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Topic: Punishing On The Bare Bottom
Naughty bottoms must be bare for punishment. That is all.

by guest Wed Mar 13 19:12:56 UTC 2013

yes always

by guest Sat Apr 06 04:48:13 UTC 2013

Yes, barenaked bottoms...just as naughty as naughty can be.

by guest Fri May 10 16:39:48 UTC 2013

Is there anything naughtier in this world than a shapely, saucy bare bottom? No.

by guest Fri May 10 16:40:59 UTC 2013

boys need this

by Roma Thu Jul 04 03:13:58 UTC 2013

give it to me Roma!!

by Koba Sat Jul 06 17:58:55 UTC 2013

I was punished regularly on the bare bottom at primary school with a thick Lochgelly tawse for constantly getting involve in playground fights. It was quite humiliating taking down my trousers and revealing a bare bum - I never wore underpants as a boy - especially when the other boy involved was wearing underpants which he was not required to drop. I still remember the panic the first time I was ordered to take down my trousers, not so much for the pain that I would receive but wondering if the other boy wore underpants or not. Fortunately the first time the other boy was also bare underneath and we each received three good hard strokes.

by John Tue Jul 09 11:14:45 UTC 2013

I attended a very strict primary school run by nuns and the only male member of staff was the caretaker janitor who punished the boys for minor offences. One day me and another boiy were out of bounds in the central administartion area but wheere there was a cloakroom with sliding doors. We were playing with sliding the doors, not realising that the janitor had taken two boys into the punishment room next door. They had been caught fighting. The janitor came out and ordered us into the room. The other two boys had the flies of their trousers open ready to drop them and holding them up in their hands. We were all ordered to take down the trousers. Like the previous writer I was worried as I too did not wear underpants and got very embarrassed. The two older boys both wore pants but the other boy in my class was like me bare underneath. We got four good sore stroke of the thick taawse. Later at secondary school in the fifth form (Year 12 now) we had just finished a PE lesson from a teacher universally despised who had lectured us on the evils of smoking. We were in a group of four and one of us - a daredevil- lit up behind the shed. the PE teacher saw us and went beserk. he ordered us into the gym and in front of a first form class (12 year olds) ordered us to take down our trousers and gave us six strokes with a thick tawse. Three of us including myself had to take it bare as we still did not wear pants under our trousers. The 12 year olds gave us hero ststus afterwards as we took it without a whimper.

by Vincent Wed Jul 10 18:54:43 UTC 2013

I attended secondary school from 1966 to 1970. Like the previous poster we had to drop our trousers for punishment - the senior cane even for 11 year olds and I too had to take it bare as me and my brothers did not wear pants. In fact a few of the boys in my form did not wear underpants. I wasn't embarassed as I knew that my older brothers did not wear them and the first time I was caned on the bum was with one of my older brotrhers.

by Deeko Mon Jul 15 15:20:57 UTC 2013

Were you boys punished with pants down by male or female teachers?

by Bobby Tue Jul 16 02:41:25 UTC 2013

On two occasions I was sent to the nun principal for punishment with other boys ( different boys on each occasion) and we were ordered to take off our trousers. Of course I had to take the cane on the bare. Luckily on each occasion there was one other boy who like me did not wear underware. However it was embarrassing and sore. Generally I was punished by the janitor on the bare. It was particularly embarrassing if all the other boys awaiting punishment wore underware as they did not have to take down their briefs.

by Vincent Tue Jul 16 19:20:43 UTC 2013

This is strange. I too attended a school run by nuns who were very strict. On two occasions as a seven year old my teacher (a woman) put me across her knee and took down my trousers in front of the class and smacked me on the bare with a thick ruler. it was not particularly sore but it was embarassing. Also our janitor had the right to punish boys for messing up the school yard. In the secondary school it was almost all male teachers and we were punished in a punishment room.

by John Wed Jul 17 21:00:36 UTC 2013

Nothing wrong with a school being strict. We got a good educatioin and learned right from wrong. I recently met an old school mate who recalled the days when we were punished. He said that he had been annoying a girl when he was eight years of age and taken in front of the girls at a gym lesson and ordered to drop his trousers - he was naked underneath and got six hard strokes of the caned but it was the embarrassment which had the biggest effect on him. His dad found out and gave him another licking on the bare at home. I rememebr being caned with him at secondary school - for both of us it was on ther bare as neither of us wore underpants.

by Vincent Thu Jul 18 18:15:58 UTC 2013

Obviously it was less embarrasing to be punished on the bare by a male teacher than by a lady. At my schools boys who wore underware did not have to remove them except for very serious offences. It was because I did not wear any that I had to take it bare.

by John Tue Jul 23 16:30:56 UTC 2013

At my school some boys were punished. I was fortunate in that I wore the old fashioned trunk drawers even after most boy had switched to Y fronts but I liked to watch the embarrassment of those boys who did not wear underwear having to take it on the bare when they dropped their trousers.

by JoeM Thu Jul 25 15:27:22 UTC 2013

Joe M I think that it is a bit strange to say that you were happy to see other boys being embarrassed at having to be punished bare bottom. Were you not embarassed that you were the only boy not weraing Y fronts (of the boys who wore underpants).

by Vincent Fri Jul 26 16:01:14 UTC 2013

i like to tell about the punishments i got in my school i studied in sacred heart school in sholinganallur this incident happaned when i was in 9 th std our school uniform was light green shirt and dark green skirt with green checked tie
during our exam me and my friend had copied in the tamil subject we do this in all our exams but this time suddenly our tamil miss her name is rekha miss came for checking our papers and we had actually exchanged some of our papers she caught both us and she said follow me we where both afraid because she used to give harsh punishments to students in class itself we both followed her and she went to the staff room she said you are caught red handed i'm going to tell this to the principle and you are going to get suspended for it, we both became very afraid and siad sorry miss we wont do it again she said no finally my friend said miss we will take beatings from you please don't suspend us she said ok and told us to go back our to the exam hall and right the exam from the start she tore our old papers and she said after the exam come and meet me in the staff room we went back and wrote our exam we where both afraid about what punishment she is going to give after our exam we went straight to the staff room by then all our teachers where sitting there and she said go have your lunch and come after lunch we went again by now all teachers have gone home and only rekha miss was sitting there she said since you both asked for beatings i am going to punish you now we both where shivering inside and she said follow me went after her and she went to one of the class rooms it was in the corner she went inside and locked the door and she sat on the chair she said i am going to give you three punishment choices you can choose any of two punishments she said the options are 20 beating on your hands or 10 beating on your buttocks or 10 face slaps we both taught for some time and we both said miss we will take the caning on our hands and on our buttocks and she said ok since you have choosen to get beatings on the buttocks i'm going to give another choice if you remove your uniform and get directly on your skin i'll reduce canings to 5 we agin taught for some time and i asked miss should we also remove our underwear for it she said yes my dear all of it. we said ok miss she stood up and told us to kneel down and she went out to bring the cane after 10 mins she came back with two canes she said this thin one is for your hands and this thick one is for our buttocks first she called me and she said show me your hands i lfted and i got 10 cuts on my right hand and 10 cuts on my left hand next my friend got the hand caning now she said both of you remove your dress we firsst removed our school tie and next we started unbuttoning the shirt buttons one by one we removed the shirt we where not developed yet to wear any bra so only shirt then we removed the skirt button and unzipped it and we removed the skirt completle now we pulled down our jatti and removed it completly then she first called me and told lay flat on the shool desk with my stomach down i laid she took the fat cane and gave me 5 strokes next my friend got the same

by priya Sun Jul 28 14:20:01 UTC 2013

I was punished regularly in primary school on the bottom but never had to drop my trousers by women teachers but when I went to secondary school the punishment for more serious offences like fighting or truanting was on the buttocks with trousers down. For me that meant on the bare. The worst occasion was when I was 14 and dogged off school with two mates only to be caught by a policeman who took us back to school and our parents were called for. We, me and two others, lived close to the school and shortly our mothers arrived and then the constable pulled our trousers down in turn and bent us over the Deputy Head's (a lady) desk. My buttocks and one of the other boy's were bare - the other lad had footie shorts on as underpants- and the Deputy laid six strokes of a thick strap across our buttocks in front of our mothers. I never truanted again.

by JT Thu Aug 08 09:34:32 UTC 2013

At primary school I was regularly caned on the bottom but usually across the seat of my trousers. However, I had been warned that if I did not stop getting into scraps I would be punished trousers down. I really did not believe the woman Head and mitched school with another two mates. One of them stole a packet of cigarettes when we were 10 years old. We were just about to light up to try smoking when we were caught by a policeman and taken back to school. The constable pulled our trousers down in turn and I was then bare. The lady Head gave us six cuts each with the cane but the constable felt we should get more and gave us another six and pulled down the underpants of the other two lads so that we all got it bare. I never mitched school again.

