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Topic: Mother gets caning in daughter's school
In some part of our country, there is a system if daughter does any serious offense. Her mother receives caning instead of getting daughter's expel letter from school. Some times it is hand caning, some time butk caning. Only lady teachers punish mother of culprit student. Some naughty young lady teacher canes mothers on their bare butks in a closed room. Pl explain your view.

by guest Wed Jun 06 09:56:32 UTC 2012

how do you know this happens guest? can you narrate any incidents? sounds unbelievable

by Rasan Thu Jun 07 01:49:39 UTC 2012

I have heard such matter from my cousin sister. She is staying in Bangladesh. In that country some rural school follow such procedure. Once my cousin’s daughter (at that time she was in 14) was caught by her teacher with some xxxx books and contraceptive pills. It was a serious offence and headmistress called guardian. My cousin went to her daughter’s school and met headmistress. HM told her that only option was there that her daughter would be rusticated from school and she would never take admission in another school. When my cousin requested her several times, HM had become little soft. She told her that it was a basic duty of a mother to control her daughter and you were failure to follow that duty. So it was your fault and if you would receive punishment for her guilty, your daughter would be escaped for this time. My cousin was surprised to hear it and told HM that after discussion with her husband she would reply.

by new comer Thu Jun 07 02:10:37 UTC 2012

Next day my cousin and her husband both went to school but HM repeated that same. After that both my cousin and her husband decided that it would be better to receive punishment instead of spoiling the life of their daughter. Nest day my cousin came alone and met HM. HM told her mode of punishment would be decided by their english madam and she sent my cousin to her. My cousin came to her cabin. The teacher told her that it would be bare butk punishment and in privately. She and my cousin only would be there. My cousin shocked to hear this but teacher told it was ultimate option and punishment would be started now. Then she closed the door and windows and told her to remove the clothes and gave her a willingness letter that she received that punishment for her own interest.

by new comer Thu Jun 07 02:11:14 UTC 2012

When my cousin thought that there was no other option she stood up and pulled her saree and petticoat up to her waist. But teacher told her bare butks means she had to remove every thing, ie her saree, petticoat, blouse, bra, panty etc and also told if she was in her period she might come after over her period. Ultimately my cousin removed everything . Then she ordered her to bent over her desk and she took a long thin cane and stated caning on her bare butks. She delivered so many stocks. Then she told her you would get two set punishment and one set was over and ordered her to stand in the corner for 5 mins with holding ears and in that time she would do some paper works for her school.

by new comer Thu Jun 07 02:11:47 UTC 2012

She stood in the corner with holding ears but when she saw that teacher was very busy with her works she removed her hands from ears. Suddenly teacher saw that and she was very angry. My cousin did some argument but by that she was too much angry. She told her to do sits ups with holding ears for 10 times and for that disobedience her punishment level would be increased and if she would do again she would get more punishment. She was helpless and did 10 times sits ups. Then she ordered her to go to corner and to be kneel down with holding ears. She came to the corner and sat on her heals with holding ears. But the teacher told her that she had to stand on her knees with holding ears. So she was standing on her knees. It was too much humiliating and embarrassing to her to be kneel down with holding ears in completely undressed situation.

by new comer Thu Jun 07 02:12:30 UTC 2012

After few mins she called her and ordered her to bent over the desk to receive her 2nd round punishment. When she did that the teacher delivered many stocks to her butks. After that she ordered her to stand char position just right side of her chair (where she was sitting). She stood on that position but she felt uneasy because she never stood before on that position. When her standing position was disturbed she received hard caning on her back side from her. But ultimately she was unable to stand on that position. Then the teacher ordered her to become murga. But my cousin never hard that word before. So she was unable to follow her order. But the teacher pushed her hands in between her legs and forced to hold her ears with her hand. Then pushed her butks straight. She stood on that position and when her butks was down she received caning on her butks. It was continuing for some times. Then she was again made kneel down and then got butks caning again. After that she delivered two stocks on each of her palms and placed her hands on her butks for examination whether any serious injury was there.

by new comer Thu Jun 07 02:13:04 UTC 2012

To finish complete punishment 30 mins time was required. Then she allowed her to wear her cloths and told her punishment was over. My cousin felt too much humiliating and embracement because the age of that teacher was only 24 or 25 but her age was 35. The teacher was at least 9 to 10 yrs younger to her. But my cousin was helpless and she was happy that it was done privately. Later she knew that in some girls’ school some nasty young teachers were there and they took the advantages of helpless of parents and enjoyed by this punishment. The HM rotationally gave the authority to teachers (for that teachers were trying to be closed with HM) to give punishment to mothers of particular student.

by new comer Thu Jun 07 02:14:37 UTC 2012

In boys’ and coed school there was no such type of procedure because male teachers never would go to cane father or mother by this way. It was only for pleasure and entertainment for some nasty young female teachers. It was done completely unofficially and no witness was there. School received consignment letter only to avoid any problem in future. My cousin told me the fact but requested me not to disclose it to our relatives. In that country many parents (particularly mothers) are suffering from such punishment for their daughters.

by new comer Thu Jun 07 02:15:39 UTC 2012

Hi New comer, just shut up your mouth, you are just writing some nonsense. Better tape off your mouth or see some nice movie.

by Irfan Fri Jun 08 18:22:14 UTC 2012

What new comer has written is true. It is a practice in Bangladesh but not in all school. In some religious schools ( obviously for girls’ only )follow that uncultured system. The same case was happened in case of our daughter. She was charged in illegal sexual relation case. It is a common practice here if any minor involves that case her mother will be charged and she will be caned by local village court. It is too much embarrassing for a family. So everybody want to close this matter in school level and in privately. So many girl students are victimized I this system (like my daughter). My wife was called by the HM in her school and HM told my wife that it was a fault of mother and she would be punished otherwise our daughter would be rusticated. We knew the matter so we thought that there was no alternative way than receiving punishment. MH gave the charge to a young lady teacher and she called my wife to upstairs into the cabin of a senior faculty. But no one was there. First she closed door and windows. After that the teacher called my wife that punishment would be in bare butks and she had to remove everything. My wife knew that matter so she removed her all clothes. The teacher assured her that it would be privately forever. When my wife stood in front of her in undressed condition, first she ordered her for kneel down with holding ears in front of her chair. When my wife did that she gave a long lecture to my wife and she had to listen that on standing on her knees with ear holding and completely undressed condition (because she did not allow her to take sit on her heals) from a younger teacher. After finishing lecture, she ordered her to stay in the same position but move towards the wall so her butks would be in front of her. She followed that order. Then the teacher took a long twin thin cane (two canes are used at a time and it is very painful) and started caning on her butks. After gating few stokes my wife was unable to bear it and she removed her hands from ears and rubbed her butks and sat on the floor. She also cried. The teacher told her not to cry otherwise everybody might knew that matter and then she stopped crying. When teacher was unable to manage her , she pulled her ears, slapped her on face and dragged her to the table and placed her over the table and started caning. It was unbearable and my was dancing on the floor with rubbing her butks. But again she slapped her and pulled her ears and dragged her on the table. It was repeated many times. My wife told her the caning sound was high and it might be heard from outside. But the teacher told her there was no class room in upstairs and no chance to listen caning sound to students. But other teachers might listen that because in this floor only teachers’ chambers were there. When punishment was over, my wife constantly rubbed her butks and cried in low voice. The teacher gave her some pain killer tablets and ordered her to consume one tablet immediately. My wife did it. Then the teacher took a bottle of herbal oil from the drawer and again she ordered my wife to bent over the table. But she assured her in smiling that she would not cane her again. She did some massage with that oil on the butks of my wife and also inspected by her hand whether any serious injury was there. After that the teacher told my wife that her butks was still swollen and radish and there was around 15 caning lines on her butks. Again she take a piece of ice from the refrigerator and rubbed her butks with that ice. She also told my wife to take tablets and to use ice after receiving residence. When pain was reduced, my wife stood and tried to dress up. She helped her for dressing. She also covered the ears of my wife with hair and cloths because ears were also radish for hard ear pulling. My wife went to bathroom and refreshed herself. She then came out from the room. She was too much humiliated and due to pain she was unable to move freely. When other teach

by guest Sat Jun 09 01:53:26 UTC 2012

My son is a class 5 student. I had a practice to arrange a small party with some closed friends to take hard drinks. I did it on the roof and my son was not allowed to come there. My wife told me in many times to stop that but I did not stop it. Somehow my son knew it and he told it to his class mates and from them headmistress knew that. One Sunday at afternoon she came to our residence. I and my wife both were surprised to see her. We welcomed her. She knows we very sell because I and my wife were her ex students. After taking tea she asked about our son. When we told her that now he was playing in the park. She told us that she had come to teach us something. She then took out a wooden duster from her bag and told me to show my palms. Without any hesitation I saw that. First she told us about the ideal role of a father and then used number of stokes on my both palms. It was too much painful but my wife enjoyed it. She was laughing when maam was caning me. After that day I never arrange any party in our house.

by guest Sun Jun 10 01:40:33 UTC 2012

So many days I was punished like caning, kneel down with holding ears, sits ups, standing on the bench in my daughter's school. But that was 20 yrs befire when I was a student of that school

by guest Mon Jun 11 05:36:56 UTC 2012

guest, how old was your wife and how old was the young teacher? did you offer to accept the punishment to spare your wife the pain?

by Kamal Mon Jun 11 06:53:12 UTC 2012

Yes it is right. It is happened in some religious schools for girls. We also suffered for our daughter. Why mothers accept such punishment?
1. In religious schools many restriction is there for girls.
2. If any unethical case comes to the local village court, mother will be punished (if daughter is minor) in front of locality (both male and female)
3. Particular student will be rusticated and she will never take admission in other inst.
4. Religious schools provide huge stipend for girls and if they do such guilty, her stipend will be stopped for ever.
5. If mother is charged by the village court, that family will not stay in the village in future.
These are the cause why mothers accept such punishment for her daughter. Once HM of the school of our daughter complained that our daughter did like that unexpected case and she offered my wife to accept punishment instead of daughter. My wife knew the matter (because she was a student of one religious school) and she accepted that. At that time my wife was in 42 yrs and she was called in a room by a young teacher of age just 23 or 24 (almost half age of her). She was ordered by that young teacher to be completely undressed and was made to kneel down with holding ears in front of her for at least 30 mins in undressed condition (at that time the teacher was checking some answer sheets of exam). After that she was ordered to go to toilet to empty her bladder. A attached toilet was there and she went there in her birth day dress. Then she was caned very hardly by that teacher. My wife is some fat lady and after returning home, I saw her butks was completely blackish and swollen. There was many parallel caning marks. But my wife still does not blame school. She tells it is a basic duty for a mother to control her daughter otherwise she must get punishment (she thinks it because she was a student of like that school). The punishment was done total privately and nobody knew that except the school. Even when my wife met with that young teacher latter, she talked her as usual. Once my wife recalled her about that punishment and she smiled. I told my wife it was a too much humiliating to you because first you were made kneel down in front of that your teacher (her age is almost half of you) in completely undressed condition and second you were caned by that teacher on your bare butks. The young lady observed all your body including your private parts ( even she placed her hand on my wife’s butks during caning). But my wife told that it was a basic duty of teacher to correct everybody and for that she did not feel anything. She also told our daughter after getting punishment that for her she received punishment from her school (she did not tell her what type punishment she received).

by Milan Thu Jun 14 02:08:50 UTC 2012

how old are you Arfanee and how old is the caning teacher? what was you action towards your daughter after that? does the teacher punish students in the computer class?

by Ramu Fri Jun 15 06:15:45 UTC 2012

Ramu i am 39 years old and the teacher 28 years old i am so upset and mad from my daughter and as soon my hands cools and the pain start to be less i went and slap my daughter face several times and i show her the marks of the caning at my palms because of her bad behaviour ,yes the teacher do carry the stick with her to the class and she do punish the students their but normaly she don't apply more than 4 medium stroks for any offense

by Arfanee Fri Jun 15 12:03:01 UTC 2012

how was the teacher's behavior towards you in the computer class after that Arfanee? was she revengeful and kept picking on you or she forgot about it? had she punished you before that?

by Ramu Fri Jun 15 12:22:02 UTC 2012

Teachers prefer caning on butks because it is safest place, and victims can not expose it to show other people in future.

by Milan Fri Jun 15 14:49:34 UTC 2012

Ramu she is normaly very nice teacher and i have good releation ship with her before yes several times i got punished by her at the class room before that time ,and she is very nice after that punishment even the second day we have key board practice and i can't preform i should be punished by her for that but she over looked and gave me a break

by Arfanee Sat Jun 16 11:09:15 UTC 2012

what punishment do u get Arfanee

by guest Mon Jun 18 16:19:51 UTC 2012

what punishment do u get Arfanee

by guest Mon Jun 18 16:19:53 UTC 2012

did anyone twisted u'r ear as punishment? do u'r daughter watch u'r punishment?

by guest Tue Jun 19 13:48:46 UTC 2012

did anyone twisted u'r ear as punishment? do u'r daughter watch u'r punishment?

by guest Tue Jun 19 13:48:47 UTC 2012

did anyone twisted u'r ear as punishment? do u'r daughter watch u'r punishment?

by guest Tue Jun 19 13:48:48 UTC 2012

did anyone twisted u'r ear as punishment? do u'r daughter watch u'r punishment?

by guest Tue Jun 19 13:48:49 UTC 2012

Arfanee do you wear uniform to classes or skirt and jacket like grown up you ease pain on hands after stroks. what country you in.

by Guest Sun Jun 24 14:50:42 UTC 2012

guest no we don't wear uniform we just wear what we like as females but for me most my time i wear jeans and shirt ,after i get the punishment the most thing to easy the pain soak and wash my hands with cold water then i apply lotion at my hands

by Arfanee Mon Jun 25 22:24:55 UTC 2012

what type of punishment do u get?

by guest Tue Jun 26 16:53:50 UTC 2012

Arfanee what is oldest female student in class to get punishment stroks was it cane or flat stick did she look very grown up in jeans or skirt with shirt is daughter in same class as you. has she seen you gent stroks punishment.If so how she you feel then. do you know of mothers in any school who get stroks in front of their children. if so please tell. were they in uniform or as grown up females.

by guest Wed Jun 27 16:18:09 UTC 2012

guest my daoughter is not at my class she is going to regular school in the morning and i attend these class's at the same school after noon time my daughter she knows i been punished by her teacher for being rude yes but she never witness any of my punishments , yes my neiphour she is at the same school with her 10 years daughter but they are different class's some time they get punished infront of each other when they arrive late one time she show's me her palm two cuts at each hand after she got caned by female teacher using thin cane and the teacher just 23 years old she do wear uniform just like her daughter,the first time i got punished i felt embaress and so mad and sad ,then when i got the severe punishments for my daughter bad behviour i felt insulted then by the days the punsihments start to be just normal i don't get embaress and it's routine as i am attending that school i take the punishment then i suffer from the pain for few hours then life goes on

by Arfanee Thu Jun 28 11:10:53 UTC 2012

Arfanee thanks for reply what age your neighbour who got caned in front of daughter do husband know of her punishment. are they both in usual uniform of shirt, skirt with stockings in cold she and other women of her age in class with older schoolchildren do all get cane on palms in front of each other. how older women feel about this when last time yourself got stroks are you in africa, russia, asia or europe.

by guest Thu Jun 28 16:31:14 UTC 2012

Guest that neighbour she is 32 years old ,they attend same school but they have seperate class's for adults going back to school but when they arrived late they both got punished by the same teacher for arriving late they get punished the palms we are in north Africa ,it's hard feeling specialy the first time and to take it from younger person but it's common when some body attending school her to get punished

by Arfaneea Sat Jun 30 11:24:13 UTC 2012

how the mother faces her daughter with reddish ear or palm i.e. after being punished?what type punishment do uget?

by guest Mon Jul 02 11:35:55 UTC 2012

Arfanee are men and women together in adult classes do they get palm punishment stroks in front of each other is it cane or flat stick. when last time you get punished.

by guest Tue Jul 03 11:18:19 UTC 2012

Guest at the neiphour school it's for mall childered boys and girls and the the adulst class's just for females yes adults get punished at the palms infront of the class ,i don't go to regular school i take computer class's at the same school but it's afternoon class's some teachers use falt wood stick and some of them use the cane i harder punishments from the cane and much softer form the stick ,but their is special class's on the after noon for male students they take regular class's yes they get punished too , at my class i have several male students they are in late 20's or mid 30's and they get the punishments too

by Arfanee Tue Jul 03 21:48:51 UTC 2012

what type of punishments dothe adult femalestudents get?

by guest Thu Jul 05 04:18:59 UTC 2012

what type of punishments dothe adult femalestudents get?

by guest Thu Jul 05 04:19:00 UTC 2012

Arfanee,do you take away your palm before the stroke falls?

by Alwin Thu Jul 05 18:14:15 UTC 2012

is caning only punishment?do kneeldown,eartwistpunishment are given to u

by guest Fri Jul 06 04:07:16 UTC 2012

is caning only punishment?do kneeldown,eartwistpunishment are given to u

by guest Fri Jul 06 04:07:17 UTC 2012

Arfanee, any other palm caning experience?

by Alwin Fri Jul 06 09:39:29 UTC 2012

Arfanee how you feel at getting palm stroks in front of male hand held out straight in front or straight to side to receive stroks do you rub palms and hold them to yourself to ease pain after every strok or do so after punishment. when was last time you get stick or cane on palms.what is oldest lady in class she also get palm stroks. do you pay for classes or they free.

by guest Sat Jul 07 03:03:45 UTC 2012

guest at the begining every student get embarresed when they take punishments but now all us the students been punished infront of each other every teacher has their way some teachers asks us to hold the hand to the front and the teacher will be to the side ,but most teachers they make us hold the hand to the side and up to the shoulder level and the teacher in front of the student no rubbing allowed during the punishment students have to take all stroks after each other without any delay on showing the palm after the punishment done every student will hold the hands under the armpet then will start blow on them until the we have break time then every one rush to toilet and soak the hands under cold water which reduce the pain ,i just got punished with cane one time from male teacher and it's very painfull ,i am the oldest student at the class two days ago i got 6 stroks at the palms ,it's free class's no body have to pay for it

by Arfanee Sat Jul 07 12:04:24 UTC 2012

Arfanee, do you cry before the cane falls on your palm? Are your palms soft? Why you get caned? Will they apply strokes on both the palms? Would the ask to come to front to receive caning? Do you blow your hands after a heavy caning?

by Alwin Sat Jul 07 17:26:22 UTC 2012

Alwin no i don't cry either before nor after but yes my eyes tearing from the pain ,i beleive i have soft palms i am female i got caned for taking drink to the class room and put it next to the computer yes all punishments done infront of the class and both palm got the sroks the teacher refuse to let us to blew or delay showing the palms we have to take the stroks after each other one the stick up the hand has to be ready to receive the stroke the teacher applies the 6 stroks in may be 30 seconds after she done with applying the stroks then most the time i go back to my desk putting my both hands under my armpet then as soon i set down i start to blew on them ,one teacher she will not allow us to either to put the palms under the armpet or blew on them for the rest of the class she needs us to feel the pain and to release it if she see student blowing or even rubing the hands she will aplly more stroks to them

by Arfanee Sun Jul 08 12:20:02 UTC 2012

Arfanee, do you get caning everyday? Amog your teachers, who apply most powerful strokes? What is the minimum number of strokes you would get at a time? How much time would the pain stays on your palm? Have you ever rejected to strech your palm? Did you ever get extra strokes for delaying or moving palms?

by Alwin Sun Jul 08 17:59:14 UTC 2012

what type of punishments do u'r niighbour get at school?

by guest Tue Jul 10 04:02:28 UTC 2012

Alwin no not daily but some days me and other students gets punished more than one time ,one day i have 4 class's and happen to be punished by every teacher before the pain resolved i get more pain but at least once a week i get punishmets ,the male teacher he is the gives the most severe punishments and he use thick cane but female teachers use flat wood stick and the pain will stay for hour or two ,when it comes to punishments minimum stroks 4 two at each hand ,i never reject any punishments and one time i delay to show the palm for male teacher then he hit me at my arm once and at my thigh once ,

by Arfanee Fri Jul 13 11:23:46 UTC 2012

how many times u got thigh caning? did u or any student was ever caned in bare thigh?

by guest Fri Jul 13 15:04:34 UTC 2012

how many times u got thigh caning? did u or any student was ever caned in bare thigh?

by guest Fri Jul 13 15:04:35 UTC 2012

did u show u'r caning mark at to u'r daughter or husband?

by guest Fri Jul 13 15:07:52 UTC 2012

did u show u'r caning mark at to u'r daughter or husband?

by guest Fri Jul 13 15:07:52 UTC 2012

Arfanee, how many extra strokes would you get for delaying showing palms? Have you recently got any caning? Are your palms white in colour? Would they apply strokes simultaneously to each palm or one after other? For what offence do you get caning? What is your reaction when they call your name to apply strokes?

by Alwin Sun Jul 15 01:48:20 UTC 2012

Alwin ,i never got extra strokes for delaying showing the palms i got stroke at the thigh and at the arm but not extra palm stroks some teacher if student delay or move the palm they will double the stroks . my palms and skin color white ,some teachers will let the student show the right hand then they will apply half the number after each other then they will punish the second hand ,but most teacher the give one by one student have to show right hand first take one stroke then show left take one stroke then show right but the student have to show the palm without any delay this hurts more that take the strokes after each other ,most my punishments is for failing to answer questions or not having home work ready , few time for entering the class room late after break and 2-3 times arriving late at the start of the school , i get angry when the teacher ordered me to come into the front of the class but nothing i can do about it just every student got used to this , class room punishment does not leave severe and long pain but management punsihment do leave long pain because my hands white the marks takes longer time to disapear but some students afet few minutes can't see any marks at their palms

by Arfanee Mon Jul 16 11:59:18 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:22:35 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:22:36 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:22:37 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:22:38 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:22:40 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:22:40 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:22:42 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:22:42 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:22:44 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:22:44 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:22:46 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:22:46 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:22:48 UTC 2012

did other femalestudents received thigh caning?did u show u'r caning mark at thigh to u'r daughter and husband what did they say? and husband what did they say?

by guest Mon Jul 16 14:23:07 UTC 2012

Arfanee, how do you show your palm? Do you stretch it fully or partially? Please tell another incident that you get caned on palms. What about the length of cane? Do all teachers apply heavy strokes?

by Alwin Wed Jul 18 05:14:18 UTC 2012

Alwin, male teacher give harder stroks because he use thick cane ,female teachers they do beat hard but with falt stick the pain did not stay for long time most teacher require us to stand infront of them and to stretch the hand out to the shoulder level then the teacher will adjust the the palm one female teacher she like us to open the palm to the front of our boday and she stand to the side and apply the stroks

by Arfanee Wed Jul 18 11:44:26 UTC 2012

Arfanee you not young why you put your self in this situation and let young female to beat you up ,your english is good where you learn it you don't feel insulted to be punished by younger female and allow male to beat you up like that what kind of degree you are getting their ,do you ever cry from the beating what's the age of the younger student at your class
do you feel the hate for your teacher during and after they beat you up ,is their any way you can say no i am not going to let any person to beat me up

by Sandra Wed Jul 18 12:01:16 UTC 2012

Arfanee please tell how you look in dress as you go to front of class for stroks are you white or black lady are you look very grown up wear shirt with skirt or jeans. is it too hot there for stockings on legs what is fashion for older students not in uniform. what husband say about your punishments

by guest Thu Jul 19 01:25:12 UTC 2012

Arfanee, does outsiders see your punishments? Would they apply strokes on your palms when you are outside? I mean for late coming. Does your palms shiver before cane falls on the palms? Would you shut your eyes at the time of caning?

by Alwin Thu Jul 19 14:39:25 UTC 2012

Sandra i am learning i am taking education i don't put my self in bad situation yes i get punsihed and not beaten up , i make mistake or break rules i get punished for that yes i hate to get punished but let tell that every time i get punished it make me study and obey the rules more most of my punishemtn because i go lat which i can't help it and i forget to study when i am too busy with at home one time i cried for the punsihments but then i hold my self i manage to handle the pain an no i never hate my teachers i been learing by them whey to hate them ,when i make mistake i just obey and take the punsihment and i will not ask the teacher for break or act like little kids and not to take the punishment because i will be subject to harder punishments or suspended from school i just obey .
Guest i don know what you need me to tell you about my dress i dress normal just like any female no uniform their some time skirt with shirt or trousers with shirt and no one like her or his name to be called to the front of the class it's very fear full moment and it's more fear to watch the students infront of me taking the punishments and wait for my term i like to be the first one to be punished .
Alwin when we arrive late no out siders witness our punishments may be other students willing to see us when we line up out side before the staff ordered us to go inside one of the offices for the punishments and when their are husge number of students then 2-3 staff give the punishments out side yes my palm shiver before and during the punishments all the time we the stroke landing i close my eyes

by Arfanee Sat Jul 21 00:50:57 UTC 2012

Arfanee, what about the thickness of the cane? Did you get any caning recently? Does caning makes any injury in your palm?

by Alwin Sun Jul 22 07:53:12 UTC 2012

Arfanee, did you cry after caning with thick cane? How does principal apply strokes? How many strokes does you get usually?

by Alwin Mon Jul 23 10:04:05 UTC 2012

yes i do cry he beats too hard and it's the only time i cry even all punishment hurts and painfull but i hold my self from crying
most my punsihment from staff when i report to the management office one time i got it from the principal 6 stroks too severe she try to show that she is though and yes every student scare from her even she lives at the same neiphourhood
she some times when she students doing wrong after school she will punish them the second day

by Arfanee Mon Jul 23 13:00:35 UTC 2012

Arfanee how many times u got thigh caning? did oter students get thigh caning?

by guest Tue Jul 24 12:35:46 UTC 2012

Arfanee how many times u got thigh caning? did oter students get thigh caning?

by guest Tue Jul 24 12:35:48 UTC 2012

Arfanee, have you recently got any caning? Streching on which position, you feel more pain? Towards front or side? Which was the most severe punishment you have ever got? Please explain that incident.

by Alwin Tue Jul 24 14:14:32 UTC 2012

Alwin i did explain the punishments several times ??

by Arfanee Wed Jul 25 09:47:17 UTC 2012

arfanee are u the only student who got thigh caned?

by guest Fri Jul 27 11:24:49 UTC 2012

arfanee are u the only student who got thigh caned?

