kulavum.oru valiya tharavattukarayirunnu ammayude veetukar. achan marichappol ammama ammayude oppam vannu.njan annu pathil padikkunnu. amma jolikku pokumbol athra colour ulla sariyalla udukkunnathu. ammama mundum blousum.ammama athiravile ezhunnettu kulathil kulichittu eran uduthu thulassitharayil vilakku vekkum. appol uduthirikkunna mundu nenjathu ketti vekkum. blouse idilla. adiyil onnara udukkum appol onnarayude kuttu cheriya panthinte shapilirikkum. onnara muttinte mukalilayirikkum. njan kalathe padikkan ezhunelkumbol ithu kanarundu.enikku masamura vannathu vykiyanu. oru dhivasam ammama ammayodu njan kelke chodichu, santhe eval valarnnu. evale onnara uduppikkandeyennu. appol amma paranju. vaccation aavatte ennu. njan aa samayathu thuni kondulla shaddyanu ittirunnathu. ammayanu thayichirunnathu. amma onnarayunu uduthirunnathu. amma cheriyya onnarayanu uduthirunnathu. muttinte mukalilayirikkum eppolum onnara val.

by meenakutty Sat Jan 12 09:57:57 UTC 2013

Onnarayum njanum koottukarum
Tharavattile thamasam kondu enikku onnara enthanennum athu engane thirichariyam ennum athu aaranu upyogikkunnathennum churukkathil manassilayi. Athinte mattu amsangale kurichu oru arivumillayirunnu. Athu enganeyanu sareerathil aniyuka enna oru chintha polum manassil undayirunnilla. Ennittu vende athinte mattu palavidha karyangalum ariyan. Onnarakal eppolum ayayil kidappundakum. Athu sthree sareerathil engane aanu chuttiyirikkunnathu . Athine kurichu aalochikkan ente koottukar aanu enne prerippichathu
Dharalam sthreekal ulla veettile kochu pillere kaliyakkan oru koottam muthirnna piller undu. Avar melle aduthu koodi veettile ooro aale pattiyum soothrathil chodichu manassilakkum. Enikku athinte pinnile karyam ariyillyirunnu. Valare nirdhoshamayi thonnum. Pakshe palathum pidichedukkanaanu athu. Angane oororutharudeyum karyam manassilakki, avarude vesha vidhanangal manassilakki athinte akathu kadannu pala vishayangalum chodikkum. Angne avar enne trap chythu veettile onnara vishayam kaikkalakki. Pinne avrkku ariyendathu njan kandittundo onnara udukkunnathu ennayi. Ariyilla ennu paranajal sammathikkilla. Ethrayere sthreekal ulla oru veettile payyan aarengilum oru onnara udukkunnathu kandittilla enno. Njan kallam parayunnu. Marachu vekunnu anagne aayi aaropanam. Annu kalathu ella kulangalilum sthreekal kulikkarundu parasyamayi, vasthram mararundu. Pinne njan engane kanathe poyi veettinullile onnara udukkal. Njan aake kashttathilayi. Aarodu chodikkum engane aanu ithu ennu. Athu ente vishayam allennu enikku thikachum bhodyapettu. Pinne enthinu chodikkanam. Parsyamayi onnara ennu paranjathinu amma kopichathu njan orthu. Ivar aanengil enne vidunnumilla. Enikku classil pokan bhayamayi thudangi. Aarodu chodikkum. Oduvil theerumanichu ente cheriyammayodu chodikkam ennu. Appolanu orthathu athu kuzhappamaakum. Avar chodyam cheyyan thudangiyal pettu pokum. Valiyammayude makal Janu chechi aayalo. Athum venda avaru kurachu head weight kari aanu. Ammamakku onnara koduthathu kesakkiya pulli. Oru cheruppakkari jolikari undu leela. Avalodu chodichalo. Aval aarodum parayilla. Pakshe aval kaliyakkumo. Pinne avalude mughathu engane nokkum. Enthinanu ennu chodicha enthu parayum. Olinju ninnu nokkiyalo. Aye athu athilere mosam. Kandupidichal manam poyathu thanne. Aake kuzhangi. Kurachu pillerude oru paniye.Enganeyengilum onnu paranju koduthillengil enikku swasthatha kitttilla. Appolanu orma vannathu aduthulla ambalkulathil sthreekal kulikkarundu. cheriya kuttikaluu sthreekalude kadavil kulikkam,kai kal kazhukam. Aa samayathu kulathilonnu parishodhikkam. Vallavrum udukkunnegil kandu manassilakkamallo.pinne athu angottu vechu kachiya mathi.
Athu thane sambhavichu. Kashttappetttu kulakkadavil poyi onnara udukkal kandu athu kootukarude mumbil avatharippichu. Ethirthu onnum parayan avarkku pattiyilla. Oru dozan onnara dharikalude idayil ninnanu njan varunnathu. Engane dhaiyram varum avarkku. Angane aa kurukkil ninnu rakshappettu.Vere oru valiya kurukku ennil muruki kondirikkunnathu njan arinjilla. Onnaraye kurichulla sarvamanamaya vivarangalum ariyan manassil oru prakambhanam thudangi kazhinjirunnu. Athil pala chodyangalum undayirunnu. Ellattinum utharam kandetukkanulla oru thuara. Athu ente manassil umithee pole padarnnu pidikkunnundayirunnu. Athanu ee vishayathil enikkku kurachu thalparyam undakkiyathu. Aa dhairathilanu ippol ithu ezhthunnathu. Ethratholam sadhikkum ennariyilla. Pakshe aareyum vishamippikkaruthu ennu nirbhandamundu.

by anju Sat Jan 12 12:47:11 UTC 2013

Thudaru anju...

by guest Sat Jan 12 16:18:51 UTC 2013

Thudaru anju...

by guest Sat Jan 12 16:19:28 UTC 2013

anju excellent,pls continue...

by leela s nair Sun Jan 13 09:22:47 UTC 2013

Veedum, nadum,koottukarum,nadan reethikalum, aacharangalum okke aayi njan melle idapazhaki kondirikkayayirunnu. Prayavum athanusarichu vardhichu kondirunnathu njan arinjathe illa. Enne kurangu kalippichirunna koottukareyellam njan matti nirthi. Avarude dusoochanakl ellam verthirichu kanan enikku kazhiyumennayi. Njan ente sahavasam churungiya oru koottathilekku matti. Athil palarkkum ennodu deshyamundayi. Pakshe ente theerumanam sari aayirunnennu enikku bhodyappettu
Divasavum ennodu onnara udukunnathu kando enn chodichirunna pala veeranmareym njan nalapole nireekshichu. Annu nattil onara udukkatha sthreekal valare kuravayirunnu. Pakshe athine bhooripakshavum tharudukka ennanu paranjirunnathu. Athinu randu karanangal undu. Onnu chila aalukalude saili ennu parayam. Pinne paripoorna onnara enna vasthram palarum uduthittillayirunnu. Njan mumbu paranjille athoru branded vasthramalla. Udukkunna reethi vechu athine angane vilikkam. Pakshe paripoorna onnara sarikkum onnara mundu thanneyanu. 6 muzham neelam mundinilla. Athu onnara mundakum. Pakshe athu onnarayayi uduthal mathrame paripoornamakullu. palarum thorthum, cheriya mundum, angavasthravum adivasthramayi upyogichirunnu. Athu avarude sowkrayam ennathil upari onnumilla. Adhikam aalukalum atharathilulla adivasthramanu upayogichathu. Mattureethiyilulla adivasthrangal kuttikalau
upayogikkaru. Prayapoorti aakunnathode avrum onnarayilekku marum. Ente koottukarudeyellam veettil randum moonnum sthreekal onara udunnavar aayirunnu. Oru cheria muriyum athil moonno nalo angalum ulla vettile kuttikalkalle oru onnara uduppu kanan adkikam sadyatha. Avar enthinu vendiyanu ennodu chodichirunnathu. Athoru tharam kalippikkalayirunnu. Appol athinte appurathu avar entho ennil ninnu oppichedukkanulla sramathilayirunnu. Ennile purushathuam alpam kooti unarnnappol sthithi gathikal enikku poornamayum pidi kitti. Pakshe cheruppathile ee niranthara kuthi veppu ennil chila avicharitha mattam stishttichu. Ariyathe thane njan sthreekalude vasthra dharanam sradhikkan thudangi. Appolanu manassilakunathu annu onnarayillathavar aanu churukkam ennu. Innu nam snehapoorvam vilikkunna panty line annu orikkalum illayirunnu. Onnarakku anagne oru line illa thanum. Athil ninu oru karyam vyaktham. Panty enna adivasthram ore reethiyilanu. Pakshe onnara enna vasthram athine dharikkunnavarude kazhivu anusarichu roopappedutham. Pala onnarakalum njan kandu. Ellam alpaswalpam vythastham. Appol athinte aakrshanam udukkunna reetiyil aanennu vyktham. Sari uduppikkunna specialist ille ippol. Oru beauty parlouril poyal athinu expert undu. Ellarum sari udukunnu. Pakshe experts aakrshakamyi uduppikkunnu. Pala veettile sthreekalkkum ee vidya ariyam. Athoru kala aanu. Athinu chila talents aavasyamanu. Chilarkku athu inborn aanu. Oru streeye kandal avar enagne sari udukkanam enna oru feel kittum.Mattullavar anukarikkum. Randum randalle.
Onnarayilum athu pole thanne. Chilar uduthathu kandal aabhasamanu. Mattu chilarkku azakum. Randum udukkunnavarude midukku.
Ente sradha oru samayathu onnarayude bhagi aaswadikkalayirunnu. Cheruppakkar onnarakku mukalil pavadayum athinu mukalil set mundo, sariyo chuttum. Kurachu prayamayavar onnarakku mukalil mundum angavasthravum mathram. Onnarayude pin kuthuveliyil kanunnathu oru aabhasamayi karuthi ponnu. Athu marakkan aanu pavada dharikkal thudangiyathu. Prayamayavar angavasthram dharikkumbol athu pinpuram marachu kollum. Onnarayum oru mundum blousum ittu nadakkunna sadharana sthreekalyirnnu gramathil adhikaperum. Avare nokki rahasyamayi asleela bhalithangal parayunna purushanmarum undayirunnu dharalam. Athil ninnu akannu ninnu athinte aakarshakatheye aaswadikkan enne prerippichathu oru pakshe njan valarnna paschathalam aakam.

by anju Mon Jan 14 10:19:32 UTC 2013

Balyam nasttappedunnu ennum njan marunnu ennum eniku anubhavappetilla. Athinu randu karanam undu. Njan valarunna sahacharyam onnu. Enne bhodavakkuvanulla oru koottayma. Ente balyam anyam vannu pokari ennu enne bhodippikkanulla oru kottayma ente veettilillayirunnu. Athu kondu ente valarchaye patti njan bhodavan aayirunnilla. Njan aa pazhaya balan anju thane. Pinne valarunna sahacharyam. Ente prayathil njan mathrame aananyi annu avide ullu. Chilar prayapoorthiyayavar. Mattu chilar kochu kunjungal. Athine idakku oru ottathadi pole njan. Enne aarum sradhichilla. Ente sammepyam aarum kanakkakkiyilla. Athukondu ente pravesanam evidam vare aakam, ente paridhikal enthellam ennonnum njan arinjilla. Aarum nokkiyathumilla. Anganeyanu njan sthree samoohathil kootuthal adukkan thudangiyathu. Enne muthirnna aanungal aarum sradhichathe illa. Njan thikachum oru ekanakum avarude koottathil. Athu konde njan ante sahavasam sthreekalude koode aakki.allengilaayi poyi.
Bhkshnam kazhikkunnathum, kulikkunnathum, kidakkunnathum ellam avarude koote. Avr enne enthay kanakkakkiyirunno entho. Pakshe bhalyam vida parayunnathode sareekamayi ennil chila vythasangal vannalle theeru. Athayirikum enne oru vythstha kannu kondu avare kanan tudangiyathinte karanam. Athil ettavum pradhanamayathu ellavarudeyum vasthra vidhanamanu. Athu kondu thanneyanu ee parathipadya vasthu ‘onnara’ athil sthalam pidichathu .Oororutharum athu dharikkuna reethi njan sradhichu. Nalloru vibhgam perum ente ente sammepyathil athu dharichirunnu. Karanan njan avarkku appolum balanayathu kondu. Pakshe ente anyoshanathinu aazham kooduka aayirunnu. Oororutharum udukkunna reethi, athile cheriya vythasam, uduthu kazhinjalathe vyathsam, azhaku angane ella amsangalum njan sradhichirunnu. Purathu pokumbol mattu sthreekal uduthu nadakkunnathumayi ithine thattichu noki athinte oru comparison manassil nadathiyirunnu. Churukkathil oru onnara gaveshakan aayirunnu kurachu kalam.
Ettavum nannayi onnara uduthirunnathu Govindan ammamayade makal sarada chechi aayirunnu.Pala avasarangalilum avar tharavattil thamasikkarundu. Appol ellam vasthram maranamallo. Chechikku eppolum onarayayirunnu adi vasthram. Veettil nadakkumbol mundum blousum mathram. Adiyil onnara aayathu kondu oru pavadayo, anga vasthramo undayirunilla.Pakshe chechiyude adi vasthram onnarayanu ennu parayan pattilla. Athrakku bhangiyil aayirunnu athu uduthirunnathu. Mattullavar pavada ittalum, set mundu uduthalum ellam onnara vykthamayi ariyum. Pratheykichu athinte valu pinvasathu kuthiyirikunnathu. Chechikku angane oru valundennu aarkkum ariyilla. Athra bhangi aayirunnu pinpuram kandal. Kure kalam njan athu kadu manassil chechiye prasamsichittundu. Palappozhum athu engane sadhikkunnu ennu chodikkan nakku eduthittundu. Appolekkum venda, athu adhika prasangam aakum ennu karuthi pinvangum.Pinne manassil theerumanichu orikkal kandu thane ariyam ennu. Aaksmikamayi njan chennu pettal kuzhappamilallo. Njan balan alle.Anganeyanu orikkal kandathu. Kuli kazhinju chechi mukalilekku pokumbol njanum koote poyi varthamanam paranju kondu. Chechi dharalam samsarikkum. Enne kurachu ishttavum aayirunnu. Njan chechiyude koode varthaman paranju konde ninnu. Manassiliruppu kanuka aayirunnu. Sudhagathikkariyaya chechi atharinjilla. Eeran thunikal ellam ayayil ittu ayayil ninnu onnarayum oru mundum eduthu. Nan avide undu enna oru bhavame illathe valare pettannanu athu uduthathu. Aadyam brayum blousum ittu. Enikku puram thirinju ninnanu athu ittathu. Nanaja thunikku mukalil mundu uduthu.Pnne ellam pettannanu nadannathu.

by anju Tue Jan 15 08:32:41 UTC 2013

Anju please continue

by guest Wed Jan 16 17:23:31 UTC 2013

Valare thirakku pidicha joliyil aayathinal udan ithu thudaran sadhikkathe vannirikkunu. kazhiyum vegam thudaram. athu vare dayavayi kshamikkuka

by anju Sat Jan 19 15:42:45 UTC 2013

Vegam thudru anju...

by Ramani Fri Jan 25 04:02:16 UTC 2013

Doctor Ananthan sir,

nan oru mail ayachu. pakshe reply vannilla. onnu nokkane. Njangal 5 perude kurachu samsayangal anu. Marupadi tharanam.

by Bharathi Nair Sat Feb 02 07:47:25 UTC 2013

Aksmikamaya karanangalal valare vaiki poyi. ulla samayam kondu oru episode ezhtham ennu vicharikunnu.
Sarada chechiyude onnara udukkalanallo prathi padya vishayam. Njan nokki nilkke chichi onnara undukkunnu. Njan ellam kandu. Pakshe njan onnum kandilla. Athanu aa udukkalinte mahathuam. Ennil ninnu akale chichi nilkkunnu. Aadyam oru mundu chumalil kooti idunnu puram muzhukke marachu kondu. Pinne onnara kayyil edukkunnu. Randu kai kondum randu thala neetti pidikkunnu. Valathu idathotttum, idathu valathottum pokunnu. Valathu kayyile mundinte attam thazhekku idunnu.. aa kai kondu idathu kayyile attam pidichu nalla pole valichu iliyil valathu bhagathu kuthunnu. Pinnedu chechi mumbottu kuninju pinbhaga marachu ninna mundinte attam mumbilekku valichu kayatti. Appol chumalil itta mundu thazhe veenu. Athu chechi sradiche illa. Karanam brayum,blouseum aadyame ittu kazhinjallo. Pinne arakku thazhe ippol ellam onnara mundinte adiyil bhagam randu kalinte idayil kooti munnaottu poyathu konduathu randu kalukaleyum verthirichu. Mumbottu itta madi onnu pidichu pokki athinadiyilanu pinbhagathe thuni attam kuthiyathu. Ippol madi mathra thrikonakrithiyil thoongi kidakkunnu. Veenkum kuninjy athine pidikunnathinu mumbu athinte mukal bhagathu chila panikal cheyyunnathu kandu. Pinne madiye valichu randu kalinidayiloode pinnottu kondu vannu kalukal kootti vechu.. Randu kaiyum kondu thrikonakrithiyil ulla attam madakki nirappakki..ennittu randu kai kondu randu attavum pidichu iliyilil mundinadiyileku thiruki kayatti.randu viral nadukku kayatti randu vasathekku valichukondu vannu. Ippol oru thundu extra thuni pinnil thiruki vecha pole irunnu. Athu onnara valinte kuthanu ennu thadavi nokkiyal polum ariyilla. Ithrayum neram eniku puram mathrame kanan pattiyullu. Pinneedanu ente nere thirinju ninnau chodichathu nee ivied thane nilkka aayirunno ennu. Oru bhava mattavum undayilla. Appol njan madiyilekku nokki. Trikonakrithiyil madakki vecha oru thuni arayil ninnu kalukalkkidayiloode purakottu valichu vecha pole undayirunnu. Randu thudakalum paripoornamayi cover cheythirunu.pokkilinu thazheyanu onnarayude sthanam ennathozhichal oru aabhasavum illa.thudayilum arayil muruki nilkkunna onnara oru silppathinte bhangi aa dehathinu kodutho ennu samsayam. Pinneyanu chechi mundu uduthathu. Athinu mukall oru melmundum. Adivsathram entanu ennu avar thane paranjale ariyu. Njan ithu ezhthan edutha samayathinte oru cheriya amsam aanu avar athu udukkan eduthathu. Ethoru chadulatha, enthoru perfection. Annanu ee onnara udukkal chandranil pokunna vishayam onnuk alla ennu manassilayathu. Pakshe athe samayathu mattu chilar uduthal koothile chakyarude prishttam pole irikum. Athu parichaya kuravum, thalparyam illaymayum aanu.
Ee parichayam vechu oru divasam njan onnu pareekashichu nokki. Petta amma polum kandal sahikkilla ennu manassilayathu kondu annu nirthi aa pareekshanam. Pakshe ente aaswadana swabhavam adhikarichu varika aayirunnu.

by Anju Thu Feb 07 05:37:33 UTC 2013

Excellent description Anju, please continue

by guest Thu Feb 07 16:39:35 UTC 2013

Onnarayum Thiruvathirayum
Aa idakkanu thiruvathira vannathu. Enikku athinte aacra anushttanangal onnum ariyilla. Entho oru vishesham ennu mathram ariyam. Thiruvathira nakshatram aanu vishesham. Pakshe athinu mumbu thane thudangum vishesham.thil pakshe athinu mumbu thane thudangum vishesham. Pradhanmayum ravile thane kulikkal. Oru koottam sthreekal adhikavum cheruppakkarikal ravile thane kulathil irangi pattum thudikkalum okke aayirikkum. Njan okke unarnnu kan thurakkumbolekkum avar ellam kulichu kannezhthi, kuri thottu bhagiyil nirakkunnathu kanam. Aa samayathu ellarum onnarayanu adi vasthram aayi upayogikkaru. Aa samayathu ravileyum vaikeetttum ellarum onnara mattum. Vaikeettu ambalaathil pokanam ennathu ozhivakkan pattilla. Appol ellarum set mundayirikkum. Oru tharam exhibition ennu parayam. Pala kannukalum nottam idunnathu kanam. Oru divasm ekadesam 30 onnarakal kazhukendi varum.cheruppakkaranaya oru alakkukaran athu vari kootti pokumbol mughathu oru chiri kanarundu. Athinte porul manassilayathu pinneyum 10 kollam kazhinjanu.
Thiruvathira nalil aanu ettavum vishesham. Annu pala pratheyakathaklum undayirunnu. Manassingangiya varane kitten sthreekal edukunna oru noyambu athil pradhanam aanu.
Annanu thiruvathira kali. Uduthu orungiya kure streekal nilavilakkuklkkku chuttum nalla thalathil layathodu kooti nritham vekkunnathu nalla bhangiyanu. Ente veettinu purathulla chilarum athil pangu kollarundu. Ippolathe thiruvathirappattu pole uniform set mundonnum undakilla. Pakshe ellarum onnarayum mundum aakum vesham. Kure neram pidikkum ithu kazhiyan. Mikkavarum ellavarum viyarthu nananju kaanezhutum, pootum okke olichu irangi thakarthu kalikkum. Thiruvathira kaliyil palappozhum irunnum ninnnum kalikkendi varum. Aa samayathu chila sthreekalude mughathu oru vishada bhavam undakum. Kurachu samayathekku avar kaliyil aayirikkilla. Avar melle purakottu valinju veettinullileku poyi madangi varunnathu kanam. Kolayil ninnu kali kanunna njan oru sthree akathekku kayariyappol onnu nokki. Avarude onnara val azhinju veezharayirikkunnu.. pettannu valu valichu murukki kuthi ara ittu anakki murukkam parishodichu tipthi pettu poyi veendum kalikkan thudangi. Ithoru sthiram pathivanu ennu pinneedanu enikku manassilayathu. Onnarayudutha ithrayum streekal onnichu kalikkunnathu aa avasarathil mathrame kanan pattullu. Pinne ulla oru avasaram thalappolikkanu. Pakshe avide kali illallo. Bimbam pole nilkkalalle ullu. Melle nadakkalum.
Ente onnara aaswadanam athinte parama kashttayil ethiya nalukalanu pinneedulla thiruvathira dinangal. Athoru sthreekalude vishesham aanengilum aadyam muthale njan athil aakrishttan aayirunnu..Ippolum thiruvarhira samayathu nattil undakan sramikkarundu. Valla auditoriyathilum thiruvathira kali undengil poyi kanum. Pakshe pandathe aa moochilla. Ippol. Veshavum make upum kemam. Pakshe dehham anagi kalikilla. Athu kondu athinte swabhavikatha illa thanum. Ippolathe thiruvathira kaliyil onnara aprathyakshamakunnundo ennum samsayikkunnu.

by anju Fri Feb 08 04:52:38 UTC 2013


by guest Fri Feb 08 16:34:38 UTC 2013

Ennu sadarana thiruvathirakali evideyum kannan illa ennu thanne parayam.ullathu kalolsava vedikail mathramanu...avide onnara palarum use cheythukannunu...

by Reshmi Sat Feb 09 05:57:12 UTC 2013

Thalappoliyil Onnarayude prasakthi
Onnarayillatha thalappoli illa ennu thane parayam. Nooru sathamanam perum athu dharikkum ennu athinu arthamilla. Pakshe bhahubhooripakshavum athayirikkum adivasthram. Onnarayillathe thalappoli edukkayo ennanu chodyam.Entha angane cheythal ennu aarum chodikkarilla. Valare vishamam aanengil aarum ariyathe ozhivakkum. Prasnam athode theerumallo. Ente veettile sthreekalude karyam kashttamayirunnu. Thalapoli edukkano onnara undengil poyal mathi ennu niyamam aanu. Athu kondu thane ellavarum anusarichu. Oru samayathu 8 per vare thalappolikku poyittundu. Athoru athyulsaham aayirunnu ellarkkum. Ethengilum karana vassal athinu sadhikkathe vannal adutha varshathe thalappoli vare needu nilkkum athinte sangadam.
Mikkavarum vrischika masathile karthikakku thudangum thalappolikal ambalathil. Pinne makaram pirannal idakkidakku undakum. Kumbhathilum meenathilum kure undakum. Athodu kooti aa varshathe quota kazhinju. Bhagavathi kshethathilanu adhikavum thalapoliyude pradhanyam. Mattu kashethrangalil illathilla. Kuravayirikkum.ambalathinte perumayum sahacharyangalum aanu sadharana athinte valuppathe nischayikkunnathu. 1001 thaloppoli vare enikku ormayudu. 1001 sthreekal thalamenthi nilkkunna kazcha varnanatheethamanu. Nirathiriyude velichathil kulichu nilkkunna sthree roopangalude aa kazcha ethra kandalum mathiyakilla. Pakshe nammude prathipadya vishayam avide palarum vismarikkum. Athrayum onnara onnnichu kandal undakunna oru vikaram enthakum. Oru nimisham athrayum sthreekal onnara mathram dharichu nilkunnathu aalochikku. Kulir koriyidunna poleyille. Athu sankalpathile kanan okku.
Veettil ninnu athinulla orukkam njan pala thavana kandittundu. Athinulla avasaram aadyamokke undayirunnallo. Ellarum koodiyal oru bhahalam aayirikkum. Ellavarum ore reethiyilulla set mundum blousum aanu vesham. Pakshe onnarayude karyathil athu sadhyamalla. Aalude valuppa cheruppam kondu athinte valuppavum kurachu marum. Pakshe otta nottathil aarkkum onnum ariyillallo. Ellarum uduthorungan thane oru samayamakum. Pinneyanu oru pokku. Palarum vazhiyil nokki ninnirunna kalam njan ippolum orkkunnu. Annu vazhiyarikil ninnu ketta pala commentsum pinneedanu manassilayathu. Sareeram adhikam ilakathe nadannanu pokuka. Pinne avide chennal ore nilppanallo. Athu kondu onnu irikkam ennu aarum karuthenda ellam kazhiyunnathu vare. Oru tharathil oru sikshayanu. Mattoru tharathil oru parasya kazchayum. Ooro thalappoli kazhiyumbolum annokke chila vivahangal nadakkarundu. Appol athinayi varunna viduanmar undu ennalle. Athoru nalla karyam aayirunnu. Onnum marakkanilla. Ellam othu vannal karyam mangalam. Athu kondu thane thalappolikku athi maniharamayi varuvan sthreekal padupedumayirunnu.
Ippolum thalappolikal undu. Onnara undo ennariyilla. Undakam.pakshe underskirtukalude bhahulyathil onnara aprasakthamakum. Athu thercha. Athu kondu onnarayude prasakthi aadhunika thalappoliyil illa. Pala vedikalilum thalappoli ippol oru pradhana ghadakam aanu. Nammude vishayam thalappoli allallo.

by Anju Tue Feb 12 10:12:35 UTC 2013

Thudaru anju....

by guest Thu Feb 14 08:01:48 UTC 2013

onnara uduthal oru gunam koodiyundu. sambogasesham nannayi samanam thudakkam randu perudeyum.

by guest Tue Feb 19 12:51:49 UTC 2013


by Raji Sat Feb 23 10:39:28 UTC 2013

Ente peru
velipeduthunnilla.oru dhivasam njanum ente ammayum, vallyammayum, vallyammayude makalum koodi guruvayoorambalathil poyi.vallyammayum makalum ella masavum pokarullathanu.ambalathilethi annujangal avide roomeduthu.evening ayappol vallyamma paranju" namukku dheeparadhana thozhan pokanam athukondu eannodo maliniyodo pettannu kulikkan paranju.appol thanne malini thorthumundum kayileduthu roominakathulla bathroomil kayari.kurachu kazhinjappol kulikazhinju aval oru brayum, veetilninnum varumbol adiyilitta pantiyum athinumukalil thorthumuduthu purathu vannu. Aval oru MBA kkariyanu. athinte vivaramonnumilla enthennal ettathinu sesham thirummipizinja panti arenkilum 2mathuidumo.aval amme ammeyennu vilichukondirikkunnundayirunnu.vallyamma "iniyum njan thanne veno eathra thavanayayi! nee thanichonnu tray cheyyu. enthayalum vallyamma avalude aduthuvannu vazhakkuparanju kondu"nee adhyam nananja panti azhichumatti athu ayayil edu.eannitu velipeduthunnilla.oru dhivasam njanum ente ammayum, vallyammayum, vallyammayude makalum koodi guruvayoorambalathil poyi.vallyammayum makalum ella masavum pokarullathanu.ambalathilethi annujangal avide roomeduthu.evening ayappol vallyamma paranju" namukku dheeparadhana thozhan pokanam athukondu eannodo maliniyodo pettannu kulikkan paranju.appol thanne malini thorthumundum kayileduthu roominakathulla bathroomil kayari.kurachu kazhinjappol kulikazhinju aval oru brayum, veetilninnum varumbol adiyilitta pantiyum athinumukalil thorthumuduthu purathu vannu. Aval oru MBA kkariyanu. athinte vivaramonnumilla enthennal ettathinu sesham thirummipizinja panti arenkilum 2mathuidumo.aval amme ammeyennu vilichukondirikkunnundayirunnu.vallyamma "iniyum njan thanne veno eathra thavanayayi! nee thanichonnu tray cheyyu. enthayalum vallyamma avalude aduthuvannu vazhakkuparanju kondu"nee adhyam nananja panti azhichumattivelipeduthunnilla.oru dhivasam njanum ente ammayum, vallyammayum, vallyammayude makalum koodi guruvayoorambalathil poyi.vallyammayum makalum ella masavum pokarullathanu.ambalathilethi annujangal avide roomeduthu.evening ayappol vallyamma paranju" namukku dheeparadhana thozhan pokanam athukondu eannodo maliniyodo pettannu kulikkan paranju.appol thanne malini thorthumundum kayileduthu roominakathulla bathroomil kayari.kurachu kazhinjappol kulikazhinju aval oru brayum, veetilninnum varumbol adiyilitta pantiyum athinumukalil thorthumuduthu purathu vannu. Aval oru MBA kkariyanu. athinte vivaramonnumilla enthennal ettathinu sesham thirummipizinja panti arenkilum 2mathuidumo.aval amme ammeyennu vilichukondirikkunnundayirunnu.vallyamma "iniyum njan thanne veno eathra thavanayayi! nee thanichonnu tray cheyyu. enthayalum vallyamma avalude aduthuvannu vazhakkuparanju kondu"nee adhyam nananja panti azhichumatti ayayil edu".ethu paranju vallyamma bagil ninnum neelamulla oru nertha eeli karayulla vellamundeduthu athu maliniyude arayil chutti, yennittu thattuduppichu.athukazhinju vallyamma paranju" eappol evde vannalum njan evale ithudippikkanam.ithudukkan eppozhu ivalkkariyilla".aval athinumukalil underskirt ittu sariyuduthu rediyayirinnu.ethellam kandu enikkalbudhamayi.karanam aval nalloru parishkariyanu,pinne avalentha inganokke?.njan vallyammayodu chodichu "entha vallyamme maliniye ingane pantikku pakaram thattuduppikkunnathu vallyammakku ithuketta bhavam polumilla.malinikkum anganoru vicharamilla.aval eanne nokki chirichu. ennodu vallyamma kulikkan paranju.ente kulikazhinju njan eeran mattikondirunnappol vallyamm paranju "entekoode ambalathil varumbol adiyil pantiyittonnum varan njan sammathikkathilla".appol njan paranju"eanikku pattilla namboothirimar konakamudukkunnathu pole adiyil ingane thattudukkan"vallyamma onnum mindathe purathottu poyi.10minittu kazhinju vallyamma thirichu vannu.vallyammayude kayyil oru yellow colour cover undayirunnu.athu ente aduthu konduvannu vechu.eannittu enne kannuruttikanichu paranju."neeyudutha dress azhichu mattu.appol ente amma paranju "chechi avalkku onnarayudutha seelamonnumil

by guest Sun Feb 24 17:43:41 UTC 2013

lla.enthayalum vallyamma enne tharuduppichu.ente onnara guru vallyammayanu.

by guest Sun Feb 24 17:47:08 UTC 2013


by Ramya Tue Feb 26 05:01:17 UTC 2013

Eniku ariyilla onnarayudukan, udupikan ariyunna ammayum, valliymayum illa. Ambalagalil pokumbol enikum athudukanamennudu. Ariyunnavar onnu youtubil upload cheyu.. Please

by Dhanya Tue Feb 26 05:08:26 UTC 2013

You tubil upload cheyyuvanayi keralathile ethenkilum sthree video cameramante munpil ninnu tharutukkumennu enikku thonnunnilla. Njan udukkenta vidham nannayi vivarikkam Alpam imagine cheyyan kazhiyunna aarkkum cheyavunnathe ulloo. Steps
1. 6 muthal 8 adivare neelavum 3 adi veethiyulla oru mundu sankatippikkuka.
2. Sadharana muntukukkumpole utukkuka, pakshe valathusasathe konthala neettiyituka, mukalilekku pokkiyal thalakku mukalil attam etunnathuvare.
3. Etathe konthala matiyute atiyiloode valathuvasathu murukki kuthuka.
4. Kuninju ninnu muntinte purakuvasathebhagathinte thazhatte attam, kalukalkkitayillote munpottum mukalilekku valichetuthu matiyute thazhathu tight aayi kuthy urappikkuka.
5. Mati thazhathekkittu, kuninjuninnu valath kai valathe thudakku pirakiloote munpottittu thoongikitakkunna matiyute attathu pitichu kalukalkkitayiloote murukki purakottu valichetuthu chanthy chaliloote mukalilekketuthu muntinte purakile mukalbhagathu naduvil akathekku valichu kuthuka.
6. Nivarnnu ninnal nalla murukkam thonnanam, muruki erikkuvan thar valinte attathu tightness nokki oru kettittasesham kettakathakki murukki kuthiyal kuniyumpol azhinju pokilla.

by Geetha Nair Fri Mar 01 05:13:50 UTC 2013

Onnara sthiramayi uduthal arayil oru padu veezhille. ithu ozhivakkan valla vidyayum undo

by malathi Fri Mar 01 05:25:11 UTC 2013

geetha chechi, chechiyude e-mail id tharumo?? samsayam chodikkana....

by Indu Fri Mar 01 09:16:16 UTC 2013

dear malathi, i will tell you the ways. if u give the email id.

by Saraswathy Amma, Guruvayur. Mon Mar 04 21:02:21 UTC 2013

ningaludey request kandu. pakshey ningal sthreekalanennu yenthanu thelivu?

by Saraswathy amma Guruvyur Sat Mar 09 08:41:07 UTC 2013

Aunty ku nalla viswasam undengil ayachu thannal mathi. allathenthu parayan. enikku nallavannam onnara udukkan ariyam. njan sthiramayi upayogichappol arayil oru nalla karutha padu veenu. ithu ozhivakkan enthanu vazhi ennanu njan chodichathu. ente id aavasyappettu. ayachu thannu. eni auntyyude ishttam.

by malathi Mon Mar 11 07:51:14 UTC 2013

ayachu tharam

by saraswathy amma guruvayur Mon Mar 11 12:10:47 UTC 2013

Ennal oru upakaram cheyumo...onnara udukunnathu onnu youtbil edumo..? Pantso,churidaro dharichu kanichal, abasamallatha rethiyil ellavarkum manasillakkan sadikum. Enne polulla puthiya thalamuraku athu valaere use akum.

by Ramani ptb Tue Mar 12 08:52:46 UTC 2013

ramanikkippol yethra vayassayi?

by guest Thu Mar 14 20:37:52 UTC 2013

38 entha...?

by Ramani ptb Fri Mar 15 05:54:48 UTC 2013

Ramani pattambi kari aano.ennal onnara kanan valiya prasnam undakilla.bharathapuzhayude ethengilum kuli kadavilekku onnu poyal dharalam onnarakal kanam. palarum avide vechu thanneyanu marunnathum. athu kondu udukkunnathum kanam.njan palappozhum kandittundu.njan oru oru pattambi sthira sandarsaka aayirunnu kurachu mumbu. ippol kure kalamayi poyittu. Guruvayoorappan ambalam ente oru valiya ishttappetta sthalam aayirunnu. ippolum athe.

by guest Fri Mar 15 09:10:46 UTC 2013

Ennu kulakadavu nokki nadkan arku samayam..?