by blueboy Sat Aug 10 07:15:15 UTC 2013

Wow, JT, That must have been a right punishment being caned both by the lady Head and a police constable. I'll bet your bum was sore for several hours. Still, it taught you a lesson. I had to take the punishment bare myself as i wore nothing under my trousers even during my time in secondary school but I got use to the embarassment (and the pain too).

by Vincent Sun Aug 11 12:36:51 UTC 2013

I also attended a very strict school in the 1950s and most of the boy came from poverty in the homw. Well, my mother wad widowed in the war and she had me and five brothers to bring up. We wore hand-me-downs and, of course, went without underwear though we had to bath every night. Anyhow, there were two older lads who kept bullying me and my otlder brothers confronted the bullies. A large crowd of schoolkids formed to watch and we were hauled back to school by some of the teachers to the Head's study and all of us ordered to drop our trousers and receive nine cuts of the cane. all of us including the bullies were bare once we pulled our trousers down. The cane stung like fury but me and my brothers took the punishment without crying out but the two bullies were crying and pleading for the Head to stop. They never bullied again.

by Albert Thu Aug 15 07:59:09 UTC 2013

My story was a bit similar. When my dad died my mum moved me and my three brothers back to her home twon. At 8 years of age We were enrolled in a new school and told to wait in a side room to the Head's office. he left the door open and two boys came in to be punished. They took down their trousers and bent over two desks. One boy was bare and the other wore white briefs. They each gor six strokes. The Head told us that was what we could expect if we broke the rules. I was punished three times bare during my time there.

by AlexC Mon Aug 19 15:54:06 UTC 2013

My school held a dance for the school leavers at 16. My two pals and I got drunk and vandalised the toilets. It was stupid and e regretted it the next day. The next week we had all found jobs but the Head found out who had caused the damage and we were told to report back to school from work. The Head said that he was going to punish us and ordered us to take down our trousers. I removed my dungarees and the others their trousers and stood in our underpants which he then told us to remove and bend over in turn. he laid 6 severe strokes of an XH weight Lochgelly tawse across our naked buttocks. My workmates stripped me when I got back to work to see the bruising and laughed at me for being so stupid.

by Roddy Wed Aug 21 09:16:55 UTC 2013

Like a previous poster I attended a primary school run by nuns (in the 1950s) and all the other teachers were women. The janitor,Mr.Denvir, punished the boys for school ground offences like climbing walls to retrieve a ball or fighting or being out of bounds. Several times I was sent to his room and often there would be a few other boys waiting there. When he came in we were told to stand behind a desk and then the order was given, "Trousers down, boys". We would all comply and some boys wore white trunk underpants and some, like me, were bare underneath. We then bent across the desk and got 3,4 or 6 of a thick tawse across out bottoms. I can remember six occasions when I was punished on the bare. It was humiliating to be beaten bare especially if all the other boys in for punishment at the same time wore underpants.

by Kev Wed Aug 28 09:26:41 UTC 2013

I left Primary School in 1960. Punishment for boys was usually caning on the hand by the class teacher (some male, some female). But for really serious misbehaviour boys were sent to the headmaster who gave trousers down canings. In my last term at the school, at morning playtime, four of us were told to carry some boxes to a building on the other side of the girls' playground.As well as me, there was a friend of mine and two other boys from the class who I did not like. They were from a rough estate and always liked to show how tough they were. Unfortunately this errand took longer than it should have done, so we lost most of our playtime. The two tough lads were very cross and as we returned through the girls' playground they said we must have some fun. I don't know why, but my friend and I joined in. We caused mayhem for a couple of minutes, disrupting skipping and games of hop-scotch and lifting as many skirts as we could. Of course we were caught by a couple of lady teachers who marched us straight to the headmaster's office. He did not waste any time and said he was going to cane us trousers down. One of the tough lads went first. I was surprised when he took his trousers down to see that he was not wearing any underpants. I had always worn them. He received six hard whacks of the cane, you could see the red marks on his bottom. I was even more surprised that he made no sound at all when being caned, he did not cry, and looked quite relaxed as he stood up. The second tough boy went next. He did not wear underpants either, and he also took his caning without making a sound and without crying. I was relieved to see my friend take his trousers down to reveal a pair of white trunk-style underpants. I was even more relieved to see that he was allowed to keep them on. My friend yelled in pain at his six whacks and was crying a lot when he stood up. It was then my turn. I was also wearing white trunk underpants. I also yelped and cried a lot. All of this was witnessed by the lady teachers who had remained in the room, which made it even worse for me. My friend and I were allowed to compose ourselves before returning to our classroom so it was not so obvious we had been crying. But the two tough lads went around telling everyone, for the rest of the term, how they had had a bare bottom caning and had taken it like a man, but the two boys who wore "girls' knickers" had cried like girls. They said it proved that any boy who wore knickers was a cissy.

by Robin Sun Sep 08 14:46:17 UTC 2013

I left primary school in 1962 and often received punishment on the hands with a thick strap which was very painful but on one occasion me and another boy were sent on a message to a neighbouring school. There we got involved in a scrap with some of the boys there and we were all taken into their Head's office. He gave us the choice of taking his punishment or being reported to our own Head. We thought that we were smart in taking his punishment. We were all ordered to take off our trousers. My school mate and I did not wear underpants and neither did two of the four boys from the other school. We each received six strokes of the strap on the bare. Only the two boys who wore white trunks cried. the rest of us took the punishment well and like the previous poster we believed that all boys who wore underpants were softies.

by ThomasK Thu Sep 12 09:26:36 UTC 2013

I lived on IOM and was caned over trousers several times but at 13 me and another boy stole some money from a shop. The Head got to hear of it and called us to his study. There, he offered us the choice : the cane from him or the birch at the police station. We did not realise that you had to be 14 to be given the birch. We accepted his punishment and dropped our trousers. As it was summer we were wearing khaki shorts and I was free underneath so I got nine cuts of the cane on the bare and my friend took his over white breifs. A few days later he said thatwe had to go to the police station for anothr caning. When we started to protest he said that we could either take the caning without going to court and getting a criminal record or accpting a caning. At least we did not have to take down our trousers for the second caning but it was very, very painful.

by Izo Fri Sep 13 09:23:25 UTC 2013

I was born in a Welsh mining village and in our primary school none of the boys wore underwear so canings for serious misbehaving was trousers down and on the bare. I got it several times and my ma saw the marks but we just accepted that that was normal.

by CT Sat Sep 14 16:59:03 UTC 2013

I came from a poor family but won a scholarship to a grammer school. My ma could only afford to buy me one pair of underpants for gym and sports- Wednesday and Thursdays. However one day when I was not wearing pants I was caught carving my initials on a school bench. I was sent to the Head for a trousers down caning. To my horror there were four boys in my class there. My secret was out as they were all wearing white Y fronts. We all cried after six cuts with the senior cane.

by Si Sun Sep 15 18:18:16 UTC 2013

My early school days were at a local primary school. Even though it was just after the war when clothing was difficult to obtain all of us were turned out in full uniform. I can recall boys and girls being slapped on the legs and face. On one occasion the boys in the class were rowdy and we tried to brocade the door to keep the teacher out. We failed and all the boys received a pants and shorts down caning.

At 8 I won a scholarship to a choir school where the cane was in regular use. At this, all boys school, caning was always given on the bare buttocks and usually in front of your class and for major offences in front of the full school.

Every master had a cane though some also had a tawse. They delivered the punishment with what seemed like the utmost severity.

I once told my Dad that I had been caned and I wish I hadn't, he gave me more and sent me to bed without supper.

Then at 13 years or so it was off to boarding school in a very exposed spot on the N Yorkshire Moors. Looking back it wasn't just the caning that was unacceptable but also running over snow covered moors dressed in just shorts, vest and plimsolls. The moment you stepped into a puddle your toes were blue and if the puddle had frozen water on it your ankles were cut to bleeding as you broke the ice.

Caning and authority over you was accepted by all the boys as normal life. Whilst it could make a boy's life miserable you had the role of a prefect to look forward to when you could beat hell out of the little ones.

Three of us were caned in front of the chapel (full school) for smoking and setting fire to the barn. I have never smoked since and at a reunion I learned that the other two boys had similarly not smoked. We are testimony to the fact that caning works.

The standard punishment was a birthday which meant one hit for each year of your age. We got a double birthday for the pleasure of smoking.

