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please share your punishment that you received for ragging in first year in university. than write what kind of punishment you gave to others in your second year in university.

by Ameesha Rai Mon May 31 04:26:35 UTC 2010

I am an Engineering college student. When I first reached at the college I thought it was so calm and no problems there regarding ragging. On the second day of my college life I got the first experience of ragging. I am quiet fashionable and was dressed up in tight jeans and T-shirt. In the afternoon lunch break some of the senior girls called me outside the class and took me to a lonely room. They at first asked me to remove the jeans, but I hessitated and as a result they asked me to sit and stand continuously. It was so irritating as my jeans was so tight. After that one of the girl came forward and put her hand inside my jeans pockets and took the mobile phone out of it and gave me a blade and asked to cut the pockets. I begged them to leave me alone, but no way. Two girls hold my hands and removed the pockets on front of my jeans and warned me not to put mobile phones inside jeans pocket again. I didnt complained it to anybody except my mother and she told me to leave it and take it silly. After that day the next day onwards I was in churidar. Now I am senior and dress in tight jeans with no problems and now we rag our juniors but not in horror way, just for fun without hurting them.

by Jisha Tue Jun 01 14:46:27 UTC 2010

Hi jisha ,in which college you are studying? IO too had a similar ragging experience, but in our college our uniform is churidar and only on workshop day we could wear pants. As Gisha told my pants were almost tighter and one day I was standing on class platform cleaning the board. A group of three girls called me outside to the backside of college. I was afraid because nobody was there ,a total silence. One of the girl asked me to put both my hands completely inside pants pocket and asked me to sit and stand ten times. I was forced to do it. I was fortunate enough that pants didnt split apart. But my pants appeared to have wrinkled so much. Then the next girl came forward and asked me to dance and at that time my pants gave a loud sound and the stitching below the zip broke away and I cried a lot. I complained it to the principal and she didnt took any action against them and she told me that it was because of tight my pants splitted and warned me not to wear them again. I was very annoyed hearing this and I complained it to my mother. The next day my mother went to our college and the Principal gave the same reason. My mother was in favour of me and told her that the girls who ragged were wearing pants tighter than my daughter, why should'nt you warn them? and told her that she will not change her pants and my mother took my pants to tailor to got it repaired and the next week too I dressed in them revengefully. Nobody ragged me and I still wear that pants at home, but it is too tight now, yet comfortable.

by Shilpa Wed Jun 02 12:22:14 UTC 2010

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by guest Thu Jun 03 09:34:40 UTC 2010

caning story...



by guest Sun Jun 27 04:25:08 UTC 2010

i was badly ragged in my first year. seniors arranged for a game of wrestling and the one losing had to strip completely naked and do three things as per the lottery slip that he got. i lost and was stripped completely naked in front of the entire hostel. then i chose three slips from the lottery box, and to my bad luck they were
1. dance
2. buy a ciggerrate for my senior and
3. parade in the entire hostel - 3 wings

i hadto dance naked, then went to the cigerrate shop which was outside the campus (11:30 pm)to buy a ciggerrate for my senior, completely naked,i did not visit that shop after that for 1 month as there was a small boy sitting there, and then paraded the entire hostel for 3 hours. the seniors sent two boys along me to ensure that i make complete tour of the hostel and so that i dont wear any clothes in between and also to call all the sleeping boys to come and see me parading naked and make fun.

by guest Fri Oct 29 20:41:51 UTC 2010

hi guest, wats ur name? which college & which year?
i was also ragged in college. i was taken to the senior hostel, where i was stripped completely naked and my clthes were given to the young watchman. After that i had to do whatever the senior told me. I was asked tough questions and if i cud nt answer, i had to get punished then only like kneel down with hand raised, sit up holding ears, caning, naked parade. Later on my seniors became my best frndz and helped me also in studies, notes.

by guest Sun Oct 31 13:24:06 UTC 2010

ragging had began on 1st day itself, v wer around 4 junior boys in a block, v wer all forcibly stripped nd for 3othr hands wer cuffed behind, i was askd to go nd cal few senior gals(i was supposd to go naked) so dat dey also cud enjoy, wich i refused, one of d senior got angry and told me dat as a punishmnt i shud go to highway road outside campus and stand der for an hour naked(it was around 12 at nite,since it was a highway, heavy vehicles moved evn at dat time). i felt so ashamed standing der naked and being seen by so many passerby drivers. two seniors wer wit me and ensured dat i stood der. one of d seniors also made fun of my erect penis. aftr an hour i was taken inside campus and made to do murga wit othrs all naked...aftr pleading for hours we wer let go

by guest2 Fri Jan 21 18:42:31 UTC 2011

hi mr.guest 2, i also had similar experience, we juniors wer around 13 in numbr, it was around 9pm, we wer all askd to strip naked, go to nearby shops, buy underwears wear them in d shop and come bak...eventually v refused to do dis, so we wer stripped naked and our hands wer tied behind very tightly, then we wer taken to a pole inside d campus and all our penises wer tied to d pole...2,3 and 4th year guys wer called and imagine wat a shame it wud b... our penises wer tied der until 1am in night, der was no means of escaping either, after repeatd pleads the tight strings around our penis wer removed and our hands wer relieved as wel..i thot dis was ovr, but nw we wer forced to form a human train wer each wud hold penis of a guy in frnt of him and run....

by guest Fri Jan 21 19:15:38 UTC 2011

Ten yrs back severe ragging was comman in medical hostels.Girls were ragged privately but poor boys were slapped in classrooms and even in front of girls.Once in a month boys were paraded naked in front of girls hostel, and gals were well informed in advance.I was the only person having handycam with me and maney medical paraded I had recorded.Now I think this was wrong and thanks god severe ragging is banned.At that time I do confess that I loved to see boys ragging and their parade.

by Rashi Thu Jan 27 04:26:39 UTC 2011

In the engineeering college where I studied, the ladies also used to rag junior boys. They used to single out one boy at a time and take him to their hostel. In my case I was caught a number of times by different groups of ladies. Two incidents were especially painful. In all cases, I was made to strip fully. I was made to sing, do situps, iron and wash their clothes etc. In one case 4 ladies pinched me on my nipples and inside of my thighs. They caught hold of my skin between their nails and virtually twisted it till the skin broke. Another group made me extend my palms and caned me till I cried. Then I was randomly caned all over my body. I was made to kiss their feet, run on all fours like a dog etc.

by siddharth Sat Feb 05 23:32:07 UTC 2011

hi siddharth, i had similar experiences during my hostel days. the senior girls caught me a number of times and took me to the ladies hostel. i was asked silliy questions and stripped completely naked since i was not able to answer. Then they punished me by making me do situps holding ears and murga, all while naked. then i was made to do naked parade and dance before them, i also had to become a naked waiter for one of their inhouse parties, a number of times they also ragged another boy along with me and made us kiss each other, suck each others nipples and masturbate each other for them to see.

by guest Sun Feb 06 11:33:48 UTC 2011

Hai siddharth tell more ragging experience

by guest Wed Feb 09 18:44:26 UTC 2011

bhenchod harami ladkiya....

by guest Wed Feb 16 18:59:06 UTC 2011

Hi i am frm canada and I too had a worse seniors had called me and my friends to a party in hostel..there were gals also present..when we went they held us and took off our clothes they tied us naked to the chairs..then they did worse emptied a whole bottle of ketchup on our body with rotten eggs and they even put ketchup on our my was very embarrasing :-(

by geoff Sun Mar 27 11:57:03 UTC 2011

hi, my ragging incident is that i along with 2 other junior boys were caught by seniors. They took us to the terrace at day timeand asked to remove our clothes completely so that people from houses nearby can see us. Then they made fun of our penises and testes. Then they took us nude to the hostel canteen where around 50 boys were present. They all made fun of us. Then they showed our nude bodies to the canteen owner, hostel warden and watchmen. Soon they kept competition for us in nude such as running race, skipping. They took our photos and videos. Soon they called some senior girls to hostel so that they can enjoy seeing us nude. Then i was taken to bus stop at night totally nude, i was shown nude to the male persons there and was tied to a pole at bus stop so that the girls coming in next bus can see me. To my surprise the girls in the next bus didnot hesitate to see me but instead they took photos of me and touched my penis and balls. i could not control and a white fluid came out of my penis.

by guest Fri Apr 08 09:26:25 UTC 2011

Girls r made frm d s**t of a c**k. Dey shld be tortured in such way dat they pee in their pants jst by thnking bout boys.

by Guest3 Mon Apr 18 14:22:29 UTC 2011

It was way back in early 80s. We were staying in a hostel which was completely secluded from city. 10 of us juniors were taken to the common room of the college hostel and there they forced all of us to strip our clothes one by one. They did not even allow us to wear our undies. While the North Indian boys were relatively brave, some of the South Indian boys started crying as it was their first time in life to strip naked in front of others. Then lewd cmmenst were passed by the seniors looking in between very junior boy's. They started commenting on the size, shape and thickness of the male organ. Suddenyly one senior boy started measuring the size of every boy's penis. When they started holding the shaft to measure the size, it was only natural that the boys getting hard-ons. It was only natural as the boys were just around 16 or 17 years old. Then, the senior boys started measuring the erect boyhood of each boy and I must say that it was most embarrasing. A junior boy from Kashmir who had the longest of all, was given a bottle of Thums Up to drink. They kept telling how his wife will be very lucky when he get smarried.
Then the seniors asked us to form 5 groups of 2 boys each and play the cow and milkman game. One boy has to pose like cow (stand on all fours) while the milkman milks the cow. It was again very embarassing but the senior boys had their way. I played the milkman first and milked the Kasmiri boy and once he was finished, he became milkman and I became cow. I was feeling shy but the Kashmiri boy told me, "we are all boys only. so, dont feel shy". and then he started milking me and the moment I creamed, both of us stood up and by that time, all the boys had finsihed milking each other. then we were allowed to dressup and go back to Room. It was very embarrasing and funny situation. I still cannot forget that day when I was milking a teen boy (that too one with bog boyhood) and getting mliked by him in return.