by Ramani ptb Sun Mar 17 18:03:55 UTC 2013

Ambalakkulakkadavil streekal onnara azhikkunnathum
udukkunnathum okkey kanam. bodies oorunnathum okkey kanam....

by guest Thu Mar 21 11:11:51 UTC 2013

enthayalum onnaraku ippozhum ithrayum pracharam undennaringathil santhosham undu. Puthiya penkuttikalum veetammamarum onnaraye kurichu kooduthal ariyan chodikkuka.

by Saradamani, Thrissur Mon Mar 25 07:33:22 UTC 2013

Ennu ella sthrekalkum onnara eshtamano,ariyilla. Puthiya thalamurayile penkutigalku athu ariyanum, egane oru adivasthram sthrekal upyogichirinuu ennu manasilaganegilum e blog upgarikatte....

by Omana teacher Mon Mar 25 09:39:21 UTC 2013

saraswathy aunty, guruvayoorinte mail njan ella divasavum pratheekshichu kondirikkunnu. ithu vare vannilla

by malathi Tue Mar 26 16:03:15 UTC 2013

Onnaraye kurichu onnum ezhuthunnilla. enthu patti.ellavarkkum madutho. atho ithu kondu valiya karyam illa ennu vechano.Anjuvinu enthu patti.aarengilum ezhthu.

by Radha Fri Mar 29 09:25:20 UTC 2013

onnarayeppatti ente amma pakarnnu thanna oru arivundu;achan videsathayathinal varshathilorikkale varumayirunnullu.10 masavum bharthavinte sanyidhyamillathe kazhiyanam;ammaykkanenkil madhyaprayam;tharavattukariyayathinal durnnadappo avihitha vezhchayo ammaykkundayirunnilla;pinne vikaram engane adakki vaykkum?kamavikaram erumpol amma oru onnaramundetuthu nanachu nannayi thattuduthu kamazhnnu kidakkum;kure kazhiyumpol vikarasamanam undavum.masangalolam amma ithu cheyyunnathu njan kandittundu.Njan oru school teacheranu.husband irelandil;ammayude technic njanum prayogikkunnu;thattudukkan enikku nerathe ariyam.amma mathramalla ammayimarum,veettle velakkarippennungalum onnara sthiramayi uduthirunnu;ente chila koottukarikalum;ethayalum eeran thattuduthu nilkkunna ammaye kanan nalla bhangiyanu;yadruschikamayi a stylil enne kanda bharthavinum valiya haramayi.Onnara viseshappetta oru vasthram thanne!

by Lethakumari Fri Mar 29 10:42:22 UTC 2013

Thudaru... Lethakumari

by guest Sun Mar 31 00:47:48 UTC 2013

onnara uduthu seelichavarku athudukkathey jeevikkan pattilla. athrakkum sukhamanu onnara.

by saraswathy amma Mon Apr 01 11:26:25 UTC 2013

onnara uduthu seelichavarku athudukkathey jeevikkan pattilla. athrakkum sukhamanu onnara.

by saraswathy amma Mon Apr 01 11:27:13 UTC 2013

saraswaty amma mail cheyyam ennu paranju ithu vare cheythilla. athu ethayalum mosamayi ketto

by malathi Tue Apr 02 06:03:54 UTC 2013

Lathakurariyude abhiprayathodu njan paripoornamayi yogikkunnu. kamasakthi kootumbol sareerathinte ella bhagathekkum rakthapravaham kootum. nammude yoninalam anekam cheriya rakthanalangalude oru sammelana sthalam aanu. avidekku amitha rakthapravaham undakumbol yoninalam ooshmalamakum. aa samayathu atheooshmavulla oru dhandanallo ellarkkum abikamyam. athillathe pokumbol niyanthrikkan enthengilum cheythe pattu. athinu onnara nanachu uduthal valare nallathanu. nanavu kondu ooshmavu kurayum, athe samayam murukkam kondu pesikalude thrasikkalum kurayum. alapam nera eeranode irunnal pettannu samanila veendedukkan pattum. onnarayude oru pali yoni mughathe moodum. chrutti udukkunna onnaraval kootuthal jalam sabharikkum. appol thanuppu neendu nilkkum.ore samayam thanuppum, murukkavum kittunnathu kondu aasakthi pettannu kurayum. pinne eeran onnara uduthal sthreekalude azhaku vardhikkum. alpam polum chulukkillathe thuni dehathil otti nilkkunnathu kondu sareerabhagam oru vidham nannayi kanam.pakshe eeranayi eppolum nilkkan kazhiyillallo. onnara udutha sthreekal kulikkunna kulathil purushanmarude ennavum kootuthal aayirikkum. ithanu athinte rahasyam

by ms. sumithra Wed Apr 03 05:27:27 UTC 2013

Nithyavum onnara udukkunna oru sthreeyey yenikku friend aayi venam.

by guest Wed Apr 03 22:58:45 UTC 2013

Pakshe athu e kalathu kittan prayasamayirikum. Try cheytholu...

by Prakash Thu Apr 04 08:29:06 UTC 2013

Athra prayasam onnum illa. enikku oru friend undu, chechiyanu ketto. ippolum onnarayanu adivasthram

by kiran Fri Apr 05 07:08:42 UTC 2013

Chechiku ethraya age..? Puthiya thalamurakar ethu use cheyan vashiyilla.

by Prakash Fri Apr 05 17:41:32 UTC 2013

Chechiku ethraya age..? Puthiya thalamurakar ethu use cheyan vashiyilla.

by Prakash Fri Apr 05 17:42:16 UTC 2013

Chechiku ethraya age..? Puthiya thalamurakar ethu use cheyan vashiyilla.

by Prakash Fri Apr 05 17:43:04 UTC 2013

Chechiku 40vayassayi. ippolum nalla figure aanu.set mundum onnarayum aanu sthiram vesham.

by Kiran Sun Apr 07 02:31:46 UTC 2013

Dear onnara love's see the movie Guruvayoor kesavan in lotof exlent onnara seen.what a exlent clips Jayabharathi in onnara.

by Jaya Thu Apr 11 09:29:28 UTC 2013

cinimayil kanunna onnara onnum sarikkulla onnarayude aduthu varilla.athu ariyunnavarkku ariyam

by guest Thu Apr 11 10:03:13 UTC 2013

Athentha vyathasam?

by Raju Thu Apr 11 16:45:05 UTC 2013

theendariyakumbol onnarayudey adiyil thunikashanangal vechuduthal mathi. nalla sukham kittum. ottum bleeding ourathu pokilla.

by saraswathy amma Fri Apr 12 19:26:38 UTC 2013

Cinimayil nammal palathum kanunnille. pakshe athokke sariyano. athupolethanne onnarayum.ippol athraye parayan pattu.

by guest Mon Apr 15 06:56:02 UTC 2013

E onnara ellayidathu ninnum aprakathyksha mayirikukayanu. Ennu valla pashaya cinimayil mathrame athu kannan kasiyu... Ente vetilum adutha vedugalium arum athu upyogikunathu njan kannarilla...entha njan parayunnathu sariyalle..?

by Nimisha Thu Apr 18 08:12:36 UTC 2013

yes nimisha u r ryt

by guest Fri Apr 19 11:41:25 UTC 2013

Nimisha kanarilla ennathu sari aayirikkam.pakshe onnara aprathykshmakilla nammude nattil. athu theerchayanu. athinte vythasam arinjavar athu upekshikkilla. kooti vannal purathu pokunna samayathu sowkaryam karuthi matti vekkunnundakum. kidappu muriyile oru nira sannydhamanu onnara. ethra modern aaya adivastham undengilum athinu onnarayude aduthu varan pattilla. ithanu ente abhiprayam.

by malathy Tue Apr 23 02:34:21 UTC 2013

Onnara nalla adivasthram thanee...pakshe tight pantum shirtum ettunadakunna ennathe puthiya thalamurayile penkutikalku enthu onnara...

by Resmi Wed May 01 18:36:11 UTC 2013

onnara udukkunnavarudey aiswaryam verey aarkum kittilla.

by saraswahy amma Thu May 09 03:26:36 UTC 2013

Enthanu Anju onnum ezhuthathathu. We feel so sad.

by guest Thu May 09 17:41:49 UTC 2013

anjuvinte onnara vivaranam nannayirunnu. Anju paranjittanu manassilayathu, onnara thrikonakrityil udukarundennu.Trikonakrithiyil madakki vecha oru thuni arayil ninnu kalukalkkidayiloode purakottu valichu vecha pole udukkamennathu oru arivayirunnu. angane uduthal, onnara valinte kuthu orikkalum muzhachu nilkilla ennathu valiya karyam thanne.

by guest Fri May 10 05:53:00 UTC 2013


by guest Sun May 12 19:51:54 UTC 2013

Chila streekal idkkidakku onnara val azhichu valichu kuthunnathu kanam. athu enthina. aarengilum onnu paranju tharumo

by Radha Thu May 16 07:20:03 UTC 2013

Kure nadakkumpozhum step kayarumpozhum onnara kuthu ayayum;pinne moothra sanka erumpol niyanthrikkan onnara valichu murukkanam;mattuchilappol anavasarathil areyenkilum kandu kamavikaram kayarumpol athu atakkan onnara val azhichu valichu murukki utukkanam.Njan collejil padikkompol nertha meesayulla anpillere kandu vikaram kollum;intervellinu bathroomil kayari onnara azhichututhale pinne rakshayulloo;sarikkum ellathinumupari onnara oru kamaniyanthrakamanu-ente anubhavathil.

by Soudamini Thu May 16 16:42:33 UTC 2013

Chila pennungal deshyam varumpol dairyam kittan thar valichu murukkum;thalennu rathri bharthavumayi ramichathinte orma varumpol onnarakkuthu thanne azhiyum;appol pinne valichu murukkuka thanne;njan chettane pralobhippikkan sari pokki kuthi onnara thumpu kanikkum;chilappol thirinju ninnu onnara val azhichutukkum.....pinne oru chutti mariyalanu....

by Nalini. Thu May 16 17:16:52 UTC 2013

Onnara valichuduthu panikal cheyyumbol swabhavikamayum kurachukazhiyumbol onnara loosakum. Appol pinniloode kayyittu kaalukal kurachu akathi onnaravaal valichu murukki kuthanam. Ennittu cheyyunna panikal thudarum.

by guest Thu May 16 18:42:19 UTC 2013

Ente vedite adutha vettil valiya sarppa kavum madapavum undu. Avide sarppam thullal udakum. Avide nalla chittayilanu a devasagalil. 7 devasam nalla varthathilanu avar udakuka. Sthrekalku Pursha bhadam padilla, nerathe enitu kulichu sthrekal sarpakavil thoshuthu, bakshanam pakam cheyu...a samayathu njanum a vettil epposhum udakum.. A divasagalil avide pala panigalium avire help cheyan. Sarppam thulallil oru divasam 2 kalamanu udakaru. Last divasam 3um. Vaikettu poojalku shesham kalam varkal thudagum, kure samayam edukum athinu. Nalla bhagiyanathu kannan. Kalamvarayal kashichal kalam poojikunna al kalam poojayum mattum cheyuum, njan poojariyude assistantanu. Ellatha sadangal eduthu kodukuka, vilakugal kathikuga agine pokunnu ente jolikal. Athinidayil nagakanyakamar(kallathil thullan erikunna sthrekal) kulikan pokum, athinu vilaku pidikuka ennathum ente joliyanu. Avar raduperum, tharavatile oru vayasaya sthreeyum oppam udakam.avarude kayil avire aniyikanulla chadanavum, majalum, kanmasiyum ellam udakum.

by Suresh Tue May 21 02:25:50 UTC 2013

Njan ee forum vayichappol onnara try cheyyanamennundu...Pakshe onnara udukkumbol enganeya toiletil pokunnathu? Aarengilum onnu explain cheyyamo?

by guest Tue May 21 17:12:25 UTC 2013

Kulathinte kalpadavil njan vilaku vechu, njan kulathinte mukalil kayari erunnu. Avar raduperum kuli thudgagi, thudaram

by Suresh Thu May 23 02:19:29 UTC 2013

Avar kulichu kulathinte mukalileku vannu. Eran thunikal oru baketil aki, thorthum jacketum(full) anu vesham. Mattan koduvanna thuniyil ninum ammama radu mudukal eduthu avarude kayil koduthu.ethu chutti thorthu ashikan paranju. Thudaram...

by Suresh Thu May 23 09:07:59 UTC 2013

Njan onnara veetil uduthu nokki...arakku nalla tightness...tolettil pkumbol muzhuvanum azhikkendi varunnu...pinneedu veendum uduthu...Tiletil pokumbol ellavarum onnara muzhuvanayi azhichu mattarundo? Onnu explain cheyyano?

by guest Thu May 23 13:56:59 UTC 2013

Toiletil pokenda budhimuttullathu kondu onnara udathu officil pokan sadhikkunnilla...Onnarayudukkunnavar toiletil pokumbol muzhuvan azhichu maattarundo? aarengilum onnu explain cheyyamo?

by guest Thu May 23 14:02:23 UTC 2013

Onnara uduthu toiletil pokumbol muzhuvan azhikkenda karyam onnum illa. sariyum under skirtum pantyum ittu pokumbol entha cheyyunne. panty valichu thazhthi, skirtum sariyum pokkiyalle irikuune. onnarayakumbol valu azhichu onnarayum mukalilulla mattu vasthrangalum pokki pidichu irikkanam. val azhikkan oru prayasavum illa. oru viral pinnnil ittu melottu valichal valu azhiyum. karyam kazhinju valu valichu kuthiyal mathi.aadyam okke kurachu asowkaryam thonnum. athu ellattinum ille. athraye ullu onnarakkum. koote koote valu azhiyunnavar attathu oru cheriya kettu ittal mathi. athine chanthikkidayilekku thiruki vechal muzhachu nilkkilla. ithanu ente anubhavam. njan kure kalamayi upayogikkunnundu. prayasam onnum illa. adi vayarinu nalla oru thangu aayathu kondu pothuvil nallathanu ennu palarum, doctormarum okke parayunnu.

by guest Fri May 24 06:41:31 UTC 2013

Reply thanna guestinu thanks...Appol njan udukkunna reethi thettanenna thonnunnathu...Onnaravaal purakilekku kuthunnathinu munpu purakuvashathe adiyile attam munpilekkeduthu mundindinadiyiloode thiruki munpilekku valichidunnu...appol nalla tight aayi irikkunnundu...athu thettano? athu konda moothramozhikkan pokumbol muzhuvanum azhikkendi varunnathu. Onnu sariyaya reethi onnu vishadeekarichu tharamo?

by guest Fri May 24 07:40:59 UTC 2013

Njan nightikku adiyilanu onnarayuduthathu. Vaal azhikkan prayasam undayilla.Pakshe purakuvashe adiyile attam munvasathu kuthiyathu kondu athazhumbol athazhinju pokunnu.Pinnedu athu kuthanum valare prayasam..sariyaya reethi onnu paranju tharamo?

by guest Fri May 24 09:31:50 UTC 2013

Njan nightikku adiyilanu onnarayuduthathu. Toiletil poyappol Vaal azhikkan prayasam undayilla.Pakshe purakuvashe adiyile attam munvasathu kuthiyathu kondu athazhikkumbol onnara motham athazhinju pokunnu.Pinnedu aake azhichu kuthi..sariyaya reethi aarengilum malayalathil onnu paranju tharamo?

Ente purakilathe kuthu azhiyunnilla...Advayatile kuthu idakkidakku azhinju pokunnundu..

by guest Sat May 25 09:10:41 UTC 2013

Guest paranja athe anubhavam thanneyanu enikkum.Toilet use cheyyan valare budhimuttanu.adiyile attam munpilekkeduthu mundindinadiyiloode thiruki munpilekku thrukiyathu azhichidan enikkum budhimuttu thonniyathu. Athukondu toiletil pokumbol onnara eppolum azhichu udukkendathayittu varunnu.Aarengilum sariyaya onnara udukkunna reethi onnu paranju thannal nannayirunnu.

by sss Sat May 25 12:06:18 UTC 2013

Enikku elam manassilayi. ellavarum ore thettanu cheyyunnathu. ningal cheyyunna reethi chila puthan thalamurakkarude kandupidutham aanu. onnara nalla tight aayi nikkan athinte ella thalakalum pidichu eliyil thiruki vekkum. pinne azhiianamengil ellam azhikkanam. athanu prasnam.Thudakkam okke sari. madi ittu orattam valichu arayil kuthiyal first step kazhinju. pinnile bhagam othungi nilkkan athinte nadukku pidichu mumbottu kondu vannu yonimugham marayunna pole pidikkuka. athine mukalil koode valu valichu pinnilekku kondu pokuka.pinneedu thangu ellam valil aanu. valu azhinjal onnara thazhekku varum. Muzhukke pokkiyal ellam free. veendum valu kuthan pin bhagam mukalilottu pidichu valu kuthanam. onnarayude bhalam valil aanu. athu kondanu pala sthreekalum idkkidakku valazhichu kuthunnathu.valu valikumbole yoni mugham murukullu. athu kondu pinbhagam mumbil kuthenda aavasaymilla. athu avide vechu mukalil valittu murukkiyal mathi. manassilayi ennu viswasikkunnu. veettil ithu pole onnu sramichu nokku. ennitu onnu toiletil poyi nokku. oru prayasavumundakilla. theercha. ella friends um sramikku. abhiprayam parayu.

by guest Sun May 26 05:52:02 UTC 2013

Njan guest paranja prakaram onnara kuthi nokki.ippol toiletil pokan prasnam undayilla. Njan sariyayi uduthuvennu karuthunnu.Pakse ippol onnara ottum tight allathathu pole thonnunnu.Munpu nalla tight undayirunnu.

by sss Sun May 26 11:55:19 UTC 2013

Paranju thanna gusetinu thanks. ippol toiletil pokkan budhimuttilla.Njan ee foruthil munpu vivarichathu prakaramanu njan uduthathu.appol athu thettayirikkum alle..sss paranja prakaram oru tightness kuravu feel cheyyunnundu.Munpu onnara nalla tight aayi irikkumayirunnu.Nannayi tight aayi irikkan entha cheyyendathu? Athu koodi onnu explain cheyyamo?

by guest Sun May 26 12:25:01 UTC 2013

Njan peru parayan aagrahikkunnilla.Njan ee forum vayikkarundu.Onnara engane udukkamennu padichathu ee foruthil ninnanu.Munpu ezhuthiya oru guest paranja pole enikkum toilet use cheyyan prayasamayirunnu. Appol puthiya thalamurayile palarum thettaya reethiyanu upayogikkunnathu munpu oru guest paranjathayi kandu. Athukondu ee guest paranja prakaramanu njan innale veetil onnarayuduthathu. Pakshe munpatheppole tight aayi irikkunnilla. Onnara upayogichal buttocks nu valuppavum shape um kittumennu vayichu.Athu sariyano? Appol tight aayi irikkan entha cheyyendathu? Onnu paranju tharamo?

by sp Mon May 27 06:25:36 UTC 2013

ellavarum paranjathu kettu. Ningal paranja aadyathe prasnam pariharichu kazhinjallo. ippolaarkkum toilet oru prasnamalla. atharayum santhosham. eni vendathu tightness aanu. oru onnarakku randu kuthukale ullu. aadyathe arayil kuthunnathu. athu mundinte oru bhagam. athu nalla bhalamayi thanne kuthanam. karanam onnara muzhukke nilkkunnathu athilanu. pinne madi ittu kazhijal pinbhagam valichu munbhagathekku kondu varanamallo. aa samayathu madi veruthe thoongikidakkayalle. pinbhagam valichu murukki munnottu konduvannu ningan onnu tight mathiyo ennalochikku. porengil onnu kooti valichu pidikkuathu madiyude adiyilpidichu matte kai kondu valu valichu melle melle chandikkidayiloote pinnnilekku konduvaru. aa samayathu munnilekku edutha bhagam thazhekku irangaruthu. athu valinte adiyil tight aayi irikkanam. orikkal valu murukiyal pinne athu thazhekku varunna prasnam illa. ee samayathu onnu kooti kshmayode cheythu nokku. theerchayayum ningalkku tight anubhavappedum. appol tight illengil pinneyum undakilla. orikal ningalkku venda tight kittiyal pinne valazhiyathe loose aakilla. athu theercha. sramichu nokku. pinneyum budhimuttundengil namukku eniyum discuss cheyyam.

by guest Mon May 27 09:22:23 UTC 2013

Njanoru sthiram onnara use cheyyunna aalanu. Ente bhrthavinu pantinadiyil onnara use cheyyunnathu kondu enthengilum kuzhappamundo?

by guest Mon May 27 11:33:56 UTC 2013

Pine bhagam valichu munbhagathekku kondu vannittu tight aayo vekkunnathu enganeyennu manassilayilla. Munpellam onnara thudayil thight aayi pattippidichu irikkumayirunnu.Ippo valare loosayi pavada pole irikkunnu. Thuda motham veliyil kanukayum cheyyunnu. Pinbhagam munpilekku kondu vannu tight aaki vekkunnathu enikku sarikku manassilayilla. Onnu koodi vivarichu tharamo?

by guest Mon May 27 14:21:00 UTC 2013

Madi munnilekkittathinu sheshamulla steps onnu nannayi explain cheyyamo? Njan pinbhagam munnilekku valichappol athu arakku mukalilekku vannu. Appo vaalu sariyayi kuthan pattunnilla. Valu kuthan nokkumbol pinbhagam thazhekku pokunnu. Avasanam deshyam vannu.

by sp Mon May 27 15:46:05 UTC 2013

Njan ee aduthanu onnara uduthu foruthil paranja pole onnara tight aayi udukkan enikku kazhinjittilla.Tight aayi udukkunna vidham onnu paranju thannal nannayirunnu.

by X Mon May 27 19:02:57 UTC 2013

Madi munnilekku valichittathi sheshamull step innu thannr vivarichu thannal nannayirunnu.

by sp Tue May 28 03:30:03 UTC 2013

Ellavarudeyum samsayavum, prasnavum onnu thanneyanu. athu ethayalum nannayi. ellavarkkum onnara upayogikkanulla thalparyam kanumbol santhosham thonnunnu. njan valare vykthamayi parayam. sradhichu vayichu paraeekshikku. oru prayasavum undakilla.
1. madiyittu mundu udukkuka. madikku neelam avaravarude thalaku thottu mukal vare. kuthunnathu kazhyunnathum valathottu matti murukki.
2. sowkaryathinu vendi madi oru bhagathekku matti iliyil onnu thiruki vecholu.muthala mumbil undakumallo. athine idathu kalinte thudayilekku cherthu vekkuka.valathu kalinte thuda modiyirikkum madiyude adi vasam muruki nilkkunnathu kondu.
3. kalukal akathi vechu kuninju pinvasam naduvil pidichuarayilekku valichu kayattuka. randu kalukalkkidayil koote valichu kayattumbol neelam adhikam undengil onnu attam madakkikkolu. ippo oru kaiyil pinbhagam undu matte kai free aanu. tight mathiyo ennu parishodhikkuka. venamengil kurachu kooditight aakkuka.
4.mathiyengil aa kai tight ayi pidichu madi munnil ninnu pinnilekku kalukalkkidayil koodi valichu murukkiya sesham munnile thala viduka. athu vare athil oru kai venam. madi, ippol valu, tight aayal valine purakil kuthuka.
athinu sesham ellam onnu vistharichu nokkuka. chila chillara minukku pani undakam. kurexperience aayal valare vegam ithokke sadhikkum.
sramichu nokku. venamengil eniyum chodikku. madikkanda. ellavarum thripthi aayi onnara uduthu kanan aanu ente aagraham.

by Oru elder sister Tue May 28 09:22:03 UTC 2013

Elder sistere, njan chechi paranja pole pareekhichu nokki. Munpathekkalum mechappettittundu.4th Step sariyayi manassilayilla. Pinvasaam munnilekku tightaayi valichu pidichittu, madi munnil ninnu pinnilekku kuthan pattunnilla.kai vittal thazhekku povukayum cheyyunnu. Kayyude thadasam ullathu kondu madi purakilekku edukkanum pattunnilla. Madi Valichu murukkiya sheshamanu munnile thala vidan parayunnathu. Athu enganeyennu sarikku manassilayilla.ORu sidilekkano valichu pidikkendathu atho yoniyude mukaliloodeya? Onnu sariyayi vishadeekarichal nannayirunnu. Njan kathirikkunnu.

by sp Tue May 28 14:15:03 UTC 2013

Hello Chechi, chechi ezhuthiya pole cheythu nokki. Munpathekkalum mechamundu.SP ezhuthiyathu poleyulla anubhavam enikkum undu.vaal kuthi kazhiyumbol, munbilekkedutha pinbhagam madiyude iruvashangalumayi veenu kidakkunnu. Enikkum 4th step onnu koodi clear aakanundu.

by guest Tue May 28 15:30:20 UTC 2013

Eni enganeyanu njan parayendathu. njan cheyyunnathanu parayunnathu. verum abhiprayam alla. ethayalum ithu kodi onnu pareekashikku. pinbhagam nallapole valichu murukki kalukal onnu kootti pidiku. pinne ningalude peruviral pinnilum bakki nalu viralukam mumbilum aayi aa bhagam adivalarilekku amarthi pidikku. kalukal akathu. thuni thazhekku pokilla. ee samayathu matte kai kondu madi pidichu purakilekku valikku. parathi vecha nalu viralukal melle poki peruviram mathra kondu thuniye stanathu nirthi valu murukkikkolu. ellam yadhasthanathu thanne nilkkum. aavasyamulla tightil valu kuthu. ningalude message kandu itharathil oru puthiya onnara uduthanu njan ippol ee message ayakkunathu. ellam nalla tight aayi thanne nilkunnu.
churutti pidicha kai aakumbol madikku adiyil pettu valichoorumbol oru pakshe loose aakunnathakam. viralukal parathu vekkumbol aa prasnam theerum. sramikku. sari aakum.

by chechi Wed May 29 02:40:49 UTC 2013

Read :

Again, it's about the "knot". The "safety knot" !
Many , it looks, is still not clear (aware) on how to prevent the thaar from untieing while moving around. That is, how to retain its tightness all along you wear it. That's to make you confident with the thaar, at home, office, or outside.
A couple of posts in this blog has earlier described how to use the "KNOT" technique. But some has again pointed out the fact that the knot has its protrusion (bulge) seen outside. That's partially true. However, a rightly put knot can save you from the fear of a bulge at your rear. Be careful about the knot.
While putting the knot, be judicious to make the knot sufficiently big (so that the knot locks the thaar) and do not make it too small (when it may come off easily). The knot should be a flattened oval, and not as a roundish ball. Look at the pictures below.

The corner of the onnara(thaar)mundu. This corner, with its end tied as a knot goes round under to your rear.
This is a simple knot. The knot size should be enough to tuck in. Just enough, but it's going to be very difficult to open the knot before you wash after use. The knot would be too tight and rigid once you wear it for sometime.
A better knot, in the shape of "alpha" would make a slightly bigger knot, but could be flattened. Moreover, it has a tip which could be pulled out to open the knot (easy to open the knot for washing the thaarmundu).
This knot when tucked in at your rear, be flattened, so that the bulge is controlled.
Onnara users may try this and make yourself confident.

by guest Wed May 29 04:04:23 UTC 2013

Chechi paranju poleyanu njan cheythu nokkunnathu. Veendum veendum chodikkunnathu kondu onnum thonnaruthu. Ippol njan poyi uduthathinu sheshamanu ezhuthunnathu. Mechappedunnundu. Ennalum valeyadhikam try cheythittanu. Ennalum correct sariyavunnilla.
1. Chilappol mukalilekku pokkiya pinbhagam madiyude iru vasangalilayi thoongikkidakkunnu.
2. chandi tight chyyukayanengil onnarayude adi bhagab (Corn aakrithiyulla muttinaduthulla bhagam) valare loose aayi kidakkunnu.)
Ithellam onnu pariharichu tharamo?

by sp Wed May 29 04:38:30 UTC 2013

sp. kurachu divasathe pariseelanam kondu ithu sariyakkavunnathe ullu.pinbhagam valikkumbol onnu othukki valichu vekku. pinne theere urakkunnilla ennal attam onnu arayil thiruki vecholu. valu azhikkumbol ee thirukiyathumazhichal free aakum.
pinne pradhanappetta oru karyam: chadiyude bhabgi koottan onnara nallathanu ennu oru message kandu. athu verum thettidharana aanu. oru onnarakkum athu sadyamalla. yonimugham support cheyyuka ennathanu onnarayude mugyamaya aavasyam. athinu onnaravalinte murukkam aanu pradhanam. athu kondu nalla murukkamulla onnara ennu vechal valu murukkiya thu enne arthamullu. ella bhagathum tight aayi pidikkanulla vidya onnarayil illallo. athu eppolum manassil vekkuka

by chechi Wed May 29 07:51:27 UTC 2013

Thanks Chechi.Mechappettu varumennu karutham. Vaal ethra mathram murukkan pattum? Vale nannayi murukkumbol maladwaram vedana anubhavappedunnu. Athu murukkam koodunnathu kondano? Kooduthal samsayangal chodikkunnathu kondu onnum thonnaruthu.

by sp Wed May 29 08:45:46 UTC 2013

Pinne oru samsayam koodi. Pinnbhagam mukalilekku pokki ellam madiyude adiyilayi othukki vekkanm alle?

by sp Wed May 29 08:47:24 UTC 2013

Hi Chechi, njanoru innara udukkanagrahikkunna vyaktiyanu. Stiramayi njanudukkarilla. Veetil vallappolum udukkum. Magsikkadiyil. Ethokke dress udukkumbol onnara udukkam. Athinu vall limitations undo? Purathu pokumbol kooduthal churidarum saryum aanu udukkaru.

by guest Wed May 29 10:30:33 UTC 2013

Oru onnara vaal ethra mathram tight aayi kutham? Adhikam tight cheyyunnathu kondu enthengilum kuzhappamundo?

by guest Wed May 29 13:51:52 UTC 2013

Ente chandi valare cheruthanu. Onnara stiramyi eduthal chandi valuthakumo?Athu satymano? Ee foruthil anagne ezhuthi kandu. Athu kondu njanithu veetil upayogichu thudangi. valuthakumennu paranjathil sathyamundo?

by guest Wed May 29 14:05:27 UTC 2013

Chechi paranja prakaram onnara uduthu. Nerathekkalum mechamayi udukkan pattunnundu. Ennum uduthu varumbol nannakkki udukkamennu karuthunnu. Thanks chechi.Pinne entha avasanathe minukku panikal? athonnu paranju tharamo?

by guest Wed May 29 15:24:28 UTC 2013

Guest,nithambathinu nalla shape kittan onnara sahayikkum.Athinu pakshe vayassariyikkunnathinu munpe ututhu thudanganam;athayathu 9-)o vayassil.Onnara pakathinu murukki ututhal ara kudungi nalla nithambam roopappetum.Nithambam valuthakanalla,shape undavananu onnara utukkunnathu.Onnara cheruppathile sthiramayi ututhal 17-)o vayassu aakumpozhekkum veenakkutam pole nalla thulumbunna nithambavum othungiya arakkettum undavumennathu theerchayanu.

by Vilasini Wed May 29 16:28:22 UTC 2013

Ellavarude samsayavum vayichu. enikku ippolithu oru nalla karyamayi thonnunnu. ethra peranu ee vasthram upyogikkan ishttappedunnathu. ellavarkkum avaravarude chodythinu utharam parayan sramkikkam.
onnarayude murukkam udukkunnavarude aavasyathinu aanu. ethra ennu parayan enikkavailla.valu valikumbol yoni mughathu oru support aayi ennu thonniyal nirtham. valare murukkiyal vedanayum arayil udukkunna bhagathu oru varayum okke undan sadytha undu. athu kondu adhika murukkam ozhivakkuka.
Onnara uduthu chandi valuthakkan pattilla. athu kondu athinu sramikkunnathu kondu gunamilla.
onnara set mundinte kooteyum sariyude koodeyum aanu valare nallathu.ippolathe loose pants inte koode aakam. athinu kurachu koodi cheriyathakum nallathu. mattu vasthrangalkku onnara athra yogippilla. kudumbathil bharayum bharthavum cheriya kuttikalum mathrame ullu engil onnara mathram mathi. vallavarum vannal oru mundum neriyathum idan eluppamalle.
pinbhagam munnilekku valichu madiyude adiyil vechu athinte mukalil kooti madi valayi valikkuka.
minukku pani mattonnnum alla. uduthu kazhyumbol chila bhagam kurachu prrathu nilkkayo chulivu undakuayo okke cheyyam. athine onnu kramappeduthi bhagi aayi adiyileku thali vekkuka.valu kuthiyathu adhikam muzhachittundengilonnu parathi vekkuka. thudayude bhooribhagavum sadharana moodum. valla cheriya vidavu undengil thuni angottu onnu mattuka. ellam nishprayasam sadhikum. samayavum venda. pakshe theerumanam venam. athraye ullu.adutha oravasarathil ellavarum nalla onnarayum uduthu aninju orungi nilkkunnathu njan bhavanayil kanunnu.

by chechi Wed May 29 16:32:33 UTC 2013

Chechi, onnara mathrameduthu enganeya veetil nilkkuka? veetil aarengilum illengil anagne aarengilum nilkkumo? Onnara uduthalum yoniyude bhagam mathramalle marayunnullooo.. Thuda pakathiyum purathalle? Pinne njan veetil nilkkumbol magasikku adiyilanu onnara udukkaru. Chilappol adippavada udaukkum. Chilappol illa.. Onnara uduthal thuda muzhuvanum marakkanakumo?

by guest Wed May 29 17:26:13 UTC 2013

Hi, njan onnar upayogikkunna oralanu. Kurachu naalaytte upayogichu thudangiyittulloo.Chechi paranja prakaramanu njan udukkaru. kurachu kazhiyumbol thudayil onnarayude bhagam veliyilekku pokunnu. Appo thuda motham kanam. njan udukkunnathil enthengilum thettu kondano angane purathekku pokunnathu? Nalla tight aayittanu onnara vaal kuthunnathu. Arakkum onnara vaalilum nalla tight undakum. Thudayile bhagam uduthu kurachu kazhiyumbol veliyilekku pokum. Njanum veetil magsikkadiyilanu onnara udukkaru. athukondu pavada eppolum udukkendu varunnu. Ente samsayangal onnnu theerthu tharamo?

by guest Wed May 29 17:45:22 UTC 2013

6 muzham onnarayanu sarikku vendathu. athuduthal kalmuttil ninnum pakuthi bhagam thazhe vare maranju nilkkum. pinne enthanu prasnam. maxiyude thazhe onnara nannayi cherum. maxiyum onnarayum undengil pinne oru adipavadayude aavasyam varilla.pandukkal valiyammamar mundinte attam chilappol onnu eliyil kuthum. appol onnarayude attam padathinu mukalil kanam. athayirunnu sarikum onnarayude size. pareekshikku

by chechi Thu May 30 04:41:28 UTC 2013

Chechi, njan onnara udukkumbol kalmuttinu mukalil pakuthi bhagam thurannanu kidakkaru. athu kondanu thuda muzhuvan kanunnathu. ethengane narakkam. Athu kondu magsi idumbol, onnarakku mukalil pavadayum idendi varunnu. Thuda markkunnathu enganeyennu vivarikkamo?

by guest Thu May 30 06:30:46 UTC 2013

hello chechi, enikkum guest paranja samsayam undu. Pinbhagam valichu, madikku thazhe vekkunnathu kondu thuda pakuthi marayilla. Sariyayi udukkukayanengil thuda muzhuvanum marayumo?

by sp Thu May 30 06:34:53 UTC 2013

Onnara udukkumbol kaalum thudayum maranjirikkan enthanu cheyyendathennu paranju tharamo?

by guest Thu May 30 08:40:28 UTC 2013

Hi, njan 2 masame aayiittlloo onnara use cheyyan thudangiyittu. Onnara udukkumbol thudayude pakithiyum purathu kanam. ithu marakkunnathenganeyonnu aarengilum vyakthamakkamo?

by guest Thu May 30 13:25:59 UTC 2013

Thekkan reethi(madithar)kku onnara uduthal oru bhagathu akam thuda bhagikamayi purathu kanum.Vadakkan reethi(njorithar)aanu enthukondum nallathu.Athakumpol munbhgam muzhuvan thirumenimarude tharu pole maranju,konthala njannu,yonibhagam thick padu kondu amarnnu,pinnil ninnu nalla shapil irikkum.Malabarile veetttammamarkkum,prathyekichu teachermarkkum ishta veshamanithu.

