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Topic: Do lady teachers enjoy caning boys?
Generally male teachers and senior lady teachers try to avoid punishing students but young ladyteachers dont leave any apportunity to cane boys or send them to headmaster fot punishment.Later they always love to know the effect of punishment.They are quite liberal with girls and spare them most of the time.

by AKHILESH Thu Jan 07 03:43:15 UTC 2010

ranjan wt is your email id?

by guest Mon Jan 11 17:16:27 UTC 2010

young lady teachers canes more in school
after finishng their studies they r fresh in teaching
so they realise the importance of giving punishments

by riyas Wed Jan 13 07:32:48 UTC 2010

If the lady teacher is beautifull. we are ready to show palm to get cane. in my class our maths teacher is a very beautyfull. so we will not do the home works. when questioning, if we know the answer then also we dont answer because we are very happy to get cane from her.
at a time she will give 2-3 heavy strokes on each palm. we are very happy with that.

by sooraj Fri Jan 15 21:43:44 UTC 2010


can you share some of your experiences here

by guest Mon Jan 18 16:01:38 UTC 2010

priya can you give me her email id

by neha Thu Jan 21 15:33:48 UTC 2010

Neha! Why do you qant ID? Want to correspond with me?.Give your E-mail ID and describe your experience?I shall send you mine.

by Priya Mon Jan 25 01:44:32 UTC 2010

As a lady teacher I find it is very much required to cane boys even in presence of girls.It is good for their carrier and I also enjoy. So I execute caning of boys always in presence of girls.It is also true that most of lady teachers,as they had not undergone such punishment during their childhood,cant understand the pain of cane so they do cane with full force and often make red lines on poor boys bottom.

by Rubeena Wed Jan 27 03:09:36 UTC 2010

Neha! I dont know where she is now. You can give me your ID so that I can share my experience with you. Why do you wakt her address now?

by Priya Thu Jan 28 02:24:59 UTC 2010

I would rather do so by E-mail.which will be confidential.

by Priya Mon Feb 01 02:13:38 UTC 2010

I have studied in a coed school where inspite of frequent use of cane belt or murga punishment boys were indisciplined, girls were better in academics but were living in constant tension.Now as teacher I enjoy caning boys I show that I want to improve their result but from in side I want to humiliate them and punish them even for minor offence in presence of girls.I know as a teacher I should be impartial with my students but I enjoy boys caning.

by a lady teacher Tue Feb 02 03:02:53 UTC 2010

There's an opposite side to this... sometimes, boys also enjoy getting caning from lady teachers, especially they (the teachers) look beautiful. During high school, I used to love to get caning from a particular teacher. She had a habit of keeping the cane behind the blackboard. When she decided to cane a student, she would call the culprit to the front of the class, leave him (her) standing facing the wall with back turned to the class and then go and take the cane, come back and start the 'job'. Many boys (including myself) loved to watch her gentle moves as she goes to take the cane - the movement of her shapely, sari-clad backside, to be precise. The sight was worth more than a dozen of the cane!

by guest Sun Feb 14 16:18:58 UTC 2010

hi, lady teacher how and where on the body of boys you give canings

by guest Thu Feb 18 17:26:06 UTC 2010

Hi rubeena
are you so much enjoy while caning boys.are you also making redlines on boys bottom or on thigs??
please reply

by santu Fri Feb 19 17:09:50 UTC 2010

Any leady teacher out there ready to give me a good dose?

by guest Sat Feb 20 04:49:10 UTC 2010

As private tutor I often use cane on boys on bare bottom,in presence of girls.Its very effective and I really enjoy such practice.I think girls also enjoy boys caning.Though I show as if I am doing this for their results and parents also think so but I do this for my pleasure.Teachers especially lady teachers sd. realize and execute boys bb caning in presence of giggling girls.What a pleasure to make red lines on their back!

by ROZY Sat Mar 06 02:53:07 UTC 2010

Rozy teacher, can I contact you...?

by guest Sat Mar 06 14:54:01 UTC 2010


by guest Mon Mar 22 20:39:32 UTC 2010

rozy maam,i want to be caned by u

by guest Wed Apr 07 11:49:47 UTC 2010

As a teacher I caned thousands of students. But I never caned my two daughters. Intentionally I admit them in another school. If I admit them in my school I have to study them and normally I use canes for each mistakes. Any teachers can cane their own childrens? Please explain.

by a teacher Tue Apr 13 05:08:39 UTC 2010

During my school days I was caned frequently by my maths teacher Miss Kavitha.She was a real terror for boys.Later on I started enjoying my punishment.Her hairless legs under her long skirt,her thin hands and a thin cane in her hands was a greate stimulus for me.She loved to cane oys in their murga position,here I could enjoy the glimps of her beautiful legs.She was equally leniant for girls and and never caned them.Now I miss a lot her caning in presence of giggling girls.

by raunak Sat May 01 21:35:23 UTC 2010

hi explai miss kavitha and her old was she?.wt she wearing?.ur unforgatable caning frm her?

by guest Mon May 03 08:05:19 UTC 2010

Engineyanu leg kanunnathu?

by guest Thu May 06 18:19:35 UTC 2010

All Sri Lankans Welcome Here

to meet more Sri Lankans!
just, visit us!

Feel Free to Post your caning experience there

by guest Mon May 10 16:49:07 UTC 2010

male here for punishing young males. strictly no girls

by guest Tue May 25 17:08:47 UTC 2010

Yes it is really enjoyable to cane the bare fleshy bottoms of young boys. I am a teacher in a boys high school. I pick one or the other boys every day and ask them to remain after classes and write impossission mostly 100 times like 'I will not talk in class etc>'. By the time they finish most of the school will be empty. I ussually select a class room on the corner of the 2nd floor for privacy. Nobody comes up to the second floor after school hours. The uniform in our school is shorts and shirt. After the imposition is over I order him to stand holding the table in abend position. Then I pick up my long thin cane and place it on his bottom tapping it and sliding it up and down. Sincethe boy is in a bent over position the tight shorts will ride up exposing his fleshy thighs completely. I will bring down the cane slightly and start caressing his exposed thighs also. Then I tell him that he is going to get 12 strokes and where he would like to have it - on his bottom or on his thighs - all the while caressing and tapping his bottom and thighs with the cane. By this time most of the boys will be shivering with fright and their knees would be wobbling. I will also tell them that if I cane them on the thighs every body would see the marks. So most of them will ask to be cened on their bottoms.

I will pull down their shorts myself and in the processs have anice feel of their fleshy smooth bottoms and on the front also. I am sure that nobody dare report these things for fear of the humiliation involved.After this I again caress his bottom with the cane and then start the caning on the bottom and then proceed down allthe way to their thighs. My aim is perfect and when the swishy cane falls with precision on the junction of the bottom and thighs most of them jump at leat 2 feet in the air. This is the most exciting part. I like to cane such boys again and again.

by Sheela Tue Jun 15 17:40:26 UTC 2010

sheela from which place you are????

which std you are teaching and what is your age

by guest Tue Jun 15 18:26:05 UTC 2010

a guest

dont feel bad
sheela is notatall a female teacher. he is a male story writer...... be cool.

by guest Mon Jun 21 08:10:15 UTC 2010

E-mail ID given by Sheela elsewhere is also fake.The story is completely a fantasy of a gay sadist,

by guest Sun Jun 27 02:20:42 UTC 2010

Dear Guest,correct your english,the word childrens is wrong.Use only children.

by Another Guest Mon Aug 02 08:30:15 UTC 2010

i want any old lady teacher can decipiline me i want only student teacher relation where corporal punishment is required i will pay to teacher as per her wishes

by guest Tue Aug 10 07:11:18 UTC 2010

In our school also it was a common practice to detain students after school and the lady teachers used to cane these boys in private after taking down their shorts. It used to happen in one of the class rooms. In one occassion when I was detained like this there was one more lady teacher present. After my shorts were taken down , my teacher started lecturing me , tapping the cane on my bottom. I was asked to stand slightly bend over holding a desk. In between she will give a hard stroke and I will jump. The other teacher was giving advise like ' give him on the thighs also... slightly higher ..' etc. and this teacher was following it. That day I must have got about 15 strokes and it took almost half an hour and all the while I was naked in front of 2 lady teachers.

I really think both of them were enjoying at my expense.

by Sunil Sat Sep 25 11:24:16 UTC 2010

hi shyam,please explain your forgattable caning from rita mam?.wat dress she wearing at tution?

by guest Mon Oct 18 19:26:50 UTC 2010

hi shyam,please explain your forgattable caning from rita mam?.wat dress she wearing at tution?

by guest Mon Oct 18 19:26:51 UTC 2010

hi shyam,please explain your forgattable caning from rita mam?.wat dress she wearing at tution?

by guest Mon Oct 18 19:26:52 UTC 2010

hi shyam,please explain your forgattable caning from rita mam?.wat dress she wearing at tution?

by guest Mon Oct 18 19:26:53 UTC 2010

It is a fact that lady teachers enjoy caning young boys. While in school, one of my aunts was also a teacher in the same school and I had to wait in the lady teacher's room almost every day before going home along with her. During this time I hear the teachers discussing the days events. Their favourite topic used to be caning. Each one had her own special cane for this. They used to discuss in detail about the canings they have given on that day - about how many strokes they gave- where all it was given - thighs - bottoms- palms etc.. how the boy reacted - after how many strokes he started crying etc.. While one is explaining others will be giving suggestions about better caning techniques - suggesting to pull up the shorts or to tighten it- or make him bend ocver etc..
From the way they used to discuss this with great pleassure and enthusiasam it was quite evident that each one of them was enjoyong itimmensely. But I didn't realise this in those days thinking that they were genuinely concerned about 'correcting and instilling discipline' . But now thinking back I realise that they were all enjoying at our expense.

Some times some of the teachers also used to detain some boys for caning and these poor fellows used to be caned in the staff room in front of all the lady teachers and many of them giving suggestions in between. These used to be really prolonged affairs. Canings were given mostly on the bare thighs after lifting the shorts high or on the bottom after making the boy bend over on a table.

by Jebin Sat Oct 23 03:43:11 UTC 2010

i used to recieve caning on palm frequently by our lady teacher in my school days due to various reasons and now i once again want to experience the same by lady teacher., any teacher if interested please contact.

by dayanand Thu Nov 18 17:27:48 UTC 2010

I really enjoy caning bare bottom of boys unfortunately cane is baned!

by Pamela Thu Nov 25 18:27:16 UTC 2010

Pamela mam, Can i pl. get yr. mail ID.

by guest Fri Nov 26 07:25:40 UTC 2010

actually it is boys who enjoy caning from female teachers.

by guest Fri Nov 26 10:30:09 UTC 2010

I GET FIVE STROKE ON EACH LEG(the back knee)that really painful

by sam Mon Nov 29 12:21:48 UTC 2010

I GET FIVE STROKE ON EACH LEG(the back knee)that really painful

by sam Mon Nov 29 12:21:52 UTC 2010

hi sri lankans.i would like to be caned acoss my trousers.

by kalisama Fri Dec 17 19:26:34 UTC 2010

I'm a student of class X n I go to a boys' school of West Bengal. There is a lady teacher named Leena who is a terror to all the boys. She gives random canings in almost any part of our bodies. Sometimes her cane stroke the boys in very sensitive limbs(even in penis) and when
the boys screamed in pain, she used to smile.

by ARMAAN Wed Jan 05 09:56:33 UTC 2011

I am a male teacher for maths. I love to cane boys back,in presence of girls.I always take coaching of mix class of eleventh and twelve class.By the end of the class almost seventyfive percent boys become murga or kneeldown,as after their caning I order them to become like that in front of girls.I really get pleasure on caning boys in front of giggling girls.It has its advantages also firstly boys know that they deserve this ,girls feel safe and enjoy also.They like boys punishment.I think its better to cane bopys bare in front of girls.

by RAMAN Sat Feb 19 03:19:59 UTC 2011

dany,can you mail me the school of nalini and sumalatha teacher thsr2010atgmaildotcom

by sj Sat Mar 12 18:06:20 UTC 2011


by guest Sun Mar 27 05:28:10 UTC 2011

s i have take student after the class to staf room for caning.i take down there pant and underware.then i say them to jumb for 1
O min out side the staf room them all student see them..after that i order them to go to every class in naked..and ask each teacher for punishment..then i punish him by hands and some time using cane infrond of the school ground..and ask him to stand in naked for whole day..when the girls saw this his penile rise very nice to c it..

by sinu teacher Sun Apr 03 08:52:19 UTC 2011

s i have take student after the class to staf room for caning.i take down there pant and underware.then i say them to jumb for 1
O min out side the staf room them all student see them..after that i order them to go to every class in naked..and ask each teacher for punishment..then i punish him by hands and some time using cane infrond of the school ground..and ask him to stand in naked for whole day..when the girls saw this his penile rise very nice to c it..

by sinu teacher Sun Apr 03 08:52:19 UTC 2011

s i have take student after the class to staf room for caning.i take down there pant and underware.then i say them to jumb for 1
O min out side the staf room them all student see them..after that i order them to go to every class in naked..and ask each teacher for punishment..then i punish him by hands and some time using cane infrond of the school ground..and ask him to stand in naked for whole day..when the girls saw this his penile rise very nice to c it..

by sinu teacher Sun Apr 03 08:52:21 UTC 2011

s i have take student after the class to staf room for caning.i take down there pant and underware.then i say them to jumb for 1
O min out side the staf room them all student see them..after that i order them to go to every class in naked..and ask each teacher for punishment..then i punish him by hands and some time using cane infrond of the school ground..and ask him to stand in naked for whole day..when the girls saw this his penile rise very nice to c it..

by sinu teacher Sun Apr 03 08:52:22 UTC 2011

s i have take student after the class to staf room for caning.i take down there pant and underware.then i say them to jumb for 1
O min out side the staf room them all student see them..after that i order them to go to every class in naked..and ask each teacher for punishment..then i punish him by hands and some time using cane infrond of the school ground..and ask him to stand in naked for whole day..when the girls saw this his penile rise very nice to c it..

by sinu teacher Sun Apr 03 08:52:24 UTC 2011

s i have take student after the class to staf room for caning.i take down there pant and underware.then i say them to jumb for 1
O min out side the staf room them all student see them..after that i order them to go to every class in naked..and ask each teacher for punishment..then i punish him by hands and some time using cane infrond of the school ground..and ask him to stand in naked for whole day..when the girls saw this his penile rise very nice to c it..

by sinu teacher Sun Apr 03 08:52:25 UTC 2011

U r a dreadful teacher. More than dreadful you are a sadistic

by Prakash Wed Apr 13 14:33:07 UTC 2011

I am from north kerala .. Tellichery..

Can u cane me? I am a +1 student

by guest Fri Apr 22 15:27:16 UTC 2011

I dont mind caning you guest. I have a lot of girls and boys I punish. Not a day passes with out my caning 10 to 20 students. Thalasheri is far from where i am. But just imagine that I have just given you 6 strokes on your bottom with a thick cane, waiting between each stroke so that you get maximum pain.

by aisha Sat Apr 23 21:14:17 UTC 2011

what if guest is older than you Aisha? would you be willing to cane him then?

by Sunil Sun Apr 24 11:09:10 UTC 2011

caning story

please leave ur comments

by guest Sun Apr 24 15:41:57 UTC 2011

Hi, you will love this story. even as i post this i feel shivery. When i was in grade 4 up to 8, i was boarded with my aunt, because i had no where to go to. She was a teacher her self. She used to wear Satin petticoats(Under Skirts)for her saris that she wears to school. She had all the colors. She was a terror when she takes the Cain. Every time i got a Caning she was only wearing her satin underskirt which starts from the hip to her ankles.I used to get my monthly school report last Friday of every month. I dread that day. I go home just half an hour before she come home. She goes to her bed room removes a sari, and come walking with her satin underskirt. The skirt fluffs from side to side, staring at me she tell me to follow her to her bed room. she seats her self in her chair, while i stand.she asks for my report. Then i notice just behind her the 3 long and fat Cains lined up. Whilst reading the report she stars shaking her legs. her satin skirt fluffing is for the shake of her legs is first sign of what i am going to get. Then her eyes pierce into me and in a stern and shivery voice she says that i am going to get it from her while her nostrils get red. she is now all worked up, asks me to go and change into my pajama. Whilst changing into my pajama i can feel the drops of my urine. As i go to her bed room a satin underskirt, the stare in her eyes, and the Cain in hand makes me shiver. She then closes the door, and gets me to bend down and hold the arm of the chair. She raises her Cain and mercilessly gives me 30 to 40 strokes, whilst telling me that i she will not spare me today. After,giving me a sound thrashing she keeps the Cain back. The colors of her underskirts in satin still frightens me. She wore Blue, sometimes black, yellow, purple the dreaded Grey,and even butter color.The next day whilst the marks are red in my back i peep through the door and she is in her petticoat selecting her sari for the day. She took pleasure in giving me my Canings. Feel free to reply to this true story, and i will give u my email

by Stella Mon May 02 10:35:24 UTC 2011

Aisha, where are u from..what part of India.. India do you wear sari and satin petticoats for your sari. Please reply me soon

by stella Fri May 06 01:58:30 UTC 2011

Do you want to discuss and read about caning experiences? visit the below link and

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The best cane stories ever....

Subscribe to the blog and get notified via email when new expereinces are posted.

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Visit the site, subscibe, leave your comments and share your experiences.

by guest Sun May 08 03:19:00 UTC 2011

I am a serious student of corporal punishment seeking dialogue with strict school mistresses

by Tue May 10 20:37:50 UTC 2011

In my school there is a beautiful young bindu,madam(age:22).She was look like an actress.I like madam very much because her punishment was to take her chappals and clean it with our hand and put to her legs.Her legs was very beautiful.Her leg nails was very long and nailpolished.She always wear high healed chappals.Some students complaint to this punishment.But she don't avoid this punishment.I got this punishment every day.I would like to take her chappals and while putting to her legs i would like to touch her nails.

by TINTU Thu May 19 04:56:36 UTC 2011

yes she should be wearing stockings and suspenders too

by guest Wed Jun 01 22:17:49 UTC 2011

Aisha,how long you are working as a teacher.Could you explain about one of your most merciless canning in your experience.I'll challenge you,its not even half of my punishments.I think im the most severe and the best punisher in this forum.

by Ms.Jeniffer Sun Jun 19 06:16:37 UTC 2011

hmmm...kandippa jenifer madam.unga alavukku inge severe punisher illai.ungaloda latest severe punish patri konjam sollunga madam

by vinoth Sun Jun 19 19:13:15 UTC 2011

yesss mis jenifer is the best lier!!!!!!!!!!!!

by guest Fri Jul 01 15:56:36 UTC 2011

Hi,I am soma & a teacher of a 10th level a school.I a private tutor also.

In my school I love my students,teach them how to study,how to be a good student and a good person in future.

Though i love my student but I always use my cann and Itotaly support corporal punishment.My student loves me but some time I am the horror for them.At the time of punishment,I give atleast 10-13 hard stroke untill unless the victim cries or jumps.

In my private tution I prefered hard core pam canning and belive me it is fruitful.

by soma dey Thu Jul 07 13:57:39 UTC 2011

love caning boys bare so grown up at 15 seem to love it lol

by guest Mon Jul 11 17:54:25 UTC 2011

our female teacher loved caning our bare bottom with other female teacher in room always showed marks to other teacher they both very fit and loved checking our bodies out she always removed our pants and replaced them if she could get them over our enjoyment she just smiled

by guest Fri Jul 15 18:58:43 UTC 2011

Frankly speaking I love to cane boys bare bottom in presence of girls, which is followed by their keeldown punishment facing gals.I take tutions of sr students

by Rekha Fri Aug 19 08:33:30 UTC 2011

wen i was at school i was caught smoking wen i was 14 along with a girl the same age. we were called to headmistress s office and told we were to be punished. the girl got 2 strokes of the cane on the palm. then i was told step forward to the desk. i was ordered to drop my trousers and pants around my ankles and bend over the strip in front of a woman and a girl was absolutely humiliating. i was acutely aware of them looking at my bare cheeks. as i bent over the desk with my cheeks exposed she gave me a long lecture. then she slapped my ass cheeks with the bare hand 12 times. the pain was not much but the humiliation was dreadful. i was whimpering with each slap. only a person who has gone through this understands how the shame goes to the very core of your being. the very core of my soul was shamed. it was a truly chastening expdrience

by rajeev Wed Sep 07 06:06:14 UTC 2011

when i was 14 i was sent to a reform school in england for young hooligans. on arrival each boy was processed. this meant you had to strip naked in front of male staff and were fotographed front and rear while stark naked. the fotos were put in your file which was only seen by the principal. here it was a young woman. i got a thrill at the thought she cd see fotos of me naked. one day i was summoned to her office for misbehaving. she was very pretty and blonde. she told me to drop trousers and underpants and bend over the table. she then birched me on my ass a dozen times. it was the most enjoyable moment of my life. my 14 year old ass totally exposed to her gaze as she hit me. wen she finished she made me stay bent over and bare while she lit a cigarette. she called me in again nxt day and i had to strip naked in front of her. i stood hands at my sides as she sat in front of me and gave me a telling off as she prodded my belly button with a cane. then she she smoked as she gazed at my naked body. i was enjoying every minute. being stark naked in frmt of her

by ken Wed Sep 07 06:34:52 UTC 2011

yes i did get erect. think any normal lad wd

by ken Thu Sep 08 16:50:53 UTC 2011

njangaludethu boys only schoolayirunnu. Njangalude schoolilum nallathu pole adi kitumayirunnu, thudayilum chandiyilumoke adi kitum. Njan 10il padikumbol njangalude class teacher supriya mis ayirunnu. Oru dhivasam njan clas cut cheythu. Pite dhivasam teacher ente veetil vilichu, appol thalennu njan veetil ninnu schoolilek ennu paranju irangiya karyam arinju. Teacher enne vilichu varanthayilek iraki ente pant valichu tight aki, chandiyil 8 adi thannu chandi poti, irikan polum patunnilla. njan karanju. Teacher ennodu paranju, chandi potiyengil staf roomil detol iripund eduthu puratikolan

by rahul Thu Oct 06 10:56:41 UTC 2011

rahulinu adi kittendathu thanneya

by guest Sat Oct 15 07:21:13 UTC 2011

Pryia mam u r great experince of canning so can u tell me me that u bend over the desk and cane on the bottom iam lady teacher and very young but very strict specially on boys when i lift the cane from the desk and first smashed would be on the the desk and call boy in front and bend him over the chair and tell him not to move.or dare to hold my hand and i tell them u count the canes and tell thanks miss give me more and th bottom they get is red and i let girls to cane tight enough but this i would suggest that give girls otthat is good with hand how i handle

by maya Mon Oct 24 15:56:57 UTC 2011

maya why u like caning boys in nude. do u like pinching boys. boys should be nude always in home. what is ur opinion

by infant Mon Oct 31 10:01:33 UTC 2011

Just type,'home tuition miss punish collage boy'on google and search.then see whats happen.

by guest Mon Oct 31 13:35:07 UTC 2011

in my school teacg=her will make me near to her. that is near to the table. if we not moving near to her he will move the boy near to her by touching the front of the shorts. sometime the private part. then she will put the hand inside our shorts. that is near to our balls. its so paining.

by infant Thu Nov 03 08:39:59 UTC 2011

If anyone has experienced a smacking punishment on a young and beautiful female teacher's lap (OTK position), and if the teacher rubs the soft bottom before each slapping then please share your stories. And if not, write only is it exciting, boring, humiliating or fearful?

by Sucheta Sat Nov 05 10:35:49 UTC 2011

yes, I get punished by lady in the clinic. I get lazy on the exercises.It is a strange pleasure I get tensed-up, I like it in secret.I am 22 and like going to the clinic for punishment from strict miss Xiao.

by micheal 22. Mon Nov 21 19:57:42 UTC 2011

Micheal, I wanted to you to interpret the story vividly, how she punished you, not how you felt that time. So please, write again about your experience.

by Sucheta Mon Nov 28 14:46:08 UTC 2011

To sucheta. She hits my bottom with a flat wooden spatuler.when I do some of the movements in the Exercises. I know she likes doing it, she asked me and I said I liked it, too. So that's how we continue it is fully mutual between us and nobody else at the Clinic knows,we keep discreet! from michael (my name is spelled wrong)

by michael Wed Nov 30 16:49:37 UTC 2011

Extremely sorry for the wrong spelling.

by Sucheta Sun Dec 04 14:47:19 UTC 2011

Why don't you came to this forum? Then we'll be able to share our experiences together. And by the way, I like boys' caning. Please, come and share your experiences with me as soon as it is possible.

by Sucheta Wed Dec 07 09:53:09 UTC 2011

I am Santhosh Maths Teacher in a CBSE school. I used to cane both boys and Girls 9400390776

by guest Sat Dec 10 12:44:27 UTC 2011

Sucheta.Are you a female teacher? If so, do you enjoy caning boys? What country do you live in? Your name sounds Asian; maybe Chinese? (from Michael)

by Michael Mon Dec 12 15:02:43 UTC 2011

To Michael,
I'm from India. I'm female. First you answer me where are you from? After that, I'll share all my experiences with you.

by Sucheta Mon Dec 12 16:50:28 UTC 2011

To Sucheta. you ask where I am from. I live in Wales in the UK. My experiences with lady Teachers and therapist are all totally true. Not made up, like some you see printed here!.Are you a Teacher in India? How do you punish the boys in your School? from Michael

by Michael Thu Dec 15 19:34:05 UTC 2011

In India, corporal punishment is almost banned. I think the same thing has happened in UK schools. Michael, you can tell me about it than anyone else. You dwell in UK.
Yes, I'm a teacher in a government co-educated school. We are not allowed to use corporal punishment to the students who are older than 13. But in case of the little kids (7-13 years of old) we use corporal punishment. I'm a newcomer teacher. I got employed only eight months ago. I'm 23. At first, I was so ashamed to punish the kids. But the senior teachers helped me about that. Now I'm habituated to punish mischievous students. But honestly, I don't like to punish anyone. I do it only to correct them. I mainly use two kinds of corporal punishments like "hand caning" and "smacking on my lap". I use hand caning to those students who are very talkative, lazy, careless on their study and often create noise. I use "smacking on my lap" punishment to those who beat other students or use slang. The specialty of my punishment is, I rub before every stroke. It often scares them and they start pleading. But when I decide anyone to punish, there is no mercy. They may shout or cry bitterly but I continue the punishment. In case of "smack on my lap" punishment, I keep the student on my lap gently then start to rub his or her bottom. This is how, I can feel what kinds of bottom the student has like, is it fleshy, not fleshy, round-shaped, flat shaped, smooth or rough? This is how I can feel where to strike. I like to strike on the fleshy part most. It gives them terrible pain without any harm. After one firm strike, I again start to rub the bottom. That makes them anxious. They start to think when another firm painful stroke will fall on their butts. They are lying on my lap so they can't see anything. It makes them scared. In case of most naughty students, I keep them waiting for a long time on my lap. I lay them on my lap, rub their bottoms then pretend as if I have forgotten to punish him or her. It scares them most. At last, they start to beg for punishments by themselves. After the infliction, they are not able to sit on their benches almost for 15 minutes. And this is called real punishment. That is why, the students who got punished by me, especially on my lap, never repeat the same mistake again.
But still I'm saying I don't like to punish. I also feel sympathy for the kids when they get smacked on my lap, shout terribly, cry bitterly, grab my dress hard to bear the pain, move their legs restlessly and plead for mercy.
Reply me soon.

by Sucheta Sun Dec 18 11:24:52 UTC 2011

Hi Sucheta Do you face slap to the students and what colour do you put on your nails of hands and feet ?????????

by Vicky Fri Dec 23 09:54:01 UTC 2011

No. I never slap on the faces of the students. It's harmful to them. And what kinds of peculiar questions you have asked? I think your intention is not good.

by Sucheta Fri Dec 23 16:14:53 UTC 2011

its not about the intention, its also related to the punishment. it always mateers , it shows your agression towards punishment ie the colour of your paint, now please explain ??????

by guest Sun Dec 25 14:06:10 UTC 2011

Are you a film-maker or someone like that? They only have that potentiality to judge someone's aggression, seeing only the colors. If you're not like them, then your comment is just silly. However, I'll answer your all questions if you first answer me how old are you and which country you belong to.

by Sucheta Sun Dec 25 16:17:25 UTC 2011

I am 23 Year Old and I belong to India. And now answer my all questions........... waiting .........

by Vicky Mon Dec 26 09:25:49 UTC 2011

I'm not an actress that I must have to paint my nails. But as a lady, sometimes I also color my nails. I like very light colors. Pink is my favorite. That's all. But maximum times, I don't paint my nails. And I'm not aggressive in punishing my students.

by Sucheta Mon Dec 26 09:57:28 UTC 2011

ok Sucheta can you please share any face slapping experience in detail ?????

by Vicky Tue Dec 27 05:37:55 UTC 2011

i Think not actress paint their nails, teachers also paint nails and pink colour teachers are very agressive and their slaps are very hard, plz explain your face slapping experience sucheta... Waiting 4 reply.............

by Vicky Tue Dec 27 10:23:02 UTC 2011

No! In our school, we teachers only use the corporal punishments like palm caning (not with a cane but with a wooden flat scale), slapping on back and smacking on bottom keeping the student on lap. Including them, smacking on bottom is mostly used. We never use cane because it can cut the skin of a student. We do not use face slapping because it may be harmful to them if accidentally the teacher’s hand reaches to the spot under the ear. It can damage the nerve and make the student seriously injured.

by Sucheta Tue Dec 27 10:30:19 UTC 2011

No i am not saying that what you do in regular, i am just saying that have you ever face slapped and if yes then please share that experience in detail. Don't mind sucheta i just want to know about face slapping experience. plz share.......

by Vicky Tue Dec 27 11:57:29 UTC 2011

No. I never slapped on any of my students faces. But I think you're very eager to know something about face slapping. I can remember one incident when I was a kid, used to study in a primary co-educated school. A female teacher used to slap on students' faces. I don't know whether she used to enjoy it or not, as I was too little to realize it (only 8 or 9 years of old) but her slapping style was very peculiar and different. What she used to do was, she would call the student to come in front of her, then she would rub the student's cheek as I rub, tap or squeeze my student's bottom on my lap before and after the smack or do the same thing in case of palm caning, holding the palm in my left hand before giving a firm stroke. She used to rub the student's cheek then slap him or her. Gradually the student's cheek used to turn into red. And the slapping would continue even when the student was in terrible tears.

by Sucheta Tue Dec 27 14:26:50 UTC 2011

Micheal we don't need your intervention between us. Please........... Ok sucheta what you do in punishments. Plz explain it in detail PLZ>>>>>>>>>>>>

by vicky Tue Dec 27 16:59:22 UTC 2011

To Michael,
You've vexed my mind Michael, expatiating such perilous formidable incidents which make many sensitive students terribly abashed. I always thought UK students are wont to some Hogwarts like culture. UK is after all the country of Harry Potter. My question may occur to you funny or ridiculous, but still I'll ask you (as I've found you very trusted) are the Potter kids like Daniel, Rupert or Emma habituated to see or having such things often? Please reply soon! I'm waiting for the answers of such an believable person like you! Please don't disappoint me.

by Aakash Tue Dec 27 17:01:15 UTC 2011

Reply to Aakash -- Are you a female teacher? I cannot tell you any more as that was my experience as I said a few weeks ago to Sucheta. So ask your question--- I may not be able to tell you the answer--but its worth asking. from MICHAEL (Vicky-- please note the spelling of my name)or Sucheta the Teacher will give you a good sound smacking!!!- Hi!

by Michael Tue Dec 27 20:59:00 UTC 2011

Why u are giving your tasks to the Sucheta Madam. If you want Michael then i can give you a Slap, then there will be no need of Sucheta Madam, Understand. Now Shut Up.

by Vicky Wed Dec 28 05:47:27 UTC 2011

Why u are giving your tasks to the Sucheta Madam. If you want Michael then i can give you a Slap, then there will be no need of Sucheta Madam, Understand. Now Shut Up.

by Vicky Wed Dec 28 05:48:54 UTC 2011

Why u are giving your tasks to the Sucheta Madam. If you want Michael then i can give you a Slap, then there will be no need of Sucheta Madam, Understand. Now Shut Up.

by Vicky Wed Dec 28 05:50:46 UTC 2011

Why u are giving your tasks to the Sucheta Madam. If you want Michael then i can give you a Slap, then there will be no need of Sucheta Madam, Understand. Now Shut Up.

by Vicky Wed Dec 28 05:50:46 UTC 2011

To "Vicky" Are you female, or just pretending? Anyway, I think you are rude person--that is how you come over the forum. I addressed my reply to Sucheta because she asked for reply---so mind your own business!

by Michael Wed Dec 28 08:34:00 UTC 2011

To Michael, Please Let me know what you want that either i am male or female. Please Mind your own bussiness and let me free. Bye.

by Vicky Wed Dec 28 08:48:55 UTC 2011

to Vicky. I did not intend to offend you. but your name could be Victoria (female) or Victor (male) so which are you in reality? hi!

by Michael Wed Dec 28 09:32:10 UTC 2011

Hello Sucheta what you do in punishments. Plz explain it in detail PLZ>>>>>>>>>>>>

by Vicky Wed Dec 28 10:00:44 UTC 2011

to Sucheta Are you still on the Forum? I will reply to your questions which you asked me on December 18th. from Michael

by Michael Fri Dec 30 20:34:47 UTC 2011

yes i am but my name is aakash not sucheta

by guest Sat Dec 31 09:51:46 UTC 2011

Yes Michael I am still on this forum. So you can again write to me what I requested you to write. And I am also eager to know what a boy named Aakash asked you. And Vicky, I have already written what I do in punishment. If you have more questions to ask, then ask me very soon. I will certainly answer.

by Sucheta Sat Dec 31 14:27:53 UTC 2011

I Want to know a one such experience step by step when you punish and what was your reactions and what was child reaction.

by Vicky Mon Jan 02 06:06:58 UTC 2012

To Vicky,
I use two kinds of corporal punishment. One of them is “hand caning” and the other is “smacking on student’s bottom, keeping the student on my lap.” I will depict you the steps of this second punishment. If you are interested then I will depict the first one.
1. First I command the naughty students to kneel down before me. That is how I create fear in their minds, keeping them in waiting.
2. After a few minutes, I call them one by one. When call them, I start shiver in fear, many of them start to plead. Some of them, mainly the girls, start to cry also. But I don’t mercy them. I order them to come in front of me, and then I lay them gently on my lap. I held the student tightly on my lap with my left hand.
3. I am never angry when I am beating one. It is because if I am angry then I am out of my temper. And it may me harmful to the student. As I said before, I don’t like to punish. But this time, for keeping my brain quiet and cool, I try to smile or enjoy punishing the student. The third step is, I keep the student waiting for a long time on my lap. In case of the boys, I select a short but thick wooden stick or a flat wooden paddle. And generally, I smack girls with my bare hand. Some boys wear full pants. So I start to rub their bottoms with the stick or paddle. And I also squeeze their bottoms. This why I can realize, how fleshy their bottoms are and which parts are most fleshy. I strike on the fleshiest part. It gives most pain with less harm. When I rub the bottoms, the child get very scared, plead bitterly not to strike very hard. I don’t answer. Sometimes I smile contemptuously ignoring the child. And the little aged boys (7 to 12) wear half pants. I fold their pants, get the bare bottom and rub it or squeeze it with my bare hand. I do the same thing in cas3e of the girls, folding up their skirts. I never beat any child (7 to 9) or any girl with stick. It is because their skins are very soft. I smack them with my hand. Many students have many types of bottoms, such as fair or dark, fleshy or less fleshy, rough skinned or smooth skinned, round shaped, flat shaped or bad shaped etc. But I like fair and fleshy bottoms to smack.

by Sucheta Mon Jan 02 14:38:52 UTC 2012

To Vicky,
I use two kinds of corporal punishments. One of them is “hand caning” and the other is “smacking on student’s bottom, keeping the student on my lap.” I will depict you the steps of this second punishment. If you are interested then I will depict the first one.
1. First I command the naughty students to kneel down before me. That is how I create fear in their minds, keeping them in waiting.
2. After a few minutes, I call them one by one. When call them, they start shiver in fear, many of them start to plead. Some of them, mainly the girls, start to cry also. But I don’t mercy them. I order them to come in front of me, and then I lay them gently on my lap. I held the student tightly on my lap with my left hand.
3. I am never angry when I am beating one. It is because if I am angry then I am out of my temper. And it may me harmful to the student. As I said before, I don’t like to punish. But this time, for keeping my brain quiet and cool, I try to smile or enjoy punishing the student. The third step is, I keep the student waiting for a long time on my lap. In case of the boys, I select a short but thick wooden stick or a flat wooden paddle. And generally, I smack girls with my bare hand. Some boys wear full pants. I don’t use my bare hand but use wooden implements. I start to rub their bottoms with the stick or paddle. I also squeeze their bottoms. This is how I can realize, how fleshy their bottoms are and which parts are most fleshy. I strike on the fleshiest part. It gives most pain with less harm. When I rub the bottoms, the child gets very scared, pleads bitterly not to strike very hard. I don’t answer. Sometimes I smile contemptuously ignoring the child. And the little aged children (7 to 12) wear half pants. I fold their pants, get the bare bottom and rub it or squeeze it with my bare hand. I do the same thing in case of the girls, folding up their skirts. I never beat any child (7 to 9) or any girl with stick. It is because their skins are very soft. I smack them with my hand. Many students have many types of bottoms, such as fair or dark, fleshy or less fleshy, rough skinned or smooth skinned, round shaped, flat shaped or bad shaped etc. But I like fair and fleshy bottoms to smack.

by Sucheta Mon Jan 02 15:17:43 UTC 2012

4. Now it’s the step for smacking. After the waiting, I start to smack on the student’s bottom. My smacking process is, first I squeeze one part of the bottoms, then rub it. After that I smack on it very firm with my bare hand or wooden stick or paddle. The child shout terribly, move their legs restlessly, grab my dress to bear the pain, request me not to smack any more. I smile again (which makes them more scared) and concentrate in smacking. I left the hit part to burn in pain and start to squeeze and rub the other part. Then smack again. The strange thing is, when I rub their bottoms with my hand or implement, they start to plead or grad my dress very hard as if they are already in pain. The funny thing is, when I am rubbing it is expected that they feel comfortable. But in fear of huge discomfort (which is waiting for them), they don’t feel that comfort. Gradually, the student’s shirt starts to wet in sweat. Their bottoms also become sweaty. But I always squeeze it or rub it, that’s why it remains always very smooth and appropriate for smacking. But because of the sweats of their bottoms, my palm becomes bad smelly.
I often stop the smacking, talk to the child keeping him or her on my lap. I ask them not to repeat the same thing again. Then I run my fingers through their hairs to express I also love them. Then again I start to smack. I smack 7 years old ten times (five strikes for each bottom), twelve times for an 8 years old kind, sixteen times for a 9 years old student (8 strikes for each bottoms), and twenty strikes for a 10 years old kid (10 strikes for each bottom). And I don’t count the numbers of the strokes when I am smacking a 12 or 13 years of old student. I watch my wrist watch, before I start smacking. I smack them for three and half minutes. The entire punishment takes four and half minutes with the rubbing and squeezing.
5. After the punishment, they stagger to their benches and cannot sit for almost 10 to 15 minutes. They gradually start to sit on their sore bottoms. But often they jump up and shout when their bottoms touch the wooden bench. Perhaps, they feel their bottoms are burning like a volcano. It is a very funny moment.

by Sucheta Mon Jan 02 15:18:32 UTC 2012

4. Now it’s the step for smacking. After the waiting, I start to smack on the student’s bottom. My smacking process is, first I squeeze one part of the bottoms, then rub it. After that I smack on it very firm with my bare hand or wooden stick or paddle. The child shout terribly, move their legs restlessly, grab my dress to bear the pain, request me not to smack any more. I smile again (which makes them more scared) and concentrate in smacking. I left the hit part to burn in pain and start to squeeze and rub the other part. Then smack again. The strange thing is, when I rub their bottoms with my hand or implement, they start to plead or grad my dress very hard as if they are already in pain. The funny thing is, when I am rubbing it is expected that they feel comfortable. But in fear of huge discomfort (which is waiting for them), they don’t feel that comfort. Gradually, the student’s shirt starts to wet in sweat. Their bottoms also become sweaty. But I always squeeze it or rub it, that’s why it remains always very smooth and appropriate for smacking. But because of the sweats of their bottoms, my palm becomes bad smelly.
I often stop the smacking, talk to the child keeping him or her on my lap. I ask them not to repeat the same thing again. Then I run my fingers through their hairs to express I also love them. Then again I start to smack. I smack 7 years old ten times (five strikes for each bottom), twelve times for an 8 years old kind, sixteen times for a 9 years old student (8 strikes for each bottoms), and twenty strikes for a 10 years old kid (10 strikes for each bottom). And I don’t count the numbers of the strokes when I am smacking a 12 or 13 years of old student. I watch my wrist watch, before I start smacking. I smack them for three and half minutes. The entire punishment takes four and half minutes with the rubbing and squeezing.
5. After the punishment, they stagger to their benches and cannot sit for almost 10 to 15 minutes. They gradually start to sit on their sore bottoms. But often they jump up and shout when their bottoms touch the wooden bench. Perhaps, they feel their bottoms are burning like a volcano. It is a very funny moment.

by Sucheta Mon Jan 02 15:18:34 UTC 2012

ok sucheta thanks and plz describe what are your wearing while punishing and have you sit ever bare feet while punishing ??

by Vicky Mon Jan 02 17:36:23 UTC 2012

To Vicky,
Perhaps you’re not offended by the mess of my posts. My first post was full of printing mistakes and somehow my second post was printed twice. The problem is entirely mine and I’m sorry for that. But I think you found your answers in those posts.
I’m now just returning from my school in our private car. Today, I also had to cane on many students’ palms and smack five students’ bottoms, laying them on my lap. Three of them were boys of 7 years of old. The other two students, one was a boy (10) and another was a girl (13). All of them shouted and cried very much. I don’t know but perhaps those five poor children are still in huge pain, unable to sit properly.
However, I’ve read your message in my laptop. My answer is, like the other teachers of my school, I also wear Sari and blouse. And my shoes always remain under my feet tightly, whether I’m punishing a child or not.
If you have something more to ask then reply me very soon. I’m waiting.

by Sucheta Tue Jan 03 11:07:46 UTC 2012

Sucheta in the Summers you always Shoes and if not then i am telling you that in case of belly's or Chappals have you ever punish your students bare feet. and As you are telling me that in case of Girls and small kids you use your hands so i want t know that howz your hands, its thick or thin, this will decide your slap pain

by Vicky Wed Jan 04 13:22:02 UTC 2012

To Vicky,
I didn't understand your first question. Are you asking me that ever I punished a child on his or her bare feet, as many teachers do? Then my answer is no. Neither I nor the other teachers of my school use bare feet punishment.
And my second answer is my hand is very thin with long fingers. I think you've got your answers.
Please reply me very soon. Waiting----------

by Sucheta Wed Jan 04 14:29:56 UTC 2012

No I am asking that have you punished any student while you are bare feet. In the summers as usualy teachers left their Chappal on the floor and put their feet on the bench or other chair.....

by Vicky Thu Jan 05 05:08:44 UTC 2012

No. I didn't. Have you more to ask about my punishment experiences? Then ask quickly. I'll certainly answer. Please reply soon.

by Sucheta Thu Jan 05 05:27:12 UTC 2012

ok sucheta i want to know your voice, do you shout on students while you punishing and what are your height and physiche standards ????

by Vicky Sun Jan 08 07:13:28 UTC 2012

Replied very late. I almost thought that you're not on this forum, so I was planning to leave it.
My answer is---
No! I never shout while I'm punishing but talk with the student always smiling. Normally I have a very low pitched voice. I'm 5'4 tall. And what do you mean by "physiche standards"? I didn't understand it. Please explain it with your other questions. Reply very soon-----

by Sucheta Sun Jan 08 10:04:24 UTC 2012

means what is your physical standards, Are you fat or slim, and howz your body colour and how are you ??

by Vicky Tue Jan 10 08:57:39 UTC 2012

I'm slim but not thin. I have a healthy figure with very fair complexion. And why you are asking these kinds of questions again and again? Does it matter anything with my punishment if I'm tall or short, thin or fat, fair or black? If it is then explain the reason vividly. And why don’t you ask me something about punishment?
Reply me very soon. Waiting-----------------------

by Sucheta Tue Jan 10 11:03:27 UTC 2012

Miss Sucheta, do you cane boys on bare butocks?

by Chivas Tue Jan 10 17:19:12 UTC 2012

Chivas, I never use cane. It may cut the skin of the student. I smack them on my lap with my bare hand and many implements like short but a thick wooden ruler, 12 inch long wooden flat scale or wooden paddle. These flat implements burn my students' bottoms or palms. It is most painful with less harm. And yes, for serious offences, I smack on the bare bottoms of my students.

by Sucheta Wed Jan 11 11:20:05 UTC 2012

GUYS CANNING IS EASY TO RESIST COMPARE TO WHIP . i have a teacher of just 25 years . SHE is really strict. AND she always beats us with a long whip . BUT some time she spare girls . BUT POOR boys really get hard whip from that madam. THEY cry like animals but madam does not leave them. OH MY GOD THAT IS SO FURIOUS AND PAINFULL. SOME TIME BLOOD COME OUT FROM THEIR BACK .

by ALISHA Sat Jan 14 10:09:19 UTC 2012

madam why you punish your student like that. AS A girl student i always fear of such punishment. I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO BE CANNED. but once i got whip and it was too pain full. DO YOU USE WHIP MAM???

by ALISHA Sat Jan 14 10:27:48 UTC 2012

I do not know whether you are a good girl or a bad girl. I don't even know whether you’re good in study or not. In case of some obstinate children, who beat other children, use slang while they're speaking, lazy in study and careless to the teacher, make noise when the teacher is teaching something very important and you'll get no result if you try to make them understood that what they are doing, are harmful to them and other students, (bad student often ignores his teacher) then punishment is the only way. Some teachers use the punishments like "stand up on the bench" or "kneel down". But disobedient students are habituated with these kinds of detentions. I often saw many naughty students to laugh when they were standing on the benches, holding their ears. That's why I use corporal punishment to correct them. It creates fear (as you’re scare of it) in their mind. And my punishments are very painful and embarrassing to them. It works like a medicine. I do not punish the student who has dull intellect and that's why he or she is not able to understand the lesson in one chance. I give more attention to them. But the lazy students, who intentionally delay their studies, I must have to punish them. Look Alisha, cruelty is not a teacher's nature. My punishments are not harmful at all but very painful. So detention of cruelty is a barbaric teacher's work. And as you've described the lady teacher of your school, who often beats her students so furiously that bloods come out from their backs, is really horrible and offensive also. Neither I nor other teachers of my school whip the students.
And Aisha, I don't know how old you are. But I think you're a bit lazy student. That's why you've written the wrong spelling of "MIS", (It will be "Miss") and your contractions of sentences are also often full of grammatical mistakes. I know you fear punishment but if I were your teacher, in this case I would give you a palm caning (five strikes in each palm). It is because this weak knowledge of English may occur as a grave obstacle in your future career. So as a teacher I must rectify you.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 14 14:43:54 UTC 2012

sorry miss .
had i got five canning i would have cried all day. I KNOW i am weak at english grammer . BUT some time i get so nervous by seeing her long and strong whip that mistakes occur naturally . I really tremble with fear when ever she heats a boy. SOME time she removes their shirt and make them stand. THAN beat them. I really afraid of such kind of whipping and get fear . CAN not we student get out of punishment mam.we always try to do our best. BUT mistake can happen. BUT i can not really resist whipping mam.
TO sucheta miss..

by alisha Sat Jan 14 16:53:42 UTC 2012

To Sucheta from Michael. Hope you had a nice holiday. What town in India is this where your School is? I look on corpun site and it says there are NO Indian schools that now use corporal punishment,though they did back 5 years ago --- so is yours a private School where you teach? ...from Michael

by Michael Sat Jan 14 17:08:29 UTC 2012

miss i am getting afraid of you too. THANK GOD YOU ARE NOT MY TEACHER . YOU REALLY PUNISH YOUR STUDENT HARD.and please suggest me how to get rid from such cruel whipping .

by ALISHA Sat Jan 14 17:16:09 UTC 2012

i do not no about other school. BUT in my school they use whip to beat us. read my previous post and you can know how cruel teachers are ??

by ALISHA Sat Jan 14 17:21:03 UTC 2012

To Alisha from MICHAEL please note the spelling of my name! I addressed my question to Sucheta, so I wait for her reply. What country are you in,Alisha? In the U.K. no caning or whipping is allowed now. I am not sure whether certain private schools still use corporal punishment.

by MICHAEL Sat Jan 14 20:01:38 UTC 2012

Dude. How did i get on this site. Wtf!!!!

by Dutch Sun Jan 15 02:19:57 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Alisha, if you are not a misbehaving girl and try to do your best in study then you should not get hard corporal punishment. It is very common thing that students will make mistake. But if you are older than 10 years of old and repeating such mistakes (which I described before) then I must have to punish you. I would not smack you keeping you on my lap, because it is hard punishment. But I would give you hand-caning punishment. It is for your own good. After the punishment, you will be more careful when you'll be writing English and I'll certainly help you. And hand-caning is not a harmful punishment. Although I'm using the word "caning" but I don't at all use cane. I would beat you with a flat wooden 12inches scale. It would never cut your skin. And my punishment style would be, I would take your palm in my left hand and hold it tightly then rub it gently with the scale and strike on it. I would repeat the same thing for 10 strokes (five strokes on each palm). Perhaps you would cry but I would console you also. After that if I would find you, studying really very hard and concentrating to correct your previous mistakes, I would never punish you.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 15 07:14:46 UTC 2012

To Michael,
I know corporal punishment is legally banned from India, but not a single teacher cares of it. So if you visit Indian schools (whether they are government schools or private) you will find everywhere corporal punishment is practiced. I teach in a reputed private co-educated school, named B College Model High School.
It is located in Howrah district, West Bengal.
Michael, when you were a school student, did you ever get corporal punishment from any teacher of your school? Reply very soon-------

by Sucheta Sun Jan 15 07:23:59 UTC 2012

even reading about such punishment making me cry. MAM i am a 14 year old girl. BUT in our school they punish us even for very small mistakes. I COME first in my class. if i see back side during class than also that mam punish me with her whip. SHE MAKES ME KNEEL DOWN AND USE HER WHIP AGAINST MY BACK. it is really painful. TELL ME man is that a way tobeat a student .

by ALISHA Sun Jan 15 07:35:34 UTC 2012

i am from india. STUDYING IN A PRIVATE SCHOOL. and in my school whip is used really hard on student .

by ALISHA Sun Jan 15 08:13:45 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
You come first in class? And you're making very silly mistakes in English! Strange!
Yes, of course it is not right to beat a student with whip. That's cruel. It may injure you physically. Your guardians must complain against it to the Headmaster or Headmistress or talk to that teacher in guardian meetings. Every student's guardians must have to protest against this barbaric punishment. If the Headmaster or Headmistress takes no action then you can take the legal help with your guardians. This is not a right way to punish a student.
But Alisha, it is also not good to turn your back when the teacher is teaching. It is much undisciplined. In this case, if I were the teacher, I would scold you and give you two chances to correct yourself. And if you still didn't correct yourself I would certainly like to punish you. You're a 14 years of old girl. Hand-caning is not an appropriate punishment for you. It is for the children (6 to 12). You are now in your teen-age. So I would punish you in different ways. I'm describing it because you asked me about the right way to beat a student. I would order you to bend down, and then I would fold up the sweater (if it is winter), rub your back gently for a while with my bare hand and give you five sound-slaps with my bare hand. I would always rub your back before and after the slaps, to keep you in waiting for the next painful moment; in other word, in this way I would create fear in your mind, which is the real punishment. It is for mild mistakes. But in case of serious mistakes, (like often turning back when the teacher is teaching or making very silly mistakes); I would order you to meet me in the Tiffin period in punishment room. There I would give you the real punishment which I mostly use to my students. I would sit on an arm-less chair, order you to come in front of me and lay gently on my lap. Then I would fold up your skirt and panties and keep you waiting for a while. I would start rubbing or squeezing your bare bottoms to feel the shape of your bottom. I would select the fleshiest parts in each bottom then ask to be ready for the infliction. I would watch my wrist watch to decide how long I would punish you and then hold you tightly on my lap with my left hand and start the smacking with my bare hand or other implements like a thick but short wooden ruler or a flat wooden paddle. I would always rub and squeeze your bottom before and after the smack to keep you in waiting for the next smack. After 30 smacks (15 smacks in each bottom) I would let you go with a pink or red, sore (unable to sit for almost 15 minutes) bottom. I regularly punish my students in these styles. Now write me your comments, thinking if you would get punished by me in this way. And are you afraid of me?

by Sucheta Sun Jan 15 11:00:27 UTC 2012

OMG! ONLY after reading this i am trembling with fear. IT is good that you are not in my school. MY parents allow techer to whip me,but not to be punished in this grislei manner. DO NOT MIND mam but even your are making silly mistake. so why such whipping in our back. BUT YOU PUNISHMENT ARE VERY UNPLEASENT . i can not open my dress . MY GOD. how your students bear this. they would be crying like animals.THOSE PUNISHMENT ARE VERY UNPLEASENT. my god . !!

by ALISHA Sun Jan 15 11:36:46 UTC 2012

mam i can not always use net. SO CAN we talk in message. I WANT some suggestion from you . PLEASE MAM.0 8984614639. THIS is my no. PLEASE MESSAGE ME. BECAUSE NET WILL BE CUT IN MY HOME TOMORROW .

by ALISHA Sun Jan 15 11:41:46 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Can you just show me where I made mistake (beside the printing mistakes)? I never order my students to open their dresses but I fold them up by myself. The bare bottom smacking may be embarrassing, that's why we all teachers do it, not in front of the other students but in the punishment room. And it's very peculiar that your parents allow the brute punishments like whipping. It is too injurious. And the punishments which I described, all the teachers of our school accustomed to punish their students in this way. It is never harmful.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 15 12:07:50 UTC 2012

sorry mam to make you angry. I AM REALLY AFRAID of you. THE kind of punishment you described were really hard. I would have started crying like a kid. DO not you feel that how much it pains. HOW MUCH it hurts. I think you would not have been given any punishment during your school days. BUT MAM please message me.

by ALISHA Sun Jan 15 13:14:48 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Alisha, I am not angry. I just asked you to show where I made mistake. I think you're a very soft minded girl, get scared easily. In my school days, our teachers also used to punish us in this way. Believe me, it may sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet, but I was very bright and obedient student, so I never got punished physically. Yes, many teachers punished me, twisting my ear or ordering me to kneel down. But that's enough. My other friends got corporal punishments. I was the class-monitor because I always used to come first in my class. It was a fun for such a young girl like me to send my friends to the punishment room and see them returning with a very sore bottom, unable to sit. I enjoyed it very much. But now my mind has been changed. I do not enjoy punishing students. It is only to correct them. I know my punishment is very painful. And without a burning pain how you can label a punishment as corporal punishment?
Alisha, it is very nice that you've requested me to reply though you’re scared of me. I don't know why you did so. Now tell me, I've described three kinds of beatings, such as hand caning, back slapping and smacking on bottom keeping the student on my lap; which punishment you find most horrible and what specialty makes the punishment that formidable?
And why are you addressing me with "TO SUCHETA"? Write "To Miss Sucheta" or To "Madam Sucheta", it is the etiquette when you’re addressing a teacher.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 15 14:28:11 UTC 2012

to miss sucheta,
respected madam. I do not know what is very painfull. BECAUSE i trembling with fear by hearing all this. I am really afraid of you. BUT i want some suggestion from you . I want to ask something personal to you. IF YOU can give your phone number so that i can message you. I CAN not say it here. I THINK KEEPIN A STUDENT on YOUR LAP MUST BE HORRIBLE . they must be trembling . but i promise whip pains a lot more than that. BOYS can not even stand after they got beaten. ANY WAY mam please give your no. 08984614639 . this is my no. YOU CAN message in my phone . PLEASE replay me respected mam .

by ALISHA Sun Jan 15 15:56:59 UTC 2012

I'm very very sorry dear Alisha. I never give my personal contact number to any unknown person. I think our connection is going to be disconnected forever. The last thing I can suggest you is, study carefully, respect your teachers. Discuss with your parents about the brute punishments of that teacher. Whipping is a punishment for the prisoners not for some innocent nice students like you. It must have to be prohibited very soon by hook or by crook.
You're indeed a very nice and gentle girl Alisha!

by Sucheta Sun Jan 15 16:24:14 UTC 2012

thank you madam. I HOPE I can take suggestion from you . OK BUT WHY are you saying our contacts will be over soon?please do not do this madam. i wanted you to ask how to stop whipping in my school. IT REALLY pains a lot mam . any would you have also beaten me mam?

by ALISHA Sun Jan 15 16:35:05 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
I said it because you wrote your net connection will be cut tomorrow. However, I’ll not be at home till 19th January 2012 and my laptop is not working now. So write to me after that day.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 15 16:43:07 UTC 2012

yes but i can browse net from my mobile. MAM ! CAN you please say how student react while taking your cruel punishment .
to miss sucheta

by ALISHA Sun Jan 15 16:59:04 UTC 2012

to Miss Sucheta from Michael,replying to your enquiry of Jan 15th. You asked whether I was punished by a teacher of my school,when I was a student. Yes I was punished, but not by a Teacher! I, and 2 other boys were caught late from "shower-room" by a Domestic Cleaning Lady because we had made her late locking up the Gym. She gave us a choice. Either she would make a report to the Headmaster or she would punish us herself. We knew that if we went to the Head's study, we would be caned, so we agreed on a smacking from her and that would be an end to the matter. We had been in showers after P.T. lesson,and were laughing and making a noise after time. She took us in to a side room off the corridor. She gave us 30 smacks each, the same punishment for each boy. I was last because my surname is at end of the alphabet! I was rather tensed up when it came to my turn when I saw how hard she smacked. We were wrapped only in our towells. She told the first boy to stand and face the wall, drop his towell to the floor and put his hands on his head- and KEEP them there! She gave him 30 smacks with her hand on his bare bottom, without a pause. He took it very well, I thought.Then it was the 2nd boys turn, but he took his hands away after receiving a few smacks and he tried to cover his bottom. What a mistake that was! She gave him an extra ten smacks. Then it was my turn. Her smacks REALLY smarted but I managed to keep my hands in place.and it certainly quietened us all down. We left that room to get dressed very subdued indeed, and my bottom felt like a fire burning! Of course, when I got home after school I did not tell my Aunt, if I had, she would have given me another smacking. That happened in the penultimate year of School, I was 15 yrs old. Does this answer your query? I think, miss Sucheta, you would be a very good Teacher, you seem to have a balanced outlook on things. The students in your School are fortunate to have you there. By the way, that was the only smacking I ever had at School; but I have had several smackings from my Physiotherapist for laziness over the past 12 months. I am now 23 yrs of age, but I respect her and do not begrudge it. As you said yourself in an earlier paragraph, your students LEARN not to be lazy or passive, if they know they will be smacked. (to miss Sucheta from Michael.

by MICHAEL Sun Jan 15 20:13:52 UTC 2012

To Alisha, Please wait for my reply till 20 th january 2012 friday. I am too busy now. But be sure, l will certainly write to you on 20th january friday. Please wait, do not leave this forum or disconnect. I will certainly answer you after thurshday, 19th january. Love from Sucheta Madam.

by Sucheta Mon Jan 16 04:13:58 UTC 2012

Thank you Michael, for your reply.

by Sucheta Mon Jan 16 04:16:25 UTC 2012

ok madam.

by ALISHA Mon Jan 16 04:42:17 UTC 2012

Alisha from Michael. Are you a School student and is your punishment given by a female Teacher? What part of your body is hit, your back, bottom or legs?

by Michael Mon Jan 16 16:52:11 UTC 2012

yes i am a school student . AND yes it is given by a lady teacher. SHE make us kneel down and hits with a whip. MAINLY ON MY BACK . it is really painful. I START CRYING and plead her not to hit . BUT she never listen.

by ALISHA Tue Jan 17 01:01:15 UTC 2012

omg! WHAT will be the difference ?? THERE will be no difference in pain. WHAT I WANT is that i do not want to be whipped !!!

by ALISHA Wed Jan 18 04:33:49 UTC 2012

to Alisha ... you spelt my name wrongly again! You spell a French name "Michel" but mine is Michael.British. Come and see me after Class dismissed to be smacked because your 2nd. time mistake! To reply to yours. There is only one thing to help you. You must go see the Head of School with your parents, if you are under 18. They might decide to punish you in a different way. As I said before, it is not right they use a whip, cane or stick on anybody's back. It could easily damage the spinal vertebrae for the rest of your life. The Teacher and Headmaster or mistress should know this, it is common sense. You have a good case to bring. Get the support of other students who were beaten with a whip or cane on their backs. You should all get together and rebel against the stupid, inept authority. So go do it, no nonsense any more. from Michael.

by Michael Wed Jan 18 16:22:02 UTC 2012

sorry. BUT nobody would do anything about it in india. IT is our fate be whipped like animals . THEY even whip in front of parents .we can only plead and cry and after the whipping session can only try to resist the pain. SORRY TO WRITE YOUR NAME WRONG .

by ALISA Wed Jan 18 17:17:12 UTC 2012

i am waiting

by ALISHA Thu Jan 19 02:52:21 UTC 2012

To Alisha. I think Sucheta is away until 20th Jan. Why do you think nobody will do anything about it in India? You are negative thinking! You must help yourself, and in so doing, will help others. There could be loads of people out there saying what you just said. For goodness sakes get off your backside, stop moaning and start a petition or something. How old are you? If under 18 get your family to write a formal complaint via a Solicitor.Good luck. from Michael

by Michael Thu Jan 19 16:17:54 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
I'm back Alisha. Please, come back on this forum and ask me your questions again. I'll certainly give you the answers. Waiting-----

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 04:44:33 UTC 2012

to sucheta miss

by ALISHA Fri Jan 20 04:56:58 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Why do you want me to convince your sister? I don't know her. So you can do it better than me. And I don't know whether you really did something wrong or not. So how I can say something supporting you? It's quite foolish.
Please, write to me asking about school punishments. This forum is made for that. And I hope your sister won't stop you from writing a post to a teacher. I'm waiting for your questions based on school punishments. Waiting--------

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 05:11:13 UTC 2012

i asked you mam . YOU give such harsh punishment. WHAT IS YOUR STUDENT REACTION . DO NOT THEY COMPLAIN?

by ALISHA Fri Jan 20 05:35:22 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
No. Neither the students nor their guardians ever complained. Their guardians fully support me and the other teachers of our school to punish the children in this way. The punishments have made them much obedient and studious in study. The guardians know the punishments are not physically harmful. And you asked me about the reactions of my students while I'm punishing them. It's very difficult to answer because I told you I punish my students especially in three ways; hand-caning, back-slapping and smacking on the bottoms keeping the student on my lap (which is very popular). The three punishments give them three different kinds of reactions. Now you tell me, which kind of punishment reactions you want to know from me? Or do you want to know the reactions of all punishments?

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 05:48:58 UTC 2012

yes mam i want to know the reaction of all punishment. BUT i do not no mam even my parents support whipping . AND PUNISHMENT are really painfull. I could not even bear one whip. MADAM i think teacher can run up without such harsh punishmet . WE will be good

by ALISHA Fri Jan 20 06:03:13 UTC 2012

It is not good to support whipping punishment. It's just formidable.
I don’t know about the other teachers but I can’t control myself from punishing a child when he or she does something undisciplined or repeat same mistakes again and again (as you’re repeating many silly mistakes in your English, that’s why it’s often hard to understand).
Now let me explain about the punishment reactions.
1. Hand-caning (for the children of aged 6 to 10, given for mild mistakes): It never happens that when I ask a student to show me his or her palm for caning, he or she shows me it at once. They start to shiver in fear, cry and plead to me when I call them one by one. They never want to show their palms but beg mercy for the second chance. Then I tell them calmly smiling (if I’m smiling, it scares them most) ---“If you don’t show your palm quickly, you’ll get the double punishment.” Then they show me their sweaty and trembling palms for getting caned. I hold it in my left hand and start to rub it to feel the softness. The softest part is selected for striking. I rub the palm for a long time. They start moaning, saying “Please madam, don’t strike very firm.” I smile at them contemptuously. After one strike they jump up and start to rub the palm with full force. I ask them to show the next palm. They again show it in great fear. I again start to rub it, ignoring their pleadings, strike very firmly and they again jump up in pain. I watch how gradually their white soft palms go pink to red. After the punishment, they return to their benches with very sore and burning palms and tears remain in their eyes. Some girls cry for a long time after the punishment.
I will describe the reactions of my students when I slap on their backs in the next post. CONTINUED

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 07:35:50 UTC 2012

2. Back-slapping (for the students of aged 10 to 15, given for being careless or talkative in class): In case of back slapping, I give the punishment standing, taking the student in the middle of the class-room to show all the students, what is happening to that poor student for committing mischief. First I fold up the sweater (if it is winter) of the student gently. Many poor boys often don’t wear any shirt under the sweater in winter. It is because of their pecuniary problems, they are often not able to buy a new shirt. So they wear the sweater only and nobody understand whether they are wearing shirts or not. So those boys must have to take the slapping on their bare backs. I make the student bent down, pushing his or her head with my left hand. I order the student not to look at the ground but to look straightly at his or her peers at the time of the punishment. So he or she had to stand with up head. As usually I start to rub the back gently for a minute, then strike very firm on the back with a big sound. Then the male students make sounds like A-A_A-A-H and female students (I never slap them on their bare backs but slap on the shirt) as usually start cry, some girls even start to cry when I’m rubbing their backs keeping them in wait. It’s very funny. After two or three slaps, I order them to stand straightly. I often mock with them saying ----“How do you feel now, getting the sweet taste on the back?” All the students laugh at that time. I do it to make the student embarrassed. Then I again order the student to bend down for the further three strikes. As usually I rub the back before and after the slap, ignoring their moaning, pleading or crying. After the punishment they return to their seats quietly and never make any mischief.
I will describe about the reactions of my students when I smack their bottoms keeping them on my lap, in the next post. CONTINUED

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 07:40:48 UTC 2012

@sucheta will u stripp the dress of boys and girls while caning?

by infant Fri Jan 20 07:58:18 UTC 2012


by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 08:00:50 UTC 2012

To Alisha
3. Smacking on the bottoms (given for repeating silly mistakes, being undisciplined, turning the heads often when the teacher is teaching and many other serious offences): This punishment I mainly use. Students are very scared of it. It is done in the punishment room at the Tiffin period. I order the students to wait outside of the room at the Tiffin period. I call them one by one to come in front of me and lay on my lap gently without a fuss. I order the other waiting students to see the punishment and think this is it what is going to happen to all of them very soon. I take student on lap; keep him or her waiting for a long time. The small kinds wear half-pants and girls wear skirts. I fold them up. Even I fold up the underpants to get the bare bottom. I start to rub it or squeeze it with my bare hand for a while to feel the softness and the shape of the student’s bottom. I like to smack on the fleshiest part. When I rub the students’ bottom, they often start cry in huge fear. I completely ignore them. I select the implements at first. If the student has done something not that serious, I smack them with my bare hand or often with a flat wooden 12inches scale. For the serious cases, I punish them with a flat wooden paddle.
One strike falls and the student starts to cry bitterly or shout, grab my dress to bear the pain, move their legs restlessly on my lap. I take a pause after a strike and leave the burning part of the bottom. I select the other part, rub it again then strike. The same thing happens again. The students burst into crying. I ignore it. For some big students (aged 15 to 18), I use a thick but short wooden ruler. Before the punishment, I keep a glance at the watch at my wrist, see the time then start to smack them. For the children of 6 to 8, I give them five to ten smacks with my hand or a flat wooden 12inchs wooden scale. For the students of 9 to 12, I give 15 to 20 smacks with my hand or flat scale or a flat wooden paddle (for serious offence). For the students of 13 to 18, I don’t count the number of the strikes but continue it for three minutes to four and half minutes until the ample, soft and fleshy bottoms go pink or red. Big boys wear full pants, so I don’t get the bare bottom. I rub and squeeze their bottoms with their pants. I strike them harder with a thick but short wooden ruler or a flat wooden paddle. For the students of 13 to 18, I use my bare hand only to rub or squeeze their bottoms. I beat them with implements. Now I think you can imagine what happens to them after this punishment. Now write your comments about the punishments.

