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Topic: Getting CANING from YOUNG LADY Teacher?
I joined in a private I T C after my degree. And still I am 22years old. There is also palm caning. when not answering, making absents and getting low marks on monthly tests.

now here a new lady teacher joined she is 19 years after her deploma. And i felt she is a caning expert. becose five times she caned me and all other students last month.

i was shy to get caning from a young lady. every time she call eachone to front of the class and say strech out your both hands and she cane our left palm and right palm alternately mostly total 4-6 heavy our class there is girls and boys age 17-to-22. for young students (upto her age)she cane in a normal heavy force and for the elders more than her age she will apply extra force but the number of strokes will be same. six girls and me are more than her age. always we are getting heavy strokes and having red marks.

last class test one of the elder girl got total 8 heavy strokes on each palm alternatievly.

if anybody have this kind of situations please post it.

by Roshan, Trichur Tue Jun 29 11:48:29 UTC 2010

intresting,really did u got fear on the young teacher?please expalin about your young teacher.wat dress she wearing?.her face action at that caning?.

by guest Tue Jun 29 12:45:16 UTC 2010

Pl. DON'T start duplicate threads... This topic is already present here.

by guest Tue Jun 29 12:59:55 UTC 2010

Is this ITC in thrissur? I cant believe it.Please give or mail the name of this instiution.

by sj,thrissur Tue Jun 29 17:29:28 UTC 2010

how can a 19 year old girl with a diploma teach a 22 year old in college? is in not true. I think Roshan is just lying..

by guest Thu Jul 01 19:28:08 UTC 2010

This is very correct every privet I T C the teachers are just passed the deploma. after tenth any body can join for a deploma after three year it will finish, they are the age of 18 or its very true.

by Sreejitha Sat Jul 03 19:51:38 UTC 2010

when i was studing in Nangiarkulangara I T C, for Draughtsman Civil WE five girls was there in our class except the boys. (Ambili, Binu, Sreeja, Raji and rekha) that time there was uniform dress. ones we asked to the principal to allowe us to wear colourfull dress one day in a week. he told he has to think. after one hour he arrived to our class with a questian paper or 10 one word questions and he took the exam. in 10minutes after getting the anawer paper he gone to his office. after he called one by one to the principals room and he gave 5-5 good caning on each hand of all the girls. our palm was swollen reddish and red marked. we were helpless and we dont know how he caned the boys may be horrible.

by Rekha Sat Jul 03 20:07:54 UTC 2010

How one with only dipolma teach college student,, ?? NOT logic

by teachergyad Sat Jul 10 20:01:00 UTC 2010

girl with 19 years old and teaching 22 years old if that right and the teacher has the right to beat the older students very server because it explain it self the older students are dome other wise they should be some were else having good job

by guest Sun Jul 11 05:07:06 UTC 2010

If all these are true ( I do not think so),, can any old student or young teacher shoot in a hidden way any video clip for this punishment and upload it on youtube??

by guest Mon Jul 12 18:27:16 UTC 2010


by guest Sat Sep 18 06:23:22 UTC 2010

Write something on the thread "different punishment to husbands from your ideas"

by Guest Fri Dec 24 07:36:42 UTC 2010

punishment is punishment the same pain if the students took it from your or old teacher and every old age teacher start the job whith younger age some time youner teachers more soft and less hard than the older teacher

by guest Sun Jan 02 06:04:40 UTC 2011

hi vinay i am very strict schoolmistress.i am intersted .pls give me your cell no.i will call you.

by shakuntala Mon Jan 17 13:38:52 UTC 2011

i wonder how 19years become teacher if she is doing ok with all of her school years she will finish hig school at the age of 18

by guest Thu Jan 27 09:23:00 UTC 2011

bare sole punishment like you getting into hell my first year at college i never took the rules very serious and i thought that i am too old to get punished so when i don't feel going to college i just take off without any permetion and when i go back the second day i am always have reason ,one day i been called to show at the management office i went their after the class and i met with students dean young lady in her late 20's she asked me for reasons that the college been start for two months and i been absent 7 days so far i start telling her stories which she don't beleive me and she find that i been laying all the times then she told me that i am going to get punished first for being absent and then for being a lier too still i never thought i will be subject to phisical punishment even i could hear at the next room sound of cane and students crying ,then she pulled sheat of paper and asked me to sign it and that paper is my punishment order signed by the principal i don't have any choice but to sign it then she ordered me to take my sheos off and to get my self ready for my punishment which is going to be 10 stroks on the palm for laying and 14 swats on the foot for being absent i took the palm caning it's very hard and makes my hands terible then she ordered me to lay on the floor at my back then she brought board about one meter high and two big holes in the middle so she hold my legs and feed them thru the holes and then she start hitting me with the cane soo hard and i start screaming and beging her to stop but no mercy when she finished the punishment she told me with smile to set on a chair because i am not able to stand at my foot i sat at the chair and i feel fire coming from the foot and the palm pain all over my body 15 minutes later she told me to go to my class because a nother student will be punished their

by Shabeer Sat Jan 29 06:00:03 UTC 2011

Shabeer how did you feel after this severe punishment did you drop college or you changed you atetude and the punishment teach you a lesson

by guest Sat Jan 29 20:53:19 UTC 2011

how old the lady dean of students and what's her name is she beatiful what she is wearing when she punished you how you took her smile after she finished beating you up is it humiliating to you or make you cheer up when you young lady smiling for you

by Nadoor Sat Jan 29 20:58:01 UTC 2011

guest i felt terible after that punishment and no i will never drop college even i agree to take the punishment after she threat to suspend me for college and i will change a lot because i just took this punishment last weak and tought me very good lesson even i am in severe pain but i think this punishment chage a lot of me.
Nadoor my lady dean of student 27 years old she is beatiful but i don't see it she seems like a devil for me that day by first insist at punishing me and then punish me that hard she is wearing blue jeans with polo shirt and her smile to me is the most humiliation i ever see and it's been week for my punishment when ever i see her i feel that i hate that lady and i never looked at her face i don't know why is it the hate or i scare from her

by Shabeer Sun Jan 30 20:42:02 UTC 2011

shabeer that good this lady teach you lesson and made you come back to be active students ,is punishment at your college adminstered just by the students dean and the management or the theacher to punish the students if they make mistake or misbehave.
Her i will say that shabeer post proof it that punishment is needed to change wrong doing and punishment is realy work as a good way to correct students

by Ms chandera Mon Jan 31 06:24:31 UTC 2011

shabeer i think you should thank that young lady because she made a good and respectfull person out you ,yes you suffer from the pain for few hours but you find your self and i think she punished you like that just because she care about you and here i will say to those teachers whom they are soft and spoiling the student either make the benefit of the punishment or don't do it because soft punishment will make bad students too students all the time need to fear the teacher and never think about the teacher if they soft that they are week

by Ms Chandera Tue Feb 01 19:34:52 UTC 2011

Ms Chandera i did thought about going into her office and say thank you but i can't do it and still every time i see her i feel that i hate that lady even i agree and the way i preform because of her punishment is good even i study hard and do my home work just to avoid going into her office again because class punishment is so soft and never hurts ,every student visit her office always enter walking and exit crying and can't walk she is terror punisher no mercy when she punish

by Shabeer Wed Feb 02 06:51:49 UTC 2011

Shabeer did you felt more humiliated when you got the punishment from the dean or the pain of the punishment make you scared from her ,do ever thought you need to take revenge and beat that dean up or what's make you quit and just take her hard beating and then after beating you up coming to you with smile

by guest Sat Feb 05 05:30:00 UTC 2011

When i took the beating the pain of the cane is very harm and what make me still scare from that laday the humiliation i felt it when i went home and i am shy to tell my mother about it but in college none of my class mate saw me when i am taking the punishment ,she adminster the punishment in private may be the office personal hear my crying because i cry very loud , i never have any thought to beat her up but at that time i wished that i could do it evern i hate that lady but at the same time i do have a lot of respect for her because she changed me to the better and yes i do study because of the fear to go her office again but i been doing so good

by Shabeer Sun Feb 06 16:26:11 UTC 2011

I am 32 years old girl at my 2nd year medical school student palm punishment is common and normaly teacher use thick ruler and apply it to the palm of the students i never got any punishment at my first year and always surprise how the older students allow young teachers to hit them and i am all the time i tell my freinds if i am due to punishment i will not let young teacher to beat me up last week i did bad misbehaving and i fail test and because i been good student i have a warining for missing my assingment so my english teacher she is 23 years old she called me to her office i went their and she told for the reason for all of these mistakes ,failing test for the second time ,no home work and misbehaving at the class , i don't have an answer i know that i am wrong and i ask her and promise to do better ,she answer me that she will be very happy to see me changing and get back to be good student and she my punishment to you will help you will make you remember to get back good student ,i asked her what you mean with that ,she said that i am going to punish you today and your punishments going to be 6 cuts on each palm ,i told her i never been punished before so i will not let you punish me ,i start arguing with her and my voice got loud she asked me several time to lower my voice and my voice get louder then she slapped my face two times and she inform that i need to report to the management office then i noticed my mistake if go to the management office my punishment will be more sever and i asked to forgive me and i will take her punishment she said ok but your punishment now will be double that meen i will have to take 24 stroks on the palms and i agree to take the punishment ,she been so nice with me so she said she is going to give me the 24 stroks 6 every hour so after each class with the 10 minutes break i go to her office and i take 6 stroks till i finsh the 24 stroks they are very painfull specially the last 6 stroks ,she is at bad mood she raise the ruler way above her head and landed to my palm even i been beaten by her i hve to tell her that i am sorry

by Catherine Lee Mon Feb 07 10:21:20 UTC 2011

why you fear the management office is their harder caning their did you ever got punished or witness punishment at the management office and who give the punishments their ,even you took 24 strokes in one day from your teacher and still you say she is nice and good with you why?how you feel going to get beaten while other students enjoying their break did you ever punished by other teacher after that punishments

by guest Tue Feb 08 06:17:55 UTC 2011

yes management always gives hard punishment i never been punished their and this is my first time getting punished too ,i see and hear it from the students who been punished their if the student sent their for not obaying the teacher so the student gets double the punishment with extra strokes and very severe beating ,i got 24 strokes from my teacher and i say she is very nice for letting me take the punishment evrery hour and not one shot and that will be very painful , and between my self i commet mistake and i deserve the punishment and to be more harder that's why i said she very nice too,she punished me for my own good,and she is very nice to call me to her office and punish me on private and not in front of the class and that's make me feel good no embarassment and humiliating ,for taking the punishment during the break time it's tough to do that but i am paying for my wrong doing.after that punishment 3-4 days of the week and almost every week now i take 2-4 strokes on the palm and never more than 4 strokes on the palm from different teachers but they are in class punishment and it's very light some times for not answering questions ,forgetting books ,talking to student setting next to me

by Catherine Lee Wed Feb 09 05:43:24 UTC 2011

Catherine why i been punished that much is it due for bad prerfomance or what? is punishment always given in privat or the teacher did it just for you

by guest Thu Feb 10 05:24:17 UTC 2011

Catherine you are at medical school at 32 and they teach english at medical school? this lady is just an english teacher which is just a support subject for medical studies. how could she wield so much of authority over future doctors? i never knew that english is part of medical studies

by Rustam Fri Feb 11 14:35:51 UTC 2011

how old are you rustam english is main subject at medical studies

by catherine lee Fri Feb 11 21:04:06 UTC 2011

i am 33 Catherine and am from Malaysia. where are you from? i know for a fact that English is not a subject in medical schools in Malaysia. maybe it is different elsewhere but is it that important that a young teacher like that can cane the medic students?

by Rustam Sat Feb 12 08:02:33 UTC 2011

even i am 26years old going to college i love to be punished by my class teacher i never answer her back just when she ordered me to show the palm i do it quick even she hits hard but still i love it she has nice looking eyes and soft whit palm and alway puts red nail polish on her fingures so make me so hot

by Shabaar Fri Mar 04 08:22:04 UTC 2011

Shabaar how old your teacher ,what other type of punishment she use are you the oldest the class or there is older students than you did she punish them too ,you just love to be punished by certain teacher or every female teacher at the school ,is her punishment make you feel hot or you have crush to her

by Nader Sun Mar 06 08:57:42 UTC 2011

young lady teacher like to show off their power specialy when the teacher older student close to their age or older than them they will beat any student mercyless and very severe regardless of the age and when they see other teachers witness them when they punish any student they will apply the punishment much harder i been punshed by lady teacher she is 21 years old but she looks much younger and i am 27 years old she called me and girl student to her office after she saw us smoking at the hallway she is not even my teacher she gave the girl student first 6 cuts at her palms and i don't know how she took that punishment when it's my term i refuse to show my palms at the beging because she is too young and she looks like little girl and for me old grown up it's shame for me to be beaten by her ,she don't give me any option she start beating me with her cane at my arms and legs she applyed more that 10 swats at my arms and legs and every time i asked her to stop and she asking me to open my hand ,then i hold my hand open and i took the the worst and most severe punishment in live after she done hitting my palm i can't feel the palm and i felt the blood comming out when i went home the marks of the cane all over my arms and legs with purple colour the pain at my palm stays for three days and the marks still their special at my legs she hits so hard and no mercy

by Jahgbeer Mon Mar 07 05:23:24 UTC 2011

why were you so afraid of her Jahgbeer? what would happen if you resisted? what could she have done? do every teacher in college have the right to beat any student?

by Dinesh Mon Mar 07 10:42:16 UTC 2011

Dinesh i am not afraid of her but she teacher and as student can't answer the teacher back and not obeying her orders i felt too shame to be punished by her and i thought she will send me to the management office and their i don't mind take any punishment their but she don't give any chance and start hitting my sides which it's hurts a lot she hits my legs and arms real hard and order to stop i open my palm and took my punishment for me i will never do it again if any teacher ask me to show the palm for punishment i just do it without any delays other wise i wil be suffer at all my body ,yes every teacher at college have the right to punish the students but they do the punishment much softer .

by Jahgbeer Tue Mar 08 20:53:38 UTC 2011

Jahgbeer did you enjoy the punishment when ever you think about it i mean when you set with your self now and remember that young lady hitting you do you enjoy it and love that lady for being so tough most male students love young lady teacher specialy when they are hard and tough ,do ever been punished from the same teacher again you mentioned she is not your teacher do you been punished from other female teachers and how their punishment compare to that young teacher

by Anistela Thu Mar 10 04:52:31 UTC 2011

was she beautiful Jahgbeer? what was her reaction whenever she saw you after that? have you wished to have her as your wife?

by Rustam Thu Mar 10 10:29:55 UTC 2011

Even i know Anistela and Rustam joking i don't think any body enjoy or like to beaten from any body it's hard and painfull punishment and i remember that punishment all the time and no i don't love that teacher at the same time i don't hate her i am angry of her but it's my fualt i know the rules and i should not smoke at the hallway and then i should just listen to her orders and show my palm for the punishment i did took more punishment for her because she is not class teacher she is office adminstrator and part of her job to supervise the hallways and the school yard when ever she see students misbehave or not at the class she called them to her office and punish them second time i took the punishemtn from her when it's my term for the punishment she joked with me are you going to open your hands i said yes then i took 4 cuts at my palms she do punish much harder compare to our class teachers

by Jahgbeer Fri Mar 11 08:41:42 UTC 2011

so ajahgbeer share some of your other punishments at school and why and how many stroks you been punsished

by guest Fri Mar 11 12:21:47 UTC 2011

I am totlay agree with Jahgbeer young teacher love to show their power and showing them selfs so when ever they punish they hit too hard i am 29 going to special school in order to finish secretrial course my english teacher she is 23 years old so she hit the students for even any reason my first time to punished by her at the first day at school i don't even know she is teacher when she enter the class room and she sat at the front desk and not at her desk and every student at the class talking loud she keep telling us to be quit but no body listen to her every body think she is just one of the smart students yes i been so loud talking and standing at the front acting like i am the teacher twice she told me to go back to my desk and then i told her to shut up and mind her business after that she came to the front and by sudden she slaped my face two time and i did slaped her face one time then she pulled her I.D card she said i am the english teacher and she asked me with two more girls to stay in the front and our face facing the board then she explained why she sets in the front desk as she explained she needs to know how the class will preform when the teacher is not at the class room i came to her and told her i am sorry and i ask for forgivness because i don't know she is the teacher she replied that she will eccept my apology but after she is done with her punishment for us ,she send one student to bring cane to her then the student came back with long ruler she asked first the two girls that they will take 4 stroks on the palm from her and i am going to take 8 strokes she hits the two girls not too hard when she starts with me i open my palm and i thought light strok will be coming down but when she land the ruler at my palm i felt my palm going in fire it's too hard i took the rest of the stroks with tears and crying asking her for mercy but she not listning to me the pain at my palm stays with all day before start to slow down

by Raheeja Fri Mar 18 08:52:06 UTC 2011

has she hit you anytime after that Raheeja? any male dtudents in you class and do they get beaten also? how has she been treating you since than?

by Rustam Fri Mar 18 10:30:47 UTC 2011

Rustam yes i do got punished by the same teacher several times ,male students get punished from her too i feel every time she punished me she did the punishment harder to me than other students i feel she never forget that i slaped her face i get a lot of pain from her punishment compare to other students

by Raheeja Fri Mar 25 16:12:45 UTC 2011

Raheeja , is your punishment that hard

by guest Sun Mar 27 05:09:20 UTC 2011


by Raheeja Sun Mar 27 10:14:47 UTC 2011

maybe Frances, i'm not sure about the 35 year old male student but could it be that some of the male students enjoy being caned by you? i mean you are young lady and it can be gratifying for a man to be punished by a young woman. are you pretty? because that may explain it.

by Jegan Fri Apr 01 11:00:06 UTC 2011

Jegan your mind took you far away i am normal young lady ,i don't think the male student took the punishment from my just because i am young and he love to get pain from young lady but i think all options they have is not in their benefit if he get suspended will lose some lectures and will be behinde in his education and may his financial situation not allowed him to pay any fine and the only option will be for him to take the punishment and yes i am very shy to give that punishment for both of them because they are the first older age students i punish then after that time i did prepair a form with some questions for the student to answer at that form will ask the student how to take the punishment ,as i said surprising me when i see 95% off the student choose physical punishment

by Ms Frances Sat Apr 02 13:43:42 UTC 2011

you will be surprised Frances at how happy some male students in school are when beautiful female teachers cane or slap them. i know because i heard them talking about it. and in their case those teachers were older than them but you are younger than some of the male students. have you heard of that before?

by Jegan Sun Apr 03 12:33:32 UTC 2011

you would be surprised Frances at how some male students at school or college were so happy when a beautiful teacher canes or slaps them. and some of them actually purposely do things to get it from these teachers. i know that for a fact because i heard them talking.and those were teachers older than them. as for your case you are younger than them. Have you ever heard of this thing?

by Jegan Sun Apr 03 12:33:46 UTC 2011

May be you right Jegan but i don't know since my job is in the office and i never involve between students so i never hear any thing about that as i said earlier took me by surprise to see most students prefer physical punishments instead of other type of descipline i do punish male and female students almost every day

by Frances Mon Apr 04 04:37:32 UTC 2011

Ms Frances that mean you let the student choose the punishment and if the student say i don't feel geting punished you will let them go or just let the students choose from list of punishment do have this option for younger students or just for the older age student are you involve in punishing the youn students or just incharge for older ones

by Mike Frankline Mon Apr 04 11:31:04 UTC 2011

i want canning on my palm and bare feet from young lady.anyone is here interested to punish me???

by karan Mon Apr 04 18:38:11 UTC 2011

Mike no it's not like that i mentioned that physical punishment is the last option for older students which i am incharge for them student could be suspended for a day or two or pay small amount of money as fine or do some work helping in the college office , i am involve with older students and hardley to punish young students .

by Ms Frances Tue Apr 05 04:34:25 UTC 2011

Frances, do any of the older male students try to flirt with you while you cane them? do they display any signs that they are interested in you? or even any dare enough to ask if you are willing to be their girlfriend?

by Jegan Tue Apr 05 05:57:31 UTC 2011

No Jegan never ever any student try to even talk to me with any thing when they come into my office i see the fear at their faces when punishment is due for any one they just take it and leave

by Frances Thu Apr 07 19:17:59 UTC 2011

Jegan and Ms Frances ,for me as student when ever i get punished at the class from my teacher all the time i talk back to her and try to avoid the punishment from her and some times me and other students joke with her that she is in love with one male or she gives special attention to one students and it's normal ,but when ever we report to the management and principal office we do have a lot of fear even most the time at the principal office we take our punishment from the secretary which she is 23 years old we do have a lot of fear and just obeying any order giving to us we just take the punishment does not matter how hard is it ,their is special fear for the management office , that's why none of ms Frances students will talk or say any thing to her because she is thier acting like or at the principal name.

by SUMANA Fri Apr 08 07:16:31 UTC 2011

Ms Frances since you mention you shy and hate to punish older students and off course their is reason for older student to choose to be punished specialy from young female why you hit them hard how come you just give soft and use less force on them it's enough humiliating and emarressing to them to strech their hands and showing the palms to your punishment what you think about that ,do you ever punish any of the teachers their since your main job dealing with the teacher and training them do you hold special training class's to the teachers.

by Ms Seema Fri Apr 08 07:24:52 UTC 2011

why are you more scared of the secretary Sumana? does she hit harder or more? she is so young and yet they give her so much of power? how old are you and other students? are there male students and how old they are and do they also take punishment from her?

by Jagan Fri Apr 08 11:13:01 UTC 2011

Jegan it's not about scared from the secretary and the fear is not from her it's the fear of principal office any student bean asked to report to the principal office have that fear so i try to explain why the students not saying any thing to ms Frances yes the secretary taking the power from the principal most the time the secretary dealing with the punishment but still students fear her like she is the principal

by Sumana Sat Apr 09 04:16:35 UTC 2011

I am Daroo 32 attending computer class's at the after noon after my job finished our class teacher female 26 years old she find any reason to hit us at the palm for any reason she always apply 2 minumum 2 hits for very minor reason and up to 12 hits for other reasons she do hit us very hard i got one time 12 hard hit from her because i mispalce my fingures at the keybaord

by Daroo Fri Apr 15 09:02:33 UTC 2011

are you male or female Daroo (your name does sound male)? are the students there mostly older than her? is she beautiful? how could you stand 12 hits it must have been very painful right?

by Rajan Fri Apr 15 10:34:32 UTC 2011

do you ever feel aroused on being beaten by a younger female teacher Daroo? i know some male students enjoy it. do you ever feel like falling in love with her after she canes you?

by Husin Fri Apr 15 10:51:51 UTC 2011

Rajan i am male it's hard punishment but i have to be brave and take that punishment specialy when i see females took that punishment i have to be more stronger it's hard and painfull but the pain does not stay for long time most students at the class older than the teacher and she is showing her power at us , i don't think any body will enjoy to be beaten by any person no matter female or male punishment is painfull and humiliating but we don't have another choice but to take her punishment and what kind of love you talking about Husin when your been beaten and in pain and the hands burning from the pain .

by Daroo Sat Apr 16 06:00:13 UTC 2011

well some male students actually do Daroo. maybe when when they are still undergoing pain but later the thought of a young beautiful woman beating them would make them aroused. say if you had a chance to make this female teacher your girlfriend or even wife, would you go ahead?

by Husin Sat Apr 16 07:32:19 UTC 2011

But Hsin every man love to marry the most beatiful woman but i don't thing any man and real man will like to marry any woman she hits him in the past and have the memory that he been beaten by his wife no feeling at all for my teacher and she is not beautiful and she is below average in my view she trying to get attention by hitting too hard even for any small mistake ,for us the students we don't have any choice but to obey her orders and to study very hard to avoid her punishment

by Daroo Thu Apr 21 03:59:21 UTC 2011

Hai..this happened in Kerala..My class teacher was an young skinny lady teacher.. she was about 26-30 years (Cause its been so long and its my guess)when this happened. One day she asked whole of the class to keep quiet and asked the Monitor to note the names of those who were talking in the class while she went to collect something personal of hers from office. After 15 mins, she came back and asked the names from the monitor.. To my biggest SURPRISE, mine was the first to be called. It really made me upset because i didnt even remember uttering a single word. Anyways i was lucky that day cause she didnt cane anybody.. but she asked the biggest of the problem, ie to get it signed from your parent that u were talking in the class and wouldnt repeat it later and that she would check the same tomorrow morning. She then Continued with her classes in a very peacful and jovial atmosphere which made me really forget for what had happened in the class.
The next day, i was late to class as my school bus was held in a traffic block. As i reached the classroom, the prayer session had already been over and the first period was begining.
Sadly, it was the class teachers hour and the very first thing she asked was about the signed paper she had asked to bring.
A cold shiver went through my body at that time because i had completely forgot about that ( I was not a person who usually was punished and was extememly feared of any sort of punishment). However as she wasnt that angry and took classes in a peacful manner the day before, i thought that the mistake would be either excused or the same shall be repeated for tommorrow.
However, during the oral verification, she found that only 3 out of 11 students got it signed. She then put the paper containg the names she had noted and asked the girl sitting in front bench (I still recall her name as Sarita) to go and bring the cane from the staffroom.
My body began to shiver a little. Since the staffroom was a little far away, she began to read a the textbook standing for the lessons which she would lecture after the caning.
She was wearing a black cotton saree with Orange lines as border. As i said above, i was never at the recieveing end of the punishment and hence used to enjoy watching others get caned by her especially seeing her waist. Well, to speak frankly, she was lean and adorable.. but was very orthodox. she never used to expose other than a very little. Only exposure she used to have was her little part of the belly shown between the blouse and Border of the saree which is inevitable while wearing a saree. And that was minimum at the back and a little but not maximum at the front. Even her small part of the white belly made me feel real pleasure especially those slanting borders.
So even when the girl went to fetch the cane from staffroom, i had a little time to watch and enjoy her waist. Well its a fact that black cotton sarees with any color as border gives a real charming look even if its for fat ladies. so u could imagine how charming she would have been as she was lean and skinny on that day. I noticed and watched her waist. As usual, she didnt expose much. As it was early morning hours and she had just wrapped her saree a few minutes ago at her home taking care not to expose too much. However, i could see a little gap between her blouse and saree border with her white hairy belly starting from back side and expanding the gap as it comes to front. however, not much was exposed. This gave me a 70percent erection until the girl arrived with a thin long cane.
As per the serial no of the names she had noted yesterday, i was called first. Upon hearing my name, i peed 3-4 drops inside my underwear. She tucked the back extended portion of the saree to her waist which reduced her exposed belly portion to a very minimum. However, a very little portion say about 5-6cms was exposed.
She asked me to come front of the class and asked to show my palms. Within seconds i felt a great

by guest Mon Apr 25 18:56:19 UTC 2011

contd..relief as she chose to beat in my palms. I showed her the palms with my eyes still on her waist at those white hairy belly. She moved a little back, raised the cane high in the air and SWISHHHHH!!!! my reflexes made me to move my hand away as the cane came swishing. But still, she was not angry. I was in real fear to extend my hand on hearing the swish sound of the cane. She came near to me, bend in front of me to take my left palm in her hand (Forgot to tell u that she was tall and i was short. so she had to bend even to take my palm). While she took my left palm, i saw little exposed portion of her white hairy belly just close to me which made me to pee 3-4 drops more inside due to fear. She moved a little backwards and WHACKKK!!.. i got the first one. Really I didnt feel a bit of pain cause i was so fantazised with watching her belly. But it really made me sad as this was the first time i recieved caning from a lady i adored and that too in front of a full strength class of boys and girsl. As i started to leave, She asked me to wait and show the right palm.
I peed 3-4 more drops on hearing that.. she moved a little back (this time she didnt hold my hand) and with cane raised above her head WHACKKK!!!!. But this time,I could feel the fire across all my five fingers and the cane ended at the tip of my palm. The feeling that somebody out there (among the class) must have enjoyed that swish and whack sound along with her little exposed white hairy belly while i felt the pain and insult made the tears rolling of my eyes. She asked me to get the papers signed or else this would become 4 strokes the very next day and asked me to clean the balckboard.
Really i cried a bit harder until she called the next person.
While the next person staying little far from her and extnded the palm immediately( Usual recievers), She asked him to come forward and asked to turn back. My tears immediatley stopped. Yes.. she was going to cane them in their thighs.. bare thighs.. I couldnt imagine if that was me recieveing caning in my thighs. She bend and gave 2 superb Swish and Whack strokes on the bare thighs. He didnt jump, but just lifed the leg where the cane landed and rubbed with the other leg.While i stood near the blackboard, my close perception to her waist told me that the gap exposing her belly had grown a few more cms by the stress she took in bending for caning the 2nd boy and myself. Her white hairy belly has been exposed a little more. The 3rd turn was to a boy who was fat and was quiet big from rest of the guys in the class and was the most disobidient.
She asked to him to come forward which he refused. She went near him and caught his left hand while he started to defend with his right hand. She tried to catch both of his arms simultaneously for which he tried to defend again. while trying to catch both of his arms, her saree became little loose and the exposure of her belly became a little more.Meantime, i had finished cleaning the black board but had to wait till the caning of the third guy was over because i had to cross across them to walk to my seat. It was so charming that i got a full erection on seeing her exposed belly and their struggle which constantly widened the gap between her blouse and saree border. She somehow managed to catch both of his arms and Swishhhh!!!.. but not a whack as the cane landed on his trousers. So the sound was a little a bass type. As soon as he got the stroke, he somehow managed to free his hands. Again there was struggle by her to catch his both hands While he managed somehow to catch on to the leg of the teachers desk. She too tried hard to make free of his hands to deliver a smooth painful caning. While doing so, she was turned towards the blackboard side ie towards me where i could clearly see her white hairy belly became more and more exposed by going downwards by the stresses caused having struggle with him. It was so coincident that she gave a sound Swish Whackk stroke on

by guest Mon Apr 25 19:01:23 UTC 2011

contdd..his bare bottom thigh while her struck saree at her waist loosened and fell and also the cane split along the length. As the saree struck at her waist fell, it was followed by a little forward movement by her as the boy moved backwards which caused her 80 per cent of her black navel to pop out which had remained hidden deep inside her saree.The scene which only i saw and not any other single person in the class. May be she felt a sudden cold air in her front portion of her belly more than what she used to have usually ,that she immediately caught hold of her front portion of the saree and covered it. The boy was crying in such a pain that he sat on the floor and didnt bother to move. Since the cane was split lengthwise, it was of no use for the rest of the 8 students. She again orderd the girl to bring the cane from next class. While she corrected her saree by pulling the front portion of her saree much above her navel and correcting her borders of the saree reducing her belly exposure to 6-8 cms and again tucked the saree to her waist to reduce the exposed portion further to 3-4 cms. She then asked me to go and sit and continued caning other students on the bare thighs without any problems with the new cane while the third guy still remained crying in the floor. No body questioned why only it was me who recieved in palms. This made me feel very happy and my tears dried up. But actually this was not only the reason for my hapiness as i had witnessed the unexpected. The black navel in a white hairy belly that too of a person who never exposed more than a few cms in saree in a cracking atmosphere. The classes were continued as usual and she left after the period was over. only at afternoon did i find that the 3rd guy recieved his 2nd stroke in such a high intensity that the cane split also did his skin. There was a long double bumps seperated by a line (Usual Cane mark) and of course a little blood sprouting.
And i am sure it was during this 2nd stroke that his skin split while i saw her black navel. While that guy cried in pain, i enjoyed her black navel and hairy belly. It was like she showing her navel just for me.
my hand was normal by that time and didnt even feel such an incident did happen. I was very lucky indeed. First, i didnt recieve bare thigh caning, second, i am the only person happened to see her navel. I never expected her navel to be such a black in color but it was really sensational. Even after many years, the exposure by her still remained the same. Not too much but little sometimes very little.
But still the mystery remains.. Why did she beat only me in palms???? My be she loved me..

by guest Mon Apr 25 19:02:28 UTC 2011

how was it like to receive palm caning from a woman younger than you Farooki? was she beautiful? does she punish other students in the class as well? what would happen if you resisted her punishment?

by Karan Tue Apr 26 11:16:23 UTC 2011

Karan no punishments at the class no teacher ever hit any student at the classroom punishment done at the staff room and mostly at the managment office by the principal or the dean of the students or the secretary when ever teacher punishing any student the teacher will give the student to report either to the management office or to the staff room and if the teacher has own office then the student will be report to the teacher office my accounting teacher yes she is young and beatiful but when i am taking the beating from her the only thing i have for her just hate she do hits hard , every student punished by her will tear off even she beat hard but most students like her and forget about the pain next time she is in the class , i can't resist her punishment because i will be in more trouble it's the principal ordering me to be punished by my teacher for unrespect her and leaving the class without any reason and i agree i am wrong and i think i took what i deserve and it's a lesson for me to learn mostly to respect any person incharge .

by Farooki Wed Apr 27 03:40:42 UTC 2011

does she hit students regardless of ther age Farooki? how old are the eldest male and female students she punishes? do they willingly accept punishment or do they argue like you did? does the college and she use any other forms of punishment other than palm caning? has she treated you well since she beat you?

by Karan Wed Apr 27 08:23:54 UTC 2011

just for curiosity Farooki, would you take her to be your wife or girlfriend if you had the chance? did you enjoy being caned by her?

by Ragu Fri Apr 29 08:59:52 UTC 2011

Ragu if the person been punished (beaten) from the most beatifun lady nothing against that lady but hate i don't know how she infect pain on me and i am going to enjoy it and even if she is the last lady i will not getting married to her ,the oly thing i have with my teacher is respect i got punished by her because i did mistake i agree on that and if every student get punished by his female teacher he is going to love her and married her i don't know how you think then you need to take the punishment from any lady teacher and see how you feel about it

by Farooki Sun May 01 08:40:31 UTC 2011

well to be honest Farooki, i when i was in college a few years ago at the age of 25 (i enrolled a few years after starting work) i was slapped by a female teacher younger than me by bout two years. at first all i felt was pain but after some time the thought of having been slapped by a woman younger than me and in authority did arouse me. i know i am not the only guy to have felt like that. some boys do get excited about being punished by young attractive female teachers.

by Ragu Tue May 03 03:31:04 UTC 2011

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by guest Sun May 08 03:34:25 UTC 2011

it is good feeling to stand infront of beautiful young female teacher when she holds cane or paddle and i have my hands stretch and my palm open waiting for her raising the stick and strike it into my palm it's moment of fear and it make my palm burining but after that it become very enjoyable for me so lot of times if you know female teacher supervising the school i will be late just to get punished from lady teacher

by Adam Fri Jun 10 11:18:37 UTC 2011

are those female teachers who punish you older than you Adam?

by Jayan Fri Jun 10 14:21:30 UTC 2011

Most female teachers are older than me i am 26 onece i been punished by 22 years old female teacher but all time the teachers older than me the oldest teacher i have she is in her mid 50'S

by Adam Sun Jun 12 10:36:32 UTC 2011

how did it feel being caned by the 22 year old female teacher Adam? were you very excited? is she beautiful? have you tried to make friends with her or get her as your girlfriend?

by Jayan Mon Jun 13 02:49:12 UTC 2011

Yes Jayan the 22 years old teacher punished too hard and severe it's the hardest punishment i got is from her too much pain while the punishment but after that i stay days remembering her holing the ruler wiht her soft hads and her pretty face with smile every time she apply the hits at my palms and the other students palms ,but i wish i will never to get punish from her again because the pain stays for longer time to go after her punihsments

by Adam Tue Jun 14 12:48:03 UTC 2011

does that mean you won't want to have her as a girlfriend even if she promises not to beat you anymore Adam? how did you end up being your her student although you are older than her?

by Jayan Wed Jun 15 05:07:47 UTC 2011

Jayan even i have good feeling and enjoy getting punished and hit from female teacher but i will never ask my teacher to be my grilfriend or even try to talk to her about my feeling as man i might love and like a girl and i tell her my feeling but when i comes to be that girl my teacher no i will not do that

by Adam Wed Jun 15 11:06:00 UTC 2011

why Adam you not at young age you're 26 and old enoungh and female teachers love to hear that one of their students in love with them and they love to date their students and i beleive when female teacher hitting her male student and repeat that she try to get his attention their is no way for your teacher and come forward to you and tell you i love you and ask you for date you should take the first step Adam ,since you love to be punished by female teacher you should be strong enough to show and tell her yoour feeling

by Kameesh Thu Jun 16 11:50:34 UTC 2011

The respect for the teacher make me not say any thing to her

by Adam Sat Jun 18 13:00:46 UTC 2011

Good boy Adam keep the good conduct

by Kameesh Mon Jun 20 12:30:45 UTC 2011

I am 27 years old and one of the teachers at my college 21 years old me and the test of the students scare from her more than older teachers she don't have any mercy when she beat the students she raise the stick way above her shoulder and landed on the palm too hard one i got punished by her just 4 stroks at my palms i start crying like child from the pain she infect at my palms every student punished by her get cry and long lasting pain i think the reason for that she is young and she need to prove her self and the only way she prove her self by hitting us the students very hard and we can't reject her punishments

by Johny Sun Jun 26 15:41:29 UTC 2011

Why u can't reject her punishment and why u scare from her may be you made her hard and tough by obeying her

by guest Sun Jun 26 22:28:33 UTC 2011

has anyone tried to reject punishment from her Johnny? how old are the students, male anf females and how old are the oldest students? is the teacher pretty?

by Kuna Mon Jun 27 07:47:52 UTC 2011

it's not about scared from her personaly just you can't not obeying any teacher orders ,for that teacher she built her pesonalty to be tough just for me the first time i show my palm to get punished by her i never she will hits that hard and severe but the punishment starts and had to be finished that's why just we do our best to avoid her punishment ,she is not that pretty she is dark skin and the way she looks no body will ever think she is a teacher if you meet her out side the classroom or out side the college she wears pant and shirt all the time at our class room the oldest male 31 and the oldest female 29 and i am 27 we are the oldest students at the class but at the college their older students at other class's and i did see her hitting students they or looks at their late 30'S , i never see any student reject her orders but i see some students move their palms when the ruler make the landing on the palms so she gets too mad and angry and in respond she always apply extra stroks when the student move the palm or she will apply the next hit at any place at the students body she is willing to land her stick any were at the students body with no fear to harm the bones or the skin she has no mercy when it comes to hitting students it's so embaressing for us the older students when we stand infront of her so she is much shorter than us and we are waiting for her punishment

by Johny Mon Jun 27 14:08:08 UTC 2011

I am 26 years old student at c ummunity college hitting the students by the teachers is common when ever student make mistake or not answering question the teacher will hit the student with ruler 2-4 hits at the palm most students will answer the older teachers and try to reject their punishment at the same time we have very young teacher she 23 years old teaching accounting she do has unbeleivable power and she do hits the students very hard and none of the students will answer her back or reject any order she gives she always enter the calss room with long stick with her and ready to hit any student for any reason so we are the students all the time study and behave better at her class's to avoid her hard punishment

by Stephany Sun Jul 10 11:26:49 UTC 2011

Stephany what is the reason make the students fear and scare the 23 years old teacher and how you let 23 years hits you may be the older teacher trying to be nice with the students that why they get rejection and the younger one just kind of tough is she good looking i just wonder why the older students will obey the younger teachers much more than the older teachers

by Kelly Wed Jul 13 13:38:39 UTC 2011

Stephany we don't have any choice to accept or not accept the punishments from any teacher before we enroll at the college we do know and made clear for all students that physical punishment is their the accounting teacher from day one she made it clear no joking and playing at her class so she start the punishment from the first day she do apply the hits too hard she raise the ruler way above her shoulders and apply it down on the palm that what make every student fear her and scare from her not like other teachers she try to joke with us when ever student make mistake or not answering question they do give plenty of time for the student even some time they never hit the student from first mistake that's why students fear the young teacher and accounting is hard subject at the same time

by Stephany Fri Jul 15 19:21:50 UTC 2011

The best thing when student specialy for male students when ever they get punished from young female teacher they will love it and will repeat their mistakes again and again just to be punished look like they do have good enjoyment and some time they do wet them selfs and the older the student the more he love to be punished by young female teacher i know that as a fact

by Young teacher Wed Jul 20 10:46:39 UTC 2011

do you have any experience in this matter young teacher? can you share with us?

by Ragu Wed Jul 20 11:28:18 UTC 2011

I am 27 years old college student the second day at college me and other students arrived late then been directed to the management office when we arrived their it's surprising me when i saw young lady she is in her 20's holding stick and she ordered us to line up against the wall then she informed us that she is going to punish us 4 swats on the palm she looks too young and i never thought i will be punished at that age but i don't have choice but to take the punishment she gave each one of us first 2 swats very soft and the last 2 is very severe make every one of us tear off

by Kaseem Fri Aug 05 11:26:44 UTC 2011

Kaseem is punishment common and the students been informed about the punishment when they make the registaration to college is the teachers do punish the students inside the class room or just adminstered at the management office

by Rado Sat Aug 06 20:23:15 UTC 2011

Rado no never been mentioned to us about the punishments at college and none of the students expected that they will be punished at college level their is no class room punishment but teachers do punish the students at the staff room but most punishment been done at the managment office their 3 young female adminstators they do the punishments their they hit and beat hard

by Kaseem Sun Aug 07 11:00:43 UTC 2011

are all the female administrators younger than you Kaseem? do they punish all students regardless of their age and how old are the eldest students they have punished?

by Raslan Mon Aug 08 01:58:08 UTC 2011

are all the female administrators younger than you Kaseem? do they punish all students regardless of their age and how old are the eldest students they have punished?

by Raslan Mon Aug 08 01:58:08 UTC 2011

Yes Raslan all three administrators young and they adminstor most of the punishments when we got punished i have female student she is 31 years old she got punished too

by Kameem Mon Aug 08 10:26:14 UTC 2011

Corporal punishment in schools occurs when the teacher or the "adult-in-charge" purposely inflicts pain upon a studen in order to stop that studen's unacceptable behavior and or inappropriate language. It is also used to prevent the studen from repeating that behavior or offense and to set an example for other students are you young female teacher do that and acting like an adult when you punish your students specialy when your students older than you

by Ms Conie Mon Aug 08 13:33:30 UTC 2011

are they pretty Kameen? are you attracted to any of them? do they use any other form of punishment?

by Raslan Tue Aug 09 01:49:56 UTC 2011

how old are you ms Conie do you consider your self teacher or "adult in charge"i like that phrase do you punish your students at their ages are they male female and finlay do you beleive in infecting pain at your students to chage their behavior

by Ms Judeth Wed Aug 10 11:16:10 UTC 2011

i love to take hitting and beating from my 29 years old teacher she is so beautiful when she hold the ruler and ask me to hold my palm open she has flushy red face like she is shy to apply the hits the look of the ruler at her fest she looks too hot i am alwys ger ercet and hot every hit she apply at me make me too hot i don't mind staying infront of her and 100 hits from her the more hits i take the more it make me hot even i been dreaming and thinking of her punishments to me and gumed out i have imagination that i am sleeping with her and holding her soft palm and kissing her beautiful lips some times i make the mistakes just to take her punishments she knows that i am in love with her that why her face turn to more redness when she hits me

by Jackoub Wed Aug 10 13:56:58 UTC 2011

Jacoub do enjoy being punished just from this teacher or from any female teacher how old are you are at school or college your post is strange but i beleive is too many people like you love to be hit

by guest Wed Aug 10 17:48:18 UTC 2011

Guest i love to be punished from any female teacher but that teacher too special for me i am 23 years old second year in college

by Jackoub Thu Aug 11 10:24:00 UTC 2011

Ms Judeth with my job title Dean of students at college i consider my self the adult in charge i am 26 years old yes i do punish students even some of them older than me and it's the punishments it is to infict some pain inorder to change behavior or wrong doing

by Ms Conie Thu Aug 11 10:43:45 UTC 2011

I am Marloo 28 years old i never been punished at any level at my school or college i am IT tech. at company been working their for 2 years my super visor is youn female 25 years old one day i damage one of the systems i been working at when she notice it's voidable mistake she ask me to go into her office and their she wrote citation for the head of the company to fire me i start asking her for mercy and beged her to give me a chance after long time she told me at this time she will punish me differnt way i agree without knowing what that punsihment is i signed paper then she pulled long stick from top of closet and asked me to open my hands to take my punishments i told her i never been punished in my life and i don't know that you are going to hit me she but with either get fired or take the punishment i agree to take the punishment she raised the stick very high with my hand open when i see it landed i moved my hand she got very angry of me then she said next time i move my hand the punishment will double i asked her how many hits i will be taking she said 10 stroks 5 on each hand then she raised the stick again a
then she apply it into the middle of my palm i felt like fire and can't beleive the pain the second hit i opend the second hand but she said i have to take the first five at the same hand then the second five on the oother hand i opened the hand but i did moved it again she got too mad then she applied 2 hits at my side then she hold my hand with one of her hands and apply the hits with other one i took 20 hits from her she left me with severe pain so i never came back to work again

by Mandolany Thu Aug 11 21:15:33 UTC 2011

you mean you got hit and left you job too Marloo? what a pity. was that woman pretty? are you married and does your wife know about it and what she said?

by Jagu Fri Aug 12 02:05:01 UTC 2011

Yes Jagu i just shy to show my face to her and to other employees ,she is young and good looking ,she left with with severe pain i am not married even my mother notice i don't feel good but i never told her about my punishment

by Mandolany Sat Aug 13 11:12:00 UTC 2011

Ms Conie you still giving your self the right to infict pain in order to change behavior and you who gave you the title to be the adult in charge and inficting the pain

by Ms Judeth Sat Aug 13 11:15:33 UTC 2011

Marloo what make you agree on to take the punishment is punishments normaly adopted at your work place i guess since she keep the stick at her office that mean punishment is their did any body witness your punishment make you not going back to work ,some people they feel the pain of the punishments at the time they take it but after that they do enjoy it when ever they remember it do feel enjoying that punishment from young lady

by Sarfandy Sat Aug 13 11:21:20 UTC 2011

Realy i never now before that employees could be punished by their supervisors or HM if they commet mistakes before she start the punishment i signed printed form and that form breifly say that i choose to get punished by my supervisor and i never been forced to take it then when i try to talk her not or she can't do that she told me she been doing it all the time so don't feel insulted to take the punishment from me during the punishment no body at the office to witness it but when i signed the paper 3 female office employees their then the company secretary aware of the punishment because my supervisor has to take her signature to form i signed when i left the supervisor office i have to pass thru the secretary desk she asked me with smile how i feel is it hurt she did see the pain appear at my face and i am tucking my palms under my armpet then she told about my supervisor (Ms Vanisa)that she very hard when she punished and too tough beleive me their is no enjoyment any time i wonder and surprise when i read or her that some body will enjoy the punishments may be the punisher enjoy it but the receiver just remember the pain

by Marloo Sun Aug 14 11:46:00 UTC 2011

Ms Judeth are you a teacher how you could ask this question me and all teacher either physical punishment or any other of punishment applied the teacher takes the power and the authority from the management whom they set the rules and regulation with my education and personality gave me that right to be the adult in charge and my job is not to infict pain my job to enforce the rules and regulation in order to do that i have the authority to punish and not infict pain yes punishment carry some level of pain and that to change wrong or breaking the rules

by Ms Conie Sun Aug 14 11:53:12 UTC 2011

There is no real dicipline that is more effective than physical punnishment. Policy makers have reduced the effectiveness of teachers and administrators to nothing and then we wonder why students dont behave and test scores are low. Combined with larger class sizes lower budgets and teacher cuts due to standardized tests the education system has become a joke. An additional point of interest is the FACT that parents make excusses for their childs behavior instead of backing the teacher or school. Physical punnishment teaches students that there are real consequences for their actions, and to confuse this with abuse is insane. Obviously there is a cut off when this is effective and a high school senior wont respond the way a 6th grader would. Peoples have become a child worshiping society. Children are not in school to have fun, they are there to learn, and behave and so that they may contribute to society when the time comes. Punnishment is also to be administered by an administrator not a teacher.

by Janet Edward Sun Aug 14 17:18:45 UTC 2011

i think she is a very mean woman to have punished you so hard Marloo. 20 hits is terrible. i mean she she have just given you 2 or 3 hits or 1 or 2 slaps to get the point across and make you realise your mistake. but she beat you so savagely. don't you think you must seek revenge on her as a man. trail her and frighten her so that she won't be so arrogant anymore. imagine how your mother will feel if she knows that her grown up son been so badly beaten by a younger woman.

by Jagu Mon Aug 15 02:47:14 UTC 2011

yes i do agree with ms Janet Edward kids and students not going to school and colleges to have fum and just to spend time they are their to get educated and prepaire them to be some for the future even the government spent lot of money to provide the palces and pay for teachers and staff to do the best for young genaration so in order to reach that goal punishment is more effective than any other punishment and becasue an administrator more trained to deal with all kind of issues i recomend punishment must be carried be the administrators and not to give the authority to every teacher to punish because teacher have better and more nobel goal to reach teacher should not be in power to give the punishment at all

by Ms Rosaline Mon Aug 15 11:19:16 UTC 2011

i agree with Jagu. how can you allow a younger woman to beat you up like that causing you to loose your job and then just let the issue rest Marloo? you should teach her a lesson which would humble her to the ground. she could have given you light physical punishment or some other form of punishment to penalise you but instead used yu as a subject matter to exert her dominance and brutality to her utter satisfaction. show her what you are made of.

by Kamleesh Tue Aug 16 06:28:59 UTC 2011

Kamleesh nothing i could do first i never know i am going to be under hard and severe punishment i did went after a week to meet with head manager of the company i find that they fired me from work for not showing up at work without any notice

by Marloo Tue Aug 16 19:47:49 UTC 2011

not good enough Marloo. i think you should get even with her. show her that you are not to be messed with. right now she must be feeling very high and accomplished having beaten a man older than her and leaving him halpless. i hope you have got a new job already.

by Kamleesh Wed Aug 17 06:16:02 UTC 2011

My nave Jane i hold mater degree in accounting i am now 27 years old the company i hired at asked me to improve my english langauge in order to give me higher rank job so i rgister at local learning center their is two teachers one from England she is 25 years old and on from Pakistan she is 38 years old i never been informed that students their subject to be punished for any mistake or misbehavior one day i have stay longer at my job so i arrive 15 minutes late the young teacher gave note and the note is an order for me to see her at her office after class's i did obey the note order and i went to her office when i got into her office i see 3 more students their 2 are waiting out side and one student inside her office i asked the secretary at the office that i have to leave because i will be late home she informed me that i can't leave untill i meet with the teacher i waited about 15 minutes she is calling the students one by one when they leave the office i see pain or madness on the students face i wonder why when it's my term to see the teacher i saw her holding long wood ruler she asked me to sign form at her table i asked her what's about she then inform that i came late to school and i am subject for punishments and my punishments should be 15 stroks at he palms one strok for each minute i am late but she is going to give me only 6 stroks i asked her what if i reject the punishment she answer me back that i will not be allowed to come back to school and all fees i paid will not be refunded then i agree to take the punishment it' very hard specialy i never been punished before i got home with marks and pain shows at my face i told my mom and dad about what happen thye joked at me and they told me they are subject to harder punishments when they are at school second day i forgot assingment given to us by the Pakistani teacher then i been punished by her 4 stroks at my palm the stroks is not too hard compare with the younger teacher but i felt insulted and shame because i took the punishments infront of the class and been witnessed by other studentd

by Jane Mon Aug 22 13:34:08 UTC 2011

is the 25 year old teacher a white woman or a Pakistani, Jane? b'cos unlikely an English woman would resort to caning an adult right?

by Soni Tue Aug 23 03:02:10 UTC 2011

Why Soni English teacher is hard punisher she do punish any age student she make sure she will deliver the hardest and infict enough pain with the punished student

by Jane Wed Aug 24 11:00:07 UTC 2011

are you English then Jane? how old is the eldest student, male or female shae punishes?

by Soni Thu Aug 25 01:45:21 UTC 2011

Soni can't understand you question and what you mean

by Jane Sat Aug 27 17:57:38 UTC 2011

i mean are you English, Jane? and also the age of the oldest students who have been caned by the 25 year old teacher (both male and female students)

by Soni Fri Sep 02 03:25:46 UTC 2011

I want to get caning punishment from any girls if any one can mail me to lovelyboi88(at)gmail(dot)com

by Lovelyboi Mon Sep 05 10:59:47 UTC 2011

I am 31 years old female working at company as sapre part manager our company last month gave me notice to finish my employment or to learn how to use the computer so every thing start to be computerized last month i did enroll to take computer class's one day i arrived half an hour late one of the female staff at the learning center called me and asked me for the reason of being late i explained to her the reason she seems to be very nice talking to me and understanding then she told me ok but the rules her before i can go back to class i have to be punished then she send me to an office and their is another female staff holding long ruler and hitting students then she asked me to wait on line and wait for my term for that female to punish me i did obey her i waited and scared me when i saw how hard that female hitting the students infront of me saying to my self i will not allowed her to hit me but when it's my term came and she asked me to show my palms i can't even say a word i just obeyed her while i am holding my hand up she inform me that i will take 10 stroks 5 at each palm and i can't rub or move my palm during the punishments i took the stroks they are too hard and i hold my tears as much they are painfull

by Ebtehaj Sun Oct 30 13:53:50 UTC 2011

how ols was the female staff who caned you Ebtehaj? did she cane male students as well? how old were they?

by Simon Tue Nov 01 01:44:05 UTC 2011

Simon she is in her late 20's yes when i went to her office their is 7 students 2 male and 5 females she hits all of us the same number of stroks and the same power

by Ebtehaj Wed Nov 02 12:19:36 UTC 2011

Ebtehaj what is the reason make obying the teacher order and take the punishment since she is younger than . could not you just asking her why she is punishing you how you took the stroks is it one by one or took 5 on one hand and the other 5 at the other one how you could control to keep your hand open for her stroks is she that much scaring you or what?

by sabadia Wed Nov 02 22:33:18 UTC 2011

Sabadia the reason for me obeying the orders of younger female teacher even she is younger than me i 3years first when the first female brought me to the punishments room and the way she is acting very nice and freindly i never though about any physical punishments will be done just thought of warining when she ordered me to wait on line and i witnessed the other students getting punished one by one and none of them rejecting the punishments i felt stubid to reject all students infront of me agreed to take but after i stretched my hands and took the first stroks i felt i should misobeyed her orders but i find it it's too late and i kept opining my hands for the stroks one after one the way the punishment done i hold my right hand first i took 5 stroks after each other then i opened the left hand and took the other five it took her less than two minutes to deliver the 10 stroks,the teacher is not scary she looks very good and very confedent at her self with very strong personalty i felt the pain when she gave me the first two stroks on each hand and i don't feel any pain at the rest of the stroks few seconds after the punishment done i felt like fire coming out of my palms and the pain did go away till the end of the day but the redness stayed at my palms to the next day

by Ebtehaj Thu Nov 03 12:03:39 UTC 2011

Ebtehaj, were the male students older than her too? didn't they feel too embrassed to be cane dby a woman younger than them?

by Simon Fri Nov 04 11:25:08 UTC 2011

Simon the male and female students all of them younger than the teacher i am the oldest one their most students are between 22-25 years old male and female students took the punishment without showing any kind of emabaressment or rejection and that what make me obey and not object the punishment

by ebtehaj Fri Nov 04 13:05:39 UTC 2011

Ebtehaj did you talked about your punishment to your husband or parents or coworkers how you compare this punishment with the one you took when you are at school or college if you been punished before did you get punished any more by the any staff members or teacher after that time do you think the punishment helps you to change your attitude or behavior do you beleive that the teacher who punished you is respectfull person and she did that for your own good how she acts during the punishments session is she happy or she show some regrets

by Kindal Sat Nov 05 13:00:04 UTC 2011

Ebtehaj you said you took the punishment because the other students took it without any rejection but you are older than the teacher and the other students could not you even try to talk to her that punishing you with your age is not the way to be handled and since it's the first time you are late could not just ask for forgiveness at the same time you the one paying the money to get educated and for them if you miss time is yours and you paid for it

by Monika Sat Nov 05 18:50:12 UTC 2011

Kindal when i went home i have to tell my husband about my punishments because the marks shows at my palms he just joked at me and asked me to behave good at school last time i been punished when i am 15 years old and i find this punishment is very severe .Even i don't like the way they treat us but i think the punishment change my behavior i start to make my best to show in time and not to be late and to study and be prepare to any class to avoid in class punishments because i got punished twice by the class teacher for not answering questions and not doing home work i don't think the staff member who punished us did that for our own good i think it's part of her job title i don't know what you mean with respectfull person but she looks so happy when she applied the stroks but she is not rude she explain to the students about the punishment but for me i looked at her just person who infect pain at me .Monika when i saw her hitting the other students even the staff member who interview me and the way she is talking to me just like we are good freinds make me never think that she is going to take me to some one to physically punsih me i never looked at her age at all because i saw the hard stroks coming down at the other students and i thought my self infront of my older teacher when i am at the elementary school to enroll at that learining center we don't pay any money it's one of the state learining centers and cost us nothing just to show up for class's that's why is the strict rules their

by Ebtehaj Mon Nov 07 13:29:46 UTC 2011

I attend college after work i am now 24 years old last week i missed college for 3 days because i have to work extra hours at work when i went back to college and after my first class i been called to report to the dean of students office so i went their when i arrived the secretary asked me about my name then she gave me pink slip and asked me to wait at the hallway until my name be called at the hall way their is about 20 more students waiting then the secretary start to call our names with the name to report to room number i went to that room me and 6 more students and their two females the first one she checked the slip and without saying any thing just she wrote number on it and she asked me to go and see the other female she is holding long wooden stick at her hands she took the slip from me and asked me to open my hand for punishment i made my self not understanding what she is saying then she ordered my with loud voice stretch your hand and show your palm so i am going to take 12 stroks at my palms for missing 3 days i can't say a word she soung too though and before i opend my hand the stick is way up waiting for my palm to be opend i took the 12 stroks not too hard but i felt the pain and the color of my palm changed to red after she finished with me i went back to other female then she gave me green slip to go back to the class room

by coleen Sat Nov 12 21:05:40 UTC 2011

I attend class's at government college for accounting i am now 28 years old and this is my second year one of the staff members she is very young and beatiful girl some times i passed by her offic just love to look and her face and her white soft hands i turned me hot when i see her holding ruler and punishing students several time i go late or did some thing just to be punished by her but every time i get punished by different staff two days ago i went late to college and i been asked to report to the management office as much i love it when i saw her coming with the ruler at her hand and telling the late arrival she is going to give each one 6 hits and if we move the hand then will be double and if we show the palms without any delays it will be just 4 hits i am the last person on the line looking at her punshing the students and can't wait till it my term i hold my hand up with my palm open then she asked me is it my first to be punished by her i said yes then she told me that she is giving heavy and severe stroks ant to be prepare my self for that i said ok mam she start the hitting i can't show my palms without any delays it's very hard and severe hitting she applied i been punished before from other staff but i never felt the pain after the 4th strok i can't even open my hand then she told me after she counts to three if i don't show my palm then she will increase the number of the stroks hardly i took the last two and i regret i ever to be punished by her she is so beatiful but she hits hard

by Donlad Sat Nov 12 22:22:07 UTC 2011

Donald how old that teacher are you still in love with her after the beating she gave you will you be late again or commet mistakes if you thing you will be punished by her

by Andria Sun Nov 13 13:08:49 UTC 2011

is she just a staff member or a teacher Donlad? how old sre the students she punishes, male and females? how old are the eldest ones?

by Kanesh Mon Nov 14 01:24:23 UTC 2011

how old was the woman who caned you Connie? i she a teacher or that?

by Ranjan Mon Nov 14 03:25:45 UTC 2011

Andria and Kanesh first i learn not break any rules to avoid getting to her punishment again she is in her late 20's very beautiful and sexy in the look but she is monster in beating up the students i still love to watch her holding the stick and hiting students but i can't imagine my self to be infront of her again she hits too hard and start feeling sorry to those who are infront of her waiting for their punishments , she is just one of the managers at the management office look like she is incharge for discipline the students she do punished male and female students i can't tell the age of other students but she is punishing any one waiting on line to be punished

by Donald Sat Nov 19 15:01:25 UTC 2011

It's more than just embressment when students take punishments from young female teacher i took 4 stroks last week from 25 years old teacher i felt humiliating and insulting after that

by Za'af Sun Nov 20 11:58:05 UTC 2011

can elaborate more about it Za'af? which class and how old are you? why she hit you?