by Ramee Sat Apr 23 13:33:55 UTC 2011

caning story

please leave ur comments

by guest Sun Apr 24 16:13:09 UTC 2011

Hi Ramee - An interesting experience really. The milkman - cow game must have been outrageous. I cam remember vividly how I as a teen freshman was made to strip, jump (it was called bobbing) with the boyhood going up and down and then punch a hole in a watermelon and then start pumping it and cream inside the melon. Oh my was so stupid, funny, embarassing, exciting - all in one!!

by Coomee Thu Apr 28 15:58:25 UTC 2011


by UNOTELEN CRUNZE Thu May 26 07:16:26 UTC 2011

in our hostel with the use of xylocaine jelly in our anuses it was dialated and we boys were made to put our penises into eachother.oh man i still remember tha i creamed inside a sweet boy.

by rajesh. Fri May 27 18:12:52 UTC 2011

well my case i was made to strip till i was in an underwear and my hands were tied behind me.then a girl of my batch was forced to remove my underwear and masturbate me in front of other boys.a video was made,so that i could not complain.i was so ashamed.but i got over and ragged my juniors later in the same gave a strange pleasure,i must say dear friend.

by mohit khanna Fri May 27 18:19:01 UTC 2011

saali maadorchod our ist yr at medical college we were to sleep eat and bath naked with no underwears and masturbate on command.sometimes we were asked to mimic orgasms of group penis and my friend's penis were tied together for whole night and the seniors would come while we slept and can our penises and was quite went for two whole days and nights.some liquid used to come because of the hard on we naturally had.we were made to bath each other next day of the two day suhaagraat we had as they said and they even made us to shave each others jhaants(pubic hair)saale randichods behen ke laundes.

by jimmy kataria Sat May 28 05:09:30 UTC 2011


by wwwwwwwww Fri Jul 01 12:31:16 UTC 2011


by jjjjrrrrr Sun Jul 17 19:08:49 UTC 2011

i was ragged by the seniors in the firt of my collegw i was taken to the parking place and was stripped naked and a girl was also stripped and asked me to dothing that r done in first night and iwas forced and i did it and she was crying aloud and was taken to the toilet they force fully brushed my teeth with the toilet brush Next day to stripped underwear and do a parade in the college

by raju Sun Jul 31 16:23:02 UTC 2011

Its tough college ragging life

by Vinay Sun Aug 07 08:21:23 UTC 2011

my experience is same as you yaar raju.i and one girl were taken to an old deserted hostel and were forcefully made to strip naked.then i was asked to lick her wherever they said and i had to do it.i asked sorry to the girl.then they got angry and told me mard never ask sorry so as punishment i will have to penetrate her boor.the girl wept and wept.they laughed.they told you will become class 1 randi and can earn good pocketmoney after that.while she was weeping i was shown a a sex film all naked .naturally my lund became hard.then the senior boys caught the girl and kept a knife on the table, forced her legs apart holding the legs apart they pushed my lund into her boor,and pushed me from my back(gaand).in one stroke her boor ruptured and blood gushed out.then i had to keep on making sex with her till i cremed in her boor.that was my first sex.ooooh!

by sandeep Mon Aug 08 17:02:09 UTC 2011

some commentz are fake

by riya Sun Aug 14 18:44:02 UTC 2011

how could u say

by guest Mon Aug 15 12:38:55 UTC 2011

things like these do happen

by monish Sat Aug 20 15:16:53 UTC 2011

who said guls arent ragged? in my college on d 1st dy i hd d wrst tym of my life
1st i entered d colg n i hd to stnd in a line wer raggng punishments wer given i hd to choose a chit out of 5
d punishments were
murga punishment
stndng naked on d gate
bendng dwn tkng 10 caning on bums
becomng tpilet 4 a day wer seniors wld shit on us n we would b on our 4s in doggy style
last ws masturbatng to a guy
n guess wt?
i got toilet
i ws made a toilet for 3 hrs
seniors came n wer peeing n shittng on me
i got to c sum ugly
main part of girls n ws forced to observe some boys main part
sum evn acted like sittng on a ghoda n wer riding me
all this while i wsnt allowd to wear clothes or clean myself
i hd to aftr 3 hrs stnd in tht wy near my hostel gate
my maiden saw me she got vry angry
i tried to explain i ws ragged bt she tld no i deserve a punishment
she told me to wash my body bt nt wear clothes
she took me to a tree
which hd a bark comng out n tld me to put my main part thts my hole in n shake myself in n out
all d colege looked at me
then i ws askd by d guys to go in their room bcum a naked murga doin kukdookoo aftr evry 1 min
n fr evrytym that i stood up i got 5 canes on my bums n 1 tym breasts presng
it ws horrible

by rashi Wed Aug 24 09:20:22 UTC 2011

i was also ragged by my senior girl, she told me to come the backyard of our college, she and three other girls are there they told me to be in naked and show my pen8s to them. i forcefully strip and stood hads up position all girls are started to giggle and i feel ashamed. they touch my pen*s an balls as they wish. someone kicked my ball i cry with pain. last they maid me milked..

by Basil Thu Aug 25 17:57:00 UTC 2011

I like bold girls like those. but unfortunately i didnt face any. Which college and which year and where it was basil?

by tanumay Sat Aug 27 15:46:13 UTC 2011

When we were college students, there was a common ragging procedure. A boy and girl had to become naked and shifted to opposite sex hostel for ragging. We girls were also had to become naked and shifted to boys hostel in full nude position. Boys were enjoyed and ragged us severally.Some time we had to get murga punishment in boys' hostel for 1-2 hours. some time senior boys made us kneel down on the roof for whole night in nude position.

by trishna Sun Sep 04 19:02:47 UTC 2011

we faced nude ragging in hostel life we were made nude murga by sr.girls..we have to obey them, every sat day night we have ragging session first we get slaps frm girls then we were taken to hostel ground where they tell us to get nude who becomes nude faster get less punishment.after that there is murga race which is very much enjoyed by girls..every jr boy become standing murga&and 1 sr girl blew a whistle every boy has to do murga parade and complete 1 round who comes first get sitting murga punishment in center of ground other boys continue there murga parade again who comes first becomes first becomes sitting murga at center of ground..girls derive lot of pleasure from this they enjoy life by shaking legs to & fro sitting at stairs around ground..again murga parade continues..and whosoever comes last get ear twist from all girls last two were severely treated while others have to me sitting nude murga ..till beauties desired.those last murgas get beating frm girls & next day have to become murga in campus everone watch there humilating position,sometimes sr girls make them murga inside library for 1 hr in a corner where every one enjoys due to sunday no one asks for their punishments.. this happened on every sat night and lots girls enjoy our murga punishment.."kaan pakar ke murga banate hai ground me hamare chakkar lagate hai"this line we have to repeat during murga punishment session taken by sr girls

by raja Thu Sep 08 08:42:30 UTC 2011

we faced nude ragging in hostel life we were made nude murga by sr.girls..we have to obey them, every sat day night we have ragging session first we get slaps frm girls then we were taken to hostel ground where they tell us to get nude who becomes nude faster get less punishment.after that there is murga race which is very much enjoyed by girls..every jr boy become standing murga&and 1 sr girl blew a whistle every boy has to do murga parade and complete 1 round who comes first get sitting murga punishment in center of ground other boys continue there murga parade again who comes first becomes first becomes sitting murga at center of ground..girls derive lot of pleasure from this they enjoy life by shaking legs to & fro sitting at stairs around ground..again murga parade continues..and whosoever comes last get ear twist from all girls last two were severely treated while others have to me sitting nude murga ..till beauties desired.those last murgas get beating

by guest Thu Sep 08 08:46:04 UTC 2011

There was another instance which was terrible in my memories. On my first day of joining hostel, two of us from Chennai were sharing a room and suddenly an older boy came to our room and started speaking roughly in Hindi, threatening to slap us. He signalled me to remove my clothes and though I started protesting, my friend started removing his clothes becuase he did not want to get hit. Seeing this, the Hindi speaking boy asked me as well to get going and he was too rough and forcibly removed all my clothes to leave both of us boys naked. He then held each of us by our sshafts stroking it roughly. He played with my thing and my friend's thing as if it was a Rubber toy. Needless to say, we got rockhard. He made both of us roll back the soft skin on the shaft and was playing with the pink mushroom, which was extremely tough because it's so sensitive out there. He also occasionally squeezed our balls making us scream. And everytime we shouted, he was laughing. He started pinching our nipples and finally asked me and my friend to hold each other's organ and rub against each other. When we did this, he was squeezing our buns and he asked us to continue this till we came bursting. My friend's cream was all over my stomach and my cream was all over my friend's stomach. It felt so gooey. Even after this, he played with our boy organ for some more time and kept them awake and kicking and suddenly to our surprise, he started putting my boy organ into his mouth, which I did not expect at all. I tried to pull out my thing from his mouth but he had a firm grip on my shaft with his mouth and threatened to bite it off if I made a protest. Once again, I had to go through the ordeal before I burst out with one more load of cream shot. He then took my friend's organ in his mouth and played with it for a while before getting rough with it; he alternately beat it with his hand and then with his mouth and made him cream again. He then played with our semi-hard shafts making comments on the size and shape before allowing us to dress up. The next day morning to our shock, we realized that he was a young rickshaw puller boy who pretended that he was a senior and had sexual pleasure at my and my friend's expense, in the name of ragging. In the name of ragging, he enjoyed the naked bodies and tasted the soft boyhood and cream of many young boys in our batch. Since he was a rowdy boy, we could not complain anything about him.