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 08:07:28 UTC 2012

oh my god. THANK god that you are not my teacher . YOUR punishment are painfull and shamefull also. I WOULD have cried and cried for a long long time. I AM REALLY AFRAID OF YOU MAM. i can not express my fillings now. I AM SHIVERING in fear mam. BUT teacher should show some kind ness. IN winter even a pinch fill like dying. AND you can imagine a whip . AND YOUR PUNISHMENT ARE HARD. now forgive me for my mistake mam. PLEASE .
and thank you mam for answering me. I HOPE YOU WOULD NEVER BE MY TEACHER .

by ALISHA Fri Jan 20 08:34:59 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
If you would be diligent, studious and disciplined in nature, I would never punish you.
I think you also agree with me that my punishments are not that scary and painful like whipping which you get so often. Do you think I am cruel? You know, I'm a 23 years of old lady, have a younger brother of 14. He studies in school. I'm so friendly to him that he never can think that I can beat anyone. And really, it is very funny that you feel a pinch like dying in winter. You know, I use many other kinds of punishments also beside those punishments I mentioned before. I invent many different kinds of punishments everyday, that's why my students call me dangerous madam or punishment specialist. And do you know how I invent these styles? In my class, there are also many lazy girls who get easily scared as you do. Honestly, sometimes I love to punish them because their fear makes a slight punishment very formidable. For an example, there is girl named Priya aged 9 who gets easily scared. Last week I punished her for not doing homework. When I just called her saying, "come here", she started to weep. I felt very funny and decided I would give the girl a different kind of punishment. When she came and stood before me she was trembling in fear and her eyes were already red in tears. I gently took her right hand, entered a pencil between her middle finger and ring finger and pushed a little, asking her smiling,----"How are you feeling?" She only moaned like "A-A--A-H", then I pushed her two fingers harder against the pencil and she burst in crying. Then I could not control myself from laughing, seeing her attitude. That is how I invented another new punishment style. I prolonged the punishment for almost 1 and half minutes, increasing the girl’s discomfort by loosening and again increasing the force. She really cried very much. Pity!

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 10:16:06 UTC 2012

i agree with you mam that your punishment are not cruel but must be pain full. BUT WHIP IS REALLY MORE PAIN FULL THAN YOURS . if you do not mind than can i share about that mam.
@mam sucheta.

by ALISHA Fri Jan 20 10:23:06 UTC 2012

To Alisha
Yes! Certainly! First tell me is she newly appointed or in other is she a young teacher? What subject she teaches you? For which mischief she whips you? What is her punishment style or how she punishes you? Does she ever smile while she is punishing or always shouts? Is she an angry and ugly looking, tall, very healthy and scary lady? Do you think that she really enjoys punishing her students?

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 10:54:24 UTC 2012

truly speaking i do not know she enjoys or not. BUT she is a very good looking lady. AND always smiles . BUT she punishes with whip even for a very small mistake. SHE teaches us english and she has fixed the number of whip to be hitted for every mistake. AND her smile scary us the most . I WILL TELL YOU ABOUT HER WHIPING IN THE NEXT POST .

by ALISA Fri Jan 20 11:06:53 UTC 2012

she is a very young teacher and always smiles. FOR VERY SMALL MISTAKE like if we wont put margin in our note book she hits 20 whip. SHE calls us to the front of the class. AND makes us stand with our hand on our hand. THAN she starts whipping. we cry very loudly. AND pleads her not to hit. SO SOME TIME SHE TIES A cloth or a tape in our mouth. AND one can with stand 20 whip . EVERY ONE falls down after 10 whip . we fall down on ground and moving all round the class . BUT she always completes her quota. AND blood comes out from our back. BUT she does not care. CONTINUED . @SUCHETA

by ALISHA Fri Jan 20 11:15:33 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
You did not answer me is she newly appointed or not; or in other word is she young in age? And it is very important to know does she enjoy punishing because if she does then it is going to be very dangerous to you all. What is the name of your teacher? Write the full name. How she looks like, is she tall or short, fair or black, slim or fat? In our school, we lady teachers always wear sari. Which kinds of dresses the lady teachers of your school wear?
I'm waiting for your next post.

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 11:16:51 UTC 2012

Sorry Alisha, I asked you something which you've already answered. I did not get your next post because of the technical problems of internet. But now I’ve read it. I asked many other questions, which I hope, you'll answer very soon. And Alisha, can you guess how old exactly the teacher is? (just for a curiosity).

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 11:21:28 UTC 2012

mam how can i know whether she enjoys or not. BUT she is very good looking,fair ,tall,and slim. SHE WEARs A RED sari which is our uniform. SHE is not newly appointed but very young . forgive me mam i do not no her age. AND her full name is MRS. VIDYSRI MISHRA.

by ALISHA Fri Jan 20 11:22:27 UTC 2012

what you think about punishment mam. CAN I say my next part. @SUCHETA MAM

by ALISHA Fri Jan 20 11:24:44 UTC 2012

To Alisha
So she is married. Isn't she?
If she enjoys punishing then she must behave like she is trying to find a very minor mistake and if she finds it then she becomes very glad. It is a common problem which young people often suffer. That's why I asked you her age. As you described the brutality of her punishment, it looks like she behaves with you like you are worse than animals. Your guardians should complain against her to the headmaster or headmistress, if result does not come, all the guardians of your school should take an immediate legal action against her together.
Ok dear Alisha, continue your next part of the post.

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 11:46:26 UTC 2012

yes mam. SHE is a newly married lady. BUT i can not say she enjoys or not. OK i told how hard she punishes for small mistakes . NOW NO BODY really dare to make some big mistake. BUT if some one does not complete home work or does not get very good mark than punishment goes too hard. ONCE i scored very less mark in english. SO she called me to the front. AND tied my both hand with a rope. AND FIXED it in the wall. SHE made me stand all day like that only. IN the evening when every one went out she came near me. SHE was holding a long whip. i was almost energy less at that time . MY hands were tired all day. SHE was smiling at me and i was crying. than she smacked that whip on my back. I cried very loudly. AND plead her not to beat . BUT SHE did not listen. SHE continued hitting me ON my back. AFTER some time i lost my energy and could not even cry. SHE hitted me till i lost my complete energy. I COULD NOT come to class for three days . AND after that day i am so sacred of her. I GET afraid when ever i see her

by ALISHA Fri Jan 20 12:36:41 UTC 2012

in this way she beats every one. SOME time she ties us in the sun for whole day and than beats. IF there is a little sound than she cracks the whip on air and make us afraid. SHE hits the whip so hard that even after one whip we STARTS crying. some time we fall on her legs and requests her not to beat. BUT she never listens. some time she ties us in a different way. SHE makes us sleep on a bench with our face down and our back up. AND ties our hands and legs and than hits so hard on our back. NOW you can imagine she is too strict than you and gives more harsh punishment than you.

by ALISHA Fri Jan 20 12:55:45 UTC 2012

That's not called punishment but called crucify. What Mrs. Sharma thinks, is it a school or a slaughter-house? Do the other teachers of your school punish in this same way? Don't mind anything Alisha, but I think she has got the liberty of punishing you in such brute way for the loose control of the headmaster or the headmistress of your school on the teachers. And sometimes the callous roles of the guardians have indulged that teacher. I can't do nothing for you Alisha, regret to say, until your parents feel the brutality of that punishment. Perhaps one day, Mrs. Sharma will send one of you straight to the hospital and police will arrest that wretched lady, then everything will be normal.
Alisha my dear, I'm really very very sorry for you (such a sweet girl) and your other peers.
Do you have more to tell me or ask me about school punishments? Then write to me very soon. Love from Sucheta Madam.

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 14:18:31 UTC 2012

That's not called punishment but called crucify. What Mrs. Sharma thinks, is it a school or a slaughter-house? Do the other teachers of your school punish in this same way? Don't mind anything Alisha, but I think she has got the liberty of punishing you in such brute way for the loose control of the headmaster or the headmistress of your school on the teachers. And sometimes the callous roles of the guardians have indulged that teacher. I can't do nothing for you Alisha, regret to say, until your parents feel the brutality of that punishment. Perhaps one day, Mrs. Sharma will send one of you straight to the hospital and police will arrest that wretched lady, then everything will be normal.
Alisha my dear, I'm really very very sorry for you (such a sweet girl) and your other peers.
Do you have more to tell me or ask me about school punishments? Then write to me very soon. Love from Sucheta Madam.

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 14:18:31 UTC 2012

oh my god . I CAN not imagine some one can call vidya mam like that. THANK you for your support madam. BUT your punishment also too harsh. NOT as harsh as my mandam. ANY way even my parents support that. AND it is my fate to get bitten like that. I have one question to ask you. BUT i am afraid of you mam. CAN i ask something . PLEASE

by ALISHA Fri Jan 20 14:33:40 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Don't be scared of me. I'm not standing before you with a wooden ruler. May be you are like a student to me but you are just like my younger sister also. So be frank and ask me your question.

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 15:39:55 UTC 2012

No Michael, my students don't feel those nasty stuffs as you have written. It may happen in UK, it is because of the free society. We Indians are not aware of sexuality, when we are standing before a teacher. It's not the Indian culture. We teachers smack the students on the lap not for pleasure. There is no question of "rousing" when a student shout and cry bitterly on my lap, plead for mercy. OK, if it really happens, as you’ve said, then you're the first person who is completely sexually abused. You wrote you are aged 23 and you got smacked by a lady in a clinic and you still want to visit the place again and again.
Thank you for your advice of correcting my English grammar. I studied in a Bengali medium school, where every subject is taught in Bengali. English is not our mother-tongue as it is yours. I published the post without a single revise. By the way, you wrote "Let's have English proper as she is SPOKED". What is it “SPOKED”? It is also a great blunder and you've written it being a citizen of UK? Even a kid of India never does this kind of silly mistake. Michael I also know many things about UK. When I was a kid I spent a long time in London. My uncle lives there. I am well known about British English. It is often full of sloppy languages like “innit” or others. The Oscar-winner British actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson protested against it few years ago. So please, don’t give those loyal advices. You've asked me to go back in English class. That is how you UK people address a teacher? So now I understand what is called UK culture. It’s fun that the people of Queen Elizabeth’s country do not know the proper etiquette.

by Sucheta Fri Jan 20 17:14:43 UTC 2012

MAM PLEASE DONOT TAKE ME WRONG.IWANTEDTO ASK YOU THAT HAVE YOU EVER BEATEN WITH A WHIP. AND IF YES HOW ??ok thank you for calling me sister.would you have beaten me like that mam.

by ALISHA Fri Jan 20 17:17:56 UTC 2012

To Alisha from Michael. You take my joke too seriously --- "English as she is spoked " is my bit of joke. You are right about British ways of speaking these days, it has gone downhill rapidly . Too many TV personalities speak in a bad way, mainl the Americans. I am not the first boy in the world to have been 'roused' -- I was not born yesterday, or the day before yesterday. It is a perfectly natural reaction. Smacking over the lap of an attractive young lady stimulates a boy's sexual reaction--this is to be expected --and is perfectly natural. I am not the only boy, by a long chalk, who has experienced this. If I put a percentage on it, probably 90% of all boys would say the same, however;if you can get them to admit it, is another story. Any boy out there care to comment on this topic?

by Michael Fri Jan 20 17:48:06 UTC 2012


by Michael. Fri Jan 20 17:49:11 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
No Alisha, in my childhood, I was never beaten in school at all. Honestly speaking, I got the punishments like kneel down, standing on the bench holding my ears etc. And often many teachers twisted my ear also. That was enough. But many of my friends got smacked and got many other kinds of corporal punishments but not me.
And no dear, if you were my student, I would never beat you with a whip but I would certainly punish you for your mistakes. And you know my punishing styles (as I described those in my previous posts). Would it be more scary or horrible for you than whipping, dear Alisha?

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 05:21:35 UTC 2012

To Michael,
Why don't you understand Michael, this is not UK but India? We regard our teachers like our parents. The question of sexual activity never arises here. I rub and squeeze the student's bottom on my lap to keep the student in wait and create fear in his or her mind that when the infliction will begin, this is the real detention; not only that but rubbing and squeezing help me to feel the most soft and fleshiest part of the bottom. It is because striking on the most soft and fleshiest part gives the student much pain with less harm and it also protects the smackers hand from pain. When I was school kid, I also saw many of my friends to be punished in this way. And we all still respect our old teachers; nobody ever looked this whole matter in any other way. And the other teachers of my school also punish their students in this way. Guardians never complained against this punishment but praised us for making their children more disciplined and studious. Please Michael, stop writing those offensive statements.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 05:38:31 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Sorry! I didn't read your statement very carefully. I thought you were asking me if I was beaten with a whip in my childhood. Sorry! It was my mistake.
No Alisha! I never even touched a whip in my teaching period. Nobody in our school beats his or her students with a whip.
And I gave your second question's answer before. So now it’s you who is going to write.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 07:21:27 UTC 2012

ok mam i want toknow another thing if you permit me to ask than. CAN I ask

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 09:01:37 UTC 2012

i think michael thinks very badly. YOUR THINKING are very unpleasant. YOU should know how to write in a public place. AND how can one get pleasure while at the time of punishment. SORRY BUT you are too bad to talk.

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 09:07:59 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Certainly dear! Why you hesitate so much when you're talking to me?

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 09:08:27 UTC 2012

i am sacred of you mam.i am afraid of your punishment. IN FACT i am really scare of your punishment and you. ANY way can i ask you mam.

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 09:13:07 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Ask dear Please!

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 09:15:43 UTC 2012

mam when ever i am whipped i fill so much pain. is is really irresistable .IN PAIN i bite my shoulder or bite the wall .is there any way to reduce the pain of whip. PLEASE say it mam.because i am afraid of such whip .

by ALISA Sat Jan 21 09:19:51 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
O dear! Your post has made me to cry. I'm so sorry for you dear. What can I say? I never experienced the whip in my childhood. So I don't know how to resist the pain.
Alisha, you said you come first in class. So there are many other teachers in your school, who really love you. So why don't you tell them about your fear of getting whipped? And have you discussed about the matter with your other family members? What they say about it? Don’t they understand how dangerous this whipping is for such a little young girl like you?

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 09:33:07 UTC 2012

mam i come first . AND other teacher love me.but no body can say against that mam.because she is the principal.and only if she finds a fault than only she beats.she is very strict and even other teacher afraid of her . REALLY mam whip pains a lot.some time she ties my hand . SO in desperate i bite my shoulder to resist pain . CAN YOU say mam why a whip pains a lot ??

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 09:40:54 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
I don't know why a whip is that painful because I never punish my students with a whip. And it's strange that such a young teacher is the principal of your school.
Alisha, you told you live in India. Can you tell in which state you live? Do you study in an English-medium school? Is the school very reputed? And you didn't answer me what your family members say to you about Mrs. Sharma's cruel punishments.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 09:55:15 UTC 2012

yes mam i study in a very reputed school. IT is a english medium school. OK i am telling about my family. SOME TIME my sister and my mom whip me.if i do a mistake than normally my sister whip me.two days before only she gave me 20lashes on my back.i think mam no body loves me.that is why they beat me even for small mistakes .they do not no how much it pains.they only no how to beat.and i am from odisa.

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 10:01:55 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
You mother beats you with a whip and you sister too?
I can't think of it.
How old your sister is? Is she a school teacher?
What your father says about your afflictions?

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 10:08:11 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Your mother beats you with a whip and your sister too?
I can't think of it.
How old your sister is? Is she a school teacher?
What your father says about your afflictions?

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 10:10:21 UTC 2012

there is a rule in our house that every child below 15years will be punished with a whip . EVEN my sister was punished by my mom. MY father has created this rule.they say that this is to rectify me.but they do not knowabout pain.HAVE YOU SEEN A WHIP A MAM??and my sister is adoctor .

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 10:12:49 UTC 2012

Yes. I know very well, what is called a whip. It's strange that being a doctor your sister punishes you in this brute way. Doctor's duty is to cure people not to hurt. So your sister must be a peculiar doctor (don't mind). So what more I can say? You must have to bear the whip as your doctor sister did until you become fully educated and get your job. Try to be an administrator in future. That will help you to protect other children from this kind of detestable punishments. What more I can say?
Write to me if you've more to tell me or ask me about school punishment.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 10:25:34 UTC 2012

please do not tell my sister like that. EVEN she was whipped by mom during her childhood.i wanted to ask you a questionif you permit.

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 10:29:55 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
That's very nice that you love your sister very much. Yes, ask me your question. I give you the permission.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 10:43:35 UTC 2012

mam how do you fill while giving punishment.while some one is crying in pain how do you fill mam?

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 10:48:15 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
When I punish a student he or she cries very bitterly, shouts and begs mercy from me. But I always want him or her to cry and shout more and more. I know that is how the student will be able to know how bad he or she was. So if I find, I'm punishing a naughty student and he or she is just making sounds like A-a-h, A-a-h, I realize the punishment is not hard enough. Then I punish more hard till he or she weeps.
But at heart, I take pity on those students who take my punishments helplessly, lying on my lap, shout, move their legs restlessly, grab my dress to bear the pain and implore me not to beat any more. I don’t want to lay a student whom I punished in past, on my lap to smack any more.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 11:28:19 UTC 2012

but whip is more painful than there punishment. I DO not no what VIDYA mam thinks or what my sister think. TRUELY SPEAKING I AM MORE AFRAID OF MY SISTER THAN vidya mam.she is very strict.

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 11:36:16 UTC 2012

Punishment like the method that Sucheta gives (across her lap and rubbing and squeezing bottoms) is contrary to anything ever done in British methods. Whatever you say, miss Sucheta, there is overwhelming evidence of the experiences of adolescent boys of "pleasure coming with pain" This is a paradox, yes! Nevertheless it is true. I am one of the many boys who have experienced it. It has coloured my life, since my first experience back 10 years ago. miss Sucheta calls these "offensive statements" and she is entitled to choose what she believes. But she is deliberately shutting her eyes to medical facts. My statements are facts, not opinions. There are countless boys out there who could say the same as I. The message is certainly that "rubbing & squeezing of boys bottoms" should NOT be done. If you want to prolong the punishment it can be done without this way. But (God bless you) as you are a good Teacher whose students are your first concern. from Michael

by Michael Sat Jan 21 12:02:42 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Really? Why is that? How older she is than you?

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 12:07:17 UTC 2012

To Michael,
You again have started to analyze the whole matter with those nasty statements? Who is interested here to know what happened to you throughout your whole life? When your teacher punished you, you thought about your physical pleasure, that's why you didn't get the result of the punishment. And you're truly very obstinate person because I told you before these kinds of statements (which you're writing) are not at all allowed here. It's ruining the environment of that forum. You are too old to punish. But if you were under eighteen and study in Indian school, the Indian teachers would give you a hard punishment and make you unable to sit for almost fifteen minutes.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 12:19:05 UTC 2012

yes mam she is 24 years and a very strict girl. her way of giving punishment scary me the most. IF YOU permit me than i will tell about all that. BUT before that i want to say that you are right about MICHAEL.he is too dirty mind to talk. HOW can he talk like that. I CAN not even understand half of his word

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 13:05:35 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Yes, I give you the permission to tell me about your sister's punishment methods.
And just forget the words of Michael. He's a crazy boy.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 13:24:06 UTC 2012

i know my sister love me.but she is very strict too.iam really afraid of her. AND her punishments are really tough.for small mistake she makes me stand all night in front of her. SOME time she ties my hand and throws me in to the swimming can imagine in this winter how painful it is.some time she tells me to bend down and keeps a book on my back.and if the book falls once than she hits me 20whip .SHE always makes me stand in front of her and whips me on my back.for bigger mistake i will tell after your comment on this .

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 13:48:09 UTC 2012

To Alisha
Didn't you ever fall in pneumonia for getting thrown into swimming-pool in winter? It's horrible! Do you have swimming-pool in your house? That means you’re too rich!
However, why your sister uses a whip? It may cut your skin. If your sister reads my post then I will suggest her not to use whip or cane but to use wooden flat implements like a wooden flat 12inch scale or a paddle. And it is not good to strike someone on back with an implement like whip. When I punish my students on their backs, I use my bare hand. Your sister may punish you on your palms and bottom because these places are safest to strike.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 13:58:45 UTC 2012

yes mam i have a pool in my house. I DO not no whether i am rich or not. BUT my sister does not read this. SHE does not even let me browse the net. NOW can i say about the next part. AND what would be the difference if she would hit me in the other place.the pain will be the same.and i will cry too.

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 14:04:53 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
After all, you would not get harmed. You would shout and cry for a while in pain and that's enough. Now your punishment is over (just joking).
OK, now write your next part.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 14:27:23 UTC 2012

ok. IF i do some big mistake like watching tv than it is over for me.she always gives me punishment in night.because she does not have time in if she catches me doing something wrong than she ties my hand on my back.than put a rope on my neck.and ties it in a pillor . SO that i am in a bending position. AND my back is up. SHE keeps me on that position all day. AND at night she comes near me with a strong whip.till that time i loose all my energy and i cry all day.CONTINUED

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 14:47:45 UTC 2012

To Alisha
You continue and finish your post. Then I'll give you the answer.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 14:53:17 UTC 2012

when she comes near me she holds a strong whip. BEFORE hitting me she pour some hot water on my back. THAT is so painfull. THAN she starts beating me. I GET REST LESS AND CRY. some time my mom joins my sister.they both hold a whip and hits me.two whip at a time you can imagine.they beat me till i am completly out of sense . I DO not no what they do when i am out of sense .

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 15:00:29 UTC 2012

To Alisha
Didn't you ever go to Hospital being terribly injured? What a barbaric punishment it is! Don't mind Alisha! But I think your sister and mother are very cruel.
Have you more to tell me or ask me about punishments?

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 15:19:46 UTC 2012

no .because my sister is a doctor.that is why i was asking you for a way to get rid of pain. REALLY i fill so much pain but what can i do. I CAN NOT EVEN TOUCH MY BACK. i can just wait for another whip after one strong whip .

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 15:26:35 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
What a fun! Your sister beats you like an animal at first then heals you when you're unconscious. Really, I don't think that you are not so bad that your sister and mother have to beat you with a whip till you get unconscious. Perhaps the Romans also did not beat the gladiators in this way.
However, have you something more to tell me or ask me about school punishment?
Then post very soon.
By the way, I think you've again forgotten how to address me. Why you wrote only "To Sucheta"?

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 15:42:50 UTC 2012


by guest Sat Jan 21 15:52:58 UTC 2012

sorry sorry sorry not be angry please. NOW you know how i am beaten. NOW YOU CAN ALWAYS find marks on my back . I DO not have to ask anything . NOW you tell mam

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 15:56:56 UTC 2012

Who are you idiot guest? How do you know I am lying?
If you don't like this forum then just get off! Who has given you the liberty to insult me, you wretched scoundrel? You are also written some offensive rude words also. Do you live in slums? That's why you’re accustomed to use these kinds of slang often? Just look on yourself, you'll find the most perfect damn liar.
You bloody nonsense!

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 16:25:48 UTC 2012

Who are you idiot guest? How do you know I am lying?
If you don't like this forum then just get off! Who has given you the liberty to insult me, you wretched scoundrel? You have also written some offensive rude words. Do you live in slums? That's why you’re accustomed to use these kinds of slang often? Just look on yourself, you'll find the most perfect damn liar.
You bloody nonsense!

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 16:27:01 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
I'm now in Holiday that's why I was able to answer all of your questions throughout the whole day. But I think you are not in holiday. So didn't you study today? I think you spent today only before the internet. So what's happened to you? Give the true answer.
Tomorrow, I will tell you about a naughty boy Aniket (10) who was terribly naughty, used to make noise in class, beat other students. He was also very lazy in study. Many guardians complained about the boy that the boy beat their children also. Even the boy's mother told me to punish him or the boy would get spoiled. So I punished him. Now he is quite obedient and attentive to his study. I will tell the incident of punishing the boy tomorrow but first you must answer me what I asked you to answer.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 21 16:37:49 UTC 2012

mam i know i am not in holiday. EVEN I AM NOT ALLOWED TO WATCH TV IN MY HOME. HOW CAN I BROWSE INTERNET ALL DAY. YOU KNOW I TOLD YOU THAT I WAS BEATEN BY MY MOM TWO DAYS BEFORE VERY SHIVERLY. i was almost sense less. SO i am allowed to browse and watch tv for saturday and saunday. this is the reason mam. PLEASE do not angry. YOU ARE SO ANGRY WITH THAT GUEST THAT EVEN I GOT AFRAID .

by ALISHA Sat Jan 21 17:40:25 UTC 2012

BLODY SUCHETA FCKER.i know you are lying may be that little girl not. YOU ARE just trying to get pleasure from these kind of post. YOU ARE A CHEATER . ALISHA do not listen to this fcker

by guest Sat Jan 21 17:50:11 UTC 2012

To miss Sucheta and Alisha. You have chosen to disregard my advice. That is your choice. I cannot help any more and I leave this forum because you are both going round in ever-decreasing circles. Guest is on other related Sites to this one. I do not care for the language he or she uses. But miss Sucheta, your language is bad especially for a Teacher. I think "Guest" is correct about both of you. Neither of you is bona-fide. Cheerio and may your "god" go with you.

by Michael Sat Jan 21 18:40:22 UTC 2012

I READ ABOUT THE PUNISHMENT ALISHA GDTS. HOW CAN YOU RESIST SUCH PAIN. and how can you punish like this sucheta.i want the explanation from sucheta that how alisha must be reacting

by NAMITA Sat Jan 21 18:52:59 UTC 2012

Once Sir Winston Churchill said, ------ "If you are going through hell, then keep going." So you keep going through the hell, whose doors are opened widely in front of you. I cannot write to you anything because of your stupid unsophisticated languages. How you’ve started addressing a lady teacher, it is sure that you are going to use those words to your sisters or even your mother very soon. Although I don’t know whether you’ve already used those words to them or not, it is because nothing is unexpected from you. I remember the sentence, ----"A dog may bite a man but does a man ever bite a dog?" So you may write more and more those nonsense things, I'm not going to answer any more.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 05:57:49 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
A guest has started to ruin this forum and he is saying many ugly things about me and about you. So I can't stay on this forum anymore if you don't write whether you completely believe my posts or not.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 06:00:09 UTC 2012

To Namita,
As some stupid persons are spreading the ugly information about me and about the little girl Alisha, I cannot answer anything to you if you don't write whether you find my posts trusted or not.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 06:03:57 UTC 2012

what are you saying mam.i always respect you. I REGARD YOU as my teacher. AND i do not listen to any one else about you. PLEASE do not leave me mam.i am sharing my thoughts and filling well. SO please do not give me punishment .

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 06:06:58 UTC 2012

please do not leave this forum. I trust you mam.please mam

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 06:30:13 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
That's good. I'm not leaving the forum. So what do you want to know? Do you want to know about the boy Aniket (10) who was terribly naughty, now quite diligent getting punished? Remember, I wrote about him in my previous post. Are you eager to know that incident or you want to tell me something? It’s up to you.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 06:48:57 UTC 2012

please replay soon mam.please do not leave the forum.please replay mam.please

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 06:50:42 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Well I'm replying! I'm not leaving so calm down! I asked you what you want to know. Do you want to tell me something or you want to know, how I punished the impudent and lazy boy named Aniket (10) (that I mentioned in my previous post, I hope you can remember it) who is quite studious in study and gentle in nature now?

by Sucheta Madam Sun Jan 22 07:06:47 UTC 2012


by guest Sun Jan 22 07:11:03 UTC 2012

you did not answer my previous question .

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 07:12:27 UTC 2012

ok mam please tell me about ankit

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 07:14:22 UTC 2012

To Namita,
I can't answer you until you write to me that you believe my posts or not. Look, the unknown guy is still trying to irritate me. So how I can answer you?

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 07:20:46 UTC 2012

WHY ARE YOU HEARING THAT RUBBISH. I TRUST YOU THAT IS WHY I AM ASKING YOU. ANY WAY YOU SHOULD NOT CALL ME NAMITA.because you told you are a teacher and i am a principal in a reputed school. SO DEAR you know how to call a principal. AND now i trust you so answer my questions

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 07:26:51 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
First I want to tell, you did not write the right spelling of Aniket. It's not Ankit but ANIKET. And you write the word MAM which is also wrongly spelled. It is pronounced like MAM but not written like it. It came from the word Madam which is a French word. People enunciate it as Ma'am. The "d" is elliptical but understood. So write Ma’am.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 07:27:49 UTC 2012

do not you know how to talk to a ladies teacher. AT least do not talk to ALISHA like that. YOU are spoiling the environment . OK. gate lost from here

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 07:33:18 UTC 2012

i am really really sorry madam.please forgive me.and please bless me with your story . I AM eager to listen .

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 07:35:29 UTC 2012

Sorry Madam Namita,
You did not write at first that you are a principal. Please, pardon me! And madam you must know how it feels when you're telling a hard cold truth but someone is calling you a liar and telling many rude and unsophisticated words. Madam, all teachers of my school punish their students in this way. When I was a kid, I also saw many of my friends to be punished in this way. It's only to correct the students. We are the makers of the human. Do you find any cruelty in punishment? Then please answer me why? And I didn't realize the meaning of the sentence "i want the explanation from sucheta that how alisha must be reacting". It's quite messy to me. Please elucidate it properly. I again beg your apology for addressing you without writing "Madam".

by Namita Sun Jan 22 07:43:03 UTC 2012

Sorry, unfortunately I wrote there wrong name in my first post. I wrote your name instead of my name.
Sorry Madam Namita,
You did not write at first that you are a principal. Please, pardon me! And madam you must know how it feels when you're telling a hard cold truth but someone is calling you a liar and telling many rude and unsophisticated words. Madam, all teachers of my school punish their students in this way. When I was a kid, I also saw many of my friends to be punished in this way. It's only to correct the students. We are the makers of the human. Do you find any cruelty in punishment? Then please answer me why? And I didn't realize the meaning of the sentence "i want the explanation from sucheta that how alisha must be reacting". It's quite messy to me. Please elucidate it properly. I again beg your apology for addressing you without writing "Madam".

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 07:46:17 UTC 2012

Sorry, unfortunately I wrote there wrong name in my first post. I wrote your name instead of my name.
Sorry Madam Namita,
You did not write at first that you are a principal. Please, pardon me! And madam you must know how it feels when you're telling a hard cold truth but someone is calling you a liar and telling many rude and unsophisticated words. Madam, all teachers of my school punish their students in this way. When I was a kid, I also saw many of my friends to be punished in this way. It's only to correct the students. We are the makers of the human. Do you find any cruelty in punishment? Then please answer me why? And I didn't realize the meaning of the sentence "i want the explanation from sucheta that how alisha must be reacting". It's quite messy to me. Please elucidate it properly. I again beg your apology for addressing you without writing "Madam".

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 07:46:23 UTC 2012

it is ok dear. I AM NOT AGAINST THE punishment . EVEN i punish my student very hard. BUT i also use a whip. BECAUSE it pains a lot. YOU are against whip. SO i want you to explain the reason to me.and i do not like your way of punishment. I do not think it gives a lot of pain like whip. AND i wanted you to know that alisha is little bit older now.she should be whipped . HER sister does a good job. AND you should be mind full while writting. YOU are using my name .

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 07:55:16 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
It's not a story but a true incident.
The boy Aniket studies in class five. He is just 10 years of old. But you can't imagine how impudent he was. He often used to use slang, beat other students and he was terrible careless about his study. Once he beat a boy who is dangerously ill, has a little hole in his heart. The boy's guardians complained against Aniket. I got furious. I always love the ill boy in a different way because you can't imagine how weak and helpless he always looks like. I was the class teacher of Aniket. So I decided I would teach Aniket a hard lesson. I got the permission from the headmaster also. And do you believe Aniket's parents also told us for many times to punish their son. He was very naughty in home also. I came in class and ordered him to meet me at Tiffin period in room no 6. That's the room I use to punish my students. If you are eager to know what happened next then write to me.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 07:58:03 UTC 2012

To Madam Namita,
Where I used your name Madam? If I did then it's not my true intention. Madam, you use whip. I don't think whip is a right implement to strike. It may cut the skin or make the student seriously injured. You know, Alisha got unconscious getting the whip. We want our students to be punished not injured. And you don't know Madam how my students react getting my punishment. They always shout and beg mercy from me while I'm punishing. And you know, they even start to cry when I call them one by one before giving the detention or order them to wait outside of the punishment room. Madam, why you think my punishments are not that fruitful? Do you also think that “smacking on bottom” punishment is also not that painful? Then why is that?

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 08:08:39 UTC 2012

ALISHA now you study. you can talk and post in the evening ok. SUCHETA you talk to her in the evening. NOW you first answer me. SORRY to little bit rude with you guys but i can not post in evening i have too little time. AND i want to talk with cute baby you study now. AND dear ALISHA even i am from odisa.hope i can contact you through your school. SO obey me. SUCHETA you answer me

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 08:19:26 UTC 2012

your punishment are not as painfull as whip. WHIP pains a lot more than a wooden rule. AND i do not think you know much about a whip. SO first explain me what you know about a whip. EXPLAIN me everything about it. AND I will tell what is whip and how it effects . OK DEAR

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 08:24:20 UTC 2012

To Madam Namita,
I know madam whip pains more than my wooden scale. That's why I don't use it. Whip looks like a flexible rope or a leather belt. It cuts the skin when it strikes on it. It's just formidable. That's all I know about it Madam.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 08:31:56 UTC 2012

but SUCHETA mam told me to answer her. SO IF she gets angry than. CAN you please tell SUCHETA madam to give permission. @SUCHETA MADAM.madam please give me permission to leave this forum for now .

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 08:32:53 UTC 2012

that is why i told you do not no about whip. OK let me tell whip. whips are two types. ONE is called bull whip and another is horse whip. HORSE whip cuts the skin. BUT bull whip never cuts. THAT is why we use bull whip. IT gives utter pain.just like your hand is on a hot iron. BUT it never cuts skin or breaks anything.after a lots of whip it makes one sense less but that is not at all harmful. CONTINUED

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 08:39:24 UTC 2012

now you can tell your opinion

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 08:47:10 UTC 2012

May all the users of this site be reminded of the topic at the head of the site. viz: 'do lady teachers enjoy caning boys' Several recent examples of script here have erred a & strayed like lost sheep. They have followed the devices & desires of their own hearts and have not heeded this title. We are tired of the running battle between Alisha & Suheta. Please return to the matter under the Topic.

by Dafydd Sun Jan 22 09:07:58 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
OK Alish! Leave the forum now and go for study. You may talk to me in evening.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 10:05:36 UTC 2012

To Namita Madam,
You're senior than me, so I ask you one question. There are many peoples in this forum who want me leave it. Do you want to me leave? If you say yes, I will straightly leave the forum, if not then please say something against those persons who are continuously saying against me. Do you think I am saying something against of this topic of the forum?
Madam, my students are much disciplined getting my punishment. So I can do my job without a whip. And our headmaster does not allow us to use any other punishments beside those punishments he has labeled as proper detention.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 10:17:54 UTC 2012

To Dafydd,
This forum is made for free discussion. And it is also directed that we should be frank when we are writing something on this forum. Dafydd, you never wrote anything when many bad guys were writing many bad things on the forum, those are completely false and lies. So why you are saying this to me when I am being a teacher talking to a little girl named Alisha? She is telling me how she gets punished and I'm telling her how I punish my students. Is it against the rule of this forum? We are talking about school punishments and nothing more than that. Do you want this forum to remain blanked or full of some nonsense stuffs as already many have wrote? I think you're an educate person, so you realize everything. If you really want me to leave the forum, then at least show me the reasons which have offended you. And I don't know about others but I don't write anything here to fulfill my heart desires. What is happening everyday in my school, I am writing so. Is it against of the topic?

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 10:29:00 UTC 2012

oh my dear . I DO NOT WANT YOU TO LEAVE THIS FORUM. in fact you are the one for whom i joined the forum. AND those who are writting against you i warn you guys if you can not behave a lady well than you can not behave your mom too. sucheta is a very nice girl. NOW say sorry to her and leave this forum . MY dear i think we should continue our discussion. LET them do what they want. HAD THEY BEEN MY STUDENT I would have whipped them

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 10:42:58 UTC 2012

now forget everything and give your opinion about punishment .

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 10:45:55 UTC 2012

To Namita Madam,
Madam, corporal punishment is very needed for the students. It makes them disciplined, studious and obedient. Our former president Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam wrote in his autobiography named Wings of the fire. When he was a kid, he also got caned by a mathematics teacher named Ramkrishna Lyer. But later when he scored hundred marks in mathematics the teacher praised him in front of other students, saying "this boy is going to bring glory to his school and his teachers." Later the boy brought the glory of the world in India. Dr. Kalam praised the teacher in the book. So we teachers must use corporal punishments.
But madam, why don't you think punishments like hand-caning, back slapping or smacking on the bottom keeping the student on the lap are not very useful? Don't you punish your students in this way? If not, then tell madam, how you punish your students for minor mistakes and major mistakes. And thank you very much madam, for supporting me.
Madam, when I punish my students on my lap, I rub and squeeze the bottom of the student to keep him or her in wait and create fear in his or her mind because rubbing or squeezing is comfortable but the student knows what a huge discomfort is waiting for him or her. Don't you think this suspense is the real punishment? And I do it not only for that but rubbing and squeezing give me the feeling of the shape of the student's bottom. Most Soft and Fleshiest part of the bottom is selected to smack. It gives the student huge pain with less harm and protects the smacker's hand also from getting harmed. Do you find anything abnormal in this process as many guys of this forum find it? Please answer soon Madam.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 11:12:26 UTC 2012

To Namita Madam,
Madam, corporal punishment is very needed for the students. It makes them disciplined, studious and obedient. Our former president Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam wrote in his autobiography named Wings of the fire. When he was a kid, he also got caned by a mathematics teacher named Ramkrishna Lyer. But later when he scored hundred marks in mathematics the teacher praised him in front of other students, saying "this boy is going to bring glory to his school and his teachers." Later the boy brought the glory of the world in India. Dr. Kalam praised the teacher in the book. So we teachers must use corporal punishments.
But madam, why don't you think punishments like hand-caning, back slapping or smacking on the bottom keeping the student on the lap are not very useful? Don't you punish your students in this way? If not, then tell madam, how you punish your students for minor mistakes and major mistakes. And thank you very much madam, for supporting me.
Madam, when I punish my students on my lap, I rub and squeeze the bottom of the student to keep him or her in wait and create fear in his or her mind because rubbing or squeezing is comfortable but the student knows what a huge discomfort is waiting for him or her. Don't you think this suspense is the real punishment? And I do it not only for that but rubbing and squeezing give me the feeling of the shape of the student's bottom. Most Soft and Fleshiest part of the bottom is selected to smack. It gives the student huge pain with less harm and protects the smacker's hand also from getting harmed. Do you find anything abnormal in this process as many guys of this forum find it? Please answer soon Madam.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 11:12:38 UTC 2012

i do not find anything abnormal with that process. BUT i am not sure how much it pains. BECAUSE whip pains like hell. AND why to take a student on lap and carry extra burden. YOU must be a strong girl . SO you take them on lap and can hit hard. I JUST tie them and hit them . I WILL EXPLAIN IT in detail in next post

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 11:37:44 UTC 2012

after every hit i look at them and smile. SOME TIME i rub their face in love. THEY can not even understand what is going on . AND i promise one whip is like four wooden ruler. so after every whip they cry like animal and try to remove their hands from rope and touch their back. THAT does not happen . AND they became sense less AFTER some time. AND I promise they do not repeat the mistake again. I never punished a single boy for twice. NOW you can comment on this .

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 12:00:03 UTC 2012

To Madam Namita,
It's too cruel and horrible madam. Don't the boys’ guardians ever complain against it or they completely support it? Madam, did any boy get seriously injured after the punishment? You asked me a lot of question before. So let me answer. Every teacher in my school smacks their students keeping them on their laps. From my personal experiences, I can say, that is how I can keep the right control on the student. And I generally don't smack the students over 14 on my lap because of the weight. I order them to bend down on a table and strike on their bottoms. But for me, it is very convenient to strike one keeping on my lap. For the short heighten students, I always punish them on my lap. But Madam, why are you confused that my punishments give a lot of pain or not?

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 12:06:40 UTC 2012

To Madam Namita,
To me, it is called the punishment which makes a child to cry or shout. It's quite painful. You can experience it on your student. My students also don't repeat same mistake. And I never had to smack same child twice on my lap. After the smacking they cannot even sit for almost fifteen minutes. I hope you will not mind anything, but I want to say one thing. You said your students cry like animals. We should not behave with our students like animals. Is it not right that a child will cry on his or her own way? Don't mind anything madam. But this kind of punishment, which you give, is not legally allowed in West Bengal where I live. And Madam, I want to ask you one thing, which is the topic of this forum. Do you enjoy when you punish your students? Are you a senior teacher or junior teacher? Don’t mind how old are you?

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 12:28:38 UTC 2012

To Madam Namita and Alisha,
Sorry to say but you have to wait for my answer for a while. Today I take private tuition in my house. So my students will start come after few minutes. But surely I will give you the answers after 9.00 PM.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 12:48:10 UTC 2012

i think you do not know how to behave a head mistress. leave about punishment . DO NOT you ask permission to your head of the school before going some where. AND IF YES than can not you ask me before leaving forum. I would have given you the permission but you should have little common sense. YOU are just a kid for me. but you do not know how to BEHAVE . what do you teach to your student . ??

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 12:56:48 UTC 2012

To Namita Madam,
Madam, you are not my headmistress here. I have my own headmaster in my school. And he also does not command me when I am at home. And madam, maybe I’m very junior than you, but perhaps you can’t insult me in this way. We all young teachers got our job after a hard struggle. Maybe you’re the head-teacher but I’m also a teacher. One day, I’ll be the head teacher also. So don’t mind madam, you also try to honor my post, if you can’t honor a teacher, think her as a slave then how you can get honor from a young teacher like me? Our headmaster never behaves with us in this way. I told you that I'm leaving the forum. But why I have to ask your permission? Am I working in your school? You're a headmistress, I know it. And I respect you very much. You're someone like my teacher. But why you are ordering me in this way? Madam, my mother is also a headmistress of a reputed Government school. She doesn't command me in this way either. I don't know madam, why you're that angry to me?

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 15:41:24 UTC 2012

i am not your head i know . BUT asking for permission is a general sense. YOUR ARE MY daughters age . THAT is why i was trying to correct you. I AM not treating you as slave. but you do not understand all this . SO I AM LEAVING THIS FORUM. i can not talk to such mis behaved teacher. YOUR HEAD MASTER DOES NOT CONTROL YOU that is why you are so wayward .

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 15:58:42 UTC 2012

madam i am waiting from mornin. PLEASE say me the next part about ANIKEAT

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 16:02:01 UTC 2012

now onwards you are not allowed to post in this forum. THIS LADY SUCHETA does not know how to behave others . SO what she will teach to other. SO DO NOT POST IN THIS FORUM. and if you do not obey me than i will contact MRS VIDYA and give your name to be whipped. SO do not post a single line here if sucheta does not ask for apology .

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 16:07:31 UTC 2012

To Namita Madam,
I think you're a bad tempered teacher. I still don't find any reason that why I had to take your permission if I’m busy to teach my students at private tuition in my house? You're still unknown to me. And you only saw me as misbehaved. But you didn't find any wrong to address a teacher in this rude way. You've even insulted our headmaster. So what I can say? It's up to you that whether you'll stay or leave the forum. After all, you're someone as my teacher. I can't say any more.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 16:11:58 UTC 2012

To Namita Madam,
What? You're now commanding on Alisha? You're scaring her that you would get her whipped? I lost my respects from you. First I don't know you. I've just read your name today morning and you're trying to teach me discipline? It's terribly peculiar that being a teacher I had to take permission from an unknown head teacher in an internet forum if I intend to teach my students in private tuition. And that is why you are scaring a little girl like Alisha if she posts? That's not a teacher's nature Madam. You’re too narrow-minded.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 16:21:00 UTC 2012

To Namita Madam,
What? You're now commanding on Alisha? You're scaring her that you would get her whipped? I lost my respects from you. First I don't know you. I've just read your name today morning and you're trying to teach me discipline? It's terribly peculiar that being a teacher I had to take permission from an unknown head teacher in an internet forum if I intend to teach my students in private tuition. And that is why you are scaring a little girl like Alisha if she posts? That's not a teacher's nature Madam. You’re too narrow-minded.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 16:21:02 UTC 2012

madam what will i do now please suggest. I DO not want to be whipped. I think you should have taken permission. SORRY to say that but she is senior. any way forgive me if i am wrong. SORRY i can not post from now. THIS IS my last post

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 16:38:59 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
I will not advice you what to do next. But I think you are too old to realize the simple thing that Madam Namita does not know in which school you study. So it's impossible for her to find out your Vidya Madam. She is trying to make you fool. Whom you trust and regard more between Namita Madam and me it's up to you. If you dislike me then write it down. I'll leave the forum. Don't be silent.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 16:41:30 UTC 2012

i do not no madam but i do not want to be whipped. please once say sorry to her and matter will be over madam. I DO not no what to do. I am sacred of NAMITA madam.

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 16:45:11 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Don't be fool Alisha. She does not know you. Odisa is a big place. There are many districts in Odisa. How do you know in which district she belongs to? And your Vidya Madam is not that fool that she will whip you for this peculiar incident. You don't want to post me. Alright! I will not mind. But if you become that fool, you'll be easily cheated in future. And remember, the person who only scares one but teaches nothing, is not a teacher. Be brave Alisha! I’m saying it for your good.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 16:52:43 UTC 2012


by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 16:57:13 UTC 2012

now i am not making any one fool. THERE IS A ASSOCIATION OF ALL THE head masters of odisa.and every year a meeting is held. SO I KNOW MRS vidya personaly. AND if you do not trust me than i am telling you ALISHA there is a slight cut mark on her right palm. AND YOUR SCHOOL NAME IS" HITECH PUBLIC SCHOOL".so SUCHETA now you have to say me sorry for calling me cheater. AND if you do not i am telling you ALISHA WILL be whipped .

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 17:06:19 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Alisha, if I say that my sister lives in Odisa and teaches there and I will tell her to inform Vidya Madam to whip you, will you believe? Look, I am already found many inconsistencies in Madam Namita's comments. For an example when she first wrote to me she wrote, "I READ ABOUT THE PUNISHMENT ALISHA GDTS. HOW CAN YOU RESIST SUCH PAIN. and how can you punish like this sucheta.i want the explanation from sucheta that how alisha must be reacting". It's completely clear that she was sympathetic at you. But later that Namita Madam wrote about you,--"AND i wanted you to know that alisha is little bit older now.she should be whipped . HER sister does a good job." Isn't it proved she was always lying? If you ask about the matter to any other senior person beside me, he or she also will give you the same advise that just ignore her.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 17:07:47 UTC 2012

madam please say her sorry madam. PLEASE i beg you. I DO not want to be whipped. PLEASE madam. PLEASE

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 17:08:23 UTC 2012

TO SUCHETA MADAM, how can she lie madam. SHE KNOWS everything about mrs vidya please say her sorry madam. OR i will be whipped. WHICH I AFRAID OF THE MOST. PLEASE MADAM. i beg you. I AM FALLING ON YOUR LEGS . PLEASE

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 17:12:20 UTC 2012

TO SUCHETA MADAM, please madam. PLEASE save me. YOU called her cheater that is why she got angry. NOW please madam.i do not want to be whipped.vidya madam will kill me.please madam save me

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 17:17:35 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
Alisha now I am scolding you! Why are you behaving that foolish? Just read what I wrote to you. If you still moan like before, I only can say to you that you will be easily cheated in future. TRUST ME; SHE HAS NOT THAT POWER TO INFORM VIDYA MADAM. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. And why I will say sorry to her? I did nothing. She has found herself as my boss. That's her problem not mine. Don't be fool dear. Don't you trust me?

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 17:18:13 UTC 2012

she knew my madam personaly. and what i did madam. WHY should i be whipped. DID not you read her post. and you called her cheater. THAT IS WHY she is angry. IF YOU say sorry once than nothing will happen. BUT i will be saved. i will not be whipped. NOW my back is in your hand.

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 17:24:44 UTC 2012

what i did madam.why you are beating me madam.please madam do not beat me.please

by NAMITA Sun Jan 22 17:30:03 UTC 2012

sorry madam.i am very sacred. SO i wrote your name.i am telling sorry madam.please forgive me.

by ALISA Sun Jan 22 17:33:29 UTC 2012

To Alisha,
How many times I'll say you, it's impossible for madam Namita to inform Vidya Madam. And Vidaya Madam cannot punish you for this peculiar incident. Listen, it is very night. Now I'm going to bed and I hope you will do the same. Think for a while about this matter discuss with other senior persons. And I can't support wrong things. If I beg apology from her I will be indulging someone's bad ideas. I will not say you a word again if you don't understand this simple thing. If you were my student I would punish you hard for this nonsense behavior. Just think it.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 22 17:34:45 UTC 2012

why every one is behind punishing me.why do not you understand i did nothing . I BEG YOU ALL PLEASE FORGIVE ME

by ALISHA Sun Jan 22 17:38:04 UTC 2012

Oh my god, I am sick of seeing this Forum with a slanging match of three ladies, Sucheta,Alisha and Namita. Sucheta belies the English tutor she had was probably American. Look at the spelling of some of her words. "honour" without the "u" and similar words have the "u" missing. The composition of her sentences also are showing that she could be anything BUT Indian . "GUEST" may be right about her,although Guest's language is bad, which should not be written in public. I also agree with "Daffyd" is time these three shut up shop and took their arguing somewhere else and off this Forum; this forum topic is for people discussing the niceties of school lady teachers caning boys. There ought to be a Chairman on here to keep order and stop people hogging the ether. FROM MICHAEL.

by Michael Sun Jan 22 19:49:07 UTC 2012

HA...HA...HA..i think alisha baby is too cute and sweet but it is the foolish ness of other twe bloody teachers ,is the cause of ruining the forum. sucheta take sorry and let the baby be happy. i am not the regullar visitor but i can not see a sweet girl crying. SO SHUT UP sucheta.

by MANAS Mon Jan 23 00:22:55 UTC 2012

SUCHETA is a fcking lady as i told earlier .guys she is not a lady teacher. sucheta you can not make a baby cry like this . LEAVE the forum after apology.

by guest Mon Jan 23 00:27:28 UTC 2012

the real problem here is that those two teacher want to dominate here also. and ALISHA is a very sweet girl who is suffering for these two. now guys vote against sucheta,and save alisha.we can not let a girl be beaten .

by AARATI Mon Jan 23 00:32:18 UTC 2012

guys truth is that sucheta,and namita are one person posting with two different name just to exploit ALISHA and enjoy. GUYS do not let this person post any more .

by guest Mon Jan 23 00:39:21 UTC 2012

i think your punishment on your lap seems to be nice. I love that. IS that a punishment or a fore play before sex . MY DARLING i want to be punished by you . I LOVE you .

by guest Mon Jan 23 02:58:12 UTC 2012

you can not make a little kid cry like that. TAKE apology and save her. SO many people are using harsh word against you because of this reason. I am not supporting them but you should finish the matter .

by RAJAN Mon Jan 23 03:20:57 UTC 2012

If I beg apology from anyone then it will be the God, because how foolishly I entered in this disgusting forum, where everybody like Madam Namita, The Unknown Guests or others know nothing beside telling lies , brutality, offensive sexual things and corrupting a normal environment. A boy named Michael has already addressed me as an American. How funny it is? If I would be an American, English would be my mother-tongue and I would never write a mistake in English, that Michael himself had found. Seeing you people, I remember Shakespeare, as he wrote in his play Romeo and Juliet, in the prince's dialogue," You men, you beasts"! Write whatever you like against me. I simply just don't care. I'm not going to answer any more. I am leaving this forum forever because I can't stay among some peoples who are accustomed to live in infernal circumstances. So shout as loud you can. No one is going to stop you.
To Alisha,
Dear, you're very very good girl. But please leave this forum. I'm saying it for your own good as a teacher or as someone like your elder sister. You're too simple and honest. These people are taking the advantages of your honesty. Leave the forum, study carefully, obey your superiors, behave gentle in class, you'll see Vidya Madam never will be able to whip you. And you can't get your mental peace till you don't leave this forum. Remember, you come first in class, so you must have to achieve in the first rank of the famous honored people of India. I bless you girl!
Please, leave the forum forever. This is my last loving command to you. I hope you will obey me.

by Sucheta Mon Jan 23 05:16:55 UTC 2012

If I beg apology from anyone then it will be the God, because how foolishly I entered in this disgusting forum, where everybody like Madam Namita, The Unknown Guests or others know nothing beside telling lies , brutality, offensive sexual things and corrupting a normal environment. A boy named Michael has already addressed me as an American. How funny it is? If I would be an American, English would be my mother-tongue and I would never write a mistake in English, that Michael himself had found. Seeing you people, I remember Shakespeare, as he wrote in his play Romeo and Juliet, in the prince's dialogue," You men, you beasts"! Write whatever you like against me. I simply just don't care. I'm not going to answer any more. I am leaving this forum forever because I can't stay among some peoples who are accustomed to live in infernal circumstances. So shout as loud you can. No one is going to stop you.
To Alisha,
Dear, you're very very good girl. But please leave this forum. I'm saying it for your own good as a teacher or as someone like your elder sister. You're too simple and honest. These people are taking the advantages of your honesty. Leave the forum, study carefully, obey your superiors, behave gentle in class, you'll see Vidya Madam never will be able to whip you. And you can't get your mental peace till you don't leave this forum. Remember, you come first in class, so you must have to achieve in the first rank of the famous honored people of India. I bless you girl!
Please, leave the forum forever. This is my last loving command to you. I hope you will obey me.

by Sucheta Mon Jan 23 05:16:56 UTC 2012

madam. YOU will leave the forum . AND i do not know what will happen to me. VIDYA madam had already known the matter . I DO not know what she will do. IT is my mistake that i entered here and wrote. SHE telephoned me. TODAY is holiday . AND TOMORROW i do not know what will happen. I know :) it will be very nasty. BUT you could have saved me. AT least you could have talked to NAMITA MADAM. but you did not. NOW you leave happily madam. THANK you for doing this to me. YOUR sister will be whippied .

by ALISHA Mon Jan 23 06:06:28 UTC 2012

SUCHETA thinks she is a genious by copying and pasting some quotes . SHE is a faking lady who exploited a baby to the worst. IT is the fault of both NAMITA AND SUCHETA.i appeal SUCHETA to take mrs vidya no and settle the matter if you do not want to say sorry.and if u wont than you are a not say sorry to NAMITA but you can talk to mrs vidya.that is all i can say .

by AARATI Mon Jan 23 06:20:21 UTC 2012

SUCHETA will never do that. BECAUSE she is a bloody liar. JUST a fcker.she tells that i am using slang . BUT i never cause problem to others. BUT for her a little cute baby have been in problem. SO she is more stub burn than me. HA..HA..HA

by guest Mon Jan 23 08:27:11 UTC 2012

Aarita has exactly identified the problem here! Sucheta says she is not American. Just now look at her recent script again. Yet again; another word spelled as Americans spell. (the word "honour" is WITHOUT the "u" again, in her latest script. This is not her first mistake, and she is supposed to be an English teacher? Please don't make me laugh. Now let us get back to the Topic at head of this Forum. I say that SOME lady teachers got (or are getting) pleasure from beating young boys on their bottoms. I experienced it myself when I was at school(YES) in Britain in the 1990's. Any other ex-pupils comment? There were plenty in the South-West UK, lets hear from you. from MICHAEL.

by MICHAEL Mon Jan 23 09:12:42 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Mon Jan 23 09:58:38 UTC 2012

guys if alisha is not a liar than namita can not be.i think we should forget everything and go on with forum. i am telling this is a fcking forum. every one who is writting about punishment is a saddist. ha..ha..i do not think any lady teacher takes a student on her lap. I would have fcked that teacher. if any one who gives such punishment than please punish me. HA..HA..HA

by guest Mon Jan 23 11:16:51 UTC 2012


by guest Mon Jan 23 11:20:28 UTC 2012

At last,normality has returned to this Forum. But "guest" language is a bit OTT. No swear words allowed. It says that at the head of this Forum. and rude abbreviations of such words are just as offensive. Naughty "Guest" go see madam for a whipping. ha-ha-ha !!However, you are right as well as "prashanto" just wrote. Over-the-lap of a young lady teacher is not correct technique. It was never done that way in the U.K. even in the strictest Private Schools. I tried to tell Sucheta this and also her "rubbing and feeling boys bottoms" (those are her words) but she dismissed my words as of no consequence. She is terribly wrong because boys of puberty-age are going to experience friction in the front groin area. She cannot blame the boy. It is NOT his fault. In effect, she is masterbating him. (I use this word carefully.)So this is ALL wrong and may well be a figment in her imagination.I wonder what PRASHANTO thinks? I was the same at school. I was smacked on my bare bottom by a lady teaching-assistant in the Sports Annexe at school. The experience has stayed with me and that happened about 11 years ago! from Michael.

by MICHAEL Mon Jan 23 12:46:57 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Mon Jan 23 13:54:52 UTC 2012 write like sucheta.and you two belong to the same are the real guy behind sucheta.i know that. HA..HA..HA.

by guest Mon Jan 23 16:16:04 UTC 2012

guys.i know some hell was happening. but i think alisha is a cute nice baby.just imagine what must be going with her???

by AARATI Mon Jan 23 16:20:49 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Mon Jan 23 16:29:54 UTC 2012

To Prashanto. When you were smacked by the Lady Teacher at your school, did she smack your bare bottom? Did she have you over her lap? Did the other small boys get same as you? Did you, or they find a little 'pleasure' even so at the young age? from Michael

by MICHAEL Mon Jan 23 16:39:45 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Mon Jan 23 16:51:08 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Mon Jan 23 16:51:12 UTC 2012


by guest Mon Jan 23 18:15:59 UTC 2012

To Prashanto. If you are the 18 yr-old male Student you say; then there's no reason why you can't write your answers. GUEST uses the word "dude" which is originally a slang USA word meaning "dunce" ! His turn-of-phrase is typically Euro-American, so who knows? perhaps Guest is not all that meets the eye? Maybe "he" is all three Alisha, Sucheta and Aarati are all the same writer!! No way of knowing, so go ahead, Prashanto, if you are true you have no worries.What say you, Daffyd? from Michael.

by MICHAEL Mon Jan 23 19:49:03 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Tue Jan 24 05:27:51 UTC 2012


by guest Tue Jan 24 07:00:35 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Tue Jan 24 07:33:36 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Tue Jan 24 07:35:53 UTC 2012

Guys, I know Sucheta personally. She teaches Life Science in our school. She is very famous in school for her punishments. All the teachers are very fond of her because once she used to live in Pittsburgh, USA and studied there in her childhood. I am a 13 years of old girl. She punished me for many times in past. She is too horrible.

by Tulika Tue Jan 24 11:04:54 UTC 2012

To Tulika from Michael.. Are you using a pseudonym ? Are you, in fact, Sucheta under a different name? I thought there was some American influence from the way she spells certain words, and also her phraseology and her use of English. You say she went to school in Pittsburgh, but was she born in Pittsburgh USA? There is something not quite right here. I think maybe YOU are really Sucheta. Do you notice how she and Alisha have both disappeared from the Forum? I wonder why? Perhaps neither of them are real people! So, Tulika, where is your School in Bengal? Is it a co-ed school,I might know of it. Why do you not name the School if she and you are genuine? If there is silence from you, then we will have our answer! from Michael

by MICHAEL Tue Jan 24 11:58:21 UTC 2012

No Michael, I'm not Sucheta Madam. So don't scold me in this way. I study in B College Model High School. It is at Howrah district, West Bengal, India.
As far as I know about Sucheta Madam, she was born in USA and spent some years there because her father was posted there. Don't ask me anything more about her. I don't know. I fear her as my other friends do. I am not fraud Sir!

by Tulika Tue Jan 24 13:44:00 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Tue Jan 24 13:45:56 UTC 2012

I am not liar PRASHANTO. So don't become rude at me.

by Tulika Tue Jan 24 13:59:16 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Tue Jan 24 14:06:19 UTC 2012

when i was in 9th class my history teacher was very strict in all ways . she always used to bring her wooden ruler which was very painful. she loved to whip boys thighs . for even talking slowly or getting less marks she used to call us infront and remove our pants. our white soft thighs exposed. then with full force she used to bring that stinging ruler on our poor thighs. when i used to get ,, 1st stroke i sweated. 2nd --i made susu in my underwear. 3rd shot -- i cry .girls in class used to love when i was getting beaten.they said my legs were cute and they got pleasure see it become red. they purposly used to complain about me to teacher so that they could to see my bare cute thighs become red in colour. the teacher always made me sit in class without my pants after beating. girls sitting next to me used to smile and look at my pink thighs for whole class.

by hiresh Tue Jan 24 14:25:49 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Tue Jan 24 15:30:59 UTC 2012

Michael, yes Michael smacking and many shameful punishments are still performed in West Bengal as well as in all the states India, though it has been prohibited since 2000. Sucheta Madam strikes on my palms or slaps on my back in front of the students. She also applies many other kinds of punishments also. Now we all habituated with these kinds of punishments. Almost all students got punishment from her in our class. But she never smacks our bottoms in front of others. She orders us to meet her at Tiffin period. There she punishes us in punishment room. But when we were 8 or 9, she used to smack us in front of other students but never on our bare bottoms. The bare bottom punishment, she gives privately. She uses many implements like ruler, paddle, a thick ruler and with her hand. It's too painful and horrible. I cannot control my tears when she punishes me on her lap. Believe me, I am not lying. If you visit B E College Model High School, you will see it in front of your eyes.
And Michael, you spelled my name wrong once. It is Tulika not Tulida.

by Tulika Tue Jan 24 15:39:36 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Tue Jan 24 15:45:22 UTC 2012

To TULIKA from Michael sorry I spelt your name incorrectly, a type error. From your story miss Sucheta is actually a true person then? Why is she not now on this Forum answering the questions, I wonder. Miss Sucheta, please come back again, it looks like you have been done an injustice.What is "Tiffin" ? We do not know this word here in U.K. So are you saying that ALL the states in India practice smacking like you just describe? And they do it privately behind closed doors; in other words, it's done without official knowledge? To Prashanto, there is no means of knowing if ANYBODY on this forum is real or a pseudonym (a person under different name masquerading as bona-fide) Tough, but that can't be helped.

by MICHAEL Tue Jan 24 16:21:55 UTC 2012

Michael, I don't know about other schools and their teachers that how they punish their students. But I know corporal punishment is everywhere practiced in India. And please, don't evoke Sucheta Madam again. If she finds me I am writing something, a bit against of her, I won't be able to sit for 20 minutes or more because of her very famous and extremely terrible smacking punishment. It's very dangerous. She has left this forum that's why I have entered. I pray to the God that she must not return.
I forgot you are a UK dweller, Michael. Tiffin is an Indian word that means the breaking time among the school periods, especially for eating a light food or playing. It's for a relax. The Tiffin period goes on for thirty minutes.
And forgive me, perhaps it looks like a sedition, but who cares about law in India? Open the internet, you will find everything about Indian problems. It's never like UK, USA or FRANCE.

by Tulika Tue Jan 24 16:45:04 UTC 2012

To TULIKA. I do not think you are still in that Howrah school? from Michael

by MICHAEL Tue Jan 24 21:00:29 UTC 2012


by ALISHA Tue Jan 24 10:21:53 UTC 2012

No Michael, I am still studying in that school located in Howrah. It's too reputed school. Yes, she still punishes me in this way but she never punishes me on my palm now. It's not a rare case for me because all my friends and elder students also get punishments in this way, not only by Sucheta Madam but all the other teachers (male and female) also. No question of complaining arises here. This school is too famous and our guardians know (as it is predicted) that the teachers don't make us physically injured. They use safety but terribly painful punishments. And it is said because of this strict discipline, all students achieve in high grades in all examinations like Madhyamik which is like GCSE examination of UK. Corporal punishment is used here for the students of 6 to 15. After that, the teachers don't use corporal punishments. But as I know male teachers never smack the girls on their bottoms keeping them on their knees. Generally, male teachers don't use this punishment. It is mainly used by the lady teachers. And the lady teachers, as I noticed, never smack a boy who is over 13. But they never spare us the girls. And you are saying about other schools? It is private school, that's why corporal punishment is not that terrible here as it is in the Government schools. My brother studies in a Government school named Howrah Zilla School. The punishments he gets there are just indescribable. I am too lucky then, if you judge it from his condition. And the UK punishments you described are also very horrible. I always thought UK is free from Corporal punishment. And I often dreamed that if I were a student of a UK school. But it seems the teachers and nurses punish you in an extremely shameful way. After all, the teachers of our school never order us to change our dresses for the punishment. And of course, there is no nurse in our school. There is no good arrangement like that in our schools. This is INDIA guys!

by Tulika Tue Jan 24 11:18:14 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Tue Jan 24 11:21:47 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Tue Jan 24 11:24:29 UTC 2012

i think my thighs were needed to become red to improve me. but i hated those girls looking at my thighs.

by hiresh Tue Jan 24 11:43:23 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Tue Jan 24 11:50:49 UTC 2012

why girls like to see boys pink thighs. do they enjoy. ? even in my school girl moniters used to write my name on blackboard even if i sit quiet. when teacher came girls had to decide which part of my body they wanted teacher to whip and how many strokes ? with no time waste girls used to say 20 slashes on the bare thighs or 25 on bare bum or 10 on each upperarm (between shoulder & elbow) . do girls love boys being caned on these parts? please answer.

by aditya Tue Jan 24 11:54:35 UTC 2012

i m not lying mann. i used to get so painful that my marks improved in studies . today i m it professinal. only problem were those bloody smiling girls.

by hiresh Tue Jan 24 11:59:26 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Tue Jan 24 12:02:28 UTC 2012

every one is a liar and saddiest here.fck this forum.again every one is crying tht i was punished this way and tht the issue their tht u pepole were punished in thigh or on ur ass.every one is trying to take pleasure by saying lie.fck this up.i may be using wrong word but i m not a iiar like fcking prashanto..........

by guest Tue Jan 24 12:09:56 UTC 2012

i am not at all lieying.please beleave me sir.tell me what i need to do to prove my self.y dont u beleave me

by alisha Tue Jan 24 12:11:52 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Tue Jan 24 13:13:15 UTC 2012


by PRASHANTO Tue Jan 24 13:25:43 UTC 2012

this forum looks like one person writing with diff names

by aditya Tue Jan 24 14:25:06 UTC 2012

To Tulika, You wrote a Topic on a Website (not this site)in 2003. How is that? You would have been a small girl only 4 yrs old! I think you are not telling us your true age. I wonder how much else you're telling on the Forum which is also un-true? I would bet you are a grown-up woman now, writing of your experiences when you were 13. Why can't you be HONEST about your age? from Michael.

by MICHAEL Tue Jan 24 14:36:24 UTC 2012

To ADITYA, YES, I think you may well be right here! One (maybe two ) persons causing mayhem and wasted time on this Forum. ( I hope it is not you! ) We can do without this silly childish nonsense, and get back to the subject in hand at the head of this Site.

by MICHAEL Tue Jan 24 14:41:55 UTC 2012

Michael, I am not that Tulika and I don’t know what you are talking about. I swear I never ever wrote in any other forum beside this. There are many girls whose names are Tulika. I read in class 7. I am not a grown up woman. If you still don't believe me sir, what can I do? Your name is Michael. So can I say you are Michael Jackson who is already dead? There many persons whose name are Michael and they may write many things on many different topics. So what’s so ever?

by Tulika Tue Jan 24 15:21:50 UTC 2012

Michael said he wants Sucheta to come back. Is there anyone who really wants Sucheta to come back?