Part of the discipline required us all to wear short trousers. It emphasised that even at 16 we were still children. I can't put up with my grandchildren who complain that its too cold for shorts as soon as September comes.

by MichaelHorn Wed Oct 02 14:20:57 UTC 2013

At my primary school I received six of the tawse on my bare bum on three different occasions for fighting with the same boy. we couldn't stand each other. He wore underpants but I didn,t so he received his punishment across his trunks whereas I was naked underneath. But the worst was at secondary school after playing a football match for the school travelling on an old train with small compartments. For a dare five of us dropped our trousers at a station and "mooned" a couple of girls on the platform. On the Monday morning we were summoned to the Head and told to drop our trousers again. Two of the boys wore underpants and they had to drop them too and we got 12 strokes of the tawseon the bare. Threeof us were in the same class for PE and we had PE first period that day so everyone saw the stripes on our bums.

by Floody Thu Oct 03 09:04:59 UTC 2013

I was punished on the bare several times at secondary school mainly for getting into school ground fights. The Head never asked for any explanation. He only said "Trousers off, boys" and we stood there some in their briefs others boys strakers beneath their shirt tails which when they bent over the armchair for the cane did not cover theit modesty. For very serious offences such as stealing even the boys who wore underwear had to remove them and take their punishment on the bare. School mate who wore briefs told me it was more embarassing fopr them to remove their pants than for boys like me who everyone knew did not wear underpants to be caned nak

by Brydo Sun Oct 06 19:10:01 UTC 2013

Wow. A lot of guys appear not to have worn underpants to school. I left secondary school in the late 1970s and the cane was not in use as much but I still managed to get it several times acroos my school trousers.

by guest Wed Oct 09 12:57:23 UTC 2013

I think that boys who wore underpants in those days were softies. I never did. I remember once that two of us took a short cut through the girls playground which we were not suposed to do. We both got three of the cane. I got my cuts on the bare, but the other boy was wearing baggy underpants with legs (trunks)and he made a fuss and cried like anything. And when I was in secondary school there were four of us in the changeing room after gym. I still was not wearing any pants, one of the boys was wearing y-fronts and he made fun of the other two because they had baggy trunks on. We ended up all fighting and were caught. We all got four cuts of the cane. The y-fronts boy and me didnt cry, but the two boys wearing trunks cried.

by guest Mon Oct 14 13:13:06 UTC 2013

I have just come back from a visit to relatives in Ontario and I met a former school mate. We talked about school memories and he reminded me of the time we were jumping from a wall in the playground and he fell and broke his ankle. The rest of us were sent to the Punishment room and he was carted off to hospital. The four of us had to drop our trousers - two of us bare underneath and the others wearing hand-me-down white trunks. We got six cuts. When the injured boy, john, returned to school again we were summoned to the punishment room and he had his trousers taken off by his dad (his mum was there too) His bottom was immediately bare as his dad told him that he was bare underneath when the accident happened and so would take it on the bare. he had wanted to put on football shorts under his trousers. He was given six cuts and then, to our surprise we were ordered to take down our trousers and receive a further three of the cane in front of John's parents. This time three of us were bare under our trousers and we were crimson with embarrassment.

by Vincent Thu Oct 17 09:20:58 UTC 2013

My mum was a war widow. My dad died in Korea. She was left with five boys to bring up and money was tight so I and my twin brother often had to waer hand-me-down shirts and trousers. sometimes we were mocked at school although always scrupulously clean and well turned out. We both had red hair and often got into scrapes and the punishment was six strokes of the tawse with trousers off. For us that meant taking it on the bare. On one occasion my twin had been punished for fighting and on the next day he was accused of writing on the toilet wall in response to a comment about us. His bottom was black and blue so I took the blame. But the janitor had also caught the boy who wrote the comment so the two of us were taken in to be punished. I was surprised to see that he too wore no underwear so both of us were punished bare bottomed.

by Hagey Mon Oct 21 09:26:16 UTC 2013

I attended a primary school run by nuns who were very strict. My friend and I were caught talking in church at a school service and we were ordered to report to the Head for punishment. There were several other boys waiting to be punished as she brought out a heavy cane. we were told to remove our trousers and stand facing a wall until called forward. Some of us, myself included, did not wear underpants and were given six cuts on the bare. The other boys received their punishment across white y fronts. Later I received the cane on the bare several times at secondary school but it stopped me getting into serious trouble.

by Angus Tue Oct 22 10:25:59 UTC 2013

My dad left the family when I was six years old and my mum had four boys to bring up. Life was tough but she did a good job feeding us and giving us a home. At school we were quite good but other boys sometimes made fool of us because we had patched socks and,sometimes, trousers. One day six boys corned my older brother hitting and kicking at him. I rushed to help and there was a hugh crowd gathered. All eight of us were sent to the Head and ordered to take off our shoes, trouses and shirts.My brother and I were then naked. The other boys were wearing singlets and briefs. We were ordered to bend over and take nine cuts of the cane- for them across their underpants, for us on the bare. They cried out. My brother and I were too embarrassed to even whimper. Word got around that we were real brave and the teasing stopped.

by Dan Mon Nov 04 19:01:47 UTC 2013

I got caught smoking in the boys toilets when I was 13 with three other boys. We had just got a new Head ex Navy and a stict disciplinarian. He was determined to stamp out smoking and we were taken to his study. We were surprised when he told us to sit down but then he said remove your shoes, blazer and shirt. We wondered what was going to happened when he told us to stand again and take off our trousers. leaving me and two of the boys in our white briefs but the other lad had no underpants on so the Head ordered us all to take off the underpants and then, in turn, we got twelve cuts of the cane on the bare. He told us that if we did it again we would get twelve strokes of the ropes end as well as twelve more of the cane. None of us smoked again, at least in school.

by Martin Thu Nov 21 12:19:00 UTC 2013

I had been brought up in the Highlands of Scotland where the punishment at school,and at home, was the same bend over and lift up the skirt of the kilt to receive several strokes of a very thick punishment strap on the bare. We moved to the lowlands and I wore trousers to school but again wore no underpants so when the Head punished me for fighting in the school yard it was trousers down and took the strap on the bare. There were several other boys waiting to be punished for an assortment of misdemeanours and three of us did not wear underpants so had to take the punishment on the bare. The other two boys wore white briefs and were allowed to keep them on.

by Alastair Thu Jan 02 19:04:45 UTC 2014

At my primary school in the 50s it was always the class teacher that gave the punishments. These were an almost daily occurance with at least one boy getting the ruler on his hands or buttocks, for the least excuse like talking in class and other minor misbehaviour. However it was always on clothed bottom in front of class, but if it was more serious or repeated misbehaviour you were kept after class or taken to a separate room where you were caned with pants down on bare. Very embarassing especially if it was a female teacher giving the punishment.

by Dave Sun Jan 05 22:02:16 UTC 2014

At my primary school all the teachers except for visiting gym instructor were women and discipline was severe. Like Dave sometimes the class teacher would take boys to be punished into a large store room and order them to drop their trousers. For some of us it meant taking a thick strap on the bare bottom though the boys who had on underpants kept them on. However for serious offences like fighting or pulling girla, hair you had to wait until the gym teacher arrived and a whole group of boys would be waiting to receive the cane from him. We would all be ordered to take off our trousers, and underpants for any boy wearing them, and receive six, nine or twelve stokes of the cane on the bare.

by Cammy Mon Jan 06 16:49:59 UTC 2014

At my school the Head ruled with a rod of iron or at least with heavy canes. For our school football matches we had to travel in school uniform and on one occasion we were rather noisy and singing rude songs on the train coming back from a game. Some woman phoned the Head on the Monday to complain and we were summoned to his study. He was in a fould mood and told us to line up against a wall and take off shoes, trousers and school blazers. Of the thirteen boys five of us were bare bottomed and the others wore underpants. The first person to bend over for punishment was me as team captain and the Head pulled down my Y fronts so that I was caned on the bare, nine cuts.
The other boys were all punished on the bare as he pulled down any trunks or briefs if required.

by DC Mon Jan 13 11:09:16 UTC 2014

I was brought up in a tough housing estate and at my school there was a family of six boys ranging in ages from 14 to 11, including two sets of twins at 14 and 13. They were bullies and had most of the rest of us afraid of them. They used to initiate the new boys coming into the school by ducking their heads down the toilet pans or by kecking them, pulling down their trousers. Since some boys still did not wear underpants in 1970 it could be embarassing. They also tried a bit of extortion of protection money but one day when I was in Third Form one of my mates, Alan, refused to pay and punched the oldest boy of the clan, George, and his brothers started to hit Alan. two us us went to help him and we were all takien to the Head for punishment.
We were ordered to drop our trousers and in turn to bend over an arm chair and take 12 of the senior cane. The six boys of the Wilson family were all bare bottomed but took their punishment without a whimper. Me and my mates were wriggling with pain but the Wilson boys bore it like men

by RogerH Tue Feb 18 05:41:32 UTC 2014

I too attended the same school as the previous poster and remember getting the cane on the bare with two of the Wilson boys. They certainly took their punishment like men. I only got caned on the bare twice as when I got to 14 years of age my mum decided to buy me underpants and the last two times I was caned over underwear.