by Nikhil Wed Sep 14 03:18:35 UTC 2011

During the hostel ragging, we were made to play table tennis in the games room and everytime you lose a point, you have to take off one cloth. First shirt, then pant, then baniyan and underwear..since i was good in table tennis, i kept winning points and made the other guy to strip and made him in naked in two minutes. Sensing this, they asked me to play against one of the college champions who in turn forced me to strip one by one till I became naked - And I tell you what. It was tough playing naked, especially with the boy organ dangling all over the place. It was tough b'cos when you jumped to play a shot that thing would slap on the thigh making a noise and the seniors used to tease us and make fun of us. After sometime, it will get tougher b;cos you will get a full tension and it will obstruct play. They took it to the next level one Sunday when they asked us to play badminton like this, and later Kabbadi. Kabbadi was the ultimate as all the fresher boys had huge monstrous growth and we were supposed to catch the other guy only by the boyhood. At the end of the game, we were asked to stand in circle, hold the next guy's boy organ and stroke it firmly. I still remember when almost all of us boys erupted and poured cream all over the place at the same time and the seniors clapped in joy at the cost of embarrased freshmen.

by Vinay Wed Sep 14 03:21:11 UTC 2011

Hi Vinay - this is a terrible tale. How can you boys allow your personal sexual organs to be played with by other boys that too rickshaw puller? Also achieving an orgasm is purely a personal event and you cannot allow that to happen in front of others

by Renjith, Kerala Sat Sep 17 03:06:23 UTC 2011


by j Wed Nov 23 06:44:18 UTC 2011

During our hostel ragging, the senior boys put tooth paste on the pink mushroom of my friend's erect boyhood and asked me to brush my teeth with it. And same repetaed with my stuff...oh my god,,that was rough and tough...cream and paste all over the face!!

by Guru Tue Nov 29 15:21:06 UTC 2011

koi mera lund choosega please?

by vicky? Thu Dec 01 07:17:44 UTC 2011

In SMS Medical College Jaipur, 2006 batch. 2nd Year. 15 female interns with 1st year batch. each boy had to visit the intern's room. pull out his orhan and show. interns would check the organ from all sides and to some students, they would check their arse. 1st year boys would eventually ejaculate in 3rd or 4th check-up.

by Dr Shalini Agarwal Ajmer 941405475_ Tue Dec 06 18:19:03 UTC 2011

Once I was in my school christmas program,I wanted
To got the toilet and 3 boys came to me and told me to come with them .they took me to a dark place and told me to strip fully. I refused but the showed me a knife and they told they will kill me.and I striped and was fully naked . Theytookme to a electric pole and tied me there . The girls who came there saw my thing and laughed and touched it .I was there for the whole night till 1oclock and a boy untied me and I was crying and he told that he toohad experienced this a lot of time and he gave me some of his clothes and I reached home at was embarrassing .

by Sam8 Thu Dec 22 11:03:34 UTC 2011

i also faced many raggings by girls in hostel we all had to get nude atleast once i remember all girls started crying then i have few videos too if anyone wana exchange ragging videos let me know

by desigal Mon Dec 26 13:26:28 UTC 2011

i also faced many raggings by girls in hostel we all had to get nude atleast once i remember all girls started crying then i have few videos too if anyone wana exchange ragging videos let me know

by desigal Mon Dec 26 13:28:30 UTC 2011

i also had ragging experience where senior girls told me to kiss their feets and lick the bottom of their feets and their slippers we would told to pray all the girls and say,''you are my god and im your slave*,''they would call all the girls of our batch and tell us to put our heads in girls feet and the girls would really enjoy it .......

by sam Fri Dec 30 06:35:52 UTC 2011

in our college ragging was classified as 1st 2nd and 3rd degree. 1st and 2nd was bearable. during 3rd degree ragging after college, 7 boys and 3 girls from our class was called to an empty lecture theatre where 50 senior sir and madam have joined. each junior has to pick a chit and perform the task. it was horrible. mine was to get naked and do a dirty dance. i had to do since, it is mandatory. beleive me there were even worser things. they made a mms. latter many more seniors in the college teased me about that.

by spandita Sun Jan 01 09:35:06 UTC 2012

Hi Spandita

I too had a similar experience in College - though it was all boys. I was asked to dress up like a girl with just bra and panties and dance in a very sexy pose with another boy with his jutty. The other boy was forced to squeeze the bra and panties as if he was enjoying with a girl. It was very tough and the boy was asked to remove my clothes slowly, bra first and squeeze my non existent breasts and then remove my panties and play with my bums.

I had a raging hardon and came bursting without even touching my big boy.

by VIRAT Mon Jan 09 12:56:32 UTC 2012

Hi Spandita

I too had a similar experience in College - though it was all boys. I was asked to dress up like a girl with just bra and panties and dance in a very sexy pose with another boy with his jutty. The other boy was forced to squeeze the bra and panties as if he was enjoying with a girl. It was very tough and the boy was asked to remove my clothes slowly, bra first and squeeze my non existent breasts and then remove my panties and play with my bums.

I had a raging hardon and came bursting without even touching my big boy.

by VIRAT Mon Jan 09 12:56:32 UTC 2012

My heart goes out for all the people victimized by these malevolent acts. My experiences with ragging were hilarious. First off, I am a high school with a pretty big built: 189 cm @ 195 lbs (88 kilograms). Back then I was still a few months south of 17 years; basically, I just finished my junior year in HS and came back to India for a vacation. One of my cousins studied at a very well reputed institution (for obvious reasons, I shall not reveal the name). These second year punks accosted me upon my arrival at the dorm. My uncle was all too aware of the practice of ragging at this institution, as he, too, is an alumnus of this institution; consequently, he lent me his stun gun and told me that I am free to use it, and should a problem go out of hand, I may ask the haryanvi gang in the nearby college to help out. Oh boy, I was utterly disgusted by what happened thereafter: girls were called into this umbrageous quarter, as a cluster of young men asked us to strip down our clothes. The challenge was to do max pushups, and the top three would need to only strip their shirts. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy: max pushups were part of our basketball conditioning back at school, so this badminton player from Bhopal and I crossed 100 with ease. Considering the remarkably nonathletic and unfit Indian populace, most of the guys didn't even cross 25. They were forced into (I don't how) orgasm and eventual jazzing; the ones with the least pushups had to swallow the seminal fluids as well. To my disgusts girls enjoyed this as much, if not more, than the guys did.

I was in utter shock as this second year student asked me to remove my pants. I promptly refused; he and his co-a55holes insisted, as I keep refusing. They decided to make it physical, too. I took out the stun gun and electroshocked these guys. Mayhem followed: we called the haryanvi gang from the nearby college and locked the doors, locked the girls in, and taught those seniors a lesson. We blind-folded all of these guys and asked the girls to strip as well (only the senior girls, and not the freshmen, because it was not their fault). Then freshmen started to electroshock the seniors' pubic areas; the girls did the same to the senior girls. Basically apart from a few people, everyone was forced into orgasm that night. This continued for almost two hours. People made MMSs and it got really dirty.

I thereafter reiterated my stand of never doing my college in India. These seniors were blood thirsty and looked for me in the entire college without any luck. Thankfully, I was in Muzaffarnagar next day, or else, I swear, these guys would have beaten me to death. Also, fortunately, none of the people knew that I had a cousin studying there or else his life, too, would have been living hell at this nasty place. I am still baffled at the fact that that was one of the best colleges in the country.

This experience enlightened me about the sexually repressed society, which can't get past its pretenses. Yes, the talk about sexual amorality will always go on, but what kind of restraint is this?—which forces people to give up their moral and ethical senses and turn to homoeroticism as well. Completely shocking, disgusting, and saddening day that was.

People often say, I am fabricating the story, but I don't feel I have to justify my position. What happened did happen.

by Tyagi Sat Jan 21 18:18:05 UTC 2012

if you cant talk some sense into seniors........then KNOCK some sense into them. That was what i did during my college life. I was around 6 foot 1 inch tall and had a well build body and i didnot hesitate to give two of my seniors THE BIGGEST ASS WHIPING OF THEIR LIFE.........for which i was suspended from college for 15 days. After that i never had to face ragging.

by RONIT Thu Jun 28 07:28:19 UTC 2012

during my college days in medical college my boy friend told that once he was after thrashing forced to pee on electric per him it was flaccid for a few days.often hostel boys were slapped naked in front of us

by alka Thu Sep 20 18:29:45 UTC 2012

hey desigal... i would like to share d ragging videos... hw cn i contact u???

by amey Sat Sep 22 16:47:40 UTC 2012


by l Wed Oct 03 12:08:50 UTC 2012

Is it happen every where.. I too had

by Aditya Sun Oct 07 19:03:49 UTC 2012

i'm a first year student,...
if they touched me in the name of ragging, the college would get closed.......

by jjoiuik Mon Oct 22 07:35:15 UTC 2012

Rashi,Alka and Shalini, Were you not ashamed watching a naked guy aroud you. Do you really like watching them being paraded naked and getting slapped in nude. Are the boys made naked in college even.