by Prabhavathy. Thu May 30 16:35:36 UTC 2013

Vadakkan reethiyil onnara vaal pinnil valichu kuthano.

by guest Thu May 30 17:51:53 UTC 2013

Njan stiramayi onnara udukkunna aalanu. Veettilum purathu pokumbozhum njan onnarayanu underwear aayi upayogikkaru. Aaanungal onnara upayogikkunnathu kondu kuzhappamundo? Ente bhartavinu onnara udukkan moham. aanungal onnara uduthal sareerikamayi enthengilum prasnamundo? Kazhinja adheham onnara uduthu. Njananu padippichu koduthathu.Thudarnnum udukkunnathu kondu kuzhappamundo?

by guest Thu May 30 20:13:41 UTC 2013

Aanungalkku onnara udukkunnathukondu enthengilum prasnamundo ennu onnu paranju tharamo?

by guest Fri May 31 05:39:10 UTC 2013

Innale aadyamyi njan onnarayuduthu purathu. Nalla comfortable aayirunnu. Karyangal paranju thanna chechikku thanks.

by sp Sat Jun 01 06:51:52 UTC 2013

Innale aadyamyi njan onnarayuduthu purathu poyi. Nalla comfortable aayirunnu. Karyangal paranju thanna chechikku thanks.

by sp Sat Jun 01 06:52:26 UTC 2013

Aanungalkku onnara udukkamo enna ente samshayathinu aarum onnum paranjilla..

by guest Sat Jun 01 09:14:57 UTC 2013

Aanungalkku onnara udukkenda avasyamilla;pakaram munkalathu purushanmar vyapakamayi konakam uduthirunnu.Chilar nalla tight aaya langottiyum.Innu pakshe konakam vridharaya aanungalude itayil polum apoorvamanu;ennal bhooribhagam kshetra poojarimarum konakam udukkarundu.Palarum langotti innum upayogikkunnu.Lingam nannayi othukki vaykkanum,concentrationum,athu thoongathe support cheythu nalla arogyanila undavanum konakam udukkanamennanu viswasam.

by Vilasini. Sat Jun 01 13:47:13 UTC 2013

Poojakal cheyyumbozhum mattum aanungalum thattudukkum;pakshe athinu onnara ennalla parayuka.Thattudukkumbol atiyil konakam udukkunna aanungalum undu.

by Uma Sat Jun 01 14:02:51 UTC 2013

aanungal onnara udukkunnathu kondu enthengilum kuzhappamundo? sareerikamyi enthengilum kuzhppam varumo?

by guest Sun Jun 02 07:53:11 UTC 2013

Anungal onnara uduthal orukuzhappavum untavilla, konakathekkal nallathutanneyanu, aarenkilum kantalulla kuzhappam mathrameyulloo.sukhamayithonnunnenkil, aarkkum onnara utukkam

by Doctor Mon Jun 03 12:37:37 UTC 2013

Orukaryam marannu.Vivahithar allathavarum kuttikal undavan sramikkunnavarum onnara ozhivakkananm, karanam Onnara utukkumpol manikal(testes) mukalilekku valinjirikkum, appol manikalile choodu kootum, beejolppadanam kurayum, kuttikal untakuvanulla sadhyatha kurayum. Avasyathinu kuttikal janichu kazhinjavarkku onnara ututhal orukuzhappavum illa. Streekaleppolethanne purushanmarkkum onnara murukki ututhal kamavikaram niyanthrikkuvan oruparidhivare kazhiyum.

by Doctor Tue Jun 04 10:07:24 UTC 2013

Onnarayuduthal chandi valuthakumennu parayunnathu sariyano Doctor?

by guest Wed Jun 05 13:16:00 UTC 2013

Chanthi valuthakkan onnara uduthal pora. athine vere pala panikalum undu. pakshe onnum theerchayalla. chilappol sadhikkum. ellam sareera prakrithiyanu. veruthe neram kalayanda

by guest Fri Jun 07 04:08:33 UTC 2013

aanungalkku ettavum nallathu langotti aanu. athu uduthal lingathinum vrishanathinum nalla thangu kittum.moothtam ozhikkan kurachu vishamam neridum. athu pariharkkavunnathe ullu. Sthreekalkku onnara nallathanu. athilum madithar ennu parayunna vibhgam. noritharinu azhaku kootuthalundu. pakshe athinu maditharinte bhalam illa.noritharuduthal munbhagam muzhukke maranju nikkum.

by guest Fri Jun 07 04:14:47 UTC 2013

Onnara valare cherupathile murukki ututhal chanti valarukayilla pakshe nalla shapeil varum, mathramalla, yonibhagathe pesikalkku balam vakkum, garbhapathram thazhekku irangivaruvanulla sadhyatha kurayum, yonikku murukkam koodunnathukontu laingika sukham rantuperkkum kootuthal kittum. Cheruppam muthale nalla veethyil matiyittu murukki ututhal, chantikalkkitayilulla vitavu kootuthal untakum, athukontu valuppam thonnikkum. Arakettu murukiyirikkunnathukontu arakettu othungi varum, nalla shape untakum. Arakettu othungum, chantichal vykthamai kaanum, chanthiyute veethi kootum, garbhapathrathinu support kittum, laingikasukham kootum, kamavikaram thattu murukkiututhal niyanthrikkamennu anubhavasthar aanayitunnu, angine ellam kontum onnara nalloru ativasthramanu, athinekkurichu puthuya thalamuraye bodhavalkkarikkenta samayam athikramichirikkunnu.

by Doctor Sat Jun 08 06:29:38 UTC 2013

Onnara promote cheyyunnathupole thanne pradhanyam arhikkumnna orukaryamanu nammute nattile streekalute etayile leggings enna vasthrathinte athiprasaram. Videsa rajyangalil thanuppukalathu, stree purushabhedamanye ativasthramayi upayogikkunna tight pants aanu leggings. Avar pantsinte atiyilanu leggings itunnathu, chilar frokinte atiyilum itum thanuppu niyanthrikkuvan. Athippol keralathile sthreekal kasham vareyethunna slit ulla toppinte koote pants aayi upayogikkunnathu kanumpol sathyathil arapputhonnum. Valare skin tight aaya velutha leggings ittu shaddi vyathamayi kaanichukontu natakkunna evare kaanumpol nammute pennungalkku sambhavicha apachayathekkurichorthu lajjichupokum.

by Doctor Sat Jun 08 07:15:37 UTC 2013

innathe cheruppakkar aarengilum onnara udukkunnavarundo?

by guest Sat Jun 15 17:41:37 UTC 2013

Njanoru onnara use cheyyunna oralanu. valare churukkam pere innu onnara use cheyyunnavar ullo ennanu enikku thonnunnathu..Njan churidar, sari ennivayude koode onnarayanu upayogikkaru. Veetil magsikku adiyilum onnara thanneyanu upayikkunnathu..

by guest Sun Jun 16 12:36:45 UTC 2013

Doctor, njan onnara upayogikkan aagrahikkunna vyaktiyanu. Stiramayi upayogikkarilla. Karanam onnara murukki udukkunna divasam, vayattil ninnu sariyayi pokarilla. ithu onnara udukkunnathu kondano?

by guest Tue Jun 18 14:08:48 UTC 2013

Onnara kurachu naalayi uduthu thudadangiya oralanu njan. Onnara valichudukkunna divasam maladwarathinu cheriya vedana undakum. Pinne cheriya body painum, joint painum undakum.Enthanithinu karanam?

by guest Tue Jun 18 16:28:26 UTC 2013

Onnara kurachu naalayi uduthu thudadangiya oralanu njan. Onnara valichudukkunna divasam maladwarathinu cheriya vedana undakum. Pinne cheriya body painum, joint painum undakum.Enthanithinu karanam? Can you advise me.....

by guest Thu Jun 20 07:21:15 UTC 2013

Maladwaram vedanikkunnathu overaayi valichudithittanu. Ithinal arakkettil pain undakaam. Pakshe body pain ithukaaranamalla.
Tightness kurachu uduthunookku. Vathyasam undavum. Pakshe kurachu tight aayi udukkukayum venam. Allenkil onnaravaal pettannu azhinjuporum.

by guest Thu Jun 20 18:44:55 UTC 2013

Maladwaram vedanikkunnathu overaayi valichudithittanu. Ithinal arakkettil pain undakaam. Pakshe body pain ithukaaranamalla.
Tightness kurachu uduthunookku. Vathyasam undavum. Pakshe kurachu tight aayi udukkukayum venam. Allenkil onnaravaal pettannu azhinjuporum.

by guest Thu Jun 20 18:50:23 UTC 2013

Onnara udukkumbol, toiletil poyal veendum kuthan prayasamanu. Enganeya sariyaaya reethi ennu onnu vishadeekarikkamo?

by guest Sat Jun 22 10:49:33 UTC 2013

Somebody can hel me. Munpu paranja guset nte problem enikkum undu. Toiletil poyal veendum kuthanayi valare budhi muttanu. Oru kai kondu adivavada pidaikkanam.Matte kai kondu onnara kuthanan pattunnulla. Valare budhimuttiyanu kuthunnathu. Athu kondu pinneedu muriyil vannu ellam azhichu onnu koodi kuthendi varunnu. Ingane thanneyano ellavarum cheyyunnathu?

by CC Sat Jun 22 12:32:17 UTC 2013

Somebody can help me. Munpu paranja guset nte problem enikkum undu. Toiletil poyal veendum kuthanayi valare budhimuttanu. Oru kai kondu adipavada pidaikkanam.Matte kai kondu onnara kuthanan pattunnilla. Valare budhimuttiyanu kuthunnathu. Athu kondu pinneedu muriyil vannu ellam azhichu onnu koodi kuthendi varunnu. Ingane thanneyano ellavarum cheyyunnathu? Toiletil poyathinu shesham enganeya onnara veendum kuthunnathu?

by CC Sat Jun 22 13:30:18 UTC 2013

Toiletil pokunna samayathu veendum onnara veendum kuthunnathu enganeyennu paranju tharamo?

by guest Sun Jun 23 08:28:30 UTC 2013

Entha ente samshayathinu aarum marupadiyonnum tharathathu?

by CC Mon Jun 24 07:48:23 UTC 2013

Toilettil pokunna samsayam kettappol enikku, ente veedinte pinnilulla veettile santhechiye pole thonni.

by guest Thu Jun 27 17:05:41 UTC 2013

Santhechi brayum blousum aanu ittirunnathu. Thazhe set mundinte mundum, pavadayum aanu uduthirunnathu. Onnaramundaanu adiyil uduthirunnathu.

by guest Thu Jun 27 17:36:06 UTC 2013

Njan peru paayan aagrahikkunnilla..Ente samshayathinu aarum utharam tharunnilla. Njan kathirikkunnu..

by CC Sat Jun 29 13:14:16 UTC 2013

nalla onnaramundukal hantex show roomil kittum. 6 muzham neelavum 3 muzham veethiyum ulla onnarakal.
uduthal nalla sukhamayirikkum.

by saraswathy amma Tue Jul 02 20:29:06 UTC 2013

Saraswathy Amma, ente samshaythinu onnu marupadi tharamo?

by CC Wed Jul 03 12:38:33 UTC 2013

Saraswathi amma, eethu sthalathulla Hantex showroomilanennu parayamo. Enikku medikkananu.

by guest Thu Jul 04 15:29:32 UTC 2013

Njan nerathe paranja santhechiyude pinbhagam ente veettil ninnal kaanam.Pinbhgathanu toilet. Santhechi toilettil poyal mukalil cc paranja pole toilettinu purathuvannanu thaaruduthirunnathu. Akathuninnu udukkarilla. Divasavum naalo ancho thavana santhechi onnara valichudukkunnathu kanamayirunnu.

by guest Thu Jul 04 17:35:12 UTC 2013

Njan angane purathu vannalla udkkaru..Roominakatha udukkaru.....Tiletil poya shesham enganeya udukkarennu ennu onnu parayamo?

by CC Fri Jul 05 08:15:05 UTC 2013

Njan oru vadakku jillakkarananu.pazhaya oru song google il serch cheithappol oru link kandu.athil clik cheithappol kure photos kandu.oru pazhaya padathile nayika avarude vesham blousum, mundum,anu.photoyude adiyil 'onnarayum, mundum, bluosum ennezhuthiyirgkkunnu. onnarayum, mundum, bluosum ennezhuthi kandappol enikkadhbudham thonni.ennathe kalathe janamgalkkum onnarayepatti ariyam ennorthittu.
Ithellam kanukayum, vayikkukayum cheithappol enikku pazhayakala chila onnara ormakal varunnu.
Ente veedu pandathe tharavadayirunnu.njanum,ammayum, achanum, muthassiyum,pinne 2 cheriyachanmarum bharyamaranu veettilundayirunnathu.aa samayathu njagalude veettil 1pasuvum 19 dhivasamaya passukkuttiyum undayirunnu.


by Raghu. Fri Jul 05 18:52:52 UTC 2013

nalla onnara mundukal guruvayur hantex shopil kittum.

by guest Mon Jul 08 02:37:10 UTC 2013

raghu pl... thudaru

by rema Mon Jul 08 15:55:36 UTC 2013

Raghu, please continue

by guest Tue Jul 09 14:26:30 UTC 2013

Njan raghu.

Njagalude veettil ninnum vilichal kelkkun dhoorathanu gopalan chettante veedu. Bharyayum, 1 makalum mathrame veettilulloo.makalkkoru 27 vayassundakum,nalla kadanjedutha shareeramanullathu.eathra nannayi alaveduthu blouse thaippichalum nalla tight ayirikkumennu eante ammayodu parayunnathu njan kettitundu.oru pennine sradhikkan venda avalude shareerabham kandal avalil sarikkum kothithonnum. Nalla neenda mudiyanu. Chanthikku thazheyayi mudiyangine kulachu kidakkunnu. Avalkku eannekkalum 2 vayassu kooduthalanu.veettil sthiramayi aval long skirtum, blousumanu vesham, njangalude veettil pasukkuttiyulla karyam paranjirunnuvallo.athinu 'mukkidi' kori kodukkunna pathivundu.'mukkidi' eannu parayunnathu prasavichuveena udane 16 -17 dhivasam vare passukkuttikku kodukkunna oru tharam pachamarunninte koottanu.ithu koduthal vayarinakathulla krimikeedangalelkam chathupokum.ithu pasukuttikku kodukkanayi amma urakke gopalettande makale vilichu parayum " eadi vanaje pasukuttikku mukkudi kodukkan vayo eannu.


by guest Wed Jul 10 18:28:02 UTC 2013

Reghu,aakamshayode kathirunnittum thudarathathenthe?pl.utane ezhuthu thudaru......

by Rema Wed Jul 17 16:27:56 UTC 2013

Reme, Raghuvinte vere pasu pettu kanum. Aa thirakkilayirikkum. Kurachu Kshamikku

by guest Sat Jul 20 11:23:41 UTC 2013

Njan valarnnathu oru nattin purathanu. ente cheruppathil sthreekalude oru pradhana adivasthramayirunnu onnara allengil tharu. hindu samudayathil petta ella sthreekalum tharu udukkumayirunnu. evide nokkiyalum tharudutha sthreekal.irikkumbolum, nadakkumbolum, kulikkumbolum, kuninju nilkkumbolum okke tharinte chila bhagangal bhangi aayi kanam. athil oru pradhanamaya avsthayanu pasuvine karakkal. mundinte oru thala eduthu iliyil thiruki karava nadathumbol palappozhum tharinte munthala kanarundu. kanan kollavunna cheruppakkarikal karava nadathumbol chilar avarkku chuttum karangi tharil sradhikkunnathu njan kandittundu. valichudutha tharu randu thudakaleyum pakuthu muruki irikkumbol chilappol yonithadathile karimbadam veliyil kanum. athyakarshakamaya oru kazchayanu athu. kanatha nidambamulla sthreekal kuninju nilkkumbol chanthikkidayil kooti valichedutha valinte kazchayum manoharamanu. sthreekalude aakara bhangi kathu sookshikkunnathinu purame purusha manassukale madampidippikkunna oru adivasthramanu tharu.annu kanda palatharam tharukalippolum smrithi padathil ninnu marayunnilla. churukkathil tharu purushante oru haramayirunnu. athokke orma mathram.

by njan aaru Sun Jul 21 17:10:24 UTC 2013

adipoli vivaranam;iniyum

by Rema Mon Jul 22 15:51:45 UTC 2013

ezhuthum thorum purushanu haram kerunna sangathiyanu tharu.athinoru kantha sakathi undu. pandu nattilokke oru prayogam undu " thirandi valu kondu adi konda poocha " ennu.valare vedana undakkunna onnanu thirandi valu. athoru meen vargamanu. athinte valinu meeninte gandham undakumallo. athu kondadichal poochakku nalla pole vedanikkum. pakshe meeninte gandham athine avide thanne pidichu nirthum. ivan entha thirandi valu kondu adi konda poochaye pole ennu chodikkarundu. athu poleyanu tharinte sammepyathil purushante cheshttakal.tharundu ennarinjan pinne athinte cuttinum thathi kalichu kondirikkum.athinte ettavum nalla pradasana sthalam ambalkulangalum mattu pothuvaya kulangalumanu.sthreekalkum purushanmarkkum vere vere kadavukal undakum.dharala sthreekal kulikkunna samayathu purushanmarude oru bhahalam aayirikkum. nalloru sathamanam perum appol vellathil neenthalayirikkum. allengil sthreekalude kadavu kanan pattilla. kanu mathram sthreekalude kadvilekkum. annoke kulikunna sthreekalil bhahubhooripakshavum tharuduthavar aakum. kurachu prayamayavar athu mathram uduthanu kuli.kurachu prayamkuranjavar tarinu mukalile mundu azhikkilla. pakshe vellathil irangi nanaju padavil kerumbolnanaja mundinakathu koodi tharu thelinju kanum. karamundu kondu tharu uduthu athinte kara prathryekam sthalathu varunna pole udukum chilar. nanaja mundinadiyilathum nannyikanam. pongu thega pole vellathil kidakkunna ellavarum angottu kannum nattu irikkum.pinne aanu kootuthal aakarshikunna bhagam. nanaja tharu matti puthiyathu udukkande.ennitalle pokan pattu.oru valiya mundu mulakacha pole ketti padavilkayari nilkkum. avide vecha puthiya tharu udukkanulla sramam aayi. appolanu nammude kakshikalude kannima vettatheyulla nottam.kulathilekku prishttam thirichu ninnu aadyame blouse idum aadyam.pinne oru valiya mundu kondu kazhuthu muthal moodi tharu arayil chuttum. pinnil ninnu nokkunna suhruthukkalkku avarude kai anangunnathu mathrame kanan okku.alukal onnu akathi munnottu kuninju tharinte valu valikunna aa sayam aanu prushaprajayude aavesam. oru kai pinnilekku vannu tholathitta mundinte adiyil kooti valu kuthiyal taru ready. athe nilppil tholile mundu eduthu arayil chuttum. aa samayathu mundu alpam thaznnal tharinte kuthu kanam. sadharana athu undakilla. avar ellam experienced aanu.athumnoki vellamirakki nikkunnavar ellam vega kuli kazhinju keri porum. ithu oru sthiramkazcha aayirunnu. chilarkku nottam chilare aanu. avar poyal avanum pokum. avar vannittillengil kulikkathe thirichu pokunna snehitharum undu. kulialla pradhanam. tharanu. angane oru kalam.

by njan aaru Wed Jul 24 06:24:42 UTC 2013

Nalla haram pidippikkunna vivaranam. Thudaru please

by guest Wed Jul 24 17:30:43 UTC 2013

"Nadhan illatha ambalathil tharazhichu pooja ennu oru chollundu". Athil ninnu tharinte bhalam ekadesam ariyamallo. adukkum chittayumayi sangathikal nadakkan oru bhalam venam. athillathe vannal pinne sagathikal ellam mosamanu. Appol tharu sthreekalkku oru bhalamanu. athazhichal alle pinne valla duranubhavam undaku.athilladatholam bhalam aanu. athu kondayirikam pandathe sthreekal tharine bhalamayi aasrayichirunnathu.pinneedu vanna thalmurakku athoru aabhasamanu enna thonnalundayi. athinte asowkrayam kondano atho parishkkaram kondano ennu ariyilla.pala purusha prajakalum athinu kootu pidichu. rahasyamayi tharu kanan sramichittu sadhikkatha "munthiringa pulikkum enna Kurukkante karyam" pole aayirunnu avar.ethayalum athu tharinu oruparidhi vare thadayayi.athil dhukkikkunna pala purushanmarum undu.pandathe purusha kesarikal thammil chila swakarya sallapangalil ee tharu oru valiya amsam aayirunnu.avalude tharzhikkan ninte kayyinu bhalam pora ennu oruthan parayumbol athu pole pala tharumazhichavan aanu njan ennu parayunnavar undayirunnu.pala mikacha tharukalum azhichavarude kathakal pinneedanu manassilayathu. cheruppathil aarkkariyamee tharinte mahathymam.kure kazhinjappolanu mun thalamurayude poru vili sarikum manassilayathu. ella laingeeka swakaryangalilum ee codeil aanu samsarchirunnathu.cheru prayathilulla kuttikal ariyathirikkan ithu oru nalla erppadyirunnu. oral chodikkum azicho,mattayal parayum illa. azhippichu.engane, maruchodyam.itum azhiyum, ithinte appurateyum azhiyum, ethum azhiyum. aakshepathinte moordanyathilum ithoru prayoga vasth aanu. azhichu mughathadichu. ayyo athrakkyo. pinne. onnum cheythille athinu. enthu cheyyan chlungi poyille athinte mumbilu. oru koottam angane. pinne oru vibhagam. aarkkum azhichu kodukkarlla. dhairyamundengil azhicho. njan azhikke. nokkatte ninte kazhivu. ellam athine kendreekarichu thanne. paranju kondirunnal pularuvolam parayam,pinneyum parayam. thalkkalam nirthatte. ithokke parayan..........

by njan aaru Thu Jul 25 10:58:15 UTC 2013

kollam, njan adyamayittu ariyukaya

by abhi Fri Jul 26 13:00:54 UTC 2013

onnara udutha oru streeyudey samanathinu nalla manamayirikkum. cheithalum chethalum mathivarilla...

by guest Sat Jul 27 07:22:27 UTC 2013

Pandathe thalamurrayile streekal alle tharu uduthirunnathu. annokke sthreekal dharalam prasivichirnnu. Kootuthal prasivichal yoni pesikal durbalam aakum.Aasayathu alpam balam prayogichal ariyathe vali pokum ennu parayunnu. athine thadukkan oru nalla upadhi aayittanu tharu udukkan thudagiyathu ennu kettitundu, Murukki udutha tharu athinu sahayikkum. ippol prasavam onnu allengil randu mathram. Tharum poyi. Sari aano ennariyilla.Kettu kelvi aanu

by guest Mon Jul 29 04:27:04 UTC 2013

Churidarinte koode onnara udukkamo? njan churidar aanu pathivayi udukkaru..Onnara uduthal churidar upayogikkamo?

by guest Tue Jul 30 19:04:30 UTC 2013

Nalla nanutha mundu kondu othukki amarthi uduthal kuzhappamilla. valiya mundu kondu uduthal muzhachu nilikkum. kathakali chanthi pole vrithikedayirikkum.

by s Wed Jul 31 04:25:11 UTC 2013

Hi s,
Thanks.Sadharan kadayil niinnu vangunna onnara mundu uduthal mathiyakumo? athu kanam kuranjathayirikkumo?

by guest Wed Jul 31 07:22:08 UTC 2013

2 muzham, ekadesam 3 adi veethi aanu onnara mundinu vendathu. 3 muzham neelam dharalam mathi. mundu nokki nalla minutha katti illatha tharam nokki 3 muzham neelathil murichu vangiyal mathi. apol nammude ishttathinu kittum. nalla mallu mundu undakum. athayirikkum kootuthal nallathu. nalla mayam venam, allengil ariyamallo. sramichu nokku

by s Thu Aug 01 06:04:43 UTC 2013

Dear s, njan sari upayogikkunna aalaanu..toilet use cheyyanulla budhi muttu aalochichittu njan upayogikkan madikkunnu...Onnara upayogichu puarthu poyal engane toletil pokum?

by LM Thu Aug 01 07:18:19 UTC 2013

Sari udukkumbol toletil vachu thanne engane onnara veendum kuthuka ennu oru idea yum kittunnilla..onnu explain cheyyamo?

by LM Thu Aug 01 13:11:23 UTC 2013

Onnara uduthalum ippol ellavarum oru skirt idunnundu. appol sari aanengil prsnam veendum kootuthal aakum. ethellam kooti pokki pidichu toiletil pokan kurachu prayasam thanne aanu. engane ennu parayan enikkariyilla. athu kondu purathu pokumbol sadharana panty upayogikku.veettil nilkkumbol onnara uduthu nadakku. appol toilet prasnam varillallo. kootuthal practice aakumbol thaniye oru vazhi kandupidikkam.

by s Fri Aug 02 02:58:46 UTC 2013

Njan purathu ithu vare onnara uduthu poyittilla. Veettil udukkarundu. Toiletil poyal pinne veendum onnara val kuthan valare prayasamanu. Onnara vaal kuthan pattum;pakshe adiyilekku kidakkunna pin bhagam minnilekkedukkan pattunnillla. Dear s allengil ariyavunna aarengilum, ente ee prasnagal onnu pariharichu tharamo?

by LM Fri Aug 02 14:00:55 UTC 2013

LM veettil sari aano udukkunnathu. onnarakku mukalil sari aano oru underskirtum undo. ente abhiprayathil oru mundu mathi onnarakku mukalil.athayirikkum nallathu. onnara valu azhichal thuni pinbhagathekku veezhum. athu pokki pidichu vena toiletil irikkan. ezhunnettu veendum valu kuthan aadyam pinbhagam pidichu munpilekku kondu vannu vaalu valichu kuthanam. ennittu mukalile mundu sari aakkuka. ithu eluppam sadhikkum. alpam prasnam undengilum veettinakathalle. aarum kanillalo. kurachu nal cheythal thanye sari aakum. thudarnnu cheyyu. vendennu vekkaruthu.

by s Sat Aug 03 02:47:55 UTC 2013

Thank you S. Veendum thudarananu aagraham. Njanippol onnarayanu udthirikkunnathu. Veetil magsiyanu kooduthal udukkaru. Onnarakku mukalil pavada udukkarundu. Oru kai kondu pavadayum magsiyum pokki pidichathu kondu toiletil poyaittu onnnara veendum kuthanayittu pattunnilla. ippol njan cheyyunnathu dress ellam njan aadyam azhichu maatunnu. Onnara uduthathinu shesham veendum udukkum. Athinal toiletil poyal valareyadikam samayamedukkunnu. Ingane thanneyano ellavarum cheyyunnathu?

by LM Sat Aug 03 03:51:43 UTC 2013

LM. njan sthiramayi onnara udukkunna aalanu veettil. purathu pokumbol mathrame panty dharikkarullu. veettile sadharana vesham epplum onnarayum maxiyum aanu. enikku pavada ishttamalla. ente maxi eppolum kurachu kattiyulla colour ullathanu. onnara orikalum veliyil kanilla. chilar parayum valu purathekku muzhachu nikkum ennu. valu kuthumbol onnu parathi kuthiyal ee prasnam undakilla.maxiyum onnarayum mathram aayathu kondu toiletil pokumbol onnum oru prayasavumilla. avide vechu thanne kuthi sariyakkum. athinu samayam onnum venda. sramichu nokku ishttappettengil. ellam avaravarude thripthi aanu. oru karyam theerchayanu. onnara uduthal oru oru pratheyka surakshithatuvam anubhavappedarundu. oru pantikkum athilla. pinne alpam nithabam kootuthal ullavar pavada illathe maxi ittal panty line thelinju kanum. athoru sughamulla kazchayalla. onnarayanengil athundakilla. njan mirror vechu nokkarundu.

by s Mon Aug 05 02:02:51 UTC 2013

Njan onnarakku mukalil pavada udukkarundu. Allengil nizhaladikkum.Purakil muzhachu nilkkunnathil enikku budhimuttonnumilla.Toletil pounnathilayirunnu prashnam. Magsiyum pavadam mukalilekku pokki thadi kondu amarthi pidichittanu toiletil poyathinu shesham ippol onnara kuthunnathu. Anganeyano ellarum? Purathu pokumbolum onnara udukkanamennane ente aagraham..Toilet upayogikknna budhimuttu kondanu udukkathathu. S paranjathu sariyanu. Onnara udukkumbol oru surakshithathvam feel cheyyunnu. Njan onnara udukkunnathil abhimanikkunnu.

by LM Mon Aug 05 06:41:12 UTC 2013

LM ningal cheyyunna pole thanne aanu vendathu. pavadayum maxiyum thadi kodu amarthi pidikkumbol randu kayyum free aakum. appol oru kai kondu onnarayude munbhagavum matte kai kondu pin bhagavum pokki pidichal sowkaryamayi toilettil pokam. pinneedu aadyam onnara uduthu pavadayum maziyum thazekku idam. njan pavada ozhivakkum athu kondu kurachu kooti sowkaryamanu.Kurachu kalam munbu vare rathri onnara mathrame undakullu. ippol kuttikal valuthayi thudangiyathinal maxi idum.nammude idayile chila sthreekalkkum purushanmarkkum onnara oru aparishkritha vasthram aanu ennoru vicharamundu. athanu avar onnara upekskikkunnathu. allathe athinte prayoogika budhimuttu kondalla. athinte sugham athu upayogikkunnavarkke ariyullu. nalla kalathinu ente hussinu athu valare ishttamanu. athu kondu njan rakshappettu. oru divasam kandillengil chodikum entha ennu ille ennu.ethayalum LM ente pakshathanu. namukku athu thudarnnu upayogikkam alle.

by s Tue Aug 06 05:34:11 UTC 2013

Hi S, njan onnara thudarnnu upyokkan thanneyanu aagrahikkunnathu. enikku kurachu samshayangalundu.Athu s nodu chodikkam ennu karuthunnu. Njan ekadesham 2 masame aayulloo onnara uduthu thudangiyittu.Onnara uduthu kazhinjal, thudayum backum onnara mundu tight aayi irikkarundo? Ente onnara valare loose aayanu kidakkaru. Athu njan udukkunna apakatha kondu vallathumano? Onnu vivarikkamo?

by LM Tue Aug 06 12:21:34 UTC 2013

LM, Onnara udukkunnathu thanne oru bhlatha supportinu vendi aanu. athu kondu athu orikkalum loose aayi idaruthu. pinbhagam nallapole valichu adivayarinum mundinte attathinum idayil thiruki vekkanam. appol onnara valu thadi kondu pidicholu. nalla pole tight aayi ennu urappu varuthi valu kalukalkkidayil kooti pinnilekku kondu varu. appol athine nalla pole parathi yonithadathil amarthi melle melle valichu murukki venam kondu varan. allengil athu loose aakum. athu loose aayal pinne ellam loose aakum. nalla murukki udutha onnara azhikkan thanne prayasamanu. kuniyumbol athu veendum tight aakum, thudayilum nalla pole otti nilkkum. adutha thavana cheyyumbol sradhichu cheyyu. sari aakum.

by s Wed Aug 07 06:02:59 UTC 2013

Hi S, innu s paranja pole uduthu nokki. Pinbhagam valichu adivayarinum mundinum idayiloode valichu purathekkittu. pinbhagam kore jore ullathu kondu thiruki vakkan pattunnilla..Angane cheyyan sramikkumbol onnara mundu azhinju pokunnu.Adivayarunum mundinte attathinum adiyiloode munnilekku valichanu ippol ittirikkuannathu. Tight aayi irikkunnundu. Pakshe sariyaya reethi ithu thanneaano ennariyilla. Ingane uduthappol tolietil pokumbol onnara motham azhikkendiyum varunnu.

by LM Wed Aug 07 13:47:17 UTC 2013

LM enthanu cheythathu ennu enikku sarikku manassilayilla.njan orikkal kooti parayam.
1. mundu udukkunna pole udukkuka, kurachu madi neetti idanam.
2.madi pokki thadi kondu amarthi nirthuka.
3. mundinte pin bhagam randu kalukalkkum idayiloode munnilekku valichu pokkuka
4. madi pokki pidichathinal aa sthalathu pinbhgam kuthuka.athu nallapole tight aayi kuthuka.
5. madi thazhekku iduka. athine parathu madakkikalidayil kooti pinnilekku valichu kuthuka.
ithrayum cheythal kazhinju

by s Thu Aug 08 01:59:06 UTC 2013

s paranja poleyanu innu njan cheythirikkunnathu. Parichaayamayikkazhinjal sariyakumennu karutham.Thanks. Paakshe ippol toliet use cheyyanamengil randu kuthu azhikkendi varum alle.

by LM Thu Aug 08 04:26:31 UTC 2013

s vere oru prasnam koodi. Pinbhagam munnilekkeduthu kuthunnathu kondu idakkidakku mundu azhinju pokunnu.ithum kurachu naalakumbol sariyakumennu karuthunnu. Pakshe njan onnara upekshikkan thayyaralla..

by LM Thu Aug 08 07:53:53 UTC 2013

Enikku oru doubt. Njan onnarayudukkunnathu pala reethikalilanu. Ente husband valiya mundukondu udukkan parayum. Njan thorthmundu use cheyyunnu. Churidarinullil thorth arail kettiyanu udukkunnathu. Athu valare soukaryamayirikkum. Cheruppam muthal thorth kettiyudukkunnu. Onnara valiya mundu mondu njoriyittudukkunnathanu entehusband ishtappedunnathu. Week endil mathram chettan varumbol njorithar udukkunnu. Chilappol madiyittum udukkunnu. 3 reethikalilum arayil ore pointil alla mundu kettunnathu. Thorth udukkumbol valare thazhthiyudukkunnu. Njorithar arakkettil thanne. Madi thar in between. Aryil pala sthalathum mundu udukkunnathu kondu sarikkulla figure kittilla ennu elders parayunnu. Ennum ore reethiyil thanne udukkanamennundo. Pala reethikalil udukkunnathukondu doshamundo.

by Mrs. PS Thu Aug 08 09:35:42 UTC 2013

Hi Mrs.PS, thorthu upayogichu enganeya onnara udukkunnathennu onnu vivarikkamo?

by guest Thu Aug 08 13:03:55 UTC 2013

LM. thudarnnu udutholu. ellam sari aakum.kurachu nal kazhiyumbol ithu oru vishayam allathakum. pinnile kuthanu sarikkum onnaraye bhalamayi nirthunnathu. mundu chulinzhu vrithikedathirikkan mathramanu munnil onnu thiruki vekkunnathu. athinu athra bhalam kodukkenda aavasyamilla. athil valare bhalamayi thirukan sramichal mundu uduthathu loose aakan sadytha undu. athu ozhivakki melle thiruki vechal mathi. pinne mun bhagam amarthi vidichanallo valu murukki kuthunnathu. athile nalla sradha venam. ok. all the best.
Mrs.PS. pala sthalathum onnara udukkunnathu kondu oru kuzhappavum illa. oru tharathil paranjal athanu nallathu. ella divasavum ore sthalathu onnara murukki uduthal adivayarinu chuttum oru karutha padu veezhum. pinne nammude aalalle athu kanunnullu ennathu kondu valiya prasnamilla. thorthinu pakaram nalla neriyathu kondu uduthu nokku. nalla othukkavum bhangiyum undakum. njoritharu udukkal hussinu ishttamanengil orikkalum upekshikkaruthu. athoru azhakanu kanan. enikku pakshe nalla pole noritharudukkan ariyilla ketto. pakshe dharalam kandittundu.

by s Fri Aug 09 02:15:01 UTC 2013

OK S. Njan thudarnnum udukkum.Pinbhagam munnil kuthatheyanu njan innuduthathu.kuthumbol mundu loose aayippokunnu.Pinne, onnarayude balam, murukkam ennathukondu usheshunnathu arakkettile murukkamano atho younimugham balamayi murki ennathano?