by Aakash Tue Jan 24 15:49:34 UTC 2012

To TULIKA. OK, your point taken as read; so you are not the same Tulika, fair enough, OK. Just as I am not Michael Jackson, OK. Some on this Forum say that miss (teacher)Sucheta is not a real person. TULIKA you say she teaches at your School. So who is correct here? Does she or doesn't she? I am very confused here. from Michael (not Jackson !!!! )

by MICHAEL Tue Jan 24 17:01:48 UTC 2012

Michael, I think you have a sense of humour Sir! (As you have wriiten "from Michael (not Jackson !!!! ) I don't know about other writers here. As I believe some writers are writing their comments here because of their own satisfaction which is a big fat lie. Take the example of Alisha. I can guarantee no teacher uses whip in India. If you search the internet you will find the same fact. What madam Sucheta said, is completely true. I know, many persons may think I am Sucheta Madam in disguise (as I am supporting her). If they want to say so, they are all welcome. But I have that confidence that I am not lying. This girl Alisha made a plan to insult Sucheta Madam. That's why she created a character named Namita Madam. She asked Sucheta Madam to say sorry for a peculiar reason. That is how she chalked out a crucial plan to make Sucheta Madam harassed. One hand, you can find the angry and powerful commanding lady Namita Madam and the other hand, you will find a baby like character Alisha who is pretending to be a helpless and innocent child. Naturally, people took pity on Alisha and they said against of Madam Sucheta. But nobody realized it was Alisha, who was continuously lying. Can you believe a guest of this forum, whom you have known just for Today, can make you whipped by your school teacher, as Alisha is describing? Don't be fool guys. It is Alisha who is the main culprit. She wrote in many different names like Namita or Aarati who supported Alisha. Sucheta madam was completely honest. May be she is very strict teacher but she teaches us in a wonderful way. She analyzes every critical chapter in a very easy way. If any one has doubt about her and me, I welcome him or her to visit B E College Model High School. You will find both of us there, first Sucheta Madam of course because she is too famous there. Don't pass any bad comment anymore against me and Sucheta Madam until any of you truly don't visit our school.
But still I will say, I don't want Sucheta Madam to come back in this forum any more because I read every post which is against of her and that may offend her. And I don't want her to be offended for me. O My God, thinking that, I tremble in fear and can hear the vivid sounds of her smacking. O! That was really a crying situation for 13 years of old girl like me.

by Tulika Tue Jan 24 19:51:39 UTC 2012

OK TULIDA. Thanks for that information. So no Teacher in India today uses a whip on their Students; that is good to know. However, does Miss Sucheta still take students on her lap for smacking, like she described earlier? Has this happened to you, Tulika? If so, it is not a right method. Students should lean over, or lie on, a table to receive smacks on the bottoms or backs of thighs. That is the proper time-tested technique. It is even more important for boys not to have their bottoms "squeezed or rubbed" as I said before because it can start a sexual response due to friction in the erogenous zones. This is how the "pleasure" can start, whether you like it or not, that is medical fact. And in NO WAY is the student to blame for this possible response, it a perfectly natural bodily function. Whoever teacher gives smacking on boys bottoms should realise this FACT, and refrain from rubbing,squeezing or anything like that.. from Michael. (BsC)

by MICHAEL Tue Jan 24 20:49:15 UTC 2012

Michael, as far as I know, Sucheta Madam never rubs or squeezes the bottom of the boy who is above 9. She never even takes them on her lap. She punishes them, bending them on a table, striking on the bottoms. She uses a very thick ruler when she is punishing a boy who is over 13. But she never spares us the girls as well as the children aged 6 to 9 (both boys and girls). She takes us on her lap, rubs and squeezes our bottoms which is very scary, then strikes very hard. Some writes have written here that lady teachers mainly enjoy punishing the boys. But in our school, it is completely different. Lady teachers seldom use corporal punishment on the boys but they never spare us the girls. And in case of the male teachers, bare bottom punishment is beyond imagination, they never even use a stick on us but they really beat the male students mercilessly. As you are saying about sexual things, I am not completely denying it but in case of me (as I am a girl also) I never felt any peculiar feeling when I was lying on Sucheta Madam's lap but the whole room got fulfilled by my shouting and crying. Over the lap punishment is for the boys of (6 to 9 years of old) and the girls of (6 to 14 years of old). But guys, male teachers of our school never use this punishment. Lady teachers mainly use it.
And Michael, you have again written the wrong spelling of my name sir! It is not Tulika not Tulida. Sir, do you know what Tulika means in English? It means a hair-pencil which is used for painting. It is a Bengali word.

by Tulika Tue Jan 24 21:44:24 UTC 2012

Michael, Sorry for the printing mistake sir! I wrote-----It is not Tulika not Tulida
It will be—“it is Tulika not Tulida.”

by Tulika Tue Jan 24 22:09:28 UTC 2012

to: TULIKA. (with a "k" not a "d" ) OK! I think I have your name spelt correctly now. Thanks for your explanation of the punishment done at your school. Can you say whether miss Sucheta smacks on the boys BARE bottoms, either with her hand or the wooden ruler? I am trying to establish whether it is just HER way- or if other lady teachers in your school do this too? If Sucheta smacks only the boys age-group 6 to 9 years on her lap,this upper age is possible that SOME boys already become early at puberty stage. It is certain to have an effect for life, because the boy will get a "peculiar" pleasant feeling via her method. I am living proof of this and I guess I'm not the only boy that can truthfully say this! May I presume to say that you are very literate; and quite rare to find an "old" head on young shoulders. Are you perhaps just a wee bit older than 13? Nobody will mind if you are a bit older than 13, and you're telling your experiences retrospectively - nothing wrong in that. I feel,through the reading of your script, that your composition of sentences and your use of words like "seldom" (which is an old-fashioned word not much used these days) points to a more mature person than is normally associated with a 13 yr. old!

by MICHAEL Wed Jan 25 02:26:06 UTC 2012

No Sir, check my sentences carefully, you will find many mistakes there too. And I often stand in the first position in class, that’s why may be my sentences are well constructed. It's very hard to stand first in every examination of our school, because many students here are very intelligent, studious and sincere in their study. I am not one of them sir, who find pleasure decreasing their age. I am exactly 13. I was born on 2nd June 1999. And you don't know sir, sometimes I find very difficult when I am reading your posts, it is because you are a British so your English is generally full of hard vocabulary words. I see the dictionary often, you know. Alright, now I am answering your questions.
In case of the very small kids (6 to 9), she punishes them on their bare bottoms with her bare hand or wooden ruler, folding up their pants or skirts. Not only she but the all lady teachers of ours school, do the same thing, and we are quite habituated with this. Boys get rid of this infliction, when they are 10. But just think for us! We girls, get this infliction till we are not 15. I don't know about the mental conditions of the boys, but I don't believe that they feel any peculiar pleasant feeling getting smacked. You know sir, after the punishment is over; boys come back to their classes and weep pushing their heads into the schoolbag on the desk in huge pain. So I don't think the question of sexual feelings is at all appropriate here. And you can't judge Sucheta Madam's punishment methods in this way. All the female teachers punish us like that. Sucheta Madam is very scary because she uses many different kinds of other painful punishments too. She is like the inventor of punishment methods.

by Tulika Wed Jan 25 11:22:23 UTC 2012

To TULIKA. OK, I have to say that your English writing is very good and far better than a lot of English 13 yr olds here in Britain! Thanks for confirming that all lady Teachers smack 6 to 9 year-olds on their bare bottoms. I am uneasy about them being put on the teacher's lap for smacking. I say again, it is not moral or correct for the reasons I already stated. You say you don't know about the "mental conditions" ( quote) of the boys. It is more than mental, it is surely also physical. In these modern days of good diet, a 9 yr old boy is practically at puberty and even if not,if he is normal, he will experience sensations when being smacked over the lap of the female Teacher,especially so if she smacks his bare bottom. Possibly girls too at this age might feel the same, I don't know. Whatever one says, the risk is worth considering. Also as I related before, it affected me and I still derive the "sensuality" of a similar way of being smacked, because of my experience in childhood. If you have a boy friend, Tulika, then why not ask him what he thinks about this? He might ask you to give him your typical Teacher smacking, ha ha ha! But -- be warned -- he might like it too much. This is the point I am trying to make, that nobody seems to think is of any importance; whereas it is VERY important, but little recognised!

by MICHAEL Wed Jan 25 15:08:00 UTC 2012

Thank you Michael, for praising me a lot. I think you are quite right about the physical effects of a boy. And perhaps that's why our madams don't smack on an above 9 years of old boy’s bare bottoms keeping him on lap. But do you think Sir, a 9 years old boy also can feel sexuality getting smacked on a lady teacher's lap? May be I am wrong, but in India, boys are not that matured in this age. And sir, you have asked me about my boyfriend? In India, we girls are not allowed to even pronounce the word "boyfriend" till we are above 18. It's too restricted society Sir!

by Tulika Wed Jan 25 15:50:03 UTC 2012

To TULIKA I see that Indian society, for females is not as "free" (even in 2012) as in Britain. I had not realised that, thanks for telling me. Yes, that would explain a lot. However, although girls may not be allowed to say "boyfriend" until they are 18, surely girls have all the attributes and sensations many years before being 18? But it seems you have to keep it quiet under wraps! To reply to your query. I certainly KNOW for sure that boys aged only 9 can feel the sensations of their sexuality, though of course, they cannot recognise it as such until they are a bit older. In my case I was about 10 or 11 when I remember being put across her lap and smacked on my bare bottom by Aunty. It was just after I had bathed, only a towel round me. I had a bad School report ( poor spelling) and Class Teacher reported it to Aunty! Ha-ha. Oh dear! In my bedroom Aunty told me to drop the towell off so I was naked. She sat on a low stool and pulled me across her lap for smacking. I had 44 smacks on my bottom, it really smarted and my poor bottom looked and felt like a fire. I did not cry, but after about 10 smacks I remember having a peculiar "pumping" sensation in my groin area. It was (paradoxically) a very pleasurable feeling -- which I NOW know to be the "sexual" feeling. So yes -- it depends on the boy and how developed they are, but my point is that this age is getting lower, due to better housing,food and health. Do you have a younger brother or cousin? If so,you smack them in this way with his agreement,privately of course, as an experiment? Won't you be surprised if he says "YES PLEASE" you may well find what I say is correct! I was a boy of 9 once, believe it or not, just yesterday my 24th birthday. Wish me many happy returns, ha ha ha !!

by MICHAEL Wed Jan 25 17:53:47 UTC 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL! I hope you will achieve more and more in future that I pray to the Almighty.
As you know, we teenager boys and girls are not allowed to make romance, as it is very common in the countries like USA or UK and we are not allowed to discuss about something based on sexuality which I was continuously doing in my previous posts. It is against of Indian discipline. In UK or USA, people find a boy or girl unnatural, if he or she still lives with his parents after the age of 18. We cannot even think such things in Indian society. Our parents become happy, if we marry with their arranged boys or girls. It is called arranged marriage. What the boy or the girl thinks it does not matter but it matters what their parents think. If anyone makes love-marriage, he or she definitely opens the source of family quarrel. And there is one thing more about Indian marriage that I want to write. It is called inter-caste marriage. Do you know what is called caste? I am explaining it to you. If a Hindu (a religion, perhaps you are known about it) boy or girl ever marries a Muslim (another famous religion, I hope you know it) girl or boy, it will not be appreciated in the families of the boy and the girl. The Parents will not accept the girl as daughter-in-law or the boy as son-in-law. This is called inter-caste marriage. Not only that but this marriage of disagreement may take place between a Hindu boy and a Hindu girl too. There are mainly four divisions among Hindu people. One the Brahmin (the person who is very wise and his duty is to worship the Gods), Kshattrio (the person who rules over other people or in other word the king), Baishyo (the person who does other important social works like farming, business etc) and the Shuddra, the most under esteemed caste (whose duty is to serve the peoples of these three castes). Although nobody in India cares the rules now. A Brahmin (who ought to be the wisest) may sale fruits on road (as he is uneducated) or a Shuddra may me the administrator (as he is well educated). But the inner touch of this caste system is still obeyed. If a Brahmin girl marries a Shuddra boy, the parents of the girl abandon her forever. But now these days, many educated peoples don't care about these rules, many still strictly follow it. Now I hope sir, you’ve understood the Indian culture very well. If you don't believe me then ask the other Indians who live in UK. They will inform you the same thing.
And Michael, please don't write anything again based on sexual matters. I am not allowed to answer those. Ask me about other things, like our school teachers, especially Madam Sucheta, or how I got punished by her or how she punishes us (beside those methods which she already described here before) as I wrote, Sucheta Madam invents different kinds of scary and painful punishments everyday. You will understand our strict discipline from another example. Perhaps you know about Harry Potter films. I hope so. Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Well I am a Harry Potter fan. In the newspapers, it was published that in the fifth Harry Potter film, (Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix) Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) kissed a girl named Cho Chang (Katie Leung). Because of that particular scene, we teenagers were not allowed to watch the movie. And I still didn't see the movie. So now perhaps you have understood Indian culture more perfectly.

by Tulika Wed Jan 25 20:18:04 UTC 2012

To Tulika. What can I say, except I have learned a lot about your culture? Indian culture and way of life is based on its religion, Hindu & Muslim, and this dictates how your society evolves and lives. In Britain the "official" religion is Christianity (followers of Christ)and the Archbishop of Canterbury is seen as present Leader of it. Indeed the year 2000 was often interpreted as Christ's 2000th birthday! Christianity, whilst it does have a culture or tradition,and set-of-rules does not IMPOSE laws on the people,or force society into obedience in the same way as Muslim or Hindu does on it's society (ies). Your "Gods" are seen as prophets. Our God is seen as the Creator of every form of matter, seen and unseen, and is not subject to "time" as we know it. Christ came on earth to reveal that God is of "active goodwill" not merely a set-of-rules to be followed blindly as dictated by their Scriptures. Sorry,this sounds like a sermon! I am just attemting to show the difference between Indian culture-traditions with those of the British. This inevitably involves Religion. Obviously, as you so rightly say, this difference in religion will colour the way people think. However, now the world is a much smaller place (because of technology like this, for instance)and travel so much easier; it is bound to conflict with any culture,Indian or otherwise, where knowledge comes,then partiality disappears. If knowledge has been suppressed by a regime or government, it cannot succeed because true knowledge (of everything under the sun) will vent out. You cannot forcibly suppress knowledge for long! When wholeness comes, then we do not any longer "see as through a glass,darkly" (quote from St.Paul) That is the character of the world God has made. So to bring this down to the thinking stage. marriage for love of the other person in the union is the criteria. No doctrine or culture or regime or government should try to force a marriage because of parents say so. This is totally archaic thinking and is soul-destroying for the couple involved! I do not apologise for saying this, although your country would regard it as wrong.

by MICHAEL Wed Jan 25 21:10:05 UTC 2012

Our country of course regards it as wrong. And as you say about our Gods (are seen as prophets), this is very little information about Hindu Gods. If you are talking about Hindu Religion, then I must say it is the oldest religion in all over the world. It came much before the Christianity. The philosophy in Hindu Religion has already earned a warm encomium from all over the world. You may take the example of Swami Vivekananda. His speech about Hindu religion in Chicago of US is highly admirable in the world. Take the help of youtube, you will be able to hear it, because it is still recorded there. Hindu religion is much more advanced than any other religion. I am giving you one example. Perhaps you know about German philosopher Kant. He once said, "Two things awe me most, one the starry sky above me and the moral law within me." Mr. Kant has only awed it but our ancient philosophers expressed their views crystal clearly that they had felt it, judged it and that's why they are declaring the result like a truthful Scientific way. They said that God is visible in our hearts more than the churches or the temples. We have to know ourselves. The huge eternal power that created this universe is lying in our hearts. It is like the example of an atom. If you analyze the inner structure of atom, you will find some electrons are moving in well constructed way, centering the nucleolus (proton and neutron). It is just like the solar system. All these planets are moving all around, centering the sun in a determined way. The smallest action reflects on the large in largest. It is the universal action. Not only that but I have more to say about Hindu philosophy. It says that the whole world is nothing but an illusion that is attracting us into the bottom of the wrong pleasure. It is like, you are walking on a dark road, and suddenly you see there is a snake in front of you. You become scared and lighten your torch. You see it is not a snake but a rope. So in other word snake’s illusion was fallen on the rope. Like the world which is full of earthy pleasures (like money, women, sex, wine, drugs etc) are the illusions like the snake. The real thing like the rope is only the God. If I more interpret it then it will be said that Hindu religion is not declaring that the world is false, but it is saying that God is himself the world and us. But we cannot see him in front of our eyes. It is because we all are attracted on earthy pleasures slightly or deeply. If you keep a piece of iron covered with soils and place a magnet in front it, the iron never will be snatched by the magnet till it is not properly cleaned from soils. You can say that the iron is our mind, the soils are our earthy pleasures and magnet is the God. God is always evoking us but we can't see him because our body is full of the soils of earthy pleasures. That's why we pray to the God to make us free from those nasty things. Do you know Rabindranath Tagore? He is a highly acclaimed Indian poet, won the Nobel Prize in 1913 for this book Song Offerings. I hope you can find Song Offerings in London. He said a different thing about God. He said why we are praying to God as he is someone very superior? Why you can't see him as our bosom friend? Then our prayer will be easier.
Hindu religion is too complicated sir. You cannot have a proper view on it here. And India is also very admirable in all over the world because of her culture, society, knowledge, technology, philosophy, science and politics. The best example of democracy lies in the heart of India. So I'm proud to be an Indian.

by Tulika Thu Jan 26 10:59:39 UTC 2012

As I wrote my previous post, I only wanted to elucidate that Indian culture is great in its wisdom, philosophic and scientific thoughts. But many peoples here are unconscious of that culture. They are not that educated. So they still behave like the dictators of the society as you wrote. The marriages based on the parents will, ignoring the wishes of their children, are not only wrong but a crime. What we can do sir? May be India is herself very great, but not all the Indians. Political corruption and violence have taken place in India. Poverty has engulfed its surface as the result. Many people in India can't even write. We can find child-labour in many where in India. Many peoples still believe in nasty superstitions. So now it is hard to believe that India once was much advanced than any other country. USA may invent atom bomb at first. But Indian first invented the "0" (zero). Yes, an Indian mathematician named Aryavatto first invented the "0" long before any western countries did. However, I don't think poverty is the main problem behind India's failure. Poverty is a common problem in all over the world. You may take example of London riot, which took place in London a few months ago and the problem of wall street in USA (occupy wall street) are also the causes of poverty.
But in India the main problem is the self-unconsciousness of the peoples (as they split on the roads or do many other nasty things) and political corruption. I don't know when this country will able to be free from these problems. And now I can't do anything here because I am only a little girl of 13. Pity isn't it? So let's go back to the topic of this forum "do lady teachers enjoy caning boys?" and consult about this particular matter.

by Tulika Thu Jan 26 11:35:27 UTC 2012

to TULIKA, There is so much information you have here. Your command of the English language is excellent that I cannot believe this comes from the pen of a child of 13 yrs of age. As you say, we have strayed from the Topic it's my fault as I started it. I cannot reply at length just now. I will later today. Why do other readers not post a comment? They have all gone silent! Why?

by MICHAEL Thu Jan 26 14:36:56 UTC 2012

Michael, they won't reply any more. It is because many of them were lying. Maybe there were only one or two persons who were writing here with different names. Take the example of Alisha or Namita. They are completely fraud. And you all said many rude things to our teacher Sucheta Madam. She was completely honest. She was cheated first by Alisha then unjustified by you all. I am her student and you like my comments, so just think how wise she is! I know, some unknown guests may comment reading this post that I am Sucheta or others. That's the real problem here. We cannot know each other properly or there is no way to know either. So many peoples are writing here whatever they like. It's an unsolved problem. But still I don't want Sucheta Madam to come back again. I have explained the reason before. So I don't want to go to her lap for a terrible discomfort. What a peculiar thing, isn't it? Mother's lap is the ideal and celestial place of mental satisfaction and deepest love for a child. And Sucheta Madam's lap------O my god!

by Tulika Thu Jan 26 15:28:16 UTC 2012

TULIKA, OK thanks for your reply and observations. You are remarkably well-read considering your young age. You should do well in a literature job in a few years time -- like the Indian representative in London, or something like that! Keep at your studies, they will bear fruit in time, knowledge is never wasted, and knowledge is power. I wish there was some private way of conversing with you. More later.

by MICHAEL Thu Jan 26 17:23:32 UTC 2012

Thank you Michael, for your kind and wise advice.

by Tulika Thu Jan 26 19:09:42 UTC 2012

TULIKA, what more can I tell you? I don't know. We seem to be the only two left on this Forum, the other writers have deserted it. Could it be, as you suggest, that they are not bona-fide (not genuine) ? Then what is their game? Why come on it to cause deliberate disruption? I don't know. Getting back to the Topic at the Head of this page:-- As far as I can see (and I'm open to correction) the quick answer is "Yes, some ladies do enjoy it" Having accepted that, I begin to analyse reasons why. I think one reason is that it is motivated by an in-built sexual desire. I think it is the base desire to exhibit a strong prowess over the opposite sex. This would apply to male teachers, too. It is "written in" the very fabric of all human nature of ALL of us.You could say it was put there by the Devil (Oh yes -- do not be deceived by the devil -- he DOES exist. That is the real trouble with fallen human nature from the beginning of time. "In the beginning, God made heaven & earth. . . " etc.etc. but a fallen angel was the Devil who tried to entice Creation into doing without God. (the parable of Adam & Eve in the Bible,(book of Genesis) Look it up! That's where all trouble has it's roots, the Devil trying to gain power from God. What say you -- but don't write a long sermon ! ha-ha !

by MICHAEL Fri Jan 27 01:18:31 UTC 2012

I don't know about the devil or God. And sorry to say I know very few about the Bible. The information I know about Adam and Eve or the forbidden tree, reading John Milton's Paradise Lost. And perhaps it is a statement of disagreement, but I am personally not very devoted to religion or spirituality, but of course I am not atheist. And you wrote--"don't write a long sermon". You are quite right about me sir that I talk too much. My school-mates often mock me saying "know-it-all". Once, Sucheta Madam punished me for being very talkative. Yes, it's my fault, I am very talkative. After the punishment, I try to control myself; still this problem is remained with me. You have again written about sex sir. I requested you not to ask me anything about sex. I am not allowed to discuss about it. But as I wrote before, in our school, male teachers at all don't use corporal punishment on girls, but beat the boys without mercy. And lady teachers beat both of the boys and girls, but especially they don't spare us the girls. It's not like opposite sex. And I believe it is not about the matter of sex but the discipline. That's why they beat us. So I rather contradict with you. Forgive me sir; you are older than me and the same age of Sucheta Madam. She is also 23 (as she wrote before). So you're like my superior, so it may sound like rude that I am against of your comment that female teachers punish us to satisfy their sexual desires. But I am just giving my comments.

by Tulika Fri Jan 27 11:25:23 UTC 2012

TULIKA, It is OK, you give your thoughts and I give mine. That is how we learn from each other. We do not have to agree, but we learn from others point of view. You can teach me something -- I can teach you something. Age of the persons has nothing to do with it. I was writing about facts of human biology or anatomy. This is not "sex talk" in the way you seem to understand it! There is no superiority of age over knowledge. Whoever has knowledge of something is not bound by "age" not to impart it! Likewise, a 13 yr old can appreciate some knowledge where maybe a 70 yr old cannot! Life is full of paradox's but that does not mean that a paradox doesn't exist. More in a little while. I have to go shopping.

by MICHAEL Fri Jan 27 15:17:28 UTC 2012

Thank you Michael for your worthy comment. Yes, I have learnt many things from you.

by Tulika Fri Jan 27 15:41:19 UTC 2012

To Tulika. Well; I think we have come to the end of our exchange of thoughts and information on this Topic. I have presented my experiences and you have presented yours. So thank you for this exchange of knowledge and we have both learned something from it. Bye bye and keep at your studies. In a few years you will be able to command a good job in "IT" or similar technology. God bless you.

by MICHAEL Fri Jan 27 19:34:17 UTC 2012

Thank you sir! I wish you'll also have a bright future by the grace of the God. Good bye.

by Tulika Fri Jan 27 19:38:19 UTC 2012

Byebye and may your God go with you.

by MICHAEL Fri Jan 27 21:54:22 UTC 2012

To Dear Tulika,
O! you are here dear Tulika! Don't be afraid I am not going to punish you and I will not punish you in future also because I didn't know you know so much. I will tell other teachers also not to punish you any more. You're blessed child! But you're a bit mental that you've entered in this stupid forum. Leave it dear!

by Sucheta Sat Jan 28 14:44:14 UTC 2012

to "miss" Sucheta I can say without any hesitation that Tulika is of the highest calibre; and for her young age of 13yrs is far ahead of her years in thinking and language It was a pleasure sharing thoughts about the Topic. And miss Sucheta -- you are doing a great job there in Howrah district. (By the way --- please do not spell honour or colour like the Americans! They miss out the "u" letter ! It is not correct, it is lazy English !! All blessings to you both. byebye from Michael xx

by MICHAEL Sat Jan 28 14:53:04 UTC 2012

To Michael,
Why you are saying me good-bye? You have ended your conversations with Tulika but not with me! You called me a bona-fide, remember? So don't try to escape but share your thoughts.

by Sucheta Sat Jan 28 15:08:47 UTC 2012

to Miss Sucheta. OK. I am busy with dinner now -- but will write later today. I still have to get you to see the point of my previous scripts! Anyway, maybe I'm wrong and need correcting -- and maybe you are the person could do it. More later.

by MICHAEL Sat Jan 28 19:39:54 UTC 2012

to Miss Sucheta, I thought you had gone from this Site.The other writers seem to have gone, though they may be still there somewhere. There were some really rude writers and I hope they have gone for ever.The unknown "guest" is to be found on a lot of other Sites related to this Site. But his scripts are repulsive and the language is base and lacks culture. He is a stirrer of trouble, and should be disregarded and ignored. I am saying "he" because he gives this information on another Site. So; down to question at hand -- Tulika says that you do not punish boys who are over the age of 9 yrs on your lap. But what I am saying is:-- that these modern times when health and food are better than 50 years ago, boys are more "forward" in their bodies, they arrive at adolescense earlier than they did 50 years ago. A 9 yrs old boy can be quite aware of his coming sexual maturity whereas (even 20 years ago) this was not so much the case. This means that the boy could feel some stimulation of sensuality when over your lap being smacked. Another thing is that the force of your smack on his bottom will push his "front" into your thighs, thereby causing a rhythmic friction to his front parts. If you also rub & squeeze his bottom, this only adds to the sensuality! Girls would not feel this as their bodies are made differently, as you know. I am talking from experience here, it is not an "opinion" or "thought" suddenly arrived at. I know boys who have been through this too. So I am just saying that, be careful like this. You are a good Teacher, by all accounts. Over to you for your comments and observations.

by MICHAEL Sun Jan 29 00:10:19 UTC 2012

To Michael,
I regard your comments, Michael. But let me give more attention to that statement, if they would feel any sexuality, getting smacked on my lap, they would not get that scared when I first order them to meet me at the Tiffin period. And generally I didn't smack a same boy twice. This punishment is so scary and painful, whoever gets it, remembers forever and never tries to think even committing mischief. I am saying these from my own observations. When I first order a kid to bend on my lap, I feel he is trembling and sweating in fear. He continuously begs for my mercy and weeps bitterly long before I start the smacking. When I rub and squeeze the bottom, the child gets most scared, often implores me saying, "Not very firm madam, please, I beg you, not very firm" etc. They cannot be quiet when I start rubbing and squeezing the bottom. If there was any kind of pleasure they would remain in silent. The matter of sexuality starts from the age of 10. I know about the progress of health and food in these 50 years ago. But I don't find that very growth in an Indian child. May be it is in UK or USA. And the children of UK and USA are much more advanced in thinking and realizing the effects of adult life than the Indian children. It may be because of the free-society, I don't know, so don't take me wrong. And I am not only the teacher who punishes the children on the lap position or rubs and squeezes the bottom before the smacking. All the teachers in our school (lady teachers) do so. Even when I first got employed I didn't even scold anyone. But I got very poor remarks from my students. Older students appropriated it but the children ignored me and paid no attention in my class. So some other senior teachers advised me to punish them. I asked about the punishing methods. They taught me that. The only thing that I care is punishing with huge pain with no harm. And it is nothing but smacking. In case of older students (10 to 15), I punish them bending on a table, strike with a thick but short wooden ruler. I don't even think of punishing them on my lap because of the sexual pleasures which you have described. And I don't punish the little children in this way, because it may be harmful to them. When the child is lying on my lap, I also feel a discomfort, that's why my striking pressure decreases automatically. So it's the safest position. It reduces the smacking speed. But when I am punishing a student, bending on a table, I have no discomfort so I can strike as firm as I can. So this is unbearable for a child and appropriate for a teenager, pay attention not a girl but a boy. Girls have soft skin and their physical strength is weaker than the boys. So they cannot bear that huge pain. So I smack a 15 years of old girl also on my lap. Now perhaps, I am able to analyze everything properly and now waiting for your comment. (And thank you for advice of not using American spellings. It's very hard for me though I'm trying. You know, I spent my childhood in USA, so you can often find an American style in my English. But I still try to correct myself. Hope you don't think me a false person now.)

by Sucheta Sun Jan 29 11:34:19 UTC 2012

To MISS SUCHETA, I see that we are the only two people had anything to write on this Forum in the past few days. Looking at the Site Topic yet again; I see that it was presented by someone called "AKHILESH" This person has not written since. I suspect that this person is writing under cover of a pseudonym (another name).and there have been a lot of "porkies" (lies) written on this Site! You and I seem the only genuine writers. Could it be that "hiresh" (of 24th Jan) is really "Akhilesh" ? You might know this in India. Is this an Indian name? More later. Thanks for your very full and convincing reply.

by MICHAEL Sun Jan 29 14:27:04 UTC 2012

To Michael,
Yes, Akhilesh and Hiresh both are Indian names. But what Hiresh was depicting that the girls enjoy seeing the strike marks on his bare thigh is just a big fat lie. When we teachers beat our students, other students get terribly afraid of thinking now it is their turn. So everybody remains in pin-drop-silence. And teachers never order the students to open the pants, as Hiresh described. He even wrote he had to sit wearing the underpant beside the girls. It's just an awful lie. It is school guys, not any place for crucifixion. He is just writing for his own pleasure. I can tell it with my full responsibility that no teacher in India practices such punishment. And do you now support my smacking punishments? Write your comment. Later I will tell you about a true incident which I once intended to write to Alisha. However, it seems that Alisha was also lying, hard to belief, such a sweet girl! A boy named Aniket who is now 10; I punished him very hard when he was 9 for beating a student who has a hole in his heart. He is very weak boy. Aniket was a lazy and undisciplined student, used to make noise in class. Many guardians complained against him even his own guardians too. When Aniket beat the ill-boy, the boy's parents again complained against Aniket. I was the class-teacher. So I decided that I should punish the naughty boy. The headmaster also asked me to do so. I asked Aniket to meet me at the Tiffin period in room no 7, the room that I use for punishing my students. Later I punished him. Now he is quite obedient and studious in study. His behaviour is completely changed. I am telling you this to prove how fruitful my punishments were. If you are intended to know how I punished Aniket write to me. I will tell you everything vividly. It is not a lie but a hard cold truth.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 29 15:35:29 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta, OK on all that. In the light of what you say, I would support your method of punishments, yes. What a pity you live so far distant from U.K ! Do you ever visit the U.K? Would you allow me to send you a personal letter by Airmail post, addressed to "miss Sucheta Teacher" at the address of your School? Would this be safe private to you only? I think it's the school near Botanical gardens, is that correct? I see it on google maps. I do not want to E-mail you in case people on this Site will see it, and I might get 'spam' . Likewise yourself, so do not write your E-mail address here. Your reply appreciated. Kind regards from ---

by MICHAEL Sun Jan 29 18:54:58 UTC 2012

It is Monday today (not Sunday) and the time is nearly 1400hrs in UK. The days and times on the scripts are all wrong on this Site! Why is that?

by MICHAEL Sun Jan 29 18:58:36 UTC 2012

To Michael,
You are right it is near from botanical garden, Howrah. And the Bengal engineering college is also near from the school. Regret to say, I can't allow you to send any private letter in my school. The Headmaster will not allow it. No private letter is expected in the school because it's not a private place. Sorry, but this is the rule. I hope you didn't mind anything. I am really very very sorry for that. And as you know, I can't give you my email address either because of the problem you know already. So it is the only way that we two are able to share our thoughts in this forum. And by the way, it is not the right way to address me writing "Miss Sucheta teacher". There is another teacher in my school whose name is also Sucheta. She is Mrs. Sucheta Das, history teacher. I am Sucheta Banerjee, Biology teacher. You have to add "Miss" before my name because I am now unmarried, live with my parents and my two brothers, one is younger than me (14), another elder than me and he is 26. I know it may be peculiar in UK society that a girl of 23 lives with her family. But it is the Indian culture as my dear Tulika described you before. Yes, I visited UK for many times. My uncle lives there with his family in Oxford Square, London. Last July, I had been to London to visit my uncle’s house with my family. London is a lovely city.
Yes, I also saw the wrong date of this forum. In India, it is also Monday. I don't know why nobody pays any attention on it.
And again forgive me that I am unable to contact you personally.
In my next post, I will post about the incident of Aniket, hope you're eager to know it. If yes, then write it in your next post. Now I am too busy to write it. I have to examine the answer papers of my school-students. These are the answer papers of the last unit test.
From the last of February, the Annual Examination of our school will be started.

by Sucheta Sun Jan 29 20:50:06 UTC 2012

To Sucheta. If you can tell me the address of your uncle in London, I can send him the letter for you, and then he can post it Airmail to your home address. Alternatively, you can ask him to set-up a Post Office Box number for you. Yes, I would like you to tell me about the punishment you gave to Aniket. You said in a previous post that the punishment room was no:6 .. but now you say it is room 7. Is this a typing error? You have to check the answer-papers of your student now. Will you punish them if the answers are not right? You said you smacked the older boys with a thick ruler. How thick is it, in inches or centimetres. I have physiotherapy exercises every Monday morning. My regular therapist was not there today and another lady,also Chinese, stood-in for her. I had been a little lazy over the week-end, and I admitted it to be truthful. She used a short wooden ruler, it is about 15" long and about a quarter of an inch thick. She told me to lie flat on the table,my hips resting on a rolled-up towell. She smacked with her hand first, 5 on each cheek. She allowed me to recover my breath, then she gave me 10 with the wooden ruler. Ooh, it really stung and my bottom still has the red weals right across and its now nearly 4.30pm .. My appointment was 11am this morning! However, I quickly resolved to be not too lazy again.

by MICHAEL Sun Jan 29 21:30:12 UTC 2012

ATTENTION AKHILESH ! Since you are the prime mover of the title subject of this Forum, would you please sum-up your thoughts here on all the correspondence ? What are your conclusions ? Thank you.

by MICHAEL Mon Jan 30 00:24:58 UTC 2012

Yes, it is a shameful printing mistake. I punish my students in room no. 6. Yes, I was examining the papers of the students and I will have to check many. I am resting now, that's why I am able to write you. Many have already got very poor marks, many have achieved in high level. No. I will not punish them. I don't punish my students for getting low numbers. It is not the right way. I have to pay more attention to those students who have got bad marks. Sometimes teachers are responsible if the student scores bad. The teacher was unable to teach him or her in right way.
The ruler I use is 12 inches long, almost one inch (a bit less than one inch) thick, half-round shaped. The lower flat portion is used for punishing.
And sorry to say again Michael, I cannot give you my uncle’s address because if you post there in my name he will think perhaps you are someone like my boyfriend whom I have found in facebook or twitter. He is very orthodox person though he is living in UK for more than fifteen years. He is a child-specialist. And as far as I know, it will be a huge problematic situation for me if the punishment discussion is continued through my uncle. May be I am now established but I am not allowed to have full liberty because I am not married now and living with my family. I think you’re not surprised because you know many things about Indian culture through Tulika. I think it is good for me and you that we continue the conversation through internet. I will be visiting London again in next June or July, I am not sure. There I can meet you personally, if you wish, in an aforementioned place. In my next post, I will discuss about Aniket, I am too busy now for checking the answer-papers. I have to go to school, in evening I will be returned then I will write you about Aniket. Hope, you have forgiven me that I was unable to give you my uncle’s house address.

by Sucheta Mon Jan 30 10:33:24 UTC 2012

to Sucheta, Yes of course -- no apology needed. I understand the precarious situation, likewise I am not married and people round me here might think I am not quite 'normal' !! but there; it's MY life and I run it as I think, not as any others think I should. So write when you have time. That would be very nice to meet you when you come to UK.

by MICHAEL Mon Jan 30 13:55:03 UTC 2012

dear SUCHETA. I have just re-read your last script. You describe the "ruler" you use for punishing. It is unusual to have a ruler that is half-round with flat the other half. The ruler my therapist has is not a 'proper' ruler. It is a length of smooth wood 18 inches long by one-and-a-half inches wide and less than a quarter-of-an-inch in thickness. It is a bit longer than the ordinary school ruler. I am a bit concerned that unless your accuracy is 100% correct every time, you could possibly strike with the "corner" of the flat-to-round edge. If this happened it could easily cut the flesh. Why take this chance? The usual implement is as I describe here. I hope you don't mind me bringing this to your attention.

by MICHAEL Mon Jan 30 19:38:33 UTC 2012

No, it is not like that. It is just like a ruler you have mentioned. The fault is mine. I wrote quickly and my writing did not clear the proper meaning, so you got it wrong. It is just like a long and thick pencil, but slightly different from the structure. A pencil is not flat shaped, but one part of my ruler is. It is like a long pencil is cut in a section from the middle, like you tear a leaf centering the stalk. Naturally, the cut portion is flat and the other portion is not plain. I think now you've got it. Do you think Michael, I am that cruel who cuts a student's skin? But I will always say that you didn’t understand because of my problem of writing. Extremely sorry for that! Now I am going to write you about the boy Aniket. I hope you are interested to know it.

by Sucheta Mon Jan 30 20:05:17 UTC 2012

Now let's talk about Aniket. I kept him waiting in Tiffin period for ten minutes. Then I entered into the room, found him standing in a corner with a pale face. I asked him to enter. I wasted no time, sat on an arm less chair, asked him to come in front of me. I took a wooden thin flat 12inches long scale, ordered him calmly, "Hold out our hand". He started begging mercy. I told him, "The punishment will be increased if you fuss more." He showed me his right palm. He was trembling in fear, his hand was sweaty. I grasped his palm in my left hand, rubbed it for a while saying, "You are not going to beat anyone after this." The rubbing was over. I taped for a few times then stroke very firm. He jumped up and started to rub his palm. I ordered him again in a clam voice, "Another hand". He showed me again. I again rubbed it, tapped it then finally my scale landed on it creating a burning feeling on his palm. His white palm became red after the 10 strokes (five in each palm). He was crying then. I again asked him to come in front of me. Then I pulled his love-lock, beside the ear and pulled it hard up and down for a few times. He screamed it huge pain. I continued the punishment for one minute increasing and decreasing the pressure. After that I told him calmly, "Tell me how much smacks you need to be corrected?" He was unable to answer but cried helplessly. Then I gently laid him on my lap and folded up his pant to get the bare bottom. I started to rub and squeeze it, saying, "What you are suffering now, the boy got from you more than it. So you have to get smacked for a long time." He was saying, "No madam, please madam, it will hurt me madam." I said," I also want that." I started to smack him. He was shouting and crying, moving his legs restlessly and grabbing my dress to bear the pain. I was lingering because I rubbed and squeezed the bottom before and after each smack. Then he said me, "Please madam, do it in quick succession." I didn't answer but smiled at him contemptuously. I understood my punishment was working. He was getting terribly scared when I was rubbing and squeezing the bottom, thinking when the smack would fall. After 20 smacks, (10 smacks in each bottom) I took the flat and thin wooden scale (I used the thin scale because he was only 9 then). He got more scared, seeing it. I said him smiling,--“Hope you’ll enjoy it.” I rubbed and tapped the bottom for a long time then gave him 10 more strokes (5 strokes in each bottom.) He was crying terribly and I was rubbing and squeezing the bottom with my left hand to keep him in waiting. His bottom became pink. I ordered him to stand up. He was still sobbing then. I told him gently seeing the watch on my wrist, “It’s been almost 20 minutes I punished you. I am not going to tell you, don’t do those nasty things again because I would always like to punish you. Now it’s up to you that what will do and will not do in future. Now you may go.” He left sobbing and rubbing his sore bottom. Next two days, Aniket did not come to school. At last when he came to school he was completely changed. He behaved gently and talked to his other mates in a low-voice. When I entered in his class he got scared seeing me. I told him nothing because I always wanted that Aniket must get scared seeing at least one teacher. His guardians came in school and talked to me. They praised me very much because Aniket was much disciplined in home also in an acute fear that perhaps his guardians would complain me and he would have to go to room 6 for the infliction. The most important thing is the ill boy was very happy knowing Aniket was punished hard. That’s a nice thing to me. Students like Aniket are not rare. So almost everyday I spent the Tiffin period in room 6 as I did today also, I had to punish two girls. But the notable thing is I never had to punish Aniket again. It was enough for the child.
Now Michael, tell me what is your comment about pu

by Sucheta Mon Jan 30 20:05:57 UTC 2012

The last sentence was not fully printed because of the technical problem of this forum. The right sentence would be-----
“Now Michael, tell me what is your comment about punishing Aniket?”
What a long article isn't it? (Just joking)

by Sucheta Mon Jan 30 20:09:03 UTC 2012

To Michael,
Aniket did not come to school being terribly ashamed, that I can guess.
Yes, all my punishment implements are specially made by a carpenter who lives near of our house. Other teachers also bring their own choicest implements. In our school, there are many long, thin canes which we teachers do not use. The Headmaster only uses the canes. And it is for the extreme punishment. A very little percentage of the students [especially the old students (16 to 18)] have got it. The punishments those we give are enough for the students.
If you don't mind I want to know something about Ms Xiao and you. First, I want to know about Ms Xiao.
1. What is the real profession of Ms Xiao?
2. How old she is now? And how old she was when she used to punish the students of China or Malaysia?
3. Is she a British or American? Is she a black lady or white lady? Or in other word (forgive me please, it's just for a curiosity) is she a good-looking lady?
Now let me ask some questions about you.
1. What do you do in UK? Are you employed or unemployed?
2. Are you a black guy or white guy?
3. If you have a chronic problem of sciatica, then what's the necessity of beating you? I hope, that is how, you will not be healed. And you are an adult boy, so if a young lady paddles on your bottom or rub or squeeze it, then it may appear as a highly sexual activity for both of you. Why you are allowing her to do this? In this way, you'll never be cured from the disease but will be roused again and again. Is it good for your health? Forgive me, I have used many offensive and rude words. But I am very puzzled about this matter which you have written. Please, answer my all questions appropriately, don't miss any of them.

by Sucheta Tue Jan 31 15:36:14 UTC 2012

I'm still confused about Ms Xiao's exact profession. Don't you feel it unusual that a lady is smacking such an adult boy like you? Are there many other peoples who get smacked by her? And pardon me, are you and Ms Xiao (both of you or any of you) doing this for any kind of sexual pleasure? Forgive me, I am just asking. Don't take it seriously. As for me, any kind of sexual desire would be beyond imagination, generally I don't like to hurt anyone, but honestly speaking, I enjoy punishing an impudent student because the terror of class, whom other students fear, is lying on my lap helplessly, crying and shouting, begging mercy from me but it's up to me that when his infliction will be stopped.

by Sucheta Tue Jan 31 18:59:12 UTC 2012

to: Sucheta, Thanks for your reply and further queries.Ms Xiao's exact profession is now a physiotherapist,she has several charts certificates on the wall in the clinic. Before she qualified she was a School Teacher. That is why I do not think it strange she smacks me. I said before,she is used to in her school days,she probably looks on me as a student,and punishes me when I get lazy, but I accept that, and am grateful for the respect it shows. But yes, I get pleasure when she smacks and beats me with the ruler,as I related in a previous script; but I don't know whether SHE gets pleasure, or not. One thing I do remember some weeks ago I heard her say to the assistant girl " Michael has got a nice bottom for you to smack" I heard her say it as I was un-dressing one day ready for a physio session. The Assistant did my session that day, but she did not punish me. I think maybe Ms Xiao's remark might have been "tongue-in-cheek" .. From your comments you seem to like giving fear to the other students in class, excuse me for saying; Do you enjoy that as a sort-of replacement "sex" pleasure? Maybe Ms Xiao does and derives an outlet for her tensions? Whatever the reason, it is personal to you. "Pots should not call kettles 'black' "! ! Your uncle would know what this English saying means. It comes back to human family and centuries of tradition, and also learnt from people with whom you have mixed in your lifetime. Like it or not, the "learning" is a mixture of good and bad, and the way you personally respond to that in your life. Never mind what the "State" thinks or your family thinks; your life is YOUR OWN to live. That is the "ideal" of a free society. Of course, it does not always happen, because some people in that Society have ill-will against their society and they work for its destruction. The same is true of any Governments. In Britain, they are prayed for in churches that God will lead them in a true path for the common good of Society. Are they not, after all, just a collection of higher (sic) people who have been put in-charge by some means, fair or foul? Very often,what seems a simple question, turns out to be a very complicated question; because lots of factors are involved. Oh well, that's life! The individual person must sift all opinions and decide on what's best way forward

by MICHAEL Tue Jan 31 20:27:06 UTC 2012

I say again, the day & clock time on this Forum are all wrong! Doesn't anybody know why? Somebody -- please answer ! !

by Michael Wed Feb 01 01:30:09 UTC 2012

No Michael, I don't punish my students for having any kind of unusual sexual pleasure that I mentioned before. I only punish them to correct their behaviour and creating fear in the naughty pupils' minds. Well, my uncle is an orthodox person though his elder son, my cousin, has married a British girl named Julia Thompson who is also a doctor. It created a family quarrel in my uncle's house when it was first revealed that my cousin was in love with Miss Thompson. However, now everything is quite normal. And I hope Michael, perhaps you were an Indian then you will be really able to get what is called a restricted society! I am here not to revolutionize the society rules. I am just giving my comments. It seems to me that both of these cultures, free society and restricted society have their own good sides and the bad sides also. If a person is gentle and honest then it is his or her own quality, not the result of any of kind of society that is my opinion. May be I am a school teacher but I think as an Indian I am too young to discuss about the society matters. And you have asked me about "enjoying the punishments"? Honestly speaking, I don't like this teaching profession at all. I am trying get a higher job that my parents advice me also. My elder brother is a lecturer of Presidency College, Kolkata. It is very acclaimed university in all over the world. You will find enough information about Presidency College in internet. I am trying to get the same job what he has got. Till I don't get the job I have to smack more students as I am doing now. Yesterday a kid of seven years of old was about to urine on my lap while I was smacking him. Luckily I managed it. I don't know what will happen today but it is sure that two or three children surely will be on my lap at the Tiffin period. It's just boring!!!

by Sucheta Thu Feb 02 05:51:35 UTC 2012

And Michael, do you live with your family? Tell me about your family members? And if you are living alone somewhere else, then are you single or in love with someone? Forgive me; it is just for a curiosity. Don't take me wrong.

by Sucheta Thu Feb 02 05:55:18 UTC 2012

I just tried to send my reply,but it would not send. I will have to type it all again.Let me try send this first to see if it goes.

by Michael Thu Feb 02 10:03:44 UTC 2012

To Sucheta. Right that went OK! OK Sucheta, a quick answer to your letter. If you came over to the UK to be a College Lecturer in a University or College there are plenty jobs going. It would mean having to leave your family & friends of course. But you could meet me, and marry me. I am not joking. I would dearly love to meet you. I have never known a girl with your intellect and experience and such wisdom coming out of your scripts. I live with Aunty but its my house. I have a sister who is her own life don't see her much. I had a ladyfriend called Glenys but the job moved her up North and we gradually lost touch, though we still send a card at Xmass.. More in abit, I MUST comment on your 7yr old nearly peeing on your lap. Ha-ha-ha ! ! sorry !Right. lets see if this goes.

by Michael Thu Feb 02 10:11:38 UTC 2012

O! It seems that you are making fun of it that the child was about to do the nasty work on my lap. I hope you would be a teacher.
No Micheal, I don't think I will be going to UK to become a professor. I love India very much. UK is a very pleasant city and in my opinion it is more beautiful than Pittsburgh also but sorry to say I can't spend more than two months in any other country beside India though in childhood I spent twelve years in USA. That’s a different matter. I was too little then to realize everything properly.
And it seems that you are falling in love with me??? It's strange!! You don't even know how I look like (If you want I can depict myself). And you are almost proposing me, such a girl, who regularly smacks little children and a terror to them. A different choice, I see. And I always knew UK girls are much more intelligent and wise than us. Thank you very very much for praising me a lot!
I love you too dear. I will surely meet you very soon in next June or July.
I am just returning from school, in our private car and reading your script in my laptop and answering it. As usually I punished more than 13 students but not smacked them all in room 6. I smacked today only two girls. One is just 8 and another is 13. And nobody did the thing that you can guess in my dress.
Perhaps, we are avoiding the real topic "do lady teachers enjoy caning boys?" So let's come to that point. I have many incidents to tell you about the punishments I give regularly (if you are interested to know those) and I think you also have many things to tell me about you, UK school punishments and Ms Xiao. And yes, I also meet a problem here in this forum to send my posts. I can advise you that you can easily send a post reloading the page but before reloading you must have to keep the copy of your post in somewhere else. That's how you can solve this problem.

by Sucheta Thu Feb 02 10:47:44 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta,thanks for the info on re-loading the page,but in when doing so that I lose my letter. I do not know where or how, to store it temporarily. What do I do? To take your points as they come. 1. Yes I am making fun at your expense of that boy on your lap. Sorry. (titter-titter) 2. It seems you wouldn't live and work in the UK because of your fondness for India. Right -- that's fair enough. 3. "It seems I am falling in love with you" I don't know yet. I am somehow attracted to your personality through your writing. It is not a physical attraction,therefore what you look like is of little consequence. But yes,tell me what you look like. (If this was E-mail we could send pictures) I look forward to meeting you in June or July. Would this be on your own, or your family also? 4. You smacked more than 13 students today? Were there more boys you smacked than girls? Are boys more often punished than girls? And do the other Lady Teachers smack as many as you in a day? You seem so busy punishing that there is little time for study! ! 5. Wow ! You have a private car to take you to School? My word, that IS living it! The "Crack-ack" not the "Hoy-palloy" as we would say in Wales, ha-ha! Do you have servants at home, like a porter,cook,gardener or maid -- or "old uncle Tom Cobley an' all" ? (quote from folk tales of Northern Britain) 6. Yes, tell me of the other punishments incidents, I am interested as it will tell me more about you . I think you are a very strict Miss. I could do with you around here when I am lazy ! 7. There is not much more to tell about Ms Xiao than I've already said. She is same as you in one way (at least)-- that is:-- she smacks VERY HARD indeed and teaches a good lesson. 8. I already mentioned the Site, so back it comes to you for your most interesting comments. It is very cold here today, now mid-afternoon The temp is only +2C just above freezing point. The ice on my pond has not thawed all day. It's so cold, it would freeze the balls off a brass monkey - ha-ha!

by MICHAEL Thu Feb 02 15:41:10 UTC 2012

To Akhilesh. I repeat my request of a week ago. Would you please tell us whether you have come to any conclusions from this Topic? Since you were the one who posted it in the first place -- yet you have not appeared under your name "Akhilesh" so maybe you are writing under another name?

by Michael Thu Feb 02 16:26:38 UTC 2012

Michael, before reloading you just copy the letter then paste it in Microsoft Office or notepad or word pad. After re-loading the page you can paste it easily in the message box. There is another way. You can straightly write your post in note pad or word pad, just copy it and past it in the message box. Your problem is solved now.
Yes, we have two private cars. No, we don't have any porter or cook but we have three maids in our house for the household works and one gardener. But we generally take care of our garden by ourselves. My mother's hobby is gardening, you know. But what's special in it? In UK almost all peoples have their private cars. Don't you have any private car?
It's good that you are not physically attracted on me. That has increased my respect on you. You're really a gentle person.
I think you didn't read my post very carefully. I smacked only two girls today in room no 6. Other 11 students got mild punishments when I was taking the class. It's a common thing. We teachers punish students secretly for serious offences but punish many other students in class for not doing homework or being talkative or if the class-monitor (the head boy or the head girl) has written their names on blackboard for committing mischief. No partiality is permitted in our school. We teachers punish all the students very hard if they do something wrong, ignoring whether they are boys or girls.
No Michael, you cannot find my any picture in internet, I am not an actress or celebrity. And I am not a facebook or twitter member either. In our house, I and my younger brother are not allowed to use internet. Our grandfather has made the rule, father supports it too. And my elder brother??? He spent almost of his hours in library room, rarely opens the computer. So I am depicting myself. Believe me, I am not one of them who becomes very proud to be beautiful or blows their own trumpet of beauty (there is nothing to be proud if you are beautiful in looking, it’s not your credit. You’re beautiful because of the genetic reason.) I am making a special statement; I want your comment about it too. In UK, there is an actress named Emma Watson who plays one of the lead roles of Harry Potter. My brother is a potter-fan, he first told me about her. Perhaps you know Emma Watson too. But don't you think she is pretty common in looking though she is praised for a being very beautiful? Please, comment about it.
Well I am pinkish fair (not white skinned like British or American), a bit short heightened (5"4,) slim but not thin, I have a healthy figure, a round face with big eyes and curling black hair. I have a low-pitched voice so I don't shout generally because nobody will care it as a shouting.
I will share my punishing experiences in my next posts. I have many questions to ask from you too. I will ask those after you give me the answers of my questions those I asked in this post.
It is +2c in UK, my god, in India it's too hot!
And you are still making fun of that incident!
Please, you become a teacher too or at least smack a 7 years old child very hard on your lap.

by Sucheta Thu Feb 02 16:38:25 UTC 2012

And while I am thinking about this Site, why have ALL the writers disappeared now? Were they just a load of sham and hot air, just causing unrest and often with filthy language from the gutter? There are only two writers who now have anything to say.

by Michael Thu Feb 02 17:07:01 UTC 2012

to Sucheta, Thanks for the advice on this Sit,OK I will try it out.What I thought is special is that you have a large house if you need 3 maids! And your parents must have the £££ income to support the Staff you employ. If, for any reason, you decided to leave the Family home, they would miss your income and may have to lay-off Staff. OK I was curious. You smacked ONLY 2 girls today ! ! You sound disappointed ! The other 11 pupils you say were punished in the classroom with a "mild" punishment. What exactly was the "mild" punishment? I am not a member of Twitter or Facebrook, either. I do not trust the Sites, and I don't see the point of either of them -- complete waste of time. I should have thought that at 23 yrs old, you would be 'allowed' to use the internet? You are using it, anyway. I don't understand. If not at 23, then perhaps when your 75 yrs old ? ! ! ! (The saints preserve us)! That is nonsense, your grandfather has had his day. OK, but you are living in HIS house,are you? I agree with you (as an old saying goes) that "the beauty is in the eye of the beholder" so you are in effect, uttering the same truth. However,here again is yet another paradox. You describe your physical appearance (thank you) and it fits your writing. Especially the diminutive figure at 5'4" and big eyes and round face. This suggests to me a quite beautiful face. The face often is an insight into their personality. I'm afraid I have absolutely no knowledge of Harry Potter or his books. I believe they are popular with children. You would know dealing with children all the time. So I haven't a clue about Emma Watson, therfore I cannot comment if she is "beautiful" or not;sorry.It is all of little consequence anyway because one person's idea of "beauty" can be totally different to another persons. As you so rightly say, what of it? Are you musical? Do you sing in a Choir or Group of Singers? I ask this because of your'low' voice (in women) can be a pointer to appreciation of music. Yes its cold here and getting colder! How hot is it in the daytime with you? And what does it go down to at night? Am I still making fun of that incident? Ha-ha! it seems funny when you are an on-looker. Perhaps not as funny if he messes on your skirt. But -- I should point out to you once again -- that (even if it is a rare occurence) that the boy tried to "wet himself" because he was nervous of the punishment to come. Quite normal for this to happen. You should not be so surprised or indignant! Tsk tsk tsk ! Have a bit of compassion, girl !

by Michael Thu Feb 02 20:04:56 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta, I am curious to learn about your household. You have 3 maids. Is the head Maid called "Housekeeper" ? or is your mother that? When it comes to matters of discipline, who is it that punishes your younger brother? And do you have a "Governess" ? In English houses of any size there is usually a Housekeeper who has charge of the Kitchen,the maid(s)and Porter(who is usually a young boy) Do you discipline your younger brother? In our household, because my parents had both died, my Aunty (my mother's sister) is (was) my guardian or if we lived in a large household,she would be called a "Governess" . and sometimes taught in a school. On another Site there is a Topic headed "Smackings given in the bathroom of an English house" is interesting because I was always disciplined by Aunty in the bathroom! Your observations would be appreciated.

by MICHAEL Fri Feb 03 02:47:58 UTC 2012

It may be peculiar that why I mention about Emma Watson. It's because once in London, I saw her shopping with her boyfriend. People were shouting like "Emma! Emma! O my god! I'm stunned!" etc. I saw her in a little distance; my younger brother was also with me. Neither I nor my brother ever thought for her one autograph. But both of us found it peculiar that why these peoples are shouting for such an ordinary girl though my brother is a huge Harry Potter fan. That's why I asked you that whether you know her name or not.
It's too sad that your parents are dead. I am so sorry for you. You said you have a sister, does your sister live in your aunt's house too?
No. Michael, I do not discipline my brother. He does not obey me. I am quite friendly to him though the students of his age regularly get beaten by me. In house the opposite thing happens. My younger brother beats me up (not smacks me of course) and my elder brother or father or mother stops him. I don't protest because I love him more than myself. I and my two brothers are disciplined by our parents especially by mother. Father often indulges us. The main housekeeper is my grandmother. My mother is not a house-wife. She is the Headmistress of the school Pathvaban, a famous co-educated school in Kolkata, founded by the famous film-director Satyajit Ray. I hope you also know about the Oscar-winner director. The three maids are treated as our family members. They clean the utensils and wash the rooms. That’s enough. They are all above 22.
And my father is a high-ranked officer in TATA Company. I suppose, you know about TATA Company. That's why he often gets transferred in abroad, as you already know I was born in Pittsburgh because my father was posted there and I with my elder brother and mother were with him. My younger brother was also born there.
My grandfather is a friendly person, grandmother too. In childhood, I and my brothers used to hear fairy-tales from them. We all were allowed to open the internet in 13 because in our school you have to face internet chapter in the computer-class. And we are not living in our grandfather's house. The house was made by my great great grandfather.
No. I and my other siblings were not taught by a governess. Our parents, grand-father (retired principal of Saint Xavier’s College, Kolkata) and grand-mother (retired Head-mistress of Nivedita girls’ High School, Kolkata) taught us (I think, you’ve already got it Michael, we are already too rich, so my superiors don’t need my salary to have more luxury). Many other teachers also used to teach us in home. They are all the colleagues of my mother or my grandfather or grandmother.
Yes, I learnt singing Rabindra Sangeet and classical music in my childhood. I used to sing in our school functions (when I was a student) and now I sing in this school functions (as a teacher with other teachers who are famous for singing). I am not one of them who praise themselves but I get a huge praise for my singing. Other teachers of my school and the guardians often praise me saying “the most beautiful teacher”. So perhaps you are right about me.
In my next post, I will describe you what is called minor punishment and how it is given, after your post. Today, I didn’t go to school because I am suffering a high fever. So we can talk to each other for many times.

by Sucheta Fri Feb 03 07:48:19 UTC 2012

Yesterday the temperature of Kolkata was almost +22C in night and +31C in day.
And Michael did you ever smack any child on your lap? If not, then do it very soon. I hope he or she will wet your dress.
And we lady teachers do not wear skirts. We wear Saris. Do you know what is called sari? Just search in internet you will know everything and also be able to see the photos of many Indian women wearing sari. I am waiting for your reply.

by Sucheta Fri Feb 03 07:49:39 UTC 2012

Sucheta, OK will reply soon,I have to go out (in the cold) shopping now CU soon Its -4C here

by Michael Fri Feb 03 09:46:27 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta, Right. I've got food in the house now,in case we get snowed-in and unable to use the car. India is about 4 hours "ahead" of the UK in time I think? It is now 1400hrs (2pm) and so I think your time would be 1800hrs (6pm) so evening-meal time for you? I hope you're feeling better and the fever is under control. Are you taking any medication? Thankyou for giving me a "potted history" of your family. Your house would be regarded as "large" by us here in the UK. There must be an awful lot of rooms if you need 3 maids to help keep house. Your pedigree is certainly a very illustrious one! I cannot match that here! I am just a humble Electronics Engineer but I have gained a Certificate after 5yrs study in College and an Apprenticeship. However, the technology does not stand still and I have to attend Refresher Courses from time to time. No I never have smacked any child ever in any way. But you may laugh at me when I tell you that a child has smacked me, ha-ha! It happened by accident almost,nothing seriously intended . it was last summer in hot weather. I was dressed in my swimsuit and having a cool swim in the pool,got out went to the shed to dry and change. Just got my swimming trunks off round my ankles; suddenly in the door comes my niece; she is only aged 9yrs. I could not move fast enough before she gave me some smacks on my wet bare DID sting, and it surprised me. She disappeared with a laugh as fast as she came. I expect you have the smacking of bottoms down to a fine art by now! I would like to feel you smacking my bottom as I am curious to know what the kids have got from you. Yes please tell me of the "minor" punishments you give to those 11 in the Class.I will have a look at the Indian ladies wearing Sari skirts OK

by Michael Fri Feb 03 14:17:10 UTC 2012

Yes, now my fever is under control. One of my father's friends is a doctor, has degrees from UK and USA. You can say he is like our family physician. He has almost cured me. Yes, I have had my evening meal already. Right now it is just 7.57pm. O no, why I will smack you? I regard you very much and we are same aged (though I'm now 23, next April I will be 24) but I can smack the little girl who smacked you.
Michael, I give many kinds of punishments which are called minor. Generally, I give minor punishments in class because of the two reasons.
1. If the class-monitor (the head boy or the head girl) writes some students names on the black board for committing mischief when the teacher was not in class. I am not going to depict it. You can see it in front of eyes. Shocked! Aren't you?
In Internet, I have found a clip where the disciplinarian is punishing a boy exactly like I punish those students whose names are written by the monitor. I am giving you the URL no. Just omit the words like (dot) or (slash), put original dots or slashes, copy it and past it in the URL box, push the ENTER button. It will take you to that specific video. Here is the URL no.
www (dot) youtube (dot) com (slash) watch?v=Kerf_PWpH-c
You will see a video named CHILD DISCIPLINE BOOPER. The disciplinarian did three things which I don't do.
A. He was talking while I was punishing. I don't talk.
B. Once, in the middle of the punishment the disciplinarian cried being sad that he has to punish the boy. I never ever do so.
C. The disciplinarian threw the boy from his lap after the punishment. I don't do so. As I gently help the student to lie on my lap, I help him or her to stand up also in a gentle way.
And if I punish the students who were punished by me before for several times, then I keep him or her in wait for a while, rubbing the bottom. I do it with my bare hare hand or often with a wooden scale (12inch long, thin).
Three things I must have to mention about this punishment. In class-room, I don't punish on bare bottoms. This punishment is for the children of aged 7 to 9. I don't punish girls also in this way in front of everybody because the boys may have a bad pleasure seeing it.
And please don’t read the comments which are written under the video. You’ll find many stupid comments there.
In case of the older students, my minor punishments are practiced in many different ways which I will depict in my next posts if you are eager to know.

by Sucheta Fri Feb 03 15:09:26 UTC 2012

2. I also use minor punishments for not being able to answer my questions those I ask from the previous lessons. In this case, I punish exactly like the disciplinarian of this video. The URL no is----
www (dot) youtube (dot) com (slash) watch?v=QxjpicjzK2U
You will see the video named “Spare the rod, spoil the child.”
As usually, there are also three things which are not same as my punishments.
A. I don’t punish the students, standing. I punish them sitting on chair, calling them one by one.
B. I don’t think that the teacher’s beatings are that painful. My students jump for a while and rub the palm in pain after each stroke and never intend to show the other palm.
C. I rub and tap on the palms before giving the punishment. It increases the fear, the disciplinarian didn’t do it.
D. I always grasp the students palm in my left hand because he or she may remove the hand in fear.
E. In case of the naughty students I apply a different method. I act like now the stroke will fall. He or she closes eyes getting scared, but I don’t strike. That is how I make them more scared.
I also give many other punishments (especially for the older students) which I will describe in the next posts.
And Michael Sari and skirt are not worn together. We only wear Saris.

by Sucheta Fri Feb 03 15:09:53 UTC 2012

my dear Sucheta I so sorry for you there; just re-read your script. You say younger brother beats you up.Why does he do this and to an older girl? How does he hit you? I think you should treat him like one of your Students the same age. Smack his bare bottom really hard till he begs you for mercy. You should not have to put-up with your own young brother like that,it's just really so unacceptable. I had a "hunch" about you being musical. its a good thing also helps you vent emotions in a nice way. Now tell me about the 11 Students you gave a mild punishment. What exactly do you reckon is mild?

by MICHAEL Fri Feb 03 15:14:15 UTC 2012

to:Sucheta I just now received the 2 scripts of your explanation . I will try look at the Sites you say, before penning my reply. You ask why would you smack me? The answer would be "because I want to feel your smacks on my bare bottom. Then I know what the child's feeling the same. More in a while. Hope you had a nice meal .

by Michael Fri Feb 03 15:25:32 UTC 2012

No, don't take that seriously that my bother beats me. It's just like a friendly ribbing. My parents and grand parents scold him for that. Once, my elder brother thrashed him for doing this. I rescued him from my elder brother. It is like I am reading something veryu carefully, he gives a sound slap on my back. If I scold him, he gets angrier and slaps me again on my back or pulls my hairs very hard. But he cannot spend a day without me. He loves very much as I love him. When somebody scolds him, I become sad. And what are you saying? I will smack him? NO NO NO!!! I can't do it. I can't see him crying.
And Michael, if you are ready to have the pain which will make you unable to sit for almost 20 minutes, I will delightfully smack you when I will be in London. Don't mind, just joking, I respect you very much.
And I have already depicted the mild punishments, more I will write in the next posts after your comment.

by Sucheta Fri Feb 03 15:53:34 UTC 2012

Sucheta,You have a wry sense of humour with you! I like that. A woman without any sense of humour is a drudge and impossible to live with. Yes I am ready to feel your smacks (is this using the ruler or your hand (or both) ? I would look on it as a delight also to have this from you. Yes tell me more about what your punishment techniques are. You have had plenty of experience in the past,by what you say, smacking students every day of school. I wish you were here at my therapy sessions each week with Ms Xiao. She would ask you to smack me and I would respect you very much. I looked up the 2 youtube sites and followed the addresses of both -- but both were "unavailable" a caption came up and I could not see the video clips. But I saw other clips related to them.Some of the American ones are awfully base,but that's the USA . Time for me to make the supper now it's nearly 2100hrs. I expect you will be in "slumberland" by now it will be early hours of the morning on Saturday in India. Sleep well,hope fever gone completely by the morning. from Michael xx

by MICHAEL Fri Feb 03 20:47:39 UTC 2012

It's strange that you found those two videos unavailable. Perhaps, it's missing in UK. Please don't see other punishment clips, especially made in USA. It is nasty and often made for bad intention.
Yes my fever has gone completely because of the medicines and the blessings of my relatives and yours. But now I am physically too weak to attend school. Luckily tomorrow is Sunday. I will surely present on 6th February, Monday in school.
And it's up to you that how you would like to get smacked by me. Lying on a table or standing facing the wall or on the lap position (the famous position)? You are too old to use my feminine bare hand. I will of course use the flat wooden paddle or the thick but short wooden ruler. Do you want me to smack on your clothed bottom or on the under-wear or on the bare bottom. May I rub and squeeze your bottom before and after the smack? Are you getting scared? If you're, I like that very much. Now come to the real points.
When I enter a class the head boy or the girl shows me the name list of the students who were undisciplined when the teacher was not present in class. If they are under 10, I order them to come in front of me one by one, and lay down gently on my lap. I give six to eight smacks (3 or 4 smacks on each bottom) using my bare hand in a quick succession. In case of those students whom I know very naughty and punished many times before, rub their bottoms to create fear or use a wooden flat scale (12inch long). After each smack, their bodies jump up from my lap. But it is done on the clothed bottom and in a quick succession. It is also one of the minor punishments. Beside that, I also punish them in a different way like inserting a pen or pencil between their middle finger and ring finger and pushing the two fingers very hard against the pen or pencil. It is a terrible punishment. After 10 seconds of the punishment the student bursts into crying, ask me to stop that but I watch the watch on my wrist for exactly one minute. I continue the punishment for one minute increasing or decreasing the force or in word increasing and decreasing the student’s discomfort simultaneously. It is also a minor punishment.
The students who are above 10 but below 13, I punish them differently for this same cause. I call them one by one in front of me and order them to hold out the hand. I grasp the hand in my left hand, tap and rub the palm for a while with the same wooden flat scale, give 10 firm strokes (5 strokes on each palm), making them jump up and rub their palms in pain. It's not the pain actually; it is like a burning feeling. I also punish them pulling their love-locks up and down beside their ears for a while. It creates a huge pain, makes them to cry.