by Denny Tue Mar 18 20:09:27 UTC 2014

What a wonderful Forum - wish I'd seen it earlier.
And hello everyone

by Jackboy Sun Apr 13 04:10:56 UTC 2014

It is interesting to reflect on how many boys were subject to this punishment. I was a bit of a tearaway and when my dad left the family I got out of control. I started truanting and my mum caught me and marched me back to the school. Like some of the other boys on this forum my bros and me we were brought up without underpants. in fact I first wore them when I was issued with two pairs by the army. Anyhow the Head ordered me to take down my trousers in front of my mum and gave me six hrad whacks with the senior cane. The embarasment was more than the pain. I got pu nished bare on six or seven more o9ccadsions before I learned sense.

by Danbo Fri Apr 18 12:43:17 UTC 2014

Girls were whipped with a loch gelly on their bare buttocks in Scottish schools

by guest Fri Apr 25 01:09:56 UTC 2014

I had a Scootish mate who went to school in Scotland and he said that the Loch Gelly strap on the bare was very painful but in his school only boys who were not wearing underware got it bare as the pants were not pulled down.

by Danbo Thu May 01 09:16:48 UTC 2014

I went to school in Scotland and can assure the previous wirter than in my school that for two boys caught fighting if one was not waring underpants the boy who was had to drop them so that both got the Lochgelly strap on the bare - generally six of the best and it stung like fury.

by Dolan Fri May 02 09:31:09 UTC 2014

don't believe any of you

by sceptical Sat May 03 19:07:18 UTC 2014

Don't know about girls getting it on the bare but in my school loads of boys were leathered on the bare in the late 1950s and early 1960s as at least one-third of the boys in my class did not wear underware so when the order to drop trousers came we were bare. I came from a very poor area of the country and as I said before if two boys committed the same offence each was punished bare if one had no underware.

by Dolan Sat May 10 08:42:46 UTC 2014

At my school in Liverpool boys who had committed serious offences, such as fighting, marking desks, swearing were punished by the Head. We had to take down our trousers for the cane, usually six or nine cuts. He did not order boys who wore underware to drop them but boys like me who went commando got the cane on the bare. I had some six or seven bare bottom canings before I learned sense.

by Andrew Wed Jul 02 09:33:34 UTC 2014

At nine years of age my family had to move to another area. My dad had died when I was a baby and my mother struggled to feed and clothe me and my four older brothers. I was allergic to milk but the teacher insisted that I drink it and was sick. All the teachers were female and it was the janitor who administered punishment on the bottom to boys. I was taken to his room for being sick on the floor and told to take down my trousers leaving me bare underneath. Three other boys were there for going out of bounds and two weere standing in underpants and the other like me was bare bottomed. I got three licks with a thick taws and the others got six. It was embarrassing but he school was very strict. All four of us got it another time when six other boys started a fight with us. Two of them and all my brothers and me were punsished on the bare,

by Terry H Tue Jul 08 10:22:22 UTC 2014

Like the last post my primary school only had women teachers in the 1950s but the Head had a friend who was a retired policeman who came into school in the mornings and stayed till lunch time and then came back at dismissal time. He inflicted the cane on the bottoms of bad boys, I was caned several times bare bottom by him. When the order to drop trousers came he would then push back my shirt tail so tha my bootm was completely bare and the lash 3,6 or 9 cuts on the bare flesh. Boys who wore underpants generally did not have to drop them but for very serious offence such as fighting they were punished bare too. However the school gave me a great education

by Richard Thu Jul 10 08:26:20 UTC 2014

I was sent to an Approved School with my older brother for stealing cvoal from a railway yard. When we heard that our mum had been taken into hospital seriously ill we absconded to go see her but were caught and taken back. We were then given what was called the black pants punishment. We were told to strip to the waist and strtched over a table and then our trousers and underpants were pulled down and a thick Lochgelly punishment strap was whipped across our bare bottoms. I got 14 lashes and my brother 18.
It was called the black pants because they offered you a pair of smelly black football shorts to put on to receive your punishment but we both refused. We

by Oso Sun Jul 13 10:17:13 UTC 2014

Oso, didn't you collapse after such a severe punishment. I once got nine strokes of a thick Lochgelly taws on the bare at school for throwing snowballs at a teacher's car as he drove off from school. I was called to the Head's office and he said abruptly "Just drop them" and I took down my trousers. My shirt had only a small tail and my bare bottom was immediately on display and he lashes nine strokes as hard as he could across it. There were tears in my eyes as I left his office and I went to the toilet to cry before I went back to class. The next period was gym and the other boys had a good laugh at my red buttocks beginning to turn black and blue.

by Eddie Tue Jul 15 14:42:29 UTC 2014

Interesting discussion which I find very similar to most posters here when I was at school, except the janitor punishing boys which I find strange.
Most punishments at my school were carried out in class by the teacher, who either used a thick wooden ruler or leather strap on hands or buttocks.
If it was serious misbehavior you were taken to a private room, like an empty class, and strapped bare with pants down. Like a previous poster said, it was especially embarrassing if it was a female teacher strapping you bare, which some of them made you stand exposed in front of them while they lectured you with your shirt tucked up and bare from the waist down. I guess it was added humiliation to the punishment, although I later realized that they probably also enjoyed it, and some did it more often than others.
But back then this was part of school life and accepted by everyone as normal.
This went on throughout primary school till age 11-12.

by Ted Mon Aug 04 09:03:19 UTC 2014

I can assure Ted that at the primary school which I attended the punishment with a thick punishment strap on the bare buttocks was administered by the janitor. The school was run by nuns and I am sure that the boys preferred being punished on the bare by Mr. Denver than having to take the trousers down in front of a nun. As I posted earlier I got the punishment several times and always bare because i did not wear pants. Boys who wore pants did not have to take them down normally. The only time I thought that I was punished unfairly was when I was sitting on a school bench and another boy started to carve his initials on it. I genuinely did not see what he was doing but the janitor did not believe me and took the two of us to the punishment room and gave the instruction, "Trousers down." We both obeyed and stood there in shirt tails. Mr. Denver pushed up the shirt tails as we each bent
over a desk so that each of our buttocks was bare and we received six hard whacks each.

by Kev Tue Aug 12 09:16:50 UTC 2014

I too was punished with a thick strap on the bare at school. Our Head was a man of few words and on one occasion five of us were punished for fighting on the bus going to school. It waws more a heated argument than a fight but we had shamed the school. We were summoned to the Head's office, told to take off our shoes and trousers and stand facing the wall. two of us were bare and the other three had on white briefs.
I often wonder why were were so permissive and carried out the orders without question. He then called us, one by one, to bend over the back of an arm chair and the boys who wore underpants were told to drop them. Which they did wthout murmur and we each received sis strokes of the thick strap on the bare. We were much better behaved on the bus after that and none of us bore him any ill will.

by Angus Sat Aug 30 15:52:06 UTC 2014

I have just discovered this site and find the posts interesting and credible. I must have attended the same school as Kev as it was Mr. denver who punished boys when I was at primary school. The first time I started to cry wnhen the order "Trousers down" was given, though not because I was afraid of the pain as my dad believed in strapping across the bare bottom. No, I looked around at the other three boys about to be punished and they all were wearing underpants and i did not due to poverty and I was ashamed. However, I was involved in a fight with one of the same boys the following week and again was punished on the bare but that time I had become used to it. I probably got the same punishment four or five more times at primary and always on the bare bottom. I received more severe punishment on the bare at secondary school but looking back 8i deserved all of them.

by Sammy Mon Sep 08 19:35:10 UTC 2014

I was caned trousers down at pprimary school but I wore white Aertex briefs and did not have to remove them so did not really get it on the bare but just when I was going to secondary school my mum left us and dad could not cope looking after me and my younger brother 9two years younger) so were we were packed off to his sister who had no time for us. we both started truanting and getting into minor breaches of the law and were sent to the same Approved School. We heard that mum was dying and absconded to see her before she died. We were brought back to the Approved School and caned on the bare twelve cuts each. We ran away again and were on the run for ten days. We did see mum briefly before she died but were caught again. We had to throw away our underwear as they were soiled and were commando when caught again and again got twelve cuts of the cane on the bare. After that we were never in trouble again. We had learned our lesson.