by Sarku Mon Nov 21 01:17:02 UTC 2011

Sarku , i am 26 years old and i am attendeing 2 years college she is not my teacher but she is supervising teacher and she caught me smoking where is smoking not allowed

by Za'af Thu Nov 24 14:05:12 UTC 2011

Za'af is it the first time you been punished or been punished before when the 25 years old teacher punished you did she punished just you or other students been punished are they male or female where you got punished at her office ,staff room or other place did she gives you choice where to be punished or just gave the orders and you obey it

by Sandus Fri Nov 25 14:00:44 UTC 2011

Sandus no it's not the first time i get punished but the first time i got punished by young female teacher all of my teacher are older in age the youngest one she is 47 years old when we caught smoking we are 3 male and 4female students she took our I.D's and ordered us to meet her at the staff room we when arrived to the staff room she met us holding long wooden stick then she informed us about our punishments and that is 4 stroks at the palms then each one of us singed a note of our violation and our punishments then she start to punish us one by one

by Za'af Sat Nov 26 19:13:53 UTC 2011

Za'af who punish harder young female teacher or your regular class teachers what is the most or highest stroks you got? why you and the other students obeyed her is the other students older or younger that that teacher

by Kahila Tue Nov 29 12:14:57 UTC 2011

I felt more insulted and humiliated more than the pain it self all teacher hits the same they do hits hard and apply the stroks very severe the most punishment i took from the Dean of the students she is female in her mid 50'S that time i took 12 stroks at my palms with flat stick so i have the pain for several days and the marks for about one week ,when we caught smoking we all know we did some thing wrong and could be punishable more severe so when we got called to the staff room we thought we will be suspended from college or at least 12 stroks each but when she told us we are going to be subject to 4 stroks we just have to obey her and not to say any thing and become more worst at us me and one female older that the teacher but the rest of the students younger than the teacher

by Za'af Wed Nov 30 22:03:24 UTC 2011

what's the mistake you made to take this hard punishment what happen if you refuse to take the punishment

by Kahila Fri Dec 02 22:39:06 UTC 2011

Kahila when i took the 12 strok from the dean i refused to take punishment from the class teacher then the teacher sent me their the dean of students all the time trying to show that she is tough and more strict that's why any student report their will be subject to severe punishments and very hard stroks that's why we are the students just take the punishment from the class teacher to avoid going to the dean office if student refuse to take the punishments then will be suspended from school up to 2 weeks they will never force or enforce the punishment that's why just take the stroks and live with some pain for hour or two better than to be suspended and loose edudation days

by Za'af Sat Dec 03 13:18:12 UTC 2011

I am male 29 years old just went back to get college degree i have a beautiful young female teacher she teachs us english two days ago she called me and 4 more students to see her at the teachers lounge when we arrived their she told us about the reason she called us for which for the last month failed to do home word 4 times failing tests 2 times so we are going to get punished from her and each one of she told the number of stroks she is going to give my punishments is 8 hits att the palms and to write as home work one sentence 200 times and bring it to class the second day then she took flat stick laid on one the desks and asked me to open my hand i answered her ordered i took very hard 8 stroks but i loved her more and each stroks gives me good feeling i love to see the stick up at her palm and watching it coming down into my palm i did love it

by Frank Fri Dec 16 16:55:39 UTC 2011

He Frank why you love her punishment how old is she is it your first getting punished by her or any other teachers

by Dalia Sun Dec 18 14:31:56 UTC 2011

Dalia this is the first time i get punished by her i got punished by male teacher he is 52 years old several times she is 27 years old so beautiful soft she got white hands long palms she paints her fingers with pink polish her punishment make me feel good even i have pain during the punishment but by looking at her face and her hand holding the stick up make me forget the pain

by Frank Tue Dec 20 13:06:45 UTC 2011

Frank who punish harder the male or female teacher i under stand you felt good while you been punished did you feel the same when the male teacher punished you is the only punishment you took just from male teacher and that female teacher after the pain disapear do still remember her punishment and have any erction of it

by Dalia Wed Dec 21 02:33:40 UTC 2011

The male teacher punish much harder he used thick cane but the female teacher she used flat wooden stick the cane leaves more pain and marks stays for days most the time feel blood coming out of my palms

by Frank Wed Dec 21 13:40:17 UTC 2011

Frank will you take more punishment from her even if you don't do any think do you ever felt her hands how you know she has soft hands how long the marks stayed at your palms do love to look at the palm and see the marks of her punishment

by Dalia Fri Dec 23 13:09:15 UTC 2011

Dalia even i loved her punishment and her look but when it come to be punished it's not my choice to take it or not i just obey if some times i feel i don't do any thing but when teacher come to me and ask me to stretch my hands up i do it without any delay ,yes her hands too soft i shake her hands several times the marks of her punishments stayed for few hours but from other teachers stayed for 2-3 days yes every time i look at my palm and see the marks i remember her beautifur face

by Frank Sun Dec 25 13:32:18 UTC 2011

Frank at your age you should say yes or not for some body putting pain at you dos'nt matter what title they have teacher or even parents you are in age could be respsibble for your acts you should not let any person to punish you (beat) you up punishment for little children to scare them not for adults

by Dalia Wed Dec 28 15:19:24 UTC 2011

Dalia yes you right that should be happen put if we ar the students don't obey the orders then we will be susbended from college and we can't afoard to pay for private college it's too humiliated to be punished and actualy it's beating from young or old teacher and it's not about we are scared from the teachers as much i am personly been carefull for not getting punished still wrong acting while we are students around each others and most of us having jobs so we get lazy or forget the home work it's happen as much we try to be carefull

by Frank Thu Dec 29 23:02:01 UTC 2011

I beleive Frank right and the punishment does not matter of the age will correct and bring better behavior

by Salina Fri Dec 30 13:48:39 UTC 2011

yes if the reason of the punishement to correct does not matter who is or the age of the giver and the receiver i work at compay my boss she is 28 years old and i am 57 she will scream and post pay cut on me and i will take it without saying any thing to her some times when she screams at me infont of group of coworker it's better for my to get punished from her in private that screaming at but i do i learn my lessons and i try hard to learn from every mistake i make

by Terry Sat Dec 31 19:50:03 UTC 2011

do you actually get punished by her in private Terry or is it just your preference?

by Karu Tue Jan 03 05:46:41 UTC 2012

no i never got punished by her but it's my preference

by Terry Thu Jan 05 14:38:59 UTC 2012

i attend special certificate program i am now 31 years old one of the female teacher she is 37 she is always coming into the classroom with long wooden stick the first time she came to the class we asked her what thid stick for she answered that main reason to use it as pointer then she might have to use on us we don't know what she meent on us that time but yestarday and for the first time in three months she decide to check home work and to review previous lecturs with us we ar 28 students 18 girls and 10 boys none of us have the home work done then she inform us that she is going to punish each one 8 stroks at the palm but she is going to ask each one 4 questions each question the student answer will reduce the pnishment by 2 stroks other wise the students will be subject to 8 stroks and to deduct 10 stroks if the questions not answered sadly for me and most of the students have to face 8 hard stroks and deduct 10 marks i took the hardest and very severe stroks from her she is wearing scarf she is muslim female she kept me with pain tell the second day and the marks shows for two days

by Farjalee Fri Jan 06 16:38:47 UTC 2012

I'm 24 years of old female life-science teacher in an Indian co-educated high school. My students are aged 6 to 18. Corporal punishment is legal in our school. We do it for the goods of the students. We use many kinds of punishments like hand caning, smacking (OTK position), back-slapping, face-slapping and many others. I specially use smacking (OTK position) with other kinds of punishments. Although it is for correcting the students but honestly saying, I enjoy it very much when a child is laying on my lap, begging for mercy or crying and shouting in pain but I'm only smiling contemptuously at his or her condition, rubbing the soft fleshy bottoms, striking very hard, keeping the child in waiting for another stroke, in a view of creating fear in his or her mind and in this way making the ample bottom pink or red, unable to sit.

by Anushka Sat Jan 07 11:09:04 UTC 2012

I'm 24 years of old female life-science teacher in an Indian co-educated high school. My students are aged 6 to 18. Corporal punishment is legal in our school. We do it for the goods of the students. We use many kinds of punishments like hand caning, smacking (OTK position), back-slapping, face-slapping and many others. I specially use smacking (OTK position) with other kinds of punishments. Although it is for correcting the students but honestly saying, I enjoy it very much when a child is laying on my lap, begging for mercy or crying and shouting in pain but I'm only smiling contemptuously at his or her condition, rubbing the soft fleshy bottoms, striking very hard, keeping the child in waiting for another stroke, in a view of creating fear in his or her mind and in this way making the ample bottom pink or red, unable to sit.

by Anushka Sat Jan 07 11:12:41 UTC 2012

I am 29 years old attendin program offered at one the secondary schools for older people it's one year diploms in bookkeeping we share the school with younger students age 13-18 most of our teachers are ages between 35-58 punishment in the school is common but for us is very stricted yestardy i been to be punished one of the school teachers she is 23 years old i took 8 stroks at my palm from her me and another female student it's so surprising for me to stand infront young teacher and take the punishment she do applied very hard stroks because she finding us smoking at the no smoking area

by Zafran Sun Jan 08 08:38:13 UTC 2012

do you also hit the 18 year old like that?

by Jayan Sun Jan 08 09:42:37 UTC 2012

I don't know but it looks like that you have asked me the question Jayan. Yes! I punish a 18 years of old student also in this way but not in front of all. I punish them in the punishment room at the tiffin period. It's quite interesting.

by Anushka Sun Jan 08 13:57:53 UTC 2012

Zafran how old the female student are you both smking at the same time did the teacher hits you infront of younger students did she hits you with cane , strap or some thing else how she did punishment

by Teressa Sun Jan 08 16:26:02 UTC 2012

watch this clip i am the teacher with left handed

by ms Amany Sun Jan 08 16:30:11 UTC 2012

Ms Amany i think i that you ,you are very hard on those kids what did they do to beat them like that your good lucking did not fit with violance you applyed very hard palm stroks on the little kids hands is it daily routine at your school to don that did the parents complain about their kids getting punished after the see their kids at utube getting beaten up too many questions but waiting for your explanation for that

by Ms Tareka Tue Jan 10 13:42:16 UTC 2012

Ms Tareka after this some body put it to the puplic and should be for the priciple of our school only she is the one asks us to record it me and the other teacher got fired from our job and we can't teach at puplic achools any more punishment is daily and common even every teacher when get the job been given that stick for us to punish( beat) the students if they misbehave or make any wrong doing normaly parents come to us and tell us to beat their kids because they are not listing to them and they scare from us i don't thing it's hard hitting it's normal the most common punishment is barefoot beating i call it beeting becasue it's beating we do beat the kids legaly and some body insist in calling it punishment it's the same when you punish some body if you infict pain on them that mean it's beating them i am now working with private school which punishment is permitted her and i teach older students now morning time my students 14-18 and after noon students i have students up to 32 years old i give much harder punishment because thay are older

by Ms Amany Tue Jan 10 19:32:34 UTC 2012

bahan k laude madarchod

by gaandoo Tue Jan 31 00:45:42 UTC 2012

MS AMANY, please come back to this forum. I have many things to discuss with you. I am also a teacher from India. My name is Jayita Roy (25). Please come back soon, if you don't we will guess that you are not the real person of that video.

by Jayita Fri Feb 03 15:37:00 UTC 2012

Jayita i am her what you need to discuss with me i ready to answer your questions

by Ms Amany Sun Feb 05 06:06:17 UTC 2012

I will address you with Madam, because you are a teacher. Madam, I saw the video clip that you mentioned in this post before. I got shocked seeing such crucial punishments those you and your other colleagues give to those children. I think they are hardly 10 to 12. Do you think it is good for the heath of those students? Don't you think it can create a mental disorder to them? You were beating them like animals. The feet punishment was most barbaric, the hand canning too. I too punish my students. I also cane on the palms but not with a long and terrible looking implement or with that furious force. It is perilous to them. You are the citizen of Iran. Hasn't the Iranian Government made a prosecution against this kind of physical punishment, as Indian Government or many other countries have made? You are the maker of human being (as you are teacher). So you are like a mother to them. I know many students are undisciplined, impudent, careless in study, create irritating noise in class or do some ruffian kind of activities (beating other children). You must have to punish them but not in this impervious way. It has agitated my mind. I expostulate against it. I can invariably say that if you were the citizen of India or UK or USA, you would be imputed as a delinquent and pestilent teacher and you had to face jail as many teachers have already faced. Please take pity on those vulnerable students. I am not trying to assail you with my post but giving my comments. Please don't mind, if somehow I have insulted you unconsciously. Forgive me for that. Now I am waiting for your reply Madam.

by Jayita Sun Feb 05 06:34:12 UTC 2012

Jayita with all the respect to your openion it's punishment i wonder how you punish your students if i agree with you about the feet punishments any where when it's adminstered it's tough and hard punishment and this punishments all students scare from i don't know how the hand punishment it been done with stick specialy made for that purpose and not to make any damage to the students skin yes those students are 10-12 of their age the force i used is meduim force and too hard when i used to go to school we got much harder punishments you mention about USA and UK in usa the school punishment it's still common in almost 60% of the states and it been given much harder and more severe the same at UK even it's banned but some school still adopting the punishments and it's more severe you could tell by seeing the students they act quick to show their palms for the stroks because the hiting is not too hard yes me and my friends got fired from teaching after this video but i am now teaching older kids and i still give punishments because it's the only way for descipline the students and force them to behave and to obey the rules i learned from my teachers when i am young and i am now in charge for those kids future and i have to use any method to educate them , too many parents come to school and asks us to punish their kids for bad behaviour or careless in their study i would like to hear from you ms Jayita how you punish you students

by Ms Amany Mon Feb 06 13:11:08 UTC 2012

To Respected Madam Ms Amany,
The first things I want to mention, please madam, use the full stops or the commas or semi-colons. Without those symbols, it is hard to understand the writing.
Madam, I am not against corporal punishment. Perhaps, you are a bit wrong; In UK corporal punishment is not used in schools. Yes in USA, corporal punishment is practiced in many places but it is uprooted from New York, Pittsburgh, Washington, Chicago or California. OK, let me agree with you saying, yes they all use very crucial corporal punishments. But we will accept a bad habit as an example. USA and UK attack almost every country; Iran does not do it, neither India. Should we also start a war like them?
Yes madam, corporal punishment is needed. But we teachers must have to do it without any harm. We should not be cruel to them. Many guardians also ask me to punish their children hard and I also do so. Let me describe about my punishing methods.
I use a flat, thin 12inches long scale for palm-caning. I ask my students to hold out their hands, I give 5 strokes in each palm and keep the student in waiting before and after the strike. It creates a fear in their minds. They start to think when the strike will fall. That's the real punishment. And after the punishment it creates some red contours in their palms.
I also punish them on their bottoms. You can smack a student’s bottom hard; it will not create any harm. The bottom is a fleshy part, so it gives a huge pain with less harm. You can do it ordering them facing the wall or keeping them on your lap. Over the lap is the safest position that I use. But remember, you cannot smack a student on your lap if he or she is above 12. It may appear as a sexual activity. Then you have to smack them laying them on a table. And you shout not use a thin implement like cane in case smacking. It may cut the skin, so always use flat implements. It creates huge pain like a burning feeling. You also can punish them by pulling their love locks beside the ears up and down very hard. It is very painful too. There is another punishment that I give to my students. I insert a pen or pencil between their index finger and middle finger and push the two fingers very hard against the pen or pencil. It is very formidable to my students. You can experience these punishments on your students. They are really fruitful for me.
Please don't hurt them with such a long implement, use short implements. In case of older students, use a bit thick implement.
And as I say, only beating never rectifies a child properly but we teachers must behave with them with affection. If they find you are too friendly to them they will start to love you, respect you and obey you. If you find some students are still very ignorant, then use those punishments which I mentioned. Smacking on the bottom punishment is the most painful but the safest punishment of all.
And I saw two little girls were holding up the students’ feet for getting beaten. Why you do so? These girls also are same aged of the punished student. It may create a mental humiliation to the child seeing his mate is arranging the punishment. It is not good for a child's mentality. Please, stop that thing immediately, especially ban the feet punishment. Smack them on their bottoms. I think smacking will be more scary punishment that the feet punishment for them.

by Jayita Mon Feb 06 17:16:03 UTC 2012

To Respected Ms Amany,
May I request you saying why you all can't prohibit the feet punishment? I think it is very horrible. I never got it in my childhood also. I was very sad seeing that the children were shouting very loud. It is sometimes like a punishment that is given to the prisoners. Excuse me, for saying that. Thank you that you've appreciated my punishing methods and it is very good that there will be no kid who will arrange the punishment but only a teacher. That's very nice. I am too pleased. But you may talk to the principal that the smacking punishment is very painful with less harm and will be appropriate for the children like them. And please, don't strike those children with that formidable looking implement but use short, flat and thin implements like a 12inch wooden scale. That is my request to you. Thank you very much.

by Jayita Fri Feb 10 05:49:52 UTC 2012

Ms Jayita t hank you for your concern the main thing we are all in agreement that school punishment is needed and may be some schools or teachers going little too hard and severe on it but it's for the benefit of our students thank you again

by Ms Amany Mon Feb 13 13:17:55 UTC 2012

Fred what's make you choose face slaping and is it common for teachers to give choices for the punishment how long the marks stays at your cheeks

by guest Tue Feb 28 12:52:44 UTC 2012

To Dear Fred Jashou,
Can you guess how old your teacher is? Does she look very pretty? Which country you belong to? Please answer soon.

by Sounak Tue Feb 28 15:38:48 UTC 2012

To Dear Fred Jashou,
I don't like the face slapping. It is dangerous. The nerves beside the ears are very touchy. If somehow the slap falls on those nerves very sharp, it can bring death too. Teachers must think about it. Next time if any teacher gives you the choices always choose the bottom caning. It is painful with less harm and completely protective.
By the way which country you belong to?

by Sounak Wed Feb 29 16:49:15 UTC 2012

Sounak you right i never thought the teacher specialy she looks nice never thought she will apply very hard slaps even i got sever pain in my head and i have to take pain killer to reduce the pain i will never allow any person to slap my face again

by Fred Thu Mar 01 13:55:02 UTC 2012

To Dear Fred,
You still didn't answer me which country's citizen you are.

by Sounak Fri Mar 02 05:50:58 UTC 2012

Fred i know how you feel face slaping is too hard i got ones from young female teacher at my college i said some thing not good to here she slaped my face infront of all students in the cafteria then she ordered me to see her at the management office and their i took 14 palm stroks from her but they don't hurt as much the face slpaing is it's too painfull and insulting

by Zevran Fri Mar 02 14:52:07 UTC 2012

Sounak i what's make different for you from which country i am i am from Pakistan and studying in India

by Fred Fri Mar 02 15:02:17 UTC 2012

Zevran how old are you and female teacher?
how many strokes your teacher slapped your face in the cafeteria

by guest Sat Mar 03 00:56:57 UTC 2012

To Dear Fred,
It is because some countries have banned the corporal punishment completely. India also banned this habit but some teachers still practice it. That is illegal.

by Sounak Sat Mar 03 06:14:11 UTC 2012

Sounak yes we been hearing that corporal punishment is not allowed and banned but when enroll into the college we have to sign note that we will obey all the rules and regulations of the college and if physical punishment is needed then the students have to take it and not to rejented

by Fred Sun Mar 04 00:45:32 UTC 2012

Guest i am 19 years old she is 22 years old she is not teacher but she is working at the management office she slaps my face over 10times before she show me her ID and asked me to see her at the management office

by Zevran Mon Mar 05 06:20:28 UTC 2012

Does your 22 years old teacher is very beautiful in looking?

by Abhik Tue Mar 06 05:12:31 UTC 2012

Sorry for the printing mistake. I wrote a completely wrong constructed sentence. How silly!
To Zevran,
Is the 22 years of old management officer very beautiful in looking?

by Abhik Tue Mar 06 05:15:38 UTC 2012

why did she slap you Zevran? what you said to her? is she usually in the habit of slapping students in college?

by Chan Tue Mar 06 05:32:51 UTC 2012

Chan i never thought se is working their i thought she is student and try to take her attention with some to the bad words ,so she can't beleive that student will talk to her like that,then she just start slaping my face then i need to stop her or even hit her back then she show me her ID and asked me to see her at the management office
Abhik yes she is beautiful that's why i try to talk to her but when she beat she looks like a monster

by Zevran Tue Mar 06 14:02:33 UTC 2012

To Dear Zevran,
Will you mind if I correct your grammar? You are 19 years of old so you should not make such mistakes.
1. You wrote "so she can't beleive that student will talk to her like that,"
It will be BELIEVE not "beleive". I hope it is a printing mistake.
2. You wrote "but when she beat she looks like a monster". You started the sentence using the past form of the word "beat" but in the middle of the sentence you wrote "she looks like a monster". It will be "she looked like a monster". "Looks" is used after third person singular number in present tense.
3. In past you wrote -- "Chan i never thought se is working their i thought she is student".
It will be "there" not "their". "Their" is the plural of “his” or “her”.
Please don't mind anything that I have corrected your grammar. You may think me someone like a well-wisher. I hope you're not angry with me.

by Abhik Tue Mar 06 15:30:59 UTC 2012

good job Abhik haaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaa you good in english i think you need some body to teach you how to write some spelling will fall

by guest Wed Mar 07 05:35:13 UTC 2012

To dear unknown guest,
I didn't understand what you mean by “I think you need some body to teach you how to write some spelling will fall". Please explain it----

by Abhik Wed Mar 07 10:29:58 UTC 2012

Abhik i will tell you what guest one try to tell you don't get smart and if you have any thing about the subject go ahead and writing we are not at spelling or gramer class

by guest Thu Mar 08 05:22:30 UTC 2012

To the guest,
What are you saying? Wrong constructed English is hard to understand. How I can share my experience if I don't understand your comment? And whatever we do, writing wrong English in this very adult age is a worst curse to one's future. I am giving my identity. I am a school student aged 17.
I never thought that anybody can make such a comment. It's just STUPID!!!!!!
And Guest, your grammar is also at mistake.

by Abhik Thu Mar 08 10:27:35 UTC 2012

Edward is it your first time getting punished by her or any other teachers at the center ,did the same teacher punished other students than you are they older than her are they male or female teachers ,how you explain to sister your punishments is your sister the same age as your teacher is she teacher too

by Gus Mon Mar 26 11:51:51 UTC 2012

Gus this is my first time getting punished by her i took punishment from male teacher he is 56 years old and two times i got punished by the head of the school she is female in her mid 40's ,she did punished most the students at that time i am the oldest student at her class but most students are older than her only one student she is 20 years old ,

by Edward Mon Mar 26 16:59:27 UTC 2012

how close is she to your sister Edward? does she come to your home often and knows your parents also?did your sister get upset when she knew her friend beat her brother?

by Karu Tue Mar 27 04:26:14 UTC 2012

is she beautiful Edward? do you have attraction for her?

by Chandru Tue Mar 27 05:39:22 UTC 2012

Karu , yes she is very close freind to my sister even my mom liks her too ,they are close freinds when they are at the university together at least she at our home twice a week ,my sister she never got upset from her she defend her and told me she do has the right to beat me up just like any other student in her class and she can't give me special treatment ,then my sister said to me as joke if i am her student she will do the same ,my sister she is teacher too but she is teaching in public school younger students .
Chandru , she is beautiful but i look at her and i treat her just like my sister we knows her for long time no attraction at all ,few days after the punishment she came to my home for dinner at the begining i am shy and embaress to set by them then my mom called me to eat, my sister start the talk and joking about me asking her freind why you beat my brother so hard ,then my mother asked me is her beating painfull then the teacher start to explain why she has to punish me and why she punish and hit so hard they just make it like joke

by Edward Tue Mar 27 12:03:11 UTC 2012

Ms Aihsal i am student 23 years old finishing my high school diploma i am the oldest student at the class all of our teachers are females and all of them older than me i get punished just like any student if i make mistake i get punished from the teacher last week one teacher cought me using my mobile at the class room she gave me 2 stroks at each hand then she took the mobile and asked me to take it from the management office after school when i went to pick up my mobile from the principal office the pricipal she is old lady about 60 years old she asked me why i am using the mobile at the class room i answered her it's important call and i have to make it then i told her that i been punished for doing that she asked me what is my punishment is i told her 4 stroks at my palms she said it's not enough then she inform me that before she is going to give me that phone i will be punished with 10 extra stroks at my palm then she came close to me and slaped my face twice then she called one of her staff and asked her to bring the cane that staff is female she is my neighbor 21 years old she came with long flat stick about 150cm long then the principal ordered her to punish me with 10 stroks at my palms it's so surpise to me then the young female told me the rules of the punishment and i have to show my palm without any delays and can't move my have if i do move it then extra stroks will apply then she asked me if i understand that and if i am ready to take my punishment i told her yes i am ready she asked me to stretch my right hand to my shoulder level with my palm open she is holding the stick with one hand and demonstrating to me with her other hand how to open my hand i did what she asked me to do after that woooooow it's too hard stroks she is applying she get more hard and more severe after each stroks she is taller than me and she holds the stick way behinde her shoulder then she landed very hard i can't control my self i start craying after the 6th strok but i sayed in balance not to move my hand and not to delay showing my hands for her stroks after she done the principal gave me the mobile and both of them smiling while the pricipal thand the young female staff by telling her you deliver good beating

by Norma Wed Mar 28 14:02:20 UTC 2012

Edward with all the respect if she did that to me i will f u ck her up and i will never let her come to my home you the older brother your sister should be at your side not the p i t ch teacher she got no moral by allowing her self to beat older person and it's not just that he is her freinds older brother she don't have any sense and i don't know what make you obey her and show your hands for punishment

by Sarina jhone Thu Mar 29 16:08:25 UTC 2012

sometimes there is no choice Sarina. when i was in college, caning was still there. once when i was 22years i got one stroke of the cane on my palm from a female teacher about 20 years. it was painful too. but in Edward case i'm surprised at the number of caning and the fact that the teacher is a close family friend and still she beat him like that.she is so much younger than him too.and after that she has no issues with telling it to his own sister and mother and visit their house.

by Ramut Fri Mar 30 05:51:41 UTC 2012

Sarina you can't be hard and rude with that teacher she just did her job since punishment is common their and Edward is one of the students who been punished she don't single him out and punished him but more students got the punishment ,she has to be fair and treat every student the same for me i give her all the respect she is good teacher with very strong personality she is teacher at college and freind to the family out of the college

by Ms Lilly Fri Mar 30 11:19:52 UTC 2012

Edward what's your openion about ms Lilly post could you accept her like freind to the family and foget the pain she gave you at school , how you felt when you see her at your home after she punished ( beat) up

by Sarina Sat Mar 31 13:08:52 UTC 2012

Ms Lily i'm sorry but i can't entirely agree with you. there are many ways to do her job. these students are adults and are matured enough to know the consequences of their actions. maybe they are not up to date in their studies but they know the consequences of that and they will buck up if they really want to achieve their goals. perhaps to make them realise it some punishment may be necessary. is she had given Edaward and the others i stroke of the cane or something like that. then at least she is stressing a point. but to give 6 very hard strokes to someone more than 10 years older to you is over the top. alternatively a serious counseling may help too instead of beating.

by Rajesh Sun Apr 01 02:51:55 UTC 2012

Rajesh i agree with you punishment for students at that age is strange but since the punishment is their and common does not matter the numbers of the stroks if she applied one or ten is the same , adult students should know what they need and be able to descipline them selfs should know as you said they are their to achieve the learning goals so they should respect the rules and do every thing possibe to avoid any type of punishment,when i say we have to fair with her yes she treat all students equaly without any fovout to her freidn brother even Edward is consider her freind too since their is home visits and they set and eat togehter so what she did she treat Edward as students at school and freind at home but she forgot the different of the age she beats an adult 13 years older than her ???

by Ms Lilly Sun Apr 01 05:32:47 UTC 2012

Sarina i know in fact that her intention when she punished me is not to humiliate me or insulting just she find her self punishing students before me and she never thought i will be punished taking in consideration i am always study but at that time i did my study but i can't answer the three question she asked me even i can answer the other question i am mad of her at the beginig but after i thought about it she is teacher and i know before i enroll at that center that punishment is their and common i do respect her the same but when i shake her hands i remember her stroks to me from her hands even when she is at my home i remembered my self when i am standing infront of her with my hand stretch waiting for her stroks it left bad memory at me

by Edward Sun Apr 01 16:59:37 UTC 2012

Edward Have you ever gotten punished from your sister's freind again after that punishment?
Do your learning center offer morinig class or evening class?

by guest Thu Apr 12 18:35:01 UTC 2012

Guest yes the learning center offers morning and evening class's and yes one week later i got 4 stroks at my palms from her

by Edward Mon Apr 16 12:58:38 UTC 2012

Edward Why did you get punished by her one week after first punishment? Do you attend morning class or evening class? How many hours(classes) a day do you take lesson at learning center? Is physical punishment common in other classes which other teachers teach? How old are other teachers male or female? Do other teachers apply harder strokes compared to your sister's freind?
What is age range of students in your class?

by guest Tue Apr 17 09:29:20 UTC 2012

yes guest i took the 4 stroks for failing to answer questions , i attend evening class's 4 hours a day 5 days week physical punishments in all class's their is teacher between 22-56 years old , all punishments is hurt and comes with pain

by Edward Wed Apr 18 11:53:46 UTC 2012

Edward You are attending 4 classes a day. Do you have different teachers in each class or same teachers teach multiple classes a day. How many teachers do you have in your class for entire week? I guess 22 years teacher is your sister's friend and 56 yrs teacher is male teacher. How old are rest teachers who teach your class? Are they male or female?
You seem to be punished mainly for not answering question. Have you ever been punished for other reasons?
How many male students and female students do you have in your class and how old are they? Do administration staffs have authority to punish student?
Does your learning center offer free program or do you have to pay tuition fee?

by guest Thu Apr 19 00:13:29 UTC 2012

guest yes 4 teachers we have each class we have different teacher the ages of the teachers are between 22-56 their is teacher in their late 20's or late 30's and they are male and female teahcers and yes the only time i get from that young teahcer or other teachers just for failing to answer questions several times i took punishment from the head of the center and from and administator at the management office ,it's free programs most sudents are 20-35 old

by Edward Thu Apr 19 12:01:56 UTC 2012

Edward who punish and beat harder young teachers or old teachers male or female teachers , do get insulted when you get punished from any teaher or just the young teacher which you have family freindship , you can's just reject her punishment and ask her to send you to the management office instead just to get punished by her

by guest Thu Apr 19 18:46:33 UTC 2012

guest punishment is insulting and embaressing does not matter whom you receive it from but because this teacher is freind to my family i felt more embaressment even the first time i got punished from her is more insulting may be i never expecting to be punished by her but i should be prepaired for that because i witness her punishing students i should be prepaire for that the second time i just to the punishement from her just i don't know her just i took it from any other teacher or staff member ,i can't reject her punishment because she is punishing me for reason , i can refuse to take the punishment from her but when she send me to the managment office my punishments could be double or trible just for misobeying her orders at the same time i know she is not going to apply hard stroks at me like the first time her stroks to me not too hard compare to the first time and the stroks i get from the staff or the male teacher they hit much harder than her she normaly beats very hard

by Edward Fri Apr 20 13:44:19 UTC 2012

Edward You have 2 teachers who are younger than you. Is the teacher in late 20's male or female? You said several times you got punished by head of center and management staff and I assume you didn't get punished by them for not answering question. Why did you get punished by them? How old is the administrator who punished you male or female and do all administration staffs have full authority to punish students or they can only punish when students are sent to the management office by teachers. How many male and female students are in your class and evening classes in learning center and how many male and female administrators and how old are they?
In the meantime, you said you knew she was not going to apply hard strokes. How did you know she would apply less forced strokes? Did she apply with less force to you only or to all students subject to punishment at that time? Did other students not wonder why she applied less force compared to normal?

by guest Mon Apr 23 07:30:37 UTC 2012

guest i have three female teachers and one male the late 20's is female ,my punishment from the staff member for coming late several times and from the head of the center for smoking at the none smoking area's and one time female teacher she send me and two more students to the management office for using the mobile during the class the admistrator she is female 44 years old i beleive she is and the head of the center had the permition to punish she applied less force stroks to all of the students yes every bodey notice the no pain stroks from her and i think just because i am waiting on line to be punsihed she made it soft punishments ,all teachers gives hard stroks but she is the hardest one to beat normaly

by Edward Tue Apr 24 05:12:08 UTC 2012

Edward Do other students know that you are a big brother of her best friend?
Why did female teacher send you to management office for using phone instead punishing herself? Did you reject her punishment? When you were sent to management office, who punished you?
You said you take 4 classes a day meaning you take lesson for 4 subjects a day and you have 4 teachers. Do you take lesson for these 4 subjects every day (5 days a week) with same teachers?
How many students and teachers are in your center?
In the meantime, may I ask which country you live?

by guest Wed Apr 25 21:13:14 UTC 2012

Guest no the students don't know about that she is my sister freind ,she sent us to the management office because one of the students refuse to give her the phone she at that time she is not going to punish us but by the student refusing to give her the phone she sent us to the management office we got punished by female staff she is 44 years old ,we take the 4 subjects every day and we see the same teachers every day

by Edward Thu Apr 26 12:33:43 UTC 2012

Edward Usually how many days a week does her (your sister's friend) class pass without punishment? How about other teachers' classes? Did you witness she punished other students when you were not subject to punishment after she applied soft punishment? If so, did she apply hardest strokes as normal?

by guest Fri Apr 27 03:53:29 UTC 2012

Edward When you were sent to management office did you get more strokes than usual as you were sent there for disobeying teacher's order?

by guest Fri Apr 27 04:02:39 UTC 2012

guest every teacher when they start their class's they start it with questions of the previous day subject mys sister freind she do punish students almost at every class she beats students and all the time she hits hard and severe the only time she applied soft stroks at the time i got the punishment so she did that because of me and that what she told my sister even she teach other class's i saw her punishing students with different class's she is hard caner she always beat severe mostly other teachers they do punish but not as much as she do even she told my sister as joke that love to beat the students because they made they afraid from her and do their best to study and behave good she told my sister every day she apply between 150-200 stroks ,when the teacher sent us to the management office we don't disobey her but one of the female students refuse to give the teacher her mobile even the teacher she is not going to punish us , our punishement their is very hard because they treat us like we disobey the teacher order that's whey we got severe punishments

by Edward Fri Apr 27 14:52:54 UTC 2012

Edward Thank your kind reply. Does your sister's friend punish students for only academic reason (not answering question, failure in test etc) or she also punishes for wrong doing (late coming after break time, talking during class etc)? Does she check homework daily? What punishment is applied for students who didn't do homework? If she punishes for wrong doing also, how many strokes are applied?
Has she ever slapped students' face and did anyone cry due to her severe punishment?

by guest Fri Apr 27 18:52:44 UTC 2012

Edward If students remove hand when she applied strokes, what will be happened to that students?

by guest Fri Apr 27 18:57:59 UTC 2012

went to school in South Africa in a rural region near Durban. At our school it was quite normal to get corporal punishment. As it was a mixed class for me at the age of 12 to 15 we had some teachers who used to cane or strap our palms. If we were about getting such a punishment we had to come to the front of the class and then had to hold out our hands, palms upward and then we could get untill 3 strokes on each hand. Not even the girls went back to their benches with tears in their eyes and red faces from shame. Some teachers were real sa di sts who did their best to make us little bawling kids again. Most girls even started crying when they were told to hold out their hands for the school caneor a thin leather strap. For most boys it was amusing to watch a nice girl`s caning and for some girls it was also amusing if a boy got such a school punishment. IN the meantime it is no longer allowed to give such punishments. Honestly said most pupils hated the strict school punishments but on the other side it had some interesting elements too.

by Barta Sat Apr 28 14:03:42 UTC 2012

I am first year student at public college physical punsihments is common at our college , soo many students at our college are at the age of late 20's and mid 30's since their is teachers and staff members at younger age than the students , we been informed that younger teachers and staff members can't punish students older than them few days ago i arrived late to college the main gate is closed and about 20 students waiting out side the gate to be open two young females came and open the gate and asked the late arrivals to line up towrard the wall then one of them went inside the office she came back holding two long rulers she gave when to the other female and asked us to approach them one by one for punsihments both females are too young even one of them she is 19 or 20 years old and the other one she is one of my teachers she is 23 years old since most of the students subject for the punishments are older students we object the punishemts but they insist then the pricipal male came out and ask us to obey the Miss's orders without any farther delays because they are in authority to carry out the punsihment that day i took my punishments from the young female the embaressing thing about it she looks too young but i have to take her punsihment she is young but her punishment is too hard and severe she gave 6 hits at my palms

by Jimmy Sat Apr 28 14:24:09 UTC 2012

Jimmy how 19 or 20 years old teaching college level what kind of education she got why you have to obey them and why the principal allowed them to cane older students

by guest Mon Apr 30 12:04:47 UTC 2012

guest the 23 years old she is my teacher and she hold bacholar degree but the 20 years old she is not teacher she is an office administrator she works at the principal office she give most the punishments to the students when they report to the principal office i don't know why but the principal give her the authority to punish and she do punish real hard and severe she is evern with her looks she looks she is in her 13 or 14 she looks very young when i stand infront of her holding my hands for her to punish me like i am standing infront little girl

by Jimmy Tue May 01 06:16:00 UTC 2012

Jimmy How old are you? Does 20 years administrator have an authority to find misbehaving students herself and punish them or she is permitted to punish only when students are reported to principal's office? Does she applied strokes on any other part of body than palm?
How many teachers do teach in your own classes and how old are they male or female? Since you said physical punishment is common in your college, I think physical punishment is also adopted in the class. Does your 23 years teacher punish students in the class frequently? Did any older students reject her punishment in the class? If any students reject punishment, are they reported to management office and punished more severely by 20 years administrator?
What is age range of students in your own class?

by guest Tue May 01 18:14:15 UTC 2012

Edward When did your sister's friend become a teacher? Is your learning center first institution which she started teaching? Did she punish students at the very first day of class where you take lesson from her? If so, how many students were punished by her at the first day of class and why did they get punished and how severely?
Have any students ever rejected her punishment? How many times has she sent students to management office so far?
In the meantime, the fact that she does apply daily 150-200 strokes means almost same amount of students still don't prepare and behave. What make me confused is why student's academic achievement or behavior have not been improved despite they are most scared by her and well know that she will beat severely for having unprepared and misbehaved.

by guest Wed May 02 05:18:45 UTC 2012

Jimmy How many administrators are in your college? Do all administrators have an authority to punish any students? Otherwise, does only 20 years administrator have the power to punish? For what reason she punished students at break time and in the cafeteria? Did you witness she punished male or female students in their mid 30's?
What is her main job in the management office? Is she private secretary of principal?
You said that you saw she punished students at break time and 23 years teacher apply hardest strokes in the class, which means students already knew that they have authority to punish. Why did students reject their punishment before principal came out despite students knew they have authority to punish?
How many students are in your class and how old are they? Have you ever been punished by 23 years teacher in the class? If so, who applied harder strokes young administrator or 23 years teacher?

by guest Mon May 07 06:43:41 UTC 2012

Jimmy One more question. If students are reported to management office for rejecting punishment in the class, who punish them in the management office? Do they have to be punished more severely than being punished in the class?

by guest Mon May 07 06:48:33 UTC 2012

guest their is about 14-16 administators 3 of them in power to punish students beside the prinicpal the 20 years old she is the only one we see her out the office may it's part of her duty but the other administrators they do punish students when they been reported their ,too many reasons to punish the students bad behaviour shouting smoking fighting students ,yes she do one day i saw her hitting 4 female students all of them looks in their 30's ,yes 23 years old she applies very hard stroks i got one's from her it's too severe students have the choice accept the punishment or be sent to the management office the rules no young teacher to punish older students but the college don't go with the rules even some of the students prefere to be punished by young teacher than an older one even the young teachers apply harder and more stroks but still some students like to be infront of young teacher for punishments ..if student reported to the managment office for rejecting punishment their is two teasons some of them the claim they don't like to be punished by young teacher then the same stroks will apply but if the rejection comes for not obeying the teachers order then double the strokes will be applied and depend who do the punishments at the management office their is female administrator she is only apply very soft stroks the young one she applies very hard stroks

by Jimmy Wed May 09 11:22:52 UTC 2012

Jimmy why students like to be punished by young teacher than by older teachers what bout you do you prefere to be punished by young teacher or the older one what's the reason you got punished by 23 years old teacher and how many stroks you got is palm punishment is the only punishment their or other form of punishments is their

by Zanady Thu May 10 11:45:15 UTC 2012

How old are 2 administrators who do punish students when students are reported to management office? How many male and female students are in your class who are older than 23 years old teacher?
Besides rejecting punishment for being older than teacher, for what other reason do students reject punishment from class teachers? Considering teachers' age, I think 23 years teacher is only one who is younger than students. Do students reject her punishment to avoid her severe beating and to be punished by female administrator who only apply very soft strokes?

by guest Thu May 10 23:15:27 UTC 2012

Jimmy I was little bit surprised that you got punished two times by 23 years teacher in one class. Why did you take 8 strokes on your palm from her at the start of class? Usually, how many minutes does she spend for punishing students in one class hour of 45minutes(or 50 minutes)? Is she the youngest teacher in your college? Otherwise, how old is the youngest teacher in your college? Have you ever gotten punished by other young teacher who don't teach you and are younger than you? If so, why and from whom you got punished? Are they male or female?
In the meantime, I appreciate your courteous reply to my questions so far and considering your age of 27 years and students in their 30's, I think all of you had to quit school or college for several years due to some reason and it would never be easy for all of you to continue studying at your ages. However, it seems that all of you are doing so well in spite of inconvenience for older ages and embarrassment for being punished by young teacher. I hope all of you will get academic achievement desired by you.

by guest Wed May 23 03:35:39 UTC 2012

Jimmy which teacher gives the harder punishment from the 3 teachers you been punished by ,how you feel standing in front of young female much younger than you and taking the beating from her ,what's standard for the teacher to give the number of stroks for misbehaving is it the teacher choice how many strok to apply or certain offense required the number of the stroks she is going to give ,the same did the 37 old teacher give all students who fail the test the same number of stroks regardless of the grade they got why you think the teacher have to punish the students who fail the test is not enough they fail and got low score

by Ms Dalia Sat May 26 13:58:23 UTC 2012

Ms Dalia the 20 years old administrator she gives the hardes punishments she hits very hard and severe but the day i got all of this punishments the 37 years old teacher she applies very hard stroks to us and it's not her normal to hits that hard ,it's so emberessing to take punishments at our age from any teacher and insulting to take it from very young teachers ,when applying the punishments for misbehaving it's up to the teacher to to apply the number of stroks she wants i see teachers apply 4 stroks for one offense other teacher apply 6 or 8 stroks to the same offense,when we got punished fo not passing the test some students took more stroks depend what score they got under 5 which top mark is 10 under 5 is failing the reason for that the teacher fealing that the students whom they fail the test not giving attention and not studying and by giving them punishment will make them study and give more attention at the class room

by Jimmy Sun May 27 17:21:33 UTC 2012

Jimmy When your teachers and administrators punish students, do they keep record about details of punishments i.e. whom and for what reason they beat, how many strokes and where to punish etc. Otherwise do they simply close situation once students having been beaten?
You said 23 years teacher applies hardest strokes. Did any students begging her for mercy? I presume that many of female students cry due to pain during or after punishment from her. have any male students cried after her beating?
I still don't understand why principal gave the young administrator authority to punish even older students in their mid 30's. I believe the personality of 20 years must be still immature and she is learning first to inflict pain and insult to others rather than learning to care and love other human, for which what is your opinion? Any opinions of any other readers for this forum are welcome.

by guest Thu May 31 07:54:25 UTC 2012

guest i me too don't understand how they give the power and the authority to 20 years old to beat much older students than her most students they are having fear from getting punished by her , she is all the time around students during break and at the cafteria and she is always with other teacher supervising the students she will never give any break to any student ,she do beat up the students any where at the hallway ,in the cafteria any place she find student violating the ruls she will punish them ,about keeping records of the punishments yes every teacher has students book with her ,she will take the attendance when she start the class and every time she punish student she write is down at the book showing the reason and how many stroks she gave some times she has form the student have to sign it evry time they are to be puished ,yes that time when she applied the hard stroks most students cried or start tearing from the pain every students and me asked her for mercy or to reduce the stroks but she don't listen to any of us

by Jimmy Thu May 31 13:05:03 UTC 2012

Jimmy You seemed to be a model student as you never misbehave and hardly fail the test but you said you are punished at least two times a week for only not answering question. Do your teachers sometimes ask very difficult questions which they haven't taught you?
How do you think what makes you a model student more? Have you maintained a firm will to study hard to get desired academic achievement, which you have in mind when you enrolled in college? Otherwise do you have to study hard and behave good to avoid punishment? Which reason does influence more to make you a model student?

by guest Sun Jun 03 04:19:17 UTC 2012

guest i beleive that young administrator part of her job to supervise the students but always two teachers supervising specialy at the begining of the class's and both ot them do punish the late arrival students i don't think any students will reject her punishments she is too hard and too though most the time during the day she is around the students by her self holding her stick with her and ready to punish any misbehaving student even she is young but the way she dressed and act she acts like she is in her 50's when student getting the stroks every student ask for mercy and if not crying they are tearing off from the pain.
For me am not model student but when i got punished the first time for being late it teach me a lesson that their is time have to be respected and i thing the teachers punishing the students to correct wrong doing and yes when their is test i don study and the reason i am thier to study and get my degree but during the class review and when the teachers start to answer question some time i can't answer it and i can answer other questions been asked for different student ,and the teacher lecturing us the subject i just like most students say quite and listen i am just most of the students it's the way should be i just behave and respect my self in order to avoid the punishment and asking for mercy and getting the pain and the embaressment of being punished infront of the class i try hard to avoid any punishments but some times i can't help it ,when i fail that test i know that i am going to fail because it's surprise test and most students not prepaire for it instead the teacher asking question to review the previos subject she gave us test .and to answer your question when the student can't answer question that meen it's difficult and hard question

by Jimmy Mon Jun 04 14:10:21 UTC 2012

Jimmy Yes I agree teacher's questions would be difficult when students can not answer. But what I wanted to know is whether teachers sometimes ask question which they did not teach in previous class. I believe the reason teacher ask question in daily class is for teacher to check whether students understood and reviewed the lesson in previous class but not to check students' academic ability. Therefore questions should be simple one, for which any students can answer if they paid attention to previous class and reviewed little bit at home. Teachers can check academic ability of students through regular examinations and teachers should not ask difficult or untaught questions in daily class unless purpose of daily question is to beat the students. When you got punished for not answering question, did you agree that you couldn't answer for reasonable question, which everyone could answer if he paid attention and review?
You have many adult students who are older than the teachers. How can supervising teachers or administrators know who is student in break time or at cafeteria? Do students in your college have to wear college uniform?

by guest Sun Jun 10 00:24:30 UTC 2012

no quest when teacher review the subject she asked the questions she allready teach and spend time for us to understand but some times we don't give attention and when we go home we don't review the subject that's why the teacher gets mad and give the punishments,and thier is weekly test and monthly tests the weelky one is surprised when we don't know which day the teacher going to give the test the monthly test is preset and all students knows that their is a test more students get punished after the weekly test and less students gets punished after the monthly tests, yes thier is too many adults older than the teachers but teacher they wear badge name and the one they dressed will make them reconginzed and no uniform is required just like the young admistrator she always dressed with suite and some times she puts tie and thats will make her looks older than her age

by Jimmy Wed Jun 13 23:56:39 UTC 2012

Jimmy what's your feeling when you are standing infront female younger than you and leting her to beat you up in the name of education do think what she is doing is the right thing and if you fail the test or fail all class's its all about you how the teacher and the adminstrators beat up the students are they using cane or ruler or what they use to beat up the students is any student ever reject to take the punishments what will hapen to that student i am 32 years old last year i enroll into college then the second week for me at college i went late then one teacher waiting for the late students and hitting them at their palms when it's my term i took two hits at my palms from her then i snatched the stick from her hand and throw it away then i left the college and i never went back i felt insulted and i can't take all the hitting from her that time she is hitting the students 8 hits each one she has lot of fun while she is hitting the students i don't know how you and other students will accept that

by Joe Patel Fri Jun 15 04:29:06 UTC 2012

what was her reaction when you did that Joe? was she shocked and how did the other students react? did she continue to cane them after that? how old was she around?

by Karu Fri Jun 15 07:52:19 UTC 2012

Karu at that time they are two female teachers beating up the late arrival ,she got shocked and she thought i am going to hit her back with that stick she start screaming on me and threating to beat me hard the other teacher came to me and she try to hit me with her stick and ordering me to go inside the office and see the dean which i refuse to do so one of the students standing on line went i brought the stick and gave it to her then she start beating up the students again just nothing happen when i snatched the stick out the teacher hand all students start laughing at the same time female student next to be start to tell me that the teacher will beat me very hard ,the teacher she is in her late 20's or ealry 30's the second teacher she looks much older.

by Joe Patel Fri Jun 15 10:48:18 UTC 2012

Jimmy i understand from your post that you are 27 years and can't learn to obey the rules until you get punished and you never mind getting punished by young female , even if i am going to agree with you and give the teacher reasons to beat the student but what is the reason for 20 years old beating up older students what kind of education she has and what kind of knowledge she has in her age still teen i will never allowed this behaviour on me

by Joe Patel Sat Jun 16 20:23:23 UTC 2012

Joe i do agree with you 20 years old beat up older students it's not justice but we obey the rules i don't think any person like to be punished by any person doesn't matter the age of the punisher but it's rules and we agree to obey it and every person some time get of the track and find that person to remind them of the right thing that what the teacher job to teach us and to make sure we study and understand the subject if any thing we do the punishments comes as reminder to tell us that we have to studey and we have to obey the rules and it's works no matter who punished you the main thing they do care i don't think any teacher will punish any students unless that teacher care about us that's why i will take the punishment if i am wrong ,

by Jimmy Tue Jun 19 11:35:06 UTC 2012

Jimmy if teacher decide to punish you without doing any thing do you still obey her and take the punishment even you don't do any thing ,is happen any time that teacher punished students and after they get punished find up that they are not quilty .

by Fatima Tue Jun 19 18:10:35 UTC 2012

Fatima teachers are human some times they make mistakes i don't know if i will allow any teacher to punish my if i don't do any thing but it's happend few times teacher punished student thinking they did some thing wrong then after the punishment the teacher find up that student did nothing ,but for me never happen but that time when it happend students don't have choice but to take the punishment may be i will do the same .

by Jimmy Wed Jun 20 10:59:54 UTC 2012

Jimmy I was surprised that you said you will take punishment even though you are innocent. You are not kid nor prisoner and teachers do not have omnipotent power to punish students. Of course you have right to protest and bring the issue to the management office or any other authorities concern to make clear understanding before teachers apply punishment.
As matter of fact, punishment for adults itself is very strange to me since before I entered this forum, I have never even imagined physical punishment for adults.
Anyway did teacher apologize innocent students when she found she punished innocent students and did she get any type of punishment from management of college for her mistake?

by guest Thu Jun 21 12:15:09 UTC 2012

I am 24 this summer class's it's my final class's i attend college i been hear form students that they get punished at the management office for violations i never used to beleive them because i am always on time i never see any teacher punishing any student yes some times the teacher will write note for student to go to the management office for wrong doing i almost my first year i never took any punishment last semester for the first time i arrived late at the main enterance the secretary ordered me to wait on line with other students they are waiting their few minutes later the secretary asked us to follow her into the office then she asked us to enter one office we are about 20 students then their she took our ID cards another female inside the office she is her early 20's she picked long stick then the secretary told as that she is going to call our name and when we her the name to step forward to the other female then the other female informed us that she is going to give each one 4 stroks at the palm i been totaly shocked to her that but i see every student male and female infront of me taking their punishments without any rejection then i just obeyed her i did opend my hand and i took 4 stroks from her after that i know that any type of violation students commet they are been punished at the management office ,two weeks after that i got punished by the secretary when i don't have class and i been by the enterance she asked me why i am not at my class i refuse to answer her then she called me checked my id she find up that i don't have class that time then she decide to punish me 6 stroks for been rude with her

by Shabeel Thu Jun 21 15:27:06 UTC 2012

Shabeel Who is secretary and how old is she? I presume she is school secretary who holds second highest position just below principal in the college . If so, it is quite strange that school secretary supervises main entrance to pick up late arrival in the morning and check who is absent from class. Why did you refuse to answer her when she asked why you were not in class even though you have justified reason that you didn't have class that time.
Why didn't you have a class that time? Can students in your college choose preferable classes and take only 2-4 classes a day just like university?
You stated you have never seen any physical punishment before. Have your teachers never punished students in the class and only administrators beat the students when students are reported to management office?

by guest Fri Jun 22 03:28:09 UTC 2012

Fatima I think as an experienced teacher you should not tell to Jimmy that he is a sample good student just because he will obey whatever teachers order is even when he knows teacher is wrong. It was me to say he is a model student. The reason I said so was he said he never misbehaved and hardly failed in test and never late again after he got punished once. I understand your difficulties to control your students but it is your problem and you should not encourage him to obey even teacher's wrong orders by telling he is a sample good students.
He is adult student and many of teachers are younger than him. He must have been very humiliated and embarrassed to get punished by younger teachers or even by older teachers at his age although he admits his mistakes. But he has willingly (or reluctantly?) received punishments because he wanted to obey the college rule faithfully and therefore I strongly feel he doesn't have to obey teachers wrong orders as I don't think college rule specify that if teacher decide punishment, students have to get punished without condition even if it is apparent that teachers are wrong.

by guest Fri Jun 22 04:34:08 UTC 2012

guest this Jimmy i never say i will take the punishments if i am innocent because i can't imagine what will happen yes it happened with other students but the teacher did apologized to them their is no reason to complain to the management ,i beleive teachers has hard job when they are dealing with diffirent students they do misjudge some times but we understand that the teachers their for our benifit ,you right taking punishments from any person no matter of their age is embaressing but i don't think it's humiliating and part of the teacher punishment is not just to put the student in some pain to think about his or her wrong doing it's about to embaress the students and force the student to think about the embaressment and the pain which force the students to behave and obey the rules as i mentioned i learn from the punishment i took from very young femlae but i never late again i am their to study so i make sure at that time when i am lazy and don't feel studying or doing home work to think about the punishment i will get if i stay lazy and not study or go to school not doing my home work then i never give attention about the age of the teacher young or old they are their to educate us and their knwoledge more than us and they should adopt certain rules to deliver their subject and for us to get benefit of it

by Jimmy Fri Jun 22 11:44:06 UTC 2012

to quest the secretary she is not the second person under the principal she is staff member her office in the main enternce and no student will pass by without passing her office so after the class's start she is the one to check every student ID to make sure that the student not missing any class's the other female she is the vice principal most punishments been done by the other female but the secretary she got the authority to punish any student but after she get the athourization from the vice principal or the principal ,i don't feel answer her because i am doing nothing wrong but she consider i am rude to her that's why i got the punishment from her she is in late 40's or early 50's we don't choose the class's we got time table sone day's we have 4 subjects but not after each other some times we 5 subjects ,and no teachers don't punish students at the class room that's why i never witness any punishments but i do see teachers giving notices to students to go to the management office and their they get their punishments i don't know if teachers do punish those students whom they send to the management or they get punished by the staff their

by shabeel Sat Jun 23 04:51:33 UTC 2012

to guest this replay from ms Fatima , first thank you for calling me expereince teacher since you called that i beleive Jimmy is good sample of very good student yes he is an adult but the teacher even they are younger than the students but they are educated expereince to teach and they are the adult incharge evern some students younger than them , no teacher will punish and produce pain in her students for just the fun so Jimmy well under stand that students their to learn and should way certain way to bring the rules and regulation of the school and the class room it is left to the students even they are adults but some of them will waist other students time and waist their own time and the teacher effort to teach and deliver the best inorder to bring excellent students ,teachers not angels they do make mistakes some times and yes could result in punishing innocent student but it's not the end of the world teacher their for the students and will do the best to bring orders and to stop misbehaving and force students to study and it's one way to enforce the rules by using the physical punishments which it's the most effective way to control students with all ages, punishments at educational places never humiliating to the students and could be some kind of embaressment so what let wrong doing students get embaressed and i beleive is more important than the pain of the punishments for me i never punish any student in private all the time infront of the class ,the cane will bring good and intelegent generation and it will never kill any body but it will correct them

by Ms Fatima Sat Jun 23 21:37:19 UTC 2012

i am 25 years old taking accounting class's one of my teachers MS GAUHAR she muslim 23 years old she is so pretty and she is good with the students but when it comes to students making mistaks and not mis behaving she will change her goodness to be real terror ,most of the students liks her because she is diffirent from other teacher they just beat the students for any reason ,i been punished by her several times but one time me and most of the class we got real got beating from her for failing monthly test she gave each one of us 12 stroks at the palm 6 at each hand it's her first time to give that number of stroks ,she applied hard stoks ,her white face turned to red while she is applying the stroks at the end she told us that her arm start to hurt her and she is so mad from us ,

by Ajeet Sun Jun 24 14:49:11 UTC 2012

Shabeel Thanks for your explanation. I was little bit confused as there were many females ie "secretary" "another female" "the other female". It was first time for me to know students have a class off despite they don't choose favorite classes. How often do you have class off in a week? Do you move after finishing one class to other class room for next lesson? Otherwise, do you sit at same class room and next teacher come to the same class room?
In the meantime, who is another female in her early 20's who picked long stick? Did she just bring stick to hand over to vice principal? How old is vice principal?

by guest Mon Jun 25 03:52:01 UTC 2012

guest ,sorry for my poor explaining the facts the female in her mid 20's she is the vice principle and she is the one in power and authority to punish the students and the secretary she is the one may be in her late 40's but before she punish any students she write note then she get the principal or vice principal athourization to punish the students,but we have time table so our class start 8 am some times we have class 8-8.50 am then we don't have class until 10-10.50 so that time student spend the free time at play groung or the cafteria we don't choose our class's some times we have the class's at the same class and some time we go to a diffirent room
to meet the teacher their

by Shabeel Mon Jun 25 05:31:15 UTC 2012

Shabeel Now I fully understood. It is very strange that young female in her early or mid(?) 20's is vice principal of college. How many years of teaching experience does she have and how old is principal of your college? In my personal guess, your college run by family and principal must be her sister or mother, which can explain how such a young lady could be a vice principal of college. How many students and teachers does your college have? Is she the one who punishes students mostly? When you got punished by her, did she apply hard strokes? Who give harder strokes vice principal or secretary?
When secretary punished you for rudeness, did she write note and approved by principal or vice principal? If she had to do it, it would be vexatious job to her and if I were her I might give up punishing you because it was too vexatious and you did not do anything wrong. Feeling rudeness can be altered case by case and person by person.

by guest Tue Jun 26 03:34:45 UTC 2012

Jimmy and Ms Fatima

I have never thought that teacher punishes students for her fun or other than educational purpose. But I have read many posts in this forum with various topics and found too many adult students emphasized they were very humiliated and insulted when they got punished by teachers younger than them. I would have thought that Jimmy felt insult when he took punishment from young teachers as he posted dated May 27 with following quoted sentence "it's so emberessing to take punishments at our age from any teacher and insulting to take it from very young teachers"

Anyway it is OK for him not to feel humiliation when he get punished by younger teacher when he makes mistake. But in my opinion, taking punishment from younger teacher when he is innocent is quite different matter. I asked almost same question as Ms Fatima's question to Jimmy to other teacher in this forum (with different topic). Her answer was that punishing innocent student can't be happened because students can refuse to take the punishment and ask to be seen by the administration staff. Jimmy said in his post dated Jun 20 as per following quoted sentence "when it happend students don't have choice but to take the punishment may be i will do the same", from which anyone could understand that he will take punishment even if he is innocent.

I had studied in school and university for consecutive 16 years till I got bachelor degree in my country and we don't adopt any kind of physical punishment for adults(age over 19) in any kind of educational institution. Physical punishment apparently exists in school (primary and high school) here but not common. Most students hardly witness or even hear about punishment during their school days. 100 percent of school teachers are at least 5-10 years older than students and more than 90 percent of teachers they never physically punish students. Even in college (university), almost 100 percent of teachers(professors) are older than the college students.

Therefore, I feel very strange for punishing adult students especially punishing by younger teacher. First time I entered in this forum I was shocked as if I were in wonderland. Even just thinking of punishment by younger teacher made me embarrassed and humiliated af if I were victim. However gradually I have understood the situation that you (who live in where adults punishment is common) are facing. But I think punishing innocent students should never be happened especially when victim is older than teacher.

I don't know whether Ms Fatima punished students older than her and punished innocent students or not. But she seems to consider punishing innocent students would be natural as if she gave wrong order of pizza delivery by telling it is not end of world. Yes she is right punishing innocent students is not end of world but even if she kills someone, it is not end of world.