by Amy Thu Dec 20 06:37:45 UTC 2012

I am a female and now I am writing some ragging experience of my life. In early 90 after passing B.Sc I joined in an engineering college in Karnataka for doing B.Tech. Maximum 2nd yr students were at least 2 yrs younger to me. I stayed in hostel. After 5 days in hostel one day we were called in a room of 2nd yr students. There we all were forced to be undressed completely. Seniors told me “now all of you would be standing for auction and seniors would purchase you and you would be a slave for seniors for 4 months until fresher’s welcome is over”. One by one we came a stood on a table on our kneels with holding our ears and one by one seniors came. They examined our body, twisted our nipples, , pushed their fingers in to our private parts. They examined whole body of us. Then they called a bride for juniors. At last my turn came. One 2nd yr student, she was a daughter of a big business man, came to me. She was two yrs younger to me. She pressed my breast, twisted my nipples. She also placed her finger in to my private parts and started out and in movement of her finger there. Everybody laughed. At last she called Rs 5000 for me (this money latter was deposited in to a fund and used for picnic). Nobody came to counter her (at that time it was a huge money). Then she placed a collar of dog around my neck and chained that. She forced me to move her room in crawling movement. During this time she caned me very hard. In her room she 1st made me kneel down with holding ears. The again caned me and told me what was the duty of a slave to her mistress. She passed her urine in a container and forced me to consume that. I was made kneel down for whole night. From that day I had to stay with her in her room and every day at the evening I had to completely undressed and had to rub her foot and body. I also had to wash her clothes. Occasionally, when she moved to another room of her friend, she locked a collar around my neck and chained that. She kept one end of the chain and took a cane. I was forced to move with her in crawling position like a dog. In that time she frequently caned me. In her friend’s room she locked the chain with a chair and table and made me kneel down for whole time. Again when she returned our room I was forced to move in the same position. I also moved on the corridor in crawling position with a chain kept her hand. Frequently she caned on my butks. Everyday she took her dinner in our room and I had to carry that. After taking her dinner, I had to first completely undressed, then I had to stand on kneel holding dinner plate in front of her. She consumed that. I had to spend 4 months like that.After that we became a good friend.

by rimi Fri Dec 28 15:57:56 UTC 2012

It was way back in late 80's - In the Boy's hostel at Jaipur, we freshers were stripped to our undies and hands were tied in the back. Then, as we stood in a circle, the senior boys would pull our undies to our knees one by one making some lewd comments about what they saw between our legs...they would use a wooden scale to lift the boyhood and move it around sowly until every boy had it upright saluting our senior boys with full vigor. They would shortlist on boys who were gifted down there, I mean on sheer size and vigor - they would remove the handcuffs and ask the rest of the boys hold each other's throbbing flag posts...the well endowed boys were then taken to senior boy's room where they were subjected to a lot of questions - as to what they did to get so much growth down there - brushing them aside saying it was simply God's gift did not go well with them as they expected something more lewd like 'its because we stroke it everyday'...then they made us do things unbelievable. Will carry on in next post

by Junela Wed Jan 09 09:50:39 UTC 2013

carry on junela ... waiting for your post

by guest Sun Jan 13 11:46:30 UTC 2013

@Desigal can I get the videos from you??How can i get it

by passout Sat Jan 26 18:38:45 UTC 2013

add me at skype girlofdesired

by Desigal Fri Feb 01 19:28:39 UTC 2013

nothing is believable in india..... studied engineering college in chennai... could u specify some college they really do... these are a part of humiliation ..... i love it ..

by vijay Sat Mar 16 18:14:50 UTC 2013

Main Bahut Naughty tha. Ek baar Hostel mai rahta tha girls hostel thodi door par tha. raat ko 10 ke baad Male ka aana Girls hostel mai ana allow nahi tha. Mujha ek chaal sujhi kyoki mare girl friend hostal mai rahati thi. Maine socha ki Ladies ki dress jana parmallom nahi padega. Mai Poora ladies dress mai Saree , Blouse Bra Petticoat pahanakar Payal bindi laga ke aur nail polish bhi laga ke chal diya mujha koi nahi pahachana lakin mai jab girl friend ka pass pahucha to to ek seniours ko sandeha hua. thodi deer baad wo aayi aur boli tum yaha kasa aaya unhone tu ladka hoke raat ko saree blouse mai aaya hi unhone mera face par 3,4 sab kiya mai daar gaya sorry bola laidhar maree girl friend ne bhi mera saath nahi diya ubhone kaha tereko punishement to mai doongi hi Unhione mujha NANGa Hone ko kaha Kaha ki tu apne aap hoja nahi to mai forcely karwaooungi Maine aapni saree blouse khol diya baad mai unhone mera BRA, PETTICOIAT bhi kho l diya mai Pantee nahio pahna tha.aur mai poora nanga hogaya tha.Mujha Nanga hi marte hua girls hostelmke chakkar lagwaya aur phir murga banawaya Kamar niche hone per chuttar par teji se marti thi. 10 minute murga banne ke baad mre dono hath baandh ke bhoot pitai kiMai keval Payal bindi pahaner hua mai Nanaga khada tha. girls hostelp mai sab ladies merako Nanga Punishement dekh kar rahi thi enjoy kar rahi thi mai kafi shame fell jkar raha tha. unhone hi mujha 100 baar uthaqk bathak lagwayi phir unhone 100bar Neel down bhi karwaya bbad mai butt par100 100 dande aur mare baad mao maine sabhi ladies ke charan chu kar maafi maangi yahi p[unishement 10 dino tak mila. yha tak ki maina NANGA HI sbhi ladies ka chran chua. Is par mreee kuch NANGI PIctures li Aap sabhi se requst hai ki mujha jarror batayee ki choti se galti ka bada punishnent jarroori tha ki nahiJarroor comment I wait ur comment

by guest Sat Apr 20 11:53:51 UTC 2013


by g Tue Apr 23 10:00:40 UTC 2013

who is mad

by guest Tue Apr 23 17:22:09 UTC 2013

Hi - My friend and I were ragged in the train once - was travelling to Cochin from Trivandrum - a couple of seniors joined us in that coupe. It was a First class ticket - so the room was all theirs - they made both of us naked right in the train, saying that anyway we had to do that in the hostel the next day.
They examined our shafts in detail as if it was a precious thing and had full fun at our expense. We were made to shoot the load three times that day and by the time we reached our college, we were tired of exhaustion. But our seniors were full of energy having seen two young boys naked and shooting all over the place with their boygum.

by Regin Wed May 15 10:27:58 UTC 2013

it was friday night

by bichoo Tue May 28 10:24:23 UTC 2013

I went to coimbatore for doing my higher course after completing 10th and 12th i ragged on first day itself . Senior guys striped my pants and shirts and i stood in my underwear .seniors ragged me in this way because at that time girls are coming to the college when they saw me in that position they laughed by covering their mouth .i made to stand for an hour till all the girls passes from there and saw me in that position.i humiliated lot. after that incident i never went to that college. because i cannot able to face girls

by Hari Sun Jun 09 12:31:30 UTC 2013

any girl dare to ragg. me??

by praveen Tue Jun 11 17:05:53 UTC 2013

Hi reema u r from which place,i want some one to rag the way u was ragged ,pls share ur email and contact

by Amit Tue Jul 09 05:37:27 UTC 2013

I mean rimi not reema

by Amit Tue Jul 09 05:39:30 UTC 2013

M nakd by snar girls in hostl. Unone muje kichkr legae or mere kapde utar kar mujhe chatpar chodiya dn muje hilane ko bola uske bad hostl k kambali ko bula kar dikhaya ur usne hasa mere lund ko pakda ur khicha me uska kapda khola to usne mere bal ko mara or mera per khich kar latin me lia tab sab colz ki girl muje mara ur unka latn me ziv se sap kia ur unke pad ko mume lekr fenka ur dusre din me colz mam ka gandme hath mara to usne muje nude karke pure colz me 10 chakr lagaya uske bd mera lund ko pakd kar mara dn mere gand me rod dal diya or me raste akar dukan se drs pehena uha sab muje dekhar hasarahte

by Ak Wed Sep 18 19:28:36 UTC 2013

when I was in 10 class I was ragged in my school bus by 12 class students there were 5 students who ragged us . On the first week every day after school they do our ragging . 1 day they order us to strip in a sentual manner we had strip till our shorts but all of them hold us so tightly n make our shorts off I was so embarrassed they hold our stick and secrete cream . 2 day they said u should be sat fully nude before they come so we does that so they came and pull their pants down and take their stick out than said us to suck that and when we started doing so they piss in our mouth and ordered us to drink that . All the rest 4 days they made us nude and put their stick in our ass and they also creamed in our ass . it was the worst week of my life

by guest Wed Sep 25 07:26:32 UTC 2013

i was also ragged in my college by my senor. one day i was asked to strip i rejected the tied me and removed the clothes and they called the girls but they went later

by xxx Tue Feb 04 05:51:29 UTC 2014

I was never ragged.