by Alan W Tue Sep 09 12:30:48 UTC 2014

Thanks to all the contributors here.It is interesting to read how many of the posters here did not wear underpants whilst growing up in same time as I did. I attended an upmarket private school in Cape Town during the 60’s.Probably about a third of the boys in my class did not wear underpants. Many of the boys thought it ‘manly’ to go commando, and this was probably reinforced by one of the school rules that stated ,that when playing any form of sport boys; were not allowed to wear underpants. We honestly thought all sportsmen did not wear underpants, hence the ‘manly’ aspect.
We were told by the school teachers it was more hygienic and healthy not to wear underpants whilst getting hot and sweaty whilst playing rugby, cricket, and tennis. In fact three of my fellow school mates Dad’s were doctors and none of these boys wore underpants ,as they told us their Dads believed it was far heathier for boys growing up in a relatively hot climate to have plenty of fresh air around their privates; and the doctors probably had a good point there!
We were often whacked and occasionally caned, but always over our shorts. I remember on one occasion we were in the changing room dressing after PE which was the last period of the day. Two other boys came into the change room rubbing their backsides. They told us that our Housemaster had just whacked them four each with his plimsoll. Boys being boys wanted to see the damage, so one boy (the son the high school vice principal and one of the boys who never wore underpants), lifted up one of the legs of his shorts to show clear plimsoll marks on his bare flesh!

by Petercommando Tue Oct 21 10:56:31 UTC 2014

at my prep school in 1964 three of us were caught at the age of eleven playing truant. we were sent to the head and informed at once we were going to get six of the cane on our bottoms. We were told to take out blazers off and our trousers. We were called forward one at a time with my friend going first. He was told to reach over the desk and his shirt bwas pulled up to reveal his bare bottom as he was not wearing pants. The cane went hard across his bare bottom. I was next and was glad i had pants. Wnen i bent over my shirt was pulled upto reveal my tighly stretched pants , then without warning the headmaster got hold on the top of my pants from the side and with a sharp tug pulled them down to the my knees. I, just like my friend was left bending over with my bare bottom protriding into the air and took six strokes of the cane across it.We always got it bare at school.

by guest Wed Dec 17 00:58:05 UTC 2014

I like all these accounts of strappings on the bare bottom. I should've had my bottom strapped at school, but I sadly had to wait a great many years before experiencing a slab of leather being repeatedly laid across my bent-over, barenaked backside. I was only ever strapped on my hands at school, and that came courtesy of my rather grandmotherly Grade 7 teacher Mrs. James (also the school's vice-principal). Punishment on my bottom would've been far more shameful, especially with the pretty girl I had a crush on being witness to my infantile humiliation. When I did finally get my bare bottom strapped, it was by a beautiful young woman who was also a registered nurse. She strapped the living daylights out of me, but then she'd rub ice cubes over my severely scorched backside, and it was like I'd died and gone to heaven.

by Bart Sat Jan 17 16:41:30 UTC 2015

When I was 12 I was strapped - six of the best on the palms of my hands. I had been following an intellectually handicapped boy around and imitating his lumbering gait. There were some 20 boys gathered for various offences committed that Sport's afternoon in the cloakroom between two classrooms. Each of us had to hold out our right hand, fully extended at shoulder height for two hard strokes. Then it was our left hands turn and the final two strokes were on the already strapped right hand. I was the last boy to be strapped that day. Afterwards my hands were sore, red and white and puffy. I was frightened beforehand but afterwards I was rather proud that finally I had been naughty enough to join the bad boys who were corporally punished. At my High School the Principal caned on the trousered bottom. The strap on the hands was feared when it was given by the Deputy Headmaster 'Muscles' Smith. I just missed out on getting that from him. Instead I received After School Detention. In retrospect I would have preferred a short sharp dose of the strap rather than the boring time in Detention. Boys were frequently hand strapped by teacher in front of the class of boys and girls. Every eye watched the strapping.

by Keith Smith Fri Mar 27 09:31:46 UTC 2015

I never got canings. I wish a painful caning on my bare buttocks. I will be very happy to receive hard caning by some expert caner.

by xyz Fri Jun 26 14:00:25 UTC 2015

I was sent to approved school aged 11 after a juvenile court appearance for housebreaking. The headmaster used to cane you on the bare bottom for practically anything. It cerianly toughened me up.

I ran away aged 13 and committed some more crimes. This time the court sentenced me to a birching and a spell in the toughest reform school which was effectively a prison for young boys.

by Craig Thu Jul 30 21:34:53 UTC 2015

The thing about bare bottom punishment is that it enables a dirty old man to take advantage of the receiving party. In my case I was caned on my bare buttocks at the age of 10 by my prep school housemaster, a balding man of fifty with a beer gut. He enjoyed all the ceremony of the caning, lecturing me about what I had done, announcing that I was to receive six of the best and to remove my trousers and underpants, writing the details in the punishment book, selecting a cane, swishing and flexing it in front of a terrified little boy before ordering me to bend over his desk. Each stroke made me gasp and cry, the thump of the impact followed by an intense burning pain in my bottom. Finally the beating was over, my bum covered in raised thick red welts. My housemaster then showed what I thought was his caring side, rubbing soothing cream into my cheeks. Then a finger tickled my perineum and was used to lubricate my little bum-hole. I heard him grunt and there was a sound of belts and clothing being undone. I turned my head to see what remains, to this day, the biggest willy I have ever seen. My housemaster was applying lube to the giant purple head. He then placed this between my buttocks and pushed firmly. I felt my sphincter stretch almost to tearing point before it yielded and his monster appendage slid slowly into my bowels, causing me to squeal loudly. He continued to press it home until all eight and a half inches had disappeared into my pooper. And then I was bummed up for about ten minutes, that huge member stretching my poor starfish into shapes and sizes it was hard to believe were possible. Then to my eternal disgrace and shame, I had a massive involuntary orgasm, which made me shake like a rattlesnake, salivate, pee and fart. The response to this was slow and measured - he slowly withdrew the big winkle from my arsehole, stood in front of me and told me to "suck my c***". I told him I couldn't and when pressed, blurted out that it had been up my bum and.....was smelly. He sneered and told me that was my fault for having a smelly bum and to "...suck your smelly bumslime off my di**.....suck your poop off my c***". Finally I obeyed and smelt and tasted my own excrement and flatulence on his pulsating helmet, before he exploded and nine jets of thick seminal fluid were ejaculated into my mouth.

by stillaboy Sun Oct 25 18:06:09 UTC 2015

corporal punishment bare bottom is the only way to do it. if there bottom is covered then why bother. its like taking a shower with ur clothes on. My mother started disciplining me when I was 2 and it was always bare bottom and she was not satisfied until my bottom was red. 10 years ago when I was 15 I was caned bare bottom for no reason. I found out why about 2 years ago and my mother told me that she asked her sister what she wanted for Christmas and her response was to cane me and my mother agreed. My mother to this day still regrets it but her sister bailed her out of a bind 2 years prior. With that I had no choice but to endure a very severe caning. That caning was the hardest punishment I had ever received and it was for no reason...ironic...

by guest Thu Dec 24 05:02:30 UTC 2015

Stillaboy's account struck a chord with me. I was thrashed in a boys home by a middle aged man in front of two of his freinds who he had invited to wwatch. When my beating was over the three of them took turns with my bottom hole for over an hour. My ass dripped with seamen when they had finished. The last one made me suck his poo-covered column and ejaculatid over my face

by guest Mon Feb 15 10:59:37 UTC 2016

Guest will suck my pinus

by guest Wed Feb 17 19:57:41 UTC 2016

At the Catholic school boys 12 to 16 I attended, the summary punishment for common misbehavior was called (having to} "Present Your Thighs." Simply, this called for the hapless youth to stand facing the class with hands clasp behind his head & legs spread wide to suffer a lashing of his upper inner thighs with a belt. This nastiness was all to easily facilitated by the inordinately brief short pants we had to wear as part of our uniform. It was meanly effective: very painful; very humiliating...

by Tom Ryan Sun Apr 10 05:26:31 UTC 2016

I wanna experience naked punishment

by guest Tue May 24 03:47:30 UTC 2016

talking in assembly was always a caning offence even at the age of 9. I got it when 9 and was always the same. Those talking were sent to wait outside the heads office. When he arrived we all went in and were made to say yes or no to talking. If you said no you were almost certain to get six of the cane but if you said yes it was three. I watched and then it was my turn. I had to undo my short trousers and bend over the desk. With one pull he had my shorts down to me knees. Another pulland my pants joined them leaving my little bottom sticking out. Shirt was pullwd up so my whole bottom was bare and i just had to keep it still and three strokes smCKED ACROSS MY LITTLE BARE CHEEKS.

by guest Mon Dec 05 00:10:17 UTC 2016

I got caned several times at school in the 1960's. All teachers could use the cane and frequently did. Lady teachers were the worst. I only got it on the bare bottom once and that was from the senior mistress for wolf whistling at another lady teacher. So embarrassing being caned by one lady while the other lady teacher watched. It was a full 6 of the best as well.