Even though still I believe Jimmy is a good student but I feel he would be rather timid person. In view of above, I suggested him to protest and send matter to administration office because he has right not to be punished under any circumstances as far as he is innocent.

I do believe Ms Fatima and Jimmy's teachers punish students for only benefit of students and always trying their utmost for the benefit of students. They will never let her anger control them when they punish student even though I think it would be impossible as far as they are not god. But besides students benefit I believe teachers receive heavy pressure to show good academic result of students from management, which make teachers to punish their student hard because beating is more easy and simple way to quickly improve student's academic ability. I have read many posts where too many teachers said they had to punish students hard in order not to loose their job and I understand many of teachers choose teacher as a job for living rather than sense of duty.

Ms Fatima You said you are making your stu

by guest Tue Jun 26 08:55:55 UTC 2012

Ms Fatima You said you are making your students to be excellent students by applying physical punishment. I understand there are many colleges in big city and they don't adopt physical punishment. Upon your theory, students tends to never study and behave unless physical punishment is adopted. Do you believe that your students are much superior than those of colleges in big city where no physical punishment adopted?

Yes you are right that punishment will not kill students but will correct them. But punishment also could cause serious heart scar to adult students.

P.S. Ms Fatima Please do not misunderstand me as I have no intention to insist you to change your teaching method nor to ask you not punish your adult students. I just expressed my personal opinion and nothing more.

by guest Tue Jun 26 08:57:16 UTC 2012

guest this Shabeel ,the vice principal she is 25 years old she holds master degree in Educational Management she works at teacher when she got her bacholar degree she is then 22 then she got her master last year she is still teaching some class's but she is incharge ,i find this infromatin from her today i am late again today and she insist in giving me 8 stroks because i been late several times i am the last student to take the punishment while i am holding my had out and she has the stick up i told her you are too young and very beatiful to beat students up then she start laughing then she told me let talk i start talking to her and the secretary still waiting to write me the permitt to got back to my class ,the the vice asked the secretary to leave and i will be passing by her office to take the note i asked her these question and she is in good mood then she decide not to punish me at all after i gave her promise not be late again then she warned me next time i am at her office she is going to give 12 stroks ,their is more than 600 students i don't know how many teachers but the management office is run by the principal and the vice and the secretary ,i see another female their but i don't know what's her title ,the secretary gives harder punishments .

by Shabeel Tue Jun 26 22:10:08 UTC 2012

I am college student at law school i took some class's this summer at a different college or small center to learn about computer their is 5 teacher at the center and 2 administrators and i can say 120-150 students they are their for differnt training or class's one of the teacher who teach us she is 21 years old and it's her first time to teach ,she smart and intelegent but she can't control the class room very well this our second mothe with her we got surprise today when she start to ask us questions and the one who don't answer she asked them to come to the front and turn the face agaist the wall i am at class of 24 students when she asked us to turn our faces just 3 students setting down and the rest of the class lining against the wall few minutes one of the office assistance walking in holding long wooden stick then she gave it to our teacher ,then the assistance infromed us that the teacher going to punish all of us and she asked us to co-operate with the teacher for us to have less pain the asked us one by one to step forward by the teacher and to show our palms so each one of us will take 6 stroks ,wow wow she beats us very good most of the student start crying like little kids and the one who don't cry the trears came out

by JOe Ellen Wed Jun 27 21:53:10 UTC 2012

how old are you Joe and how old the assistant ,is punishments common but that teacher never use it , did you or other students been punished by other teacher or the adminstrators

by Britney Thu Jun 28 04:17:34 UTC 2012

Joe Ellen did assistant attend punishment till end of beating? How old is the eldest student who got punished by her and male or female?

by guest Thu Jun 28 07:57:46 UTC 2012

Britney i am 23 years old the assistant mid 40's it's free class's offered at that center and punishment is common their i got punished by that assistant one time before but all of got surprise to see our teacher punishing us and that hard this my second time getting punished first time from that assistant and this is the second time.
Guest yes she attend untill the teacher finished beating all students the eldest student female 27 years old and the oldest male he is 25 years old

by Joe Thu Jun 28 10:46:17 UTC 2012

Joe did you mean the assistant is one of 2 administrators? If so, how old is the other administrator and do 2 ministrators have authority to punish any students? Why did assistant attend punishment and why did you get punished by assistant before?

by guest Thu Jun 28 12:30:44 UTC 2012

yes guest she is one of the adminstrators the second one she is in late 30's ,both administrators have power to punish the students ,she attend the punishments because the teacher asked her to stay so the students will fear and scare from the administrator and the teacher she too young and it's her first time punishing students ,me and several student that time got punished both administrators were incharge of the punishment all of us been late to class's that's the second day for us at the center

by Joe Thu Jun 28 20:52:47 UTC 2012

Joe I don't think 21 years teacher is only teacher who teach you. How many teachers are teaching you and how old are they? Are all of them female and do they have authority to punish you also?

by guest Fri Jun 29 03:57:56 UTC 2012

guest i have 2 teacher the 21 years old and the other one she is 36 no i never punished by her but all teachers and administrators are females no male teachers yes they do have uthtority to punish i see teacher holding wooden stick or cane when they are going to their class rooms

by Joe Fri Jun 29 13:12:58 UTC 2012

Jimmy Thanks your comment and you must be very kind person . When I refer innocent students, of cause it never meant that teacher beats anybody upon entering the class. If teacher start beating anyone once she enters the class room, she is not a teacher any more and she should be called as a gangster. It looks great that you are trying to protect and justify punishment from your teachers. Jimmy you don't have to try further as I fully understand your attitude in mind against punishment from your teachers and that would be why Ms Fatima praised you saying sample of good student. But it is difficult for me to believe your teacher choose punishment as a last option after 2-3 warnings.

Regarding your explanation about punishing innocent students, I would like to say sorry first before I will show my opinion that such happening could possibly be happened in elementary school only. (Still I am sorry for having said so). How old is teacher and how old is mistakenly punished student and how many strokes did he got? I can easily guess that student got severly punished than usual since he argued with teacher. Did any other students tell the teacher that he did nothing when they argued. Do you know why did the other student who actually made trouble go to teacher and confess her next day? How old is he and how many strokes did he receive? The reason why I ask number of strokes is that I don't think such behaviour should be a subject for punishment. As you said, if students went back to their desk fast once they saw teacher then it would be certain that the class became quiet when she was in the class and she could start the class without wasting time to punish. That is why I said that I still don't believe your teacher punishes students as a last option.

I am sorry to hear you couldn't have chance to enroll school on time. I have never thought such situation but now I will likely fully understand your situation of educational environment in small villages. By the way, why did you say that you could not have chance to enroll college if you start learning at school earlier?

by guest Tue Jul 03 04:57:27 UTC 2012

Jimmy Further to my previous post today I just found that I overlooked your post that student who was by the window did not confess but other student in third party told teacher who was by the window. I wonder why that student did not tell teacher before innocent student got punished. Anyway sorry for causing you inconvenient

by guest Tue Jul 03 12:38:39 UTC 2012

Jimmy I am still looking forward to your reply for my article posted Jul 03. Did you get unpleasant feeling against my expression of elementary school etc? If so, I would like to applorgize again.

by guest Fri Jul 13 06:12:09 UTC 2012

Jack Above article written by ykc

by ykc Mon Jul 16 04:08:42 UTC 2012

Jack I could surmise what was happening between you and muslim staff and now I understood. If not doing homework is subject to punishment, I think you did not have reason to reject punishment. Why did you reject punishment from male teacher?

by ykc Tue Jul 17 04:00:31 UTC 2012

ykc that male teacher at that time he is punishing the students at the palm using thick cane he raise the cane too high it makes sound when it's land at the palm every student is crying i got too much scare to take the 4 stroks from him that's why i refuse to show my palm me and 7 more students we did see one student after the second stroke got cut at the middle of his palm that's the reason i reject the punishments from him

by Jack Tue Jul 17 11:41:41 UTC 2012

one day i am among students to be punished at the principal office we about 40-50 students we are lining up and their is three female staff one female writing our names and the other two females one of them in her late 50's she holding thick cane about meter long and the other female in her early 20's and she holds long flat wooden stick after we have our name written we been directed to one of the two to receive our punishments ,when the beating start and we watch the beating for the students ahead of us me and most students wished to be punished by the young female because the older female she beats so hard and every student got the beating from her cries but the young female she gives medium force stroks and none of the students she punished cries i am so blessed when my name called i been sent to the young female even she is much younger than me but i don't feel any pain from her stroks my sister got the punsihment from the older female she got red lines at her palm almost the blood coming out of them

by Jankeer Wed Jul 18 11:27:50 UTC 2012

how old are you and how old the females they punishing you why the female has to hold your hand for punishment ,how you took your other punishments could you explain

by ms Fronteer Sat Jul 21 18:10:22 UTC 2012

i am 26 years old i got punished 4 swats at my palm from female staff she is 22 years old i felt like electic shock at my hands she hits very hard

by Raj Mon Jul 23 10:31:28 UTC 2012

i like to share my punishment experience i am now attending public college for bookkeeping punishments is common every teacher staff member can punish any student but the worst punishment i ever have last week when we arrived late 2 female staff waiting for late arrivals at the gate then the line the late arrivals one line we are about 35 students they asked us to spread our both hands to our side and raise them to the shoulder level withour palms open then they asked us to stay at this way and come forward then we face both the females then they inform each one of us will take 4 stroks at each palm both females start to beat the hands one beat the right hand one beats the left hand we get both hands punished at the same time we can't put our hands down utill they finish wiht the stroks it's funny and insulting and embaressing and it's painfull too

by Andrew Mon Jul 23 13:41:10 UTC 2012

Andrew is type of punishments is adopted all the time two staff beat at the same time or just that day is when you say both of them beat at the same time explain more please

by guest Tue Jul 24 10:45:59 UTC 2012

guest the 10 minutes is waiting time to change teachers and students should stay at thier desks then if some one need to use the toilet then they have to ask the supervising staff that he or she is going to the toilet and not just walking and leaving the class room at their own no mobile used allowed between if student has emergency to use the mobile then they have to ask for permittion from the superisor and to use it at far from the hallway ,the 10 minutes to give time for teachers go from one class to other we get 2 breaks one for 20 minutes at this time students can do any thing using toilet using mobile smoke but they can't leave the center and one for one hour it's launch break student can leave out the center but they have to be back on time ,somking is permitted but their is special smoking area at the cafteria and at the play ground students can't move aroung somking they have to be at the special area's for the smokers,the 6and4 stroks that the most severe and maximum i ever receive as punishment and it's not common but that time it's for our misbehaving , repeating mistakes i subject for more stroks or multiple punishments, the class mate he is 28 years old i don't know how many stroks he got but he got severe and hard punshments ,that female staff gave the students 4 slaps not too hard ,their is two female staff 20,21 i don't know if they are in power or authority to give punishmets they are the ones write us the note to go back to class after we get punished at the management office

by Jack Thu Jul 26 10:10:12 UTC 2012

Jack Do administrators always stay in hallway during 10 minutes break as a supervising staff? You said you had witnessed only two females (25 years muslim staff and 23 years staff) punished students and you had not even known whether other staff member have power to punish students before your class mate got punished by 40 years staff. Does it mean that those two ladies always supervise during 10 minutes break? How many students and how many class rooms do you have in the center? Since you said muslim female always gives soft or medium strokes, was 23 years staff only one who punished so hard before you knew 28 years class mate gotten punished? Who apply harder strokes male teacher or 23 years staff?
Meanwhile, how many times have you been punished so far and usually how many times a week do you get punished? If students don't take a note after punishment, what will happen?

by ykc Fri Jul 27 08:57:15 UTC 2012

yes ykc i never witness other female staff punishing any student just the two and they are always supervising the students during 10 minutes break and other breaks ,at the start of school day ,both of them each one holding long wooden stick and walking thru the halway ,their is aroun 550-600 students 22 class rooms ,yes muslim female always apply softer punishment than the 23 years old staff she give much harder stroks than any teacher ,i got punished several times from her and two times from muslim female ,from the teachers at the class room i been punished by male teacher one time 3-4 times from female teachers it's not about how many times a week some time i don't get punished at all some times i get punished from staff and by teacher at the same day but lately may be for the last 2 weeks i don't get any punishment because i make sure to arrive on time and study do home work and behave ,
the note is requird to go back to the class without it the teacher will not admitt any students without the note

by Jack Fri Jul 27 10:17:39 UTC 2012

i worst punishment i ever has is from young female she is not teacher but she works at the management office she not older than 25 i can say she is 20-25 while she is going to use the toilet she catch us 14 students 7 male and 7 females setting laughing holding each other hands some us kissing each other ,she asked for our ID'S then she asked us to go to the principal office to meet her , when we got their she explained to the pricipal what we are doing ,we don't deny it the pricipal he is in his 60's he looked at our record he did find any past record for us then he informed us normaly we have to be suspended for week but since it's our time offence he will order us to be punished then he ask for the female she is normaly adminster the punsishment she is busy then he asked that female to give us the punishments he gave her one of the sticks he has then her told her to each onr of us 8 stroks ,then he orderd us to follow the female into her office when we got their she informed us that it's her first time punishing students then she asked us to obey her orders inorder for us to have our punishment with less pain but her punsihment to us came with long pain she gave real hard punishment to us i never been punished by any teacher or staff member as hard as we got it from her

by Zakree Sat Aug 04 14:15:08 UTC 2012

Zakree How old are you and rest of students who were punished with you? Did you hold each other in the toilet?

by guest Sun Aug 05 05:55:16 UTC 2012

guest we are not in the toilet we are at hiden corner most students when they need to meet in private they go their and the management never know about it yes we are holding and kissing each other ,i am 22 most of the students they are 19-23

by Zakree Sun Aug 05 15:25:07 UTC 2012

Zakree Even though I don't know in which country you live, it is interesting that holding hands and kissing each other between adults are serious offence in your college. Does your state religion prohibit kissing in open area and does police arrest those who are kissing in public? In the meantime, how did she find you who were in hidden corner where you said management never know. Did she find all of you (14 students) kissing each other at the same place? When were you caught by her during break between class's or during lunch break? Is it common that staff member punishing students and does younger staff member punish students older than her?

by guest Mon Aug 06 03:39:48 UTC 2012

guest yes what ever been doing is punishable by law too no person special unmarried people to kiss and hug at public places and we know it's prohibted that's why that corner know to the students to hide and do the ilegal behaviour and has nothing to do with religion ,actuly she is just inside staff normaly she is not involve with the students in her visit to the toilet while the tiolet is busy she intent to move around when she find all of us at that hiden corner it's lunch break it's not common for that female to punish any students because she is doing secretrial work but the principal gave her the outhority to punsih us.

by Zakree Wed Aug 08 10:13:22 UTC 2012

guest any where in world is common sense people should not do the kissing and other se xual thing in public places and it's punishable by law to prctice these behaviour in the public palce this apply to college so yes students who are breaking the rules should by punsihed

by Ms Tara Sat Aug 11 13:18:11 UTC 2012

Fakranee How old are you and why did you get punished by head of center?

by guest Sun Aug 12 16:34:48 UTC 2012

Fakranee How old are rest of students who got punished by head of center and for what offence did you get punished by 42 years old teacher? How many strokes did you receive from secretary for missing first class? Does your mother punish her students in the learning center?

by guest Mon Aug 13 07:13:31 UTC 2012

I am 19 years old the reason for our punishments all of us we smoke inside the computer training room some of the students got punsihed are 33 years old ,my punishment from the teacher for making trouble and misbehaving after she warn me for several times she decide to punish me with 2 more students ,i receive 4 stroks from the secretary for missing first class,yes my mother she is teacher she do give lot of punishments ,when i missed the first class i got punished by the secretary and when i got home i got punished by her too she beat me 8 stroks at my hands for missing class's

by Fakranee Wed Aug 15 13:18:10 UTC 2012

Fakranee What does head of center mean? Is she principal and her position higher than your mother? Is age of rest of all 13 students 33 years? Are they male or female? Was there anyone who refused punishment and left center before punishment?

by guest Thu Aug 16 02:58:28 UTC 2012

guest head of the center yes she is the principal she is the top my mother just teacher ,no i said the oldest student is 33 but most students at their early 20's they are male and females no body refuse to take the punishment every one obeyed he and took the punishments

by Fakranee Thu Aug 16 12:00:29 UTC 2012

guest the principal not the owner nor freid with the owner it's government own center but she hold master degree ,she is qualifed for this post ,as my mother said , the 33 years old student she is female ,after we got the palm punishments she order us to lay at her table without moving untill she finished with the stoks she applied the 8 stroks with less than 30 seconds she is too fast , it's paid programs but with discounted fee's

by Fakranee Fri Aug 17 14:13:25 UTC 2012

Fakranee It is quite strange to me that young female became a principal or head of center just because she has master degree. Considering her age and she holds master's degree, she ought to have almost no experience in teaching and I wonder how she can control students and teachers without teaching experience before as I believe that principal should have lots of experience in order to control students as well as teachers. I was surprised that even you consider she is qualified to be a principal. Does your mother have same opinion with you and she has no problem to follow orders and instructions from young principal whose age is similar to her children's? In my country, if master degree holder or even Ph.D holder became a teacher, he or she is treated just same as other teachers with bachelor's degree and only experience make them possible to promote to higher position.
I was also surprised that 14 students smoke in the training room. Regardless center rules, it is common sense not to smoke in public room or hallway. Is it common that anyone smoke inside the public building in your country? How many female students smoked out of 14 students?
You said you were punished by 20 years secretary. Do all of administration staff have authority to punish any students regardless of ages of students?

by guest Sun Aug 19 00:17:37 UTC 2012

i wonder why it's strange for you she is not young she is educated she do has teaching experience too ,to be leader and control other poeple have nothing to do with the age it's the personality of the person to be leader she has very strong perosnality every one fear her start from students to the teachers to the employees ,yes my opinion is my mother opinion she always talk good about her yes my mother she is just teacher she do follow her orders my Mom 43 years old their teachers and staff member are in their 50's still they work under her managment .Yes it's mistake from our side thinking no body watching us i am the one who start to smoke first then every body start to smoke we are 14 students 9 male and 5 female ,yes i been punished by 20 years old secretary ,every administrator has the authority to punish regardless of the age if student break the rules then will be subject for punishments

by Fakranee Wed Aug 22 12:10:13 UTC 2012

Fakranee You are still teenager and you can consider her not young but majority of people in the world consider 25 years is young age but I respect your thought that you consider her to be qualified and she is doing her job well. I don't know about your educational environment and therefore I just compared situation with our education system. I concede that I should not have compared your educational environment with ours. I don't know how excellent she is and what does it mean to get master's degree in your society. But we do have lots of master degree holders who are still seeking for job. To become a teacher of high school or elementary school here, he or she should hold at least bachelor's degree and has to pass through the government's teacher certification examination and he or she should have at least 20-25 years of teaching experience to become a principal of high school (even elementary school) here. That is why I said it was strange to me. In the meantime, how many students are in your center and how many teachers and management staffs are under her control? Does your center have any male employees?

by guest Fri Aug 24 19:34:56 UTC 2012

i have young female teacher she is 25 years old when she is teaching us and explaining the subject she used her hands alot she got beatiful hands she always paint them with red nail polish she has pure white hand i just love to look at her beautiy and the beauty of her hands when she holds the rulder and punished students all the times i will love to be punished by her just to be close and see her beauty close two day ago my wish came true i forgot my home work book at home she called the ones who don't do the home work to the front of the class then she holds the ruler then she told us she is goint to ask questions if we answered then no punishments but if don't answer then she will give each one 10 stroks at the palm i don't answer any of the questions those beautiful hands deliver severe pain on me so i thought i never wished to be punsihed by her she is real terror with her punishments

by Mike Sun Aug 26 17:50:42 UTC 2012

I am now 23 and just start college last week yestrday i been punished me and over 50 students by two female administrators after one week of the start of the college they don't allow any student to be late then both of the females waited on the front gate and direct all late students stay on the side wall then they direct us to follow them to the admistaration office each one got long falt stick then one other female start to write our names and dircet us to one of the females to be punished by her each one got 6 stoks at the palm i don't feel too much pain but i saw some students crying and some tearing but i don't feel lot of pain but the marks stayed for about two hours before they disapeard the female who is punished me she is around 24-27 the other female she looks younger

by Parhaj Tue Sep 04 13:30:20 UTC 2012

during summer i attend english class's to help me with my college studies the teacher is my neiphour she is 24 years old , she teach very good but english very hard class specialy grammer class one day she came into the class room holding long wooden stick with her every student got surprise because she never used to punish any of us even if we don't have the home work or we don't answer her questions ,before she start the class she has test result she told us that she going to pass the test papers and the one's they hear their names they need to come to the front and stand against the wall ,we are 33 students at her class she called 19 names then she stoped calling names she is waiving with the stick she told us that she is going to punish us first because none of us passed the test all of us got zero and for that she is going to punish each one with 10 stroks at the palms and 4 at the buttock ,i never thought she is going to punish me or i will be punished by her but when it's my term i am shay to look at her face she is my neiphpour and her age close to my age i took her punishments i felt she is beating me harder than the other students i hold my tears i don't need to show my weakness infront of her but when she finished with my punishments i asked her if i can use the toilet she refused to let me leave because part of her punishment when we get back to our seats to keep the hands on the top without rubing and do any thing in order for us to feel the pain more

by Jandeer Fri Sep 07 13:40:12 UTC 2012

Jandeer why you felt this way is because you have love feeling toward her or because you felt insulted and embaressed ,is punishment common at that school , you been punished before from other teachers or administrators ,do think she is fair by punishing the students who fails and it's just to show her anger of the students

by guest Sun Sep 09 15:03:06 UTC 2012

guest i felt this way because it's insulting to be punished specialy form person close to your age and very close to you she is our neiphour , yes punishments is common i been punished several times by the female administrator she is in her late 40's never punished by other teacher before ,i believe yes she has the right to punish but she is too tought and she gave very hard punishments then she is to be blamed for being so soft with the students never enforce the rules of te home work or to make sure the students studying every lesson .

by Jandeer Thu Sep 13 13:49:05 UTC 2012

Jandeer How old are you and are you male or female? You said punishment is common. Have you witnessed any teacher punishing students in the class before? what is age range of students in your class?

by guest Fri Sep 14 05:33:08 UTC 2012

I attend school for adults i am now 26 one day i been called to the pricipal office for mistake i made at the pricipal office i been seen by young female she is no more than 21 when i arrived their she is just finishing punishing 4 female students ,she asked me why i am reporting to the principal office i answered her she hold the long stick and asked me to open my right hand then she informed me that she is going to give me 6 stroks i asked her i am her to see the principal she answered she is the one incharge i am too shy to show my hands i refused and i insisit to see the principal the same time she insist that it's her duty and the principal have no time for this by the time i am arguing with her an older female came and asked what's going on she informed her that i am refusing to take my punishments without me notice the older female slaped my face twice and asked me to obey the orders i find my seld holding my right hand open she gave me 6 severe stroks after she is done the old female ask me to face the wall with my hands up for 30 minutes before i can go to my class it's too humiliating and insulting to be punished by young female

by Shakoor Sun Sep 16 12:47:52 UTC 2012

Shakoor How old is the older female and who is she? Is she principal? What mistake did you commit and who sent you to principal's office?

by guest Tue Sep 18 23:28:46 UTC 2012

Shakoor Was it first time for you to be punished in your school or have you ever punished before by teachers or other administrator?

by guest Wed Sep 19 04:23:53 UTC 2012

guest the older female is the principal assistant she is in her late 40's or early 50's my the library supervisor the one who complain about me been rude with her and raising my voice while i am trying to rent book , one time i before i got punishments from the principal for arriving late and this is my second time .

by Shakoor Wed Sep 19 13:12:26 UTC 2012

Shakoor Is physical punishment common in the class by teachers? How old is the library supervisor and does she have no power to punish students? In the meantime, what is school for adults? Do you mean learning center? what is age range of students?

by guest Fri Sep 21 05:27:07 UTC 2012

yes quest teachers are in power to punish the students every teacher come to the class holding ruler they start each class checking home work then asking questions from previous lesson then they punish the one's they don't have home work done or not answering question beside they do punish any student whom misbehave at the class room ,the library supervisor she is in her early 30's she is in power to punish she keep ruler next to her when i raise my voice at her she ordered me to wait so she punish me but i left then they send for me to the principal office ,school for adults is the older people whom they never admit or miss part of the school years then their is 3 years school then we get high school certificate and be able to go to college after that ,their is students from 22 and up to 37 years old

by Shakoor Fri Sep 21 13:22:06 UTC 2012

Shakoor is the 21 years old staff punish students in their 37's do you witness the library supervisor punishing students their and what the reason students get punished at the library ,do been punished by your teachers before ,how old the female students she is punishing when you arrive did they cry and did they face the wall too or facing the just for you as extra punishments

by Dalia Sat Sep 22 12:53:58 UTC 2012

Dalia i never see the 37 years old student been punsihed she is at my class but the 4 females been punished by the 21 years old all of them in their late 20's they are crying but they not faced the wall it's done to me as extra punishments and it's hurts more than the punishment it self ,the library supervisor punish student for lot of reason main reason not returning books on time and making loud noise or damaging the books,i never been punished by any teacher

by Shakoor Mon Sep 24 12:26:10 UTC 2012

Shakoor Why did you refuse punishment from library supervisor in spite you knew that she has authority to punish students? You said 21 years female asked you why you were there, which means supervisor sent you there without any note showing what offence you committed. Did supervisor ask you to report at principal's office verbally?
You felt humiliation for getting punishment from young female. Have you ever witnessed young female teacher punished older male students in the class? You said 37 years student is female. How old is oldest male students in your class? How old is youngest teacher who teach your class? Meantime, you seemed to be good student as you have never been punished in the class. Have you always done the homework and answered questions and never failed in test?

by guest Tue Sep 25 09:00:57 UTC 2012

guest i refuse to take her punishments because i don't do any thing wrong but she got my temper and make me raise my vioce but i learn lesson to respect every body i should not raise my vioce t her even better for me if i took her punsihments it will be less stroks and less embaressment , i knew that i will be called by the principal office but the young female refuse to listen to me ,yes when i arrived she asked me my name and what's the reason i am their then she pulled note out her desk writen by the library supervisor when she insist in punishing me and yes when i been called to the principal office just send my name and they ask my class teacher to send me to the principal office ,yes i do i felt humiltated by getting punsihed by very young female the oldest male student 28 years old the youngest teacher we have she is 34 but young female she do punish any student ,yes i go the class prepaired never miss home work most the time i answer the questions so far i never been punsihed for home work and not answring question i got punsihed one more time yestarday with 6 stroks from my english teacher i fail weekly test then i got 6 stroks

by Shakoor Tue Sep 25 13:36:11 UTC 2012

Shakoor I now fully understood what was happened to you. Firstly I wondered why you rejected punishment as you are good students and knew supervisor has power to punish. I think you intended to appeal to principal that you didn't do any thing wrong rather than arguing with supervisor or getting punishment from her but principal's assistant and young female did not give any chance for you to meet principal. Is my thought correct?
In the meantime, I don't know what is assistant's job in your school but I think she is not qualified to be a educator since she beat first instead to listen what was going on. As elderly person at least she should try to find out why you were there before applying any punishment and further it seems that she believe punishment is more important than letting students to study as she made you waste 30 min. by standing with hands up during class time. I think to make student study is first and most important duty for educator.
Have you ever witnessed young female teacher punished male students older than teacher and buttock punishment is common in your school?
I think it is not easy for the students at your age to attend school for high school subjects but I hope you could get desired academic achievement.

by guest Fri Sep 28 05:05:43 UTC 2012

yes guest because i don't do any thing i just thought to explain what happen to the principal but the assistant and the young female which now i know that the young female is the daughter of the assistant pricipal she works at the management office secretary and part of her duties to punish students ,they both think teachers or staff members always right ,the assistant principal she teach too beside her duty as assistant to the principal and yes she insulting me by make me face the wall for 30 minutes with my hands up ,yes i did see young female teacher punishing male students are older than the teacher i never see any buttock punishments and i don't know if it's common the only punishments i see palm punishments

by Shakoor Sat Sep 29 11:26:31 UTC 2012

mam 24 yr of age

by guest Tue Oct 09 16:39:47 UTC 2012

mam 24 yr of age
i in+2 first dy slaps fr stnding in grls line scnd dy dande fr nt polishing shoes thrd dy dande on my bck fr nt listening her order thn murga punishment to boys as well as girls situps tht dy mam wear tight jeans and high heals with stick thn nxt dy kneel down and chck hmwrk schl order to wear franchie to boys girls thrfr nude checking infront of girls murga parade sometime dande by standing punishment thn wearing grls skirt very humilating bt enjyoying wth mam thn makeup thn washing floor thn direct in grls urinal thn punishment standing mam calling one by one thn p.... rubing boys girls b... rubbing and kicking high heels and dande thn nxt. wshing grls l....

by sahu Tue Oct 09 16:58:34 UTC 2012

pls comment on sahu....message...every answer will be gvn as soon as possible...

by guest Tue Oct 09 17:03:50 UTC 2012

i am 28 years old attending bookkeeping class's a week ago we have new teacher she is 24 years old from the first class she came holding wooden ruler and she informed us that she is going to be punishing us for misbehaving and academic failure some of the students don't take her serious they start making noise by laughing lound and talking to each other she called them out then she informed them that she is going to beat them each one 4 stroks at the palms then she explained how is her punishments will be she hold the students hand at one of her hands then she applied the stroks with the other hand ,i loved it because she has beautiful soft hands i decide not to do the home work the second day just to get punished form her the same way , i do regret that i ever thought about it she gave me 8 stroks i felt i am losing my hads from the pain

by Kamesh Sun Oct 21 01:14:22 UTC 2012

First off where is these places that punished adult students. Second, do any lady teachers ever apply the ruler to butts or thighs? Would love to attend schools like this.

by Guest Sun Oct 21 04:10:28 UTC 2012

i been taking punishments for very young lady ,i am computer programer working for company ,i start to attend special training required by my company and one of the employees she is female 24 years old she is giving the training to us first time she start asking question to us if we don't anwer she has ruler she came to the desk and apply one strok at the palm ,we use to take it as joke and not punishments because she is one of the employees one day she came in then she inform us that she is going to review with us all the material we been training for she start to ask questions each students have to come to the front then she has ten question then she infrom us that out of the ten questions we have to give at least 7 right answers other wise she will give 2 stroks for each wrong answer we are 28 trainers some of us don't answer any questions she made them wait in the front when she finished we are 19 failed to answer the minumum answers i did answer 4 right and 6 wrong she left the room then after few minutes she came with long flat wooden stick then she asked each one of us the number of the stroks she is going to give us ,we start laughing at her then we refused to obey her she then called the company secretary when she came she inform us that we have to obey our trainer other wise we will be subject to be suspended from work for certain times without pay or just to get fired then all of us agreed to take the punishments i took 12 stroks from her then after she finished with us the secretary took the stick then she gave each one of each extra 4 stroks she did beats us real hard and severe all of us took the beating without saying any thing to her

by Jarm Patel Sun Oct 21 14:26:21 UTC 2012

Jarm Patel I can hardly believe that you got punished by colleague employee. What subject does she train you and who have to attend the training? How old are you and other employees who got punished by her and secretary? How many male employees out of 19 employees who got punished? In the meantime, is secretary a owner of company? I can't believe that simple company secretary has such great power to fire employees and beat the employees at her own decision. How old is she and is she a family member of owner? Why didn't you resist her punishment but just took severe beating without saying anything to her? Did 24 years trainer hit you 12 strokes hard or just medium force?

by guest Fri Oct 26 03:30:14 UTC 2012

hi i was beaten badly by 23 years young teacher she beat me for not doing homework she made me murga for 1 hour than she apply 50 cane on my butt than on next day she washed me girls toilet than she do my make up as girl..than on next day she made me100 times situps than another day she take me to girls toilet with other boys as well as girls than she called one by one inside and inject pin in butt and made everybody to eject.....than on next day she made everybody nude and ask to answer her questions than she put chili powder in ass for not answering her question

by vishu Fri Oct 26 04:23:29 UTC 2012

guest yes it's hard to beleive even after each of us took the punishments asked our self why we have to obey them ,it's training for new equipments and new program the company adopting that trainer start to punish as joke with 30cm school ruler , i am 28 years old ,and the other employees are 22-35years old we are 4 male and 15 females, the secretarey she is the owners doughter and she is the one managing the company she is 42 and yes she is in power to fire any employee , at that moment none of us reject the punsihments , the 24 years trainer gives not too hard stroks but the number of stroks each one took make us with the pain but when the secretary beats us she gave us real hard and severe stroks

by Jarm Patel Sun Oct 28 12:41:56 UTC 2012

Jarm Patel Even if you regarded as a joke, it is still unbelievable to me that 24 years employee started with 30cm school ruler to punish much older colleague employees than her (I guess that they also assuredly hold higher position than trainer). What was reaction of 35 years old employee after he or she got punished with wooden stick by trainer whose age similar to his or her niece or youngest sister? In the meantime, was it first time for you and other employees to receive physical punishment? Otherwise, did you or other employees get physically punished before for any reason? What is reason that secretary gave extra strokes?

by guest Tue Oct 30 05:30:10 UTC 2012

guest the 24 years employeed she is not just like any employee she is one of higher managment ,for me it's my first time to be punished by her and the secretary but other older employees they been subject to her teaser punishments before but not the real one we got , and some employees been punished (beaten) be the secretary before she used to that when they commet mistaks instead of pay cut or suspending them for short period they get her punishments ,all of us just obeyed the orders and we can't beleive that we been punished with such young female ,at that time the secretary gave the extra stroks for us waisting the time by refusing to take the punishments for the trainer and she has to be present to enforce the punishments her openion we waist the company time and money because the trainer is during working time and we get paid for while we are at training too

by Jarm Patel Wed Oct 31 12:11:41 UTC 2012

Jarm Patel Is trainer a invited instructor and she will not come to company to train you when training course is finished? What does it mean that she is one of higher management? After that punishment, did you or other employees get punished by trainer again?
Besides that punishment, does company secretary punish employees older than her?

by guest Fri Nov 02 03:12:07 UTC 2012

no guest she is employeed but she is at the management level when ever training required she is incharge for the training at the same time she is an employee ,yes the secretary she used the punishment before but for me it's my first time getting punished

by Jarm Patel Sat Nov 10 11:47:50 UTC 2012

It's soo embaressment and isultitng when older person to be punished by younger person , i been subject for palm caning by my sister freind she is my teacher at college i am 30 years old she is 26 i got 6 stroks from her at my plams for failing test it's my first time to get punished by her so after that when i see her at my home or with my sister i get embaressed to look at her so i remember my self standing infront of her and receiving the beating

by Arkan Fri Nov 16 12:58:05 UTC 2012

if i bunk the class...what is the punishment for me...

by dhruv Mon Nov 19 16:36:59 UTC 2012

Arkan how hard she beats you ,is it the only time getting punished at college or just the first time you got punished by her ,if so do you got punihsments form other teachers or adminstrator who beats harder , did your sister freind told your sister about your punishments

by guest Sat Nov 24 14:38:27 UTC 2012

guest all teachers puish the students and enter the class room with long cane or flat stick but my sister freind she always gives very hard caning and never punish any student less than 6 stroks or up but other teacher they give one or two stroks for minor mistakes with less force , yes i been punished by other teachers but it doesnt hurt like that teachers ,she is alaways tell my sister when i get punished by her

by Arkan Thu Dec 06 13:40:47 UTC 2012

Arkan Does your sister's friend apply buttock punishment too and have you ever gotten punished on buttock by her? What was your sister's reaction when she heard about your punishment from her friend?

by guest Thu Dec 06 17:36:39 UTC 2012

yes guest she do apply buttock punishments but i never got punsihed at my buttock from her ,i got hand punishments from her 4 times so far ,my sister start joking at me i am some how embaressed ,my sister she is teacher too but she is teaching younger students at public school because of that she always justified her freind punishing us

by Arkan Thu Dec 06 19:26:32 UTC 2012

Arkan Does your sister's friend have her own standard where to punish students palm or buttock? For example, palm for not answering, buttock for failure in test etc. Does she punish students for academic reason only or she also punish students for misbehavior? What position does she require students to assume for buttock punishment? I don't know whether you have similar culture with us but we treat little sister's friends as his own little sister and younger sister's friend also regard her friend's elder brother as her own elder brother and when she calls her friend's elder brother, she doesn't call his name but call him "elder brother". How does she treat you outside of classroom? Does she treat you as her students in the hallway or her office and at your home? Otherwise, does she treat you as friend's elder brother outside of classroom? How do you call her in the classroom? just call her name or anything else?

by acs Sat Dec 08 05:58:07 UTC 2012

yes acs she is the one to decide where and how many stroks to apply ,most the time she punished the hands and for repeated mistakes she gives buttock punishments ,she punish the students for any violation ,misbehaving or academic reason i got punished 4 times from her one time for failing test one time for not having home work ready ,two time for coming to late to her class's,when she applied buttock punishment she order the students to bend dawn at her table then she apply the stroks but the hand punishments she order us to strectch the hand up to the shoulder level the have the palm open some time she adjust the hights of the hand up or down with the stick to have good target, i just call her Miss at the college before i become her students i used to set dawn and joke with her when she comes to my home but after i become her student and after the first time i got punished by her i try to aviod to look at her when she is at my home i just stay at different room i am so embaressed every time i see her at my home

by Arkan Sun Dec 09 13:32:49 UTC 2012

Arkan You said it was too embarrassed to get punished by your sister's friends first time but you made yourself to give her chance to punish you again by not doing homework and coming late. I think failing test could be happen to anybody even though he prepared well for the test but you can easily control yourself to do homework and come to class in time. Why did you do so despite you knew you would be punished? Did you have inevitable reasons to be unable to do home work and come late to class? Does she still punish students even if students have inevitable reason to make mistakes?
Meanwhile, does she apply at least 6 strokes for buttock punishment too? How many male students are older than her and how old is oldest male student in your class? Did they all get punished by her? How old are other teachers who teach you and have you ever been punished by other young female teachers? Do young staff in their early 20's have authority to punish any students?

by acs Tue Dec 11 11:42:57 UTC 2012

you right acs but for the home work i did the home work at different notebook which i forgot to bring with me and she don't beleive me ,at the same day after school she came to my home and i did show her that i made the home work then she start loughing at me ,being late it's out my control specialy when we go out side the college for lunch most studens when they dine out the cafteria they arrive late ,if students don't have home work or do any mistake she will not even ask for explanation either to take her punishments or to leave her class to see the management ,their is 2 more male students one 32and one 35 she do punish any students ,she never beat less that 6 stroks for any reason that's her minumum ,she is the youngest teacher teaching us but their is more younger teacher at the college ,i got punished by other teachers ,and several time i got punished by female staff she is 24 years old she is the only staff has the authority to punish beside the Dean and the head teacher both of then at their late 40's

by Arkan Fri Dec 14 14:29:38 UTC 2012

Arkan I think every teacher considers those who forget to bring homework done just same as students who did not do homework. I wonder why you showed her that you did homework because you already got punished and I believe even if she acknowledged you had done homework, she would punish you if you will forget to bring again. Besides late coming to her class, for what reason does she punish students for misbehavior? Does she punish students who don't pay attention to her or talking during her class? What is maximum strokes she has ever appled? Did any students (especially male) cry when they got punished by her?
Meanwhile, how many staffs are in your college and why only 24 years staff has power to punish students? Even though 24 years staff is younger than your sister's friend, I presume you felt less embarrassment for getting punished by her than your sister's friend. Why did you get punished by her and who beats harder your sister's friend or 24 years staff? How old are other teachers who teach you and are there any male teachers? If you or any other students refuse to get punished by your sister's friend and is sent to management office, what punishment waiting for you and who administer punishment? 24 years staff or dean of students?

by acs Mon Dec 17 06:56:15 UTC 2012

acs she do punish students for even smalll and consider stupid mistakes ,and yes she told me that at my home when i show her that my home is been done she answered me it's not done until i have it with me into the classroom other wise it's not done ,her minumum stroks is 6 for any mistake she did gave one time one male and one female 12 stroks each for chattin at the mobils during class ,i don't know how many staff is their more than 20 staff but every time we report to the managements on of the three punish the students ,yes it's less embarrassments when i got punished by the 24 year old staff than my sister freind even she is much younger than me,i got punished by the staff both times for arriving late she do beat hard the same as the other teacher ,i have just one male teacher he is 54 he do punish but not as hard as the that teacher,if students refuse the teacher punishments then he or she will get harder punishments most the time the 24 years staff adminstor the punishments but if it's required the meating with the Dean or the head teacher then the Dean will give the punishments which most students fear her punishments because she is too hard and severe when it come the punishment

by Arkan Tue Dec 18 19:25:43 UTC 2012

Arkan Do you know why your sister's friend is so strict to such an extent to punish for even small mistake? What offense do you consider stupid and small mistakes for which she has punished? Does she apply face slapping too?
Do most of students fear her and do you fear her too? If she order you something at your home, do you have to obey her or you can reject and blame her?
How harder students have to be punished when they are sent to management office for rejecting punishment by teachers? I read some posts in this forum that if student is sent to office, he should be punished even 5 times more than originally assigned strokes. Does 24 years staff find misbehaved student herself and punish? Otherwise, does she punish students only when they are reported to management office? In the management office, do they also apply buttock and feet punishment?
For what case or offence students are required to meet dean of students or head principal?

by acs Thu Dec 20 21:06:31 UTC 2012

Arkan how old are the students who got 12 strokes for using mobile during class. did they got palm or butt punishment?

by guest Thu Dec 20 23:11:25 UTC 2012

acs she beleive that students don't behave unless they see tough teacher ,one time she punished 2 students because one student just talk to the one who is setting next to him without raising their voice , i never see her or any other teachers applying face slapping , yes most students fear her and try their best to behave good at her class's , no i will not listen to her when she is at my home even i try not to be around her when she is visiting us ,first time i got punished by her i did argue with her but my onther and my sister took her side and that she is right for the hard punishments she is giving her students ,when students report to the managments office they do get more or harder stroks ,yes the duty of the 24 years staff to be between students and watching the students at the begining of the class's and the cafteria and during break time beside she is the staff to meet the students when they sent by the teachers to the office then she decide if they have to see the dean or she just punishe them by her self ,yes they do apply buttock punishments at the management office and i heard i never see any students got foot punishments but i sone students they said they got the foot punishments from the dean and the head teacher .
Guest the students they got punsihed they are male 27 and female 25

by Arkan Fri Dec 21 20:20:19 UTC 2012

Arkan I always feel thanks for your kind reply to my questions.
I agree with you that punishing students for little talk is little bit immoderate. Does she require class should be pindrop silent whenever she enters the class? Why did you argue with her when you got punished first time? did you argue with her at the college or at your home and what was her reaction when you argue with her? You said she is most feared teacher and every students are scared from her and try utmost to behave. Are her classes always best in academic achievement and behaviors compared to other teachers' classes? Do you think her way of discipline is helpful to students to get higher academic achievement and good behavior?
When 24 years staff find students committing mistakes in the hallway or cafeteria, does she punish students in the hall way or cafeteria? Otherwise does she order students to come to management office and punishing there? When she apply buttock punishment, what position does she require students to assume? bending on a desk or bending touch toes? Do students fear 24 years staff too? Have you gotten buttock punishment from any teachers or staff members?

by acs Sun Dec 23 01:17:24 UTC 2012

Arkan what is punishable mistake in cafeteria? cafeteria is the place where students take rest and eat but not the place where punishment is applied.

by guest Sun Dec 23 08:28:55 UTC 2012

Arkan How old are students who got punished for talking? are they younger than her?

by guest Mon Dec 24 00:15:37 UTC 2012

Acs: yes when she enter into the class room she need the class totaly quite no movements and no talks unless she asked question ... i did argue with her at my home it's surprising for me to get punished and more surprising been punished by her because i know her , i did try to tell her that punishing students at our age is wrong and more ways can be adopted than physical punishments but she insist that the only answer for misbehaving students is the punishments. She is the most feared teacher because she all the time carry her long stick with her and she never give any break or chance when it come to punishments ,i can agree that her punishments is make the students achaive more and do better academic because of the fear of the punishments the students been forced to study for me before i leave home i make sure i have all text books with me and home work done ,but some times she is over doing it when she conduct her punishments for stupid mistakes as other teachers always joke and run converstion with students but she is very serious,as she keep telling my sister that her class's are the highest and she get certificate from the managements as one of the best teachers ,when the 24 years staff supervising the hall ways or ather places she always holds the stick and punishments been applied at that place mostly hand punishments some times she took the students ID's and ordered them to meet her at her office ,yes students do fear her and try to behave when they see her ,one time i got buttock punishments from her and one time from the Dean .
guest : students at the cafteria some times they act just like little kids they do fight and scream

by Arkan Thu Dec 27 13:05:54 UTC 2012

Arkan I agree with you that punishing students at your age is wrong and more ways can be adopted than physical punishments. But it is interesting that her classes are the highest, which means her way of discipline do work well. Is there any of her class passed without punishment? If so, how open? Usually how long does she spend time for punishment out of 50 minutes of class hour? Does she punish students only in the class room or sometimes does she send students to her office to punish there? Do your class mates know that you are her friend's elder brother? Have you witnessed any students cried during or after her punishment? When did you enroll in your college and when did she become a teacher of your college? Have you ever been punished by other teachers younger than you?
You said sometimes 24 years staff took students' ID's and sent them to her office. Does she send students to her office to apply buttock punishment? For what offence you got buttock punishment from her and dean of students and how many stroke did you take? In the management office, do they have students to stay in uncomfortable position just like kneel down or stand facing wall with hands up etc.
In the meantime, what does fight in cafeteria mean? Do you mean beating each other otherwise just quarrel with loud voice? What punishment will be applied to students who fight?
I understand that it is not easy for you to attend college at your age. Anyway, I wish you finish your college days without any serious problem.

by acs Fri Dec 28 08:10:19 UTC 2012

Arkan what is stupid mistakes which other teachers always joke but she punish?

by guest Sun Dec 30 21:25:19 UTC 2012

yes acs she is one of the best teachers i did see her award as the best teacher she use the punishments at all of her class's ,she been teaching their for 3 years for me it's my first year i enrolled their since Sept.2011,she don't spend long time punishing students when she check home work she has the stick with her if students don't have the home work ready then she will punish him or her by making them stand at the desk the she apply the stroks if buttock punishments she make the students bend at her table ,when she passing test results she do that the last 10 minutes of the class then she will take the break time to finish up punishing the students whom they fail ,some times she give notices to students to see her at her office during break time or after class's ,every class she has always she give punsihments for different reasons i can't remember any of her class's without punishments,some of my freinds knows that she is my sister freind but does not mean any thing they knows she is very tough teacher ,i am only l got punished by that teacher and the 24 years staff they are both younger than me other teachers are older than me ,young staff some times she just take the ID's then she send the student to be punished at the office mostly buttock punishments ,i got punished by her several times but one time at the buttock she gave me 4 stroks for throwing cup full of coffee on the floor ,and from the dean for refusing to take my hand punsihments form the young staff then the dean she gave me 8 buttock stroks after that i just start to obey her orders ,students at the cafteria they fight over any thing then either they hit each other or scream loud or thru stuff at each other ,
Guest when i say stupid mistake i mean it if students as his freind for extra pen or paper then will be punished

by Arkan Fri Jan 04 01:04:24 UTC 2013

Arkan Which case your teacher gives notice to students to see her at her office instead she punish students in the class? does she send students to her office in order to punish much harder and severe than in the class? when you got buttock punishment from staff, did you mistakenly throw cup beyond your control? otherwise did you purposely throw cup to hit someone or to express your anger for something? where did you throw cup in the hallway or in the office?

by guest Fri Jan 04 10:35:05 UTC 2013

Arkan hitting each other is not minor offence either in the college(cafeteria) or outside of college. what kind of punishment will be applied to students who fight with beating each other? have you ever witnessed punishment of students for fighting(hitting each other)

by guest Fri Jan 04 11:33:53 UTC 2013

yes guest she give the notice for students for harder punsihments at her office and most the time she apply buttock punsihments at her office few time she applied buttock punishments at the class room because it takes more time ,when i got buttock punishments from staff i threw the cup purposely at the cafteria floor then one of the cafteria employees complain and asked me to pick it up i refused then she heared him and came by us then the employee told her about i did then she asked me to give her my ID and to wait for her at her office then i got the buttock punshements form her their ,i know guest that fighting is not minor mistake but to ask your freind for paper or extra pen it's normal even when we are at grade school we never got punished for doing this but her my sister freind do punish students for that reason ,i did witness fighting at cafteria and on the class room or the hallways but i never see how severe the punsihments is ,but i heard from students that's all students involve in fighting get punished

by Arkam Fri Jan 04 21:22:47 UTC 2013

Arkam of course asking friends for extra pen and paper should not be a mistake it is apparently normal. how old are the students who got punished for that reason and did they protest her grotesque punishment either to her or management office(principal)? did she punish just for simply asking pen and paper or did she consider them to talk during class? did you tell this punishment to your sister? if so, what was her reaction?
why did you throw cup? did cafeteria employee make you angry? were you scared when you saw staff came to you after she heard him? when she asked you to wait in her office, did she order you to pick up cup or she simply ask you to wait at her office? how long did you wait at her office till she came to punish you as I think she had to finish her supervising duty during that break time. did you sit on a chair and wait her or stand and wait? were you only student who waited her in her office at that time or any other students waited her punishment together with you? did she make you bend over the desk or chair for buttock punishment or let you bend to touch your toes?

by guest Sat Jan 05 05:54:35 UTC 2013

guest , if student refuse to take the punishments from the teacher and been sent to the management office always gets more and severe punishments ,teachers all the time right and should be obeyed that the rules ,one time 2 female students at our class refuse to take my sister freind punishments when they asked for extra pen then when they went to the managements they got punished by the young female staff saying to them that the teacher is right before they can talk to each other they should ask the teacher for extra pen or what they looking for and not at their own ,and after they came from their punishments the teacher gave each one extra 6 stroks ,she consider when students when they talk to each other for any reason is disturping her and the class ,yes i told my sister but my sister always taking her freind side and she justify it that she is the one incharge and any question should be thru her ,when i thru the cup it's just bad behaviour from my side i should just to throw it into the disposal container and keep the cafteris clean but i am showing off and lazy to walk 3meter to the container ,i waited over 20 minutes for her until they students went back to their class's they she came me and 11 more students waiting for her ,when we got to her office their is another female make all of us face the wall while we are waiting then when she came she order us to face her inorder to witness each other punishments ,she make me us bend over her desk then she applied the stroks

by Arkan Sat Jan 05 13:34:30 UTC 2013

Arkan It is preposterous that teachers insist they are always right because they are not god. Anyway it is surprising that your teachers and staffs have unbelievable power over students. Maybe, our teachers would envy your teachers too much as many of our teachers are suffering from misbehaving students. As I said before, since teachers are human, they could break the rule also. If teachers break the rule, what punishment is waiting?
Standing with facing wall for more than 20 minutes is punishment itself. Who was another female who made you face the wall? How old is she and do students have to obey any order from any staff in administration office? How many female students out of 12 students did get buttock punishment that time and what is age range of students who got punished?
When students get punished by staff or teacher in the management or teacher's office, do teachers and staffs just apply strokes or do they give scolding and lecture before applying strokes?

by guest Sun Jan 06 17:31:59 UTC 2013

Arkan what did you think when you wait over 20 minutes for her to come?

by Raman Sun Jan 06 22:16:42 UTC 2013

Guest it's the system any school or college if they adopt punishments or not teachers and staff members always have pwoer over the students and they are their to teach or to enforce the rules ,i heared from my sister she do has freinds teaching at schools and colleges they don't adopt punishments the students don't respect the teachers even when the teacher send the students to the management office it's happy time for the students ,but i think when the teacher and the staff has the power to punish misbehaving students it will give them the respect even it comes by the fear of the punishments but it's the end for the benefit of the students ,yes teacher are human and they could be punsihed by pay cut or warning which most teacher warry about the warining more than the pay cut because it stays at their file,and yes standing facing the wall it's harder than the punishments it's so embaressments specialy students standing at the hallway wich leading to all offices ,the female who ordered students to face the wall she is 22 and every students obey her 7 student we got the buttock punishments at that time 5 females , when students get punsihed by staff only get the punishments ,, but when the teacher punishing the students it's depend if failing test then the teacher will give lecture on the important to give attention and study or the home work always the teacher they have to say some thing when they apply the punishments at the class room

by Arkan Mon Jan 07 18:54:54 UTC 2013

Arkan do you ever got punished by your mother or sister since both of them teachers too,what's the reason your sister always taking her freind side when it comes to punish you ,

by Fanzy Wed Jan 09 12:25:23 UTC 2013

Arkan When you decided to enroll in college, did you know that your sister's friend is a teacher of that college and she is very strict to students? If so, have you ever thought that you would be punished by her?
Have you ever been made to stand facing wall in the hallway? If so, why and by whom? When students stand facing wall, how close from the wall do students have to stand? Do students have to put their hands on their head?
Even though you said only 24 years staff has the authority to punish students, it seems that all staffs have power to punish students because even 22 years female gave order to stand facing wall which is harder than beating. I think 24 years staff's job is to keep students in order. What is 22 years staff's job in the management office?
When your sister's friend punish for failing test, does she equally apply 6 strokes to all students or does she apply strokes differently according to scores earned by students? What is criterion for pass and failure? If students move hands or buttock while they get punished from your sister's friend, what will be happened?
You seemed to think positively about punishment from teachers and staffs. If your sister were your teacher, would you willingly get punished by her when you make mistakes? Have you ever heard that any student is student of his younger sister and punished by his sister? For me, it is understandable that teachers do punish students but I think negatively about punishment from young staffs. I assume all of your teachers hold at least bachelor's degree but I don't think all staffs have such degree too. It is quite strange to me that adult students get punished by young staffs who don't have higher educational background and social experience. How old is youngest administrator in your college and what is her educational background? Anyway, it is my own opinion and I don't have any intention to be against to your college system.

by acs Wed Jan 09 23:09:49 UTC 2013

Fanzy ,no i never got punished by my sister she is younger than me she teaches young sudents and she teach computer at small center after school,but when i am 12-15 i attend the school my mom teaching their ,i got punished by her at school then she adopt same punishments at us at home when ever me and my brothers and sisters make mistakes.
Acs when i enrolled at that college i knew that my sister freind teaching their ,i don't know that she is very strict because her life style out college she is very freindly ,i never thought i will be ever get punished by her even i got happy to see her name at my schedules even the first time when i got punished by her even i waited at the front of the class but i thought she is going to forgive all students because i am one of the students to be punished ,she gives weekly tests the top score 10 under 5 is failure then she decide how many stroks to apply but her minumum stroks 6 stroks ,if student move hand then she apply extra 2 stroks each time the student moves the hands that's why the student will make every effort for not moving the hands but when she applied the buttock punsihments hard for the students to move them selfs.I never think positve about the punishments but it's rules some times i see those teachers and staff are correct because of some of the mistakes students made.
if my sister is my teacher i don't know if i will enroll at college my younger sister teaching their but it's hard to say yes or know but one of the students at my class one female teacher she is his sister inlaw she gives him punishments just like any student ,it's so negative that young staff in power to punish older students even if the students justified the young teacher to give punishments we look at that teacher as in charge and doing some thing for us and she has reason to punish but for the younger staff should not have the power to punish ,,yes all teachers holds bachelor degree or higher ,even the staff they do hold bachelor degree ,even the 22 years staff she don't have the power to punish but she is an adminstrator she holds bachelor business adminstrtion but she don't give physical punishments yes every students obey her orders because she is incharge , the 24 years she holds bachelor degree in school management and adminstration but i don't know why she is one of three staff in power to punish .

by Arkan Thu Jan 10 12:58:05 UTC 2013

I took a buttock punishment today from my teacher. She is 25 and I am 38. Since being in school I have had 6 punishments 4 palm and 2 buttock the teachers that applied buttock was 23 and 25 year old.

by Deny Fri Jan 11 21:36:10 UTC 2013

Deny How long does it pass since you been in school and why did you got buttock punishment from your teachers? are you oldest student in your school?

by guest Sun Jan 13 00:17:12 UTC 2013

Arkan I seem to fully understand how you were embarrassed when you got first punishment from your sister's friend since you never thought punishment from her. Does she apply same number of strokes for failure in test to whomever either he got 5 scores or zero score? I assume you won't enroll at the college your sister teaching if punishment is common at that college in order to avoid uncomfortable situation. The teacher who is his sister in law. Is she wife of his older brother or younger brother and is she older than him? You have similar opinion with me about improper power of young staff. You said 24 years staff has bachelor's degree. What other job she is doing in your college except keeping students in order? although 22 staff doesn't give beating, I think making students stand facing wall is a kind of physical punishment as you said it is harder than beating. That's why I thought all staffs have power to punish. Have you ever been made to stand facing wall in the hallway? If so, who made you stand facing wall in the hallway and why?

by acs Mon Jan 14 11:44:28 UTC 2013

Acs ,her minumum stroks 6 so depend on the score the student got , i got 4 of 10 i got 6 stroks then she give 2 more for each lower score,when i enroll at that college i know physical punihsments been adopted but i never thought i will be punished by some body very close to me and yes if i know that i will never enroll their ,thant teacher she is older than her brother inlaw she married his older brother ,yes younger staff they should just been involve with managements and not to involve with the students specialy when it comes to punish the students ,but the 24 years she is the only young staff has the authority to punish the students i don't know what else she do their but she hold BA with school managements i think she involve with setting up the rules ... but she is the only one their early supervising the main gate and the hallways during break time and during class's ,yes every staff member if they ask the students to do some thing then they will be obeyed that 22 female her job the reception she answering the phone and greating the visitor and she is the one to meet the students when they are sent to the management office then she will direct them whom to see yes it's more harder than the punishments it self to get the order form very young female to face the wall while she watching us ,the only time i face the wall when i been sent to wait for that female staff then two day ago and it's for the first time my sister freind instead to punish me and 3 more students for keeping my phone on she make us face the wall for 15 minutes in the class room

by Arkan Wed Jan 16 12:54:19 UTC 2013

Guest I last attended college when I was 24 and there was no physical punishment. The first buttock kpunishment I took was for my phone going off in class and the last one was for being very disrepectful to her.

by Deny Thu Jan 17 17:26:45 UTC 2013

Deny When did you enroll in current school? What kind of school do you attend? Is it learning center? What misbehavior did your teacher consider you as "being very distepectful" and how many strokes did you get from your teachers?

by guest Fri Jan 18 03:31:04 UTC 2013

Arkan I am surprised that your college require BA degree for staffs who are doing simple jobs. 24 staff supervises the main gate from early in the morning and various places in college during break time and class hours, which means she cannot afford to do other work and 22 staff's is doing simple job of secretary which I think doesn't require BA degree. Anyway, it is my private opinion and I don't have any intention to interfere with your college's policy.
Were you allowed to talk each other or read the book etc when you stood facing wall in the management office? Otherwise, did students have to stand motionlessly with keeping their hands beside their body without talking?
I strongly believe that your sister's friend made you to stand facing wall instead beating just because you were included in the students who would be punished and she didn't want to inflict pain on you. Since standing facing wall in the class is a kind of punishment, I assume you were not allowed to talk or move. Did you stand in front of class or in rear side of class and how close did you stand from wall? In the meantime, how did she find you kept phone on? I think she seems to concentrate her energy to keep students in order rather than to find the way how to give students as much knowledge as she can.

by acs Fri Jan 18 07:55:53 UTC 2013

Guest I enrolled in my school last July and started in August. I am in a learning center. My teacher told me to move seat in classroom and I told her I did not want to. Before I knew it we were in a verbal confrotation. i knew it was wrong and I did not want to do it but could no stop. After class she set me in a chair telled at me pulling my ear and gave me 2 face slaps then pulled me to her desk had me bend down and gave me 12 stokes.

by Deny Fri Jan 18 16:09:21 UTC 2013

Deny Why did your teacher to move seat during class? why did you argue with her. how many strokes did you get from 23 years teacher?

by guest Sat Jan 19 07:49:00 UTC 2013

Guest it was during class and some students around me was making to much noise. I never said anything or make any noise but for some reason she wanted to move me. I did not understand why she wanted to move me so I guess I questioned her but it came out more of me refusing to move. Once I started it just got worse and before I knew it we were arguing and I was in big time trouble. The 23 year old gave me 5 strokes.

by Deny Sat Jan 19 13:54:03 UTC 2013

Deny it is unbelievable that young female beat adult students more than 10 years older than her so severely and she treat older student as if she treat little kid by pulling ear and face slapping. If you refuse her punishment, what will be happened? did she punish students who actually made noise? did you get punished in her office? if so, how many other staffs did witness your punishment? do you have other students older than you in your class? How old are other students in your class?
Do management staffs have authority to punish students?