by Sucheta Sat Feb 04 06:35:05 UTC 2012

The students who are above 12 but below 16, I punish them for the same offence in these following methods.
I call them one by one to stand beside my chair facing the students before (not the wall), keeping the two hands before and closing the eyes. I use the thick but short wooden ruler. I tap and rub their bottoms gently with the ruler, give ten to twenty very hard strokes (5 or 10 strokes on each bottom). They make the sounds like "A-a-h, U-u-h or etc and return to their benches holding the bottom with two hands. They often move a bit far after the rubbing and tapping, thinking the strike is going to fall. I bring them catching their left hands in that exact position where it is comfortable and convenient for me to strike. Beside that I also strike on the upper arm where the muscles grow up. I think after that punishment they will not dare to bully any other student, showing the muscles, you know! These are also minor punishments. There are many more minor and major punishments which I will describe in my next posts. As you know today and tomorrow, I am completely in home so we can have a lot of discussions together, if you don't go for marketing or to Ms Xiao. Toady is +21C, so it’s not very hot.

by Sucheta Sat Feb 04 06:35:30 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta I have just got up ready for breakfast. It is 0910 hrs. The weather is a bit cloudy but the Temp is still only minus 2C --(30)F Oh yes those other Sites are disgusting and I came off pretty quick. There is one where a guardian canes her sons bottom which I thought OK it was reasonable. Thank you for your very vivid accounts of those "minor" punishments.I will comment,if I may please, later today. And YES ! Oh boy -- was I getting nerves when you described a smacking, I want it like that all ways from you please,it would show my respect (even love? ) for you, dear Sucheta. More in a little while.

by Michael Sat Feb 04 09:14:02 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta, Another small script before I have to go out to work (yes I know it's Saturday! ) but extra special job. The church's organ Blower machine had conked out, so I try fix it before the Services there tomorrow. It is an old "pipe-organ" and the air pressure is driven by electric blower-fan and motor. The motor will not turn, so now it's up to me to try get it going, if possible. Yes,regarding your methods of punishing, I would like to have you hand smoothing & squeezing my bare bottom -- also a hard smacking too. I wonder whether I could take this,after all, I'm not young any more! I go for my therapy again on Monday to the Clinic. I will ask Ms Xiao to smack me the way you described in your punishments,then I will know a bit what it's like. No - I do not think it is advisable to go across your lap at my age! OK I must make a move from here so more later today. It is trying to snow now and the sky looks gray.

by Michael Sat Feb 04 10:03:37 UTC 2012

That's wise that you don't want to lay on my lap for the “SPAKING”. Just add the “n” after the letter “a” of the word “spaking”. I wrote the wrong spelling intentionally. What to do? It is not allowed to write the word in this forum but I don't think it's a rude word. And it is exact name of the punishment that I practice on those lovely children of my school.

by Sucheta Sat Feb 04 10:39:25 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta OK then, you say "spaxking" ha-ha fine I laughed at that. Yes I tried to use that word and at the end it said it's a rude word! How silly. I think I changed it to "slapping" I can't remember. There is another topic on this Site you must look at. I have written the topic saying "Smackings given to boys in bathroom by female relative" or something like that Look it up its the same header title < www(dot)forumjar(dot)com(slash)forums(slash)topic(slash)smacking in bathroom .....etc. There is a boy of 11 on there has replied and he and his older friend at a "Dancing Lessons Class" I replied to his query saying that he would do well take some advice from a REAL Teacher! (you) So look it up and see what you make of it? The snow has turned to rain now, I'm glad because too much snow prevents me going out on the jobs or shopping. I visit people's houses to repair their electronics (tv,videos,DVD,satellite box etc etc) I mentioned miss Xiao just recently, I go to her (weather permitting) on monday morning for therapy as usual. Can I ask your agreement as I want her to smack me the way you are telling? I will not tell her that is you or anything else. I keep your privacy. But I am intrigued by how I might react to a spaxking like you give to your Students(!!!) after getting older!

by Michael Sat Feb 04 13:57:43 UTC 2012

Michael, I am writing to you on this forum for sharing my experiences and learning something from you. I think, that's enough for me. So I am not going to answer on that site. Who knows whether I will be again cheated or not by someone like Namita or Alisha? And I can find there also someone like the stupid guest who used offensive words before on this forum. I only like to talk to you because you are genuine and trusted.
And Michael, I want to advice you something as a friend or a teacher, if you don't mind. Please don't go to Miss Xiao again. I think she is kind of a seductive lady. Her paddling may make you aroused again and again and that's not good for a gentle person like you. In London, there are many physiotherapists. London is extremely popular for its medical services in all over the world. So you can go to others. And as I see, your posts are full of many wise comments. You often use many good quotes. I am sure you are very good in education. So why you are wasting your times, roaming around in many peoples' houses for repairing their electronic materials? You are too young, so you have enough time to build a fantastic career. You can easily find a fixed job in any company circulating the technology. You said you have a sound knowledge in computer science. Then why you don't try for a software or hardware job? You will be able to earn more money and build a gigantic house like ours. But you have to study hard, very hard as I am studying for getting the job of a professor of Presidency College like my elder brother. Study hard and forget Ms Xiao, forgive me because I am going to write a very offensive and rude word. Ms Xiao spaxks an adult boy of 24 like you, rubs and squeezes the bottom, it is a highly sexual, erotic and sensual act. It is not appreciated in modern and gentle society. It is like you are going to a whxre house. Please, don't go there any more. I request you. And pardon me, for using those rude words.

by Sucheta Sat Feb 04 14:49:04 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta, thank you for your very kind advice, but I already signed-up to her Clinic on a Course. It is cheaper to sign a full course instead of one week. There is another 4 weeks yet to end of Course. I heed your words as I trust you, I will not allow myself to be spanXed again by her. I will ask for her deputy to give me therapy instead. She is Asian I think from Malaysia but younger I guess about my age. Yes I heed your words about the other topic on similar Site. I will not write there any more, thank you for that comment. more in a bit later. You asked if my sister lives here too -- no it's only aunty and me. I do not think my sister would want to live in my closer proximity ha-ha ! though we admire each the other, but not to dwell in each other's laps.ha-ha ! Oh no definitely would NOT work.

by Michael Sat Feb 04 15:03:23 UTC 2012

to dear Sucheta, Further to my recent script I have a good plan. I will cancel the rest of my weeks at the Course of Ms Xiao and get a refund money,this is in the contract. London is 190 Km from here in Wales itis too far away to travel as it would take 2 hours even by quick train. There is a customer of mine a Caribbean lady who does Physio therapy. On Monday I will go see her if she will take me on her Lessons. I have already E-mailed Mss Xiao to tell her of my decision; I have yet to receive her reply. Do not mis-understand; I like my Electronics job and also the "field servicing" means I meet lots of people also. I do not want to leave this job,I am happy doing it and the pay is pretty good, today's rates. I must tell you about spanXing from my Aunty but later, as I have to get the evening meal. I expect you are tucked-up in bed now or maybe having your Supper? All blessings to you, dear lady.

by MICHAEL Sat Feb 04 17:16:49 UTC 2012

Look Michael, I didn't understand the proper meaning of that sentence, you wrote "You don't make waves when you are "bare-bottoms up" waiting for spanxing,do you?" Please explain it.
Yes I had a sound sleep (but I don't snore, as my grandmother tells because I sleep with her) and today I am completely energized and able to take a private class in my house as every Sunday evening 10 students come to my house for private tuition.
I am too happy that you have left Ms Xiao. That was expected from such a gentle man like you. And never ever go to such ladies.
It is good that you love your job and it helps you to earn a lot of money. So alright, continue the job. We should carry on what we are fond of to do (the good things of course).
I am shocked hearing about your aunt. Has she her own children? Does she punish them too in this way? Is she a teacher or something like that? And do you really think your aunt may punish you but really loves you very much?
No I don't use any oil after the spaxking is over. That's why they feel problems when they try to seat after the punishment.
And Michael, there are many other minor punishments which I give specially to those students who are above 12 but below 16. In my next post I will describe that if you are intended to know.
ISSHOR TOMAR MONGOL KORUK!!! (It is a Bengali sentence that means God bless you. Bengali is my mother-tongue. I hope you remember.)

by Sucheta Sun Feb 05 06:59:30 UTC 2012

to Sucheta, I should not use these "sayings" because they are too English. sorry. It is a nautical saying for sailors in a sinking ship. "Do not make waves, or we sink" I use it in the context of waiting for spanxing! It means "do not make it worse because I am already at her mercy" (that sort of mental attitude) I am pleased to hear that you have private pupils. I would like to be one of yours. Am I too old to be taught by you? No, I have learned a lot from you already. Do you ever have to punish private students in your home? more in a little while. The snow has gone and it is now raining. God bless you,also (to be continued)

by Michael Sun Feb 05 08:41:12 UTC 2012

(to Suchela part 2) Yes, I like this job and would not like to change it and I am qualified in it being City&Guilds final Certificate, is recognised in the UK good qualifications. I am happy too, that I have your blessing in it. I am looking on you as my "mentor" or in other words nearly like a "guardian" I respect you very much. Why are you "shocked" about my aunty? I don't understand this from you. She has been my guardian since I was 6yrs old. Uncle died at ayoung age,they were not married very long. There is a one child, Penelope my cousin,she comes here to stay sometimes. I do not get upset that aunty still gives me punishment by means of spanxing; she keeps me from getting laid-back (lazy) in the same way as when you punish your students. so I do not see any problem here.Please may I make a suggestion when before you spanx on bare bottoms, boys or girls? If you have a small bottle of base oil like baby-oil or olive oil though that's more expensive,to rub over FIRST. It will make your smacks sting more but at the same time protect the skin from the onslaught of the implement. When I know that aunty is going to spanx me, I quickly get the oil and do it myself! I don't think she realises how hard she smacks. Yes miss, please tell me more about the other punishments above 12 and below 16yrs old students.

by Michael Sun Feb 05 09:23:38 UTC 2012

I was shocked because you get spanxked in this adult age. Neither I nor my two brothers had it from our parents. Father never beat us but scolded sometimes but that's a rare case. He is very lovely person never becomes angry in a quick way. But mother beat us in childhood, like giving a slap on the check. But that's enough. It was not for creating pain but to prove how angry she got because of us. Now I and my elder brother never get it, my younger brother often gets it from mother. If you think Michael, your aunty is doing the right, it's OK.
No Michael, I don't need to apply oil before the spanxking. It is already too painful for them. It's not for the price. You know I am a member of a very rich family.
Yes, let me describe you about another kind of mild punishment. It is back-slapping. I give it to the students aged 13 to 15. I take the student in the middle of the class then fold up the sweater (if it is winter) gently, then order him or her to bend down or make him or her to bent down pushing by neck using my left hand. It is also done in a gentle way, not in a hurry. I always tell the student to keep the head up. It is because I want him or her to see the other students' reactions while he or she getting punished. It is shameful to the student. I gently rub the back for a while then give a slap creating a huge sound in classroom. I pull the student up again using my left hand, still rub the sore back. Girls already start to sob. In this time, I mock with them saying, "Did you like the sweet? How it was, is it burning now?" Everybody laughs then. I again make the student to bent down saying ," Now sleep". As usually I start the rubbing and give another four slaps on the back. Then I let him or her go. It is often done laying the student on the table. But I always give the punishment standing. Once, a memorable thing happened at the time of this punishment. It was winter and I was punishing a boy of 13. He is a very thin, short and black skinned poor looking boy. I folded up the sweater as usually. I saw the bare back. I got startled that he was not wearing any shirt. However, I gave the punishment on the bare back then called him in room no 6 to meet me personally. He thought I was going to spanxk him. He was sobbing when I entered in the room to punish the students. I spanxked two or three children as usually, at last called him. He started to beg mercy. I said him, "I didn't ask you here to spanxk. I want to know why you didn't wear a shirt in this winter." He said he lives in a very poor family of distressed pecuniary condition. His shirt got torn up and was not able to buy a new one. He is collecting money little by little to buy a new shirt. This is winter so nobody will doubt anything if he wears a sweater, everybody will think that the shirt is under of it. I got shocked. I remembered he often didn't bring all his books. I punished him very hard for that. He confessed me that it was also because of the pecuniary condition. His father is a fruit-seller on the road and his mother washes utensils in other houses to earn money for their only son. I later talked to his parents. They also said me the same thing. I decided that I would help the boy. I bought the books for him and delivered him in school secretly and gave some money to their parents to buy a new shirt for him. And I still help him. But it is done secretly. I don't want anybody to give me the title of "Great" for helping a poor boy. The whole thing is only known to the Almighty God and my family. Today you have known it. I don't find any credit here because I am too rich without my salary. I am accustomed to live in a luxury way from my childhood. So it's nothing. But it is a credit if anyone helps a person who is himself or herself helpless. I am not that.

by Sucheta Sun Feb 05 10:35:12 UTC 2012

I hope you've already searched in internet to find what is called Sari that we teachers wear in school.
I have just re-read the first part of your posts. It’s good that you learnt many things from me. But I also learnt many things from you. So we both are the teachers of each other.
Yes, I have private pupils. They come to my house in every Sunday evening, as they will come Today also at 6.00pm.
Yes, I also punish them for not doing the tasks those I gave them in previous class or not being able to answer my questions those I ask from the previous lessons or repeating same mistakes again and again. But I don’t spanxk them. I use the 12inch long flat wooden scale and punish on their palms. I also punish them pulling the love-lock beside their ears up and down very hard or give some burning slaps on their backs bending them down. In case of the little boys and girls I often give that punishment which you already know. I insert a pen or pencil between their middle finger and ring finger then push the two fingers very hard against the pencil or pen. I always wear the wrist-x-watch at the time of tuition. I think you can guess why I do so. Perhaps you are surprised why I used the “X” in the middle of the word “Wrist-x-watch”. Type the right word by yourself on this forum and try to send it; you will himself get the answer.
There are many other punishments those I give in school. Later I will describe those, or who knows I am going to apply those on you------------ (Getting scared? If so, then I can’t control myself from laughing.)

by Sucheta Sun Feb 05 10:57:08 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta, Again, a very full & comprehensive explanation from you,thank you. You know, it is difficult being any sort of Teacher. It is harder to try broaden the mind into different interpretations of anything (the subject matter under discussion) We start out knowing very little about most things and sometimes we can follow a road into some or other knowledge of anything. We start off knowing nothing about everything and we specialize so much that we end up knowing everything about nothing! (taken to it's logical conclusion) That is a caricature of the thing, but there is an element of truth there! Think about that! As I have myself. What I am saying,in essence, is that we must be aware of keeping an open mind about something -- until we know better knowledge. It is a truth which Lecturers,Teachers and ANY person who imparts knowledge to someone else, eventually realises -- that there is a "wider view also" which is JUST as truthful. (If we knew everything about the world and its beginning, then we would not be human at all! We would be like God and knowing all like God does! As it is, "we see, but as through a glass darkly "-- but when Wholeness comes, then partiality is done away with. When you think about this it is so obviously true. I will pen my comments on your last two scripts a little later. (more soon) don't go to bed yet ! ! )

by Michael Sun Feb 05 16:01:26 UTC 2012

Thank you for your wise comment. Waiting for the next. Please answer quickly. I will have to go to bed very soon because I shall have to wake up in early morning as I will have to go to school tomorrow. So you will get my reply tomorrow morning.

by Sucheta Sun Feb 05 17:03:28 UTC 2012

Sucheta (a postscript) If ever this Site goes down we would be cut-off from each other. I think it would be OK for us to exchange our Email addresses under cover of a "code" we could invent which nobody can decipher except us. Can you think of a way? Another possibility is I can post you a USB memory stick (its very small and light) with my details on it,plus some pictures of me etc. What do you think?

by MICHAEL Sun Feb 05 20:51:01 UTC 2012

Michael, in case of back-slapping, I slap at the exact position of below the shoulder and above the waist. The exact middle part of the back is selected for the slapping. No, I don't use any implement beside my bare hand in case of back-slapping. No teacher in India hurts someone's back with any implement (not the whip especially) because of the terrible harm. It is done with bare hand.
And Michael, perhaps you will again take me wrong, but please believe me, we (I and my younger brother, not my elder brother) are not allowed to chat with others through email. Mother will not tolerate it, father too. I am so sorry. I think this forum will not be destroyed until June or July (as I am an optimist) when I will be visiting London. There I will meet you and I will introduce my parents with you. Then I think they won't stop me to contact you personally. Please don't take me wrong. In next posts I will write about the punishments those I will have to give today. Today I am going to ask questions from the previous lessons to the students of B section in class 5 (I am the class teacher). Those who will not able to answer---------- I think terrible time is waiting for them. Aren’t you eager to know that will happen in room no 6 today? I will write you those (If you ask me to write) after returning from school.
I hope you are not going to Miss Xiao today (as you have written you will never visit her). I am in hurry-----------------

by Sucheta Mon Feb 06 06:08:30 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta, Your parents stop you from E-mail letters? This is ABSOLUTE NONSENSE from them. Do not they know that THIS forum is the same technology? E-mail is actually SAFER than this public Forum Site, that is why I say let's go Email. Also they should not be having this power over you , for petes sake; you are twenty three -- not a child! Oh, I despair of your parents. They are keeping you a prisoner like that! I do not want to meet them; I would have a terrible argument with them, and they might try end your scripts on here. OK. You do not comment on the USB memory stick. Are you allowed to receive mail (post). This is surely OK with your parents? No, I did say that I had decided to take your wisdom and not go to ms Xiao clinic any more. However; I will go visit another lady who I know about through my jobs. this all for now. Yes I want to know all the details of the spanxings you will give in Room 6. I will pretend I am there watching you smack their bare bottoms really hard!

by MICHAEL Mon Feb 06 08:42:58 UTC 2012

No Michael, you are completely wrong about my parents. They stop us because you don't you how much corruption and violence are spread through E-mail in India. People even give the threads of murder through Email. Many times police were able to arrest them, many times not. Offensive pictures (naked form of human bodies in seductive way) are often spread in Email. It may be not in UK but in India it is too corrupted. My parents are not that kind of persons who behave with their children like prisoners. Parents like mine are really rare. And especially, my father, he is like a LIVING GOD to me. You don't know why I said so because it is impossible for me to describe here. So I am very sad that you said those words against my parents. You can't imagine it being a citizen of UK, how terribly we all Indians are surrounded by violence. Let me analyze it in a bit vivid way. Everybody in our locality tells that I'm the prettiest lady here. Sometimes I look like an actress. In past many peoples tried to do many nasty things with me because of that. In my school life, many boys tried to make love with me only for my beauty. I avoided them strongly. I often got murder thread also. But luckily, they were unable to touch me. That's why my parents keep me in a well-protected circumstance. In West Bengal, pretty young ladies are never secured. You got shocked why I have to use the private car to go school. Yes, I easily can reach my school by a bus. But why I don't do so or my parents never let me to do so, you know the reason, I explained it before in this post. In USA, I was much secured but not here in India. Even when I was student, I also used to go to school by our private car. You may laugh at that. But it is a hard cold truth. I am using this forum only because here nobody can identify me properly. And I can send all the posts without any Email address. If I find anything nasty here I can easily escape. But in Email there is no escaping because the sender knows my address properly. That's why I never use Email. It is not for my parents. If they ever allow me to do so I will not use it either. I trust you properly and that’s why I send posts regularly to you. And I also can send my posts only to you through Email but after I and my parents meet you face to face and realize that you are the genuine and respected person, as you are now also, I believe.
You have hurt me Michael, saying my Parents, nonsense. I never expected that from a wise person like you.

by Sucheta Mon Feb 06 10:30:03 UTC 2012

You often use the word “technology”. I appreciate that. You are BSC like me so it is natural that you will eulogize technology. I am also a student of science. But I want to say you some words about technology. The whole world is today illuminated by the shining light of science and technology. The unexpected high progress of science has lightened the torch of human victory. But one thing I ponder about.
Billions of people, mainly the young generations are addicted to drug, wine and sex. They are pushing the perilous things like cocaine into their bodies by injecting. In this way, they are evoking their deaths by themselves. Which technology can prevent it Michael?
I remember Tulika once mentioned about atom bomb. But she is too little to know how it exactly functions. When an atom is broken from its centre or when the nucleus is broken, a huge explosion occurs because the atom is destroyed completely in a fraction of second and the entire power in the atom is free. It is the result of the formula E=mc2 (Albert Einstein)
Dr. Otto Hahn first experienced it. He is the man who first broke the heart of an atom. Madam Marie Curie’s daughter first invented the idea how you can break the heart of an atom. It is done throwing a neutron straightly to the nucleus. When the nucleus breaks, it releases another two or three neutrons. If you can keep two or three atoms before those just released speedy neutrons, those again break those atoms’ hearts. It this way millions of neutrons will be released, millions of atoms will be broken and a huge and terrific explosion will be the result which we have already seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan. It is Science. It is technology. Now let me experience the whole matter differently.
If we could break a human’s heart with the neutron of love, help, trust and regard then two or three neutrons of gratefulness and affection would release those could break more peoples hearts creating the explosion of mental satisfaction that I am with you, I can help you when you are fallen in danger. You are not helpless. In this way we could heal the world that has a disease of despair you know. It is called Philosophy of life and humanity.
Now the judgment is up to you that what are more necessary for human society and its welfare, Technology or Humanity?
Technology has helped us to build a civilized society. Let me explain what a proper civilization is. I am returning home from my school in my private AC car, writing this post to you. When my car stalls because of the traffic jam, many little children aged (6 to 12) are begging with stretched open palm, knocking on the black window glass of my car and the other cars. The old people are also in this queue. Many ladies are begging taking their little children or even with the newborns, many handicrafts too. They are begging money for eating. Somebody is giving alms at last being irritated and many are just ignoring them. The strange thing is I can write about those poor people but I can’t stay with them leaving my AC car or other luxury. If I do so, people will identify me as a crazy young girl.
This is called civilization. How a civilized country can be made without this kind of treacherous contradiction? Can technology prevent it Michael?

by Sucheta Mon Feb 06 11:14:29 UTC 2012

Yes, today I have punished a large number of students, spanxked and gave many other kinds of punishments too. Almost all the students of B section of class were unable to answer my questions. There were a long queue of boys and girls, waiting for my punishment. The classroom got fulfilled by the sounds of the students’ crying and shouting and my strikes. Beside that, I also gave the mild punishments to the students of many other classes too. The queue of room 6 was also a bit long today than any other day. I spanxked there three girls and two little boys. I also punished those students who did impudent behaviour standing in the prayer line. How I punish the undisciplined students of the prayer line, you can see it by yourself in a video that is almost similar to that special punishment. I punish them exactly in this way.
I am giving you the URL no----- (First read the URL no carefully, it is not written in exact right way. I have pointed there how to create the proper URL)
(Write h-x-t-x-t-x-p, erasing all the x, typing the exact word in small letters):(slash slash)[again erase all the x, write the proper word in small letters](slash)watch?v=_SbSYKNzIpQ
You will find the video named—“A word about corporal punishment “Spanxking”.
There are three differences between the disciplinarian of the video and me.
1. The disciplinarian is an old male but I am a young female.
2. He used a cane. I did it with a wooden thick but short ruler.
3. The disciplinarian’s punishments were unjustified. I don’t punish my students for any unjustified reason.
Beside that later I will describe you what happened today in room no 6 and B section of class 5 in detail after your comment. It’s too cold in London. Isn’t it? My uncle has today phoned my father today. The entire city is covered with thick snow
O, I am reached my home.

by Sucheta Mon Feb 06 11:55:17 UTC 2012

Sorry for two printing mistakes of the first post.
The first mistake, once I wrote----"They stop us because you don't you how much---"
It will be They us because you don't know how much---"
The other mistake was the wrong spelling of threat, somehow I wrote "d" instead of "t".
I'm sorry for that.

by Sucheta Mon Feb 06 12:14:39 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta, Please do not be offended by my criticism of your parents. I am speaking without knowing them and also (as you rightly say)not appreciating the sort of life you are under there in India. Thank you for telling me about the problems of living there. I really apologise to have upset you, darling Sucheta, I would not hurt you for all the world. You still don't mention if you could safely receive the USB stick in your mail . Your parents could think it was something to do with your work at School. They will not know what it is! But you just plug it in to a vacant USB port then it will come on the screen to instruct you how to "open" the message (and pictures) I can send my foto and if you send me your USB stick you can send me your foto also. OK this my lunch is cooking so I will send another reply soon and comment on your (once again) very full explanations. OH ! I thought you would have a long queue of naughty kids, because you been away and they have got lazy. I hope you spanxked them all very very hard. I would love to have been there to watch you smack them.More soon.

by Michael Mon Feb 06 12:19:55 UTC 2012

Didn't you read my scripts carefully? I already wrote there were a long queue of naughty children especially in B section of class 5 (who were unable to answer my questions based on the previous lessons) and many other classes also. They got the mild punishments. And today I have spanxked 5 students in room no 6, was not able to spanxk more 4 students whom I ordered to come, because of the lack of time, the Tiffin period was over. I told them to meet me tomorrow again in room no 6 for the punishment. Tomorrow I will delightfully spanxk them. And I also punished many students who behaved naughty in prayer line. I mentioned about a video where you can find a similarity between the punishment of that clip and the punishment I give to the naughty students of the prayer line. I also wrote the differences between the disciplinarian of that video and me. Search the video. Later I will describe the mild punishments those I gave today especially to the students of B section in class five and others. And of course I will depict what happened today in room 6. Hope, you are eager to know. And I praise you very much for your apology to my parents. How noble you are!
You are cooking launch? What's the menu? What's your favourite food? My favourite foods are chocolates and any preparation of chicken and goat (or lamb).

by Sucheta Mon Feb 06 13:24:53 UTC 2012

And why can't you wait till I visit you London? I don't want to do anything secretly, not telling my parents. Please wait dear!
And again sorry for a printing mistake, I wrote "launch" it would be "lunch".

by Sucheta Mon Feb 06 13:31:00 UTC 2012

And why can't you wait till I visit you London? I don't want to do anything secretly, not telling my parents. Please wait dear!
And again sorry for a printing mistake, I wrote "launch" it would be "lunch".

by Sucheta Mon Feb 06 13:31:39 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta, My lunch was soup and toasted cheese on bread with tomato,sliced and heated. Yummy,yummy - good for the tummy, mummy ! ! OK I read your script carefully. So you have to punish 4 more tomorrow because there was no time left today, OK. Now tell me, how many bare bottoms did you spanxk today in Room 6? And tell me what implement you used to smack with. Also What is the total number of smacks you gave today,adding up all the students together? I hope you made a good hard sound on their bottoms. Do you sometimes use a whip or cane on their bottoms? Its no good, I tried this video also, and it comes up with "this video is not available" caption. I tried it again,in case I had a mistake, but no, it was the same. Keep me up-to-date about your punishments that you give. I like to think I am there,invisible in Room 6, enjoying you giving a good spanxking on their bare bottoms.

by MICHAEL Mon Feb 06 13:46:38 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta, Gosh, you really must be tired out after all that spanxking! More than 80 smacks on their bare bottoms? Phew ! I want it from you when you come here, it would be a pleasurable experience for me to be spanxked on my bare bottom! Hasten the day ! I have to have the evening meal now so more later. Have a good night and rest well. You have a lot more spanxking to do tomorrow! Yes I got that video now. It is funny when the boy tied ropes round the box with the old man inside, ha-ha-ha !

by MICHAEL Mon Feb 06 16:56:29 UTC 2012

Sucheta, do you have the 12 to 15yrs old boys if they stand facing the wall, do you see their "front" also? This "paddle" what is that? What are the dimensions of it, and thickness. And how thick is the short wooden ruler?

by Michael Mon Feb 06 18:40:55 UTC 2012

No, when the boys stand facing the wall, I don't see their fronts. No, I don't smack on their bare bottoms and not tell them to drop the pants. That's absurd. I spanxk them on their fully clothed bottom, that's why I use the thick ruler. Paddle is a kind of wooden implement, 7 inch long, two and half inches wide, flat (the thickness of the paddle is almost less than half-inch) with a short handle to hold it. In case of the boys (aged 13 to 15) I give them 20 to 30 swats. No, I don't enjoy punishing my students, it's completely boring. If you were me, you could understand it. Some students are already destined to be poor in education and will make a weak career in future there is no doubt. So there is no use of spanxking for those hopeless students. But Headmaster orders us to do so. And I don't think they enjoy it. I never found one of my students ready for the spanxking in one order. And I also found nobody who remained calm and quiet, did not beg mercy from me, when I spanxk them. So it is crazy if you tell that they enjoy it. It is not pleasure through pain, as you have written but it is a lesson through pain. You saw the clip that I mentioned that's nice. That is how exactly I punish the students who behave naughty in prayer line. I also mentioned about couple of differences between me and the old disciplinarian of that video, I hope you read it. I am going to school now. I will write back to you again. Meanwhile, you can read the article again that I wrote yesterday about technology and humanity. It is the summary of an article that I wrote in our school magazine. I want your comment on this article, so please read it once more.

by Sucheta Tue Feb 07 05:28:25 UTC 2012

SUCHETA. THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON HERE! My previous script has "guest" as the sender! THIS IS NOT RIGHT. I AM THE SENDER, MICHAEL. So guest -- what game are you playing here?

by MICHAEL Tue Feb 07 13:48:35 UTC 2012


by WEBMASTER Tue Feb 07 13:50:19 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta, I think my identity as "Michael" on this Forum has been stolen by "guest". I refer to the script I wrote with the date "Tue Feb 07 12:58:42 UTC 2012" It is marked "guest" BUT THIS IS MY SCRIPT! I will not write any more until I have your reply. Your reply soon please, Sucheta.

by MICHAEL Tue Feb 07 14:02:25 UTC 2012

I am shocked hearing it Michael. The guest, who is playing this nasty thing here, is a cheat and fraud. We must have to avoid him or her. I think there is way Michael, to know our proper identity. You are a citizen of UK, I am an Indian. So whenever we will write the posts we will mention the exact time of our locality in the post. Without being a UK dweller it is hard to tell the proper time of that locality, and who is not the citizen of (Kolkata, West Bengal), India is never able to write the proper time. Beside that, you will use British English and I know the American way, so I will write in American English. That is how we can recognize ourselves also. Please, don't disconnect Michael; I want your quick reply.

by Sucheta Tue Feb 07 14:31:52 UTC 2012

I cannot answer your question because you are pretending like Michael, but you are not Michael. You are religious person, as I believe, so how you can act like a stupid liar? Why don't you send the post with your own identity? Then I would certainly answer you. Why you are creating a maze in this forum. Look, either be clear or just leave the forum.

by Sucheta Tue Feb 07 14:38:49 UTC 2012

To Michael,
The post that was sent on "Tue Feb 07 12:58:42 UTC 2012" is written by you Michael? I am a bit confused. First I thought the guest wrote it, that's why I rebuked him in a post and mentioned as religious, as there are many religious statements. If you have the real writer of the post that has been sent on "Tue Feb 07 12:58:42 UTC 2012" then I think perhaps you forgot to type your name in the name box, or somehow it was not printed because you may have re-loaded the page for couple of times and pasted your letter in the message box, forgot that you name is not in the name box. That may be a reason. So please appear very soon and relax from me this trouble.

by Sucheta Tue Feb 07 14:51:46 UTC 2012

To Sucheta. OK I am the real Michael. the clock time here is now 1512 in the afternoon. Yes, I am the true writer MICHAEL of the script to which you refer. I am certain I printed my name at the end -- but, as you see that nuisance "guest" has put his there in place of mine.Can you reply to this immediately,to say you have received this OK,please? Then, if all is well, we can continue. That is a brilliant idea of yours to put the time---ha-ha good girl ! OK the time is now 1517 and I will now put my name MICHAEL on the box.and press "post a comment"

by MICHAEL Tue Feb 07 15:16:49 UTC 2012

Sucheta please reply quickly! If you tell me the correct time of India, how will I know it's correct? Likewise the time I give you of here--you may not know if it is right or wrong! The time now is 1541hrs.from MICHAEL

by Michael Tue Feb 07 15:39:08 UTC 2012

Yes, I have received your post. And I think there is no more problem here, so we can continue again without any delaying, after I get a further post from you. I had a nice day today, taught many things, praised many brilliant students especially Tulika, she got the highest mark in Life Science and as usually spanxked many students, gave many mild punishments too. Today there were long numbers of students (more than 50) I punished. But I spanxked only six students in room no 6 including those four students I mentioned before. Beating and beating I got sweaty and thought why we teachers can't do our jobs without beating anyone. The correct time of Kolkata is now 9.35pm. (Search the internet; you will know that, as well as I know yours). I am waiting for your post then I will answer all of your questions those you asked me in that post (sent on Tue Feb 07 12:58:42 UTC 2012) where the fool guest made a trick. So reply soon.

by Sucheta Tue Feb 07 16:01:53 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta. PLEASE SEND AGAIN! You have not put your clock time into your script. how do I know you are not the guest still playing tricks? REPLY QUICKLY RIGHT NOW, I AM WAITING HERE BY THE COMPUTER. from Michael (time now is 1615 afternoon.

by Michael Tue Feb 07 16:14:34 UTC 2012

Sucheta the "guest" will know the time via the internet, so maybe this is not a good idea? Is there some other way? Reply quickly please! I hope you have not gone to bed yet! ---Michael

by MICHAEL Tue Feb 07 16:17:41 UTC 2012

Dear, I am Sucheta. You are right that the guest may know the right time from internet. But I think he or she will dare not to come back again in this forum as I rebuked him or her rudely. And if he or she still plays tricks he or she will be identified because we two genuine persons are here and both of us can find inconsistencies in the posts because in past we knew many things of each other. It is 10.00pm in Kolkata. I am real lady Sucheta. Now may we continue our discussions again? From Sucheta

by Sucheta Tue Feb 07 16:27:40 UTC 2012

Sucheta. Yes OK then we can continue,but not right now because its time for me to get the evening is 1650 hrs. I will answer your posts later tonight when you're all tucked-up in bed! bye for now. Michael

by Michael Tue Feb 07 16:50:33 UTC 2012

to Sucheta,Local time here= 1955 (nearly 8pm evening Tuesday.To make things easier to answer, instead of looking back at all the scripts, I will now write some questions, you might have answered before,but with all the confusion with this "guest" we have rather lost the thread of our discussion. So first off: 1. When you spanxks the boys of 13 to 16 yrs, you use the paddle (which you described) over their briefs (underpants)? OK well, have you ever had a boy cheated and you found he is wearing TWO pants? If so, what did you do? 2.. the school you teach in is this B college,model high school Howrah near botanic garden? 3.. I looked at the Site but they have no E-mail address given,can you tell me what it is, please? 4.. Do you ever spanxk the bare bottoms of boys 13 to 16 yrs? If you do, is it done in Room 6? How many strikes do you give? and do you use the ruler on their bare bottoms? 5.. Do other lady teachers use Room 6 also? 6.. In a previous script you said ". . .tomorrow,I will delightfully spanxk them. . " this referred to 4 students left because time was out. But later script you said that smacking them was boring. Why do you say "delightfully" then? this is a contradiction. OK! I imagine you will want to comment on my comments about your School Treatise. To sum it up --- it's great --as far as it goes-- but it does not give the full picture. Your conclusion is, therefore, flawed. I wonder if you meant to say more, but time was short. Having said all of that --- I think it is a fine piece of writing well set-out and logical.That may be the answer! Finally, another way we can communicate more privately is if you mail me YOUR "smart(memory) stick to a "safe" address here in U.K.That means you would not have to send Emails but I can send you news etc, from my Email here to your computer. In other words,you would only RECEIVE emails but not send them. This would satisfy your parents, I think? OK well its mid-evening here and I am a Radio Ham it's time I went on the airwaves via my radio transmitter. This would be another way; If you know a Radio Ham there in India,I can send via him (or her) ..from Michael,, time sent now 2012 (8.12pm)

by Michael Tue Feb 07 20:11:23 UTC 2012

You are judging me Michael? That's funny. I am the real Sucheta, Miss Sucheta Banerjee (23), giving your all answers.
1. No, I don't beat the boys of (13 to 16) on their underpants but beat on their clothed bottoms. Sometimes I use paddle, but I think you have forgotten, in case of the older boys I mainly use a thick wooden ruler. Nobody cheated me wearing two pants to avoid punishments. It is because I can understand from their reactions very clearly whether he is in pain or pretending to be in pain. It's hard to make me fool.
2. You wrote my school's name a bit wrongly. It would be B E College Model High School. Yes, it is located near of the Botanical garden and the Bengal Engineering College also.
3. I don't know why there is no email address of school in internet. Perhaps, it is for avoiding the spam. I have no idea about it really; you have to ask it to the director of this School organization.
4. No I never spanxked on a boy's bare bottom who is aged 13 to 16. I use ruler on their fully clothed bottoms and it is done in room no 6. I give those students almost 30 swats or sometimes more than that on their clothed bottoms.
5. No! Other lady teachers use their own special rooms to punish students. Male teachers complete their punishments in class so they don't practice the punishment privately.
6. Yes, I said I would delightfully spanxk them. It was a part of my humour. May be I would be delighted to spanxk only 4 students. But when I had to punish (not spanxked them all in room 6, gave maximum students the mild punishments) more than 50 students and got tired and sweaty, the only word I could enunciate and it was "boring". So my conviction is there is contradiction at all.
And Michael, I told you before that I want to meet you personally. You cannot know a real person properly by Email or other mediums. A person is made of flesh, blood, sense, intellect and humanity. Email or other medias those you described, may able to contact me with you personally but that is how I won’t be able to realize the proper beloved person Michael. I don't think so. Please wait. I think I will be visiting to my uncle's house in June not July, as it is settled now. Then I will meet you.
Now let me comment on your previous post that you written on "Tue Feb 07 12:58:42 UTC 2012" in my next post. I will be answering you in my private car as I am going to school. And today I also have to do the things those I am going to apply on you after three months, I think you guess what-----don't mind baby-----
Now I am going to write the next post in my laptop, sitting in my car. Here the temperature is almost +24C. Too hot! Luckily we have AC in our car. It is 10.15 AM in Kolkata. From Sucheta (I hope you are not thinking me the cheater guest).

by Sucheta Wed Feb 08 05:47:37 UTC 2012

1. Don’t be displeased so quick with India. We have many reasons to displease with Britain too, sorry the Great Britain of course. England colonized us for two hundred years, killed many Indians brutally, stole Indian wealth the gold specially, destroyed many lands, raxped our women and did many barbaric things also. Luckily we got our freedom on 15th august 1947; I don’t what they would do with us if today we were also colonized. I too got upset when UK attacked Iraq with USA. They created an unjustified war there. And sometimes I get irritated thinking why these courtiers including USA, UK, France, Ireland, Germany and many other countries who are the members of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) are happy to declare wars almost every year? Recently NATO attacked in Pakistan and killed almost 28 persons. It’s just crazy.
2. Yes all the lady teachers use the same implements those I use. The senior teachers taught me how to punish the students. So that’s natural.
3. Yes I mainly spanxk the younger children on their bare bottoms, but I also spanxk on the bare bottoms of a girl who may be 15. In case of the boys, I only spanxk them on my lap on their bare bottoms who are below 10.
4. I always spanxk the alternative bottoms, not cover the whole bottom with one swat.
5. No I never spanxk in a quick succession, always rub and tap each alternative bottom before spanxking. But I don’t squeeze the bottoms of the students who are above 9. I only rub and squeeze the bottoms of the students who are aged 6 to 9.
In my next post I will write on your comments about God and religion. I’m in car now, facing traffic jam often, the school is still too far from my exact position. The local time is 10.20 AM. From Sucheta

by Sucheta Wed Feb 08 06:16:26 UTC 2012

No I didn’t try to avoid God. I believe in God but I am not very religious. God---o yes—in now days---It is hard to keep a fixed faith in God. Everyday newspapers are hurting on that very believe. God is the protector. Everyday peoples are dying helplessly, the poor peoples, the rich peoples, the common peoples and the celebrities. Nobody is protecting them. Steve Jobs took vow in Buddhism but his God was not able to cure him from the cancer. But that is how exactly we can’t judge God. He is too hard to understand for pretty small people like us. God created world there is no doubt. If you look for the entire anatomy of our body, the brain, the heart or others, we will find a well constructed form; no scientists ever can build it. So you have to believe on a supernatural power. It is just foolish to imagine the world was created all on a sudden without any reason. Only a very stupid person can think so. But the point I am making is, let us not believe on God but feel it. The Indian saint Swami Vivekananda once told “It is nonsense that you believe in God but you haven’t felt him”. God lies in you in all of us. The great saints found him in meditation. And it is proved that the unlimited power is hidden in us. Hard to believe that he is in us who are pretty common? But if you know him as the omnipotent then how you can make a limitation of his potentiality? If we do something wrong, we repent inside. Who is that very strong is making us to repent? We cannot know God till our body-sense is properly not destroyed and we can clarify that it is not me whose face I am seeing in the mirror. It’s very hard for common people like us. We are all abused on earthy pleasures. Until you are not able to ruin your intentions of having earthy pleasures God will be still invisible in front of your eyes. And we cannot destroy our intentions of having earthy pleasures till we have enjoyed it properly. So first we must enjoy the wealth of the earth, at last we will face a distasteful feeling having more earthy pleasure. If it does not happen in this life perhaps it will happen in the next birth. But you must have this goal mixed that my duty as a human to mix up with God because that very God is in me also. Sir Winston Churchill once said we are the masters of our fate. We Indians say we are the Gods of ourselves. It is the he-man-ship of the life. This huge philosophy is just monotonous to a person, who is begging on the footpath, living a crucial life. It is also nonsense for a young man who is roaming around in the whole city for a job because he has his family members who are waiting for him thinking that our boy will bring some foods or clothes. It is a hard reality. Swami Vivekananda said “Services to mankind is the services to the God”. He also said “In ancient religions, it was said that the person who does not believe in God is an atheist. Modern religion says, the person who does not believe in himself or herself is an atheist”. If we are able to work honestly, try to help others as I said before or live an honest like, God automatically will be arisen in our hearts. We all exist because of the God and we will be destroyed in future because of the God also. Then again he will create the universe and again destroy it. It will be continued forever. It is the game of the Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. If I could write these vast comments on God in my article everybody would get confused. There are many more things to write on God, which I am not writing now because I have almost reached to my school. I will write again after your comments. This is 10.45 pm. From Sucheta

by Sucheta Wed Feb 08 07:04:43 UTC 2012

Sorry it's not pm. It will be 10.45 Am. I am in hurry----

by Sucheta Wed Feb 08 07:07:53 UTC 2012

to dear Sucheta. I can see by the script content that you are genuine. no guest could write like you just have. you are very forward for your physical age. So am I more in a while Now time for breakfast.It is 0846 morning and the weather is overcast gray sky It is minus 3C outside (about 29F). love from Michael

by MICHAEL Wed Feb 08 08:48:11 UTC 2012

Several spelling errors in my last script. Will you smack my bottom hard please, miss Sucheta? I hope so, more script later! ! from Michael. time= 0940 am.

by MICHAEL Wed Feb 08 09:38:51 UTC 2012

Sucheta. Do you notice that the day and times are now correct on this Forum? Why did it go wrong in the first place? I wonder? And why is it, that nobody else is now writing here? What is the problem here? The Forum is open for comments on the Topic. (0942am)

by Michael Wed Feb 08 09:41:47 UTC 2012

Yes Michael, the problem of this forum has been rectified. Nobody is writing here it is because many of them were liars and many were writing for their own pleasures. And I think it is quite good that I and you are only here, discussing something important. Who knows if a wretched man enters in this forum and passes nonsense comments, may be any of us will get annoyed and leave the forum instantly, as once I did.
It's very good that you have understood how I get tired beating these children. Thank you for your advice. Yes, I also smack on their thigh with a 12inch long flat scale. It is given as minor punishment in class. And I give it to the students aged 6 to 12. But I can't punish the older students (13 to 15) in this way because I can't order them to drop their pants. I think it will be a very tormenting shameful experience for them that I don't want them to have. And all of my students are very scared of the spanxking. So I would love to continue it. And putting oil before striking----No dear, it will be an arranged punishment and I will someone like only a disciplinarian like Ms Xiao once used to do. My original duty is to teach and guide the students.
I don't need oil to burn their bottoms. Do you want a spanxking from me? You will see your bottom will start to burn after one and half minute without applying any oil, you will be shouting (probably crying) moving your legs restlessly and beg mercy from me because you will feel your bottom like a volcano. I hope you are pretty scared, (I can't control myself from laughing) --------------------------
Alright, there are more mild punishments those I give in the classes. Tulika once told that I am like the inventor of punishments. Beautiful Girl! She was absolutely right. I invent everyday many kinds of mild punishments those create huge pain with less harm. Do you want to know about that? I spanxked Tulika also for couple of times. Even one day I sent her to room 6. She was very talkative in class. Do you want to know how I punished her?
Now I am returning in my home. I punished more than 60 students today. And I spanxked 8 students in room no 6. All of them were under 10 years of old. Today I also got sweaty and bad smelly for that. My palms also got bad smelly because I rubbed and squeezed those kids’ bottoms and it got the touch of their sweats also. That’s nasty and disgusting. I think first I have to take bath (I think now you have understood what a boring job it is, only God knows when I will get rid of that job. Michael, you’re lucky for not being a teacher like me.) It’s also very hot today. The exact currant time of the locality is----wait a second, I have to watch my wrist-(x)-watch (why I wrote this peculiar spelling? Try to write it by yourself and send it in this forum, you will himself get the answer)—because in my laptop the time is set a bit faster than the original time----------it’s 4.23pm.
I will write after your comment. (From Sucheta)

by Sucheta Wed Feb 08 10:51:33 UTC 2012

Don't be scared of sweat stink, if you were me and punished more than sixty children in this hot temperature, you would get more bad smelly than me because I am a lady you are a man. And I am not that smelly as you are thinking. And it's very common human nature, so there is nothing unnatural. I am very stylish girl you know. I use many expensive perfumes of London and Paris. My maternal uncle lives in Paris, so I visited Paris for an uncountable of times. So that will not create any problem. But wait a minute---You want to cuddle me---that means you are truly falling in love with me. Am I right?
Are you serious that you really want to get spanxked by me? I don't want to hurt you. And I think I am not going to spanxk you. It is because everybody says me very beautiful and attractive lady. So you will get aroused getting spanxked from such a beautiful and attractive young girl like me. I don't want that. And the other reason is you have taken a vow of not crying. I can't tolerate it that I am spanxking one and he or she is not crying. Throughout my whole little career that never ever happened. So I don't want to break my record.
Now tell me don't you want to know about some other mild punishments those I invented? And aren't you eager to know how I punished Tulika in room 6? And I think you are also very much keen to know how I punished the students in room 6, many others in my classes and in the prayer line. More I will write after your comment. It is just 7.40 pm in Kolkata. The temperature is very hot. What's the current temperature of London now? Is it still snowing? I have just finished my delicious evening meal. (From Sucheta)

by Sucheta Wed Feb 08 14:05:05 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta, Yes I may be falling out of control into your arms ! Yes I am serious I want a strict hard spanxing from you, please. I want to feel my bottom like a fire knowing you made it ! I might cry, I do not know,and I do not want to break your remarkable record. To be quite truthful, I might get aroused but I would be very humbly controlled, like a gentleman so as not to offend you. You do not say how many smacks you would give me. I think it should be the same you give to your oldest students. 20 to 30 you said before? Yes please tell me in all detail how you punished Tulida in Room 6. Also relate your other mild ones you invented. The time is now nearly 3pm (1500hrs) and we have sunny day but the cold is still only +5C here. You are lucky with warm weather, but not too warm, of course. I do not live in London. I live in Wales which is some 195 miles West of London. it might make it difficult to come see you there. you can by all means welcome to come here from London. it is private and you can spanx me upstairs in the bathroom. The snow went over last Sunday, but in the north of UK is still there. I am glad you enjoyed your evening meal. Reply soon before you retire for the night.

by Michael Wed Feb 08 15:03:39 UTC 2012

Sucheta, I forgot to ask how you found this Site. I found it because I was curious to know if lady Teachers enjoy caning the boys. But you said you find it boring but part of your job, of course. Do the other lady Teachers at your school say they enjoy it? But you said you do not use the cane, only the Principal Master. Do you send any students there for caning? And would YOU enjoy caning boys bottoms? (not the palms,legs or back because that could injure the student.) clock time=now is 1603 or 4.03pm and the sun is still shining)

by Michael Wed Feb 08 16:03:39 UTC 2012

I will certainly answer your all questions tomorrow morning. Today, I am too tired and I had to teach my younger brother Life-science in evening. That’s why I was not able to answer you. Please don’t mind. In early morning you will get all the answers. Now I am going to bed, grandmother is calling me.
The current time of our locality is 10.08 PM. (From Sucheta)

by Sucheta Wed Feb 08 16:34:13 UTC 2012

OK goodnight,sweet dreams.Clock now = 1714hrs.

by Michael Wed Feb 08 17:13:08 UTC 2012

Sucheta, I just tried to post a quick script, but it would not send for some reason. I will try again tomorrow morning, I hope to receive yours also.

by MICHAEL Wed Feb 08 21:38:36 UTC 2012

Sucheta Another try. it is just to tell you I got an appointment with another physio Ju-voon, I mentioned before. It is 1100hrs tomorrow, I am to have a medical exam,so I will write let you know how I did later in the day.

by MICHAEL Wed Feb 08 21:47:47 UTC 2012

Best of luck for your exam! I hope you will do well there. I am very eager to know how you did it later. Now I have to go to school. Before that, I am writing a script to you. You asked me how many swats I will give you, 20 to 30? No dear, you are too old. So I will give you many more than that. I will watch my wrist-x-watch before the spanxking and continue it for almost 10 minutes. In what position you will like to be spanxked? Lying on a table, facing wall? Or you want the spanxking on my lap? If I spanxk you keeping on my lap, I will be able to give you the hardest spanxking. It is the safest and comfortable position. Do you want me to rub, squeeze and tap your bottom before and after each smack? Let me have a laugh now----------------------
All right! Now telling the truth! No dear, I will never spanxk you. It will be a highly sexual act for both of us. I don't want that, hope you also. It is not good for our youth. And you asked me how I found this forum. It is like---in past, I was pondering about a question that whether I enjoy to spanxk children or not? My students may inform you, yes Sucheta Madam loves to spanxk on our poor bottoms. But my statement is, "no! I don't like to hurt anyone." When I first got my job, I never used to scold anyone. But I got a poor feedback from my students especially from the children aged 6 to 9. It was almost like they wanted to climb on my shoulder. That's nasty. The other teacher advised me saying, "That's not good. The Headmaster wants discipline and you're making them undisciplined! So perhaps in this way you will get fired one day." Then I learnt how to punish my students with huge pain and less harm. Now everyday I punish almost 50 students. It is common thing for us. The Headmaster is, you know, very relaxed. He does not need to cane anybody. He knows we teachers will teach hard lessons to the students by hook or by crook. Come to the real point. That's why I wanted to confess myself in somewhere else that I don't enjoy to punish anyone. In past, I was very displeased because of this over the lap punishment. I also annoyed by this rubbing and squeezing act. Remember I mentioned about it in my first post that I sent in this forum almost four months ago?
I think if a teacher needs to punish his or her students to make them studious, disciplined and obedient then sometimes it is proved that the teacher is less qualified and he or she needs more training. Students are immature in age. The teacher is not. So why he or she is not able attract them towards the class?
I hope you understand my condition (as you are very intelligent). I want to meet you in London because I want to discuss with you in detail about London school system, the living process of the common people (especially in winter, it's very cold there, today I got news from my sister-in-law Julia that it is almost 0C there. I said here it is above +24C. She got shocked). London cultures especially music, art, cinema, literature, painting, sculpture and philosophy attract me very much. I also want to talk to you about God. How you people analyze God in Christian way, then I will tell you how we analyze him in Hindu Way. In this way, I want to interpret the two cultures, British and Indian. It will be a learned experience for me. I discuss about it with my British sister-in-law Julia Thompson. She is very friendly to me. But I also want you to explain everything in detail and teach me something good from British culture. Will you do that for me?

by Sucheta Thu Feb 09 06:01:57 UTC 2012

In my next posts, I will gradually tell you how I punished Tulika once in room 6. You have again written the wrong spelling of her name. It is Tulika not Tulida. And I will explain in detail about other mild punishments those I invented. I will also tell you about what happened today in my school like how many students got punished by me especially in room 6. Later, I will tell you something very special, important and mysterious as how ancient Hindu saints used to meditate God to see him in front of their bare eyes. But first I want your reply that how your exam was. And are you really very eager to know those I want to tell you? It is 10.10am. I am very busy now. (From Sucheta)

by Sucheta Thu Feb 09 06:02:27 UTC 2012

Continued to Sucheta. No you must not change too much, the subject matter-in-hand from the Topic of this Site. If you want to talk about God or London culture or things like that -- we must do it on another correct Forum, not this one. Do you know of a "General Interest" forum? I will look on the internet until you return. but we must not discuss religious things in any depth on this Site, I hope you understand. It is cold again today,though not freezing, it's a little warmer, but overcast and dull called "DUMPSEY" ! in the West Country! ! Now I must get ready to go for my Medical. I have to strip totally bare for the exam, of course, so I really hope the room is nice and warm, or I will be shivering with cold -- as well as fear ! ha-ha. more soon.Have a nice day.

by Michael Thu Feb 09 09:21:22 UTC 2012

I will not discuss about those things either on this forum. I wrote that I will discuss with you about these topic when I will be in London, privately. I labelled those religious things as a secret. So how I can write in this general forum? Everybody will read it. I will also not discuss about it any other general forum. It's top secret.
I told you Michael, I can't spanxk you. That's not good. We are both same aged. It will be embarrassing for both of us. I cannot do it. It will be a highly sexual act for both of us. And that's not good for our youth. However, now I am returning from school. Today as usually more than 50 students get punished by me (minor punishments and major punishments). In room no 6, I had to punish two boys. One of them is 13 years of old another 15 years of old. There were four girls too. All of them are 12 years of old. I will discuss about it later if you are eager to know. I think you have many things to know from me. Tell me which one I will describe at first.
A. How I punished Tulika in room 6?
B. What are the other mild punishments?
C. What happened in room 6 today?
I will try to analyze everything properly after your comment. It is now not that hot. The temperature is almost +28C. (How was the joke?)
The current time of the locality is-----4.40PM
(From Sucheta)

by Sucheta Thu Feb 09 11:06:03 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta Ok I liked your joke ! Would you answer please "C" then "A" then "B" thank you. OK I understand that you can't spaxnk me. But it is not from any erotic motive. It is natural evolution for my respect for you,as a female person, and also lesser, as a Teacher. So to spanxk me shows me that you care for my mental and attitude . After your answers to ABC then I will tell you about my Medical .Clock time here now is 1300hrs (1pm) I am going to get some Lunch, soup and bread today. It is bright & sunny now,after a dull morning. My word --- is your hot as 28C ?

by MICHAEL Thu Feb 09 13:06:20 UTC 2012

Alright! I am depicting everything. First C
Today when I entered room 6, I saw the crowd of the students. Two boys and four girls were shivering in fear. I called the 13 years old boy at first, tell others to wait outside. The boy’s name is Topojit whom I gave mild punishment today. I gave 5 sound slaps on his back. But after the punishment I didn’t see any reaction in him. He was again disturbing the whole class. That’s why I sent him room 6. I took the short but thick wooden ruler, said him “Haven’t I already beaten you today?” He said, “Yes”! I said “OK! I think you need another dose of my medicine to be completely cured from your disease of being impudent. Now turn back facing the wall!” He was not able to talk to me in huge fear. I didn’t rub the bottom, just tapped a little. Then I started to spanxk on his alternative bottoms. I was waiting 2 or 3 seconds after each smack to keep him in anxiety. He was jumping getting the strikes and making the sounds like ---“Aah! Uuh! etc.” I spanxked him in a little bit quick succession and said, “You may go now! Tell the other boy to come in.” He left the room sobbing and rubbing the sore bottom. Then the second boy aged 15, named Subhom entered in the class. I sent him in this room for paying no attention while I was teaching. I said as usually, “Turn back! And face the wall in front of you; keep your hands fixed before, closing your eyes.” He said, “Please Madam! Spare me for this time! I will never repeat the same mistake!” I said smiling, “Please Subhom! Let me spanxk you now! I will also never repeat the same thing again to you.” He again started moaning. I said, “Why you are wasting my time like that? You must have to be punished. If you delay and fuss more I will increase the punishment!” He got scared and faced the wall. I rubbed the bottom slightly then tapped his alternative bottoms for a while and gave a firm strike on his left part of the bottom. He shouted and touched the bottom to rub. I said, “Never do it again! Keep your hand fixed before. You will have to get one more strike in each bottom for doing that.” He remained steady in huge fear. I rubbed a little and tapped for two or three times before and after each strike. As my strikes were falling he was making many peculiar sounds. And when I was rubbing the bottom he got fixed like a tree in huge fear of the next strike. I spanxked him almost for 7 or 8 minutes, gave more than 30 swats (15 or 17 in each bottom.) Then I said to him, “You may go now and call one of the standing girls.” He left the room staggering, holding his bottom with his two hands. Then a girl entered. I called her with her four friends for not doing homework again and again. I sat on an armless chair and asked her to lie on my lap. She started sobbing. But it was not the time for mercy. I took her gently on my lap, folded up the skirt, and got almost the bare-bottom. I started to rub and squeeze the bottom then gave almost 20 smacks (10 smacks in each bottom.) She was shouting terribly, grabbing my dress to bear the pain, moving her legs restlessly. Then I took the 10 inch long flat thin wooden scale. When I was picking up the scale, she said, “Please Madam no more!” I said, “Please dear, you have to take more.” I rubbed the bottoms again then gave 10 strokes (5 strokes in each bottom) with the scale. Then I called her as usually, “Get up! And call one of your friends inside before leaving.” She left the room crying. Same thing happened to other three poor girls. As there was no difference in my punishment method, I found no difference in their reactions also. The last girl was most scared because she had to wait outside for a long time. I took pity on her. But I didn’t reduce her punishment. It would be a partiality. So poor girl! She cried the

by Sucheta Thu Feb 09 15:33:01 UTC 2012

Sorry! The last sentences are not printed properly but got cut off in the middle. The last sentences are--"So poor girl! She cried the most. I took 35 minutes to complete all the punishments as the Tiffin was over."

by Sucheta Thu Feb 09 15:34:54 UTC 2012

I spanxked Tulika for the last time in January. I called her inside. Her face was too pale; she got sweaty and shivering in fear. Her eyes were already full of tears. I told her as usually to lie on my lap. She is an obedient girl, so she lied on my lap without a fuss. I folded up her skirt got the bare bottom as usually. I started to rub the bottom. I heard she already started to sob. I told her, “Why are you crying?” She burst into crying, I said laughing, “Hey! I didn’t spanxk you till now. Why you started crying?” She did not answer or she was not able to answer. I took pity on her! I ran my fingers through her hairs in love saying, “You are very good girl. Do you know why you are getting spanxked?” She nodded. I said, “Why?” She said something so faintly; I was not able to hear. I said again, “I can’t hear you.” She said crying terribly, “Madam I am laying on your lap. So I can’t answer you. Please spanxk me quickly.” I said laughing, “That is your real punishment.” I asked many things to her keeping her on my lap. She was not answering or able to answer. I asked her, “How many hours do you study?” She didn’t answer. I said, “If you don’t answer I will spanxk you more.” She got shocked and spit out saying, “10 hours.” I said, “10 hours? That’s too long to you. You are only 13. You should not take that pressure. She said, “My parents never gave me the pressure. I take it by myself. My hobby is studying.” I said, “That’s extra-ordinary. I never used to study that hard in your age.” She never answered. I said, “What’s your aim of life?” She said, “I want to be a doctor.” I said, “No dear! You are too brilliant! Perhaps, you will be the doctor of the doctors.” A glimpse of smile brightened her face. I said then, “But now, you are not going to heal anyone of course, you are too little. So let Me give you another kind of treatment.” I started to spanxk her. Her smile got invisible in a micro-second, she started to cry terribly. I gave her 20 smacks (10 smacks in each bottom) in a quick succession. Then I took the paddle and said to her, “I will let you go without paddling. If you can do one thing, do you want to know what is that?” She nodded her head panting. I said. “I will tickle you and you won’t laugh. Can you do that?” Her face got paler; she said something faintly unable to hear but that implies like “Yes”. So I started to tickle her very hard (I often tickle my younger brother too) at last she laughed very hard. I said, “Alright! Now prepare yourself.” I again rubbed her red bottom with the paddle and started to smack. As she shouted after each smack, I rubbed her bottom gently with the paddle.” She was moaning, “Please Madam! Spanxk me in a quick succession.” I delayed more and rubbed the bottom for many times. It was terrible scary for her as I was rubbing her bottom. After the spanxking, I tickled on her sore bottom. She just jumped up on my lap. I said smiling, “Now get up! Your punishment is over.” I took almost 15 minutes to spanxk her. She left the room with red eyes, full of tears. I took a long time to spanxk her so before punishing all the students the Tiffin was over. I spanxked them in the next day. I found very funny to spanxk Tulika. After the punishment she tried to control her talkativeness. These days, she is as usual very talkative. But now I have promised not to spanxk her any more. What do you say Michael? Should I spanxk her again?

by Sucheta Thu Feb 09 16:29:29 UTC 2012

I will post my next post tomorrow. Today I am too tired. So goodnight dear----

by Sucheta Thu Feb 09 16:37:41 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta, Sometimes I do not know what to make of you! It was a very touching moment when you tickled Tulika's bottom. If that had been me across your lap and you had tickled my bottom after the first smacks (with your hand I presume? and presuming I had been 13yrs old -- then (excuse the words) I would have had an orgasm ! Did she become excited sexually by it? To answer your final question: "Should you spanxk her in future" tells me that you are unsure of yourself because maybe Tulika was aroused sexually by you making it so long a punishment. Well; I think you must judge it for yourself. If her work goes poor, then certainly you should spanxk her -- as you would the other girls. But you felt sorry for her at the beginning? Why? now you are probably gone to bed now, so you will most likely read this in the morning. I will make you laugh of my morning at the new Clinic (Ju-voon). I arrived a bit late and that did not help matters. The Assistant (nurse) received me in and told me to wait. Then Ju-voon came and I met her, nice "clean looking" lady I guess about 55, dark hair gone a bit grey--more in a moment have to see someone.

by Michael Thu Feb 09 17:00:27 UTC 2012

Part 3 (to Sucheta) She finished writing in the book then told me to get on the table " Now show me the exercises you were given to do" so I went through the routine,it takes about 15 minutes for the 3 movements. I finished in a sitting-up position,then she said "Right,turn over and lie flat on your tummy,feet together" She put a I-R lamp to shine on my back, it was nice and cosy warm and I relaxed more. She worked some physio on my back and leg muscles then my neck. Then she said " That is all for today,go and get dressed." I got off the table and walked a few steps she suddenly said "Michael you must sign this form to agree to corporal punishment for insurance purposes,just a formality" I signed the form then she said "Before you get dressed we will spanxk you, so that you know what to expect if you get lazy with your exercises" "the nurse said "The memory of the spanxking will keep you from forgetting" I said OK and Ju-voon told me to stand up straight,my feet together and my hands placed on my head. I did that and I saw nurse get the ruler and she stood at my left side. "Michael, You will take 10 smacks with this ruler on your bottom. If you dare take your hands away,I will start over again smacking" I felt a shiver run down my spine because I could see in the mirror ahead of me on the wall. I saw her take off her tunic-top and this made her arms bare. Then I tensed up more as I saw her swing her arm right back and then bring the ruler SMACK across my bare bottom. Oh boy,it sounded and stung! Then again and again and again hard smacks,I put my hands to cover my bottom. Whatah mistakah to ah-makah ! (as the Italians would say ! "Michael that was 5 smacks,but now you took your hands away,I start again at number one" Gosh. So I finished up with 15 strikes on my bare bottom. "Now you can get dressed" she said. but as I started she had compassion at seeing my red bottom with marks from the ruler. "Just a minute Michael go and lean across the table, I will give you some comfort" Well, I really admired her for that mercy shown. It was very nice,almost sensual, they both did it. They placed their hands to cool on a freezer block from the fridge,then smoothed their hands slowly,gently and smoothly over my hot bottom. It was so lovely and so kind gesture. Then I got dressed and she showed me in the kitchen. She said "sit there and I will make you a cup of tea" I tried to sit, but my bottom smarting so much from the spanxking that I stood up instead. Then I went out back to the car,and had quite a job getting seated in the car! She saw me and beckoned me back in her house, and I went back . She told me to go back in the clinic room and undress again in order that she would treat my poor bottom. So I had another session (free) of lying on the table "bare bottoms-up" and having another smoothing and longer. It was quite heavenly! End of my experience for today! I bet you're laughing un-controllably. . am I right? Now I wish I was with you there to soothe you to sleep. Your head on my breast. my fingers gently through your hair and over your forehead until you drop-off to sleep. Then, when you wake up in the morning, I am still there with you in my arms, waiting for you to wake up. How's that? The clock here says 2045 evening so it will not be long before I go to bed. my bottom is getting back to normal temperature! (Could still do with YOUR hands 'tickling' it gently like you did with Tulika. Oh well, it's nice to dream the reality. goodnight Sucheta.