by guest Tue Feb 18 02:26:59 UTC 2014

Donot rebel for small things else it becomes serious. I rebelled and thus was ragged severely, I studied diploma. It was 1st year. We lived in a new hostel no seniors, new hostel was for juniors. One day in class seniors came & ask useless question I rebelled that was the worst day. They held me after class called another girl student of girls hostel, and asked her to remove my clothes,I resited & then they tied my hands & legs. the girls 1st removed my shirts & then banyan. Later she removed my trousers. I was in frenchie. Seniors asked her to remove that also and she did it. My p en is was vertical & I was crying out of shame. I was taken nude from colledge to hostel nude in the evening, I had to go to every room & wish everyone. I didnot go to colledge 1 week. They had locked all my clothes. I was nude whole night with my roomates laughing on me. But very soon all underwent similar humiliation. On final day all of us were nude & we were actually enjoying that day, feeling free

by sachin Sun Apr 13 06:35:39 UTC 2014


by ram Thu May 29 14:00:48 UTC 2014


by ram Thu May 29 14:00:49 UTC 2014

i was ragged very badly in my first year of engg with my fellow was in 1999.we belong to coimbatore(tamilnadu).at first day after classes are over,3 senior girls came.they asked each one boy to propose them.during that they beat some boys with their that time 3 junior girls laughed.they asked those girls to stand separately in the corner by holding their ears.they felt humiliated but they know what will happen if they oppose they did it.when my turn the most beautiful girl called me and she holded my hand and told i should propose her by moving my fingers over her hands until it reaches her armpits and i should tell "i love you darling" to her ears very slowly in sexy manner.i was village boy and we never see girls this much when she touch my hands i got sexual i lost me.when i went near her ears,her body smell increased my mood.suddenly i kissed her cheeks.thats all.she gave nice left and right in my cheeks.very painful.she also kicked me.i told sorry but no mercy.she was very anger.the other two girls ordered me to remove shirt but i refused then all three surrounded me and one holded my hands tightly and they started tearing my shirt.then as no way i removed my shirt.i was not wearing baniyan as many girls were there i hided my chest hairs with hands.but that girl ordered me to raise both body is full of was very much shame.but she balckmailed that she will tell principal that i kissed i raised.then also other two girls started tickling my navel hairs but i should not lower my hands when i lowered i got punch in my chest by that girl.then i was ordered to stand near to those 3 girls in same half-naked and hands raise was very uneasy for we 4 to stand together as they also juniors they hesitated to see me in that condition.on seeing my condition.all people scared.but those cruel girls didnot stop with this.

by raju Fri Aug 15 09:53:46 UTC 2014

then also proposing boy proposed the senior girl then that girl started teasing him that he didnot see his face in mirror(he was very black boy).he lost his temper and shouted as you ordered i proposed thats it.then those girls got anger and they slapped him by telling he should not speak against a single word against seniors.then he was ordered to stand with 4 of us.then on eboy refused to propose on seeing they made him also to stand with us as he didnot obey their order.after all boys proposed finally we 6 were standing in corner.that too my condition was worst.half naked body with hands shoulders pained our group one married girl was there.she was 24 but we were 17-18 and senior girls were just she felt very humiliated.she told girls please leave me i am elder very much shame for me.then my girl(i kissed)slapped her 4 times by telling we should address seniors as sir and mam.then they asked us to come with them to ragging room which is very close to girls hostel.i begged them to give my shirt.they allowed me to wear shirt.then we 6 went to that room.there......

by raju Sun Aug 17 09:41:40 UTC 2014

Similar experience of ragging in Medical college in Calcutta in 1994. We had adjacent hostels for boys and girls. My first day in the hostel. All boys (33) and girls (19) of 1st year were called in the main canteen and the whole senior team were waiting for us. All freshers were told to stand on the tables on display for the whole group. All boys were told to strip to underwear. All boys stripped down to underwear. I was feeling very embarassed as all senior gals and gals from my own class were seeing me in underwear. Seniors told us to hold our ears. Many of us were hard, including me :) which made it more difficult. Senior gals started looking at our bodies closely. They had a lipstick with them. One senior gal (very hot with a 35-27-35 figure wearing a short blue skirt and red t-shirt) came forward and took my wrote 4 on my chest with the red lipstick. I noticed all the boys were marked as 1,2,3 or 4 category. Similarly girls were tagged on their cheeks with 1,2,3 or 4. In 4 category 6 boys and 4 girls were there. All of us were made to stand in line according to the number. My group of 10 was led to the girls hostel canteen.
Now only senior girls were present here surrounding our group. In the canteen in the middle a ramp was created by aligning around 10 tables back to back. All juniors stood on the ramp while seniors surrounded us all around. The senior leader declared that all orders of seniors are to be complied without any hesitation. If anyone even hesitated, consequences would be terrible. All 10 of us were very fearful. Now even girls were told to remove their clothes and only keep bra and panty on themselves. They removed all their clothes and were now in bra and panty. Then boys were ordered to remove underwear also. All boys were shocked and started looking at each other. The leader came forward and slapped me very hard. I started to remove the underwear in no time. When I was completely naked, all senior gals started to laugh loudly. The other boys followed me and were in their birthday suits. All boys were hard. The leader asked me what I was hiding with my hand. With fear I responded that i was hiding my thing. She told everyone sternly to hold our ears. Everyone complied leaving ourselves humiliated beyond description. All 4 Girls and 1 boy were now ordered to kneel down infront of the other 5 boys and boys told to remain standing holding ears infront of the girls. 4 boys had 1 girl each in kneel down position directly infront while the 1 boy on the side had another boy infront in kneeldown position. The boys were told to get close to the girls. The boys thing were now very close to the girls faces. All seniors were laughing loudly now. I was in the middle and had 1 very cute girl of our class infront of me. We were kept in this position for 15 minutes and gave our intros to them. Now all 6 boys were told to turn around and kneeldown so that our asses faced the girls. The seniors came forward and blindfolded our eyes.
Now the girls were told to strip down bra and panties as well. I could not see anything but could hear laughing and comments from seniors to know they were now naked. Now dog collars were tied on our necks and leash was attached. Senior gals led us on leash for around 5 minutes. We were outside as I could feel the cold breeze in the air and then into a van. The girls were also with us. After 2-3 minutes of travel in the van we stopped and told to wait. In another 5 minutes, all our seniors had arrived and we were led outside the van. Since we were blindfolded, we could not make out were we were. I guess it was around 2 am at night so not many people would be outside. We were led by leash on all 4s to a very muddy patch and our feet and knees were submerged with mud and dirt. Now our blinfolds were removed. I noticed that we were in an open field with very little light. I could now see all 4 junior gals were wearing white lab coats and feel that nothing underneath them was there and kneeling w

by Sayan Mon Sep 08 14:54:40 UTC 2014

So far for the progress of human dignity...

by guest Tue Sep 23 13:02:58 UTC 2014

Me raju continuing
We six went to ragging room i was bit happy as i was given dress.inside ragging room 2 senior boys were there expecting us.They asked girls "these are today's victim?"girls replies yes and the beautiful girl told one boy exactly what happened(that is i kissed her)suddenly i got very powerful slap from that boy which i wont forget in my hurt so much.i suffered from pain and that beauty came near to my holded my hand and lifted me and touched my cheeks asked"paining like hell no?do you know the real meaning of this pain fool(with smile)he is my boy friend"i was very innocent from village that at that time i didnot know difference between friend and boy friend.then one girl told "now only actual ragging starts we cant rag all we selected only those who were disobedient.let him tell the rules senior boy started
1)all should completely obey whatecer we tell.
2)must address us as sir and madam.
3)nude punishment will be there compulsarily but that time girls will be treated by girls and boys by boys only.if any of you not obeying us,they have to get nude punishment from opposite gender.we all 6 were extremely scared.we just thought how we will stand nude infront of opposite thing was all 6 gilrs were very beautiful.then the third girl told
step 1)boys remove shirt and girls remove shawl.
We did because of threatness.again i am the person standing with bare body as i didnot wear baniyan.others stood with baniyan.second girl strictly ordered i should wear baniyan hereafter and if she find me without baniyan she will remove my shirt and made me to wear her bra.madam no no i shouted.she scolded me and told if you obey my order no problemas a perfect villager i didnot use to wear baniyan from my i was uncomfortable.then ragging started.each boy should massage one girl and girls on only 2 boys were there they called other senior also.we should massage their shoulders,thighs, back and calf.they hold cane on each of their hands through which they hit us in between if massage was not girl purposefully chosen me to humiliate me.i was very sexy mood when touching her but due to fear i controlled myself.i massaged her in between i got nice whippings.almost all boys and girls got whippings in between two girls cried and married girl controled tears.even on eboy cried due to condition was worst.i had to get painful canings in my bare body as no baniyan.she was beautifully smiling and swishing the cane at my body between she made some jokes such as "hey monkey my stick changed your body hair colour from black to red",sometimes touching the whip marks and told "how you control this much pain without tears.really your skin is like buffalo-shameless guy masage properly"i was about to die on hearing those words.after 20 min it stopped.we were very tired.then step 2:.....

by raju Sun Oct 19 13:37:40 UTC 2014

even i underwent severe ragging in my first year engineering college from coimbatore raju but it was not this much serious as yours.i got canings also from senior boys and girls.then i ragged my junior boys and girls.

by ramya Sat Nov 08 10:37:06 UTC 2014

ya ramya ragging was very popular at that second round started.Senior boy told "this roung boys remove baniyan girls remove tops.boys did but girls hesitated they got very hard beatings then no option they removed.first time i saw girls standing with bra.they tried to hide their breasts with hands but seniors told if they do so they will remove their bra also.they removed senior girl orsered boys raise both of your hands could we do that our armpits hair will clearly visible to all 6 girls which will be very shame for us.other boys raised i begged on them .the senior girl came and she slapped my back very severely,she punched my stomach then due to pain i raised the hands.then she assigned each girl to kiss each boys.i stunned on hearing this.but seriously i cant get still more beatings from that girls my body was burning i didnot open my mouth.married girl was assigned for me.even she is elder married good look girl very difficult for me to control.she kissed my front five times back five times.Front she kissed my both sides of armpits,my both sides of chest and my navel.back also five times.two canings she got from senior boy as she hesitated to kiss me at begining.then girls ordered to raise hands.we went near to them i was assigned to one bit plump girl.her armpits was extremely beautiful.on seeing boy with bare body in front of her,she started crying by holding her hands up.seniors ordered her shut up,her body contains whip mark like me as she got from senior boy during massage.then they ordered us to lift the girls upto possible height by carrying their armpits and remain in that position for 5 min..just think how difficult it could i had strong village body i carried her for 4 min but one boy did only for 2 min and other cant even they got heavy buttocks span king for remaining time respectively 5 min,3 min and me for 1 was hell from senior girls who span ked our butts through strong twin cane.we kept n rubbing buttocks with step 2 finished step 3 we 6 guessed that now we should remove was true.....