by guest Sun Jan 20 02:20:04 UTC 2013

It is really unbelievable for me too. Until I came here and started the learning center I would never think that adult students would be treated this way. Over here it is very common and now that I have been in school for a while it is very normal for me now. No I did not get punished in her office, she kept me after class in the room and had another teacher to stand at the door and not let any students in. If I had refused she would have sent me to the management office. Yes they are a couple in their 40's. The students range from 20 to 45. Yes the management office give more severe punishment including bare feet.

by Deny Mon Jan 21 03:32:26 UTC 2013

Deny Why did your teacher punish you in the class? If she didn't want to show your punishment to other students, she could have punished you in her office or management office. did she punish you during break time between class's? if so, did she order other students get out of class in order to punish you in the class? who is another teacher and how she came to class? did your teacher phone call her to come? how old is another teacher and does she also teach your class too? where did you get punished 23 years teacher for your phone going off? did she punish you also in the class after letting students outside of class? did 25 years teacher punish students who was around you and make noise? do young female teacher and young administration staffs beat students in their 40's? have you ever been punished by staff member? if so, how old is that staff?

by guest Tue Jan 22 09:58:52 UTC 2013

acs when students ordered to face the wall they can't talk or say any thing just keep the face with silent ,yes my sister freind she told my sister because of me she make us face the wall instead of the punishments ,my mobil rang during class and make sound, the 24 years old beside her job controling the college and the students she is incharge in students records too

by Arkan Wed Jan 23 18:27:39 UTC 2013

Arkan which one do you prefer to take 6 strokes of palm caning or 15 minutes standing facing wall?
do students sometimes visit management office with nothing to do with punishment?

by guest Thu Jan 24 23:52:39 UTC 2013

Guest not really sure why she punished me in class. Normally buttock punishment is given in teacher office. It was between classes and the students iin my class had left the room and the teacher standing in hall between classes stood at door to not let anyone in. The punishment from the 23 year old was given in her office and it was much calm punishment compared to Ms Begum punihsment. Both hurt really bad but Ms Shani was more nice about it. Yes the other students that made noise was given detention but nothing else, I think she thought I was the cause of it but I never said a word. The pricipal which is mid 30's gave me palm punishment for being late to class.

by deny Fri Jan 25 04:07:14 UTC 2013

Deny Have you ever witnessed or even heard about that students in thier 40's got punished by young lady teachers or young administration staffs?

by guest Sat Jan 26 04:43:11 UTC 2013

guest i prefer 6 stroks or even more than standing 15 minutes facing wall,yes students do visit management office for too many reason beside getting punished their

by Arkan Sat Jan 26 13:16:16 UTC 2013

Arkan did you ask your sister to tell her friend not to make you stand facing the wall instead caning next time?

by guest Sat Jan 26 23:59:53 UTC 2013

Arkan why caning and getting in pain better that standing at the corner explain i think it's much easier and less humiliating to you than gettin punished and get the pain

by Shadia Sun Jan 27 13:27:43 UTC 2013

i am 28 years old this is my second year at college studying accounting punishments is common most teachers use the physical punishments to discipline the students and some teachers they don't use it but they send misbehave students to the managment office i been punished several times by my teachers and the staff but this year i have new teahcer she is 24 years old she is lives next to hour home she just start teaching 2 months ago she never give any punishments until last week she came into the class holding long ruler every student got surprise why she is holding the ruler with her then after the greating she asked us to show the home work me and 5 more students don't have our home work ready ,she asked us to come into the front of the class then she came close and inform us that each one will be getting 4 stroks at the hands ,she gave us very strong and hard stroks ,i try to remind her when i am standing infront of her that i am her neiphour if she don't remeber me then she said that she knows me but she asked me to show my hands for the punishments i am so embaress she is not just younger than me she is too little she looks like she is 15and not more than 17 of her age very short ,after she punsihed us then she asked the students to close the books so she is going to make review for what she teached us ,she start asking questions each students have to answer 3 question and 2 stroks will apply for each unanswered question i answered one question and got answer 2 then i been subject to 4 more stroks i have the marks at my hands until the second day

by Freeza Sun Jan 27 14:50:53 UTC 2013

Arkan since students do visit management office frequently besides punishment, did any other students witness your punishment or standing facing wall?

by guest Mon Jan 28 00:13:34 UTC 2013

Freeza are you male or female?

by guest Mon Jan 28 00:14:47 UTC 2013

guest i am male my name is "Freezar missed the R

by Freezar Wed Jan 30 20:52:12 UTC 2013

Freezar why did you get punished by staff? How many strokes did you get and how old is the staff?

by guest Thu Jan 31 02:34:13 UTC 2013

Guest. Yes I have heard of older students getting punished by staff and teachers. It is not uncommon at learning center.

by Deny Thu Jan 31 16:05:15 UTC 2013

Shadia when i get the caning i stay for minute or two then i receive the stroks then the pain will dispear by blowing at my palms or washing my hands with cold water but by standing at the corner the students keep laughing at us then every other person passing by the widow of our class will us whils we are facing the walll which more embaressments and more pain will come after then when another studetns or teacher will come later and make comment that he or she saw me facing the wall ,
Guest i never talk to my sister about my education and college time and i ask my teacher it's not good to tell my sister and my family every time i get punished .yes students and teachers and other staff see us while we are facing the wall at the managment office or while we are taking the punishments

by Arkan Thu Jan 31 20:34:50 UTC 2013

Arkan does your sister's friend allow students to blow and rub thier palms after caning during the class?

by guest Fri Feb 01 02:21:00 UTC 2013

Deny have you ever been punished by staff? If so, why did you get punished and how old is that staff? for which violence students get feet punishment and who apply feet punishment?

by guest Fri Feb 01 14:40:08 UTC 2013

Guest yes I have been punished by our principal. For being late to school. Our principal is 37 or 38 I think she is originally from Thailand. Feet punishment is only given in management office by principal or her assistant principal. Not sure what students do to get this. I was told that if I was ever disrespectful to a teacher again I would get 8 strokes each foot. What else she give foot punishment for I am not sure.

by Deny Sun Feb 03 01:09:43 UTC 2013

Deny I was little bit surprised that you call principal as office staff. are principal and her assistant only staffs in administration office and does your learning center have not any other staff in administration office? How old principal's assistant and is she principal's private secretary? In the meantime, how many students are in your learning center and how many teachers does your learning center have? Do you have any teachers older than you and does your center have male teachers too?

by guest Sun Feb 03 03:51:02 UTC 2013

Guest yes there is a office staff. They have secretaries and counselors. As far as I know only the principal and assistant can punish but I don't know that for sure. The assistant principal is older she is mid to late 40's and is originally from India. She is a kind lady but strict. No they both have there own secretary. They are about 200 full time students in the center with 23 teachers they are teachers older than me but so far they have all been younger. The oldest teacher I have is 33 to 35 years old. Of the 23 teacher 19 are female. Guest are you male or female and are you a student or teacher or just interested in this.

by Deny Sun Feb 03 04:44:07 UTC 2013

I am student at public college i am 26 years old i attend evening class's this is my first year their one day last week i arrived late i been directed by one male staff to go the management office so i cand get note to permitt me into the class room when i reached the office i find their group of students mix of male and female students lining up into the wall then one female asked me to stand against the wall and wait i asked the student next to me on line why we have to wait then she informed me we are going to get punished then will be given the note to be back into the class room , few minutes later young female came out from one of the offices holding long ruler that female she is in her early 20's i thought she is just bringing the ruler to the other female the one she is watching the students and put them on line she is older staff in her late 50's it's surprise to me to find out that young female she is the one going to adminstor the punsihments ,she came closer to us and with loud voice she start giving her instruction about us being late and getting punished by her ,then the other female start calling the students name then she direct them to the young female with paper note with how many stroks they are going to receive some students got 8 stroks some students got 6 i got 4 stroks because it's my first time being late , but i felt that i am loosing my palms from the pain she applied very hard stroks

by Mahjen Mon Feb 04 20:01:43 UTC 2013

Mahjen is all students got punished older than that young female staff , how hard she applied the stroks ,are you aware before that coming late will end up you getting punished ,is your first time knowing about the punsihments , or the teachers do punish the students

by guest Tue Feb 05 19:48:07 UTC 2013

Deny I think 23 teachers are too many for 200 full time students. I guess maybe your center has many part time students. How many part time students and do they get punished also? do teachers punish students for academic reason too? Meanwhile I am male and am not teacher nor student but I am very interested in punishment for adult especially from young teachers. I had studied consecutive 16 years from primary school until I graduated from university in 1980's and I had never heard about punishment for adult before I entered in this forum. I understand that each country has their own educational environment and we don't adopt physical punishment for adult in any kind of educational institute and further no one can even imagine older students get punished by teacher younger than students. during my school days from primary school to high school, the youngest teacher was at least 15 years older than students and all students were same age. Physical punishment existed in our school but not common and most students had never get punished during entire high school days. therefore I was very curious about punishment for adult, which made me to ask you many questions about your punishment by younger teachers. I would like to apologize if my questions made you inconvenient.

by guest Wed Feb 06 09:54:52 UTC 2013

Guest. The 23 teachers are the ones listed as teachers at the center. Most of them only teach one class as a part time teacher. Some may not teach at all. I think they are only about 12 full time teachers that teach everyday, the others only teach when their course is offered or has enough students to give class. They do punish for academic reasons but it is usually a stroke or two on the palm. I don't know how many students are part time but I am sure they get punished too.

There is no reason to apologize for your questions. I am like you where I am from this kind of punishment for adult students is unheard of so I also had an interest in this too. I took a job in Bangladesh and part of the job required me to take this bookkeeping course. I was shocked when I went to the learning center and they explained these punishments to me. It surprised me when I went to register and as soon as I went I saw two teachers carring a long stick with them and wondered what it was for. Of course I would quickly find out as during my registeration they pulled out the form that explained the center punishment policy and I had to sign the form saying I agreed with it and could not refuse it. So I understand your curosity because I had the same and that is why I am on here. Anymore questions just ask.

by Deny Wed Feb 06 17:39:08 UTC 2013

i am female 21 years went back to school to finish my education one day i been punished by spending 2 hours at the detention room ,dentention room has very hard restrection no talking students can't do any thing but reading book silent or do their study their ,that day we are 14 students 10 females and 4 male students we have female stupervisor she is 39 years old ,she holds long stick with her she informed us that she is in full authority to punish us if we don't respect the rules so she don't need to her any noise and to shut down our mobiles the first 15 minutes i start feel bored i am just looking around then one male students asked me question about home work he is doing at the same time one of the students forgot to turn the mobile off she called 3 of us to the front then she asked me first to stretch my hands out and to show my palm for punishments while she asking me to do that she raise her stick up and ready to landed while she i holding the stick up i asked her the reason she said every time i open my moth i am going to get 4 extra stroks then i know she is going to give us 4 stroks each one the she inform me that i am goint to take 8 stroks i stretched my hand out while my palm open ready to receive the stroks she ordered me not to delay or rub my hands until she finished applying the 8 stroks i got the worst and the hardest stroks from her with pain stays on me until the next day and the marks at my palm shows for 3 days

by Shilada Fri Feb 08 14:47:46 UTC 2013

i take accounting class's at college , last week it's the most embaressing day to me when i been send to the managment office for agrument with my teacher ,after long waiting the principal office me and about 8 more students form fifferent class's the principal called young female she is 22 years old that female is my next door neighour and she is good freind to my family , she gave that female wooden stick and asked her to punish us then she gave her note papers showing how many stroks each one to take , then the principal ordered us to go with that female to the next office , their the female she start calling the names one by one and start applying the stroks to the palms ,she called my name the last then she make her self surprise to see me their but she inform that she is doing her job and i have to obey her i don't have choice while i am stretching my hands out i asked her not to apply hard stroks on me she said don't warry i will be easy on you then she inform me that i have to take 10 stroks but she is going to give me only 6 i got happy ,she start applying the stroks they are too hars and more severe than the other students after the 4th strok i con't show my hand again i felt my hands are in fire she kept pointing the stick to my arms and asking to show the hands without any delay i said i am in too much pain she got so mad from me she hit's me twice at my shoulder then she informed me that she will punish me at my buttock , she called another female and made me bend into desk the other female she holds my hands tight then she start hitting me at my buttock she applied 8 severe stroks at my buttock , she is so mean and hard on me

by Fadeel Mon Feb 11 20:45:17 UTC 2013

Fadeel how old are you and are you male or female? what is job title of that female in the college? since she is your next door neighbor, I think you had time to talk to her after her punishment. did you ask her why she was so mean and hard on you?

by guest Tue Feb 12 04:15:12 UTC 2013

guest i am male 27 years old , she is one of the office staff she is not teacher she holds bachalor in computer programing i don't know what's her title their ,yes i did talked to her why she been so hard on me her answer that she punished the other students even the females much harder than me and she thought that i just playing and pretending that i can't show my hands for another stroks that's why she got so mad and upset from me thinking she is doing favor for me by reducing the number of the stroks and applaying softer stroks but in fact she is hitting me very hard and severe i show her the marks of the stick on my palms but she start to laugh and saying to me next time i will be much softer on you ,

by Fadeel Tue Feb 12 20:50:40 UTC 2013

Fadeel She firstly intended to reduce number of strokes to 6 strokes from originally 10 strokes on palm and she finally changed to buttock punishment just because she got angry. does she have authority to change type or content of punishment against what she is ordered by principal and was it first time for you to report to management office? I assume punishment is common in your college and arguing with teacher is one of most severe offences. why did you argue with your teacher and why did your teacher send you to principal's office instead punishing herself? How old is your teacher with whom you argued? is punishment in the class by teachers common too?

by guest Wed Feb 13 04:40:19 UTC 2013

no she don't change the stroks form the palm to buttock , she just thought i am using her and pretending i am on pain which make her angry ,she did show me the principal notes of the 10 stroks and she decide to reduce it to 6 because the principal is not their ,but when students don't obey the rules of the punishments then she has the authority to change the punishments by adding or chage the type of the punishments to enforce it when she kept asking me to show my palm for the remaining stroks but i am on pain she hit's me twice at my shoulders then she said she is going to give me the rest of the punishments at my buttock and while just me and her at the office i refuse to bend or turn my face against the wall for her to apply the two stroks at my buttock then she called other female staff and she made me to bend on desk with the help of the other female she holds my hands then she applied 8 hard stroks at my buttock,it's my first time to report to the principal office ,punishments is common at the class room teachers do punish students but for me i have to respond to message at my phone ,the teacher asked me to turn my phone off and pay attention but i stayed busy at the phone she called me to the front then she took the phone from me i start screaming at her to return the phone she refused then she holds her stick and asked me to show my palms for being unrespectfull , i hold my hand out then she applied one hard strok it's too painfull while she raising the stick up and landing it to my hand i snatch and pulled the stick out of her hand then i throw it on the floor she got too angry then we start the argument which end up by sending me to the principal office that teacher is 42 years old

by Fadeel Thu Feb 14 17:46:58 UTC 2013

Fadeel do you got any punishments from that teacher before and for what reason ,after that do you ever got punished by the same teacher again how hard the punishments ,do you regret that you misobeyed the yuong staff orders and bend for the punishments , why been punished by the young female and not the prinicipal is the young female the only staff to adminstor the punishments

by guest Mon Feb 18 19:04:39 UTC 2013

Yes guest i been punsihed by her before but she always give 2-4 light stroks most the time me or other students get punished by her or other teachers at the reviewing day ,twice a week the teacher will review the subjects she teached then she asked question if the student fail to anwer then she will apply one stroks to the student palm , but at the time when i argue with her she applied very hard and severe strok ,after i got punished by the young female staff , the second day at school i went to my teaher office and i did show my regret about what i made ,and yes just yestarday i got punished 4 stroks from the same teacher she did apply meduim stroks i got pain for 30 minutes but she punished all students with the same .yes i did regret that i don't obey the staff order but i never thought she will be that hard and tough on me ,i did asked her why she is the principal don't punish the students by her self and why she is the one to adminstor the punsihments ,she informed me that the principal don't punish the students but every day she got one staff as supervisor and that staff will be like the principal office manager for that day ,she do the punishments or any announcments that staff will have the principal authority at that day so when i commet that mistake with my teacher she is the supervisor for that day

by Fadeel Tue Feb 19 13:17:09 UTC 2013

this is my second year at college this semester we have new male teacher he is 24 years old punishments is common all teachers come into the class room with long stick and they do punish the students if they don't behave , i saw him one time punishing students at other class and i love to be punished by him and just to stand infron of him and look at his face , he gave us homework then he warn us that he will punish the student if they don't do the home work , i find it good reason for me to get punished by him ,the home work we have 5 question in history to solve , when he checked the home work me and 4 more students all of us females don't do the home work he informed us that 2 stroks for each question that he is going to give each one 10 stroks and he gave us the choice at the hands or the buttock all girls choose the buttock punishments but i choose the hand punishments ,he start with the other girls make me so scare when he applying the stroks at the girls buttock but he looks very nice with stick at his hand , now it came to my term he asked me to stretch the hand out with my palm open which i did then he told me that i can only rub and blow at my hands after the 4th strok ,i regret i ever did that he made my hands burning form the stroks he applied so hard stroks i just to cry after the 2nd strok but he never have any mercy he kept applying the stroks very hard ,

by Bad student Thu Feb 28 20:46:30 UTC 2013

bad student do you been punsihed from other teachers male or female who punish harder ,is it up to the students where to take the punsihments or it's the teachers decision how and where to apply the punishemnts ,do you still like that teacher and how you look at him after he punished you that hard

by guest Fri Mar 01 13:47:34 UTC 2013

i been attending learning center since Sept.2012 class's start 8 am late students more than 5 minutes will be punished by running around the play ground for 10 rounds even it's punsihments but it's good most students enjoying to do that ,last week we have new principal second day from her been principal she has new rules i been late which it's my third time being late , late students been greated by the principal and 22 years female staff that female is new at the office too both of them holding long wooden rulers they start to take the name of the late studnets and seperate us on three lines ,then we uderstand one line for the first time arriving late the second time for the second time then the third line for the students whom been late more than 2 times then the principal asked the first time late arrival to start the run for 10 rounds around the play ground then she asked the second groub to step one by one to her so she is going to give each one 2 stroks at the palms then have to do 15 rounds then she asked the 3rd goup to step one by one to the young female staff so she is going to apply 4 stroks at the palm then we have to do 20 rounds it's my first time to be punsihed at the center it's hard stroks and what make it harder when we run can't rub or blow at the palms so it gives us more pain

by Sam Tue Mar 05 12:25:41 UTC 2013

Sam how old are you and principal? didn't your center adopt physical punishment in the class or management office before new principal? do students get beaten by teachers and staffs now? what is age range of students and teachers and staffs?

by guest Wed Mar 06 05:41:33 UTC 2013

guest punishments been adopted but it's very strictly and late arrival never been punished until the new principal took this post ,teacher do punish students but not at the class room if any students need to be punished either been sent to the managment office or the teacher will ask them to show at the teacher office their special note teacher us to ask the students to either to show at the managments office or to the teacher office at the managments the principal and her office manager in power to punish the students only i am 23 years old the principal she is at her mid 40's students ages are from 18-32

by Sam Thu Mar 07 11:22:09 UTC 2013

i am computer teacher at all female school punishments is not common and it's hardly adopted during my teaching time at this school i witness the principal punishing students 3-4 times teacher never allowed to punish , on January this year our school offered computer training for the community at the evening and i been picked to teach at one of the class's their is total 700 students i teach one class with 47student 3 hours a day certain rules their no fees for the class's but students not allowed to do certain thing during class or during their stay at the school my first class when i went their is only 11 students attending the class then within 20 minutes students start to arrive i been told not to admit any student after 5 minutes so i respect the rules but the students went to complain to principal about they not allowed to attend the class that's happen almost at every other class then the principal holds long stick she has then she gave each studetns 2 stroks at the hands then she send them back to class's but their is too many vioaltion the student do , the principal got too tired of keep beating the students then she asked each teacher to bring his or her own stick and start to apply the punsihmetns at the class room for the students in violtion ,still i can't beleive that i will beat any student close to my age or older than me, so i don't get my own stick but one day i got too nervous from the students acts then i decide to start to give the punishments just like the other teachers first i have 14 students i went to the next class room and i asked that teacher to use her stick ,the first student i punished male student he is 35 years old he felt not to show his hands then after repeating reqest to show the hands for the punishment he show his hands as much i am mad of him i applied very hard 6 stroks to his palms then i start with other students i gave the same hard stroks none of the students rejected they just took their punishments then i saw few students crying and trying to reduce the pain by blowing at their palms or put them uner their armbet or between their thighs ,the second day i went to carpenter and i ask him to made good stick for me which i start to use almost daily now

by Ms Hamida Mon Mar 11 12:28:03 UTC 2013

Ms Hamida How old are you? Was it first time for you to punish adult? Do you punish students in the morning class too? Who cried after your punishment female, male or both? Did you think that your students cried for pain or humiliation?

by guest Tue Mar 12 05:33:38 UTC 2013

guest i am 37 years old and it's my first time to hold stick and punish any student adult or young never give any punishments before , female students the ones they cried and all students blows and hand their palms under the armbet or the thighs to reduce the pain , i thing the cry from the pain and not the humiliation

by Ms Hamida Wed Mar 13 19:38:28 UTC 2013

i am 34 years old i enroll at center for computer sceince i have one teacher she is 21 years old she is very nice, at one of the class's she teach us the right way to use the key board at that class she is beautiful she has nice hands with long white fingers when she points with her fingers some times she used the middle finger one students ask her that her finger is good for fingering every students start to laugh very laud then another male students talked to his next seat freind that she is good to be f u ck ed she heared and most the students hear it the students make more fun out that she start to scream at us to quiet and give attention then she asked the student whom to bad to her to come into the front she never punish any student before ,she star to lecture the class about their rudeness and misbehavior then she inform us that she will call the principal to punish the whole class after the time of the class over she told us not to leave then the principal arrived then she explained to the principal the students comments ,the principal asked one female student to go to her office and to bring her stick ,while the waiting for the stick to arrive the principal informed the classs that each one will be subject for 4 stroks at the palm form the teacher including that student then she informed that students that he have to be at her office for extra punsihment , the stick arrived then the principal gave the stick to the teacher and asked her to start punishing every student 4 stroks , the teacher hesitated by telling the principal to do it her self but the principal asked her that she is the one need to give the punishments ,she did apply very hard stroks at us she did it like professional caner

by Rafeal Thu Mar 14 19:04:12 UTC 2013

Rafeal since she is nice whey the class making all of this rud jokes about her ,how long she been your teacher is punishments common at that center and all teachers punish their students ,why the principal ask the teacher to punsih the class , what happend to that student what kind of punishmetns he got ,is any student reject the teacher punishments , do think it's fair to punish the whole class for few students wrong acting

by Shama Fri Mar 15 12:40:33 UTC 2013

Shama i will talk about my self after i got the punishments from her i start to respect her yes she is very nice she been teaching for 6 months she never beat any student she treat us in nice way ,punishments is common all teachers and staff do punish students ,the principal made the teacher beat the students in order the students fear her and not to do the same again then the principal asked the teacher to carry stick with her and to start give punishments for bad behaviour students ,none of the students reject her punishements because all of us scare from the principal but the students they don't share the trouble told the principal that it's not fair but the principal insist that the whole class get punished ,that students beside the 4 stroks from the teacher the principal gave his real hard punishments when he came back to class he is crying like little child she beats his hands again and buttock too so he can't even set at his seat ,after that the teacher start to come into the class holding long stick with her then she start to punish the students if they misbehave or don't study or have the home work ready , it's so embaressing to all of us the students to get the punishments form very young teacher so she is the youngest teacher at the school even she is younger than the students it's funny to stand infront of her she is at the age of my youngest sister

by Rafeal Fri Mar 15 19:42:00 UTC 2013

Rafeal It is surprising that your principal treated adult students just like kids by insisting whole class should be punished. How old is principal and what is age range of students in your class? Did she explain students why whole class should be punished?
The comment that student made must not be a joke but must be a sexual harassment. If any one makes such comment here, he will be accused and I think such sexual harassment should be handled by police rather than beating by teacher or principal. Anyway, I think the principal decided to top trouble off with beating herself in order to avoid involvement of police. How many female students in your class and did they also have fun when female teacher suffered from sexual harassment?
It is unbelievable that adult male cried due to pain. I saw several wounded men who felt unbelievable pain but never cried. How old is he and did he share his punishment with class mate how many strokes did he receive on palm and buttock? Did he get punished by principal herself or any other staffs in principal's office? How many staffs does your center have and how old are they? Do all of staffs have power to punish students? Have you ever been punished by staff so far?

by guest Sat Mar 16 06:38:07 UTC 2013

guest the principal 32 years old their is 4 staff at the office yes all of them in power to punish the other staff member 3 females all of them at their late 40's and the male he is mid 50's ,yes the principal explain why all class to be punished because she expected that other students to stop that male and to respond specialy the female students which they are two third of the class we are 35 students at the class 22 students are female and the rest male students , every student start to laugh even the teacher don't understand what fingering mean until two days later one female explained to her what's that mean then she report the other student to the principal because the same day she never mention that comment,the students range from 22-42 i am th oldest male student at the class,yes the principal explain that it's very serious comment she is going to deal with it her self and she is going to just give punishments for that ,the principal by letting the teacher to punish the students because of the age of the teacher the teacher looks much younger than the students too she just need to give her power and the students to fear her nothing else ,yes that male student he is 24 year old ,after his pain cooled down he explain his punishments ,while he is still in pain from the teacher stroks the principal her self gave him 12 stroks at his palms then she have him to face the wall at her office with hands up after 10 minutes she called the male staff and one female staff she asked them that the male to give the students 12 stroks at the buttock with the help of the female staff to hold him and keep him still , then she asked the female staff after the buttock punishments to face the wall one more time wihout allowed him to rub the palms or the buttock the she asked her to give 12 more stroks at his palms after she done she asked her to give few face slaping which that female the way he said she gave him over 10 face slaping they been so hard on him because of the violaion he made all of this hard punishmetns because the principal need to dismiss him from the center then he choose the punishments instead of the suspesion ,one time i got punished by one female staff for arriving late she is teribble with every thing her looks and her punishments she beats without any mercy when she applied the stroks she apply it like she is hitting animal and not human

by Rafeal Sat Mar 16 11:52:55 UTC 2013

Rafael, that means the 21 year old female teacher actually caned a 42 year old female student? doesn't it look strange? if i understand your story corectly

by Jagu Sun Mar 17 09:50:59 UTC 2013

yes Jagu she did cane the 42 years old ,all the students are older than her it's so strange and humiliating and embaressing to get punished like that but i think all of us we deserve the punishments because we are their to learn and she has the knwoledge to teach us what we don't know instead of thanks her we made stupid comments ,she is teacher and should be respected better than that even she is the only teacher treat us with respect and respect our age she never punish any student even when the students misbehave she just keep telling us to keep in order if student arrive late to other teacher class will get punished 6 stroks but at her class she never punish any one just she keep telling late arrival not to be late again ,now after she beat us like that and she start carrying stick with her students start to appreciate her much better and start to obey the rules much better because she don't give any break any more she always beats very hard .

by Rafeal Sun Mar 17 12:44:08 UTC 2013

Rafeal Have you ever been punished by other teachers younger than you? If so, how old are the teachers and why? Did you get punished that 21 years teacher again?

by guest Tue Mar 19 06:06:53 UTC 2013

yes guest i got punished from the principal several times she is younger than me ,but the other teacher we have she is 48 years old she do punish and i got punished by her 3 times , then 2 days ago i got 4 stroks from the 21 years old teacher ,

by Rafeal Wed Mar 20 11:46:18 UTC 2013

Rafeal Why did you get punished by 21 years teacher few days before? What is your feeling when you stand in front of 21 years teacher to be punished? Do you feel fear for forthcoming pain or just embarassment because you are going to be punished by young female? Who does apply harder srokes 21 years teacher or 48 years teacher?

by guest Thu Mar 21 06:21:07 UTC 2013

guest the embaressment is more harder on me that the pain of the stroks ,it's one way funny feeling to stand and wait for young ladey to beat me while i am waiting on line for my term to get my punishments i just thought to quiet school but then i said it's my fault i should respect my self and obey the rules ,at the that time me and 7 more students went late to her class she do applay very hard stroks ,both teachers punishments is hurts but i felt more pain from the young female than the older even the principal punishments

by Rafeal Thu Mar 21 18:59:47 UTC 2013

Rafeal Why did you get punished by principal and where did you get punished only palm? Do 21 years teacher apply buttock punishment too? Have you ever get buttock punishment?

by guest Mon Mar 25 07:16:02 UTC 2013

guest i got punished by her what she call it misbehaving if we raise vioce at the cafteria her office on the top of the cafteria whe will send staff to call misbahiour to her office ,few times i been finishing my cigarett while i am walking to the class room ,one time i got punished for taking day off without permetion that's the hardest punishments i got from her ,she always punish the hands but after she finish with the hand all the time she do apply one stroks to the buttock ,21 years old teacher she just punish the hands one time she applied the buttock punished at female students and it's from the students request

by Rafeal Thu Mar 28 18:21:18 UTC 2013

Refeal according to your statements you don't agree that raising vioce and violating the rules is an offense and punishable ,all the reasons you indicate are punishable you are at school the most the times spending time at the cafteria studyig by raising vioce then they will be disturb ,you agree that and taking your punishments because you agree that you violate the rules that's why you don't argue ,but how is your feeling standing infront of young principal and much younger female teacher and accepting the beating from them ,do you ever thought to change your behavior to aviod the beating ,
why that female choose to be beaten at her buttock instead of the palm ,in your openion which punishments more effect the palm or the buttock and since you been beaten at the buttock which hurts more

by guest Sat Mar 30 19:30:04 UTC 2013

Rafeal How many strokes did you get from principal because you took a day off without permission? Did you have specific reason to take a day off? I strongly feel that young teachers in center or college never respect age of students at least inside of center or college. how much do young ones respect older people in your society? I have had curiocity because our culture never let young one physically punish older one in any circumstances.

by guest Sun Mar 31 09:33:29 UTC 2013

guest the first time i got punished by the principal for talking loud i thought i am free i can talk the way i want i am adult and i am at cafteria to have fun then i relised that we are huge number of people their and we should be quite because others they don't like to her our conversation , but every time we make the violation and breaking the rules we think no body watching us like when i start to smoke and the time up to go to class then i say to my self i will finish the cigardett on my way to class which smoking not allowed then i will get caught and punished for that ,after the first time the student get the beating then will start to be normal and don't mind the age since i am setting at the desk and that female standing up teaching me and the others that's mean she is incharge and she know better and she has the right to use any method to keep the orders ,i never thought to me in violation but it happen that's why i accept the punihsments ,that female she asked the teacher to punish her at the buttock because she been punished by female staff and her hands in pain and the teacher refuse to give her break since she already in pain then she beats her buttock instead the hands ,all punishmetns is hurts but the buttock punishments the pain stays longer ,
in our society young people have lot of respect for the older ones but at the center the younger one is in charge and in control the respect is their but they think by punishing the older or adults they are doing this for their good ,out of the class room the teacher are very respectful and good they do share lunch or tea with us ,at that day she beats me very good because i been absent three times before and been given break but that time she gave me 10 hard stroks at the palm and two at the buttock

by Rafeal Mon Apr 01 20:59:08 UTC 2013

Rafeal i understand that just the first time when you get punished felt the embaressment after that start to be normal act and daily routine to stand infront of young female i don't know if you have any male teachers and get beaten up by her ,how is the apearnce of the principal and her looks did she look young or she looks like tought and well dressed female ,how tall is she and how much did she weight , the same with the young female teacher , do you prefer to be punished ( beaten) by the young female teacher or the older one's ,do been punished by any other teachers or staff members beside the principal and the young female teacher , is their any students ever reject the principal or the teacher punishments what happen if the students refuse to show the hands or bend for the punishments ,how you explain you punishments to your family ,if you are married or your parents and brothers and sisters of course when you get 10 stroks the marks and the pain will stay for long time ,do you justified the teachers act to punish misbehave students or you think other discipline should be adopted

by Ms Janzenta Fri Apr 05 11:44:06 UTC 2013

I have been at a learning center for while now. I have been punished at my hand and buttock as well as most students. Today we did a different thing and I would like to know how many others have seen this.

One of my teachers had to miss a few weeks because of medical reasons. They bring in a very young first time teacher. She looks maybe 21 or 22 if that old. Not sure if she is even a licensed teacher. She carries a stick with her all week but never used it. This morning she decided that she would divide the class into 2 groups 12 students in each group. Each student would be ask a question one at a time, she would go back and forth until each student would be ask 2 questions each. For every right answer that group would get 1 point for each wrong answer that group would get zero points. At the end the group with the most points would win and the loser would take 5 strokes from her stick. Two on the hand and 3 on the buttock. Of course my group lost by 3 points so we took the punishment.

The strokes to the hand would sting and most student would shake their hand but it wasn't real painful. The buttock strokes hurt a little more but not really bad either. Most students giving a quick rub to their buttock on their way back to their desk. It was really calm and most students laughed while they were watching it.

I think she did because she was not comfortable giving punishment but knew she needed to. The students this week did things that would have got them hard punishment. Using mobile, talking during lesson one student getting and leaving class without permission. I think she did this to get comfortable and see how to do it because she had never punished any students before. I look next week she could be a lot more strict.

by Deny Fri Apr 05 21:48:13 UTC 2013

I been hired to teach at local college as substitute teacher , that teacher she is getting baby so i start to teach now my second week and it's my frist time being teaching after i graduate ,i noticed that corporal punishments is common teachers hold sticks and punish any student just like when i am at school , i have very hard time to conrol the class's they are at older age they talk they arrive late even some students use their phones to text while i am teaching and just making my self not seeing and ignoring their acts some times i dismissed students form the class and i sent them to the management office , two days ago the principal he is male at his late 50's he gave me stick and asked me to carry to with to every class and to stop sendig students to his office and just to be very strict and tough with them , for the last two day i have the stick with me i start to punish students who don't behave but i get shy to apply hard stroks the students don't have any fear just they take one or two stroks and start laughing because it's not hard enough to put them in pain , i been looking at this form and i did see some young female just like my age do punish their students without any mercy today i decide to give real punishments , i start with the students arrived late 12 students total at the first class arrived late ,then i ordered them to show the hands they show it with smile at the face after the first strok i can see the teach at that students gave the first students very hard stroks and instead one or two i gave them 6 stroks then while i am punishing the late arrivals i hear the some phones suonds and i can target from where i asked those students to come out none obeyed me then i checked every student phone to see the time 5 total students have to be punished then i applied 8 stroks to each one 4 for using the phone and 4 for liying my first day today i gave too many students at every class i teahed very hard stroks

by Ms Faryal Wed Apr 10 19:47:57 UTC 2013

Ms Faryal How old are you and your students who got punished? You saw tears of student who got first stroke. How old is that student and is that student male or female? After your first hard punishment, was attitude of students changed? Are you going to punish your students at their buttock too? Do you punish your students for academic reason also?

by guest Fri Apr 12 07:28:00 UTC 2013

to guest I am 28 years old , the students they got punished they are between 19-34 ,the first students is female she is 23 years old she start tearing after the first stroke ,I can see the attitude of the students start to change just the second day I don't have any delay arrivals ,but few students forgot to shut or silence their phones ,I did punish students for not having their home work and I do check home work every time they have one ,so far I never punish any student at the buttock I witness other teacher adopting buttock punishments ,even one female teacher told me that students mostly fear from the buttock and because of that she is only punishing the buttock ,she said that buttock punishments is less risk and don't waist lot of time during the class

by Ms Faryal Sat Apr 13 19:27:04 UTC 2013

Ms Faryal. I have been teaching for nine years. My first seven years I teach kids from 15 to 18 years. The only punishment the teachers are allowed to give is buttock punishment using stick or my hand. For the last two years I teach the kids in the morning and adults in the afternoon. At first I did want to give adult that kind of punishment but really they are students and as a teacher I see the same discipline problems with the kids and adults students. So I adopted punishment for adult students. Because buttock punishment is all I had ever given it was easier for me to give. So I started given punishment to all my adult student if they break a rule or misbehave. Over the past two years I have given a some palm punishment but I am not very comfortable with because I am afraid I might break a bone in there hand. I think adult students do fear buttock punishment more and I think most students fear me more than most of the teachers because all they give is palm punishment. I give hard solid strokes usually 3 to 6 depending on what student did. I make the student bend down on desk, chair or put hands on knees. I ask if student is ready once they say yes I give first stroke. Before each stroke I make sure the student is still in position and not moving before each stroke. If you hit the back of student it could hurt injure student. Try that and see if students don't fear you more.

by Shantel Mon Apr 15 20:57:20 UTC 2013

Ms Faryal You are not so young as I expected. Since you said that it is first time for you to teach students after graduation, I assumed you would be 23-24 years old. Did you graduate from university and when did you graduate? If you graduated when you were 22 or 23 years, have you worked for other occupation before you started to teach? Did you punish male students older than you? If so, what was reaction of students and what was your feeling? How old is the female teacher who punish on buttock only and do you have any intention to apply buttock punishment later?

Shantel How old are you and your evening class students? You said you were afraid that you would break bone. Have you ever witnessed or even heard that bone of student's hand was broken by strokes of teacher's punishment?

by guest Wed Apr 17 07:10:37 UTC 2013

Guest I am 32 years old and been teaching for 9 years. My adult students mainly range from 19 to 40. Right now I have a male student that is 39 years old the oldest female is 35. The first 7 years I taught I could only use buttock punishment to the 15 to 18 year old so I never did see palm punishment or what effect it had on students. For the last 2 years teaching adults I have never seen a bone that was broke but I have seen some injuries to hands especially where the fingers attach to hand. Bad bruises with swelling in that area. With hand punishment there is such a small area to hit if the student pulls away or move in any direction the teacher could hit any part of the fingers even just the tip end which I have also seen. The buttock is much larger area to hit it is fleshy with muscle and fat. When bending the bone is up out of the way. As long as student does not stand up then the bones are nearly impossible to hit. Some teachers at both school will put their empty hand on the students lower back or stand to side of student with their elbow on the student back and their hand on the student hip that way they can feel if the student is going to move. To me buttock punishment is the best regardless or student age. When a student does something wrong and needs punishment as soon as they bend down they realize the mistake they made and know they are about to be punished. They also know it is going to hurt for a while as well

by Ms Shantel Wed Apr 17 15:36:12 UTC 2013

Guest ,I finished my BA degree when I am 22 years old ,then I don't apply for teaching job ,because I moved out of my country with family then came back this year which I applied for teaching job at high schools and colleges because I don't have the patient to teach younger kids ,I start with that college as temporary job then I been informed that I am going to be full time teacher start from June this year ,I did punish male and female students they are older than me ,first time older students try to talk to me to have some mercy on them but I refused to listen then they show the hands for the punishments they took their punishments without any delay ,when I punished my students for the first time I felt too sad and I am scared that I don't make any injury to their hands , because some students has very small hands specially female students and they try to pull their hands out when the stick landing some time the stick catch the hands at the finger tips which produce more pain to the student but it's their own fault ,one students she can't even control to keep the hand open when the stroke landing just scare of it when she see it landing and removed her had then I have to hold her hand with my left hand and apply the strokes with the right hand, today I did punished 3 students at the buttock ,yes it's less risk and I can apply much harder strokes but I felt sorry for those students because they can't set back at their seats after that and two of them female it's so embarrassing to them to keep rubbing their buttock , I might never use this punishments again ,that teacher she is 47 years old the one she just punish the buttock

by Ms Faryal Wed Apr 17 22:36:09 UTC 2013

Ms Faryal I know how you feel about the students you punished. It happens to all teachers when they first start punishing students. But the questions to ask yourself how did those student behave after the punishment and how have they behaved since then. Also the other students see how hard you punish and they will not want to be punished by you. I know they have hard time setting back at there seat but they did learn lesson I am sure. How old are those students you gave buttock punishment to? Was one of them male student too.

by Ms Shantel Thu Apr 18 18:58:08 UTC 2013

Ms Faryal is it your decision to punish those students at the buttock and why you ? how you punish the buttock did you order the students to bend or you adopt different way ,beside the hard feeling you have do you think hand punishments or buttock punishments is better and more effect ,how old that student the one you have to hold her hand and beat her palms how hard you apply the strokes did you apply extra strokes to her because she keep move her hand, because it's too hard for the teacher to land the stick on air ,how is your students behave now after the punishments did any student complain to you that you been too hard and tough on them ,how you communicate with older students after you beat them and effect pain on them

by Barb Fri Apr 19 12:44:51 UTC 2013

Barb what's make me punish those students at the buttock , all of them been punished by the teacher at the previous class then they kept asking for mercy to forgive them but I can't do it because I already punished few students ahead of them then I decide to punish their buttock ,I administer the punishments by having the students bend at my table then I applied the strokes ,they are in pain and kept jumping form the pain and rub their buttock after each stroke ,I believe palm punishments is more respectful and more moral specially we are dealing with older students it's ,we punish the students not to humiliate them or put them on lot of pain we punish them yes to embarrass them with this embarrassment will force them to study and obey the rules ,so it's more effect to punish the hands and not the buttock with some care the teacher will avoid the damage to the skin or the bones ,that students she is 31 years old and no I don't give extra strokes even my arm get hurts when I apply the stroke at air but I can under stand it's fear and hard ,lately I start to hold most female and male hands to avoid the stick to land at the wrong place even I can waist less time when I hold the hands ,yes they are behaving and more obedience after the punishments I take buss for transportation lot of time when my students set next to me they were telling me about the pain they still have from my punishments ,I am teacher and I care about my students i respect them any where i see them even when i meet any students out the schools i great them and they have lot of respect toward me too

by Ms Faryal Sat Apr 20 19:04:28 UTC 2013

Ms Shantel It is easily expected that palms and fingers are swollen and bruised even though teachers land stick correctly. I don't know whether all teachers do apply hard strokes but almost teachers at least in this forum said they applied severe strokes on their students. I have always wondered whether any students had their bones broken by strokes of teachers as I believe if students remove hands or stick land incorrectly
when teachers apply hard strokes, there must be great possibilities students have their bones broken. Even though you have not witnessed, have you ever heard that any students had their bones broken by teacher's punishment in any other schools or colleges? If so, do you know what penalty applied to that teachers?
In the meantime, did you punish 39 years male and 35 years female students? If so, why? What is highest numbers of strokes you have applied to your students so far and why? Do you punish your students for academic reasons too? Usually are your students unable to sit on their seat after your punishment just like students of Ms Faryal did?

Ms Faryal How many strokes did you punish 3 students on their buttock as I can hardly believe that adult students are unable to sit after receipt of 3-4 strokes on their buttock unless you applied extremely hard strokes? Nowadays do students still cry during and after your punishment?

by guest Mon Apr 22 03:38:17 UTC 2013

just quick question for ms Shantel and ms Faryal and may to other teachers ,what make an adult student obey you and let you effect pain on them and beat them up even they are much older than you at the same time they enrolled to your class's out of their own ,I can't believe that any where in this planet that any grown up students will allow any teacher regardless of the teachers age to beat them up and physically punish them ,at the same time I under stand their is rules and regulation need to be obeyed but those rules will never be enforced by physical punishments and beating up adults ,can you explain all teachers

by Ed Mon Apr 22 12:53:15 UTC 2013

Guest. I have never heard of any teachers ever breaking any bones in hands of students. I know several students that have had bad damage to palms and fingers that last for weeks after punishment. I don't know any teacher personally that has penalty for abusing students, I have heard of teachers that were suspended and some discharged from teaching because of severely beating students.

Yes I punished the 39 year old male just last week. He was texting in class. In the learning center buttock punishment can't be given in front of other students. So I took him into the staff lounge and gave him 5 strokes and kept his mobile the rest of the day. However he is not the oldest student that I have ever had. I had a 44 female a 43 male and female and 41 female but I have never punished any of them. The 39 year old is the oldest that I have punished. The next oldest is a 33 year old female.

Ed. First off I really cant answer your first question. I had been teaching kids 16 to 18 for 7 years before I ever became teacher for adults. So for me since some of my kids are as big if not bigger than some of my adult students it was really not a big change. Also a lot of the students at the center are not there on their own. Some of them are there on government paid student. Some are there by their employer request and they pay for it. For me when I was hired I was told that I had to control classroom and I must punish any student that needed punishment. All students know this when they sign up for class and must sign a form saying they accept this punishment. Now I always try to be fair with every student. Once I discovered the 39 year old was texting I took him into the staff lounge and ask him if he wanted me to punish him or be sent to the management office and he chose my punishment so I did it. I think here punishment by teacher to students is so common that no one ever really thinks any bad thing about it.

by Ms Shantel Mon Apr 22 15:13:21 UTC 2013

I been attending learning center at the evening I have 3 female teachers they are 24,33,37 years old when I enrolled I have to sign form to obey the rules and orders of the center and the teachers that form inform the students that they are will be punished physically if they break any rules ,start from the first class when the 24 years old teacher came into the class room she is holding wooding ruler then after she introduce her self she remind us that miss obedient students will face the beating form her stick ,just 15 minutes later 5 students disturbed the class she asked them to the front and ordered them to stretch their hands out she gave each one for strokes ,the second class the 37 years old teacher about 15 students got punished just for coming minute late I am one of them we got 5 strokes from her it's so embarrassing for the first time but after that we start just to accept the beating as normal , yes it's normal when the teacher punish her students and that's the only way she can bring order to class room and control the students

by Janda Tue Apr 23 00:07:19 UTC 2013

Janda how hard the punishments is ,who punish harder the younger teacher or the older ones ,what other reasons the teachers can beat the students for ,how old are you and how old the oldest student got punished ,you say it's normal to beaten up by teachers why ? do students change their behavior after the beating ,is their other form of punishments been adopted beside punishing the palms like buttock or thigh or barefoot

by Adam Tue Apr 23 19:38:58 UTC 2013

I like to share my experience of school punishments I attended learning center for computer class's required by my job ,second week at school I arrived late about 20 minutes at the main door male staff ordered me to see the principal before I go to my class when i got to the principal office i been ordered to wait in front of the office and their another 7 students waiting ,few minutes later young female came with long flat stick then she asked the students are late to step to the side me and 4 more students waited to the side then she asked us to come forward one by one by her and she informed us that each one will be getting 6 strokes the hands ,i got too much surprise i told her that this is my first time getting late and i don't know that late students will be punished physically but she ignored me and start applying the strokes to the first female student i am the third on line while i am stretching my hand out she told me i have to read my registration papers i go 6 strokes for her they are not too hard but so embarrassment to me she is too young but i can't refuse her orders specially after the other students took their punishments without any delay ,

by Ramz Wed Apr 24 21:44:52 UTC 2013

Ramz how old that female and how old are you and the other students,how long you been at that center do you been punished by teacher if they are permitted to do that ,why you can't refuse her punishments ,is she the principal or just staff member ,what the other students violation and who punished them ,

by guest Thu Apr 25 10:34:30 UTC 2013

Ed It seems that your educational environment is similar to ours. When I first entered in this forum, I was shocked that adults students get physically punished and I did not believe but I thought such posts are written untrue. we don't adopt physical punishment to adult (age over 19). It is one in ten thousand that physical punishment will be adopted for adult students here. But even if punishment for adult students would be adopted, even single student will never allow teachers to punish students although teacher's age is much older than students. I think the main reason adult students in Ms Shantel's country accept beating by teachers is difference of culture and national character and teachers seemed to believe that only method to discipline is beating up adult students. Our culture never allows young ones to physically punish older ones under any circumstances.

Ms Shantel You said you asked 39 years male student if he wanted to be sent to management office. If he is sent to management office, who will punish him? I can assume system of your center that if students reported to management office, he or she will be much severely punished. I wonder why you asked that student as I believe that you are well aware of that he has to choose to be punished by you and he also well knows that he cannot avoid beating unless he quit studying and leave center.

by guest Thu Apr 25 17:51:59 UTC 2013

guest I am 28 years old ,other students I can tell 2 female students are at their mid 30's and the rest of the students mid 20's or late 20's
and that female she is 25 years old ,now I am their for 4 weeks ,so far I don't see any teacher punishing any student I did see teachers holding canes with them and I visited staff room one time their is box full of canes and flat sticks their ,that female just staff the principal he is male 56 years old ,I got punished the second time by male staff he is 37 for not obeying his order to turn off my mobile I got 4 strokes form him , when you are student regardless of the age you can't refuse or reject the teachers or the staff orders then the student will be at more trouble specially when the student knows he or she breaks the rules

by Ramz Mon Apr 29 10:23:19 UTC 2013

Guest. I always try to be respectful to all my students. In punishing my students if the students are young then I punish them as if they were the 16 to 18 years old. Students closer to age or older out of respect I usually ask if they want punishment from me or sent to the management office. As far as punishment in management office being more severe. It could be but I did give him 5 hard strokes and he rubbed his buttock until he got back to class. The management office because of his age may would not have given him that many strokes or may have given him a warning or some other punishment that was not as severe as buttock punishment. Possibly just a couple of strokes to his palm. Older students are treated differently than younger ones but all students are punished regardless of age. Also we have very students quit studies because of punishment given.

by Ms Shantel Mon Apr 29 20:48:16 UTC 2013

Ms Shantel whey they choose to get punished by you and they know they will get warning or light punishments at the management office ,even you are confusing first you say out of respect to the older students you give them choice then when beat you beat them too hard ,where is the respect her ,which way you treat older students different than younger one's ,of course the rules of the cane or the stick will force any student to behave and study to avoid the beating .

by Matt Thu May 02 20:32:34 UTC 2013

Ramz who apply harder strokes the male or female staff do you have the same feeling when you got punished by the male staff , when student misbehave at the class room , did the teacher punish those students or just send them to the management office , id that female just incharge to punish late arrivals that's the reason she don't punish the rest of the students or other students are in more severe violation ,did that female staff applied soft strokes to all students or just to you because you complain to her ,

by Matt Sat May 04 10:49:05 UTC 2013

Matt. I never know what management office might give student for punishment. My comment was they might not be as hard as mine. Usually I do give older student option and never younger one. In my time as a teacher I have given so many punishments that now it is very natural part of my job regardless of the student age. All age group of students make the same mistakes and all are punished for it.

by Shantel Mon May 06 19:04:28 UTC 2013

Matt male teachers and staff apply much harder strokes than female teachers and staff , male staff punishments is too sever and very painful I have the pain almost most of the day but when I got the punishments from the female staff I can't feel any pain ,I got punished twice at the class by female teacher the same she applied 2 light strokes but our male teacher when I forgot the home work we got 6 hard strokes most the female students start crying and all male students tearing from the pain it's too hard , it's the same embarrassment if you get punished by male or female , teacher do punish the students at the class room for misbehaving or academic reason , that female incharge direct with the students and when students been sent or late or have any violation will be sent to see that female ,she did punish those students but she make the one arriving late first then while we are leaving she asked them come forward to receive the punishment from her ,she did apply the same strokes to all students but some students felt in pain most of us don't feel the pain

by Ramz Mon May 06 20:26:42 UTC 2013

Ms Shantel that's what you said that elder students get warning or light punishments at the management office and you apply harder strokes to them and still they choose to be beaten up by you ,what's the benefit if you give them choice and you beat them hard where is the respect her ?
are you still teacher or you are talking about long time because you said "in my time as a teacher " that's mean you are not teacher now if this is case how long that since you been teaching ,off course as teacher you have to be fair and punish the same regardless to age of the students .
Ramz you surprised me most students posting at this site indicate that female teacher give harder strokes than male teacher , do you been punished by that female staff again ,what's the reason you got punished by the female and male teachers .

by Matt Tue May 07 17:57:01 UTC 2013

Matt. I think you don't understand me. I said that where I decide to punish a student, if I was to send them to the management office they MIGHT them warning or a lighter punishment. The respect is I usually give older a choice where younger ones do not have the choice. Yes I am still teaching, I teach kids in morning and adults in afternoon.

by shantel Wed May 08 03:00:31 UTC 2013

thank you miss Shantel for your explanation but one more question , can't you teach the adult without the beating ,and why when you beat them why it's have to be sever and hard is not enough to apply one or two strokes at the hands will deliver message to those adults , do you punish your students mostly for academic reason or misbehaving reasons , what's most common reason students get punished for

by Matt Wed May 08 11:25:03 UTC 2013

last week we have replacement teacher our regular teacher he got hospitalized then the management have female teacher she is 24 years old most the students are older than her form day one she informed us that she will be strict and tough if we become rude or comet any violation or not obeyed her directions ,first day she start asking question where our teacher last subject off course none of us ready to answer because we are thinking that we don't have teacher and our teacher at sick leave ,she informed us that we have to be prepare for question at beginning of every class then she will bring stick with and we will be beaten if we fail to answer or if we fail to do the home work ,it's been week but she never punish any student she carry wood ruler with her but she always give us break until yesterday ,she start with checking up the home work out of 37 students only 5 students have the home work done ,she gave each one of us 6 hard strokes at the hands ,then she start to ask questions each student have 2 questions if one answered no punishment but if the student fail to answer both question then she applied 6 strokes with the student choice at the hands or the buttock almost each student got the taste of her hard strokes most students got total 12 strokes ,after class is over she informed us to expect this every day .some students try to avoid the beating by asking for mercy and few students at the beginning refuse to extend their hand to the punishments but later they took the punishments

by guest Wed May 08 13:53:29 UTC 2013

Matt. I have always gone by what the rules of the school says. Punishment is part of it and when you teach at the school or learning center management expects the teacher to punish students when it is necessary. I really don't feel that my punishment is sever, I think they hurt but not to the point to where the student cant sit or have bruises on them.
When I started teaching, I taught kids 16 to 18 and school did not allow teachers to use palm punishment only buttock for teachers. For seven years that is all I gave, once I started at learning center two years ago I could give palm punishment but was not comfortable with it. I am afraid I will cause to much damage to palm so I use buttock. In the two years I have been at learning center I have 4 palm punishment the rest buttock.

by Ms Shantel Wed May 08 15:30:33 UTC 2013

Matt all female teachers and staff ,specially the staff they apply light strokes that female she is incharge to discipline the students none of the students complain about her giving hard strokes ,yes I got punished up to date 4 times from her ,she applied light strokes compare to male staff ,2 times I got her punishments because I refuse to take punishments form male staff one time and male teacher other time they beat too hard like we are not human in font of them

by Ramz Sun May 12 10:51:59 UTC 2013

Miss Sahntel even when the rules permitting the teacher to give physical punishments but the teacher should have since of humanity ,for sure you don't feel that your punishments is hurt and sever because you the one to administer the punishment if you are at the receiving side then you will feel how painful is the beating is ,16-18 they are not kids they are grown up but I can over look when students at that age get punished either at the hands or the buttock but when it comes to older students don't you think punishing then at the palm more respect for their age than they get beaten at the buttock ,if you target right and use caution then no damage will happen ,what mistakes adult students do which you find it's necessary to beat them for ,
Ramz I always thought that female teacher are more gentle and soft at the students than male teacher but most students and even female teacher posting at this site indicate they give hard and sever strokes ,when you don't obey the teachers ordered don't you get harder and more sever punishments

by Matt Mon May 13 20:11:57 UTC 2013

Matt. I personally do not feel that I ever punish a student to severe or hard. Yes there is pain involved but I have never had a student kid or adult complain that I beat them to hard. Punishment is to correct a student from a mistake they made, it is not to beat or abuse. I have been told by both schools I teach at that I must punish students if I don't do this then I could lose my job. Because all I could give for the first seven years I taught is buttock punishment I am very comfortable with it and for me it works better as far as student behave better.