by Michael Thu Feb 09 20:44:47 UTC 2012

No Michael, Tulika is a nice girl, she was not aroused and the organism is of a girl's body is not like that as it in the case of the boys. I can guarantee it because I am also a lady. But if you dream about me that I am tickling on your bottom, that may be a sexual act for you (sorry to say) -------
Well, before writing paragraph "B", I must tell you today we teachers got something very important in school. Yesterday, In Chennai a fifteen years of old boy killed his school teacher, stabbing her on heart, neck and throat. The teacher never punished the boy physically only scolded him in class for several times for his carelessness in study. She even talked to the boys' parents for that. That's why the boy got angry, brought a sharp knife hiding it behind the pages of the book and he when he found the feamale teacher a bit alone he entered in her room and attacked the teacher mercilessly. Police have arrested him. The question is it is very perilous for the future of India, if a teenager like him is habituated to have this kind of violence. What went wrong to his mentality? Is it a genetic problem? It is also said that a normal man cannot commit murder so there is something really abnormal with the boy and that's matter of ponder about. Our school has organized a meeting of the teachers for that. I also have to attend it. It will be held in Tiffin period. So there is no punishment in room 6 today. I am very happy for that. But I am scared a bit because the teacher was also a Life-Science teacher like me. No I think, I must have to leave the job as soon as it is possible getting another high-ranked job where I don't have to spanxk anybody.
And a word about Tulika. I asked your comment that should I punish her again? It was only to judge your mentality, you see and you said very well. But I have promised that I will never spanxk her. It is because her only problem is talkativeness and that can be pardoned. But I can't do anything if other teachers spanxk her. I didn't read your two long scripts carefully because I am in hurry now. But certainly I will read those and give you my comments. So be sure of that. The current time of the locality is 10.00 AM. And today really (not a joke) it is a bit cold here (+18C). I think Wales is as usually very cold now. What do you say Michael? More Later--- (From Sucheta)

by Sucheta Fri Feb 10 05:22:08 UTC 2012

Yes, now I have read your two scripts. No, I am not laughing because I think you have again fallen in a wrong hand. In UK, do all the physiotherapists smack their patients? That's peculiar and abnormal for a 24 years old young man like you. It's unbelievable. We can't think of it in India. If all the physiotherapists smack their patients then I think you should go to a male physiotherapist. I think the nurse, (I don't how old she is you mentioned that) is getting mental and physical pleasure when she is spanxking you. It is your personal matter of course but I think that's not good for you. She is exactly like your formal physiotherapist Ms Xiao.
And now I have no doubt that you've fallen in love with me as you almost wanted to sleep with me. Now I laugh very hard---------
I am going to tell you something that you won't like I think (perhaps you will feel that you have already get spanxked by me though you're too far from my country). I am already in love with a boy. He is my colleague. He teaches Physics in our school. He is very calm and quiet person, never punishes his students physically. My parents also know it and his parents also. We both haven't faced any family quarrel for that. He loves me very much but I think he is sometimes a bit afraid of me, perhaps knowing how hard I punish my students so I must be very angry lady. I can feel it when he talks to me. He often fumbles, you see. But he is very lovely person and very wise. He analyzed me about atom bomb reaction that I wrote before. I love him and respect him too. He is just 29. His name is Supriyo Roy, a fair, tall and good-looking gentle man. When we talk to each other privately he calls me by my nick name that is Ela. I like that very much.
But you also can call me Ela instead of Miss Sucheta as I also respect you thinking someone like my brother. I have almost reached to my school. The current time of the locality is 10.39AM. (From Sucheta)

by Sucheta Fri Feb 10 06:22:16 UTC 2012

To Ela (Sucheta) OK on all that very full comments as always nicely analysed. No I did not try to suggest I "almost sleep with you" only just to de-stress or comfort you. On this perennial discussion of spanxking children I must refer you to an important information which you should read immediately It is called "the sexual dangers of spanXking children" can be read on < www.nospaxk(dot)net(slash)sexXdngr(dot)htXms > miss out the "X" Breakfast now -- more later is misty and rainy here only +3C

by Michael Fri Feb 10 08:37:18 UTC 2012

To Ela (cont)I was sorry to hear of that special meeting during tiffin time. Well, pupils attacking teachers is nothing new in the UK. but not killing a teacher. The boy is probably mentally deranged for some reason. Its a difficult problem and a job to know how best to cope with it. I am very puzzled why you think I've fallen from the "frying pan into the fire" (so to speak) with my new physiotherapist. I have known her as a customer for some years so it is nobody strange. I do not see any problem here. To be really truthful, I did not see any problem with Ms Xiao. It was you who put me off her,and I took your advice. You have to remember that this spanxkings I get from her (thenm) is only PART of the question of the training of the exercises. I agree and respect them for it,because she is (in effect) being concerned for my mental as well as physical welfare. I respect your advice but I think you are wrong about it. If she does get a sexual thrill by spaxnking me,that is OK by me, so long as it goes no further down the road than that! Of course, I will keep a close eye on how it evolves,but thank you for being concerned about me. I am so glad you have your "boyfriend" there. I think you need that kind of support and guidance,so I am happy for you; and he is a lucky man to have you. All for noe,more later. (clock= 0925) You think +18C is cold? ha-ha-ha ! then wait till you come to London in June even in summer it can be sometimes only +15C here it is a few degrees now just above freezing point.

by Michael Fri Feb 10 09:24:45 UTC 2012

Michael, I read many articles based on spanxking and sexuality. That's why I am so sure that what I am doing with my students it's at all not a sexual act but a strict punishment.
I only wanted that you should not get spanxked by any other lady (beside your aunty). I thought may be that's not good for your character to get aroused again and again. You are very religious, so this kind of sexual excitement may ruin your noble qualities. It is my point of view as an Indian. That may be different in your eyes as you're British. I am not your guardian. I only told those as a friend or a sister. That's enough. So please Michael, don't blame me if I am the reason that made you to go far from Miss Xiao whom you think right.
And forgive me if I said something wrong or misguided you.
Now I want to ask you some questions.
1. In your school, would the teachers ask you all questions from the previous lessons? If so then the students who were unable to answer how the teacher used to behave with them?
2. Did you have a head boy or head girl in your class? Would he or she write the names of the students who used to misbehave in class when the teacher was not present? And would the teacher punish them whose name were in the name list of the head boy or head girl?
3. Would all teachers punish the students regularly in your school? What were their punishment methods?
Please, answer these questions.
If you have something to ask me then you may write about those in your next posts. After your comment I will finish my article based on topic "B".
Now it is almost +16C here. The current time of the locality is----4.15PM. I am returning from school now. We teachers had a wise conversation today; especially Supriyo's comments on school punishment and child care were very learned.
Today I gave only mild punishments (more than 40 students). There was no spanxking in room 6 as we were busy in meeting. But I have ordered seven students to meet me tomorrow in Tiffin period. Tomorrow I will also have to send some students in room 6 for spanxking. I think I will have a long number of students who will be waiting for my spanxking outside of room 6. I think I have very hard work to do tomorrow. From Ela (What's your nick name Michael?)

by Sucheta Fri Feb 10 10:42:18 UTC 2012

Yes, I read the article. The writer wrote about many problems but solved nothing. And these two words "fondle" and "caress" are not relevant here. "Rub" and "fondle" never express same meaning. My question is to the writer would be then show us how we will be able to discipline those children who are only afraid of spanxking or in other word you cannot control them till you don't spanxk them. I don't like those persons who only talk about problems but never show the way how to solve the problems. Creating a problem is an easiest work but solving it is not like that. The writer must know this. (From Ela)

by Sucheta Fri Feb 10 11:41:08 UTC 2012

To Ela, to continue - I also remember as a 14 yr old being smacked on my bare bottom at the seaside by 2 girls on the beach as we were changing into our swimwear. They both smacked hard, but I did not dodge it, because I liked it! So let's bring this into your situation when you spanxk boys on their bare bottoms. You say they are too diverted yelling and shouting, but OK perhaps they do. But underneath all that external vociferousness, it's highly likely they get erotically aroused,some more than others perhaps. They are not going to say "please miss, I like that" are they? don't be silly! OK,they blurt,they cry, but that is only outward expression of the pain of the spaxnking, but inwardly (as I know from my own experience) it can spark-off erotic sensations. This is very important for you to recognise Ela! Ask your boy colleague about it, and get his thoughts.ten-to-one he will say what I just said! now its time for lunch her at clock=1210pm it is still wet and miserable and cold here!

by Mike Fri Feb 10 12:09:23 UTC 2012

To Ela, Crikey ! I have just re-read your last-but-one script again about the number of Student waiting for spanxking in Room 6 tomorrow ! How many minutes is tiffin period? Are there two tiffins, one morning and one afternoon? I see from the info on your school that you start classes at 11.30am finish at 4.30pm. It is a late staring time, I thought? Our schools vary but most they start at 8.45am finish at 3pm in winter or 3.30pm in summertime. yes I await your "alternative punishments details with interest. you must go to bed early tonight, as you must conserve your strength to give all those spanxkings tomorrow. I have sent you my details in a double-sealed envelope so keep an eye open for the Secretary of your School give you my post. I sent you my home address here, I think also my Email ad I forget but I think I did (getting old bad memory! )

by MIKE Fri Feb 10 14:40:51 UTC 2012

Michael or Mike please tell me where I made the such a mistake in my posts that is why you still didn't understand one simple thing, that little children (boys aged 6 to 9) girls aged (6 to 15) never feel these erotic pleasures. I know they won't tell me "Madam, do it! I like it." if they feel any sexual pleasure. I have that common sense. But you won't believe when I rub or squeeze the bare bottom of a boy (aged 6 to 9) or a girl (aged 6 to 15) how terribly they react. They may bear my spanxking but it is unbearable for them. Getting erotic pleasure will be beyond imagination, they start to shiver in an acute fear of when the burning smack will fall on their bottoms. How many times they cried to me saying, "Please Madam, do it in quick succession, please don't keep me in waiting." That's the real punishment! And in case of the older boys, aged 10 to 15, I never even tell them to drop their pants those happened to you. They just have to stand facing the wall. And I do it in quick succession. I am not saying that I don't rub the boys' bottoms. But it is done with the ruler not by my hand. And I never ever had to spanxk a student twice or in word getting terribly scared they don't think of even repeating same mischief. Not only I but all the lady teachers in my school punish their students in this way. If you don't trust me I can tell them to write here about their punishment experiences. And in previous posts, Tulika also wrote to you by herself that she never felt any sexual pleasure. Sometimes being such an intelligent and wise man you comment like you have taken a vow not to understand a simple thing or if anyone tries to make you understood you will ignore him or her, in word beyond redemption. Pardon me for being a bit rude. I am sad that you don't understand my condition. The only punishment the naughty students of my school fear and it is only spanxking. So tell me, without spanxking how I will be able to control them? The Headmaster will be offended too if I stop spanxking. And without rubbing and squeezing a spanxking cannot be delivered to a boy who is under 9, that is the conviction of all of the female teachers of our school and the other schools of West Bengal. Please come to India for one time visit the schools, you will many female teachers spanxking their students and rubbing or squeezing the bottoms before smacking. You'll realize not only I, Miss Sucheta do it. And you're talking about Supriyo? O My God! He is completely against of punishment. He has many other friends (male teachers of school), they have almost built a association of the teachers who don't hurt their students. And unfortunately the Headmaster doesn't protest against the male teachers. That is why you always find many imps are behaving with Supriyo like their friend and Supriyo is indulging it.
The current time of the locality is 8.45PM. It is almost +14C. Now it is cold isn't it? (From Ela)

by Sucheta Fri Feb 10 15:23:57 UTC 2012

Michael or Mike please tell me where I made the such a mistake in my posts that is why you still didn't understand one simple thing, that little children (boys aged 6 to 9) girls aged (6 to 15) never feel these erotic pleasures. I know they won't tell me "Madam, do it! I like it." if they feel any sexual pleasure. I have that common sense. But you won't believe when I rub or squeeze the bare bottom of a boy (aged 6 to 9) or a girl (aged 6 to 15) how terribly they react. They may bear my spanxking but it is unbearable for them. Getting erotic pleasure will be beyond imagination, they start to shiver in an acute fear of when the burning smack will fall on their bottoms. How many times they cried to me saying, "Please Madam, do it in quick succession, please don't keep me in waiting." That's the real punishment! And in case of the older boys, aged 10 to 15, I never even tell them to drop their pants those happened to you. They just have to stand facing the wall. And I do it in quick succession. I am not saying that I don't rub the boys' bottoms. But it is done with the ruler not by my hand. And I never ever had to spanxk a student twice or in word getting terribly scared they don't think of even repeating same mischief. Not only I but all the lady teachers in my school punish their students in this way. If you don't trust me I can tell them to write here about their punishment experiences. And in previous posts, Tulika also wrote to you by herself that she never felt any sexual pleasure. Sometimes being such an intelligent and wise man you comment like you have taken a vow not to understand a simple thing or if anyone tries to make you understood you will ignore him or her, in word beyond redemption. Pardon me for being a bit rude. I am sad that you don't understand my condition. The only punishment the naughty students of my school fear and it is only spanxking. So tell me, without spanxking how I will be able to control them? The Headmaster will be offended too if I stop spanxking. And without rubbing and squeezing a spanxking cannot be delivered to a boy who is under 9, that is the conviction of all of the female teachers of our school and the other schools of West Bengal. Please come to India for one time visit the schools, you will many female teachers spanxking their students and rubbing or squeezing the bottoms before smacking. You'll realize not only I, Miss Sucheta do it. And you're talking about Supriyo? O My God! He is completely against of punishment. He has many other friends (male teachers of school), they have almost built a association of the teachers who don't hurt their students. And unfortunately the Headmaster doesn't protest against the male teachers. That is why you always find many imps are behaving with Supriyo like their friend and Supriyo is indulging it.
The current time of the locality is 8.45PM. It is almost +14C. Now it is cold isn't it? (From Ela)

by Sucheta Fri Feb 10 15:24:05 UTC 2012

to Ela or Sucheta OK. OK. I consider myself in a bad light and being told-off. OK I re-think this out. Meanwhile, you have not answered any of my questions of my last script about tiffin period ETC.

by from Mike or Michael Fri Feb 10 15:49:04 UTC 2012

to Sucheta You sound as if you are annoyed with me. Perhaps I had better leave the forum

by Michael Fri Feb 10 15:50:26 UTC 2012

No, don't take it wrong Mike. I respect you very much but you see I don't like these punishments. So if anybody tries to prove that I am punishing them for any nasty reason or it has an unpleasant reaction on them, I cannot bear it. You are intelligent Mike. So, I hope you understand my condition. I will be the happiest person if the headmaster ever tells me that I will never have to spanxk anyone. So please don't leave the forum. It's rare to find a man like you to share experiences. I really adore you Michael.
And I don’t want to cheat my school board. And it is hard to identify a beloved person like you in ink and papers. So please wait till June. More I will write after your comment if you write you’ve forgiven me if I offended you in any way. (From Ela)

by Sucheta Fri Feb 10 16:05:13 UTC 2012

dear Sucheta (Ela) OK . The fault is mine, I apologise. I do not understand "I don't want to cheat my school ... " what does this refer to? As I said earlier, I have already mailed (posted Air-Mail) my details addressed with your full name on the envelope and containing a second sealed envelope with your name on it. It is addressed to you and the address of your School (because I do not know your home address --and you must not give it on the Forum) If you tell the Secretary of your school (or whoever is responsible for incoming mail) that you are expecting a letter from an old friend in the UK, I'm sure they would not feel cheated (if that's what you mean.) Or have I got it all wrong again! Oh dear I think you are going to send me to Room 6 in a minute ! ! (by the way I don't like my nickname, so its Michael from now on!

by MICHAEL Fri Feb 10 16:38:10 UTC 2012

To Sucheta(Ela) A true story from a friend of mine who is a Teacher in a Primary school . Her class are 5 to 7yr olds. The teacher was reading a story entitled "Three little Pigs" to her class. She came to the part where the first little piggy was gathering wood to build his house. she read "So the little piggy went to a carpenter, and said to the man 'Please may I have some of that wood to build my house? ' The Teacher paused and asked the class " And what do you think the man said to the little piggy? " One little boy raised his hand and teacher said "Well Johnny,what do you think the man said? " -- " I think the man would have said "cor blimey, a talking pig" (muffled laughter broke out in the class and teacher sent Johnny to stand outside the room! With that I will say goodnight and let all your dreams be nice ones. Tomorrow I look forward to your comments on the questions I asked (about tiffin)

by MICHAEL Fri Feb 10 19:31:47 UTC 2012

I found this forum quite nice . But it is difficult to trust the users . Though i adore both sucheta and mike. Let us exchange mails. I am a lady teacher from india and i will tell you about my punishment in mail. So mail me dear . Patra.shilpa729@rediffmail.

by Shilpa Sat Feb 11 05:30:47 UTC 2012

I really enjoy giving punishment to the boys . I am young so i love to punish . Contact me guys through mail .

by Shilpa Sat Feb 11 05:33:12 UTC 2012

To Michael (Not Mike)
I only wanted to mean that why I can't tell the truth to my school that who are you, what's the relationship between you and me and why you've written the letter. It's like I am hiding your existence from others. I don't want that. I want to meet you in London personally. Then you will be able to talk to each other in phone or in email also. Did you understand dear, what I really wanted say. (I hope you didn't take me wrong)
Yes, now let me answer you about the Tiffin period questions. Our school starts from 11.30 AM and it ends at 4.00PM, in Saturday it ends at 2.30 PM. The Tiffin period goes on for 35 minutes. Today is Saturday so it will be continued for 30 minutes only. That's why it will be impossible for me to punish all the students. I have a plan you now. Why I will take that huge pressure of correcting those hopeless students? So I think I will send the older students straightly to the Headmaster. It will be an experience for him that what an unpleasant job we are doing everyday. And you know, I always would like to support Supriyo's method of not punishing anyone. But alas! The students never show any respect to the young female teachers (perhaps thinking them someone like their elder sister) until they punish them very hard. It's a bit problematic situation. More I will write you after your post. O, I remember I have to complete the "B" article. Did you remember what the “B” article is?
The current time of our locality is 10.40AM. It is +14C today. So I like that temperature very much. (From Ela)

by Sucheta Sat Feb 11 06:11:57 UTC 2012

To Shilpa,
In which school you teach? What's your age? Are you newly appointed? What subject do you teach? Is your school the co-educated one? What are the ages of your students whom you punish? How you punish them, elucidate the punishing methods. Tell me, why you love punishing children? You are a teacher so your duty is to teach them and guide them properly. If they do something wrong and undisciplined you have to correct them by the punishments. But why you used the word "enjoy"? I am a bit confused. Please describe everything properly. And thank you very much for trusting and adoring us. So kind of you----

by Sucheta Sat Feb 11 06:20:34 UTC 2012

Sucheta, what will happen to my letter when thet receive it at your school? It is not "cheating" anybody to receive the letter. Just say to them its from an acquaintance in the UK who has not got your home address, so sent it to school for you, instead. Where is the cheating in that? I have to go shopping for food now for the weekend so hope receive your reply later.clock now 10am

by MICHAEL Sat Feb 11 10:02:14 UTC 2012

To Michael,
I missed the post where you wrote the true story. Yes, now I have got it. I like that. If I were the teacher I would praise the boy for his common sense! (That's a matter of laughing!)
No, I didn't send them to the Headmaster. Today I punished 8 students in very quick succession. I wasn't able to punish 7 more students because the Tiffin period was over. So I will spanxk them Monday in a quick succession.
Don't take word "cheat" in this way. Didn't you read my script that I wrote today morning? If you didn't then again read it, I sent it on Feb 11 06:11:57 UTC 2012. There I explained the true reason.
It is -2C? O my god! I will tell dad to call my uncle. It must be too cold to come out from home! It is now almost +21C in Kolkata. The current time of the locality is 4.20PM. From Ela (Why don't you call me by "Ela"? I will appreciate that very much.)

by Sucheta Sat Feb 11 10:48:12 UTC 2012

To Ela, Alright instead of Sucheta? I understand your meaning but you have not told me what will happen to my posted letter? what will they do with it? it has only to be opened by you because your Teacher name is on it. It should arrive in next few days,it was Wednesday I posted it from Penarth (Wales).Please say your answer to this. Inside the enclosed envelope are my details home address. I do not want anyone,but yourself to know my address. Now do you understand me? The weather is bright & sunny but yes -- it is now only +5C . It will go down to minus below freezing point of water after sun-down. There is no reply to your questions from Shilpa. Do you know this teacher in your district?

by Michael Sat Feb 11 12:33:15 UTC 2012

To Michael,
In which address you sent the letter? Did you mention the letter as the confidential one? If it is, then something wrong is going to happen with me. We teachers are not allowed to get any personal letter in school. Only the official letters are allowed in school and those are straightly sent to the Headmaster. If he finds someone is writing me from Wales, (he will of course not read it if it is confidential) but certainly ask me about your identity. If I inform him about you, he will surely get upset against me because in school this is not permitted. I told you that before. You don't know about the restriction of Indian schools, especially in West Bengal. We all teachers face many hard rules. I don't know what is going to happen with me. You ought to wait till June. I would certainly meet you in London. Then you easily could contact me personally. But you didn't listen to me or cared my words. Alas! (From Ela)

by Sucheta Sat Feb 11 13:04:55 UTC 2012

To Ela, Oh dear. It is not a confidential letter. but it does give MY details -- not yours. I did not realise that you were not allowed mail in school, sorry I mis-understood you. Well in that case the best thing is to tell him outright. Say that you are expecting a letter from Wales who is intersted in India country, and that I do not have your home address, so sent it to school where I know you teach. That should satisfy him without it causing any trouble for you. I am truly sorry about this, of course. You need not say that you have been on this Forum, or say anything about it.Reply me immediately to tell me your plan. You do not go till Monday -- so that gives you time to fone him to say you are expecting the letter. Reply me soon please Ela.

by Michael Sat Feb 11 14:07:55 UTC 2012

Alright! That's a nice idea. I don't know how he will react about it but I think that won't create any trouble for me. Thank you for that wise advice. In which address, you sent the letter, that I want to know Michael. (If you've have sent it in a wrong address, it will reach to my school. And if it is, then I am completely free from the danger. So you can guess I am not going to give you the real address any more because I want to talk to you personally, after I will see you in front of my eyes that I appreciate very much. What to do Michael? I am too brought up in this culture. I am a member of a very restricted society. So I personally cannot contact anybody whom I have not seen or known properly. Perhaps, you didn't mind anything). So please tell me in which exact address you sent the letter and how you addressed me because there is another teacher named Sucheta in our school. (From Ela)

by Sucheta Sat Feb 11 14:52:16 UTC 2012

Sorry for a printing mistake. I wrote the sentence "it will reach to my school." in my previous post. It will be "It will not reach to my school." (From Ela)

by Sucheta Sat Feb 11 14:55:21 UTC 2012

dear Ela, OK all received & understood. The address I wrote on the envelope was as I took from the school's website. It shows a picture of the school,too low building coloured blue and trees or greenery bushes or something too. I wrote To:- Sucheta Banerjee (Teacher) B E college model high school, Howrah 711103 West Bengal, India. It is an A4 size (about 9" X 5" approx) Inside, is another smaller envelope; also sealed with your name on it. This is for security sake! So anyone who opens the first (big) envelope cannot read any message until they then open the second,smaller envelope. It is doubtful that your Headmaster would cause you trouble. He knows you are a good Teacher on his staff and would not want to upset you. Also he probably will not say anything about receiving private mail in school.he will just "turn a blind eye" as he sounds like a benign wise old man,from what you've said! You should try contact the Headmaster before you go back to school on Monday,if you can. T Be quite open & honest about it all. tell him you are expecting this letter as a "one-off" thing because your acquaintance in the UK does not know your home address. Put yourself totally into his confidence, and I am certain he will respect you very much for that -- and nothing nasty will happen Be bold, as far as you are allowed in your culture. I am praying for you that you will be led in the correct way. bless you, darling Ela. reply me soon,as I want to know if you are better happier about this.

by MICHAEL Sat Feb 11 15:40:28 UTC 2012

A little detail is missing from the address that you didn't mention, so it will certainly face a problem to reach in the school. But I am optimist so I think perhaps your letter will be in my hand after some days. And our Headmaster is not the formidable one as you think. He behaves with me as his daughter and here is the exact problem. That is how he has got the liberty by himself to scold me (personally of course). He was once my grand father's student and is a friend of my father. But I will certainly call him. Thank you very much but I want to request you something, I think perhaps you will keep it. If I don't get this letter then don't send me again any letter in my school till I see you before my eyes in London. Telling the truth, I am also a bit recreant girl so I am also get scared getting any letter of any unknown person. But of course you're not unknown to me. You are dear Michael (not mike). I pray to the God for getting your letter as soon as it is possible. When you sent it? Tell me the exact date, so I will be able to guess when the letter will reach to my school. It is 10.15PM. Now it is a bit hot here, almost +26C. Tomorrow is Sunday, holiday. So we both will be able to send many posts to each other. Now I am going to bed.
--O yes! I have told one of my friends to write you in this forum. Her name is Miss Anushka Roy (25). She is also very strict teacher. She will be writing here very soon. Only she knows the whole matter and she is very interested about this forum. But it is a confidential discussion between her and me as she is my best friend in school (beside Supriyo of course). So she will not tell others about it. (From Ela)

by Sucheta Sat Feb 11 16:57:45 UTC 2012

Ela .. Do you know this "Shilpa" who came on this Forum is I suspect "guest" in disguise. It is his style of short script. And -- notice that Shilpa has not returned. That's "fishy" ( stinks!!!! )If they are genuine,they won't mind answering the questions. Did you read the little joke-story I related earlier script? please will bring a smile to your face... from Michael

by Michael Sat Feb 11 17:05:44 UTC 2012

dear Ela, I only just received your last script (Sat Feb 11th 16:57) it came after I sent the "fishy" script !! . What is that word you describe yourself as "recreant" I cannot find it in the Dictionary! I sent the letter on last wednesday about midday from PENARTH Wales post-office. You might see a postmark saying "Wales UK" on the front of the envelope. what is the "detail" you say is missing from the address? Is this other girl Miss Anushka Roy a Teacher at your school? OK I will wait further from you. Goodnight (you will be asleep by the time I send this (clock=1852 Sat.)

by MICHAEL Sat Feb 11 18:48:23 UTC 2012

dear Ela, Just a thought occurred to me. would it be good idea to tell Supriyo about the letter, then you will have some good moral support? goodnight. I will now get some Supper, aunty is already gone to bed, so must take it on a tray to her room. it will be grilled sardines in tomato sauce, I like that!

by MICHAEL Sat Feb 11 21:52:41 UTC 2012

I don't know Shilpa personally. So I can't pass a comment on her that whether she is genuine or not. I think we must have to wait for her further reply.
The word "recreant" is old-fashioned poetic English. You'll find that in Shakespeare's dramas and John Milton's poets too. And I wonder why didn't you find the word in Dictionary? You may consult Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. It's a very good dictionary that I am using from my childhood. "Recreant" means not brave.
Yes, Anushka teaches Philosophy in our school. She is very wise and intelligent teacher. And Supriyo knows about it. He is the man who first told me to tell you not to go to any physiotherapist who would smack you. Supriyo hates corporal punishment. He is a child-lover. I never ever laughed because you got spanxked by your physiotherapist but he burst into laughing hearing this. I am sorry for that.
Let me see whether I get your letter or not.
After your comment, I want to share about a punishment experience from my childhood in Pittsburgh. It left a mark in my memory. I hope you want to know that and will share your comments after I write the post.
O yes, I read the true story. I mentioned about it in my previous post. Didn't you read that? I wrote I would praise the boy for his common sense. It's a very good joke. The current time of Kolkata is 11.48AM. The temperature is almost +15C. What's the temperature of Wales now? Today the glorious BAFTA award will be celebrated in London. Julia called me saying that. We are all very eager to know the result. I hope it is not snowing now. If it is then it will create a trouble for the artists stalling their way. (Just Joking) (From Ela)

by Sucheta Sun Feb 12 06:23:01 UTC 2012

to Ela (Sucheta) It is dull and cloudy and cold again here only +5C at the moment (0855 am )thanks for explaining the word 'recreant' I still can't find it in the Oxford version,perhaps its too old edition. Why do you want Anusha to talk to me? Yes please let me know how you get on about the letter, I am glad you told your betrothed Supriyo as he can support you. Did you contact the Headmaster about whether they had already received the letter? It should be there by now,it was Airmail first-class post. Oh yes about the joke--thats right I did read it yes. It shows how children can grasp common sense when we adults seem to get all complicated! well, I think we have done a good job between us two on the Forum. we have practically exhausted the Topic! So "Au Revoir" and farewell and let me know the end of May about London. You must bring your beloved also as it will not be right for me to meet you on your own. All blessings byebye for the time being,except do please tell me if you got the letter.

by MICHAEL Sun Feb 12 09:16:18 UTC 2012

I wanted to tell you a very serious incident circulating school punishment of my childhood that I did not forget still now. Don't you want to know and give your comments on it? And you wrote the wrong spelling "Anushka". It is not "Anusha" but "Anushka". If you don't want her to talk to you, I am telling her not to write, as she told me she will start writing here from Monday. After sharing the incident we will say "Au Revoir" for four months. But not now, what do you say Michael? (From Ela)

by Sucheta Sun Feb 12 09:59:27 UTC 2012

dear Ela, OK; write about the serious incident of your childhood, Why do you want my comments on it? Is it anything to do with "Do female teachers enjoy caning boys" ? If Anushka wants to tell me about her experiences in this subject it might be interesting as she is another Teacher at your School. OK (clock=1311 hrs still cold and grey here!

by Michael Sun Feb 12 13:12:24 UTC 2012

No! It is not about any lady teacher's caning enjoyment. But it is based on school punishment, a true incident that happened to me when I was just 7, used to study in a kid's co-educated school in Pittsburgh. There was a teacher named Mr. Kubrick who used to teach us history. He was a bit lunatic person whom you British call as "nutter". In Pittsburgh, we never faced any corporal punishment. But I remember Mr. Kubrick used to punish children in many shameful ways (not physically of course). However, Mr. Kubrick used to love me very much because I was a bright student. There was a boy whom he used to love very much also for his brilliance and his name was Jack Boyd. There was another boy whose name was Johnny Jackson, a black guy, who was also very good boy but Mr. Kubrick was not fond of him, it is because, you know, he was a black guy (that I can guess). One day Mr. Kubrick asked us some questions from the previous lessons. As he was a crazy teacher he asked very hard questions almost out of the text book. But he spared only us, Jack and me. After the period we saw all the students of the class were standing for not being able to answer his questions beside two of us. He used a strange punishment. He ordered Jack to twist all the girls' ears and me to twist all the boys' ears. Can you image how humiliating it was! I don't know about Jack but I didn’t like that though I had to twist all the boys' ears on his command. I was very little then but I remember I got shocked terribly when I had to twist Johnny's ear. I always knew that he was much brighter than me in study. But I twisted his ear against my will. He just laughed expressing what a fun it is! And his smile came to me like a whip. After the class was over I went to Johnny to beg pardon from him, he just said smiling, "No! It's alright!" I knew nothing was alright! May be he was very little too then but it certainly hurt his mind terribly. Gradually I watched that Johnny stopped to talk to me or in other word he just used to avoid me. I realized more perfectly how the incident shocked him that day. As far as I know, Johnny made his graduation from Harvard University. I don't know about him now but I know he never ever pardoned me as I never forgave Mr. Kubrick also for his shameful behaviour to the children.
And I’ve told Anushka not to write here any more because I don’t want her to get insulted by someone like the guest. Who knows he will again appear here or not. So she may tell me I am the reason of her insults. I was also got insulted in this forum (by you too remember). After your comment on this incident that I depicted, we will say SHUBHOBIDAY (Bengali word means Goodbye) to each other for four months. If I get your letter I will call you back as soon as it is possible. I am too tired now because today evening I had to teach students in my house. Tomorrow I will have to go to school. Many students will be waiting in room 6 for my ---------- (you know what it is) ---------- (From Ela)

by Sucheta Sun Feb 12 16:53:53 UTC 2012

t Ela: That true incident was very unfortunate and really,in effect Mr.Kubrick is the one to blame because he made you twist Johnny's ear. In reality it was not you who did it -- it was Mr.Kubrick. It was also nasty of him to make class children punish other class-children, that was as you say, the mind of a "nutter" yes. regarding your telling Anushka not to write on this Forum, you should leave that choice to her, after telling her that it is possible for guest and any others like him(her) to corrupt the Forum. Then she cannot put blame on you, and you will have done the right thing by warning her. But the choice should be hers.OK then I will keep an eye on this Forum in case you come on it to tell me you received the letter. I forget exactly what I put in the letter except that I know I put my home address here. If you would rather write me or send me a postcard, yes that is fine, and better security. Goodbye for now, au revoir. and go easy on those bottoms tomorrow! You will be worn out and won't be able to do your teaching class!

by MICHAEL Sun Feb 12 18:52:56 UTC 2012

to Ela (Sucheta) I just had a surprise! I see a short video of you singing (youtube) You look older than 23 in the video (but that does not matter! ) You are singing Song of Sandhya has your name (Sucheta Banerjee) in the venue of Ssir mancha,Kolkata. Is this you -- or another lady with same name?

by Michael Sun Feb 12 19:55:24 UTC 2012

No-no-no! This is not me. I never sang in Ssir Mancha, Kolkata. She is another lady. I am not her.
And I will tell Anushka what you suggested; now the choice is her. It is good that you will keep an eye on this forum, (not one eye but two eyes of course). If I get your letter then certainly I will write in this forum and send you a letter (you've told that you've mentioned your house address there). If not--then, I think we two will chalk out another plan later. I'm now going to school. Goodbye! (From Ela)

by Sucheta Mon Feb 13 05:19:26 UTC 2012

To Ela OK have a nice day (as they say) smack their BARE bottoms and save your energies! ! I am glad that Singer is not you. I do not like her looks very much ! I will wait on your next script. I am itching to know if you get my letter. It is not typed. It is my handwriting. I hope it is legible for you. CU later then. Oh! yes let Alushka write me, by all means. It will be interesting for another point of view also. The more the merrier (again, as 'they' say ) I don't know who "they" are, do you? Probably means "the uneducated ignorant masses !

by MICHAEL Mon Feb 13 08:35:37 UTC 2012

Hello Michael, I am Anushka Roy. Ela told me a lot of things about you and this forum. I have entered in this forum having a proper idea that many persons here can say many nonsense things about me.
Sorry to say, Ela is a bit upset against you. She has got your letter today. Our HM first received it. As far as I know Ela told him the truth, you know she never lies. This is her character. And that is why perhaps the HM told her something unpleasant that I don't know but I found her sobbing in the room where we teachers examine the students' answer papers. I found her there alone. She tried to hide her tears from me pretending to smile. But I asked her to say the real truth. She said that the HM told her why she gave the liberty to the British boy for sending a personal letter in school. He scolded her a little saying he never expected such a behaviour from her. She is quite upset about that. I don't know if she had read your letter. She only told me that she wrote to you for many times for not sending any letter to her school. She only said to me perhaps the fault was her. So think she is not going to write to you anymore.
I think you should have listened to Ela. We teachers face a strict discipline in school.

by Anushka Roy Mon Feb 13 11:01:00 UTC 2012

dear Anushka. I am very upset by this you tell me about the letter. I do not know why there is some problem here? I am sorry that Ela is upset, I do not know the reason for this. I am very sorry indeed, and so sorry she will not write me any more. I did try explain to her the best way of approaching the School about the letter I sent. She thought the Headmaster might "scold" her but like a father or elder brother figure -- kindly and paternal. I am really so upset about this myself, I feel like crying with her. I hope you can tell her this please? that I really would NEVER upset her for the world because I respect her and think so much of her and the scripts between us(if you look back on this Forum) have been friendly and informative for us both. Please try to console her and tell her is there anything I can do to rectify the Headmaster's anger? I will write to the Headmaster, if you would want me to do this, if you think it helps. Please reply me soon, Alushka as I am mortified and upset that this has turned out nasty.(from Michael (in utter sincerity.))

by MICHAEL Mon Feb 13 12:49:25 UTC 2012

No! It think you should not write to the HM. It will complicate the whole matter. It will be more dangerous for her. You are right the HM is like our father but he is very orthodox and a bit hot tempered person. But he loves Ela most including all the teachers. So I think she is already able to manage the disagreement between the HM and her. But she is sad because of another reason. We all had faced many problematic situation with the HM in past accept Ela. She never ever did something that would displease the HM. So now that record has been broken. Don’t worry Michael. She is alright. And the HM adores her most because of her extra-ordinary wisdom and a strict domination over all the students though she is one of the youngest teachers, prettiest too. And HM is very close to her personally also. The HM had already forgotten everything that I believe because today he praised Ela in front of all of us in the guardian meeting after the fifth period. Ela’s only problem is she is tremendously sensitive, easily gets scared and a little bit sloppy, you see, it is very easy to make her cry.
I remember Ela often used to praise you in front of me and some other bosom friends of her. But as she is easily moved so I think she will not going to write you anymore. And personally I don’t blame you. You are brought up in UK culture so you don’t know the strict Indian culture. Look, I am also unmarried like her live with my parents and one younger sister. And we are not rich like Ela. She is the daughter of one of richest persons in Kolkata. I was brought up in a middle-class family not poor of course. But I acknowledge it too that I am also strictly disciplined by my parents still now.

by Miss Anushka Roy Mon Feb 13 13:32:26 UTC 2012

dear miss Anushka Thank you for the prompt reply which has done a little to comfort my spirit but I am MOST SORRY that I ever wrote the letter. Yes she did say not to write, but I did not think it was such a big thing in your society, as it is not in ours. May I refer you back a few scripts on ths Form please? You will see that I advised Ela to ask her loved man (boyfriend) Supriyo to give her moral support. Well, did she ask the HM to see him also about my letter? If not, it should have been less trouble. Heigh-ho, I am quite sad about this, i feel like crying to myself also. Especially so, as you tell me that she will not write here anymore. In other words, I have lost all contact with her.Anushka, you are her good friend, are you not? Please tell Ela I am so grieved about this all. What more can I say, I just do not know. I am really sad about it all just now. Please write me on this Forum as you are my only contact now with her, please do not desert me. What are your thoughts?

by Michael Mon Feb 13 13:51:59 UTC 2012

TO ALL PERSONS FOLLOWING this Forum. You will see a good simposium of the subject Topic under intensive discussion between Sucheta and myself(Michael). We have virtually taken the whole thing to bits, in addition to giving our personal accounts of our experiences in this Subject. I recommend the diligent reading of it all before posting any questions. Then your question may be answered and so your writing will be unnecessary. To scams like 'guest' (and possibly Shilpa --who might be 'guest' in pseudonym) I say:- stop causing confusion,and moderate your language; this is also stipulated at the head of the Forum. Using bad language does nothing to enhance your argument. It just shows what a rude and base person you really are. to 'guest' you are the chief scam-purveyor. You are to be found on (god-knows) how many Forums! To be sure, turn almost any of them up == and(ha-ha- but not funny) there you are! Enough said I hope! I am leaving this Forum now as my dear genuine correspondent has now ended her scripts here;to anyone genuine who have been following the discussion. Make your own comments now.GOODBYE ALL.

by MICHAEL Mon Feb 13 15:05:43 UTC 2012

Yes! I can do that for you but I don't think she will listen to me. She is very arrogant in nature, you know. She thinks probably she will again get some troubles from this forum as she got in past that I know from her description. But I will certainly ask her to write you again. More is up to her.
I don't know if you are here or not or already bade your final goodbye but I think I would like to share my experience with you. Who knows if God wishes Ela also can join us.
But one thing Michael, I never such a brilliant, talented, gentle and beautiful girl like Ela before. She looks like a living fairy! Sometimes we teachers often mock with her saying, “Why you are here for teaching and smacking children? You should go to Hollywood. You must be one of most beautiful ladies in the world.” So it’s hard to fear if she sobs, that I saw her to do. It has made me really very sad.

by Miss Anushka Roy Mon Feb 13 16:26:47 UTC 2012

Sorry! I made a mistake. The last sentence will be
it’s hard to bear if she sobs,
I found many technical problems in the forum. I don't know why it is.

by Miss Anushka Roy Mon Feb 13 16:30:40 UTC 2012

to miss Anushka I am still here because Ela said you wanted my comments on the Topic and also I believe she said that you have a point of view about it, which you want to discuss. so I will stay on for your sake. If Ela finds it in her heart to re-think her decision then I will greatly rejoice! Also you can tell me how progress at your school is with Ela because you are her best friend. Do you smack boys bottoms like Ela,and what implements do you use? If Ela went to Hollywood she would not be Ela any more! The life is totally glamour -- and little else underneath! No life for Ela.

by MICHAEL Mon Feb 13 17:08:15 UTC 2012

der miss Alushka I have been re-reading the scripts of this Forum to remind myself of what was discussed. OK. now I see that your 'surname' (Roy) is the same as Ela's colleague, Supriyo.that is 'Roy' Are you related in some way to Supriyo? perhaps his younger sister maybe? I don't know of course, but I am just curious. It is also curious that Ela has the same name of that Singer on Youtube video. but she is not the same. I should imagine that "Roy" is a widely-known name. This is the case in Wales where Jones,Evans, Thomas & Williams are very widespread. OK then, well if I am to stay here, let's be hearing of your interest in this subject of "Do lady Teachers enjoy caning boys?" I hope Ela has a good night's sleep after this terrible day. You must ask how she is when you go to school! Clock time here =2115 (9.15pm) evening .No doubt you & Ela will be fast asleep dreaming of smacking boys bottoms (ha ha! )

by Michael Mon Feb 13 21:15:45 UTC 2012

To Michael,
It's a joke Michael, she is not going to Hollywood. Ela told me about you that she still admires you but she thinks your and her ways are completely different so it is good for both of you and her to remain in their own places. But she also told me perhaps after a few days she may write again in this forum because Ela thinks you should not be blamed for the incident. The culture difference of the two countries is the main reason behind it. That's all.
No Michael, I am not related to Supriyo. Supriyo is the only son of his parents. He is probably the wisest teacher in the school beside the HM. I have a younger sister and a twin sister who is an air-hostess and married now. I exactly look like her. You can see her video in internet. She participated in a very famous Bengali quiz contest named DADAGIRI UNLIMITED 2, ZEE BANGLA. I am giving you the video URL-----
You will see a video named Dadagiri Unlimited 2 Dadagiri Unlimited 2 October 29 Episode Video, Round Five - Slog Over
My sister’s name is Sumita Das, she is wearing a white sari. She gets finally eliminated from quiz in this video. The host Sourav Ganguly (the famous cricketer) honours her with special gifts and asks her some questions based on her air-hostess career. Seeing her, you can guess I look like.
Michael, we teachers----wait a second---why I can't type the proper name of the punishment, here is something very problematic I think----alright, we lady teachers not only spa-k (sorry for the wrong spelling. Here is the problem that I'm facing. It is considered as a rude word. How silly it is! It is not at all rude. How Ela used to write the word? She also practices the same punishment.) boys but many girls also. I can't tell about Ela but I think I enjoy punishing my students. It is not for any other kind of pleasure but I enjoy and love spa-king children, never miss a little chance to do so because it scares them very much and that is how I am able to dominate on those children who are generally tremendous naughty. Spa-king is my favourite punishment as the other female teachers also do. Yes, I use many kinds of implements too. I will describe about my punishments vividly after your comment. I hope you have seen the video and guessed properly how I look like.

by Miss Anushka Roy Tue Feb 14 11:07:00 UTC 2012

dear miss Anusha, thank you for your letter. I will try getting the video, but once Ela told me some address but when it came on the caption said it was not available to see it. So I did not see it. But I will try your video in a moment. Ela splet the word like this "spanxk" by entering an X in the word. If you looked back at her scripts, you would see this. All for now as I am going out for lunch today with aunty to give her atreat and a breath of fresh air. It will do me good too because I am really grieving and cut-up by that events at your school yesterday. I did not sleep much last night, mulling it over in my mind , so I am quite tired today!

by MICHAEL Tue Feb 14 11:58:11 UTC 2012

dear miss Anushka sorry some "typoes" crept into my last mail I meant to say "spelt" not as typed "splet" also your name is now corrected. yes I saw the video without any problem. your sister is very nice looking girl, and if you look like her, you will soon attract a nice man! Tell me more details of your punishment Alushka please and you say you "enjoy" spanxking the bottoms more than other type of punishment. Yes I imagine it does you and the other ladies who spanxk a power of good because you are venting frustrations and emotions out (this is not angery) which build up unnoticed in all of us, female or male. Excuse me I will have to stop now as we must go for Lunch now. maybe you will reply and I see it when we return home?

by MICHAEL Tue Feb 14 12:39:05 UTC 2012

Michael, the first thing I want to tell you that the video which Sucheta asked you to see, she also told me to see it also. And I saw it, found a very good link between our punishment and punishment of the disciplinarian of that video. Two things are really different. You see, in the middle of punishment the disciplinarian cries because he had to spanxk the boy. We never do so. And the other difference is the disciplinarian threw the boy from his lap after the punishment. We don't do it also. The whole punishment goes on gently without a hurry. I am giving you the URL again. Type it, perhaps you can see it.
We will see a video named "Child Discipline Blooper"
That is how we exactly punish our students in class.
You see Michael, I generally don't prefer to punish students in a secret room at the Tiffin period as Ela and other teachers do. I complete the punishments in the class. But sometimes I also punish in a secret room. I give the punishments in room 2. I do it sometimes in the Tiffin period or sometimes when the school is over.
And I like to spanxk students on my lap very much. How I spanxk them, later I will describe. Just take the example of today. I entered in class five where all the boys and girls are aged 10 to 11. You see, I am a teacher of philosophy but philosophy is not taught in class five. So I teach them GK (general knowledge). I entered in the class, the head boy showed me the name list containing almost 10 naughty students' names. I called them all and asked to stand in a queue and come one by one in front of me and lie on my lap without a fuss. Exactly like the video, I punished them in a quick succession with my bare hand. I did not spanxk them on their bare bottoms but still they jumped up on my lap after each smack. I also spanxk on the alternative bottoms as Ela does. After the punishment is over I asked one of them to give the text book and started to ask questions from the previous lesson. I told them to prepare this chapter very well in the previous class. But I found only twelve to fifteen students were able to answer my questions. I knew that would happen. So I started to ask questions taking a wooden flat twelve inches long scale that we all teachers use. Generally I start to ask questions from the last benches. It is because I know mainly dull students sit there and they will never be able to answer my questions. It is done for two reasons. One of the reasons is of course to oblige them to study more hard and the other reason is------ I told before I love to punish students. So I know if I start asking the questions from the last bench I will have enough children to beat. As usually the same thing happened today. It is like I asked a question to the boy who sat at corner of the last bench; he was not able to answer me; so I called him in front me and ordered to show the palms. I always tapped the palm and gave five firm strokes in each palm almost in a quick succession. Each strike was falling on the palm the student was making many sounds those often made me unable to control laughing. And the strange thing is, I found the other four students of the last bench also were unable to answer the same question. It is like I was saying, "next--next--and next", they were coming to me, showing their shivering sweaty palms, my scale was creating some sounds on their palms like "tush" "tush" "tush" and they were jumping back after each stroke creating sounds like "A-a-a-a-h" "U-u-u-u-h". (Continued)

by Miss Anushka Roy Tue Feb 14 14:56:14 UTC 2012

(Continued) I asked the question again to the students of the last bench of the girl's row. Same thing happened again but the only difference was after the sounds of the strokes girlish crying were heard.
At last I got the right answer from a boy who was sitting before the bench of last bench. Before I could get one answer I already made 13 boys' and girls' white or dark palms red or pink. So that is how before I could complete asking questions to all the students of the class the period was over. 15 or 20 boys and girls were left. You are thinking how lucky they are! No dear, I told the head boy to write their names and roll numbers in a paper. I will ask them the questions tomorrow. If anyone tries to miss the class without a suitable reason or not showing guardian's letter, he or she will not only have to get 10 strokes in each palm but also have to lie on my lap for the spanxking. And if luckily he or she becomes able to answer the question, of course I will not strike on the palms but he or she must have to lie on my lap for the spanxking for missing the previous class intentionally. I told you before I never miss a chance to spanxk a student on my lap. Beside that, I give many mild punishments also as Ela and other teachers do. I will tell you about those punishments later after your post.
And it's OK Michael. I also made many mistakes in my previous post, corrected later.

by Miss Anushka Roy Tue Feb 14 14:57:27 UTC 2012

dear miss Anushka, Where do I begin to comment, I wonder? You teachers spend more time giving punishments than you do to teaching, it seems to me! If you gave more effort to your methods (techniques) of teaching as you do to punishments, maybe the children would learn more! Just a moment -I will try this video address now. more later.

by Michael Tue Feb 14 16:05:58 UTC 2012

There is a problem Michael. If you were a teacher of our school you would feel it. We spend almost three days in teaching, not asking any question but it is very rare to find all the students are paying attention to the teachers. If they ever find you that you don't beat your students they will probably think the class as a picnic spot and that will certainly irritate the HM. But you know Michael, our students always score very high in Madhaymik examination or many higher level educations. They often stand first to tenth position in the state. The punishments teach them many things you know. But if Supriyo ever visits here he will tell you something different, against of punishing children.

by Miss Anushka Roy Tue Feb 14 16:28:35 UTC 2012

POSTSCRIPT to miss Anushka I looked at the video again and it seems to me that it is typical Americanised rubbish! half-hearted - not sicere - just almost playing a game -yes and a right old picnic! Such silly videos should never be broadcast over the media. So there! Goodnight, sleep tight!

by Michael Tue Feb 14 16:50:04 UTC 2012

Ha! Ha! Ha! That's right the video is very very funny and stupid especially made for mockery. Yes you are right that didn't hurt the child that much.
The point I am making with this video is, this is the exact position where we spanxk students and smack almost the same times (as mild punishment) as the disciplinarian of the video gave. But in case of older students I too use wooden flat scale.
The scale is almost half of half inch thick.
No I didn't mind that you corrected my grammar. I am an Indian and you are a British. English is your mother-tongue. So who can correct English grammar more than a British (not the Americans, don't mind, they often write bad English)? But would you believe that I did not make the mistake intentionally? But still I thank you very very much for correcting the grammar. We all have something to learn from others.
Not only Ela but I also don't agree that +11C is warm. It is almost +32C in Kolkata. Can you imagine?
By the way, Ela forgot that she had two or three photos, uploaded in internet. It has a little story. In India, there is a famous body-cream named Vicco Turmeric Cream, both men and women can use it. One of her fathers friends work as a chief-managing-director in that company. He once requested Ela's father to send Ela for a photo shoot, in a view of publishing the cream's AD in paper. He told it because Ela is a very beautiful and smart girl so she would be the perfect one for the AD. Of course they offered salary for Ela. However as far as I know Ela refused it saying she is not a model, she did it to keep the request of her father's friend and experience something different and new We all have seen the photo in internet or in papers. I can give you the URL no of the photo if you want to see. Of course first I have to take Ela’s permission about that.

by Miss Anushka Roy Wed Feb 15 06:51:57 UTC 2012

dear miss Alushka. Thank you for your interesting letter. You are right, I think. That video is a laugh but I take your point about it. Ah! Now that 12" scale you use is thicker than the ones here in UK. So that is going to make palms & bottoms smart especially if you raise your arm high! How high do you raise your arm when spanxking with the ruler? OK about the Grammar" correction, but you and Ela are very excellent with your English grammar. It's a most difficult thing to master -- even us British finr difficulty. Now I must get breakfast (while you and Ela will now be teaching in school) It is here 0850am so India it will be about 11420hrs I guess? I have to confess in my next script (later) something about me which is now time to tell it.

by Michael Wed Feb 15 08:50:25 UTC 2012

dear Alushka, Breakfast completed, now another bit of script before I have to go to work. I said that I had something to confess, but it is not going to make a huge difference to anything,except for the sake of truth, I tell it now. It was really a "typoe" (spelling error) which I left un-corrected and let it go on. My age is really 34 (thirty-four) not as earlier typed as 24. I did not see it as important but now I realise that our conversations are serious, therefore it is honest that I should now correct my mistake. You say that Ela has a foto there somewhere. Please tell me how to view it,would you? The snag is that it will make my pain worse to bear, as I will pine more for her. However, it will be nice to see her in the flesh. But,you know, I think you are very nice looking anyway, seeing that other video your twin sister. One thing puzzles me very much about the whole episode of your staff receiving letters personally in your school. Surely, other staff at your school can see Ela (and you) and anybody writing here to this Forum, can they not? Perhaps "daddy" (HM) himself is tuned-in to this Forum,who knows? It is still truthfully called "correspondence" with unknown persons, isn't it? But you and others from Bengal are doing it on this Forum. So why the problem of "post-mail" (snail-mail) when the only difference is by "electronic mail" (the internet) The medium by which communications are sent is quite besides the point. So I do not understand your School's strictures because it is not consistent honesty, is it? Your comments please! And they had better be good reasons, or your school has some real answers to find. ha-ha!

by Michael Wed Feb 15 09:33:08 UTC 2012

POSTSCRIPT to Alushka Remember the old saying " If honesty is being compromised, then at least make sure that you are consistent" Think on that one, if you please! And remember "In the beginning (of the universe) was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word WAS God. And all things were made by Him. Was not anything made, that was made, except by the breath of His mouth. In the fullness of time the Word became flesh.And dwelt amongst us, full of grace and truth, that through His spirit we might know the Father as indeed we are already fully known by Him even before the world began" Think on this (eternal) truth also and study it. Take it to bits by means of all yer high technologies and high societies (so you think! Our (human)technology is but a mere drop in the ocean sea compared to God) and see if it is anything other than 100% Truth! What a laugh we humans are,we think we know everything about everything. . . Paff & Piffle!

by Michael Wed Feb 15 09:50:27 UTC 2012

First, let me tell you that Ela only told me with other five teachers who are very close to her about this forum. That's all. And why you passed a little insulting word like "daddy" against our HM? He is very gentle person. And he is not a fixed HM. The headmasters often get transferred in many schools of other districts. He is in this school from 2007 before both of us I and Ela were appointed as teachers. And we are writing these letters from our personal computers not using the school computer. And of course we don't have to take the HM's permission to write here. It's our personal matter.
I found you very religious. Ela told me that before. That's nice. I am also very religious.
Ela told me today she may write again after few days.
I will answer your other questions about school punishments after you see the photo of Ela. You see, the URL no. is very complicated.
You have to erase the "X" from the word hXtXtXp. And you know already the other processes of making this URL no. perfect and useful.
You will see Ela, in a green dress. The photo was clicked just one year before she was the school teacher.
Reply me very soon informing you have seen the photo or not. I have another URL no of Ela's photo. I will give it later.
By the way, Ela herself told me to tell about the URL. She also said me that she completely forgot to tell you about the photo.
And at Tiffin period, I also had to punish one boy in room 2. When I was going to room 2, I saw a long line of scared students outside of room 6 where Ela punishes. I also heard a crying sound coming through the room. I think she did a pretty interesting job there.
Michael, you often spell my name wrongly. It is ANUSHKA, not ALUSHKA.

by Miss Anushka Roy Wed Feb 15 10:30:06 UTC 2012

dear ANUSHKA I did a wrong spelling before! Sorry. You must tell me report to Room 2 for a spanxking (over your knees? I wonder) OK First I sued the word "daddy" is not a nasty description at all. In my language it a term of affection. I used it in this context "paternal" or home-caring or "kindly overseeing" -- all those meanings rolled into one description. Sorry if you thought it otherwise. You do not mention my age? Are you shocked that I am 34 not 24? I am pleased that Ela might decide to write again. Has she forgiven me? I do so want that back to equilibrium (status quo) again. But also you are very nice too. You speak like Ela, no wonder you are her best friend and you are both Teachers also, you have a lot in common and to share. All for now as I will have Lunch then back to work for 2 more jobs. Thank you for your continuing kindness taking trouble anf time-out to write me. I appreciate that. More later. God bless you both Ela & you (see I spell your name correctly ! ha-ha!) I wonder how hard you are going to spanxk me? Perhaps you will send me to Room 6 to Ela? Wow! I do not think that would be punishment,even by her standards. I would enjoy every second across her lap (I think? Hmmm! I wonder if that is right.ha-ha)

by Michael aged 34 Wed Feb 15 11:41:10 UTC 2012

to miss Anushka I just tried that Site number but google says there is error in title somewhere. I tried it twice. It is a very long address. But I am un successful, can you give the complete thing again as there is something not printed properly after "... tbni " there is a small mark of some digit there after the "i" letter. I think that is the error. Please send again. from Micheal.

by MICHAEL Wed Feb 15 11:58:05 UTC 2012

O I see! The URL no. was not printed properly. I trying again.
www(dot)google(dot)co(dot)in(slash)imgres?q=vicco+turmeric+cream+times+of+india&hl=en&sa=X&biw=1280&bih=933&tbm=isch&prmd=imvnsfd&tbnid=9HPTm9lBWualTM:&imgrefurl=hXtXtXp:(slash) (slash)epaper(dot)timesofindia(dot)com(slash)Repository(slash)getFiles(dot)asp%3

by Miss Anushka Roy Wed Feb 15 15:12:47 UTC 2012

dear miss Anushka. No.. Again it is same problem. The end of the first line (after the "i") is something there which cannot seem to be a digit? I think if you divide the whole thing into 2 parts (though of course joined really) then we will avoid the end of the line problem. try again! Tell me how many boys bottoms did you spanxk today? Do you know whether Ela got through all those many students?

by Michael Wed Feb 15 15:24:37 UTC 2012

Sorry! I think something programmatic here, that's why I can't write the proper URL no.
I am telling you another way to see it.
Search in Google box, typing "vicco turmeric cream ad times of india getimage.dll". After reaching to that page you will have to click on the "image" option under the "Search" title at the left side of the page. Then you will see there are very limited pictures, almost 10 to 11. You will see there is a girl's picture in green t-shirt and you will see there is another picture where same girl is, wearing a green stripped black shirt with a boy. This girl is our dear Ela. You will find some words like “Natural beauty at Rs 27* only and (a letter containing red words) WOW (with two “!” after the word)” in the picture where Ela is wearing a great T-shirt, carrying some books.
You will also find some sentences like “Some creams for men, some creams are only women but Vicco turmeric cream is for all” and “unanimous choice for healthy skin” in the photo where Ela is posing with a boy.
If you don't find it I will have to find another way to show you the photo.

by Miss Anushka Roy Wed Feb 15 15:31:01 UTC 2012

Sorry I wrote the wrong words "great t-shirt" in my previous post. I don't know whether it is great or not but I intended to type "green t-shirt." Sorry for the mistake.

by Miss Anushka Roy Wed Feb 15 15:33:43 UTC 2012

dear miss Anushka. Yes! Success! I saw it also I made the image bigger on screen. Ela has a silver ring on her small finger. There is a boy also and they are both wearing dark-colour Tee shirts. Yes she is certainly a pretty girl. Supriyo should hasten to marry her! Why is he waiting? Does she not want to marry him? Perhaps--but is waiting yet? This is impertinent of me, but Ela's finger nails are a teeny bit too long. But that is only my personal preference, not a criticism of course. How is she feeling today? Has she read the letter I sent? It is OK for you to read it also, if you are curious. Have you punished any more students today? Byebye for now The temp. here now is quite warm compared with what we have had! it was +12C at around 1400hrs today! I had a nice Lunch today. it was fish with various veg'tbls. Hope you are OK . Please send your news of the spanxkings you gave in school.

by Michael Wed Feb 15 17:14:06 UTC 2012

dear strict miss Anushka! You give a really good hard spanxking I think! I will try the new address after breakfast. I must go for it now, I am late today . It is 0845hrs bright and sunny morning more later.

by Michael Thu Feb 16 08:45:52 UTC 2012

To miss Anushka, No trouble with it that time, yes I got the picture of Ela in the nice green coloured dress. Quite a "looker" would melt the hearts of many men! Well if Supriyo is too long-winded about marrying Ela, then some other lucky chap is going to push him to one side! If I was over there, it would be me! Always supposing that Ela was interested in an old man (!) of 34 made no comment on my type error!? Tell me about the dimensions of this stick you spanxked the 10 yrs old boy with, please. Ela described hers as about one inch round stick (like a short broom-handle? ) but flattened on one side. How long is it? and how high do you raise your hand from to whack it across his bottom? 3 feet or 5 feet or more? or what? Must get going to work, I am late now.

by Michael Thu Feb 16 09:22:01 UTC 2012

Thick canes are best cut at the ends into three pieces. This makes them more whippy and far more painful, leaving lovely this stripes. Many years ago, I was looking after some teenage girls and empl,yed this technique - thier Mother had asked me to discipline them soundly if they misbehaved). I made them bend over a tree branch so that they were doing a handstand witheir bare bottoms in the air and thrashed them with this device. They cried a bit, but thanked me and continued with their cartwheels.

by Graham Thu Feb 16 12:27:06 UTC 2012

What has this to do with the topic under discussion?

by Michael Thu Feb 16 14:29:43 UTC 2012

Michael, I made no comment on your age it is because at last you have acknowledged it by yourself, being confirmed that we are genuine. That's nice. In this forum where you cannot identify the right sender, you may give some wrong information about yourself. It is not shocking. But a very few persons have the bravery to acknowledge that, "Yes! I was telling a lie! This is the truth that I confess." To me, it is a matter of big round of applause. Thank you very much for that.
No you're wrong! The boy whom I punished yesterday is not 10 but 14. The stick I use is almost 18inch long, half inched thick made of polished wood. That depends on the student’s age and the gender that how firm I will strike. In case of the 14 years old boy I raised my hand almost 4 feet up before striking. Today I didn’t punish anyone in room 2 but beat many in class room. Today almost 80 boys and girls of various ages got punished by me. I punished them in many methods like palm caning, spanxking and many other mild punishments. Now tell me which kind of punishment you want me to describe?
And a word about Ela and Supriyo. As far as I know, Supriyo intended to marry Ela almost five months ago. His parents even talked to Ela’s parents about that. But Ela said she would not marry anyone until her elder brother got married. The good news is Ela’s elder brother is going to be married on 22nd February. Now I think after a few days we will have to erase the word “Miss” before Ela’s name and add “Mrs.”.
And see, somebody named Graham is writing something completely out of the point. Honestly, I don’t believe that he is telling truth. I have my every doubt on him. What do you say Michael?
Ggod news! Ela told me today that she would again write here. Perhaps she is going to write here from tomorrow.

by Miss Anushka Roy Thu Feb 16 14:51:03 UTC 2012

A little printing mistake! It will be "Good news" not "Ggod news". Sorry for that.

by Miss Anushka Roy Thu Feb 16 14:52:55 UTC 2012

CONTINUED to Alushka. Yes I see my mistake I confused the 10 strokes you gave to the 14yrs old boy. You know, if you had done that to me when I was that same age -- can you guess what would have happened? Think about this carefully then let me have your answer, please! Again commenting on you spanxking the 14 yrs old boy today. Your "stick" (if circular) would be described as a "cane" -- so in effect, you caned him -- not spanxked him. Is that a right interpretation? I think it is an important distinction to make. Caning is far more severe (in effect) than spanxking. If it was possible to inspect that boys bottom, you have probably made ten "tram-lines" on it! You should send any child you caned immediately afterwards to the School Nurse for her to examine any damage. That is what used to happen in Public schools here in UK. The nurse would dab on TCP and it would sting for a moment, but disinfect the wound, if the skin was broken. Your comments appreciated. Maybe you are more barbaric than Ela ! ! Gosh, I would be really scared of you, if you were my Teacher! ! don't take this as criticism. I make just an observation, going from your scripts.

by Michael Thu Feb 16 16:43:27 UTC 2012

message to "Graham" Please tell us of your interest in this subject. Are you from UK? What is your age? I do not believe that you thrashed girls like you describe. You are fake (bogus) and a fantasy. Or are you "guest" again trying to confuse people?

by Michael Thu Feb 16 16:49:33 UTC 2012

dear miss Alushka. I just received your latest post which crossed with mine, so I make reply quickly. No I did not want Supriyo to shout at HM. That is not the right way. (Do not put words in my mouth when I did not say them, please) but I hope he said SOMETHING in support of Ela. Secondly OK your stick has a flat side the same as Ela's. Well its ALMOST a caning, but not quite! So yes; you spanxked him. Why do you say "I hope you don't want to taste that" (ha-ha-ha) you are in jest but I am serious. Please read my "story" back 7 days ago about the effects of spanxking on a boy over 12yrs old by a pretty and attractive young lady. I will answer your questions about it, but I already told Ela my answers. Why do you think I am on this Forum, in the first place? Ela did not accept my explanation of the sexual effects, but maybe you will? This is not a rude word, I use the word very carefully! Goodnight .

by MICHAEL Thu Feb 16 17:00:29 UTC 2012

Wait a second! Do you think I and Ela are barbaric? No, my punishment cannot be described as caning. A cane can cut a student’s skin because it's too thin. My implement is not thin but quite flat. No question of physical damage arises here. I am not taking it as a criticism but I like it very much thinking you really care about children. But I can surely assure that my punishments never cut skin or harm a student physically.
Do you know what is called cruel and barbaric corporal punishment? Just have a look on these real videos. It was Anjali (35) (another teacher in our school) who informed us about the videos. It is about Syrian school punishments. Some lady teachers are punishing some little children in a brute way. There are two videos.
I am giving you the URL numbers.
You have to erase the letter x from the word torxture in the Url no.
1. Url No = www(dot)myvido1(dot)com(slash)AVVtWeVhEcMdFRk9EZzEVP_tor(x)ture-of-children-in-syrian-school
Video name = Tortxure of Children in Syrian School
2. Url No = www(dot)myvido1(dot)com(slash)AVXpEah1mS1J1VwpkYqtWP_to(x)ture-of-children-in-syrian-school-par
Video name = Torxture Of Children In Syrian School Part 2
Write your comments about the videos.
And you again wrote my name wrongly! It is Anushka not Alushka! Don’t mind, if you were younger than me or my student, you would have a very very sore bottom for repeating same mistake! (Don’t mind that! I’m just kidding.)

by Miss Anushka Roy Thu Feb 16 17:28:00 UTC 2012

dear miss Anushka OK I got your name wrong yet again. What a pity I am not younger than you, or are your Student! I would like to feel a sore bottom given by you, or Ela ! I wish you were serious! (don't mind me -- that is my fantasy) yes - even at my age. As I said before, it started many years ago from a spanxking in my school. If you want to know about it, please ask in your next script. It is 1935 clock time now so in India you will be sleeping. yes I will turn up those videos to see what it's about. I am glad you have a good regard for your comments about caning. Yes, it can do serious harm to the body. In the old days in British public schools (Eton, Harrow, Rugby etc.) there is a Site I found with the pictures of boy's bottoms after being caned. One shows a caning in progress.That is barbaric. I will look for it and give you the URL.. Goodnight. I look forward to Ela coming on tomorrow.

by Michael Thu Feb 16 19:42:31 UTC 2012

Well I am very curious to know about your punishment incidents, if you please share. And that's mental that you think I punish harder than the disciplinarian of that video. Yes, my students become unable to sit after the spanxking, Ela does it too perhaps more perfectly than me but I think I cannot punish a child when he or she is crying that tremendously. Yes, when I punish my students, they also cry but not in this terrible way. That's cruel. And the main thing that I want to mention is two or three little girls were helping the teacher to punish their mates. Have you ever thought how mentally it can assault a student when he is seeing her own mates are helping the teacher to punish him? It is extremely humiliating. The video Url is----www(dot)disclose(dot)tv(slash)action(slash)viewvideo(slash)56235(slash)punishment_in_Syrian_school(slash)
The name of the video is ---- Punishment In Syrian School
Now I will look for the forum then I will give my comments. By the way, in my next article I will answer a question that you asked me yesterday. It is about the sexual effects. I read your previous articles. You commented that when pretty young lady spanxks a boy on the lap, the boy who may be under 10 can arouse. And rubbing and squeezing process are highly sexual activities in your consideration. After your comment I will answer everything vividly. But Ela knows the physical problems more than me because she was a student of Bio-science now she teaches Life-Science. And I was a student of Arts, teach philosophy. But I will try my best after your valuable comments. Now let me see the forum you mentioned.

by Miss Anuushka Roy Fri Feb 17 07:07:14 UTC 2012

Yes, I had a look on the forum. That’s nasty, really. And who knows how far these incidents are true?

by Miss Anuushka Roy Fri Feb 17 07:07:38 UTC 2012

dear miss Anushka, OK on all that. If you read my previous scripts with Ela on the subject of "The dangers of spanxking young boys on their bottoms by attractive females" then I say it again: this is my experience personally,and I know it to be true -- not fantasy stories or anybody's opinion. I have nothing more to add -- its true in my case --and so "that is that" full stop end of story. Breakfast now more later It is cloudy but WARM today (ha ha ha Ela would think its freezing +12C) ha ha ! !

by Michael Fri Feb 17 08:41:19 UTC 2012

dear miss Anwshka, Breakfast is over and today I am busy with extra jobs. But I must not grumble,as I need the money in this trade is highly competitive. I saw that latest video about Syrian school punishments. Yes; I agree with you that it is a bad thing that the pupils help Teacher to punish other pupils. I bet they don't like it, but the Teacher makes them do it. That lady Teacher is enjoying swinging her ruler, the atmosphere seems dis organised there. A parallel situation in UK about 10 years ago was similar, where "Monitors" or older boys in their final Year at school dished out punishments themselves in place of Teachers. But, look at your own School! It is similar, is it not? you have elder children writing on the blackboard the names of those to be punished. Is that not helping Teacher to punish? Not physically, but certainly in mentality. Again the old saying comes true " Pots should not call kettles black! " Do you recognise the truth behind that parable? It is an old English saying which refers to when pots and kettles filled with water, were heated by placing on a coal fire. I will explain it further, if you need it. Oh! You do not necessarily need a degree in Bio-Sciences to appreciate the dangers of .... etc etc Must go now. "Have a good day at school and spanxk those bottoms really well! ! ha ha! More later.

by Michael Fri Feb 17 09:40:45 UTC 2012

You've again written my name wrongly. It is Anushka. I don't how it slips from your memory. However, you are wrong. Elder students never write names on the black board. One of the selected same aged boy or girl of the class does it. And we have ordered them to keep the class calm and quiet in the time when we teachers are not in the class. If they find anybody really hard to control they write his or her name on the black board or in a piece of paper. But if we find the monitor has written more than five students’ names in the paper, we confirm that he or she is not doing the job properly or has a bad intention. Then we punish the monitor very hard in front of the other students. The same thing we do to the monitor if many students complain together against the monitor. In this case, we teachers replace the monitor also. So you see, there is no extra advantage that a monitor can enjoy, in reality, his or her job is most difficult. In my next post I will give you the answers of your questions based on punishment and sexuality. I have already read the article that you told Ela to read. By the way, I think Ela is going to write tomorrow evening.