by guest Fri Jul 27 11:24:50 UTC 2012

arfanee are u the only student who got thigh caned?

by guest Fri Jul 27 11:24:51 UTC 2012

were they wearing skirt or short ? were they caned on thigh?

by guest Mon Jul 30 11:54:49 UTC 2012

what type of punishment u'r neighbour who is a schoolstudent gets?

by guest Thu Aug 02 15:14:15 UTC 2012

what type of punishment u'r neighbour who is a schoolstudent gets?

by guest Thu Aug 02 15:14:16 UTC 2012

guest your question has no meaning to it you just asking stupid questions

by Arfanee Wed Aug 08 10:32:38 UTC 2012

arfanee u r a good story teller.

by guest Thu Aug 09 18:17:04 UTC 2012

guest if you think i am story teller then why you are putting your time to read it ,i am not story teller i writing the facts and the truth

by Arfanee Fri Aug 10 10:45:47 UTC 2012

i go beaten by my doughter teacher ,when my doughter behave real bad at school they send to see me their then the principal told me that i am the reason for y daughter behaviour then she aked the teacher to give 6 stroks at my palm for that i thought the principal is joking but she is real and not joking i been put in situaion that my doughter will be out school for week or i take the 6 stroks from her teacher then i took the beating from that teacher i don't call it punishments as they calll it they beat me up hard for my daughter wrong acting

by Ebtihajee Sat Aug 11 13:57:20 UTC 2012

how old your doughter and how old are you , how old the teacher who punished you and how old the principal , what is your reaction against you daoughter and what's your husband reaction ,is it normal for that school to punish the moms for their kids wrong behaviour how hard did she apply the stroks ,did you cry

by Estikbalee Sun Aug 12 15:15:49 UTC 2012

Arfanee, is your punishments going on? How many strokes would you get usually?

by Stephen Mon Aug 13 13:54:08 UTC 2012

Arfanee, what about your punishments?

by Alwin Sun Sep 02 18:08:26 UTC 2012

Estikbalee i am 34 years old my doughter is 11 years old the teacher 26 years old the principal she is her late 50's ,yes it's normal it's small village it's normal too many moms and dads get punsihed for their kids behaviour , i got mad from my doughter then her father gave her very good beating for that ,the teacher who punished me she lived next to my house and i know her mother and know her very well ,she beat very hard i have pain but i don't cry ,even that teacher told her mom out my punishments and her mom been mad from her because we live close and we have good releation

by Ebtihajee Fri Sep 07 14:26:19 UTC 2012

I am a private student of BA. My daughter is +2 student and we both get tuition from a aged school teacher (definitely in different schedule). He canes my daughter frequently when she does poor performance in his class. He also often canes me if I do poor performance. But my daughter does not know that.

by guest Tue Sep 11 17:06:53 UTC 2012

did u'r tutor cane u on u'r thigh or in palm?

by guest Thu Sep 13 14:03:44 UTC 2012

He canes me on my palms only.

by guest Sat Sep 15 16:12:21 UTC 2012

did he only canes u or gives oter punishment like ear twisting;kneeldown etc?why do u get punishment at this age?

by guest Tue Sep 18 04:29:59 UTC 2012

did he only canes u or gives oter punishment like ear twisting;kneeldown etc?why do u get punishment at this age?

by guest Tue Sep 18 04:30:01 UTC 2012

He is my tutor.He mainly canes me but on few occasion he has made me kneel down with holding ears.

by guest Sat Sep 22 17:27:06 UTC 2012

how long u remain kneeldown?did he ever twisted u'r ear? what is the subject that he teaches

by guest Mon Sep 24 13:30:48 UTC 2012

No, he did not twisted my ears. He teaches math

by guest Tue Oct 02 16:53:02 UTC 2012

guest did he caned u in u'r thigh

by guest Tue Jan 01 15:28:13 UTC 2013

i am ritu msc in math, caning is very important in school level, for discipline and for good academic record of students.i also use cane for punishment for students. i teach in girls school, i teach math to non medical students +2,there are two section of non medical girls students.
i always take one test in every week. those girls who get less than half marks, i give them harsh punishment, i made those girls murga in standing position for half an hour, as any girl lower her butt,then i apply 5 terrible stroke on her butts and then she starts crying for pain and start request me for leaving the cane, but i do not stop.after half an hour i give all murga girls 10 10 strokes on their legs and butts and on back at very high speed. all girls of +2 class fear from me .
i give them punishment in school ground in front of junior girls, so they feel shame on them .

if any one wants to share their exp of punishment then pls share here .

by miss ritu Mon May 20 07:12:44 UTC 2013

I think that if some teachers enjoy inflicting corporal punishment they should be publicly punished themselves. Si9x strokes for eachn\aughty teacherwho punishes p[upils' parents.

by John Joyce Sat Jun 22 18:34:22 UTC 2013

yes punishing mothers is very common.I am the male teacher of age 24.One girl student of age 17 misbehaved with me.She asked me to spend one night with her.I got shocked and informed principal mam immediately She called her parents and told about their daughter.Her mother was not ready to get canned because she is 41 but the canning female teacher is just 27.So the management decided to dismiss her.But the father had lot affection on her daughter and equested his wife to accept punishment.Later she accepted.That time the caning female teacher was absent.So principal gave caning rights to me.Principal warned me not to remove her dress as she is opposite gender.But that stupid principal didnot tell this to that lady.That lady came to my cabin exactly at 1.00p.m., before lunch.

by lucky man Sat May 31 13:43:30 UTC 2014

Wow she is damn beautiful.41 year mother is much beautiful than 17 year young daughter.She was very white and almost her skin is rosy colour.She didnot seem to be came for very hard caning.She came with chudithat with perfect dupatta matching colour.she had sweet smelling flowers in her long hair.I think as i am male i may not punish if she came like goddess.But nobody will miss this chance of caning woman that too elder one.also her daughter's attitude is not tolerableOf course mother is responsible for daughter's mistakes.So i planned to give her hard lifetime caning which should make her good mother.She took chair next to me and asked"Dude how will you punish me now?"in a cool manner.I got extreme anger and shouted her to stand up suddenly she did with fear.I gave severe warning that she made serious mistake and she came there for punishment.She should feel shame of that and also she came as if she came for punishmen.She down her heads.Then i told"Dont call me dude idiot."She replied"ok sir".I ordered her to raise her hands as high as possible so that i can enjoy the sweat from armpits.She understood that but she has no option.She did it.Her eyes became red.Then i switched off the fan(already all doors and windows closed)so that she will sweat further.She as a senior lady understood everything started thinking how she will be punished.Then i removed my shirt to be free when caning.Then i came closer to her.she was very scared.I put my right hand over her shoulders and asked "how many children you have nonsense?she replied"only one".The i started twisting her ear very hard by telling"you useless lady.Can't you feed one daughter properly?You are shameful mark on word'Mother'".She told"sir please sir.Its paining.Remove the hands".But it is not the place to show mercy.After 5 min i removed my hand and i shown mirror to see her own ear mark.She surprised and scared because it was very much reddish.She almost started crying.tears were waiting to come from her eyes.

by lucky man Sun Jun 01 14:08:31 UTC 2014

Now the time is 1.35 p.m i wasted 35min without caning I scolded her in very irrespective words as she is wasting my valuable time.Then i asked"hameera do u know the mother caning rules of our school?".She replied with very shyfull manner 'Yes sir'.I asked to tell.She started;
1.private punishment
2.mother should obey whatever punishing teacher tells.
3.only nude punishment.
4.Buttocks,thigh,palm and foot caning.Face slapping and ear pulling.
5.if not given proper respect,punishments may be situps,murga,chair,kneel down,etc.,
6.if not at all co-operated extreme punishment.i.e.,tied down vertically head facing the ground.
7.lecture regarding "how to feed daughter".That time mother should be nude,kneel down and should put her hand to ears.
But all punishments will be given and decided by punishing teacher only.Canings will be very hard.
everything was correct.Because before 7 years her elder sister was punished because of her daughter.I was her classmate.At that time i saw this lady also who came to carry her sister after that time i addressed her 'Aunty".Now she is infront of me for her indiscplinary feed..

She told"sir do u remember me before 7 years"
Me:Stop it hamera.i remember everything "
Now her face being relaxed.I asked "are u ready to get nude caning hamera?"
She told"no sir as you are male i think you will cane my buttocks with dress only".
I asked her to come closer to me and turn back.She came with enthusiasm also with innocence.I gave hard slapping on both cheeks of her big fleshy buttocks.She rubbed her buttocks with pain and told why sir.I told you nonsense you are mother and i am the teacher i should decide.You should not.Principal mam told caning with or without dress is your wish(pure lie).

Suddenly she told"no problem sir.I will give you 10000 rs.tell her that you canned me severely and nakedly.On hearing this my eyes became red in anger.I stood up and gave one very hard slapping thatshe wouldnot forgot in her life.She cried on rubbing her face and my five fingers were clearly visible in her face.I told what are thinking of me idiot?i am not that kind of guy.I wanted to correct you as good mother.So i wanted to do good thing to you lady.But you are trying to remove my job.Continously five slappings hitted her face.She was crying loud.Ok its too much time.i told her lets start our duty.

by lucky man Sun Jun 01 15:07:28 UTC 2014

Step 1:NUDE
Me:hameera transform yourself from 41 to just one yr.
She:ok sir.
She removed very slowly first duppata.Then unzipped zippa.
Me:Hameera,are u removing dress to bring my mood?Am i your husband?is this your first night?Remove it quick buffalo.
She:sorry sir.I will.
Me:see hamera you didnot came here to enjoy.You came for very much shamefull naked caning from opposite gender that too just half of your age.So please be serious dont be playfull.If your naughty behaviour upset my mood your entire body will be filled with lashes and bruises.understand?
Hameera:Well understood sir?(with great humiliation)
Got phone from Principal mam.
Mam:caning finished?
Me:not yet started mam.
Mam:(Scolding me very harshly)and told her husband is waiting to receive her
She was begging me not to tell that 10000 rs matter.
Me:Mam she is very arrogant.I am trying hard to make her in my way.
Mam:Put it in loudspeaker.
In loudspeaker she started scolding hameera in very rude and offensive words with complete irrespect.I didnot hear those words in my life.Hameera's hands and legs started shivering on hearing those words.Principal is just 39 (2 yrs younger than hameera) Fianlly mam told if once again i receive any complain from him i will dismiss your daughter.Mam disconnected.
I saw hameera where she is full nude immediately.Her bra and panty is black colour.I got shocking when i looked her pu()sy hair.It was like thick african forest.Very dense and long hairs.Her armpits also had one or two hairs.
Now her husband called her mobile.I took the phone.
Me:yes sir.
Him:sir did u punish my wife?
Me:No sir.Just started.
Him:plz mr.Cane her quickly.Hw long should i wait.?
Me:sir,ur wife is mischievous.How you tolerate her naughty behaviour in home?
Same.Asked to put loudspeaker and started his song(Scolding rigorously) to her wife.
Me:sir.I know how to treat this lady.After caning,i will call you now you do your duty.
Him:thank you sir.dont show mercy while caning her.I want perfect lady after caning..
Me:ok sir(with full joy)
Now she is infront of me with nude.
Step 1 finished.Time is 2.30p.m(1.5 hrs she is with me)

by lucky man Sun Jun 01 15:58:03 UTC 2014

Step 2:(Lecture on mother's responsibilities to daughter)
Me;hameera we both are actually wasting lot of now i start my lecture.
Hameera:ok sir.
ME;ok girl hold your ears with your hands and standup on the chair which she seated begining
She felt shame but no way she standed.Now i introduced the caning material which she is going to be caned.It is 5 ft police lotty.My elder sister is local SI.So i borrowed it last night and placed it in full oil for about 15 hrs to give mass whipping.
Hameera:Sir plz sir.No lathi.I am not hard core criminal.I cant bear it sir.
ME:you may not be criminal.But your daughter may become hard-core criminal in future if there is a senseless mother like you.Also thin cane and wooden scale are for 13-17 year boys and girls.Not for 41 year scoundrel like you.For your age this is perfect instrument.Then no way she has to accept it.

Now phone call from principal.loudspeaker on.
Mam:sir initially i ordered you to give that mad lady 25 whip in her buttocks 15 to her thighs 10 on her palms and 10 on her foots.Now due to her attitude just double it.
Me:No mam.I wanted to teach her lesson.i.e.,what will happen if a mother argued with her daughters teacher.So i wanted to give infinite lashes.
Mam:Ok hafeez her husband also gave permission.Take your own time.Play with her body.Make her discipline.If the cane broken ask me i will supply.
Conversion ends.
Now oh the result of lathi and conversion she pissed due to fear.Her urine filled the chair.She was also crying Water coming from her eyes,nose and pu()sy.I started laughing loud at my heart for about 5 min that she is really awaste lady.Then i ordered her to clean it.So she went to attached bath and cleaned urine with bucket of water and stoodup on chair with same position.
Now it is 3.00p.m its important parti started lecture on how the mother should be to her daughter for about 25 min.After she thought cracks(my caning) will start but no
See next episode

by lucky man Sun Jun 01 18:05:20 UTC 2014

Step 3:EXAM
Me;Hamerra relax
came down.I holded her and told
"ok buddy now i want to check how much she listened my lecture by asking 5 qns.She scrambled no sir but nobody asked her opinion.She answered only ne and remaining 5 no.So as told before 4 whippings for one wrong answer.totally 20 whippings in buttocks
She went near to wall and stood she ws scared i asked some questions like doctor injecting child buttocks.
ME:Hameera,how many whippings you got before in your life.
She:this is 1st sir.
ME:dont lie darling in schol?
She:i am from rich family.Also poor in studies my father loved me lot So he told you are poor student dont go to school because you will get cane there she stopped at std 6th.
Me:ur husband also didnot cane u?
She:no because she is living in her father's house?
Me:oh ok your father dont want thin cane and wooden scale damamge ur buttocks now how he will tolerate this long heavy strong lathi spoiling your buttocks
She:sir my father died just 2 weeks before.Only mother is there.
Me;Ok hameera as you came for ur daughter ou call your mom i will beat her ass.
She:Sir no she is 69 her ass is very weak.
Me:so bitc()your daughter is too young to receive cane ur mother is too old to receive so you are in correct age to solve the hunger of this lathi.
She:sir plz sir dont hit me hard sir.Plz sir.first time sir.plz sir.hit 20 times slowly sir.
Me;ok dear
i gave light whipping she laughed second lighter han first she laughed.Now 18 is remaining this time i want to show my power as it isnexpected by her.I took as much force i can and with full force i hit her exact middle portion of fat milky white buttocks which burnt her heavily.She jumped upto 2 feets and cried very loudly as she can.She was rubbing her butt.Running here and there sobbing dancing on floor etc., i was just laughing and seeing.
Entire school heard her screaming and one lady teacher asked me outside door
What was happening?
I told caning mother
She laughed and told i know sir but why the hell that natured lady crying worst than kg guy.
I laughed and told its the result of gym body.She told that she will pray to god that her small daughter should not do any mistakes in school later. and she went thanks god she didnot ask me to open door if so she would have seen her naked and my image would have been spoiled

by lucky man Sun Jun 01 18:32:09 UTC 2014

Wonderful lucky man what a story plz continue it what happened next? Hameera's condition is worst.I got extreme sex mood while you described her and told your conversation.If possible post her pic.really you are lucky to have such lady totally under your control

by rajesh Tue Jun 03 11:24:01 UTC 2014

ya rajesh she is god's gift to me.She was amazing beauty at 41.I cant even imagine how beautiful she could be before 20 years.She told that as she is from rich family,her daily food include apple orange fruits and fruit juices also fish fry.Her skin was like badam geer.It suddenly changed colour as soon as i caned her.That too she was the first lady i saw naked .Before that i didnot see naked ladies because i didnot watch p_rn movies.that too her shyness of being naked infront of youngman was unforgettable.Her entry to my cabin for punishment seemed that she is coming to some beauty parlour or super star movie.That much cool she was.Because she didnot know about me and my punishment style.
In my upcming episodes you will see how i changed that lady with rude treatment.I proved everyone beating,whipping,caning are the best medicines than anything in world.Hameera is the example for that.Thanks for the comment rajesh.

by lucky man Tue Jun 03 12:57:28 UTC 2014

After the teacher left i turned back.Hameeraaaa! oh my sweet darling,she was in very uncomfortable position still rubbing her buttocks sitting in her heels and sobbing.I went near to her ears and told "hameera"."Sir",she frightened.I holded both sides of her armpits and lifted her up.My palms and her armpits hairs(with profuse sweating) dashed.When i released her she was not able to stand properly.That much pain she had with just one stroke.
I took the chair and told"Hameera really i dont know how you will bear my further torment".
She:Sir,please sir.Dont give respect to my gender.Dont give respect to my age also.But please atleast treat me as human.Your words are very harsh.please consider my position.How difficult is to stand nude infront of opposite gender?
Me:(Laughed loudly)Hameera now your not human you are a pig which eats crap who dont know to feed child.So my whippings will make u human then i will try to respect you.Now as a good girl show me your buttocks for next caning.
She:Sir,i will die.
Me:let me see whether you die or not.Show me your valuable ass
She:it is better to shot me than beating with this cane.
Me:hey donkey this is last warning if you dont show your butt i will increase punishment.
She:sir no.Take my buttocks.
She came near turned back and holded her ears with hands.
HeHe.I hit only at middle portion but her entire butt was red as she rubbed.That middle portion was bit swollen.I saw her face which is very weird and i targeted the same position for 4th whip out of 20 and gave heavy force and hitted her.Again that mad started crying very loudly which disturbed the nearby classes.I couldnot control laughing on seeing her reactions for this pain.
Me:rascal shut your mouth
She:hmm hmm trying to control tears but couldnot.
Me:Hameera,Hameera see hear your are 41 years old my dear.Plz dont cry like 15 or 16 year girl it is very comical also nonsense.Behave like matured lady dont be childish.Clean your tears.She cleaned her tears.Now i tied her both hands up and started caning her butt severely 5 6 7 she was unbearable now she cant even rub her butt as her hands tied.Her buttocks spoiled heavily after 9 strokes.She felt pain like she is sitting inside bucket of acid and her butt is placed on flames.This is what i want

by lucky man Tue Jun 03 17:40:04 UTC 2014

I wanted show hell in her body so i did.She was in horrible situation.Till 11 strokes are there.If i hit all 11 strokes to her butt,i thought her kidney,lungs etc., will come out.At that time,princi phoned and congratulated me for my caning.Because she heard this useless lady's sound in her cabin.Now i am in happy mood.So i gave one relaxation to her.i.e.,
Me:Hameera,ur good luck now i am in hapy mood.So you itself decide in which part of your body you want to receive remaining 11 strokes.
She:thank you sir.Definitely i cant get it in my buttocks.Already i am feeling that 1lakh needles inserted in my butt.So i will take remaining in my thighs,calves,palms and foot.But plz sir dont hit in same place.It is very paining.
Me:Ok lie in this table i will cane ur foot.
She:Sir i cant here my butt is burning i cant even move.
So i carried her and placed in table facing vertically up wards(she should feel still more pain in her butt) and caned her foot 5 times.Then 6 strokes 3 on each palms with heavy force result heavy pain.So 20 strokes finished.
Now she cant walk(foot damaged)She cant sit(buttocks heavily damaged)She cant eat(right hand damaged)She cant clean her toilet(left hand damaged).But i was very happy to give pain to her.
Me:Ok my darling.step 3(Exam) finished.
Now step 4:i.e.,Punishment.
Sirrrrrrr!she got high surprise then what you did till now.
Me:this is your exam result as you didnot answer i caned you.This is for your behaviour of not listening my class.Now you will get for your daughter's behaviour which will be very worst than this.
Hameera's face turned red.

by lucky man Wed Jun 04 19:14:56 UTC 2014

I wanted hameera's daughter to see her respectable mother's pain and her crying which is because of her.The time was 4.00p.mThe school finishes by 5.30 Now i took my shirt and asked hameera to be inside table and went to her daughter's class to take her.Her teacher initially didnot allow but later i said she should see the result of her behaviour so her teacher allowe her.I took mathina(her daughter) and entered my cabin.I closed the door and removed my shirt.Now i am in bare body.
Me:Hameera come out
Hameera came and mathina shocked on seeing her mother nude.
Mathina:Mom(she hugged)
She argued me that what i did was wrong.Also she told to punish her instead of hameera.
Me:mathina u cant bear it child see your mummy buttocks how swollen it is your teenage girl.You need not be punished
Hameera:Ya mathina.Plz your mother cant see you in pain.This man is very cruel.He is playing with my body.Plz just stand in corner.
Mathina:No mom i can bear it.
ME:ok turn that side
Just on strong hit in her butt.She almost become unconscious with heavy pain and sobbing.
Hameera:(lying in my foot)Sir plz plz plz she is teen girl she has to be married if your whipping hurts her in any wrong part of her body it may get damage she needs strength.So cane me i finished everything.
Now mathina also accepted because she understood she cant bear that.Haha now i started.
ME:mathina here your mother is the victim.No respect for her.You take the chair(she seated).ok stout lady come near to mathina's chair and do 25 situps by lifting your both hands up.
She did but she cant because already her body is severely caned.She cant do more than 15 so i noted down 10 situps remaining.Also i enjoyed seeing sweating in her armpits and her breasts up-down movement during her situps.
Me:hmm do murga
She:Sir what?
Me:you earless puss y do murga
She:Sir i dont know what is murga
I got tensed.I went and slapped her severely and gave some hard punched to stomach and holded over her and gave strong hits in her back with my elbow.Because of her lack in general knowledge.She was jumping by making childish sound and crying.Then i asked mathina to show her murga position.
I pinched her both sides of armpits heavily and asked her to listen properly.Her arpits also become reddish super sexy.
Mathina shoed murga very neatly because she got many murga punishment's in school.Just i adjusted her buttocks vertically with my hands and told "Hey uneducated crook this is murga"
Me:Mathina release hameera do what she did.Otherwise i dont know what i will do
Now she is ready to do murga and i am ready to watch and sight her.

by lucky man Fri Jun 06 19:19:13 UTC 2014

Ep 10
Hameera struggled a lot to bend her back because of 2 reasons.One is my lathi played well in her body.Second is that her stomach is bit big.
Me:Hey monkey what are u doing?
She:Sir Very difficult to do sir.Mathina is young she can But i cant sir.Please sir.
I cant describe my tension at that time.Its my prestige problem.Even she cant she must have requested me.Me eyes became red in anger.
Me:Hey wretch you spoke too much
Me:Stop it Scoundrel.I think this punishment is not enough for you.Ok i will now show who i am.Mathina,Bring your mom's underwear.
Mathina gave hameera's underwear to me.
Hameera:sir what will you do with my panty?
Me:Shutup you shameless douchebag just wait and enjoy
I made her to wear panty and asked mathina to wait outside as this is most cruel and i tied hameera's hands at her back.Now i took 5 big red ants and inserted them inside her panty(before inserting i pinched them with needle so that they will bite her pus sy in anger.)
Wow the result was much more than my expectation.They played well in her pus sy.She felt extreme pain and i was very very happy to see that.She experienced hell in her body.One ant came out and bite her thighs which i could see.Other 4 ants were inside She were jumping heavily sobbing but she cant do anything as her hands tied.After 20 min she became unconscious.
Now i slowly removed her panty and saw inside.

by lucky man Mon Jun 16 19:33:56 UTC 2014

To luckyman
You are really very cruel man.As a mother i also got heavy punishment two times from my daughter's teachers.But those are not like you.One time from female teacher and second time from male teacher.Female teacher stripped me and gave very nice canings all over my body.She was six years elder than me(i was 32 and she was 38).So she didnot show any mercy.I cried lot.Her main concentrations were my calves palms and as common my buttocks.It happened in closed room.After some days i saw her and wished her.She smiled and asked me how was her treatment.I told it was very much painful.She holded my shoulders and told it was her duty.Second time after 4 years young male teacher(like you he was only 23)punished me.But he is not cruel like you.He asked me to remove my shirt only as i am female.I was wearing tight white sleeveless baniyan at that time.Then he started beating me in a circle manner.He started punching my stomach and he went around my hips my back and the same point in 360 degree.He ordered me to raise my both hands during the entire punishment.Even he sighted my armpits he was not that much cruel.He took thick cane and beaten my thighs and buttocks and ordered me to stand in chair position for 1 hour.I did only 45 min after that i told i cannot.So he got tensed and told punishment will be continued next day also.I shocked but i have no other option.I came next day and that day he ordered first to remove shirt as usual.Then he ordered me to carry my daughter at my back and to run the entire ground for 15 times.My daughter was 17 years old that time.Also he came with me and hit my ass with thick cane if i stand even one second.As it was in ground many students,teachers and some outsiders also watched that.It was much shame and humiliation for me in my entire life.He told if i complete 15 times there wont be anymore punishment But at 11th round i fell down.My bad luck.Now he ordered me to carry him at my back and complete another ten rounds after the rest of just 5 min.I did only 8.He was very anger and my complete body is sweating.As i wore only tight baniyan i was feeling very shy that my body parts being exposed as i am wet with sweat.As this time also i failed punishment continued.He gave some hard slappings and pinches atmy thighs.Also he was scolding me in very bad words.I cant do anything than just crying.He then pinched my butt.At that time i felt that i could commit suicide.At last he left me by ordering me to do murga.Then i took my shirt and came to my home with taxi with my body complete seating.then i took bath where i saw my thighs were completely red due to his pinches.Also in mirror i looked my face where both cheeks had his hand traces.I was very scared and thought he was very worst as he punished me heavily.His mother is my friend.She asked me to attend his marriage but i didnot because i couldnot forget what he did.But after reading your post luckyman i think that youngman is far bettr than you.You people not giving respect to woman and not to their ages also.I am feeling pity on hameera please leave her.Seeing a woman(other than wife) without clothes is very bad.That too yau made her nude.Please leave her and dont treat any mother like this.If you want to punish follow the punishment which i was experienced.Even it was humiliation,it was within the limit.
Ok?i think you understand.Because of age you people are doing mistakes.So hear elders advice.Leave innocent girl hameera.