by raju Sat Nov 15 17:12:59 UTC 2014

hmm raju even i was ordered to stand raising both hands up and one boy was ordered to lift me by my ampits but we were in dress was bit funny as i got extreme shyness when one same age boys hands touch my armpits as i was just 18.Senior boys and girls really enjoyed on our shyness.that boy felt he was lucky to touch my armpits which is possible only in ragging.but he cant carry me after certain height so he got nice cannings from senior girls.

by ramya Sat Nov 22 06:51:24 UTC 2014

hii friends does any1 hv real experience??

by aakash desai Tue Dec 02 18:50:53 UTC 2014

hey aakash almost everything is real man.Atleast mine is real very bad ragging i experienced.

by ramya Sat Dec 06 05:46:22 UTC 2014


by guest Mon Dec 08 13:45:24 UTC 2014

yes aksah.... +2 mei mere english k sir se mujhe class se bahar 1 ghante tak murga banaya tha. mai 2012 mei Indian national boys school mei tha. hamari english ki class school ke 1st flor pe last mei thi. waha par water cooler tha jaha 1st flor k sabhi student pani pine aate the. class ka 1 hi gate tha vo bhi us water cooler k pass. waha english aur english grammer ko do lagti classes lagti thi 45-45 min ki. uss din class lagi hi thi ki maine ek majak kar diya toh sir khij gaye aur mujhe kaha "jao aur darwaje k pas ja k murga ban jao". +1 aur +2 k student ko ye saja aksar nahi milti. maine 4-5 baar sorry kaha par ve nahi mane. atleast mujhe darwaje par jana pada. sabhi classmate mujhe simile k sath dekh rahe the. mai sarmata hua thoda bend hua aur 1 last bar sorry kaha. par reply mei "no" mila. mai murga ban gaya. mujhe bahut sarm aa rahi thi q ki mujhe class k frnds aur bahar water cooler pe pani pine aa rahe boys bade maje se dekh rahe the. kai to "koo kadoo koo" kar k chida rahe the. mera muh sarm se aur garmi se ek dum laal ho gaya tha. meri naak se pasina tapak raha tha. m jab bhi apna laal muh ootha ke water cooler ki traf dekhta to boys ko khada dekhta jo muskura rahe the. mai murga bana raha. aur water cooler pe bhi thodi thodi bhid badne lag gayi. jab 1 ghante baad bell baji to sir ne kaha aage se majak naa kara. maine bhi gusse m sory nahi kaha. ab fayda bhi kya tha. us din jab chutty hui to kuch boys ne pooch liye bhai murga q bamaya tha. kuch bhi ho ye din kuch had tak maine enjoy v kiya.

by Ajay kumar Wed Dec 10 15:18:25 UTC 2014

There were three senior girls iand eleven girls in our batch. The senior girls decided that any girl (senior or fresher) could rag junior boys! We boys were ordered to be slaves of all the girls. We had to kneel down and kiss their feet every morning and also whenever ordered in full public view. Sometimes, even outside the campus, some girls would order us to keep kissing their feet - at shops, hotels etc.

by guest Tue Dec 23 03:58:23 UTC 2014

raju please write step 3 please

by guest Sat Jan 03 20:07:56 UTC 2015

yes guest.As there is no response i stopped.step 3:senior girl told "remove your pants". Very very shame.but we had to.All 5(except one girl) removed.first time i am standing with very small underwear infront of girls.2 girls(including married)were standing just with bra and small panty.remaining girl told i cant because i didnt wear panty.senior boy told"ok girl is it the reason we wont ask you to show private part". senior boys and girls discussed and told "beautiful senior girl whom i kissed will take that girl inside restroom and she will remove her pant and she will give her panty to this girl.both of them went inside.Inside bathroom there was strong slapping sound continously occured.We understood junior girl is squeezed out.They came out where junior girl wore panty.we thought it is senior girl's.also junior girl's cheeks were very red and her back was swollen.senior girl face is very tensed.Senior boy asked "priya you gave her your panty then why tension.why you thrashed her inside like that"she replied"no suresh,this is not my panty this is hers.she is a liar.senior boys got tensed all 6 seniors surrounded her and gave strong continous kicking and senior girl told "now normal ragging continous and she will get separately for her behavious" i thought "already she got many whippings in her body for lieing what else?.now ragging continues....
they took us to terrace in the same condition holding ears.some boys and girls in senior block saw us.even some male and female proffessors saw it and they didnot tell terrace it is very difficult to stand without slippers due to hot.all 6 of us were ordered to be murga for 15 senior girl shown how to become murga.then we did.3 girls stood near to each boy and 3 boys stood near to each girl holding hands just above our buttocks and if position disturbed they span ked our butts very hard with their bare hands very painful.i got around 10-12 slap from senior girl.One girl got highest 20 from senior boy as she cant be in that position.then boys were sent to senior girls hostel and girls were sent to senior boys hostel where each girl took one boy to her room.again beautiful girl took me to her room to revenge for kiss.i entered her room.she locked the door and told upto today night 1.00 a.m you should be under my control.i scared becaus etime was only 4.00 p.m i told ok mam.she gave 3 slaps at my cheeks without reason and told step 4 started.

by raju Sun Jan 04 12:27:18 UTC 2015

I had same exp

by guest Fri Jan 09 17:59:36 UTC 2015

is it guest where are you from?

by raju Wed Jan 14 07:36:13 UTC 2015

i used to wear sleeveless tops and boxers in hostel.Ya i was ragged very badly during my first year.There was a rule posted by senior girls that junior girls should wear saree during night also.The place was too fan in our room.I was very adamant girl.So i didnot care it.My roomies wore sarees and with full sweating they struggled to sleep at night.but during my home my night dress used to be sexy tight tops and boxers.i continued here i didnot listen my friends advise.Unexpectedly after 3 days 4th day night senior girls check whether we follow rules at 1.00 a.m when i was sleeping they got anger on seeing me in that dress they pour cold water at me and throughly canned me i cried but no mercy they took me to centre of the hostel and stripped me.As it was first time they allowed me to wear panty.I was topless standing with just very small panty.I kept on crying.they ordered me to stand with holding my ears on both hands.then they took bamboo stick gave 25 strokes in my buttocks extreme pain.i was standing continously for 5 hours in that same position almost all hostel girls saw me 99% naked.Luckily boys hostel was separate.otherwise omg i couldnot think that even 6.00 a.m i was released and my hands were paining they told me if i repeat i have to stand with the same condition in boys hostel i promised i will wear saree in night.then also they didnot give me girl holded my ears dragged me to her room.i felt very shame in being just with panty even they are also girls.then i was ordered to wash her and her 3 roomamates(totally 4)dress including panty.then i was asked to dance.Finally i was ordered to remove panty also.I was completely nude like baby.they ordered me to kneel down in front of their attached bathroom for 1 hour then they gave me panty and i had to go to junior girls hostel block time was 8.00 a.m so boys would be there in canteen which was there in girls hostel.if i go outside surely all boys will see me topless also i cant be there in seniors block as ragging time finished.all senior girls were eagerly seeing what i will do.i am intelligent the same time i cant do anything against seniors(of course nobody).So i planned and handled that situation wisely.Could you guess people what i did?

by radha Fri Jan 16 11:46:17 UTC 2015

@raju plz mention how senior boys ragged the girls. Did they make the liar girl naked.
@ radha u probably moved inside the bathroom. However if u go topless in front of the boys they would understand that its a part of ragging

by guest Mon Feb 02 19:51:21 UTC 2015

LOL.Dear guest Thanks for your guess.But if i went inside bathroom they must have kicked me and took my panty also.Then your next suggestion was as it is ragging no problem to go topless infront of boys.Very dangerous guest that too i am tamil girl.our traditional culture will kill us.Because my senior girls condition is "radha idiot you should not stand even 1 minute in this block as ragging time finished.Go to the ground and wear clothes then go to room get ready for class"So if i go topless it mean they won(those girls main motive was to show my bare body to boys)But as an intelligent girl i escaped.So guest guess now.Sorry for not telling the answer just want to know how people think differently on the case which i solved.then guest are u girl or boy?ur age?please

by radha Wed Feb 04 14:05:46 UTC 2015

Dear radha, I am a boy age 25. could not think of any more options. Just admire Ur presence of mind. Because during my ragging at engineering college, I use to loss all the sense. I can't comment on whether it is appropriate to be topless in front of boys during ragging. But I can say that when we boys were made completely naked in front of our classmate girls in our college during ragging, they never teased us for that. Although when we became seniors then they teased us mentioning our humiliating ragging experiences. Take care.