by Pete Fri Dec 30 09:55:29 UTC 2016

Just came across this site. Interesting comments which brought back painful memories of school discipline in 1950s and 60s. I was born in 1948 the youngest of six boys in a poor family. Times were hard and I often had to wear hand me down clothes. None of us boys wore underpants- they were just an unnecessary expense. The first time I was caned bare bottom was when I was six, walking to school with two of my brothers. We were throwing a tennis ball which we had found and hit a police officer who took us into school and demand that we be punished. The Head did not like my oldest brother and told us to take off our jackets, shoes and trousers. The policeman rolled back our shirt tails and held us down over a desk and the Head gave us six of the cane across our bare bottoms.
I agree with the poster who said that the first time he got it with other boys who all wore underpants that it was embarrassing but when the boys in the class saw in PT class that I-and some others-did not wear them, it was no big deal to take it bare when they had a covering.
We all got the same punishments several more times at that primary school and just thought it was part of school life and in those days it was necessary.

by Eddie Thu Jan 12 11:29:09 UTC 2017

I was at prep schoolin thye early 1960's. Discipline was firm but fair. Break a major rule and you could count on being sent to the head for the cane. No silly nonsense about it being abuse or indecent assult in those days. It was nearly always shorts and underpants down and clothing lifted up so that two or three sharp smacks with the cane could go across your bare bottom.It us to hurt for hours. No going home complainuing to mum hoping she would complain to the school. In those days parents fully supports the use of the cane and was no issue if you were required to take it on your bare bottom

by ck Sun Jan 22 14:29:33 UTC 2017

being sent to the head with a note from the teacher requesting he cane you was dreadful. You knew he would cane you and was just a cquestion of how many strokes you would get and if it was on your shorts or if you had to bend over and take it on your bare bottom
I recall being sent and saw him read the note and told me to take my blazer off. I was 9 at the time and he went to the cupboard and took out a cane and told me if i was old enough to be that naughty i was old enough to have my bottom caned. He pulled up a chair and almost by instinct started to move to it ready to bend over and have the cane. To my shock he stopped me and gave orders that i remove my school shorts. At least i was not told to remove my pants and when told bent over the cxhair and my little bottom stuch out in the air for what i knew were going to be some painful strokes across my tiny cheeks. He told me i was going to get four.
I gulped on that news and felt him pull my shirt right up so it did not get in the way. Then without warning, a sharp tug had my little pants down to my knees and here was a little 9 year old bending over showing his bare bottom waiting for it to be caned and wondering how much it would hurt. thwaaaack THE CANE SMACKED ACROSS MY BARE little bum and felt as if both cheeks had been cut
and worse still i had to keepmy bum in position while three more were whacked across my cheeks. It is only those thT HAVE HAD THE CANE ON THE BARE BOTTOM THAT now just how much it hurts and the way, at my age, you cannot but help yelling and the bottom is caned. Even all these years later i can still picure myself over the chair fighting hard to keep my bottom in position for the rest of the strokes

by ck Sun Jan 29 20:36:50 UTC 2017

I went to a private school in the 80s and one day I spied on the girls swim team when they were showering. I got caught and got scolded by the principal but what happened next taught me a lesson but for the amount of nudity I saw it was worth it. The womans gym teacher chose to have my bare bottom paddled everyday for 2 full weeks and wanted the girls swim team to watch. Everyday my bottom was bared with the swim team as an audience and each day I was given over a dozen swats. It was a dozen the first day then 1 additional each day. after 4 days it was still red and bruised but I endured every single swat each and every day.

by mark Sat Mar 11 02:24:27 UTC 2017

At my school in the 1970's us girls were only caned on our knickers which did preserve some modesty.However a note was always sent home.Mother and father were very strict and a caning at school meant a caning at home, normally on the following weekend to allow recovery time.The Home caning was ALWAYS on the bare,and at least half as many again in strokes! I would have to go to my bedroom,take everything off except my T shirt and put a pillow on the end of the bed to raise up my arse as I bent over.When my parents arrived I would be lectured and then be told to present my bottom for correction. My father usually used a whippy ratten cane which raised swollen wheals which often lasted for weeks.Sometimes he would give me the lochgelly tawse and that did not cut in so much but roasted and stung my arse,the ends sometimes brushing my sex lips or the bud of the entry to my back passage .Very,very painful!If I moved or it looked as if I was having any sign of a pleasurable happening I would be told to roll onto my back and put clasp my hands behind my knees. NOT NICE but at that stage I would be too hurt to worry about my exposure! Overall things were harsh but I don't think we were any worse for the discipline.

by Helena Hplmes Sat Mar 11 17:34:33 UTC 2017

I also received more punishment at home if caned at school and always BARE.Normally in fathers study lying on the desk,legs apart and showing EVERYTHING.But when the stick fell you forgot all about exposure and prayed that some skin would be left on your arse! If I touched myself or rose up then I would have to endure an extra dose or another caning or strapping later. However I did learn to behave eventually.

by Jenny Lowe Thu Mar 16 17:14:16 UTC 2017

I went to a boarding school in Switzerland. there were about 8 rooms on each level and each level had a dorm mom. the dorm mom would make sure we did our homework, we kept our rooms clean, we would be ontime for class, basic stuff like that. A week into the school year I had received 3 demerits which gets an automatic paddling. I went to the office and the principal mr shaefer was holding a thick paddle with a few small holes in it and he explained I was a first offender that I was only getting 6. A witness was required so my math teacher miss ellingson was there. He had me bend over the desk and then had miss ellingson pull down my pants and underpants and said that all paddlings that are behavioral, academic, policy violations are all bare bottom. Each swat was timed, precise and hard. I was scared to move in case I got additional, after the 6 were administered my bottom was sore and burning that it was very sensitive when miss ellingson pulled my pants back up. Before heading back to my room I stopped at the bathroom to wipe away my tears and look at the damage and you could see clear bruising on my bottom. However when I walked back to my room the door was locked and a note taped to the door saying "if you need it unlocked please come get the key" I went to my dorm mom and she invited me in. she had a chair set up in the middle of her room with a hair brush and wooden spoon laying on it. She made mention that any paddling from the principal on the bare bottom was a bad offence and that would me met with discipline from her as well. I pleaded with her saying my bottom was bruised and sore and she responded with that's unfortunate for you, she said it was her job that we stay on the straight and narrow. She sat on a chair and pulled my pants down and draped me over her knee and smacked me several times with her hand, the brush, and the wooden spoon. it felt like hers was the worst as she hit hard and fast. After wards she took me in her arms and held me for about 10 minutes. Before I left she said that every bare bottom paddling that occurs the followup from her will get harder and harder each time. I received several that year and the years following. My final year I didn't receive any at all and right out of highschool I got a degree in engineering now I live in North America and became a millionaire before 30. I always have phantom pains on my butt reminding me of my time there.

by guillermo Sat Mar 18 23:20:50 UTC 2017

I was pledging a fraternity and at the same time we were involved in a prank war with a sorority. One day myself and a couple pledges broke in there and we took a couple items but as we were leaving we got caught. They got away I didn't, next thing I knew the lights went on and I was surrounded by about 20 women wearing there night gowns. Normally I wouldnt complain but I knew I was in trouble, I was in danger of getting seriously hurt or expelled from school. They used some of there bras and scarfs and tied me to a chair.

One of the girls went on the phone and called someone to come over while several other girls watched over me. The other girl came back in and told the other girls to back off, she then leaned and ask if I was pledging what frat was I pledging and who the others were that I was with. I told her I was alone and acted alone, she slapped my face and pointed her finger and said I was lying and that im only making it worse for myself. if I told her the truth she would let me go without further words but I did not so she said in about 10 minutes I would wish I told the truth.

About 10 minutes later there was a doorbell and 4 older women entered who were that sorority alumni, they went in the other room and I heard light talking then after about 5 minutes one of them came in and leaned in and grabbed my jaw and said "so you're gonna be stubborn, well lets see how stubborn you are gonna be". they removed the restraints and walked me downstairs to the sub level where 2 of the alumnis were waiting and there was a saw horse with restraints on it and a table with a couple huge wooden paddles and a prison strap.