by Manisha joya Mon Jun 23 12:04:10 UTC 2014

Hehe manisha hameera's story happened before 2 years.Just i am posting that now also she is in contact with me but not for punishment her daughter is in college now.How could i release sexy hameera now.Then what u told lady,i am cruel and that guy is not.See he also asked you to remove your shirt to see your sexy body.And you elder women dont want to be punished means feed your daughter properly>mistake is on your side so only we cane you.You did a serious mistake.You should have attended his marriage.He did his duty.He asked you to carry him at your back Very sexy punishment.You deserve it.One thing is hameera rold me in between the caning that her mother and my grandmother were close friends.She was my bestfriend when i was 3.She was unmarried at that time.She told me to reduce punishment due to old relationship.But i cannot.It was the golden opportunity.But after that i asked my grand mother and she told hameera is correct.She was your care taker when you were child.I couldnot control laughing because now she became child infront manish understand about teachers.its our duty.Read upcoming episodes of my hameera without missig

by lucky man Tue Jun 24 11:20:20 UTC 2014

hi lucky your tor ture on hameera is worst than police 3rd degree tor ture man.then what u did on that old,sexy,beautiful & childish lady hameera?very anxious to know...

by guest Tue Jul 01 06:33:09 UTC 2014

thank you guest for the comment.I am very happy that you read all my posts and well understood about my lady hameera that she is old,sexy,beautiful&childish.It is 100% true.Read my upcoming episodes without fail

by lucky man Thu Jul 03 05:35:44 UTC 2014

Yes Super
her pus sy was heavily biten.i could see only 2 ants and remaining might struggle in her hairy pus sy.Having amazing beauty hameera unconscious in closed room i cant control myself.I lost my virginity.Ya i had sex with her.It was my lifetime opportunity.I enjoyed a lot.I thought i was in heaven.She doesnot know that.My co ck well inserted into her pus sy.It was very very sexy to see thick african forest(her pus sy hair) swollen due to bites.After half-an-hour sex(approx 5 p.m)i took rest she also got conscious.
Me:what buffalo?
She:what happened to me?
Me:you were sleeping and you might have dream with your neighbourhood man?
She:sir i am not that kind of girl
she got one kick from me.Then i pulled her hair very rudely and carried her Seriously it must have caused much pain to her.
Me:i know about you rogue.Your daughter called me.You tried to give bribe.Total family is shameless.I think your mother may search some dead pen is.
she:sir dont speak about my family.
Me:Hey useless obey me
She:sir i respect you.So only i undressed as you told.I co-operated when you gave brutal merciless caning.I didnot speak one word against you.Worst-case scenario you made my daughter to see my humiliation.Also you made fun about my private part hair.I calmly did all these because i respect you sir.But now what you told is cant bearable.
Me:you crack i told truth only
She:what truth sir.Do u know about my mother How dare you speak about her?
Me:i will speak what will you do dog?
She:Sir,please dont test my patience
Me:do whatever you can moron
First time i saw hameera got anger.She got tensed.Her eyes were already red due to tears.Now it was still red due to anger.I was curious to see what that senseless stupid will do against me.

by lucky man Thu Jul 03 05:42:43 UTC 2014

As a mother i also got many punishments in my daughter's school.I have 3 daughters.I got punishments due to all of them.After getting nice canings from young female teachers sometimes my husband will also cane me as i failed to do mother's duty.I did all type of punishments like murga,kneel down,parade,situps,frog walking,standing in one leg,being nude inside dark room after through caning for two full days without food(only water will be there-this is for extreme case).Still my daughters are naughty.I cant control them.

by Manthrika Fri Jul 04 13:12:00 UTC 2014

dear manthrika,could you tell more about nude punishment inside room?also tell about some rude punishments you faced and your feelings of being nude infront of others and did you cry when young female teachers caned you?also tell me your age and about your daughters

by prakash Fri Jul 04 18:03:33 UTC 2014

ok prakash i am very happy that you are eager to hear from my side.Even my husband wont listen properly.He also beats me infront of my daughters,in laws and relatives by telling mother deserves for daughter's behaviour.i dont believe in it.If they punish me how my daughter's will rectify it.They simply thinking if i fail,my mother will get punishment what is in it?But i cant tell it.Because we should not speak anything.
One time i was called for punishment for my second daughter's fail in english exam.I went and punishing teacher was very young(hardly she will be 22 or 23)I was 34 at that time.My elder sister's daughter is also 22 or 23.So i was thinking how shame it could be for me?principal sir asked me to wait outside untill punishment teacher arrives.I was waiting for 1 hour.Then i heard "hey manthrika come to receive caning".I shocked because that 22 years young girl addressing me by my name.I went near and told"mam i am waiting for one hour".She told its also one of the punishment and she ordered that i should not open my mouth.

by manthrika Fri Jul 04 18:22:23 UTC 2014

i am manthrika continuing
Before that also i got caning many times for my daughters in the same school same place.But those times caning teachers may be old or almost equal age to me.This time it is a girl.Just think about my situation.I slowly asked mam where is the previous mam who used to cane mothers.She replied it is not her duty to respond me and ordered me to kneel down by lifting me petticoat upto my thighs on salted bricks.My bare knees hurt very much.Then she ordered to raise my both hands up and i should not down my hands untill she tells.Then she started beating my bare feets with as much force as she can and gave continous 20 strokes.It was very painfull and it happened in playground neart to school gate so outsiders and children playing in the ground watched.I controled tears but i couldnot after 9 strokes.At 10th stroke i started crying and i was sobbing when i got 18 19 and 20th stroke then she asked me to stand and i cant because my foot are paining.But she was merciless she scolded me badly and told to hold my both of ears and tell loudly "I am sorry madam.My daughter will score good marks hereafter" 50 times without break.Whenever there is short break i got hard caning imn my butt.My knees were also heavily pained as i kneel down in bare knees.After she told "ok manthrika you may leave and if again she fails you wont bear my carefull".

by manthrika Fri Jul 04 18:37:17 UTC 2014

manthrika contnuing
I slowly went near and told"mam what is there in punishing mothers.Daughters wont feel anything through this.Only we suffer from pain.If ou bet daughters they will study".Suddenly she got angry and she slapped me.The she twisted my ear and dragged me to princi room by telling why the hell you mothers are there?you should teach and make daughters study if they not we will punish you only.In front of princi also she was twisting my ears very harshly.I was helpless and cried loudly.Princi asked what happened and i told "sir i told one suggestion but madam is beating me"Princi ordered me to shut up and asked her.she told"sir this lady advise me".Princi told "teachers only have the power to advise".You should your daughter.Not us.He asked that girl to give room punishment.I didnot get that i asked "what sir".He told she will show you.Then that girl drageed me to third floor by twisting my ear hardly.My legs(20 strokes),My knnes(due to salted brick),my both hands(due to lifting more than 15 min)and my ear heavily pained.In third floor there was only one room.(with attached toilet and two full can of water).It has no windows and no light or fan.I was still crying due to pain.She ordered me to remove all my dresses.I am very sensitive lady and my before punishments were with dress only.This time i requested her but she scolded me badly and told "here no air circulation" so you cant be here with dress then i removed my dress with great humilation.Even my mother didnot see me naked.That time i felt i should get married.Then as i become nude she touched my butt to feel how her hitting hurted me.I got some strokes in my buttocks as when i told that sentence.Then she twisted my nipples which was very much painful and she kissed me.She told she had mood when she saw me naked.She was unmarried and gave me two slaps without reason and she started to lock the room by taking my dresses(including my jetti) away.I asked "mam how long is this punishment?"She replied"untill you accept homosex with me"She laughed ad went by locking the room.Inside room it was really hell prakash.

by manthrika Fri Jul 04 18:55:34 UTC 2014

ok manthrika story is very nice and we feel bad for helpless mothers like you.but please dear answer my questions and also continue story

by prakash Sat Jul 05 18:13:59 UTC 2014

Hameera was very angry.As she is in nude i could easily see it in her body.She told"hey hafeez bas tard you tor tured me a lot.I will revenge you.I was quiet only because of bribe matter.Now i will show you who i am.
Me:haha you shown me everything.Is there anything else to show?
She"You bledy idiot.What are thinking of yourself.Now i will call principal mam and i will tell her what you did me still now.I will ask her whether it is correct to treat woman like this.
She took mobile and called mam.
Mam:yes hafeez
She:mam,i am hameera
Mam:you?nonsense what u want?
She:mam,i want to tell about hafeez he is...
I called her 'hameera'.She shocked on seeing me.Because mathina was standing only with bra and panty.I slowly told in hameera's ears that if she tell against me i will make mathina nude and i will take pic which will be with me.I will post in net so that nobody will marry her.
Mam:Hey mental i have so many work.tell soon hafeez is..
She:no mam.sorry mam.he just canned me.I got anger so i called you.
Mam:you bit ch,pus sy,monkey,dog,mother fuc ker,...etc.,I will come there and see what i will do
Suddenly i dressed both mother and daughter and myself fastly before mam's arrival.Mam came and hameera was in dress as she entered.Mam was very much angry where i didnot see her that

by lucky man Sun Jul 06 07:02:27 UTC 2014

Mam:hafeez what is happening?
Me:Mam i canned her heavily as you instructed.due to my caning she became mad.
Mam:ok i know how to treat her.We should not beat her inside room.we should punish her in ground infront of entire school.
Hameera cried and begged mam dont do that.
Me:Mam please no mam.Hameera is not a teen girl.she is 41.Very matured.If we beat her infront of 10 year old guys it will be her lifetime shame.
Mam:hafeez really you are gem.How you show mercy on scoundrels like this?
Me:because she is aged mam.May be she felt shame to receive caning from very youngboy like me.If she told in begining i wont do that.
Mam:No hafeez i wont accept it.Hameera should know discipline.You please keep quiet.
I am very happy that hameera is helpless.Mathina cant speak anything because hameera told her dont be involved whatever happen..
Mam:hey loosu come to the ground.
She:I cant mam.This man punished me heavily i cant move.
Mam slapped her and told dont lie.
Me:Mam.No i gave her mass caning.She is well damaged.She cant.So i will carry her to the ground.
I told this not to help her just to have pleasure on carrying beautiful lady.Princi again praised me that i am helping a lady who wanted to betray me.Really princi is stupid.She rang bell and called entire school to assemble in ground.It was 5.30 p.m..School finishes by 5.45 p.m.Mathina went with principal.I carried hameera and went after.
In the way i spoke to hameera."Hey bit ch what you told"Am i bas tard"you proved you are senseless stupid.If you called princi without telling me i would have told everything and called i planned to reverse the story.I am very brilliant.Now you will get excellent treat from principal infront of everyone.enjoy my darling.She was in my hands and didnot tell anything.Just her eyes were looking me "how cruel he is".Now i made her to stand in the ground.she cant stand and fell down and entire school from 6th std to 12th std,boys and girls,male and female teachers,office staff,watchman,layman,maid were assembled around the ground.
Hameera's condition is very worst.

by lucky man Sun Jul 06 07:04:16 UTC 2014

yes prakash i feel very much shame when i stand infront of others.even they are of same gender,they are younger to me also i must stand infront of them with holding my ears or lifting my hands so it is very shame.Also i cried everytime i received caning.Caning to students is different from caning mothers.As we are matured the teachers wont show mercy while caning.We will get powerfull caning which will be very painfull.So almost all mothers cried while receiving caning.Sometimes i have cried ludly like a child.Now my age is 39.My husband age is 40.My brother-in law age is 37.His wife age is 33.They have two sons of 12 and 9.My elder daughter age is 19(she is in college so no problem for me).second one is 16(due to whom i got caning most).Third one is 11.I got caning last weak from her teacher in my butt.My brother-in-laws wife got only one caning because for boys mostly teachers give caning.If they extreme mistake only mother will be called to get punishment.But for girls often little mistake also they call mothers because they dont want to beat girls but they beat us heavily which sometimes leave permanent marks in our body.Hope your question resolved prakash?

by manthrika Mon Jul 07 05:20:50 UTC 2014

yes manthrika dear resolved.Please continue what happened next when you are left nude inside dark room after caning by that young girl

by prakash Mon Jul 07 12:21:28 UTC 2014

shut up gupta.It may be unbelivable as per your country.But in my school(bangladesh) where i am working,mothers are responsible for their entire daughter's behaviour.After hameera many mothers have been punished severly by became my duty to cane and spa nk matured mothers after hameera's case

by luckyman Wed Jul 09 06:42:24 UTC 2014

when I last got punishment in school I was around 21. That time the teacher punished me was of same age to me. Actually in lower class one or in two years I was her class mate.But due to failure I was in class 10 th and she passed graduation. Actually in our girls school canning was rare but mostly kneel down were given. I received lot of kneel down from all the teachers including this youngest teacher. But for my surprise she used to cane me also mercilessly.

by ramanika Fri Jul 18 13:02:23 UTC 2014

manthrika, I have faced many punishments but do no nightmere that I have to get again for my daughter.

by ramanika Fri Jul 18 13:06:43 UTC 2014

ramanika please request your daughter to act properly in her school.We mothers are beaten harshly.You feel shame on receiving caning from girl of same age.But i got caning from girls who were 10-15 years younger than me.I dont know about your daughter's school.But my daughters' school almost all mothers of teen girls got punishments.I also got kneel down and buttocks caning in my school days,but that time they hit less force.Now as we are aged the teachers wont show any mercy.They cane our buttocks with as much force as they can.Also it will be very huniliating to get beating in the school ground like schoolgirl.So ramanika prepare yourself to get merciless caning.Again i tell remember your caning as school girl is very different from caning as mother.This will be extremely painful

by Manthrika Fri Jul 18 14:30:39 UTC 2014

ramanika did you read hameera's story.If not read it.After reading it,i console myself saying that my condition is far better than her.That luckyman is very cruelman.

by manthrika Fri Jul 18 14:33:23 UTC 2014

manthrika please continue story.i am waiting

by prakash Fri Jul 18 14:39:29 UTC 2014

Yea prakash i was very much sacred inside dark room in nude position.I cant walk due to caning.After 1 full day dooor opened i couldnot see properly as i was without food one full day.So that girl poured water on me.Then i became bit conscious.Then she gave food to eat.I asked when will you release me mam.She gave one powerfull kick and told i shouldnot speak.I was very hungry so i ate fully.Then she was about to move.
Me:when will i come out?
She:its your wish.Even now you can go
Me:thanks a lot mam.My dress?
She:i wont give.Run to your home like this.Teen boys will follow you.
Me:Mam please i am 34.I have teen girl.Dont speak like that.
Then she slapped my ass and told only one day completed.Still one day is there.tomorow my dress will be given and i amy go.She also told "if you want to go can but we wont give dress.
Then i begged her by holding her legs that it is very difficult to be in that room for still one more day. She smiled and told"Ok idiot i give two options.You may come to my home and be slave to me for remaining one day.I thought being her slave is better than being alone in dark room as i was supposed to become mad.
So i accepted to go to her home.then...

by manthrika Fri Jul 18 16:10:35 UTC 2014

manthrika, I got rarely canning but was forced to kneel down regularly in school. As I mentioned I was a very poor student my schoolining continued up to 21 years of my age.Incidently I got married when I was in last year of school. Most humiliating part for me was to carry on school in school uniform which was nothing but short skirt above knees in front of my in laws who used to tease me that time. Also I got kneel down regularly in school during that period which was disclosed to the inlaws in due course. It was most humiliating feeling for me at that time.

by Ramanika Sat Jul 19 07:32:38 UTC 2014

not understood ramanika carry on school in school uniform?Now what is your age?did you read luckyman post of hameera above?

by manthrika Sat Jul 19 13:00:18 UTC 2014

I accepted to go her home.She then gave me my dress.We went her home.I asked who are all staying in that home.She replied only she and her younger brother.She then introduced me to him as slave for one day.He then ordered me to wash his clothes.He gave his underwear also.I told "except panty i will wash everything". Then he gave very strong punch to my stomach.I felt on floor back two feets and cried loudly with pain.He removed his belt.Suddenly i took all his clothes and ran inside restroom to wash.Brother and sister laughed.After washing,he called me to his room.His room was very dirt.He ordered me to clean his room and he gave only 30 minutes.If i didnot do properly within 30 minutes,he told he will give severe punishment to me.I was damn tired because i got heavy canning from his sister and one full day i spent inside dark room and i got most powerful punch in my stomach and i washed his clothes.Just think my condition.But i had to do.He told mainly to clean attached toilet.With great humiliation,i did it.Then he congratulated me for my work and he gave handshake and ordered me to prepare three cofee including me.After coffee he went tour with his friends and he told he will return after 3 days.I was very happy that within one day i will go.But after his departure only the worst case happennned......[just guess]will continue

by manthrika Sun Jul 20 09:35:08 UTC 2014

manthrika, me Ramanika : I was a very poor student and failed total 4 times in classes. At the age of 21 I was still in class 10 th standard when I got married.Our school uniform was blue short skirts well above knees. I had to wear that uniform in front of my mother in law at home which was much humiliating as she used to tease me. Also as I was made mostly kneel down in school dusty and riugh floors the impression of dusts in knees remained till I returned home afterward which could be observed by in laws and also I had to listen some adverse comments.
Yea I had to to face kneel down punishment in front of juniors in several occasion. There was a custo in that school that senior girls were punished in front of juniors. As I told you I was very poor in academics throughout one of my teachers estimated that I was in the level of class 5 th standard only. So I was made kneel down in class 5 th standard.It was too much humiliating as I had to stay there in the kneeling position throughout the day. When their teacher was present they were busy with their studies but when the teacher was not there or in their off period I became their centre of attraction, centre of attraction of class 5 girls in their class room. I was directly under the custody of the head girl (monitor) of that class and I had to obey the orders of her during this periods. In one off oeriod she ( head girl) inserted a piece of stone each under my knees for a brief period. ohh painful.

After the entire days punishment I was released from their class when their classes were over but as a senior student our classes were not over. Then I was sent to techers room and was made kneel down there for the remaining time.Total time of this process was not less than 2 and half hours.

in the entire process I was not alloed to wear school shoes and even socks that is I was totally bare footed and bared knees.

by Ramanika Wed Jul 23 12:09:32 UTC 2014

Manthrika, Me Ramanika :As I told earlier that I continued my school studies after marriage my husband was my guardian in school during that period. One day for some mistake on my part he was called by our Principal in our school.When he was in the Principal's chamber besides our Principal our class teacher and head girl ( monitor ) of our class were sitting there. I was also in that room but not sitting on a chair but in kneel down position on the floor holding my ears. The conversation continued over one hour and I was still in that kneeling position holding my ears and looking at floor in extreme shame and humiliation. In that day also I was bare footed and in bared knees.

by Ramanika Wed Jul 23 12:24:17 UTC 2014

oh ramanika your case is also very worst dear.I didnot even think that just 10 year old girl was so cruel to put stones under your knees.Did you cry at that time?Your knees could have been damaged.These things should be removed from the schools.Kneel down holding ears with bare knees infront of husband in school for matured girl is really pathetic.As you experienced everything in your school days itself you may not have much difficult to get punishment for your daughter unlike me and Hameera.Did you read our stories completely ramanika?

by Manthrika Wed Jul 23 14:21:39 UTC 2014

Thanks for your reply ramanika and waiting for your reply from my new questions.

by manthrika Wed Jul 23 14:23:50 UTC 2014

Manthrika, me Ramanika: Stone inserting was done to me only once in school that was also not by a teacher. A monitor and she was only 10-11 years old. I was 21 at that time. But that punishment was not long lasting for a few minutes only. It was much paining that time but I did not cry. But during tiffin hours when they were absolutely free but I was there in their room kneeling they got a lot pleasure by insulting me. They did not harm me physically any way but continuously teased me throughout the break hour.It was too much humiliating and shameful as one or two of that class stayed very close to our residence and we had a good family relation also. Those girls saw me punished and humiliated in their class room but they did not take part in humiliation. But they reported the incident in their home as I got hints from home.

Besides this punishment in junior class, I had to kneel several times in assembly also for different reason.

I have gone through your total report carefully and got stunned to know how you were punished at home also. My daughter is a kid of 4 years only but I think there is no such system in their school of punishment of mother for her daughter.

by Ramanika Thu Jul 24 05:16:45 UTC 2014

Manthrika, Me Ramanika : We had a Vice Principal in our school who punished me maximum. Besides giving corporal punishments to me she used lot of insulting language to me. While kneeling for a long period she used to say what reply would you give to your husband when he would ask you what had happened to your knees. Why it was too swollen or too rough? These words were purposefully used to insult me besides corporal punishments.

by Ramanika Thu Jul 24 05:22:11 UTC 2014

Thank you so much ramanika for your continous contact.You are really very lucky as there is no mother punishing rules.But in our area almost all schools have this rules.So we have no option.Also i surprised on reading luckyman's post.But you were under hell during school days.I didnot get beatings in school as my mother used to get.But i was not as naughty as my daughters.Last request dear ramanika.Just guess what could have happen to me after her brother left home?

by manthrika Thu Jul 24 06:13:00 UTC 2014

Manthrika, me Ramanika : Please tell when her brother left what punishment she gave to you?

during school I was in hell YOu said this rightly but I was not less responsible for that. I was very poor student and could not pass in the examinations in school and thats why I was detained in classes. And as an old student the teacher had the tendency to punish me for any small mistakes in front of juniors. Some of our girls tried to insert their leg gear ( shoes) below their knees as a cushion while kneeling. Thats why barefooted kneel down was intrduced in our school.

by Ramanika Thu Jul 24 11:23:39 UTC 2014

Manthrika, me Ramanika: I can remember one of my worst and most humiliating school punishments in those days ( just after my marriage ). There was another boys school which was very close to ours. There was some annual programme in that school. One day I cannot remember what was my fault Principal madam made me kneel down in her chamber after 2nd period of class onwards. I afterwards thought and found that my punishment was not a new incident but she did chose that day and that slot purposefully.Principal gave appointment to the students of that boys school who would visit her to invite her for their annual programme. I did not know that . All on a sudden after almost one hour of my punishment suddenly 8-9 higher class boys entered the chamber of our Principal madam (after taking necessary permission from Principal) and at that time I was totally in an awkward kneel down position in front of them. They also initially shocked when they entered in the room as they found a married student of higher class was kept kneel down in Principal's chamber.

The Principal took unnecessarily long time by talking each of them individually such that they could take a view of me for a long period of time. Also once she went out of room to office for some work keeping the boys in her chamber for 10-12 mins. At that time I was alone in that room with those young boys of other school. During that period one of the boys became confident enough and talked to me and enquired about the matter that why I was punished. I was so much embarrassed that initially I could not talk to them properly. However I replied later to their quaries and became a bit free.After 10-12 mins our Principal returned and spent some more time to those boys and then they left the room . I was released from kneel down 15 mins after they went away.

Later I understood that our Principal did it purposefully to humiliate me more in front of boys.

by ramanika Fri Jul 25 05:09:29 UTC 2014

Did you get ear twisting from you felt it

by guest Sat Jul 26 01:59:05 UTC 2014

hey guest if you want to know how senior lady will feel if she gets ear twisting from young people please read my darling hameera's story above

by luckyman Sat Jul 26 05:23:05 UTC 2014

No I did not get ear twisting from juniors but I had to kneel many times in front of juniors.

by Ramanika Sat Jul 26 10:41:50 UTC 2014

dear ramanika,i am surprised on hearing there is no mother punishing rules in your daughter's school.It is essential.Which country are you from?If you are not beaten,how will you feed your daughter properly?How can teachers beat teen girls rigorously?The main intention of mother beating is teen girls can't be beaten after certain level unlike boys.So inorder to get relief while caning we call mothers so that we will cane them with heavy force.I broke some mothers bones while beating.Hameera was entirely damaged.Mother is responsible for each and every behaviour of daughter.Still now i have beaten many mothers.All of them cried.Now their daughter's are ramanika please answer my questions

by luckyman Sun Jul 27 14:27:54 UTC 2014

ya absolutely mothers should be severely punished. They are complete responsible for daughter's behaviours.I have one son and daughter.even i punish my wife if my daughter did any offense.My punishment level depends on the crime my daughter commits.So my wife always scares and looks our daughter properly

by simon Sun Jul 27 19:35:53 UTC 2014

ramanika darling sorry for delay.had some work now continuing my story where i left

Ya Ramanika.My happy didnot last even for 5 minutes.She came to me and told to strip off.I shocked and asked the reason.She gave two very tight slaps and told punishment for 2 days is to be nude only.So remaining one day i should be nude.I started crying like a child and i refused.I asked if someone come it will be shame.She told as her brother was in home you were allowed to dress now ur unlucky you should undress.I have no power to oppose her.I undressed then she took my rings,chain,bangles everything.I was standing like a just born baby.Then she started laughing loudly.I almost lost concious.Then start tickling my armpits and hips.I begged her to release.Then she asked me to do 10 sit-ups by holding ears.I did.Then she took long leather hunter and beaten at my back twice strongly.I cried and asked why madam?She replied"Simply to show if you misbehave with me how you will be beaten.This is trial.So try to avoid to get beaten from me".I replied"ok madam.But mamdammmmmm.
She:Tell manthrika
Me:I i want to sleep please very tired mam.
She :ok sleep for one hour in my brother's room.But you should not use his bed,pillow,fan,light anything.You should remember you are a slave.You should lie in ordinary floor..Exactly after 1 hour you should wake up.If anyone condition is missed you will be punished by leather hunter.ok?
Me:ok madam.Thank you for permission madam.
I went and slept.
But i didnot getup at prescribed time.So she poured cold water from refrigerator on my face and as soon as i wakeup by surprise she gave two hard slappings in my ass with her hands.She then didnot speak anything and pullled my hair harshly and dragged me to thr garden and ordered me to dig 20 bucket of waters from deep well.I scared and begged her"madam i am in nude.the people can see me from their terrace.She told as it is 7.00 p.m so nobody will go to terrace.Also she told"You are not miss.universe and you have the same things as we have so even if they see you wont die".Then i digged 20 buckets and with full sweating i entered the home.Then she laughed at me by telling "even without wearing a single piece of cloth you are sweating more.I was very much shamed.Suddenly someone knocked the door.I got scared as i am nude.
will continue

by manthrika Tue Jul 29 04:39:54 UTC 2014

hey luckyman please continue why stopped? what happened after you took hameera to groung?

by guest Tue Jul 29 19:34:49 UTC 2014

Would love hear about some ear twisting

by guest Wed Jul 30 19:23:22 UTC 2014

wait my dear guest hameera called me and requested not to post as it is her privacy.Her relatives read this.But i wont consider that stupid's request.I will post sometime after so that her relatives would forget this forum

by luckyman Thu Jul 31 16:19:00 UTC 2014

it happened to me three years ago, i live in tripura

by shomita Fri Aug 01 19:55:49 UTC 2014

what happened to you shomita?