by guest Wed Feb 04 19:20:46 UTC 2015

oh guest you people were made naked infront of girls.worst kind of ragging man.whether girls were ragged in front of you?you guys ragged your juniors?where is your college?needless to tell name,just tell the location.then it would have been very funny when they teased you guys when you became seniors.Then my cae it was 8.00 am senior girls were anger as i disobeyed so they had intention to shame me by showing my bare body to boys.Let me tell hostel infrastructure.4 blocks senior and junior boys senior and junior girls.the order is first junior boys senior boys senior girls and junior girls.canteen is in junior girls block which is common to all so i could not go so i decided to long jump from senior terrace to junior girls terrace which is just half feet gap i told them they asked are you good at long jump?i am good at it i won district level awards and state level participated but i told i am not but i will try now as boys wil be there and suddenly i ran into terrace wearing just panty.They came to terrace and stopped me because they scared that if i fell down i will die as it is 7 floor building that too i am just in panty so police will surely think they ragged me and murdered me so they beat me and told go to the ground take dress and go to room i replied "no akkas i could jump i am very brave girl"again i got one powerful and painful slap and i was one senior girl went to ground took my dress came to terrace and gave it to me .i smiled and thanked her and suddenly without their expectation i jumped to junior girls hostel terrace they wondered and spoke among themselves if we would have known this we wouldnot have bought the dress.chi we lost to a little girl.shame on us.ok radha! congrats this time you win.but i bet within this 5 months ragging atleast on etime we will make you be topless or full nude in front of boys challenge i replied ok if you won i will be topless in fron tof boys,if i won?they told you itself tell.I told"today i had water treatment extreme beating ragging even complete nude from you 11 all 11 girls should be completely naked standing in junior girls ground for entire night.I am not heartless girl to tell you to stand nude infront of boys.they accepted i continued you are seniors you can do anything so as per challenge you should not directly ask me infront of boys"radha remove all your dresses"because if you tell then i had you must indirectly create the situation that i will be topless.then only it means you won.they liked it and accepted.I was happy that anyhow i friends scolded me a lot by telling even after this worst brutal treatment still you are you must have left this why you challenged seniors?i simply smiled and told"i am enthusiastic girli like and loss are very normal in game.if i loss no problem i will stand topless in front of boys just they are our problem i will console myself by telling just it is the result of game.but just think opposite if i won we will take revenge to those friends were sastisfied.then afterwards i also slept with saree at night what man?very sweat in home i used to slepp at AC.chi next day morning i will look like coming from entire body will sweat my dress (Especially blouse and panty)will look like just now washed.but i had to because i cant forget this ragging also i have to win the challenge. then raju why stopped man?answer guest questions i am also waiting like him to know what she did to you when you were with just panty?whether that beautiful naughty girl removed that also?(very eager to know ya)guest you also please reply

by radha Thu Feb 05 15:04:31 UTC 2015

Dear radha! My college is in a town of west Bengal. Its a private engineering college. Anti ragging laws are reserved for big cities. In our isolated campus we are at the mercy of our seniors. Getting naked in front of girls are not worst. Worst is the physical ragging which was rare. Obviously girls were also ragged in front of us since it is classroom ragging. But the girls are not made naked at least in our year. In worst cases they were asked to remove their jeans or top. That too very rare. Classroom ragging was adjustable since we were 20 boys and girls in first year of our dept. And few seniors would come and rag us. But worst thing happened with me in departmental freshers where all four years boys and girls were present along with few boys and girl from other dept. Freshers ragging could be prevented if our professor stay there for more time. But they always leave by 5 pm. At 6 pm the actual ragging starts. The doors of lecture theatres were closed from inside and each of the junior is called in front and ragged. Although ragging is heavy. But usually nobody was stripped naked since other dept students are present. But in our year the situation changed. When I was called a super senior whom I didn't wish in the hostel stood up. He first asked will the girls mind if I give him a special type of ragging. The senior girls shouted make him do whatever u want. He asked me to do 10 rounds of ramp walk but after removing one cloth after each round. The girls started laughing. In 5 rounds I was stark naked. I heard burst of laughters. Again in my whole engineering life of 4 years. Only once when we were in third year. A junior girl was stripped naked during freshers by the order of second year girls. But that girl was very adamant she said that she would not follow any rule not even the dress code of fresher s. Instead she agreed to take any punishment during freshers welcome. Senior girls straight away asked her to remove all her clothes which she ultimately had to do even in presence of boys. Radha plz continue Ur experience

by guest Thu Feb 05 18:45:07 UTC 2015

Sincere apologies for delay guest ok your experience is also interesting How you felt when you stood stark naked in front of girls?did you cry or hide your pen is by your hands?then how that junior girl felt when she was nude?whether you guys sight your classmates during first year when they removed their jean or top?did they wear bra panty?then guest how you ragged your junios.Hey raju where are you man?you are supposed to reply me and guest ok?then guest my experience was very pathetic i won't tell now whether i won or lost because it is suspense. atlast i will tell.after challenge all 11 girls concentration was at me.But i knew the situation so i was very perfect with senior rules.i won't tell anything wwhatever they say i will accept. Worst case one senior boy asked me to kiss him these 11 naughty girls were also there.So ultimately if i oppose then they will make me topless so i gave very sexy Lip-to-lip kiss to that boy.Nobody expected this because they thoguht either i will oppose beg or kiss his cheeks.but i gave lip kiss and smiled by pinching his cheeks he became unconscious as i am milky-white extremely beautiful girl in the college.then onwards that guy became very close to me and supported me.he also ensured only girls and him should rag me and no other boys should rag me!!!because in hostel girls will rag girls and boys will rag boys as boys can't come rls in college only girls will rag boys and boys will rag only girls.As he put such order his fellow mates had fight with him.they beat each other and went police case.i was happy as i punished senior guy who made me to kiss him.then at his absence i faced very cruel raggings from senior boys as those 11 told boys to give me unbearable ragging so that i wil give up and lose the challenge but as already mentioned i don't want to lose the game and with full tears i experienced all cruel raggings from that boys.I will explain some and finally most cruel ragging.It was very very difficult for junior girl.But the challenge was if i can't do that i lost if i did that they guest wait and see.

by radha Sun Feb 08 05:45:36 UTC 2015

No radha I didn't cry. Because it is not the first time I am being made naked. Because I was made naked many time in classroom ragging as I have mentioned. Hiding anything will have serious consequences. As a boy who hide his private parts by hand during classroom ragging was made to stand naked in the canteen. That girl begged for mercy. But her second year seniors were quite adamant to make her nude due to her previous misbehavior. She was nude for around half an hour with boys and girls asking her. We did see our classmate girls in bra and panty. But we belonging to the same class have lost sense of shame in front of each other after initial two weeks. We boys know that we will be nude in front of the girls at least twice a week. During my freshers another boy also stripped naked. This started a new trend we ragged our junior s out of limit and time. During the next freshers wrlcome. To avoid any discrimination we asked all our junior boys to remove all their cloths and deposit them in a bag after the professors left. All junior boys attended the entire ragging session stark naked. Rest I will mention afterwards. Radha plz continue.

by guest Mon Feb 09 19:21:49 UTC 2015

Radha plz continue Ur story

by guest Wed Feb 11 20:08:29 UTC 2015

Yes guest some interesting incidents i will share.One day they told me to propose a professor and told it as a part of ragging.I know this is the plan of those 11 girls.but could i oppose seniors?i thoght and decided to do what they told.they designed the dress that is tight sleeveless white baniyan(like males innerwear )tuck-in with very tight jean which exposed my body shape clearly.i was about to cry when senior girl came to my room and ordered me to wear that dress.but i have to.i wore and even my roomies told they feel sexy on seeing this as it perfectly matched with my rose colour skin.then we went in a local bus to his home.needless to say all public people eyes were in my body.then we all(me 1 senior girl(out of those cruel 11 and 2 senior boys)went to his home and he surprised and greeted us.He was blacky guy of age around 40.His wife opposite to him beautiful lady and she was in her late 30s.she gave weird look at me and she spoke to those 3 fellows and not to me she didnot like me only because of my dress.their son was around 15-16(beautiful like his mother) daughter was around 13-14(ugly like her father)even that boy sighted me.I felt shame on exposing me to very young teen boy.then as per my duty i told "i love you sir i want to marry you"suddenlyi got very powerful slap from his wife.I won;t forget that in my life.She scolded me like anything in ver bad words.Sir simply told "radha you are like my daughter.but chi you upset me.then his wife pushed me out.her son told "mom forgive her"she scolded him and told her husband"this girl should not come hereafter"then i was waiting outside because they ordered me not to take money with me.So i waited just one street after with hot climate not even water to take in between sight and eve tease by youngsters for about 2-3 hours.Literally i became mad.then those seniors came and they laughed at me on my situation.i told i am very hungry.they told we finished lunch in sir's home.We wont go to hotel.i begged them because travel time to college is approx 1 hour i couldnot control hungry.they told"ok radha take this dog i was very hungry i ate that.they teased me and named me puppy.then they told to get the bus while it was running with difficulty i get into was damn rush we couldnot stand that too they ordered me to stand in male compart one senior girl stood in female side and i was standing in male side with my two senior boys.oh my god those two boys sexually enjoyed me.both had their one hand on both sides f my buttocks and pressed released alternatively their other hands moved all over my body they tickled my bare armpits on both sides so i felt on other man.conductor scolded me for standing on boys side.other men in and around me also used me dashing everyhting after one hour we reached our college and those boys released my buttocks and told that girl"her buttocks is super than our girlfriend's"she laughed and told "radha is public property"i started crying on hearing it.she slapped me and took me to hostel.after going to room she took me that tight dress and told it will help later.i was crying loudly.But she and remaining 10 girls in that group congratulated me for tolerating everything and told they will win and let see how much you tolerate.after they went i rubbed my tears and i did not wear dress as my entire body was full sweating with that tight dress so i was just with panty and i felt my bare thighs itched due to that tight jean.this is one incidence guest.i will share evrerything in between you also share your experience in detail like this.then raju please reply.