Students get punished for many reasons. Talking or disturbing during class after so many warnings, mobile during class time, leaving class without permission along with a few other things. I don't punish that much maybe 3 to 4 each week at each school.

by Ms Shantel Tue May 14 14:56:34 UTC 2013

Are you married miss Shantel if yes do you share your punishments experience with your husband or family members what's their openion about you beating up old and adult students some of them much older than you or they have kids close to your age ,still I am too confuse how older students will allow you to beat them ,

by Matt Wed May 15 10:08:03 UTC 2013

Matt no I am not married. My mother is a teacher also and she knows I punish students. I am not sure why you say I punish such older students and especially some that have kids close to my age. The only student that I have punished that is older than me is the 39 year old male and I have punished a female the same age as me. Remember I am 34 years old. All of the other have been younger than me. I did say that I have had 3 students in their 40's but I never punished any of them. I have not given a punishment in either class in almost a week the last one I gave was last Thursday to a 17 year old student. My last adult punishment given was last Monday to a 22 year old student. I have given several warnings but no punishments. Really when I am teaching punishment is the last thing on my mind teaching is first but if a student needs punishment I will give it.

by Ms Shantel Wed May 15 12:01:30 UTC 2013

Miss Shantel why you don't punish those older students is because they are behaving good or just of their age , what about if the students at their 40's comet violation the same time with younger student do you punish the young student and spare the older one , I under stand that teachers don't beat students daily and some times for weeks they don't beat any of their students , what's the reason you punished the 17 years old and the 22 years old students , what instrument you use to beat up the students cane or ruler ,off course and I believe that good teachers give less punishments what you thing about this ,do you discuss your punishing the students with your mom or with other teachers at either job

by Matt Thu May 16 21:12:26 UTC 2013

Matt. Like I say I have had 3 students in their 40's. While they were in my class they behaved very well. I know one of them got punished by another teacher in another class but for me all 3 behaved and never any reason to punish them. Now if they committed a violation then yes I would punish them of course at their age I would give them option of me or management office. The 17 year old was female I gave her a note to go to office instead she went to another class to see boyfriend. The brought her back to me and I gave her 3 strokes with stick. The 22 year old was also female it was for talking during test. I ask her to be quiet but she continued I took her to staff room and gave her 4 strokes. Now I also punished an adult student today. He was a 27 year old male. It was over homework. My homework policy is really easy to understand. If you don't have it the day it is due then the student gets 5 points off, the second day 10 points off, the third day another 5 points plus span king and stay with me after school to do assignment. It was his third day without homework assignment. I gave him 4 strokes he then went and did all the homework without asking any questions. It was just laziness and not wanting to do it he understood and knew how to do it all. I use a flat stick to punish students with. Not sure if I completely agree with good teachers give less punishment. I think a good teacher has better control of class and good management technique in classroom but a lot of it has to do with the each class and the students in the class. Some classes in general are better behaved while others no matter what teacher does punishment is the only option and is used more on a daily basis. A lot of times especially the ages I teach discipline in the class room starts with the students themselves self discipline following rules and doing school work is the student responsibility if they can't do this then it falls on the teacher to discipline and manage the class. When you take a 16 and older group in which I teach they know the rules they know what is expected of them and they have to decide if they are going to follow that rule. I have discussed the punishment I have given to my mom but not very often and over the years it has become less and less. For the teachers yes punishment discussions are done in the staffroom and meetings. It is not always easy for a teacher to give punishment and sometime that teacher has to talk about it and we support each other. I discussed the 39 year old punishment to a group of teachers for one I took him in the staff room and there were 4 teachers in there and they all saw and witness it. Of course after school a couple of them ask me what he did and why I span ked him. Matt are you a student and have you ever been punished in school?

by Ms Shantel Fri May 17 17:10:32 UTC 2013

Miss Shantel I am still student I do get punished by female and male teachers , one point of view you indicate good teacher whom has better control and management to their class's I agree with you and that should be without the use of force and effecting pain at students for even stupid mistake ,like you say if student don't work at the home work it is enough punishments for them deducting from their grads and if student 27 or older coming to school out their own no body force them to attend school and don't study nor do home work that's for them self you do your part and teach , I agree if students become rude or misbehave they need to be beaten but for any academic reason I don't agree with that

by Matt Wed Jun 05 10:36:47 UTC 2013

Matt HOw old are you and what is main reason for you to get punished by your teachers? Have you ever gotten punished by male or female teachers who are younger than you?

by guest Fri Jun 07 05:22:47 UTC 2013

Guest I am 23 all teacher are older than me the youngest teacher I have 33 years old but I got punished several time by 21 years old female she is managements staff every time students report to the management most the time she is the one to punish the students, most reason teacher punish the student , home work ,fail to answer questions ,failing tests ,using the phone ,misbehave ,or arriving late to class

by Matt Wed Jun 12 12:50:55 UTC 2013

Matt who beat harder teachers or the young female staff ,what's the reason she beats you several times ,is she the only staff in power to beat the students and why too young staff in charge to beat students , what's the age of oldest students at your school

by Frank Sat Jun 15 18:24:22 UTC 2013

Matt are you attending school or college? Is 33 years teacher youngest teacher in your college or school otherwise is she just youngest teacher out of teachers who teach your class? What is age range of students and teachers in your college?

by guest Mon Jun 17 05:34:56 UTC 2013

Frank the young female beat much harder than the teachers she represent the principal and all students fearing her and her punishments ,yes she is the only staff the students will see when they report to the principal office ,the reason for me getting punished from her I have bad habit keep going late to college then the main gate attendant send the late arrivals to her office ,few times I got punished by her for smoking at the wrong area ,then one time I pulled the stick from one of my teachers hand while she is holding the stick to punish my palms the snatched the stick and break it into two pieces ,I don't know why she is in charge but she is in charge their is students their at mid 30's .
Guest no their is teachers at their early 20'S but the 33 years old she is the youngest teacher teach us I attend college ,the students ages are from 19-mid 30'S

by Matt Mon Jun 17 19:16:48 UTC 2013

Matt how many strokes you get for arriving late and how many for other violations and what instrument the staff and the teachers use to beat up the students with, how severe is your punishments when you took the stick from the teacher hand and break ,do you ever been punished by the principal or the young female do all the punishments ,I understand punishments is pain does not matter who apply it but do you or other students feel embarrassed by getting the beating from young staff ,what other punishments been adopted beside the palm caning

by Frank Tue Jun 18 10:26:35 UTC 2013

Matt Does young staff punish students only when students are reported to the principle office? Otherwise does she supervise hallway etc to find misbehaving students to punish them? Does she apply palm punishment only or does she also apply punishment on buttock or face slapping etc? Have you witnessed that she beat male students in their mid 30's? How many strokes did your teacher suppose to punish your palm and why did you snatch stick from her? How old is that teacher? Is buttock punishment also applied in the class by teachers?

by guest Tue Jun 18 11:21:46 UTC 2013

Frank ,that female staff is very smart I report to her at least 3-4 times per week for arriving late some times she gives 4 strokes and some times 6 strokes no more that 6 strokes for arriving late the same for other violation she don't give more than 6 strokes and no less that 4 most the time she punish the palms but she do punish the buttock too I got buttock punishments form her when I arrived late and the time I pulled the stick out the teacher hand and that day I like to forget and not to remember that day my punishments last for one hour first she applied 6 stokes at each hand then she ordered me to face the wall with my hands up at her office during that time she applied almost 12 strokes to my buttock and my arms I just facing the wall and I can't turn my face I hear her stick hitting other students then she will approach me and apply strokes either to my butt or to my arms I am in severe pain but she don't have any mercy on me after almost one hour she went to me to my class then she told the class because what I did she is going to punish me with extra 6 strokes she did gave me the most severe strokes all the class room felt sorry about me ,I never got any punishments from the principal but I did witness her punishing students when I report to the office but the young female is the one to see the students and punish them most the times ,fist time to be punished by the young female even the teachers I felt so embarrassed but after the repeating of the punishments start to be normal .
Guest ; yes the young staff only punish students when report to her office ,she never supervise their is gate attendant and other female staff they supervise the hall way and other facility at college they don't punish but they will take the violated students I.D's and send them to the management office and their will meat with that female staff , she do applies buttock punishments beside the palm punishments but I never witness or hear that she slap any student face , but several time she threating us when we arrive late that she is going to punish the bare foot ,I don't know if been adopted or not but she do always mention that , then detention punishments is used by teachers ,students can't leave their class room during launch break that punishments teacher use this punishments instead of the beating ,my punishments when I pulled the stick is 6 strokes after the second hard stroke I felt a lot of pain them I pulled the stick and I regret I ever did that that teacher she is 37 years old , teachers and young staff do punish all students regardless of their age ,and yes teachers punish the buttock too

by Matt Fri Jun 21 13:36:37 UTC 2013

Matt You must have had hard time, especially you had to stand facing wall with hands up for an hour. Did you have to raise your hands above head all through an hour and didn't you drop your hand even a moment? Is it common punishment to stand facing wall with hands up? While you stood facing wall, how many other students got punished by her? Although I don't know how many students get punished daily, but it is unbelievable that only one staff punishes all misbehaved students by herself. How many students are in your college and how many students get punished by her in a day? Usually, what position student have to assume when they get buttock punishment from her? Did 37 years teacher ask her to punish you such as what she punished you or did young staff herself decide to how to punish you? For what mistake did your teacher punish you and does she always give hard strokes? How old is principal and for what mistakes principal punishes students herself instead asking young staff to punish and how severe her punishments are? When teachers give detention punishment, do teachers supervise class all through lunch break and forbid student from having a lunch?

by guest Sun Jun 23 10:02:23 UTC 2013

Matt have any students ever rejected puniment from young female staff? if students reject being punished by young female, what penalty will be imposed to the students?

by guest Mon Jun 24 07:50:20 UTC 2013

guest it's common punishments used by teachers and managements instead of the beating some times the teachers order the students to stand facing the wall and the hands up above the head some teacher have the students to stand at one leg but the teachers the most they let the students with these situation is for 5-10 minutes and it's punishments by it self no beating accompany this punishments but for me because they consider my violation is very severe I have to hold my hands for full hours without allowing me to take them down or relax them ,she try to humiliate me when ever students show to her office for punishments she do apply the strokes at me in front the students and keep repeating the sentence with every strokes ,you need to learn how to respect your teachers and never pull the stick out of their hands ,I don't know how many students she punished but I can hear the sound of the strokes and students asking for mercy ,what's unbelievable she is the only staff beside the principal to punish the students but look like the principal just punish the students for certain mistakes ,their is over 700 students any time I report to her office I see students lining their for punishments ,and no the teacher never gave her direction how to punish me but she did that out of her believing that the punishments I should get ,buttock punishments applied while the students bend down either to her desk if she punishing one by one but most the time when she punished the buttock she order all students to turn faces to the wall and to stand away from the wall then she order us to bend down then she applies the strokes to us one by one when she done with one she asks him or her to stand up and keep facing the wall until she finish with all students ,every punishments is hard but the young staff applies the hardest strokes ,most of my and other students punishments by teacher for academic reason or arriving late after break and using the phone ,the principal she is in her early or mid 40's , I don't know how they manage it but when I report to the principal office I have to see that female staff and she is the one decide about the punishments she never ask for the principals opinion ,the same time I don witnessed students get punished by her she do apply very hard strokes too just the same the young staff , yes when teachers give detention they stay and supervise the students or they ask one of the supervising female to keep eye on the students and they are informed they are serving detention punishments ,
I don't think any student will reject the staff punishments they might reject the teachers punishments but not the staff punishments ,I don't have an answer if the students reject the young staff because I never hear about if any like that happened ,all students fear and look at her like she is very cruel even she looks very innocent and every time she meet the students with smile but she hide hard personality behind the smile

by Matt Tue Jun 25 19:04:35 UTC 2013

It looks like that young staff has more power and holds higher position than teachers as far as punishment is concerned. Even you were able to be rude to your 37 years teacher but you had to take all punishments from her without any resistance. How long has she been working as an office staff in your college and do you know why did your college give such authority to very young female? Do your college have younger teacher or staff than her? Is beating students her only job and doesn't she do clerical work at all? You said during your punishment for snatching stick, students came to be punished by her and whenever you were reported to management office there is always students' line to be punished, which means many students get punished by her daily and she doesn't have time to work other job in your college. I think students also fear supervising staff and asking her for mercy because getting caught by supervising staff means severe pain by young staff. Am I correct? How old is supervising staff?
When you received buttock punishment for arriving late, how many students got buttock punishment by young staff together with you and did young staff order students to bend touching toes and stand facing wall after strokes as you explained?
as matter of fact, it is first time for me to know that there is punishment to stand facing wall with hands up and I can hardly believe that you could raise your hands for almost an hour without relaxing. What a painful time you had. How far from the wall do students have to stand for punishment and if students drop hands during punishment, what will happen? Has young staff ever given standing facing wall punishment instead beating?
In the meantime, when students call her, do students just call her name or anything else?

by guest Sat Jun 29 05:33:39 UTC 2013

I am female still attending college 21 years old ,I start to teach at learning center this summer during summer vacation we have students attending the center as young as 9 years old and 40 years old , their is two shifts AM and PM shifts the morning shift is for young students under 18 and females mothers or working up to 40 years old with separate class's for the young students and class's for the older female their ages have to be 25 and older the PM shifts is for adult students male and female with any age all class's offered free without any charges to the students , I teach at both shifts and I teach computer which what I am getting next year BA in computer programing , one day before the start of the school the head of the center she is female 45 years old after she gave us the times , she informed us the teachers that we are in authority to physically punish the students if they become rude and don't obey the rules then she picked 3 female staff and informed them too with their authority to punish any students for breaking the rules ,it's surprising to me I never witness any punishments specially for adults ,last time I witness punishments when I am 13 years old ,then she has about 10 wooden sticks about 50cm long she hand the female staff each one stick then she got one for her self ,then she laid the rest at the staff room but she asked every teacher to bring his or her own stick and to carry to the class's and with her direction to the teacher that we not allowed to send the students to the management office unless they are refuse to obey the teachers order , the second day I have late class's I arrived at the center 30 minutes before my first class which I have the first class to young students ,up from the first day the staff start to beat the students specially when they arrive late it's normal to see the staff beating young boys and girls but I got too much sad to see one staff she is 28 start to beat group of female students they are at their late 30's ,I went to the head of the center and I gave her my opinion that it's unethical to beat older female and may be they have children watching them get the beating then she informed me that they know about the rules and the rules have to be adopted if those adult females comet mistakes they have to be punished for it , then she got moment of silent then she told that I am right those female should not be punished in public then she ordered the staff when they need to punish adult female have to be on private and not to be hard on them ,I am not too happy with that but it's better than those female get beaten infront of their kids or relatives , for me at my first class I don't give any punishments even some students deserve to be beaten but I just ok with giving them warning , my second class are female adults ,I have class 25 females when I entered the class their is only 7 students their then 5 minutes later she start to arrive I just let them set dawn without saying any thing to them then one female staff came with 10 female students all of them late and still hanging at the hall way she asked me to punish each one of them and she asked me for the attending students which I marked the late students with red pen she asked if I punished those students I replay no I don't , she gave me an order to see the head of the center after class , then she start to punish the students whom they arrive late and the one's they came with her ,I can't see my self hitting those female ,when I went to the head she informed me that I have to obey the rules other wise I will be fired from my job as much I explained to her that I will punish the young students but not the older she insist that I have to punish every violated students it's part of my responsibility as teacher to keep the order and control of my class room and my students

by Shandy Sat Jun 29 20:55:41 UTC 2013

Guest the teacher has power and authority not less that the staff but always students fear the staff and the managements staff more because they are the highest authority ,I never been rude to the teacher she hurts me when she applied the strokes and emotional I snatched the stick out or her hand and did regret as soon as I did that but it's too late ,she been at her passion for 4 years she is 26 years old and not 21 I just know her real age when we sign for summer class's then I have copy of the college staff and teacher they do have brief of their education and their ages she hold master degree on management , she do has more responsibility than just beating up students so she is the second authority at college ,they do have younger teachers but she is the youngest at the staff other staff they are at mid 30's to late 50's and yes all students ask them for mercy when ever they catch the students in violation because students knows what coming next when they going to meet with that young staff ,one time I got the buttock punishments from her for arriving late we are then 7 students she ordered us to bend down then she applied the strokes when she is done with us their is around 15 students waiting for her punishments ,standing against the wall with hands up is common punishments mostly been used by teachers when they don't need to physically punish the students but it's hardly used by the staff because their just give the strokes and let students return to their class's ,yes full hour I stand holding my hand up it's hurts a lot most the strokes she applied to my arms when ever she see me taking my hands dawn to relax them then she apply stroke to my arm and ask me to keep it up , I don't know how many students she punish but I did hear the sound of her stick and the sound of other staff asking her for information or direction , when students calling her or the teacher then they will call them mam or miss and not at their names

by Matt Tue Jul 02 17:04:32 UTC 2013

just spelling mistake she been at her current possession and not "Passion" for 4 years

by Matt Wed Jul 03 17:50:45 UTC 2013

Matt Considering her educational background and her highest authority, I think young staff is so-called dean of students. Since she has been at her position for 4 years, she started to work in your college at her age of 22 or 23 years old. If it is true that she is dean of students, even though I understand that the job of your dean of students is quite different from our dean of students, I wonder how she became a dean of students at such young age because I believe dean of students must have lot of experience about dealing students and educating students. For your reference, our dean of students hold higher position than dean of college since our dean of students controls affairs of students in university as almost colleges here are affiliated to university. We don't adopt any kind of physical punishment to adult(age over 19) in any kind of educational institutes.
How old is youngest teacher in your college and does he or she also punish his or her students in their mid 30's? Besides young staff, have you ever gotten punished by young teacher whose age is similar to you? Which punishment do you and other students prefer to get ie beating or standing facing wall with hand up?
In the meantime, you said you are late 3 or 4 times a week, which means you come late almost everyday. But every teachers or college management insist that they punish students in order students not make same mistakes again. Why physical punishment do not work on you?

by guest Tue Jul 09 12:00:55 UTC 2013

Matt you said young staff punishes palm mostly but sometime she applies buttock punishment for same mistake of late arrival.does she have her own standard where to punish? did you get buttock punishment by your teachers also? In buttock punishment, does young staff do apply much harder strokes than teachers? how many strokes did you receive from young staff when you got punished on buttock for late arrival?

by guest Tue Jul 09 21:51:47 UTC 2013

guest I don't know what you call the staff at your country she is just management staff with authority she don't has any title ,and for your information their is no different between school and our college the only different at college we don't have morning assembly we have take all class's at the same class room and teachers came to the class and I can't answer you question how she become at this possession , she has very strong personality ,you are so lucky that students don't get physical punishments but how they control the students ,their is teachers male and females are at their early 20's they do punish their students regardless of their ages ,no I just got punished by the young staff because my teachers are older than me but their is students older than the teachers at our class and they get punished ,first none of the students like to be punished but when since we make the wrong doing or the violation and we are subject to be punished for that violation I prefer hand punishments does not matter how hard the strokes because other type of punishments is insulting and humiliating and the worst punishments to stand facing the wall I feel more pain than the strokes the beating is better than standing facing the wall with hand up or at one leg , teachers mostly use this punishments at the class room , yes I get late at least 3-4 times per week and the young lady she keep telling me that she beat me in order to stop arriving late but I can't help I try hard to get their on time but happen to be late , but I have more improvement at the summer course , now we are about 6 weeks at the summer course I am only 3 time late the first 2 times I got 6 strokes each time but the third time she forgive and spared me form punishments because I make improvement but she warning If I come late again then she will double the punishments on me ,yes she punished the palms most the time I think she has her own rules she decide where to apply the strokes to the palms or the buttock ,yes I been punished at the buttock by teachers but the young staff she always applies much harder strokes than the teachers ,and that time when I am late I got 6 strokes at the buttock

by Matt Thu Jul 11 20:57:09 UTC 2013

Matt why you prefer hand punishments I believe it's danger and very painful ,how the teachers and staff apply the hand punishments ,do they give time to rub and blow at your hands between strokes or you have to take the strokes all without any delay ,do you or any student ever move the hands during the landing of the stroke what is the teacher reaction when she land the stroke on air ,when you say the young staff has very strong personality what you mean with that

by Kelly Sat Jul 13 19:41:57 UTC 2013

Kelly hand punishments is more respectful to the students than buttock and standing in front of the class room and some other teachers and student passing thru the hallway it's so shame and humiliating , when I get the strokes at the hands does not matter how sever the strokes are just by applying cold water on them the pain will disappear and just the marks with little pain will last for short time , but buttock punishments the pain and strokes which can't do any thing to release the pain just live with the pain for long time and all students will notice me when I rub the butt ,it's painful yes but it's not danger sine the teacher and the staff knows how and where to land the strokes I never hear about any damage to any students ,hand punishments applied the teacher or the staff will stand and lined up in front the punished students then one by one will come forward and have to stretch the hands out almost to the shoulder level with the palm open then they will start applying the strokes and all strokes have to be taken after each other no blowing or rubbing allowed during the punishments ,if student move the hand then one or two extra strokes will apply every time they move the hand specially when we get punished by the staff she is too strict on moving the hands but the teachers some times they over looked it and just give the strokes without any extra , I never move my hand but I see and mostly female students keep moving their hands ,teachers always get mad and scream when students move the hands from the way of the stroke , yes young staff do have strong personality which she keep all college in control every students fear her punishments at the same time she get the respect for the students

by Matt Mon Jul 15 19:04:49 UTC 2013

Matt I concede that I misunderstood to guess she is dean of students. It is apparent that your colleges are run totally differently from our colleges. 100% of our colleges offer bachelor's degree except 2 years colleges and almost colleges also offer master's and Ph.D. degree as most of them are belong to university. Therefore it is not matter of lucky or unlucky that our college students don't get physically punished. No one here can even imagine physical punishment to adult because ever since modern educational system was introduced more than 100 years ago, we have never adopted physical punishment to adult students. physical punishment exists in school here but not common and very restricted. Our dean of students is not management staff. He or she is one of professors in university and holds higher position than dean of college in university. Our management staffs even in school are merely clerical worker and no students even care who is management staff.
In our colleges, No one care whether students behave good or study harder, which means it is entirely up to students to get academic achievement or not. too many absence of class or bad scores of test will result in failure to get credit and students have to make up same course again in order to graduate and get bachelor's degree.
Matt when you got 6 strokes of buttock punishment form young lady, did other students get 6 strokes too? If students move their position when they get buttock punishment from young lady, what will happen? Do any male students cry during or after punishment f개m young lady? You said young staff gave most severe 6 strokes in front of your class mates after you took one hours standing facing wall. Did you get palm punishment or buttock at that time? If you got palm punishment, did you easily relieve pain by washing hand with cold water at that time too?

by guest Thu Jul 18 08:46:50 UTC 2013

yes guest all students got equal punishments the way she punish group of students at the buttock she make all of us line one line facing the wall and about 50cm away from the wall then she order all of us to bend dawn and touch our toes then she starts with strokes one by on when she finished with one students she order the student to stand up and keep facing the wall we hear the sound of the strokes and not witness it . if student move or can't stay still after telling the student to stay still if they can't handle the pain then she asks another female staff to hold the students while the students bend at her desk then she applies 2 extra strokes ,either at the buttock or at the hands ,some times students can't keep their hands open to the stokes she holds their hands and she applies 2 extra strokes for holding the hands ,yes male students do cry from the pain during and after , actually I got 12 strokes at my hands that time 6 at each hand and about 12 at my buttock and arm while I am having my arms up facing the wall ,that time I can't soak my hands with cold water because she ordered me to face the wall and have my hands up while my hands burning form the pain of her strokes but then I went to the toilet and kept my hands almost 15 minutes under cold water

by Matt Fri Jul 19 22:03:44 UTC 2013

Matt Every one could be late either intentionally or inevitably but I think most of case students come late inevitably. It is interesting that adult students allowed young lady to punish them with such a humiliating pose just because late coming. How old are students getting punished with you and how many male students are out of 7 students? How long did it take for her to punish 7 students at that time? Did she punish 15 students who were waiting to be punished after your punishment at the buttock too?
Meanwhile, What kind of degree or certificate does your college offer and what subject do you study in your college? How many teachers do you have in your college and how many male teachers? How old are the youngest male and female teacher? How many staffs are in management office and how old are they? Do you have any male staffs?

by guest Sun Jul 21 09:01:26 UTC 2013

Guest I never been late intentionally always some thing to delay me ,the first time student arrive late will be given warning but after that punishment due ,and the punishments works with students they when get punished one time and because punishments is more than pain it's humiliating and embarrassment students will do their best to arrive on time and to obey the rules ,it's not to the students to allow or not to allow off course when we bend or stretched the hands out to the strokes we don't at our own but we do that to avoid harder punishments and can be dismissed from college ,it took around 10 minutes to punish all 7 students and yes by the time other female writing the note for us to get into our class's she ordered the other group of students to line up and bend dawn ,we get 2 years associate degree I study accounting and bookkeeping ,I don't know how many teachers but their is mix of male and female teachers their is teachers at their early 20's and late 50's , the staff all of them females

by Matt Tue Jul 23 14:03:40 UTC 2013

just to clear some thing to guest I am female teacher and I do punish students the students don't have to agree or not to agree if he or she get punished or not when order of punishments been served then the students have to co operate and they have at our center only palm punishments adopted no other punishments been adopted any way student have to show the hands for the strokes this way they do at their own showing the hands for the strokes but they have to it in order to avoid more severe discipline just like students Matt mention could be dismissed for school then they will lose their chance to get their degree

by Miss Elma Tue Jul 23 19:21:36 UTC 2013

Matt Due to my poor expression, it seems that you misunderstood my intention to say so-called "allow" I didn't intend to say that punishment should be allowed by students. What I wanted to say is that such punishment for late arrival is too severe especially to adult students as it is too humiliated to adults. I remember my school days long time ago that usual punishment for late arrival was to clean play ground (pick up litter etc) or to clean the class room after school. Of course there isn't a chance in a million that physical punishment is adopted to adult students here but if adopted, no students will let teacher or anyone in charge to punish them in a such humiliating way. Further it is unwritten taboo here that anyone physically punish the other who is even one year older or even similar age.
Meanwhile, I think 10 min is little bit too long to punish 7 students. The student who got beaten first must have been very lucky compared to the students who got beaten last as lastly beaten student had to stay in bending-touching toe position for almost 10 min. Keeping bending-touching toe position for about 10 min must be very painful itself. How many students got punished before you and how many minutes did you have to stay in such position? How many male students are out of 7 students and were there any male students who cried? If so, how are they?
Miss Elma How old are you and students who got punished by you? How do you punish late arrival?

by guest Wed Jul 24 08:37:08 UTC 2013

Matt when young staff applies buttock punishment, what instrument does she use?

by guest Thu Jul 25 20:55:15 UTC 2013

yes guest I have friends attending different colleges late arrival get punished by pick up litter or make them clean their class room and physical punishments is not so common but is their but the teachers can't physically punish them and it's strictly carried by the head of the college ,but at our college humiliating is most reason to beat the students to enforce them not to repeat the violations they comet ,may be the last student in line to be punished bend more time and that's what she do first come will be the first to get punished then the ones they arrived after I am the 4th in line but after she applied the strokes we stand up and keep facing the wall until she finished with all students then been directed to other female to write the notes to be admitted on the class room ,at that time we are 3 male and 4 females ,she used flat wooden stick about 100-120cm long she use the same instrument to beat the buttock and the hands too

by Matt Sun Jul 28 16:22:24 UTC 2013

I am male 28 years old attending computer class's at learning center i am the oldest student at that class the students ages are 15-20 years old their is one teacher she teach us how to use the key board and to open and close the computer she is 21 , she always beats the students for any mistake i been their for 6 weeks now and i never got any punishments for her or any other teacher until yesterday when walked into the class room me and 6 more students talking at the phones she called us to the front then she inform us that she is going to apply 6 strokes to our hands then start calling one by one they took the strokes i am the last one to call my name i refuse to take her strokes by telling her that i am old enough and she can't beat me while young students watching me then she gave me not asking me to see her at her office after class , i did went to her office which she share with two female teachers ,she explained to the other teachers that i refuse to take the punishments for her at the class room ,one female told her she should beat me much harder and apply more strokes the other teacher told her that she can't beat me even i am in violation but she informed me that she is going to be nice with me and just give me the 6 strokes she gave the students and normally she will give double the punishments , i replied that i am not going to allow her to beat me because she is much younger than me and out of respect she should not do that ,she smile then she asked one of the other females she is in her late 30's out of respect to my students can you beat him up for me then she said out of respect too you have to take 10 strokes instead of 6 i have to agree , that female teacher she is too cruel she applied very hard and severe strokes turn my hands color to red make my palms like blood coming out , after she finished the strokes my teacher came to me are you happy now i don't even apply strokes that hard i agree with her and i should just took her punishments instead

by Jad Fri Aug 02 19:44:21 UTC 2013

Jad first of all, what you make me to believe you made story is that you have learned about how to use key board and to open and close computer for weeks. even kids can easily learn how to use keyboard and open and close computer by few minutes explanation. some kids easily use computers themselves by just watching others using computer.

by guest Tue Aug 13 10:55:39 UTC 2013

Matt Of course, it is humiliated that college level students pick up litter or clean class room. If no late arrival, who clean the class room in your friend's college? in your college and your friends' colleges, whose students come late frequently? do you think students' academic ability and behavior of your college are much better than that of your friends' college because they don't adopt physical punishment as much as your college? In the meantime, do students have to raise hand up when they stand facing wall after buttock punishment from young female staff?

by guest Tue Aug 13 11:18:22 UTC 2013

yes guest kids know how to type and open and close the computer even any person can do that but that's happen the wrong ways their is professional way to type not just to type all letter with one finger ,to type and use the keyboard the right way and to operate the computer professional way need good training and need time to learn how to use the keyboard and to open and close the pc the right way , I don't tell any stories i wrote my experience and share my true view

by Jad Sat Aug 17 12:36:04 UTC 2013

I am 18 years old I enrolled to take class's on math and science at learning center ,the second day at the center I witness female lady she is at her late 50's beating up students at their hands , when I asked another student he told me they been punished for arriving late and that lady is the principal of the center ,I got surprise I thought only at regular school students get punished ,the second week our math teacher came into the class room with flat stick then she asked the students to keep the books closed she is going to review the subjects she taught us last week ,she start calling one by one then she gave question to solve at the board each students get 2 chances if the student solve at least one no punishments but if the student fail to answer both question then she beat the student 4 strokes at the palms , I took my first punishments from the math teachers at the first class 4 very hard stokes ,during the break between class's we have 15 minutes break me and most students spent the break at the toilet soaking cold water at our palms to easy the pain ,I don't even hear the bell for the second class ,while I at my way to the class room female staff at the hallway beating over 20 students and another female staff just standing by to keep the students on line she asked me to wait on line I try to explain to her that I am at the toilet she refuse to listen to me ,another 4 strokes form the staff for been late to class I felt my hands burning from the pain she beats too hard and she target the finger tips , it's so hard and painful to me when I got home after the second class my sister which she is teacher noticed the marks at my palm she start laughing at me then she told my mom about my punishments I can't hide the marks she asked me why before I explain to her she slapped my face two times and asked my sister to have her stick ready so she is going to let my sister to beat me again because I fail to answer questions at school which they spend money at me to learn so they waiting their money but my sister asked my mom to give me break this time and my sister will teach me the subjects because the second day the science teacher going to review the subjects with us , I am so lucky I answer all question after that I am now at my 5th week I don't get punished at school ,my sister start to review the lessons with me then she ask me question if I fail to answer then she apply 2 strokes to my palms but she applies very soft not hard strokes

by Mahesh Tue Aug 20 23:52:16 UTC 2013

Mahesh how old your teacher and the staff member who punished you and the one helping her , why your mother slap your face , is it common for you to get punished by your sister , how old is your sister ,is the only time you got punished at the center or you been subject to more punishments is their other type of punishments been adopted than the palm punishments ,

by guest Sat Aug 24 20:12:54 UTC 2013

Mahesh Are you student of regular school and did you enroll center to improve your school scores? How old are other students in your learning center and how many subject do your center offer to students and what are those subjects? Is your sister teacher of your learning center?

by guest Sun Aug 25 12:44:57 UTC 2013

the teacher 25 years old and the staff the one she applying the punishments she is at her mid 40's and the other female she very young 20-25 years old , my mother got mad of me because I don't study and been subject to be punished by the teacher ,yes my me and my other younger sisters get punished from my sister when we become naughty at home always my mom and dad leave the punishments to her even before she become teacher ,she is 31 years old ,no I been punished several times ,the only punishments their is hand punishments ,
yes guest I am student at regular school and enroll at the center to improve my self at both subjects since it's my final year at school , at my class's all students are 18-22 and all of them t their final school year , the center offer all subjects at regular school beside they have class's for students they can get certificate and training to get jobs like bookkeeping , computer , beauty and too many other subjects starts from 3-12 months , no my sister is teacher at regular school ,and summer time she teach history at other learning center

by Mahesh Wed Aug 28 12:27:16 UTC 2013

Mahesh Does your center punish other students who enroll to get certificate? How old are they who study for certificate? I assume your sister is history teacher which means her major in universidty or college must be history. How can she teach you science or math because you are final year in regular school and it is not easy for history teacher to teach math or science to the students who are final year of school.

by guest Sat Sep 07 19:58:49 UTC 2013

yes guest my sister hold master degree at her field but she still can explain and teach me math and science , it's not her field to teach at school and the center but she is intelligent to explain to me the subjects ,I never witness any student whom enrolled for certificate got punished in front of me the are at different building but I did see staff lady when I arrive holding long ruler and waiting in front of their building

by Mahesh Mon Sep 09 18:30:09 UTC 2013

Mahesh You would be proud of your sister that she can still teach you math and science which are significantly different subject from history. I hold master's degree in engineering but frankly I cannot teach history or literature etc to even low grade of junior high school student. Meantime, Does your sister always apply soft strokes when she punish you or have you ever gotten severly punished by your sister? If so, why and how you got punished by your sister severely?

by guest Wed Sep 11 11:33:37 UTC 2013

guest I am very proud of my sister , she even teach my sisters one of them second year university and the other at her last year university she explain to them with their major , when my sister teach me she explain the subject to me then she will give me some time after that time she starts her questions she apply one stroke for each wrong answer it's not hard but I feel some pain , several time me and one of my sister got beaten up by her very severe , my sister common punishments to beat us at our hands soft strokes when she teach us and harder strokes when we become un controlled one of the most severe punishments I have me and my older sister from her when stayed out of the house without permeation from our parents that about 4 years ago the two sister are at their friends home and me playing with other boys when we arrived home my mom she is too wary ,without any notice she start to beat us at her hands any place her hand can reach then she called my sister , she took to her room where she always gives her punishments to us she use long ruler ,she never use her hands she just beat us at our hands , she told us that each one of us will take 8 strokes ,she start with oldest sister she is 23 years old now she took the 8 strokes without any delay but she start crying from the second stroke because my sister giving very hard and severe strokes , me and my other sister out of fear refused to show our hands for the strokes ,she informed us by counting to three if we don't show the hands then she will give harder punishments to us , we know that she never used any other punishments so we don't gave her any attention , after she count to three , she is wearing leather belt she took it off then she start to beat us randomly , we are screaming but my mother never came to help us after may be 3-4 minutes beating us she asked final are you going to show your hands I said yes then my other sister said yes too ,we too another hard 8 strokes that the worst punishments been taking from her beside few time got hard strokes at the palms from her

by Mahesh Wed Sep 11 20:22:30 UTC 2013

Mahesh do you ever been punished by your parents and why your parents gave the authority to beat you and your sisters , what's the rule of your parents ,did you older sister ever got punished by your parents ,did your sister punish her students at school ,what the ages of her students , you been punished by your teachers and your sister whom you fear their punishments more ?

by guest Thu Sep 12 20:21:11 UTC 2013

yes guest my mom and my dad used to beat us but for the last 5 years I never got any beating from my dad neither my sisters but my mom some time and she is good by slapping the faces when we do some thing wrong and my older sister not home she just hit us 2-4 time at the face , they leave the punishments to my older sister ,so my older sister since she is at the university before she worked teacher she beat us by her flat stick at our palms , she do punish her students at school but at the center she don't no punishments at the center ,I fear my sister punishments more than the teachers I obeyed her and I do what ever she asked me to do but at the school I ignore the teachers some times , even they beat harder at school but still I fear my sister punishments

by Mahesh Wed Sep 18 21:49:21 UTC 2013

Mahesh Does your oldest sister have power to punish you only or have you ever been punished by your other sisters?

by guest Thu Sep 19 07:17:16 UTC 2013

when it come to punishments after wrong doing my oldest sister the one incharge to adopt the punishments , but me and my other sister we fight with each other ,

by Mahesh Tue Sep 24 12:41:43 UTC 2013

It's so embarrassing to get physically punished form teacher when the person an adult , I am 28 years old I attend learning center to get certificate bookkeeping my current job required me to take it it's 10 months course , the second week at the center I am absent for two days when I went the center , the managements office sent for me their I been greated by male staff he is at his late 40's then he asked me to see miss Jacky at then he gave me the room number , their miss Jacky secretary asked me to fill form that form why I am absent without any permission , I don't have any reason to be absent just I don't feel going to the center after work ,few minutes later I been directed to enter room to meet miss Jacky when I went inside very young female setting behind the desk start to question me about my answers at the form then she informed me that I been violated the attendance rules ,I replied sorry I don't know before I finished my words she said I know that you are sorry but to remember that In the future you are going to be punished then she hold long stick laying at her desk came toward me and asked me to stretch my hands out then she said she is going to punish me with 4 strokes at each hand then she ordered me to stretch the right hand first and not to take it dawn until she finish with the 4 strokes , I got shocked don't know what to do , without notice just I raise my right hand with my palm open then she start to beat my hand it's very painful ,I asked for mercy and not to beat my left hand but she refused few minutes later trying to deal with the pain I have at the right hand I took the other 4 strokes at the left hand it's so painful and humiliating when I left with the pain every students can see the pain on me ,

by Charhabeel Thu Sep 26 20:54:10 UTC 2013

Charhabeel how old miss Jacky and what it's her job title their , is physical punishments common at the center ,why you don't reject her punishments is their any other students got punished with you ,did the secretary witness your punishments

by guest Fri Sep 27 04:54:39 UTC 2013

Charhabeel Before you got punished, did you know that students would be physically punished or did you witness any physical punishment at the class or any where else?

by guest Fri Sep 27 16:25:30 UTC 2013

guest she is at her early 20's but she is too tall and thin ,after I got my punishments she gave me note to attend my class's she signed it as vice principal ,I don't witness any teachers or staff punishing students before but after I meat the vice principal she gave me the rules and regulation booklet which they gave it to us when we register at the center ,it has that misbehaving and rules breakers will be subject to physical punishments ,I just can't say no I felt she is in power and I need the course ,I am the only student at her office to get punished ,no the secretary don't witness my punishments but she can her the sound of the strokes , second day I been told by female students that she got beaten by miss jacky secretary for the same reason

by Charhabeel Fri Sep 27 23:50:12 UTC 2013

Charhabeel Does miss Jacky's secretary have authority to punish students? How old is she and according to regulation booklet, who else have power to punish students? You said you have never witnessed punishment in class. Have you anyone ever been late to class so far? Otherwise, do teachers overlook when students are late for class or not doing homework etc? What title does male staff in his 40's who asked you to see miss jacky have?

by guest Sat Sep 28 05:48:03 UTC 2013

yes guest miss jacky office incharge of discipline the students for their mistakes and miss behaviors ,yesterday I been among 23 students been punished by the secretary for arriving late ,she is at her mid 40's at the same time while we are at the hallway taking our punishments for the secretary I witness 5 female students at miss jacky office getting punished by her , that male staff he is jus the reception answering incoming phones and meat visitors to the managements office then direct them to the right department

by Charhabeel Tue Oct 01 13:04:04 UTC 2013

Charhabeel do students get punished if they arrive late to class's and who punish them , do teachers has the authority to punish the students for what violations ,

by jjj Wed Oct 02 19:16:11 UTC 2013

Charhabeel It looked as if the role of miss jacky and male staff was reversed as usually young female is doing secretarial work (answering phone, receiving guest etc) and it is surprised that young female in her early 20's is vice principal, which means she is in second highest position in the learning center. Is she family member of center owner? How many staffs or secretaries does miss Jacky have in her office? Do all of staffs have authority to beat students? Who beats harder miss Jacky or her secretary? Why did you get beaten by miss Jacky while female student got beaten by secretary for same reason? Do your center apply palm punishment only? Otherwise, do they also apply buttock punishment?

by guest Sat Oct 05 06:13:35 UTC 2013

I attend center for computer science it's run by volunteers all teachers and staff doing volunteer work that center offer free training and certificates for certain jobs ,one day me and two other male students been called by male staff for smoking inside the class room and been sent to the management office their girl she 19 years old holding long stick and beating other students we waited then she asked me first to open my hand so she is going to beat my hands ,I felt so embarrass even I witness several students all of them much older than her they just took the beating from her without any delay ,then I hold my hand infront but she direct me to stretch to the side ,she adjusted the highest of the hand with good target to her then she beats me 6 very severe strokes ,one students told us that female is the daughter of the head of the center and she still studying at the university but she do volunteer work after she finished from her class's

by Jandeer Patel Sat Oct 05 12:53:14 UTC 2013

Jandeer Patel How old are you and two other male students who got punished for smoking inside the class? What is 19 years girl's main job in the management office as I don't think her only job is to beat students? How many students did she beat before your punishment and why did she punish them? are they male or female students?
Is it common that teachers beat students in the class? If so, for what reason do the students get punished in the class? Have you ever witnessed older students been beaten by young female teacher in the class? Does your center apply palm punishment only?

by guest Sun Oct 06 08:16:16 UTC 2013

guest I am 28 years old and one students 24 the third students 26, she also teach math class's then she is responsible to discipline wrong behaviors and late arrivals ,their is 8 female students when we got their she beating them ,yes it's common for teachers to beat the students at the class room ,one teacher I saw she is beating students at the class room she is at her early or mid 20's looks too young ,I witness that while I am passing thru the hallway ,teacher do punish students for academic and rules breaking reasons ,the only punishments I witness is palm punishments I do not see or hear that any student been punished at other place just hand punishments only I think been applied .

by Jandeer Patel Mon Oct 07 17:50:26 UTC 2013

most centers runs by volunteers normally most the staff and teacher are at younger age and most of them are students at the university practicing their field while they are studying ,so when physical punishments is common then the only way they can take control and prove their ability to teach by using the extra force by applying the punishments without any mercy even if the students much older than them ,one time I went with my bother to see his teacher after he refuse to take punishments from her then the head of the center dismissed him to bring one of family member ,when I went to the management office i can't believe what i see , i saw very young females at the beginning i thought they are students holding long sticks and waiting at the main managements office one female beating group of students other female asked me about the reason i am their then she told me that she is the one sent for my brother family member ,that female she 21 years old last year university student ,i asked her if this is the only way they manage the students by beating them , she answered yes if they break the rules ,then she asked me to sign an affidavit that my broth will obey the rules in order to be re admitted at the center again , then she informed my brother while he is beside me that she is going to punish him 6 strokes at the palms and 4 at the buttock ,then she asked me if i like to witness my brother punishments off course i said no ,at the same time i don't agree at this harsh and unjust punishments but my brother need the education , after long talking with that female she just agree to punish him with just 4 strokes at the palms then i decide to watch the punishments because i am their she just applied 4 medium strokes to his palm compare what the other female she been doing over 20 minutes taking with one female the other female she don't stop beating students , like her job that center their just to beat up students ,

by Nancy Mon Oct 07 20:32:19 UTC 2013

Nancy how old are you and how old your brother ,is that female 21 years old is the head of the center ,what's the reason the females beating up the students ,did your brother agree or got embarrassed when witness his punishments ,

by Gwanda Thu Oct 10 18:23:53 UTC 2013

Nancy since the management ask for the parents why you have to stay out side to discuss your brother matter and not inside the office ,

by guest Fri Oct 18 13:05:45 UTC 2013

Nancy For what offence was your brother supposed to be punished by his teacher and why did your brother refuse to get punished. In spite of that it was obvious she would beat your brother whether family member come or not, why did she ask your brother to accompany his family member? Did she want to show family member how to beat him? She tried to beat 6 palm and 4 buttock. Do you know how many strokes was your brother supposed to be taken when he refused to get beaten? What does it mean that other female been doing over 20 minutes taking with one female? Did she beat one female students for 20 minutes?

by guest Sun Oct 20 07:03:10 UTC 2013

Gwanda I am 33 years old and my brother 25 , no the female is not the head but she is one of the females incharge of punishing the students at the head of the center office ,both females beating the students for arriving late ,at the beginning my brother he refused to take any punishments but when I talked to that female about her first proposal punishments and told her that it's too severe ,then my brother agree to take the 4 strokes at the palm , this not the first time my brother get punished infornt of me when he is at public school , I am one of his teachers I did punished him at school and I did witness his punishments before ,

guest : yes it's surprise to me that female kept us out side and she never offer us to go the office even I asked her several times to see the head of the center but she insist that the head is not their and she is the one to discuss with me my brother situation ,my brother refuse to take his teacher punishments when he asked one student question during class , the teacher called his for two strokes and he refused to take the punishments ,because he is old and should not get beaten for this reason ,when they called family member to sign paper that he will obey the rules other wise his family will pay fine if he get dismissed from the center ,off course not she don't mean to show family member how to beat but since we are standing and talking to her I witness all of this punishments ,and that teacher view when I witness his punishments will embarrassment his ,I did explained to her that I am teacher and understand the value of student refuse the orders because of that she reduced his punishments to just 4 palm strokes , but she is so nice she just applied 4 light strokes when my brother and me that he will get very hard strokes just the same severe as other teacher beating up students .during the 20 minutes talking that female beats up too many students not just one female but it's my mistake should be dot after the word doing

by Nancy Mon Oct 21 13:49:30 UTC 2013

Nancy Thanks for your explanation and now I fully understood that you talked for your brother's punishment for 20 minutes. Is that female who talked with you teacher or management staff? How old is the other female who beat students when you were talking with one female and how old are the students who got punished by her? Is she also a teacher or management staff? Did she apply palm punishment only or did she apply buttock punishment too? One female tried to beat your brother 6 palm and 4 buttock at the beginning but after discussion with you she reduced number of strokes. I understand all teachers and management staffs have to obey the center rules and center rule indicates guideline of the number of strokes when students have to be punished after refusing punishment. Does she have authority to reduce or increase strokes at her own decision without permission from head of center?
In the meantime, your center impose fine to student's family if student is dismissed, which means center offers free program to students. If family do not intend to pay fine, how can center collect fine as I think learning center is not government organization and they do not have power to collect fine compulsorily

by guest Thu Oct 24 09:49:05 UTC 2013

Nancy since you are teacher and you do punish your students why surprise to see teachers or staff punishing their students ,how old is your brother when he is your student ,who beat harder you or the females they are beating the students at the center ,did the female staff or teacher reduce the number of strokes giving to your brother after she learned that you are teacher then she just decide to apply very light strokes that why you described her that she is nice ,if you are the teacher and the students refuse your orders what punishments will you give the student

by Zak Thu Oct 24 13:28:21 UTC 2013

Guest both females are volunteer staff and both of them in power to beat ,the one I am talking to is 21 and the other one 24 years old I did see students according to their look are at late 20's and late 30's got beaten by that female and the only punishments I witnessed is palm punishments but with my conversation with the 21 years old female buttock punishments is adopted too ,at the start she insist of punishing my brother with 6 stokes at the palms and 4 at the buttock ,she have the authority to reduce and impose the number of strokes she find it suitable for the violation ,she informed me that talking rude to the teacher or staff member or not obeying the orders the punishments is not less than 6 and 4 but she reduce it first when my brother refuse to take any kind of punishments then after she knows that I am teacher too and understand their jobs then she reduce it to the 4 palm strokes I made my brother to accept the punishments because he is mistaken but I thought that she will apply very hard strokes , yes when they make the family sign the affidavit just like promissory note , yes they can held the family responsible to pay any fine by seeking legal action .
Zak : yes Zak I got not even surprise I got shocked to see young females beating old students ,even when my brother informed us that he dismissed because he refused to take punishments I thought my brother lying ,but when I went their and heard their view I understand it ,I am his teacher when he is 15 years old ,I do beat my students but no I don't apply that hard strokes that female been applying ,that female applies very severe strokes , we been standing about 15 meter away from her and we can her the sound of the strokes ,yes that female is so nice and she has respected me because I am teacher , even she informed me she did apply the light strokes just to right at my brother report he been punished for that violation ,if I am the teacher I will double the strokes and may be apply harder strokes ,because teachers when they work hard ,and even when they punish the students it's not for fun it's for own good , and when the students refuse to cooperate with the teacher that's mean no respect to the teacher ,I know my brother is wrong even he don't get punished by me for the last 5 years but when I explained his situation to my dad and mom they asked my to beat him up but I refused to that because he promised to be good student

by Nancy Thu Oct 24 20:03:25 UTC 2013

I attend computer training required by my company at learning center ,it's 4 months training 3 hours every day for 5 days a week ,we been informed by the head of the center male at his mid or late 50's that respecting the time and the instructors are very important the same as respecting the rules of the center , then he informed the students that the instructors are I power and authority to adopt physical punishments for violators he said that while he is laughing so all students thought he is just joking with us so we don't expect that we are going to be physically punished at our ages specially we every student pay for their tuition , at our first class female teacher she is at her mid 20's start to read the rules of the class to us then she informed us that beginning with her next class she will bring stick and will punish any student for about 15 things if student comet will be punished for , the second day I arrived late 20 minutes , one female at the entry of the school asked me to see the head of the center before I go to my class , their he asked female she is about 45 years old to punish me with 4 strokes at my hands , she asked me to follow her to her office then she took long stick laying at her desk and gave me order to stretch my hand out I just obeyed her

by George Sun Oct 27 19:14:21 UTC 2013

how old are you George and how hard she applied the strokes , are you the only student punished by her ,why you don't complain or reject the punishments ,is that female the only teacher you have , did she start to carry the stick with her to the class room , what's the students reaction when she inform the students about the physical punishments ,

by guest Mon Oct 28 11:56:34 UTC 2013

Guest I am 27 years old , it's very soft strokes but it's embarrassments when other staff watching me stretching my hand to receive the strokes ,I can't rejected or complain because we been informed about the physical punishments at the first day ,then she been so nice and she is just obeying the head of the center order ,after I got my punishments I been given note to enter my class when I arrived at the class room the teacher beating 6 female students very hard strokes for using their phones while she is teaching , then during the class she applied strokes to 3 more female students for what she call it rudeness ,that female is the only teacher we have and she is very mean and tough person I have to spend 3 hours every day with her she is willing to beat the students for small mistake even if student ask the students setting next to him or her any question without taking her permeation she will give punishments ,and beats very hard , one time I got 6 strokes from her for not doing my assignment at home .it seem that most young female teachers love to beat the students hard and love to do it ,friend of mine he take bookkeeping course at the same center he has female teacher she is 46 years old he keep telling me about how nice she is and she keep giving the students chances and if she have to punish any students she don't apply more than 2 light strokes ,

by George Mon Oct 28 20:20:48 UTC 2013

George What are 15 things if students commit then will be punished by your teacher? What offence did 6 female students who got punished when you entered class after punishment from staff for being late and what did 3 female students do when your teacher punished them for rudeness? Does your teacher apply only palm punishment? How many students are in your class and what is age range of students? How old is the oldest students in your class and which gender students is more than opposite gender? Did you know that physical punishment is adopted in your center before you enrolled and paid tuition?

by guest Tue Oct 29 06:20:03 UTC 2013

George Further to my previous post, I am sorry that I read your post scantily. I found 6 female got punished for using phone during the class. How old are 6 female and did they use phone at the same time? How old 3 female who got punished for rudeness?

by guest Tue Oct 29 07:02:33 UTC 2013

George when the female staff punished is it on open working area or at privet office ,because you mention it's embarrassing to stretch your hand for the strokes while other staff watching you , how many staff is their and what's their ages, is that female the only staff to punish students , what about the head of the principal did he ever punish any students ,when it come to the beating is it the teacher own decision how many strokes to apply or their is certain rules for certain violation ,when those females got punished first the 6 then the other 3 is their violation comes under the 15 prohibited things to do ? is their young female teachers at the center beside your teacher ,

by Jandeer Tue Oct 29 17:19:00 UTC 2013

guest the 15 thing covers every thing start from arriving late to failing tests , students when report to the class room have to stay frozen can't move and do any thing without take the permeation from the teacher even answer the teacher with certain way she don't like consider rudeness and will be punishable ,the first 6 females they used the phone which the teacher has the right to punish them but since it's their first time she should gave them warning or lighter punishments ,the other 3 females consider rude one female asked question about excel the teacher respond it's not our subject and asked her to wait the other two females start to tell the teacher that she don't know the answer and all three students start to talk to each other and laughing ,yes so far she just apply palm punishments but she been threating the students when they delay to show the hands or move the hands when she land the strokes that she will apply buttock strokes if they repeat removing or delaying the hands ,she need the student to take the strokes without any delay even the hands been burning and the student need to easy the pain before he or she take the next stroke ,at my class their is 47 students their ages from 21-37 year old their is 36 females and 11 male students ,when we register to the class physical punishments never mentioned we just first to know about the beating when we start the class's but at the registration paper on paragraph says , breaking the rules will be subject to students to be discipline according to the center regulation and rules ,the 6 females whom they are punished for using the phones 21,22,25 but the 3 other females are 28,35,37 which the 37 years old asked the question and the other two just got involved .
Jandeer : yes it's open office 4 female staff working at the same office and they do witness my punishments ,I don't know their ages but 2 of them their looks at mid 20's and the third one she is at older age beside the one she applied the stokes she is 45 years old , it's up to the teacher how many stoke need to punish the students ,yes their is more young female teachers their even one teacher she teach another friend of mine she is 22 years old .

by George Wed Oct 30 12:47:32 UTC 2013

George Considering one student asked teacher about excel, it seems that you are learning how to use computer program like excel, word processor etc from teacher. By the way, your teacher requires students to stay frozen, which means you are learning how to use programs only theoretically without computer on each desk. Am I right or do you have different computer lab to practice? Do you have any students who quit training center due to physical punishment as they never thought to be physically punished. You also said that you didn't know about physical punishment when you enrolled.
Did you hear from your friend that 22 years old teacher do beat hard just like your teacher?

by guest Fri Nov 01 06:05:27 UTC 2013

no guest their is computer at the class room each student has own computer to be trained on but some subjects before we start the hands on their is an oral subject about the basic of each then we practice it , when that female asked the question it's not our subject and still two weeks before we get into it , the teacher told the students that when we get to excel all of her questions will be asked , the teacher always she make all class involve she ask questions and give assignment every day we have home work and special assignment to do at home , so far all students still attending the class's none of the students drop out from my class and I never hear that any other students drop for this reason or other reasons , most students they don't no unless one of their friends been at that center ,they don't mention physical punishments at the registration ,yes that female teacher is just tough and hard at her students like our teacher

by George Fri Nov 01 19:19:58 UTC 2013

George when you mention the word teacher need students to stay frozen , I believe that teacher need an order and the students not to waist the time with side conversation and it is part of her duty if she keep students talk and other one answer them then lot of time will be waist ,by punishing the three students she just cut any more side talk ,and that will till how good that teacher to control and run the class room ,I will tell yes when young female teach at center or college with older students most the time students will take advantage of the young teachers if they show weakness , that's the reason most young teacher females or male taking the tough and be hard at the students ,I went to college at older age that time I have teacher she is 23 years old she is very nice and she try hard to be friend to the students she never set at her office at the lunch break she is always around the students dinning with them ,joking and sharing conversation with them then the students took advantage of her soft heart ,they try to carry the good relation and waist time at the class room ,then she start to adopt soft punishments but still the students still don't take her very serious ,most the time student don't care if they study or doing home work even to misbehave at the class room after 3 months she start to show her tough side ,she start to adopt hard and severe punishments , students start to behave much better , I am now teacher but I am at older age ,my first job to teach at learning center ,form my first class I did punished some of my students and I am sure that they feel the pain learning the lesson from my teacher ,then I don't have to wait and waist any time to the students to take the education very serious

by Miss Hadia Sat Nov 02 12:47:31 UTC 2013

Miss Hadia , her I can agree with you with some thing and object others , adults teaching is not like teaching little kids , teacher or what we call better instructor it's fit more than teacher because the instructor job and rule to transfer his or her knowledge to the students by sharing and make all the students involve for better understanding ,I can understand only teachers whom they teach little kids use them form of punishments to force their students to be quite ,but when the students above the age of 20's even the question that poor student ask is normal question even if it's not the subject at that time but it's at their major ,my point her even the teachers at those centers have the authority to enforce the rules by the power of the physical punishments but it have to be use as last option and when other disciplinary methods been taken , I agree with you I am also teacher when I start teaching students older than me they never gave me the respect as teacher as much I tried to be nice like friend or sister to most of them at the class room then just show their rudeness ,how old are you miss Hadia and how long you been teaching ,why you teach at learning center and not regular school ,do you been subject to that teacher punishments what you mean with hard and severe punishments ?? do beat hard and severe too ,

by Zelda Thu Nov 07 20:36:09 UTC 2013

Miss Hadia as miss Zelda said that question is part of her subject she can choose to answer it then if she don't need to answer it then she should just gave warning to all 3 girls and to the class that she don't allowed side and group conversation instead of just holding her stick and ordered the girls to report to the front of the class for punishments ,when I said she need the students to stay frozen I don't mean no movement just she wants any student before he or she need to talk or do any thing to raise the hand and to wait until she give them the permission to speak or to ask any question ,even when students need to go to use the toilet she have to permit them with other class's students just leave and at their way out will inform the teacher they are going to use the toilet ,I believe the reason of her acts just she don't have any confident with her self then she taking her stick and effect the pain at the students just to show that she is good and tough teacher ,lot of the punishments she adopt for stupid and small actions students make ,I am with you students their to learn few students their to waist time but start to be habit to the teacher to beat the students just she look for any mistake to beat up students , since we start I can't remember that one day pass without that teacher beat students ,one day one of my friends took permission for me to attend English class with him their teacher 22 years old ,she do hold the same stick with her the most severe punishments I saw her adopt two light strokes for late arrivals ,when she start to review students home work and the one they don't have it ready she just hold the earn and tell them to do the home work she is so friendly ,and she don't have any terror at her students like our teacher

by George Tue Nov 12 13:04:27 UTC 2013

Miss Zelda teaching adults much harder than teacher young students it's very easy that the teacher will control and keep the class under order but with the adult teach need to be Psychologist to under stand the students and does not matter what you call the name teacher instructor end up the same they are incharge and responsible to keep order and enforce the rules ,then you have the same experience as much you try to be nice with the students still they will show their rudness I don't know if you start to punish them or not , if not you will stay suffer and then you will be fired from your job ,I been punished by that teacher at other teachers and I took the punishments without any complain because I know I am mistaken but every time I got punished I try hard to change my self and not to do the same violation
I am 36 now and I been teaching for 3 years , that's the only place I find job to work at ,when I say hard and severe it mean it's too hard that the students will stay at least for hours to feel the pain of my punishments and after the pain disappear the marks of the strokes will stay at the students hands some times for the second day

by Miss Hadia Sat Nov 16 20:46:40 UTC 2013

I am 23 years old attending community college my next door neighbor she is one of my teachers she teach English , she is very hard and tough teacher physical punishments is common all teacher carry canes or rulers or flat leather belt ,when she beat she make sure that students take the marks and the pain with them home ,always I am fearing to be punished by her but my fear came fact two days ago I forgot my home work even she knows I did it because she is at my home with my family when I am doing it , but I forgot to take with me ,she consider me if I don't have with me just like I never did it, she beat me 6 strokes each strokes I felt the fire at my palms ,when I went home the strokes are visible my mother and older sister notice it but id deny that I been beaten until she came to my home then she start laughing and asking me to show her my hands and if I am still feel the pain of her strokes ,I answered her yes I am still in pain are beating us just to make joke of us .

by Kader Khan Sun Nov 17 16:18:56 UTC 2013

Kader Khan How old is your teacher and why did she laugh when she came to your home? Does she consider beating students as a joke? Are you male or female?

by guest Sun Nov 17 17:39:38 UTC 2013

guest that teacher 33years old ,she take it like joke when she effect pain at the students ,she good friend with my mom and at the same age of my oldest sister ,she keep telling my sister that she feel good when she beat up the students and she love it when they start blowing at their palms and put them under their arm bit to easy the pain between the strokes ,I am male

by Kader Khan Tue Nov 19 19:27:05 UTC 2013

Kader is the first and only time got punished their or you been subject to punishments from other teachers or staff members , what's your mom and sister respond first to her when they know that she punished you ,did she allowed students to blow at their palms during punishments ,what other reasons teachers and staff beat the students for ,I believe your teacher is right if you don't have the home work with you then just like to don't do it ,and will be punishable if punishments is common which I believe physical punishments is common ,what the age of the oldest students that teacher punished ,when you went home are you in pain or just you have the caning mark at your hand , how you respond to your teacher

by Suzen Wed Nov 20 21:30:16 UTC 2013

the only time I been punished by male staff then by that teacher , two days ago I been punished by other female teacher 4 light strokes ,my mom respond to her that she should not talk and brag about it but since she is friend and went to university with my sister my sister start to laugh then she just continue to talk how hard and tough she is at her students ,she do allow students to blow and do any thing to easy the pain but when she asks to show the hand the hand have to be ready for the next stroke ,teachers normally beat students for academic reason that Include not having home work ready and not answering questions ,beside failing tests ,beside coming into the class room late after the teacher enter the class ,other misbehave activity most the time the teacher ask the student to behave but when it's repeated then they get punished ,staff punish students for arriving late at the start always staff member standing by the main entrance and other staff watching the hallways and play grounds the are ready to beat students for any violations like talking loud, fighting ,smoking ..., I agree with you if student don't have the home work just like he never did it it's fair and all teacher do that and been inform of this rule by every teacher but what I hate about this teacher she is too hard and beat like we are enemies then she just do it for fun and enjoyment ,their is students at their late 20's at my class they been punished too , when I went home I am in pain but I hide the pain and try to soak my palms with cold water but the marks visible ,I don't respond to my teacher and my family conversation I just left the place where they are setting ,the second day at college when I see the teacher she start to smile with me then she extend her hand to shake my hand while she doing this she told me if I am mad of her I said yes not for the hard beating just for to make joke of it at home ,then she told me don't wary I am just like sister to you and I care about you and the rest of the students and that beating to remind you not to forget your home work and to study to obtain higher degree

by Kader Khan Sat Nov 23 13:16:23 UTC 2013

Mr Khan how old that male staff and what's the reason for the punishments , who beat harder the male teacher or that female teacher ,are you embarrassed at home because you been beaten by the teacher ,is your sister teacher too ,how much time the teacher give the students to blow at the palms , did she adopt other type of punishments beside the palm caning ,what you mean the hand have to be ready when she asks to show the hands ? how many teacher you have and what your major at college ,do all teachers beat students for violations and not having home work . how old all staff who supervise students and permitted to beat them for violations ,I see you justified and agree on your punishments , how you know that your teacher beat students for fun at the same time you said that all teacher inform the students in advance if you don't have the home work at the class with you then students will get punished ,did you shake your teacher hand or you felt that her hands put you on pain ,finally do you agree and believe physical punishments is good to be adopted and it help the students to improve their education or teachers adopted for no reason or as you said for enjoyment or to release their anger

by Dalida Sat Nov 23 18:48:02 UTC 2013

Dalida that male staff he is at mid 50's he always supervise the main entry ,he do apply medium strokes enough to feel pain for short time he always target the middle of the palm which don't produce long pain compare to my female teacher she target the tips and fingers of the hands at least for two strokes and the rest of the strokes at the middle of the palm ,students arriving late always get punished by the male staff ,other female staff supervising the hallways and the cafeteria and play area's during break time ,yes I am very embarrassed when she start telling my family about my punishments ,my sister is accountant working for private company , my major is business and bookkeeping ,she is the only teacher let the students blow or do any thing to easy the pain normally less than 30 seconds then if the students did not show the other hand as soon she said extend your hand then the hand have to be extended to take the following stroke ,their 6 teaches teaching us different subjects and all teachers do beat the students mostly for academic reason ,all staff members in power and authority to punish are at their early 40's and late 50's,
I don't agree at my punishments but it's rule and all teacher informed us that home work have to be ready and previous subject has to be studied and students should be ready for quick quiz or just quick review at the beginning at every class ,I don't think it's justice to beat up older students and too many other ways can be adopted to enforce the rules ,what make say that she beat students for fun as much she talk about her self beating up students and how the students scare from her and how hard she beat ,she should not talk about this with any person ,then that day when the teacher left our house she start to make joke of me by saying if I am your teacher I will beat you much harder and make the marks stays for days

by Kader Khan Mon Nov 25 18:42:42 UTC 2013

kader I have the same situation like yours I am 21 years old I enrolled at center to be an electrician it's 12 months training the program offered for free , the training start 3:00 pm until 7pm the second week at the center I am about 30 mints late the instructor refuse to let me in until I bring permeation from the management office ,I went their then I see female she looks too young and slim then I learned she is just 19 years old ,holding wooden stick and 6 other students standing against wall she ordered me to stand next to those students until she get the paper ready ,minute later she start to ask us one by one to come forward by the time first student got close to her she asked him to extend his right hand out and have the palm straight open to get punished he just did without any delay I asked the student in front of me why she is doing this , then she informed this is punishments for getting late ,that the rules her ,while I am talking to the student ahead of me she asked me to be quite and not to talk then I told her if I am her to get beaten too she answered me yes but I can rejected if have reason whey I am late ,I told her yes I have reason , then she told me when it's my term to explain the reason ,then she asked the rest of the students one by one and they just take the stokes from her I got scared from the sound her strokes making , when it's my term their is about 10 more students behind me she asked me to fill form explaining the reason I am late then she mentioned to me if I don't have reason I will get 2 more strokes extra I agree she start with other students took me 5 mints to fill the form , I indicate the reason that my car stop working which make me late to arrive , she don't believe me so she asked me if have any reference that any person helped me to get my car back ,but I know my self I am laying ,when she asked me in order to consider that she need an evidence and if I don't get evidence by the second day I will be dismissed from the center ,then I just told her I will take the punishments ,I am too scare but she looks too good I thought just to see and try her strokes then no other students their to see my punishments , I took 8 strokes from her it's too too hard , so I can't use any tools that day as much I am in pain

by Faris Wed Nov 27 21:01:13 UTC 2013

Faris what that female title at the center is she the head of the center which I don't think so , she is too young to hold any possession ,why you are surprised about the punishments and the other students not , did they informed the students about the physical punishments , how old the other students they got punished and how many male and how many females ,I think you don't have any other chance since you know your self laying but to take the beating ,and not just because she is looking good , what's your thinking about her after the beating ,did she inform you that you are going to take 8 strokes , do teachers have the authority to beat students , is that female the only staff member

by Sajaal Thu Nov 28 14:32:56 UTC 2013

Sajaal that female is not the head , she just doing volunteer work their and she is incharge to discipline the students the head of the center he is male 58 years old ,yes she is too young even with her looks when I arrived their I thought she is student taking the stick to the head or to other staff I never thought she is the one to punish the students until she asked me to wait on line ,yes they inform the students about the punishment but I never thought will be beating the students ,I can guess that the students been punished most of then 20-30 years old ,yes I don't have any other way to avoid the punishments that's why I just agree to take it , she is real terror when she apply the strokes but she kept smiling and she is never upset even she try to make the beating like joke or she is caring about us but she is love and enjoy it when she beats ,when I agree to take my punishments when she ordered me to show the right hand first she told me that I am going to take 8 strokes ,teachers not allowed to physically punish the students but they punish them by sending the students to the management office and look like she is the only staff beside the Head of the center to beat the students ,

by Faris Sat Nov 30 14:20:41 UTC 2013

Faris How many students are in your center and what is age range of students? Do teachers send students to management office to be punished for academic reason(not doing homework, failing test etc) too? Does she apply only palm punishment?