They stripped me completely naked and restrained me to the makeshift paddling bench then the head alumni said it was time to beat the stubbornness out of me. They took turns hitting me with the wooden paddles hard and my bottom started to throb then the prison strap on the back of my thighs. They kept asking me who I was with and everytime I said no the beatings got worse. I eventually was screaming and pleading but they continued until I gave them the info. finally after awhile I could no longer take it and spilled the information. They untied me and I was shaking and having convulsions so the head alumni sat me down on the loveseat and held me in her arms and put my head on her chest while another brought a blanket. She held me for what seemed like an hour. They told the college that the frat was caught on camera, there was never a mention of me giving them up. Neither one of them apologized for torturing me but they made sure I was okay before I left and checked on my well being daily.

by lawrence Thu Mar 23 01:47:04 UTC 2017

i was in 10th standard when i was punished. in my school there was a teacher whose class was hated by us.because he gave us very dengorous punishment for talking in class or any misbehave. no could ask him any questions. one day my freid disturb me during his period and mistakefully i said something. his eyes left on us and without saying nothing he orderd us to do situps. we have to for whole 28 minutes without stopping. after that he said us to follow him. he made us murga for the school time(7 periods of each 45 minutes including tiffin of 60 minute). we fall about 30 times. each time he ordered us be murga again. but that was not so hard, only some embrassing . but when school break down and all student went but we two and three girls left as we were murga we cant see those girls .thezy were also murga after the tifin. sir told all of us to be full naked. then he brought a iron ruler and hit on our back about 25 times.. we were fully nakdso they were hurting more.after this they called gurdian of thre girls and made them to do situps until guardien came.but this all change our aim to do studies. our butts were pure red like a rose.

by anek Mon Mar 27 08:41:47 UTC 2017

Boys always need bare bottom punishment. But mom or dad should take down his pants

by guest Tue May 16 13:41:41 UTC 2017

In grade 3 in the 1970's a female teacher put me over her knee in front of the entire class(was talking in class instead of listening), pulled my pants and underpants down and walloped my bare bottom with a wooden spoon. I cried and kicked my feet in the air and must have had a really red bum which all the class could see. What humiliation.

by Tom Sat May 20 04:12:11 UTC 2017

at my junior school the worse thing was bing sent to the head for some "crime". The result was aways the same. He would show you his cane, a thin whippy thing, and informed you that you were going to get two strokes of it on your bottom. You were then told to bend over the back of a chair and told "to stick out your bottom". Of course you did not want to but knew better than not sticking it out so he could have a good swing of the cane at it. Always, yu thought that was it, and waited for what you knew woud be a dreadful sting on yur little bottom. I got it three times, and each time i bent over my shorts were really tight across my bottom. Each time i excepted the sharp thwaack sound a my bottom was hit. Eact time, as for all boys, tis was not the case. He would say "i like to see what i am hitting" and with that his hands got the elastic waiste band of your shorts and pulled them down followed by your paants. The shirt was pulled up your back followed by "thats better". You were told to stick out your bottom a bit more and then yu got two real stingers with the cane on yur bare was always the sae fr every boy.....two strokes and right on the baee bottom.

by ck Tue Jun 27 07:06:37 UTC 2017

my brother and I are teenagers and we both get caned on our bare bottoms,
we dread friday evenings @ 7pm as we both have to go to Dad's study and 'prepare' to be punished for any misdemeanors we may have committed that week,
prepping means we both have to lower our jeans ,pull down our briefs and bend over Dad's desk, the waiting is the worst, both across the desk underpants down and just bent over talking to each other to try and stay cool,
the real humiliation was knowing that our sister and Mom were fully aware of what was going on but thankfully while our sister teased us about it and told her girlfriends she was never allowed to see us being caned,
depending on how naughty we are determines the number of strokes we receive, you hear Dad's footsteps and know that a sore bottom was on the way.
Dad has the same ritual,he fetches his cane from a closet, then tells us to stick our bottoms right up ,
he then tells each of us the number of strokes we are to receive,
he does not allow bottom rubbing and when our caning is complete we both have to stand facing the wall with our briefs still down.
Dad says it is good for character building that we should stand with our bare backsides on display and offer up the pain in our bottoms to a higher power,
he usually comes back after 15-20 mins and tell us to pull our briefs up,
we usually receive anywhere between 4 and eight swipes of the cane, eight is really cruel and so sore on our bare behinds ,
tbh it is really humiliating at our age to be made pull down our underpants but the pain is the worst part,
at different times both of us have received the full eight on the bare and we cried with the pain

by Andrew Thu Jun 29 10:25:36 UTC 2017

yes i got the same, that's the only way to get their complete attention.

by gary Wed Sep 06 18:57:56 UTC 2017

I went to a private school when I was a teenager where the pastor of the local church was the head disciplinarian. he had brute strength and was strict. The school was only allowed bare bottom paddlings on students over 12 and with parental consent. My mother consented unknown to me of course. He was very protective of his teachers and did not tolerate any back talk to the teachers. He had the mentality of they were always right and we were always wrong. One of the other students left garbage on the floor and I was told to clean it up even though it was not me so I protested and refused and I flat out told her no, she even yelled and demanded I clean it up but out of principle I told her I didn't make the mess so I aint cleaning it up. Big mistake on my part. This teacher already didn't like me very much so I had a bad feeling I was in a world of hurt.

I was summoned to the office where the pastor was sitting at his desk with his paddle laying in front of him and the teacher I talked back to sitting off to the side. He lectured me about how I am to obey the teachers without question and for my excessive back talk I was gonna be taught a lesson. He then handed her a piece of paper and a pen and told her to write down the punishment he would like me to receive. She folded it and handed it to him and he did not look and said he would make me a deal. Go with her punishment or I endure 10 hard bare bottom swats with his paddle. When he hits it echo's so I knew I was in for it either way but I knew 10 would be too much so me being stupid yet again I chose her punishment. He unfolded the paper then looked at me then he nodded his head and said okay you made your choice so this is on you.

He revealed that I was to receive 12 swats then another 12 after school. Then I was to receive 14 during lunch the next day then 14 more after school. then a 3rd and final day to receive 16 at lunch then 16 more after school. every swat bare bottom and she wants to watch every swat. I had my bottom bared and bent over and took 12 of the hardest paddle swats ever then again after school. that night at home I could barely sit and my mother knew what was happening but said nothing. Next day my sore bottom was thrashed some more then the 3rd day again. I could not sit down, after the 3rd day my mother told me that she will let my bottom heal for 48 hours which would bring it to Saturday then I was going to be taught a lesson. Saturday rolled around and my bottom was still very sore and my mother sent me to my room and told me I better be bare naked when she comes in my room. I quickly stripped then she came in holding a brush and a spoon, she stacked all my pillows on top of each other and had me lay across them to elevate my bottom. she told me I was going to get 100 with each and she said if I moved she would add 150 on top of it. I didn't dare move and stayed in position as she lit my already sore bottom up with her bathbrush and wooden spoon. The whacks from her hurt far worse then the paddling. after the whacks were done she brought me into the living room and had me stand in the corner which I stood in the corner for I don't know how long but my mother told me 2 hours. She sent me to my room and had me pack up my tv, stereo and video game system and bring to her. After I did that she had me stand in the corner and she went into my room with a garbage bag and came out 10 minutes later with full garbage bags of clothes. She laid tape on the floor and brought me back into my room. She pointed at the tape and said if I step over that line at any time I will received another hard bare bottom thrashing. She told me I had also been suspended for the next week and that I was to spend the entire week in my room and was only allowed 3 trips to the bathroom per day and was to remain naked all week. I had no devices and no entertainment and only a sheet to cover myself up. I stepped over the line on Monday and was paddled

by david Fri Sep 15 07:00:28 UTC 2017

When my son david was in the 6th grade he got suspended for 3 days for beating up a 1st grader so for his suspension I decided to play a little paddle roulette. school hours of operation were 8:30 to 2:30. Every hour on the half hour during school hours he would get his bare bottom paddled. I had a bath brush(1), a wooden spoon(2), a thick wooden paddle(3), and a wooden pickle ball paddle(4). I put the numbers in a hat as well I put ones with 2 numbers combined all combos, 3 numbers combined, all combos and of course a tag with all 4. and I put in a 2X tag and a 3X tag. first day it would be 8 swats with the chosen selections, day 2 it would be 10 swats, and day 3 it would be 12 swats. If he drew the 2X his next 3 paddlings would be double. if he drew the 3X his next 2 would be tripled. He had to draw every hour and then take his punishment. His hardest was the 1:30 paddling on the first day he drew the 3X then all 4 implements. It was creative and innovative but his bottom was bruised and sore when I was done with him. he learned a lot about bullying.