by priya Sat Aug 02 04:43:24 UTC 2014

hey ramanika are you there?why you stopped?please come and chat with me my dear friend

by manthrika Mon Aug 04 07:36:06 UTC 2014

Shomita, what was your incident ?

by Ramanika Tue Aug 05 12:57:13 UTC 2014

Manthrika, I have already told most of my stories of school punishments. Let me share one more. One day it was too much rain in our place. Water was flowing in thin layer in the passage just out side of our class room. Due to any offence I was ordered to kneel down there just out of door. Our floors were not much clean and when water was flowing in thin layer with water some dust mud was also flowing.While kneeling my knees and toes were full of those thinly flowing muds. Luckily I was bare footed and my skirts were well above knees. So they did not become wet or dirty. When I was released after a long session of kneel down my knees were totally black and the impression remained for a long time in that day.

by Ramanika Tue Aug 05 13:09:51 UTC 2014

my darling ramanika i know that you posted almost all of your cruel punishments i just asked you to chat with because i saw you didnot reply for somebody's i thought you stopped using this forum.So i asked because even we didnot see each other you became my best friend to share my shamefull punishments.your last punishment was interesting.did you read my post dear?

by manthrika Fri Aug 08 17:27:01 UTC 2014

I had to do 20 sit ups and was caned by the head mistress and the class teacher of my daughter's school. My daughter was about to expelled, but instead i agreed to receive punishment so that my daughter dont get expelled. I was punished in the head mistresses office, so nobody except these two ladies saw my punishment.

by shomita Sun Aug 10 18:34:55 UTC 2014

thank you shomita for your response.i hear many news about severe mother caning in countries like bangladesh.but i wonder whether developing countries like india also has such stupid rules.very shame.did you cry while caning?what was your age and those two ladies age?also your daughter's age at that time.please reply

by priya Tue Aug 12 07:42:35 UTC 2014

shomita and Manthrika, When I got last punished I was 21 in age married but still was a student of that girls school. I had to wear the uniform that is skirt. But as a mother when you got punished what were your dresses?

by Ramanika Wed Aug 13 06:50:38 UTC 2014

ramanika my dear came again.i got many punishments as mother.most times i wore saree.but sometimes i was in chudi also.that time the caning teacher will scold me telling saree is decent for ladies.then they will spa nk my buttocks.only one time i went with jeans but teacher understood i wanted to reduce pain so she ordered me to remove jean and with just underwear she canned me.very much time as i written above,due to my speech very young lady teacher made me nude.locked in dark room,took into her home and beaten me entirely nude,etc.,i think i completed the full story.just read ramanika

by manthrika Wed Aug 13 07:47:03 UTC 2014


I was 29 years old then, my daughter was 10 years old. The headmistress was above 50 and the class was probably a little younger than me, around 26.
I was wearing a white saree with green border, green blouse and white petticoat.I wore bra but no panty. Headmistress was wearing white saree and black blouse and class teacher was wearing yellow saree and blouse. they both tucked the pallu of their saree before they started punishing me. I had to lie down over the lap of the headmistress and she hit my bottom repeatedly over my saree, first with her hands and then with her sandal.At the same time, my head was pulled up by my hair bun and i was slapped on my cheeks repeatedly by the class teacher with her sandal. I cried a lot as it was painful but more because of humiliation. After that i had to stand and lift my saree and petticoat and caned by the head mistress.

by shomita Wed Aug 13 10:12:06 UTC 2014

hey shomita how you accepted to reveal your butt to others.i really feel pity on you girl.why they hit like this?that too in India?whether all schools in your area have rules like this?did you get beatings any other than this as mother?did you see those two ladies after the whippings?now your daughter studying in same school?please reply dear

by priya Wed Aug 13 11:23:31 UTC 2014

hello priya,
I accepted because I had no choice. I did not want my daughter to be expelled. A mother can do anything if it is good for her daughter, Isn't it? . They hit me like this because they consider me a bad mother who cannot look after my daughter properly, they humiliated me so much so that i never again neglet what my daughter is doing. At that I lived in a village which was not very devoloped, in my area that was the only good school for my daughter. Yes I saw both the ladies regularly for the next one year as my daughter was in the same school, now I live in the city so my daughter study in different school, i dont see them any more. I was never again beaten in school. But i was regularly beaten by my mother in law for all kinds of mistakes or improper behaviour, until she died 8 months ago. I was twice beaten by my husband.

by shomita Thu Aug 14 19:13:52 UTC 2014

yes priya male teachers also cane mothers sometimes. i am a male teacher i used to cane mothers for their daughters fail in exam but not in bare butt.we cane them with dress only.If daughter do any serious offense then they will be sent to lady teachers only for severe naked caning in closed room.those mothers will be treated very hard by lady teachers in our school

by baruah Mon Aug 18 06:32:13 UTC 2014

Hi Shomita,

have u punished for your daughter?

by Gayan Mon Aug 18 18:17:33 UTC 2014

i was so upset and sad,,,,i dont want to see sumera nude,,,,,she is the person now who save me,,my job,,and honour,,,,,i want to cry but i cant,,,,her mother's face clearly shows that she will never change her mind,,,,,but i want to do smthing for sumera ,,,,,madem,,,i think sumera is not a child ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,stop miss sofia,,,whats wrong with you? her mother said surprisingly,,,,you know what,,,today she is shouted at you ,,,,and tomorrow,,,,,may be she will reapet it at me,,,,but i am her mother,,,,and i know how to currect bed behaviors,,,,,,,she said and turn towords sumera,,,carry on sumera,,,,hurry up,,,,,

sumera slowly start to move her T shrt,,,,i was staring at flour ,,,i dont want to see her nakd body,,,,,,she was now doing her trowser off,,,,when she done ,,,,her mother called me,,,,,miss sofia,,,,ye,,,yess,,,madem,, i replied her with trmblng voice,,,,,watch her firstly ,,,,,,,,oh ,,,,,,when i watch her ,,,,my heart was pounding so bedly,,,,,,,here sumera was stand infrnt of me ,,,,in just an white bra,,,and white panty,,,,90% nakd,,,,with red eyes,,,,,tears on both cheeks,,,,so help less ,,,a beatuiful and intalijant girl of 15 years old proudy student of the whole school,,,was standing in that position infrnt of her mother and also infrnt of her teacher with out any resion ,,,,but,,,just because off me,,,,just because of sofia ali,,,,,why i am upset?,,,,why i am sad?,,,,,i asked to my self,,,,,that's the satuation is and i want that,,,,then why??

miss sofia,,,,,her mothers breaks my thinking,,,, ,,,yes maam,,,,i replied,,,,so what you think?,,,what about maam?i saw her face quistionly,,,,,,,about her shorts,,,,i think she will receive her punishment completly nakd,,,,,,her mother replied,,,,

nooo maamaaa,,,plz maamaa,,,plz ,,,i dont want that mama,,,,sumera was crying so bedly,,,,shut your mouth up sumera,,,,,,her mother said angrily,,,,,,it will be miss sofia'$ desioun,,,,,so miss sofia,,,what you say,,? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sumera was now watching me with pleeding eyes,,,,,,,,at that moment,,,,,,,,,,i swair readers,,,,,,,i swair,,,,i want to hug sumera,,,i want to love sumera,,,,i was feeling so guilt ,,,,i want to help her,,,,,but i cant,,,,,,

madem,,,,,i think that enough for today,,,but if she will reapet her atitude,,,then we will ,,,,,,,,,,,,okeyy miss sofia ,,,,as you wish ,,,,but her punishment is not over ,,,it will start now ,,,,,,,hmmmmmm,,,,,,okey sumera,,,turn towords the wall,,,,and become murga,,,hurry up ,,,,,,,i have no long time and also dont have sofia,,,,,,,,,,,,,sumera was slowly turning to the wall,,,,her nakd back was now showing,,,,and her rounded hips clearly showed in panty,,,,,,,,,her long blak hears were touching her butts,,,,,when she bend,,,her long hears were hiding her face both sides and also fell on the flour,,,,,,one ment sumera,,,stand up and take a hear clip and bend your hears firstly ,,,,then became murgaa,,,,,oh no,,,,sorry sorry,,,not murgaa,,,become murgiii,,,,,she said with laughing,,,,,then she said to me,,,,miss sofia,,,,,i am going to take a shawer,,,,you will take care off sumera,,,,and listen to me ,,,,dont be patiant,,,,aftar 5 mnts off standing murgaa,,,,you will give her 1 dozn off cane ,,,,i will be rite back in 15 mnts with evening tea,,,,,,,,,
(to be cantinude)

by guest Tue Aug 19 16:43:25 UTC 2014

A nice up date off the story,,,when teacher become student of her student and student become teacher ,,,,,its a nice story friends ,,,writer name sofia ali

by guest Tue Aug 19 16:47:08 UTC 2014

dear sofia guest i didnot understand completely please tell who is teacher and why she become student of her student.why her mother wants to punish her?how you are the reason?please

by prakash Tue Aug 19 17:34:31 UTC 2014

Visit school punishment form in which the the the topic named when teacher become student of her student and student become teacher of her teacher,,,,,then you got full story

by ali Sat Aug 23 20:24:26 UTC 2014

ali thanks for your response dear but there is no topic like that in school punishment forum so please help me friend

by prakash Sun Aug 24 13:22:07 UTC 2014

Manthrika, the name of the best girl of my school was Anjali.She was very good in all subject and was liked by most of the teachers of the school.I had already told being a bad student I was punished by most of the teachers.She some times used to make me understand studies but almost in vain.

by Ramanika Fri Aug 29 10:53:20 UTC 2014

Manthrika, But Anjali had one disadvantage as we had a subject compulsory optional Tailoring in class 10th.She did not do tailoring. She was interested. But her father did not aloow her for tailoring as accrding to him it would spoil her education. But tailorinr teacher was very strict. So Anjali got punished everyday alone in tailoring class. She was made kneel down everyday in tailoring class. When we used to go near the teacher in a group to show or understand the job she was found near kneeling holding her ears. I found tears on her eyes as she was only punished regularly in this class due to no fault of her. She used to look at the floor when I got closed to her near the teacher. Also she was not used ( I was ) to kneeling as sdhe was a good student.

by Ramanika Fri Aug 29 11:40:51 UTC 2014

yes ramanika it will be very difficult for the people to get punishments if they didnot get it frequently was the same case for my schoolings,i didnot get mother used to get it for me.first time,at my 29 age,i got punishments for my daughter;s fail in was very difficult for me to bear pain in buttocks when her teacher hit me infront of office room.i got 6 strokes in my butt and i cried loudly like a child.punishing teacher was was still humiliating for me.after caning i did kneel down for 45 minutes in princi's room by holding my ears.after that i controlled tears slowly as i used to get beatings.first time in home,i rubbed my bare buttocks and shocked the severeness of red marks in my butt.nowadays i am able to bear pain and it became usual for me ramanika

by manthrika Mon Sep 01 08:46:23 UTC 2014

Manthrika and Ramanika,

I am from Calcutta a 39 year old housewife.We were 3 sisters and I was oldest.My 2nd sister was not physically fit and was 2 years younger to me.The next youngest sister was 3 years younger to her. The youngest sister was good in studies. My mother was also ill health. So I had to do all domestic works at home with my mother which hampered my education. So I failed a couple of years in school classes and at age 18 I was in class 10 and the my two other sisters were in 8th. As I said I was not good in studies due to some factors I used to get punishments in classes regularly. Very often when I was given kneel down punishment outside the class room my sisters used to see me there in that position which was very much insulting for me. Also a few teachers purposefully used to call my youngest sister to see me punished kneel down in class and told her to announce that at home.
Also I was punished in front of my sisters at home by tuition teacher (male).He also used to pull my ears and made me kneeling on floor in front of my sisters.Some times my relatives could see my punishment at home by the tutor. It was so pity that after getting punishment from teacher I had to go to kitchen for preparation of snacks and tea for the teacher and while returning back to tuition room after serving snacks and tea I had to kneel down again in front of my tutor and sisters. Too much humiliating.

by Ms. SB Mon Sep 01 13:17:05 UTC 2014

Many mothers dont care enough for their daughters and sons. So it is sometimes necessary to punish the mother so that she looks after her children better.
i was a teacher in a village in Assam. I punished mothers regularly.

by niharika Wed Sep 10 19:38:28 UTC 2014

niharika, which punishments were given by you to mothers? I received punishments in school and tuition in presence of my two younger sisters. That was mainly kneel down

by Ms. SB Thu Sep 11 05:27:39 UTC 2014

normally I warned them by calling them to school first time.
if still their daughters grade or behaviour dont improve, i go for punishment.
I have always punished them in my office so that lots of people dont see as women they deserve privacy.
Normal punishments i give are usually holding ears and do sit up or murga punishment. I caned only three mothers as of now.
In only one instance I forced the mother to remove her saree (she was still wearing blouse & petticoat) forced her daughter, my student,her daughter to do the same(uniform of older students in my school is saree) tied both their hands together with one of the saree and both of their neck together with the other saree, and caned them, around 10 to 15 hits each,then with my sandal i hit them on the cheeks 5 6 times

by niharika Thu Sep 11 14:00:54 UTC 2014

very good niharika mam.teachers have all rights to punish mothers to any extent.why you not removing dress during will create them humiliation so that they wont repeat the same mistake?ok what was your age,your student age and her mother age when you canned them by removing their saree.did they cry?

by luckyman Fri Sep 12 10:10:13 UTC 2014

I didn't make them naked, as it will be more like a sexual abuse then a punishment. I strictly punished them, nothing more.
I was 25 then. the student was 16 and mother was mayb 35 or 36.
Yes they cried from the moment i told them to take off their sarees. it increased when i was punishing them, and they kept on crying as left my office after punishment and weaing their sarees again.

by niharika Fri Sep 12 10:28:18 UTC 2014

niharika first thanks for your is very funny to hear that matured lady of 36 crying just to remove did you cane them(with cane or stick,at their calf or thighs,how many stokes you gave with cane?)whether male teachers punish mothers in your school?i am male teacher in bangladesh village and i punish mothers regularly and i beat them heavily i broke many mothers bones.i think you must have read my above posts?

by luckyman Fri Sep 12 13:09:59 UTC 2014

hello niharika madam i am also helpless mother with 3 children all girls.My age is 39.Still i am getting beaten badly by my daughter's teachers.Most teachers are very young like you.please madam give respect to is very humiliating to get beaten from youngsters.i cried all times whenever i got beaten.I am happy that you wont punish mothers nakedly.those mothers are lucky.but one time i got nude punishment also.I was punished fully nude without a single piece of cloth by very young girl who was 10-12 years younger than me.It was unforgettable pain in my please madam dont beat mothers.

by manthrika Sat Sep 13 08:34:27 UTC 2014

ramanika was there any oter married student like u in u'r school? did she also received punishment

by guest Sat Sep 13 10:52:52 UTC 2014

ramanika was there any oter married student like u in u'r school? did she also received punishment

by guest Sat Sep 13 10:52:52 UTC 2014

hey manthrika it is not the way you feel.mothers should be punished for their daughters.I read your post.i accept the way you are treated is not good. that teacher was very cruel.but for that only instant you should not tell mothers should not be is very nonsense.i am female teacher of age 23.just completed college and joined school teacher before 3 months.just now i hit my girl student's mother of 39 age.her daughter not at all doing any homework and not studies i canned her mother and asked her to stand in the corner for 20 minutes in seminude she is standing infront of me with set of punishment is over.till two sets are first time experience of caning mother.she is begging me to release but surely i will release only after 3 sets of manthrika first try to be good mother then advice teachers ok.behave like matured lady.dont be childish.accept punishment if there is mistake by you or your daughter.i am ready to accept punishment in future for my daughter by her teacher.waiting for your reply

by moumita Sat Sep 13 10:56:44 UTC 2014

Teacher you twist ear of the mothers ....
Mothers do you get ear twisting from teachers of your daughters

by curious Sun Sep 14 11:38:40 UTC 2014

ya curious i twisted yesterday her ears both clockwise and anticlockwise.she told her ears were not fuctioning for about 2-3 mins due to my ear twisting.also i slapped her cheeks with one hand while my other hands twisted her she must have felt very high pain

by moumita Sun Sep 14 15:34:50 UTC 2014

dear respectable moumita madam.first i am bit happy that you accept that the way i was treated by that young girl was wrong.but we ladies have privacy.being a lady you should know made 39 years old lady to stand in seminude position in front of you with holding years.but madam you forget your you will feel if you are about to stand seminude position holding years infront of 8 year girl.also we mothers will be happy if you beat us as you are beating the students.but you are beating mothers mercilessly by telling single word your age is capable of bearing time i was about to get punishment from my daughter's male teacher.he was about 7-8 months elder than me.our age was that time one 11th std boy was also standing with me to get punishment.there were two sets of punishment for each of us.first he punished me.he gave very strong palm caning where i jumped and cried.i got 5 on each.then he asked me to kneel down by raising my both hands.then he gave that boy the same palm caning 5 on each hands but the force was not that heavy.then that boy was ordered to kneel down very near to me raising both was very shame for me to get punishment with very young boy.then after 20 min he first called hm for 2nd round of punishment.this time it is murga.he was ordered to be murga for 10 min.during that time he lowered his buttocks only two times for that he got caning in buttocks.then he my kneel down time was more than i am tired.teacher ordered me to be in murga for min.i shocked why sir partiality?he got tensed and slapped me continously.he started twisting my ears badly and reported principal i am opposing his orders.principal told me to meet him after punishment.then i put murga for min.moumita madam please think i was .at this age we cant do murga like teen boys or i cant keep my buttocks vertically.for that i got canned heavily in my buttocks.he was readily holding the cane above my buttocks whenever it slightly didturbed the position he thrashed the ass.i sobbed heavily but i am helpless.due to the disturbed position of my buttocks,it took min to finish murga punishment.then i was not able to hips pained lot.buttocks also canned like a buffalo.he scolded me very bad by telling i cannot feed daughter why should i be a mother.shameless lady,country fellow,etc., then i told sorry sir then i went to principal .principal asked me to hold my ears and sit near to his legs.i was not able to sit properly as i got many canings in my he ordered me to sit with my heels it was very shame.he started his leccture.he simply told it will be shame if we give same punishment to and .he cant bear the pain.but as 36 years old lady you should be able to bear pain.also mothers are totally responsible for children so we will treat you like are not matured still now.that time also i was crying as pain didnot reduce.he told you should not cry infront of will get more beatings.then he gave severe warning and sent me out.many incidents happened for me like momita madam,please stop beating is very painfull.

by manthrika Sun Sep 14 16:00:40 UTC 2014

Moumita madam, thank you for your reply...when I was student I have received ear twistibg many times and felt very ashamed of it gives you strange feeling while holding the elders ear........and do it gives you more authoritive sense when you just grab the students ear and students helds her head low due humiliation.........
Manthrika I do agree that punishment should not be given....but could u provide a better solution......

by curious Sun Sep 14 17:48:35 UTC 2014

manthrika,you proved what i told is are not matured even at the age of should be severely and regularly punished by someone so that you will correct deserve the punishment girl.seriously even at this age,you need someone to advise and care dare you will care your daughters i dont mentioned your daughters are still naughty knowing you are severely punished for them.i tell one thing manthrika they will be like this for their entire life if they have senseless and stupid mother like need to learn told you cant keep your buttocks vertical like that boy because you are 36.are you not ashame of telling this?if my student's mother told the same thing my treatment would have been very escaped because i am not your daughter's teacher.even at my schooling,my mother got canings for me.what is there?you mentioned that male teacher canned your buttocks like caning buffalo.even you are human,you dont have brain so he did like this.please manthrika as a teacher i am requesting you correct will be painful to get beaten but there is no is our duty.control your daughters. otherwise your ass will taken away by teachers like carefull manthu

by moumita Mon Sep 15 07:02:36 UTC 2014

hmm curious you are welcome.first tell me whether you are male or female.did you get punishment as a mother?then it gave me strange feeling as soon as i was about beat elder.but i cant tolerate her daughter's as no option i gave severe seminude caning to her mother.when holding her ears she had her hands over my hands and with tears she requested "please mam hereafter i assure my daughter wont do mistake leave me ears are paining."i replied"hey donkey,how many times i should give a chance.this time you should receive shamefull pain."as she keeep on crying,with one hand i holded her ears and with other hand i started giving continous slapping on her sheeks.then i twisted her ears along with her whole body.the i holded her left ear and twisted it down so that her body will bend.then with my right hand i gave sixer(forcefull beating)in her nude back some 8-10 fingers were easily seen in her back.still my left hand was in her ears.then with my elbow i hit her severely.then i twisted both of her ears simultaneously and tried to lift her up with ears.she was sobbing by telling"oooooooo my ears will break maaaammmm".i laughed.really it was a very good experience for me in my career.I am eager to punish more mothers who are very elders.then as for as students are concerned we wont normally beat girls as their mothers are there to get it for daughters.boys we beat. i twisted ears of many boys of age boy was elder than me(25)studying 12th as he failed many times.he got nice ear twisting from me as he failed in exams.i punished him in the same way as i punished that lady with two differences.1)that lady was seminude but i allowed this boy to wear baniyan.only i removed his shirt.second,i hit this boy with less force than that lady because we shouldnot show mercy to mothers but we can show it to students.many boys of this school got ear twisting,hair pulling and face slapping from me curious.

by moumita Mon Sep 15 08:58:45 UTC 2014

guest, no I was the only married student in our class.

by Ramanika Mon Sep 15 11:22:33 UTC 2014

Moumita madam ....i like the attitude you carry......even though manthrika is quite older than you still you have called her as girl " .you deserve the punishment girl."......i am not student now. I am 30 years old. When I was at school I have seen a teacher was twisting ear of another teacher.........i dont what happened between them........but younger teacher had more serious expression on her face and the older one was hanging her head low. After that I have seen that twisting ear of many students........after the incidence there was rumor in school about test paper leakage..........i thought might be the incidence was related to that

by curious Mon Sep 15 14:16:51 UTC 2014

how long you continue study?

by guest Mon Sep 15 18:53:11 UTC 2014

are you male or female curious?then the mother punished by me was also similiar age to i got the attitude to dominate elders.also i didnot consider manthrika as elder.she got nice and shamefull whippings from teachers at my i called her like that.even if her daughter is in my class,i would have teared manthrika ass due to her attitude as mother.then it will always great to see older punished by you must have enjoyed watching the teacher's ear twisting.ok bye curious

by moumita Tue Sep 16 15:53:45 UTC 2014

Moumita madam I am male....yes I enjoyed that view of teachers ear twisting...might be that was turn around in my now I am avid fan of ear pulling.....and would likw to know more about u twisting ears of some elderly females

by curious Wed Sep 17 17:34:37 UTC 2014

oh i thought you are female curious.ok if you are ear pulling fan,i suggest you to type ear pulling in youtube.i think one separate channel is there for ear pulling.then,as of now i ear pulled only one mother.just before 3 months i completed my college and joined as teacher.but for young boys of age 16-18 i pulled ear to many of them very har and even somebody cried and begged by touching my hands which was in their ear.but as you became my best friend through this punishment forum,i will do one favour for are very perfect in answering all my today one girl's mother i called and scolded for her daughter's attitude.i ordered her to come to my cabin to receive punishment.she was 36,milky white,tall and well built.she begged me to give punishment by saturday as she was supposed to attend her sister-in-law's son marriage next she begged i allowed her and strictly warned she should come by saturday afternoon.upto now i planned to give 30 hard strokes in her bare buttocks.but for my dear friend curious,i will spend my entire one hour punishmen for ear pulling.she should lose her hearing power and i will share her experience how that stupid senior lady cried due to my hard ear pulling to you by saturday evening ok curious bye man.

by moumita Thu Sep 18 17:12:23 UTC 2014

Thanks a lot madam.... Now I am more curious to read your next post

by guest Fri Sep 19 18:43:42 UTC 2014

Madam...waiting for the great ear twisting punishment by you to the mother

by Curious Sat Sep 20 17:39:08 UTC 2014

moumita are in the right way.punish mothers severely inorder to do their duty as mothers.i also like to twist mother's ears and many mothers cried due to my ear twisting.share your yesterday experience as soon as possible.

by luckyman Sun Sep 21 12:07:29 UTC 2014

luckyman.....i am also waiting for the remaining experience about hameera

by guest Sun Sep 21 14:56:52 UTC 2014

thank you guest i stopped as the remaining is very uttermost.we punished her if you want i will post it.later she understood her mistake and apologized us also she told she didnot mind as we punished her and she is ready to take punishment if her daughter still do any mistake.i was very happy that my severe merciless punishment worked out to very elder lady.later also she got cruel punishments from me due to both her attitude and her daughter's attitude.principal totally handed her to me and asked me to beat her upto any extent so that she should be a good mother.hameera also fully co-operated with me as later she understood "caning is the best bitter medicine for her.i also enjoyed punishing beautiful senior lady.

by luckyman Mon Sep 22 06:48:44 UTC 2014

Moumita madam....where are u

by guest Thu Sep 25 19:59:09 UTC 2014

oh very sorry curious and luckyman for delay.i had some work.ok curious here i start what happened.i ordered that senior lady to come by saturday exactly at 12.30 p.m., so that i could punish her before my lunch.but she entered by 1.00 p.m., i got severe soon as she entered the cabin,i stopped eating and ran towards her and gave very hard slapping infront of all staff.she felt so humiliated and asked sorry.she got other slapping in her other cheeks and i shouted her for late.she told some senseless reasons.i told now i have to eat.1.30 p.m i have one hour your punishment will start by 2.30 p.m.,she cooly asked"shall i come by 2.30 madam",i got severe tension and gave some slappings at her back and buttocks and asked how dare she can take decision.i told she should kneel down infront of me upto 2.30 p.m.As it is staff room,many male and female staff were there.that lady felt very humiliated.i simply holded her ears and dragged to my place and forced her to kneel down infront of me with holding ears.she had no option.she did it.she was in that position for half-an-hour.then i have class.i ordered her to come with me and kneel down in goodness it was 11th std boys all 35 students were boys.she kneel down in front of class facing boys with hands up position for complete one hour.we cant describe her humiliation here.then after class i told her i was very tired so i need rest of 10 go to punishment room and wait.i will come.she asked "where is the punishment room madam".she got one kick from me and i told"you stupid you should know it as you are coming for punishment.then i went with her to punishment room and i closed all doors and i will start ear twisting....