by Miss Anushka Roy Fri Feb 17 11:11:19 UTC 2012

dear miss A N U S H K A . Right let's hope I got it right this time ha ha. (Are you going to send me to Room 2 ) Ho! It's a hard life being a Monitor in your School then. On one hand is Teacher who might punish if too many names. On the other, the mates themselves who are punished. Like walking a tightrope in a circus! You dare not go to one side or the other. Poor monitors! what an un-enviable position to take! more later

by MICHAEL (spelt like this ) Fri Feb 17 11:47:15 UTC 2012

CONTINUED (to Anushka.) I am glad that Ela will write again. Will she answer my letter,also? There is nothing now to be lost if she does. I would be glad to receive it. I cannot exactly remember what I wrote in the letter, but I think I gave her my Email address. It is OK if she wants to send me an Email. Would you tell her this please? When Ela returns -- I hope that you will still remain writing here, dear Anushka? I think you are very similarly educated and literate young lady (pretty also! ) and you have interesting conversation, and you put it over very well in English; which language is a MOST difficult in-consistent language, as it is a conglomerate (mixture of many) languages. I take off my hat and bow to you. ... So do not disappear when Ela comes back, please! THAT IS AN ORDER! (you should say:... "Yes captain" !!ha ha !!bless you, my child.

by MICHAEL (old 34 yr old!!! ) Fri Feb 17 12:24:12 UTC 2012

Anushka... I found the address of the Site will tell you a lot of info about British school punishments It is < www(dot)corpun(dot)com(slash)index(dot)htm > Scroll down the homepage till you see OVERVIEW "Corporal punishment in UK Schools". Another scroll-down brings you to < www(dot)corpun(dot)com(slash)webdom(dot)htm > This one, scroll it till you get to "School mistress caning boys". There are 2 small pictures which you cannot enlarge. The first is a short video and shows a row of 5 naked boys all leaning forward over a long trestle bench. The School-mistress is moving along behind them gradually with her ruler (it is a long ruler .. looks like a blackboard ruler) giving 6 spanxks each to all the bare bottoms along the row. She seems to be enjoying it, one shot she looks at the camera with a laugh. The spanxking seems real, not a put-up job. Each boys jumps forward when she spanxks their bottoms. In the 2nd foto is two High School boy (look about 15) they are standing nude facing the wall and have their hands on their heads. The lady mistress has a long thin cane in her hand, as if she has just caned one of them. You can see thin red lines across the bottom of the boy she is nearest. The room looks like it is a private Study Room or the Library Room. .. There is a commentary by a person called Farrell. The Site is a compilation also of corporal punishment in a lot of countries. There is one in India about a mass spanxking of girls after-school in Mumbai in 2007. Anyway, you might find more as well. But do not click on another one called "femXdom" because it is a "sex site" and totally abhorrent and disgusting. OK I wait for your next! Goodnight.

by MICHAEL Fri Feb 17 14:34:16 UTC 2012

YES SIR! I AM NOT LEAVING!!! (I wrote Sir, not captain, but don't think you're knighted. Ha-Ha-Ha!)
Ela is going to write very soon as she told me and as far as I know the HM did not deliver the letter to Ela. Sad isn't it?
Alright! Now let me answer about the topic punishment and sexuality.
I am not denying the fact of sexuality. Yes, perhaps it is a bit sexual activity when I am putting a boy who may be below 10 on my lap and spanxking him, rubbing, taping and squeezing the bottom before striking, he may get aroused, I convict so. It is not about discipline or impudent behaviour but a fact of physical activity. (Please don't mind anything Ela. I am just giving my comments.) But Michael, one thing I strictly say that it is very very painful too. Rubbing or squeezing is not only a matter of sexuality but a huge anxiety too. They are afraid of that punishment. And what is sexual feeling? Let me elucidate it in a different point of view. You are only seeing a child's sexual activity during spanxking but you cannot deny a truthful fact. The fact is when an old man even sees a very very attractive and beautiful young lady (perhaps someone looks like Marilyn Monroe) he also feels a sexual arousing inside. He knows it very well that may be the girl is like his daughter and he also behaves with her in this way but he cannot control the barbaric function of human-body-system that he inherited from his birth. That is why ancient Hindu saints advised saying, "If you see a beautiful woman beside your wife, mother or sister, look at her feet not her face." That's a common fact of life. In many glorious celebrations mainly the film celebrations, we are all accustomed to here that an artist is depicting an actress as "sexy". Nobody protests against it but claps cheerfully. It is not a rude word or sexual word but it is like an appropriate adjective. Do you know about Rabindranath Tagore? He was a bespectacled Indian poet, philosopher, painter, song-writer, composer, novelist, dramatist and social reformer. He explained the fact in one of his novels, writing “A bad tasty food often gets delicious if it is served by a fairy-looking lady's hand. If you are angry about the comment then you are a coward. You don't have the bravery to accept the example of a feminine hand that you shake often." He also wrote, "Romantic literature is very common it is because we could not see a male and a female in their right places in a right way. That's why we are creating poetry." A gentle man is gentle because of his gentle intention. If you touch the hand of a stunned-looking lady, it is not offensive if you get aroused inside. But it is the identity of your gentleness that you say to your mind, "I respect the lady!" and behave with her with that very modest way. Intention is the main identity of real humanity. In my case, when I am spanxking a boy on my lap, I always know I am doing it to correct him, to make him understood that how naughty and disobedient he was and that is how this fear of punishment will oblige him not to repeat same mischief again in future. This is my honest intention. The boy may get aroused unconsciously but it is not important for him also. But it is important for him that the punishment pain and fear are very formidable that he will remember forever. So that's alright! In case of elder boys, they feel the sexual arousing consciously, that's why we don't do it keeping them on lap. I hope I am able to analyze the whole matter properly. Please comment on this huge post.

by Miss Anushka Roy Fri Feb 17 15:12:38 UTC 2012

Sorry Michael! I could not find the video. Please give me the exact Url no. of that page where the video is playing.

by Miss Anushka Roy Fri Feb 17 15:26:49 UTC 2012

to dear Alushka. Thankyou for that latest script. you are indeed a very well-read person, sincere in your ways and intentions, and a lovely person. Bless you and I love you! Before I comment on your analysis, I must comment on the first points of your letter. 1. It is possible to be a Captain and yet not receive a "knighthood" ! Yes I know you are saying partly in jest(joke) OK I am not a Captain anyway; so it matters not. 2. This is most serious now. The HM has not passed my letter to Ela. That is bad. Has he destroyed it? It is not his to destroy. His duty (nothing less than DUTY) was to convey it to the person to whom it was addressed. In effect; he has stolen it. What can I say? It is regrettable. If that had happened now in the UK, it could be a matter of Civil Law and possible prosecution to have removed mail from an addressed recipient person. Tsk tsk. OK. We will just have to accept this situation, and wash our hands of it,forget it. Must get the evening meal Excuse for now more later.

by MICHAEL Fri Feb 17 16:28:54 UTC 2012

to miss Anushka, OK. Pity, but there it is. I will shut up about the wayward letter and forget I ever wrote it. To your Analysis (very well presented and written, if I may presume to say) You might be surprised, but I agree with everything you say. However (dear lovely Anushka, I say this with the greatest love) it does not go FAR enough where the boy is concerned. All OTHER aspects you cover we are in complete agreement. May I take a phrase out of your script? " the boy might be aroused unconsciously, but it is not important for him" etc But this is where I think you cannot see! Yes,the boy might be aroused, but if he is, this feeling his body will remember. His mind will go to the anxiety of receiving pain soon. Yes totally true. BUT any sensual feelings felt (if he was aroused; as not all boys will be) accrue in his unconscious mind. OK the present thing is that he will forget sensuality because the greater concern is his anxiety of the punishment and knowing it will hurt. But later in life (in my case pretty soon after! ) the puberty stage is reached and he is a lot more aware of something which will trigger those sensual feeling once experienced. This is "where I am coming from" as they say. In addition to this aforementioned factor, there is the physical question of him feeling a feminine hand in his erogenous zones! Even if done with "tapping" a ruler will have the same result! Again , I talk from actual experience of this. Not only me. I know other boys who at that age discovered this phenomena (how do you spell this word? ) All for now. Must get some food then later am going to Concert Hall to hear an orchestral concert. Goodnight for now, (you are a really lovely person, I do not make any quarrel with you. I just make my observation to you of my experience. I am your Sugar-Daddy! ! ha-ha)

by MICHAEL Fri Feb 17 17:01:53 UTC 2012

miss ANUSHKA . Just got back from an excellent orchestral concert by the Russian State Orchestra. I forgot to give you that video number. try this one. < www(dot)corpun(dot)com(slash)vids(dot)htm > Click "School CP" then "Various countries" then scroll down past the first 4 videos,and click "Clip 5 of 5" It shows a lady Teacher spanxking 2 boys with a ruler at the blackboard. They are laughing, so this could be a "put-up" job (re-construction) There are some comments by C. Farrell. I look forward to your replies tomorrow (clock here now=2315 hrs)

by MICHAEL Fri Feb 17 23:10:41 UTC 2012

To Michael,
I am Sucheta (Ela) again writing to you. The HM showed me the letter asking about its sender. I told him the truth though you told me not do it but I was unable to tell a lie to the old man whom I respect as someone like my father as he thinks me as his daughter. He got annoyed hearing everything and told me, that's absurd and silly that I was discussing the fact with an "UNKNOWN FOREIGNER". He also added that the punishments which we use to our students are just beyond imagination to the people of UK or USA. In this way they may have a wrong view about India and Indian Schools. And that is not their fault because they cannot realize the mentality and behaviours of the Indian children. They are not that sincere like the children of UK and USA. He made conclusion to his speech adding a sentence he never expected that from me. He delivered me the letter but I got terrible scared to receive it thinking perhaps it would be an impudent behaviour. That's why I did not receive it. (Is it my fault? If it is then pardon me.)
Now he is quite good at me as he was before. He praises me often. But the shameful incident is he told that incident to my dad in their private conversations. It was very funny to my Dad. He didn't mind it. But when he told my mother she got angry and ordered me saying, "Never allow any unknown person to contact with you any more." My elder brother also gave some big big advice and my younger brother mocks me often pointing out this incident and I get terribly angry. Sometimes I think I must have to spanxk this boy like my students. But you know because of my deep affection to him, I cannot do that. So it is better that we continue our conversation through this forum and I will try my best to meet you personally in June when I will be visiting in London. Please, don't mind anything. I never ever blame you for that. You are very nice and adorable person. You have already made a huge conversation with Anushka and I think she will be back here again. That's nice. I love her very much. But I am a bit shocked that you lied to me saying you are 24. Why did you do that? I always trusted you very much as I do now also.
And only Anushka, Anjali (Geography teacher), Upoma (English teacher) and my dear Supriyo supported me saying I was right and you too. By the way, Upoma, our English teacher writes in another school punishment forum. The forum's name is School Punishment experience, first caning experience of the teachers. I read her articles there. Those are often full of very wise comments. Upoma is also 23 as me. She is a very nice and adorable lady. The current time of the locality is 10.30AM. It is almost +34C here. (From Ela)

by Sucheta Sat Feb 18 05:57:24 UTC 2012

To Ela(Sucheta) and miss Anushka, Just to acknowledge both scripts, but no time at moment to answer. I will full answer latertoday. Nice to see you back Ela! (you still sign Sucheta -- should I now revert to that--or Ela? ) More in a while.

by Michael Sat Feb 18 09:06:35 UTC 2012

What name you like the most? Sucheta or Ela? I prefer Ela but you will address me with the name that you like most.

by Ela Sat Feb 18 09:57:33 UTC 2012

To Ela & Anushka. Will you both please give some thought about changing to another Forum? I say this because this Topic we have covered it almost 100% and if we are to discuss other subjects, it is not fair to stay under this Topic on this Forum. To Anushka. >> 1...I note your comments on that video and your comparison to the ways you achieve the punishments. Yes the video has all the hallmarks of it not being genuine! A play-acting; probably American choreographed! 2... Yes I see that Ela is back, good. I will answer her now To Ela. It is nice to see you in print again and we have to put this "letter" thing behind us now and move forward "Onward --forward. Backwards never!" Another old saying. Yes. I think the Cultural differences between our two countries is the reason for the upset. However, we must not let that be a barrier to free expression of thought between peoples. In the past folk have died for the cause of "freedom" and are still doing today. Truth & knowledge will ultimately triumph because that's what God is all truth power and love. It is HIS universe (world) not ours. We are created. God is the Creator of us and the world and we should abide by His principles. Yes I do hope Anushka will continue her writings. She is as good as you are! I could almost believe that her and you are one and the same person! but now I am being silly! Certainly the two of you are from the same mould. No wonder you are both bosom pals. Well Ela, after the 22nd I hear that you might be considering marriage to Supriyo? I must see if I can get some time to come over to Bengal to see you tie-the-knot. All for now I await both your next scripts. Please put your "thinking-caps" on and see if there is another Forum might suit us better. Oh -- I forgot to say sorry I gave my age as 24. It is 34. and I think it was because I mentioned my birthday a few weeks back and I typed 24 (silly boy!) A"typoe" so sorry that misled you. Worse, I never thought to correct it until the subject of "age" came up in conversation with Anushka. So sorry. (Are you going to punish me in Room 6? or will it be Room 2? Or both? Ha-ha That will be a day to remember and my bottom will not only be like a fire, it will burn right away to ashes. ha ha. (but it will be a pleasure being dealt with by you in that way!

by MICHAEL Sat Feb 18 10:13:12 UTC 2012

Michael you can share your thoughts in this forum.
Type in Google box writing, "school punishment experience-first caning experience of teachers" The Url no is---
One of the teachers of our school write there and her name is Upoma whom Ela has already mentioned.
We can discuss there and many other peoples share there thoughts also in that forum. So I will not come back in this forum. You will see my next post in that forum.
Ela, you too follow us. And you know about the forum. Upoma told us about that. Didn't she?

by Miss Anushka Roy Sat Feb 18 10:54:54 UTC 2012

Alright Anushka, I am leaving this forum too and joining the forum that you mentioned. I hope Michael will do that too. But if there someone like Alisha, Namita or the Guest insults us, I will blame you and Upoma. (Just joking)

by Ela Sat Feb 18 11:00:12 UTC 2012

To Ela & Anushka THIS ADDRESS IS WRONG SOMEHOW. I CANNOT GET IT. I TRIED 3 TIMES. clock=1220hrs Saturday)

by Michael Sat Feb 18 12:19:31 UTC 2012

TO ELA & ANUSHKA FROM MICHAEL. Its no good, I tried several times. Repeat the address please. WE HAVE LOST CONTACT!

by MICHAEL Sat Feb 18 12:34:07 UTC 2012

I am still here Michael! I knew some problem may occur. Please come back. I can tell that to Anushka. I hope you haven't left the forum forever.
(From Ela)

by Ela Sat Feb 18 14:39:55 UTC 2012

Ah! you returned here to see where I was, thank you Ela. I was afraid we had lost contact for ever. (it was because of my fear of this that I sent you that letter) Now I have found an "empty" Forum with nothing posted. So I filed a topic under my name. It is < www(dot)forumjar(dot)com(slash)forums(slash)Hall > Be careful that you enter the capital "H" of Hall. I will turn this up and see if you can post an answer on the Topic I wrote. "Punishment methods in Schools" If successful then we can tell Aneshka.

by Michael Sat Feb 18 14:58:20 UTC 2012

dear Ela. Oh my god; I've spelt her name wrongly again! Another trip to Room 2 (or 6 ? ) .. Anybody would think I do it on purpose? (Hmmmmm perhaps he does says Ela. ha-ha )

by M. Sat Feb 18 15:02:56 UTC 2012

Yes, I have discovered the forum successfully. I will tell Anushka to write. My God, you've again written the wrong spelling of Anushka. Now she will really get angry. I am calling Anushka by phone and tell her about the forum. I am also going to write on that forum. (From Ela)

by Ela Sat Feb 18 15:16:36 UTC 2012

Anushka, I have already written everything in the message that I sent you before half an hour. So you know everything.
Michael, we are not going to write on that forum which Anushka showed us. It is because there are some guys who are discussing about only one matter, "Home tuition miss punishes college boy." The topic is one adult boy (nobody knows in which country he lives or what is his name) studies in college but still gets punished by his home tuition miss. The Miss reacts with him like a child. She gives him many punishments which is very shameful for his age. So he is suffering a humiliating condition and his parents are very fond of the teacher, especially his mother. So the boy needs help.
That's all. Upoma suggested many things before. But some guys praised her but did nothing when she asked to write her suggestions in that forum where the boy writes because she could not do it. She is facing a problem in her email and password and that special forum needs to be signed up. She requested others but nobody did anything. They only love to discuss the same thing again and again. That's terribly irritating. The boy Sujit, I don't know him and it seems that he and some other guys have only one thing to discuss and that is "home tuition miss punishes college boy." That's just boring. So I am not going to write there. And I watched there are many bad persons also in that forum who pass some stupid comments like Alisha or Namita. I think we can discuss here peacefully. I am not going to write anywhere else beside the sight. It does not matter if any more people write here or not. It's up to them. We three friends are very trusted. So we can continue our discussion without any lingering. And I and Anushka are from India and you are from UK so this conversation is very important because of that fact. We are sharing two different cultures of two different societies. In need of other people, we should not ruin this beautiful conversation. As George Washington said, "It is better to be alone than in bad company." So please stay here guys. Don't leave it.
And if any of you leave the forum, I have nothing to do but I am not going to contact. So our connection will be disconnected forever. (From Ela)

by Ela Sun Feb 19 11:04:02 UTC 2012

O! I am tired because of these rapid changes.

by Miss Anushka Roy Sun Feb 19 11:08:03 UTC 2012

Anushka, It was you who first told us about that forum. And I think Upoma is a bit mental. How she writes about only one topic again and again there?
Michael, please come back soon.

by Ela Sun Feb 19 11:19:16 UTC 2012

Don't be angry Ela.
And I think you're right.

by Miss Anushka Roy Sun Feb 19 11:21:25 UTC 2012

Oh I am getting confused here by all this changing. More later. dinner now.

by MICHAEL Sun Feb 19 13:14:15 UTC 2012

There is nothing to be confused. Stay here and don't enter in any other forum. Now we can again start our discussion without any lingering. We have already wasted many times.

by Ela Sun Feb 19 14:03:43 UTC 2012

dear Ela OK I am waiting upon you. I have no further comment at the moment. I went to the other Forum and said "Hello" and to your other colleagues. Now I will stay here and wait also for Anushka. Au revoir!

by MICHAEL Sun Feb 19 15:46:33 UTC 2012

to Ela (and Anushka) OK I have now read the long script you posted at 11:04:02 today(Sunday) I did not have the time to read it before now. So your conclusion is that we stay here, I understand. Fine. OK if you say so. Will miss Anushka please join us? I hope so.. Anushka was the bearer of the message for us. It is not justified to blame her for the actual contents of that other forum. It should be recognised that Anushka did not know it was like that. So don't blame her. To Anushka. I am sticking-up for you! ! Do come back here please! When any teacher or lecturer stops learning then that is the time to give it up. Some think they are the light that shines out of the back passage (as a rather rude old English saying goes) It is not always wise to quote Statesmen or Figureheads or anyone one in places of power. The The quote (although maybe good in itself) may not be a reflection of the way they personally live their lives! "The higher they get (in society) the bigger and harder their fall" Do not put all your trust in Princes or High Powers or people in high society. Many are the pitfalls for the unwary. Instead; feed the hungry; console the bereaved; give praise where it is due irrespective of status in society; do everything in your power to be loving unto every humankind. For you know not what lies ahead of yourself. I say this most of all to myself. I wait for any further correspondence from you both. Thankyou and goodnight. (clock=1912 Sunday 19:02:2012)

by MICHAEL Sun Feb 19 19:10:08 UTC 2012

Michael, I have come back in this forum. I was not able to write yesterday because we had problem in the internet of locality. Storm collapsed for hours. Now I am writing you. Yes, now we can discuss everything properly. I think Ela is very busy now because of her elder brother's marriage ceremony. You see, Hindu marriage celebrations are very different from Christian Marriage Celebrations. The Hindu marriage celebration continues almost for a week. So Ela and her other family members are very busy now. She already had posted a letter to the HM, requesting him for some holidays. Today she will not be present in school. She will join in next Monday. So perhaps, we will get very little replies from Ela in this week.
And thank you for the brilliant post. It seems you are very wise person.

by Miss Anushka Roy Mon Feb 20 04:11:18 UTC 2012

dear Anushka, It is nice to see you back here again. It was my fault that we swopped over to the other Forum(where Upoma is) But Ela made you take the blame. I was not going to let her blame you for that. If blame is to be sought, then the blame should be on me. Let her complain to me! My shoulders are broad, I can take it! What was wrong with the "Hall" forum site? Why do you not want to stay there? Do you mean you had a thunder storm? This knocked-out your electricity supplies? we do not get many storms like that in Britain. I wonder whether you will need to spanxk the Students from Ela's classes this week? Will you be using Room 6 and Room 2 also? I would like to come and watch you giving a hard spanxking! I hope to come to India in the autumn (here) that is October time. I would have to fly, of course which I am not liking the idea very much. Reply me soon I have to go for breakfast now.

by MICHAEL Mon Feb 20 08:40:39 UTC 2012

Addendum: to Anushka, You are very similar to Ela in many ways, I see this through your script of the sort of person you are. You are extrememly well-read and wise considering your young age. As the old English saying goes " You are an old head placed on young shoulders" This does not mean that you have an 'old' head, of course! It just means that your head is like a good long-aged matured wine! That is a compliment to you --- but beware! Don't let it "go to your head" !! ha-ha-ha (to mix the cliches) There was a time when I thought Ela might be writing under two names -- hers and yours. But I know that now to be a false thought on my part. I thought it because you are both so alike, and script the same way and phrases. But -- there -- I am wrong on that! Heigh-ho ! Write soon; I enjoy your company.

by Michael Mon Feb 20 09:22:14 UTC 2012

Sometimes I really feel craziness in you. You consider Ela and me the same person----ha-ha-ha! What a fun! I would really like to be Ela! She is too rich, you know!
I never wanted to stay in your forum because it is very unpopular. You cannot find the forum typing the forum title in Google search box as you can find this forum. You need URL no to enter there. So I believe nobody is going to write their besides us. But who knows may be someone again will start to write here as this forum is very much used and popular.
Yesterday, the internet wire got torn up because of heavy storm. It has been repaired today in early morning. In India, the wireless net connection is not popular as it is in UK and USA. So we often face this nasty problem. And don't take Ela's blaming words in any other way. She often talks like that. She is very innocent like a little girl. So we don't mind her angry words. She is a bit mental.
Yes, I would like to spanxk all the kids from Ela's classes and my classes together. But it would be a really hard job for me. Ela's classes are taken by some other teachers not me.
But today I got almost 9 little kids' ample bottoms (very soft of course---ha-ha-ha) to spanxk on my lap. I really liked that. They cried very much but I know after that they will never misbehave again.
By the way, do have any more questions based on the topic "Spanxking and Sexuality"? If you have, ask me in your next post.
I can't remember how many students got punished by me (major punishment or minor punishment) today. But I confidently say I punished above sixty students today.
And I did a very sound job in room 2. Poor kids! Who knows how they are feeling now? Of course their bottoms are still very red (or pink), hot and sore.

by Miss Anushka Roy Mon Feb 20 10:47:07 UTC 2012

dear Anushka. Perhaps there is some craziness in me. Sometimes I do not think properly before rushing into print. Yes! If you read past scripts of Ela and yourself you will spot the many similar things like use of words;compos1tion of sentences;style of writing. To somebody strange it looks almost one person. OK about that Forum. OK we will stay here if you would rather. I have many questions on "spanxking & sexuality" for you! When I read your comments like this latest script of yours; I get sexually excited. Does that disgust you? It might and I am prepared for that. However; it is the very reason I am here on this Forum. It is through being spanxked by females when I was younger. I am living evidence and proof if that were needed! I need help is what I am saying. Through our previous scripts being going only a short time, a matter of a few weeks; I have learnt an awful lot about myself from Ela and you. When you say that "you did a very 'sound' job in Room 2 " that really excites me! I want to be there watching you and in my mind, I want to be in one of those kid's shoes! I hope this does not upset you. it is something I must discover about myself. Your comments will help me see another's point of view. And you are a Teacher of Philosophy. That means your view-point will be different from Ela's. So I am saying that your comments will be most helpful to me, please. If I disagree with those comments,it matters not. The important thing is that you will have put-over another viewpoint. This will help restore the balance of my thinking -- I hope! (I would detect that you are a "softer" person than Ela. By that, I mean you are not quite so head-strong as Ela. Ela seems to have opinions which cannot be moved, come hell or high water! I could be wrong, and I accept it if so. (Do you mind if I ask your age?) Reply soon dear sweety Anushka. (time clock says 1226 here. Wx= cloudy Temp= +9C (too cold for Ela! ! ha ha ha !

by Michael Mon Feb 20 12:25:22 UTC 2012

I am 25 years of old. My date of birth is 16 August 1986. Next August I will be 26.
What’s your date of birth?
I want to ask you something. Do you get excited only reading my comments? Didn't Ela's posts also make you to get excited? Or does it always happen whenever you read any article based on spanxking?
I want to advice you something though I know you are older than me. Virtually I haven't that right.
But still I will advice you as a teacher, try to control your excitement. Take it easily. It's just punishment nothing more than that.
Look, I know sexuality is a kind of physical reaction that's almost impossible to control. And you can't destroy the sexual intentions. But you can win it. That is what philosophy says.
The person who never has touched wine is a coward. But we praise that person who tasted wine for many times but able to control the intoxication. Then it is proved that the man has that mental power which is able to defeat the barbaric intention of the sense organs. (But I never touched wine. Ha-ha-ha! And I strongly convict that Ela also never tasted it.)
The same statement is relevant to the sexual excitements. You got spanxked in your childhood and you consider it as a sexual act. I am not denying. Now you may get aroused reading our articles. But take it as a cold war. A WAR AGAINST THE BARBERIC INTENTIONS OF YOUR SENSE ORGANS. When you will read these kinds of articles you will get aroused. Then I will suggest you to read another article based on this same topic. Doing the same thing again and again, one day you will not get excited. You will find it pretty boring and monotonous. You will learn to see these incidents as very simple. And then-----be sure that, at last you've got the victory against the barbaric intentions of sense organs. You are not getting aroused. That's the bravery of human life. And if you think, I am getting excited reading these kinds of posts and I will never read those then it will be just like you are not reading those articles but the secret evil power of your sense organs will be the same as it was before. So one day you will again get aroused very easily. And that’s not good. Am I correct Michael?
I will write after your post. If you have anything more to ask based on the topic Spanxking and Sexuality ask me soon or should we divert now to the incident that occurred today in room 2? That is you to judge.

by Miss Anushka Roy Mon Feb 20 15:23:27 UTC 2012

dear Miss Anushka, Thank you for your advice. My father's birthday was also Aug 16th he would have been 78 this year, had he lived. My DOB was 10..02..1978. I turned 34 this Feb. getting old. ha ha.Yes Ela's posts excited me too; especially when she was spanxking boys bottoms. Wisdom is not necessarily dependant on the age of the person. (though it mostly is) So yes, advise me. I am not haughty, or puffed-up. I wear no proud looks. I can be humble and accept advise from a younger person. The day anybody stops accepting advise, is the day their mind starts to stagnate. I see your "parable" of the wine. Yes, quite so. But I am my own worst enemy. I give in to the sexuality because I know it is a nice sensation. Ela will not be pleased to know this because she advised me not to go again to Miss Xiao, my 1st Physiotherapist. I have gone again to her. I went today. I felt the need for the sensual feelings, I get erecXtions when she spanxks me. I know in myself I should stop going, but I can't see any harm in having this therapy as it gives me a release of emotional stress. Can it be wrong? I do not really know. What can I say more? Yes tell me about what you did in Room 2 please.

by Michael Mon Feb 20 16:42:07 UTC 2012

Michael, I am very very busy now. I will write to you later today.

by Miss Anushka Roy Tue Feb 21 04:46:59 UTC 2012

Anushka. I will wait upon you. I expect you are busy because Ela is off School? Ask Upoma to come on here.She seems a good sensible writer. from Michael

by MICHAEL Tue Feb 21 08:54:23 UTC 2012

Michael, it scares me that you have said you are your own enemy. That's what Whotney Houston used to say. And at last what a terrible end she faced! Michael Jackson was also the prey of that kind of mentality. Please, be free from these kinds of thoughts. This is not proper human-life. This addiction is terribly harmful. Many peoples masturXbate to get rid of emotional stress. But this is not the right way. Masturxbation may be considered but going to some seductive ladies to get sexual pleasure is very very harmful and undisciplined also. Ela advised you the right thing. Please stop going to Miss Xiao.
You are a religious people, believe in God. So I can tell you something. We get attracted by money, women, sex or others because of God (not Satan). You may get surprised reading these because it is not a biblical thought. God gave us sense and that sense signifies what is wrong and what is right. It shows the difference between good and evil. But this sense often gets doomed by the dark invocations of earthy pleasures. God created that mess to examine all of us. It is like he gave us sense so it is our duty to use the power of sense properly against all kinds of nasty pleasures. If you don't do so you are blind and there is no difference between you and an animal. Animals don't have the power to think but you have. So your offense will be considered more seriously. You are trying to get rid of your mental depressions and that's why you are going to Ms Xiao to get ereXcted. It is like you are escaping from the problems of you life. That's a coward's act. We all have problems in our life. And we have to solve those by ourselves. Sensual pleasure may give you a moment's peace but the problems are still remaining with you and it will again create a headache in a few hours. So that's stupid.
You have to live a normal life. Find a girl, whom can trust, examine that she loves you really or not. If she really loves you, marry her, have some children and make a peaceful family. (Home sweet home) We all have the right to work. So keep yourself busy in right works. You will find your God in your work. Yes, it is almost impossible to stop sexual feelings. It is a physical problem you should be blamed for that. But you should not accept the bonXdage of your sexual pleasures. You will control your sexual desires. Why you will let your sexual pleasures to control you?
Look, I can't tell about other teachers but I can confess that when I spanxk someone on my lap, I also feel a sensual feeling. That's natural. But I know I spanxk for my students’ good not for my pleasure. If it still arises in my body I can't control it but I always know my intention is honest. That is why we lady teachers never spanxk a boy who are above 9. But whoever lies on my lap to get spanxked I also get a sensual feeling that is hard to control. And in our school older lady teachers try to avoid corporal punishment but we young teachers never miss a chance to do so. And the reason is very clear to you. But I don't spanxk my students to get release from my emotional stress.
Please have a life with the purity of your character. Your purified character will give the birth of a glorious UK which is already very glorious. So please stop going to any physiotherapist who may be the cause of your sexual pleasures. Will you promise that to me? If you promise so, I will tell you about my punishments in my next posts. Perhaps you will again get excited but one day you will learn to see the whole matter easily and then perhaps you will be succeeded to destroy your sexual intentions largely. And I can’t invite Upoma. She is very orthodox girl. So you may face disagreement with her. More after your comment----

by Miss Anushka Roy Tue Feb 21 13:00:50 UTC 2012

To Anushka. Crikey! ! That's a lot to be getting on with ( I say to myself) OK I will cancel my next Appointment at the Clinic. I still have to do the prescribed exercises. I could ask Aunty to help, I never considered it before. It will be interesting because I think aunty will spaxnk me if I do the exercises incorrectly. I wonder how I will feel? Anyway, I follow your advice, thank you miss for that. You made a comment in the course of that script that "whoever lies on my lap to get spanxked I also get a sensual feeling . .. " I do not understand why you get this. Is it the act of your bare hand on their bare young bottoms make you have erotic feelings? I could understand if that is so. Please detail this in your next post. Yes tell me about your punishments in Room 2 today. Also another question. When you paddle the bottoms of the older boys & girls, do you check after it that they are not badly bruised and needing treatment by the Nurse? You say they can hardly sit down after you (and Ela) have spanxked. I imagine that some bottoms are easily bruised and bleeding. I am 34 now but my bottom was bleeding a little after miss Xiao's spanxking yesterday. My skin is tougher but those kids are tender and SURE to be bleeding. It is incumbent upon you (the Teacher who inflicts the spanxking) that you must at least ask them if they need to see the Nurse. The choice is then theirs and if some Guardian brings charges against you or the School then there is more defence for you. India has officially outlawed CP and therefore you must be careful that there is no room for a legal court case from a disgruntled parent or guardian.

by MICHAEL Tue Feb 21 14:33:07 UTC 2012

Michael, India is a kind country where the constitutions say many wise and valuable words but nobody obeys it, especially the ministers. Parents often request us to spanxk their kids. They become very happy seeing their little children, strictly disciplined.
No! My beatings never cut the skin or become the cause of bleeding. And who said you that you have to cut a bottom to make it unable to sit. Watch this video from youtube. You will understand it clearly.
URL = www(dot)youtube(dot)com(slash)watch?v=INx8v4tuIqo
Video name = valentina (1983) spxank
My erotic feelings appear (as I convict) in a sub-conscious mind. It is because I rub the bare bottoms of the children with my bare palm, keeping them on my lap. Without a long rubbing a scary spanxking cannot be delivered as other teachers told us. A child's bottom is very soft and tender. And striking on the bare bottoms with my bare hand or a wooden scale often creates a different kind of feeling in my sub-conscious mind. But that's not serious really. It leaves a very slight and ignorable trace.
After your post, I will explain in detail about the spanxkings in room 2. Then you will understand how exactly I punish my students.

by Miss Anushka Roy Tue Feb 21 15:40:52 UTC 2012

Anushka. OK all explained and understood here. I will try that video later. Got to get the evening meal now. But please post your script about the things you did in Room 2 before you retire for the night. Its nearly 5pm here so 9.30pm with you.

by Michael Tue Feb 21 16:47:22 UTC 2012

Addendum miss Anushka. No good! tried video as you wrote but it is not available. (What is the digit after the = sign? A "one" or an "I" ? Anyway I tried both but no success! back to you! Goodnight.

by Michael Tue Feb 21 16:55:31 UTC 2012

Anushka. I still am convinced that "rubbing on their soft bottoms with your bare palm" for boys, is highly sensual and erotic for a boy even if only 7 yrs old. I know from my own experience when that age. It was quickly forgotten of course because of the spanxking which followed. BUT NEVERTHELESS I REMEMBERED IT .... AND THAT'S WHY I WROTE THIS SCRIPT ALL THESE PAST WEEKS!

by Michael Tue Feb 21 17:00:45 UTC 2012

Michael, are you angry with us?
I don't squeeze the bottoms but rub. And I do it because of the same reason that Ela described you and many other senior teachers described us. I am again repeating the causes.
This is done to get the feel of the type of butts a student is having. It may differ from student to student. Some have soft skin, hard one, fleshy, less fleshy, round shape, flat one, shapeless as such. So rubbing makes that feel to get. Then it also guides which portion has to be beaten more to give more pain. Mostly good fleshy area is selected to generate more pain and less pain to the hand that beats. After each stroke we again rub to feel whether student is holding bottom tightly so that we can ask them to release and apply beating more easily.
So you see a good spanxking cannot be delivered without rubbing. And why the boy will have a memorable sensation? He knows, it is the punishment method. And that fear stops him to create any more offence in future. That's fruitful.
Alright! Suppose I am stopping the rubbing keeping your request. But the other teachers will not obey this rule. They all are habituated to punish in this way. And if you truly try to elucidate the sub-conscious sensation that may arise because of spanxking ---- then you should think about other matters also. Not only rubbing but when a boy is lying on the lap of a young lady like me he may get erotic feelings. Leave the over the lap punishment. If I spanxk a boy, ordering him to lean over a table he also can have sensual pleasure. And main reason of this sensation is ---- being a male he is getting spanxked by a young female. That's the main thing. So in this way one day perhaps we will have to stop all corporal punishments and the school will turn into an undisciplined place. So we cannot stop it. Even the guardians often praise us saying the spanxking is very fruitful. Nobody ever complained against it.
I am again giving you the video address.
Type in Google search box -- valentina (1983) spanxk
You will see a father is spanxking his boy.
You may try it with the URL NO.
More I will write about my punishments in room 2 later. I am very busy now. If you have more questions to ask me ask very soon.

by Miss Anushka Roy Wed Feb 22 05:34:11 UTC 2012

Anushka. No I am never angry with anyone. You are looking without seeing and you are hearing without listening! I take in all you say here and you make some good points. Still the fact remains; that for WHATEVER reason a boy COULD get erotic feelings, over your lap; having his bottom felt like you describe, also just the fact that he is in a nervous state of mind with a attractive young lady, even across her lap. You can analyse all you like. But the facts are still there which you have created! more in a bit ...

by Michael Wed Feb 22 08:48:00 UTC 2012

Anushka. OK breakfast over but I have to go out now. No! I am not angry, just a bit peeved that you have made your minds up to do spanxking that exact way, in spite of the possible doubts,come hell or high water. There are other ways of doing spanxking with less chance of instilling erotic sub-feelings (which come out in later life of the boy) ...more in a little while. At least you should have an open mind to try other ways. Over a desk is better than over your lap. You do not need to feel the contours of a bottom with your bare hand like you describe,to know where to spanxk it! That's laughable! And I think honestly you are getting some pleasure yourself by that act. OK if you are; but think of the future effects on the boy. it should be the fleshiest part---and you find that after the first strike. Or am I becoming daft in my old age---don't answer that!

by Michael Wed Feb 22 09:51:04 UTC 2012

Anushka. Further to my comments. You say "why the boy have sensuous feelings? He knows its the punishment method" you say. Well you STILL do not appreciate that he will get the sensuous feeling even because of the pain! It is pleasure through pain, another way of saying. Do you see that? it might not be possible for you to detect that he is getting that erotic feeling because he will not know it himself at that young age. NEVERTHELESS IT CAN STILL BE THERE! All he will know is that there is despite the pain of the spaxnking he can identify "something" there erotic in his nature, though he cannot put a description. You see, dear Anushka (and Ela) ,you have there given all the conditions for an "erotic spanxking" a young attractive lady. Across her lap. He feels her bare hand on his bare bottom. He is in a state of nervous tension. These are all the ingredients . Do you see what I am trying to say?

by MICHAEL Wed Feb 22 11:52:49 UTC 2012

Michael, I am not one of them who has not the courage to accept a truth. Yes, I find a pleasure when I spanxk. It is not only me but all the teachers feel the same and perhaps that's why spanxking is so popular punishment. Spanxking on the lap is continuing through many generations. It is an unchangeable fact. Peoples of India find it very common. It is just rare in rarest that a child never got a spanxking lying on a teacher's lap in his or her schooldays. It is a very very common thing. THEN WHY ONLY I SHOULD BE BLAMED?
Ela got annoyed because you were asking same question again and again. Be sure, I will not get annoyed. Like you, I also never become angry.
But one thing I can assure you that not only Ela but maximum teachers of India would get annoyed because you are discussing about such a point that they never ever thought as a matter needs any further discussion. You are forgetting one thing. Indian culture and UK cultures are completely different from each other (though your Prime-Minister Mr. David Cameron and our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohon Singh are very good friends.) So as a British you may feel a boy's spanxking on a young lady teacher's lap is very erotic and should have to be prohibited but 90% of Indians will just consider your comment as just a matter to ignore. But I like you because you analyze the whole matter in a truthful way and in my opinion your comments have great value. But still I cannot stop spanxking. You are right that still the fact remains. It cannot be solved.
And by the way, we spanxk little kids on our lap for a special reason that Ela described you before. When a boy is leaning over a desk then we can give him a firm stroke with full force and the boy (13 to 15) can digest it. But it will be a torxture for a little boy or a girl as they have very tender and soft bottoms. When I am spanxking someone on my lap, I also feel a discomfort because a heavy weight is on my lap so naturally the striking force reduces.
Honestly saying, I enjoy to spanxk children on my lap (as you enjoy getting spanxked by Miss Xiao) but it doesn't mean that I am abused. It is the part of my job. But who wants to miss a chance to spanxk someone on lap getting the complete right? If you were me, I bet, you would do the same thing! If you say no, then I will think you're not honest.
And by the way, did you see the video?

by Miss Anushka Roy Wed Feb 22 13:02:28 UTC 2012

dear Anushka. Thank you. I have the answer I wanted! NO! I AM NOT BLAMING YOU OR ANYONE PERSONALLY..dear sweet Anushka. It is because you and Ela are the only teachers I known to tell me their spanxking methods. There is no question of blame on anyone. I am merely making observations on the methods you use and describe, in the light of my own experience. It is a learning process for me. This is made more difficult (as you say) by the cultural differences of our countries. Ela is annoyed that I kept asking the same question? It was because I did not seem to be getting the "nitty-gritty" basic information. So, Ela, put away your frown and carry on enjoying your time off school (and give your arm & hand a rest at the same time! ...ha ha!) Laugh at yourself more often! You are too pent-up and serious sometimes! bless you. I will try the video in a moment.More later...

by Michael Wed Feb 22 15:33:48 UTC 2012

Anushka Yes I got the video when I typed it in to google. But it says "un available" when I put the URL in. Why is that? I do not know. OK then -- what have you been doing today in Room 2?

by Michael Wed Feb 22 15:58:10 UTC 2012

Anushka Yes it is past your bedtime now! OK I think you enjoy spanxking those 2 boys bottoms. You revel in detail of the type of bottom! I do not blame you one little bit! I think it is nice for you to get a "sort-of" pleasure like that. But I think also the 2nd fair,fat boy got pleasure feeling your bare hand smaxnkig his bare bottom. OK he cried and made noises, but inside I think it was (perversely?) enjoyable for him too! If I had been him, I would have. And did, in my childhood! So that answers your two questions. Yes you liked spanxking them (that's OK) and for something to say about the poor kids? I would say that in later years they will remember the sensations they got, the anxiety, the pain, the nice feel of you hand (both the rubbing and the smacks) . It all adds up to eroticism. It is not intentional neither on your part or their part. But nevertheless; those "ingredients" are going to accrue when a boy begins to experience his sexuality. I am not saying it is a bad thing, after all it is a natural progression. But both parties should be aware of it.Well that's how I've experienced it. That's all I can say. KEEP SPANXKING AND ENJOY IT YOURSELF, TOO.

by Michael. Wed Feb 22 17:18:11 UTC 2012

Addendum! Anushka I just re-read your last script. I should have read more carefully the first time. I noticed you used the cane on his palms. Is this I read correctly? I don't think you have mentioned using a cane before. Tell me about the dimensions of the cane, please. I did not think you used the cane. Also I had a laugh to myself on your comments about the fair boy's bottom! ("this kind of bottom is rare to spanxk" and you "rubbed it for a long time" (your words) I think you got some pleasure out of that boy's bottom. Well, good for you! After all, you hurt your hand smacking them so why not allow yourself a little selfish pleasure in return. I am with you all the way on that! OK I hope you will tell me how that fair boy reacts to you tomorrow. I think he had a soft spot for you. What at 7 yrs of age, you say? YES YES YES! wake up girl, wake up! Don't let your brain go to sleep! ha-ha.(Give my love to Ela please)

by MICHAEL Wed Feb 22 21:23:29 UTC 2012

Today evening we all teachers are invited to Ela's elder brother's marriage celebration including the HM. I hope if you were there.
Yes, you got the right point. Why I used the word "cane"? No. I didn't use any cane. I used a thin and flat wooden scale to strike on the palms. But I don't know how to label this punishment beside the word "palm-caning". If you know, then your answer will be appreciated.
I didn't understand the meaning of the sentence, "After all, you hurt your hand smacking them so why not allow yourself a little selfish pleasure in return." Please explain it.
And if I ever find a boy like you whom I'll suspect enjoying the punishment -- I will straight send him to the HM for caning (with real cane).

by Miss Anushka Roy Thu Feb 23 04:36:40 UTC 2012

dear Anushka. Last things first---again! No, I would MOST CERTAINLY NOT enjoy being caned by the HM!! Uggggh! A real turn-off. If you had sent me to HM I would have been more willing if you were there to watch me get caned. (But even then, I would hate the very idea of a male caning me whether HM or not) Now the points as you list them, then I want you to try an experimental punishment, please --- if you would? Before that I have to get breakfast but I will send this script first.(more later)

by Michael Thu Feb 23 08:43:01 UTC 2012

(cont) to Anushka, OK ref the marriage celebrations. I wonder what sort of food you will have? I have never tried Indian food but I think it must be very tasty. I am not very adventurous with my diet! I stck to what I know that I can prepare and cook! Yes, I wished I could be there, too. You must tell me how it all goes,afterwards. OK about the description of "Palm caning" Well maybe if you just called it "palm smacking" perhaps? Mention it to Ela; see what she says. My sentence about "hurting your hand" etc is rather ambiguous. I should have put some better grammar into that sentence.It would have been better WITHOUT the word "selfish" ... What I meant is:-- that you are probably hurting yourself doing the spanxking, so don't feel wrong about any (Hmmmm) 'feelings' you may have yourself in the act" Does that make it sound better? Do not, please take it, that I did NOT mean it was selfish of you. Far from it. In fact; almost the opposite! OK I will not use that word "Erxxxxxic" again. You are right; it is too strong a word and it also has other meanings which are not appropriate to our discussion. I wonder how you will know that a boy is getting aroused during spaxnking? It would be almost impossible to find out. In my next post, I will describe a punishment you may like to try yourself. It is something I had(have) also. More soon.Oh! What time does Tiffin start in UK time? I want to think about when you are actually in Room 2 ! ha-ha. Bless you, dear sweet Anushka.

by Michael Thu Feb 23 09:33:50 UTC 2012

Addendum to Anushka. I forgot to mention the other method. This would do for all ages, 7 to 15yrs children. They need to either be in shorts or half trousers. You spanxk with your palm on the INSIDE soft flesh of the bare thighs. The target area for smacks is half way along the thigh between the groin and the knee joint. You could spanxk with a flat scale but this should be only for serious misconduct,because it REALLY stings. An advantage of thigh-slapping is that other students can see they have been disciplined and the parents also when they got home. That might bring a further smacking! So; all-in-all; a VERY efficient deterrent for badly behaved students! Again miss Xiao tested this out on me. I can tell you that after 5 smacks on each thigh, I was quite sore and the hand marks showed a perfect print.. Give it a try at school and let me know.

by Michael Thu Feb 23 12:46:12 UTC 2012

Yesterday I was unable to write you because after returning from school we had to join Ela's elder brother's marriage celebration. So yesterday I was very tired.You have already written 4 letters, hard to answer in one post. But still I will try to answer by numbering.
1. I appreciate the title "Palm Smacking."
2. Yes, I can guess properly if any boy starts to enjoy my punishment through pleasure. I will find many symptoms like, when I will rub his bottom he will remain calm and he will not say a word or weep; after the spanxking I will not find any noticeable change in him; he may again repeat same thing to get spanxked etc. It is hard to make me fool. I have two years' experiences.
3. Michael, I don't hurt my palm in spanxking. I rub the bottom very well and find the fleshiest part. Smacking on the fleshiest part gives huge pain to the student and less pain to my palm. And I think I must bear the slightest pain. It is because the student feels tremendous pain on my lap. It is an honest attempt. There is another reason behind using my bare hand. Perhaps, you remember, I used a wooden scale when I spanxked the 6 years of old boy who got less fleshy, black skinned and rough bottom. I disliked to spanxk it with my bare hand. But when you will get a very fleshy, fair, white and soft bottom on your lap, having the proper right to spanxk it you cannot control yourself from rubbing it feeling the softness, tapping it, spanxking it making the bottom very sore and red, unable to sit. So your bare hand is the best thing to do it.
It is not for any bad intention. It is like we all love to squeeze a child soft cheek. (Sometimes, I really think what a delightful job I have got. I can educate the future of the country. Besides that, everyday I can have many beautiful children on my lap and spanxk them. Nobody will protest but praise me for doing that. Don't take me wrong, every teacher who is famous as a hard disciplinarian perhaps thinks the same thing but pretends to be very honest. But I think Ela is better spanxker than me. Her rubbing, squeezing and very sound and firm spanxking is very famous. Yes she invents many different kinds of painful punishments. She is like an expert of punishments. She did not write about all the punishments in her previous posts. There are many more. That's why students often call her "Dangerous Miss" and guardians call her "The Cutest Miss". She bursts into laughing hearing both of these two comments when we teachers discuss about it in teachers' room.)
4. I am glad that you are not going to use the word "Erotic" anymore.
5. Thank you for your suggestions. We already practice the second punishment that you described, "SPANXKING ON THIGH". It is quite fruitful. We use our bare palms or a flat ruler to do it. Your first punishment process is not appreciated. It is because some students are very weak physically. So running for 30 seconds before and after the spanxking will be a torxture to them. And we don't get that efficient time. Everyday we generally punish 5 to 10 students in Tiffin period and we complete the punishment in 35 minutes. Generally I avoid punishing secretly in Tiffin period. Perhaps you remember day before yesterday I spanxked only two students. I complete my punishments in class rooms. But the maximum young lady teachers are very fond of punishing secretly in Tiffin period. Senior lady teachers avoid the corporal punishment in class room too, so punishing in secret room will be beyond imagination. Male teachers also avoid corporal punishment; if they use corporal punishment then it is done in class room. So only young lady teachers aged 23 to 35 punish in class rooms and as well as in their personal punishments rooms.

by Miss Anushka Roy Fri Feb 24 05:55:18 UTC 2012

to Anushka Thanks for all that full script. Number 5 "Thigh slapping" How many slaps do you give on each thigh? And do you slap the bare thighs of boys in the senior age group, 13 to 16? I know from when miss Xiao slapped my thighs it is very painful She asked me if I wanted to try her using the wooden ruler and I said "OK but stop when I say" I found it VERY sore and I could only take 3 slaps on each thigh, and I had to call "truce please miss" !! breakfast (as usual now) more in a while. What time will it be in UK at your tiffin - time.

by MICHAL Fri Feb 24 08:40:22 UTC 2012

It seems that you hardly paid any attention to my words those I suggested you before, as you're again going to Miss Xiao for getting sexual pleasure. I am not going to suggest you again. It's your personal matter. I only told you those as a friend. But you ignored me and Ela also. (It's a real problem with boys. They ignore young girls).
No, I cannot contact you by Email. Like Ela, I am also not allowed to do so. However, you should not also publish your Email ID in this public forum where everyone can read it.
I give almost five smacks in each thigh in case of the children below 11. I use my bare hand for very little kids aged 6 to 8 and use a wooden scale in case of the children aged 9 to 10. Boys aged 6 to 10 always wear half pants except in winter. Girls always wear skirts. So I strike on their bare thighs. In winter, I don't use this punishment because then I don't find any bare thigh exposed for striking. And I don't use this punishment to the students who are above 11.
I don't remember what more I had to write. Will you please point those out? Yes, I remember that you asked me about the other punishments which Ela invented. I think Ela is the appropriate person to answer it. Ela is going to write here very soon.
She was not granted for seven days' absence. She joined today because Madhyamik Examination (same as GCSE examination of UK) has begun from today. Our school board declared Holiday to other students. It is because our school takes seats for the Madhaymik students of entire state as the other high schools do. Our duty is now to guard in the Examination hall. So for fifteen days I will not get any chance to spanxk anyone on my lap or hear the funny crying and shouting sounds. TOO SAD!!!
No, I will not punish my students if they get aroused but if I ever find one of them enjoying the punishment or misbehaving again and again to get the spanxking pleasure, I will of course send him to the HM.
Today evening, I think Ela is going to join on this forum again.
I hope, you have nothing more to ask or know from me. If I am correct then perhaps I will say good-bye after your comment (if you also say we are done.) But I think Ela is not done. It is impossible. She invents many punishments (enjoyable for the disciplinarian scary and tremendous for the poor student). So you can know many things about punishment from her. But don't ask her any question based on sexuality. Who knows perhaps for this reason, her beautiful right hand will want to rub or squeeze and spanxk your bottom or her lap will invoke you to lie down. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha

by Miss Anushka Fri Feb 24 11:30:49 UTC 2012

dearAnushka. It sound as if you are saying that you will stop writing this forum when Ela comes back? That would be a pity! Yes, I AM listening to yours and Ela's advice about miss Xiao. But she is like a girl friend also to me. I like her company and our "antics" in the Clinic please us both. You see, I only found this topic in this Forum because I wanted to get other female's views on their spanxking of males (boys or adults) I think I now have the answer that yes SOME do enjoy it. In different ways is the pleasures according to the individual. You do too -- well that's fine . OK then "Au revoir" or is it "Goodbye" and thanks for the interchange of view-points.Oh! Well Its too late. I've given my e address now. Silly boy that I am.

by Michael Fri Feb 24 11:40:22 UTC 2012

to Anushka I omitted to thank you for your generous input in this topic discussion. Your comments have helped me to understand myself and "where I'm coming from" (as they say) So thank you very much. Goodbye and I hope you get your heart's desires.byebye. I now go from this forum.GOODBYE EVERYONE including those who read here but do not write. I hope you have learned something useful about this topic. Finito.

by MICHAEL Fri Feb 24 12:15:35 UTC 2012

O MY GOD! I told you that I would only leave the forum if you say you too have not anything to know from me. It's not for Ela. That's silly. I convicted that I told you everything about my punishments. But if you want to me stay here for more discussion I will of course stay here. Don't take abrupt decisions.

by Miss Anushka Sat Feb 25 03:46:48 UTC 2012

What’s happened to Michael? Why he is leaving? I want him to discuss with me about school punishments.

by Ela Sat Feb 25 03:47:23 UTC 2012

What’s happened to Michael? Why he is leaving? I want him to discuss with me about school punishments.

by Ela Sat Feb 25 03:47:36 UTC 2012

dear both Anushka & Ela. OK I thought we had finished our discussion and reached a conclusion -- hadn't we? Hope you enjoyed the marriage celebrations of your brother,Ela. Soon it's your turn to tie the knot! OK then. What's on the menu for discussion? Fire away please. And lets be 'avin' sum escallent grammer like wott English she is propper spoked. (Ah--hmmmm)

by Michael Sat Feb 25 08:44:33 UTC 2012

Right! It's my turn to tie a knot. Let's see what happens!
Now let us start our conversation again without any lingering. I read some posts between you and Anushka; I found there you wanted to know about my other punishment methods. Am I not right? OK! I will describe those after your post.
And it really hurt me that you still seek for the ladies like Miss Xiao for your own sensual pleasure. That's completely unexpected from you. I know I haven't the right to say you something about your personal life. And I am too little to advise you because I am just a young girl of 23 and you are much elder than me, you are 34 years of old. But I told you that being someone like your younger sister. Of course you've the complete right to refuse it.
It's too hot here. It's almost +33C.
The current time of the locality is 4.30PM
And please don't write the word like "spoked".
(From Ela)

by Ela Sat Feb 25 10:14:00 UTC 2012

I think Michael wrote the word "spoked" intentionally. He cannot write wrong English because his mother-tongue is English. May be he is joking.

by Miss Anushka Sat Feb 25 10:23:11 UTC 2012

I think Michael wrote the word "spoked" intentionally. He cannot write wrong English because his mother-tongue is English. May be he is joking.

by Miss Anushka Sat Feb 25 10:23:36 UTC 2012

Micheal, here are your answers----
1. Supriyo proposed me almost seven months before. At first I ignored him, later started to love him in a respectful way rather than romantic way. But I think still the entire scene is romantic whether I mention it or not. Yes, perhaps we will get married very soon. But let me be at least 24. In India, 23 years of old girls are considered too young to marry. In next April, I will be 24. Then certainly I will turn into Mrs Sucheta Roy from Miss Sucheta Banerjee as Anushka wrote before.
2. The answer of your second question is too big to answer in this post. I will write about it in my next post before you comment.
3. I have understood the matter properly. Yes, physical exercises are very needy for all of us and especially you must do it because you've a disease. But can't you look for any male physiotherapist? Don't take me wrong but I am sure sometimes you do wrong or get lazy intentionally to get spanxked by Ms Xiao. And you can't deny that it is only for sexual pleasure.
4. Michael, you have already found the temperature too hot but I assure you saying it has just started. Let April or May come. Here in April or May, it feels like the sun is running towards us to swallow us with its fire-full mouth. Sometimes I am jealous of the beautiful UK weather, but in winter it becomes terribly cold. That's too irritating.
5. Yes, you are right about me. I can't have quick sleep. In bed, I chat with my grandmother for a long time. She often gets annoyed and scolds me because she is too old and that is why the hymn of sleep easily conjures her eye-leaves. Yes, I have a lot of hobbies. I like to sing and listen to classical music and Rabindra Sangeet. I also like to read novels or storybooks or watch good films. But I hate sloppy romantic and action films. Those are often full of naked bed scenes or kissing scenes. My favourite films are Lord of the rings series, A Beautiful Mind, The Pianist, No Country for Old Men or all Charlie Chaplin's films.
I am also interested in sports. In my schooldays, I was a good table-tennis player.
The Current time is 8.27PM.
I am writing soon about the other punishments those I give in the next post.
(From Ela)

by Ela Sat Feb 25 15:00:22 UTC 2012

dear Ela, First answer me why you cannot use Email? Bcause THIS is Email on the forum except that it public,anyone can see it. If you have a PRIVATE Email adrs why can't you see that it is PRIVATE? Your family stops you using a more private type of contact; whereas they (presumably) turn a blind eye to THIS type of Email? Please say what their reason is for stopping you have private Email address! 1.... Yes I did have a girlfriend. but her job in the Civil Service made her move 300 miles away. We gradually lost contact. I think I told you this already. I have not a current lady-friend -- no. Another reason is miss Xiao ( I know you advised me not go to her) but you are correct -- I do go make "mistakes" in exercises because I secretly want to be spaxnked by her. I have never admitted that to her, but I think she senses it, but says nothing,because I think she gets her pleasures smacking and whipping me. This arrangement suits me fine! As you know I did seek out Juvoon a customer and went twice,but the Nurse there was OTT in her punishments. The second day was the last day, I had a total of 300 strikes! On my bottom mainly but also fronts and backs of thighs and a "palm-smacking" with a thick ruler. It all was too much and the Nurse also touched me in the front part when Ju voon was not looking. She scared me a bit. That is the reason I stopped going there. (more in a short while. )

by Michael Sat Feb 25 15:56:46 UTC 2012

1. I order the boy or girl to stand at my left side. I took a 12inch long wooden flat scale (for the children aged 8 to 12) and strike very firm on the arm above the elbow, below from the shoulder. In case of the elder students I use the thick but short wooden ruler. As usually I rub the arm before and after each strike. It’s very painful.
2. I often smack on the thighs of the children as usually ordering them to stand at my right sight. I use my bare hand for very little children (aged 6 to 8). In case of the students aged (9 to 12), I strike their thighs with the flat 12inch long wooden scale. I always give it on the bare thighs. So I cannot apply this punishment to the boy who is wearing a full pant.
3. In case of the students aged (8 to 12), I use a very special punishment. I ask the student to come in front of me and clench the hand. I give 5 strikes on each clenched hand with the 12inches long wooden scale. I always tap the clenched hand before and after each strike. In this way many teachers punish their students. I have a video from a very famous Hindi film “Taare Zamin Par” where you can see this punishment. The teacher used the same scale as I use for children. 12inches long, flat, thin scale made of solid wood.
Here is the URL no. ------ www(dot)youtube(dot)com(slash)watch?v=imnUt1-EYP0
You also can type the name of the video in Google search box.
Video name = Taare Zameen Par - Part 7 HD (English)
It’s a bit long video. Please wait until you see the punishment scene.
4. There is another punishment, which I practice on the students aged 8 to 12. I order them to come in front of me and stand at the right. I take the 12inches long thin, flat scale and strike on the knuckle before the heel of the each foot with the pointed corner of the scale. I strike lightly but still it is very painful.
5. Another punishment that I practice on the students aged 11 to 12 is I order them to show the back of the hand and give five strikes on the back of each hand with the flat and thin 12inches long scale. But I never strike on the nails. It can be dangerous.
6. There is another punishment I invented for the students aged 9 to 12. I order my students to clench the hand. I took the clenched hand in my left hand. I strike on the four knuckles of each finger on the back of the hand with the corner of 12inches long flat scale. As usually I keep the student in wait before and after the each strike tapping the knuckles with the corner of the scale. In this case, I never strike very firm but lightly. But it’s just unbearable for the students.[Continued]

by Ela Sat Feb 25 16:34:58 UTC 2012

7. I invented another punishment for the students aged 9 to 12. I order the student to stand at my right side. I press and knead the skin, middle of the back-bone with my thumb and fore-finger very hard. I have cut my long nails because those could cut the skin. Of course, I don’t cut the skin but my students squirm in pain because of this pain. I increase and decrease the pressure to continue the punishment for al least one minute. They start to move restlessly, that’s why I hold them tightly grasping their left hands with my left hand. They jump in huge pain and it looks like they are dancing. So I have titled the punishment as “Break Dance”. Isn’t it a funny name?
There are many other punishments also. If I try to write all about them it will be an epic. But I use spanxking keeping the student on my lap, hand-caning and back slapping the most.
NOTE: I always punish my students sitting on a chair. They have to come in front of me to receive the punishments expect the back-slapping and spanxking of the elder boys aged 13 to 15. These two punishments I give standing.
GOOD NIGHT (for Today)!
(From Ela)

by Ela Sat Feb 25 16:43:20 UTC 2012

To dear Ela. You are a sweet girl (if sometimes a bit head-strong! ) I mean that kindly. Your Supriyo is indeed fortunate to be marrying you. What a lucky boy. I am almost jealous! Both you and Anushka are young yet, but you both have wise heads befitting some person much older. Anushka is a sweetie and if I was over there,she would have to keep looking behind her because I would be following, especially if she was going to Room 2. ha ha! I would love to see both of you spanxking those boys bottoms. Do you know something? I will tell you. that would really turn me "on" and my secretions would be flowing unabated. ha ha. Am I naughty or un-natural or pervXertXed? I hope not. Number 5 ... You can't sleep and it is not helped by the heat. I hope you have a fan blowing cool air in your bedroom. can I suggest something you might try to help you relax before bedtime? Listen to some soothing classical music -- not "pop" rubbish. Do not take the music off the computer. put a CD in your player and hear high quality audio -- not the tinny trash from youtube! Turn off the TV if it's on.Switch off your computer. Don't be looking something up on the internet.It wants a rest too. Read a book of the sort you are interested in. A wee drop of sweet Jerez (sherry) very small glass. Sip this while you are reading in bed. Do not drink coffee or tea before bedtime. Hot chocolate is fine. I know you are a very intelligent little lady, but the downside of that is that the mind cannot quickly dismiss the thoughts that have accrued during the day. You must try not to think or mull-over the events of the day. Your mind must dwell on something quite apart. Of course (ah-hemmm!) there is another helping solution which ought to occur to you. Someone (I wonder who? ) should be there to fold you gently in his arms and smoothe your brow (and other bits too) Need I say more?? !!!! ??

by Michael Sat Feb 25 16:46:27 UTC 2012

HI ela i like your punishments styles. can u describe any face slapping experience and knuckles beating experiences as you are always sit on chair while punishing.

by Vicky Sat Feb 25 17:31:55 UTC 2012

To Vicky. Aha! So you are back again? Your name could be male or female. 'Vicky' is a short name for "Victoria" (female) or "Victor" (male) So I am asking, are you male or female? What country are you in? Here in UK it is now 2012 (8.12pm evening.) In India it will be middle of the night somewhere about 0130hrs (UTC) or 1.30am their time. About 4-and a half hrs ahead of UK. In Japan it will be breakfast time---tomorrow to us! So where are you from Vicky? Have you a comment on the Topic of this Forum "do lady teachers enjoy caning boys?"

by Michael Sat Feb 25 20:16:40 UTC 2012

hi ela, ì am back again and i am from india from punjab. I am male and now please give me answer to my question.

by Vicky Sun Feb 26 05:54:52 UTC 2012

Only Ela can punish in these different ways. Bless you dear!
Michael, you asked me how I am. I will answer you after your next post with your others questions. Now I am very busy for some of my personal works.

by Miss Anushka Sun Feb 26 06:36:46 UTC 2012

To Michael,
Thank you for your kind suggestions from me. Yes, we have many air-condition machines in our house. So the temperature is an obstacle to sleep. And I always have a nice sleep. So I don't need sherry or others. But thank you very much. It seems that you are my well-wisher. So kind of you!
I never listen to any pop or rock music. It's too irritating for me. And I generally don't drink tea or coffee. But you've suggested a very important thing. Yes, you are right. My mind cannot dismiss the thoughts those occur during the whole day. Sometimes my bitter past memories invigorate it also. You see, in my childhood I used to suffer hypertension disease with some dangerous neurological problems. My hands and feet often used to tremble unconsciously. But with the help of my uncle I got very well treatment from London, when I was hardly 17 or 18. Now I am physically very feet but I cannot forget the horrible disease affects those I suffered from my 14 years of old. Those often turn into my night-mares. I cannot see blood or any atrocious violence. That's why I never watch any action film. Once I told you that I am not a very brave girl. There is another reason behind it. From my childhood all the peoples who used to see me at first, comment on me that I am the most beautiful girl they have ever seen. That was nice experience but it had a bad effect too that I still face. Hundreds of spoiled boys proposed me from my very childhood. Some of them said many provocative things to me even gave murder threats too. But by the grace of God, nobody was able to harm me. My parents always keep me in a well protected condition because of this problem. Perhaps this problem will come to a solution when I will get married.
Perhaps you are getting bored hearing my personal problems. Sorry for that.
You didn't comment anything on my previous article based on my other punishments. I hope you will give your comments in your next post. The local temperature is +29C. The current time is 11.00AM
(From Ela)

by Ela Sun Feb 26 06:39:09 UTC 2012

To Vicky,
Vicky, you wrote to me in past. I am Sucheta, my nick name is Ela. Michael knows it. I wrote it in this forum before. So I think the questions you have asked, I gave you the answers probably three months ago. So do you have other questions to ask? If you have, write in your next post. I will surely try to answer those properly.
And by the way, are you a male or female. As far as I can guess being an Indian, Vicky is a male name. What is your profession?

by Sucheta Sun Feb 26 06:47:14 UTC 2012

to Ela, OK on all that script and I was sorry to hear of the troubles in your childhood. I can understand why you do not like to see blood or violence. yes, marriage will be good for this condition and steady you down. you will feel the support closer to you of Supriyo...Breakfast now. more in a little while

by Michael Sun Feb 26 08:33:45 UTC 2012

ok sucheta, i want 2 know abt face slapping session and knuckle beating session in detail. Plz describe. I am male frm punjab and working as software developer in chandigarh.

by Vicky Sun Feb 26 08:50:27 UTC 2012

To Vicky,
I told you in past that I never slap on the face of any child. And I already wrote about the knuckle beating in detail. Do you want to know any special incident surrounding the knuckle beating, like how I beat on the knuckles of a child who cried the most while I was punishing? I am confused. Please write your question properly.

by Sucheta Sun Feb 26 10:26:11 UTC 2012

To Michael,
Did you watch the video that I mentioned in my previous script where I described about other punishment?
Watch it at first. I beat the thighs, knuckles and palms with exactly the implement that the disciplinarian of that video was using.
I strike both those parts of the thigh. But I never strike the elder students on the fronts. I give them five burning swats on the back of each thigh. It creates huge sound. In case of little child I don't beat exactly on the fronts. You are right. I order him or her to stand with feet wide apart. I strike exactly on the below of knee above of the feet. Yes, it is very soft and tender place. I do it in a quick succession.
You think there is too much problem with the aim in case of beating on the knuckles. I will say, no. You are wrong. The student cannot move the clenched hand, because I always hold it tightly with my left hand. And I strike raising the scale almost 6 inches above from the knuckle. It's too light strike. But remember when the corner of the scale is falling on the knuckle it creates a huge pain.
From Ela

by Ela Sun Feb 26 10:27:08 UTC 2012

Michael, it is very popular to spanxk with rubbing, fondling or squeezing. It is mainly done to create huge fear in the student’s mind or to keep him or her in wait for the next smack. But sometimes I spaxnk in an unconventional way. I do it in a very very quick succession. If you are eager to know that write in your next post. I will describle everything in detail.