by LM Fri Aug 09 07:12:29 UTC 2013

LM. arakkettil samanyam murukkam undengile onnara nannayi nikkukayullu. murukkam yonimughathe thanne aanu. njan paranjille oru kai kondu amarthi pidichu valu valichu murukkan. aa sayathu namukku anubhavappedunna sughamulla murukkam aanu nokkendathu. athu palarkkum pala vidhathilakamallo. athu kondu oru niyamam illa. avaravarude ishttam.

by s Sat Aug 10 01:55:53 UTC 2013

OK S. Nallavannam murukkumbol maladwarathinu mukalil vedana varum. Athu kondu nja adhikam murukkarilla.

by LM Sat Aug 10 05:31:41 UTC 2013

Hi, thorthuduthu enganeya onnara udukkuka?? Athonnu parayamo?

by kkn Sat Aug 10 05:33:03 UTC 2013

Thorth udukkan nalla practice venam. Munpu palarum thorth udukkunna reethi paranjittundu. Athu nokki follow cheyyuka. Sadharana cheriya kuttikalanu thorth udukkunnathu. Uduppikkal chadanginu thorth upayogikkunnu. Mensus ayal palarum thorth matti cheriyamundu upayogikkum. Njan thorth ishtappe-dunnu. Karanam uduthal nanne cheriyathayirikkum. Nalla sukham undakum. Oru panties dharicha mathiri. Ennal onnarayude phalam kittum. Mundu upayogichennu aarkum thonnilla. Churidarinullil thorth mathram upayogikkum. Pinne dry cheyyanum eluppam. Churidarinu thottu thanne unakkam. Valiya mundu veliyil dry cheyyan pattukayilla. Aarenkilum sradhikkum. Collegil pokunna kalathu thorth uduthu athinu mukalil panties ittirunnu. Pinne arayil ketti udukkan padichu.

by Mrs. PS Sat Aug 10 09:29:28 UTC 2013

Hi PS, thorthudukkunna reethi sariyayi onnu vivarichu tharamo?? Thorthinappol nalla veethi vendi varille? thoorthu upayaogichu udukkunna reethi oro stepum onnu parayamo?

by kkn Sat Aug 10 11:36:24 UTC 2013

Hi s, onnara murukki uduthal arakkettinu bhangiyum, backside nu valippavum varumo?

by v Sat Aug 10 11:39:29 UTC 2013

Ippol OK aayittundu.Thanks s

by LM Mon Aug 12 08:53:44 UTC 2013

Thorthu upayogichu onnara udukkunnathu enganeyonnu aarengilum paranju tharamo? Churidar udukkunnathu kondu onnara mundinekkal nallathu thorthu aakumennu karuthunnu. thorthu upayogichulla steps enganeyonnu vivarikkamo?

by kkn Mon Aug 12 08:57:07 UTC 2013

V. ethra murukki onnara uduthalum arakkettinte bhangiyum bakinte valuppavum onnum adhikam aakan pokunnilla. ulla azhakine samrakshikkan oru paridhi vare athu upakarikkum. pinne ullathine onnu eduthu kattum. athraye ullu. pakshe yonimughathe thangu onnarayolam onninum undakilla.
kkn. thorthu kondu thattu udukkal oru compromise aanu. athine sadharana thorthu pora. randu thorthu kootiyathu vanganam.veethi kuravayathu kondu thuda mathrame marayu. udukunna reethi ellam oru poleyanu. chilar mundu kuthunnathinu pakaram arayil kettum. nalla othukkam undakum. valu valare santhoshammuzhachu nilkkathe kuthiyal mukalil choorid ar upayogikkam.
LM. ethayalum ellam sari aayathil valare santhosham. thudarnnum udukku

by s Mon Aug 12 10:31:11 UTC 2013

Hi s, njan onnara udukkumbol thudayde oru bhagam mathrame sariyayi marayukayullooo...randu hudakkum idayilulla bhagam sariyai marayukayilla. Udukkumbol kurachu marayum. Onnu nadakkumbol pinne randu thudakkidayilulla bhagam marippokum. Njan udukkunna enthengilum apakatha konadano ithu?

by kkn Tue Aug 13 04:03:55 UTC 2013

kn. athayirikkan aanu sadyatha. mundu udukkumbol melthala kazhiyunnathum valathu vasathekku kondu poyi kuthuka. allengil ee kuzhappam undakum. pine pinbhagam mumbilekku eduthu kuthumbol mundu randu thudayi ninnum mari pokan sradhikkuka. valu valichu kuthunnathine mumbu ellam sari aayille ennu nokki kuthuka. mikkavarum sari aakum

by s Tue Aug 13 04:15:43 UTC 2013

Njan parayunnathu onnarayude vere oru vasamaanu. njan oru male aanu.ente chila anubhavavum abhiprayavum aanu. aarkkum oru virodhavum thonnaruthu.
Purushanmare kamasktharakkunna oru sthree adivasthramanu onnara. mattu ethoru adivasthrathekkal purushante kamasakthi valarthanulla oru kazhivu athinundu.athukondayirikkam purathana kalam muthale sthreekalkku ee vasthram kalpana cheythathu.purushane aakarshikkunna sthree bhagangal mugham, maru, ara pinne nidambavum thudayum aanallo. athil ettavum aakrshakamaya bhagathe marakkunna vasthramanu onnara. pakshe athinte roopam ella bhagangaleyum eduthu kattum vidhamanu. varinju murukiya arakkettu, bhooribhagam maranja thudakal eduthu kattunna nidambam pinne valichu murukkiya onnara val. iva elam oru purushane kamasakthanakkum.athilekku nokki irunnal thaniye oru prtheyka thalathilekku uyarum.pinnedulla aalochana athinullile rahasyangal aayirikkum. athonnazhichu kanan sadhichal thaniye onnazhichal ennulla thalathilekku neengum chintha. karanam mumbu paranjathinekkalellam masmara sakthiyullathanu onnarayile yoni ghandham. athu orikkal anubhavichavar onara kandal oru prtheka manasikavasthayilaaku. sadharana athra eluppam athu anubhavikkan pattarilla.
sthreekal sadharana onnara azhichaludan vellathil idum kazhukan. athinu pala karanangalum undu. mattullavar athu kananunnathu avarkku pothuvil ishttamalla. pandokke palarum kulathil aanu athu cheyyuka. vaikumbol kulathil pakande ennu chodikkunna oru seelam undayirunnu. vellathil irangi ninnu onnara azhichu idum. pinne athine mukki nanachu kazhki mathrame padavil vekku. bath room aayappol aadyam avar cheyyunnathu onnara nanachu kazhukal aanu. athinu sesham mathrame kuli ullu. mattoralkku athu kanan ulla avasaram kodukkilla. Njanengane arinju ennathu oru raskaramaya karyam aanu. njan ente oru cosinte veettil poyirunnu oru samayathu. avar sthiramayi onnara udukkunnavar aayirunnu. ellavarum kooti varthamanam paranjirunnu. sandya aayappolavar bath roomil poyi vannu. ennodu kulikkunnengil kulichu kollu enu paranju.yathra cheythu viyarthu irikunna enikku oru kuli athyavasyamayirunnu. avide ulla mattullavarum ennodu aadyam kulichu kollan paranju. njan kulimuriyilkayariyappol ella sadhanangalum avide undu. towel soap ithyathi. koode oru mundum chulinju kidakunnu. njan athonneduthu nokki.athu azhichitta onnara aayirunnu. avar marannathano edukkan atho njanonnu kandu kollatte ennu vicharichathano ennu enikku ippolum ariyilla.ethtayalum njan athonnu visadamayi parishodichu. yoni mughathu thatti nilkunna bhagam verthirichu arinju.avide mathram oru oru nanavu undayirunu.njan nalla pole athu manathu nokki.oru tharam mathu pidippikkunna manam. njan aake oru vallatha vasthyilayi. onnarayude ghandahm enne vallathe mathu pidippichu. pinnedu palappozhum onnara kanan ida vannittundu akalangalilninnu. appozhellam aa madaga ghandam enikku anubhavappettu. njan onnaraye premikkunnu. ente bharya veettil onnara udukkanam ennu enikku nirbhadamanu. palappozhum njan uduthu kodukkarundu. enikku aa madaga gandham ennum anubhavikkan. onnara udukkunna stheekale njan snehikkunnu.

by onnara preman Tue Aug 13 06:52:36 UTC 2013

Hi S, munnilekku kuthunna pinbhagamanu marippokunnathu. Munnilekku valikkunna apakatha kondano? Njan methala valathe side lekku maatiyanu kutharu.

by kkn Tue Aug 13 07:54:40 UTC 2013

kkn paranja polathe prasnam enikkum undakarundu.Thudakalkkidayilulla onnarayude bhagam purakulekku pokunnu.

by v Tue Aug 13 12:43:23 UTC 2013

kkn and V
thuda muzhukke moodan valiya padanu. valiya onnara undengil mathrame athu pattu. sariyudeyum chooridharinteyummokke koote athuduthal vechu kettiya pole irikum.athu abhangiyanu. udukkumbol njan parayunna pole cheythu nokku.
madiyittu uduthu kazhinjal madi pokki thadikkum nenjinum idakku vechu amarthi pidikku. appol randu kayyumfree aakum. pinbhagam munnilekkeduthu randu kai kondum nallapole virichu pidichumundinidayil thiruki vekku.appol randu thudayudeum chila bhagam veliyil kandennu varam. randu bhagathu ninnum varunna attam thudakkum ee mundinidakkum nalla pole thalli vechathinu sesham onnum kanunnilla ennu urappu varuthu. madi free aakki kazhiyavunna athra parathi kalukalkkidayiloode valichu pinnil kuthu.yoni prathalam muzhukke ee madiyude adiyil aakanam. kalinidayilulla bhagam mathram nerthirikkum.chanthi idayilninnu purathu varunna bhagam veendum virichu pinnil bhalamayi kuthi mothathil onnu parishodikku. ellam bhangi aayittundakum. cheythu nokki abhiprayam parayu.

by s Wed Aug 14 09:24:27 UTC 2013

s, njan inganeyanu udukkunnathu. uduthu kazhiyumbol ok aayirikkum. kurachu kazhiyumbol thudayile onnarayude bhagam veliyilakunnu, thuda motham kana. yoniyude bhagam mathrame maranjirikkunnulloo.

by kkn Wed Aug 14 11:21:32 UTC 2013

Ningalkkonnum nanamille 'PATTI PULAYADIMAKKALE ?

by guest Wed Aug 14 13:30:26 UTC 2013

Thanthayillatha oru alavalathi thendi ithinidayil kereettundu.namukku nirtham

by s Thu Aug 15 05:01:50 UTC 2013

onnara udukkunnathu kananan ithrakkum kothiyanengil trissur,palakkad,malappurm,kozhikode
jillakalil ethengilum gramathiley kulakkadavil poyi ninnal mathi. oralengilum udukkunnathu kaanam.

by guest Mon Aug 19 13:14:56 UTC 2013

regular aayi onnara udukkunna oru lady friend ney
enikku venum. aarengilum undengil parayuka..

by guest Sun Sep 01 01:11:52 UTC 2013

shaddi , onnara itonnum idatha oru lokamavanam malayalikalude swapnam, kallavedi vakkunnavarku itellam ooran oru padu timedukkum.

by yogi ramankutti nair. Fri Sep 06 04:57:50 UTC 2013


by guest Sun Sep 08 12:53:58 UTC 2013

Thulavarshan Eanna Mooviyil sreedeviye ONNARA udukkan Padippikkunna Rangamundo ?

by guest Mon Sep 09 08:09:32 UTC 2013

Eattavum Nalla ONNARA Moovie Eathanu? Please Respond

by guest Mon Sep 09 08:10:25 UTC 2013

Guruvayur Kesavan,Parinayam, Neelathamara (old) & new, Gandharvakshetram etc.etc.

by guest Mon Sep 09 09:14:12 UTC 2013

that is not correct. onnara whowing films are swapnam(old), and padippura.
watch these movies if you get the cd.

by guest Tue Sep 10 19:41:02 UTC 2013

onnara udukkunnathum azhichudukkunnathum, bodies, onnara mathram uduthu nilkunnathum yellam entey kayyil clear video undu. nhan ennum ancharu vattam kanarundu.....

by guest Tue Sep 17 12:51:52 UTC 2013

kayyil vachu vaanam vittoo

by guest Mon Sep 23 08:11:42 UTC 2013

tharudutha poorthadathinte bhangi onnu vere aanu. athu kandale palarkkum pokum.

by guest Thu Sep 26 04:33:09 UTC 2013

Onnara oru kamamayikandu post cheyyunna palarum orkkenda oru karyam avarude ammayo, ammayo, muthassiyo okke onnara uduthirikkunnavaryirunnu. 1980-85 vare onnara oru common adivasthramayirunnu. Ulnadukalil ella sthree kalum onnara upayogichirunnu. School college kuttikal muthal office jolikkar vare. Churidarum maxiyum vannathode onnara nattil ninnu pokan thudangi. Ennalum sthiramayi onnara upayogichirunna palarum innum undu. 1990 muthalanu school kuttikalellam churidarilekku kadannathu. Ok. Kalathinanusarichu mattam venam. Ennal onnaraye thalli parayunnathu thettanu. Pantiesum sheddyum idan thudangiyappol palarkkum allergiyum, urinary infectionum okke thudangi. Athu ippol kuresse manassiayavar onnarayilekku madangan thudangi. Ippol pala ulnadukalilum onnara uduppikkal chadangum, thirandu kalyanavum okke kandu thudangi. Pala ammamarkkum udukkan ariyillenkilum avarude penkuttikale 10 vayassil uduppikkan ishtappedunnundu. Onnara mathramalla chattayum mundum innu kananilla. Kalolsava vedikalil Margam kaliyil chattayum mundum, Oppanayil muslim veshavum, Thiruvathirakaliyil onnarayum kanduvarunnu. Pazhaya reethikale nirthikondu pokendathu nammude samskarathinte aavasya manu. Athine verum kamayudhamayi kanathirukkuka. Onnara upayogichathukondu aarkum onnum nashtamayittilla. Nalla figure kittanum allergy illathirikkanum onnara thane venam.

by Guest Thu Sep 26 11:56:03 UTC 2013

onnara veendum fashion aayi varumennu nhan aagrahikkunnu. athinu prayamulla sthreekalum mathrukayakanam..

by guest Sat Sep 28 10:53:58 UTC 2013


by guest Fri Oct 04 18:21:52 UTC 2013


by guest Fri Oct 04 18:21:52 UTC 2013

Enthu okkaa vayichappol enta kuttikalam orma varunu...enta veedu town'el annu..njan 8th'el padikuna kalam.vacation akkobolnjan enta cousinta veettiel pokoyi nillkum...aviday auntyum unleum mathram ollu...avarku oru molum undum..chachi degreeku padilunu...oru divasam chachi paraju namaku purathu pokamanu....appol chachi parju namaku kullichittu varamanu..avaruday veedinakathu kullam undu...enniku kullathiel kullikuvan padiyaaa',enniku nidhan ariyillaaa...njan chachiyodu paraju eniku nidhael arillaa njan varunillaa ennu..appol aunty paraju avana nidhael padipichu kodukan paraju...njaum chachiyum kullathiel poyyi...chachi enniku oru thorthu mundu udukan thannu..njan thorthu eduthu kullathiel etaghi ninnu..chachiyuday apollatha vasham blouseumlong pavadayum ayyirunu..kullathinta kadavil oru chariyaa room undu,chachi aa roomel kayari...ennittu kurachu kazijapol chachi purthu vannu..appil chachiyuday vasham oru vellaa mundum red blouse annu.mundita oru thallaa muttinta kizhaa varaa nidu kidanirunu..enniku ethu kandappol akkaa chamael ayyiii..chachi ennodu chodhichu nee kullathiel eraghillaaa..njan paraju enniku padiyaa..chachi athum paraju ennaa kalliyaki....chachi kullathiel eraghi chachiyuday head kazhukii...ennittu thallaa thorthiyathinu shesham...kullathittaa kadavillaku kayarininnu...ennittu udutha mundu onnu othuki uduthu appollum mundita orattam muttintaa kizhaa kidakunudayirunu...ennittu chachai pinbhaghatha munditaaa bhagham munillottu pokki pidichu ennittu munill njanu kidannaa bhagham pinnilottu kuthii.. enniku ethu kandappil akkaa ayyadanu ayyii...ennittu chachachi kullathiloto eraghi vannu appol vasham blouseum tharrum ayyirunu...chachiku njan koday ullathu prasnam ellayieunu....njan chachitodu chodichu,
enthinaaa eghanaa udukunathu ennu..appol chachi parayaa oru dhayirathinanu ennu..ennittu chachi ennaa nithan padipichu...athoru kallamm...ellam ormakael mathram.....

by kr Sat Oct 05 11:57:18 UTC 2013

enik tarudukunatil talparyam ellayirunu epol ente husbatinuvendi udukarundu

by guest Sun Oct 06 17:29:19 UTC 2013

enikkuvdendi onnu uduthu kaanikkamo?

by guest Tue Oct 08 11:53:17 UTC 2013

Enikku 48 vayassanu. Ente marriage 1982il ayirunnu. 10 vayassu muthal marriage vare adiyil onnara yuduthirunnu. Pazhaya nair tharavad... Ella chittakalum paripalichu ponnirunnu. Schoolilum pre-degreekku padikkumbozhum cheriya mundukondu uduthirunnu. Marriage kazhinju chettante koode Bombay vannu. Chettanu annu onnarayodu thalparyam illayirunnu. Annokke nattil ellavarum onnara thane yanu use chaithirunnathu. Athukondu aadyam thane onnara matti panties vangi thannu. Ente veettil athonnum nadappillayirunnu. Bombayil vannappol muthal panties dharikkan thudangi. 2-3 masom kazhinjappol chettan thane paranju edakkellam onnarayudukkanam allengil udukkan marannu pokum ennellam. Annokke nattil panties dharicha penkuttikal valare kuravayirunnu. Ennal Bombayil vannappol enikku kure malayali koottukarikale kitti. Avarellam onnara virodhikalayirunnu. Annu churidar, maxi ellam dharichirunnu. Njangal palappozhum onnara oru samsaravishaya mayirunnu. Ennal valare close aayappol palarum paranju njangalum onnara udukkarundu, athu husbantinte ishtathinanu cheyyunnathu. Newly marriage kazhinju varunnavarkku onnara aadyam ishtamakarilla, ennal chila masangalkku sesham onnara nirbandhamayi udukkunnu. Ente delivery kazhinjappol nattile oru lady doctor pattumenkil onnara 6 masam udukkan paranju. Athukondu vayar churunganum arakkettu othunganum eluppamanennu paranju. Ennepole palarkkum ee anubhavam undakam. Oru karyam theerchayanu, ella husband markkum onnara priyappettathanu. Ethenkilum husbandinu onnara ishtappettathe vanna charithramundo... undenkil parayuka.

by by RV Tue Oct 08 14:26:01 UTC 2013

ningal oru pennanengil onnara uduthu kanichu tharamayirunnu

by guest Tue Oct 08 17:44:12 UTC 2013

Onnara veetil mathramaano upayogikkan pattuka? purathu pokumbol upayogikkan patto??

by SN Wed Oct 16 07:15:08 UTC 2013

E, blogil ezhuthunnavarellam pacha kallamanezhuthunnathu.ororutharum avaravarude bhavanayil nunakalum, vrithikedukalum ezhuthunnu, ethellam ezhuthunnu oral thanneyano? Atho!eni eanne parichayapedutham,njan oru vanithayanu, peru velipeduthan pattilla, karanam e blog athrayum vrithiketta roopathil aakki vechirikkayanu.enthu kondanu onnarayil ethra kamasakthi kanikkanullathu.kalathinanusarichu kolam marunnathu ealla nadukalilum pathivanu,pandathe kalathu onnarayayirunnu chilarude adivasthram eannal ennathu mari,allenkil athu matti,innathe kalathu pantiyayi,eannal pantikku sepparate blog undo?eannal ennum keralathinte vadakkan jillakalile chila gramagalil ennum chilar onnara valichumurukki tharudukkunnu, njan jurnalisam kazhinjathanu,njanoru vadakkukeraliyayanu.eante amma oru 5
kazhinjathnu,bhayankara acharanushttanagalodeyulla jeevithamanete veettil.achan adutha ambalathile poojariyanu,aniyan ibm il work cheyyunnu.eante amma teacherayirunnu,ammyum achanum njangale valare chittayodeyanu valarthiyathu.achan prathifalathinu vendiyonnumalla santhicheyyunnathu.njan koyambathoorilanu,eani njan oru karyam koodi parayam,njan oru fashion kothichiyanu.manassilayille! Masathil allenkil weekkil fashion marumbol appol thanne njan a typil ulla dressukal vangikkottarundu.aa njananu e onnarayepatti parayunnathu

by Oru namboori yuvathi Wed Oct 16 08:50:30 UTC 2013

Njan 2-3 amasam koodumbol veettil pokum eannittu 1week kazhinje thirichu koyambathooril pokarulloo.eante adipoli jeevithamonnum veettukarkkariyilla.veettilottu kayarichellumbol churitharayirikkum eante vesham, ange attam poyal legginsum topum dharikkum,athra tight aya bottam idunnathonnum achanum,ammakkum ishttamalla, avar edakkellam vallathum parayarundu.veettil chennal amma thorthumundum soapum, punnyahavumayi, veettupadikkalundakum, amma eante bagil punnyaham thalikkum, eannittu bagil ninnum eante thunikalellam purathekkidum eannittu bag mattiyittu thunikalellam variyedukkan parayum eannittu njangal 2 perum nere ambalakulathilekku nadakkum.amma eanikku kuli kazhinju mattunnathinayi kottande loosaya churithar kayyileduthittundakum.pinne ammayude kayyil velutha nalla kattiyulla oru neelan thunikashnavum undakum, athu eanthanennariyammo? Eanikku churitharinadiyil dharikkanulla KONAKAM, ithu sathyamanu, eante veettil allenkil ammayude aduthu tharikidayonnum nadakkila.pantiyittal adivasthram dharichathayi karuthan pattilla eannanu ammayudeyum, ammomayudeyum concept.

by Oru namboori yuvathi Wed Oct 16 17:31:06 UTC 2013

ngan mumbu ezudiyirunnu ende husbantinu onnara udukkunath istamanenu enu. eniku 31 age ayi husbentinde veetil arum onnara ubayogikarila ene veetil amma edakoke edakubayogikarundu.ngan aduta kalatanu udutu tudangiyatu ammayanu parangu tannatu udukunatu perfect ano ennariyila husbant parayumbozoke udukum pine ambalatil pogumbol.4 tavana computer clasil poyapol.ente name original alla

by sindu Thu Oct 17 08:21:18 UTC 2013

Nambudiri yuvathiyude posting kandanu ithezhuthunnathu. Oru Nambudiri illathu punyaham thalichu dressilellam ethrayum sudhi nokkunna ammummayum ammayum ullappol ambalakulathil kuli kazhinju churidarinullil dharikkan neelamkoodiya thunikondu konakamudukkan parayunnathu vijithram thane. Sadharana nambudiri sthreekal prathyekichu elders, theerchayayum adiyil onnara uduthirikkum. Konakam oru illathum sthreekal dharikkarilla. Innathe kalathu nambudiri pennungal panties adiyil dharikkunnu. Onnarayude upayogam valare kuravanu. Kalathinoppamulla mattamanu. Onnara dharichu schoolilum collegilum pokuvan pattillallo. Trichuril ulnattil thamasikkunna enikku aduthulla pala nambudiri illangalum ambalangalum dharalam ariyam. Innu onnarayudukkan muthirnna ammummamar vare thalparyam kattunnilla. Prathyekichu Upper caste (Nambuthiri, mattu brahins) onnara udukkathavarayittundu. Muthassimar vare onnarayuduthu adipavada dharichanu ambalatil pokunnathu thanne.Ennal pooja cheyyunna cheruppakaraya nambudirimar thattuduthanu sreekovilil poojikkunnathu. Avarude velikal churidharum pantsum dharichu scootarilum mattum nadakkunna kazhcha ulnadukalil vare yundu. Nair pennungalil chilar innu avarude kuttikale onnara dharikkan thalparyam kattunnu. Pala ammamarkkum onnara udukkan ariyillenkilum makkale onnarayuduppinnundu. Holidayslum, ambalangalil pokumbozhukokke... Pakshe churidarinullil konakam ente arivil aarum dharikkarilla, athukondu oru prayojanavum illa. Njanum valare modern veshangal dharikkunna sthreeyanu. Ennal visesha divasangalil chila ambalathil pokumbozhum churidarinullil onnarayanudukkunnathu. Pinne long journeyilum, athayathu 6-7 hours caril yathra cheyyumbol onnarayudukkunnu. Vazhiyil toilet pokathirikkanulla oru soothram. Pandokke konakam valare sadhuvaya penkuttikal, low castilullavar upayogikkarundennu kettittunu. Anikku ariyilla.

by by a Guest Thu Oct 17 12:30:28 UTC 2013

nithyavum onnarayum mundum veshtiyum uukkunna oru streeye nhan agrahikkunnu...

by guest Thu Oct 17 15:56:02 UTC 2013

eniku veluthu light neelaniramula onnara valiya eshtamanu

by guest Fri Oct 18 18:25:30 UTC 2013

alakki veluppicha pacha karayulla valiya 6 muzham hantex onnara yenikku valiya ishtamanu..

by guest Sun Oct 20 19:05:32 UTC 2013

ngan edakoke naduveedana varumbol udukarundu apol hasbantinu estamula nalla vrithiyulla vella ujala mukiya onnara mundanu udukaruktu

by guest Mon Oct 21 16:54:16 UTC 2013

Ente vivaham 82il aayirunnu;2 varsham kazhinju aadhyathe prasavam;prasvathinu sesham ente amma enne rahasyamayi vilichu oru karyam paranju.Prasavicha pennungalude yoni ayanjupokum;pinne bandhappetumpol chettanu munpullathra sugham kittilla;kootathe vayaru valathe chati shape pokum;yoni irukan oushadhaprayogam undenkilum avitam nannayi murukan sthiramayi thattudukkanamennu amma nirbandichu.Amma onnara kettiyutukkan vidagdayanu.60thilum nalla nithamba vativu ammaykkundu.Ente chechiyum nathoonum ennum onnarayudukkum.Ee upadesam anusarikkan kure budhimutti enkilum nalla phalamuntayi.Bharthavinu poorna thripthi;rahasya samagama velayil murukkiyututha onnara azhichitumpol nertha mundinnatiyil thulumbunna nithambam adhehathinu pinne haramayi....onnara ethayalum mikacha oru ullutuppanu.

by Prameela Mon Oct 21 17:25:34 UTC 2013

yonimughathu ottiya onnara enikku haramanu. athu kandal njan enne marannupokum.udan manappikum.pinne kure neram nirvrithiyil aayirikum. ethengilum veettil bath roomil kayariyal njan aadyam nokkunnathu azhichu vecha onnara undo ennanu.undengil eduthu parisodhikkum, yoni bhagam,athoru anubhavam thanne.

by kaman Wed Oct 23 05:19:23 UTC 2013

Ente anubhavathil onnarayudukkunnathu nalloru adivasthravum athukondu oru self confidenceum kittuka mathramalla, arogya paramayum valare nallathanu. Athinulla thelivanallo ithrayum per ee forathil post cheyyunnathu. Chilar ithoru laingigamaya oru sitayil kanunnundenkilum chila nalla postingkalum kananundu. Innu onnarakku nalla prajaram kittiyathum ithokke thane. Ippol pala penkuttikalum onnarayil thalparyam kattunnathu athinte sariyaya upayogam manassilakkiyathu kondanu. Innu pala lady doctormarum onnarayudukkan prerippikkarundu. Pakshe innathe penkuttikalkku sthiramayi udukkan pattarillallo. Chilar schoolil ninnu vannal kulichu rathriyil mathram ithu upayogikkunnu. Pinne parisudhatha kathu sookshikkan onnarayekkal nalloru adivasthramilla thanne. Kshethrangalilum poojavelakalilum onnara nirbandhamanallo. Enthayalum onnarayudukkunnavar nammude nattil ninnu theere manju poyittilla. Onnarayude mahathwom arinjathukondu thanneyavanam, urappichu parayam onnaraye compare cheyyan mattoru adivasthrathinum pattukayilla. Innu keralathil mathramalla mattu nadukalilum, mattu jathikalilum athayathu ahindukkalil chilarenkilum onnarayudukkan thudangiyathum onnarayude mahatmyam arinju kondanennathinu samsayamilla.

by Mrs.V Wed Oct 23 12:22:41 UTC 2013

critianikal onnara udukumo ?

by guest Thu Oct 24 17:07:49 UTC 2013

hai, try not to use abusive langauge here. And 99% seems to be non genuine. Onnara is traditional well respected dress, in my opinion. . Any body, with genuine identity , would like to chat in yahoo mssngr regarding onnara pls contact nairravi32

by guest Thu Oct 24 18:36:50 UTC 2013

christianikal sadharana onnum adiyil idarilla, except youngsters.

by guest Sat Oct 26 15:21:11 UTC 2013

nalla valippamulla(6muzham)onnara uduthaley bhangiyullu. hantexil kittum. athu alakki veluppikkanam. vakkum adikkanam.

by guest Wed Oct 30 00:40:57 UTC 2013

Churidaridumbol cheriya mundudukkunnathanu nallathu. 6 muzham neelamulla onnarayuduthal pirakil muzhachu nilkkum.

by guest Wed Oct 30 12:22:31 UTC 2013

elakangal enna cinimayil thozutil chanakam varunna seen undu mundu pokikuthi onnara mutinu keeze jaket vellamundum nalla bhangiyundu kanan koodate mundu matiyudukuna seenum kanam stree soundaryatinu vella mundum jakatum anu bangi mundu creem calarinekal nallatu vella thanne

by guest Wed Oct 30 14:09:39 UTC 2013

regular ayi onnara udukkunna oru streeyey enikku kittiyal kollqamayirunnu..

by guest Wed Oct 30 20:32:52 UTC 2013

Onnarayude pinnilekkulla vaal attam madakki nirappakki nallapole parathi randu kai kondu randu attavum pidichu mundinadiyileku thiruki kayattiyal orikkalum muzhachu nilkkilaa. pinnilninnu nokkiyal oru thrikonakrithiyil irikkum mathrmalla onnu thadavinokkiayal polum onnara uduthapole thonilla. 6 muzham onnara ingane udukkan padichal sariyudeyum churidarinteyum adiyil muzhachunilkilla.

by guest Sat Nov 02 11:52:35 UTC 2013

6 muzham ennu parayunntu ethra yanu meettaril allangil vere alavil parayu ?

by guest Sat Nov 02 18:34:29 UTC 2013

Mr.V ezhuthiyathu njan kandu.njan thudarnnulla karyam ezhuthiyillallo.athinu munpanu 'V' abhiprayam paranjathu.
Eani njan thudarnnu ezhutham. Amma konduvanna aa konakam mathrame njan adiyil udukkoo eannu njan paranjathayi eannikkormmayilla. Athinu sesham njagal veettilottu pokum.ambalam adachittundakum.njan koyambathooril ninnum veettilethunna samayavum ambalakulathil kulikkan pokunna samayavum athanu.
Appol chodikkam "e konakamudukkunnathinu pakaram onnarayuduthoode"eannu. Annumgalude kadavil ninnum nokkiyal pennugalude kadavil thunimarukayanenkil athu sarikkum kanam ayathinal kulathil eramgi ninnu vellathinadiyiloode eangineyanu thattudukkunnathu.eannal eprakaram konakam essiyayi dharikkam.pakshe nanajathakum eanne ulloo.athinu mukalil nananja kattiyulla thorthumunduduthal(thorthumundum vellathindiyilanu konakathinu mukalil udukkunnathu) oru kuttikku polum ariyan pattilla.eannittu kadavilekku kayari nalla longayittulla churidhr top dharikkum athinadiyilloode thorthu valichoori bottom dharikkum.appol bottathinadiyil nananja konakamayirikkum.appol aduthu vannu sradhichu nokkiyal polum ariyilla.eathu vayikkunnavarkku thonnum eanthinanu ethra kashttapedunnathu eannu. Eannal engine cheyyan 1 minittupolum venda.eprakaram cheyyunnathu eanthu kondennal ambalathinakathu koode purathukadannal veedinte pinbhagathetham..ambalathinakathu koode pokunnathu kondanu eprakaram adivasthram dharikkunnathu.thu ammomayude kuttikalam muthale thudangiyathanu.nananjapanti dharikkunnathu vrithiheenamanathre.eanthayalum nanayum.karanam kulakadavil kayari adivasthram dharikkumbol annumgal kanille.
Eppol 'v' kku manassilayi kanum eannu vicharikkunnu.ithu 100% sathyamanu. E blogil sambavikkathathum nadakkanidayillathathumaya Pacha kallu vecha nunakalanu.aprakaramulla blogil ethu sathyamayi thonnukayilla.

by Namboori yuvathi Sun Nov 03 14:15:38 UTC 2013

Innu pazhayakalathepole valiya 6 muzham neelamulla mundukondu udukkan prayasamanu. Ippol onnarayudukkunnathu thanne valare churukkam peranu. Kurachukalamayi onnaramundinu thalparyam kanduvarunnundu. Oru 30 years munpuvare ulnadukalil sthreekal 6 muzham neelamulla munduduthu meethe ottamundu mathram dharichanu veettil ninnirunnathu. Ennal ippol aa kalam mari, onnarayuduthu churidar dharikkunnavaranu kooduthal, ulnadukalil polum. Churidarinullil cheriya mundukondu thannevenam udukkan. 6muzham neelamulla mundanenkil kalpadam vare mundinte thala njannnu nilkkum. Kalmuttinu mukalil vare ninnal mathramanu churidar idanum azhikkanum soukaryam. Athukondanu innu cheriya mundinu thalparyam kooduthal. Pinne purakile val parathi thirukiyal vendapole prayojanam kittukayilla. Innu Onnarayudukkunnathu arakkettu othukkanum arakkettinu bhalam kittanum, nithambam nalla shapil varanum vendimathra manu. Appol mundu nallapole murukkithanne udukkanam. Nalla murukkam kittanamenkil onnaraval churuttithanne thirukanam. 6 muzham neelamulla mundanenkil nallavannam muzhachu thanne nilkkum. Pinne cheriya mundennu paranjal neelam koodiya veethi kuranja mundu( veshti mundu, oru tharam chutti thorth etc.). Pinne madi neettiudukkunnathanu eluppamenkilum njorinjudukkan seelikkunnathalle nallathu. Innu njorinjudukkunna reethi palarum thudarunnundu. Nalla shape varan njorinjuthanne yudukkanam. Cheriya mundayalum nallapole murukkiyuduthal mathrame venda prayojam kittukayullu. Pandu 6 muzham neelamulla mundudu madi neetiyuduthu neelan pavadayum dharichu njangal schoolil poyirunnu. Njan ellavidha moderan veshangalum dharichittundu. Vivahasesham onnara sthiramayi uduthirunnilla. Pantees dharichirunnu. Ennal Onnara theere upeshichirunnilla, panteesum mundum marimari use cheythirunnu. Onnarayuduthu seelichal mattan vishamamanu. Cheriyamundukondu uduthal nalla figarum sughavum kittum. Athukondanallo innu mikka ammamarum makkale uduppikkan prerippikkunnathu. Chila pradhana kshethrangalil pokumbol onnara sthiramayi udukkuka thanne venam.

by guest Tue Nov 05 06:27:09 UTC 2013

chechi oru kariyam paranju taramo 6 muzam ennu parangal sadarana purame udukunna mundinte valipam varumo

by guest Tue Nov 05 16:21:48 UTC 2013

oru muzham 40 cms varum.
pinnile vaal parathi ullilekku thirukiyalum avasyathinanusarichu murukkam kittum. Orikkalum azhiyukayumilla, muzhachunilkukayumilla. purameninnu nokkiyal onnarayanu adiyilennu ariyukayumilla.
Pinne arakettinnu nalla murukam venamennundengil, onnara valil oru kettu ketti akathekku madaki vakkam. Ingane cheythal nalla othukkavum, murukkavum kittunnathinnu purame, orikkalum azhiyukayumilla. Kettu nalla pole ullilekku thalli vachal angane adhikam muzhachu nilkkilla.
Nalla valippamulla arakkettum, nithambavum ullavarkku, 6 muzham anivaryam.