by moumita Sat Sep 27 06:37:35 UTC 2014

Waiting eagerl.....for your next post

by guest Sat Sep 27 14:14:19 UTC 2014

ya curious at 2.30 both of us entered punishment room.i was bit tired.she felt pain in her hands,knees and ears.she was very strong and sexy.well built my friend curious request i told i will twist her ears.she felt happy that she wont get beaten.i think she didnot know about the pain of ear i removed my shawl,bangles and watch.i asked her to tie her saree into her hips.then i holded her left ear with my right hand and started pressing it in as much force as i the begining she was very normal.within 20-30 seconds she started shouting.aaaaaaah....maaaaaammmmmm please please no no i didnot listen anything.with my left hand hit her head.her ear started damaging.she was begging me.i holded her left ear like pressing rubber material.she felt huge pain.started crying.after 2 min,i left her and even i shocked on seeing her ear which was like carrot.very red.i laughed and asked "how is my power?".she replied,"mam you are the have all rights to beat me.but please mam i am very elder to beat me in hidden parts like my ass so that nobody knows.if you twist ear everyone will know so it will a shame for me please mam.."i gave some slaps to her and told"now everyone will clearly know that you are punished as your cheeks become red.she"mam"i told shut up you shameless old are not shamefull of your daughter behaviour but are you feel shame to get punishment?.no reply from her.then i went near to her damaged left ear and shouted "sonaliiiiiiiii"(her name)as much sound i can.she felt that ear i holded her right ear and draged her overall body with ear.she felt heavy pain.then after some minutes of right ear twisting,i made her bend(still my left hand was with her right ear and gave strong hits at her back with my right elbow and with cane.her back also well she cried like a child and requested to give second round of punishment except ear twisting.i gave her two options
1)ear twisting,
2)she should become full nude.she should stand in murga position for 45 min and if her buttocks disturbed she will get strong hit in her buttocks.if she rubbedher buttocks or she turned her body,again she should start murga which will continue for 45 min.she should start second murga immediately else she will get continuos hits.
she told"respectable mam.i choose option 2 a it wont show people i am punished"i laughed as she is innocent who doesnot know the dificulty of murga.after 10 min rest(for me only rest.she was ordered to massage my legs where she got some cannings in between when massage is not proper)also she massaged my shoulders as i got pain in my hands i twisted her round 2 which is last started.she became nude and first time i am seeing 36 years lady as full nude.i mocked her of being in birthday dress.she felt so humiliated.then she cme and stand behind me for murga.time started.i started hitting her buttocks untill she forms mrga only she felt,she cant bend having such a huge stomach.also her ears were reddish.she cant touch her ears.but for murga she has to touch her ears.she got continous hits and somehow after long struggle she came to murga making vertical buttocks.but she cant remain even for 2 min.she lowered her buttocks,i gave strong hit in buttocks she continued for many time upto some 15 min.then as she got so many hits in buttocks,she started jumping on further strokes.then at one stroke she started rubbing,i sttod up from chair and started hitting her severely all over her body untill she again come to murga.blood came from her body due to my hits.almost all parts of her body got lashes from she came to she has to stand for 45 min again.she cant.she lowered her buttocks many time and got severe hittings.after 10 min,she became unconscious.i poured water on her and scolded her in bad words for her disableness.she politely told"sorry madam.ear twisting is better".i will take it.i told ok cant bear o

by guest Sun Sep 28 09:28:42 UTC 2014

i told ok girl you cant bear it i will twist your ear for 45 min.she told madam already 25 min over.i replied this was option 2 which you cant finish so this is cancelled i will start option 1 freshly.she accepted because that stupid doesnot know know my ear twisting will be very bad as previous was trial and now only real.she was standing in front of me in humble nude position holding her ears.previous ear twisting was with dress now she is in nude showing her bulky milky white assets like a now her very tough time started.i told her i will start ear twisting after 15 min.till then i ordered her to cut my nails both in hands and legs and comb my hairs which disturbed when i beat her during murga.she accepted with full she started her duty.i started taking rest.within few min she will face very pathetic ear twisting...

by moumita Sun Sep 28 09:35:22 UTC 2014

Superb madam really made her pay for her mistakes...and you kept your word....thank u

by curious Mon Sep 29 02:06:51 UTC 2014

ramanika please tell more barefoot kneel had to do

by guest Mon Sep 29 14:26:04 UTC 2014

any one onlin

by rita Mon Sep 29 16:50:28 UTC 2014

why rita?

by luckyman Tue Sep 30 03:36:35 UTC 2014

Moumita madam....witing for the pathetic ear twisting

by curious Tue Oct 07 02:21:35 UTC 2014

why so

by guest Thu Oct 09 02:15:35 UTC 2014

hey manthrika.i think you didnot complete your initial story.what happened when you were nude inside teachers home when someone knocked.please tell lady

by sunil Sun Oct 12 09:10:35 UTC 2014

hi,online frnds

by pooja Sun Oct 12 11:59:32 UTC 2014

hi pooja

by sunil Sun Oct 12 12:46:56 UTC 2014

all stories are unbelivable

by anu Thu Oct 16 19:45:40 UTC 2014

Really this is very amusing. It is first time that I new aout paret getting punishment. But I feel this is good. everyone should be punished for irresponsibiity. Caning on buttcks is best.

by g K Ajmani Mon Oct 20 10:19:46 UTC 2014

yes ajmani true i believe it and i cane mothers on their buttocks.i am male teacher in religious school at village

by baruah Tue Oct 21 03:40:45 UTC 2014

baruah sir could you share any one experience of caning mothes butts.

by sunil Tue Oct 21 07:47:57 UTC 2014

hi friends.i am 28yr old teacher.i teach till 12std in my school for is very commom for me to punish mothers.they get very hard from me.i warn their children for two times and if they repeat the same,mother has to pay for it.i give hard canning,slaps and ear is my favourite.i love to twist ears harshly.mothers will scream and cry in pain.i give severe ear twsits for students also.

by soumya Fri Oct 31 04:25:49 UTC 2014

soumya mam where are you from? and please share any one experience that you canned mother please

by sunil Fri Oct 31 04:38:45 UTC 2014

sunil tell about you.

by soumya Fri Oct 31 11:47:41 UTC 2014

last month i punished a boys mom.she was 40 yrs old.i asked her to come in my room.
first,i started twisting her ear strongly.after 5min of twisting,she started crying.then i canned her palms for 10strokes with full force.she refused show her hand,so i gave hard slaps on her.she started begging me.then i pulled her hair and rotated her head and asked why not doing your mother job properly?she replied,this situatuion wont happen again.i again rwisted her both ears till it got red and left her.

by soumya Fri Oct 31 11:52:02 UTC 2014

super punished correctly.i am from gujarat there is no such kind of mother punishment.but i punish my wife very severely for my daughter's age is 34.she is elder daughter is 11 and younger is 9.she always scares and looks her daughter properly because if they do any mistake i will squeeze her tell about you mam.

by sunil Fri Oct 31 15:57:52 UTC 2014

can we chat in gmail,sunil?i am feeling little bad to post in public forum

by soumya Sun Nov 02 14:10:49 UTC 2014

if you have any problem,we can talk here.
i will just share another incident

yesterday i punished a 8std boys mom.he didnt do hw for long days,when i asked why,he told no one in his home helps him.but his mom is educated.he told that his mom refuses to take care of him in eduaction matters.

i got irritated.then i called his mom and took her to my room.there she was all aloone with me.i took my cane slapped her palms for 25 strikes.she started to cry when i hit the 5stroke.she was 35yrs old.she refused to show her palm.i twisted her ears and pinched her belly,she started to scream.but i didnt stop.i made her poor ears red and pinched it.tears were rolling in her eyes.i was still pinching her time came,where she could bare the pain at all.i could see it in her face.i left the ear and puled the hair.but still holding the belly,not pinching.i pulled her hair strongly and adviced her.she promised me she will take care of her child.then i gave a suddent twist in her belly threatenin to punish her again,if she dont do what i said and left her.

by soumya Sun Nov 02 14:19:30 UTC 2014

soumya is it true?how dare you beat elders that too parents?they wont complain?unbelivable...

by priya Fri Nov 07 09:12:02 UTC 2014

yes priya it is unbelievable for almost all cultured people. but in undeveloped countries this system is still followed.particularly villages.i have heard from people who occasionally went and stayed there.even some young lady teachers slap mothers in school ground infront of their kids and scolded in bad words it seems.what an uncultured people are they?world is not fully developed....

by ravi Sat Nov 08 10:34:29 UTC 2014

Tis is vry hard to belive!! I guess tis is cookedup stories

by Monika Sat Nov 08 17:14:29 UTC 2014

i too think like this monika.

by priya Sun Nov 09 05:14:13 UTC 2014

ravi is it true still i cant believe do you know where these kind of systems are folloowed?

by priya Sun Nov 09 05:15:10 UTC 2014

priya No idea

by Monika Sun Nov 09 14:36:38 UTC 2014

hi monika no idea in the sense what?didnot understand.i alsobelieve these are cooked up stories

by priya Sun Nov 09 17:09:09 UTC 2014

Priya Hav u had punishments in college?

by guest Sun Nov 09 18:24:46 UTC 2014

no no in school i had lot of how could they punish us?but i was ragged badly by senior boys and girls in my first year guest

by priya Mon Nov 10 07:03:26 UTC 2014

as a teacher i punish very severely boys and girls in my class.but i wont believe mother will be punished because parents are always respected as they pay huge fee.

by tanika Tue Nov 11 14:00:47 UTC 2014

hi tanika you are right.

by kavi Thu Nov 13 06:03:28 UTC 2014

hi kavi are you teacher or parent?

by tanika Thu Nov 13 11:18:38 UTC 2014

ok tanikaa tell me your details where are you from?which class you take?what is your age?how will you punish boys and girls?etc.,

by simon Fri Nov 14 03:51:44 UTC 2014

hi,i am a teacher.i strictly believe in punishment and give lot of severe and hard punishments to my children and students.but it was so bad to punish teachers.i am 38yrs old.i do punish students harshly,mercilessly.but i respect their parents

by kavi Sat Nov 15 10:24:02 UTC 2014

yes kavi me too same.i am 10 years younger to you.We beat students after getting permission from their parents.Our school admits particularly dull students since our founder wanted to concentrate on them.So brutal punishments are very common and regular in our school.My case is obvious because i am maths teacher.Students feel my subjects as very tough.I take 11th and 12th std.daily atleast 2 or 3 boys will be treated by me very hardly.its all for them only.

by tanika Sat Nov 15 16:39:41 UTC 2014


by guest Sat Nov 15 17:14:37 UTC 2014

i am also the principal of mid school.that is for 6-10,i am principal.i teach for 10-12 in school.i take parents object when we punish kids.i give very hard punishments for everyone.i want to make them good.even in my school,all teachers mostly punish.but students fear me more than anyone.
tanika,you have gmail or fb acc?

if not,we can chat here

by kavi Sat Nov 15 17:18:29 UTC 2014

very very sorry kavi for late reply.i think chatting here is better because we girls cant reveal our identity in nasty forum like this correct?hope you understood dear

by tanika Tue Nov 18 04:14:07 UTC 2014

ok tanika

by soumya Tue Nov 18 17:02:46 UTC 2014

soumya?? i replied to kavi only no.Ahh soumya really i dont believe what you told could teacher punish mother?you wrote fake story only no?please reply

by tanika Wed Nov 19 16:19:15 UTC 2014


by guest Wed Nov 19 17:03:24 UTC 2014

ok tanika no problem.does your students have red marks of cane after you punish?when i punish,it often lead to red marks on palm and butt

by kavi Wed Nov 19 17:09:14 UTC 2014

ya kavi i mormally use very strong twin thin cane.almost 99% of students will cry.Before punishment i will tie my saree into my hips and i will remove bangles and watches.I will hold boy's left hand with my left hand and i will thrash his butt with cane in my right hand.they will cry to stop it mam but i hate mercy after minimum 10 strokes only i leave.after that i notice boys cant sit properly.i strongly believe there must be strong thick red lines in their swollen butt.but i cant see their buttocks. sometimes i give palm caning where i wont forget to see their palm's red marks after beating.after 2 hours i will again call them to show their hands i enjoy rubbing their palms which will give severe pain to them.i feel the red marks still not disappear.girls will also get very strong punishment from me.

by tanika Thu Nov 20 10:13:19 UTC 2014


by guest Thu Nov 20 11:49:09 UTC 2014

ok tanika.i am also like you,never show mercy.i use to hit minimun of 25canes.what about you?

by kavi Thu Nov 20 14:02:35 UTC 2014

ya kavi mine minimum is 10 strokes.if it is very minor mistake i may slap them or give one sixer at their back with my hand or pich.I enjoy pinching teen boys' arms and armpits.caning minimum is 10.average is around 35-40.but one time one 12th std boy got 1 mark in maths and he didnot feel for it.That day i went to school after big fight with my i was very tensed.after correctting his paper i was about to mad.In the class i thrashed him like anything.i gave more than 60 strokes at his buttocks.i dont know how his buttocks would have been spoiled.he cried like anything.I stopped with some 60+ because my both hands started severe pain otherwise he would have got much more.he also got very powerfull slaps from me which made my hand trace in his cheeks.after 60+ strokes he was very uncomfortable he cant sit and he cant even stand.entire class tension due to my husband entirely went to his buttcks.after caning him only i got some relax.but later i felt guilty on myself that i punished 19 years old teen boy in most rude manner.isn't it kavi?

by tanika Fri Nov 21 03:59:44 UTC 2014

ok tanika.what time you come online?

by soumya Fri Nov 21 11:53:37 UTC 2014

dear soumya please answer my question i am eager to know that you really punish mothers?

by tanika Sat Nov 22 06:26:17 UTC 2014

tanika,you punish students daily?if so please share your recent punishment

by kavi Sat Nov 22 11:50:41 UTC 2014

yaya kavi my schol gt written permission from parents of students who are weak in studies and we have all rights to punish them.i am the teacher who gives more punishment.this is only because of my subject maths.people scare at maths i take 11th and 12th class.4 classes.11tha) 40 boys.11thb)11 boys and 29 girls.12th a)40 boys.12th b)7 boys and 30 girls.almost all students got punishment from me.last time i punished 12th b) one boy and one girl together because they became my school boys and girls should not speak.even they are brothers and only separate class for them.that boy was 19 years old and girl was 21 years.boy failed 2 years and girl failed 4 years in 12th so for 3 years they are studying in same they became lovers without the knowledge of their parents and school management.but i am criminal queen i found them and gave lifetime punishment which they wint forget in their life.there is a limit to punishment in our school.that limit is given in school brochure.parents will sign only after they are satisfied with that limit.if we cross that limit in punishing we will be dismiised.but i crossed the limit in punishing these two culprits i gave very very cruel punishment because they cant complain to their parents as it is a love is my lifetime opportunity i utilized it properly and i enjoyed a lot as i wont get this kind of opportunity in very strict school like this.

by tanika Tue Nov 25 04:12:06 UTC 2014

yes,but you are too strong in punishing tanika

by kavi Sat Nov 29 07:21:21 UTC 2014

hahaha kavi without hearing how i punished them you decided i am too strong in punishing nice girl.but if you hear the punishment experience of that too fellows you would come to know abt this iron lady tanika's power.

by tanika Sat Nov 29 09:10:03 UTC 2014

oh,pls tell me how to beat mercilessly tanika,what is your age?

by kavi Sun Nov 30 07:31:11 UTC 2014

haha kavi already i told my age i.e., 27.I am the youngest teacher in my school.I completed my 12th at 2004 in the same school.So i know rules and regulations of our school.I beat mercilessly because i got merciless beatings in the same class room in my buttocks before 10 years.I was also very weak student.Upto 12th maths was my enemy.i got around 45 whippings in my buttocks by my maths sir because i got 0 in model board exam.That was the most painful time in my life till now.i cried a lot rubbing my buttocks in front of my class boys and girls at the same place where now i make students cry.but that was the turning point in my life.After heavy canings i felt some terrorists thrown bomb at my buttocks.maths sir anger till didnot finish.he gave two strong sixer at my back made me to suffocate during my sobbing.he then hold my hand then twisted my one ear badly and gave one slap where his five fingers visible in my milky white cheeks and told "bledy tanika you are wasting your father's money just go out of school and work in your neighbour house so that you can earn are fit for that only.he asked me atleast tell this what is 0+0 Being a 12th girl i didnot answer it because i was very bad in studies.i didnot know how i passed 10th i dinot write anything in board exam.maybe due to my excellent handnwriting i passed.i told 0+0 is 10.everyone laughed in the was very shame for me.sir still get anger twisted my ear badly and dragged me to middle of grounf and made me murga and kneel dow.Also he told please dont attend my class hereafter.That day night i tried to commit suicide.suddenly sir's sentence came to my mind "you are wasting your father's money".i like my father lot.even my mother used to span k me in my bare butts for my studies.but my father wont even tell single word against me.he is gem for i got heavy anger and i started studying neighbourhood boy of age 24 was very good in maths.i wont speak to boys except my elder brother.i bought up in that manner.but first time i spoke to him to help me.he smiled and taught me.there was only 2 months for board exam.i didnot attend sir;s class but sir asked me sorry and told"i should have punished a girl like this.even in my 15 years of service i didnot boys also like this.very sorry please attend my class" but i took challenge and told"respectable sir i have one goal.i am travelling towards only started it so please let me do myself and i will get mark i wont spoil your name.he had no belief.but i got just pass in maths where that neighbour boy and sir was very happy.then maths become my passion i completed my in 2009 with gold i want to p.hd maths in any IITS.till then i am working in same school where the sir who teared my buttocks is maths HOD.Now he is very happy as i am very good in maths.he proudly tells tanika is my student.within 5 years i became assistant HOD which is very good achievement that is because of 2 things 1(my maths knowledge 2)my merciless brutal punishments.Now i again come back.these two fellows were very bad in studies just as i used to

by tanika Sun Nov 30 16:31:04 UTC 2014

so i thought its my essential duty to correct these two young fellows.but i dont know they were lovers.for 4 years that girl got lot and lot of buttocks span king from me.boy also for past 2 years experienced hell in his buttocks from i thought to speak them personally to help them.first i called anuja(girl) to separate room she started crying as she thought i will beat her.i just smiled and told "dear anuja you should study well.just think at the age of 21 you were still in school.i was in pg at 21.see me at just 27i became hod its because my hard work.during school days i was worst than you dear......."she simply hear everything and told "yes mam i should study well.i feel shame when you beat me in front of young people and even i cry so i will pass this time"i was happy and let her.then i called ravi same way he got scared and i put my hands on him and told "dont worry my dear boy i wont beat you and told the same "he told "miss please dont beat me infront of girls very shame if you want call me to your cabin beat me to the extent of your wish please".really i laughed at my heart on hearing this and i asked"you feel shame to get beatings infront of i not lookng like girl for your eyes.getting beating from girl is ok but beating infront of girls is not ok? see ravi this is very casual.frankly telling before ten years in same place i was very very badly beaten by hod sir which was 50 times painful than what i am giving buttocks totally spoiled man.he thrashed me in front of boys only i didnot feel shame instead i took pledge to convert pain lashes and bruises into only now i am bones were taken in my school days due to beatings this generation people you are lucky as punishment reduced....."then he told "ok miss you personally took care at me.this time i will pledge like you and i will pass"on hearing this i was happy then.....

by tanika Thu Dec 04 14:01:57 UTC 2014

good tanika.can you tell some ear twisting punishent you gave?

by kavi Fri Dec 05 04:57:36 UTC 2014

When mother is disciplined in presence of her kids, it should be kept in mind that it does not impact any harmful effect on their mind. Mother may be disciplined in presence of her kids by her husband, teachers or any other person but mother should know how to tackle this situation. I passed class 12 in 2007. After a long time I took admission in class 9 and my daughter was my class mate. At that time I was 32 yrs old. Some teachers consider my case and they did not punish me. Some did not consider me. Our class monitor was my daughter’s age. She had some power to give corporal punishment to students. She respected me and usually she did not punish me. But I always obeyed her. When I left for outside the classroom, always I took permission from her and before entering also did the same thing. In absence and presence of teachers she asked question to us (sometime teachers allowed her to ask question). When students did not answer, she caned on their both palm and made them to stand up on the bench with holding ears. In my case she always asked easy question and I easily answered that. But when I did not answer, she faced a lot of problem. She hesitated to punish me. But I stretched my palms and got caning from her and stood on the bench with holding ears. I was the senior most student of that class. I obeyed teachers as well as class monitor. Only one day when she was out of the class, unfortunately me, my daughter and another girl were involved in some argument and it created a big noise. She returned to the class and saw it. She caned both my daughter and another girl and made them kneel down outside the class room. She did not tell anything to me. I came to her and open my palms and told her to justify equally to everybody. Then she caned me and made me kneel down. When she hesitated to punish me, I always told her that rule should be equal. On the other hand, some teachers caned and punished me regardless of my age. They made me kneel down under hot sun for a long time. They made me kneel down at the school gate as outside people and passerby saw me. Up to class 12 I was made kneel down (some time along with my daughter) in our headmistress room and visitors saw me. But I consumed this easily. I studied with my daughter in our house and discussed about our punishment. I saw her my swollen part of my body and she also saw the same. I always told to my daughter and my classmates to obey authority, to obey teachers and monitor. Although the age of our monitor is as same as my daughter’s age but her position was next to our teachers. When I was in class 12 at the age of 35 I received caning and ear twisting from her when she was just 17. At that time she was know about me and she did not hesitate to punish. She frequently made me kneel down, caned made me to stand on the bench, sit ups with other students. It was a girls’ school and no boy was present there.

by a mother Thu Dec 25 17:09:59 UTC 2014

my case is slightly different lady.I studied along with my son for 3 years.10th 11th and 12th i got many canings slappings and spam kings from both male and female teachers and mostly with my son.Many teachers who beat me are younger than me.I was 34 when i joined 10th.first day itself i got very bad caning directly from principal sir.sir was 39.uniform is common to all students my school uniform was skirts for girls and half trousers for i was very aged i didnot want to expose my knees and calves to teen boys at my son's age so as a good girl i wore saree and sat next to my son.first hour was science class miss entered and she was angry and called my name she was very young around 25(approx 10 years younger than me) and asked how dare you sit in boys side?i replied i wanted to sit with my son.she called my son and gave very tight slap to him and holded his ears.I shocked and asked why madam beating him she shouted and told stupid shut your mouth call me you are not parent you are a student.your behaviour will affect other are sitting in between 2 boys.our school rule is that girls should not speak to boys.but you buffalo sitting in between 2 boys.are you not ashame of this?i got extreme shock on this.i didnot expect she will scold me in very rude words with no respect at all in front of kids.i replied "miss i am 35 and one boy is my son and other is at my son's age.what is the mistake in it?now i got hard slap from her.omg very paining very much unexpected sudden shock.even my husband didnot beat me for 16 years of my marriage my cheeks become red tears were flowing from my holding my son's ears she asked him you didnot tell about our school to your mom.he replied "no miss".she told so only she cries like this.i was about to die in that situation just because of she holded my ears and told"ok your son didnot are matured lady no.dont you have any sense?fool.wont you know about rules of a school your son is studying.atleast idiot you should have known before joining here as we got sign from students and gusrdians for their acceptance of corporate punishment.My ears were very paining.i didnot know how my son tolearted it without crying.i told sorry miss.she replied"shameless lady"calling her miss like a child is itself a big shame for me.then she told "hey rakshana you donkey where is your uniform girl?"(haha 10 years younger to me she addressed me as girl)i replied mam at 35 how could i wear skirts?she told"ok i cant control you as you are very disobedient"princi is the person who could discipline you.Your body should taste his cane once then your mischievous would end.i scared and begged her no miss.she again beat me at my arms and back and told if he sees you in this condition inside class he will discipline me come to his cabin.i was just standing miss still got anger and holded my ears very strong(ouch very paining)and dragged me mercilessly to principal's room.then ....

by rakshana Thu Dec 25 19:02:51 UTC 2014

@ rakshana, please continue.

by guest Sat Dec 27 14:54:52 UTC 2014

I also have the similar experience. I have a friend. We both studied in a school up to class 8. Then she suddenly stopped her schooling and got married. She was out of education for a long time. When her daughter was 10 yrs old, she came to me for purpose of admission of her daughter. I insisted her to continue her study along with her daughter. After a lot of discussion ultimately she agreed to get admission along with her daughter. Again she got admission in class 8 at the age of 24. Although her age was 24 she looked very young just like 18 yrs old. She wore churidar by getting special permission but other girls up to class 8 wore skirts. She studied in our school up to class 12. During her school years she received many punishment like other girls. But she never got punishment in her daughter’s class. But she received caning at the school gate along with her daughter when both were late. So many time she was made kneel down out side the class room, on the corridor and on the school yard. Her daughter and her class mates saw her punishment. So many time she was made kneel down on the yard and caned by a male teacher. It was a small school so everybody watched her punishment. I never punished her. Even punished any students of her class because of her presence in class. She got punishment but she was determined to complete her schooling and ultimately she was succeed.