by radha Fri Feb 13 08:14:57 UTC 2015

dear guest where are you?chat with me man

by radha Sat Feb 21 09:48:39 UTC 2015

Pls continue radha

by Sam Sat Feb 21 14:57:58 UTC 2015

ya sam dear i am happy to see you guys like my story i will slowly share all my experience in interesting way.before that i expect guest and that panty guy raju to share theirs.if not i will share mine surely sam for you

by radha Sun Feb 22 15:09:25 UTC 2015

thanks dear radha

by Sam Mon Feb 23 17:38:08 UTC 2015

welcome dear sam and sorry i am going for family tour now will come after 4 days so i will post after 4 days.till then please wait also i expect guest and panty raju to share their experience.sam dear see you after 4 days byeeeee

by radha Tue Feb 24 09:07:18 UTC 2015

hey radha raju is i a panty guy>you naughty girl.just think your position in ragging you also wore just panty you are also panty girl.Then dear you guessed more or less correctly good.I will continue my story.But I think your story is interesting than mine so plz continue it.Then guest thanks for the comment please wait and read my story continuosly so you will know what happened to the liar girl.Now i start from where i left.Each boy is in one senior girl's room with just underwear and each girl is in one boy's room with just bra and panty.i was in senior girl's room time is 4.00 pm.She told step 4 started.i got very tensed.she asked could you guess what will be step 4 raju (I guessed that it could be full nude but i didnot tell)no madam i couldnot she punced my stomach 2 times for this at that she saw some of my private part hairs visible outside my underwear.she gave sarcastic smile i couldnot understand and from her eyes i understood and i adjusted my panty and she told"are you that much shy?"i replied"mammmm pleaseee mam i am village guy pleaseeeee"she told stupid "you should not be like this"see me.she started removing her jean.mam "i closed my eyes".i got strong stroke from cane in my red mark appeared in my right upper thighs.tears came from my eyes due to pain.she ordered me not to close my eyes.she was standing with bare thighs and knees wearing sleeveless salwar upto her private is it?she asked.What can i anwer radha?i could not answer.needless to say i got strong whippings for my silence below my knees mam mam please i begged as only bones were there in that area it pained like black hairs became red.mam it is sexy.i replied.she smiled and told ok.she removed salwar kameez also wow she didnot wear bra.sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy my pen is started saoring.i ejaculated radha my panty became wet and my sper ms flow on my thighs and reached foot.she laughed loudly so her neighbour girls came.some of them saw me and hesitate to see me in that condition and went(they are real girls knowing culture).some 10-15 girls surrounded us and laughed.i started crying she started slapping me and told you are "aambala singham"she gave her dress in my hands and asked to wash it properly i told yes mam.then she wore towel around her waist and removed panty also which was very wet(as she also sexually attracted)and ordered me to wash.the same way other 15 girls gave their dress and ordered me to wash.they were standing with just towels arounfd their waist.Due to over sexual harrasment i became unconscious.then they tensed.........will continue later radha darling now you tell your experience di

by raju Wed Mar 04 07:16:54 UTC 2015

Continue radha and raju

by avijit Tue Mar 10 17:00:45 UTC 2015

raju continuing avijit.radha where are you darling?please continue your sexy story.Ok my case i became unconscious and other girls ran to their room.that senior girl pour water and i got some conscious.she holded my armpits and made me to sit in her are you feeling raju?she asked."ok mam" i told.she replied take rest for next 15 min.then go and wash our clothes.that time her roomate entered(2 sharing room)she saw us and didnot tell anything she did her duty.I was shocked how come she is normal seeing me sleeping in her rrommate's bed wearing just panty and my body was full of sp erms also she was topless wearing small towel that too in her waist.crazy ragging.i closed my eyes and slept.both girls changed dress and my beautiful senior(priya)went out.her roomate(santhi) wore nighty and she started studyng something.after half -an -hour priya sat in bed where i was sleeping nicely.she woke me up by tickling my armpits hairs and i shocked.she laughed loudly by having her hands in my armpits and told"enough raju go and do your her roommate spoke"dai come hear i went near her and told yes mam.she told"open my cupboard and wash my clothes too.i took her clothes and went inside bathroom and closed door.priya knocked and as soon as i opened she gave very nice slap.i asked "why madam"she replied wash the clothes with door open.i told "ok mam but i want to urinate".she laughed and told"pass urine in front of us"how could i do that?i told no mam and started washing the clothes.after half an hour i washed all of their clothes time was around 5.15 pm i couldnot control and urined in my panty itself.her roommate told "chi dirt uncultured village buffalo.priya you didnot get decent boy for ragging.priya told"he kissed me so only i am taking revenge"santhi stunned and asked i thought he is coward oh he kisses even senior boys don't have that much i will take care of this naughty boy.raju come here.i went my panty is fully wet.also my sper ms were there in priya's bed as i slept ther.she told now you are dirt.urine smell comes from your body.clean it.i told ok madam.she replied dont make your jetti wet as you have to wear this only untill you go to boy's hostel.i asked how to clean urine without removing panty mam they together replied "remove jatti and clean kunji"maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm" i was almost died.but i cant oppose those cruel most powerful girls.Also i couldnot show my private part to them.i begged.will continue later avijit.radha continue what happened to your panty.

by raju Fri Mar 13 08:49:03 UTC 2015

hey village buffalo raju panty radha hear very happy to see you are back and thanks to avijit also.I am remembering old tamil movies where one guy makes movie whose hero and heroine names will be raja and radha in al movies.i remember it when i chat with you da jatti paiya.i am your heroine hahaha lol.ok you told my story is interesting than yours illa da your story is great with continuity and nice twists.i'm very eager to know next part as whether those beautiful sexy girls saw your nice kunjiiiiiii.i will share one more experience of mine.those cruel 11 girls did so many types of ragging to defeat time during december-januar month in that cold condition they ordered me to getup at 4.30 am and go to jogging with them.they wore sweaters and thick jean clothes but they told me to wear loose big sleeveless tops and loose small boxers and also they ensured i should not wear bra and panty and daily before jogging they checked so they saw me entirely stark naked puppy shame condition.out of 11 girls each girl will come for one day so no problem for them only i had to do body freezed those one senior girl and one random senior boy will the park the senior boy will rag me according to his wish.each boy did different kinds of guy asked me to raise both of my hands up and checked whether my armpits had hairs or not111111(enna kodumai raju ithu)He asked how your armpits is clean without hairs?shaving or trimming i replied natural as i bath with manjal powder.he replied clean traditional sexy guy asked me to dance with guy tickled my bare naughty guy went beyond limit.he asked to kiss him.i told "sir it is public place so no please suddenly he gave very tight slap.senior girl laughed and told to continue.he beat my back gave some unches to my stomach,twisted my ears.then i couldnot tolerate that pain i cried loudly public people watched it then i kissed both of his cheeks then he ordered to give lip-to-lip i rejected strongly so senior girl told beat her with he removed his belt and thrashed my loose tops started tearing and my assets started exploring i was sobbing and begged him by touching his feet to release Even he had mercy and decided to pardon me senior girl told him"you are ugly blacky so only she is not kissing otherwise she will kiss."this indded increased his anger and he beaten more rigourously my dress full teared and my skin also i didnot wear bra i hide my huge breasts with hands then he thrashed belt in my hands.suddenly police came as public complained.i escaped otherwise i must have died due to pain.almost i was naked except teared boxer protected my pu ssy.but my butt was totally visible.i.e.,back side i am totally naked.front side my hands hide breasts my pus sy was hidden(luckily).my navel and thighs were visible and my full body had red lines.both that boy and girl was arrested.i was given some dress by police and taken to hospital for first aid.they injected my stout buttocks and pain reduced.then ins sir took me to station for registering complaint where both of them were given brutal 3rd degree tor ture.inside lockup 1 male SI one lady SI and two male constables were there senior boy was with panty and girl was with dress.anyhow they removed her jacket and slippers.I saw redlines all over his body and his black hairs turned into red hairs.that girl was still more beaten with bleeding lips and rubbing her buttocks rigorously.both of them were then made to sleep in bench then police tied 4 legs(two of each) together and 4 hands together then among 4 1 stood in front and 1 in back started thrashing their palms and foot both of them cried like hell.then lady police stood in front of broken their knees one male police sit on both of them which they sounded then also they made both to touch each other ears and made situps where their buttocks throughly canned that boys underwear started tearing and his buttocks exp

by radha Mon Mar 16 09:36:37 UTC 2015

then also they made both to touch each other ears and made situps where their buttocks throughly canned that boys underwear started tearing and his buttocks exposed.i was very very happy on seeing it because in similiar condition my buttocks also experienced.but i wanted that girl to experience the same because she is the main reason.bth of them felt in my legs to forgive them but i didnot.i asked to register FIR police register FIR 1)ragging
2)attempt murder
3)manabangapaduthuthal etc.,
while i was about to leave ins sir told SI madam"take that girl to room and give nude canning because radha told she is the main reason for all and worst than that boy.SI madam was excited and told "my pleasure sir".she dragged her where that girl begged "no mam no sir please radha help me i won't ragg hereafter "i felt little bad for her but she deserves it.i came to hostel.i will continue remaining later da kunji raju

by radha Mon Mar 16 09:38:11 UTC 2015

Radha raju please stop writing fantasy stories.

by guest Fri Mar 20 12:37:59 UTC 2015

dear guest if you don't belive please leave it.Its my own experience.some portions i added masala to make story interesting.But the entire story is not fantasy.It happened actually.I dont know about panty raju whether his panty story is true or not but mine is completely true.if you dont belive it,you are the fool man

by radha Sun Mar 22 07:22:11 UTC 2015
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