by guest Sun Nov 10 05:35:41 UTC 2013

Mundinte valuppamalla udukkunna reethiyanu nokkendathu. Cheriya mundanenkilum nalla reethiyil udukkanam. 6 muzham neelamulla mundu thanne venamennilla. Innathe kuttikalkku Hantex kadayil ninnukittunna nalla othukkamulla mundanu nallathu. Pinne chilar mallumundu kondu onnarayudukkamennu parayunnundu. Ennal mallu mundu orikkalum adivastramayi use cheyyaruthennanu chilarude anubhavam. Mallumundil cottonum poplin izhakalum mix chaithanu varunnathu. Nalla minusavum shiningum kittan vendiyanu poplin mix cheyyunnathu. Mallumundu kondu uduthal viyarppum mattum absorb cheyyunnathu kuravayirikkum. Kooduthal samayam uduthal viyarthu choriyan karanamakunnu. Palarkkum ee anubhavam undakum. Njan mallumundu upayogikkarilla. Cheruppam muthal Amma paranju thannathanu mallu udukkan padillennu. Pandu kalathu palarum mallumundu upayogichirunnu. Innu Pure cotton mundanu palarkkum ishtakennu thonnunnu. Athinu muzham nokkenda avasyamilla. Ororutharkkum avarude size nokki mundu murichu upayogikkam.

by guest Tue Nov 12 12:08:33 UTC 2013

Hi, Onnara murukki udukkunna sariyaya vidham onnu vivarichu tharamo?

by guest Fri Nov 15 13:23:44 UTC 2013

Very very Best Onnara Movie Eathanu

by N Fri Nov 15 13:31:28 UTC 2013


by guest Sat Nov 16 18:34:03 UTC 2013

Padippura directed by late P.N.Menon, Sithara in tight onnara, through out the film, must see

by guest Tue Nov 19 05:44:44 UTC 2013

Onnara enganeyanu murukki udukkanna reethi aarnegilum paranju tharamo?

by c1 Tue Nov 19 16:30:08 UTC 2013

Onnara murukki udukkan, pinnilekku kuthunna onnara valil oru kettu undakki pinnilekku murukki kuthuka. Orikkalum azhiyukayum illa, nannayi tight aayi irikkukayum cheyyum.

by guest Wed Nov 20 03:16:57 UTC 2013

Onnara udukkunna reethi oro stepum vivarichu thannal nannayirunnu..

by c1 Wed Nov 20 17:50:20 UTC 2013

Alakki veluppicha kora mundu aanu ettavum nallathu onnaraku. athu veethi kuranja tharam nokki vanganam.njan eppolum athanu udukunnathu.nalla sugham undu.irukkavum chorichilum onnumilla.

by Meenu Thu Nov 21 06:49:50 UTC 2013

tarudukan vellamundu venam ennundo?

by guest Thu Nov 21 10:38:05 UTC 2013

angane nirbhandam onnum illa. pakshe vellamundakumbol eduthu kattum. mattullathu oru eduppilla.

by Meenu Fri Nov 22 05:51:37 UTC 2013

Njan purathu pokumpozhum veettilum nalla neelamulla naatan kaithari onnara murukki adiyil thaarudukkum.Ente anubhavathil ithu tharunna surakshabodham onnu vere thanne ennu theerthu parayam.

by Guest Sun Nov 24 00:19:30 UTC 2013

Oru school teacharaya njan irupathu varshakkalamayi nithyena onnara udukkunna aalanu.Jolikku pokumpol mathramanu njan saari udukkaru. Allathappol settumundum rathriyil nightyumanu dharikkaru. Ennal eppozhum adiyil murukki onnara udukkum. Tharinte meethe pavada kettunnathu saariyude koode mathramanu. Anchu muzhathil kurayatha neelavum randekal muzham veethiyumulla hantex onnaramundanu enikkishtam. Mundinte neettiyidunna madithalayude attathum eliyil kuthunna konthalayilum aadyame nellikka valippathil oro kettittittanu udukkunnathu. Tharinte elikkuthilum valkkuthilum ee kettukal thirukivachal orikkalum azinju pokathe ethra samayam venamengilum carefree aayi irikkan sadhikkunnu. Vaalu valiyumpol ayayukayilla ennathilupari kooduthal murukunna pole thonnikkum. Athoru prathyeka surakshanubhavam koodiyanu. Mathramalla palarum cheyyarullathu pole edakkidakku pinnil kaiyittu valu valichu murukkenda gathikedu orikkalum undakayumilla. Onnu pareeshichu nokku.

by S: guest Sun Nov 24 00:53:10 UTC 2013

S paranjathinodu njan yogikunnu.sthreekalkku ithrayum suraksha bhodam undakkunna oru adi vasthram vere illa.palarum ippol pavada kukalil idarundu. mundakumbolum sariyakumbolum.onnaravalinte nizhalattam polum sradhikkunna innathe samoohathil avare athinu kuttam parayuka vayya. Thirakkulla sthalangalil nadakkumbol onnara tharunna aathma dhairyam onnu vere thanne aanu.allengil palappozhum viral kuthukal sahikkendi varum nabhiyil thanne.

by Mrs G Tue Nov 26 06:38:42 UTC 2013

tharum, poorum ethra vasyamaya padangal.aa otta karanam mathi tharine snehikkan. njan snehikkunna ente ettavum valiya bhala heenathayanu tharu.

by male Tue Nov 26 06:44:10 UTC 2013

enthayalum onnara udutha oru streyey kittathey enikku jeevikkan vayya..

by guest Tue Nov 26 13:20:10 UTC 2013

Ellavarum onnarayeppatti vivarikkunnundu..pakshe aarum ithu enganeya udukkunnathennu parayunnilla. Onnara sariyaya reethil udukkunnathu enganeyennu vivarichu tharamo?

by c1 Fri Nov 29 11:15:02 UTC 2013

kurachu mugalileku nokiyal udukunnareeti orupadundu eniyum educhodikarudu ok

by guest Sat Nov 30 16:48:40 UTC 2013

Tharazhichu kalikkuna samayathe anubhavam vallavarkkum vivarikkamo. aaninum, penninum prathikarikkam.

by oru kaman Sun Dec 01 11:59:56 UTC 2013

Aarkkengilum udukkunna reethi vivarichu tharamennu karuthi ezhuthiyatha...Mukalil kore vayichu nokki..sariyayi manassilayilla..

by c1 Sun Dec 01 17:39:53 UTC 2013

dude what is this thing?
I read the above suggestions but icant understand something

the people who know well about it
please define about it

by Ronit Tue Dec 03 07:16:30 UTC 2013

Onnarayepatti palarum valare nalla abhiprayam parayunnundu. Ennal binna abhiprayamulla oru karyam ezhuthatte. Ithinu sariyaya oru utharam pratheekshikkunnu. Onnara garbhinikal udukkunnathu sariyano? Garbha kalathu azhanja adivasthram chilar parayunnu. Ennal ente oru cousin sister ippol garbhiniyanu. Panties dharichirunna kuttiyanu. Ennal ippol avalude husinte veettukar onnara yudukkanamennum prasavam vareyum athinusesham minimum 6 masam vareyum onnara thudaranamennu parayunnu. Oru ambalathil Ghee sevikkal vazhipadinu chennappol prayamaya oru sthreeyum nibandamayum onnara venamennu paranju. Kulichu eeran mundukondu udukkanam. 1 hour eeran uduthu ninnal athu sthreekalkku nalla prayojanam cheyyumennum thudarchayayi onnara dharikkanamennum parayunnu. Lady doctor paranjathu azhanja adivasthram enthumakamennu. Garbhakalathu onnarayuduthal garbhapathram thazhottu varunnathu thadayumennum urinary infections onnum undakillennum parayunnu. Pandokke sthreekal onnara garbhakalathu nirbhandamayi upayogichirunnu. Ariyenda karyam (1) Garbha kalathu onnara udukkunnathukondu prathyekichu valla gunavumundo? (2) Eeran mundu upayogikkanamo? (3) Valiya vayarinu thazhe udukkan nalla vishamamanu. (4) Valare thaazhthi arakkettil udukkananu parayunnathu. Ithukondu enthenkilum doshamundakumo? Arivulla aarenkilum oru sariyaya vivarm ezhuthuka.

by guest Sat Dec 07 07:37:21 UTC 2013

Onnara udukkaan ariyaathavar dayavaayi antareeyam.blogspot kaanuka. Onnarayeppatti nannayi vivarikkunnundithil. ningalude pala samsayangalkkum utharam kittu.

by guest Mon Dec 09 09:42:26 UTC 2013

Padippura Eanna mmmvie njan kandu. pakshe onnara seen onnu polum kandilla. ithara valiya onnara seen mooviyil eathu bhagathanullathu. Sitharayano atho eathenkilum unknown nadimarano aa seenilullathu?

by VL Wed Dec 11 13:41:33 UTC 2013

prayanam .elakangal e cinimakalil onnara oppen ayi kanam

by guest Mon Dec 16 17:49:58 UTC 2013

I was thinking that Iam the only man loving and dreaming onnara all the times.But when I saw this forum, understood that there are many people like me loving onnaramundu. I just donot understand that why now a days ladies are not wearing onnara? such a beautiful attire why they are ignoring? Iam very sad about it.If any ladies read this please realise and start wearing onnara and also tell your friends to wear it regularly. we people love it too much..

by guest Tue Dec 17 12:44:17 UTC 2013

Dear friends
Please see the malayalam movie "Parinayam". There is a folk dance scene and all ladies are wearing onnara and mundu.Team is led by Bindu panikar and even actress Mohini is in onnara. carefully watch dance poses, very attractive, not at all obscene.

by guest Fri Dec 20 03:06:03 UTC 2013

I saw that. Fantastic. I wished to see at least a part unhidden

by dev Sun Dec 22 17:07:03 UTC 2013

Keralathile hindu sthreekal mathrame thar allengil onnara uduthirunnullu.entha athinu karanam. mattullavarkku ithinu valla vilakkum undayirunno pandu. ariyavunnavar paranju tharumo

by savithri Sun Dec 22 17:09:49 UTC 2013

Hindu sthreekal mathramalla mattu jathiyil pettavarum onnara use chaithirunnu. Ennal Hindu nair yuvathikalkku pandu onnara nirbandhamayirunnu. Mattu statekalilum gulf nadukalil polum ippol chila marriage kazhinjavar husinte ishtaprakaram onnara use cheyyunnundu.

by guest Mon Dec 23 06:20:02 UTC 2013

great. kootuthal ariyan aagrahikkunnu.

by savithri Tue Dec 24 01:45:23 UTC 2013

onnara udukkunna streekalku sneham kooduthal undayirikkum.

by guest Wed Dec 25 08:11:07 UTC 2013

onnara enikku jeevanaanu..

by guest Fri Dec 27 17:11:50 UTC 2013

onnara enikku jeevanaanu..

by guest Fri Dec 27 17:12:00 UTC 2013

Prayanam eanna movie youtubil Edumo

by guest Sat Dec 28 13:13:55 UTC 2013

streekal onnarayum bodiyum mathram udutu nilkunathu orkan polum patunilla athraku hot aayirikum

by guest Sat Dec 28 16:31:32 UTC 2013

Prayanam athra nalla onnara movie alla. Parinayam aanu kanendathu

by guest Thu Jan 02 05:28:12 UTC 2014

swapnam(old black and white) abd padippura are the best onnara movies. throughout the movies there is onnara visible....

by guest Fri Jan 03 03:24:29 UTC 2014

regulaar ayi onnara udukkunna oru streeyey kittiyal friendship akamayirunnu..

by guest Sat Jan 04 03:12:05 UTC 2014

entangilum ezuthuuuuuuuuu

by guest Mon Jan 20 13:59:04 UTC 2014

Enikku onnara uduthu purathu pokan pediyanu. Toilet use cheyyanayittu valare prayasamanu. Oru thavana njan moothra shanka pidichu nirthi veetil vannanu sadhichathu. Mattoru thavana pidichu nilkkan sadhikkathe, toilet upayogikkendi vannu. Appol onnara azhichappol, pinnedu veendum udukkan sadhichilla..Pinne njan athu madakki bagilekku vechu. Pinneedu onnara uduthu purathu pokan enikku pediyanu. Ithanu ente anubhavam.onnara upayogikkunnavar ithe egane sadhikkunnuvennu share chayyamo?

by oh Wed Jan 22 17:53:58 UTC 2014

onnara azhichu kalikkumbol engane undayirunnu. hubby aano azhichu tharuka. atho swanthamayi azhichu kodukkarundo. hubbye kondu uduppikkarundo. kalikazhinju olikkumbol onnara kondu thudakkarundo. ellam onnu parayu oh

by guest Thu Jan 23 09:30:31 UTC 2014

onnarayil ujala mukunathu kondu yoniku kuzapam undo? ende husbantinu adu nibandamane ningal mukarundo?

by guest Thu Jan 23 11:01:36 UTC 2014

ambalakkulathil sthreekal onnarayum bodiyum uduthu ninnu mundum blousum thirumbubol enthu rasam kanan. kandalum kandalum mathivarilla. lingam udharichu nilkum...alochikkan vayya..

by oru onnara premi Fri Jan 24 13:12:55 UTC 2014

Ente samsayangalkku aarum marupdi thannilla. Onnarayekurichu nannayi ariyavunnavar reply tharamo?

by oh Sat Jan 25 12:30:45 UTC 2014

nallavannam enna puratti kayyil pidichal nintey samsayam theerum..

by guest Mon Jan 27 20:08:05 UTC 2014

angane kuzhappam onum illa, purathu pokumbozhum udukam, moothram ozhichu kazhinju pavadayum sariyum poki thadiyude adiyileku vachitu udauthal mathi.

by lachu_292006 Fri Jan 31 08:10:57 UTC 2014

lachu, reply thannathinu thanks.Angane thanneyanu njan cheyyunnathu. pakshe ellam koodi pokkumbol onnara loosayi azhinju pokunnu. ningalkkum ingane azhiyarundo? njan udukkunna reethi thettayirikkumo?

by oh Fri Jan 31 14:47:17 UTC 2014

nithyavum onnara udukkunna oru sthreeye nhan friend ayi agrahikkunnu.

by guest Mon Feb 03 08:06:58 UTC 2014

Njan vacation kaalathu tharavatinu atuthulla ente ammavante veettil oru maasam poyi nilkkumayirunnu;vishuvinu poyal pinne oru maasam aviteyanu.Ammavan gulfilanu.Mami nalla vruthiyum sudhavum ulla kwoottathuilanu.pularche nalaraykku eneettu kulichu muriyadachittu vasthram marum;mamante makan madrasil patikkukayanu;ilaya penkutti nursery classil.Prayam chenna muthassi oru muriyil eppozhum kidappayirikkum.Sudhiyayi pasuvine karannu chayayum palaharavum undakkum.Njanum atukkalayil cheriya sahayangal cheythu kotukkum.Uchayoonu kazhinju mamante thapalukal vayikkumpol ammayiyute roomil njanum untakum.Kathu vaayichu kure neeram mami entho aalochichu irikkum;ennittu pinnil kayyittu udutha onnaramuntinte thumpu valichu murukkum.Appol avarude kannukalil oru prathyeka lasya bhaavam;kamavikaaram samippikkananu onnara valichu murukkunnathennu pinneetu manassilayi.Assalayi njori thaarittu onnara utukkunna ammayikku thutiyitayum,shapotha nithambavum othungiya arakkettum undayirunnu;pakshe utukkunnathu valare rehasyamayi muri atachittanu;ennalum yadruschikamayi njanorikkal kananitayayi.Eppol teacharaya enne utuppichathum mamiyanu.Mensus kaalathu onnarayeppole samrakshanam nalkunna oru ativasthravum ee lokathilla.Periods ullappol thuni matakki utukkan marannalum onnara ututhittundenkil onnum petikkanilla.Ithu ente anubhavamaanu.

by Praseetha Wed Feb 05 05:55:17 UTC 2014

Praseetha veeetilum purathu pokumbolum onnara thanneyano udukkaru? purathu pokumbol azhinju pokarundo? angane enthengilum anubhavangal undayittundo?

by guest Wed Feb 05 14:25:16 UTC 2014

praseethayude phone number allengil email id tharamo?

by guest Wed Feb 05 16:49:20 UTC 2014

praseetha thudaru,,,

by guest Thu Feb 06 21:10:06 UTC 2014

praseetha ethra age aayi

by guest Wed Feb 12 03:42:12 UTC 2014

Onnara valare parisudhamaya oru adivasthramanu. Innum palarum athukondanu onnara upayogikkunnathu. Athu kamavikaram mattanulla oru upadhiyayi kanunnathil vishamamundu. Njan 50 vayassaya oru housewife anu. 10 vayassumuthal mundudukkan seelichathanu. 17 vayassil marriage kazhinju keralathinu purathupoyappol panties idan thudangiyenkilum onnara theere upekshichilla. Nattil varumbozhum kshethrathil pokumbozhum onnarayudukkunnu. Ente marriage samayam vare njangalude ulnattil (thrissur jillayil) onnara ella sthreekalum upayogichirunnu. Panties annu kanikanan polum undayitunnilla. 10 vayassuvare nattil thaichu kittunna knicker upayogikkum. 8-10 vayassil uduppikkan padippikkum. Annokke palappozhum pirakil kaiyittukondu onnarawal palappozhum murukki udukkendivarum. Pre-degreekku padikkunna samayathu thanne collegil mikkavarum onnarayuduthirunnu. Womens college aayathukondu athoru prasnamayirunnilla. Annokke sthreekalkku veettil nalla joliyundayirikkum. Onnarayum mundum blousum aayirunnu miklka middle aged sthreekaludeyum veettil vesham. Vellam koralum, thuniyalakkalum, vellam kinattil ninnu koralum thudangi niraye joliyundakum. Aa samayathokke idakkide onnara val loose aakum, appolthanne pirakil kaiyittu valichu kuthum. Annu athonnum oru kamavikaram mattanullathayi aarum kandirunnilla. Innu angine parayunnathu thanne kashta manu. Innu onnara yudukkunnavar angine parasyamayi onnarawal murukkarilla. Onnara nalla parisudhamaya oru adivasthram thanne. Athine mattu reethiyil kanaruthu.

by guest Sat Feb 15 05:54:04 UTC 2014

kalaripayatukar udukunatu onnarayano?

by p k r Fri Feb 21 08:23:01 UTC 2014

Guest of 15th Feb paranjathu valare sariyanu. njan oru male aanu. Pakshe onnarayude upayogathine patti paranjathu sarikkum kanan sadhichittundu.onnarayum mundum aanallo visheshamaya vasthram.melmundu kooti aaakumbol thikanju. nalla prodamaya vesham, samsayam illa. njan noki ninnu aaswadikkarundu. ippolum aagrahamundu, pakshe valare viralam.
pkr. Kalari payattil udukkunnathine thattu ennanu parayuka. purame kazhchakku ekadesam oru pole aanengilum aavasyam vyathastham aanu.

by guest Mon Feb 24 09:26:55 UTC 2014

nithyavum onnara udukkunna oru sthreeyey enikku friend ayitto bharyayitto kittiyal kollamayirunnu..
entey valiya mohamanu..

by guest Thu Feb 27 23:40:38 UTC 2014

mail id taru saif aanangil friendayi nokam

by guest Fri Feb 28 08:43:36 UTC 2014

guest entha onnum reply thannallo

by nishant Mon Mar 03 05:12:09 UTC 2014

onnara uduthavare kandal kamasakthi undakumo. anubhavam undo vallavarkkum

by hiran Wed Mar 05 16:26:21 UTC 2014

udukunatum udutu kandalum undavam

by guest Wed Mar 05 16:31:24 UTC 2014

Onnarayepatti valareyadhikam discussions undenkilum innathe penkuttikal onnarayudukkan innum madikkunnu. Muthirnna sthreekalil chilar kuttikale udukkan padippikkunnu. Pinne innu hindi cinimayilum seriyalilum pala actressmarum Nithamba bhangikku vendi ‘buttocks pads’ use cheyyunnundallo. Athu ippol keralathilum upayogichu thudangiyennanu samsayam. Nammude kuttikal western styline aasrayikkunnathu kashtam thanne. ‘Buttocks pads’ upayogichal nithambam valuthayi thonnumenkilum onnarayudukkunna bhangiyum soukaryavum kittukayilla. Athu use cheyyunnavar aarenkilum undenkil onnarayumayi compare cheyyuka, ennittu phalam kanuka.

by guest Thu Mar 06 05:42:05 UTC 2014

Ella sthreekalum onnarayilekku thirichu varanam ennu nhan apekshikkynnu..

Subhadr Nair,Guruvayur

by guest Thu Mar 06 14:22:17 UTC 2014

Subhadra chechikku mail id undo. onnu tharamo. enikku kure karyangal private aayi ariyan aanu.Thettayengil kshamikkuka

by valsa Thu Mar 06 17:04:59 UTC 2014

Eattavum Nalla ONNARA movie Eathanu. Pls Onnu Parayamo

by VK Fri Mar 14 13:21:03 UTC 2014

old malayalam movie SWAPNAM, Padippura, guruvayur kesavan etc..

by Subadra Nair Guruvayur Sat Mar 15 02:55:38 UTC 2014

old malayalam movie SWAPNAM you tubil Ella. Pinne Eangine This Movie Kanum

by VK Mon Mar 17 13:52:58 UTC 2014

Onnara azhichu kuthan thonnunnu..

by guest Tue Mar 18 18:54:10 UTC 2014

Onnara azhinju pokathirikkan enthu cheyyanam? Onnara ethra murukki kuthanam? Adhikam murukkumbol maladwaram vedanikkunnu. Lossai kuthumbol pettennu azhinju pokunnu.Onnarayude murukkathe patti ariyavunnavar aarengilum vivarikkamo?

by sn Sun Apr 06 13:58:16 UTC 2014

nintey ammayodu thanney chodikku..

by guest Mon Apr 07 19:24:54 UTC 2014

VK. "parinayam" enna oru old movie undu. Athil oru thiruvathira kali undu. ellarum onnarayum mundum aanu vesham. Bindu panikkar cheruppam aanu. thakarthu kalikkunnundu. palappozhum onnara thelinju kanum.Onnu kandu nokku

by guest Thu Apr 10 10:09:30 UTC 2014

Njan puthuthayi onnara upayaogichu thudangiya oralanu. Ente veettil vere aarum onnara udukkunnilla. Njan ee foruthil ninnanu onnaraye kurichu kooduthal arinjathu. Uduthu kazhinjappol valare nallathayi thonni. Toiletil pokumbol mathram oru budhimuttu thonni. Ithu upayogikkunnavarkku ellavarkkum ingane oru buhi muttundo? Azhikkanum veendum kuthanumayi..Ithine kurichu ariyavunnavar onnu paranju tharamo?

by guest Wed Apr 16 09:33:28 UTC 2014

I want to marry a nair lady who wears onnara, settumundu regularly. educated abd from good family..age above 40.

by guest Thu Apr 17 19:30:02 UTC 2014

Njan puthuthayi onnara upayaogichu thudangiya oralanu. Ente veettil vere aarum onnara udukkunnilla. Njan ee foruthil ninnanu onnaraye kurichu kooduthal arinjathu. Uduthu kazhinjappol valare nallathayi thonni. Toiletil pokumbol mathram oru budhimuttu thonni. Ithu upayogikkunnavarkku ellavarkkum ingane oru buhi muttundo? Azhikkanum veendum kuthanumayi..Ithine kurichu ariyavunnavar onnu paranju tharamo?

by SV Fri Apr 18 06:06:33 UTC 2014

Njan pala thavana ezhuthiyittum aarum marupadi tharunnilla. Ariyavunna palarum ithil nannayi ezhuthittundu. avararum ippol ithil varunnillannu thonnunnu.

by sv Wed Apr 23 17:24:00 UTC 2014

Iam working woman after the work and holidays l regularly use onnara l not use pavada under maxi or saree in my house but l afraid about fall onnara so l not use outside l want a cconfidence if anyone can help me I can use whole time onnara I love too much onnara in my life

by thankamani Sat May 10 15:21:03 UTC 2014

onnara is very good for women . daily one month practice is very necessary to go outside wearing onnara as underwear .i am a man of twenty five years old . i joined a dance-drama troop at the age of fifteen . since i had a girlish look i was compelled to take women part in all dramas and dance programs . our trainer compelled me to wear onnara as underwear through out day and night .he said it will shape my body into womanish . i practiced it . but it was very difficult for me to wear and it was very discomfort. hence i disobeyed my trainers words and used jetty as underwear . when he knew the fact he beat me with a stick and scolded me and warned me he will expel me from the troupe . our family was poor hence i began to wear onnara . an elder actress trained me how to wear it tightly and comfortably . she day and night wear onnara . she demonstrated it to me in detail
i studied the technique quickly and began to wear speedily and attractively . now i am fully satisfied . now i wear onnara as underwear throughout the day even in sleeping . i even wear onnara as underwear inside pant while i go outside in male dress . nobody notices it . many many thanks to onnara . long live onnara .

by guest Mon May 12 09:22:32 UTC 2014

Hi guest, can you talk about your experiences while wearing onnara. How do you feel it and did you feel any problems etc.

by mc Wed May 14 13:40:25 UTC 2014

Onnara muruki irikkaan valare lalithamaaya oru margamundu. Valare safe aanu. Attathu kettu iduka. Itheppatti il undu. aa blog kaanuka. knot search cheythal padavum kaanaam.

by guest Thu May 15 09:00:00 UTC 2014


by guest Fri May 16 16:43:49 UTC 2014

What is different between thaar and onnara now iam wearing thaar. Any one can write whats your feeling more than better feeling about thaar.

by guest Sat May 17 14:02:49 UTC 2014

NNjan varshangalayi veethi kuranjathum kanam kuranja mundkond thaaranu udukkunnath. Njangalude avide ellavarum thaaranu upayogikkunath. Onnarayeppatti ethil vayichu onnara onnu udukkan oru aagraham. Onnara udukkunna oru chechi udukkunnath ezhuthiyal upakaramayirunnu

by thulasi Sun May 18 09:57:34 UTC 2014

some part of kerala onnara is known as thaar in another part it is known as adithaar in another part adimundu . thaar is a sexy word of thattudukkuka ot thattu . that means close to body .

by sheeja nair Tue May 20 06:37:58 UTC 2014

Sheeja nair ezhuthiyathu vayichu. Onnara udukkannath palarum njorinju udukkanam ennanu ezhuthiyirikkunnath athaanu manasilakathath. Thaar njan udukkannath madi neettiyittu kaalinidayiloode valichukuthum. Ethinidayil evideyanu njorinju udukkannath.

by thulasi Wed May 21 17:09:28 UTC 2014

Onnara palareethiyilum udukkarundu. Cheriya thorthmundu muthal valiya 6 muzham neelamulla mundukondu udukkam. Udukkunna reethiyum palathanu. Valare eluppamulla reethiyanu madi neettiyudukkal. Kooduthal perum ee reethiyanu seelikkunnathu. Ennal njoriyittu uduthal nalla bhangiyum arakkettinu kooduthal othukkavum kittum. Njorinjudukkan nalla practice thanne venam. Pala sthalathum pala reethiyanu. Onnara uduthu seelikkan madi thar thanneyanu soukaryam. Innu churidarum mattum dharikkunnavarkku madithar thanne venam. Veethikuranju neelam moodiya cheriyamundu kondu madineetti yudukkam. Ennal njoriyittudukkan kurachu valiyamundu thanne venam. Athu vivaham kazhinjavarum prayamayavarum udukkunna reethiyanu. Cheriya school college kuttikalkku madineetti yudukkunna reethi yanu nallthu. Madithar nannayi uduthal pinne pinne njoriyilekku maram. Thudakkathil thanne njorinjudukkan prayasamanu. Internettil koodi njorinjudukkan padikkan vishamamanu. Parichayamulla sthreekalodu chothichu kandu manassilakkanam.

by guest Tue May 27 15:08:04 UTC 2014

valluvanadu bhagathullavar udukkunnathanu nalla reethi, mathramalla kananum bhangiyum, murukkavum..athintey bhangi onnu vere thanney...

by subhadra teacher Wed May 28 21:08:39 UTC 2014

Valluvanadullavar udukkunna reethi onnu vivarikkamo? Udukkunna mundinte valuppavum reethiyum ethanu?

by guest Thu May 29 07:30:16 UTC 2014

Valluvanadullavar udukkunna reethi onnu vivarikkamo? Udukkunna mundinte valuppavum reethiyum ethanu?

by guest Thu May 29 07:30:21 UTC 2014

Thank you Subhadra teacher. Valluvanadan reethiyil engineyanudukkunnath? churidharinadiyil uduthal mattullavar uduthathu ariyumo?

by thulasi Thu May 29 09:32:44 UTC 2014

first you prove that you are a female. then I will explain, even I can show the video.

by subhadra teacher Tue Jun 03 03:09:25 UTC 2014

Njan 2 kuttikalude ammayanu ethil kooduthal thelivilla

by thulasi Tue Jun 03 08:52:09 UTC 2014

Njan 2 kuttikalude ammayanu ethil kooduthal thelivilla

by thulasi Tue Jun 03 08:52:10 UTC 2014

Athinu ningal oru anayalum ingane parayamallo. Nhan kanunnillallo.

by Subhadra teacher Wed Jun 04 10:42:56 UTC 2014


by guest Thu Jun 05 05:33:10 UTC 2014

Subhadra teacher male allennu njan engine ariyum njanum kanunnillalo

by thulasi Thu Jun 05 11:35:07 UTC 2014

Onnarayepatti kooduthal ariyan ‘Antareeyam’ blog nokkuka. Ennalum onnarayudukkan muthirnnavarude sahayam koodiye theeru. Munpu 1980s vare kuttikale 10 vayassinu munpayi uduppikkal chadangu keralathil, prathyekichu trichuril undayirunnu. Nair, nambudiri tharavadukalil valiya aaghoshamayi thanne nadathiyirunnu. Ennal pinneedu ithu ninnupoyi, enkilum penkuttikale ammamar cheru prayathil udukkan padippichirunnu. Pinne sheddy dharikkan padilla, schoolilum collegilum onnarayuduthu thanne pokanamayirunnu. Annokke neelan pavadayum blousum school uniform aayirunnu. Adiyil mundu uduthanu hindu kuttikal schoolil poyirunnathu. Pinneedu 1985 muthal churidarum mattum nattil kandu thudangiyenkilum pazhaya nair tharavadukalil onnara thanne yayirunnu adivasthram. Schoolilum collegilum pokumbol cheriyamundu udukkum. Cycling vare penkuttikalkku ariyillayirunnu. 3=4 km. Nadannu scholil pokanam. Schoolil sariyaya toilets undakarilla. Onnara azhinjal friendsine vilichu toiletil kaval nirthi murukkiyudukkum. Annu kulikkunnathu ambalakulathilo puzhayilo okke yayirunnu. Onnara parasyamayi udukkan oru madiyum aarukkum undayirunnilla. 1990snu seshamanu panties vannathum onnra kuresse kuresse apprthyksha mayathum. Ennal ippol veendum 10 vayassninu munpu kuttikle uduppikkunn chadangu Trichuril paladyidathum thudangiyittundu. Pakshe ammamarkku uduppikkan ariyilla, muthassimar chadangu nadathunnu. Kalam mariyathode veshavum mariyenkilum onnara ippozhum nalloru adivasthram thanne. Pazhayathellam thirichu varunna kalamanallo, onnarayum nattil thirichu varummennu pratheekshikkam.

by guest Thu Jun 05 11:59:48 UTC 2014

Teacher, video illengilum explain chaidal matdhi or if possible send by email

by Sasikala Mon Jun 09 07:47:13 UTC 2014

Thaar is a very sexy word . Good people do not say the word thaar in public . If a man knows that a women is in thaar he will feel a sexual pleasure. Then he began to watch her from back and enjoy her moments of big round bulging . He enjoy it . A slippery fluid will began to come from his male organ . My husband is above fifty years . He regularly go to temple . Not to pray but to watch women in thaar . Most women in our area wear thaar as underwear while going temple . He enjoy such women walking . Some women do not use skirt over thaar . It is highly fascinating for men . My husband come from temple with a kick and compel me to sex with him .He compelled me to wear thaar day and night . I began to wear thaar from the first night itself . My husbands sisters compelled me and taught me to wear thaar tightly before going to first night room . In that area it was the custom that bride should be in thaar and transparent cloths while going to bed with husband .Inside thaar they place kaithapuv . The smell intoxicate husband and can do long hours sex with
bride . I enjoy it .
to bed with husband .

by Radika Ravi Sun Jun 15 16:13:39 UTC 2014

'Swapnam'enna old malayalam movie ill ONNARA seen undo? e movie eavidunnu kittum

by guest Fri Jun 20 17:48:18 UTC 2014

Njan 'prayanam'eanna old movie kandu. Athil Lakshmi athi manoharamayanu Onnara uduthirikkunnathu. Movie thudangi 55 minittavumbol Lakshmi yude veettilottu nayakan varunnu. Apologies Lakshmi onnarayum athinte mukalil thorthum mathramanu uduthirikkunnathu. Nayakan adi midi nokkunnu. Appol onnara kalmuttinu keezhayi kidakkunnu. Ithu nayakan sradhichu eannarinja Lakshmi roomilekkodi melmundu mattunnu.appol onnara mathram uduthu nilkkunna nayikaye namukkum kanan pattum. Very very interesting movie. Lakshmi all seens in onnara

by guest Fri Jun 20 18:25:43 UTC 2014

'Swapnam'eanna old malayalam movie aarenkilum kandittundenkil athile onnara vivaranam parayumallo. Njan kure internettil thiranju. Eanikku kanan kkazhinjilla. E moviyil eattavum nalla onnara seenukal undu eannarinju. Please eanthenkilum information tharumallo dear onnara lovers. Please

by guest Fri Jun 20 18:34:05 UTC 2014

i am happy to know that you are a onnara thaar lower . i would have uploaded a tharudukkunna rangam in u tube or facebook . but i dont know how to upload it . i have shouted how i am onnara udukkunna rangan in mobile camera to upload .

by Radika Ravi Sat Jun 21 05:40:36 UTC 2014

onnara regular ayi udukkunna oru sthreeye enikku kalyanam kazhikkan kittumo?

by guest Sun Jun 22 08:51:35 UTC 2014

it is not difficult . but how to know whether the bride is in onnara or not . it would be better to marry and teach her how to use onnara thaar . before that you must study how to wear thaar . you can study from drama makeup man or from man who act as women in drama . the drama womenman usually wear thaar as their underwear .

by Radika Ravi Sun Jun 22 14:06:20 UTC 2014

it is not difficult . but how to know whether the bride is in onnara or not . it would be better to marry and teach her how to use onnara thaar . before that you must study how to wear thaar . you can study from drama makeup man or from man who act as women in drama . the drama womenman usually wear thaar as their underwear .

by Radika Ravi Sun Jun 22 14:06:23 UTC 2014

Hi Radhika, Can you upload onnara video in Youtube. It will help a lot of people. So many of us can learn how to wear onnara properly. We are waiting for it.

by slh Sun Jun 22 17:27:42 UTC 2014

Hi Radhika, Can you upload onnara video in Youtube. It will help a lot of people. So many of us can learn how to wear onnara properly. We are waiting for it.

by slh Sun Jun 22 17:27:48 UTC 2014

in my earlier posting i stated that i dont know to up load photo or video to internet . i have tried many times but i failed . i am doing all this is without my husband . i am using internet without his knowledge . if he know this he will beat me .

by Radika Ravi Mon Jun 23 04:27:28 UTC 2014

onnara eadu kalarulla mundukondu udukunatanu bangi

by guest Mon Jun 23 14:52:01 UTC 2014

Hi Radhika, you can check in YouTube or google how to upload a video in you tube. Anyway thanks for your effort. Waiting for a video in YouTube to show how to wear an onnara. Can you try please.

by slh Mon Jun 23 18:54:50 UTC 2014

White cloth is good for onnara . Because from women's hole come a slippery fluid . Depending on the color you can decide your condition . That is whether you are in menses or not and also any infection in the hole .Onnara should be a very clean cloth and it should be changed twice in 24 hours . Try onnara and enjoy it's pleasure .

by Leela menon Tue Jun 24 16:15:29 UTC 2014

onnara ahichu manakkanum kuthanum enthoru sukhamanenno..