by guest Sat Dec 27 15:42:59 UTC 2014

hey guest i am continuing.
miss holded my ears and dragged to princi's room.already i heared about principal sir from my both sons(my younger son was 10 studying fifth in same school)Princi is very well known for hard caning.all students scare at him.we reached his room.He is milky white(me too)tall-well built(around 6 feet perfect body)he asked what happened miss explained he got much anger.He simply told her"dont waste time as first day it happened after my punishment she will become normal go and take class"thank you sir-miss went.
Prin:do you want to study here?
me:ofcourse sir.
Prin:good i will cane you at your buttocks.
me:sir!!!!!i just stunned.please give respect dont speak to lady by using these words sir.
prin:hahaha bledy idiot.if you want to study in out school get it from me otherwise you can leave now.option is yours as you are old i also dont want to beat you like teen girl.
(i cant leave because my husband lost job due to his alcoholic habbit. he cant do any job now.i have two sons.i have to see the elder son is dull so no need to spend for his higher education.but my younger son is genius.he is studying at full fee waiver due to his good academics.Principal admitted me at very minimal fee after my shameless begging that to because of my family both sons studying there from their kindergarden and most importantly my younger son is the hero of that school.So i cant study at any school at this low cost.i cant pay high fee as i am mow using my husband and retired father's deposit money.the company which i am working for 12 years will give me immediate promotion if i passed 12th as i am very sevriced lady also i took 3 years sabbatical provided alll these 3 conditions i cant leave the school!)
me:sir i want to study so i will accept your caning.
Princi:ok your wish before caning you should know the reason for caning.
me:yes sir.
1.girls and boys should not speak at all.(I spoke to your son!!!)
2.girls and boys should sit separately(i sat in boys side)
3.students should address teachers as miss and master(i addressed and addressing madam and sir)
4.students hould not speak even one word against teacher(i spoke)
5.students should not tell i dont know the rules and regulations of school(i told)
6.students should immediately obey the command of teachers(i was just standing when miss told go to princi's room)
7.studnets should not question principal(now i am questioning)
8.very important students should be in full uniform(boys-uniform shirt,tie,badge,uniform half-trouser,black shoe,clean shave moderate hair(no bald,no too much hair),belt.
(girls-including me even i am not a girl i am a lady.Uniform shirt with uniform blzer(very childish),uniform skirt,shoe,badge,oiled hair,neatly combed and branded starightly(not twice or single braids)hair should touch ass atleast half of back part,no bald no pop cutting,no lipstic,no jewels,no bangles,stickers.)
(i wore saree,blouse,bangles,single braid,heel slippers,lipstick,nail-polish,jewels.
9.Fully trimmed nails(as a housewife i had very long nail in both fingers for household purpose)
After hearing this. my head started rotating oh my god what a psycho school how my sons tolerating how i will tolerate for 3 more entire body will be filled with lashes and bruises....hawwwwwww

by rakshana Sat Dec 27 18:57:51 UTC 2014

master(princi sir) continued.rakshana do u understand this i told understand sir.
Princi'ok girlss now you came to know why caning now you should know how you will be canned
Me:(oh what a crap)yes sir.
Princ-Caning for boys-shirt removed in ground raised both hands up caning will be given with double twin thin cane)on hearing this i was very very scared
for girls-stand 15 min in ground with one leg and other leg at knee of this leg(i.e.,left leg at ground and right leg should balance on the thighs of left leg-very very difficult position)with both hands raised above head to join.if position disturbed you will be canned at your left thighs very hard.if not done properly it will repeat)-yepppaaa .(my total body was completely sweating due t fear)then caning at buttocks with double twin thin cane.rakshana will you accept this
me:yes sir(as no other option scolding him very brutally inside my heart)
princi:ok rakshu next i have to calculate the number of strokes to be given to your stout buttocks that depends on the level of crime.each crime has different levels
me:sir i cannot understnad
Princi: now you will understand
for disobeying rule 1(see above)-4 strokes
for rule 2 -11 strokes
rule 3-3
rule 4-7
rule 5-10
rule 6-8
rule 7-5
rule 8-25(as many things missed at me as per uniform code)
rule 9-5
total:78 strokes at buttocks after standing should sleep in ground itself with your buttocks facing upwards and i will give with full force.
Me:sir!! i am a lady.I am not buffalo to tolerate 78 strokes at buttocks that too from double twin thin cane
Princi:rascal country fellow now again disbeyed rule 7 rule 3 and rule 4 totla 15 strokes as you did this even after knowing just duble it s 30 strokes totally 108 strokes will strike yur buttocks.
ahhhhhh what will happen to my buttocks is it the situationos students should we lead a life with this much pain.after paying huge fee is it the way to treat us but i cant ask these to princi i pissed inside my panty due to fear.already my entire body is fully wet due to sweating now luckily i wore panty(normally i wont)as it is first day at school.i asked him sir!!!
he:hey what monkey?
me:i want to go for toilet
he:urine or shit?
me:chi urine only sir
he:ok permission granted come soon
i left his room and entered toilet room to relax few seconds
my condition was very worst
guest my dear friend continue later now very tired of typing bye friend

by rakshana Sat Dec 27 19:29:58 UTC 2014

At present corporal punishment is out dated in almost all schools. But few years back it was very common in all schools (in girls’ school also). At that time due to lack of schools girls (married also) was bound to take the admission in a particular school though they knew they had to face punishment. One of my relative got admission in a girls’ school 30 yrs back. At that time her age was 33. She got admission because suddenly her husband was passed away. If she would pass the class 10 exam (matriculation), she would get her husband’ job. She knew everything about the punishment in that school because her daughter was studying in the same school in class 9. But she thought that somehow she would manage it and she admitted in class 9, same class of her daughter. She faced tremendous punishment for 2 years in presence of her daughter. She got caning (palm as well as butks even by male teachers), was made kneel down, stood up on the bench with holding ears, sit ups, stood on chair position etc. She got such punishment outside the class room also, during assembly time, in tiffin time, and in class time. Teachers made her kneel down near the school during tiffin time for her humiliation. Many outsider male people saw her punishment. Boys of a local boys’ school also saw her punishment. Number of time she was made kneel down in headmistress room and headmistress was taking with outside people (mainly with male people) when she was getting kneel down punishment withholding ears in the same room. She had not alternative, so she desired it. After passing class 10, she never came back to school.

by sahana Sun Dec 28 12:41:01 UTC 2014

Introducing punishment to mothers in presence of their daughters or sons is not acceptable. But sometime it is necessary. I was a retired teacher. Now I get tuition of a mother and her daughter. Her daughter is 13 yrs old and studying in class 9. She is 31 or 32 yrs old and still studying in class 11. After a long time she again has readmitted in to class 11. I go their house and take tuition of them. I do not take tuition together. I applied light punishment to daughter because it is effective to her. I make her kneel down, sit ups some time I order her to stand with holding ears. Occasionally I cane her. It is not a problem. When I take her tuition her mother off and on come to that room and see her punishment. But problem is arising when I go for taking tuition her mother. She very dull student and even not serious. I have with my level best to improve her performance without giving any punishment. But this method was failure. Next I have started to apply light punishment just make her kneel down, sit ups 5 times or hold ears and stand. Her performance was little bit improved. But later she has been habituated with that. Then I have started to implement palm caning with a wooden scale. I cane on both of her palms at the edge of the scale. Now she has become serious in study. But her daughter heard caning sound from other room. When I take her tuition, door always open because I think closed door tuition of a lady is not acceptable. One day her daughter has told me that she has known that her mother gets punishment. She has seen from the outside of the room. She also has told me that she has seen that her mother receives caning and also she has been made kneel down with holding ears. Later her mother has informed me that her daughter has known everything. So It is not necessary to take tuition separately. Take tuition together and longer the duration of tuition time. I has accepted her advice and then started taking tuition together. Now both receives punishment and for avoiding punishment performance of her mother has been improved.

by Sunil Yadav Sun Dec 28 16:20:37 UTC 2014

rakshana darling's story is very sexy please continue it lady

by guest Mon Dec 29 18:31:43 UTC 2014

sorry guest for continuing
It took 15 min for me to wash my panty and remove my dress to get free air as i was sweat.then i entered princ room.
he:rakshu are u ready?
me:yes sir
he:yu should not make teachers to wait which is also a you disobey it,you will get 2 strokes per
me:30 strokes sir(very surprised as i will be punished for this silly reason too!!!)
he:so totally 138 strokes.seriously i dont know rakshana how your buttocks is going to tolerate this .lets see
at that time first hour finished.second hour was maths in my class.maths sir entered the class.princi took me to middle of ground.
step 1: 15 min standing
PT sir and PT miss were with princi standing on either side of me.both were seem to be much younger than me.princi stood in front of me holding double twin thin cane.on seeing it i understood it will give huge i am ordered to tie my saree into hips and raise hands above head.PT master started sighting my armpits thrugh my blouse which i never expected from a man younger than me.i tolerated omg very very difficult to put one leg in other leg's thighs.also i was aged. i struggled so i got powerful strokes in my thighs from princi.teen girls can stand like this but me i struggled for proper position as postition is not prper princi kept on thrashing my thighs i started crying loudly like a child where kids watched from class.of course my elder son also watched(luckily younger son's class is in other campus).within 15 min i got approx 30-40 strokes in my left thighs it burnt.after 15 min pt master and pt miss holded me i cried princi told ok you cant tolerate the canning so tomorow receive the caning i was very i entered the class by rubbing my thighs and crying.maths sir was also younger(28-30)he told "rakshana you should forget whatever happened till now and you should listen my class.otherwise you will be severely punished"how many punishments i will tolerate? but i cant ask this as per school rules.i went to the boys side where i sat i toook my bag and other things and shifted to girls' side.the girl sitting next to me asked "aunty is it paining too much".i replied "yes i could not tolerate my thighs damaged" she replied "please aunty clear yur tears dont cry" me"i cant" sir saw both of us and shouted for talking in the class.then my bad time again started......

by rakshana Sat Jan 03 10:23:27 UTC 2015

rakshana you deserve the punishment girl

by moumita Sat Jan 03 10:34:18 UTC 2015

rakshana did u receive caning wearing skirt

by guest Sat Jan 03 14:01:24 UTC 2015

rakshana did u receive caning wearing skirt

by guest Sat Jan 03 14:01:24 UTC 2015

Hi rakshana,
Your story is quite good but your english is really must continue the schol to learn english.

by guest Sun Jan 04 05:22:42 UTC 2015

i am really happy to see many people reading my tragedy and like it.first moumita why i deserve caning that too at the age of 34.i read your story and stunned on knowing how you punishes elders.very bad.stop by punishing students.dont punish mothers ok.i am not a girl you are girl just 23 you are.remember your age moumita before commenting.i also read how you scolded manthrika who is very aged in this forum.your attitude is very bad.actually you deserve the caning.then guest i received all canings in skirt only except the first one as my school uniform is skirt.those painful stories are really interesting which will come because i want to write story on continous basis so please wait my dear thing i want to convey is receiving caning through skirt is multiple times painful than through saree as skirt is thinner and petticoat supports inside saree.skirt for 34 years lady is also very ridiculous.then guest 2 yes man my problem is english.even i am weak in my mother tongue.i didnot know english at all when i joined my son 40% was due to my bad school rule was to speak in english but i didnot know anything in i am far better.i learnt english from my younger son(he was 6th i was 11th!!)just to reduce the i am 12th.even now i am getting canning.i cant continue school hereafter so please tolerate my english man.this is the maximum i can please co-operate.i will continue my story later.bye friends

by rakshana Sun Jan 04 06:55:42 UTC 2015

hey rakshana rascal just shut you non sense.i am a teacher.You are a student.Mind it.Yes i punish elders what you can do?it is my style.even yesterday i punish one girl's mother who is 44 completely nude.then what you told you are not a girl i am agirl as i am 23.even i am 23 i am a teacher i completed post graduation but you shameless old hug still doing 12th.i scolded manthrika because she is not mentally matured.she is a timid useless lady.what is for you?is she your elder sister or what?idiot.mind your words girl otherwise i will use my cane at your body.

by moumita Sun Jan 04 08:36:36 UTC 2015

moumita seriously there is no mental problem for manthrika.actually you are mentally come you get so angry on me?am i your slave?how come you use vulgar words for this silly your age i was very innocent.i even wont open my mouth.But you beating elders nude.will you beat your mother nude like that 44 years old lady?now my age is elder son's age is 19 just 4 years younger than you.But you really insulted me moumita.I am not an animal to scold you as you scolded me.then there is no difference between a matured lady i advise you,change your attitude little girl!!!otherwise you will struggle a lot.

by rakshana Sun Jan 04 12:06:33 UTC 2015

moumita,you are absolutely right.i am 26 yr old female teacher,in my institution there are students studying from age 14-40.i punish students,but also studrnts mothers severly.yesterday i punished a boys mom who was 38yrs old

i was very irritated by her boy because he was copying in a i want to punish her mother harshly i thought.i asked her to wait in my room.i told the mistake her son has done.she simply said she will correct him.but then i went near her and gave a hard slap on her face,she fell to ground.she shouted why you slapped me?i went near and started twisting her ear and made her stand up.she rasied her hand to beat me,but i gave another rapaid slaps on her cheek.she started crying and said it was paining.i said let it pain and twisted her ear more badly.then i gave 10 slaps on her cheeks,her lips started to bleed due to my severe slaps.then i gave her another ear twist.she told she will correct her son.i said you better do it.i twisted her for another 10min and left her with her bleeding lips.i made her stand in murgha for 30min and then left her.i felt a bit bad for her,but still it is my duty

by shruthi Mon Jan 05 14:42:31 UTC 2015

shruti you are correct.i am also like you.I am 35.12 years of teaching experience till now i punished approximately 40-50 mothers very hard.i am very surprised on reading your post how come a mother tries to beat a teacher?who gave her that liberty?mother should always be sub missive to teachers.You should have punished her more.why you didnot remove her dress?if i were in your position surely i would have made her nude murga and made her to ask sorry by touching my feet in ground in front of all school members.Even at 38 that lady didnot know how to behave with teachers.anyhow i am very happy to see that you gave her 10 hard slaps.By seeing her bleeding lips people should have known the reason and humiliated her then only these kind of useless mothers will be corrected

by nandini Mon Jan 05 17:55:55 UTC 2015

shruti why you are feeling bad?never show any mercy while beating mothers.We can show mercy to students but not to stout mothers.Teachers are there to punish mothers.If not us then who will beat those stupid ladies?Mothers should always fear at teachers. They should not even sit in front of us.I wont give single bit of respect to any mother.Mothers scare at hearing my name itself.I use separate sticks for students and mothers as mothers deserve very hard thick cane.Punishing mothers is not even your duty it is your rights and please utilize it in your career.

by nandini Mon Jan 05 18:04:39 UTC 2015

nandini,can we chat in gmail about this.if not,we can chat here

by shruthi Tue Jan 06 11:54:03 UTC 2015

to shruti and nandini
i also want to chat with you girls on beating those ladies.please include me in your chat either gmail or here.then i am very happy to see teachers like you.nandini you are my inspiration. you beat 40-50 mothers in your 12 years of career.i beat 4 mothers in my 5 months of career.shruti thanks for supporting me and i dont want to reply rakshana because at my status i should not even speak with that illiterate low class people like rakshana and i correct shruti and nandini?

by moumita Tue Jan 06 14:29:23 UTC 2015


by guest Tue Jan 06 16:20:37 UTC 2015

Hi shruti and nandini,
it is ridiculous.why mother should be beaten for student?what nonsense is this?for example i am a student of 38 my mother crossed 60.If i do any mistake my mother will be canned??seriously i couldnot understand the procedure.That too nandini beaten 40-50 mothers how cruel you are!shruti why you beat the mother instead of boy?what mother will do if her son copy in the exam?you two ladies please tell your location so i will come to know where this system is followed?

by rakshana Wed Jan 07 06:48:50 UTC 2015

rakshana you also please tell your location because i want to know which school harshly punishes elder lady(you)like this for silly reasons

by sunil Wed Jan 07 13:49:10 UTC 2015

shruti dear i think we can chat here i dont want to reveal my identity is it ok for you shruti?

by nandini Thu Jan 08 10:26:40 UTC 2015

moumita my dear young lady i am proud of you.You told i am your inspiration.very good.even at your age i didnot beat mothers as they were very seniors.I respected them.Then only i came to realize the real power of teachers and how mothers should be treated.I beat a mother of boy at my age of 24.5(more than one year of my career) who was 40 years old.Even i didnot remove her dress.I gave severe palm caning and murga punishment(with full dress). Then i like the experience of punishing elders and i thought why i should waste this golden i started calling mothers of students for any silly reasons and punishing them.As a mother she wont have any minute power to oppose she had to co-operate with me even she knows there is no istake with her or with her child.My all punishments except first one were completely nude.I enjoy teaching profession just for caning mothers.Moumita you are very will see a lot.also you are very brave.the way you scolded those useless ladies manthrika and rakshana is awesome.I really like your final point "for my status i should not reply to low calss people like rakshana".this cent percent true.We teachers have high status.We shouldnot speak to mothers.We should only punish them.I wont speak to mothers and if they open their mouth they have to get for that also as per my rule it is not respect if they speak to us.They have to know the reason for punishment from their kids only.Teachers have prestige.We cannot tell the reason to them before punishing them.even now i punished 2 mothers fully nude simultaneously just before typing this message.I cannot describe the comfort i had as punishing and hearing their blubber sound due to pain.I wont speak anything the sound will come from their body when my hands or cane thrashes their bare body.first time in 12 years experience i punishing two ladies was 28 years old and other was 41.all the best moumita

by nandini Thu Jan 08 10:47:31 UTC 2015

hi!i am radha and i am 38yrs old.I am the principal of my school.I use to punish mothers mercilessly for their pupils mistake.i have punished any aged mothers without any description.

by Radha Fri Jan 09 17:23:35 UTC 2015

nobody answered my question.atleast radha you please answer it?how cruel you are to punish mothers?sunil i am from northeast india.

by rakshana Sat Jan 10 04:03:34 UTC 2015

it is not cruelty should know to take care your child and make them in right way,if u dont,we will punish you also

by radha Sat Jan 10 06:08:30 UTC 2015

today i punished another mother of 38 yrs old

by shruthi Sat Jan 10 09:09:47 UTC 2015

please shruti mam tell how you punish that 38 yrs old lady

by sunil Sat Jan 10 09:48:11 UTC 2015

radha mam please share anyone experience in your life of caning mothers?

by sunil Sat Jan 10 09:53:27 UTC 2015

radha then why teachers are there?it si your responsible to take care of our child.Because we are paying fee you are getting from what we are paying.So actually mothers should punish teachers if our child do any mistake as you didnot do your duty for what we are paying.If we should take care of our child then why should we join our kids to school?and what is teacher's duty?

by rakshana Sat Jan 10 10:27:01 UTC 2015

Punishing mothers who don't care for their childrens behavior and education ; but only waste their time watching tv serials and buying expensive sarees is very very necessary! You should not be a mother if you cannot take care of your children! Lazy mothers who don't care for their childrens future needs to be reminded of their duties with appropriate punishment and humiliation, I have punished many such sloppy mothers in my 28 years of teaching carrier and trust me, the school grades and behavior of the children improved the very next day after the mothers received punishment from me!

by draupadi Sat Jan 10 15:28:17 UTC 2015

oh my god many schools follow this mother punishing system.It is actually good as i also punish and thrash my wife if my daughter's do any mistake or dont study properly.Draupadi mam please share anyone experience of punishing mothers here

by sunil Sat Jan 10 17:01:44 UTC 2015

sunil, very well
One of my student never used to study,never did homework and failed to complete classwork too. I punished her several times but she didnot change at all. So I called her mother to school and complained. She really didnt pay much attention , just said yes i will make sure my daughter finish homework etc etc. But even two months latter nothing changed. I called the mother to school for another four times more, but the student didnot improve. When she passed with very bad grades in her midterm examination, i was very angry, called the mother again to school and punished her severely. I made her hold years and made her do sit-ups 50 times, whenever she got tired, i slapped her on the cheeks and forced to complete 50 situps. i then forced her to lift her saree and caned her bottom 20 times, (she was still wearing petticoat offcourse) .
Believe me her daughter began to improve in her studies and in final exams she received third highest mark in the whole class. It proves that punishing mothers improve the performance of the child.

by draupadi Sat Jan 10 18:55:36 UTC 2015

draupadi,what is your age mam?

by radha Sun Jan 11 06:08:03 UTC 2015

Rakshana,you are talking non-sense,being a mother you should punish your child and keep them under control

by radha Sun Jan 11 06:08:59 UTC 2015

shut up radha being a principal you should do your duty idiot.Your duty is not punishing mothers.mothers are customers you are just employess mind it.This applies to that old draupadi also.then sunil too much.You punish your wife for your daughters mistake.what a stupid you are?if your daughetr make any mistake both you and your wife are responsible.Then who will punish you?you show your power to should be ashamed of yourself.chi what people you are?

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 06:22:56 UTC 2015

hi rakshana,i am also a mother of 36 yrs old,i like to talk with you on gmail on this,can we?

by kavi Sun Jan 11 06:37:32 UTC 2015

ya kavi post your gmail id here we can chat but i saw in this post that kavi is a principal!!is it not you?

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 07:07:08 UTC 2015

no i am new rakshana

by kavi Sun Jan 11 07:26:15 UTC 2015

so no teacher here punish students?

by merlin Sun Jan 11 07:35:41 UTC 2015

rakshana-send me a message in gmail,i will be online by 2 afternoon today,we can chat then

by kavi Sun Jan 11 07:40:50 UTC 2015

ya kavi did you get canings in your son or daughter's school?

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 07:54:35 UTC 2015

hahaha merlin.We will punish boys.We wont punish their mother unless for any serious offence like eve teasing,xxx books etc.,But we wont punish girls(particularly teen girls) as their mothers will bear for it.There is prescribed system for punishing mothers and they will be punished very hard.Teachers has full rights to punish mothers upto any extent as we cant punish teen girls after certain limit.even male teachers punish mothers frequently.During exam results,i call all mothers together whose daughter's failed in the exam and punish those stupids together heavily.It will be a great fun for teachers

by moumita Sun Jan 11 08:08:18 UTC 2015

kavi are u online?

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 08:53:14 UTC 2015

yes rakshana

by kavi Sun Jan 11 08:59:33 UTC 2015

please message me in gmail rakshana

by kavi Sun Jan 11 09:00:31 UTC 2015

i dont know ur gmail id kavi please tell

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 09:02:25 UTC 2015


by kavi Sun Jan 11 09:08:20 UTC 2015

draupadi madam thanks for the reply and you did good job.doing 50 sit-ups is extremely difficult task.Her haunch bones must have been expelled.Also in between slaps are awesome as nobody can do 50 sit-ups continously so she must have felt tired,pain and very much humiliated which will transform into her daughter's efficient performance.only thing i want to tell is why didnot you gave 20 strokes in her bare bottom?because petticoat will save their buttocks from pain.Caning at bare bottom will add great humiliation.whenever i punish my wife i unish her only by making nude so madam please address this issue

by sunil Sun Jan 11 09:14:19 UTC 2015

i didnot receive kavi

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 09:15:24 UTC 2015

hi sunil

by draupadi Sun Jan 11 09:18:25 UTC 2015

hey rakshana who are you to order me?its my wish to beat my wife.What is for you? you asked me are you human?ask same to your husband you shameless lady.i will show my power to my wife as she is my property.I didnot show my power to you.i think you have some mental problem you became mad after sitting as a student with teenagers.better consult a doctor.Then what you asked lady?if my daughter do any mistake who will punish me?hey mental.why father should be punished?it is mother's duty to feed child not ours.your husband is not proper.otherwise you wont speak this much.If you were my wife,i would have given life time harsh brutal unbearable punishment to you rakshu

by sunil Sun Jan 11 09:19:44 UTC 2015

yes draupadi mam please reply for my question why no nude caning?

by sunil Sun Jan 11 09:20:28 UTC 2015

sunil if you are so interested,can we chat in gmail?

by draupadi Sun Jan 11 09:21:08 UTC 2015

yes draupadi mam please post your gmail id here

by sunil Sun Jan 11 09:23:52 UTC 2015

i cant sunil,you please post your gmail id here and i will send you a immediate message

by draupadi Sun Jan 11 09:25:50 UTC 2015

rakshana-you tell that you wont punish your children?

by radha Sun Jan 11 12:14:38 UTC 2015

ya radha i punish both of my sons severely

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 12:47:44 UTC 2015

tell me how you punish rakshana,what is your age?

by radha Sun Jan 11 15:57:00 UTC 2015

radha please read my previous posts.I am studying with my son.I am 38 now.I got many canings at this age as a 12th standard student but not as a mother because mother caning is not there in our school.I punish my elder son frequently but my younger son is very genius.Anyhow sometimes i beat him also due to some disciplinary issues.Normally i slap them,or thrash their butt with cane,kneel down,sit ups some rare cases murga punishment also if they commit serious crime.Only once just before 30 months i canned my elder son completely nude because i saw one xx book in his bag.I know it is not good as he is 18 now he deserves privacy.even i am his mother he was very reluctant when i ordered to remove his underwear also.But he did it because he know about me.The canings last about 40 minutes.He was very much beaten so he sobbed then only my anger stopped.for about one hour he was full nude infront of me which he felt very shame as i am opposite gender.He made 20 min murga where i holded my hands just above his bare buttocks and slapped buttocks when position disturbed.It was serious punishment which i learnt very recently because after long time now i started going to school back.Ok radha tell me why you are asking these things?what is the relation between this and punishing mothers?

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 16:15:16 UTC 2015

you there now?

by radha Sun Jan 11 16:16:09 UTC 2015

hey sunil douchebag what you think of yourself?is it the way to speak to a lady?your mother is also woman.mind it.How dare you speak about my husband?my husband is proper but your mother is a problem.She didnot feed you properly.If so you wont speak like this.I am normal girl consult psychology doctor as you are psyco.then what you told you beat me like your wife?if you speak like this i will file a case against carefull

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 16:18:01 UTC 2015

rakshana-i just want to know about it.

you are a good mother

by radha Sun Jan 11 16:18:44 UTC 2015

yes radha

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 16:18:45 UTC 2015

thank you radha sorry for scolding you.then did you read my story as a student dear?

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 16:19:44 UTC 2015

yes i did,dont get angry with me,i punish only mothers who dont care their children.

but you care for your son and punish me,you are really good

by radha Sun Jan 11 16:21:17 UTC 2015

radha seriously you are gem.again i realize educated people wont be wrong.That too you are are in prestigious position.but i am illiterate lady.doing 12th in 38 forgive me if i tell anything query you told you will punish mothers who dont care i am a school student at the age of 38.If i am your student and do any mistake will you punish my mother who crossed 60?then please tell where are you from?i am from northeast india

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 16:29:42 UTC 2015

nothing wrong in your side.i wont punish your mom for your mistake.only till the mom is fit and children is studying age,i can do that.but at 38 you are studying 12,so i cant punish your mom because you know your responsibility at this age,so your mom is not responsible.i am from chennai

by radha Sun Jan 11 16:34:04 UTC 2015

very good radha but i hear these mother punishing system is only followed in small countries like bangladesh and some parts of northeast india that too in villages.But in south india that too in a metro city school has mother punishing system.I live in chennai for 10 years from 1997 to 2007 for my husbands' job.i learnt tamil also.But the schools where my sons studied didnot have mother punishing system.We never heard of it.only through this forum i came to know.But radha even you are at my age you are very matured.i should learn a lot from you.if i come to chennai to meet my old friends surely i will meet you i want to be your student and to get punishment from you so that i will learn many things.radha you are guide girl

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 16:42:41 UTC 2015

hmm ok rakshana,can we talk about parenting topic,that is taking care and punishing our child?

by radha Sun Jan 11 16:44:46 UTC 2015

sure radha as told i should learn from you even now i am weak student getting punishment like kid from very young teachers of age start discussion
By the bye tell me the name of your school let me i know it or not

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 16:46:43 UTC 2015

IT is a private school,i will tell the name after we become some more familiar.
what common mistakes your kids do?

by radha Sun Jan 11 16:48:28 UTC 2015

radha till you dont beleive me!ok my elder son is 18.younger is 14.My husband is fully alcoholic during his childhood he made him to buy the drinks after consuming alcohol he will throughly beat younger son was child at that time so no problem.My elder son used to watch this and he spoiled due to it.He became weak in studies as that time i didnot study i completed only 8th so i couldnot teach him.He himself thought ladies should be treated like this.His character became very bad.He started consuming alcohol at the age of 14 itself which i came to know just few months back.I am very much anger about myself as i didnot do my duty.I should have controlled that at the begining that time i didnot find it.(what a stupid i am?)the reason is that time only i admitted my husband in hospital and returned to my native from chennai and i joined school.due to my very shameful punishments i failed take care of my sons.I always used to do homework and afraid of my teachers caning which made me good student but bad everything became wrong.I afraid whether my elder son would become like his father?please provide solution radha?