by Marge Wed Oct 04 14:20:55 UTC 2017

When I Was 15 years old having my history lesson in school,I misbehaved and the teacher Mrs Davies told me to see her at the end of the lesson.She told me that she was going to punish me,but to make it less embarrassing I could receive it at her house on my way home after school.I agreed,I could see her car in the drive as I walked up to the house,knocked on the door,she opened and told me to go into the lounge.There was a stool with straps fixed on and a cane on the table,Blazer off,trousers off and bend over the stool she said,my heart was racing very fast,I did what she said and then she strapped my ankles and wrists bent over the stool.Next she lowered my pants to bare my bottom,this is going to teach you a lesson in behaviour she said.Thwack,aah,after three strokes her house phone rang,she answers and I could here her saying I will be over straight away,I will be back later she said and left.2 minutes later the back door opened and her husband walked in.What have we here a naughty boy ready for punishment,he picks the cane up and gives me another 3 strokes,my bottom was on fire,he opens the cupboard and then comes over and starts rubbing my bottom with an oily substance and puts his finger in my bum hole back and fore,my todger gets a hard on,then with his other hand starts playing with my balls and rubbing my todger,what a hard on unable to move as well.Then I hear him unbuckling his belt and his trousers fall to the floor,then his warm todger is being inserted up my bum,oh so lovely,being rogered and slapped on my bottom,I ejaculated on the floor and he came inside me.He untied me told me if I want the same again his wife is home late on Thursdays

by guest Thu Oct 26 14:52:08 UTC 2017

I used a very hard bare bottom thrashing to cure my 17 year old son of ptsd. he was in a bank when it got held up and the robber had held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger but the gun had jammed. Something inside him snapped and he stopped speaking, I would see him staring out the window. The only thing he did was eat and drink and use the bathroom but he was fully withdrawn. He scared me and I was out of options so I spoke to a professional trauma therapist. They said sometimes with ptsd something to try is to put him in a situation of constant distress or something to help him to let go. The therapists sister was a professional dominatrix as well as a therapist and she used discipline to snap people out of ptsd. I was scared for my sons safety so I figured what could it hurt. The dominatrix would only discipline people 18 or older so I had to do the discipline with her instructing me.

We grabbed him and removed his clothes then bound his legs and hands to the frame of his bed while he was bent over. He was trying to struggle but said nothing, I used a wooden spoon, wooden spatula, paddle ball paddle, leather belt and she brought over a couple of small paddles and a couple large paddles. As per her instructions I hit him hard and often. Right when I had gotten to the larger paddles is when he completely broke, exactly the way we wanted. We untied him and he collapsed to the floor, we picked him up and laid him on the bed and I held him in our arms. My baby who was stonecold and emotionless for days was reduced to crying and many tears. I had gotten up to grab a glass of water and came back and he was cuddled up to the dominatrix. I had never physically paddled him before and it worked for stress relief. For a couple months after that he worked with the dominatrix-therapist. He is no longer scared to look over his shoulder. he is 19 and has found himself a great job and a great girlfriend and to top it off he calls my new friend(the dominatrix) maam.

by samantha Mon Nov 13 10:21:59 UTC 2017

I was punished always on the barebottom
by both male and female teachers

by James Thu Nov 16 16:37:24 UTC 2017

My School Punishments
Age8 OTK Bare Bottom smacking
Age9 Slipper once over shorts once Bare Bottom
Age 10 OTK Bare Bottom smacking, Slipper over trousers,Caned 4strokes over trousers
Age11 Strap Bare Bottom 6strokes
Age12 Strap Bare Bottom 6strokes 3times
Age13 Strap Bare Bottom 6strokes 2times, Caned 6strokes once over underpants
Age14 Slipper Bare Bottom 12strokes once, Strap Bare 14strokes once.
Age15 Caned over gym shorts once 6strokes
Age16 Tawse Bare Bottom 6strokes 3times
Age17 Tawse Bare Bottom 6strokes 4times
Age18 Caned Bare Bottom 6strokes twice 8strokes once

by Michael Thu Nov 16 17:22:08 UTC 2017

when i was at school many a time i had to take my trousers and pants down either in the heads office or in front of the class and have my bare bottom slippered or mostly caned. In those days their was no outcry if a boy had his bare bottom whacked and it was a fairly normal thing in school. I was whacked bare many a time and i saw many a boy getting the same. In those days their was no big sense of embarrassment about being seen nude and having a few whacks publicly applied to your bare bottom. It was very much part of life at school and at home. I was like most boys did not like having to take my trousers and pants down to have my bottom whacked, but this was not due to having people see me but because, like all boys i knew it hurt a lot more on the bare bottom, and in those days both at school and at home the bottom was hit hard, and hit so you remembered it.

by guest Sat Nov 25 00:15:03 UTC 2017

I was a member of the rcmp and also a mother of 2 and know how a child should behave. I was at the end of my rope with one local boy. He was 9 years old and he was always throwing stones at windows, he was stealing candy from the store. due to his age there was nothing that could be done as we just kept sending him home and his parents did nothing about it. He was always left to do whatever he wanted. One day I was called to one of his shoplifting stunts from a candy store and I was driving the police van and decided it was time for him to be taught a lesson. Since this time I remembered to have my hairbrush with me in my purse it was time to put it to use. I pulled into a private parking garage, I went into the back where he was sitting, I bared his bottom and took him over my knee and smacked his bare bottom a lot of times with my hand and then I used my brush and turned his bottom a dark shade of red. I told his parents what I did and they did nothing, in fact a week later he decided to vandalize a street sign and his folks called me and I went and gave him another bare bottom paddling. he was on the straight and narrow after that. Now he's a teenager and respectful of the law.

by swat chick Sat Feb 10 11:24:20 UTC 2018

my brothers first ever paddling came when he was 14, he was defiant and rude and one day he was suspended from school for vandalising the teachers lounge, my mother sent him to his room and then grabbed the wooden spoon, all she said was she hopes God does not think less of her for what she was about to do. After she entered his room for the next several minutes all I heard was the sound of wood on bare flesh then eventually screaming, I tried to count but they were fast and hard and I lost count after just over 100 smacks. after several minutes she came out and the wooden spoon had blood on it. she ran it under hot water and put it in the dishwasher. her demeaner never changed and she never said a word. I did however see my brothers butt 4 days later and you could still see some very visible bruising.

by sarah Thu Feb 15 11:39:24 UTC 2018

my husband and I started experiencing with bd5m a few years ago due to my sister who had a dungeon. My husband liked to be paddled when he was in the mood but never liked it hard but was subservient to me. on his 30th bday I sent him to my sister to get his bday smacks. He said he went but my sister said he did not so I dragged him over there and she stripped him naked and gave him 30 smacks with 10 different implements, 3 were large paddles, 2 were straps, and the other 5 were smaller paddles. it was twice as hard as he would have gotten but he lied so he got it harder, he was blubbering half way through and at the end he stood in the corner. She lent me her small round paddle and said for when I get him home. on the car ride home he said sorry for lying to me that he was not in the mood at that time. I stayed silent except for when we got home and told him not another word and that I was not finished with him. He was in the bedroom and I told him to strip which he did. I sat on the bed and draped him over my knee and I said this is punishment so no safewords. I gave him 300smacks with the small round paddle(10 for every year).

Then I layed him on his back on the bed and cuffed his hands to the head board and I had him lick both my pu55y and my anu5. Then I inserted his hard c0ck in my raw pu55y till he came inside me then I sat on his face and made him lick up his own mess. The I sat on his c0ck and rode him until he came in my bum then I forced him to lick me clean. he was forced to sleep with his hands tied to the head board all night and every 2 hours I would wake him up and would force him to pleasure me some more.

In the morning after he took his shower I tied him to a chair and took my belt to the back of his thighs and I had him count and say sorry for lying, I gave him 100 swats, since whipping him made me wet, he ate me out for the next hour.

by sarah Fri Mar 23 12:01:13 UTC 2018

when disciplining your kids 100% of it should be with pants pulled to the ankles. it prevents the child from spreading or kicking there legs. Every hit should be timed and impact should be square on and as hard as you can and on the backside from the top of the butt to just above the knees. I always put myself in the mental state that there was no such thing as too much discipline and that every punishment should fit the crime. If my kids bottoms were still red from a previous infraction I would always tack a few extra on for good measure. When my kids were teenagers they rarely broke the rules so were rarely getting disciplined as they knew it would be hard. They were also very respectful and also would not be stupid enough to eat tide pods. Children should fear there parents not the other way around. Parents today need to be the parents and take control of there children and the most effective way of doing so is to administer hard, merciless bare bottom paddlings. If parents are scared of there kids then they should not have become parents.

by sam Sat Apr 14 05:09:54 UTC 2018

to sam, well said. I agree, parents need to be the dominant ones. Ive seen the way kids act in public and there parents give them what they want. When my kids act up they strip nude and bend over a chair and they get a whooping. probably not as hard as you but they spend close to an hour afterward standing in the corner completely nude with there red bottoms on display. ive had other parents tell me what I was doing was abusive then I would see there kids laying demands to them and the parents complying. The kids should have zero power and authority and should be disciplined when they forget that. Abuse is allowing ur kids to control you.

by Amanda Wed Apr 18 06:45:50 UTC 2018
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