by guest Wed Jun 25 10:37:49 UTC 2014

you are right . onnara thaar is a sexy dress of women . when we open thaar after long hours there cone a bad and dirty smell . men like that smell very much . it is due to urine , sex fluid and heat inside thaar .my husband like this smell very much . even ladies like this smell . while i was in college hostel i had a girlfriend . she liked my body . i also liked her body . due to secret relation ship we usually do not go to home on holidays. most of the rooms in the hostel are vacant . then we began our sex play after midnight. i undress her and she undress me . we began to love making . then a fluid come from our urine hole . then we lay in the bed one over the other such that her urine hole come to my mouth and my urine hole
near her mouth . then we smell that part and enjoy it . after that we kiss the part . then liquid come in large quantities then we suck it and swallow it for long hours until we fall in sleep . my husband also do this . after that he do original sex on me .my husband sucked my urine hole in the first night itself .

by seetharani Fri Jun 27 06:07:34 UTC 2014

Thaar has great advantage over panties . inside a tight thaar heat will rise up because it is air tight . heat reaches up to a maximum . Then underworld began to evaporate . Then a cooling effect and the women in thaar feel a special kind of pleasure . she enjoy it . Due to high heat inside the thaar germs and worms die . no fungus infection in the private part . no urinary infection to thaar women . dear sisters try this .

by Leelamma Sun Jun 29 10:53:49 UTC 2014

leelamma can i make friendship with u?

by guest Thu Jul 03 06:56:46 UTC 2014

Hi friends, I am new onnaramundu user. Before there was a difficulty to wear onnara. But now it is OK. But I feel some type of body pain when I wear it. Somebody feel it like me? Can you tell anybody that how much tight can we wear onnara mundu?

by Renu Tue Jul 08 16:27:34 UTC 2014

Dear Renu , you must not wear it very tightly . firstly you wear it only in home for a month . then you could understand that how much tight you should wear it . Please read hundreds of comments already posted above . then again write your doubt .

by santhadevi p Wed Jul 09 15:53:22 UTC 2014

Thank you santhadevi I am wearing it only in home, am not confident to wear it when I go outside. Now I am wearing it on the same position where I tie the under skirt.Is it correct? I wear it tightly, otherwise it is loosing always and I need to tie it frequently. When I wear tightly, I feel pain on the body and become stiff.Can you share your experience to avoid this difficulties?

by Renu Wed Jul 09 18:25:26 UTC 2014

Hello, Njanoru veettammaynu.Renu ezhuthiya polathe anubhavam eikkum undu. Njanum kurachu naalayi onnara uduthu thudangiytahu. Onnara udukkunna divasam sareeram vedanayum kaiyyum kalum oru maravippum undakunnu. Maldwaravum vedanikkunnu.Athukondu njan elladivasavum udukkarilla. Sthiramayi onnara upayogikkunnavar onnu paranju thannal nannayirunnu.

by seena Wed Jul 09 18:32:46 UTC 2014

dear renu and Seema , You feel maravippu , pain is due to you are wearing it very tightly . nobody to teach you tharudukkunna reethi . thaar should wear over the pokkilkuzhi . there no bones . hence no pain . some pain is common . when i bscame women at the age of 13 . mother compelled me to wear thaar . over that a pajama . over that a saree skirt . over that a original outer skirt .four dress tied one over the other . what a painful condition . I complied to mother . then she told me .you are a girl with the growth of a 17 year old girl . hence , you should wear it . pain is common . you may loose the dress . not loose very much . since you are a women . you should train to suffer pain . never tell complained to me . I have also suffered very much . pain will disappear soon . every day I practiced thaar . finally I studied . how to wear thaar tightly without pain . now I full time wear thaar . my husband also like this . NO PAIN - NO GAIN . Try again and again .

by santhadevi p Thu Jul 10 15:09:03 UTC 2014

dear renu and Seema , You feel maravippu , pain is due to you are wearing it very tightly . nobody to teach you tharudukkunna reethi . thaar should wear over the pokkilkuzhi . there no bones . hence no pain . some pain is common . when i bscame women at the age of 13 . mother compelled me to wear thaar . over that a pajama . over that a saree skirt . over that a original outer skirt .four dress tied one over the other . what a painful condition . I complied to mother . then she told me .you are a girl with the growth of a 17 year old girl . hence , you should wear it . pain is common . you may loose the dress . not loose very much . since you are a women . you should train to suffer pain . never tell complained to me . I have also suffered very much . pain will disappear soon . every day I practiced thaar . finally I studied . how to wear thaar tightly without pain . now I full time wear thaar . my husband also like this . NO PAIN - NO GAIN . Try again and again .

by santhadevi p Thu Jul 10 15:09:03 UTC 2014

Hi santhadevi, i will continue to wear onnara. My husband also like this. Usually i feel more pain from the bone at both side of the belly. The front of my onnara will always under the navel. Now I wear onnara over the navel. But it loosen always. On regular interval I tie it. Your onnara also will always? I put a knot on the end of onnaramundu as I read on this forum. I will try to use it everday.

by Renu Thu Jul 10 17:18:21 UTC 2014

dear renu i am happy to know that you decided to wear onnara . I am mentioning here madithaar . I dont know how you wear onnra . but thaar should be in tight . how much tight , you must try again and again . then only you can understand what is comfortable tight . A loose thaar not good . It give no benefit to women . please write after one week . thank you .

by santhadevi p Fri Jul 11 14:22:10 UTC 2014

Hello Santhdevi, njan ee foruthil ninnanu onnara udukkan padichathu. enne vere aarum padippichathalla. Enikku maladwarathinuadulla bhagangalilanu vedanyundakaru. Back painum undakum. Tight aayitty udukkunnathu kondayirikkum. Sadharana njan rathriyil urangan nerathu udukkarilla.Onnara muzhuvan samayavum udukkamo?

by seena Fri Jul 11 14:22:32 UTC 2014

Thank you santhadevi for the encourage. Can you explain how do you wear onnara?

by Renu Fri Jul 11 16:55:27 UTC 2014

Dear Renu,Seena Onnaraudukkunnath thudarumennarinjathil santhosham. "hearty congratulation" Renu rathriyilum udukkanam thudakkathilulla vedanaye karyamakkenda rathriyil onnaraudukkumbol adhikam tiettayi valichu kutharuth. onnara muzhuvan samayavum udukkam. Onnara udukkan bhudhimuttayal thaar onnu pareekshichu nokkam

by thankamani Fri Jul 11 17:03:07 UTC 2014

Dear Renu,Seena Onnaraudukkunnath thudarumennarinjathil santhosham. "hearty congratulation" Renu rathriyilum udukkanam thudakkathilulla vedanaye karyamakkenda rathriyil onnaraudukkumbol adhikam tiettayi valichu kutharuth. onnara muzhuvan samayavum udukkam. Onnara udukkan bhudhimuttayal thaar onnu pareekshichu nokkam

by thankamani Fri Jul 11 17:03:08 UTC 2014

Hi thankamani, tharum onnarayum vythasamundo? enthokkeya vythyasangal?

by vc Fri Jul 11 17:57:45 UTC 2014

Yesterday njan padippura movie kcandu. But Athil karyamaya ONNARA seen onnum illa. SITHARA oru kal bunch il kayattivechu thudakkumukalilulla mundu mukalilottu
matti 'vilakku thiri' yundakkunnu, appol adiyiludutha ONNARA kurachu kalvidviloode
Purathu kanan sadhikkum. Nalla oru ONNARA seen padippura eanna moviyil athu mthramanu.'Google il ONNARA flok songs ennu search cheithu nokku. Appol athodoppam 'ONNARA cinimakal'eannum kanan sadhikkum . Athil old malayalam movies names kanam. Ellaam Exllent Onnara movies annu. (Ex:- PADIPPURA, PRAYANAM, BRASHT, ILAKKANGAL, OLD movie 'SWAPNAM' etc..etc.. watching the all movies. And trying ONNARA weare. (Through out onnara seens this movies)

by Visala Mani Sat Jul 12 05:51:56 UTC 2014

thaarum onnarayum thammilulla vyathyasam enikkariyilla. njan18 Varshamayi adiyiludukkunnath thaaranu putyhiyathayi udukkunnavarode[Renu,Seena] parayanullath thaaranu udukkunnathenkil tietayi valichukutharuth njan udukkunna reethi ezhuyham yhaar udukkumbol madi neettivaal purakilekku kaalinidayiloode valikkunnathinumunp ente kaipathi yonimughath vekkum purakil valichu kuthiyathinusesham kaipathi thirichedukkum thaar eppol ioosayi kutyhiyirikkunnu eppol thaarun ente yoniyumayi cheriya sparsam mathrameyullu nammal nadakkumbol thaar loosayathu karanam oro steppilum thaarinte munbhagam yoniyil sparsichu kondeyirikkum evideyenkilum erunnal valare nice ayi yoniyil alasamayi kidakkum njan ethezhuthunnath ee positionilanu [thaar nalla tiettayi uduthal pantiesun thaarum thammilenthanu vyathyasam randum yoniyil pattichernna 2 thunikal Renu Seena,onu practise cheythu nokku reply ethilezhutham engineuduthunokkiyittu satisfaction kittiyillenkil ethilezhuthuka reply tharunnathanu

by sathi Sat Jul 12 13:08:43 UTC 2014

onnara udutha sthree veedindey aiswaryamanu..

by guest Tue Jul 15 13:28:13 UTC 2014

there are more onnara cinemas
old movie
guruvayoor kesavan- jayabharathi
theerthayathra- sarada
collector malathi
modern cinema
parinayam-bindu paniker, mohini
nirakkazhcha-mamtha mohandas
oru pennum randanum-praveena
ennennum kannettante
gourisankaram-kavya madhavan
adi sankaracharyar sanskrit movie

by gopi menon Tue Jul 15 18:10:58 UTC 2014

Ella postukalum vayichappol valare santhosham thonni;ee forum valare informative aanu.Onnarayude ritual aspectineppatti enikkariyavunnathu kurikkanamennu thonni.Aacharangalil valiya viswasam ulla oru kudumbamanu njangalutethu;chila doshangal vidhiprakaram kandappol pariharathinayi katina vrathameduthu chila poojakalil pankedukkendi vannirunnu.Kudumbathile karanavathi aaya oru madhyaprayakkari aayirunnu vrathathinte chittakal paranju thannathu.Ezhu divasam thutarcha aayi veluppine eneechu kulichu nanachittu eeran vasthrangalode pularkale jalapanathinu munpu prarthikkanam.Nanaja kaithari sarikkum adippavadaykkum adiyil neelamulla valiya onnaramundu(AARU MUZHAM NEELAM) nanachu njorinju nannayi murukki thattuduthirunnu.Ithra murukki njan ithuvare ututhittilla.Ethayalum onnara nanachuduthu prarthikkumpol nalla ekagrathayum manobalavum mattum thonni;prarthana nannayi phalichuennum oru bodham undayi.Pakshe athinu kure budhimuttum prayasavum okke anubhavikkendi vannu;udhista phalavum dosha pariharavum neril kandu.Ippol swathamayi munnottu pokunnu.Anushtanagal,prarthanakal,vrathangal,vaidika chadangukal,mangalakarmangal enniva cheyyumpol avasyam udukkenda onnanu onnara ennanuente abhiprayam.Mattu avasarangalil onnara ozhivakkiyalum ithinellam njan nirbandhamaayum onnara adiyiludukkum.

by Sathyabhama Wed Jul 16 07:28:12 UTC 2014

Ella postukalum vayichappol valare santhosham thonni;ee forum valare informative aanu.Onnarayude ritual aspectineppatti enikkariyavunnathu kurikkanamennu thonni.Aacharangalil valiya viswasam ulla oru kudumbamanu njangalutethu;chila doshangal vidhiprakaram kandappol pariharathinayi katina vrathameduthu chila poojakalil pankedukkendi vannirunnu.Kudumbathile karanavathi aaya oru madhyaprayakkari aayirunnu vrathathinte chittakal paranju thannathu.Ezhu divasam thutarcha aayi veluppine eneechu kulichu nanachittu eeran vasthrangalode pularkale jalapanathinu munpu prarthikkanam.Nanaja kaithari sarikkum adippavadaykkum adiyil neelamulla valiya onnaramundu(AARU MUZHAM NEELAM) nanachu njorinju nannayi murukki thattuduthirunnu.Ithra murukki njan ithuvare ututhittilla.Ethayalum onnara nanachuduthu prarthikkumpol nalla ekagrathayum manobalavum mattum thonni;prarthana nannayi phalichuennum oru bodham undayi.Pakshe athinu kure budhimuttum prayasavum okke anubhavikkendi vannu;udhista phalavum dosha pariharavum neril kandu.Ippol swathamayi munnottu pokunnu.Anushtanagal,prarthanakal,vrathangal,vaidika chadangukal,mangalakarmangal enniva cheyyumpol avasyam udukkenda onnanu onnara ennanuente abhiprayam.Mattu avasarangalil onnara ozhivakkiyalum ithinellam njan nirbandhamaayum onnara adiyiludukkum.

by Sathyabhama Wed Jul 16 07:28:12 UTC 2014

1974il B.A.kku padikkumpol ladies hostelil idaykku combined studykku guest aayi vannirunna oru nattinpurathukari classmate enikkundayirunnu.Neendu churunda mutiyum nalla uyaravum ennal adhikam vannmillatha oru sundarikkutty;cotton half sari dharikkum.Nadakkumpol ottu munnottu thalli vasyamayi thonnum;avalude nithambam pakshe shapothu thadichurundu thulumbunnathu randu pavadaykkum half sarikkum marakkanayirunnilla.Valli ittu kettunna irakkamulla drayarayirunnu parishkarikalaya njangal mikkavarudeyum ulluduppu.Pinne pavadayum half saariyum mattum.Bodice mari bra pracharikkunna kaalam.Guest aayi oru roomil thamasikkumpol avalude vasthra dharana reethi manassilakkanayi;drayarinnu pakaram aval onnaramundu thattudukkumayirunnu.Nithamba vadivinu vayassariyikkumpol muthal sthiramayi adiyiludukkanamennum angane cheythal nalla arakkettum shape otha nithambavum undakumennum aval annu paranju thannathorkkunnu.

by Mini Wed Jul 16 08:03:39 UTC 2014

tharudukkunna penninu kittunna sugam avalkku mattu adivastran dharichhaal kittilla .sure . i promise you .

by sobha anil Wed Jul 16 08:36:37 UTC 2014

Pala achaarangalkkum viswasangalkkum onnara thanneyudukkanam. Kshethrangalil pokumbol palarum innu onnarayudukkarilla. Muthassimar thanne madikkunnu. Middle aged sthreekalil mikkavarum sheddy-panties dharichanu dharsanam cheyyunnathu. 1984il njan pregnant aayirunna samayathu 7th masathil aduthulla ambalathil poyi Nai (Ghee) sevikkuka ennoru chadangundu. Thirumeni poojichu tharunna ghee 7 divasamenkilum kalathu sevikkanam. Ambalakulathil kulichu eeran mundu kondu nirbandha mayum thattuduthu venam nai kazhikkan. Eeran uduthu meethe eeran pavadayum sariyum dharichu 2 hours ambalathil prathikshanam vechu bhakthiyode kazhikkenam. Athu nirbandhamayi husbantinte relatives cheyyichirunnu. Nalloru mone enikku kitti. Innu nai seva yundenkilum penkuttikal onnara yudukkan thayyarakunnilla. Bali karmangal cheyyumbol polum sthreekal thattudukkan madikkunnu. Ennal ippol kurachu kalamayi kuresse sthreekal onnarayude upayogam manassilakki thudangiyittundu. Oru karyam ellavarum sammathikkum, avarude husbantinu onnarayuduthu kandal valiya haramanu. Enthenkilum karyam nedanamenkil onnara yuduthal nadkkum. Ramayana masam thudangunnathu muthal 7 divasamenkilum onnarayuduthu seelichu nokku. Arakkettinu nalla bhalavum oru self confidencum kittumennu urappanu.

by guest Wed Jul 16 09:09:48 UTC 2014

Pala achaarangalkkum viswasangalkkum onnara thanneyudukkanam. Kshethrangalil pokumbol palarum innu onnarayudukkarilla. Muthassimar thanne madikkunnu. Middle aged sthreekalil mikkavarum sheddy-panties dharichanu dharsanam cheyyunnathu. 1984il njan pregnant aayirunna samayathu 7th masathil aduthulla ambalathil poyi Nai (Ghee) sevikkuka ennoru chadangundu. Thirumeni poojichu tharunna ghee 7 divasamenkilum kalathu sevikkanam. Ambalakulathil kulichu eeran mundu kondu nirbandha mayum thattuduthu venam nai kazhikkan. Eeran uduthu meethe eeran pavadayum sariyum dharichu 2 hours ambalathil prathikshanam vechu bhakthiyode kazhikkenam. Athu nirbandhamayi husbantinte relatives cheyyichirunnu. Nalloru mone enikku kitti. Innu nai seva yundenkilum penkuttikal onnara yudukkan thayyarakunnilla. Bali karmangal cheyyumbol polum sthreekal thattudukkan madikkunnu. Ennal ippol kurachu kalamayi kuresse sthreekal onnarayude upayogam manassilakki thudangiyittundu. Oru karyam ellavarum sammathikkum, avarude husbantinu onnarayuduthu kandal valiya haramanu. Enthenkilum karyam nedanamenkil onnara yuduthal nadkkum. Ramayana masam thudangunnathu muthal 7 divasamenkilum onnarayuduthu seelichu nokku. Arakkettinu nalla bhalavum oru self confidencum kittumennu urappanu.

by guest Wed Jul 16 09:09:51 UTC 2014

Pazhaya kaalathu ellavarum onnara uduthirunnu ennu karuthuka vayya.45 kollam mumpu ente oru ammayi saari okke dharichu adippavadayum ketti athinnadiyil oru chuttithorthu chuttukaye undayirunnulloo.thorthu thattuduthirunnilla.purathu povumpozho ambalathil thozhan chellumpozho okke avar
thorthinnadiyil thuni madakki valichudukkumayirunnu.ellyidathum akkalathu onnara nirbandhayirunnu ennu thonnunnilla.

by shyni Wed Jul 16 09:30:03 UTC 2014

Madhya keralathil chilayidangalil karkkidaka samkramathinu kodi onnaramundu vangi thattudukkunnathu oru acharamayirunnu.ippolundo ennariyilla.

by Sarala. Wed Jul 16 09:57:48 UTC 2014

There are two kind of thaar . one is adithaar . the other is melthaar . adthaar is worn by women . over the thaar they wear another cloth . but melthaar is worn by working class man . they wear it , over the konakam . when a man worker come in their house , middle aged women will come near him to talk . when the mam climb on a tree . women will look upwards then the women will see the workers konakam . he is shy . hence he thaarudukkum over the konakam to hide his big organ inside the konakam .the old ladies scold big girls and young women when they look at thaar man . because the workers have big musicale and they are sexy in thaar . then young women hide behind trees or near window and enjoy his appeals . this is a common sight in our area . while old women enjoy him looking .melthaar come only middle of thy .

by sundran Wed Jul 16 15:28:50 UTC 2014

nan nadakathil pennayi abhinayikkunna oru yuvaavaanu . ennea pennakkaan thaaruduppikkunnu.thaaruduthaal enthu sugamanenneo . nan aa sugam eshtappedunnu . athinaal nan eppoozhum thaarudukkunnu . day and night . thaarinu mukalil pants edunnu . aarum ariyilla . urnguboozhum pennugaleppoolai thaarudukkunnu .

by mohana krishanan Fri Jul 18 04:15:41 UTC 2014

nan nadakathil pennayi abhinayikkunna oru yuvaavaanu . ennea pennakkaan thaaruduppikkunnu.thaaruduthaal enthu sugamanenneo . nan aa sugam eshtappedunnu . athinaal nan eppoozhum thaarudukkunnu . day and night . thaarinu mukalil pants edunnu . aarum ariyilla . urnguboozhum pennugaleppoolai thaarudukkunnu .

by mohana krishanan Fri Jul 18 04:15:43 UTC 2014

Hi Mohana krishna, tharuduthu enganeya toilet use cheyyunnathu?

by guest Fri Jul 18 13:14:54 UTC 2014

Njan oru onnara premiyanu..Mukalil guest paranja doubt enikkum undu. Mohana krishan toiletil pokumbol onnara veendum azhichu kuthendi varille?

by SVK Fri Jul 18 14:21:40 UTC 2014

Dear friends ningalku thaarudukkunnavreppatty arian thalparyamundannu arian kazhinjathil santhosham . tight thaaruduthal urine pass cheyyaan penninum aaninum thonilla . i pass urine before going out .inside tight thaar no feeling to go for pass urine .i pass urine some time after 10 hours . no problem . my elder sister go out for work at six in morning and come back home at seven in night . she pass urine only when reaches home . she has no urine problem for 13 hours . thaar udukkan athra prayasam ella . saree udukknnthra vishamam thaarudukkaan ella . chilappool nanum closed toiletl pookaarundu . at evening time i go out in saree along with my friend for shopping or park . no difficulty by practice . I have 5 years experience to thaarudukkaan .

by mohana krishnan Fri Jul 18 17:41:32 UTC 2014

Hi Mohana Krishnan, aanungal tight aayi tharudukkunnathu kondu enthengilum kuzhappamundo? lingathinu vedana anubhavappedille?

by SVK Sat Jul 19 04:18:14 UTC 2014

I am reproducing one opinion from a Doctor from this forum:-Vivahithar allathavarum kuttikal undavan sramikkunnavarum onnara ozhivakkananm, karanam Onnara utukkumpol manikal(testes) mukalilekku valinjirikkum, appol manikalile choodu kootum, beejolppadanam kurayum, kuttikal untakuvanulla sadhyatha kurayum. Avasyathinu kuttikal janichu kazhinjavarkku onnara ututhal orukuzhappavum illa. Streekaleppolethanne purushanmarkkum onnara murukki ututhal kamavikaram niyanthrikkuvan oruparidhivare kazhiyum

by guest Sat Jul 19 04:52:59 UTC 2014

Aanungal saadharana thaarudukkaarilla . anneppoole penveesham ketty aadunna aanungal maathrame thaarudukkaarullu .thaaruduthu brayettu murukkiyal eethu aaninum penninde vikaaravum vichaaravum moohavum undagum . athinaal aanungal thaarudukkaruthu . aankuttykale penveesham kettykkaruthu . enikku ceruppam muthele pennakaan moohamayirunnu . athinaal dance padikkaan poyee . appool enikku pen sobhavam vannu .

by mohana krishanan Sat Jul 19 05:43:53 UTC 2014

Mohana krishaneppoole penveesham kettunna oru aankutty aanu jaan . jaan plus two nu padikkunnu .
four elder brothers anikkundu . jaan eettavum thaaye . athinaal enne kannezuthi pottukutty valarthy . cheruppam muthele penkutty aayi nadakathil abhinayechu . eppool valiya pennayi abhinayekkunnu . Mohana krishaneppoole jan thaauduthu purathu pookaarilla . jetty edum . veetil vannaal thaaruduthu churidaar dharikkum . kannezuthi malayum valayum dharichu adukkalayil ammaya sahaayikkum . naadakathinu pookumbool aan veesham dharikkum . avide chennaal pen veesham kettum . thaaruduthaal urine pass cheyan thoonilla .urangaan kidakkuboozum jaan thaarudukkunnu .

by jyothish Sat Jul 19 06:21:04 UTC 2014

Onnarayudukkunnathu sthreekalkku mathram paranjittullathanu. Purushanmarkku onnara paranjittilla. Pinne Poojarimarum mattum ambalathil thattudukkarundu. Athinu onnarayayi samyamilla. Pazhayakalathu aanungalil chilar cooli paniyedukkumbol soukaryathinuvendi thattuduthirunnu. Innu pants dharichanu aanungal paniyedukkunnathu. Stheekalkku onnarayanu adivasthramayi pandukalam muthal seelichirunnathu. 8-10 vayassakumbol kuttikale thattudukkan seelippikkum. Maasamura thudangunnathinu munpu thanne ammamaro muthassimaro penkuttikale uduppikkum. Innum Madhyakeralathile chila pazhaya tharavadukalil uduppikkunna chadangundu. Athinusesham innathe penkuttikale uduppikkan sadhikkarilla. Pinne chila athyavasya samayangalil onnara uduppikkunnu. Sarppakalam, chila kshethra darshanam, pirannal divasam, onam, vishu, thiruvathira etc. Divsangalil mathramayi onnara othungunnu. Onnarayuduthal nalla othungiya arakkettum, urunda nithambavum kittumennu urappullathinal chila ammamar innu kuttikale udukkan nirbandhikkunnu. Pinne periodsil cheriya cotton thuni madakki vechu onnarayuduthal valare sugham kittum. Napkins poleyulla side effects onnum kanilla.Pinne palarum ezhuthiya mathiri ororutharude soukarya manusarichu onnara yudukkam. Madi neetti yudukkunnathu ettavum eluppam. Udukkumbol nannayi murukki thanne yudukkanam. Purathu pokumbol pratheykichum. Kurachu samayam kazhiyumbol mundu thanne loose aakanidayundu. Athu kandu kondu veettil ninnu thanne nallavannam murikkiyudukkanam. Churidarinnullil onnarayuduthal solppam loosayalum azhinjalaum pedikkenda. Mundu purathu varikayilla. Onnaramundu thanne soukarya manusarichu venda sizil upayogikkuka. 6 muzham neelamulla onnara innu adhikamarum udukkarilla. Cheriya cotton mundukal, chutti thorth mundu enniva vangi upayogikkuka. Pinne mukalil palarum paranja pole urine pidichu nirthan onnara mundinu kazhiyum. Needa yathrakalil prathyekichu AC karukalil yathra cheyyumbol 7-8 hours vare urine pidichu nirthan pattum. Athukondu sthreekalkku mathra mulla adivasthramanu onnara. Purushanmar ithu kaiyadakkenda.

by guest Tue Jul 22 09:16:41 UTC 2014

thaarudukkunna pennungalkku nalla chodium midukkum undagum . ende barya oru urakkam thoongi aayirunnu . panties matherame edaarullu . avalkku nalla choorlpazham ende amma koduthu avale thaaruduppichu .athoode aval nalla midukkiyai .

by sreedaharan Tue Jul 22 14:56:05 UTC 2014

onnara udukkatha sthreekaley enikku ishttamalla.

by guest Wed Jul 23 06:51:08 UTC 2014

Anchadiyil kootuthal neelamulla penninu Thaarudukkan aarumuzham neelam moonnumuzham veethi ulla malmal munud nalla kattyullathu veenam . athu neelam mukki kanji vellathil mukki unakki edukkanam .moonnu adi neelathil madiyettu pokkilinu mukalil nannaai valichu murukki udukkanam . madiyude attathu valiya kettidanam .
penne edathu kaikondu mundinde adivasam pokki yoonikku mukalil cheerthu pidichu valathu kaikondu madiyude kettu kalukalkkidayeloode valichu murukki pinnel aazhathil kuthierakkuka . then , o k . aneeka varsham murukki thaaruduthal . vayar alila poole hour glass pole aakum . thaarudukkunna pennide vairinu chuttum two inch veethyil karukarutha adayalam undakum .

by sulocana govindan Wed Jul 23 14:02:10 UTC 2014

Mrs.Sulochana ezhuthiyathu 30 varsham munpathe charithramanu. Annu pennungal onnaraya uduthu meethe ottamundu mathram dharichanu veettil ninnirunnathu. Purathu pokumbol mathram mundinu mele veshti chuttum. Adipavada orikkalum dharikkarilla. Cheruppam kuttikal vare veettil mundum blousum mathram dharichirunna kalamanu. Onnara thumbu kalinte attam vare neendu kanam. Ahoru aishswaryamayanu nair veettile penkuttikal kandirunnathu. High school vare half skirt dharichu adiyil cheriya mundukondu thattuduthirunnu. Valiya 6 muzham mundu kondu ammamarum mattum neettiyuduthirunnu. Aa kalathu Mulmul mundum, labours ellavarum kora mundu kondum (kattikoodiya parukkan mundu) upayogichirunnu. Mulmul kondu thattuduthal sarikku murukkam kittukayilla, athinalanu nannayi alakki kanji vellathil mukki uduthirunnathu. Mallumundil minusavum shiningum kittan vendi poplin enna thread mix cheyyarundennu parayunnu. Athukondanu mulmul orikkalum onnarakku chernnathalla. Nalla nanutha cotton mundukal, veshtikal kadayil kittum. Veethi kuranja nanutha mundu kondu thattuduthal arakku chuttum theere karuppu niram undakilla. Adipavadayum churidarum murukki kettiyalum kuresse karuppu niram undakum. Athupole onnarayuduthal cheriya thothil karuppu niram undakam. Athu velichennayum nallennayum mix cheythu thadaviyal mari kittum. Innathe penkuttikalkku cheriya mundu udukkunnathalle soukaryam. Adhikam muzhachu nilkkathe nannayi murukkiyuduthu loose aaya churidhar dharikkam. Minimum 6 masam mudangathe onnara dharichal athinte phalam kittum. Theercha. Njan ella tharam adivasthrangalum upayogichittunu. Cheruppam muthal marriage vare onnarayuduthirunnu. Athinuseshamanu pantieis dharikkan thudangiyathu. Ennal husbandinum onnarayilanu thalparyam. Onnarayude sukham vere oru adivasthrathnum kittukayilla.

by guest Fri Jul 25 10:06:22 UTC 2014

divasavum onnarayudukkunna oru sthreeye kittiyal(nair) kalayanam kazhikkanam ennu mohikkunnu.

by guest Fri Jul 25 10:53:05 UTC 2014

Cheriya mundu kondu enganeya onnara udukkuka? Cheriya onnaramundu kondu entha udheshukkunnathennu onnu vyktamakkamo? Mundu cheruthayal sariyayi udukkan pattumo? onnu vishadeekarikkamo?

by t Fri Jul 25 14:28:56 UTC 2014

cherya mundukondu valiya pennungalkku thaarudukkaan kaziyella .aaru muzham neelam moonnu muzan veethi mundinu veenam . thaar nannaayi murukki nannaayi valichu kuthanam .enkele sugam kettoo .

by revathi r nair Sat Jul 26 07:12:54 UTC 2014

Thattudukkunna mundinu oru standard measurement illa. Soukaryamanusarichu ororutharkkum oro reethiyilum venda valuppathilum udukkam. Chruprayathil half skirt dharichu adiyil oru jettyitta pole chutithorthu mundukondu thattuduthanu schoolil poyirunnathu. High schoolilum collegilum pokumbol thorth mundinu pakaram neelam koodiya veshtimundu upayogichirunnu. Neriya eerkle karayodukoodiya nanutha mundu innum upayogikkunnu. Thorth udukkumbol madi neetti yudukkan vishamamanu. Oru side njathiyittanu udukkunnathu. Valiya 6 muzham neelamulla mundukondu njoriyittudukkunna reethiyilanu thorth udukkunnathu. Njori undavilla. Ella vasavum cover cheythu nalla valiya 6 muzham onnarayude phalam kittukayum cheyyuum. Veethi kuranja neelamulla mundu kondu nannayi njorinjudukkam. Muttinkalinu mukalil mathram valuppathil. Oru adipavada mathram dharichu sariyuduthu pirakil thappi nokkiyal polum udutha vivaram aarum ariyukayilla. Nanutha mundakumbol namukkum uduthathayi polum thonnukayumilla. Ente abhiprayathil udukkan ettavum nallathu thorth thanne. Athu viyarppum mattum pettennu valichedukkum. Innum nalla neelamulla thorth sulabhamayi shopil kittanundu. 60 cm x 120 cm. Valuppamulla valiya thorthmundu kittum. Chruppa karikalkum churidar dharikkunna varkkum pattiya sizil kittum. Allengil valiya textile shopil adiyiludukkunna mundu sales girlsnodu chodichu vangam. Nalla nice aaya veethi kuranja mundu ishtam pole shoppil kittum. Athumallengil hantex or handloom shoppilum onnara mundu chodichal kittum. Chila shoppukalilninnu onnara online vazhi vangamennu internettil kanunnu. Nalla practice undenkil cheriya mundukondu thanne nannayi udukkan pattum. Madhya keralathile shoppukalil sulabha mayi chriya adimundukal kittum. Pinne aadhya rathriyil vadhuvinu udukkan chila tharavadukalil kasavu karayulla veethikuranja nanutha mundukal karutharundu. 6 x 3 muzham neelamulla mundu uduthal valiya asoukaryavum pirakil muzhachum nilkum. Sariyudukkumbol prathekichum. Neelam koodiya veethi kuranjathanu cheriya mundukondu ethu reethiyilum udukkam. Thorth madi neetiyudukkan pattilla, kudukku thar reethiyil venam udukkan. Valiya arakkettullavarkkupolum nannayi udukkan pattum. Kurachu practice venamennu mathram. Kazhuki unakkanum valare eluppavumanu.

by Mrs.Vinu nair Sat Jul 26 09:18:36 UTC 2014

valluvanattukar, thalappilly taluk kar udukkunna reethiyanu ettavum nallathu. enthoru bangiyanu avarudey onnara udukkl. valarey safetyyullathum healthyum sexyum aanu. vallatha oru bangithanney...

by Subhadra teacher, Guruvayur. Sat Jul 26 19:41:46 UTC 2014

Subhadra teacher paranjathu sarithanne;pakshe valluvanadan reethiyil onnaramundu ketty njorinjudukkan nalla pariseelanam venam.Avote thiralunnathinu munpu onnara uduppikkunna oru chadangu undayirunnathayi kettittundu(ganapathi uduppikkal).Ee foruthile anekam vayanakkarkkayi teacher athonnu vivarichal valare informative ayirunnu.

by Rethi Sun Jul 27 08:53:10 UTC 2014

Yesterday eante valiyaammayi thozhuthinte back vasathu ninnukondu ONNARA azhichu murukki kuthunnathu njan kandu.nalla green karayulla onnaramundayirunnu.athinu sesham onnara thunbu muttinu thazhe kidakkunnathu kanam.ammayiyude back il plnnilottu valichu kuthiyirikkunna onnaraval sarikkum kanam.

by sreekala Mon Jul 28 03:05:08 UTC 2014

Ente highscool patitham thudangunna avasarathil achan persiail joliyilarunnu.Amma otta molayathinal tharavattilum.Nalla dhanasthithi ullathinal njan alasanum nalla uzhappanum aayirunnu.Chechi avatte school adhyapakanaya ammavante veettil ninnu pre-degrikku patikkukayayirunnu.Enne nannakkanayi ammavante veettil kondakki.Ammayiyum scool mistress aanu.Nalla sundariyaya ennal valare strict aya oru teacher.Chechi patikkan mitukki ayirunnu.Ammavan oru sadhu prakruthamayirunnu enkilum ammayi enikku chila chittakal okke erppeduthi.Mami anusaranakkedu kattiyal makane chooral kondu thallum.Sandhya vandanam kulichu sudhamayittu venam.Avarude nirdesaprakaram chechi collegil pokumpozhum onnarayudukkumayirunnu.Vaikittu kulichu vannal ente swakaryamuriyilekku ammayi oru thorthum lankottiyum aayi vannu vathil charum.Lankotti kaupeenam pole valichu chutti utuppichittu purame thorthu chuttan parayum.Manobalathinum ekagrathaykkum aanathre lankotti utukkunnathu.Ennittu ennekkondu vilakku vayppichu koottayi prarthikkum.Appol neelan pavadaykkadiyil murukki udutha onnarayumayi chechiyumundavum.Atiyiludutha onnara pinnilninnu valichu murukki prarthanaykku nethruthwam kotuthu kondu ammayi nilkkum.Rathri kidakkumpol thorthu maatti oru kaili mele chuttan tharum.Pakshe lankotti azhizhu maattan sammathikkilla.Kidakkumpol dushchinthakalundayi swayam bhogam nadathathirikunnathinanu ingane nishkarshichirunnathathre.Ithinu phalam kandu;uyarnna maarkkode patham tharam passayi pinneedu nallanilayilethan onnara udukkunna karkkasakkariyaya ammayiyude nishtakal upakarichu.