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 16:55:45 UTC 2015

you have instill some fear on him.If he gets low marks,dont think that you dont know his subjects,just beat him mercilessly.If you keep doing it,he will get some fear and start studying.Do not stop punishing him.Even for small mistakes,punish him very badly.Even let him bleed,dont care about it.Just keep on punishing him,then one day he will be good to you

by radha Sun Jan 11 17:01:15 UTC 2015

i will tell an incident for you rakshana.My son is now studying 9std and daughter 7std.Once my son got a complaint from his teacher that he is very naughty in school.So,one day i took him a room and made him nude
I took a belt and gave 50 smacks on his bare butt.Then i took a cane and gave 25 on his palm.His butt were fully red and palm was swollen,i didnt show mercy.I gave some hard slaps to his face and his lips started bleeding.Then he promised me to be good.From that punishment,i never got a complaint about my son in school

by radha Sun Jan 11 17:25:17 UTC 2015

radha now i know his subjects because we two studying together in the same class We two are dull students scoring last marks.Needless to say we two will be punished very severely together for marks.even at this age i cant bear the pain and i will cry But my son wont cry i wonder how he bears which i could not. In the home if i order him to study simply he replies you should not tell this as you are also weak student so first you study.Just think radha his only duty is to study but i have to take care of my husband who is in hospital,i have to do all households,i have to take care of these two 2 boys as a mother.i have to earnpart time for these two.Alsoi have to take care of 4 old people my in-laws and my parents because i am the only daughter of my parents and my inlaws also i have to see since my brother-in-law is in jail(he is a notorious criminal).alsoi am very aged to study nothing i cant memorise.i sleep at 12.30 a.mand get up at 4.30 a.m even i cant sit in the class during afternoon if i sleep then i have to get punishment for that also(running the ground 10 times).but he is not respecting me.after i beat him nude he is not speaking to me.I was physically affected due to his fatherpast now physically affected due to my reachers and mentally affected due to him.i am regularly crying for himbuthe is not treating me like mother then radha my sons studied at srmjv school in you know that?it was very good school.

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 17:28:31 UTC 2015

you are in a bad situation rakshana,but only way to come up is punish your elder son mercilessly without any affection.Only if you do so,he will obey you

by radha Sun Jan 11 17:37:55 UTC 2015

radha i am happy to see your post that your son become good after nude caning but my son's attitude became very worse after nude caning only he asks questions that no mother should hear in her life.i tolerate everything because he is my son.if my younger son is not there i would have killed my elder son and committed suicide.i want to speak a lot to you radha because i cant speak to my family members as everyone is in problem. you are the one with my age so you could understand my problems.we will continue chat radha in future also i will meet you in chennai soon.i will take your advice i willpunish him i will see what he does. tell me radha did you hear srmjv school in chennai where you are?

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 17:47:07 UTC 2015

k radha chat with you latter.ihave somany worknowi should do it and elder son till didnot come to home.i dont know where he is he phoned tohis brother andtold he will come before 12 see you radha

by rakshana Sun Jan 11 17:58:24 UTC 2015

hi rakshana,i havent heard about that school

by radha Mon Jan 12 11:38:52 UTC 2015

hey rakshana i think your treatment is not enough to your son.Send him to me.I will correct him.even 40 year old mothers scare at me .He is just 18 year old teen boy.My cane will correct his body.ok rakshu?

by moumita Fri Jan 16 11:49:05 UTC 2015

nandini mam thanks for the guidance.Ya my aim is to beat mothers mercilessly.I am doing it succesfully.After hearing that you punish two ladies together i got interest in it.I also will try.Please mam describe the full punishment of those two mothers in detail

by moumita Fri Jan 16 11:54:19 UTC 2015

moumita i want to tell one thing.just by punishing one cant change.there are more you are very young you think in that way.My son crossed the limit of caning.some psychological consulting is essential for him.because now he is in police custody.i am in serious could i take him out?so moumita change your attitude!!

by rakshana Fri Jan 16 15:53:29 UTC 2015

ok moumita i will tell.i take 11th and 12th class. my class boy told me that his classmate girl gives sexual trouble to him i shocked and without any enquiry i called her mother(40 years) and she came saluted me.
me:stupid!what are doing in home?
she:why mam?
i gave six slaps.she started crying
me:do u know why you got this treatment
she:no mam(with tears)
me:haha so only you got.idiot before coming to me you should ask everything to your it my duty to clearly explain the reason for u think teachers wont have any ther duty?how many years your daughter is studying here?
she :10 years mam
me:how many times in this 10 years you got punishment from me.
she:12-15 time mam
i kicked her and told useless fellow this also you wont remember what 12-15 tell exactly.she counted few minutes and told 16 times mam. know about me know
she:yes mam you are very strict than other teachers.particularly to mothers.i know about your anger mam.
me:then why pig you didnot ask the reason to your daughter.
she:honourable mam i asked her she told that she dont know
me:oh is it?go and call her immediately
she went and took her daughter.
me:you didnot tell your mother the reason
girl:mam really i dont know
me:dont lie because your mother has to get for everything you tell truth.
she:seriously i dont know
me:ok go to store room and bring twin cane.
she went and took.i swished it.her mother was shivering because her previous punishment was inside room privately now she will be canned in front of her daughter that i am 5 years younger than her!
(mother name is deepika daughter is chandrika)
me:deepika i am ready are u ready?
she:mam i am always ready to co-operate with you.but please tell me the reason before hitting me"chandrika atleast now tell the reason
she:mam i dont know
i looked at her mother and told i am sorry deepika i cant do anything.i cant spend more time in this case as i dont want to waste time by just speaking to crap mothers like you show your hand
(she is mother she has no option)she shown her right hand one very strong hit.yemmma mam.she jumped and rubb her hand.she cant tolerate pain.chandrika was speechless deepika cried loudly.
me:hey donkey show quickly i have class.
she:mam mam yees
second hit very strong in her left hand she felt down chandrika ran mom and begged me to leave her mom i told her to bring that boy who complained against 3 fellows were standing infront of me.
me:deepika do u know who is this boy?
she:sorry mam dont know
me:he is your daughter's classmate.
i told gurpreet(boy)she is chandrika's mother.
me:deepika show your hand to him.
she shown without asking single question.still that useless was crying due to pain.gurpreet touched her palms and excited the severeness of her swollen hands.
me:gurpreet this stupid lady dont know why she was beaten.explain her because at my status i wont speak to mothers
gurpre:aunty your daughter gave sexual tor ture to me so only mam is beating you
deepika:no my daughter wont do that
suddenly i stood up from chair and span ked her ass she ran with pain i followed and gave her legs and buttocks severe hits continously 5-6 times and told monkey how come yu tell this without enquiring your daughter.then wht i am here as a teacher?your daughter did it.she asked her daughter what mam is talking chandrika replied no mom you know about me.i didnot do it he lies.Deepika told"mam please believe us"boy told "no mam she did"
me:ok deepu i will do proper enquiry and if there is mistake on your daughter side you will be punished fully you can go.
deepu:ok mam(with sobbing rubbing her buttocks and calves she went)
i was very happy on seeing it.i also dont know whether he told truth or i will start enquiry.both gurpreet and chandrika was standing infront of me....wil continue later moumita

by nandini Fri Jan 16 16:27:58 UTC 2015

hai rakshana why your son was in custody at this age please tell i will provide you suggestions

by manthrika Sat Jan 17 04:38:53 UTC 2015

can anybody chat in gmail?

by soumya Sat Jan 17 06:39:12 UTC 2015

hi soumya mam hw are u?do u remember me?

by sunil Sat Jan 17 09:43:46 UTC 2015

hey manthrika idiot how are you?

by moumita Sat Jan 17 10:49:34 UTC 2015

manthrika please finish your first story dear.what happned when you were nude in that girl home after doing the work?continue manthu

by sunil Sat Jan 17 11:00:43 UTC 2015

hello moumita mam i am fine how are you mam?sunil surely i will continue my first story.A lot hapened after that (my body entirely damaged but everything end in a nice manner)i will share everything so only i reentered in this forum

by manthrika Sat Jan 17 13:36:44 UTC 2015

hi sunil

by soumya Sat Jan 17 15:38:05 UTC 2015

yes soumya mam i am ready to chat a lot with you

by sunil Sat Jan 17 15:48:53 UTC 2015

i am fine manthrika idiot.seriously you are a comedy piece.i want to punish you atleast one time manthu idiot.then nandini mam why stopped continue did you made enquiry?

by moumita Sun Jan 18 05:21:50 UTC 2015

ya moumita After punishment deepika(mother) went i ordered her to meet me by next week same time so that i could complete investigation.Now gurpreet and chandrika were standing infront of me.I asked gurpreet when did she gave sexual trouble to you.He replied mam before 4 days after classes over i was in the class alone to complete my classwork.She came to the class and told her mother didnot come to pick her so she will chat with me.that time she sat very near to me and dashed my legs and knees over her legs and knees.then she put her hands over my shoulders then i ran this is what happened mam.
chandrika shouted no mam.I asked ok tell your point.she started "mam that day he was alone in the is true that my mom was late that day due to some i waited for her.i was bored after 20min i came to class and i saw him so i spoke to him for time pass.but promisely i didnot even touch him mother taught me how the girl(particularly teen girl)should be.i just chat with him.he is a liar.
Me:shut up chandrika idiot.why your mom was late?dont she know that parents should come by time to take the is not school responsible to care you after school timing. deepika got severe canings from me during last 10 years.still she didnot correct herself even at 40.dont tell that stupid taught you how the girl should be.if so you would not have spoken to a same age teen boyt that too alone in the class.this shows how bad your mother is.ok next week she will get nicely from me.i wont leave that lady.mistake is on your side and your mom side.1st she should have come by you should not speak to chat with him very bad chandrika
she:mam but i didnot give sexual trouble.
me:shut that i should you two can go.i will find truth.after finding truth i will kill the victim's mother by severe tor if you people dont want your mother in that situation accept the truth now itself.
Both were strong on their side so i asked them to leave and started planning how to find the truth.
will continue later moumu

by nandini Sun Jan 18 10:25:53 UTC 2015

hi any one online..

by rajni Sun Jan 18 11:27:22 UTC 2015

im a in 12th.i have a main enemie that is my maths sir.v both are enemies eachother.either he wil give me any para or i wil give him v r lyk dis he always target me for any mistakes punish me lyk hell.once me nd another frnd of mine bunked the class for that principal caught us red handed nd gave us nicely b4 him only.another day i got caning for not doing maths assignment by the same princi.after few months i was caught by the princi with boy in another school near princi said dat she is enough of me and she called my dearest mom ans princi said dat my mom shud get punished by my enemie sir.his name is prithvi.i was so tensed bcoz mom is my all in all.SO me and mom wer taken to the punishmnet hall.prithvi said to remove the clothes of my i said prithvi said i wil give two options either i ve to bear the punishment or my mom ve after thinking for 2 mins i said dat i wil accept instead of my mom.then mom was alloweded to go out leaving me alone.after dat he closed the door.he said me to remove my uniform but i refused so he said "u better remove otherwise....
so somewat i reoved.
now im in bare.
im sure he utillised his chance very much.
1st he caned me on my back 100 times.after 50 i fell on the he caught me by hair nd pushed me to the wall.nw i was almost very weak.nd i cudnt bear so i said to him:U idiot i wil complain dis to police.i dont care wat happend he took his belt and gave 6-7 ther was a chart near me so i tuk it and thrown over he took my uniform dupatta and tied me near to the window bar.and he took a 5 -8 photos of my bare.and he said to me if i say dis 2 any1 i wil post this in internet.and he had sex wid me.then after dis he left me........
nw a surprise coming out....nw prithvi is my husband and v ve 2 twin boys named ashok and karthi.though he was my enemie he loved me a lot.he had sex wid me bcoz for not loosing me.and i understand that and living a peaceful married name is aradhi from myanmar

by poor girl who got caned by a enemie sir Sun Jan 18 11:38:01 UTC 2015

im a in 12th.i have a main enemie that is my maths sir.v both are enemies eachother.either he wil give me any para or i wil give him v r lyk dis he always target me for any mistakes punish me lyk hell.once me nd another frnd of mine bunked the class for that principal caught us red handed nd gave us nicely b4 him only.another day i got caning for not doing maths assignment by the same princi.after few months i was caught by the princi with boy in another school near princi said dat she is enough of me and she called my dearest mom ans princi said dat my mom shud get punished by my enemie sir.his name is prithvi.i was so tensed bcoz mom is my all in all.SO me and mom wer taken to the punishmnet hall.prithvi said to remove the clothes of my i said prithvi said i wil give two options either i ve to bear the punishment or my mom ve after thinking for 2 mins i said dat i wil accept instead of my mom.then mom was alloweded to go out leaving me alone.after dat he closed the door.he said me to remove my uniform but i refused so he said "u better remove otherwise....
so somewat i reoved.
now im in bare.
im sure he utillised his chance very much.
1st he caned me on my back 100 times.after 50 i fell on the he caught me by hair nd pushed me to the wall.nw i was almost very weak.nd i cudnt bear so i said to him:U idiot i wil complain dis to police.i dont care wat happend he took his belt and gave 6-7 ther was a chart near me so i tuk it and thrown over he took my uniform dupatta and tied me near to the window bar.and he took a 5 -8 photos of my bare.and he said to me if i say dis 2 any1 i wil post this in internet.and he had sex wid me.then after dis he left me........
nw a surprise coming out....nw prithvi is my husband and v ve 2 twin boys named ashok and karthi.though he was my enemie he loved me a lot.he had sex wid me bcoz for not loosing me.and i understand that and living a peaceful married name is aradhi from myanmar

by poor girl who got caned by a enemie sir Sun Jan 18 11:38:01 UTC 2015

oh man dats really gud of u.atleast u understud him and leadind a peace ful life wid him

by milan Sun Jan 18 11:39:46 UTC 2015

hey poor girl what he would have done if you girls decided that your mother will be punished instead of you?how come your mother left you inside punishment room?

by moumita Sun Jan 18 14:25:15 UTC 2015

hi manthrika i read your previous posts and felt bad for son is in the custody because one day midnight i got call from local police station and shouted at me by telling my son is in police station.i was scared and i ran to police station without even changing the dress(just wearing nightgown)i saw my son standing there just with underwear.i went and hugged him.ins called me and asked who are you idiot.i told sir i am her mother.suddenly i got very hard slapping from him.i started crying(because police beating was very painful than teachers beating)she shouted and asked do you know what your son did?i told sorry sir dont know.he replied"stupid he kissed my daughter"sirrrr i he was very angry i became his aptsy he started hitting my body severely with his hands.i was very humiliated at this age of 39 to get beating.also as his slappings very very rigorous my dress teared at my shoulder to armpit side.very very shame infront of many men in station.i tried to hide but ins holded my hands and he twisted my ears and bend me and started hitting my back with full force.being a lady i cant oppose such strong muscular man.also my son is in very critical situation.i am helpless.due to financial problems i eat only twice a day.i am not having strength to bear the pain.i begged him and he asked what is your age i told 39 sir.ur son age?19 daughter is 26 married how come your son do like this that too she is very elder.i begged him release my son.he told no"he beat and carried me inside lockup and throughly beat me and locked ouside.i asked sir what are you doing?he simply told"i beat ldy si will beat your son infront of couldnot oppose as you are inside lockup.he went to home.then lady SI came and scolded me.she was about 30-35.strng and beautiful body.she unbuttoned her shirt and went closer to my son was mam please.i am begging inside lockup.please mam he is very young he cant bear police tor ture.if you want beat me.she replied"shut up already you got enough canings from my turn.i will beat him so that he should know the pain of getting strong punishment from woman so that he will respect women.suddenly she slapped him,kicked him,beat his entire body with her bare hands.i could not see it as i am his mother.due to ins i got physical pain which i can bear but now i cant bear on seeing my sweet son in pain.lady si gave very strong hits in his back.his body can her hand trace.then she hit in his private part severely with her knees.he shouted loudly hmmmmm i shouted more than him.maaaam please he is teen boy dont spoil him.then she got some mercy on me and left him and she put him in lockup with me.i couldnot see him.i could not scold him.i holded him and made him to sleep in my laps.entire night i couldnot morning ins came and scolded SI that why you put both in one cell.he wont realize his mistake if he is with his mother and ins released me.i begged to take my son.he scolded me and told FIR regidtered against him and see him in court.i cant go to home because my dress teared in many parts due to his hits.anyhow i went and people in street saw me.then i got punishment in school as i went late due to this reason.i was asked to run around the ground for 20 times.i became unconscious in the ground as i didnot sleepin the night.after in the hospital ins saw me and told "sorry i shouldnot have beaten a woman like this wife and daughter are also ladies.sorry rakshana.due to your son i got severe anger so i tor tured i realize how you must have felt as a lady.Also SI told that she cant see your tears when she beat your son.So i remember my mother at that time.Only for you i release your son by taking high risk of cancelling FIR(his daughter cancelled her complain as he requested) but he should not repeat this.i thanked him by touching his feet because he seem to be god to my eyes at that time.i had great respect towards him as he respected t

by rakshana Mon Jan 19 07:33:37 UTC 2015

as he respected the word "mother"(most teachers (animals) in this forum like nandini beats helpless mothers just for their pleasure shame on you peole)but he tolerated this big mistake just for my son is with me in home.he didnot speak anyword to anyone after this instant.i think he feels for his mistake.anyhow if he corrects himself i will be the happiest woman.if not nobody can save him.see you manthu

by rakshana Mon Jan 19 07:36:15 UTC 2015


by rajni Mon Jan 19 14:42:13 UTC 2015

hi rajni

by rakshana Mon Jan 19 16:35:32 UTC 2015


by radha Mon Jan 19 16:39:46 UTC 2015

hi radha

by rakshana Tue Jan 20 12:24:07 UTC 2015

moumita im not explaining my experience in a serious narrating it in a simple way.if i say it in serious then uu wil mom left me bcoz her situation was dat and she cant bare al dat in dis age f 50.

by poor girl Tue Jan 20 12:28:00 UTC 2015

poor girl please tell your full experience.Here many people share their full story by parts like 7 to 8 parts for single story.So please tell yours also poor girl.I am waiting ok?I am asking because i am in position to punish mothers whose age lies between 25-55 so i want to know their feelings.Normally mother will take punishment instead of daughter.they wont leave so only i asked like that please dont mistake me poor girl. Just tell full story so that i may stop or reduce beating mothers.ok?

by moumita Tue Jan 20 16:16:27 UTC 2015

im not alloweded to use internet always.only for half an i cant send it part by part.and theres nothing more than wat i said.wat i got frm him if i narrate it then itz nthng.real lyf experience was worst....

by poor girl Wed Jan 21 11:15:11 UTC 2015

any nw experience

by guest Wed Jan 21 12:11:01 UTC 2015

Hello poor girl anyway mother should be there to save you know.As you were teen girl,its your life.she should have been there.I am the mother of son.even i wont allow him alone with such a wicked person even he is a boy.I will take punishment because i cant see my son in pain.So how your mother left you but whatever the reason is your husband did a big mistake.Atkeast did he ask sorry to you and your mother?

by rakshana Wed Jan 21 14:09:45 UTC 2015

hi rakshna aunty, do you get caning in school from teachers due to your son fault

by sonia Wed Jan 21 14:34:55 UTC 2015

hi sonia even my neighbourhood girl who apply pain killer massage to my thighs after my first caning also calls me as rakshana aunty like you.i got several and severe canings in school but not due to my son's fault due to my fault.there was no mother punishing system in my son's school.but as mentioned in previous post i was badly beaten by inspector sir inside the cell for about 20-30 min continously as my son kissed his daughter. what is ur age sonia?

by rakshana Wed Jan 21 16:29:53 UTC 2015

me 18 years

by sonia Wed Jan 21 16:36:21 UTC 2015

whats ur age

by sonia Wed Jan 21 16:40:26 UTC 2015

ok sonia that girl was also 18 years when she did me massage i was 34 joined 10th she was old student of that school joined 1st year college so she knows how her principal sir beat the girl's it was my first experience i struggled with pain.she consolidated me by telling"rakshana aunty i had this experience i will give thigh massage which will reduce pain significantly and she did it sonia.whether your mother gets caning due to you sonia?where are you from?

by rakshana aunty Wed Jan 21 16:41:59 UTC 2015

hi rakshana

by radha Wed Jan 21 16:44:52 UTC 2015

hey radha why stopped chat that day dear very happy to chat with you now yar

by rakshana Wed Jan 21 16:46:45 UTC 2015

sonia please read my previous posts dear i am 38 girl please read my stories even i=they are sad they will be interesting

by rakshana Wed Jan 21 16:48:11 UTC 2015

yeah,my net got disconnected so only,how are you?

by radha Wed Jan 21 16:48:24 UTC 2015

no aunty, in my school there is no this type of rule that for my mistakes, my mother have to bear punishment.
here only i have to bear punishment, but punishment is very tough and painful, its caning on legs and hips.
i m from luckhnow..
till 34 age u r studying?

by sonia Wed Jan 21 16:48:32 UTC 2015

sonia-you get punishmetns from female teachers?

by radha Wed Jan 21 16:51:55 UTC 2015

radha r u teacher and punish mother of girls in school?
rakshna aunty and radha aunty do you know hindi

by guest Wed Jan 21 16:54:12 UTC 2015

yes i am teacher and i punish mothers,who are you guest?i dont know hindi

by radha Wed Jan 21 16:55:10 UTC 2015

sonia i stopped studying by 9th then i worked in company but now due to my family problems i need more salary for that i need promotion so my company advised me to study at lower fee i begged to my son's principal and he allowed because my younger son is all time topper so i joined 10th at the age of 34 now i am 38 till i not completed my studies doing 12th if i completed 12th i will get promotion as i have 16 yrs experience in same company.but i am also similiar to you.very bad caning from my teachers mostly younger than school teachers cane us on thighs and buttocks browneddue to painfull canings.pshare anyone of your caning experience sonia.also please read my full stories in this forum ok?i am fine radha how are you?my son gave big trouble hope you studied everything is going fine radhu

by rakshana Wed Jan 21 16:56:23 UTC 2015

yes female and male teachers both give us punishment, untill we cried and not start to jumping with pain,

by sonia Wed Jan 21 16:56:53 UTC 2015

yes guest i know hindi and tamil bit english but english is bettre here as my friend radha dont know hindi ok guest?

by rakshana Wed Jan 21 16:57:40 UTC 2015

yes rakshana,i read

by radha Wed Jan 21 16:58:08 UTC 2015

read my post sonia also i will continue what happened at the first day of my school at 34 how i was punished by younger teachers and how cried infront of 10th children.shall i?

by rakshana aunty Wed Jan 21 16:59:19 UTC 2015

pls tell me your opinion even i spent one night in lockup,got severe lockup treatment from ins,dress teared and ran to home in same condition like mad lady,entire night sleepless,surrounded ground became unconscious,etc.,so what you say abt my condition radha?

by rakshana Wed Jan 21 17:01:30 UTC 2015

One of the worst conditions that should never come in life has come to you rakshana,but you managed it well and i appreciate you for that

by radha Wed Jan 21 17:03:01 UTC 2015

rakshna aunty, one my chemistry mam, very bad lady, she often takes class test, last week also she take it and i was fail in test, she call me on front of class, she took a big thick cane in his right hand, with her left hand, she catch my left hand by bending my hand over my hips, then she apply 15 cane strokes on my hips very mercisely, i was crying but she did not leave me.
aunty tell your incident.

by sonia Wed Jan 21 17:05:08 UTC 2015

thank u radha now my son is very upset i dont know what he thinks but he is very sad and not speaking even i told the school for 1 week holiday to him.he sits idle in home.what can i do radha?could he realize his mistake?i suffered more than him due to him.then sonia no reply why?are you reading my previous stories?

by rakshana Wed Jan 21 17:06:44 UTC 2015

Just leave him rakshana,he should think about his life and his future.He should realise his mistake and it may take some time.He will change surely

by radha Wed Jan 21 17:09:27 UTC 2015

surely sonia i came here to share my experience in slightly interesting manner.shall i start from where i left my first post(after severe thighs canning from princi sir entering maths sir's class)then sonia are u studying in co-ed school?how about pain in hips after chemistry miss caning cou;d you sleep at that night?because i could not sleep for 2 days after principla sir caning.

by rakshu aunty Wed Jan 21 17:20:29 UTC 2015

thanks radha your words are really medicine to my heart.if you are his principal surely you will correct him because you are very clear minded your students and students parents are lucky to have principal like you.correct radha?

by rakshana Wed Jan 21 17:22:21 UTC 2015

hmm yes rakshana,i cant talk much about myself

by radha Wed Jan 21 17:25:10 UTC 2015

sonia radha pls reply

by rakshu Wed Jan 21 17:26:38 UTC 2015

yes aunty, that night i can not sleep straight.

by sonia Wed Jan 21 17:32:03 UTC 2015

hai ladies shall i also join in the conversation?i am beaten very very badly(fully nude)in my 30s by my daughter's teachers please include me i am 40.i think atleast now my caning will be finished i was canned at my 40th birthday(before 2 moths december 2914) by my 2nd daughter's english sir as she failed by scoring just 9 out of 100.he was just 28 and canned me severely even i requested dont beat me sir today my birthday that too 40th birthday he didnot care and told stupid allow me to do my duty.i got 25 strokes in my buttocks and 15 situps 5 slaps 7-10 back sixer from his hands and 20 mi kneel down infront of him holding ears.i cried a lot

by manthrika Wed Jan 21 17:34:47 UTC 2015

manthirka,you have a gmail acc?