by guest Sat Nov 30 16:12:33 UTC 2013

guest their is over 700 students at the center ,teachers only send students to the managements for misbehaving and breaking the rules reasons , the only punishments for academic is deducting from marks ,I been their so far two times and the only time I see her adopting hand punishments

by Faris Mon Dec 02 19:19:07 UTC 2013

Faris It is suprised that only one female staff takes charge in disciplining over 700 students. I think she must be have strong arm so that she can handle almost punishment by herself and she has to punish students all day long everyday. Besides late coming, what are the reasons students being sent to her for punishment? How old have you ever witness or heard is the oldest students who got punished by her? Is that students male or female and why did that students get punished?

by guest Wed Dec 04 10:35:44 UTC 2013

guest yesterday I arrived very early then I went to get coffee at the cafeteria I saw her setting their taking lunch , then I went and sat at the same table me and her at the cafeteria I have about 45 minutes of talk with her , she is sport lady she is attending university for PE ,the way she is complaining that she don't like to beat students but the only work they have to her when sign for volunteer office administer , she been their only 4 moths and she taking place for another female she has baby taking leave for one year ,she told me that some days she give punishments to over 200 students and the head of the center gave her full authority to beat and beat real hard not give any soft strokes ,she complain about her arm always in pain and she always message it and apply medicine to her arm even she show me her palm it's always red even she has pure white skin ,she do beat students mostly like me can't control my self three times so far I got the strokes from her for arriving late , but she complain about other violations she beat students for that students acting like little kids ,by ignoring the rules by smoking at
at area's not for smoking , using mobile during class's even older students fight with each other , she told me once she has to beat up two students they good to be parents they fight with each other ,for me now I been their 3 times I did see females they look they are at late 30's or early 40's ,when I am their most the students standing waiting for punishments are females ,

by Faris Thu Dec 05 21:30:02 UTC 2013

me and my older sister attending college I am 22 years old and my sister 28 years old both are register at college to get two years diploma at accounting ,we been informed that physical punishments been adopted their even we know that before we decide when my sister friend she office administrator at the same college she informed us that physical punishments is adopted and they don't all students regardless of the age get beaten when they comet violation ,it went with us very good it's our third month their ,one time two weeks we got late then my sister friend just gave us warning ,today me and sister got late again then we been directed to her friend again ,when we arrived she is beating two females ,she asked us to line against the wall until she finished ,after she finished with those females she called my name to get close to her then while she is smiling she asked my sister to forgive her because she is going to give us strokes this time , my sister asks her for mercy but she refused because she claimed that she been monitored by the Head of the college ,then she told us don't wary is going be 6 strokes and not going be severe , then she asked me to stretch my hand out with my palm open , she strike the first stroke it's too hard then I show my second hand then I can't control to keep my hand still and open I just keep moving it when she raise her stick and applying it down she got too nervous she holds my wrist and asked me to keep it open she start aplaying strokes to one hand she apply over 10 strokes at one hand while she holding it ,then she asked me I am going to hold extend my other hand or to do the same I am at lot of pain ,she don't give the chance to think she just holds my other wrist and start beating the second hand I have been all day from her ,

by Andy Shabeer Tue Dec 10 21:44:42 UTC 2013

Andy ,is your sister friend the only one to punish students ,is it common that all teachers do beat students for violations ,when she gave you warning first time is it because it's your first time arriving late or because she is friend and did it as favor ,when you witness her beating other female students did she beat them hard the same as yours ,is the strokes that hard that you can't show your hand and been subject to more severe punishments ,since your punishments just 6 strokes why she beat the hand with all of these strokes ,did she punished your sister the same severe and how your sister handle the pain , is it the first time you and your sister getting punished ,did you witness students getting punished by teachers what's the reason the teacher punish the students for .

by Taiwana Wed Dec 11 15:06:53 UTC 2013

no Taiwana ,three females are incharge to physically punish the students at the management office ,but all teachers punish and beat the students for making trouble or for academic reason mostly not doing home work ,we have 5 teacher teach us ,2 male and 3 female teachers one male teacher he is at his mid 40's always carry stick with him to every class he teach and he give beating for any reason even if the student forget pen or note book he is willing to beat the students for this reason ,
first time when she gave us the warning she told my sister just because she knows us and my sister one of her best friends ,when she beat the female students she do beat the same severe as she beats me but I could not handle the pain or keep my hand still to receive the strokes ,I moved my hand 6 times when she decide to hold my wrist and beat my hand all of the strokes she kept telling me to keep my palm open while she is holding my wrist other wise she will beat my hand any where the stick will reach ,for me the strokes too hard ,when it's my sister term my sister shows her hands she took the 6 strokes without any trouble ,she did apply the same severe strokes and she shows her hands ,after she done she told my sister that she is sorry and she is hopping that my sister never get mad of her because she just doing her job and the Head of the college monitor her thru camera's so she can't let us go without punishments ,even the punishments is 6 strokes but she beat me over 20 strokes and she did that because I waist lot of time then I make her arm in pain when she land the strokes on air when I moved my hand ,I asked my sister about how severe is she in pain she told me that I am not strong enough she just felt pain at the first two strokes but the rest of the strokes she felt them but it's the same pain ,my sister been at different college before me and her register her she told me that her friend beating much easier and lighter that the college she went before because other teachers use thick canes to beat students which it's very painful and some times do skin damage ,
yes it's the first time for me to get punished since I finished my regular school 3 years ago but my sister she been punished at the other college and one time she got punished by female teacher ,every day I see students get punished by the teachers at the class room , and by the staff during break time ,most reason students get punished at the class room most thing not doing home work every day we get home work for all subjects ,and before class start teachers asks if every students have their home work done ,and they ask for the one who don't have it to stand at their desk ,most the time teachers then check the home work one by one to make sure students not laying ,then will decide to punish or just to give warning ,coming late to class after the teacher enter the class room all teacher do punish students for this violation and they do apply very hard and severe strokes

by Andy Wed Dec 11 21:28:42 UTC 2013

how old that female Andy , is she the same age as your sister , I am 25 years old when I registered the college to get Graphic design diploma ,they make the students to sign special paper about the physical punishments ,it's giving permit to teaches and authorized staff to physically punish the student if they comet any violation by breaking the rules of the college and the class room ,it's choice if student sign the document then will get punished for any violation if not then student will get first warning second warning will be dismissed for week after that will get dismissed permanently ,99% of the students sign the document giving the power to physically punish the student if they violate the rules , several times I been in trouble at the class room and I know my self I been subject for punishments from my teachers almost every day , and I never felt bad all of them respectful teacher when they punish us 2-6 strokes ,it's been done very respectful to us the students little pain , but yesterday my first time to arrive late and been directed to the Dean office at the Dean office 3 female staff may be the oldest one she is 23 years old they look very young and small group of students lining up and the three females about 5 meter away each one holding long wooden stick and student one by one going to take punishments ,I been directed by another female she is their writing students names and their college id number then she asked me to wait on line and to approach next available female ,it's so humiliating those females how they beat ,they don't have any mercy or respect to any age they just ask the students to show the hands and not to delay it just too each female to effect and turn students faces to crying faces less than minute , that what it take them to apply 6 severe strokes ,they beats our hands just they beat an animal or un human object ,I took my 6 strokes from girl staff she looks like at the size my 15 years sister ,it's so painful and humiliating ,I have marks at my hands until today I hide my hands when I am at home I am so shy that my mother or my sisters see my hands and to tell them I been beaten by little girl at college

by Ahmeed Thu Dec 12 21:36:19 UTC 2013

Andy How old are your sister's friend and other 2 females who have authority to punish students? Have you ever witnessed other 2 female staffs beating students? If so, did they apply hard strokes same as your sister's friend? Do female staffs punish on palms only or do they apply buttock punishment too? How many students are in your class and how old are they and how many male students out of them? You said male teacher in his mid 40's always carrying stick. Do other teachers not carry stick themselves? How old are other 4 teachers(1 male and 3 female) and who beat harder administration staffs or male teachers or female teachers? How severe do the teachers punish students who are late to class after teachers enter and is buttock punishment also adopted in the class by teachers?

by guest Thu Dec 12 21:54:15 UTC 2013

Faris It is unbelievable that older students fight each other in the learning center. What does it mean fighting each other? Did they hit each other? Otherwise, did they just quarrel with loud voice? How old are they and are they males or females? How severe did she punish students who fought?

by guest Fri Dec 13 07:36:36 UTC 2013

guest my sister friend is 28 years old the same age of my sister the other females one she looks too old may be at late 50's or early 60's and one of them she is 42 ,yes I did witness their beating the older female gives lighter ,less pain strokes but the other 2 are the same too hard ,I just witness palm punishments I never see any buttock punishments but before we attend this college my stister friend she use to tell us that she do give buttock punishments some times ,their is 26 students at our class ,9 male and the rest females the oldest students at our class female she is 38 years old ,yes that male teacher he always carry stick with him , other teacher they just send students to get one if they need to use it ,the other teachers ages male he is 53 years old, the females 26,33,37 old ,all punishments is painful for me so far I tried that female punishments and it's too severe on me ,and teachers depend when they punish late arrivals to class room all of them beat hard ,when my sister got punished by female teacher she just has pain for short time even the strokes did not show , but when we got the punishments from her friend it's too hard and the marks at both of our hands stayed until the second day ,

by Andy Fri Dec 13 22:21:46 UTC 2013

Ahmeed How many teachers do you have in your class and how old are they? Mainly for what reason did you get punished by your teachers in the class? Do you have young female teacher who in younger than you? If so, didn't you feel humiliation when you got punished by young female teacher?

by guest Sat Dec 14 08:09:06 UTC 2013

yes guest it's true one of the students at my class told me the same story he witness the fight between two female students one she is 37 years and the other one 33 years they have an argument out of school then they start it again then the hold and start to beat each other when on staff female ordered them to go and see the that young female the one she is in authority to discipline the students ,the way she explained to me she did gave them punishments they will talk about it all of their live when I asked her how and how many strokes she beat them she just smiled and answered enough to remember for the rest of their live ,

by Faris Sat Dec 14 19:29:38 UTC 2013

Andy how did your sister feeling after she got painful punishments from her friend ,did she got mad of her ,did that female visit you at home ,did you ever asked her why she beats you that hard ,why late arrivals get hard punishments ,do students get punished twice for same violation, when the students arrive late then get punished by staff then get punished again when they go to their classroom by the teacher

by LNO Sat Dec 14 19:49:12 UTC 2013

Faris Do you have male students in their mid 30's or older? If so, do they also allow 19 years girl to beat them?

by guest Sun Dec 15 08:01:02 UTC 2013

LNO my sister never god mad from her friend but she explain that she just doing her job and if we went on time then we don't have to go thru this embarrassment and we will get punished from he or other staff ,yes she did came to our house the same day and my sister just talking to her just she never been beaten by her , but me I just stayed away from her then she called me and asked me if I mad of her I said yes ,their is no reason to give me that hard beating ,she answered me because I make her arm hurt when she raise the stick high and landed on air make her arm hurt and embarrass her because she still insist that the head of the college monitor her and all staff ,then while se is laughing loud she told me with present of my mom that next time if I am in trouble either she is not going to give me any strokes or just been too soft , late arrivals to class room always get hard strokes because late arrivals don't respect the time and waist other students time when the teacher need to wait until all students are at the classroom before she or he start to lecture the subject ,no students don't get punished twice ,if students get punished at the management office then will get the permit note to enter the class ,late arrivals at the start of day punishable by the staff ,but late arrival between class's or after the break it's punishable by the class teacher ,

by Andy Sun Dec 15 13:52:49 UTC 2013

I am students at college I have 4 female teachers 2 are young 23 and 25 and the other two are 43and 57 years old ,physical punishments is common her ,I see young teachers are so good this is my second year I witness the young teacher use the physical punishments 3 times ,but the 57 years old teacher she love to beat she always come the class with long flat wooden stick ,she start every class first checking that all students have their books and other writing supplies ,if students don't have any of the supplies she apply 2 hard strokes to the hands , then she start checking the home work ,if students don't have it ready then she give 2 strokes for each question ,after that she start to review the previous day subject the same she will apply 2 strokes for each un answered question ,first 30 minutes of each of her class start with the same routine most students get at least 2-8 strokes ,one time I don't study for test then my marks is zero , that time 8 students out 33 score under the passing grade , I am the only one got zero ,I got the worst punishments from her 8 hard strokes at my hands and 8 at my buttock ,after she beats my hands ,she made me to bend dawn at the front desk then she asked two students to hold my hands to keep me without moving ,after that punishments I don't know either to easy the pain at my burning hands or my buttock ,I felt too humiliated even I thought to drop school after that ,the second class I have the 23 years old teacher she notice that I am I lot of pain she felt sorry for me then she asked me to go and apply cold water at my palms when I came back to class she offered me to apply some of her hand lotion then it's easy the pain at my hands but they still numbing but I butt still on lot of pain so I can't set dawn then the teacher asked me to stay standing at the back of the classroom

by John Feng Sun Dec 15 14:57:53 UTC 2013

JOhn you are blessed with nice kind hurt young female teacher ,this school year I have to drop from college after I got good beating from 24 years old female teacher ,all young female teachers use extra force and do punish more and harder than older teachers ,the reason for that young female teachers try to show their muscle and power by been tough and the easy way to do it to beat hard ,
John is that 57 years old teacher the only teacher beats what about the other older teachers ,why the young teachers don't beat are they still control the class room and the students ,

by Vilda Mon Dec 16 21:36:36 UTC 2013

Vilda , all teacher do beat but the 57 old teacher she is extra hard and all students hate her but they scare from her ,the young female teachers treat students like friends and students love them they always between students so every student make their best to study and be on time at the class room even when student do violate any rules always with nice way she asked him to stop and not to repeat that again ,they never beat any student for failing or fail to answer question ,when student fail test or fail to answer question she will give them in class study during 10 minute break or 45 minute launch break just like she punished the students by keeping them inside the class room doing the in class work ,
Vilda what mistake or violation you comet to get hard beating is she your teacher or just teaching at the college , what she teach ,I do believe that more teacher use physical punishments as first option and not last option , my oldest sister she is teacher , she teach at public school and learning center at the evening job ,she always believe on beating students is the right way to control them she even adopt punishments at home ,my parents gave her full authority at me and my other brothers and sisters

by John Feng Tue Dec 17 19:41:23 UTC 2013

I am 33 years old ,i register for fashion design class's it's offered for discounted tuition ,at that center i have 2 teachers and one trainer all of them females at their late 40's ,at the time of the registration we been informed about the center rules and the violators of the roles will be discipline and one of the discipline method is physical punishments by teachers or staff members ,but we been assured that physical punishments will be carried as last option after several warning ,first month i am almost get punished by staff member almost every day because i have to do my house work and take care of my kids before i go to the center i am always late one staff she is 47 years old she just apply 2 light strokes and ask me to not come late again they are very light strokes i can't even feel any pain ,the same at the first month i been subject for punishments from the teachers and the trainer ,they all so nice they just apply 2 light strokes for any mistake , but last week we have substitute teacher she is 22 years old ,at her first class she came with long stick ,at her first day she punished 7 girls 6 strokes too hard and severe ,always i wished i will never have to get punished by her ,but yesterday i forgot my text book and i don't work at project she asked us to do ,she asked me to come to the front ,then she ordered me to show my palm when i have my hand out and my palm ready to get the strokes she told me that i am going to get 8 strokes 4 at each hand ,i took my hand dawn and asked her it's severe and too many strokes if she can give me chance i will finish my project the second day but she refused , i extend my hand and i am ready to take her punishments ,she applied the first stroke i felt that i am loosing my hand it's too painful i asked her whey all of this force with the stroke she asked me to keep quit and to show my other hand then i told her if you are going to beat that hard i am sorry i not showing my hand and i will not take any strokes form you , then she said i will apply the strokes with less force ,i extend my other hand but she raise the stick all the way then she applied the same hard stroke i start to tear of the pain then i told her i will not show my hands to you again i will go to the management office ,i went to my table i took my purse then i went to the management office ,then i explained to the head what happened and i show her my hands both or them are red and one mark show even taking part of my skin ,the head start to blame me of leaving the class without the teacher permission and i should inform the teacher i am not taking her punishments then to let the teacher send me to the management ,i answered her that teacher she is too hard and she apply severe and hard strokes that we can't handle the pain ,but the been so rude and mean with me ,she went back and holds stick then she came toward me then she asked me how many strokes that teacher going to give me i said 8 and i took 2 of them ,then she told that i should be suspended form the center but she is willing to punish me and to give me final warning if i ever do the same again i will be suspended ,then she asked me if can't handle the stokes at the hands she is willing to give the rest of the strokes at my buttock ,during that time the pain is cooling ,i decide to take the strokes at my hands ,she did apply the first 4 strokes very light even i smiled i told her i can handle 50 strokes like these but she told me don't get so happy and i don't know what she mean with this until she applied the last 2 strokes they are so painful more than the one's i took from that female teacher ,young teacher are much harder and they show off their power by beating so hard

by Brittney Tue Dec 17 21:53:11 UTC 2013

Vilda Is her beating only reason for you to drop from college? If so, did you quit college because of humiliation or you hate pain? How old are you and are you male? How severely did you get beating from her?

John I agree with you that most teacher use physical punishment as first option as beating is most easy way for them to make students behave and study but I believe it is definitely not a desirable way for the teachers

by guest Wed Dec 18 12:19:13 UTC 2013

yes guest it's both the severe pain and humiliating I got when I get punished by the teacher she is 5 years younger than me ,every person hate the pain ,I am female 29 years old ,I do believe that teacher should use certain punishments to enforce the rules and force the students to achieve their education but I see most teacher beat the students just like the students their enemies ,I took punishments form other teachers and one time from an administrator it's painful but I never see that they beat to as haters they beat to make us feel that we did some thing wrong and this pain to think not to do the same mistake again , but that female she beats like I am criminal or I did some thing to her personally and she taking revenge from me ,I don't know how I agree to show my hands to take the 8 strokes by the time she done with the last stroke I just left the class room running to toilet crying holding my hands under my arm pet as much I soaked my hands with cold water to reduce the pain and the pain get worst I looked at my palms I see that each hand like the teachers stick eat part of my skin ,I took permeation for that day but the pain still on the second day when I decide not to go back to that college .
John my mistake or violation that I don't work at my home work and this is the second time first time she gave me warning but this time she insist in beating me ,she is my teacher and she teach accounting ,all teachers think the use of the force and beating is the only way to control the students and force them to obey them

by Vilda Wed Dec 18 13:38:59 UTC 2013

Vilda you know that not doing home work is violation and it's punishable either physically or mentally special that teacher she gave you warning for the first time , did she beat you harder than other students or just other students can handle the pain ,yes most teachers think that beating is the answer to control ,most the time they are right ,students always take advantage at teachers when they are too friendly with students ,I am social worker at school ,I get too many students complaining about their teachers too extra force when they punish them ,then I find out and which is right the each students body stile and the handling of the pain different ,one time teacher punished group of students i did witness the punishments the teacher did apply the same strength to apply the strokes ,i see students took 6 strokes and left smiling ,students start to tear after the second stroke ,then i got two female students later to complain about that teacher that she used extra force when she punished them and she left them with severe pain , i think your case is the same valid and you should not quite school

by Brenda Thu Dec 19 19:55:09 UTC 2013

yes miss Brenda , I do under stand not doing the home is punishable violation all teachers punish the students for not doing home work ,she is the only teacher to give one time warning but when she punish she beat hard , at that time me and 8 more students got the punishments all students younger than me and one students at her age I am the only one older than her ,she did beat all students the same hard severe strokes every one is crying after the third or the fourth stroke ,even I am at severe pain I just hold my temper and the pain ,after I dropped that college I start to think about that and I do believe the humiliating make me drop college specially one of my neighbor attending the same class with me she is 19 I see my self too embarrassed from her because I got beaten in front of her ,you right miss Brenda one teacher only give light strokes no pain , I never feel the pain even so some girls get the pain and if not crying they are tearing

by Vilda Sat Dec 21 20:33:24 UTC 2013

Miss Brenda as school social worker do you ever punish any students , what's your opinion about punishments what the best method to use if it have to be used ,how you solve dispute when student complain that one teacher is much harder than the other students

by Shaker Sun Dec 22 14:42:33 UTC 2013

my worst punishments ever is from my teacher she is 28 years old she always dress with suite and tie if any body look at her from the back or form far away will this she is man and not lady ,normally she is fair and apply soft and 2-4 light strokes but one day i don't have my home work done she gave my 3 warning before to work at my home work but i keep forget to do my home work ,that day she asked with another students to come to the front then she asked me to turn my face against the wall and stand while i am holding my hands up ,i did what she asked me to do then i heard her telling the other students that each one will take 2 strokes one at each hand , after she done she asked me to turn my face then she came close to my while she is holding the stick ,then she informed me that my punishments is 4 strokes at each hand so i have to hold my right hand first and take 4 strokes then the left hand , i don't argue with her i raised my right hand then she raised the stick way above her shoulder and land very severe stroke make me in pain so i can't keep the hand open to receive the other 3 strokes when she keep asking me to show my hand again i show the left hand she insist at the right hand then i hold it again the same she raise the stick ,she is taller than me i while the stick landing i moved my hand from the fear ,she got too mad from me then she warn me if i move it again then more strokes will apply but i did i move it again ,without any notice she slapped my face two time , then she holds my hand and she applied 4 strokes then the left hand she applied 4more strokes , i thought that she is done , she asked the students at the front desk to hold me after she ordered me to bend dawn ,she applied 8 hard strokes to my buttock too, then she asked me to stand at one corner and keep my hands up and not to touch my buttock or to put my hands dawn until she ordered me to do so ,it's the end of the class when she asked me to go back to my desk ,then she told me i hope you learned you lesson ,to have your home work done and not to move your hands again , yes i did learn my lesson i start when i leave to home before i do any thing to work at my home work then to review that day subject to avoid any punishments from her or other teachers , the marks stayed at my buttock for 4 days and at my hands until the second day

by Mark Mon Dec 23 19:35:26 UTC 2013

John Feng
Which teacher used physical punishment 3 times, 25 years teacher or 23 years teacher and why did she beat students and how hard? You said every student do the best to study and behave well in young teachers' class, which I think is much better idea to control students than physical punishment. In which class do the students study and behave better out of 57 years teacher's class or young teachers' class? It is very surprised that 57 years teacher spend first 30 minutes of 50 minutes class hour to check and punish students, which means that she teaches only 20 minutes every class. Does principle know this and allow her to teach only 20 minutes per each her classes?
It is also unbelievable that you get physical punishment at home .Since you attend college, you must be adult and it is quite strange to me that adult family member get physical punishment at home even if punished by parents. How old are you and your eldest sister and your other sisters and brothers? For what mistakes do you get punished by your elder sister and how hard does your eldest sister punish you and other brothers and sisters? Does your elder sister get married?

by guest Tue Dec 24 05:47:53 UTC 2013

Mark Were you the first student who moved hand when 28 years teacher's stick land and got punished so severely by your teacher? How old are you and have you ever been punished by her after that punishment?

by guest Tue Dec 24 10:24:54 UTC 2013

Mark do you know why she wear suit and tie? does her face looked like man also?

by guest Tue Dec 24 10:27:31 UTC 2013

guest that teacher she is very soft and beautiful she don't look like man but may be it's style dress I see other teachers dress like that too ,the tie they wear stay loose form the neck like thin scarf ,it's her first time to beat that hard and severe normally she give soft strokes ,but because she gave me three warning because every time I gave her reason ,at this time she is sure that I been laying at her that's whey she decide to apply the hard strokes ,yes I took more punishments from her but it's not that hard that time it's my worst I will never forget and that's why I start to do my home work always ,
I am 20 years old ,but my severe punishments teach all students at the class room lesson ,because two days later she applied the same hard strokes for female students they just manage to hold their hands and not to move it even they are at severe pain and crying

by Mark Tue Dec 24 19:50:50 UTC 2013

Mark Are you attending college or learning center? How old is oldest male and female students in your class? Do you fear her after hard punishment? For what reason female students got severely punished by her? Do other teachers also apply soft strokes usually like 28 years teacher?

by guest Wed Dec 25 05:34:50 UTC 2013

guest I attend two years college (class room base ) and not base on credit hours ,the oldest female 27 years old and oldest male 23 years old ,yes I do I fear her and her punishments , she is very good and fair but when the students ignore her orders and direction she become terror that the message she delivered and all students got that message after my hard punishments ,those female arrived late to class while she is going to give us test she screamed at them to move fast and to get ready to the test and she will punish them for arriving late after the test ,they answered her back with bad words ,then after the test she asked them to show into the front normally she gives 2 strokes for arriving late while she is holding the stick she told them that they will be receiving 4 strokes each one then they kept arguing with her ,finally they extend the hands for punishments ,she applied real hard strokes because she is too tall when she raise the stick all the way up then she land it with full strength ,usually all teacher apply soft strokes 1-2 stokes at each hand so far that teacher the only one beats hard

by Mark Wed Dec 25 13:02:28 UTC 2013

Shaker ,before I become social worker at school I am teacher I did teach students all ages 6-33 years old and yes I used to punish students at school and at the college where my last job I teach at college for 8 years then I took this current job , I do believe that students no matter the age they have to fear of some thing and nothing the students will make them get the fear more than the physical punishments as much teachers get nice and treat students like friends or brothers and sister they still comet violations but when they get the pain of the punishments 95% they will not repeat the same violation again ,when students have complain I do investigate all the in's and out's I question the teachers I do surprise visits to the class room if the teacher is mistaken then warning will be issue to that teacher some time pay cut one time teacher been fired from teaching ,but if the student make false complain some times I do punish those students but most the time I refer them to the supervising teacher or staff to punish them

by Brenda Wed Dec 25 14:50:21 UTC 2013

answer to guest form John Feng ,the 23 years old teacher is the one ,all students at all class's try their best to behave and obey the rules but the different between teachers some teachers love to use the stick for any minor mistake like the 57 years old teacher ,she is real terror none of the students like that teacher ,class room and students at the adult class's need teachers like the 23 years old she respect and treat the students fairly ,yes the old teacher most of her class's just teach for 20 minutes and the managements knows about it ,but her class's always have good academic ,
my sister been married for 6 months now and she lives at the same building where we live ,she is 27 years old , I am 20 years old she used to beat us when I am at school last time I got strokes from her 2 years ago but she just beat my youngest sister she is 14 years old last week because she fail test at her school we obey her and respect her

by John Feng Thu Dec 26 13:29:52 UTC 2013

I attend private tuition center to take advance class's to help me at my last year at school ,I am 19 years old and I register for English ,math , science class's each class is 90 minutes ,even they are paid class's but we been told that we have to obey the rules and arrive on time other wise we will be physically punished by the teachers or the principal and the only staff at the office ,normally teachers apply very soft strokes they use pointer or thin ruler they apply 1-2 strokes at each hand ,they do that just to make us embarrassed by just holding our hands and waiting at the front of the class ,one day i smoked during break between class's , i don't no that smoking is prohibited at the center ,one teacher saw me she asked me to thru the cigarette away but i ignored her ,then she asked me to go to principal office again i refused to obey her ,she came very close to me then she slapped my face two times then she holds my ear and pulled me to the principal office ,she explained to the principal what i did ,i don't deny any thing but i told her i am sorry and i am not aware that smoking is not allowed but she told that i will remember that smoking not allowed all the time after you will take the punishments ,then she called female she is 21 years old then i learned that she teach computer their and asked her to give 6 good strokes ,then that female asked me to follow her then she asked me to wait out side an office few minutes later she came with long squire stick then she asked me to show my right hand first i took very painful strokes from her ,later i learned that female is the principal daughter and she always give very hard strokes

by Kanta Sat Dec 28 19:57:19 UTC 2013

Kanta is that female is the staff who work at the office , how old that female teacher and is she your teacher ,why you don't obey her orders ,what's the reason let her daughter to punish you and by her self ,

by guest Sun Dec 29 13:14:46 UTC 2013

guest no that female she teach computer ,that female teacher she is not my teacher she is old lady ,I thought it's not her business to tell me what to do but she got insulted because I don't listen to her ,the center is owned by the family , the principal teach class's at that time she has to go to her class and her daughter setting at office next to the principal office ,I been told from other students most the time when they sent to the principal office the daughter adopt the punishments most the time ,she always beat hard ,I felt insulted because I got beating from female close to my age and she lives with her family at the same neighborhood ,we used to play together and go places together ,but I don't have any choice I have to obey the orders because I am mistaken and my parents don't know that I smoke so I don't need the principal to tell my parents about that .

by Kanta Mon Dec 30 13:08:56 UTC 2013

Kanta I do believe that you deserve to get harder punishments because you don't know how to respect ,first you don't obey the teacher direction and ignore it , now you called teacher an old lady , I think that older age teacher very nice and good teacher because she try informed you to stop the smoking other wise she can beat you right away or send you to the principal office but she try to give chance but I been un polite and rude to her then you deserve to get beaten from even younger age and it's enough humiliating to you to get beaten with your well by some body you used to play and hang around with her ,I hope this will teach you lesson of respect and to talk with better attitude even to the youngest teacher at the center ,
Kanta is it most students at the center from the same neighborhood ,did they teach other class's beside class's to the school students do they offer programs of training and certificates ,

by Miss Amy Tue Dec 31 18:10:05 UTC 2013

yes miss Amy it's me and I blame my self for being rude and felt sorry to answer the teacher this way but we live to learn , I went to the teacher the second day and I said sorry because I recognized my mistake and I could avoid the hard punishments and the insulting I got from the young lady teacher ,
the center do offer computer training and fashion design and sewing class's ,and more class's to adults they are in need to get training plus the tuition class's to school students at all ages

by Kanta Wed Jan 01 13:44:57 UTC 2014

I am 19 years old , it's my first year at this college ,when I am at school I can't wait to finish school and go to college knowing that no beating at college ,but it happened that physical punishments is common and it's given much harder than what we used to take it at school , each class room has long stick teachers use it as pointer and to beat students with , this now my fourth month normally teachers don't punish students lot but they do some times for certain violation give one or two light strokes at each hands ,but the most scary place is the managements office if student report their for any reason and required punishments then they always give severe and hard strokes ,several time I got the punishments their but until last week I never took any punishments from any teacher ,last week we been informed by all teachers that next class will be reviewing day because it's the time to take the mid term test ,then they informed us that punishments will be given if we are not prepared so they encourage us to study well,
first review class is the English class , our teacher she is 32 years old about 185 cm tall ,she starts by holding the stick at her hand then she asked us to keep all books closed then she informed us that for each question we fail to answer 2 strokes will apply,and in order not to waist time she start to ask questions ,she made the students to show at the front then she start to ask them 5 questions each student ,if students fail to answer she let them stay at the front but that students will know how many strokes they will be taking ,we are 37 students at the class ,22 students fail to answer at least one question ,then she asked the students the one's they failed to answer just one or two to go back to their seats and the others to face the beating start from 6-10 strokes , normally when she apply stokes she do apply very soft strokes , that's why most of us waiting to get punished don't have any fear ,she start her punishments by asking female student to step forward and stretch her hands out ,it's surprising to all of us on how severe she apply the strokes after the second stroke that female crying too loud and asking for mercy ,but she don't care she just kept asking her to show the hands one after one until she finished applying 6 strokes and all of them very severe , I am the second one to ask me to show my hands and I am taking 8 strokes it's too hard and severe strokes she apply the strokes with her full strength and I just hold my tears after the last stroke I felt my hand burning and I just going to lose my hand I asked her to leave the class room and go to toilet ,she asked me if I need to use the toilet or just I need to leave the class with voice full of pain I told her I am going to put my hands under cold water because I feel that I am loosing them , she laughed then she permitted me to go ,when I went back to the class she is done and all students doing nothing and calm but some crying voices coming from students suffering from the pain every students can't wait until the class is over then they rushed to the toilet and back their is too busy look like most class's been subject to the same severe punishments because all students just going to apply cold water to their hands and wash the faces to hide pain or the tears

by Cathrine Thu Jan 02 14:38:09 UTC 2014

I been teaching for 32 years ,i did punish school kids all of these years , my surprise when i dropped my son to his college ,i went inside to pay his tuition too , what surprising to see two female they looks and seems very young each one holding long stick and group of students are lining up to get punished by them even when my son arrive he been ordered to wait on line ,when i went to the accounting department i asked the lady their whey let students beat other students then she told me that they are staff and not students and they are in charge to punish late arrivals ,at my way out i did looked at my son and he is embarrassed to look at me but i did see the females giving very hard beating to those students and some students their looks much older than them

by Mrs Ghani Sat Jan 04 19:31:23 UTC 2014

Mrs Ghani how old is your students , are you aware that your son college adopt physical punishments ,did you ask your son about the punishments at his college , are you with or against the punishments ,you just passed by and you know that your son going be punished by one the females

by Jeejee Sun Jan 05 12:54:33 UTC 2014

Jeejee my students ages 11-18 years old ,yes I am aware that my son college adopt physical punishments but what is shocked me is the age of the teacher or the staff adopting the punishments they too young so I thought they are students and given the power to beat late arrivals ,I never ask my son about the punishments I am aware that punishments adopted and some times I can see the marks of the strokes at my son hands but I never asked him who and why he get punished for not to embarrass him ,I am with the punishments it's the most way students fear from

by Mrs Ghani Mon Jan 06 14:21:52 UTC 2014

Mrs Ghani You said you already knew physical punishment is adopted in your son's college, which means you knew late arrival will be punished. Why did you drive your son to his college late causing your son to be punished? Meantime, do you also agree that physical punishment should be adopted to adult students in college?

by guest Wed Jan 08 06:28:25 UTC 2014

yes guest it's my fault this time ,since I am teacher I have to go to my school and secure another teacher for my first class that's took time which I don't expected ,I do agree to punish adult students because they are adults and should know how to respect the time and the rules ,

by Mrs Ghani Wed Jan 08 12:58:56 UTC 2014

Mrs Ghani , always I think when the parents are teachers they care more about their kids education but you don't care you don't even ask your son why he get punished for is it better to talk to him to understand the reasons he get punished for and try to correct him ,during your teaching time do you ever teach adult and punished them , do you believe with adopting few strokes but too hard or to apply more strokes with light or medium strength

by Chechek Wed Jan 08 14:34:12 UTC 2014

I am 21 years old student at learning center this my second years ,physical punishments is common their , during my first year I been punished several times , mostly from one female staff she is 48 years old she do apply 2-4 light strokes at both hands when ever report their for any violation , their is another female staff she is 35 years she is normally beat much harder ,during my first year I got punished 2 times by teachers one time for home work and one time for using the phone , this year I been behaving much better so far I got punishments from the head of the center he is male 57 years old he do apply hard and severe strokes , last month we have new teacher female 22 years old , from her first class she gave us instruction that she is too strict and will not allow any misbehaving and wrong doing ,she spent the first class knowing our names and talking about her self , she just graduate and it's her first time teaching ,the second day she came holding stick ,then she told us to be surprise so we are going to see her with the stick every time she come to the class and she will not hesitate to punish any misbehaving students , some students complain that no teacher come to the class holding stick , but she answered you need to adopt your self for that , few minutes later she start to make review for the subject the previous teacher gave us most students don't know the answers ,she don't punish any student for that but she informed us that next time will be punishments for not answering questions , during that class she noticed two female students texting each other she asked them to the front and ordered them to show the hands for punishments ,when she start to apply the strokes all class have the fear and holds their breath , she applied very hard and severe strokes she gave each one 6 strokes then she told the class that what expect when you break the rules , every students just kept wishing they never have to get punish from her , so far until last week when I fail test and I have to take her beating , I noticed and felt the real pain ,she strike on full strength , even her looks can't tell that she is that tough every students say that she is terror teacher

by Maymooona Sun Jan 12 14:52:57 UTC 2014

I call young teachers that they are crazy and showing off their authority and power , they don't know how to teach they just keep giving home work and weekly test ,they do beat students for any reason , i am female 27 years old attending public college , one male teacher he is 24 years old always he give 2 strokes one at each hand for late arrival to class room but those strokes make the student to stay in pain until the end of the class , one day i forgot my home work and it's my first time to forget the note book all teachers don't punish for this reason until the third time i kept asking him for break and i am willing to get the book from home so i live close to home but he refused ,i received 6 hard strokes i felt my fingers and bones broken and my palm swallow ,i have small thin hands and the strokes too hard on me , i told that teacher that i hate him and i will ask the principal to change my class to other class ,he just kept laughing , i kept feeling the pain for 3 days and the marks are visible at my palms , i did complain about him and how severe he beats to the management because the second day i arrived late and one female staff beating the late arrivals when i shows my hands for her strokes and she saw how bad my hands she stopped and asked me to go and see the principal to file complain ,then the principal told me that i am not going to be punished today for coming late and she will talk to that teacher to beat with less strength , but he never change every time he beats he effect lot of pain ,
one time i got punished from one female teacher she is new teacher at that time she don't teach me but me and other girls been wild she beats all of us at the hallway , she is real terror i have the same pain even more pain when my 5 years old daughter noticed my palms she asked me why is my hands like that i don't know what to answer her , my husband got too mad and i refused to let him go and complain ,i think the youngest the teacher the more hard and tough try to be ,most the time they beat students without any reason and other teacher just make them self that they don't see the students ,i believe with physical punishments but to be fair and to educate and not to effect the pain like students are enemies to the teacher

by Brita Mon Jan 13 21:17:55 UTC 2014

I am totally agree with you Brita all teachers not just the young one's they just love to beat and show their authority ,when they are asked why and they notice them self they just beat without any mercy the same sentence I do that for your own benefit ,I wonder where is my benefit I get punished too hard for not doing home work or answer questions then I have to deal with my pain the rest of class ,can any teacher answer this question ,one of my teachers she asked me to let her use personal thing I have I did let her use it in order to bring it back after two days , I waited a week she never bring it back then I asked her for it ,she got too upset and mad ,when she has my stuff I been subject to get punished from her for home work two times but she don't punish me and the other students she act like she is the best teacher and she keep telling us I will give you a warning , the second day after I asked for my item , when she came to our class she decide to do surprise test 5 questions and just 10 minutes to finish , at that test I got 2 right and 3 wrong she decide to apply 3 strokes for each wrong question , at that time all the class at least they do have one wrong every students got 3-15 strokes from her ,she so beat not too hard and not soft but when it's my term every student notice that she beats me with much more hard and severe strokes I am I lot of pain and I know the reason just because I asked her for my personal item ,I went to her office after class and told her I know the gave the test just to have reason to beat me and you did beat me much harder than all students just because I ask you to bring my item , of course she deny that at that time she has my stuff ,then I call her bad name and I threat to talk to the Dean about her , even I called her bad things she don't do any thing to me ,that example of one teacher and most teachers always holding stick and they do laugh while and during the time they beats the students ,

by Firdous Tue Jan 14 20:45:42 UTC 2014

Brita and Firdous , both of you are wrong teachers job is the most royal and honor job without the teachers and the education we get then we all still insane ,I never get mad or call my teachers any names they are the good things at our life , all of us when attend school we are subject for punishments ,when teacher have to deal and incharge to at least 30 or more students at the class room and each student need to do what ever they like ,without the fear then the class room will be full of people careless ,I do respect all teachers and always I believe young teacher are more to care and to teach and see their students getting god scores

by Miss Maggie Thu Jan 16 13:28:38 UTC 2014

I been punished by my teachers several times one teacher he is 5 years younger than me I got beaten by him and still I have all the respect to all teachers and punishments is the same and it's the same pain if got punished by older teacher or younger teachers , yes their is some bad teachers and they love to beat for any reason but most teachers are good and when they beat been forced to do it , even I got punishments as an adult it's always our fault the students , we should know better and respect better their is rules we have to obey it , we went back to get degree at our own no body force then we should respect the rules ,teacher job is too hard and not easy job when they are dealing with too many students ,

by Jendra Thu Jan 23 20:29:51 UTC 2014

when I enrolled at the learning center ,I did sign the form indicating to obey the rules and regulation of the center with that form it's clear language saying breaking the rules will result with physical punishments ,I sign it without even ask any question about it because I know I am going their to get education even when I finished my public school 8 years ago punishments is common but I don't get punished the last three years at my public school ,I am now at my sixth month at this center ,the first month at least 3-4 times every week I get 1-2 strokes at my hands from lady staff she is at her mid 50's never been punished at the class room ,teachers do beat very hard specially for students using phones , coming late to class or not having home work ready , I have 4 teachers just one teacher do beat students for not answering question or failing tests other teachers don't punish for these reasons , I never get insulted when I get punished by the same lady staff ,few days ago during lunch break ,while me and 6 other students having lunch ,some students joking with each other they thru food at us we don't know it's accident we fight with those students and become too loud 3 females staff came to the cafeteria then they stopped the fight then they took our ID's and ordered us to report to the principal office then one staff told us to go one room number ,we went their we are total 11 students 4 male and 7 females , the principal came and he asked us about the reason ,then he asked one of the female staff to punish us 6 strokes at the hands and other female to punish us extra 4 at the buttock and he asked the third one to write the violation notes and to ad to our punishments 2 days at the detention center after class's one hour every day ,when I took this punishments I did recognized how insulting and humiliating taking punishments at my age specially both females administered the punishments are young females they beat too hard and severe and still we are going to severe the detention start next Monday ,

by Jill Sun Feb 02 14:43:16 UTC 2014

today me and 12 more students got punished by female teacher she is 21 years old and it's her second week at this center , we are late to class when she saw us and told us to rush and not to walk slow we don't give her any attention knowing that it's just her second week and she can't do any thing to us she kept taking to us and we ignore her then she called us to stop ,we did stop as soon as she came close to us she start to slap us at the faces I got at least 4 slaps from her then she asked us to follow her to the teachers room we did obey her their she took long stick they she moved around us beating us two strokes at the thigh and telling us about how rude we are we though that's our punishments ,then she called the principal on us and told her what we been doing and acting silly and stupid and ignoring her , the principal came close to us she slapped each one of us two times at the face then told that teacher to beat us at our hands as many she want , she asked the first student to hold his hand out then she told him to keep showing his hands until she asked him to stop ,she applied 8 strokes then she gave each one of us 8 strokes , she is too tough and hard and very strong teacher even she is too young and does not look like she can beat ,

by Halena Mon Feb 03 21:21:01 UTC 2014

Jill how old are you and how old the other students , how old the female they came and administered the punishments ,do they beat the hands first then the buttock or ??? did both female give the same severe strokes what hurts more the hands or the buttock , i think by now you serve the detention punishments how is ,is detention punishments is common punishments or it's the first time been used , is their any punishments at the detention room , what is the reason you got punished by that female at the beginning of your school and why it's stopped ,is it up to the teacher to give punishments for any reason they like ,
Halena how old are you and why you ignore that teacher if she is young and new ,is that teacher supervising day ,is face slapping form of the punishments adopted at the center ,is any of the students try to stop her from slapping the faces ,how old the rest of the students been punished by her , how old the principal and why the principal did not adopt the punishments , did you expected all of this hard punishments ,what normal punishments for going late to class or arriving late to school ,is the 21 years old teacher is your teacher or she just teaching their and what she teach ,

by Kindar Tue Feb 04 19:47:23 UTC 2014

Kinder I am 27 years old ,all three females looks too young they at their early to mid 20's ,first we took the hand punishments that female she is too good in striking severe and painful strokes ,she strike our hands like we are not human ,without any break after the hand punishments with all the pain we stepped to the other female bend dawn and took the 4 strokes it's very painful and humiliating even insulting to us my hands burning and my buttock burning too from the pain and I don't know what to do start to rub my palms and blow on them at the same time rubbing my buttock which I can't do when I went back to my class just feeling the pain and can't do any thing about it both hurts hand and buttock both hurts both females applied very severe strokes , I can see the female the one she punished our hands that she raising the stick too high and she even jump up to apply the hardest stroke she can , then the one she punished the buttock I can't see her but the other students told me how hard she raise her stick , detention is humiliating specially the detention room is visible to students and others ,and can't do any thing each students can read book or work on home work but students can't talk to each other can't use phone ,supervising teacher at both days very strict first day 7 students got punished by the supervising teacher the second day 3 students got punished too ,detention punishments is common punishments , when I been punished from the lady staff for arriving late she is so nice ,she just apply one or two strokes at each hand very soft no pain just itching palm for few minutes ,after while I use to the school and never late and never got punished by her again ,yes it's up to the teacher to punish for any reason ,when I got in trouble last week I missed one class and home work been given I never ask other students if any home work been given so last Monday beside the detention I took 6 strokes from one female teacher for not doing home work

by Jill Thu Feb 06 14:37:08 UTC 2014

I been attending public learning center for bookkeeping certificate it's 16 months course , during my first 6 months I been punished by teachers for different violation several times they apply one to four light strokes never hurts their main purpose to embarrass the students when they apply the strokes to the hands or the buttock , the same I took punishments from young female staff 3 times she apply mild but not too severe strokes ,my worst punishments I got from the principal for been absent for 3 days ,i been called to report to the principal office during lunch break ,when i went their over 30 students waiting on line behind close door and female staff register our information then she asked me to wait on line the she let the students to go inside one by one the only thing we can hear the sound of the strokes then sad or crying students holding their hands under their armpit coming out , it's fear moment each student hold note at the hand when i looked at the note it says the number of the strokes i am going to get ,so in noticed that i am going to take 12 strokes ,i asked one male student after he got punished and he is tearing how many strokes he got , he told me 6 strokes ,i start to shake and thinking just to quit school , after almost 10minutes of waiting the staff called my name then she opened the door for me inside ,it's my first time to get close to the principal ,she is about 45 years old more than 6foot long holding long stick ,the only thing she asked me for is my note then she asked me if i am ready to take 12 strokes i said not ready then she ordered me to show my hands with smile ,when i compare this punishments to other punishments , it's so triblle it's real beating that principal is real terror she apply the same hard severe strokes start from number one to the last one i crying so lound but she care less if i delay to show my hand she threat to hit my arm or thing so i show the hands without delay ,she change the color of my hands for 3 days and the marks are still show until now it's been week since i took this punishments

by Charlotte Sun Feb 09 15:04:05 UTC 2014

I enroll at learning center to improve my English language ,I have two teachers miss Tanya she is 43 years old she teach us conversation ,from the first day and the first class she informed us that she is going to physically punish us if we break the rules or become un obedient ,the second teacher Soja she is 25 years old ,at her first class the first day , she don't carry stick but she warn us the same that physical punishments will be due to trouble students , the second day the first class is for miss Soja , she came with long stick with her she asked us to turn off our phones and hide them so if she hear any phone then the student will get punish and no warning will be given , after five minutes she shut the class room door then she start to take the attendance ,after that any students arrive she asked them to open the hand for punishments if they refuse she asked them to stay out she applied 2 soft strokes to the late arrivals ,then she start to review with us the home work she did gave us words and asked us to make full sentence off the words , I totally forget to work on it and I never thought it will be a problem we are their to learn , she asked first student to read the sentence of the first word but she don't work on it she asked the class if any students don't do the home work most students raise their hands she asked the one's whom they don't do the home work to stay standing at their seats then she start to pass at all students and check the home work if students not standing and he don't do it she punished them with 4 hard strokes the one's standing she apply 2 hard strokes she holds the hands with one of her hands then she apply the strokes with the other hand , it's more embarrassing than the pain but we have to obey her , the second class the same but that teacher she checked each one then she ordered to one's not have it ready to the front of the class , she applied 4 hard strokes to each one she made us to stretch the hand to the side then she applied very hard strokes

by Padma Mon Feb 10 21:26:45 UTC 2014

How old are you Padma , what the reasons students get punished for , who beats harder , do staff or principal in power to beat , how old other students are they male or female ,do any student reject the punishments ,
Charlotte how old are you and how old the other students what's the violations end up the students at the principal office , most principals trying to be hard and tough at students and teachers too ,is the principal always beats hard , what the reason you been punished by the teachers for and how old those teachers are they male or female , the same what's the reason you got punished by the staff , do all staff in power to physically punish the students ,what's the most reasons students get punished for by the staff ,even principals are too hard and tough but I thing 12 severe strokes and put you in pain for days it's way over, I am the head of students relationship at learning center and I call my self hard caner but I never do that specially for female students ,

by Maggie Tue Feb 11 21:54:57 UTC 2014

Miss Maggie ,first I am 25 years old ,other students are 20-30years old ,every day at the same time violated students called to the principal office , I am their for been absent I don't know what others violations because when we are waiting to get inside that female staff asked us to stay quite and not to talk with each other she will scream at students if she hear them talking ,yes this principal is too tough and hard she do beat without giving any emotional and care less how painful the student are , I been crying too loud from the pain but she don't care ,she just kept smiling every time she asks me to show the other hand and telling me if I can't handle the punishments then why I been violating the rules ,I never thought being absent will end up me with this severe beating ,it's my first time to take her punishments but all students talk about how hard and severe she beats ,most my punishments from teachers arriving late to class ,one time I took 4 strokes from male teacher for home work , the female staff she punish the students when they arrive late to the center late arrival get her beating she apply mild strokes within an hour no pain but the marks stayed visible for longer time ,yes all staff in power to punish ,they 3 female staff and the principal ,one time I took 8 strokes from that female the one she works at the principal office she is 23 years old ,she is always supervising the cafeteria and play grounds ,when I took the punishments from that female ,the principals strokes still visible at my hands ,my mother insist to report the principal to the authorities but my father opinion with the principal and I earn my punishments and I should be behaving better to avoid any future punishments

by Charlotte Wed Feb 12 14:30:27 UTC 2014

Charlotte If you or your family members report your principle to authorities concerned, what will happend to principal?

by guest Thu Feb 13 09:27:33 UTC 2014

My father says nothing will happen because we sign the form which give the managements to adopted any suitable punishments including physically punished , my mother madness came because the principal used extra force

by Charlotte Sat Feb 15 19:59:25 UTC 2014

At my first at college before I attend any class ,when I arrived late , three females standing at the main entrance each one holds stick about 50cm long the first female asked me for my name and my class room number ,then she asked me to go by the second female she holds note book she asked the same questions but she wrote the information then she make me sign the form and asked me to wait next to other students they been standing one line against the wall ,within 10 minutes off waiting the number of the students increased I can estimate about 50+ students waiting then they asked us to line up in three groups all of us the students thought we are waiting to show us our class's then been shocked when one female announced that we are going to be getting 4 strokes at the hands for arriving late then she asked us if any students objected to step aside and to make fourth line , even I am surprised and shocked but I waited at my line that's mean I agreed to be beaten by that female standing at the front of my line she is no more than 25 years old ,quite good number of the students went to the fourth line later they been ordered to go the principal office , then each one of the female asked for the first student on the line to come forward and to show the hands for the strokes ,our female she is the hardest I watched them when they are beating the students they apply soft or fair strokes all students take the strokes without any complain but the one she punishing my side she beats too hard ,students take while before they show the second hand ,I have very small hands I am too scare when I shows my hands but I managed to keep my hands and accept the 4 strokes , they are too hard ,but the pain disappear within an hour then I am glad that I stayed on line after we hear the story about the other students the one's they sent to the principal office all of them got severe strokes at the hands and the buttock ,when they beat us they told us not to get surprise because rules at this college enforced from the first day , even they are talking about they don't waist any time ,but by the time we got punished and start looking for our class's we missed the first class

by Lakesha Thu Feb 20 20:10:40 UTC 2014

Lakesha Who punished students who were on fourth line principle herself or staffs in principal's office? How old are students in your college?

by guest Fri Feb 21 03:46:03 UTC 2014

Lakesha seems like they are very hard and strict ,they start giving physical punishments even before you enter your class room ,are you aware that physical punishments adopted before you enroll,

by guest Fri Feb 21 13:58:14 UTC 2014

Lakesha how old are you and how old the the 3 females are they teachers or just staff members ,how is your feeling when you are and other students greeted with good beating , how long you been now at this college ,is physical punishments is common so all teachers and staff in power to beat ,is hand punishments is the only punishments adopted or did they adopt other type of punishments , what instrument been used to apply the beating ,

by Richard Fri Feb 21 21:11:20 UTC 2014

the worst time I been punished when I decide to go back to take computer training ,the second week of attending the class's , I went to the center late the teacher refused to let me in until I get permission from the managements office , I went to the office old lady she is at late 50's asked me the reason I am their I did explained to her ,she asked me to office number 13 I went their very young female setting behind table she asked me about the reason I am their I did explained to her , she asked me the reason I am late , I don't have reason just I am taking public transportation after my work then I arrived late that what I answered her back ,she replied to me if I am aware that arriving late is physically punishable , I answered her no I am not aware then I answered her I am not a kid to be punished ,I am an adult paying the fees to get training on how to use the computer ,then she answered me the reason I am rude ,I said I am not rude just answering you ,still me and her talking and she don't look that she is tough person just beautiful young lady setting behind her table ,the old lady came inside the office holding two female students from their ears ,then she told the young female what those females violation without me hearing what they talking about the young female got too angry ,then she stand up then pulled long ruler from her closet then she asked the females to come forward she and asked them to show the hand she is totally different person when she start to beat , wow she beats the females hands very hard she applied 6 strokes at each hand then when she finished she strike one sever stroke their buttock , after she finished with them she came close to me then she asked me to show my hands then she informed that because it's my first time she is going to punish me with just 4 strokes , I did hesitated to show my hands or to reject it twice I raise my hand and I took it dawn ,without her saying any thing just smiling ,then she asked me if I made my mind because she been too patience on me ,I told her the truth it's too humiliating to be beaten up from female she is at my daughter age which is her looks I gave her 19-21 years old , and I have daughter she is 20 ,she asked me how old my daughter I told her then she said that she is 27 years old and she been at her job as head of the center for 3 years ,then she asked me to show my hands and she is not going to forgive me because I am guilty and violated the rules , I did show my right hand to her first she applied very soft stroke on it then the left she did the same after that she asked me just to be on time and be late because she will give me the same strokes like those females next time ,I did thanks her and wished it will not be next time

by Ekabal Sat Feb 22 19:40:48 UTC 2014

Ekabal , why you call it the worst time and that female she is too good with you the way you explained ,do teacher in power to physically punish the students , what is the reasons students get punished , are you the oldest student their ,I thing the young female has the right to call you rude ,it's normal question by the persons in authority to ask about the reason ,then when you call the elder staff "old lady" I think it's rude she is part of the educators then she should be respected ,do you agree with the head of the center that you are in violation and should be punished with any mean of punishments she find it suitable ,

by JT Tue Feb 25 14:15:22 UTC 2014

i start to take class's to advance my English language and to use certain programs at the computer as my job asked me to do , i enrolled at learning center at the after noon for both subjects ,every day i have 2 computer class's and 2 English class's ,at the registration time i been informed about corporal punishments and i have to sing form to agreeing on their rules , at that form they list the most violation students get punished for the top one is arriving late they are too strict on enforcing the not to get late rules then using mobile during class or out side designated area's , most students taking the warning as joke ,the first week of the start 99% off new students get beaten for arriving late ,my first time arriving late the second day ,male staff asked me to go and wait in the front of the principal office , when i went their over 70 students waiting and one female staff she at her 50's she write the names then she let the students one by one to go inside the office we just hear sound of strokes and minute later either crying or sad face leave the office , the principal she is female at her early 40's when it's my term to stand in front of her is nice looking very beautiful lady but after the first stroke i changed my opinion about her she is real terror , the problem can't reject her punishments for years i don't know what the punishments is she ask to show the hand student have to listen no matter how painful the student is , after the second time when she show the hand then she start to bean the arm ,it's very painful punishments from her , the second day when i arrived late two staff are waiting the the main gate one male and on female she just beat the students when they arrive ,i got the punishment from the female staff she is at her early 20's ,her beating is even harder than the principal she just beat our hands like we are animals she raise the stick way above her shoulder then she stand at her toe's to deliver hard strokes , after i got punished the second time i just have i mind to drop that center but during the day and when i went home when i think about it , it's my volt i should respect the rules and to go on time then i will avoid the embarrassment and pain from the beating , i did try hard and i am good after those two times now i been their for 3 months i been late twice again and i got punished by male staff , he applied very soft strokes never hurt ,

by Harold Tue Feb 25 20:16:45 UTC 2014

JT yes even that young female been so kind and gentle with me but it's still insulting to be questioned from young female at my daughter age ,even the strokes don't hurt and are soft but mentally they are insulting , I never see any teacher beating students so far but if student become or comet any violation always the teachers asked them to leave the class and not to come back until they get permit from the management office ,when I talked with her this way I felt she is making joke out of me ,yes she do has the right to ask me why I am late but I don't think she should have the power and the authority to beat , when beat those female it's treble just to watch and see the strokes landing so hard at their hands ,arriving late always get students to be physically punished ,but about that older staff lady she is the only staff their , she is always mean and don't respect the students ,when the head is busy she do beat the students very severe ,and always insulting students by holding them from their ears which it's humiliating too , so far I do behave and never late and always good but i don't know if i am due for punishments if i am going to let her beat me or not ,i don't agree with physical punishments as solution

by Ekbal Wed Feb 26 14:40:11 UTC 2014

Harlod how old are you and how old the male staff and the female staff , do male staff always beat softer than female staff why ,do teachers physically punish students if so who beats harder , what's the reasons staff beat students for and what teachers beat students for , is it tuition free center ,when they make sign the form can you reject signing the form and not giving them the authority to beat ,or did they give choices ,did you ever talk about your punishments to family or friends , is it normal act that adults get beaten at school

by Gill Wed Feb 26 21:55:44 UTC 2014

for the last year I have to quit two schools and I been dismissed from third one , because young females in power and authority ,I am 34 years old and I did registered for computer programing and try to take advantage off free class been offered at local learning centers , but at each center they adopt physical ,the first center I just got late 10 minutes , then very young female holding long cane beating up students I find my self crazy if I let this girl beat me I refused to show my hands ,she asked to go and see the head of the center ,at the head office he is male 60 years old , but his secretary refuse to let me see him she said this is minor violation and the supervising female in authority to take it and I have to listen to that girl , I told her I am going to quit , she careless I left and never went back again , the same at the second center but this time with hands on class's the teacher has an assistant ,the teacher she very respectful lady she is at her mid 40's and the assistant just 22 years old and she got very mean attitude ,she passing around us she scream or she knock our heads with her fingers if she see us doing some mistake , one time she knocks my head she has long finger nails it hurts me I screamed at her not to do this again , she got too mad then she pulled stick out the front table she asked me to show my hands I refused to obey her ,our teacher asked her the reason she need to beat me ,then she told her just give him warning this time but she refused to listen to the teacher , then the teacher asked me to leave the class room and to see the principal , I just left the center and never go back again , at the third center i spent one month their ,i failed the first test the teacher she is 28 years old when she pass the test papers she asked the students they don't score enough to stay at the front i did score 2 out 10 start to beat the students she start with the students they got zero she applied 10 hard strokes on them , i am too scare and just thinking to take the beating or just to leave , when she called me i just showed my hands she did beat my hands real good ,all my body hurts and shaking from the pain as much i am in pain at the end of the class i thought she left but she still inside i called her real bad name ,she looked at me then she is too mad ,she slapped my face one time then she hold her hand to apply another slap i hold her hand very tight and asked her not to that because i will beat her up , after that the management dismissed from the center ,

by Bryan Thu Feb 27 21:05:05 UTC 2014

to Gill , I am 26 years old the male staff 42 years old ,yes he always give light strokes ,when students arrive late or due for punishments and both his and other female adopting the punishments ,students keep wishing that he is the one punish them and not the female , all female staff and teachers do beat hard ,yes teacher are in power to beat too , my English teacher she is female 30 years old and computer teacher male 36 year old ,English teacher almost every day beats students ,computer teacher he do give punishments but not as much as the English teacher ,staff beats students for arriving late ,then their is special area's to use phones during break ,using phone or smoke out these area's get punished ,coming late to class ,not answer questions ,fail to work at the home work ,our English teacher give us homework every day and always she check the homework one by one ,she holding the stick with her then she beat the students hand at while the student setting at their seats ,just hold the hand to the front then she applied what ever strokes she likes ,yes it's tuition free class's ,if student refuse to sign the form then they can't attend the class's their me just like all students when we sign the form never thought we will be get beaten like that ,I believe all of the students got the taste of the punishments at least one time by the staff or their teachers ,for me it's un normal to see adults getting physically punished even one of my friends informed me that physical punishments adopted at this center ,he attend class's their before ,yes I did talk about the punishments with my family specially the first two time I got the beating their they are too severe and the strokes still visible at my palms when I went home ,

by Harold Sat Mar 01 13:34:40 UTC 2014

Bryan ,I think you should suffer from the pain of the discipline better than suffering from the pain of regret , yes you get physically discipline it comes with some pain but that pain soon will be disappear ,but if you stay away from getting your education then you will get more painful that you never finished your education then will be late for you to attend , discipline is only for the benefit of the students even it's comes with pain but it will change wrong acting , every institute either work or school even at your home their is rules you need to respect ,I believe when you start to surf and look about adult punishments you already regret , few strokes does not matter who applied it to you it will change your attitude to the better and will never hurts you , if you accept the punishments from the authorized staff or the second time even she is young but she knows what she is doing ,I do understand the pain you are at when you got the 8 strokes but to call your teacher bad names even if she is not their to hear you it's bad moral ,one last thing I need to tell you when teacher physically punish students , teachers get hurts too ,and always wishes they never have to do it ,

by Ed Patel Sat Mar 01 19:53:04 UTC 2014

I have one miss her name miss Carolyn she is 23 years old and she is math teacher twice every week instead of having review for the previous subject she give us quick test with 5 questions and she give us 10 minutes only to finish the test then she correct the papers each wrong answer the student get 2 stokes at the hands ,when the student get 3 or more wrong then she beat the hands 2 strokes for each wrong then 4 buttock strokes ,several times I got 2-4 strokes but last week my first time to get buttock strokes from her it's too painful she make the student bend and touch the toes then she apply the stroke with all of her strength , hand punishments within hour no pain just marks and redness at the palm but the buttock punishments it's my third day now and I still feel the pain of her strokes and the marks still visible at the buttock ,

by Bill Mon Mar 03 20:20:11 UTC 2014

Bill how old are you and how old are your class mate? How old is the oldest male and female students in your class? Is Carolyn only teacher who punish students or do all teachers punish students just like her?