by Vimal. Mon Jul 28 09:02:33 UTC 2014

Pazhya kalathe uduppikkalinte gunamanu velluvanattukarikallu kooduthal bhangi tharunnathu. 8-10 vayassinu munpe thanne uduppikkal chadangu nadathum. Pinne shiramayi mundu thanne adivasthram. Annathe ammamarum ammoomma marum nannayi udukkan seelippikkum. 30 years back vare trichur jillayil mikka penkuttikalum onnara thanne yanu uduthirunnathu. Njan madi neetti udukkunnathinodu yojippilla. Athu thudakkakari penkuttikalkku pattum. Ente veettil njanum aniyathi marum madiyittu udukkarilla. Thudakkam muathal thanne njoriyittu udukkan amma seelippichu. Thudakkathil valiya vishamamayirunnu. Annum valiya mundu upayogikkarilla. Chuvanna karayull chutty thorthanu mikka kuttikalum udukkuka. Annokke ellavarum onnarayuduthirunnathinal aarkkum oru prasnavumilla. Kuli kazhinju kulathil vechu thanne udukkum. Appol ammayo mattu muthirnnavaro help cheyyum. Shimmi yude adiyil muttinkalinu mukalil njannu kidakkua onnara thumbu palarilum purathu kanam. Schoolilum onnara prasnamalla. Ella kuttikalum ithu thanneyanu. Palappozhum kalikkumbol onnara loose aakum. Appol thanne kalisthalathu vechu valichu murukkum. Collegil pokumbol kuresse naanam thonnarundu. Athukondu veettil ninnu nallavannam murukki njorinjuduthu 4 km. Nadannu pokum. Collegil ethumbol kuresse loose aavum. Ennalum thirichu veetti vannathinu seshame murukki yudukkukayullu. Toiletil polum povathe kazhikkum. Ellavarum veettil ninnu thanne nalla pariseelanam nediyirikkum. Ennal degree classil sariyudukkan thudangiyappol Njangaludeyokke arakkentinte bhangi palarum varnikkarundu.Appozhekkum pantiesum sheddyum okke kuresse kandu thdangi. Apoorvam churidar karikal.. Pinne pinne onnara udukkalum uduppikkalum kuranju. Innathe ammamar ellavarum thanne pandu onnara nannayi uduthirunnavarnu. Pakshe innu udukkan thalparya milla. Ee adutha kalathu muthal onnara kuresse kandu thudangiyittundu. Inter nettiloode Onnara udukkan padippikkan pattilla. Nalla pariseelanam kuttikallu koduthal othungiya arakkettum nithambhavum kittum. Mathra malla nalla aaiswarya mulla adivasthramanu onnarayennu theethum parayam.

by guest Wed Jul 30 07:34:01 UTC 2014

jangalude naattil penkuttikal aadyamayi therandal penne avare veedinu veliyil kanikkilla . avare muriyil adachidum . naalam divasam or olichirangal ninnaal petteennu naatle pennungal ellaam chernnu avale kulippikkaan puzyil or thoottil or kulathil jaathayaai kondupookum . avede avale enna theeppichu enjakondu theechu kulippikkum . penne aracha pacha manjal theechu kuluppikkum . pennee chandanam theechu kulippikum . penne paal ozichu kulippikkum . penne paneneer ozichu kulippikum . penne thoorthi unakkum . kuluppikkunnathinu mumb thorthu uduppichu koonakavum mattuthunikalun doore kondu pooyi kalayum . achendeyum ammyudeyum sahodarimaaranu kulippikkal chadanginu neethrutham kodukkuka . athinu seesam penninu thaar mundu ammaayi kodukkum . athu penkutty naanichu vaangikkum . pennee mattoru ammaayi pennene thaar uduppikkan sahaayikkum . penne oru neeriyathukondu avale puthappikkum . penne kuravayum aarpum maayi veettileeku kondupookum . avede chennaal ammayum ammummayum thaalamedutha penkuttykalum vilakkum narauum aayi sweekaricu hollil konduchellum .avede vachu avalkku amma pattupaavada , adippaavaada blouse shemmice eva avalkku kodukkum . avale cheechimaar avale akathu kondupoyi ethellaam dharuppichu makeup ettu kalliyanappennineeppoole aniyechu orukkum .pennee avale halil pradarsippikkum . appool avede varunnavarellaam avalkku sammaanam kodukkum . annu valiya sadya undakum . annumuthul pen kutty 24 manikkoorum 365 divasavum thaar udukkum .ende anubhavamaanu jaan paranjathu .

by Sarojini Raman kutty Nair Wed Jul 30 14:36:43 UTC 2014

Sarojini madom abhinandanangal!Ithra hrudhyavum vasthuthaparavumaya oru smarana atuthengum vayichittilla.Ariyatha othiri chadangukalum anubhavangalum ezhuthiyathil nandiyundu.Ruthumathi avunnathinu munpu veettil vachu nadathiyirunna onnara uduppikkal chadangineppatti koodi onnu ezhuthamo?Ennathe thalamuraykku ottum arivillatha oru karyamanathu.Athinu ammayano,ammayi ano karmikathwam vahichirunnathu?Sarojini madom onnu dayavayi vivarichal valiya upakaram.Uduppikkunnathinu munpu kshethra darsanamo,prathyeka poojayo pathivundayirunno?Vivaranam udan pratheekshikkunnu...

by Rethi. Thu Jul 31 02:03:58 UTC 2014

Rati madam ariyuvaan . ende naattele Irinjalakkuda bagathe reethi aanu jan vivarichathu . ooro dikkilum ooro poole . onninum oru niyamam ella .
ammummamaar parayum poole cheyyum . ambalathil pookaarilla . 14 divasam kazije pookou . enikku ethekurichu kootuthal ariyella .

by Sarojini Raman kutty Nair Thu Jul 31 12:51:33 UTC 2014

Valare NANDI Sarojini dinangal,kaumaram,vivahavela ennee avasarangalile onnara vishesham ezhuthi ee foruthil kooduthal arivu pakarane....

by Rethi. Thu Jul 31 14:13:11 UTC 2014

Njan madi neetiyanu onnara udukkaru.. Ekadesham oru masamayi upayogikkunnu. Onnara njorinjudukkunnathu enganeyonnu aarengilum vivarikkamo?

by sindhu Thu Jul 31 16:47:11 UTC 2014

sinu . onnara udukkunnathene patty mukalil dozen kanakkinu peer mukalil vivarichittundu . athu sarikku vaayichu manasilaakkuka . thaar mundu pokkilinumukal nannaayi murukki udukkanam . madi pinniloottu nannayi valichu kuthanam . madiyude attathu kettu edunnathu nallathaanu . thaar aadyamaayi udukkumbool kazappum tharippum pala pla nombarangalum undaakum . oru maasam seelikkanam . thaaruduthaal moothramozikkaan thoonilla . ara cheruthaakum . nduveedana undakukayilla . veedana sahikkaanum kadinamaaya panikal cheyyaanum prayaasamunakilla .thaarudukkunna bhaaryamaare barthaakkammaarkku valiya eshtamaanu . .

by paarukkutty amma nangyaar Fri Aug 01 12:58:55 UTC 2014

Sindhu ethonnu sradhikku;4 or 5 muzham neelavum veethi kuranjathumaya oru mundeduthu arayil chuttuka.Mundinte akathe konthala thazhekku valichu guhya bhagathu thrikonakruthiyil oru madakku varum vidham kettiyudukkuka;appol konthalayude orattam madakki valathu bhagathu kuthanam.Ennittu kuninju kalukal kavachu pinnile muntinte keezhattathinte madhyabhagam munpottu valichu akathe konthalayude keezhattam purakilottu valichu nannayi murukki pinnil kuthanam.Ithote njoritharudukkal poorthyayi;pakshe oru shtree padippichu tharathe athudukkanavumennu thonnunnilla.

by Soumini. Fri Aug 01 14:33:47 UTC 2014

Thanks Soumini..Ethandu ithe poleyanu njanum udukkunnathu..appo njan njoringudukkuka ennu kettappol vere tharathilanennu karuthi. Pokkilinu mukalilano thazhathano udukkendathu? kurachu kazhiyumbil thaniye pokkiline thazhathekku varunnu. Murukkiyedukkuka ennathukondu udheshikkunnathu- arayil murikki udukkanamdemennano atho vaal nannayi murukki kuthanamennano?

by sindhu Fri Aug 01 18:01:43 UTC 2014

Sindhu pokkilinu thazhe udukkunnathanu nallathu;arakkettinu chuttum avasyathinu murukkam mathi.Nannayi murukki udukkendathu pinnilekku valichu kuthunna vaal aanu;athukondanu chila pradesangalil onnara udukkunnathinu kuthiyudukkuka ennu parayunnathu.Ingane uduthal natta ennu nadan bhashayil parayunna bhagam-yoneemugham,kalukalude ida(perinnium)-nallavannam irukiyum murukiyum irikkum.Appol arayum nithambavum muruki nalla shape vannu yoneebhagam ayayathe iruki irikkum.Tharuka enna dhathuvil ninnanu thattu enna padam varunnathu;tharuka ennal murukkuka ennartham.Thandra sasthrathilum,soudarya sankalpathilum thattudukkalinu othiri prasakthiyundu.Eppozhum onnara udukkunnathu enthukondum nallathu thanne.

by Soumini. Sat Aug 02 02:32:24 UTC 2014

Hi njan veettil mathram onnara udukkunna stree aanu. Purathu uduthu pokan dhairyamilla. Tilet use cheyyendi varumennulathanu udukkathirikkam main karanam. enikku onnara uduthathu kondu moothram pidichu vekkan pattiyittilla. Veetil vechu njan srtamichu nokkiyittundu. Pinne, cheriya thorthu kondu onnara udukkunna karyam mukalil palarum paranjittundu.. athu enganeyonnu aarengilum onnu vivarikkamo?

by stn Sat Aug 02 04:49:21 UTC 2014

onnara udukkunna reethi youtubil undo?

by guest Sat Aug 02 05:15:59 UTC 2014

thanks soumini. enikku thonniya vere prasnam arayile kuthu idakkidakki azhinju pokum. purakile pokarilla. sadhrana mundu udukkunnathu poleyalle onnarayum arayil kuthenathu? arayude nadukkano atho valathu sidilekku matti kuthanam angane vallathum undo?

by sindhu Sat Aug 02 09:40:06 UTC 2014

Thaar mundu pokkilinu mukalil vachu udukkanam . allangil aziyum . jan thaaruduthaanu raathri urangunnathu . velukkumboozum athu loose aayittundakilla . saadharana mundudukkunnathu poole udukkuka . munnileeku oru madi neetti eduka . mattee thala right sideleekku valichu kuthuka . allengilaa thala oruvattam valiya madiye chutty mun paranja poole cheyyuka . valiya madi koonakam udukkunnathu poole pinnil valichu kuthuka . all right .

by rani parameeswaran . Sat Aug 02 14:09:13 UTC 2014

Sindhu sadharana mundu chuttunnathu pole thanne aanu onnarayum kettendathu;pakshe mundinte akathe konthala keezhattam valichidanam.Mundu valathu bhagathu thanne kutham-kuthinte attam onnu kettiyal safe aayi;azhinju pokilla.Vallathe murukki chuttiyal oru veerppu muttalum arayil karutha padum undavum.Karuthapadundayal powder ittu thirummanam;kurachu maarikkittum.Pakathinu mundu murukki chutti seelichal azhinju povilla;onnaraval nannayi purakottu valichu kuthanam.

by Soumini. Sat Aug 02 17:12:51 UTC 2014

Onnarayum tharum thammil oru vyatyasavumilla. Oro nattilum oro reethiyilanu udukkunnathu. Madhya keralathilanu pandu muthal onnaraya kooduthal per uduthirunnathu. Pala perilum onnara ariyappedunnu. Malabar reethi, thekkan reethi, njorinjudukkal, kuthiyudukkal, adiyiludukkal, kudukku thar, thorthmundu thar, thudangi pala perilum pala reethiyilum udukkunnu. Oru standard ropamilla. Udukkunna mundinum standard valuppamilla. Ororutharude soukaryamanusarichu yochicha mundu kondu pattiya reethiyil udukkuka. Valiya onnara munduduthu kannikal vare onnara thumbu njannu kidakkunna pazhaya kalamalla ippol. Ettavum cheriya reethiyil udukkunnathanu innathe dressinu nallathu. Cheriya mundu kondu knicker dharicha pole uduthu churidarum pantsum dharichu njan munpokke purathu pokarundu. Ethu dressinum pakathinu udukkan pattum. Thudakkam muthal seelikkana mennu mathram. Pokkilil ninnu valare irakki thazhthi udukkam. Pokkilinu mukalilayi venamenkil onnara udukkam. Udukkunnavarude soukaryavum dharikkunna veshavumanu nokkendathu. Allathe mundinte valuppa cheruppamalla.

by Mrs.Vinu nair Sun Aug 03 09:27:00 UTC 2014

It is very clear that are are men writing here. But it is understood that every loves onnara. I too love onnra than anything in the world. Any lady using onnara regularly, Iam ready to accept. ANYBODY?

by guest Sun Aug 03 13:08:30 UTC 2014

nan pathivaayi thaar fooram vayikkunna oru yuvaavaanu naan . enikku moonnu mohangalaanullathu ende baavi bhaaryaye kurichullathu . onnu . aval nirtham padichirikkananam . randu . aval divasavum vaalittu kannezuthanam . moonnu . aval ennum thaarudukkanam .

by Biju Mon Mon Aug 04 12:00:32 UTC 2014

I read this forum very interestingly because in this forum so many women wearing churidar were used onnara. This I got very surprisingly because this new generation never known onnara. Nair community and namboothiri community new generation used underwear as modern panties. I belived onnara is vanished our country. Before old women used onnara now they are removed onnara and used panties.

by unni Mon Aug 04 14:20:22 UTC 2014

Nangal hostelil thaamasakkaaraaya randu college kumaarammaaraanu . Ende room matenu oru cherya lap top undu . Athil nanjal ellaavarum urangi
kaziumbool sex video pathivaayi kanaarundu . Orikkal search chaithappool onnara forum kandu . Vaayikkaan nalla rasam . Eppool nanjal rendu peerum aaru muzham neelam moonnu muzham veethiulla ghadi mundu kondu pathivaayi thaar udukkunnu . Nalla sugam . Collegil pookumbool pantsnadiyil thaar udukkunnu . Hostelil paijaamakkadiyil thaar udukkunnu . Ambalathil pookumbool thaarinu mukalil oru saree paavaada udukkum . Athinu mukalil kasavumunu . Allengil mattullavar ann pilleer thaarudukkunnathu ariyum . Arijaal prasanamaanu . Yogakku pookumboolum thaaruduthu paijaama edunnu . Nalla sugam . Urangumboolum thaaruduthu oru nighty edum . Thanukkukayilla . Thaarudutha
thinuseesam swoyam boogamo sovarga sambogamo cheyyaarilla . Thaar pokkilinu mukalil nannayi valichumurukki udukkanan . Thaar vaal kettittu nannaayi vaichu kuthanam . Aaadhymaayi kurachu vimmittam undaakum . Veedana sahikkaan nalla karuthu kittum . Nalla chodiyum midukkum kittum . Ethellaam nanjagalude swontham anubavamaanu .

by Bejeesh Tue Aug 05 13:54:56 UTC 2014

What about starting forum on "Onnara stories" ?

by guest Tue Aug 05 19:33:37 UTC 2014

Thank you Bejeesh . Your story is very interesting . Adivastram nannaayi murukki uduthaal swoiam bhogam , swovargasambhogam enniva cheyyaan thonniilla ennahtu sariyaanu . Ningal thaarudukkunnathayi mattu aankuttikal arinjaal avar nigale kadichu keerum . Ende oru anubhavam . naan hostelil thaamasamaakkiya divasam . Randu seiners aa roomil undayirunnu . They vere very friendly with me . Enikku kidakkaan neerathu kannezuthunna seelamundaayerunnu . Ethu kandappool avar ende aduthu koodi .Nee kannezuthiyathu nannayittilla . nanjal kannezuthytharaam ennu paranju avar ende mukam creem ettu theechu poweder ettu minukki kannum purikavum ezuthi vaalittu thannu . Enne kannadi kaanichu . Really a beautiful girl . I got ashamed . Naan naanichu mukam pothi . Athoode avarude bhaavam maari . Avar enne vikaarathode maari maari chumbichu . Pinne kidannu urangikkoolaan paranju . naan urangaan kidannu . Enikku urakkam vannilla . Aadhyamaayittanu veettil ninnum maarikkidakkunnathu . Paathira aayappool oruthan enthede nee ethu vareeyum urngiyelle . Nenne eppool urakkitharaamedi ennu paranju ende bedil vannu kidnnu . Pinne umma vakkaanum chundu kudikkaanum thudangi . naan ende ellaa sakthiyum upayogicu thallimaattaam sramichu . pakeshe enikku onnum kazinjilla . Avan ende mulajettu valcukudikkan thudangi .Athoode enikkoru pen vikaaram vannu . Naan nisahayayaayi ellaam sahichu . Penne avan ennee samboogam nadathi . Athu kazijappool enne randaamanum peedippichu . Pettennu thanne naan hostel vaasam avasaanippichu veettileekku madangi . Aaroodum ee karyam naan parajeettilla . Pen veesham ketty nadakkunna aan pilleerkku varunna anubhavam ethaanu .

by Jyothish Wed Aug 06 14:28:55 UTC 2014

Onnara penkuttikalkku mathramullathanu. Aanpillarkku onnarayalla venamennundenkil konakamanu uthamam. Purushanmar pandu muthal konakamanu uduthirunnathu. Athanu uthamamayathanu. Sthreekalude sareera vadivinum nithamba valarchakkum cheruppam muthal onnarayanu pandumuthal seelichu ponnirunnathu. Onnaramundu nallavannam murukki uduthal mathrame vendathra prayojanam kittukayullu. Athu sthreekalkku mathrame pattukayullu. Purushanmarkku oru paridhi vare mathrame murukkan pattukayullu. Kooduthal murukiyal avarude lainkikathaye bhadhikkum. Sthreekalude sareerathinu anusarichulla adivasthramanu onnara. Pinne onnarayodulla amithamaya thalparyam kondanu pala purushanmarum onnara uduthu nokkunnathu. Athu sariyalla. Onnara yudutha sthreekalodu purushanmarkku valiya priyamanu. Bhavi vadhu onnarayuduthirikkanam ennu palarum chinthikkunnu. Innu marriage kazhinja aadhya dinangalil pala penkuttikalum onnara udukkan nirbandhitharakunnu. Seelichu kazhinjal onnara upekshikkan penkuttikallu prayasamanu. Bharthakkanmar sammathikkilla. Athu kondu cheruppakkar onnarayuduthu avarude bhavi nasippikkenda. Konakam uduthalum cheriya thothil avarude kamavikaram nirthan pattum.

by guest Fri Aug 08 09:41:11 UTC 2014

Varshangalkku munpu oru bandhuveettil kalyanathinu poya nalile smranayanu;njangalude sanghathil oru chittamma(ammayude aniyathi)yumn janum randu chechimarum cheriyachanum anundayirunnathu.Bandhuveettile penninte vivahamanu.Avar dhanikaraya valiya tharavattukaranu.Kalyanam rathriyilanu nadannathu;valiya modiyilum arbhatathilum anu chadangukal.Thalennu vaikittu thanne njangalude team ethi.Avidathe valiya oru chavati(out house)yil rathri thamasam.Ravile atuthulla oru puzhayilellavarum othu kuli;anum pennum ida kalarnnu;arkkum athil oru sankochavumillayirunnu.Kuttikal eeran thorthum muthirnnavar onnarayum mathram dharichu vistharichu kulichu;nithambavativil pattichernnu kidakkunna eeran onnarayumayi kulikazhinju kayarippovunna chechimarude drusyam athimanoharamayirunnu.Njanozhike koode undayirunna ellavarum onnara uduthirunnu;pattanathil padicha fashion kariyaya enikku onnara udukkan madiyayirunnu.Amma palavuru sat
ichengilum njan vazhangiyilla.Orikkal mathram-kudumba skethrathile oru poojaykku poyappol ammayi nirbhandhichappol onnara adiyiluduthathayi orkkunnu.Karkkasakkariyaya aa ammayi oru school mistrassayirunnu;avare bhayannittanu ututhathu.Kalyalappenninu udukkanayi kasavukarayulla neelan onnaramundu aanu vangiyirunnathu.Enikku uduthu seelamillenkilum onnara vasyamaya oru ulluduppanennu thonniyittundu.

by Suma Sat Aug 09 09:06:01 UTC 2014

Naan arupathu vayassulla oru purushanaanu . naan pathivaayi kidakkaan neerathu thaar pennungaleeppoole udukkum . marriage kazijappool aadyaraathri bhaarya thaar manooharamaayi uduthirikkunnathu kandappool muthal enekku thaar udukkaan thaalpparyam thudngi . bharya bathroomil azicittirunna thaar mundu uduthunookki aarum ariyaathe . nalla sugam . athinu seesham jaan bath roomil kayariyaal bharyayude thaar mundukondu thaar uduthu sugikkum . oru divasam thaarnundil ende sukalam pooye . enthukondennaal bharyakku maasakkuli aayirunnu athinaal enikku bharyayumaayi sexnu pattiyerunnilla . athinaal jaan veerpumutty nilkkunna samayamaayirunnu . bharya mundu kazukaan eduthappool nananjathukandu thottu nookkiyappool . nalla vazuvazuppu . aval enne question chaithu . jaan ellaam thurnnu paranju maappu choothichu . aval appool laughed . maasakkuli kazinjappool aval ennee thaarudukkkaan nannayi padippichu . annumuthal ennoolam pathvayi jaan raathiryil bharyayude meel kayariyulla sex circus kazijaal naan thaaruduthu bhaaryayude oru nighty dharichu sugamaayi kidannu urangum . thaaruduthaal endu sugamaanenoo . athu anubhavichu thenne ariyanam . thaar pathivaayi rahasyamaayi udukkunna dhaaraalam puruhammaaree enikkariyaam . ningal kanunna nooru sthreekalil ancu peerenkilum pen veesham pathivaayi kettinadakkunnnvarraanu .

by ramchandran nair Sat Aug 09 14:36:06 UTC 2014

Naan arupathu vayassulla oru purushanaanu . naan pathivaayi kidakkaan neerathu thaar pennungaleeppoole udukkum . marriage kazijappool aadyaraathri bhaarya thaar manooharamaayi uduthirikkunnathu kandappool muthal enekku thaar udukkaan thaalpparyam thudngi . bharya bathroomil azicittirunna thaar mundu uduthunookki aarum ariyaathe . nalla sugam . athinu seesham jaan bath roomil kayariyaal bharyayude thaar mundukondu thaar uduthu sugikkum . oru divasam thaarnundil ende sukalam pooye . enthukondennaal bharyakku maasakkuli aayirunnu athinaal enikku bharyayumaayi sexnu pattiyerunnilla . athinaal jaan veerpumutty nilkkunna samayamaayirunnu . bharya mundu kazukaan eduthappool nananjathukandu thottu nookkiyappool . nalla vazuvazuppu . aval enne question chaithu . jaan ellaam thurnnu paranju maappu choothichu . aval appool laughed . maasakkuli kazinjappool aval ennee thaarudukkkaan nannayi padippichu . annumuthal ennoolam pathvayi jaan raathiryil bharyayude meel kayariyulla sex circus kazijaal naan thaaruduthu bhaaryayude oru nighty dharichu sugamaayi kidannu urangum . thaaruduthaal endu sugamaanenoo . athu anubhavichu thenne ariyanam . thaar pathivaayi rahasyamaayi udukkunna dhaaraalam puruhammaaree enikkariyaam . ningal kanunna nooru sthreekalil ancu peerenkilum pen veesham pathivaayi kettinadakkunnnvarraanu .

by ramchandran nair Sat Aug 09 14:36:06 UTC 2014

Why ladies not wearing mulakkacha

by guest Sat Aug 16 01:03:13 UTC 2014

pennungalku swoyamaayittu mulakkacha kettaan pattilla . athu veeroraala kettikkodukkananam . nithyajeevithathil athu practical alla . dancenium naadakathilum pennungale mulakkacha kettikkaarundu . athu makeup man aanu cheyyunnathu . bra edunna sugam mulakkacha kettyiyaal kittills .

by sulochana ramankutty menon Sun Aug 17 02:40:33 UTC 2014

Mulakkacha engane kettum

by Abhi Mon Aug 18 14:58:43 UTC 2014

Mulakkacha engane kettum

by Abhi Mon Aug 18 14:58:45 UTC 2014

Anungalk konakam allae nallath? Ente bharthavu konakam anu use cheyunath. Konakathil pulli nikunath kaanan nalla bhangiya. Konakathil kidakunna saamanavum kaanan nalla rasama.. njn edak pidich njekkum.

by aswathy nair Thu Aug 21 11:25:07 UTC 2014

Aswathy u r right. Konakam is better than jetty. At the time of marriage i dnt knw how to wear konakam. Bt my hus thought me how to tie it. And also he bought me an aranjanam. Now i wear konakam and bra at night. He is naked at night. He didnt use condom . He put honey drops to my poor and have sex. This honey prevent pregnancy..

by greeshna mahesh Sat Aug 23 02:48:59 UTC 2014

divasavum onnarayum mundum veshtiyum udukkunna oru nair streeyey kittiyal kalyanam kazhikkamayirunnu.age prasnamalla. 60 varey aakam..

by guest Sun Aug 24 13:13:33 UTC 2014

Onnarayudutha penkuttikale ella purushanmarkkum valare ishtamanu. Onnarayudukkan avre nirbandhikkunnu. Ennal enthra penkuttikalkku aanungalude konakathinodu thalparyamundu? Valare churukkam...

by guest Tue Aug 26 09:41:33 UTC 2014

gues njan mathiyo? njan sthiramay onnara use cheyyarund

by parvathy Fri Sep 05 05:32:47 UTC 2014

njan sthiramyi onnara udukkarund pennungal adukalayil kayarumpol onnara udukanamenn vayasaya sthreekalk nirbandhamanu.

by lekshmi Fri Sep 05 06:13:28 UTC 2014

dear greeshma ganesh i say thank to you . this is a good idea .i hate condom . to day night i will use honey in my wifes hole and enjoy her . thank you thank you thank you for the valuable information .

by gopi Wed Sep 10 07:39:17 UTC 2014

Ente mula anu chetanu etavum estam . Yennum mula chappi anu urangunath.. enae rathri dress onum edan sammathikilla. Pullik enae angane kedakunath kaanana esyam

by guest Wed Sep 10 12:12:52 UTC 2014

Enikum kowpeenam udukan ariyillarnu. Ente hus anu adyam udupichath. Epo daily kali kazhinj konakam anu use cheyunnae. Enik chetane konakam uduth kaanana estam. Athinakath saamanam kedakunath kaanumbo thannae pidich njekkan thonum. Njn athilnu eduth chappikodukum. Yennum mola njekkunond kuzhapamundo??

by anjali biju Wed Sep 10 17:01:05 UTC 2014

Dear Lakshmi, sthreekal adukkalayil adiyil munduduthu mathram joli cheyyanamennu chila pazhaya tharavadukalil innum thudarunnundu. 10 vayassil kuttikale uduppikkal chadangu nadathum. Pinne sthiramayi mundu thanne venamennu parayumenkilum innathe kalathu athinu pattarilla. Athukondu holidaysilum mattum kuttikal adiyil uduthu ambalathilum adukkalayilum kayarunnu. Muthirnna sthreekalkku onnara nirbandavumanu. Ente marriage kazhinju husinte veetil kayariyappol aadyathe request adiyil mundu venamennayirunnu. Ente veettil cheruppathil uduppichittundenkilum daily panties dharichirunnu. High schoolil pokunna samayam muthal onnara matti. Chila visesha dinangailil mathram mundu uduthirunnu. Ambalathil vechu kettu nadakkumbol cheriya mundu uduthirunnu. Pinne athumatti panties dharichanu functionum athinusesham husinte veettilum kayariyathu. Next day early morning kulikkan bath roomil pokumbol sister in laws panties dharichu adukkalayil kayararuthennum onnara udukkanamennu paranju mundu konduvannu thannu. Enikku udukkan practice undayirunnathu kondu rakshapettu. Husinum onnara kandappol valiya santhoshamayi. Innum husinte veettil ellavarum onnara thanneyanu use cheyyunnathu.

by Vineetha Thu Sep 11 09:10:28 UTC 2014

onnara azhichu kuthan bayankara sukhamanu. nhan 30 kollamayi adiyil onnarayanu udukkunnathu. theendari avumbol thuni kashnam vechu udukkum. entey husband nu onnara kandal piiney parayanda valiya aarthiyanu. piinil ninnu onnara kuthu azhikkan druthiyanu moopparku. enikkum sukham nannayi valichu murukki uduthal athintey sukham onnu verey thanne...

by Rajalakshmi Amma, trissur. Fri Sep 12 18:40:08 UTC 2014

vineetha ethra vayasai . ningal keralatil evideyanu ningal parayunatu sathyamane . ipozum onnarayano upayogikunate .enike 28 vayasyi husinte veetil arum use cheyunila .husb enodu onnara udukan ariyumo enu chodichirunu husinu ishtamanenu parangitudu. vineeta iniyum ezutanam.

by beena Sun Sep 14 03:47:35 UTC 2014

hai vineeta, njan veetil onnara darikanamennu ammayik nirbandam anu enik 45 vayasund onnara uduthal pennugalk adakkavum othukavum undakumennanu ammayi parayunnath

by lekshmi Wed Sep 17 10:34:04 UTC 2014

hai vineeta, njan veetil onnara darikanamennu ammayik nirbandam anu enik 45 vayasund onnara uduthal pennugalk adakkavum othukavum undakumennanu ammayi parayunnath

by lekshmi Wed Sep 17 10:34:13 UTC 2014

Enikkum Rajalekshmi ammaye pole adiyil onnara valichumurukki udukkunnathanistam. Eppozhum anginethanne anu. Onnarayude yiru konthalayilum kettitta sesham matithala neettiyittu valichumurukki tharuduthal irukkom athepadi nikkum.Kuninjalum kuthiyirunnal polum valinju murukunnathallathe ottuum oornnazhiyukayilla.Veliyil pokumbol moothrasankayum thonnarilla.Sadharana saariyanu veshamengilum eeyide njan chilappol chooridarum shaalum dharikkarundu.Appozhum ullil valichirukki udutha thaar enikku suraksha thonnikkunnu.Koottathil parayatte rathriyil nightikkadiyil onnarayude nalla murukkam kittiyale urakkam sariyakarumullu.

by Vilasini Sat Sep 20 20:22:05 UTC 2014

Onnara can prevent the bleeding and other excretions from your holy spot all time. Also its not a sexy things while stretching it fully and place it in cloth line after wash after use. How ever panty's case is not such. Most of the women big fatty and above 40-45s dont want to show it openly the panties they wear even in river bath time and drying it in open. I think a women in panty is more sexual arousing one for their men even in their bedrooms. The only thing is to keep it freshy ever its a challenge. Our mothers even ashamed of it purchase publically. Am I correct?

by Geeta Wed Sep 24 09:31:31 UTC 2014

whatsover may be, there is no other under garment hygenic, sexy and beautiful and passionate. I LOVE ONNARA THAN ANYHTING...

by guest Wed Sep 24 19:24:54 UTC 2014

Old malayalam movie 'swapnam' YouTube il aarenkilum onnu downloaded cheyyamo please. Aa movieyanu eattavum nalla 'ONNARA' Movie eannu parayunnu.Download cheyyanam Please.

by Oru onnara premi Thu Sep 25 13:02:43 UTC 2014

Njan eeyideyanu ee blog kanan idayayathu. Ente kootukari sumathy anu enikku ee blog kanichu thannathu. Njan 15 varshatholamayi veetil vechu konakam anu upayogikkunathu. Purathu pokumbol panties upayogikkum. Onnu sramichu nokku, ennittu abhiprayam ariyikku.

by Vijayamma, Thrissur Fri Sep 26 03:29:48 UTC 2014

Vijayamma ezhuthiyathu vaayichu njan veettil cheriya mundukondu thaaranu udukkunnathu vijayamma engineyaanu konakam udukkunnathu ethilezhuthiyaal uduthunokki abhiprayam ethilezhutham

by Rama Nair Fri Sep 26 07:07:18 UTC 2014

Vijayamma,pakshe konakam uduthu nadannal thudakal nagnamaayi kanille?mathramalla onnarayude murukkam konakathinilla;athu ayanju pokum.Masamurasamayathu nannayi alakki veluppicha thuni kattiyayi madakki(PADUPOLE)konaanuduthittu onnara athinu mele njangal valichu murukki thattudukkarundu;pakshe konakam mathram udukkunnathu pennungalkku nallathalla.

by Sarassamma Fri Sep 26 14:15:10 UTC 2014

mensus samayathu konakam udukkunnathanu nallethu . thaar mundil choora aayaal athu kazukikkalayaan vishamamaanu . koonakam udukkumbool athinullil thuni madakki nannaayi vakkananam . choora vannaal ellaam kalaju puthiya konakavum thuniyum vakkanam . athinumukalil panties , tight , half skurt enniva upayoogikkaam . no money value for konakam .

by suma Fri Sep 26 14:33:11 UTC 2014

Ente arivil mikka pennungalum mensus periodil tharinadiyil thuni vachu konakamututhu kandittundu.konakathinumel onnara valichu murukkiyale blood thuni amrnnu valichetukkanavoo.

by Uma Fri Sep 26 16:58:44 UTC 2014

Njan womens hostelil thamasichu oru private companyil joli cheyyukayaanu njan adiyil cheriya veethikuranja mundukondu thaaruduth athinimukalil shaddy dharichanu officiel pokunnathu (hantex onnaramund pakuthiyayi murichedukkum) thaarinumukalil nalla shaddy edunnathukondu purakilekuth loosayalum bhayapedanilla shaddyude elastic project cheyyunnathinal shaddy dharichathaye thonnukayullu officeil bathroom ullathukaranam moothramozhichathinusesham azhichudukkanum prasnamilla thaarinu mukalil tiet shaddy dharichaal thaar eppozhum pattichernnu kidakkum enikku thaarallathe mattonnine kurichum chinthikkanavilla thaarudukkuvan aagrahikkunna ella jolikkaraya sthreekalkku ethu try cheythu nokkavunnathaanu

by Rajeswari Sat Sep 27 05:32:00 UTC 2014

Enikku 32 vayassayi. Cheruppathil onnarayudukkan thudangiyappol mathram athinu mukalil sheddy dharichirunnu. 13 vayassilanu aadyamayi period vannathu. Athinu seshamanu mundukondu tharudukkan seelichathu. Aadyathe kurachu masangal schoolil pokumbol mathram tharuduthu meethe sheddy dharichirunnu.Azhinju pokumennu pedichanu athu seelippichathu.School vittu vannal udane sheddy mattum.Cheriya neelam koodiya mundu arayil kettiyudukkum. Periodsil adiyil thuni madakki pad vachu mundu valichudukkum. Orikkalum mundilekku blood vararilla. Divasam randu time pads matti kalayum. Enthayalum onnarayude sukham oru adi vasthrathinum kittukayilla... Konakam udukkunnathu kondu valiya gunam kittumennu thonnunnilla. Vendathra murukkavum sughavum venamentil mundu thanne nannayi aavasyathinu murukkiyudukkanam.

by guest Sat Sep 27 07:37:59 UTC 2014

Enikku 32 vayassayi. Cheruppathil onnarayudukkan thudangiyappol mathram athinu mukalil sheddy dharichirunnu. 13 vayassilanu aadyamayi period vannathu. Athinu seshamanu mundukondu tharudukkan seelichathu. Aadyathe kurachu masangal schoolil pokumbol mathram tharuduthu meethe sheddy dharichirunnu.Azhinju pokumennu pedichanu athu seelippichathu.School vittu vannal udane sheddy mattum.Cheriya neelam koodiya mundu arayil kettiyudukkum. Periodsil adiyil thuni madakki pad vachu mundu valichudukkum. Orikkalum mundilekku blood vararilla. Divasam randu time pads matti kalayum. Enthayalum onnarayude sukham oru adi vasthrathinum kittukayilla... Konakam udukkunnathu kondu valiya gunam kittumennu thonnunnilla. Vendathra murukkavum sughavum venamentil mundu thanne nannayi aavasyathinu murukkiyudukkanam.