by radha Wed Jan 21 17:36:55 UTC 2015

sonia i am happy that your school dont have mother caning rules but my daughter's school have daughters were not beaten even a single day so they dont know the pain so they dont correct themselves as they think my mother will pay for me.this is very bad no sonia?

by manthrika Wed Jan 21 17:37:17 UTC 2015

yes respected radha mam but i think we cany post it here i already tried and failed mam you please try so that we can chat in gmail

by manthrika Wed Jan 21 17:38:33 UTC 2015

okay i will try,you have fb acc?

by radha Wed Jan 21 17:40:39 UTC 2015

same case mam i cant post facebook account also you try mam please

by manthrika Wed Jan 21 17:42:12 UTC 2015

GEETA MAM is my fb acc.the profile pic is actress ASIN.send a friend request

by radha Wed Jan 21 17:43:27 UTC 2015

radha mam as you read rakshana post completely did you read my posts completely?it starts very early read it it is also interesting and i am also planning to continue it mam

by manthrika Wed Jan 21 17:44:20 UTC 2015

yes i read,if u come to fb,we can chat more detail

by radha Wed Jan 21 17:46:09 UTC 2015

I haven't received any punishments from my daughters teachers but yes my husband canes me for my daughters mistake. He says it is my duty to look after our daughter and being a housewife it is my duty to watch every steps of her. Last night she came home late and at night my husband gave me caning on my bottom. I have told my daughter to behave nicely and follow the rules but I have to suffer for her mistakes.

by Sarmila Thu Jan 22 06:19:07 UTC 2015

sarmila you are lucky because i cane my wife's bottom fully nude because i strongly believe mother is full responsible for daughter's my wife will be sevrely beaten.then manthu i asked to continue the stroy but you forget?please continue manthrika

by sunil Thu Jan 22 06:40:42 UTC 2015

Yes Sunil i too think we mothers are responsible for daughters mistakes compared to our husbands cause being housewife we are free and have time whereas our husbands are busy in work. Sometimes I have to tell my daughter to behave well otherwise your father will punish us. You can understand how difficult for us is it admit before our daughter. But we don't have any options.

by Sarmila Thu Jan 22 07:15:28 UTC 2015

sorry sonia and radha yesterday i stopped chat because my son tried to commit suicide during our chat.My beloved neighbour girl sonia only saved him as she came to my home to see me.ok as this sonia asked i start.after getting around 35-40 strokes in principal sir in my thighs he told"rakshana you are severely beaten so 138 strokes in buttocks will be delivered tomorow.i cried and entered class by rubbing my thighs.maths warned me to listen class and i sat.the girl sitting next to me spoke to me and told "please aunty control the pain.clear your tears"sir saw it and called both of us.we went he catched both of our ears with his both hands.i was in right his left hand was in my left ear.He asked"nonsense girls how come bth of you chat without listening the class"i relied"sir just she told to clean my tears".he replied shut up rakshana she should have told it after the class.he rounded both of us by twisting our ears.i felt my hearing ower lost that much strongly he twisted.then he ordered both of us to standup on the bench holding ears for entire class.i was 34 i was very humiliated.but i had to.both stood on the bench.some boys and girls laughed at me because 34 years old lady wearing saree standing on bench holding reddish ears with damaged thighs crying is very comical to them.then his class finished lunch hour and my son ate separately as boys and girls should not speak!!!! then i went to restroom and removed my dress where i shocked becasue both of my thighs were dark reddish brown around 20-25 parrell lines like giraffe.i scolded princi for his attitude and told myself"rakshu you should tolerate evryhting both physically and mentally". then i applied water and self massage but pain didnot reduce even single percent.i couldnot walk properly.anyhow lunch hour finished and next class is hindi class.hindi miss was around 30 and she was nice.she called me rakshana mam as i am elder to her and adviced me to bear the pain as punishment is very i was very good in hindi she appreciated me.then PT Period.the young PT sir (just 25 or 26)8-9 years younger boy who sighted me like mad during punishment took us to ground.i didnot want to see his face as he is worst guy.but he asked to do exercise which i felt difficult as i didnot do it.needless to say i got severe cannings for that also.our class had 17 girls and 24 boys.boys started playing cricket and football and all of them had to play without shirts!!!luckily for girls no rules like that.But girls cant play with them only we have to do exercise.first we were standing as 6 in a row so total 3 rows..

by rakshu aunty Thu Jan 22 07:25:31 UTC 2015

i stood in 3rd row but he called new girl come front then he told to raise both hands above so to sight all girls!! then to touch our foot finger without bending knees.all were teen girls they did but i bend knees suddenly he gave very very powerfull hit in my back with his hands i scrambled sir he what sir idiot dont bend knees me:ok
then i cant touch.he started hitting my buttocks severely by telling hmm bend bend.
i felt very bad that male hands touching my buttocks.but could i ask that?tolerated still i cant he took stick started his duty(severe force hitting my hips back thighs and buttocks)i felt bones in my things fractured that much pain i cried.other girls had mercy on me.what use?atlast due to pain i touched the finger then he told good girl.see the power of it again now i could with difficult.then he told girls spread your legs.i thoguht some other meaning.then spread.alternatively touching fingers.this also others did.i couldnot.he came near to god!he started pinching my armpits.chi!what a man he his!his mother is also woman.I shouted and begged.Sir,please sir i am humiliated he didnot listen he come front and pinched both of my armpits severely.very paining my blouse starts tearing i felt oohhhhh then struggled and touched thank god escaped now he appreciated me and the same happened for many movements.simply telling he enjoyed me sexually during this one hour in ground.then after this last hour girls surrounded me as i was crying and consolidated me.they kindly called me aunty and highly respected me.they are gems like you sonia.then they spoke some relaxing words and english class.english sir seem to be very violent i sacred.because i was zero in english even now i am not that much good in english.luckily i was nt caught.after school finishes rinci called me and told give stitching order to school uniform and take two days holidays because we never tolerate ununiform and by thursday you should come wearing skirt that day we will finish 138 buttocks strokes.i was happy that i could take rest for 2 days.i went directly to tailor shop he is scoundrel.he is also younger but he touched me with bad motives to take measurement.i cant do anything i have to give my entire body measurement for both my shirt and skirt.he touched my shoulders.asked me to raise hand where he could directly see my small portion of my armpit as blouse slightly teared at armpit side due to PT sir pinching.touched my navel pressed my boo bs for shirt measure. continously made enterd his hands in between my thighs for skirt measure.then i entered home is very small with one bedrrom which is for 4 old people my parents and my in hall room and only one i cant even i went o sonia home to share what happened and cry as she is my friend regardless of age.but there her father was there we went to her home terrace and started speaking about school punishment.will continue later sonia as my hands paining on typing

by rakshu aunty Thu Jan 22 07:46:33 UTC 2015

hello raksana didi,do u think dat my mother left me like dat.
she begged him dat much.even she begged to princi.
i said u b4 itself dat im not narrating it in a serious manner

by poor girl Thu Jan 22 11:19:37 UTC 2015

hey poor seems u like your hubby dat much...really?

by akshay Thu Jan 22 11:24:03 UTC 2015

sorry boys am not interested to speak with boys after dat incident...for now i wud say de ans....s i lyk my husband dat much dat i wud give my life to him.he is too like dat to me.i luv my husband...he loves me too...

by poor girl Thu Jan 22 11:26:17 UTC 2015

to aap aapke pathi se itna pyaar kartha hain...

by akshay Thu Jan 22 11:37:46 UTC 2015

haa zarroor

by poor girl Thu Jan 22 11:38:43 UTC 2015

hi any one online

by sonia Thu Jan 22 14:18:22 UTC 2015

ok sunil you are very curious to know.i will continue.before that radha mam alias geeta mam please accept my friend request in facebook.then moumita mam why you always scolding me.already i am severely punished by my daughter's teachers.if you also unish i cant bear mam.ok story continues sunil as i stopped before few months i give brief overview before starting.i was 34 and teacher was just 23 she took me to her home for punishing one full day.initially her younger brother(just 20)also joined her punished and even beaten me.after he went outside for one day picnic she made me nude.she asked me to dig 25 buckets of water from well at 7.00 p.m i did and i entered her home.she saw gave very sarcastic look and gave big loud laugh and told even without wearing single piece of cloth you are sweating more:shame shame puppy shame.i started crying because she took my bangles chain everything i was like just born baby infront of her at age 34 i went near to her.respected mam i finished the task.she told ok mannth dance for this speed song.i dont know dancing but i shake my legs and hands for the song.she stood up and rotated my body as a dance and scolded me in bad words.then she told to massage her foot calves thighs and buttocks before that to touch her feet by my head.i did and started that time someone knocked the door i was scared.she was about to open i scrambled mam please mam i am stark naked she shouted so what?please mam please mam she replied"hey insane hide somewhere should i tell everything brainless stupid."i replied "ok mam sorry".i entered into bathroom and locked inside.
she opened it was her friend and neighbour.he entered and she congrats him by hugging him.i felt"chi what a girl she come a unmarried young girl do like this to young boy.first her mother should be severely punished.even my daughter's are poor in studies they are well disciplined. they chat for long time. then he told the purpose.i.e., he gave his marriage invitation to her and told"you must come dear"she replied"without me how the marriage will happen"seriously i dont know the meaning of her sentence.then she gave him some hot drinks which poured at his pants.he asked washroom and omg i am here locked inside even madam dont know where i am .she shown bathroom he tried to open but cant.he relied"it seems that locked inside"then she came to know i am i pissed due to legs become fully wet.i poured water to clean.shit sound went outside and he asked who is inside.she cant reply him.i realized my foolishness.he kept on asking.she replied "it is ghost.he scared and become unconscious.she is very tensed my very bad time started.....later remaining

by manthrika Thu Jan 22 14:44:12 UTC 2015

hi sonia

by manthrika Thu Jan 22 14:44:53 UTC 2015

manthrika do you know hindi, r u teacher

by sonia Thu Jan 22 14:51:38 UTC 2015

sonia i know hindi i am not teacher girl just read my stories i am pathetic mother of three girls getting severe punishment from teachers.i am 40 now.even now i am beaten often by both male and female teachers

by manthrika Thu Jan 22 14:59:54 UTC 2015

aap ko bhi punishment milti hai 40 ki age mai.. hyiiiii..
bdi pain hoti hai aunty ismai and aap sah leti hai pain, kha padte hai apko dande...hatho par ya tango par ya hips par...
aap kha se ho aunty

by sonia Thu Jan 22 15:08:59 UTC 2015

haha sonia ya i accept it.entire body pain is there.thanks for calling me aunty.because your age girl moumita mam calling me manthrika know respect.good girl then at 40 age humiliation is more than pain.that too young teachers like moumita mam,even male teachers punish us very worst sonia.then sonia conversing in english is better i think because many people here dont know hindi. also i dont know the meaning of "tango" sonia what is it?i never heard hindi word like that.many things are there to share sonia i will do it slowly.did you read my posts from the first part onwards?

by manthrika Thu Jan 22 16:02:15 UTC 2015

manthu dear thanks for responding to my long term request it seems that you are innocent that incide restroom you poured water so you caught by young madam.i am eager to know what happened next.but i am sure she must have given you nice treatment for this because she didnot tolearte that your small advise in the school as she had prestige problem as a it seems that you purposefully did it to create trouble.even i punish my wife nude for my daughter behaviour i am not this much cruel.hats off to that young please tell manthu also i appreciate you dear as you narrate this tragedy as entertainment story.then sarmu(sarmila) dear yu are really good because my wife feels that mother should not be beaten for daughter.but as a wife she dont have power to oppose me.but you understand your responsibility as a housewife.nice my wish is that my wife should also understand it.then sarmu what is your age?your husband and daughter age please...

by sunil Thu Jan 22 16:12:22 UTC 2015

Yes Sunil sometimes We do deserve to get punished due to our fault but not all the time. I never complain when it is my fault but sometimes I get unnecessary canings.Your wife is some what right sunil we mothers are not wrong and shouldn't be punished for every mistake of our daughters. And we can't run after our daughter all the time. Husbands need to understand this also. It is very But I don't mean to say we can be careless as mothers but sometimes husbands are very tough on us. I am 35 my daughter is 16 and my husband is 40.

by Sharmila Thu Jan 22 16:50:30 UTC 2015

Sunil how old is your wife, sometimes when I tell my husband I am too old forgive me. He says women can be punished upto 45.

by Sarmila Thu Jan 22 17:01:52 UTC 2015

sharmu whatever the reason may be i belive if daughter does any mistake wife should be punished.not normally mentioned unnecessary cannings.what is it sharmu?husband has the right to cane wife.if we are not canning you then whom?so husbands will be tough as you are not doing housewife job properly.whatever the mistake my daughters do my wife will be punished to the maximum she always see our daughters so my work reduced.your husband tells upto 45 but i will punish my wife untill both of my daughters get married whatever the age may be.sharmu you are elder than me!! i understand it will be difficult to get punishment at 35 but you should take care your daughter properly that is the only aim behind our strong merciless caning.understood

by sunil Thu Jan 22 17:31:39 UTC 2015

sorry sarmu i forget to mention our age i am 32 my wife is 30 my elder daughter is 11 and younger is 9

by sunil Thu Jan 22 17:34:43 UTC 2015

Sunil I haven't said our husbands can't punish us. As a housewife we all have some rules and duties to follow and when we don't do that yes husbands can cane us. Unnecessary canings are like I always ask permission from my husband before going out but if I am late he doesn't listen to me, says stop making excuses and uses the cane instead. Sunil As mothers we have to teach certain things to our daughter which also comes under our duty. But we can't follow our daughter everywhere. Sunil do you cane your wife only for your daughters mistake? My husband canes me for not obeying him or having arguments with him. He says if our daughters see that it teaches them negetive things which is correct to some extent.

by Sarmila Fri Jan 23 01:34:25 UTC 2015

hi sarmu dear i cane my wife if i want to.she has to caning will be very light but severe caning(for daughter's mistakes only)will be unbearable and she has to take it in her full naked body.because i have lot affection on my daughters.i cant punish them so i punish their beloved mother which may correct wife wont speak against me but i come to know with her reaction that she doesnot want to be canned for silly reasons and for my sexual pleasure.she is exactly like you sarmu.also she feels very uneasy to become full nude infront of kids as they are she begs to give nude punishment privately and she is ready to be canned infront of kids but only with dress(atleast with panty)but i believe nude punishment will be hard and i make her nude and give some 35-40 strokes in her bare body infront of my two daughters. sometimes if daughters do extreme mistakes i will punish her brutally such as 25 situps tied-up vertically kneeldown murga and chair position etc.,I wont punish her for other reasons like coming late going out without permission arguing with me etc.,I always feel entertained to hear her sobbing due to pain.but nowadays she become more vigilant and keep our daughters in control so nude canning becomes rara.but fun canning occurs frequently depends on my mood sarmu

by sunil Fri Jan 23 14:56:16 UTC 2015

Sunil why are husbands always tough on us we too want our daughters to behave nicely.We are doing our best but still We have to pay for our daughters mistake. Getting caned infront of daughter is worst thing for a mother Sunil. Pls cane her privately. My husband too doesn't punish our daughter he punishes me instead, and it is very difficult we have two daughters. My husband though canes me only for mine and our daughters mistake not for fun so canings are always hard.

by Sarmila Fri Jan 23 15:15:13 UTC 2015

Thanks sarmu i will take your advice as i like you very much because of your immediate response to my question.Hereafter i will cane her privately if it is nude canning.(because she is ready to get cane with dress infront of our daughters).If my wife speaks like you with clear thoughts i would have understood now you cleared my mind.I understood everything.I will reduce the caning.If you sre interested more on this topic visit "strict husbands caning wives" which speaks more about this one.One girl openly shared each and every aspect of her husband caning during her chat with boys.then sarmu dear how husband cane you?fullm nude?will u cry?ur daughters know this?

by sunil Fri Jan 23 16:12:51 UTC 2015

hello choti bahana poor girl rakshana didi here as a mother i understand your mother situation but how come your enemy sis say to be nude to 50 year old lady.dont he have mother?how difficult situation it was?when my night gown teared in lockup due to ins sir's rigorous beating i thought i am the most suffering person in the world because the pain i had cant be described in words.but after studying your story poor girl i think your mother condition is worst than me.tell her rakshana gave up tears for you.i am seeing her as my mom as you called me didi.i cant see my son getting worst brutal beatings from SI that too he wore panty even his dress were removed.your mother must have literally died when she stood outside leaving you nude inside room with opposite gender that too a wicked question is now whether he realized his mistake?he asks sorry to his mother-in-law?what is ur age now poor girl?please reply

by rakshana didi Fri Jan 23 16:52:50 UTC 2015

hi rakshu anuty manthu aunty i like all your stories.i am vino from chennai age 24 this forum fan

by vino Fri Jan 23 18:21:57 UTC 2015

Sunil I am happy cause now your wife will get a bit of respite. Sunil we wifes normally don't speak up to their husband cause we are afraid. Thanks for telling me about another place where I can discuss I will share my story there and answers of your questions also.

by Sarmila Sat Jan 24 02:43:57 UTC 2015

im roshni,mother of sheril who is named poor girl in this forum.
first of all i apologise for what my daughter had done.
the mistake what she done is that she told lie to all of you who are there in this forum.
whatever she wrote in this forum is absolutely fake.
i came to know about this day before yesterday night only so i called her yesterday to my room and punished her so severly for her mistake as well as for what she did to you all.
we are not from bangladesh actually we are from kerala,india.our state does not use to follow such type of punishments but they does naked punishment.
thankyou and sorry...

by poor girls mom...roshni Mon Jan 26 05:19:43 UTC 2015

ohh really roshni.your doghter really did which class is she studying.what punishments did you give her.

by guest Mon Jan 26 05:21:53 UTC 2015

she is in 10th only.
sorry i cant say that now.if you are interested i will ask her to narrate it afterwards.
anyway happy republic day.
one thing i will tell you she had been punished so so so so severly yesterday that she is almost dead now.

by guest Mon Jan 26 05:24:39 UTC 2015

the above one is my post

by roshni Mon Jan 26 05:25:16 UTC 2015

hey cme on post what punishment did you give her

by guest Mon Jan 26 05:46:47 UTC 2015

oho guest you are still online.if you are really interested i will ask that naughty girl to narrate it.but she is in the school now went for celebrating republic day.when she comes i will ask her to reply for you.ok

i want to say to lucky man 1 thing.
while reading your post only my daughter had an idea to post such.
so plz dont post such nasty stories.
its not the mothers who are to be is the daughter.just see my daughters case itself.i punished her for her now she will be alright and will be well behaved.

by roshni Mon Jan 26 05:51:34 UTC 2015

hello roshni madam i am surya male teacher from madurai tamilnadu i read all posts here i am surprised to see how your daughter spoiled at this very young age.My age is 29.So i know all stories here are fake.But please dont allow children below 20 to read this kind of forum.That luckyman story is seriously unbelivable.No woman will tolerate any cost mother wont be punished for daughter.I am seriouly worried because i see all boys and girls at the age of 10-18 as my students i wont interfere whether your punishment to your daughter is correct or not.But please instead of violence advise her because she shouldnot be spolied at this teen age.So please watch her.even i got diverted because of internet at the age of 16.Somehow my school miss(who was just 26 took maths)took personal care on me and corrected me.Otherwise i cwould be a scoundrelnow.madam is like my mother as she corrected me by little punishment and more towards non i follow the same to my students.even now she is in my contact as she treats me as her elder son even she is a young lady.we now all stories like new comer's manthrika's radha's rakshana's susan's are fake.make your daugyter to understand it madam.for any clarifications regarding this plese contact me then mam how you know that these stories are posted by your daughter? how you caught her red handed?i am asking this because i will vigilant my students in similiar way.If i see luckyman or manthrika personally i will slap them for posting such nasty fake stories.please reply roshni mam

by surya Mon Jan 26 10:27:54 UTC 2015

thanks for wat u said,surya.that while seeing it i cudnt control my i punished her.that doesnt mean that i punished her and went off.after that i advised her polietly.she had promised me dat she wont repeat it again.
im going to cut the wifi connection.
i understood that it is dangerous to keep internet near my daughter.
thanks for the better explanation of urs.
im an IPS officer so i wont have time to take care of my daughter.iam going to tell my husband to take her with him to switzerland with my son.

by roshni Tue Jan 27 11:17:49 UTC 2015

to manthrika,moumita,niharika,susan,newcomer,luckyman
dont dare to repeat such things not only spoil your life also others.
so try and lead a good life that is ahead you.Its a take it to your life.
dont dont dont repeat it again.
dont dare to repeat....

by roshni Tue Jan 27 11:22:02 UTC 2015

You are welcome roshni mam.I am also young boy of 29 so i am not having much experience to advise IPS officer(that too a mother of 15 years old),but as a teacher i know something about students psychology thats it.I am happy that atleast now those stupids like luckyman will stop posting this as you advised them.then mam for this only reason you are going to send your daughter with your husband?how you found this is posted by your daughter(hats off to your IPS brain because normally it will be difficult for parents to catch children in cases like this)? then mam internet is very good source but it also spoiles children like your daughter so even wifi is disabled dont buy camera mobile or smartphone before 20 age for her.Keep watching her.i saw many of my students both boys and girls spoiled only due to internet and mobilephone which is acatually a wonderful gift to our generation which was not in your generation.but we misuse mam please answer my question which will make me to identify my students doing these mistakes.even my wife shocked when i show this forum to her and told how these will spoil the students(because she is also a teacher) so she should know it.bye mam

by surya Tue Jan 27 13:55:29 UTC 2015

Rakshana, after first day punishment you wear skirt as uniform in your at this age? Do you get kneel down punishment also?

If yes do you receive kneel down in front of your sons?

I used to receive kneel down punishment in post graduation level at age 25 but in tuition only from our HOD regularly after marriage.

Also only once I received the same punishment that is kneel down during my BEd at age 38 in front of my 12 year old son only once.

by Ms. SGha Wed Jan 28 15:35:06 UTC 2015

Rakshana, after first day punishment you wear skirt as uniform in your at this age? Do you get kneel down punishment also?

If yes do you receive kneel down in front of your sons?

I used to receive kneel down punishment in post graduation level at age 25 but in tuition only from our HOD regularly after marriage.

Also only once I received the same punishment that is kneel down during my BEd at age 38 in front of my 12 year old son only once.

by Ms. SGha Wed Jan 28 15:35:07 UTC 2015

this is my last and final reply to you.yes iam going to send my child to him as he knows to take care of my children than me.
thanks for your complement.
no,surya,dont think that iam too old.
im too of 29 years.i married off early because t'was...u can understand may be.
so you can understand that im not in a age of taking care of a child in 10th.actually she's only 14 half years.she was in switzerland till last to last there was a confusion in school regarding her age.bcoz there she had already finished her 9th in 13yers.but here in kerala it was not allowed due to her age.then as im an IPS officer they allowed. Thats all.
as i mentioned above, this my last reply to u.and if u can u have to go through this forum if u find any1 doing the same again...just do the need.i think u understood by wat i said.
DONT MAKE MY FEAR COME TRUE.MAY BE YOU WILL BE A GENTLEMAN.But dont make my faith come true.i have many ways to identify each and everyone in this you all better stop doing it.

by ROSHNI Thu Jan 29 07:03:38 UTC 2015


by ROSHNI Thu Jan 29 07:06:36 UTC 2015

dont repeat it again

by ROSHNI Thu Jan 29 07:33:29 UTC 2015

both of u are fake

by roshni Thu Jan 29 07:34:02 UTC 2015

roshni i hope by now you would have know this forum is just for fantasy playing and no actual charachters exists.....and the warning you ar giving about being an IPS is also fake....if you would have been IPS then the designated job to you to search for criminals and to think about the things happening around...till the tme crime is not happened you cannot take action as it is not allowed under IPC

by guest Sun Feb 15 10:23:32 UTC 2015

roshni i hope by now you would have know this forum is just for fantasy playing and no actual charachters exists.....and the warning you ar giving about being an IPS is also fake....if you would have been IPS then the designated job to you to search for criminals and to think about the things happening around...till the tme crime is not happened you cannot take action as it is not allowed under IPC

by guest Sun Feb 15 10:23:34 UTC 2015

ohh MR guest u r actually not an ips officer neither not a cadet of dis.i just want 2 trick all members of this forum.and i won de really happy to trick u all.myn name is not roshni.and i dont want to reveal my name also.1 thing i can say.IAM A GIRL...

by tricked u all....; Sat Mar 14 09:26:23 UTC 2015

are you girl or lady roshni?

by guest Sat Mar 14 12:13:08 UTC 2015

are you girl or lady roshni?

by guest Sat Mar 14 12:13:09 UTC 2015

no man im not roshni...y shud i say...i dont want 2 reveal al dat...consider me as ur wish...

by let my name be X for some while Sat Mar 14 13:03:24 UTC 2015

al de members of dis forum are fools...but am feelin so sad of peoples writing such nuisances...y they wanna do dat..y cant they stop dis...fooooolish dumps

by x Sat Mar 14 13:05:58 UTC 2015

i will never open dis forum again...i tried to stop all these nuisances..but dis fooolish guest broke al my damn enemy of dat fellow

by x Sat Mar 14 13:10:11 UTC 2015

i will never open dis forum again...i tried to stop all these nuisances..but dis fooolish guest broke al my damn enemy of dat fellow

by x Sat Mar 14 13:10:13 UTC 2015

ms X tell me whether poor girl is your daughter and you canned her is true or not.but hats off to your achievement here

by monika Sat Mar 14 13:32:35 UTC 2015 studyin 4 civil service

by x Fri Mar 20 16:28:00 UTC 2015

it mean that poor girl story is written by you only.correct!!! excellent plan girl

by guest Sun Mar 22 09:03:01 UTC 2015

thnx...if i get moumita nd lucky man in my hand no..then i wud..just crush them off...

by x Fri Mar 27 16:49:23 UTC 2015

hahaha ms.x they are very cruel.but why are you so angry on them?(particularly on those two!!!)any special reason?

by monika Sat Mar 28 05:38:37 UTC 2015
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