by Miss Anushka Sun Feb 26 10:34:39 UTC 2012

To Ela from Michael. Yes thank you for describing that thigh smacking. But I cannot see the implement used in the video. Please again describe the implement you use to smack thighs. I presume it is a wooden ruler 12 inches long and about one inch wide by ?how thick? less than half-an-inch? If that is correct I think it would make a very good sound on bare flesh! Wow! Does it leave the impression in red on the thighs?

by Michael Sun Feb 26 12:50:36 UTC 2012

To Anushka. Hello again. You already said about rubbing and squeezing technique in previous script so I know that, thank you. What is your unconventional way in very quick speed? I don't think I know that. The weather here is lovely spring day again with sunny skies and light winds. temp= +12C at moment time is clock=1255 .Please soon reply before you retire for the night!

by MICHAEL Sun Feb 26 12:54:03 UTC 2012

You are absolutely right Michael. The scale is about one inch wide, less than half inch thick and 12inches long, makes a very good sound on bare flesh often creating red marks, giving a burning feelings to the child. Isn't it great? I had to use the implement for couple of times today in the private tuition that I take in every Sunday evening. The local temperature is +35C. The current time is 8.35PM
By the way, did you see the video? How was that?
(From Ela)

by Ela Sun Feb 26 14:57:44 UTC 2012

dear Anushka Crikey! Spanxking without a pause! Gosh! I must ask miss Xiao do that tomorrow because I want to know what it's like your punishment. I will report back on this Forum about how I got on. I think, somehow, my bottom is going to be VERY VERY red and sore and hot! ha-ha. Phew! All for now.

by MICHAEL Sun Feb 26 15:56:13 UTC 2012

Don't do that. You won't be able to tolerate the pain.

by Miss Anushka Sun Feb 26 15:58:14 UTC 2012

mss Anushka. Oho! that is good, coming from someone who gives the same hard pain to mere children! I am an ADULT, for petes sakes! I will be able to tolerate the pain more than your children. Don't be so silly, Anushka! you are talking through your hat! I want to see how much pain there is, so I am going, whether you like it, or not! So there --- I am telling you! (with respects of course)

by MICHAEL Sun Feb 26 18:40:50 UTC 2012

miss Anushka (the hardest spanxer in all India) ! ha ha! I want to pass a few comments on the DIFFERENCE between Ela's method and yours, when doing spanxkings. I think Ela does not realise that when she rubs between strikes, (as you say correctly) she is allowing some of the pain just inflicted to dissipate. This negates the whole exercise, surely? So I think Anushka, it is YOUR method that is the most severe with the pain. As you say, you do it in quick successions and therefore the pain accumulates. With Ela's method she is allowing the pains to subside (by rubbing between strikes) and so the punishment is not as effective as your way. Good girl! You have got that right. Now send Ela privately to your Room 2 and demonstrate it on her bottom, ha ha ! Over to you for your observations. Tomorrow I will go to the Physio Clinic and get my punishment. My appointment is at 1000hrs(Monday) (10am in morning) so that will be approx 1430 (2.30pm in your afternoon)time in India.Think of me, at that time, please! I will be leaning over the Table. I wear only a loin-cloth. miss Xiao will spanxk my bare bottom like your description with a Ruler (scale)the same as yours. We have a "safe" word which allows me to duck out of it. But I am hoping I will not have to beg her mercy.

by Michael Sun Feb 26 18:54:15 UTC 2012

WAS IT YOUR JOKE? (You have got that right. Now send Ela privately to your Room 2 and demonstrate it on her bottom, ha ha!) I will think it is a harsh joke. I don't appreciate that.
But the like the joke (miss Anushka (the hardest spanxer in all India)! That's nice.
I told you not to request that lady to give that punishment because she may apply the punishment very hard and firm with a thick implement. Whenever I spanxk someone in a non-stopping way, I reduce the strike force. That is why it is very painful but not that effective as you think. Who knows Miss Xiao will do that or not?

by Miss Anushka Mon Feb 27 05:01:18 UTC 2012

Why we will think of you, getting spanxked by that lady? I would like to think that perhaps you were one of my students (aged 6 to 15) and I would spanxk you very hard in room 6. That’s nice to think!!!
The current time is 10.00AM
The temperature is almost +25C here, not that hot.
(From Ela)

by Ela Mon Feb 27 05:06:24 UTC 2012

dear Both, Yes, my bit of joke! but it would be a nice idea,ha ha. Anushka -- so you would agree that you are the hardest spaxner in all India? But how would you know this? What about the other lady- Teachers at your school? Ela +25C is OK yes! but myself I like it around 18C towards 22C. Ela -- Well being spanxked really hard by you on my BARE bottom in room 6 would be the ideal thing. But you are too far away! I would be there (like a shot out of a gun) as quick if I lived near Kolkta, so I have to take it where I am. Thats why I want you to think what I am having pretending it is you punishing me. thats in my mind. No miss Xiao I trust her quite well, she would not damage me. She will either use the flat paddle or the Ruler (scale)15 inch long by 2 inch wide by three-eight of an inch thickness. Well its breakfast now only just over an hour to wait till my punishment! I will relate to you all the very details and you can imagine that it was you and Anushka that is punishing me! But you cannot spanxk today for 15 days can you? Oh -- poor you !! How are you going to enjoy it after the 15 days! ha ha. AND ELA. RELAX UP A BIT! Don't be too serious on yourself! THAT IS AN ORDER from me --your "higher" authority !!!!!

by Michael Mon Feb 27 08:56:42 UTC 2012

What do you think you only can joke? It is also my joke that I supported your comment; I am the hardest spanxker in India.

by Miss Anushka Mon Feb 27 10:03:41 UTC 2012

It was also my joke. I know man it will be "bottom" not "bottoms". But I wrote that because I guessed you were going to get such huge pain which two bottoms could hardly bear together. But it would be served just for one bottom. Poor!

by Miss Anushka Mon Feb 27 14:46:07 UTC 2012

Hi Ela, ok you didn't face slap but can you describe any incident where your other school teacher face slap and about you please describe me the incident that how you start knucke beating to any boy or girl and how many strokes you applied, what was his,her reaction and what was you reaction and when you stop his,her knuckle beating.

by Vicky Mon Feb 27 14:49:26 UTC 2012

Michael, I am again asking you to see the video. You will understand about Indian school discipline properly. It is a clip from a very famous Indian film --- "Taare Zameen Par".
The Video URL is------
The Video name is-----
Taare Zameen Par - Part 7 HD (English) [You can also find the video typing the name in Google search box.]
It is a long video. Please wait until the punishment scene comes.
By the way you wrote the wrong spelling of our state. It is KOLKATA not Kolkta.
It is 8.31 PM now.

by Ela Mon Feb 27 14:57:47 UTC 2012

Dear Vicky,
I will give the answers very soon. Please wait. I am too busy now.

by Ela Mon Feb 27 14:59:34 UTC 2012

Did Ms Xiao keep you on her lap and fondle on your sore bottom?

by Miss Anushka Mon Feb 27 16:15:39 UTC 2012

Miss Xiao is a lucky lady. Did you ever ask her how many times she got the scope to spanxk one on her lap or making him or her to cry terribly? Did you ever ask her how old she was when she first started spanxking someone on her lap? I guess she also rubs, fondles and squeezes the bottoms too. Did she ever spanxk girls? Does she know any other kind of painful punishment beside spanxking?

by Miss Anushka Tue Feb 28 06:27:33 UTC 2012

Sorry for a mistake. I wrote "Did you ever ask her how many times she got the scope to spanxk one on her lap or making him or her to cry terribly?"
It will be -- "Did you ever ask her how many times she got the scope to spanxk one on her lap or make him or her to cry terribly?"

by Ms Anushka Tue Feb 28 06:56:34 UTC 2012

To Vicky,
I remember I wrote before about my experience of face-slapping that I saw when I was a school student. No teacher in our school slaps on the face.
Well, now let me depict a knuckle beating experience.
I ask the student to come in front of me and stand at my right side. I take a wooden scale then lean towards the student’s feet. I tap on the knuckle before the heel of the foot with the corner of the scale. The student generally starts to cry but I always ask him or her to remain steady still. If he or she ever removes the leg, I spanxk him or her on my lap very hard. They fear the spanxking very much. So they remain still. I give a light strike with the corner of scale on the knuckle creating a little thud. The student screams in terrible pain. I love that. I give 5 strokes in each knuckle. I prolong the punishment, taping the knuckle before and after each stroke for a long time to create suspense in the student’s mind. I love to see him or her begging mercy from me but it’s up to me that when I will release the student. I also beat the knuckles of the hand. I ask the student to show me the hand. I always find a trembling and sweaty hand. I grasp the hand tightly; tap the knuckle behind each finger on back of the hand with the corner of the scale.
The student squirms in terrible pain, makes peculiar funny sounds and begs mercy from me. I can’t control laughing seeing his or her condition. But I never strike on the nails. It can be dangerous. All the students are obliged to keep the hand steady steal in fear of spanxking which is my favourite punishment. There is nothing more fruitful than a spanxking keeping the student on lap. But I only spanxk the students, who are below 10, on my lap. I spaxnk the elder students ordering them to stand facing the wall or classroom or leaning over the table. But I like over-the-lap spanxking the most. And virtually, I love to spanxk little boys and girls more than the senior students. Little children get easily scared and cry in a little pain. That’s why I love to spaxnk them very much.

by Ela Tue Feb 28 07:23:38 UTC 2012

ok ela thanks,
have you seen any teacher or you dangling feets in the class room and while beating students. plz describe such experiences.

by Vicky Tue Feb 28 08:11:47 UTC 2012

To Vicky,
No, that never happens to me as well as the other teachers of my school. What it has to do with punishments? I don't understand. Can you explain it please with your other questions in your next posts?

by Ela Tue Feb 28 08:25:24 UTC 2012

to Ela, thankyou for describing the punishment and the classroom spanxkings also. So, you are seated on a chair to give spanxks then. I am surprised that you can get enough swing to strike from a seated position. You must have a very strong arm . The "short but thick ruler" ... is that the one you described recently? 12" x 1" x half-an-inch (thick) ?? The boys are wearing trousers with pants under that. How are you able to make a "huge sound" ?? Surely the trousers are thick material? OK about the spelling of Kolkata and the history in past times. +25C is too hot for you at that time of day. Hope the school has air conditioning.

by Michael Tue Feb 28 09:22:31 UTC 2012

to ANUSHKA You ask various questions about miss Xiao the Physiotherapist. I don't understand why is she "a lucky lady" please explain! She was a Teacher in a district School near Beijing, China. She came to UK but not as Teacher, she studied Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) before coming. Sometime early 2008--2010, she opened Clinic in Penarth in Wales UK. I first went to the Clinic for sciatica treatment last year 2011 after no results from NHS (state-run) hospital. I began a regular Course of weekly visits to her for 30 minute Sessions of physio manipulations. I don't know if she punishes other clients. I would have to ask her which I should feel it's not my business. I can only describe her as when I go to her each week. She has mainly adults clients both female & male, so I do not think she punishes like when she was in Beijing School. She does that to me only (I think) it is an evolvement, she did not spanxk me when I first began Course. I forget exactly how I got the first spanxking. I will try remember tell you next post. Must go out to work now. More later.

by MICHAEL Tue Feb 28 09:42:21 UTC 2012

It's a part of my joke that I told her lucky! She gets many bottoms to spanxk legally. Don't you think she enjoys it very much? Michael, why don't you open a clinic like her? You will also get that wonderful opportunity Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!!

by Ms Anushka Tue Feb 28 09:53:27 UTC 2012

ok ela, but it has great relations with punishment because feet of a teacher always attracts the student and if it will be bare feet then attracts very much. You can't understand but it is. So please describe if you ever feel hot or tired in your feet and you get bare feet in the class or any other teacher get bare feeted.

by Vicky Tue Feb 28 12:22:51 UTC 2012

No question of "attraction" arises here. It's all about formidable painful punishment which all the kids fear very very much. I can't remember I have ever seen any of my colleagues to sit with bare feet in classroom. And that never happened to me. If I feel hot, as a common human being I get sweaty. That's all! So what's the necessity of opening the shoes from the legs?
If you've more questions based on corporal punishment then please ask soon. I will be waiting for your next post.

by Miss Ela Tue Feb 28 14:18:13 UTC 2012

DO THINK ELA IS A BIT HIGH TEMPERED GIRL? If you think so, I won't disagree with you. But she is too innocent.
What was exactly Ms Xiao's work in China? Was she a teacher or only a disciplinarian? She started the job from 22 years of old?

by Ms Anushka Tue Feb 28 15:19:01 UTC 2012

To MISS ANUSHKA Your last post was signed "Ms Anushka" Was that an error? (and to Ela, that is the first time you have signed yourself as "miss" Ela.) What is the truth here? to Anushka;I told you what miss Xiao's work in China. Haven't you been listening? Tut tut! I think you will have to report to Ela Room 6 for a spanxking. She was a Teacher at a school in Beijing. However, she was BORN in Penang, Malaysia. I don't know how long she was there before moving to Beijing. Do you want me to ask her? OK why do you write about Ela in capital letters? Your description "high temper" does not sound very good! I would say that you should have said "high strung" much kinder word than temper! Both Ela and Anushka's comments please!

by MICHAEL Tue Feb 28 17:40:54 UTC 2012

ok ela, i agree with you. but when sweat occurs to you and other teachers then all wants some relax so plz describe some bare feet experience and face slapping experiece.

by Vicky Tue Feb 28 17:51:41 UTC 2012

To Anushka & Ela. I found out miss Xiao was a Teacher in Batan Tiga private School in Selengor. before moving to Beijing. She was born and brought up in Malaysia till age 25 then moved to Beijing. She had qualified as "B.Ed" Teacher and moved to Beijing as they paid more money in China for those qualifications. She married but not lasted and separated, poor lass, it is a sad story, I was nearly in tears listening. She said that when she was teaching in Malaysia, all boys were punished on their bare bottoms ages 7 up to 15. It was done after Classes over for the day. So if they were naughty in the morning they had to stew! waiting all day for their spanxkings! ha ha. Imagine what a nervous state they would have been. ha ha.

by MICHAEL Tue Feb 28 20:01:59 UTC 2012

To Michael,
"High Temper" is a very common word India. So Anushka was right. My every close person suggests me to control the temper that took its growth in my mind when I was a patient of hypertension.
And I think Anushka wrote "MS" intentionally. The word "MS" can be used before both married and unmarried women's names.
And you asked me why I wrote "Miss Ela?" You see, I am quite habituated with this name. All the students in my private tuition or school address me with "Miss Sucheta", "Miss Ela", only "Miss", Madam or Ma'am. So have you any problem if I write this name? The current temperature is +28C. It's not that hot.
The local time is 10.20 AM. (FROM ELA)

by Ela Wed Feb 29 06:04:45 UTC 2012

Yes, I read carefully all the articles where you mentioned about Ms Xiao. But I wanted some detailed information about her. Now you’ve given it. Thank you very much.
If she left Malaysia in 25, then perhaps she first started the spanxking business in 26 or 27. What do you think?
You said that she used to spanxk 7 to 15 years of old boys on their bare bottoms? Would she spanxk the boys who were above 9, on her lap? If she did so, I think it wasn’t right. And you never mentioned about the girls. Didn’t she ever spanxk a girl student aged 7 to 15?
And luckily the other questions you asked me, Ela answered those properly. So I don’t think I have to give any more comment.
You wrote ---- “I told you what miss Xiao's work in China. Haven't you been listening? Tut tut! I think you will have to report to Ela Room 6 for a spanxking.”
I knew she was a teacher. But I asked you that whether she was a teacher or only a disciplinarian. I remember, one of your previous posts you wrote she was only a disciplinarian. Other teachers used to send the students to her for the punishment after the school was over. So I found a contradiction in your posts. That’s why I asked so.
I think it was you who didn’t read my posts carefully. I really wish to send you first in room 2 (don’t worry; I will do a very nice job with your bottom there), then in room 6 (Ela will give you another powerful dose of that very medicine), then to the HM for a hard caning, then to Miss Xiao and at last to your aunty for a final touch, your niece also can join there. ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

by Miss Anushka Wed Feb 29 06:41:10 UTC 2012

to Ela & Anushka. Ah! A confusion of the languages. Yes. "miss" in the UK means a girl never married yet. but "Ms" means a girl once was married but now separated. I should write "Ms Xiao" not "miss Xiao" from here. I go to Room 6 then Room 2 !! ha ha! please spanxk me hard with your palms on my bare bottom. Breakfast now more later.

by Michael Wed Feb 29 09:03:58 UTC 2012

To Ela (first script)Thanks for describing "temper" OK I now understand that, and I was sorry that you had treatment for hyper-tension in your early life. I am afraid that complaint goes hand-in-hand with a high intellect. It is in the genes (genetic makeup from the family past) and is something you have to learn to live with. But you don't die from it!! ha-ha. Sometimes medications are used to calm you down. Thay is why I told you to take a SMALL glass of sweet Jerez to bed with you. It is in effect "medication" for that very purpose. Of course; you must not take huge quantities! Then you would be said to be "drunk" ha ha. A balance is required; as in most things in life. +28C is just about my upper limit-- I would have to keep out of the sun and into the shades. (Now to answer MISS Ahushka (I think we have to keep a close eye on her. ha ha. Hmmmmmm!

by Michael Wed Feb 29 09:34:46 UTC 2012

Hi ela,

waiting for your response ??

by Vicky Wed Feb 29 10:02:25 UTC 2012

To Dear Vicky,
I have read your post. I am very sorry that I cannot describe what you asked. I told you before about the face slapping experience. I don’t anything about face-slapping besides the incident I described before. And I have nothing to explain about bare feet because I hardly noticed my friends to sit with bare feet. And I never open my shoes. So do you have any more questions which I am able to answer?

by Miss Ela Wed Feb 29 10:32:58 UTC 2012

Well, I don't need any medicine for hypertension that is what my doctor says. He advised me a different kind of thing. It is "Meditation". I practice it so often and I am getting a very good result from it.
I remember, I invented one more mild punishment. Shall I write it in my next post?
(From Ela)

by Miss Ela Wed Feb 29 10:39:07 UTC 2012

dear Ela. OK about meditation. Yes it can be good and I am glad you are getting results from that stance. But also; that does not preclude you having a small drop or two of sherry. We are talking about a half a teacup-full or even less! Are you afraid to take it, perhaps your family would disagree with alcohol. OK I will shut up about that. You have my advice. Now it is your choice to use it, or not. Yes tell me about your next punishment.Also tell me,please. about whether you are missing spanxking them in R00m 6? I think you said that there were no punishments until next 15 days? Also tell me about your private tuition class last Sunday. You said you punished some private students in your house? What punishments did you give them? Describe please. More (for Anushka) shortly. The sun is is a nice bright,and mild spring day here. clock= 1155 hrs nearly noonday.Nearly time for some lunch.

by Michael Wed Feb 29 11:50:58 UTC 2012

Hi ela,

you hardly noticed your friends bare feet, please explain that hardly incident and please describe other teacher's incident of face slapping in your school.

by Vicky Wed Feb 29 13:09:56 UTC 2012

Yes! Once I entered in a senior lady teacher's class to inform her something very important that the Head Master ordered me to tell her instantly. Then I saw her with bare feet. I don't know why she opened her shoes. She is almost 59 years of old. She was not punishing anyone but teaching something very important. That's all!
And perhaps you didn't read my previous scripts carefully. I wrote before face-slapping is not allowed in our school.
Your further questions will be delightfully appreciated but any question based on face slapping or bare feet will not be answered any more.

by Miss Ela Wed Feb 29 14:08:43 UTC 2012

To Michael,
The other punishment I use is very painful. It is for the children aged to 13 to 15. I tell the students to sit on the table. I use an almost 24inches long, less than half inch wide and less than half of the half inch thick ruler. I strike on clothed lap of the students. It's too painful. But I never practice this punishment on bare lap. Sometimes I strike on the knee of a student with the corner of the 12inches long flat wooden scale. This punishment is for the students aged 7 to 10.
In my private tuition, I only use 12inch long flat and thin wooden scale. Last week I had to punish three students (2 boys and one girl) aged 8 to 10. I practiced the punishment when the other students were busy to write the answers of the questions which I gave them based on the text.
One boy aged 10 got a firm palm-smacking for being talkative in class. I give 5 strokes in his each palm, rubbed and tapped the palm before and after each stroke. Another boy aged 10 got a different punishment for repeating same mistake. I pulled the love-lock beside his ears up and down very hard for almost more than one minute. I prolonged the punishment increasing and decreasing the force and saw the boy to squirm in terrible pain. I punished a girl, aged 8. She did not complete the homework which I gave her in last week. I took the little girl's right hand in my left hand and inserted a pencil between her index finger and middle finger, pushed hard the two fingers against the pencil, continued the punishment exactly for one and half minute ( I can guarantee that because I saw my wrist-X-watch before starting the punishment) increasing and decreasing the force. The girl cried so loud that my younger brother heard it. Later he scolded me for that. CAN YOU IMAGINE MY YOUNGER BROTHER SCOLDS ME? One of his bosom friends, son of our neighbours studies in our school. He is same aged to my younger brother. I did an extra-ordinary thing with him. If you want to know that I can tell it in my next post.
And No Michael! I am not missing spanxking. But I am very happy for not doing this boring job. Do you believe it? Alright, if you ask “ME” I will say you must believe it but if you ask “MY SOUL” she will inform something different ------ something the children don't like-----------------(perhaps you can guess what I mean)--------------

by Ela Wed Feb 29 14:43:23 UTC 2012

By the way Michael,
I hate alcohol very much. So your advice of drinking with limitation is never ever appreciated for me. Besides my parents, I myself will not allow it. I HATE WINE!
The current time is 8.25Pm
The temperature is almost +25C.
(From Ela)

by Ela Wed Feb 29 14:49:01 UTC 2012

To Ela. OK. Fair enough about the hated wine! Have you ever tried to taste sherry? You would like it! The final paragraph of your long script I do not understand your meaning. If you ask "me" (boring) but if you ask your "soul" (spirit?) something the children don't like. No I cannot seem to guess what you are meaning. Can you tell it in a different way. I might understand it better. I think your young brother is RIGHT to scold you! That pencil-between fingers is just BARBARIC !!! And for one and a half minutes too! The girl must have been in agony. poor thing. No--I do not agree that you use that method of punishment. It is too cruel for a child. ---- When you have your tuition at your home, do you ever smack the bottoms or the thighs? If so, do you do it in front of the other students? Vicky is supposed to be a boy but I doubt this! He is imbecile; asking the same thing over and over.

by Michael Wed Feb 29 15:31:10 UTC 2012

to ANUSHKA (cont)About ms Xiao..There is no contrdiction. I just did not explain enough facts. She was a senior of the Lady Teachers and they sent pupils to her for punishment, but she was also the Governess (you say in India, Disciplinarian) to a large family house while living in Selengor. There were 2 boys to and a young lad kitchen porter who had to answer to her for any misdeeds. . The young girls (skivvies)were under the direction of the senior Maid. Ms Xiao told me an incident which happened late at night in the garden of the house. The kitchen porter was found in a drunken stupour trying to swim in the outdoor pool! He had a girlfriend present which was strictly forbidden. He was trying to impress her! They had been to a Party and got back to the House late. He took all his clothes off and went into the cold water in an effort to revive himself before going to the House. Ms Xiao said she heard noises and went out the kitchen door silently to investigate. The girl saw her and she ran away up the drive and out through the gates. The boy noticed her and came out of the water holding his hands to his "front" for decency. He could not find his clothes! Ms Xiao grabbed his ear and led him into the kitchen. She shut the inner door so that her punishment would not wake the rest of the house. She said she gave him the hardest spanxking she ever gave in her life (and his, by the sound of it!) She smacked his thighs front and backs as well as his bare bottom. Then she gave him a torch and told him to go find his clothes in the garden! She waited in the kitchen while he was out there but he was so long she went out to find him. She could not find him, or the clothes. She went back in the kitchen and he was there, no clothes and still totally nude! She took him quietly up to her own room (not to wake the household) and she gave him another spaxnking using her flat wooden hairbrush across his bare bottom! WOW. I bet that really made an impression, especially on his already red, sore bottom which she spanxked in the kitchen. Did you enjoy hearing that story? That was when she was a Governess. Now ALUSHKA. You are sending me first to Room 2? What will happen when I am there? please tell me! Then you send me to Room 6 for the same "dose" ? I would not want to go to HM for caning. Will he do it on my bottom or palms (or both?) Don't fancy that one little bit. No sir. Then to Ms Xiao (well that will be a pleasure!!! ) then Aunty and my niece helping her. Anushka your lovely thoughts are running away with you now. I know you are joking. But answer me please this one question. When you had me in Room 2 would you lay me over your lap? How many strikes you give my bottom? I want to feel your slapps on my bare bottom, please miss Anushka. But tell me exactly my punishment please! Clock time=1700hrs its been a nice fine sunny day. Not hot. +17C at 1400hrs.

by MICHAEL Wed Feb 29 16:58:20 UTC 2012

To miss Ela, Your script has crossed with mine in the technology. So here is a short reply to that one. Why do you not smack any students bottoms or thighs in your Tuition Class? I am puzzled. You do it in Class at school, so what is different in your house? I am keen to know about this "fantastic job" you did on your neighbour's son. What on earth did you do to him? You said that you like the "pencil" punishment very much ? I think you have a wicked streak in you, Ela! ha ha. A touch of sadxism there! Would you rather spanxk bottoms over your lap; or give them the pencil treatment? Which of those 2 do you personally prefer? I understand exactly what you mean by the "soul" thing -- now that I see what you're getting at. Yes. No more need be said especially on a public forum. Whisper it in my ear over the fone. Now there's an idea. What about if I give you & Anushka my mobile fone number? We could hear each other's voices, if only for a very brief few seconds or it will be rather Xpensive. Tasted alcohol? Yes of course silly Ela. And so should you (taste it, I mean) you do not have to go overboard with it! OK; there are a LOT OF BAD things to be blamed on the consumption of alcohol. Yes. Can't deny that. BUT it is only irresponsible people who do that. They lose their self control and become like animals.and worse than animals at times. But you are not like that. You have a sound intelligent well-read mind. Look upon a "taster" of sherry as an experiment in physics. I said I would keep my trap shut about this. Well now I will. No more about it. Goodnight! 1730hrs UK time.

by Michael Wed Feb 29 17:29:40 UTC 2012

to miss Ela. Here is a qusetion for you. If you did this thing, you might learn something for sure. You must make sure it is after School class finishes. Tell Supriyo to come see you in Room 6. Do NOT tell him the reason. but ensure that no other person is near by. When he comes to you, tell him that you are going to give him a student's punishment! See what his reaction is! Tell him you are going to spanxk his bottom very hard! I wonder if he will accede to your request? It will be an interesting experiment. I tell you this Ela; if you said that to me, I would quickly comply with your request. ha ha (but I am serious)

by Michael Wed Feb 29 21:15:51 UTC 2012

miss Ela and Anushka, what about pinching thighs and earpulling

by Raju Thu Mar 01 05:03:04 UTC 2012

To Michael,
I would never punish you. It was just a silly joke!
And HM never canes on palm but on the bottom. It's cruel!
And I am happy with Miss Xiao because she did the absolutely right thing to that arrogant boy. The boy deserved the punishments.
By the way, you again wrote the wrong spelling of my name. It is Anushka not ALUSHKA. Did you write it intentionally?
And no question of giving phone number arises here. We (Ela and I) never ever know you personally. You are completely unknown person to us.

by Miss Anushka Thu Mar 01 05:09:34 UTC 2012

To Michael,
I know tasting alcohol is pretty common for the British and American peoples. BUT I HATE IT MORE THAN A POISONOUS SNAKE. NOBODY IN OUR HOUSE EVER TASTED IT.
I don't spanxk my students in my house. It is because spanxking takes a long time and in home I can't spend a long time in punishment.
And no dear, I have no sadxism in my mind. This pencil punishment is very popular. Ask Anushka, she also practices this punishment. It is safe but very painful.
And your comment on spanxking Supriyo is just nasty. If you were my student and aged 6 to 15, you don't know what you would do with you for writing it. So be aware of that. I'm too busy now to answer what I did with the neighbour's son, a very bosom friend to my younger brother, in my next post. I hope you will like it.
It is 10.00AM now. The temperature is almost +26C.
(From Ela)

by Ela Thu Mar 01 05:27:27 UTC 2012

To Raju,
Yes, ear pulling is very common. We often do that. But pulling the love-locks beside the ears is more painful than ear-pulling.
I don't pinch the thighs. But I don't know whether Anushka does it or not. You've to ask her.

by Miss Ela Banerjee Thu Mar 01 05:34:19 UTC 2012

to Anushka (sorry I got you name wrong yet again.) Typoe. I do not understand your final comment "You are a person completely unknown to us" I am rather hurt by that remark. it means that you are not interested in knowing me as a person (let alone a friend) I am very depressed about that statement. You will NEVER know me unless you open up yourself too. That's how friends are made.My day begins then, under a cloud.

by Michael Thu Mar 01 08:24:05 UTC 2012

I didn't mean to hurt you. I am so sorry. Don't be depressed. I only meant that we never saw you face to face or hear your voice in our ears. That is why we are also unknown to you. You live so far from our country that I cannot reach there (perhaps Ela can). It doesn't mean that I am not interested in knowing you as a person or a good friend. I never ever tried to say so.

by Miss Anushka Thu Mar 01 10:39:23 UTC 2012

What's the problem here? Michael gets upset? Why? You didn't try to offend him Anushka! I personally adore Michael. It seems that he has left the forum. That's peculiar. Let us wait and see if he comes back again.

by Ela Thu Mar 01 13:59:12 UTC 2012

to Anushka. I am mourning because you do not want any more deeper to my life than the topic on this Forum. I am sad about it. It tells me you are not really interested in my way of life here (although it's miles away from you) You have no deeper concern for me than what is discussed in this topic. Your mind stays there. You have opportunity to hear my voice. You are so fettered (bound-up)by your culture that you cannot feel free to respond to a blossoming friendship. I cannot do anything about that from here. It must come from your end. If you want a personal CO-RESPONDENT (meaning a "pen-pal" ) then you have to show willing. I cannot force you. Nobody can. It must be your own desire. you act upon. That desire (as I see it anyway) is not there.

by Michael Thu Mar 01 15:27:11 UTC 2012

dear Ela I have not left the Forum. But I think perhaps we have come to the end result of our discussion of this topic,do you think? If you have further questions I will stay here. But if not then I will go to another Forum. To Anushka, I think maybe I was a bit hasty with my diagnosis and I still would stay here (as with Ela) if you wanted further discussion. The ball is in your court.I will keep an eye (or two) on this Forum for the next 48 hours and if you do not return, then I know we have finished the discussion. (clock= 2043hrs +8C only tonight. It has gone cold again.

by Michael Thu Mar 01 20:42:20 UTC 2012

You are wrong that I'm not interested in knowing you. Then why I suggested you to not to go to Miss Xiao (because you get erexcted there and I don't like that)? Why I told you to get married and live a happy life? You told me that physical exercise is very important for you disease. Then I suggested you to go to the male physiotherapists.
But you always neglected my advice. Then I thought perhaps the two cultures cannot get mixed with one another. That's why what is bad to us is pretty common for you. Then I stopped involving myself into your personal problems. It doesn't mean that I am not concerned about you. I am an Indian lady, born and brought up in Indian culture. So you never ever can realize the difficulties those prevent me to contact with you personally. So what more I can do? Besides that, this forum is not made for any personal discussion. So I don't find any reason that may upset you in this way. You've again written to me for further discussion. But I think you will never appreciate me as a friend any more. Let me read your further posts. Then I will decide whether I will stay or leave this sight.

by Miss Anushka Fri Mar 02 05:39:56 UTC 2012

What’s going on here? Why Michael is mourning? Why he thinks we have come to end of our discussion? It is an endless discussion. Yesterday, I got no post from him based on school discipline. Why is that? (From Ela)

by Ela Fri Mar 02 05:44:38 UTC 2012

to Ela. This topic is not endless! Are you saying that you do not see a satisfactory conclusion? But I am happy to stay here as long as you want to discuss this. I was in mourning, yes. But I think I have come through that now. Dear Anushka has explained a few things to me and it's mainly to do with the differences of out two cultures and up-bringing within the cultures. ( I am duly reprimanded by miss Anushka! I think ANOTHER visit to her punishment room might be the answer. ha ha (but not a joke! ) I will pen a script to her after breakfast. Bless you both. You are BOTH lovely ladies and genuine. I like that and bow to you both. You have already helped my thinking so much. more soon.

by Michael Fri Mar 02 08:31:31 UTC 2012

Thank you Michael, for the nice reply. It was like I was in a very hot temperature, my head was whirling because of the scorching sunlight but now you have made me to enter into an air-condition room where I can get my complete relief.
Thank you.
More I will write after your comment.

by Anushka Fri Mar 02 10:14:04 UTC 2012

No Michael! It is endless! May be you don’t think so but from next Wednesday it will appear to me as endless. You see, the Madhyamik Examination will be over on Monday. From Wednesday the normal school periods will be started. More you can guess-----
The current time is 4.00PM
It’s almost +31C here.
(From Ela)

by Ela Fri Mar 02 10:22:24 UTC 2012

to Anushka .A quick script before my next. I am so glad you feel like back in a normal way again. It was all my fault. Darling Anushka, you are so lovely. bless you. more soon after lunch here.

by Michael Fri Mar 02 11:37:00 UTC 2012

to Ela, OK if you feel that there is more to come in this topic! I look forward to hearing about it. I think you and Anushka are going to have a good time thrashing all those bottoms, after a respite period. How have the students been disciplined during the Mad (!) Examination period? So let us look forward to when next Wednesday comes and you can resume the smacking of bottoms and thighs. I wish I was a "fyl on the wall" so I could see it all in those Rooms 2 & 6. do the other Teachers also have their own private punishment rooms? Ms Xiao takes me into the small room adjoining the Clinic rooms. There is no carpet on the floor. it is parquet tiles (cold on my feet!) the only furniture is a table and 2 chairs. There is a sideboard with 2 long drawers in it. She keeps the punishment implements in there. 1-- wooden paddle like yours. 2- ruler(scale) like yours 3- a thin smooth cane 48" long and about quarter inch diameter. 4-- A soft leather Strapp. It is 3" wide and about 14" long with a handle. The room has a resonance and it makes the spanxking sound really loud. Oh, I forgot, she also punishes with the flat palm of her hand (smacking) but that is usually done in the Clinic, not in the room. OK then, what have you been doing in the School these last 2 days?

by MICHAEL Fri Mar 02 12:17:37 UTC 2012

To Michael, (I prefer to call you Mike. Will you mind?)
Anushka left nothing for me to answer. I appreciate your dream to be fly on the wall of room 6. What an imagination! Honestly speaking, sometimes I think I would really love to spanxk you. It would be very enjoyable for me. Never mind! It’s just a joke! I was kidding. Sorry for that!
I think I promised you to tell about the neighbour boy, bosom friend to my younger brother. In my next post I will write about him, if you are eager to know. And please don’t call me Miss Ela. I may write Miss Ela. But you are senior than me and we are very good friends. So I will prefer if you call me only Ela.
The current time is 8.50PM
It is +25C here. Do you think it is hot? I think it is quite good. What do you say?
(From Ela)

by Ela Fri Mar 02 15:14:30 UTC 2012

Hi miss Anushka,Ela and Micheal,I read all of yours conversations from many days.but once Ela wrote something about that helpless collage boy's incident.also she wrote some rude words about miss Upoma because miss Upoma disscuss about that incident with some people.I just want to know from miss Ela that'are you a truly kind lady who have some kind of sympathy for the helpless adult boy who has to be bear this type of unindipendent,misareble life and has to be force to live like a little boy of primary school at such adult age'?I think not.but miss Upoma have very sympathy for him because she is a very good teacher and a very kind she tried realise the agnoy of that helpless boy and try to suggest him.she is not like you miss Ela.and also you are a liar miss Ela,because you told earliar that,you will be help that boy on that exact forum where he wrote.but you don't do don't write anything bad about my recpectfull miss don't have right to write anything about a very kind lady like her.

by A Fri Mar 02 15:38:39 UTC 2012

Hi miss Anushka,Ela and Micheal,I read all of yours conversations from many days.but once Ela wrote something about that helpless collage boy's incident.also she wrote some rude words about miss Upoma because miss Upoma disscuss about that incident with some people.I just want to know from miss Ela that'are you a truly kind lady who have some kind of sympathy for the helpless adult boy who has to be bear this type of unindipendent,misareble life and has to be force to live like a little boy of primary school at such adult age'?I think not.but miss Upoma have very sympathy for him because she is a very good teacher and a very kind she tried realise the agnoy of that helpless boy and try to suggest him.she is not like you miss Ela.and also you are a liar miss Ela,because you told earliar that,you will be help that boy on that exact forum where he wrote.but you don't do don't write anything bad about my recpectfull miss don't have right to write anything about a very kind lady like her.

by A Fri Mar 02 15:41:36 UTC 2012

message to "A" You are saying unkind things about my friend Ela. She is the most honest, decent and considerate Lady I ever known. I am not just a "kid" I am 34 yrs old and have a lot of experience, so you see I think you are not very charitable to Ela. There is always, as must, be a good reason for this. But you must allow Ela to reply you, before you go and say nasty things. It is not justice. But I bet you expect justice at your points? please apologise to Ela. from MICHAEL

by Michael Fri Mar 02 16:37:26 UTC 2012

Dear A,
I was sympathetic too about the college boy. But it appeared as a truthful chatting among you people. Nobody helped him. And I wrote that I have many difficulties to help him. In my locality, I cannot even find the forum. I wrote that before. But later I understood Upoma may write many good things but nobody will send her suggestions in that forum where the boy writes. That is not my comment. Upoma herself confessed it. She is also annoyed because of the same fact. And does anybody ever see the boy face to face or know him closely? So how you can confirm how much he is honest in writing? You are only repeating the same topic again and again. It's terribly monotonous. If anybody enters in the forum named “first caning experiences of the teacher” he or she will face a pretty common question” write your comments aabout the topic ---- home tuition miss punishes college boy". Is there no topic besides it? Are we the guardians of the boy? Nobody does anything but only writes some sympathetic words often with wrong grammar. I am not going to say anything against of Upoma. She is a nice lady. I adore her very much. She is one of my best friends. But I will tell her not to write again in such public forum where some useless peoples continue same thing. PLEASE DON'T WRITE SUCH BOGUS POSTS AGAIN IN THIS FORUM!!!

by Ela Fri Mar 02 16:42:03 UTC 2012

O No! The same topic again! Home tuition miss punishes college boy!
How crazy guy this "A" is! I think I will have to inform Upoma about it. Only she can tell the right thing. Never try to pass again any bad comment against Michael and Ela.

by Miss Anushka Fri Mar 02 16:46:53 UTC 2012

to Ela, Yes, if you wish, call me Mike. I will try to remember to sign myself "Mike" also! Well +25C is about my upper limit. Anything more is uncomfortable to us pale-skinned Westerners! Are you pale skinned,Ela? I think you once said you had "pink" skin. I am not quite sure what that looks like. I just see the post your reply to "A" . It has just come on-screen after my remarks. I was going to ask whether you had seen it. More in a while, evening meal is cooking.

by MIKE Fri Mar 02 17:03:53 UTC 2012

ANUSHKA and Ela , why don't you use cane for punishment. As a student I have more fear the caning.My English is not good.I'm plus 2 boy from kerala. I think you don't give punishment elder boy like me..

by Raju Sat Mar 03 01:06:33 UTC 2012

To Dear Mike,
I am not exactly pink skinned. That's abnormal. I am quite fair and glossy skinned have a pinkish touch on the fairness. You may see my picture that Anushka informed you to see. I am not pale skinned. I saw the post of "A" perhaps before you. I was not offended but got annoyed because of the same topic.
I hope you had a delicious evening meal.
The current time is 10.00AM.
It is almost +31C.
(From Ela)

by Ela Sat Mar 03 06:25:22 UTC 2012

To Raju,
We don't use the cane. Our Headmaster uses it. But it's a rare case that the Headmaster beats someone. All the beatings are done by us. I think cane is not a right implement to use. It may cut the skin and that will be a cause of bleeding. It is effective and harmful. It should not be used on the children aged 6 to 13.

by Miss Ela Banerjee Sat Mar 03 06:30:38 UTC 2012

to Anushka. Referring to your previous script where you invite ms Xiao to rub my bottom before and in between the smacks; I next go to her Clinic on Monday so I have to decide by then if I ask her, or not. I am in two minds about asking her to do it. On the one hand, she might have no objection as knowing it is a better method. But on the other she will suspect that I am asking her to rub my bottom, because she might think I want to be stimulated for orgxasm between her thighs. This could flip her mind and she might be offended, and she might tell me never go to Clinic again! So, dear Anushka, I am in a quandary (confused mind)as to know the best thing! Your further comment would be helpful. Also Ela, your comments would be appreciated.

by Mike Sat Mar 03 09:32:47 UTC 2012

To Michael,
You wrote two posts to me and I could not answer because I was too busy. Now I will try to give you the answers.
You ask me what I will do if I find a student, cheating. If the student studies in other school then I cannot punish him or her physically. I scold the student and warn him or her to do the same thing again. If I find the student is repeating the same thing again and again I have the power to suspend him from the exam. But luckily I never had to suspend anyone throughout my career. And if any student of our school cheats ignoring my warnings, room 2 will be waiting for him or her. Ela takes some sudden action in this case. Ask her, she will tell you that.
I think you get spanxked in over the lap position. i don't like that. Tell Miss Xiao to spanxk you in standing position. You are too old to spanxk keeping on the lap. Poor Miss Xiao! What a huge load she carries on her lap.
More in a while-----

by Miss Anushka Sat Mar 03 10:13:17 UTC 2012

To Mike
The current time is 4.39PM
It’s almost +31C today.
(From Ela)

by Ela Sat Mar 03 11:01:09 UTC 2012

And by the way, there is no video of mine in internet. Perhaps you saw the video where Anushka's twin sister took part in a quiz contest. She looks exactly like Anushka. I have just two photos in internet those I posed for a body cream company. One of my father’s friends is the chief managing director of that cream company. He requested me for the photo shoot. Didn't Anushka tell you that?

by Ela Sat Mar 03 11:06:50 UTC 2012

to Anushka & Ela I will reply later today because I have to do special work this morning, it will finish about 2pm (1440hrs UK time ) it is raining now but sun out also! +11C . Gosh, Josh!! 31C too hot for me to work in! more later

by MIKE Sat Mar 03 11:11:18 UTC 2012

to Ela, It is only in a small number of Private schools (not state schools) that Monitors spanxk Students, and yes the Monitors are 18 to 20 yrs old of both sexes. So you could have an instance of an 18yrs old monitor spanxking a 13 yr old. This is known for sure. Ha ha! So you are enthusiatic to spanxk me when you come to London? I would be very much looking forward to that, if it were possible. I told you before, darling Ela, I am a single man and I cannot (in morals) meet a single girl in London if you are not chaperoned. It is not aright thing, although many people do it, but that is a bad thing. More in a little while

by Mike Sun Mar 04 08:33:42 UTC 2012

I don't stay in Hotel. We all stay in our uncle's house. It is at Oxford Shire. Nice place! Yes, I would like to meet Ms Xiao. I don't think that I have to teach her how to spanxk. She is senior than me. She will teach me the punishment methods. I hope she will spanxk you in front of me and I will learn the process. I hope Miss Xiao will allow me there.
And I am not chaperoned in that way. My younger brother always stays with me. We two often go out for marketing when we are in London.
And as far as I know, the London private schools are much better than the State schools in culture, education or discipline. AM I RIGHT?
The temperature is almost +33C. The sky is full of white clouds and scorching sunlight.
The current time is 4.10PM.
Today in evening I have to take a private tuition class in my home from 6.00PM to 8.00PM. Let’s see what happens there. Do you want me to practice the pencil punishment again to the children in today’s tuition class?
By the way do the monitors (girls or boys) only spanxk or deliver many other punishments besides spanxking. Do they spanxk students in over the lap position? If you know that please inform.
(From Ela)

by Ela Sun Mar 04 10:40:08 UTC 2012

P. S
I think monitors don't have the power to punish children in state schools. But I suspect the teachers regularly practice corporal punishments in state schools too? What do you say Mike?
(From Ela)

by Ela Sun Mar 04 10:53:17 UTC 2012

to Ela. A quick short reply before we have Lunch. Then I will write more this afternoon. Oh yes I am sure Ms. Xiao would love to spanxk me in front of you. So would I that you are there looking! No! I think YOU are the more expert than ms. Xiao. although she is twice your age in years, she has not had all that much experience at punishments. I will try find out if Monitors give other type of punishments, I do not know. No they do not spanxk miscreants in over lap position. I believe they bend over a desk or just stand-up with hands on head. Thats what ms. Xiao has me do! If I take my hands down from my head during the spanxking, she starts counting from the start again! More later.

by Mike Sun Mar 04 13:00:17 UTC 2012

To Michael,
Thank you for your advice of using a strap. But I think our main duty is to teach the students and make them successful in future. If we beat someone it is only to correct them. So I think we should not give any more attention to punishment because the punishments we continue now are enough. Waiting for your reply--------

by Anushka Sun Mar 04 17:04:49 UTC 2012

to Anushka, Yes OK. I only suggested the strapp to replace the wooden paddle. The strapp has more effect and burns bottoms without bruising the under-flesh. A paddle or anything hard is bound to cause bruising especially so on young soft bottoms. Sting them yes. But do not bruise them, no! Are you looking forward to next Wednesday, then Anushka? I bet you are! It must seem strange at the moment with no bottoms to smack! (I wonder if any of those boys are disappointed? ) I bet some could be, especially the older ones! Don't worry. You would be the last to hear about it, if a boy got sensuous feelings while you spanxked him. He will undoubtedly cover up those "feelings" with a lot of yelling and "O miss o miss please miss no miss" is a cover. Do not be hoodwinked or taken for a simpleton! I know you are not. But boys can be very deceptive you know! I was one once!

by Mike Sun Mar 04 18:52:22 UTC 2012

to Ela. Sorry I did not get time after lunch to continue, so now I do so. First off:-- Oxfordshire is not London! Which town in Oxfordshire is your uncle? I have a sister living in Abingdon, in the county of Oxfordshire. So I wonder if your uncle knows that small town? Yes you are right about the standard of Education in London Colleges is a lot better than the environs around. Also the university at Oxford and all its Colleges attached, are well known for a good education. So is Cambridge, another famous university town. If you were educated in an Oxford college, it would be a very good grounding for a good job. Many excellent Teachers and Engineers and Lecturers graduated at Oxford University. Regarding the question of meeting you (in Oxford?) this is a non-starter. I explained this before, that it is looked upon as almost immoral in this culture to "meet you in London" (or wherever) I would never consider it. But it would be fine OK if YOU can travel to meet ME! It may seem peculiar to your culture as you think of us as a "free" society; but it is not as free as you seem to think, "anything goes" and anything DOES NOT go! Especially so across the gender divide! As I write this your evening class will have finished. I wonder if you had to punish any pupils? I do hope you did not use that wretched "pencil" treatment. I can imagine the glint in your eye when tightened the fingers. You are very naughty, Ela! If someone did that to YOU, then you would immediately find out how barbarically CRUEL it is! And you expect them to WRITE things in their notes after that pencil punishment? How twisted is the thought! You should STOP using that method. The strapp on their bottoms (even through their pants) would be FAR more of a lesson. You should ask your carpenter to make one. Then try it out. See if I am not right? You ask whether Stae schools Teachers still practice "CP" No I do not think so. They would be prosecuted by a zealous council if they did. But I will ask Xiao about it, see what she knows. It has gone colder tonight only +5C but it is a clear sky.(clock now=1922 UTC)

by Mike Sun Mar 04 19:18:23 UTC 2012

To Michael,
Mike, can you send the URL no of a photo where I can see a strapp? You have depicted it but I want to see it by myself. Otherwise I will not be able to depict it to the carpenter friend. I will also search in internet to see a photo of a strapp.
We rarely punish the older students. The little children get smacked mainly. So your statement “(I wonder if any of those boys are disappointed? ) I bet some could be, especially the older ones! “ is not relevant here.
And please don’t enjoy the spanxking but try to cry like a child. I think that will make Ms Xiao very very happy. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha

by Anushka Mon Mar 05 10:32:23 UTC 2012

To Mike,
My uncle lives in Wallingford. I know Oxfordshire is not London. But London is not far from Oxfordshire. And in entire UK, I like London the most.
I have an objection! You wrote many great things about Oxford University. Yes, it is perhaps the most reputed University in all over the world. But my cousin says me that nowadays the administration of Oxford is following downstairs. The University is full of many pretty common students with medium merit. And Oxford, Cambridge or the universities of USA like Brown or Harvard hang down their heads for a celebrity student. They never care for whether the student is brilliant in study or not. If you are a celebrity or your father or mother is an actor or minister you will be admitted to Oxford without any fuss. And that's why the Oxford University of 20Th century no more exists in 21st century. Am I not right?
Yesterday I practiced the pencil punishment on two little girls aged 6 to 8. They shouted, cried and squirmed in pain. I did not mercy but prolonged the punishment for one and half minutes increasing and decreasing the force. But they could write after the punishment without any difficulty. It is not that horrible as you are thinking. And I love this comment "You are very naughty, Ela!" That sounds good. Yes, I will look for the strapp. But it doesn't mean that I am going to stop the pencil punishment.
And do you want to know what you should do today after Ms Xiao completes the spanxking? You should sit immediately on a wooden chair on your bare bottom. Then you will feel the real thing ----------
The current time is 5.00PM
It is almost +34C here.
(From Ela)

by Ela Mon Mar 05 11:08:09 UTC 2012

to ANUSHKA You can see a picture of strapps and paddles if you go to < www(dot)women-span(X)king-men(dot)com(slash)free_pictures(dot)php > The home page menu comes on screen and you will see 16 small thumbnail pictures in a group . Click on the 3rd row,last picture and you see the implements on the wall hanging on hooks.Click other pictures to see her strapping a bare bottom! That is what ms.Xiao did this morning to me. You say"try to cry like a child" ha-ha! I don't know how to do that, but perhaps if I whimper and say "O please ms. please ms. Ow -oow - oh- you spanxk very hard miss" she might be pleased at that! Anyway, I had a good dose this morning. I think both of us got sensual pleasures. (I do not apologise for this!) I pretended I was in Room 2 and YOU were doing the spanxking! In my mind,yes; but very enjoyable fantasy. Now I will reply to Ela. byebye for is sunny and fluffy clouds Temp= +12C now at clock= 1300hrs time for Lunch here.Soup and bread again today!

by Mike Mon Mar 05 13:00:32 UTC 2012

dear Ela I just tried to send a script to you..but it would not go. Now I see that I will have to type it all out again. What a nuisance technology is sometimes. So my reply will come later.

by Mike Mon Mar 05 14:10:36 UTC 2012

So this is called a strapp? I already use it. I didn't know it is called strapp. But I didn't find any difference between a paddle and a strapp. Both these implements look same and made of solid wood. I am using this implement almost for seven months.

by Anushka Mon Mar 05 14:43:02 UTC 2012

To Mike,
O My God! I entered into the sight which you mentioned to Anushka. I convict it is a femXdom sight or a poXrno sight. It's just disgusting. Such adult males are lying on the lap of those young seductive girls! O shit! I hate the sight. It is completely made for eroticism. Don't mind Mike, but if you are habituated in getting these kinds of punishments in this very adult age, that means you are either mad (have a mental disorder) or hunger on sensual pleasure. If you were younger than me I would say you "spoiled child". And Miss Xiao is doing this for her own sensual pleasure. She needs a good spanxking from her superiors. I hope her mother is alive. She is the best person to do that.
(From Ela)

by Ela Mon Mar 05 14:53:13 UTC 2012

Anushka & Ela, No they are NOT the same. The paddle is wood and the strapp is a flexible leather or plastic. They look similar in that picture. To Ela, well I knew that a "strapp" can be seen on that Site (not "sight") I have looked before at that Site out of curiosity. To answer your previous script (because I lost it somehow) I know Wallingford, it is a small town halfway between Oxford and Reading.I agree that none of the once-famous Universities are a "patch" on what they were 50 years ago. I feel sorry for those two little girls you delighted in inflicting the "pencil" treatment on. You do have a teeny-weeny touch of sadXism about you,Ela! Why are you pleased about that comment I made? >> "you are very naughty Ela" You said it "sounds good" ! It is not exactly a compliment to you, you know! Yes, I will try sitting on a wooden seat after the next spanxking I have from Xiao. I don't think it will be anything to write home about... . I could be wrong! Ms Xiao's mother lives in Malaysia still, but her father died some years ago. You are right again.. yes,she is doing it for her own sensual pleasure... I know that (and I said it before) But also bear in mind that it is MY pleasure also! If it was not that; then yes, it would be all wrong and immoral. But (as I said umpteen times before) I like being spanxked by her. You don't need to ask "why" because I told you that before,too! Lastly. Yes that Site is a nasty site. but I wanted Anushka to see what a strapp is like and the way it is used. There is a short video there, if you scroll-down. A lady is giving a boys bare bottom a good strapping. (Ms Xiao does the same to me) It is sunny here again, nice blue sky and the daffodils are out in the garden.Temp now= +11C time=1530hrs (3.30pm) You will, no doubt, be preparing your Supper? I wait your lets see if this goes >>>

by Mike Mon Mar 05 15:28:20 UTC 2012

to Ela. I just read your script the second time. I did not think you should use the word "shit" Really Ela! I thought better of you! I hope you do not use that word in school! Well... really Ela... I am dumbfounded. Speechless! Tsk tsk.. If I was a Teacher in your scool and if I heard that word from a Student... well... they would certainly not want to sit on a wooden chair after I had finished with their punishment!! Well really Ela! Now be a good girl and go to bed without any supper.!.!tut tut tut.

by Mike Mon Mar 05 16:22:10 UTC 2012

I strongly protest against your last comments on Ela's word. Ela knows you are her friend. And this kind of word is often used when we are talking to our very common mates. She never addresses her students or anyone who is older than her in this way. She is a very gentle girl. Then why you said those serious words against her? I don't know about England. But I hope the word "shit" is better than many words those British people and the Americans are often accustomed to hear and say. You can often hear some offensive rude words like "bloody" (British people mainly use it) or "fuXck"
(Many well educated American and British people consider the word pretty common) in British or Hollywood films (even the famous Oscar-winning films also). I remember a very famous British teenage actress aged 18 to 19, (she is still very well acclaimed in all over the world) said in an interview, in front of the camera ---- "I've to kick some asxs before. She is a British actress. Peoples adore her very much. There is a difference in spoken language when we address the superiors or juniors and the friends. Ela knows it very well.
And about the pencil punishment------ I too practice the pencil punishment. I also got the punishment when I was a student. I never found my teacher barbaric.
About the strapp ---- I will discuss about it with the HM. I want his permission to hit the students with a implement made of leather or plastic.

by Anushka Mon Mar 05 16:51:55 UTC 2012

To Mike,
Thank you for correcting the word “sight”. And I am not as usual angry reading your post. But I have found Anushka a bit angry. Anushka please calm down!
You have again used the word “sadxist”. YOU ARE VERY VERY NAUGHTY MIKE.
(From Ela)

by Ela Mon Mar 05 16:54:59 UTC 2012

To Mike,
It was just a protest Mike! Don't take it seriously. I am not going to beat you for that ha-ha-ha!

by Anushka Tue Mar 06 04:41:38 UTC 2012

To Mike,
I didn't like the word sadxist. It's too rude so please stop using it. I am musical. But Ms Xiao and you don't need any music but the soundtrack full of smacking, shouting (your voice) and giggling (Ms Xiao's voice, I hope) sounds will be appropriate background music if anybody makes a film based on these incidents. My younger brother can do that. He wants to be a film-director in future, wants to go to Hollywood. But I am scared. If he ever makes a film based on this topic (Ms Xiao spanxking you), his film may get labelled as a poXrno film. Please don't be angry or take my word seriously.
It is 10.22AM now.
The current temperature is +30C.
Only one day is left. From tomorrow ---- enough bottoms on my lap to spaxnk. Is it boring or enjoyable? What do you think Mike?
(From Ela)

by Ela Tue Mar 06 04:57:59 UTC 2012

to Ela. Once again, I start with last things first! The answer, I think, "is it boring or enjoyable" depends on one's point of view. I think you get a bit of pleasure from spaxnking the bottoms. (and why not?) OK you have so many sometimes that it could get boring. But I see by your words that you are eagerly looking forward to next Wednesday! So I have my answer from you. more in a moment after breakfast

by Mike Tue Mar 06 08:37:18 UTC 2012

to Ela I do not shout or yell when ms Xiao spanxks me. O utter " O miss, o miss. oooh miss you spanxk very hard miss,ooh miss thank you.I deserve your smacks, miss" (so now you know)As you say, there no need for a music track! You would not hear it for the sounds of the smacks, ha ha! To ANUSHKA, OK darling sweet girl as you are. You are right, I can get too serious sometimes and I do not realise I am doing it. But what a shame that you decided not to beat me. I was looking forward to that in Room 2 (across your thighs? then you would know if I get roused!! ha ha

by Mike Tue Mar 06 08:45:50 UTC 2012

To Mike,
You are intelligent Mike! You've guessed the answer from my question. Hat's off to you dear!
Yes, sometimes spanxking is a boring job. But you see I have started to enjoy spanxking little kids or making them cry. But I am honestly speaking I don't like to punish the older boys. Boys don't cry at that range. They only beg mercy or shout terribly. Of course they fear the punishment. I never had to spanxk a boy twice. But you see it is not that enjoyable.
It is 4.00PM now.
The current temperature is +36C. Too hot!
Just think, how I will feel tomorrow spanxking so many kids in room 6, where is no fan or AC!
(From Ela)

by Ela Tue Mar 06 10:23:21 UTC 2012

I am someone like your younger sister (as I am 25 and you are 36), so how you can write such things (across your thighs? then you would know if I get roused!! ) to me?
Please don’t write such things again. It hurts me terribly.

by Miss Anushka Tue Mar 06 10:23:51 UTC 2012

to Ela, Temperature in Howrah is too hot, yes. You will have to think about a move of house to the UK where the climate is more temperate. After you are married, that would be a good time to make the change to a 'new' life with Supriyo. You said, a while ago, that you want to find a better job than Teacher of your school with the bawling brats! So think about a change of scenery and air and country? Speak about it with Supriyo and find out his thoughts. He might want a change,too. Bring dear Anushka with you and I will marry her, and that will be two nice friendly couples together for ever! But I do not want children, I do not think I can do what is required for that. Yes --- I am thinking --- how you are going to cope with the heat in Room 6! Can't you take a portable fan in there with you? Ask Supriyo to fix it up for you. (make him worth his salt! An English saying)

by Mike Tue Mar 06 11:49:17 UTC 2012

to Anushkla, You are aged 25. OK. I believe you! But,you sweet and naughty girl, I am THIRTY FOUR (not 36) thankyou very much!--- Remind me to give you 34 smacks on your pretty little bottom, in private, in Room 2 and I will rub also like you do your students (except my rubbing would be extremely pleasurable for you!..please laugh NOW. At approx 8pm (2000 hrs) local India time I am making a visit to ms Xiao Clinic. This will be a private visit to try out a new wooden paddle on my bottom. So at 8pm your time please think of me across her table being paddled on my bare bottom, for 'moral' support! I am hoping it will be a pleasurable sensation for me.

by Mike Tue Mar 06 12:05:55 UTC 2012

To Mike,
My school is in Howrah but I live it Kolkata (the capital of West Bengal). I don't think that I will leave my country. Supriyo thinks same as me. We two are very fond of our motherland though it is very hot or has many other problems. But I think I cannot live anywhere besides India. I love this place. Yes, I am studying hard to get a better job. You want to marry Anushka, that's nice. But I saw in past that she already told you she thinks herself someone like your sister. So I think there is a problem in it------
Thank you for the portable fan's advice. But why Supriyo will arrange it for me? He loves me, that's true but it is not that romantic like movies.
Today I entered into the forum named School Punishment Experience first caning experience of teachers. I have found you chatting with someone named Diana. It seems you have found another good friend. I am happy for that.
(From Ela)

by Ela Tue Mar 06 15:02:35 UTC 2012

To Mike,
I don't think I am going to marry you. I am already in love with a boy. He is an eminent writer.
ANYWAY, BEST OF LUCK (you know for what----------)

by Miss Anushka Roy Tue Mar 06 15:11:24 UTC 2012

to Ela & Anushka OK both. About the fan in Room 6. I thought it would be Supriyo you would ask for this job putting the fan in the room. It's nothing to do with romantics! Oh dear! Anushka is getting bored! Well as I said befor, we have pretty-well nearly exhausted the Topic at the Head of this Forum. So what now? yes I saw the other Forum and it would be good if you and Ela can chat to Diana about advising her. She is new to punishing students. I told here already what I learnt from you two. After all you are all in the same profession as Teachers.

by Mike Tue Mar 06 19:09:13 UTC 2012

Ela & Anushka. It is Wednesday today, and as I type this, you will already have given your punishments in the appropriate rooms! I wonder if you were glad to be smacking those naughty bottoms once again after the enforced 15 days respite? Have the students been having a whale-of-a-time, knowing that there were no punishments during the 15 days? Do tell all! over to you two.from Mike

by Mike Wed Mar 07 08:18:05 UTC 2012

To Mike,
No! I am not bored! I only meant to say if you again start to discuss about the sensuality (which you often do) I will feel bored or perhaps leave the forum forever. That's all! But I am quite happy if we only discuss about punishment experiences.
My God! What an extra-ordinary change I have found in my students. I found nobody to send to room 2. They were quite calm and gentle after 15 days. I punished almost 30 to 40 students. It was because the class monitor enlisted their names. They were all under 14. I didn't beat any student above 13 today.
Yes, I will discuss about punishments with Diana very soon.

by Miss Anushka Wed Mar 07 10:08:06 UTC 2012

To Mike,
What a day! I gave mild punishments to almost 60 students and send 3 students to room 6. But I am also supporting Anushka’s comment. Older students especially the boys are much disciplined today. But as usually I punished many students aged 6 to 15 for repeating same mistakes or if the monitor enlisted their names. But I never had to send a boy who is above 13 to room 6. I don’t know what happened to them. In room 6, I punished three girls aged 15. It was a nice enjoyable experience; I hope you are eager to know that. (Now you realize Mike, why I said this discussion is endless? Everyday what happens in room 6 is just marvelous. And it will be continued until I leave the job. But at first, let me enjoy the punishment business properly. I am very happy now punishing mainly the little children and the girls of all ages.)
It is too hot here almost +35C. I spanxked three girls in room 6 without any fan. Just imagine my condition------
The current time is 4.30PM. I am returning from school after a nice day.
(From Ela)

by Ela Wed Mar 07 10:24:21 UTC 2012

So what is your conclusion that after 15 days no students were sent to Room 2 ? Is it because they worked better knowing there was not going to be punishment if they did not? Diana is from Africa so a totally different regime to that in UK or India. Ela you sound as if you enjoyed smacking the three 15 yr old girls in Room 6! They would be sexually mature at that age, would they not? Do you 'modify' the method because of that? Yes at 35C and no fan---what do you expect? I told you before. Get one of the men teachers to put a portable fan in there. Its an easy job for a man to do. Just plug the blxxxy thing in to a wall socket. Duw! DuW ! typical woman! What's the matter with you? Have you no common sense!!!!

by Michael Wed Mar 07 14:36:49 UTC 2012

To Mike,
I am happy that I punished nobody in room 2. They were quite obedient and disciplined today.
Alright I will discuss with her from tomorrow.

by Miss Anushka Wed Mar 07 16:37:54 UTC 2012

To Mike,
There is no power point in room 6. Then where I will be able to fix the fan? What do you think me, am I a lady with no common sense?
I know a girl’s sexual activities much more than you (don’t mind. I said that because I am also a girl.) Girls never get sexually aroused if they get spanxked on a girl’s lap. That is what human anatomy also says. (Remember, I am a life-science teacher.)
And what kinds of sentences you’ve written!
(Get one of the men teachers to put a portable fan in there. Its an easy job for a man to do. Just plug the blxxxy thing in to a wall socket. Duw! DuW ! typical woman! What's the matter with you? Have you no common sense!!!!)
I didn’t like that----------------------------------------------
(From Ela)

by Ela Wed Mar 07 16:50:51 UTC 2012

to Anushka. you do not send the info asked of you! Look again at the questions I asked you. You have not answered them. Please your comments.

by Mike Wed Mar 07 19:10:37 UTC 2012

to Ela, Surely you can get electrical power into Room 6. It does not take much brain-power to connect a long cable to the nearest available power socket! The comment of mine that you quoted was my exasperation at such a simple task being made complicated! In my experience, it has usually been women (en-bloc) that find the snags and they don't seem to have the gumption to know what to do! That's women! You can probably find the same thing in "men" that annoys women. tit-for-tat. don't take it too seriously! Goodnight.Hope you have a fan in your room. Today the weather was a typical Spring day. rain showers & sunny spells but with a biting wind. Temp at 1400hrs was +12C . now clock here= 1920hrs temp dropped to +4C.

by Mike Wed Mar 07 19:18:12 UTC 2012

Good morning Ela & Anushka. It is a nice sunny day here Temp at moment about +8C only too cold for you! but its nice behind glass. What have been up to today?(time now 1005 hrs)

by Mike Thu Mar 08 10:08:32 UTC 2012

The students are much disciplined because the Annual Examination is knocking at the door. They know this time should not be wasted uselessly. They are now quite attentive to study to make good result. That's the simple fact. I don't find any other reason behind it.

by Anushka Thu Mar 08 10:12:44 UTC 2012

OK Anushka. So it the mental image they have due to the Examination forthcoming. I see, yes. OK. Ela thinks we have not exhausted the current Topic of this Forum. What do you think, dear Anushka? I think we have now "done-it-death" as you might say over here. Except one thing. The Strapp. Did you pursue this idea with your HM? Have you discussed it also with Ela? She always looking about for new punishments.

by Mike Thu Mar 08 11:50:53 UTC 2012

To Mike,
Did you see Mike I joined into the forum named “first caning experience of the teachers”?
You're right. We have come to a conclusion of this topic. Ela also thinks so. Today, she told me that. Did you watch it that Ela did not write for a long time. Perhaps in her next post, she will say you "goodbye".
About the strap----We lady teachers discussed about it and send one of our mates to inform the HM about it. The old man smiled and said, "Isn't it enough punishment which we practice to our students?" He also said (I don't know why) he does not think leather or plastic implements, appropriate for beating. So you see, there will be no strap in our school anymore. You are right. Ela invents punishments. But she is interested about mild punishments. In case of major punishments, she only prefers spanxking.
So Mike, I will leave this forum forever after reading your next post to me. I may right in the forum named “first caning experience of the teachers”, if anybody asks me any question. I will never forget your sweet company and intelligent answers. May god fulfill your all mental desires, protect you from all dangers and make your future glorious and happy.
"God save the gracious boy (Mike)"--ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

by Miss Anushka Roy Thu Mar 08 14:29:05 UTC 2012

To Anushka and Ela. OK Goodbye. Thanks for sharing the Topic. I have learned from you both a lot about myself also, in the process. Goodbye then. I might have a look at the other Site you mention.That is where Diana is.

by Mike(Michael) Thu Mar 08 15:44:51 UTC 2012

to Ela You wrote that this Topic "was endless" on March 7th! But now Anushka told me you think its ended. You have changed your mind then! You have not said me a "Goodbye" It has come secondhand through Anushka. Anyway, be that as it may; I wish you a happy future with Surpiyo and may your God be with you. from Mike (Michael)

by Mike Thu Mar 08 16:15:30 UTC 2012

Mike! I am not that impudent who leaves without saying goodbye. I have one more thing to share. I will write that tomorrow. Today I am very tired. Please wait until I finish my next and final post.
(From Ela)

by Ela Thu Mar 08 16:22:45 UTC 2012

hello anushka mam apni ki bangali ?

by dev Thu Mar 08 17:40:08 UTC 2012

Ela yes OK. I can tell that you are tired. You are a bit "tetchy" (it means you are picking on any slight thing to criticize) So get a good night's sleep then and I will look for your final script tomorrow. Clock now= 2025 hrs UTC)

by Mike Thu Mar 08 20:23:25 UTC 2012

To Dev,
thik bolechen, ami bangali. Dev apni ki koren? apnio ki sikkhokotar songe jukto? doya kore porer bar theke English-e apnar boktobbo rakhun.