by guest Sat Sep 27 07:38:00 UTC 2014

Rajeswari njan office staff aayi joli cheyyunna veettammayanu njan veettil mathrame thaarudukkarullu officielum purathupokumbozhum panties dharikkum njan onnaramund muzhuvanaayum udukkumayirunnu athu kaaranam purakile kuthu muzhachu kaanumayirunnu pinne azhinju pokumenna bhayavum ennu njan leavilaanu ethu vaayicha udane uduthirunna thaarazhichu rajeswariyepole mundu pakuthiyaakki uduthu mukalil panties dharichukondaanu ethezhuthunnathu thaarinu mukalil shaddy dharichappol nalla tiet thonnunnu oru nirvachikkanavatha sukhavum thaarillathe oru nimisham polum enikku pattilla ethilezhuthiyathinu valare nandi ennepoleyulla full time udukkan aagrahichavarkku oru puthiya vazhiyaanu Rajeswari kaanichuthannathu

by vimala sasikumar Sat Sep 27 08:42:55 UTC 2014

E blog daily sarch cheyyunna teacheraanu veettil thaaranu udukkunnathu schoolilekkum uduthupokanamennundu dhyryam ella rajeswariyude anubhavam vaayichu veettil vannayudane panties maatti ayayil kidannirunna thaarmundu randayi madakki nannayi valichu thaaruduthu veethi kuranjathumoolam kaalmuttuvare thoongi kidakkunnilla nalla othukkavum 2madakkayi uduthathumoolam yoniyil kooduthal special sukham veettil eni engineye thaarudukku panties mukalil dharichu thaar loosayalum pedikkanilla enthaayalum thaarinte veethi kurachu uduthu panties dharichu schoolil pokan thirumanichu muzhuvan samayam thaarudukkan pattathathinte vishamam marikitti thank you Rajeswari

by guest Sat Sep 27 09:54:54 UTC 2014

E blog daily sarch cheyyunna teacheraanu veettil thaaranu udukkunnathu schoolilekkum uduthupokanamennundu dhyryam ella rajeswariyude anubhavam vaayichu veettil vannayudane panties maatti ayayil kidannirunna thaarmundu randayi madakki nannayi valichu thaaruduthu veethi kuranjathumoolam kaalmuttuvare thoongi kidakkunnilla nalla othukkavum 2madakkayi uduthathumoolam yoniyil kooduthal special sukham veettil eni engineye thaarudukku panties mukalil dharichu thaar loosayalum pedikkanilla enthaayalum thaarinte veethi kurachu uduthu panties dharichu schoolil pokan thirumanichu muzhuvan samayam thaarudukkan pattathathinte vishamam marikitti thank you Rajeswari

by guest Sat Sep 27 09:54:59 UTC 2014

valichumurukki thattudukkannathu sthreekalkku nalla balavum dhairyavum nalkum;njan oru school teacheranu;vikrithikalaya kuttikale palappozhum nalla adi koduthale niyanthrikkanaku;chooral prayogam nadathenda divasam onnara adiyil murukkiyuduthanu povuka.pinne adiyude pooramanu.

by raji Sat Sep 27 17:41:54 UTC 2014

Remayum, sarasammayum ezhuthiyathu vayichu. Onnarakku murukkam kittum. Njanum cheruppam muthal 35 vayassu vare onnara upayogivhu. Pinne menses samayathu upayogikkunna konakam (arayil charadu ketti thuni madakki munpil ninnum purakilottu charadil korthu vekkunna reethi) sthiramayi upayogichu thudangi. Onnara kazhuki unakkunna budhimuttu onnum thanne ethinilla. Purathu pokumbol purushanmarude nicker underwear upayogikkum. Athinu onnarayude murukkavum kittum pinne thudakal urayukayumilla. Sramikuu.

by Vijayamma Thrissur Mon Sep 29 03:50:09 UTC 2014

Trichurkari pennungalkku onnarayudukkan valiya madiyanennu palarum parayunnu? Munup onnarayude nadayirunnu Madhya keralam. Innu tharudukkunna muthassimar vare trichuril adipavada dharikkunnu.

by guest Tue Sep 30 08:52:25 UTC 2014

Madhyakeralavum valluvanadum innum onnara udukkunnavrude samrajyam thanne.pakshe thekkan jillakalilum,vadakkan keralathilum onnara udukkarillennu kettittundu;ithu sathyamano?Enkil tamil,kannada,tulu influence kondakam;alle?

by Sudha Tue Sep 30 16:28:56 UTC 2014

Vijayamma paranja abhiprayathodu nan 100% yojikkunnu. Karanam nanum veettil konakavum purathu pokumbol shaddiyum upayogikkum. Vijayamma paranja purushanmarude nicker onnu upayogichu nokkanam. Karanam panties upayogikkumbol thudakal uranju pottum. Ninnu moothram ozhikkunnavarku konakam valare balapradamanu.

by Sarada Wed Oct 01 03:29:42 UTC 2014

divasavum onnara udukkunna oru streeyey kittiyal kalyanam kazhikkanamennu agrahikkunnu..45 years nu mele venam. nair stree ayirikkanam..

by guest Fri Oct 03 10:36:10 UTC 2014

Onnara yudukkan ariyathavare kalyanam kazhinju pariseelippikkuka. Nair sthreekalkku enthanu prathyekatha? Onnara aarkkum udukkam. Jathiyum mathavum nokkenda. Manassundayal mathi.

by guest Sat Oct 04 05:29:24 UTC 2014

nhan nair anu. Athanu karanam. enikku onnara udukkunna oru nair stree thanney mathi..

by guest Sun Oct 05 21:38:56 UTC 2014

Vijayammayum, saradayum paranjathinodu njanum yojikkunnu. 45 vayassu kazhinja sthreekalkku veettil konakam thanneyanu nalla adivasthram.

by Manomani Mon Oct 06 03:20:34 UTC 2014

Njan ente jaathi parayunnilla 15 varsham munpu varerahasyamayi rathriyil uduthirunnu neram veluthaal jan thaarazhichueduthuvakkum ennitte vaathil thurakkukayullu pakalum udukkanamennu aagrahamundenkilum veettile sahacharyathil bhudhimuttanu oru sahacharyathil njanariyunna oru sthree thaarudukkunnathu kaananidayayi annu muthal oru moham thonnithudangi aagraham avare ariyichu avar udukkunnathu paranju tharikayum ente nirbandathinnu vazhangi avarude oru thaarum enikku thannu 15 varshamayi ennum athu kalayathe edakku rathriyil thaarudukkum ezhunelkkunnathu thaaruduthukondu athinte parama sukhathilaanu njan thaaranu udukkunnathu enikku onnarayudukkan oru sthreeyude friendship aagrahikkunnu thalparyamundenkil reply cheyyuka

by babu Wed Oct 08 11:22:13 UTC 2014

Njan ente jaathi parayunnilla 15 varsham munpu varerahasyamayi rathriyil uduthirunnu neram veluthaal jan thaarazhichueduthuvakkum ennitte vaathil thurakkukayullu pakalum udukkanamennu aagrahamundenkilum veettile sahacharyathil bhudhimuttanu oru sahacharyathil njanariyunna oru sthree thaarudukkunnathu kaananidayayi annu muthal oru moham thonnithudangi aagraham avare ariyichu avar udukkunnathu paranju tharikayum ente nirbandathinnu vazhangi avarude oru thaarum enikku thannu 15 varshamayi ennum athu kalayathe edakku rathriyil thaarudukkum ezhunelkkunnathu thaaruduthukondu athinte parama sukhathilaanu njan thaaranu udukkunnathu enikku onnarayudukkan oru sthreeyude friendship aagrahikkunnu thalparyamundenkil reply cheyyuka

by babu Wed Oct 08 11:22:13 UTC 2014

dear babu ,firstly you marry a girl and teach her how to wear onnara . and enjoy her . your mother will know how to wear onnara . or ask any old nair men to teach it to you . onnarayudutha pennine boogikkan nalla sugamaanu . i was a drama actor
during school days i was compelled to take women roll in all dramas . athinaal makeup man enne thaar uduppikkarundu .jan visammathichappool enikku randu poosa vechuthannu .appool jan thaar udukkaan padichu . thaar udukkumbool nalla sugam . jaanaanu baarayae thaar udukkaan padippichathu . eppool aval erupathinaalu manikkoorum thaar udukkunnu .

by gopi Fri Oct 10 13:29:30 UTC 2014

ഋതുമതികളായ പെണ്‍കുട്ടികള്‍ക്ക് 'ഒന്നര' നിര്‍ബന്ധമായിരുന്നു. പ്രത്യേകിച്ചും വടക്കേ മലബാറില്‍. ഇതിനൊരു കാരണം പെണ്‍കുട്ടികളും ഒരുകാലത്ത് കളരിപ്പയറ്റ് അഭ്യസിച്ചിരുന്നു എന്നതാണ് (ഇന്നത്തെക്കാലത്താണ് സ്വയരക്ഷയ്ക്കുവേണ്ടി കൂടുതല്‍ പ്രസക്തി എന്നുതോന്നുന്നു. ഒന്നരയുടെ ഒരു പുതിയ പതിപ്പ് സ്വയരക്ഷയ്ക്കുവേണ്ടി തിരികെ കൊണ്ടുവരുന്നതില്‍ തെറ്റില്ലെന്നുതോന്നുന്നു). ഈയിടെ ഒരു സിനിമാനടി പറയുന്നതുകേട്ടു, എം.ടി.യുടെ പടത്തില്‍ അഭിനയിക്കാന്‍ ഒന്നരയുടുക്കല്‍ എന്നൊരു പരിപാടിയുണ്ട്, അതൊരു മഹാസംഭവമാണ്. ഇന്നത്തെ തലമുറ ഒന്നരയെ പൂര്‍ണമായും തിരസ്‌കരിച്ചതായി തോന്നുന്നു.

by mukundan menon Tue Oct 28 14:55:49 UTC 2014

സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യലബ്ധിയോടുകൂടി സ്ത്രീകള്‍ക്ക് മേല്‍വസ്ത്രം സര്‍വസാധാരണമായതോടെ ഒന്നരയും മുണ്ടും ബ്ലൗസും കേരളസ്ത്രീയുടെ വസ്ത്രമായി സ്വീകരിക്കപ്പെട്ടു. പുറത്തിറങ്ങുമ്പോള്‍ ഒരു വേഷ്ടികൂടി വന്നതോടെ പുളിയിലക്കര മുണ്ടും കസവുമുണ്ടും പല നിറങ്ങളിലും ഇറങ്ങി. ഒന്നരയും മുണ്ടും നേര്യതും എവിടെയും ധരിക്കാവുന്ന കേരളപ്പെരുമയുടെ വസ്ത്രമായിമാറി. വിളക്കിന് ചുറ്റും തിരുവാതിരക്കളി കളിക്കുമ്പോള്‍ അവര്‍ പ്രധാനമായും പൃഷ്ടമാണ് പ്രദര്‍ശിപ്പിക്കുന്നത്. അതിലാര്‍ക്കും എതിര്‍പ്പുള്ളതായി പറഞ്ഞുകേട്ടിട്ടില്ല.

by mukundan menon Tue Oct 28 14:57:12 UTC 2014

75 - 80 വര്‍ഷങ്ങള്‍ക്കപ്പുറം കേരളീയര്‍ക്ക് വസ്ത്രം ധരിക്കുന്ന പതിവേ ഇല്ലായിരുന്നു പുരുഷന്മാര്‍ക്ക് ഒരു ഒറ്റമുണ്ടും കോണകവും (മലബാറില്‍ എടപ്പാള്‍ കൈക്കോണകവും തിരുവിതാംകൂറില്‍ അമ്പലപ്പുഴ കോണകവും ആയിരുന്നു പ്രസിദ്ധം. അതിന്റെ വ്യത്യാസം പിന്നീട് പറയാം). പുറത്തിറങ്ങുമ്പോള്‍ ഒരു രണ്ടാംമുണ്ടും പേനക്കത്തിയും, കഴിഞ്ഞൂ വേഷവിധാനങ്ങള്‍. സ്ത്രീകള്‍ക്ക് ഒന്നരയും മുണ്ടും. വേണമെങ്കില്‍ ഒരു പുതപ്പ് ആവാം

by mukundan menon Tue Oct 28 14:58:23 UTC 2014

Very Good Mukundan Menon Sir, Welcome your opinion especially in malayalam. Kindly continue, eagerly waiting for your posts

by Guest Wed Oct 29 04:56:26 UTC 2014

Thank U Mr.Mukundan Menon for your valued information about Onnara. Please suggest more information.

by guest Thu Oct 30 09:03:48 UTC 2014

onnara azhichu kuthanum manakkanum enthoru sukham...onnara illathey jeevikkan pattilla..

by guest Sat Nov 08 10:27:32 UTC 2014

Onnaraye patti parayumbol adyam thanne enikku ente ammayiye aanu orma varika. 45 vayassulla sundariyaya ammayi. Njan ammavante veettil ninnanu padichirunnathu. Ammavan kararu joliyanu. Mikkavarum madrasilayirikkum. Maasathil oru thavan varum. Ammayiyude oreoru makal kalyanam kazhinju palakkadanu.
Blousum ottamundumanu veettil nilukmbol ammayiyude vesham. Ottamundinadiyil ammayi onnaramundaanu udukkuka. Veettil nilkumbol pavada idareyilla. Veruthe oru thuni koodi kazhukande ennanu ammayiyude vicharam. Pinne njan mathramalle veettil ullu. Ennodu varale snehavum aduppavumanu.
Will continue .......

by Prathap Nair Wed Nov 12 10:19:01 UTC 2014

nunayanangilum vayikan rasamund thudaruuu

by x Wed Nov 12 13:36:48 UTC 2014


by achu Fri Nov 21 06:34:48 UTC 2014

is there any lady in this forum? or all men mad of onnara?

by guest Thu Dec 04 04:14:30 UTC 2014

സ്ത്രീകള്‍ അടിയില്‍ ഒന്നരമുണ്ട് ഉടുത്തുകാണുന്നത് ഒരുപാട് ആണുങ്ങള്ക്ക് വളരെ ഇഷ്ടമാണ്

by guest Fri Dec 05 16:53:08 UTC 2014

Enthaa aarum onnum ezhuthathathu

by guest Fri Dec 12 15:31:44 UTC 2014

nithyavum onnarayum mundum vesghtuyum udukkunna oru streeyey kittiyal kalyanam kazhikkamayirunnu.

by guest Sun Dec 14 22:15:25 UTC 2014

onnara arum use cheyathaa kallamanu ennu... athayairikam arum onnum ezhuthathathu...ethu use cheyan thalparyamulavarku athu egene use udukkanam ennu sariyayi ariyukayumilla... entha sariyalee....?

by parvathi Mon Dec 15 16:29:15 UTC 2014

yente barya 30age enik onnara ishtamullatu konde avel udukunnu eniku parijayamulla randu streekalunde avarodu ariyumo ennu chodichu 37 vayasulla aalinu ariyam ennu paranghu yeniku uduthu katti taram ennu parangitunde mate aalku 24 vayas udukanariyilla yengine yennu matullavarodu chodikan oru chammel ennu parangu nokate patiyal uduthu kanikam ennu parangu ngankal adutha kootukaranu

by guest Tue Dec 16 14:31:08 UTC 2014

poda nunayaa..

by guest Sat Dec 20 06:05:46 UTC 2014

onnara azhichu manappikkanum poottil nakkanum enthoru sughamanenno????

by guest Mon Dec 22 12:30:40 UTC 2014

onnara azhichu manappikkanum poottil nakkanum enthoru sughamanenno????

by guest Mon Dec 22 12:30:48 UTC 2014

kazija randu masamayi nan onnara thar foram pathivayi vayikkunna oru yuvavanu . enikku eppool pennugaleeppoole thaar udukkanum pennaavanum mooham .enikku premekkan oru purusane veenam .nan
eppol tharuduthu brayittu nighty dharichu aanu rathri urangunnathu . nan eppol pennayai nadakathil abhinayakkarundu . nalla sugam.

by baiju Wed Dec 31 02:57:53 UTC 2014

nee oru hijda anu..

by guest Wed Dec 31 13:22:23 UTC 2014

nee oru flutist anu.

by guest Fri Jan 02 19:27:42 UTC 2015

Enthinaanu Tharinte mukalil shaddy or jatty or paanty dharikkunnathu? Ethengilum orennam pore?

by Geetha Fri Jan 23 10:13:04 UTC 2015

Thaarinte ettavum nalla plus point - nadakkumbol chanthikal bum virakkukayum 1 2 3 ennu thullukayum onnum cheyyathilla koodathe chanthikalkkidayilulla gap mattullavarkku kanukayum illa. Nalla size and quality paanties ithinokke oru remedy thanne.

by Jyothi Thu Feb 05 12:45:09 UTC 2015

Thharum konakavum onnarayum okke nanakkuvaanum dry cheyyanum okke valare lejjayodukoodi venam cheyyan. Paanties vruthiyaayi kondu nadakkunnavarkku athalle ettavum user friendly ayathu? Ippol ethu sizilum shepil ullathum qualityilum easy ayi dharikkanum kazhuki unakkanum, safe and secret ayi carry cheyyanum paanties thanne nallathu, koodathe period timil ettavum safe ayi paads fit cheyyanum confident ayi nadakkanum paanty thenne nallathu.

by Seema Thu Feb 05 12:50:53 UTC 2015

Oru doctor checkup nu kidakkumpol onnara aano atho paanty aano kooduthal abhikamyam, enthengil okke ezhuthi vidunnathu swayam thaarum konakavum okke regular ayi use cheyyunnavar ayirikkanam. Allathe latest fashion shaper paanty and panty liner okke adiyil ittukundo irunnu pazham puraanam vilabunnathu nakkathalla.

by Neethu Thu Feb 05 12:55:01 UTC 2015

Thhar ഒരു തടസമല്ലേ? Prayamulla ammachimar thar udukkunnathupole cheruppakkaraya pennungal enthinu ithu udukkan kashtappetunnu? ഷഡ്ഡി thanne nallathu.. ഞാനും ഒരിക്കലും
ധരിക്കാറില്ല രണ്ടുപേർക്കും സൗകര്യം athayirikkum. Oru cheruppathinte feeling namukkum athupole bharthavinum... Ent Bharthavu eppozhum parayum pennungalute arayil oru cheriya paanties undengil avarkku 10 vayassu kurave thonnikkoo ennu. Ente ammayi Amma njan kalyanam kazhichu bharthavinte veettil chellumbol evarkku ekadesham 48 vayassum kaanum.. avar regular ayi shuddy dharikkunna oralanu. Yathoru jallyathayum illathe avar ravile kulichhu shuddy vidarthi avayayil idum. Ippol ekaddesham 54 vayassayi. Ippozhum laigika bandhathil erppedumennu thonnunnu.. Avar Onnichhanu kidappum. chilappol Ravile roomil adichuvaaraan kayariyal rathiryil urigintta shuddy kidakkayude aduthaayi kidakkunnathu kaanam. Avar ippozhum hair removal upayogikkum athukondu avarute shuddy valare vruthiyanu kaanaan. Ente Aadya Rathiryile paanteesum brayum jnan ippozhum bhadramayi sookshichhu vachittundu. Enikku bharthavu idakkide nallala clean ayi arakkettu shave cheythu tharaarundu.Bharthavu videshathu idakkite poyi varumbol nallayinam sexy light and shape paanteesukal kondu tharum. Athu dharikkunna rathirkalil bharthavinu valare valare vikara paravasan ayirikkum.

by Jyothi Wed Feb 11 11:30:27 UTC 2015

ഒന്നരയോ പാന്റീസോ ?
ഒരു പത്തിരുപതു വർഷം മുന്പ് ഈ റെഡി പാന്റീസ് ഇല്ലാതിരുന്ന കാലത്ത്, പെണ്പില്ലർ ഒരു പ്രായം കഴിഞ്ഞാല്‍ ഷഡ്ഡി ധരിക്കൾ നിർത്തും - അതുവരെയും തുണി കൊണ്ടു നമ്മുടെ അയലത്തെ ചേച്ചിമാര്‍ വെട്ടി തയിച്ചു കൊടുക്കുന്ന ജട്ടി ഇടും - അവര്‍ സ്കൂള്‍ ലൈഫ് കഴിഞ്ഞാല്‍ ഷഡ്ഡി ഇടുന്നത് നിർത്തും .ഏകദേശം അവർ വയസ്സറിയിക്കുന്ന പരുവം ആകും. നമ്മുടെ അമ്മമാര്‍ ഒന്നര ഉടുക്കാൻ ട്രെയിനിംഗ് കൊടുക്കും - ഷഡ്ഡി ഇടില്‍ നിർത്തി കളയും. ഒന്നു രണ്ടു തോര്ത്തു കള്‍ (ചുടടീ തോര്ത്ത്ു‌) ഇതിനായി കൊടുക്കും. വീട്ടില്‍ വച്ചു പ്രയാസമായതിനാല്‍ കക്ഷവും കവക്കിടയും വടിക്കൾ ഇല്ലെന്നു തന്നെ പറയാം. കവക്കിടയില രോമാക്കാടും പെര്മനെന്റ്റ് ആയി ഉണ്ടായിരിക്കും. അന്നൊക്കെ പെണ്ണുങ്ങള്‍ കല്യാണം മണ്&

by Beena Nair Mon Feb 16 07:25:30 UTC 2015

Hi aranjanam ittit ano ith set cheyunne

by guest Wed Feb 18 07:26:45 UTC 2015

പാന്‍റീസ്നെക്കാളും, അടിയില്‍ ഒന്നരമുണ്ട് വലിച്ചുടുക്കുന്നതാണ് നല്ലത്

by guest Thu Feb 19 17:11:26 UTC 2015

Sharikum vayasayavar alle angane cheyunadh

by guest Fri Feb 20 01:07:34 UTC 2015

Oru change inu vendi onnarayom thaarum okke udukkaam. Ellathinun oru change avasyamanallo? Athu kanunnathu swantham anungalkkum ishtamaakum. ennalum panties pole user friendly ayathu mattonnilla.

by Geethu Fri Feb 20 09:47:17 UTC 2015

Enthinu Thar udukkanam. Panties vendengil vallappozhumokke nalla kotton thuniyude konakam uduthhalum kaanan valare bhangi ayirikkum. athu Dharikkan oru paavaadyude naada eduthu arayil aranjaanam pole kettiyaal mathi.Private part moodi vachu vaayu kayarathe samrakshikkuka enna dharmam konakavum bhangiyaayi nirvahikkum.

by Sumangali Fri Feb 20 09:53:25 UTC 2015

Pantiesum athinumukalil Oru swarnapanikarante aranjanavum idumbo ulla bhangi vere onninum kittilla Njan angana idunath

by guest Sat Feb 21 04:05:17 UTC 2015

Onnara sthiramaayi upayoghichu seelichaal pinne orikkalum athu upekshikkan pattilla. Panteso, konakamo onnum athinnu oru marupadiyalla. Onnarayuduthu seelichavarku, panteesittal enthengilum dharicha pole thonnukayilla. Nallapole murukkiudutha onnara tharunna urappum, sukhavum athu upayoghichaal mathrame ariyukayullu. Pinnilekku murukki kuthunna onnarayude vaal, nithambathinnidayilulla bhagathe eppozhum cleanaayi parirakshikkan sahayikkunnu. ithorikkalum pantesinnavilla. Sariyanu, churidhar dharikkunna puthiya thalamurakku, onnara oru prayasamaayirikkum. Pakshe avarum, veetilenkilum, onnara dharichu seelamaakkiyal yonibhagavum, maladwaravum ellam vrithiyayayirikkan valare sahayikkum.

by guest Sun Feb 22 06:31:49 UTC 2015


by guest Sun Feb 22 12:30:06 UTC 2015

onnara udukkunna reethi clear aayi aarengilum onnu paranju tharamo?

by guest Mon Feb 23 17:44:23 UTC 2015

1. 6 muthal 8 adivare neelavum 3 adi veethiyulla oru mundu sankatippikkuka.
2. Sadharana muntukukkumpole utukkuka, pakshe valathusasathe konthala neettiyituka, mukalilekku pokkiyal thalakku mukalil attam etunnathuvare.
3. Etathe konthala matiyute atiyiloode valathuvasathu murukki kuthuka.
4. Kuninju ninnu muntinte purakuvasathebhagathinte thazhatte attam, kalukalkkitayillote munpottum mukalilekku valichetuthu matiyute thazhathu tight aayi kuthy urappikkuka.
5. Mati thazhathekkittu, kuninjuninnu valath kai valathe thudakku pirakiloote munpottittu thoongikitakkunna matiyute attathu pitichu kalukalkkitayiloote murukki purakottu valichetuthu chanthy chaliloote mukalilekketuthu muntinte purakile mukalbhagathu naduvil akathekku valichu kuthuka.
6. Nivarnnu ninnal nalla murukkam thonnanam, muruki erikkuvan thar valinte attathu tightness nokki oru kettittasesham kettakathakki murukki kuthiyal kuniyumpol azhinju pokilla.

by guest Tue Feb 24 05:32:33 UTC 2015

6 adi 3 adi mundu dharalam mathiyavum, mikkavarkkum. Point 4 paranja maathiri thazathe attam mukalil kuthanameenu nirbandhamilla. Pakshe pirakilekku kuthunna vaal point 5 paranja mathiri murukkiudukkanam. Aadhyamokke, ingane murukki udukkumbol alpam prayasam thonniyekkam. Pakshe, pathukke, pathukke, ee murukki kuthalillathe nadakkan pattilla enna sthithi varum. Appozhanu, pantese sthiramayi upekshikkan thonnuka. Pantese upekshicchalum illengilum, veetil ethiyaludan onnara dharikkan seelikkanam. Athinte mukalil, pinne pavadayude avasyamilla. Ithu, stree sareera sudhikku, valare prayojanam tharumenna karyathil yathoru samsayavumilla.

by guest Wed Feb 25 02:52:32 UTC 2015

Mukalil paranjathu pole onnarayuduthu nokki. Pazhaya double mundu keeriyanu uduthathu. enikku kurachu samshayangal undu.
1.Sadharana thunikkadakalil ninnum onnara mundu kittumo?
2. Onnaramundu vayarinte ethu bhagathayittu udukkanam.

3.Njan sadharana purathu pokumbol sariyum allengil churidarum, veetil magsiyumanu udukkaru. Ithinte koode onnara udukkarundo?

by guest Wed Feb 25 18:43:13 UTC 2015

ഒന്നരയുടുക്കുമ്പോള്‍ മുകളിലെ ഗസ്റ്റ് 5ആം പോയിന്‍റില്‍ പറഞ്ഞപോലെ മാടി കാലിന്നിടയിലൂടെ പിന്നിലേക്ക് വലിച്ചു കുത്തുമ്പോള്‍ അരയില്‍ ഉടുത്ത മുണ്ടിന്‍റെ പിന്‍ഭാഗത്ത് ഒന്നരവാല്‍‍ കുത്തുന്ന ഭാഗത്ത് നടുവില്‍ തളവിരല്‍ കൊണ്ട് താഴേയ്ക്ക് അമര്‍ത്തി പിടിച്ച് വാല്‍ വലിച്ചു കുത്തണം. എന്നാലേ നല്ല മുറുക്കം കിട്ടുകയുള്ളൂ. നന്നായി വലിച്ചുകുത്തിയാല്‍ വേഗം അഴിയുകയില്ല

by guest Thu Feb 26 17:20:16 UTC 2015

onnara ippol kadayil kittumo ennariyilla. Kittumenkil thanne athu chodichu medikkan ikkalathu alpam madi kanum. Athinal mumdu medichu avasyathinu murichu upayoghikkam.
onnaramundu, vayarinte pokkilinte thazheyayi udukkam.
Onnara ethinteoppavum udukkam. Veetil maxiyanenkil adiyil vere Pavada venda.

Onnarayude akeyulla oru prasnam, idakku pinnilekku kuthunna vaal loosayi azhinju pokumennathu mathramanu. pandokke Mikkavarum alukalude vesham mundum, neriathum onnarayum ayathinal, ithoru valiya prasnamayirunnila. Evideyayirunnalum, onnara val murukki kutham. Arum athine oru valiya karyamayi kandirunnilla. Pakshe ippol onnara oru pazhanjan reethiyayi kanunna kalthu, athu pattillallo. Athukondu, pinnilekkula valil oru kettittu, nannayi murukki kuthiyal, oru alavu vare prasnam pariharikkam. Pinne veetil mathram onnara upayogikkumpol, ithoru prasnavumalla.

by guest Thu Feb 26 18:14:48 UTC 2015

Onnarayuduthal, tolietil pokumbol azhichu aadye edukkendi varille? Ellavarum angane thanneyano cheyyaru? allengil vere ethengilum reethiyundo? Purathu pokumbolonnum toletil vechu onnara sarikkadiyil onnara udukkunnathu budhimuttalle?Tolet use cheyyumbol onnara azhikkunna reethiyil enthengilum maragangal undo?

by guest Fri Feb 27 19:12:18 UTC 2015

Pakshe, athinnu onnara muzhuvanayi azhikkenda avasyamillallo. Pinnilekkulla val mathram azhichhal mathiyallo. Sangathy kazhinjathinnu sesham, veendum onnara val pinnilekku thanne bhadramayi murukki kuthanamenneyullu.

Seriyanu. Toiletil vechu onnara azhichu veendum kuthan alpam prayasamundennu sammathikkendi varum. Prathiakichum, saarikkum pavadakkadiyilumanenkil. Pakshe, sthiramayi onnara seelamakkiyavarkku, ithonnum oru prasnamavilla. Athukondanu, adhyam, veetilenkilum onnarayuduthu seelamakki, sareera sudhi varuthan parayunnathu. Onnu randu masam upayoghichal pinne onnarayudukkathe pattillennakumpol, onnarayude budhimuttonnum oru prasnamavilla.

by guest Sat Feb 28 02:53:37 UTC 2015

Oru samsayam koodi. Onnarayuduthu sareera sudhi varuthan parayunnathenthu kondanu? Iva thammilulla bandham enthanu?

by guest Sun Mar 01 15:58:26 UTC 2015

Enthinanu nammal adivastram dharikkunathu? Guhya bhagathuninnellam ulpadhikkapedunna dravamgale oralavu vare agiranam cheyyanum, athu puram vasthratehilekku parakkathirikkanum ellam anallo!

Pakshe, Pantese mathiriyulla alpa vasthrathinnu, ithinellam oru parimithiyundu. Pratyekichu nammude kalavasthayil! Viyarppumoolam undakunna beejangaleyum, roganukkaleyum ellam oru parithivare mathrame panetese mathriyulla nertha vasthrangalkkavu. Evideyanu, nammude parambaragatha adivasthramaya onnaraude mahatvam. Onnaramundu Viyarppine nannayi agiranam cheyyunathinal, Fungus moolamundakavunna samkramika rogangale cherukkunnu. Viseshichum, yoni pradeshatheyum, maladwaratheyum. Onnarayude val nannayi
pirakilleku valichu murukki udukkunathinal, athu yoniyudeyum, nithambathinte idukkukaleyum eppozhum sudhiyayi samrakshikkunnu. Ithu koodathe, onnaramundu pantesinekkalum eluppathil kazhuki unakki vrithiyakkanum eluppamanuthanum.

by guest Sun Mar 01 18:39:17 UTC 2015

Ee aduthayanu njan onnara foruthekurichu ariyunnathu. Onnara mundu ethu tharam thuiyayalum kuzhappamille? allengil ethengilum prathyeka material aavashyamundo? Onnarayude murukkam ennu udheshikkunnathu arayil nalla mruki irikkanam ennano atho yoni bhagavum maladwaravum nannayi murukkanamennano?
Onnarayudukkunna stepsukalo atho ethengilum vedio yo youtubil available aano?

by guest Mon Mar 02 15:44:23 UTC 2015

Nalla 6 by 3 Handloom (neryathu) kondu onnaraudukkam. Arayum Valum nallapole murukkiudukkanam. Arayude attathilum, valinte attathilum oro kettidunnethu, onnara azhinju pokathe tightayirikkan sahayikkum. Arakkettinu nalla dhridathayum labhikkum, viseshichum naduvedhanayullavarku.

by guest Wed Mar 04 00:05:12 UTC 2015

Ingane onnara upayodikunna arenkelum aranjanam idunnundo

by guest Tue Mar 10 13:04:43 UTC 2015

Onnara sthiramayi udukkunnavarku arayil aranjanavum charadupolum kettan vishamamanu. Vallappozhum onnara udukkunnavarkku aranjanam pattiyennu varam.

by guest Sun Mar 15 15:02:14 UTC 2015

Atha ente prasnm Enik aranjanam idanm its my passion..

by guest Wed Mar 18 02:11:58 UTC 2015

Onnaraudukkunavar arayil charadu dharikkunnath nallathanu.Onnarayude pinnilekkulla kuthine charadilonnu korthu thiruki vechal, orikkalum azhinjupokathe muruki irikkum.

by guest Sat Mar 21 09:18:03 UTC 2015

Onnaraudukkunavar arayil charadu dharikkunnath nallathanu.Onnarayude pinnilekkulla kuthine charadilonnu korthu thiruki vechal, orikkalum azhinjupokathe muruki irikkum.

by guest Sat Mar 21 09:18:03 UTC 2015

onnara udukkunnan oru veedio arenkilun eduka . ethrta vayichalum udukkunna reethi manasilakan prayasamanu .

by marykutty Sat Mar 21 14:07:50 UTC 2015

onnara azhichal nalla manamanu.

by guest Sat Mar 21 14:23:40 UTC 2015

internetil thappiyal, lokathile mikkavarum vasthrangal udukkanulla reethi videoil undakum. Pakshe, nammude parambaragatha onnara mathram evideyum kandittila. Nammude innathe internet upayogikkunna youthsinnu ithine pattiyulla arivillaymayayirikkumo karanam. Pakshe, ippozhum, school uvajanolsavam thiruvathirakalikkellam, onnara nirbandhikkarundallo. Chilappol, nammude penkuttikalkku, ee dhrisyam purathu kanikkuvanulla manasthithi undavillayirikkamennu thonunnu. ee blogile mikkavarumper, aanungalayirikkumallo, athum, onnaraye ishtapedunnavarum, athine patti nalla reethiyil vivaramulavarum. Avarkkarkkengilum, vyathystha reethilyilulla onnarauduppinte avaravarude photos upload cheyyavunnatheyullu. Northindian aanungalum marathi pennungalum ellam oru tharathilulla thar ippozhum upayoghikkarundallo. Athinteyellam videos internetil labhyamanu. Kerala style onnaraye popular akkan ithu sahayikkum.

by guest Sun Mar 22 04:00:02 UTC 2015

arum oru video edathatheetha... ee paryal arkum onnum manasilakilla.... video pratheeshichukodu......

by ramya Mon Apr 06 17:09:20 UTC 2015

Ramya facebookil onnaramund search cheythal manoharmaya onnarayude photo kaanam eshttapeettal ethi repiy cheyyuka

by revathy m nair Tue Apr 07 03:37:27 UTC 2015

Ramya facebookil onnaramund search cheythal manoharmaya onnarayude photo kaanam eshttapeettal ethi repiy cheyyuka

by revathy m nair Tue Apr 07 03:50:05 UTC 2015

You can see a good collection of Onnara photos in the site:
in.pinterest(dotcom)(slash)setmundu(slash)onnara. Please email any such new photos to :

by guest Wed Apr 08 05:06:58 UTC 2015

Valare nice fabric kondu nirmichha paanty economy price nu kittumbol ooraanum, idanum, unakkuvaanum, kazhukkanum, swalpam secret aayi upaygikkanum okke nallathu paanty thanne. prayamaya malayali sthreekal polum ee kkaalathu oru lajjayum koodaathe paanty dharikkunnu. nalla lazeum designer paantykalum oru sthreeyude arakkettinte beauty vardhippikkunnu. oppam sexiyum aakkunnu. yaathrakku kondu pokaanum, madakki safe ayi vakkanum okke, athupole pad otticchu vakkanum okke paanty thanne nallathu.

by Soumya Nair Fri Apr 10 11:09:04 UTC 2015

Enikkishttam onnarayanu athukondu njanudukkunnu onnara udukkunnathinteyo kazhukunnathinteyo problem njan prasnamakkunnilla enthayalum oru karyam onnarayude sukham pantiesnu kittilla

by revathy m nair Sat Apr 11 07:40:59 UTC 2015

enikku nithyavum onnara udukkunna oru stree friend aayi kittan agrahikkunnu. pls reply..

by guest Mon Apr 20 11:52:49 UTC 2015
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