by guest Tue Mar 04 05:34:31 UTC 2014

Ed you just say the right words , the suffering of the regret is much harder , the pain of the beating it disappear even after the punishments lesson been learned ,I start class's at learning center yesterday is my first day , punishments is common their ,most the teachers are very young because it's run out of volunteers ,teachers her are either new graduate doing volunteer job until they get a job or they are still at the university and doing volunteer work during their school time, I will do my best to avoid any punishments , but if it happen I will take it without any resistance ,yesterday I did see very young female beating group of students in front of main office she do beats very hard

by Bryan Tue Mar 04 15:05:35 UTC 2014

at our village elementary school they open class's at the after noon for adults , they teach several class's ,I enrolled their for two majors hair design and to use the computer ,my computer teacher she is 25 years old from the same village ,she is too hard and tough on the trainers , most teachers their they do respect the age of their students and dealing with them with respect ,we been told that we have to be on time and to respect the rules , one time me and 5 more females students got late to school then one female asked us to stand by her office , then she came holding long stick then she told us that we are going to be punished ,it's surprise to us but she insist on beating each one 2 strokes one at each hand ,we took the strokes it's not hard and no pain ,she try to deliver message to us or to embarrass us , after the first week the computer teacher asked us to study so she is going to review the subject with us ,all that week we don't even see the computer yet , just we follow her texts , when that come she came to the classroom with long ruler , she asked us to keep the text book shut then she start to call our names one by one then she asked one question if the student don't answer then she ask second one if the student don't answer both question then she ask the students to step out of the desk and to stand in front of her then she ask the students to hold the hands to the side up to the shoulder level then she apply 4 hard strokes at each hand , at that day I took 4 hard stroks from her

by Dina Wed Mar 05 15:11:10 UTC 2014

Dina when you enrolled and informed you with the rules did they made it clear that corporal punishments is adopted ,do all teachers in authority to beat the students ,why the computer teacher is so hard and tough at her own village friends , how old the students their , do they have male and female students , do the computer teacher beats male students too ,
Ed Patel , I don't think what you said should be on Bryan situation , adults should be respected and be thanks by choosing to improve their education and not to beat them which will force them to leave or stop the schools they are enrolled at ,even if I need to agree for the physical punishments then respectfull older age staff with good experience in teaching and managing not any young and newly graduate teacher to give them the power to beat , just that female when she applied two light strokes to the late students at Dina school ,I believe she not intend to hurt them just to make them or force them to respect the time which I agree it's very important for all students to be on time and respect the time when at the start of the school then at the start of each class , it's not good for the students to keep disturb the teacher by coming late to the class ,
Bill I do like your teacher way of reviewing but I don't like the way she discipline older students ,if I agree on hand punishments one or two light strokes but it's not ethical for older student to bend for very young teacher to be beaten at the buttock like an animal

by Miss Sue Williams Wed Mar 05 20:18:20 UTC 2014

Miss Sue ,no we are not aware that beating is adopted , we know they punish our kids at the school time but never thought it's will be adopted on us ,yes all teachers in authority to punish , the hair design teacher one beats several students for not bringing the training tools with them ,the computer teacher try to show her self because every person knows her and instead of being good with us she just hard and tough ,at the computer class's their is male students too ,but at the hair design class's no male ,yes the staff female always give two light strokes for late arrivals , i asked her about that her answer i don't intend to hurt you just to get embarrass when we stretched our hand out inorder to force the students to be on time

by Dina Thu Mar 06 15:48:43 UTC 2014

Dina how old are you , and how old the staff lady ,is the computer teacher one of your kids teachers , do you talk with your kids and family about your punishments , what's the reason students get punished for from the teachers and from the staff , how old the hair design teacher and how old the students they took her punishments ,do you been punished by her ,what instrument they use to beat the students with ,do they give warning before the punish

by Tala Fri Mar 07 13:46:55 UTC 2014

I do agree with you miss Sue , but when students invest the time and may be the money to take higher education that student have to be respectful and wary about his and other students time , because when a students become miss obedient then that student waist the time for other and it's the sole responsibility of the teacher to control and manage the classroom , I am totally agree with you , beating should not be adopted at all and if their is need for it then should be carried by higher management like the dean or principal and should be done in private , without infecting long pain , I do teach at learning center , even I carry cane with me to every class , but I am hardly to use it even when my students get low at their education the management blame me that I am not tough and hard on the students , I believe that I can't force student to study if he or she don't do that at their own ,so I never physically punish any students for and academic reason including not doing or work at their home work and assignments they are old enough they enroll at this age to get educated even the class's offered for free ,but they are spending their time ,

by Ed Patel Sat Mar 08 20:56:20 UTC 2014

Miss Tala the female staff she is 46 years old ,yes she is she teach both of kids ,one day my daughter asked me if I get punished at school ,I answered her yes if I don't do my home work and don't study then the teacher will punish me then she asked my if the computer miss ever punished me because she is too hard on the kids too and all students don't like her because she always beat hard ,I am so shy to tell my daughter that I been punished by that teacher it's so embarrassed to talk about it ,but my husband noticed the marks at my palms then he asked me to drop school or not to allow any teacher to give me any punishments ,the hair design teacher she is 27 years old ,she is too nice but she love to beat the students she always carry flat long stick with her ,I took her punishments several times she don't care she beat any student we have one female she is 42 years she got beating from her too some times she hold us from the ears ,never get any warning when arrive late the staff asked us to show the hands for the beating if we comet any violation the teachers ask us to come into the front for the beating no warning but I have friends with other class's ,they told us their teacher don't beat any of the students they just keep tell them to study and to warn them .

by Dina Sat Mar 08 22:05:51 UTC 2014

Dina for what kind of reason your hair design madam beat you?what other kind of punishments she deliver to the students?how many students are in her batch?how much duration of training?

by divya Sun Mar 09 18:27:03 UTC 2014

Dina how old are you ,why you hide your punishments at your daughter ,who beat harder computer teacher or hair design teacher , what is the reasons the hair design teacher beat up the students for can the students reject and refuse to take her punishments ,

by Taleen Tue Mar 11 18:49:16 UTC 2014

divya ,both teachers they look for any reason to beat ,hair design lady most the time she beats for forgetting materials or tools so it's important to have the tools in order to be active at the classroom , she just beat the hands beside that she hold the students from ears some times she press hard and twist the ears and some times she hold the students from the ears all the way from the desk up to her table on the front then she beat the hands their ,we are 33 students at her class and it's 9 months course ,
Taleen I am 34 years old , it's not hiding I am embarrass to talk about it to my daughter ,both teachers beat very hard ,yes students can reject but then will get harder punishments from the principal ,the principal always taking teachers side ,now I did drop the hair design class's after that teacher beats my hand very hard two days ago she left me with pain for two days she beats me and 5 more girls for not taking the wigs model with us to the class even that day have nothing to do with the wigs but she made it reason to beat us 8 strokes each one at the hands , then I decide to stop attending her class's

by Dina Thu Mar 13 18:01:40 UTC 2014

I will talk about my experience with my young lady teacher ,she is one of 5 teachers all teachers are at older age this teacher not even she is 23 years old ,she is very pretty ,she teach very good not just me fear her all class are ,she is very friendly but at her class she don't allow any misbehaving first time I see her beating students I wished I will never to be punished by her even I don't call this punishments I call it beating because she has lot of patience on the students she do joke she give break when it come to academic failure but when it come to other violations she beats real good I do my best not to get beaten from her I received punishments from other teachers but my good luck I never been punished by her ,

by Sabeer Fri Mar 14 02:15:05 UTC 2014

Sabeer besides late coming to class and using mobile, what violation does your young teacher punish students during class? would you explain how she beat students with more detail? Does she beat palm only or anywhere else? how old are you and how old are your class mates? congratulation for you not punished by her so far and hope you won't get punished by her. meanwhile, are you male or female?

by guest Fri Mar 14 12:26:30 UTC 2014

Dear All, I am 38 years old. I want to share my experience of my worst punishment of my life. 5 years ago, I started working in an accounting firm. But unluckily, i didn't have accounting background. To overcome my weakness, I joined a private college to learn accounting at evening time near my office. First few days were normal and nothing happened unusual. One day, I got late because of too much work at office. I arrived late half an hour to my college. I found one female staff in her late 40's on the gate; she noted my name on a paper and asked me to visit management office after class. After finishing my class, I visited the management office and met with the same lady. She informed me that I will receive punishment because of arriving late and referred me to office supervisor by giving me a note in a piece of paper in another room. I was surprised to see the supervisor. She was a beautiful teenager girl around 19-20 years old, tall and strong body, very long and thick black hair spread all over her back and going below her buttock. I handed over the paper note to her. She read the note and announced that I will receive punishment of 06 strokes due to late arrival. She took out a long thin cane about 2 meters long and asked me to stretch my hands. It was unbelievable for me to receive punishment by such a young and pretty girl. I started arguing that I was late because of genuine reason and I would not like to get punished by such a young girl. This made her angry and she informed me that if I will not show my palms to her then she will double the punishment and she has authority to do so. I still considering all this as funny and joke and continued to argue with her. She persisted me to show my hands and that now she will give 12 strokes because of not following her. At last I showed her right palm in front of her. She took the instance, throw some of her long hair by her hand that were lying on her face and hold the cane in her right hand. She ordered me not to remove my hands otherwise no. of strokes may increase. She raised her hand holding the cane way above her head and landed with full force at the center of my palm. Wow!!! It felt I put my hand in fire. It was really very painful. She didn’t allow me to rub my hands and ordered me to keep my palm in the same position until 06 strokes for the same palm are finished. At the 6th stroke, tears were coming out of my eyes because of extreme pain. I had to bear same pain now in my left palm. I hold my breath and show my left palm. Again six very hard strokes, I received. She was hitting so hard and power that her whole body was moving with every stroke. At the end, she threw her long hair back with her hand that were lying on her face because of extensive beating. I was feeling my both hands paralyzed and several red lines there. I continued my studies for next 03 months until my course was finished. I never observed such harsh punishment in my whole life.

by Rahul Mon Mar 17 08:39:10 UTC 2014

last week I enrolled for computer programing program it's offered by for nonprofit academy , when I enroll I been informed the room number where I attend the class's and the teachers name then been told by the staff lady to be on time the of the start , the class's start 8 am ,when I arrived the Academy it's 15 minutes after 8 just when I entered the main entrance male staff ask me about my ID to make sure I am student I did show him the registration form because I don't have ID yet ,he asked me to go thru the offices ,to one office and their 3 females and group of students standing on line and approaching one female one by one each female holding stick as soon the student arrive the female staff hold the student arm with one hand then she asked the students to open the hand and have the palm flat then she applied one stroke at each hand , while I am standing and waiting first I do enjoy what I see when it's my term the female hold my wrist I asked her can I show my hand without you holding it because I feel I am at grade school , she start laughing too loud then she said no just open your hand and make sure your palm is flat I did she applied the first stroke then the second it's not too hard but some itchy pain , then I asked her whey you have to hold the hand and all students are old enough she smiled this time because when you come late we have to treat you like young students ,then we the students we should know the value of the time and be on time to avoid this treatment

by Rezko Mon Mar 17 16:13:05 UTC 2014

Rahul , sorry but your post can't be believable , first how you get hired at accounting departments without any degree and experience , what kind of education 19-20 years old to have the authority to beat the students at that age she is not even finishing her first year at college ,

by guest Mon Mar 17 18:24:11 UTC 2014

how old are you Rezko and how old the 3 staff females , which one to punish to , who is in power to physically punish the students beside the staff ,what other violation do students get punished for , did you enjoy your punishments the same way you are watching it ,

by guest Mon Mar 17 18:27:54 UTC 2014

guest this Rezko , I am 27 years old the female staff all of them look like they are at their mid 30's the one I punished by her name miss Salwa ,I believe all teachers are I authority to beat yesterday first day of the week one of our female teachers punished more that 14 students for coming late to class and some they don't have the required books and text books plus we been asked to bring usb drive ,off course not no enjoyments to be punished but while I am standing waiting for my term it's fun how old students get punished which I never thought will be happen ,but I think the 2 strokes for me just like wake up alarm to me I start to leave home early to arrive on time because the beating it's not the pain it's the embarrassments

by Rezko Tue Mar 18 13:19:04 UTC 2014

I am 21 years old just finished my last year at school ,I enroll at learning center to take advance class's at math and English then I will be enroll at college start June this year , my math teacher she is 25 years old ,I meat with her one day at coffee shop she is with her friends and I have two of my friends ,when she saw me she start to talk about homework and if I am ready for the test tomorrow ,then in front of my friends and her friends she told that she is going to beat up the students if they fail her test then she asked me if I been punished by her before , I answered her with very mean language she don't like every one start to laugh at her and telling her that every body coming her to have good time and they asked her to forget about school ,I know she beats very hard and severe so I did study hard to avoid her punishments ,the second day we got the test it's 10 questions ,my bad luck it looks to me that I am the first time to hear about the questions ,I try to copy from the student setting next to me ,she gave me warning 2 times to keep looking into my paper the third time she took the test paper from me then she asked me to stand facing the wall while I am holding my ears ,when she took my paper I did answered 5 question and all of them right ,after the time of the test done , she asked me to turn my face then she asked me why I try to cheat I deny it then she asked me to come into her office after class because she don't carry her stick with her , when I went to her office I told her that she is trying to take revenge of me because I been un respectful to her at the coffee shop but she deny it ,after long argument with her and just to make her self she is right first she informed me that she is going to beat my hands 10 slaps during my argument with her she then settle with only 2 strokes one at each hand ,so I agreed on it , she is very professional on beating even I just got two strokes but they make me tear off

by Shareef Thu Mar 20 17:30:32 UTC 2014

Shareef do you and your teacher live at the same area , did she looks her age , how you can describe her body style ,did she beat hard all the time or she try to be too hard on you ,did you cheat from your friend , what's the passing score for the test , what's the reason she punished you for is it for cheating , or for the test result ,whey don't you take this matter to the principal or the head of the center , whey you can't recognize the questions since you been prepared ,how you felt when you are holding your ears and standing alone ,is holding ears common punishment used at the center ,did she normally come into the class room holding the stick ,or she just sent for one when she ready to beat , is it your first time to get beaten at this center ,is it paid tuition or the class's offered for free ,

by Madlin Thu Mar 20 19:41:22 UTC 2014

Madlin I don't know where she lives but we meat at coffee shop as I said she with her friends and me with my friends , she is normal Muslim lady she got white skin she wear the scarf and long loose dress ,yes I did I copy all 5 answers from my friend the passing score 5 off 10 , she did punished me because she think I am cheating but she can't prove it ,she came all the way from 10 strikes to only 2 just to justify her self that she is right , the second day when she passed the test papers I am so scare that she will give me zero then I will be punished with 10 strokes , when she called my name I got 5 of 10 it's big relief to me ,after class she told me that I should got zero but she over looked it . even after I took the two strokes from her then I start to remember all the questions but at the time of the test I forgot every thing ,yes some teachers instead of beating the students they let them stand either at their desks or in front of the class holding the ears ,she and the English teacher always come to the class with stick ,it's my first time getting punished by her , but I got several punishments from the English teacher every day she ask questions from the previous day then 3 times a week she gave home work ,one time I got 6 strokes from the male staff but no one beat hard like the math teacher ,it's free tuition .

by Shareef Fri Mar 21 01:02:05 UTC 2014

My name Ali and i taking class's to improve my science subject at the same time i am full time student at college , no punishments at our college but at the learning center teachers and staff always holding canes and sticks ,i did see my science teacher reviewing the subject then she apply one stroke for each mistake , it's not too one day i see one staff beating over 30 students 6 strokes each one wow she do beat very hard i thought my self i am still at the regular school ,never thought that students getting punished like that ,i just attend one class it's 2 hours class ,but every time i arrive to the center their is lady she ask about the ID and the room number if student late then she beat the hands if not then will keep going to room ,so far i never been punished hard or severe , the most i got 4 light strokes from the teacher ,

by Ali Sat Mar 22 19:09:20 UTC 2014

Ali Will you get bachelor's degree when you finish college? Considering subject of science, I think your class mates are not old. What is age range of your class mates and how old is your science teacher? Did you pay tuition when you enroll? How old is staff who beat 30 students hard and why did she beat students? Is she a the one whom you meet every time you arrive?

by guest Mon Mar 24 02:24:05 UTC 2014

Ali is the place you taking the class offer full time teaching or just tuition style , how old is your teacher and how old the lady who punished the students ,

by Toney Tue Mar 25 15:32:14 UTC 2014

yes guest when I finish my college I will be graduating with Bachelor's degree, we are 52 students at the class ages 18-22 all of them attending colleges , it's free no tuition we just buy the books from their ,that staff she is at her mid or late 40's and I don't have an idea why she is beating them I just witness that when I arrive during the other female checking my name and my class's I see that female applying the punishments ,she is different one that one she do beat the late arrival her self ,she is very young no more than 25 years old , I just got 4 hard strokes from her yesterday when I am late 10 minutes to my class .
Toney , it's full time learning center they offer too many training and certificates beside they have the tuition department which student they go their for to improve them self with different subject at this department their are students at all ages and school level my teacher she is 34 years old .

by Ali Tue Mar 25 19:47:01 UTC 2014

I attend learning academy for secretarial class's this is my third month their , during the 3 months almost every month they change the teachers ,three teachers teaching our class with different subjects ,two weeks ago we have teacher she us one subject she is just 21 years old and just finished her university ,all students don't take her very serious even she is trying her best to be good with the students ,never see teacher setting with students eating and eating at the cafeteria , the second week ,one day she asked the class to study and if any one have question to ask her because she is going to make review ,
the second day she came and ask the students to keep the books under the desk then she pass to students test papers ,then she gave us 15 minutes to finish the test ,when the test is over she marked the test papers only 4 students out 42 students got the passing mark ,then she asked one students to go to the managements office and to bring her stick , then she informed the students that she is going to physically punish us then she gave her direction how many strokes each students to be receiving ,her punishments between 2-8 strokes , i am the second one to call my name ,seems like it's her first time to beat , i extend my left hand first but i don't open all the way flat while she is landing the stick into my palm i try to move my hands the stick touched my pinky finger i felt bone got broke but because she start to scream on me and warned me not to move my hands i show my hand again i took 6 strokes , at the end of the day the pain is cooling but my finger start i can't to move it and it's severe pain into it , the second day i went to see doctor ,doctor informed me that i have broken bone ,i know it's my fault but that teacher broke my bone i am even she to tell my friends the reason only my mom and dad knows

by Samaher Tue Mar 25 20:25:18 UTC 2014

how old are you Samaher ,why the academy keep changing teachers ,what's the reason students don't give the young teacher the proper respect since she is good ,did she beat students before for any other reason ,is it your first time getting punished physically ,why you moved your hand ,did you informed her about your finger ,do you or your family report the accident to the principal or to the authority ,what's other punishments adopted their beside hand caning , how old the other students at your class

by Natalie Wed Mar 26 15:30:36 UTC 2014

I am 19 years old , I learn that all teachers are doing volunteer work her that's why they keep changed ,because she is the youngest teacher to teach our class , she looks too young they just keep joking ,using the phones during class ,she never beat any student before even when she start passing the test papers and calling the names one by one some students refused to take her beating ,it's the only I time I get punished by her ,one time I got 6 strokes from male staff and one time 4 strokes from the principal , when she applied the strokes to the student before me she is beating too hard so when during watching the stick up high and she start to land it I felt it's going to be very severe I just scared but I don't move my hands fast enough ,I did told her about the injury she made to me ,she felt too sad my parents don't agree on report her because it's my fault even my dad is mad of me if me and the class took that teacher serious then the punishments can be avoided ,I don't study at all the same as all students ,I think only hand punishments I never see any teacher beat the students any other way ,we have student at my class they are at their late 20,s ,but at the center I see students they are too old ,

by Samaher Thu Mar 27 13:16:56 UTC 2014

I am very surprised that even your parents said it was your fault. Breaking bone is serious violence and your teacher should pay for it. It is not matter of deciding whose fault cause injury. Everyone can expect that bone will be broken if stick lands inappositely. Therefore your teacher should have applied strokes very carefully and if she had not confidence herself to beat without injury, she should not have applied hard strokes. If teacher tries to hit student's head with book one or two times but teacher actually hit eyes of student because of student's moving and student become blind, do you still think that teacher has no responsibility at all? It was not your fault and you are a victim. If such situation occurs here, teacher has to stand in a court irrespective of that victim do not want to punishment of inflictor. Teachers always say that they beat students for own benefit of students. I wonder breaking bone is own benefit of students. It is surprised that your teachers encourage adult students to study by beating, but what make me more surprised is adult students do not study if teachers are giving class without beating. Why did you enrolled center if you intend to study only when teachers give harsh punishment? In the meantime, who will pay hospital bills and are all students in your class female?

by guest Fri Mar 28 08:37:14 UTC 2014

some teachers when they beat they don't understand that the person receiving the strokes I human and as much the students ,I don't want to say agree voluntary to take the beating they accepted because they have to and it's not their choice then they accepted to avoid farther discipline ,me and my friend got punishments from female teacher each one got 6 strokes just for being 2 minutes late to her class ,I felt the stick eat peace of my hand and left marks and pain for long time even both of us we work for company at the evening and our job is customer service and our hands are visible to our clients , at that day as much I try to hide the marks but I can't it's visible and been asked what's wrong with hands even the pain is gone but the palms still itching I keep itching my palms even my friend because she has white skin the marks shows more and she got longer pain so she been forced to take sick leave for that day

by Kristi Fri Mar 28 16:14:44 UTC 2014

guest what you comment on Samaher punishments is wrong ,yes it's Samaher fault the teacher just doing her job even Samaher said that the teacher very friendly but the students took advantage of her and try to be un respectful according to her age but the teacher and any teacher will get mad and angry of the students when they score that bad , the teacher never has in her attention to beat but the results force her to do that and may be and I am sure after that they will take that teacher more serious for any teacher with uncontrolled students all they need just to give good beating to few students ,Samaher she is informed that she is getting the strokes too many students pull their hands out but they pull it quick that the stick don't touch any part even the students aware that trying to pull the hand during the caning is risky ,I believe her father is wise man after his daughter told him the full story he understand the point of teacher with huge number failing because they don't take the teacher very serious ,this question for Samaher , what's make you agree that it is your fault ,did you take other teachers more serious and why , do you ever been punished by other teachers or staff members before ,
Kristi may I ask you how old are you and your friend ,what kind of stick she used to beat with , how old is that teacher ,do you been subject to other punishments from other teachers or staff , did you ever complain to the teacher that her stick is producing lot of pain ,if the reason is the stick been used , I don't think any instrument if the right one been used will take part of the skin , may be it will leave red marks depend on the skin and how sensitive it is , I know every can hold the stick or the cane and beat but delivering safe and good caning at the hands required special and extra careful

by Miss Bonita Fri Mar 28 17:06:01 UTC 2014

my view about Samaher post ,young teacher should not been given the authority to beat students almost at her age ,teacher has no experience to teach even I fully believe she is too smart that's why finished her education at this age ,second since that center adopt corporal punishments and students agree to accepted then the student is old enough to control their behavior and if they can't control it should be brave enough to accept any discipline ,Samaher indicate that teacher is very polite and try to deal with her students as friends what you think Mr. Guest when the teacher lecture the students then she gave them the opportunity to ask any question then when she preform the test the majority fail because they don't take their teacher serious ,yes it's Samaher fault to get injured .
Kristi I agree with you lot of teachers do beat very severe thinking that the harder the beating the better result or just can't help it when they raise the stick they just apply it at full force ,physical punishments all the times is negative when it's adopted at younger school students , but when it come to adults ,I will say her respectfully to their ages should not any beating adopted but if they physical punishments been disclose to them and they agree to join any college or learning center knowing that they are going to be physically punished then they have to co operate and as I said they should be brave to accept the strokes , but for Kristi and her friend punishments is Kristi story true then it's very harsh punishments , all centers will allow at least first 5-10 minutes but to get this beating for 2 minutes late it's not fair

by Miss Salimma Sat Mar 29 13:49:07 UTC 2014

Miss Bonita Miss Salimma

Your ways of thinking really make me shocked. If Samaher reports her injury to principal, what will happen? Does principal give a prize to that teacher for doing her job faithfully and blame Samaher for moving her hand during punishment? I don't know in which countries you live, please let me ask one question. If jaywalker is killed by car crash in your country, is the driver completely free of any responsibility because driver is just doing his job while jaywalker broke the rule despite he is old enough to know the rule? I have read news that students died because of corporal punishment from teacher for not doing homework. (You can easily find such news if you type few words in google search). As I referred in my earlier post, I also read news that one student lost her sight because of punishment by teacher for breaking rule. I don't know what kind of punishment was imposed to those teachers. But if authorities concerned of those teachers' country had same way of thinking as yours, those teachers may have been rewarded for doing their job faithfully.
Students could move their hand during punishment in spite of themselves due to fear of pain. It is nature of human. I never think that teacher had any intention to break student's hand but it was her who broke her student's finger and she must have been responsible in some way or other.
It seems that both of you are teacher who physically punish your adult students. Teachers always say that they cannot control their adult students without beating but I understand universities in your country do not adopt physical punishment at all, which means university students behave and study themselves without beating. Why haven't you applied same discipline method as university apply. Why do you think your students are required to be physically punished to obey the rules and study? Your students and students in university are same adult and same citizen. I can't help thinking if your students were born with some problem?

by guest Sun Mar 30 07:33:16 UTC 2014

guest ,I did indicate that I am against severe and balanced corporal punishments ,yes I am not to leave any injury to any students due to physical punishments ,but at the same time physical punishments is one good way to discipline but it have to be used as last option and I am against any physical punishments to student for academic failure ,Samaher teacher should adopt different discipline instead to beat big number of students with her age and short time of teaching ,yes I am teacher and I been teaching adults for last 25 years I do punish students daily but that punishments never leave long pain it just alarm or twist the ear to the students to tell them don't repeat ,you can't compare students attending universities and big colleges to our students coming into learning center after dropping school for while her they get every thing for free even the books compare to the other they pay lot of money , so if student got dismissed from one class then he or she will suffer more because they are at risk to be permanently dismissed ,we try hard not to use the stick ,for the last 10 years I never beat any students for failing test or fail to answer questions but when home work given then I just give one chance then I do punish for failure to do the homework ,can you believe almost daily I do punish students just for using the mobile even at each class room their is sing at the board telling the students to keep their phones off ,then at every class before I start I remind the students to turn the mobiles off but still at every class I do punish 5-10 just for sneaking and try to use the phone by answering text or sending message , even I know that you are smart person , corporal punishments still exist and been adopted all over the world despite the ban at most countries ,students need that teacher who waive with that stick if they go off track and it's works again it have to be used professionally and not random

by Miss Salimma Mon Mar 31 02:56:37 UTC 2014

guest just to clear some thing her when me and my Dad said it's my fault just because i should took the teacher and the learning more serious ,my dad did talk to the principal about it ,the principal promise my dad to look at this case but my dad inform the principal that he is not going to take any action against the teacher because the students and me one of them disrespect that teacher and try humiliate her , the teacher agree that she used extra force because she felt that students ignoring her and she is their teaching without even getting pay for it , i am the second person she beats ,never beat any students before
i learn my lesson as my dad told me i am their to get education and not to play and i should respect and obey the rules ,the principal offered to pay for the medical expense but my dad refuse and he just pay for it ,my dad just looked at this case it's an accident and the teacher back their to teach us and not to harm us ,i think most the students deserve the hard beating because they behave and scare from other teachers because they are hard and tough and this teacher she try to act like she is friend to us and never threat to beat or carry stick with her like all other teachers they just come to the classroom holding stick and having at their mind to beat and they do beat for any reason ,at this teacher class's students use the phone running conversation with each other ,leaving the classroom without taking permission from her they do all of this because she is too good ,

by Samaher Tue Apr 01 15:32:59 UTC 2014

Miss Salimma
Frankly, I don't understand why you let me know that you apply light stroke and young teacher shouldn't be allowed to beat students whereas you said it's Samaher's fault to get injured. Do your teachers have immunity to enable them to inflict whatever injury to students as long as students don't obey and respect rules? Breaking bone is quite different from long lasting bruise or welt. How many people do you think have experience to have their bone broken? It is serious injury and serious violence irrespective of inflictor's intention. But you said getting injured is sole responsibility of student and teacher was just doing her job. As I said earlier, whoever could remove his or her hand unconsciously due to fear of pain. It has nothing to do with braveness. As matter of fact, I can't believe the fact that so-called educator beat the student to the extent of breaking bone.

Miss Salimma I am sorry if you feel unpleasant with my expression which even I think is too rough. But when I read yours and Miss Bonita's post, which drove responsibility of injury to the victim (Samaher), I was really shocked and upset as if my own daughter was injured.

When I attended school and college, mobile phone was not invented. But I got master's degree in my mid 40's from same university for my bachelor's degree and at that time, every student had mobile phone. It was evening class and all students in their 30's and 40's attended class after work. I don't know whether all of your students have a job. To our students in that age, work is much more important than study. If bell rang during class, student rapidly went out of class and answered phone. It was understood by professors and other students that such student had important affair related to work and had to answer the phone. I remember students answered phone during class several times in each semester. Recently I have asked young neighbor students how they solve mobile problem during class. They answered that class appoint a student in duty and that student collects all phone before class and put them in certain place then return after class. How about if you adopt such method. I don't think any problem for your students to adopt such method which even elementary school students here adopt.
Every teacher insists they beat students to correct their bad behavior and almost students will never commit same mistake again. Even you said stick works. But you still punish your students at every class for the same reason, which means your punishment does not work. Would you please give your opinion for this?
In the meantime, do you really believe corporal punishment to adult is adopted all over the world? Yes, when I attended regular school, physical punishment existed in my school but not daily basis and students could hardly witness physical punishment on other students. More than 90% of teachers never used physical punishment. But we have never adopted physical punishment to adult. It is zero percent of possibility that we will adopt physical punishment to adult. But if adopted, no one will allow teacher to beat them no matter how big misbehavior students made and no matter how older teacher is. I understand only few south Asian countries adopt physical punishment to adult students.
I still don't understand why I should not compare your students to university students. They attended same regular school and same citizen, During the period your students stayed off from education, they experienced social life. your explanation will be appreciated.

by guest Tue Apr 01 21:06:10 UTC 2014

In a sense, it may be your fault and you deserved to take punishment but your fault didn't deserve to have your finger broken. I believe you also understood that Miss Bonita and Miss Salimma had different meaning in their mind when they said "it was your fault to be injured" According to your teacher's attitude before, she must be suffering much more than you for guilty conscience. Besides anger, she might hope her students to change their attitude by her punishment. She would be very sad that her punishment came up with unexpected and undesirable result. I really feel pity on her. In the meantime, your father's solution of accident was excellent and it is a good thing that accident was solved not to harm anyone especially no harm to your pitiful teacher. Let's top off the issue of accident with your dad's great solution.

Since I found this forum, I have really wanted to know the reason why adult students do not pay attention in study and do not behave if teachers give a class without physical punishment. Why did they (including you) enroll in learning center if they have in mind that they would only behave and study just to avoid punishment? Why did you try to humiliate your teacher?

Meanwhile, has students' attitude been changed after her punishment? Did your teacher resume physical punishment after accident? I am afraid that your teacher would not punish students any more because of accident. But I hope all of you take your teacher and class serious whether she resumed punishment or not.

by guest Wed Apr 02 06:51:35 UTC 2014

guest ,when I say it's my fault I have different view from my dad , I know I am getting punished and since I stretch my hand out then I should kept it still and not to move it but the fear make me move it , my dad view that's I am really deserve the beating then when know that that teacher just 21 only 2 years older than me and she is already finished the university and teaching too , because I don't like school and I don't do good at school that's why I can't enroll at big college or university and my parents force me to enroll at this class's ,most students at my class even at the center either they drop school or they don't do well at school, Miss Bonita and Miss Salimma view just all teachers when they hold the stick and order the students to show the hands the students should not move the hand and the students own risk if they decide to move but too many students move the hands specially at the first two strokes and when the teacher raise the stick way up it makes scary sound when it's landing ,I been punished 6 stokes from male staff he don't raise the stick high but still he apply severe stokes but I don't have fear from his strokes , the same when I been punished by the principal before she land the stick she has to make sure that the palm is flat open and all finger are tight to each other she rub the palm with stick after each stroke then she apply the strokes ,but this young female she don't care how is the palm she just raise the stick too high she is too tall too ,for me when I stand in front of her even I am going to be punished by her but still I don't take her serious because she is too young ,I been 3 months at this center students always give the teachers hard time then students then scare and respect the hard and tough teachers ,yes they don't behave or study until the get the beating ,then they start to behave ,even almost all the class got the punishments from the young teacher but still they don't give her the respect ,the second day after she beat the class , she start her class to the students that she is so sorry because she been forced to use the physical punishments and to put the students in pain but she promised not to use the stick again if the students will change their attitude ,but the students still the same they use the phones joke and talk to each other without giving her the respect , then she just keep telling the students to keep stop what they are doing but no body listen then she start to come to the class room carrying stick ,she start beat the students but when she beat she hold the students hands then she applied the strokes with less force , today we got test ,she warn us that she is going to give the same punishments as the first time if any one fail the test or don't get the passing score ,so tomorrow she is going to have another round of beating up students ,for me I learned my lesson I study hard and when I leave home I go straight to the center to avoid getting late I am still suffering from broken finger

by Samaher Thu Apr 03 02:35:15 UTC 2014

to guest you are missing point ,first educators never intend to harm their students they care about them ,even younger teachers treat their students like their kids or family ,when father or mother or even older brother or sister beat their kids they not intend to infect injury when they beat they beat because they care ,but some times injury could happen but it's not the intend to that teacher to injure or broke her student bone it's neglect from both sides teacher have to be very careful when apply the strokes and to make sure the students palm is straight flat and finger close to each other ,just like what Samaher principal doing it's duty of the teacher ,then during the landing of the stick teacher must be very sure where to landed and the best and safe way to landed at the center of the palm , but Samaher teacher she is new and it's her first time to beat so she is beating while she is nervous she find her self I situation that she need to beat , that's whey I said she should not beat that number of students according to her experience ,she must make this time as warning then start to be more strict by beating up students who violate or make trouble,
Samaher she respond write most adults coming to these centers taking advantage of no fees or very low tuitions to be trained for some thing they like since they can't attend colleges or universities ,sorry to tell you that yes the punishments do change the students attitude for the better , yes when I said it's Samaher fault yes it's and she agree with , she know she is going to be punished by beating her hands for violation she comet then she has to be prepared better and take that teacher more serious since she experience the beating from other teachers ,yes students do move their hands out of fear it's terrible and fearful moment but again if they can't respect then they should be brave enough to handle the pain ,students if don't learn how to respect the rules first then they will never learn any thing and will be failure all the way , when huge sing hanging at the front of the class visible to every one to keep their phones off , then me and all teacher before we take the attendance we remind the students to turn the phone off , and still at the middle of the class to hear the phone ring with different rings and some times with songs ,or to see students don't give any attention and having the phone at the thigh and texting ,they need to be beaten for this violation , if student have an emergency then they can ask the teacher to be dismissed because he or she need to make important call they will permitted .yes guest teacher they don't physically punish their students unless it needed and to change wrong doing after several warning ,collecting the phones is good idea but this way adults been treated like little kids to take their phone for not using it they should have the strength to respect and not to use the phone just like they respected when they visit other places when it's say no phone use .at the end guest thank you giving this matter your attention and time ,then talking about my self and most teacher they don't like to deal with the beating but they are forced to use it .

by Miss Salimma Thu Apr 03 16:17:15 UTC 2014

to Miss Salimma and Bonita ,I am 24 and my friend 30 years old ,when we reach the class it's just 2minuts but she taking the attendance and asked us to wait in the front until she finish by the time she finished taking the attendance while she is taking the attendance she will ask the student if he or she have the home work done ,took her 13 minutes then she came to us first because their is another students they don't do their home work at the other side of the class room then she asked us the reason we are late my friend answered her that we are not late but you make us stand her ,she said no you are late since you come after I enter the classroom that mean you are late ,then she start to fill form she consider us late for 15 minutes ,we sign the form then she grabbed long wooden stick out of her table then she asked my friend first to show her right hand first and she is going to apply 3 strokes at each hand and not to move until she is don't ,she did apply very hard and severe strokes I got scared when I see my friend suffer from the pain then I taste the same pain ,it's like my hands set on fire lot of pain we are lucky we have our home work ready that time other wise we will be subject to extra 6 strokes ,she did beats our hands without any mercy ,even my pain cooled but the marks of the stick still taking part of my hand and after each client I serve I rub my hands and keep applying lotion ,but my friend she is lot of pain as much she did to release the pain but the pain still their then she asked for sick leave, she used long wooden stick about one meter long and it's squire one cm thick , second day we did complain to her because our hands still shows the marks ,but she don't give us any attention , we asked the rest of the class the ones they got punished that day their is four other females the same as us , we went to the principal office and we show her our hands ,at the beginning she told us it's punishments and the purpose of it to get the feeling of the pain ,I told her we understand then I told her that we are just 2 minutes late ,then she start to talk to us more serious ,the principal informed us that she asked that teacher not use this stick on the students because it produce this type of pain ,she called the teacher and asked her to be more careful and not to use that stick and not to apply hard strokes ,then she informed the teacher that she is going to issue written warning to her , actually it's not satisfied to us but nothing we can do unless we need to report this to authority but we let go ,after that time she start to use wooden ruler when she apply the strokes it leave pain but for not too long ,

by Kristi Fri Apr 04 13:21:33 UTC 2014

how old that teacher and is normal to check home work while taking the attendance , is the principal ruling satisfactory to you and the rest of the students , how many strokes she beats the students they don't do their home work ,are been punished by other teachers or the principal beside this punishments , do the teacher change the instrument and her attitude when she punish ,what's the reason your friend have more severe pain than you ,did she allow the students to rub or blew at their palms during the punishments what's your opinion Kristi about physical punishments and are you aware about this punishments when you enroll at the center

by Roy Sat Apr 05 18:39:23 UTC 2014

Miss Salimma
I am not foolish to think that teachers have intention to inflict injury during punishing students or punish students without reason unless they are mental patient. I seemed to misunderstand that you insisted breaking bone was entirely responsibility of student and teacher just did her job. If you said in the beginning that breaking bone came from carelessness of both sides, I would have never posted as earlier because it was Samaher who provided fundamental cause. I even felt pity on Samaher's teacher for accident which she had never expected and wanted. I don't 100 percent agree with you that teachers beat their students only because they care students, which might be correct if they are dealing with little kids. I think disappointment about student's poor performance or anger from student's behavior take considerable portion of reason for beating adult students prior to thinking of care.
I have always wondered why your adult students require beating. But after reading attitude of Samaher's class mates after punishment and your students' using of mobile(both really made me surprised), I am beginning to understand the reason despite I still believe that physical punishment to adult is ridiculous.
We don't have learning center like yours. Almost of our learning centers require expensive tuition and anyone can enroll if they pay tuition. Teachers do not care of student's academic achievement. They just do their best to deliver as much information as they can and it is entirely up to students how much information they can get from teachers. If students do not take class serious, it is nothing but to waste time and money. It seems that running system of our learning center made me wonder why your adult students require to be beaten.
I don't know whether administration staffs in your learning center have power to punish students or not. But I have read too many posts that young administration staffs have authority to beat their adult students. Some posts showed me that very young female staffs in their very early 20's (even 19 years old) supervise center and pick up wrong doing students in their 30's. They beat students right there or bring students to administration office and beat them unbelievably hard in very humiliated way. I could not believe how such case can happen in the world. How do you think about this?

by guest Sun Apr 06 18:21:54 UTC 2014

Roy ,that teacher is 37 years old ,yes that's what she always do if we have homework then she check it during taking the attendance or if she is reviewing the previous day subject then when she call the name she asked question if not answered then she asked the student to wait in the front ,principal ruling is not but at least that teacher changed her way to punish the students first she has flat ruler don't keep long pain then she apply softer strokes ,this teacher and all teacher they apply 4 strokes for not doing homework and 2 strokes for not answering question ,when we took her punishments it's our second time getting punished one time by staff then by her the second time ,yesterday i received 6 strokes from her and my friend 4 strokes for not scoring the passing score at test ,i believe the reason of the hard pain and long lasting marks she don't allow the students to rub the palms then she do beat one hand at time so the strokes landed at one area at the palm caused the damage to the palm ,i don't know whey my friend has more pain than me , she do has thin and softer hands and pure white , i have thicker and wheatish skin ,my opinion about the physical punishments it's unfair and humiliating to the students ,even they make us aware when we enrolled about the physical punishments but never thought going be used and treat us like little kids and for no reason like when we got late and received the severe punishments even the principal can't believe it but that teacher not hones she wrote at the violation note we are late 15 minutes then we sign the note ,we have other teachers even they are much younger than that teacher they used the physical punishments against students only 2 times but this teacher she do beat students almost every day if not for homework , for failing to answer or for any other misbehave reasons

by Kristi Wed Apr 09 18:35:51 UTC 2014

Guest I do agree with you even when I first hired to teach at the center been informed then ,that physical punishments is one of the discipline methods been adopted and all teachers are in authority to do so I thought it's a joke ,then one staff when she took me tour around the center then she show me my office at the office long stick been laid on the desk while she is smiling she say it as joke don't enter any class without it because you are going to use ,I have lot of fear before I used it ,believe me the use or the threating to use will work more that at the kids , because when you tell kid don't do this or get punished for it they will have the fear to do it again but at my adult students I see careless ,I think our students should be more respectful specially no one force them to come and study but they insist they need to study then they insist that the teacher just like maid to them they can do what ever they want without any control ,one time our principal she try to use different discipline way instead the physical punishments and to respect the students age ,she impose fines students to pay certain amount of many for violations ,no one willing to pay then they ask to be physically punished instead to be small amount of money ,at the same time their is students are respectful some times I do hesitate to punish them when they comet some violations ,
some centers or even most centers they run at certain budget they use volunteers or newly graduate or even teachers or staff with only 2 year college in order to save money ,I never hear about 19 old beating adults , but at our center one of the staff she is 24 and she is one of the main staff have the power and authority to adopt physical punishments ,one more thing I do agree with too ,we don't punish always because we care , lot of time out of anger , it happened with me and most teachers too , when I give test if few students fail most the time I don't care and I will never punish the failed students but if the majority of the class fail and I do my best to deliver the information and spend lot of time for their questions then I get angry then I decide to beat ,the same with home work because not doing home work is careless ,and the strokes become reminder to remind the students when ever they have homework ,then guest not all post her sound true , when teacher post that they beat 20and 30 strokes it's unbelievable and no human can handle that ,all type of punishments is humiliating and insulting to the students ,

by Miss Salimma Thu Apr 10 18:10:05 UTC 2014

yess miss Salimma it's not easy to strike another human with hard object , but me too I been forced to use it , the stick at the adults center will shorten the distance ,at the start of each period teacher do beat a lot but after that the students will start to take their education more serious then the beating will be much less ,

by Miss Raheja Sat Apr 12 20:00:31 UTC 2014

I am 28 years old married ,I computer software class's at learning center where corporal punishments is common way ,one of my teachers is my wife best friend ,even she keep promise that she will not adopt the punishments on me when she visit my home ,this is my third month and I received caning from her 3 times she is 24 years old she do leave lot of pain after her caning

by Ray Tue Apr 15 20:18:05 UTC 2014

Miss Salimma
Hadn't you ever heard about physical punishment on adult before you started to work in learning center? If so, it is very interesting that even you had never heard about physical punishment on adult despite that many of your learning centers and colleges adopt physical punishment. First time I found and read posts in this forum, I had never believed contents of posts. But as time went by, I have been able to judge which posts written true and which posts made story. I read a post where 19 years female staff was in charge of disciplining students. She was freshman or sophomore in university and volunteer worker in learning center. She had volunteered to teach students but center assigned her to discipline the students and therefore she had to punish adult students, for which I still can't understand why that center assign such an little girl to discipline adult students. You said 24 years staff has authority to punish students. But to my eyes, I don't see big age gap between 19 years and 24 years. As I said before, physical punishment was adopted in my school days but administration staffs were merely clerical worker and they had nothing to do with students. Of course, they did not have any authority to punish students even in elementary school. What is educational background of 24 years staff who has authority to punish students in your learning center and what level of academic ability of your students have? Is academic ability of your students same as that of regular high school students? What do you think is reason for your students using mobile in spite of your daily punishment? How many percentage of your students finish course of your learning center and if they finish course, how high level of academic ability they can get?
Do you have young teachers in their early or mid 20's? If so, do they also apply light to medium strokes like you? Does 24 years staff also give light to medium strokes?
As I said earlier, your learning center is run quite differently from ours(of course, I do believe that you do have learning center which is run just like ours). I also have noticed that your colleges(small college) are also run differently from ours. All our colleges offer bachelor's degree except 2 years college and almost our colleges belong to university. Therefore, we regard college as university and vice versa. But considering "ages of students and teachers, adopting physical punishment, attitude of students, calling head of college as principal instead dean etc", I can never find any difference of your college from your learning center.
How are small colleges different from your learning center?

by guest Wed Apr 16 21:03:55 UTC 2014

Miss Raheja
How old are you and how old are your students?

by guest Wed Apr 16 21:05:26 UTC 2014

guest I am 44 years old and now I have students from 19-30 years old

by Miss Raheja Sat Apr 19 12:49:17 UTC 2014

Guest , 1980 I graduate form the university with bachelor degree , I start my teaching career at secondary school ,physical punishments is so common ,I took me over six months for me to physically punished students , I used to hold stick with to every class but I never punish any students , yes I used be scared to make any injury to them ,one of the teacher when I complain to her about the students she keep telling me that I have to be hard and tough and to beat them without any mercy ,then she used to tell me about her after noon job and how hard she beat the adults their that time I thought she just making stories ,then when I got the job to teach at learning center as I said before I never thought that adults will be physically punished or they will allow any teacher to do so until I start to teach and under stand and even value and the important to hold the stick with me to every class and not to spare any student from the beating in order to bring law and control the classroom , this year I am turning 25 years teaching at the same center I can't remember one day pass by without physically punish students , I will share story happened with me just few days ago I have one student his academic is not too good , I gave test to that class even the most clever students they don't get full score that student no mistakes at all , the second day I informed the students that I am going to re do the test because the majority of the students fail the test , I kept eye on that student during the test he don't raise his face up I made around while I am watching the students I got shocked when I saw what he is doing he got to mobiles one mobile he write the question and text it to some body then he receive the answer at the second mobile , he is cheating with the most away never to think about it , this is just sample of what we are facing as teachers ,
guest we do have teachers they are at their early 20's and yes they have the same authority just any other teacher they do beat and students do scare from them but about the strokes they apply if I consider my self I don't apply severe and hard strokes but some students get the pain and hate me for that , I agree with you about the 24 years female staff , she is almost managing the center , she is the second authority at that center and some times she is the one who rule the center as the principal teach at the university
as second job so that young female in charge for every thing their , but even she is young but she is very smart lady educated she will be finishing her master degree school management , she start her job at the center teaching then she become the principals office manager ,she do beat too hard ,when student try to not obey my orders then I start to write them to see her ,then they will start to obey me because they know my punishments much lighter that her punishments ,that young female and the principal when they beat they do beat very hard and severe they always show them self as hard and tough ,
our colleges they do call the head of the college the Dean and we don't call them principal but they are different departments within the college or the university and each department have one person been called the principal ,like the principal of the science departments etc..
guest regardless of the teachers if they apply light or hard strokes punishments is insulting to the students more than the pain

by Miss Salimma Sat Apr 19 20:13:55 UTC 2014

I have new teacher she is still student at the university and she start to teach us last week ,at her first when she came to the classroom with principal telling the students about her she is will be our teacher she has long ruler with her ,just after the principal left she start to talk about her self ,since she just talking about her self me and other students start to talk with each other ,she called us to the front then she told us that she is going to beat our hands 4 hits then she start with one female she hold her wrist with one hand then she start to beat the hands one by one the girl keep telling her that she hurts her hands and her wrist but she don't give any attention , now it's my term the same that teacher has long finger nails she hold the wrist too tight so her nails pinch the skin when she finished with me her nails made holes at my wrist beside the pain of the strokes ,yesterday I don't work at my home work ,I refuse to take my punishments by her holding my wrist she insist on it even she holds my ears and apply one slap at my face then she stopped when I asked her not to do that I will be holding my hands by my self after I show her the marks of her nails at my wrist ,she agreed and I wished I never asked for that ,she did applied very painful strokes to my hands I am due to receive 6 strokes after the 4th stroke I can't have my palms open they are very in severe pain then she asked me to bend at the first desk and asked the student to hold my hands she applied 6 strokes to my buttock after that I went to the management and I asked to be dismissed for that day because I am in pain and even I am too embarrassed to stay after that severe beating

by Mandelo Fri Apr 25 13:45:19 UTC 2014

I been at teaching career for 20 years now ,i do teach at public school as morning job and learning academy evening job ,at the public school physical punishments is their but it's only been adopted at the principal office by the principal or her secretary ,teacher can't physically punish students for any reason ,even at the principal office before they administer the punishments written consent must be obtained from the student parents or guardian ,but at the evening job (at the academy)physical punishments is common and every student when they enroll ,form giving the managements the right to physically punish them been signed by the student and other witness like one of their parents or family member ,i been teaching at this academy for 14 years during the 14 years when i start i have several accidents like what happen to Samaher ,when i start i used to beat when the students make me angry so i have habit to beat hard and severe i am then very young and some of my students are older than me ,i made damage to students hands when they try to move their hands when it's landing ,i take the blame personally all the time because i forgot that the one who receiving the strokes is human and i just punishing them for wrong doing and no personal matter between me and them ,yes damage will happen when the teacher raise the stick too high trying to land it with full power ,don't care how harmful will be at the student , yes i learn it after one time broke a finger for female student another time i harm the wrest of male student when they get scared from the stick when it's landed and try to move it then i can't stop it just keep it going then will touch any part , i learn to only apply strokes not to give long or severe pain just to embarrass the students when they stretch their hands out more than to effect pain ,when the teacher strike medium to light strokes then they can control the stick if the student move their hand , which it's normal to move it out of the fear , when i been at school i used to move my hands and normal act ,teacher should prepare the student for the punishments by having the student stretch the hand out with the palm flat open then the teacher before each stroke should rub the stick at the student hand at that time the student attention will be at the stick and the movement of it when it's rubbing their palm then the strokes to be done quick to avoid the student moving their hand ,

by Miss Maimoona Sat Apr 26 19:53:29 UTC 2014

Miss Raheja
You said your students have taken their education more serious after a lot of beating at the start of each period, which means your beating works well whereas Miss Salimma is still beating her students for the same reason of using mobile. I read your posts in another topic in this forum where you said you never give any chance to forgive or overlook misbehaving students and always apply strokes with full force whereas Miss Salimma applies light to medium strokes. Considering both of you are experienced teachers, I think only difference is strength of stokes when both of you beat students. Do you think only reason that Miss Salimma's students do not correct their attitude is because of Miss Salimma's light or medium strokes? You also said all staffs have authority to beat students. How old are your staffs and how many male staffs do you have in your learning academy?

Miss Salimma
The college I mentioned is small colleges where physical punishment is adopted. English is not my native language and I admit my poor english and I found word of principal can be used as head of regular school, college and even university. As you know well, if college offer bachelor's degree, it is impossible to pick up late arrival at the main gate in the morning because each student has their own class schedule. But your college close main gate to pick up late arrival and punish them. Also your college students stay at same class room for different subject just like regular school. Usually age of university students is 18-22 but many of your college students over 30 or even 40. That is why I asked how are small colleges different from your learning center?
Meantime it is very interesting to find cheating student can get full marks in the test because cheating can improve scores but it is commonsensically impossible to earn perfect scores by cheating. How did you handle that students? How many teachers and staffs in your learning center and how many male teachers and staffs? How old is your principal?

by guest Tue Apr 29 06:30:51 UTC 2014

Mandelo how old is your teacher and how old are you? are you male or female? usually how many strokes does your teacher apply to students who don't do homework?

by guest Tue Apr 29 06:35:58 UTC 2014

guest I am 20 years old , I am male ,she apply 6 strokes for not doing home work ,she punished all students with 6 strokes while she is holding their hands for me I can't show my hands after the fourth stroke she decide to apply the rest of the strokes to my buttock then it's seems that she enjoyed beating the buttock ,she applied 6 strokes instead of two

by Mandelo Wed Apr 30 12:00:17 UTC 2014

guest our center run assigned class's students stay at their class and the teacher go that class different than colleges with credit hours and universities , which students pick their class's and time , but at our center have two shifts AM and PM certain time to start and to end each shift and break time then 10 minutes break between class's to change the teachers ,during this time students can use toilet ,use phone any quick need then they get 50 minute break for launch ,or to snack time , off course cheating student specially the way that student cheat need to get full mark ,I did report the student to the management ,off course he got what he deserve from the office manager , I don't know the number of the teachers and staff but their is big number of teachers and staff ,the principal 48 years old

by Miss Salimma Wed Apr 30 18:15:22 UTC 2014

I am 19 years old attending learning center to be X ray certified personal it's 18 months class's offer for free , this is my 6th month , I did received 3 time beating at my hands first time from 53 years old staff I got 4 strokes for arriving late she did apply very soft strokes no pain at all , second time for getting absent for 2 day I got another beating at my hands from the principal , she is 42 years old ,she did beat very hard I received 8 strokes from her they are very painful , yesterday I received 8 strokes from female staff she is not more than 27 , so she end up breaking my left hand thumb ,she beats my hands like I am not human or did some thing to her personally and taking revenge from me , I felt broken bone at my thumb after the 4th stroke but she continue to beat my hands with the rest 4 strokes , it's very painful it's the second day I still have lot of pain at my hands ,then when I complain to the principal ,she sent me to see doctor and their they have to rap my finger to keep straight in order to be relieved , I am shy and embarrass to tell my family about my punishments and the staff broke my thumb I just make story to them

by Mario Wed May 07 20:30:39 UTC 2014

Mario Is it common that students have their finger broken by punishment from staff or teacher? did principal take any measure to the staff who broke your finger? do you have no way to sue that staff for violation?

by guest Thu May 08 07:20:56 UTC 2014

Mario violation should be corrected violence ie do you have no way to sue that staff for violence?

by guest Thu May 08 07:23:43 UTC 2014

Mario , who are in power and authority to beat at your learning center , why you hide this accident from you parents , how this happen do you try to move your hand or she can't aim well ,are you the only one to get the beating at this time or other students took her beating too , what the reason she beats you ,is it her normal to beat that hard or it's her first time , what type of instrument she used to beat with ,are you going to file complain against her ,when you say you are embarrass to tell your family ,why you family they don't know that beating is adopted at your center , what about the marks of the stokes are they still visible and your parents can see the marks

by Tj Thu May 08 20:34:58 UTC 2014

Guest off course not , it's not common but that female normally she is one of the best staff , she is very friendly with students all students like her ,it's her first time beat that hard then when the principal called her and inform her what she did ,she felt sorry then she told the principal that one student make her too mad then she just start to beat very hard because she is too mad , but the principal asked her to come into her office so she will discuss this matter ,then the principal send to see doctor and she paid for all expensive ,then the second day I been called by the principal to check on me then she informed me that female been disciplined by giving her less authority and she is not involve with students direct ,the same day that female called me to her office to say sorry to me then she handle me gift which I refused to take it from her I know she scared that I am going to report her to upper officials at the center ,I am never think to sue her ,I just consider it's and accident and she don't meant to broke my thumb ,
TJ students only get punished at the management office ,teachers don't physically punish students ,I am still hiding this accident and never told my family the reason even they know that some times we get the physical punishments but I am too shy to talk about it , with my age it's not fun to talk about that I get the beating ,even my older sister she just finished her secretary degree from the same center ,she keep asked me if ever got punished but I always answer with no never , every time when we are to get the strokes we been directed to keep all fingers close to each other with the palm flat open but at that time I am in severe pain after I received 4 hard strokes and still 4 more to come then I can't keep finger together just showing my hand with my fingers away from each other ,all punished students notice that she is beating very hard ,when I have my left hand for the 4th stroke she has the stick up at the same time she is talking with another female staff she is their writing us the permit to go back to class's the stick while it's landing she landed at the end of my palm targeting the thumb ,I been absent for another day then the second day I arrived late ,so my punishments is 8 strokes the rest of the student they just received 4 strokes ,long thick ruler been used to beat the hands ,I will not going to file any complain against her I just notify the principal and I will not do any farther complains ,yes the marks is visible but I can hide it from parents ,and yes it's so embarrassing to receive strokes at the hands

by Mario Sun May 11 13:06:41 UTC 2014

Mario i think you seem to choose right decision not to sue your staff. but if you sue her to police or any other authority concerned, what will happen to that staff?

by guest Wed May 14 10:08:48 UTC 2014

I am her sharing my experience ,I am attending Academy to become pharmacy assistant , I am 28 years old now ,physical punishments is common ,teachers and staff are in power to punish any student if they violate the rules ,most punishments been adopted at the managements or the teachers will call the students to their office ,I see the younger the teacher the more wild they will be yes they are too wild specially female teachers or staff , every day late arrivals will be meet with staff they supervise the main gate after the start of the class's ,I been late several times when the supervising staff older age ,students understand they are getting punished the old staff will ask the students nicely to show their hands for the punishments ,some times students refuse to show the hands by trying to explain why they are late now older age staff will respect their right then she send them to meet the principal but if the supervising staff younger age if student refuse to show the hands then she start to slap the students face or hit the student any where her stick will reach to force the student to take the punishments ,even when older staff beat they never apply hard and severe strokes they just apply the strokes with too hard most the time by the time we walk from the gate to the classroom then we don't feel the pain , but when younger age staff supervising specially females they raise the stick way above their shoulder and apply the strokes with full strength ,one day young female beating students while one male students stretching his hand out she land the stroke at the wrist of his hand instead to apply it at the center of the palm , he felt too much pain and he kept telling that female that he is hurt and he is in pain but she don't care she kept asking him to show the other hand ,when she raise the stick to his arm he snatched the stick out of her hand then he hold her hand and twisted to her back telling her that he is going to broke her arm ,she start screaming , another staff standing by hitting other students she came and asked him to leave the staff ,females always try to show power and strength

by Liala Wed May 14 13:10:31 UTC 2014

Guest even I am going to sue may be nothing to happen , it's school punishments and all students at the time of the enrollment sign form of consent giving the authority to the managements to discipline the students if necessary the discipline can be physically and that what happen , at the same time I don't need to embarrass my self more , I consider it as an accident will teach me hard lesson , and that female she been removed from direct contact with the students to just clerical job

by Mario Sat May 17 12:37:58 UTC 2014

I been sent by my company to learning center for computer training it's 3 months program ,the center have other class's the managements and teachers do physically punish the students ,and the physical punishment is not adopted at our class as all the class working adults been at this center by the companies they work for ,I am 37 years old ,when I arrive late always I been asked by supervising staff if I am permanent student or just program students ,one day the supervising staff been changed and one very young female taking her place ,she make stand on line with other students she is punishing them ,between my self I like this female the way she beats then I said I need to try her strokes so when it's my term I don't argue with her I just extend my hands out ,it's treble to get the beating on the hands it's my first time to get the beating since I finished my school ,when I went into my class the teacher see me on pain I told her I just took the strokes for fun every body at the class start to laugh at me thinking I am crazy

by Zaher Sun May 18 04:21:11 UTC 2014

Mario I don't think students' agreement to take physical punishment does not mean students have to take whatever beating from teacher or staff. Do you believe that staffs have no responsibility even if they cause permanent damage to the students or even causing death by physical punishment because students agreed to take punishment? If you were unlucky, you might have lost function of your thumb permanently. Could you still say that nothing would happen if you lost function of thumb permanently? Meantime, what gift female staff tried to offer?

by guest Sun May 25 01:51:39 UTC 2014

Zaher Does pain make you happy? I suggest you to visit doctor and check whether you are sane.

by guest Sun May 25 04:11:24 UTC 2014

yes guest , when students agree to take the physical punishments it's because we don't have another choice but to take it and yes teachers and staff who are in power to adopted they should be mentally fit and not just leave their mood and temper to control them ,I understand and aware that female staff have all the responsibility and both that female and the principal aware of the wrong act of the staff ,but my injury is not severe then the principal acts satisfied me ,even this accident open the eyes of the ,management then physical punishments been restricted ,staff can't beat students any more for any reason only the principal and her secretary she is at her mid 50's ,I don't know what's inside that gift box I refused to take from her ,I know she is too happy because I don't try to sue her then always she try to be friendly with me ,she keep talking to me and some time at the cafeteria offered to buy me stuff ,but inside me I have hate against her

by Mario Mon May 26 13:31:29 UTC 2014

I been enrolled to take 4 week training for advance computer programming ,when I register and pain the fee's one line of the enrollments papers reads " violating the rules and regulation is punishable ,no farther explanation written ,at the start of the second week I been late to the center then I been directed by one female to report to one office before I go to me classroom , when I went their it's huge room with one female at the door asking me for the reason I explained to her she wrote my name and id number at form then she handled me copy and asked me to wait on one line their is two lines their and over 25 students waiting on each line , few minutes later two females they are at their late 20's came with long wooden stick then each one went at the front of each line then they start to call the students to come forward they look at the form then asks the students to stretch the hands then start to apply the strokes , I don't see any students reject or argue with that they just showing the hands taking the strokes and leaving ,when it's my term I inform that female that I am student just taking training and I am not full time students , she smiled and answered me you are still student then you have to obey the rules which say students have to be on time so I am in violation and breaking the rules ,i asked her do i have any choice to take the strokes or not , she answered yes you can ask to see the head of the staff or the principal but if they find me guilty then i am going to be punished double the strokes , i asked her how many strokes i am getting she replied 4 strokes then i decide to stretch my hands and take the 4 strokes from her , they are not hard or severe but it's embarrassing at my age to receive strokes ,

by Fredrick Thu Jun 05 21:06:00 UTC 2014

Fredrick How old are you and have you ever witnessed physical punishment by teachers in your class room?

by guest Sun Jun 08 06:04:38 UTC 2014

Fredrick why their is two lines do all students got punished for arriving late or they do comet other violations , do all students received 4 strokes or some students received more or less than 4 strokes ,

by Annette Mon Jun 09 19:09:48 UTC 2014

guest I am 28 years old , no never see the teacher punish or threat any student to punish them ,
Annette ,the two lines may because huge number of students getting their for punishments ,some students received 6 strokes and no one less that 4 strokes

by Fredrick Tue Jun 10 13:52:33 UTC 2014

the first time I been stopped by female staff at the Academy where I attend for beauty training ,it's surprising to me and all other girls been asked to stand against the wall by the order of female staff , then we got more surprised when she asked other female to bring stick to her during that time she lectured us the reason she is going to physically punish us ,most girls decide not to listen to her and refused to take the strokes from her but she stayed calm she just approach the girls asking her to show her hands if the girl refuse she just asked her to step aside ,after she finished beating the ones they agree to take her strokes ,we are about 22 girls then she asked us to follow her to her office then she informed us that we are going to be dismissed for week because we refuse to take the punishments ,then all the girls change their minds and then they asked her to punish us instead the dismissal ,for few minutes she insist on the dismissal then she agree with us , then she asked the other female staff she is at her mid 20's to punish us each one 8 strokes ,double what she punished the other girls , the younger female she beats much harder than the first one all of us start to cry just after the second or the fourth stroke ,but that female staff don't even give any attention to us crying she just kept giving the strokes with the same hardness

by Jee Jee Fri Jun 13 12:25:18 UTC 2014

how old are you Jee Jee ,and how old that female trust who stopped the students and for what violations she stopped them for , is she just staff or at higher passion since she is the one to decide on dismissal ,what's the total number of students are their to be punished ,when you say it's surprising to you and to all students is physical punishments been disclosed when you registered ,sound she applied soft strokes to the ones who obeyed her , what's the reason she don't carry out the punishments and have the other staff to adopted , did she asked the young female to beat hard and severe ,

by Gail Fri Jun 13 20:21:05 UTC 2014

I attend learning center for secretarial certificate ,I am 27 years old now one of my teaches she is 23 years old her name Ayisha , she is very hard and tough all students hate her class she always carry long flat stick ,she always beat students not even one class unless she beats students for any reason , my first time to get the beating from her when I don't have home work done , then she asked me with other students to step into the front , I thought she is joking when she asked me first one to show my hands for strokes , I start to joke with her but she got too mad and screamed at my saying I am not joking stretch you hand out or leave the class and see the management , I did step aside then she wrote me note to leave the class , when I went their one female staff she is at her 40's she asked to go back to class and ask the teacher to forgive you and if she insist on the punishment just take her punishments because I will be punished much harder by the principal , I hesitated after while I went back to class taking that female staff advise , I asked her for mercy and I am willing to take the punishments from her ,she replied ok but two extra strokes I agree , I did start with my left hand ,she is left handed but she did applied 6 hard strokes much harder that the other students ,now I don't wary about the pain I have I am wary about the marks at my palms to stay and my husband and my little daughter to see them ,they are very painful ,but the marks still visible when I went home I told my husband about the punishments I received today

by Bushra Sat Jun 14 21:29:52 UTC 2014

Gail I am 22 years old ,that female is 37 years old she is vice principal ,we are all late , it's huge number of girls all late arrivals over 50 girls ,it's my second month their I never know that physical punishments is adopted and never been informed but after that time I learned from other girls been their for longer time that physical punishments adopted at the managements office ,yes the first female she did apply soft 4 strokes ,I don't know the reason she asked the young female to punish us but that female is will known with beating too hard and sever may be she needs to teach us lesson by letting that female to beat us that hard

by Jee Jee Sun Jun 15 11:34:04 UTC 2014

I start last week summer program at learning center the program is offered for free , I am 28 years old at the same center their is students are young 12 and up ,when we are late then one female she is 24 years old waiting at the front gate she applied 4 strokes to all later students the first time to be punished yesterday while I am waiting on line to receive the strokes , I am too shy because young boys and girls going to see me get the beating ,I stepped and asked other female staff she is just standing by that it's not good for me to get the strokes in front of young kids , she is too mean to me while I am talking to her very quite she raised her voice on me by telling me you are shy to get punished in front of kids and you not shy to be late , I try to explain to her why I am late but she don't need to listen to me then she asked me to wait by her then she asked one janitorial worker to bring her a stick ,then she asked me to show my right hand first , before she strike the first stroke she informed me that I getting 6 strokes ,I complained to her that other students only getting 3 strokes she replied because they are little kids and I am grown up that why I am getting 6 I don't have a choice just to obey her she applied 6 strokes left me all day with pain and the marks still visible at my hands ,

by Virginia Wed Jun 18 20:50:01 UTC 2014

Virginia what you are studying their , are you with the same class's the younger students are , how old the female she beats you , what's the reason she is that mean ,are you the only adults to be late and getting punished

by guest Sat Jun 21 19:35:48 UTC 2014

the local school at my village open several training for adults during summer time , I registered for computer software class's , it's 12 weeks course 5 days a week and 5 hours every day , all students been informed that physical punishments may be applied if students break the rules we been given long list of the rules every student have to respect , the most reason the are strict for is arriving late to school or to classroom , every day two female teacher or staff are waiting by the main gate holding long wooden stick and they beat late arrival 4 strokes 2 at each hand , my first time to get punished when I arrive late the second day ,I got beaten 4 strokes from one female teacher she is 22 years old she beats too hard and it's so embarrassment because every one out side the school watching our punishments , one of my teachers she is only 21 years old she is my neighbor , she just teach on summer time because she still at the university ,when she beats students at the class she do beats very hard I been so far behaving because it's more humiliating to get the beating from her ,she is at my younger sister age and good friend with my sister

by Carla Sat Jun 21 20:33:27 UTC 2014

how old are you Carla ,when they said may apply that's mean warning before , did they ever give any warning when students arrive late or they just beat late arrivals ,do all teachers and staff young or they have older teachers , who beats harder young or older teachers , do all teachers female or they have male teachers too ,is you sister a teacher at the same school too or they are just friends because you are neighbors ,

by Silvia Mon Jun 23 18:41:07 UTC 2014

to guest , this Virginia , I attend fashion design class's their , no I am not at the same class's with younger students , but late students they make us line after each other young and old , that time when I received the punishments I am the only adult between young students that female she is at her early 30's ,when I received the strokes from her I did talked to her while I am in pain and asked her about the reason she been so mean with me and beats my hands that severe she answered me that she is just doing her job ,two days ago I arrived late at that time two females at the main gate punishing the students but one female she beats the young one at the gate and one female standing directing older students to proceed to the office and their the same female beat the adults ,when it's my term to take the strokes she is smiling are you happy now you are getting punished without younger students looking at me , but she is still so mean at this time she applied 6 strokes to each one of us

by Verginia Tue Jun 24 20:39:34 UTC 2014

Silvia I am 24 years old,late arrivals never get any warning but teachers at the classroom they do warn the students 3 times before they punished them physically ,most teachers are young and may be all are still students and been hired for summer courses ,second time I received punishments from teacher she is at her mid or late 40's she beats much harder than the young one when she applied the stroke just like electric shock followed by severe pain the same female teacher she is too hard on female students and soft on male I don't know why , their is male teachers but I never see male teacher beating any student ,my sister is not teacher yet both at the same university but my sister taking summer course then she will be finished this summer but they are very close friends ,she is always telling my sister how hard she beats the students and how the students get scare from her like she is very proud of it

by Carla Thu Jun 26 20:21:50 UTC 2014

at my second day attending summer school ,I am just 5 minutes late one male standing at main gate I don't know id he is teacher or one of the staff ,he asked me what's my name and my class number then he passed me note and direct me to the main office ,when I am their one female asked me for the note then she wrote another note it's permit to enter the classroom then she direct me to one office to sign it from their ,their 3 females holding long rulers and at the first look I thought all school their standing and each one of the female beating student ,then one other female staff came and asked me to wait on line until my term comes ,I told her that I am her to sing this form she smiled I understand but it will be signed first you get your punishments from one the females their then step up for other female setting on desk then she will sign it for you ,I waited on line 5-7 minutes it's hurt breaking when I get closer because I know what's coming to me two of the females beating too hard and severe strokes the third female she beats but not too hard because students shows their hands one after one and she is faster she beats three students and the other two still beating one students in front of me and after me told me that they wish that miss Rifka the one to beat them now I know that female name evey one say she gives soft strokes but the other one's are very hard ,each students receiving 6 strokes for coming late my bad luck I reported to one of the hard females ,for years I don't receive strokes ,yes she strike very hard strokes I felt the pain the first two strokes but after I just shows my hands one after one no delays like I lost the feeling after the first two strokes ,at my way to the classroom I went to toilet then I washed my hands with cold water my palm are numbing that time after the first class I palms just itching and the marks of the strokes are visible after that I start to feel severe pain at my palms it's very painful pain ,I spend 10 minutes break inside toilet soaking my hands in cold water , the second class it's accounting class two teacher attending this class one male teacher and his assistant female teacher ,the female start the class room while the male setting behind his desk asking the students to have the text book so she is going to examine the home work , she pass one by one if student don't have then she ask them to go to the front then the male teacher start to beat them , I don't have my home work ready then 4 strokes from the male teacher , I asked him for mercy because I am in pain I did show him my palms the marks and the redness still visible but he insist on me to show my hands I stretched my hands but when it's landing I moved my hand twice I am too scare and my hands still in pain ,he asked me to stand on the side until he finished beating all students ,then he came again to me and asked me to stretch my hand out I informed him that my hands in pain and can't receive any more strokes ,then he told the female to write me note to see him at his office at the end of the class's , I did when I went their he is not their but the female teacher is their , she told me that she under stand that I am in pain but I comet violation and I have to be punished for , she make me read note that male teacher left to her to punish me 10 strokes at my hands and 4 at the buttock ,but she told me that she is going to punish me only 4 strokes at my hands I stretched my hand out then she start to beat my hands , she do beats very hard even harder than the male teacher but I have to take it thinking she is doing good favor to me by beating me just 4 strokes .

by Martin Sat Jun 28 19:30:52 UTC 2014

How old are you Martin , how old the females are beating the students ,how old the male teacher and his female assistant ,why he has assistant is all teachers has assistants in the classroom what's the assistant duty beside checking home work ,is the teacher in higher education degree than the assistant ,normally schools make it clear to their students if physical punishments is adopted ,are aware of that ,what's reason for all of these stops to late arrivals can't just late arrival be punished when they arrived instead of been directed from one to one ,how many students got punishment from the male teacher at the classroom ,what's their ages did he beats female students too ,

by Sandra Mon Jun 30 09:58:26 UTC 2014

Sandra , 24 years old I am attending accounting program start this summer , the females they are beating students miss Rifka she start to teach our class English she is 37 years old , the one I received the beating from she is little but her face shows she is at her mid 40's the other female she is at her early 20's ,the male teacher 62 years old and every one call him Dr. he holds PHD degree , his assistant Miss Alexandra is 29 years old ,the assistant actually teach the class ,he just tell her what to do ,the most he talk or lecture the students less than 10 minutes but the assistant do all the work , physical punishments is not clear and most new students got surprised when they been escorted to that office and got beaten their but the students been enrolled knows about the physical punishments , at the main gate their is guards they just let students with ID's to enter , late arrivals been given of that red paper have the student name and his or her classroom number , then at the administration office first they see the receptionist ,their she take the paper students get from the guard then she write the form to enable students into their class's ,she never tell us that we are going to get physically punished before that form being signed she just direct the students to that room for signature and their they get punished ,most students for this procedures get into their class's at least 10-20 minutes late , when I arrived I am only 5 minutes late but by the time I went thru all of this I am 20 minutes late to the classroom so I missed almost half of the subject , I don't know why they have this rules may be for students privies ,which I don't think so , the way they beat they intend and mean to have the students suffer from the pain that will be visible to all other students they will know that the student been beaten up ,even some students they can't bear the pain they cry , their is 28 students at my class 24 students receive the caning from the male teacher , no one thought that he is going to check the home work the second day of the start , I don't even thought the same lot of the students that we are going to be beaten by any teacher or staff ,never thought at our age still schools beat students at our ages , he did beat male and female students he did apply 4 strokes but they are not too hard most students don't even feel the pain ,but when I received the strokes from the female teacher she beats too hard ,she raised the ruler way up and strike it very hard

by Martin Mon Jun 30 20:14:55 UTC 2014

I am school teacher I been teaching for 2 years now , this summer under the direction of the school I am teaching at , I enrolled for training for new teachers ,it's full time program 8-5 the managements are very strict ,I been informed about their restrictions and all attendees signed the rules form , we never thought being teachers and we will be subject to physical punishments and detention like we are at school ,late arrivals always report to the head of the program ,first time she is warn the late arrivals second time they get 2 strokes at the hands second time 6 strokes after the second late arrivals , 60 minutes after class's detention then 4 strokes at the hands from the person who supervise the detention ,my first time to get 4 strokes from the head she is female at her early or mid 40's she did apply very good strokes with enough pain for an hours and marks at the palms until the second day ,the second time I got strokes at my hands when I left the center during break even the door guard asked me not to leave , I been sent to 60 minutes detention , as soon I arrive to the detention room ,their two females the first female asked me to give her my phone if I have one I can't use it and can't be on ,then she informed me with rules of the detention what I can and can't do then she wrote my name that I showed to the detention punishments ,then I have to see the second female she is holding long flat wooden stick , she looks too young , when she asked me to stretch my hand out , I did but then it's shame for me to receive punishments from younger person , she answered me don't wary it's just my look , I look young but I am at age to misbehaving students and make sure they will never repeat their violation again ,I received 4 very hard and severe strokes from her spent all 60 minutes trying to easy the pain ,not just me all students at the detention at that time suffered the pain

by Peter khan Sat Jul 05 20:36:43 UTC 2014

Mr. Peter , how is your feeling when you receive the beating from teachers ,how students spend detention punishments ,can students get more punishments if they don't obey the supervisors orders , are those two female always in charge for the detention room , are they teachers or just staff ,how many student are at the detention with you , ,what is the reason you get the 4 strokes from the head person , what's the average ages for the students at this program ,

by guest Mon Jul 07 20:32:55 UTC 2014

Peter khan how old are two females in the detention room and how old are you?

by guest Wed Jul 09 07:45:41 UTC 2014

guest I am 25 years old ,the two females are 28 years old the one she beats the student as they arrive the other one she is much younger she refused to tell her name when the students asked her about her ,it's real bad feeling when the person is teacher and end up to get punished ,all students feel embarrass and try to hide the strokes but no one can hide when we get the detention is more than embarrassments ,at the detention room students seats are far from each other ,no talking even when need the toilet have to be by permission from one of the two staff females , yes students get punished if they don't obey the rules ,the younger female gave strokes to 4 students when they don't gave her the phones and they try to text she did beat each students 8 strokes and threating to increase their detention to extra 60 minutes ,students can only read book or do home work without making any noise ,the two females supervising the detention hall are staff not teachers ,we are total 13 students at the detention that time but hall can hold 40 students , I got 4 strokes from the head of the center for arriving late , normally first time late get only 2 strokes but while I am waiting for her to show and to punish late arrival I start to smoke then she applied two extra for smoking while I am the way she say it "in punishments " so the punishments by her rules stat when we are waiting to get the beating every student have to respect and stay quite just to wait on line until get punished ,all students at this program are 21-26 years old and all attendees are no more than 3 years experience in teaching and comet at least 3 violation while they are the job

by Peter Khan Thu Jul 10 20:35:45 UTC 2014

I attend college to obtain business admiration degree , 24 months full time class's ,all students aware that corporal punishments will be adopted if students violate and bread the rules ,it's my 5th month their i never been subject to corporal punishments ,until last week , i have good relationship with the library supervisor , she is female 24 years old , we been dating out ,dining and going to movies together ,one day i went to the library she is alone ,after we great each other i hugged her by the time i am hugging her the principal office manager came ,she asked us what we are doing i answered nothing then she asked her why i am hugging her , she said that i took her by surprise and she try to push me away ,then she asked me to see her at her office ,at her office she informed me that i am going to be dismissed for week and after the dismissal i will be subject to be punished 8 strokes at the hand , i refused to that then i argue with her that we are good friends and me and her going to be married at later time but my friend deny that she knows me and she ever been out with me ,then the office manger after i show her pictures for me and her out , she told me even so i can't be hugging her at the college while she is working then she told me this time i will just punish you i agreed to take her punishments i stretched my right hand out first she applied the first 4 strokes not too hard but still i feel some pain but the last 4 strokes she applied real severe strokes by the time she finished i don't have any feeling at my hands they are burning from the pain like they are set into fire

by Kaseem Sat Jul 12 21:44:13 UTC 2014

Kaseem How old are you and how old is principal's office manager? You said it was your first time to be punished. Have you ever witnessed physical punishment of other students in the class or anywhere?

by guest Tue Jul 15 01:34:01 UTC 2014

at the center where I am teaching students trying to have s ex ul affair are always getting punished even if they are married , I have same situation with two of my students they are kissing at the promises , I am aware that they are engaged but still it's prohibited to practice this , students comet this violation first time they get had caning they will receive 10 strokes at the hands second time they get 10 strokes at the hand then 60 minutes detention and at the end of their detention they get extra 4 strokes at the buttock ,it's very severe punishments but students still practice it thinking no one watching them but when they get caught they will be regret they did

by Nancy Wed Jul 16 21:49:37 UTC 2014

guest I am 28 years old ,the office manager she is 42 years old , yes I did witness teachers punished students at the classroom ,then I witness my friend at the library punishing students at the library ,for me it's my first time to get the strokes

by Kaseem Thu Jul 17 14:34:29 UTC 2014

Nancy mam why it's that hard discipline for adults and they just practicing their human right when they have the feeling specially married or engaged students it's normal to have this type of affair , 10 strokes it's real hard punishments then by being discipline for 10 strokes and detention then 4 buttock strokes it's too harsh , what about other violations are the center strict the same or this act is the most punishable , are both get the punishments or just the male ,how the student get caught doing this ,how old are you Miss Nancy and how old the students they are kissing ,did they agree to be punished without any rejection

by Kaseem Thu Jul 17 14:48:02 UTC 2014

Kaseem Was it you only who got punished by office manager or did your girl freind get punished also? Library is the place where should be kept silent always. If library supervisor punishes students at the library, it is obvious that loud sound is made and that situation bothers students in the library to read or study. Why did your friend punish students at the library and how old are students who got punished by your friend? Are they male or female?

by guest Thu Jul 17 20:49:31 UTC 2014

yes guest only me got the strokes from the manager ,my girl friend has possession ,she employee just the same as the office manager she can't punished her but when see each other the second day she start to say sorry because she deny her relationship with me then she told me that she got warning and if she get three warning then she will get fired ,she has the power and the authority to punish the students if they make any noise like talking laud or their phones rings ,if they are late returning the books or any damage to the books ,she do punish the students at her private office not at the library loopy ,she punish any age male or female the oldest I witness she punishing two females they are at their late 30's

by Kaseem Sat Jul 19 19:19:59 UTC 2014

Kaseem why you don't say that when you got punished , yes it's human issue , but it's not human rights to practice it place , even it's unethical for some one to kiss or hug his wife at public place , college and schools is place to learn and get education ,the punishments is not severe it's just to fit what bad practice they did in public it's the most violation students get this severe punishments for , still it's not enough I think they should be dismissed from the first time ,we been told by the management to apply as much strength we can for students practicing this act ,both students get the same punishments I am 44 years old and the students are male 28 female 27 I am aware that they are engaged but they still receive the punishments the same couple caught week later by another teacher both they got the strokes and the detention and the buttock strokes , when I punished them they just obey my orders and got their punishments they try to avoid the punishments by arguing that they are engaged and legally engaged they are like husband and wife but still the rules don't allow them to do this ,my opinion too that the library miss she should be punished even she is staff member , by being staff they should respect the rules more than the students , she is even lie by denning that she know you and you and her consider engaged , I wonder how she explain that to you later when you got together , are you and her at the same relation ,at least 3-6 couples get the punishments for s exul acts

by Nancy Tue Jul 22 20:39:36 UTC 2014

Miss Nancy ,I did defend my self but at that time no one need to listen to me , still I believe it's my right if I have moment of crush toward my girl friend and if we both of us agree on it then should not be any body business , yes I been punished for this act because the this act is the first orders to students to avoid , the students you punished almost the same ages as me and my friend and all of us mature and know what we are doing but when it's come to college authority even they are agree that what we did is not unethical but still they obey the rules those in power , but i am lucky i don't get the same severe strokes you adopted , the head of the center she told the library supervisor that she should ask the principal to allow her to beat her but she will let go the way it is , when we see each other the second day she try to explain why she did that ,because she is wary not to lose her job ,specially she been promised to be promoted to be class teacher instead of library supervisor , but i am still mad of her and i did not talk to her since then ,last week i been among group of students arrived late to college then she is and other female supervising the main gate both of them start to beat the students when it's my term to receive the punishments then she is the one to punish me but she did not do it then she asked me to wait for the other female ,during break the same day she thought that she is doing some thing very good by not beating my hands , she told me that she can't see her self beating me or see me on pain from her , she asked to get back to our relationship ,but i told her i don't care i look at you like person in charge and doing your job and not person i care about ,if it happen next time don't wary i will take the strokes from you then she start to laugh while she is holding my hands trying to make me happy

by Kaseem Wed Jul 23 21:14:16 UTC 2014

I agree with Kaseem ,as student when we spend time together female and male it's become very close friendship if not hot relationship ,then when students meet at the college or the center they great each other by hugs and kiss's at the cheeks it's normal human acts so miss Nancy don't tell it does not happen to you when you are students or when you meet with your friends or other teachers ,
Kaseem you don't need to know person like that female because from the first time she deny any relationship with you ,did your friend normally supervise the college when she is not supervising the library ,how hard she applied the strokes ,how many strokes late arrivals received ,do you been punished from other teachers than the office manager ,I am her with miss Nancy your friend should be punished even she is staff their ,because she lie and the manager understand and know that she lies ,so how she is going to be teacher when she lies about relationship she has with one of the students so she can't be hones teacher ,I am dean of student at college I get situations like these but I never punish any students for hugging each other , some time students hug their teachers when they meet or good thing happen it's human normal to express the feeling with the hugs

by Mr. Jack Patel Thu Jul 24 14:48:48 UTC 2014

I am her to agree with Mr. Jack , one of the issues learning centers to deal with the mixing students male and female and hot relationship ,I think miss Nancy understand and don't think they will punish students just for greeting hugs , it's totally different when students hugs each other as greeting and when they hug and kiss each other as greeting , students get caught with really embarrassing situation , I am teacher at learning center I worked for different centers an it's the most issue is how to control students specially all of the adults , beside being teacher at this center I am board member at the disciplinary board , teachers and staff don't just punish students for this act it have to be reviewed by the board then the board will decide what punishments suitable , some situation students get dismissed for week or two and some time just get physically punished ,if the board see to physically punish the students then students will be asked to meet with me after the board review to apply the punishments , during my career at this center two cased been reviewed that teacher or staff part of this se xual act , one time the teacher instead to cut half of her salary she agreed to received physical punishments that time the principal office manager adopt the punishments at her ,even it's human nature but students should act responsible and learn when and where to show their se xual needs , our center too hard and very strict on this matter ,

by Miss Katrina Sat Jul 26 19:38:19 UTC 2014

I am 28 and my husband 30 both attend center for accounting ,we been told and have to sign form that we can't do any hot feeling with each other they do every married couple sign the form then it's written on the rules and regulation the any hot relation with students will be disciplined then after each rule their is explanation what the student can expect as discipline , finding the students guilty with hot feeling minimum will be physically punished for first time 10 strokes at the hands second time 10 strokes at the hands then 90 minutes after class's detention then after detention extra 10 strokes at the buttock , third time students will be dismissed and not allowed back at the center , students still comet this act , it's our 6th month their , neither me nor my husband never been subject to any physical punishments for any reason , two time from different teachers got warning when we forgot to work at home work , but last week our car after my husband finished his job fail to start , then he called me just to meet him at the center because he is going to take public transportation that day both of us got late about 15 minutes then we have to report to the principal office which she is out of her office then we been ordered to see female staff ,she is no more than 23 years old ,with highest may be half of my husband highest , she is talking so mean to us then she said because it's our first time being late then she is going to punish each one of us 4 strokes normally 8 strokes , at the start my husband got nervous and start to argue with her ,she told him if you argue again then I will punish you with 8 strokes I went in from of her stretching my hand out and asked her to punish me first I received the 4 strokes they are not painful but light pain and redness cover my palms then my husband term while she landing the first stroke he pulled his hand out ,then she gave him last warning if the hand been pulled again then he will receive 12 strokes , then he manage to keep his hands but she applied much harder strokes to my husband ,after she finished she told him I applied the hard strokes because your attitude then she asked me if I am in pain I answered her no but he is in pain

by Anstisia Sat Jul 26 20:55:38 UTC 2014

when the security at the learning center asked me and the other students to report to the principal office when we arrived late ,their we are 27 students waiting in from of one office been asked to wait their ,we can't leave that place because security take our id's and direct us to this room ,10 minutes later one female came holding our id's and book then she asked us line up as we hear our names by the time she done we are standing one line ,then other female she is at her mid 20's holds long ruler then she asked the one top of the line to step toward her and to show the hands for the beating most students aware that they are waiting for the punishments but I don't have an idea that I am going to be beaten from this young female it's been moment of fear for me then I decide to reject the punishments even I been dismissed , just one students ahead of me then it's my term , I informed the female the one she holds the id's that I will not let the female beat me like that and I need to see the principal , she asked me that's will be ok but she asked me to wait aside until they finished after that the same female went with me to the principal office ,when the principal asked me the reason I am rejecting the punishments I replied because I don't do any thing I am late and it's my first time and I have good reason to be late , then it's enough punishments for the students to miss class ,she answered me that I have point and that's I am right then she told me when they deal with over 1200 students at each period and they can't question each one why they are late because they will come for reason , so the rules is clear what ever the reason is late arrivals must be punished then she told me at my case when I reject punished then double the strokes will apply then she asked the female to punish me the same number to the strokes ,then she asked not to be so hard on me ,I went with her to the same office then she pulled the ruler and asked me to show my hands ,she applied 6 strokes they are not too hard but I did feel the pain ,the first female she beats much harder

by Andy Sun Jul 27 14:57:50 UTC 2014

Mr. Patel and miss Katina off course me or the managements will not punish the students when they greet each other ,it's not what we are talking about , students get caught with shameful acts ,females getting inside male toiles or during breaks students at the top of each others this type of acts are punishable , I do it a lot greet my students by giving them hugs and shake hands with male students ,I agree with you and the rules at your center but did the board will meet for every time their is violation or they have to meet on certain days , at our center their is disciplinary board but the board meet one every week and it looks at all discipline issues and they do ad and change rules then they look at students when they are out of control and all necessary warning and discipline been applied then the board will look at their case while the students attending some times they come with temporary or permanent dismissal ,some time they post more tough and strict physical punishment at the students then one board member she is in power to carry out the punishments ,miss Katina did the board direct you to be tough and hard and apply severe strokes or it's up to you ,I agree teachers and staff if they can't control them self then punishments is the better answer for them ,how old are you miss Karina and what's the reason you don't punish the teachers since you are the board member to carry the punishments , Mr. Patel as dean of students are you in power to physically punish the students , if so do you ever punish students for hot relationship acts , and what kind of punishments ,what type of punishments been used at your center ,do you punish male and female students equally , how old are you Mr. Patel

by Nancy Sun Jul 27 22:16:31 UTC 2014

Andy how old are you and how the female she punished you , is it the first time to see physical punishments at the center ,why the other students aware and prepare for the beating ,so you agree with the principal that students have to get beaten regardless of the reason they are late for ,how you know that the first female beats harder and the one she beats you don't beat too hard

by guest Tue Jul 29 12:44:16 UTC 2014

guest , I am 25 years old and the female punished me 23 years old , it's my first time for me to see physical punishments , I am not aware that the center adopt physical punishments because it's my first week their and most students been their and knows what's coming while they are waiting I try to ask the students next to me the reason we are waiting her they don't answer me because students while they are waiting for punishments can't talk to each other then they fear more strokes if they talk to me back ,I don't agree with the principal and I don't think they should have the right to physically punish the students and have all young female staff to adopt the punishments but I don't have any choice either to go home or to take the strokes ,after I received the strokes I think they have the right if they need to ask every student why they are late then they need dozen of staff and long hours to do so but the rules is clear , it's says at they registration form , that students must respect the time and not to be late at the arrival or to class's ,then it's mentioned at fin print that arriving late always physically punishable ,the female she adopted the punishments on me she is very nice ,me and her have about 5 minutes conversation before she noticed that the time is passing by then she asked me to show my hands then she applied light strokes to me I felt the pain after she done with the strokes I am just showing my hands without any delays even she kept asking me if I am in pain to wait before the second hand compare with first female she is hitting too hard because all students have to blew or rub the hands before they show the other hand for the second stroke

by Andy Tue Jul 29 19:55:10 UTC 2014

Andy ,you been beaten by 23 year old female even so you described her that she is very nice why you think she is very nice , why she applied light strokes to you is it because the principal asked her to do that or just she has feeling with , do you ever see the same female punishing other students ,did she apply soft strokes all the time or just at you ,what's the reason that the principal she did not punished you her self or sent you to the same female ,do been subject to punishments again from staff or any teachers ,if so who beats harder

by guest Fri Aug 01 12:25:23 UTC 2014

I am 19 years student at learning center today I received 6 strokes at my hands from male teacher he is 24 years old it's my first time to get the beating at this center and never think that teacher will be terror like that ,my hands still burning from the pain he land the strokes at the finger tips

by Rania Fri Aug 01 13:45:15 UTC 2014

yes guest she is very nice person because she has the authority to effect severe pain on me but she decide to be gentle ,when the principal said not to be too hard on me because the principal this female staff always beats very hard but she made it much softer it's because it's my first time to be late and she do has feeling with me ,even during the conversation me and her have good time talking when she recognized that she has something else to do then she told me I am sorry but I have to give you the punishments when she asked me to stretch my hand out ,the second day during break I did see her punishing students she is very severe on them ,I don't know why the principal she don't apply the punishments her self but all students scare from the principal strokes she always beat too hard , I never been punished from any other teachers it's the only time I got the strokes and I hope it will be the last time , it's embarrassing and humiliating to get the strokes

by Andy Fri Aug 01 22:02:02 UTC 2014

I study finance at learning Academy , two of my teachers are mother and her daughter , physical punishments is common and all teachers enter the classroom with long wooden stick , before teachers start the class's they start to take attendance then late arrivals will be asked to stand at the front , all teacher do punish students when they arrive to classroom between class's ,then they either if homework been assigned they check homework students don't have home work get the strokes if no homework then they will quick review with previous subject if students fail to answer then 2 strokes will apply one at each hand , as I mentioned earlier two of the teachers mother and her daughter the mother 53 years old and the daughter 25 years old ,mother is too tough and when she beat students if they don't cry then the tears drop off compare with her daughter she is young but when she apply the strokes she apply very soft strokes one day last week I been absent for 2 days at the start of the day I been called by the managements then one female lady applied 6 strokes to my hands for being absent without giving any notice the strokes are not too hard within half an hour I don't feel pain and no marks at my palms , the second class I have the daughter class , she gave homework assignment since I am absent I don't have it ready then she applied 6 more strokes at my hands but they are very soft I don't even feel any pain just some numbing at my palms , the class after that one is the mother class I don't have homework done again ,then she decide to punish me with 6 strokes i try to explain to her that i am absent but she told me i don't care when you are absent i have to know what assignments the class have ,i stretched my right hand first as she ordered me , she applied real severe stroke i asked her whey she beats that hard she don't answer me she just kept asking me to show the second hand by the time i finished receiving all strokes i am at very severe pain felt that i lost the feeling at my palms , i need to cry but i make my self strong in front of the students , i asked her to excuse me to use the toilet ,when i start to poor cold water at my hands it's so relieve to me i start to feel my palms again ,during break time i have conversation with the young teacher ,when she see me blowing at my hands and tucked them under my arm pet , she asked me i don't give hard strokes to have pain until now , i told her that's your Mom punishments she is real terror when she beats us , she start laughing on me then i asked her why her mother is real hard and tough when it come to beating students and she is so soft and gentle , she answered me i don't beat to effect pain just embarrass the students so they are not to repeat the same violation again ,

by Taylor Mon Aug 04 20:37:26 UTC 2014

Taylor how old are you , how old the female staff is the older teacher the only one applied hard strokes , normally the apposite younger teachers and staff apply harder stokes , did she answered you why her mother is too hard at the students ,I have two teachers they are sisters and the third sister she is the learning center secretary she is the oldest she is 37 and the teachers one 32 and one 27 students when they asked to report to the management whish that they never get the beating from the secretary she is too hard and tough and her punishments always hands and buttock if she punish students with 4 strokes always she apply 2 at the hands and two at the buttock , she always need students to suffer at both the palms and the buttock , at the classroom the younger teacher she is hard caner too compare with her older sister she is too nice and soft and all students like her and her class she try to deal with us like good friend she never threat us with stick so she never enter the classroom carrying stick but if she been forced to use is then she will send student to bring her one then she apply soft strokes , I taste her strokes and the other two sisters strokes and other staff and teachers strokes but always I have longer pain when I get the beating from the secretary and the young sister ,never see her without long flat stick she always carry one and ready to beat using her full authority and power to beat ,one time the secretary gave me punishments 6strokes at my palms and 6 at the buttock all of the students got her beating that day can't set dawn at the desk it's burning pain , when i been asked from the 32 years teacher about the reason i keep moving i answered her that i am in pain so her sister beat my buttock very hard , after class as much i am mad and still suffering from the pain i asked her if her sister are married and if she is married she said why this strange question ,then she answered me that both of her sister not married but she is married then i told her this is the reason your sisters beat too hare because they are not married ,then she start laugh and asked me to be polite other wise she is going to become hard caner too

by Tayrn Sat Aug 09 20:03:37 UTC 2014

Tayrn How old are you? For what violation were you beaten by secretary so severly and how many students got beaten by secretary with you? Does 27 years teacher apply buttock punishment in the class room? Are you male students and married?

by guest Mon Aug 11 04:13:05 UTC 2014

Tayrn I am 21 years old ,the female staff 32 years old all teachers do apply painful strokes but the pain will disappear depend on the students 30-90 minutes the most ,but that female strokes will stay some times for days ,yes she did answered me she told me that her mother believe when she beats have to be hard and painful she used to be so hard with her kids the same way ,so she will never change , what's make different if teacher married or not ,my older teacher and most the teacher at our center are married they still apply hard strokes ,at our center buttock punishments only adopted at the management office and only adopted on male students not females but they adopt barefoot punishments on females but most teachers just punish the hands

by Taylor Thu Aug 14 21:08:55 UTC 2014

guest I am female not male 24 years old 8 students got the hard beating that time ,during break we left the center we not allowed to leave during class's ,the security asked us to report to management office when we came back we ignored him and kept going to the cafeteria which students still at break time , then the security report our name to the secretary she sent for us when we went to the classroom ,yes she do but she don't do double punishments she either punish the hands or the buttock ,I am female not married
I think single teachers apply harder strokes but married do have some mercy specially if they have kids they look at the students like their own kids ,buttock punishment is very painful and very embarrassing specially to girls so they keep rubbing their butt in front of boys ,

by Tayrn Fri Aug 15 00:59:54 UTC 2014

I enrolled to computer training 6 months course been offered by local public school ,one of the teachers she is from the same area where we live ,my family own food store she is our client ,she is 24 years old ,before I become her student when she come to our store she is always nice ,but she totally different person at school second day off school I went late then she is at the school yard holding long stick and asking late arrival to stand against the wall ,she don't even care who are waiting for her punishments some students they are much older than her and most of us know her very well ,when she came close and start to apply the strokes it's very embarrassing to us to get beaten from her ,even I know her very well and every time she come to our store we have conversation but when she asked me to show my hands I have lot of fear from her received 4 strokes from her ,now I start to fear her even out of the school when she come to the store she still smile and try to talk but for me I don't look at her the same way I start to look at her like person who have authority over me ,when I answer her at the store always I tell her miss or mam ,two days ago she stopped at the store at her way to school then she asked me if I did study well because she today she will have review and hands one overview then she will be giving lot of punishments ,I asked her to be easy on me because I am not sure if I understand every thing ,at the classroom I am the first students to ask me questions I can't answer any of the 3 questions she asked then she asked me to step into the front of the class and face the wall ,in about 10 minutes she asked to face the class their is 17 students at the front then she asked me if I like to take my punishments at my hands or at the buttock then she said she is going to apply 6 strokes which I choose the hands ,she did apply very severe strokes until today I still have some pain and the marks still visible at my palms when she came yesterday and I am bagging her stuff I show her my palms and what she did to my palms ,she start to laugh and asked me if is show my hands to my parents or she need to tell my parents about it , then she said she is happy to see her punishments still visible because it's will teach us to remember to study and take our training more serious ,

by Dean Fri Aug 15 14:05:07 UTC 2014

I enrolled for bookkeeping certificate at learning Academy ,beating is common their at the management office 6 ladies the principal , the secretary and 4 more female staff all of them at their mid 40's in power to beat the students but the principal is the toughest person ,her favorite method to beat is the buttock she used paddle then she applied hard strokes it's very painful , teachers all of them females they are very nice and friendly even if they beat they don't beat hard one or two strokes at each hand the most they apply ,after we finished the first quarter then we have to take computer class's it's surprising to me to find out that my neighbor is my teacher their ,at her first class she gave her instruction and how hard she will be with students when they break the rules ,two days later i been with group of students went late to the computer room ,when i entered the room she is beating students and some are waiting ,she do apply very hard strokes all the students waiting are females she asked me to stand on line and wait , i am holding bottle of soft drink with me she asked me to throw it at the trash can too , she did applying 4 strokes to each students when it's my term i am the last one she called me with my name , then she said while she is laughing because you are my neighbor and close friend i am going to punish you with 8 strokes i asked her why she said because i know the rules no drink and food at the computer room and i am coming with drink so this violation punishable by 4 strokes then she asked me to show my right hand first , at this moment i am so scare to say any thing to her even we are neighbors and always talk and have conversation with each other my face turned to red then i stretched my right hand out then she start to adjust the highest and to make sure that my palm flat open so she can apply strokes without damage my bones ,she did start to land the strokes one after one until she finished with all 8 strokes i am at severe pain then , when ordered me to stay at the front when she start to lecture the classroom telling them even i am very close friend and neighbor she did apply hard strokes to me to she warn the class to respect her orders to avoid this kind of punishments ,it's true Dean after that time i start to look at her like she has authority over me even i am older than her

by Ron Sat Aug 16 20:51:34 UTC 2014

Ron how old are you and how old that lady teacher ,did she talk to your family about her punishments to you ,are you aware that arriving late to class and have drink I punishable , or you don't expect that your neighbor to beat you

by guest Sun Aug 17 12:01:15 UTC 2014

when i enrolled at evening accounting class's ,at the management one young female she is too pretty i loved this female she is tall white skin with long hands and fingers always paint her nails with red color make her hands look beautiful ,she is the one to punish troubled students ,several times i went late just to get her punishments but every time i get late she always busy punishing other students and get my punishments from other female staff , one day i meet her at the cafeteria she is standing in front of my waiting to buy coffee i asked her if i can buy her coffee she said no and thank you for your offer , i told her that she is too beautiful and i have crush toward her she asked me to behave while she is laughing , when i went to classroom after break the teacher asked to check the home work even i have it ready i make my self that i don't have it ready then she ordered me to show my hands for 6 strokes i refuse to take her punishments then she wrote note for me to report to the management office and that's what i am looking for ,when i went their i been directed to that female office when she saw me she smiled and and asked me about the reason i am their , i show her the note ,then she asked me about the reason i don't obey my teacher order ,i told her because i have the home work done but i forgot the text book and it's not fair to punish me , she answered me but if don't have your homework at the classroom just like you don't work on it then the teacher has the right to punish you if she choose to, then she asked me to go back to classroom and apologize to your teacher and may be she will for give you then she she wrote note to the teacher for forgive me this time , during this time i am so happy to be close to this female and talk to her very close ,while i am leaving she joked with me if i come back to her then her punishments will be much harder than the teacher , the teacher refuse to let me go without punishments she insist in her decision even two more strokes other wise not stay at her class then she will consider me absent ,i went back to the same beautiful staff ,she smiled then she pulled long stick and asked me to show my hand ,i hold my hand out while she is rubbing the stick at my palm she told i try to avoid punishing you and you been so gentle offered to buy me coffee then she laughed louder even you need close to me now you are close buy i have to do my job you will be in pain after i finished the punishments the teacher has at the note my punishments is 6 strokes and after i went back to her she changed to 8 strokes then the female staff informed that she is going to apply only 4 strokes she did strike very hard strokes but i don't feel the pain until she finished i concentrate looking at her eyes and her hands holding the stick ,after this punishments i become very close friend with her ,even i got more punishments from her but still i don't feel any embarrassment when i get the beating from her ,but when i get the punishments from other staff or teachers i feel the embarrassments and even insulting

by Kishor Sun Aug 17 15:50:03 UTC 2014


by PRASAD Mon Aug 18 02:45:44 UTC 2014

guest i am 27 and she is 25 the same age as my younger sister ,yes she do ,she came by my home then she told my sister and my Mom that she hurt my hands today ,my Mom though she gave me lot of work at school then she told them that she punished my hands today ,my mother told how you punish him and he is like brother to you and very close friends ,then my sister she teach at junior school defend her act that she is teacher then she sure that i break the rules that's whey she punished me ,during their conversation i entered home then my mom told me are you in pain ,i don't know what she is talking about until my sister asked me what violation i did to be punished for , am embarrassed then i told them let the miss tell you then i went to my room ,i am aware that arriving to classroom is violation and the same aware that no food and no drink but i never thought that she is going to punish me and my thinking she will let me skip the punishments ,but she defend her self first more students are punished ahead of me for arriving late then she can't give me special treatments so it's unfair to the other students ,then it's not enough i am late but taking drink with me she intend to give good lesson to all students even i am he neighbor and good friend but still i got the severe punishments when i break the rules ,for me i just miss judge my self by thinking i will be never punished by my neighbor

by Ron Mon Aug 18 14:46:25 UTC 2014

Kshor ,first how old are you and how old the young female staff and how old the teacher , I understand your main reason to refuse teacher punishments because you like to be beaten from you loved staff ,can't just show this female you interest without getting the pain of her , i know their is too many young men like to take punishments from females regardless of the female age or looks the same with ladies some of them like to get the punishments from male teachers special if the teacher is young and handsome ,normally students get harder and more strokes when they report to the management after they un obeyed their teachers orders ,still she seems to be very nice to you and she don't want to punish you when she asks the teacher to forgive you ,how is your relationship with her now are you more close to her , do you still try to avoid other teachers punishments in order to receive her strokes

by Joanne Mon Aug 18 20:37:40 UTC 2014

Joanne i am 27 and the staff 24 the teacher 43 ,it's not about that i loved her looks i thought those students who get her punishments are lucky ,then i did try when we meet at the cafeteria and i expressed my feeling to her ,even i got the pain from her punishments but when i think about her beauty so i don't feel the pain ,when i went to her office then she advised me to go back to the teacher even she wrote the note for her to forgive me i know that she start to share the same feeling with me and it's true students when they don't obey the teachers orders always they get harder punishments even she informed me with that but still she apply hard strokes even during the punishments she joked with me she kept telling me that she is bad i offered to buy her drink then she beats me ,she been very nice with me ,after that time i received 2 more punishments from her ,we become very close to each other we start to set together even meet after school , her only condition to me that when we are at school to stay distance and not to forget that she is staff and she has authority over me ,when i comet mistakes then i have to get the punishments without any bad feeling from my side ,which i don't have any objection for that

by Kishor Tue Aug 19 13:47:14 UTC 2014

Kishor , I am teacher 23 years old I been teaching adults for 2 years now ,first year at my job I noticed when it's my supervising day I punish almost the same students and all of them male ,I informed my supervisor (the secretary of the center ) about the same students getting late at my supervising day when she pulled the record 90% are the same students ,even I apply very hard strokes still students keep steering at my when they get the strokes , the secretary changed my day ,at that day the same students arrive late when other teacher decide to punish them ,most of them try to make excuse and they need to see the secretary or the principal because they have reason for being late , I never get into relationship with any student the first year , the second year one of my students ,he get shy when talk to me when he comet mistake and have to punish him he is always she and get his face red ,one day at the cafeteria when it's my supervising day I went and sat at the same table he is setting then we start to talk personal issues me and him I have good feeling toward him then I find that he do the same ,even when punish him at the classroom I try to apply softer strokes for him , few time I forgive students from the punishments because he is one of them ,he still my student but he is love now then we engaged next years end of April will finish his study then we are going to get married ,so Mr. Kishor you should get open with the female staff so may be she has the same feeling towered you which it shows when she decide not to punish you at the first place ,I don't have to ask my fiancé to stay distance from be , he told me that he understand that she is teacher with authority to physically punish the students then it's not going to be insulting to him if I have to punish him which I did several time

by Miss Daria Tue Aug 19 21:42:13 UTC 2014

Miss Daria , even you got hooked with one of your students you should not talk about it ,Kishor he is the one has crushed toward his teacher so he is earned her friendship , it's normal act for male students specially when they don't have direct connection with females before to see female has power and even authority at them so it's not surprise ,specially you are young and may have some beauty too , that student took your attention the you decide to get to know him more even you put him in pain , do you used to beat him the same severe as other students or since he is shy you gave him special treatment ,and after you become very close still punish him hard , how is his attitude when he is waiting to receive strokes form his fiancé ,did he ever complain to you when you are alone ,do students still violate the rules to get punished by you or it's changed after the change of your supervising day ,by the way how old that student ,is he still get shy when you talk to him ,

by guest Thu Aug 21 12:22:02 UTC 2014

guest , teachers have feeling too ,i just fall in love with that student and i am willing to to do any thing to get his attention ,by forgive him and other students because he among them ,then find it is chance to me to know him more when i find that he share the same feeling toward me , what's wrong when i talk about it , what's make different if the students get in love with his teacher or the teacher start to feel love toward one of her students ,i never know it's normal act for student just to break the rules and get the pain of the punishments just to get stupid feeling ,for me i used to punish them every time harder and harder ,i don't put him in pain he is student and got punished and i am always soft on him ,from first time when he standing on line for punishments i liked his look then when he is in front of me showing his hands for the strokes and his face turning red i know he is special and i start to treat him special ,first time to punish him yes i applied the same strength as other students ,before we become close i start to apply soft strokes ,after we become close i start to appreciate him more ,he asked when any time he become due for punishments he asked me to punish him without any fear ,several times i did punished him but at break i call him to my office then i hold his hands and rub them with lotion and with my hands so he keep telling me as joke he love to get the punishments every hour just to hold his hands and rub them ,he never complain to me when he get punished but some time he said he feel embarrass while he is waiting on line for the strokes , students still get the punishments still i noticed and heard they love to receive punishments from me and other young female teachers too , yes he still shy when he get the punishments but when we are alone he is very nice and not shy

by Miss Maria Fri Aug 22 14:23:16 UTC 2014

I have male teacher , he is 27 years old and I am 21 one day I am among group of students he need to physically punish us ,after he went some one to bring him the stick then he changed his mind by telling the students because I pleaded to him he will forgive us this time , he called me after class and asked to see him at his office during break , when I went their he hold my hands and start to tell me that he forgive all students because he don't need to hurt my beautiful hands , I replied that I don't ask you for mercy , he said you don't have to I did not because I can't see my self putting pain at my hands I told him thank you ,but I did received strokes at my hands from other teacher and it's ok for me if I am wrong to get the strokes , then he start to tell me that he like me and he like to make friendship with me to end up getting married , I rejected his offer ,because I don't like they way he carry him self and the way approach me , at his class's I start to do my best that if I have home work to have ready and not to comet any violation to not repeat what he did again ,three weeks later when he find up that I keep ignore him ,one day he came to the class and decide to give us quick test ,me and most students fail to get the passing score , he called us to the front , at this time and for the first time he came to the class holding the wooden stick , he start to lecture us first and all the time he is looking at me and smiling I thought he is going to forgive us ,but he informed us after he came close to us and asked the first student on line to stretch the hand out that each one of us will get 6 strokes ,still he beats students and his eyes on me keep smiling when it's my term I stretch my hands out then he start to rub the stick with my palm and asking me to keep my palm flat ,he start to apply the strokes I felt he been extra hard on me and he applied harder strokes but I kept in control even I am in pain I received all 6 strokes ,after class he asked to see me at his office again ,I told him I am not coming then he gave me and official note to report to his office , I went their he greet me with smile and he try to hold my hands ,I pulled my hands away ,then he asked me if I am in pain I said yes it's severe pain then he said I am sorry to put your beautiful hands in pain but I am doing my job ,then he asked me again if I am willing to change my mind and accept his offer for friendship ,I reject him again and I told him if you keep doing this to me I will file complain at the principal office ,then I asked him if I can leave because I have class soon and don't need to be late I am already in pain from your strokes then I told him that I hope that he filled his enjoyment by beating me that hard ,

by Sadia Fri Aug 22 21:29:30 UTC 2014

new semester just start last week ,students not allowed to be late to the Academy more than 5 minutes after the start of the first lesson ,yesterday I am late 15 minutes ,gate security gave me note to report to the management office ,at the management one lady waiting at the hallway she looks at the note she write the number 4 with marker then she asked me to wait on line where students standing ,we all standing in front an office one other female at door she admitting the students one by one inside the office when one student leave she asked one to get inside ,when I got close to the door I understand what is going on inside , start to hear the sound of the strokes , when I went inside tall female she at her mid 30's she just looked the note I have then she asked me to stretch my hand out then she informed me that will be receiving 4 strokes ,it's very painful to get the strokes at the palm ,she applied strokes hard enough to think too many time to arrive late again

by Nadya Sat Aug 23 12:04:17 UTC 2014

I start to work at cloth factory at our town the owner of the factory she is female 43 years old ,before I start to work the receptionist informed me and make me sign form that that coming late to work or several other violation will be physically punishable by the owner or by the receptionist she is female 28 years old ,my department is the sewing department their are 210 all females working at this department ,then they have other departments mix people working their ,almost 400-500 employees at this factory all employees have to be at their jobs 7.30am then each department line up at separate line ,when we line up each one has number so we know where to to be ,then the supervising person start of each department to check the names one by one ,when they finished it's 8am then the alarm to start working , late arrivals then get directed to the management ,I used to see ladies come to work area come times crying blowing at their hands or rubbing their buttock ,first time to report to the management one after I start working their ,when I report to the management office I thought that I am going to be by my self then I will ask for mercy ,I see close to 100 employee their male and female within minutes the receptionist came out and asked us to go to lunchroom and to make two lines male one line and females one line ,then both the owner and the receptionist arrive each one hold long stick more than one meter long the owner told the male employees that she is going to apply 4 strokes to the hands ,and the receptionist the same to the females ,the receptionist start to apply the strokes ,when I see the how hard she is beating ,compare with the owner wished that the owner the one she is giving us the beating , the owner applied light strokes she don't even raise the stick too high but the receptionist she hold the stick above her shoulder ,I am at pain that time almost two hours but I got happy no marks at my hands by the time to go home so I am wary that my family to see that I got the beating at work ,
the second time I received strokes from the owner ,when we start to use the sewing machine our supervisor ,asked me and 5 other girls to get certain fabric to start on , we grabbed the wrong bundles then she sent us to see the owner for damaging the fabric ,before we meet with her the receptionist while we are waiting at her room telling us that the owner going to fire us from work or make us pay for the fabric ,when we are at her office ,she is very nice lady after she heard our story ,she said that she is going to punish us for careless but it's not our fault even we must me more careful it's the supervisor volt then she sent for the supervisor to her office at that time she said she is going to apply 2 strokes one at each hand ,all of us got too happy even if she applied more strokes ,she applied very hard severe strokes to us she did raise the stick way up and she is much taller than us her strokes put all of us with lot of pain ,all of us we forgot our pain when we her the owner telling the supervisor that she is going to get 12 strokes 6 at the hands and 6 at the buttock and she has to pay for the damaged fabric ,we got too happy because she is too mean to us

by Pakeeza Sat Aug 23 18:41:49 UTC 2014

last week I start laboratory class's the first day each teacher gave us list of supplies to have it ready to next class ,one of the teachers I have she is 28 years old ,most class forgot if not all but some of the list ,she asked all of us to the front ,then she called one of the supervising teachers and asked her to punish us ,the supervisor asked the reason she don't need to carry the punishments ,then our teacher informed her because of the students age then it's her first for her to teach so she got some fear to punish us worrying that she will damage our skin or bones ,then she made us stand in two groups one group the one's they don't have none of the list the second group the one's they are missing 3 or more then she forgive the others and warning them to get all supplies the second day , I been with the first group ,the supervising teacher she is no more then 25 years , she applied very hard strokes I received 6 strokes now for the fourth day I still have lot of pain at my left hand from the strokes it's pain at the center of the palm and still the palm red too at the center of the palm too,

by Kimberly Mon Aug 25 20:13:52 UTC 2014

the most embarrassment moment for and adult to stand in front of another adult and receive punishments , when I enrolled at the learning Academy last year with the registration form all students sign the rules and regulations form and the discipline students will face if they violate those rules ,just like all students we never take it very serious ,for me 32 years old ever to break any of the rules since no one force me to enroll I went their out of my own , but the first time I been ordered to wait at the front gate with other students waiting for directions from the guard to direct us what need to do ,at that time we are over 30 students male and females the security direct us after he took our ID'S to an office number ,their two females waiting for us one female took the ID'S from the guard then she told us when we hear our names to approach the other female ,she is holding long flat stick when she start calling the names she did announce how many strokes we will get ,most the names a head of me they received 4 strokes then I been called and informed that I am receiving 4 strokes , it's so embarrass to me when I stand in front or that female stretching my hand out waiting for her to strike it with her full power all students ahead of me struggle from keeping the hands and jumbling from the pain when student move the hand when she strike she don't give any chance she just apply stroke or two to the thigh or the arm , I just managed to show my hands to avoid the extra painful strokes

by Jim Tue Aug 26 20:40:17 UTC 2014

How old that female Jim ,is it the only time for you to receive the strokes ,

by Samee Wed Aug 27 12:41:18 UTC 2014

Samee that female at her late 20'S but she is very short and slim so she looks like little girl but the way she dressed give her different look , actually no when student attend Academy then they will unintentionally break the rules then the teachers or the staff will consider that students in violation because they don't know if it's unintentionally or meant to break the rules ,several time I received punishments from teachers , the principal and staff but the most embarrass when I get the strokes from that female

by Jim Wed Aug 27 18:45:12 UTC 2014

Kimberly how old are you? I think you'd better check whether your bone was damaged or not.

by guest Sat Aug 30 05:15:44 UTC 2014
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