by Miss Anushka Fri Mar 09 06:04:15 UTC 2012

This Forum is produced in English. Please use English language and then everybody can join the discussion. Thank you.

by guest Fri Mar 09 08:48:09 UTC 2012

WEBMASTER MESSAGE. The Bengali forum is for Kolkata and environs. Bengali language is used on that forum.

by WEBMASTER Fri Mar 09 09:44:00 UTC 2012

to Ela. You wanted me to wait before saying Goodbye. but I have not seen a message from you, or on the other forum. I will stay another 24hrs then vacate the Forum for good

by Mike Fri Mar 09 13:31:00 UTC 2012

Dear Michael,
I was busy Mike! Now I am writing my last post to you.
Mike, I don't think I will ever write in other forums again. It is because I strongly believe I will not find anyone as trusted, friendly, intelligent and loyal like you. I faced many persons here, experienced many things. Now it's the time to say goodbye. Please forgive me, if anyway I offended you or hurt you in past. You're not a teacher but you taught many good things those I will remember forever.
Many good wishes for you and your family members! May God bless you!
From Ela (Sucheta Banerjee)
[A friend from a far land,
A sister from the deepest place of your heart]

by Ela Fri Mar 09 14:34:08 UTC 2012

dear Ela, Bless you for your script. I wish you also a nice future with Supriyo. I also have learnt many things from you, Ela. Notwithstanding the cultural differences between our countries; it has been a real education to me! So keep spanxking those bottoms and if you come to Wallingford please let me know. Maybe we could meet personally in some way or other. God bless you dear Ela. Shall we say not "goodbye" but "Au revoir" (Until the next time) I will revert my name to Michael for the sake of Anushka or any others might want to write.

by Michael Fri Mar 09 15:26:04 UTC 2012

To Mike,

by Ela Fri Mar 09 16:37:56 UTC 2012

getting beaten or caned by anyone is really bad feeling. i heard somewhere that GIRLS get S*XUAL pleasure in watching BOYS getting caned on bum, thighs ,and arms.. can this really be possible ? someone plz answer.

by ryan Sat Mar 10 13:52:22 UTC 2012


by Mike Mon Mar 12 13:51:09 UTC 2012

I knew you'll say so Mike! Thank God! Luckily I again entered into the forum to see whether anybody was writing here or not.
(From Ela)

by Ela Wed Mar 14 08:44:56 UTC 2012

Ela. if you read this,but cannot (for some reason) respond, you have my Email address.and also my home address, if you care to contact me by either methods. same message to Anushka.

by Michael (Mike) Wed Mar 14 08:45:54 UTC 2012

I didn't understand why you don't want to discuss here in this forum? Actually, I didn't get what you meant by this sentence "Ela. if you read this,but cannot (for some reason) respond,"
And I don't think that Anushka will write again. She said that she is done. She has no more to say.
More after your comment------
(From Ela)

by Ela (Sucheta) Wed Mar 14 10:19:15 UTC 2012

To Ela, Oh thank goodness I found you again! I really have been down-in-the-dumps (so to speak) since we stopped writing! I missed you more than I knew possible! Yes fine. If it is OK by you, then let us continue on this Forum. What I meant by this ("Ela if you read this but cannot respond" ) was there might be some circumstances at your end preventing you writing on here, I did not know and so I wrote that. Believe me; I am SO glad to see your script again! You have been so helpful to my thinking and knowing myself. I had not realised how I crave your conversation! Dearest Ela do tell me what you have been doing in these last few days. I await your script with eagerness. from Mike.

by Mike Wed Mar 14 12:03:54 UTC 2012

Last few days? I took several classes, gave many good suggestions for the Annual exam which will be started from 19th March. Many students did not attend to school last three days because they are preparing themselves for the exam. But how fool they are! We teachers give many valuable suggestions in this time. They will not able to know those. About punishment---Yes, it is going on but not in that high range. Today I spanxked only two girls aged 12 in room 6, gave minor punishments to almost 25 students. Yesterday, I spanxked 4 boys for beating other students in class. They are all 13 years of old.
Next three days, I will have to continue the punishment if it is necessary. From 19th March, there will be no punishment. The annual examination will be over on 5th April, declaring holiday to the students. The result will come out in 15th April. By the way, 15th April is my birthday. I will be 24 years of old in next 15th April.
The new syllabus will be started from next 20th April (or in other word the punishment business will be also started from that day).
But don't worry. We may continue our conversation whether I get a chance to spanxk a student or not in these days. My spanxking experience is not that short. I can share many spanxking incidents with you. Throughout my career, I spanxked so many students that I am unable to count.
How you spent last three days? Did Ms Xiao spanxked you in these days? You wrote that Ms Xiao was going to write on the forums. So why don't you humbly request her to join here on this forum? It will be a nice experience for me to share experiences with her.
It is 8.30PM here. The temperature is +28C here.
(From Ela)

by Ela Wed Mar 14 15:00:25 UTC 2012

to Ela, Ah! Sanity returns to this Forum! There was no other worthwhile conversation and all those posters have not returned. They did not have much to contribute anyway. Yes, you are right. Those students that stay away from school are losing some memorable information which is useful to pass exam......Only 2 girls for Room 6 today! ha ha! Poor you, in Room 6 today +28C is a bit hot, I suppose. Yesterday you spanxked 4 boys of 13yrs old. Were they fighting with the other students in your Class? How many smacks did you give them? Did you use your specially-made stick (with the flatted side) and did you order them to lean across a desk to have their bottoms beaten? ......Oh! 15th April your 24th birthday,I put a note of it in my diary. How will you celebrate it? Will Supriyo take you out to a nice Restaurant for a special Dinner? It is a Sunday. OK....So then;from the date 19th March until April 20th (new start) you will not be able to give a punishment. (you will be getting withdrawal symptoms!)But what about the Private Tuition you give at your home? Sorry must finish for now....more later.

by Mike Wed Mar 14 16:47:06 UTC 2012

to Ela, I should have said; Ms Xiao has posted a script on this Forum,she did not sign name. You can read it if you scroll back on this Forum to Sat Mar 10th at 1554hrs. I look forward to your next script dear Ela. Goodnight,and rest your lively mind. Think of nothing; only rest! Count sheep! Then you will drop off to sleep! (I won't ever mention Shxxxy !! ha ha )

by Mike Wed Mar 14 16:54:58 UTC 2012

Tell me, Mike, why Ms Xiao doesn’t want to publish her name? I know it’s her private matter but her name is already published here for many times by us. Does she know that?
Please inform me what nick name she is going to choose for this forum?
I am very happy that Ms Xiao spanxked those boys. Naughty children deserve to get spanxked. Ms Xiao could have taught the spanxking technique to their mothers. Then they easily could discipline their children in home. What do you say Mike?

by Ela Thu Mar 15 11:18:51 UTC 2012

I liked this statement very much “from your spiritual friend, Mike”.
You wrote that. “I do wish I could be there at your house (thankyou for the invite) to bless your birthday celebrations. But my heart and spirit is with you, though not the flesh, unfortunately! No!”
So kind of you! But dear Mike, if I get your heart and spirit with me that means if you have already given me the most valuable presentation of the world. The fleshy body is a matter of sudden existence and THIS IS NOT YOU. One day it will be destroyed forever. So it is completely mortal. But the true affection that arises from one’s heart is immortal forever. And the spirit is the part of the lord almighty. So what can be more important than those? Thank you, thank you and again thank you very much for sending me that noble gift.
(From Ela)

by Ela Thu Mar 15 11:38:11 UTC 2012

to Ela, Commenting first on your last statement of your last script. You have said every word like veritable truth.It shows that your priorities are exactly right (above all colour,class,status,creed or religion)it shows your reverence of the Almighty God first. There is nothing more correct in the world.Through this, I detect you as a really lovely person,and I adore you. The flesh fails one day yes; but while the flesh has its life it is through the flesh that love expresses itself. I suppose I am saying "I love you" ... but I must be content that it is destined to stay like it is.But I can still say " I love you" 'Such sweet sorrow' .. (William Shakespeare from "Twelfth Night") I will send this now at 1223 hrs. before Lunch then answer your other scripts after lunch.

by Mike Thu Mar 15 12:21:57 UTC 2012

to Ela, Taking your other points in order...1..Yes I already told Ms Xiao that there are a lot of the name "Xiao" including surnames. I think she is mulling it over in her mind,cannot hurry her! Well yes; I think the second lot of smacks I heard was the mothers giving the smacks. It sounded like two lots of smacks at once and two lots of "Oww Oww Ooh" as well. ha-ha! The second lot of smacks sounded harder; so I think the mothers learned pretty fast how to smack. Ha ha! .. 2.. Well now you have set me a difficult question! "which girl got the most pain,the 1st or 2nd?" The two punishments were not the same so I think they suffered the pain equally, but in DIFFERENT ways. The second girl would have a really sore and red bottom because she was smacked the most there. The first girl kind-of had the pain spread to different parts of her body. But one thing I am sure---they both learned a good lesson that day! I see that you learned a "trick" from Anushka spanxking without a pause, yes I think it is an useful magic trick to have up your sleeve! ..3. Yes please tell me about those 6 & 7yr olds you smacked today in Room 6. Now something I tell you. I not sure if you going to like it, but I risk your dis-pleasure for the sake of the topic under discussion. Well, I have had the same dream at night in bed two nights running! (Tuesday and last night)In my dream I was at the Clinic. I had got undressed and wore my G-string (loincloth) and, as usual waited for Ms Xiao to come in and start my Exercises. When the door opened I turned and saw it was you! (I have a mental picture of what you look like) You said something to the effect that "I had been very lazy" and you had come specially all those miles away from your Country to chastise me for my laziness. We went back on the plane (it all was so quick!! ) and arrived at your School. You took me to Room 6 and there was nobody else there, it was after School finished. I was still in only my loincloth! (did I travel on the plane like that?! ha ha) Then you ordered me to lean across an old school desk and you spanxked my bare bottom really hard with your bare hand. (Now please excuse this) The next thing I knew, I woke up and my "front" was very stiff and I had made a "spill" inside the bed clothes (please excuse this) in other words I had an organism. This was exactly the same on the second night! I know the message that comes from this occurence. I know why I had the dream. I wonder if you know? ..

by Mike Thu Mar 15 12:57:39 UTC 2012

You also can find my picture just typing in the Google Search box "Ad - Vicco turmeric WSO - ePaper - The Times of India". It will take you to a page where this same title will be at the first of the page. Just click the title, you will see my picture in green dress.
(From Ela)

by Ela Thu Mar 15 15:34:43 UTC 2012

to Ela, I telephoned Ms Xiao tonight, she is going to write as ms Xiao. She says there is another Forum she wrote on some months ago called "Caning in Malaysia" I looked and there are several scripts (type in this title into the "forumjar box at the head of the page, if you want to see it) but she said she will write here, not there. She already written on March 10th under "guest" she did not sign name. So keep two eyes open for ms xiao. I read your script about the punishments you gave earlier today in Room 6. You describe all sorts and colours and shapes of bottom! I did not know there was such a variety! The "black bottom" does it turn red when smacked? I would have thought it would turn white! I look forward to more tomorrow.Good night (but you will already be asleep as I write now! )

by Mike Thu Mar 15 20:43:41 UTC 2012

hello Ella i am ms xiao it is your nice friend micheal he calls Mike now . tell me is on this page becuase I have him one my pateint in my Health Group, sory my english speak not good,, my speak is Mandarin home tonuge. i was born in Beijing china ., it nice thing you speaks for me also i like smackings the botoms for boys in my classes, in t Goregetown Penang as also Kualar Lumpa for in the Residents Schools Private Classes. now is it 8 years up untill the 16 years.Is awfull now long way off ! my age now is 51 years . is the freind Michael also say Mike now,, he nice behind I says the sitt up and beg bottom . i like it to I smacks very good very hard bare if he no doe class work! so you Ella plese tells me the nice ways you smack the bottoms ? ms Xiao Ng.

by ms Xiao Ng Thu Mar 15 21:21:07 UTC 2012

Mike, I already wrote to Ms Xiao. She is a nice lady.
In June, I will be in London. But I don’t know the date. It is yet not settled. I will tell it when I will know. After that you can arrange everything. Not now. You are dreaming me. That’s very nice. It will be more appropriate dream if you see me as I am in reality like the picture without any fictional image. And Mike, I never deliver spanxking without rubbing. So I hope in your next dreams you will see or feel that also.
You make me laugh writing “The "black bottom" does it turn red when smacked? I would have thought it would turn white!” Indians are not black like black peoples of UK, USA or South Africa. So it is exactly not that black. If you spanxk an Indian student, red mark will always appear on the bottom whether he or she is black or fair.
It is 10.20AM here. I am going to school now.
The temperature is +31C. It’s hot!
(From Ela)

by Ela Fri Mar 16 06:54:47 UTC 2012

Mike, I already wrote to Ms Xiao. She is a nice lady.
In June, I will be in London. But I don’t know the date. It is yet not settled. I will tell it when I will know. After that you can arrange everything. Not now. You are dreaming me. That’s very nice. It will be more appropriate dream if you see me as I am in reality like the picture without any fictional image. And Mike, I never deliver spanxking without rubbing. So I hope in your next dreams you will see or feel that also.
You make me laugh writing “The "black bottom" does it turn red when smacked? I would have thought it would turn white!” Indians are not black like black peoples of UK, USA or South Africa. So it is exactly not that black. If you spanxk an Indian student, red mark will always appear on the bottom whether he or she is black or fair.
It is 10.20AM here. I am going to school now.
The temperature is +31C. It’s hot!
(From Ela)

by Ela Fri Mar 16 06:55:08 UTC 2012

to Ela, thank you for replying to my esteemed "Nurse" ms Xiao. She will, no doubt, be reading what I say about I have to be careful! or she will put me across her lap and. . . err? who knows? !! I was surprised she is 51, she looks more like 31 (that will please her!! ha ha) it is answer why she look on me as her student the same as the children. (but I look older,and act accordingly I hope!!) I see your explanation of the "back bottom" OK, now I understand. But if it was like an African really black, would it go white then? I suppose you have no black Africans there to know? I wait to know from you the dates you come to UK. I presume you mean Wallingford. which is approx'ly 50 miles from London in the county of Oxfordshire. I think ms Xiao will be delighted to meet you and you show her your spanxking techniques out on me. I will be your "student" for the day! She will,no doubt, show you the method she deals with me. If there are schools groups there when you come, you can be a casual observer to watch the proceedings,what fun. Perhaps ms. Xiao will allow you to punish them in your way. I go see her again next Monday as normal, (I must remember ALL my ex movements, because if I tell you here I forgot, she will know and be ready to spanxk me when I arrive. . . oh my god. . .she is a very hard smacker, I am bound to utter "OOOOh miss OOOH miss" the same as your students! ha ha. All for the time being, I go out to work now, It is foggy and damp today not cold, but milder, +9C (still too cold for dear Ela!!!! ha ha)

by Mike Fri Mar 16 09:16:41 UTC 2012

To Mike,
I never spanxked any student as black as Africans or the black peoples of UK or USA. So I can't tell how their bottoms will look like after the spanxking. But if I visit Ms Xiao's clinic in UK, perhaps she will allow me to spanxk some British kids whose guardians bring them for the punishment. And may be there will be many black children also. Then I can experiment the whole thing. Wow! I can’t wait to get the wonderful scope of spanxking so many lovely British children!!! I always spanxked the Indian children. It will be a different experience. I hope I am going to enjoy that.
In the clinic, Ms Xiao also can teach me some of her spanxking methods. Virtually, she is very senior than me. So I am like a learner to her.
And Mike, whether you tell me about your forgotten ex movements or not, I am sure you will get spanxked by her. She will never miss the chance. I can tell that. If I were her, I will also do the same thing. So prepare your bottoms to bear ----you know what--- (let me laugh)
Sorry to say, there was no kid today in room 6 to spanxk. It is because 60% of students were absent today because of the exam. But I smacked and give other punishments in my classes for not being able to answer my questions or if the monitor enlisted their names. Today I spanxked one monitor also. It is because he wrote only two students’ names. But I heard a huge noise when I was entering into the class. The noise was impossible to make for only two students. So I was sure that he was not doing his job properly. I was expecting more than five students will be waiting for me to lie on my lap and get spanxked but there was only two students. That didn’t satisfy me.
All the punishments were given in class room in front of other children, not in room 6 secretly.
You all are very lucky living in +9C temperature in March. Now here the temperature is almost +34C, too hot for a hard spanxker like me although we have fans in every class room. But still I was sweating when I was spanxking the children.
The current time is 3.50. Now I am returning from school. I will be waiting for Ms Xiao’s worthy reply.
(From Ela)

by Ela Fri Mar 16 10:18:39 UTC 2012

to Ela, Oh poor you, with all that perspiring (sweating is not a 'nice' word ) in the Class room and Room 6. The heat would remove some enjoyment of it. .... I do hope that your date in June for the visit to Uk can avoid the first 4 days of June, as will be away on a Course for updating Electronics. i will be back on the 5th of June; thenceforward the rest of month of June. Wow! you spanxked a MONITOR! Gosh! Was it boy or girl, what age? How did you spanxk him or her, in Room 6 or in front of the whole Class? Yes< I am surprised, I did not think ms.Xiao was that old. I can understand her point-of-view looking at me as a schoolboy in her Class because it is very similar thing at the Clinic. In the past times when at her Clinic I saw her showing a Assistant nurse how to spanxk a child,it was back some months ago I think before Christmass break,there were decorations in the Clinic premises for the Festival. When she raised her hand to smack his bottom, her hand touched the trimxmings and they came down over her. I saw it and tried to hide my mirth! it was funny ha ha, but maybe if she saw me smiling, I would have been next across her knees! more later, I just popped some Lunch on the go, Aunty not well today she has a throat infection from a cold. more later from MIKE (could not use the word trixxxxx ings! how silly!

by Mike Fri Mar 16 11:26:27 UTC 2012

Ela,Mdm, I get you name right now, it nice you are call me Mdm is shows you good stock up come from you good mother . I also call you Mdm is ages not same but the station on your Teacher give the same titel for you station doing,sory is my English tongeu. I in Teach job same you age 24 year 1985 in provincel Selengor part in Malaysia. my subject in Biology physics human sciences, anatomy. I teached in the Chinese contingent langauge aslo some little bit Malay.but as most chinese Cantonese or Mandarin. I marry boy whos from here UK but is was poor union no last 2 year! please you excuse me now the Clinic I start again, i awnser more you again soon thank you.Mdm msXiao

by msXiao Fri Mar 16 14:18:15 UTC 2012

dear Ela, I just tried post a reply but it would not go and I lost it, so this is to say that I will reply very soon. This technology had a "blip" again..from Mike

by MIKE Fri Mar 16 16:36:27 UTC 2012

ELA to you. I see ms.Xiao's script reply to yours. I shall have to mind my "P's" and "Q's" now that ms Xiao will see our scripts, she will verify my remarks about her Clinic! The tech'oly died on me when I tried to send my reply to your last. Something wrong,but I do not know what. I had scripted a numbered step-by-step answers and I lost all of it,how exasperating. I suspect that a long script takes the tech' past the "time-out" slot,maybe so I won't take too long script this. I will send it in increments.Of course you will be asleep probably when it comes through and you won't get the script from the satellite until you start your computer next morning. We had a "Solar Flare" some days ago affects the reception from satellites,so maybe we can blame "the sun" ha ha. OK then I will pen more soon. To you ms. Xiao, please don't give away for public reading that happen in your Clinic!! ha ha. OK for Ela, of course, but the whole world can read these scripts too! from MIKE

by Mike Fri Mar 16 16:50:10 UTC 2012

I say short pese to you Michael I see is ELA call you Mike ok. she say her younger sister smack you,is nice saying that is keen she will do that thing. She come my Clinic also with Ela nice to met her, she smack you also is my hope do it! Juvoon my fresh deputy Nurse is start here Monday you can met her then you come. she age of 27 from Colleg of old.but not know how is smacked, then I show her my way smack you then she try it. Ela went you on her lap for rub before is smacks? when is that was,she been here UK before? I not rub like that is no reason,Ela mihgt tell you is why for? I not have Clinic tmorro in after 1200hour is Satuday if you may come Mike? in the privet you want me to smack ? Ela will say ok I think so! fone or SMS for me, I good smacker for correcting you naghty bottom, yes I want that to you!

by mdm Xiao Fri Mar 16 18:39:49 UTC 2012

to Ela Just a short script to let you know I received your 3 scripts,including the ones to ms.Xiao. I have got up late this morning and I have to go to her private Lesson this morning. I am anxious in case I am late,also to meet the new Nurse,I do not want to create a bad impression for her on my first time,so I must stop this script. When I come back home, I can write tell you how things were at ms.Xiao. thank you dear Ela at 0945 I have less than 15 minutes to get there!! She just foned me "where am I? " oh my god.Looks like she is going to spanxk me for being late,oh! and in front of the new girl. Oh Oh!!

by Mike Sat Mar 17 09:47:43 UTC 2012

To Mike,
That sounds interesting. Hope, I were there!
(From Ela)

by Ela Sat Mar 17 09:52:53 UTC 2012

dear Ela, Just come back from Clinic, I embarrased myself, but I think the new girl took it in her stride,fortunately,anyway she laughed and ms Xiao also after she did! Yes I was right, i turned up there late and the Nurse was not there, Ms Xiao said she spanxke me in the little room at the back in case she came while I was being smacked! That was nice of her considerate, I thought, not to embarras me. well she had just got going with my spanxking and we heard the bell go and footsteps,yes Oh gosh she saw me almost nude across ms Xiao's desk! she came over placed her hand smoothing circles round my bottom she said" Oh poor red bottom" (please excuse) I started to erxxect when she entered the room but when her silky soft hand smoothed my bottom I got really stiff like never before,do please not be offended, dear Ela. I knew it was beyond the point of "no return" and i just spurted out from my "front" it was impossible to avoid it and they both saw and laughed their heads off! that was some slight consolation to me! They let me alone while I recovered my normality! I think I blushed a million shades of crimson (like my bottom) . more in a moment I have a extra job today although its my day off soon I will write more.from Mike

by MIKE Sat Mar 17 11:58:51 UTC 2012

TO "ELA" PLease may I introduce myself to you. I am Ju voon and I just began new job part-time in the Health Clinic. Ms Xiao asked me to write for her. She feels her English too bad to write and I agreed

by Ju voon. Sat Mar 17 12:04:20 UTC 2012

to Ela continued I am sorry this did not send it all. I have been updated about Michael' problems and I met him this morning for the first time. I rather did surprise him and he was up tight nervous poor lad. He seems a nice boy and ms.Xiao is right,he has a lovely bottom and this morning I could not help touch round for him, as I like a nice male bottom the same as ms.Xiao. She knew I do and think I got the job for that reason above all others. i am not qualified yet but on the College Course doing my SRN. I am only part time at Clinic because of my Studies. I am from same town where Xiao taught in the school. If you have questions for Xiao I will be the go between for this.

by miss Ju Voon Sat Mar 17 12:12:51 UTC 2012

to Ela, Right, got back the people were not at home so a wasted journey. I see that miss Juvoon here instead of ms.Xiao? She did not say anything this morning at the Clinic,but I suppose it will be better to speak to ms.Xiao through miss Juvoon as her English is very good. She has been longer in the UK and also being at Nursing college with other foreign students helps to converse in the language. I hope that is alright with you, dear Ela. I will now pick up the comments on your script in next "wordbox" as I think a very long script makes the technology stop, and you can't send it. I see that you sent yours twice! I don't know exactly how it works! More soon from MIKE

by MIKE Sat Mar 17 12:27:11 UTC 2012

to Ela problems here again with sending. I will type another.this is most exasperating.keep looking at your screen!

by Mike Sat Mar 17 13:03:14 UTC 2012

To Mike,
I am a bit confused. Did Miss Ju Voon smooth your bottom today? You got erexected. That’s normal. A young girl is rubbing your sore bottom. That is too sensual. But I liked her comment “O poor red bottom”! That is what I also say to my students after completing spanxking. Tell me honestly Dear Mike, didn’t you enjoy it (I mean the smoothing)? If you like it and allow it by yourself then it is O.K. And whatever they do, their main intention is to treat you properly. So it is an honest attempt.
This forum has a really bad technology. I too get annoyed so often because of this reason.
Please send your comments once again. I am waiting----
(From Ela)

by Ela Sat Mar 17 14:58:19 UTC 2012

Ela the dear lady I have come to know like a sister. Bless your sweet heart, I adore you, if only we could meet in the flesh. To answer your script of today first. 1.. yes juvoon smoothed my bottom after Xiao spanxkxed about 8 before she came in. 2...yes i got VERY erxecxted it never happened that much before ever in my life! I tell you honestly,Ela, I was in ecstacy (ecstatic) wonderful sensations it never like it ever before. It welled-up inside me, I tried to stifle it, but no! it kept big and throbbing outside of the loin-cloth,I was ashamed they saw it all,but yet not ashamed in a peculiar way,it was such LOVELY sensation. ms.Xiao said to Juvoon "he found himself now" Juvoon said "He likes my hand" they went into the Clinic room and waited for me. Then I went in,I am SURE my face was redder than by bottom,but they made me feel at ease.Xiao said nearly exactly what you just said, "It's OK,do not be ashamed,it natural OK for you" Yes,this tech'gy has a problem sometimes. I will stop this now and send it(hopefully) then continue on the next word-box. >>>>

by MIKE Sat Mar 17 15:17:18 UTC 2012

Ela.Now you must tell me what,on earth. are you going to do,no bottoms to smack for about 3 weeks?! Poor you! You might get symptoms of withdrawal! If you are on hols from School,then think on this: take a plane to London.then a train to Wales. I meet you at station and chauffeur you to ms.Xiao's Clinic! at an agreed day and time! Then not only shall we meet in person;but you get to meet Xiao and Juvoon and demonstrate on me showing them your spanxking methods! Then we could all have a meal together and do some sight-seeing before you catch the train and plane back to dear India? Oh well! It is nice to dream! time here now nearly 4pm 1600hrs weather some little rain and sun we call "April showers" come early. temperature now +10C (still cold for dear Ela!!!!! ha ha

by mike Sat Mar 17 15:53:35 UTC 2012

Ela I try post for you,but is now done by me fresh Nurse her name Ju Voon she fro Selengor is my place I teach at then. It enjoy smacks on boys only BOYS School is no girls as no talk as for girls. My clinic has girls and i smack the legs of the girls,when a boy is nauchty is bottom bare smackig the brefs down at the behind for me slap bare I likes it the best!miss Ju is says talk more for me sory is my bad englihs .

by ms Xiao Sat Mar 17 17:06:14 UTC 2012

To Respected Ms Xiao,
Thank you for answering my questions.
Ma’am you still missed my one question. Please tell me vividly about your first spanxking experience when you were only 24. What method you followed? Were you scared when you spanxked a kid for the first time? Please answer me this time. If you face problem writing it in English, ask Miss Ju Voon to help you. Her English is good.
(From Ela)

by Ela Sun Mar 18 06:16:06 UTC 2012

To Miss Ju Voon,
Well thank you Ms Ju Voon! I hope Ms Xiao and you will do a very sound job to the naughty boys of UK. Mike will go to the clinic on Monday. I hope you two will like his accompany. He is a very nice boy.
(From Ela)

by Ela Sun Mar 18 06:16:49 UTC 2012

Ela. Quicky reply,more later,but Of course dear Ela, there will not be many "more nurses might be prettier than me" Your 6th sense is right but do you realise who that person will be? Why, YOU of course!!! there is only one Nurse at Clinic not more,except a teporary Assistant from the School group but not employed by ms Xiao.They just overseers of the children.What is "Avatars"? I don't know that word? More later

by Mike Sun Mar 18 08:36:00 UTC 2012

To Respected Ms Xiao,
Please don't mind Ma'am, I couldn't understand your last script. Please ask Miss Ju Voon to write it again properly in right English. But I guess what you wrote is very interesting.
(From Ela)

by Ela Sun Mar 18 10:24:23 UTC 2012

To Mike,
Avatar is a Sanskrit word. But the word is very common in all over the world because of James Cameron's famous film Avatar. Don't you know about the film?
Avatar means a different form of a same person.
Don't take the words like "Prepare yourself" very seriously. It was a joke. You can't prepare yourself.
No! I never asked you anything about Tulika. I only wrote that in past I used to spanxk her so often. There were two reasons behind it. She was very talkative. We teachers scolded her for many times because of her talkativeness but she was unable to control herself. And the other reason was there are many students whom teachers like me love to spanxk very much. Tulika is one of them in my conviction. She has a very fleshy, round shaped fair bottom. But nowadays I don't spanxk her. At last she is able to control her talkativeness. Tulika is a very brilliant girl with extra-ordinary intelligence. Don't you think so? She is the pride of our school.
You wrote --- "Your 6th sense is right but do you realise who that person will be? Why, YOU of course!!!" O c’mon Mike! I don't look like a fairy. There are many many girls much prettier than me in UK.

by Ela Sun Mar 18 10:44:18 UTC 2012

to Ela. OK all understood, no I did not know the film "Avatar" . Contrary to my talk, I am at heart very reserved person rather independant. more soon sorry got to have Lunch now

by Mike Sun Mar 18 13:00:23 UTC 2012

Ela (continued) The sun is shining and temperature is very pleasant +15C not too cold for even you, Ela! may I comment on yours just now "your 6th sense etc etc . . .. girls in UK prettier than me" Now look here Ela; give your full attention please for just a few my lips>>>> " The beauty is in the eye of the beholder" There! That is a quote ( I forget who said it) but no matter because it shows a great truth. Namely: these are MY words " Prettiness in a woman is not everything" that is MY quote from ME!!! ) So I am saying that the beholder man (of a woman0 sees far more than the surface pretty face (or figure) (or both! ) so this adage of being "a pretty woman" is fraught full of dangers! For those that have "eyes" to see; then let him"see" (another quote this time from the wisdom of Soloman.) goes back something like 5000 years to the Egyptian kings period.....Digest that (you do not need to be told because I know that you already appreciate these truths...such is your real beauty (which I adore) more later when you have gone to bed!

by MIKE Sun Mar 18 15:52:19 UTC 2012

Ela thank you for the information about young Tulika. I am very glad she is doing well. You describe her bottom as "very fleshy, round shaped fair bottom" That is my sort of bottom too! I would like to have Tulika on my lap to "rub" and lightly slap her bottom! (no chance, what a shame!! ha ha)

by Mike Sun Mar 18 19:19:10 UTC 2012

ELA Attention please! this Forum looks like coming to an end? I have the wedge at bottom of screen soon. the scroll is at extreme lower edge. Does this mean we have to change to another Forum? Your advice please!...urgent from MIKE.

by MIKE Sun Mar 18 19:21:53 UTC 2012

To Mike,
Did you read Mike what Miss Ju Voon wrote? She is very eager to spanxk you. I don't know what is going to happen with you when you will go to the clinic. But whatever happens Miss Ju voon will enjoy it very much, who knows you will also enjoy it but of course secretly--------------
The scroll is at the extreme lower edge but I don't think that means it is going to end. Let us write here until we are not able to send our posts. If we are unable to send our posts, we will straightly go to the other forum named "first caning experience of the teacher". There we can decide which forum will be suitable to discuss.
Your comment on beauty is true enough. I was really expecting something from you as I know you very intelligent.
You also want to spanxk Tulika? No don't that! She is a nice girl. And she cries very easily. If you smack her she will be crying so loud that you will surely take pity on her. That I can say from my own experiences.
The Annual Exam of our school is starting from Today. I am very busy for that. So please don't get disappointed if you get my next posts lately. I will try to do my best. But in these times we teachers remain very busy.
(From Ela)

by Ela Mon Mar 19 06:05:28 UTC 2012

Ela, It is strange,once again , that nobody else is writing here. Why so? Surely that they must have some interest in the Topic, or they would not be here at all? I do not understand their attitude. Thanks for telling me about other Forum, just in case this one goes down. That has settled my mind. Yes I note what Miss Juvoon said! I will be there this morning in good time and punctual. I told you about the two quick smacks she gave on my bottom before I dressed-up last there at Clinic. I think I know she will be a very hard smacker, even harder than ms.Xiao! I do not think ms. Xiao will be able to teach juVoon much about how to spanxk bottoms!! ha ha (but maybe not "ha ha" I will probably be begging her mercy. OK about your big Exams start and please write when you are able. I am patient man. I will wait for your kind reply.

by Mike Mon Mar 19 08:47:50 UTC 2012

dear Ela, to continue(I think maybe you already suspect it what next! ) First,while I think of it, I note your script regarding Tulika. Yes she is a super-intelligent girl. Not only that; but also has absorbed a wide knowledge of your country and traditions and customs, and life in general; she is way-ahead of her young age of a 30 year-old. I hope she does not get "old" before her time. This is exactly the trouble with Sports personalities. the excel while in their prime years---but oh! you see them when they have "retitred" and what do you see? Fat, obese, infirm old men. They burnt themselves out in their youth. So I hope Tulika will not get like that. Yes I would love to slap her young white plump little bottom---but not as a punishment. I would slap it tenderly and lovingly and also gently smoothe it! Please tell her that,would you Ela? Maybe she come to UK with you and I can operate on her in ms Xiao's Clinic.ha ha. More in a moment after I seen this last job,I will relate the remainder of the time at the clinic

by Mike Mon Mar 19 14:15:24 UTC 2012

To dear Ela, Oh dear! I see that my thunder has been stolen from me, by miss Jui. She has told you that I had another "orgXXasiXism" What can you be wondering about me, dear Ela? I can only relate the truth of it. There is no point in trying to hush it up, certainly in your eyes, you would know immediately! So I won't tell you myself now because she has told you enough for you knowing. naughty Jui you should please keep these things private, however I scold you, but you are a pleasant sweet girl and "yes" I loved your hand round my bottom, even your spanxking was lovely and I got erXeXct as you were spanxking, it came in the rhythm timing with your hits, I had that before with ms.Xiao. but of course I do not shout about that,I keep secret.Back to Ela,it is true that Jui says!(I am saying this on your script because I know that Jui will read it.I did not come "up" on the "down" train ! ha ha not much! ha ha I allow you to laugh! ) About Tulika. Yes what a good idea,Ela. but how can you slap her without her fearing you might properly spanxk as in punishment? Knowing you Ela, you will tell her come to Room 6 for some "physical therapy" !!! but let her know BEFORE ordering her to Room 6 that you will be VERY calm and gentle with her. Feel her bottom for me, so gently for a long time then slap not hard. tell her it is Mike doing it! She might like the thought ( I hope!) What else I tell you, as this seems to have taken all my energies enough for a week. I pause for a cuppa tea.back shortly. Hope you had a good day and that you're not too tired,dear Ela (lovely lady that you are. Supriyo is SUCH a fortunate man to have you) more soon.

by Mike Mon Mar 19 15:50:50 UTC 2012

Ela, You have set me a puzzle. I do not know what to say. if Supriyo tells you again that "you are too cruel" it is because of those OTHER punishments , not the spaxnking ones. Like the "pencil" one. I think that is not far short of barbaric, but that is MY personal opinion, which might be wrong. You have to make the decision yourself, I cannot do that for you. All I can do is tell you how I feel from 10,000 miles away!!! more later.

by Mike Mon Mar 19 17:04:24 UTC 2012

Ela about Tulika, I don't want her to become anxiety state when you tell her "Go to Room6" You must make it plain to her FIRST that it is not a punishment really. And you MUST regulate your "sharp palm" --- you must perhaps pat her bottom, not bring your palm down on her bottom from miles-up-in-the-sky!!! Goodnight dear Ela.

by Mike Mon Mar 19 17:07:32 UTC 2012

Ela again a short script (you may laugh,I will allow it! ) Your "sharp palm" I would like to feel on my bottom when you come to UK. Also I will fone Jui at her private number because I want to go privately to her for another smacking, without ms. Xiao knowing. Jui will read this too, of course, but Xiao will not , now that Jui has been passing the info to her, she will keep it private about my request. I have yet to hear from her.goodnight (again!)

by Mike Mon Mar 19 17:11:50 UTC 2012

to Ela! I forgot to relate the further hour at the Clinic when the school-boys came in for their Lesson. There were about 15 of them about 10 -- or 11 yrs olds. Nurse was instructed by ms. Xiao to discipline two boys because last time they came, they were trying to start a fight. So the first task for Nurse (juvoon) was to spaxnk these two boys. I did not see her do it,as she took them in the small room for smacking them. But she left the door open and I counted they had 20 smacksto each boy(all of which sounded VERY hard) I think she slapped their bare bottoms, it sounded like that,she brought them both out into the Main Room and it went quiet. She said "Now you know what happens to boys who misbehave" and they all said "Yes miss" !!! I will ask Jui tomorrow if she enjoyed spanxking the young boys bottoms.

by Mike Mon Mar 19 21:31:11 UTC 2012

to Ela.>>1.. About Supriyo not like all the punishments. well, my own private thoughts about that attitude, he is being quite up in the clouds and un realistic about the need for punishment when dealing with school children. He is not facing reality, but at least he is allowing you to carry out your desires,so he is not blocking that. I do not think anything much can be done to change his mind, it is something he has to see the truth of himself. Sorry, I cannot offer much answer to that,Ela >>>2. Yes do please describe in detail the previous spaxnking you gave Tulika, I would love to have been in her shoes that day! >>>3. About your advice to allow myself across Jui's lap for spaxnking, yes fine I will ask her, but I think if she were to fondle and rub and squeeze my bottom next thing I KNOW I would get rexexcted! Then she will spaxnk hard and that will make my hard thing grow more, not less! Then I also know now (after yesterday's experience) that I will "come forth" between her thighs and I would be ashamed of it. I do not want to risk any offence to her (or you) so I am un decided about that "smoothing" business. more later, work now!

by Mike Tue Mar 20 09:28:17 UTC 2012

Ela, before I drive to work, I must say this that I very much value these conversations. You see, I am not my 34 years in personal matters like we discuss. It is only since I started at ms. Xiao's Clinic it came by accident my beginning "sensations in my groin" erxcecxtions etc. I am a vigin boy older than normal age that boys these days find out themselves. I am not like many of them, you see? This one reason I am curious to know what girls feelingsare and feedback on the issue of ErXotXics (If that is the right word) OK I must away now and I write again after lunch.Time now= 0940 hrs it is overcast skies today and cold again (freezing to you!!!! ) only +9C !!! poor cold girl! You must get cuddled up close to S, must you not!!

by Mike Tue Mar 20 09:38:53 UTC 2012

to Ela Quick note before Lunch (time is nearly 1300hrs)on the subject of your "sharp hand" you describe your hands as thin and long fingers. Well, this the hallmark of intelligence, I heard this said often. the capilerirs conducting the blood are finer than the average and so they dissipate your heat into the air better, so your fingers feel cold. Probably the same with your toes also. To a certain extent I suffer the same thing, I have fingers which are as long as my palm is. But my hands are not thin,they are kind-of average, I suppose. more after Lunch.

by Mike Tue Mar 20 12:52:45 UTC 2012

Mike, today I am very tired after the hard work at school. Will you excuse me if I write tomorrow? I will certainly answer your all questions especially about Tulika's another spanxking that I gave her.
But not today, I am too tired!
(From Ela)

by guest Tue Mar 20 14:07:32 UTC 2012

The last post was sent by me. I forgot to type my name.
(From Ela)

by Ela Tue Mar 20 14:09:02 UTC 2012

to Miss Ela Teacher from Ju Voon. I am sorry not answer the queries you pose so I explain now, to start you ask what my hand like. It is not thin or not fat and my fingers are longer than usual. Michael said it like a whiplash! I do not slap on the entire bottom in one smack, I do one left cheek,then one right,then again left like that.They feel it more and advice from me to you Ela is put layer of cream or oil on palm for smacking their bare bottom,it makes a harder sound and more sting for them in additonaly to moisting preserve your palm, I learned like this from a retired Nurse and I did this always now. you are asked if Michael made crying,no but he is too older for crying, he breathd heavily and gasps with him's breath also he say --please miss please miss I beg you OWWW! --those outbursts!it is nice to hear it. He kissed my arms and hand so nice after I slapped also,he is a gentle come in UK Ela your will nice pleasure when you smack him. I will smoothe his bottom. tonight he come to my Apartment like I be his Private Tutor,I like to find something he do wrong movement PT lessons.I am will slapping his bottom as hard as I can do it! he will love me do it certain for sure.He come me at 6pm for an hour Tuition and I will be the strict he ever knew.

by Miss Jui juvoon Tue Mar 20 14:22:22 UTC 2012

to Ela So sorry you are tired dear Ela. It will not be through spaxking the kids that you are tired!!! ha ha! I hope the heat is not too hot over there today.yes of course I will be patient for your next script tomorrow. I wonder if you read this before you go to sleep? Well I am due to have Nurse Jui give me private Tuition and I think she is going to be strict on me, I must be so careful with doing all my movments in the exercices, because she is a very hard smacking girl,it is what I need to keep me from getting lazy. She foned me here to remind me go there to her Flat at 6pm so must be careful also in case I am late!! Somehow I have a premonition; I am certain that I will be coming home about 7pm here and my bottom will be hot,red and sore!!! ha ha (how nice for me!)

by Mike Tue Mar 20 14:44:32 UTC 2012

to Miss Jui, I just read your last script and wish I had been there to watch you spaxnk those boys. It was a good idea for the 2 ladies to see you smack them, I wonder did they say they enjoyed seeing the boys having your hard slaps on their bare bottoms? I will like you to carry out Ela's way please, miss Ju over your lap for smacking and smoothe my bottom for a long time before smacking, I want to see how I react to it! I think it will be fun,ha ha see you soon then,thank you miss.

by Michael Tue Mar 20 16:50:02 UTC 2012

To Mike,
What a wonderful spanxking Miss Jui delivered you! If I were her, I could not also smack you in that wonderful way. Hat's off to her. But she almost followed the style which I follow when I spanxk. First smoothing and then spanxking and of course all the things should be done on the smacker's lap. I am laughing because you begged mercy from her lying on her lap helplessly just like a little child. What a fun!
She smoothed your bottom for a long long time and after the smoothing was over you stood up and kissed her hand. She liked it and then you again kissed her another hand ---- Honestly Mike, tell me one thing, I thing you're falling in love with Jui. Am I not right? If you are, then don't be ashamed, Miss Jui is a very nice young girl. Many people would fall in love with her. And may be I am wrong but my sixth sense tells me that she is also in love with you.
However, I don't know whether you two are be true lovers or not, (if you are then God bless you) but your spanxking experience had entertained me very much.
When you will again visit Miss Jui? Keep informing me.
In my next post, I will tell you about Tulika’s another smacking.
Now I am very busy on my way.
(From Ela)

by Ela Wed Mar 21 08:40:02 UTC 2012

To Mike,
Today I didn't find your any reply so I could not write about Tulika's spanxking that you asked me to write yesterday. If I see your reply tomorrow, I will write that as soon as it is possible. I hope I will see your post tomorrow morning.
(From Ela)

by Ela Wed Mar 21 16:16:41 UTC 2012

To Mike
My god, you just wrote before my post. It is very night. I have to go to bed. Tomorrow I will write.

by Ela Wed Mar 21 16:19:53 UTC 2012

What a poor technology this forum has! It has printed my post twice but I sent it for one time.

by Ela Thu Mar 22 06:43:28 UTC 2012

to dear Ela, Yes it came twice,as you said,a "blip" in the teck, it happened to me too. I can see we been joined by another Nurse from local here,how I am surprised,do you see this script from "Ming" she is a friend of Ju Voon by the looks of it,so we will .see . I continue later with my reply to you dearest Ela,I have to go with Aunty to the Doctor. more later.from Mike

by Mike Thu Mar 22 08:43:17 UTC 2012

Ela my internet disconnect I sorry for your reply but I ask Ming as sh

by guest Thu Mar 22 09:55:31 UTC 2012

HELLO ELA AGAIN! Aunty has an ear infection,we just returned from the Surgery, she has to take tablets and an oral wash,she hates so doing this,but I am now temporarily turned as her "Nurse" how funny, ha ha this is...The buses they never come: then two come at once. I have acquired a Nurse for me at Clinic and I am, in turn, nurse for my Aunty! Now to your spanxking of dear Tulika,I think is a most "revealing" things you tell me. She stayed across your lap waiting for you start smacking her bottom? and you gave her long time smoothe with your lovely young soft hand? I think she secretly had her pleasures from you like that. Also less understandable she remind you to spanxk her!! This also tells me (in my 6th sense! ) that she had pleasure from your lovel touch on her fair plump soft butoocks. All in all; she WANTED that, but had to make it not obvious to you as her Teacher. My conclusion from this very interesting episode is that both you and her enjoyed that "punishment" you just tell me! I give you my best wishes to you both Tulika and you Ela, because you should do this exactly same again soon! more later after Lunch.

by Mike Thu Mar 22 12:12:03 UTC 2012

To Ela, Ha ha I had fun reading your scripts! Last things first,your Mom once liked to spanxk the kids...that is why you do now!! you once said,Ela "it is boring all the every day punishments" I think that why you invent some more types . You Mom was "a terror to her students" you say... So nothing has changed much....she passed this on to you! You are a now the "terror" for YOUR students, ha ha. Back to start of your script.>>> 1.... Yes its only aunty and me,I will vow to look after her all her days, in return for her when I was a child. >>>> 2... I have not met right girl yet for marriage, in past times the ones I liked look of were already married or partners! That is why I was personally disappointed that YOU,dear Ela were already "spoken-for" .. If you were "free" I would move heaven and earth for your hand in marriage!! I would even endure a plane flight to Kolkato !! (not joking) more in a minute..... Cup of tea for Aunty!

by Mike Thu Mar 22 15:42:15 UTC 2012

Ela (cont) OK Temp = +18C nice sunny but not too hot,just nice for you Ela! If Room 6 was in UK School,your armpit would not be wet,and the bottoms would not be smelly or swxxty ha ha! The importance,by the way, of having adequate fan in Room 6! to continue your questons >>>3.. "She (Tulika) wanted that but could not make it obvious to you..." What I mean is:-- "Tulika is getting pleasure from being on your lap with her Teacher's lovely hand smootheng her bottom.Therefore she cannot give the game away,because she will know that you will stop doing it a REALLY spanxk her" Do you see what I am trying to point out,Ela? The girl loves the situation she is in,but must not give you any signs that you might see she is enjoying it! ( I could be mistaken, of course) Some of your older boys would be doing the same thing. They are discovering(like I once did) that being punished by a lovely girl's hand (especially on their bottoms) is stimulating their puberty advances. Not ALL boys will be like it.But you have to consider this a highly probable possibility, and the boys instinctively know this also. So they try to hide any external pointers that it is giving them erexxtions. Some may possibly shout or be over-speech with words like "Oh miss etc." So that is what I mean when Tulika is over your lap. she finds it strangely pleasurable,she is yet too young to know her body. ..I hope I try better explaining this,Ela? Do please ask me again,And I try put it a different way for your female mind to take in!!! ha ha (joke) (more smacks for me in your Room 6!)Here is an old British saying: " Patience is a virtue: Possess it if you can: Seldom in a woman: And NEVER in a man" (You are allowed to smirk! so long as I don't see it!) All for now until after the meal which I must begin now to prepare.

by Mike Thu Mar 22 16:25:18 UTC 2012

ELA is miss Ming reporting of Jui the other new shift Nurse today. Jui and me had lovely on our own with no ms Xiao today so we had complete control of Corrective Smacking. We dished out a total smacks of 220 slapping for the two us Nurses! What fun and pleasure to us! I have you answer first for queires you did ask. I started work as Trainee Nurse they called NURSEYS in HongKong. I was young age 19 only but not allowed smacking for Correction of the Boys utill I was 21 years aged. The school was a residental school called Shezhav or Chezahv in French,Boarding School for Boys age 11 to 15 years. It was I became qalified Nurse while there, I was there 9 years in two stints one was semester period also. I knew a boy OK a while but then not like him ,also he not move with me to UK. I come to UK after my SRN medal but my parents live now in Beijing, I go to China evrey 12 month see them at home. Then got my SRN Nurse went work in local Hospital but not many year closed Wards I out of job.. I moved here to Wales got this now job Nurse at ms Xiao. JuVoon was not here then it been a 24 months before when I began,it on my 37 birhday! and another Nurse she retired and vacant left for now JuVoon...Jui.that is. to other querey you make is.. no I never smacked any boy across my knees it not done like that in Chinese culture,just I followed the other Nurseys doing what they did. I alway did like to smack my nice hand down on the boys bottoms. all Nurseys liked it at deep level and me no difference! We knew all the Boys in residence there were should been 60 but never were saw only 40 at one time at Assembly Prayers. I tell you more short timely

by Miss Ming Thu Mar 22 20:20:57 UTC 2012

Ming.please send me e-mail if you read me here,I have my LapTop is good again.try send me some thing anything.FROM JU VOON JUI

by Jui Thu Mar 22 20:31:15 UTC 2012

To Miss Ming,
You started smacking when you were only 21? I started it when I was 23. So I think you felt more nervous than me when you first started smacking? I was very scared you know when I first smacked a child. In India, spanxking over the lap position is very common. I think it's the safest position also. You can try this out. In India, we cannot make the students' nude before smacking. And no other student can help the teacher to punish another student as you said when you used to smack a boy in boarding school and another boy used to hold the boy tightly on the desk. In India, we are not allowed to call the other students for helping us during smacking. We do it all by ourselves. That is why over the lap position is so popular here. In this position, smacker can have the total control of the student’s body because he or she is lying on the smacker's lap.
Tell me Miss Ming about your first smacking experience when you were only 21. I am eager to know if you please describe vividly.
Do you use any other punishments besides smacking bottoms or thighs? I give many other safe but painful punishments too (which my students fear very much) besides smacking. I enjoy giving those other punishments and I always find very good result after those punishments. I know how to make a student cry without smacking his or her bottom. If you wish to know about those other punishments, I can tell you in my next post. You can experience those punishments too. I am sure you will enjoy giving those punishments very much. But first please answer my all questions properly as you did in your previous post.
(From Ela)

by Miss Ela Fri Mar 23 05:55:40 UTC 2012

to Ela. Yes please tell me your Mom's methods when she did Private Tuition and also now as Headmistress Does she smack bare bottoms in her Headmistress Study at her School? Did she in her home under Tuition students smack their bare bottoms or bare thighs in her home? it will be interested to know that. I will write more in a little while, yes Aunty is improving slowly thank you, but it puts more work on me,that is why I have to keep stopping my script! Bear with me please dear Ela. And oh yes, if I got only half a chance, I would marry you! (not joking)

by Mike Fri Mar 23 08:39:40 UTC 2012

To Mike,
I changed my mind about going to another profession. It is not only because I am enjoying smacking kids but I always want to work with Supriyo. And the school where I teach is very near of our house in Kolkata. The university is too far from our house. I don't want to go very far from my family. I know if I would change the profession and join in University as a professor my salary would get increased. But you see, to me money is not everything. And I have grown up in a very rich family. So I want to work getting loyal supports, guard and friendship of my colleagues: which I always get from in this school
Guava tree stick is nothing but a long thin branch of guava tree. I hope now you will not ask me what guava tree is. No, I don't use guava tree stick or cane. Mom uses it. But she told me that her beatings never cut any of her students' skins but left some vivid red marks.
She is now 51 same old like Ms Xiao. She teaches in Girls' High School. So she doesn't get the chance to beat a boy. But in past she used to teach in a co-educated school; she was 23 then and continued the job until she was 27. Then she enjoyed spanxking many boys of various ages. She left the job to go to America with my father. I told you my father was posted in Pittsburgh. Mom used to take private tuition in Pittsburgh and also in Kolkata too. Nowadays she has stopped taking private tuition. Yes, she still spanxks many girls in her school. But mainly the young teachers of her school complete the job. The extreme impudent students are sent to my mom. She punishes them. But when she takes classes she reguarly spanxks many girls in class room. I will write about mom’s punishment methods vividly in my next post.
Wow! Today Miss Ming is going to spanxk you. I can’t wait to know what she did with you. But I am in a little doubt that whether you will be able to sit or not after the spanxking. Poor you---------------------
(More in a little while)
(From Ela)

by Ela Fri Mar 23 11:13:03 UTC 2012

hello more Ela. I am Jui again with the internet went down and my laptop fault too in same thing, it nice read your posts I got all updated to this now one. You in good famed family it look nice I expecting you stay where is your school is now with the companion people you crack wise saying Moeny not all truthful. Michael is coming to Clinic for private by his own at 2 pm in main room no body there exept Michael ,miss Ming and me Jui, we make him do same as Group children like when they come but the not here.

by JuVoon Fri Mar 23 12:09:31 UTC 2012

To Jui,
Of course it will be great fun if you and Miss Ming show me how to smack Mike's bottom. You two are very experienced smackers there is no doubt. It seems that there is a very dark time, waiting for Mike. But may be through his point of view you two will be seen as two bright stars amidst the dark cloud. Miss Xiao will not be there when you two will punish Mike? If she remains absent you two can smack him on the lap position like me. I am sure you will enjoy it very much.
Best Wishes---------

by Ela Fri Mar 23 14:35:37 UTC 2012

to Ela, I have gone quite tired by now, it is past 2100 hrs 9pm, time to get Supper. I think my endurance was tested to the limit by Jui and miss Ming, the 2 Nurses, this afternoon in the Clinic! I never in my whole life ever been smacked so HARD ! it was a revelation for me, miss Ming in particular, her whipping and her hand smacks made me catch my breath at every strike. My bottom is still a bit sore and still warm! It is a pleasant kind of warmth though. If that is the way the Nurses smack the 11 to 15 yr old boys, well... I can only say that it's no wonder they come to tears! their bottoms are softer and younger than my bottom, and so they would feel the smacks and the whip more than I did! Please ask me anything about that hour of endurance 2 till 3pm today! There has never been a day like it! I wonder how hard you can smack, dear Ela? I wonder if Miss Ming's smacking is harder than yours? Perhaps I will not know the answer to that until you come over to UK!

by Mike Fri Mar 23 21:08:47 UTC 2012

to Ela, OK to comment on your Mom's methods for punishing naughty children. I read all your script carefully, and the BIGGEST difference is your Mom uses the cane and branch off the guava tree. Otherwise her method is approx same as yours---that is obvious because you were influenced by your Mom, to be expected. Ela please tell me about the dimensions of her cane and guava-tree stick. How long is cane? How long is Guava stick? How thick (wide) is cane? Is it bamboo? The quava stick.. How thick is it? Is it like a whip, very bendy and pliable? If it is like that,then miss Ming has a Whip the same, except hers is made of thin plastic hollow tube (like a conduit). It is about 36" long and is very whippy pliable. It is not a heavy strike; it is a very stingy strike and only one lash with it will leave a long red weal on my bottom. Next question to your Mom's method. 1>>> How high does she lift her arm when caning or whipping a bottom? Does she "tap-tap-tap" the whip between lashes? like you do when using the wooden Ruler. OK that's enough to be answering. More from here later, after Lunch. Aunty is a little better today.

by MIKE Sat Mar 24 12:54:49 UTC 2012

Ela a "postscript" you may laugh, I will allow that. I just been caught by Aunty out of the bathroom, I accidentally stepped on my large towel and tripped and fell forward, landing up nearly across her lap where she was sitting in the window of the 1st landing. The towell ended up wound round my feet and I was across her lap,naked.As quick as lightning she placed her left hand in the small of my back, and with her right hand gave me a hard bare-bottom spaxnking! I was really surprised how hard she could still smack, she is in her 50's aged! I wriggled about to avoid her smacks but no good, she held me tightly! I was too "gob-smacked" to count how many smacks! but about 40 I guess, before she let me go. She said "That did me a power of good, it is many a long time since I smacked your bottom, my Michael" So you may now laugh, dear Ela!

by MIKE Sat Mar 24 15:52:21 UTC 2012

Ela! I meant to ask you before this: Anushka nor Upoma write on this Forum now--- but do they both follow the scripts here? You see them every schoolday, I presume? So ask them why they do not continue the Discussion.

by MIKE Sat Mar 24 21:47:03 UTC 2012

TO ELA. This is important.from Mike. Please follow my instructions and look at the forumjar page which now I tell it you. Do this immediately please.We have interlopers and that is why miss Ming and Jui are not posted here now.. So:---- >>> get the header Page called "Forumjar" on your screen. . In to the search box (at top right of page) type in very carefully exactly this >>> Cardiff Forum ... Up come a topics page. .. now click this >>> "Indian cultures & traditions in and around Cardiff" OK? >>> now read all scripts there and note those. >>> Now come back to me on THIS usual forum tell me what names you see scripted there ..Do this please ASAP as you receive this message. from Mike

by MIKE Sun Mar 25 08:22:22 UTC 2012

to Ela. Did you get to the other forum. If so, please DON'T reply there... only here ...for the moment. Tell me if OK you got the other forum page then we speak about it on here. It is important so to avoid bogus trouble which miss Ming and JuVoon have with it there. Jui's laptop crashed that is why she did not reply your questions. REPLY ME SOON please ELA.

by MIKE Sun Mar 25 08:35:52 UTC 2012

To Mike,
No I didn't find that forum. I tried hard. Please write the steps by numbering.
I didn't understand what interloper is doing what? Why you are asking me to visit that particular forum? Is something wrong? Why Miss Jui or Miss Ming can't send their posts? It is very simple. Just write your comment and click on the button below named "Post a comment". I am very confused. Please say me everything properly.
(From Ela)

by Ela Sun Mar 25 10:35:42 UTC 2012

to Ela. from MIKE.JuVoon and miss Ming have virus caused by an interloper or persons wanting to interfere with their scripts. It caused Jui's laptop to crash and she had to take it to Computer shop ti fix it. OK then try again follow my steps here. 1 >>get the Homepage up on your screen (it has big words says Forumjar 2..>> On that page you see in top right corner a oblong blank space and the words "search forum" 3 >> OK so far? Right! Now type carefully into that blank box Cardiff Forum (do not type any arrows or dots, only those words Cardiff Forum 4 >> The page will change to topics. Now look at the first posted script and click it. It says something like "Indian cultures in Cardiff" or similar words. 5..>>> Click that. Then read all the scripts there. You will see Miss Ming and a different Anuska also. OK. When you have succeeded in that, please write me back on THIS forum. DO NOT ANSWER ME ON the new one. I WAIT FOR YOUR SOON REPLY> from Mike

by MIKE Sun Mar 25 11:50:55 UTC 2012

To Mike,
Mike I tried to reach there. I even found the page typing Cardiff Forum in the search box above this page but found no topic based Indian culture. Same thing happened to me in past also. So why don't you give me the URL no of that forum? I will easily reach there.
And I see no reason of Virus attack. If you have antivirus in your computer it will automatically warn you if you enter a virus affected page. Didn't Miss Jui or Miss Ming have the antivirus software in their computers?
And I am quite eager to know what some unknown persons have written about us in that forum? I hope they are not trying to arrest us. (Just joking)
(From Ela)

by Ela Sun Mar 25 12:30:57 UTC 2012

TO ELA.. OK I got this message from you. something peculiar going on with the technology and I have not yet found the answer. yes they both have anti-virus. but still some problem. Stay here for the while. I give the URL number. please try it again . as follows. www(dot)forumjar(dot)com(slash)forums(slash)Cardiff(slash)welcome_to_Cardiff_Forum OK? try that and when you have the page to your screen, look at the first topic (by Freddy) it is called Indian cultures around Cardiff. Then now left click on that and it will show the scripts I am telling you about. Do not reply to any as some are not bona fide. Reply me soon on our usual forum! No we will not get arrested! from MIKE

by MIKE Sun Mar 25 14:16:30 UTC 2012

To Mike,
Yes Mike, now I have entered into the forum and read all scripts.
Mike, you all have made a mistake. I think the forum is good. There are many peoples in the world whose names are Anushka. She is not our Anushka whose name was typed there. The Anushka of that forum is a married lady has kids. Our Anushka is a young girl of 25 and still unmarried.
I think it is quite fair forum. We may write there also when this forum will come to an end. Why so late ---- I think we can start writing there from tomorrow also. Here in this forum are a very few peoples to chat with. In that forum there are many peoples who can take part in our conversations. What do you say Mike?
And there is nothing with the forum which can damage a computer. It's impossible. Somehow the computers of Miss Jui and Miss Ming got damaged. But I am sure it is not for the forum.
Look, because of this forum problem we almost stopped discussing today. I wrote two large scripts to you at today morning. Please read those and give me your comments. Today I took another private tuition in home from 6.00PM to 8.00PM. Seven kids got punished by me. They were aged 7 years of old. I enjoyed it very much.
It's too hot here in Kolkata --- almost +28C.
(From Ela)

by Ela Sun Mar 25 15:35:25 UTC 2012

DEAR ELA Yes OK let us change to that forum. I will address your long scripts which I received OK, but the two Nurses did not get them.But I think now they will see your scripts if we change to that new forum. You are right (again! ) ha ha . Nobody else comes on this one now,they all disappeared. No I do not think it was this Forum that caused the problem with Jui's laptop. It is someone signed Miss Ming on there (you see the script) BUT SHE DID NOT WRITE IT!! So who did? and this compounded the errors on Jui's laptop,the fault in her computer was (the shop said) a "bug" which corrupted the Emails. OK then. Please reply on the new Forum tomorrow. If, for whatever reason, there is a problem with that and I do not see you there tomorrow... I will look ob this again. Ah, you had 2 hours Tuition class in the blazing 28*C heat, poor you! And you punished 7 kids also! but you still enjoyed that in spite of the heat! OK tell me tomorrow if you smacked any bottoms today during Tuition Class. See you over on the other Forum soon . God bless+ from MIKE

by Mike Sun Mar 25 17:25:04 UTC 2012

TO ELA if you are still here >>> I posted on the new forum to miss Ming and Ju Voon the 2 Nurses and I await the replies from them both. OK then see you there soon.

by MIKE Sun Mar 25 18:25:00 UTC 2012

Ela Its OK I see you on new forum Please tell Upoma and Anushka how URL get to the new Forum

by MIKE (Michael) Mon Mar 26 07:42:16 UTC 2012

Nobody else has any comments then I close this topic

by WEBMASTER Sat Mar 31 19:39:57 UTC 2012

to all lady teacher.....lady teacher jab student ko marti hai to unhe exitement hoti hai kya

by guest Sun Apr 01 13:06:31 UTC 2012

to all lady teachers.....are they feeling exited to beating boys

by guest Sun Apr 01 13:14:02 UTC 2012

Some do. Some do not. OK?

by guest Sun Apr 01 19:34:11 UTC 2012

Interesting read! I was caned a lot by female teachers. This was common in the 70's in South Africa. I always suspected that female teachers got aroused by caning us. They simply did this too easily. Can any female teacher (probably retired now) from the time reply to this.

by Adrian Tue Apr 03 05:53:49 UTC 2012

Female teacher. I was a lady teacher in a boys Remand Centre at the time I was 33 years of age, and I look back at my time there with relish. We had 30 boys ages ranged from 12 to 17 all had been remanded to the Reform Correction School politely called Borstal. I was one of 4 female Staff, there were 3 male and the Headmaster,also a female Nurse who was part time Staff. corporal punishment was accepted and signed-for by the parents of the Boys who were admitted. It was hardly ever questioned, it was the norm.If a boy was smacked it was done by the Teacher in charge of the Class at that moment. except in breach of bad behaviour the boy would be taken to the Headmaster and that always meant a caning on the bare bottom,the boy had to strip off naked and lean over the table, and the class teacher was expected to be present. I saw this happen many times and it always gave me some excitement for my fanny! I often wished I was allowed to cane a boys bare bottom but this was only done by the HeadM. In a Classroom I was often able to smack a boy, but it was done over their underpants, which I enjoyed but I would liked it better smacking on the bare.

by MISS TURNER Fri Apr 06 14:04:10 UTC 2012

IN OUR SCHOOL,lady teachers used to wear sleeveless blouse and they used to cane boys by making them naked......

by guest Tue Apr 10 14:24:34 UTC 2012

guest, It was not done by lady teachers only head master or Head mistress.where which country was that,and how long ago are you talking about?

by Miss Turner Tue Apr 10 14:49:56 UTC 2012

anyone lady teacher who get wet of caning boys

by sunil Tue Apr 10 16:32:57 UTC 2012

yes sunil, one young lady teacher was 'wet' when she strapped me after Classes.Its kept secret no one knew, only me.I was 15 at the time.

by Freddy Tue Apr 10 19:15:08 UTC 2012

freddy tell in detail

by guest Wed Apr 11 17:01:18 UTC 2012

answer to guest, the teacher was a Teaching AAsistant,teacher in training and I had a crush on her and misbehaved so to get her attention.another boy and me were told to wait after class finished, then she smacked the other boy on the backs of his thighs,and dismissed him off home but she pointed me to go in the next room, a store cupboard room very small. I will deal with you in there,she said! Our last period had been indoor football and I was dressed in my tee shirt and shorts nothing else except plimsolls and socks. she came back in with a tawse. it is a short wide leather strap with a hanle one end. I remember she had only a sleevles blouse and tennis skirt,bare legs, I got a stiff front in no time before she started strapping me! She told me Turn round keep your hands on your head,and she wacked the tawse on my bottom 6 times and stopped. I turned to go and saw she was looking very flushed in the face and a smell I now know what it was! with hindsight I think it was her orgasm.I never forget her,there was some sort of attraction which we both recognised in each other. I thought about her many months but she just disappeared from the school and I had only a few weeks to go before I left,or I might have looked after her for an affair!

by Freddy Thu Apr 12 10:50:25 UTC 2012

What was your eager response to her pleasure? you do not finish your story tell more please. Would this have happened in the 1970 to 1980 years? Has that incident affected your private life since? It did with me.

by Freddy Sat Apr 14 17:33:12 UTC 2012

I real;y enjoy bruising bare bottom of sr boys in my tutions of maths.Giggling girls are always present.It is really good for boys,good entertainment to me and real pleasure for girls seeing boys bruised bottom and flabby front.Unfortunately cane is banned in schools

by Sangeetha teacher Wed Apr 18 03:08:52 UTC 2012

Sangeetha. search forum called "Cardiff Forum" of this forumjar. Then click "Indian cultures....etc" there you find most interesting punishment ideas from India!

by Freddy Sat Apr 21 09:46:17 UTC 2012

Yes very true. Can some others share their experiences?

by Freddy Thu May 10 13:20:16 UTC 2012

no the topic is Do lady teachers enjoy caning boys? so if you want to discuss men teachers then you must go another forum topic

by WEBMASTER Mon May 14 12:53:44 UTC 2012

Ela Now you are using a cane, would you report your experience on this Forum topic.

by Freddy Thu May 17 09:05:20 UTC 2012

To Freddy,
First I want to know, where’re you from? How do you know I am using cane? Do you read the scripts from the forum "Indian cultures and traditions in and around Cardiff"? If you do so, they why you don't write there? We will be delighted if you do so. We are getting alone there. So please join us at that forum which perhaps you opened. I will certainly share my experience with you.

by Miss Ela Thu May 17 14:54:06 UTC 2012

TO ELA: I see that you replied here to Freddy at 1454 BST time--but you have not replied on our Forum to me. Have I upset you? maybe it was calling you a "daft lass" ? Well--- in England we have a saying "You can only be rude to a friend" ..(it is a compliment) hope see you very soon on the usual forum. from Mike

by Mike Thu May 17 15:32:13 UTC 2012

Ela: Yes I looked back--this Freddy opened the topic on "our" forum

by Mike Thu May 17 15:34:10 UTC 2012

Ela this topic forum is about cane from lady teaches so why need i go another place, so I see it propely here forum

by Freddy Thu May 17 16:27:20 UTC 2012

To Freddy,
I left the forum because many writers here were passing rude comments. They were ruining the environment. That's why I left it. And the other forum is opened by you. Then why you don't go there? If you want me to writer here still, then I will write. So please write about it in your next post.

by Miss Ela Fri May 18 08:44:49 UTC 2012

to Ela from Mike---There is something not right about this "freddy" he is to be found on lots of other forums as well as these. Beware in case it's "guest" again under a guise name...from Mike

by Mike Fri May 18 13:02:11 UTC 2012

the short answer to this topic is YES MOST DO ESPECIALLY THE UNDER 40's .. Anyone disagree?

by Freddy Tue May 22 20:49:37 UTC 2012

I am a grown up school boy I go to retired school mistress . She smacks and canes me she tells me all way nude when I am caned by her. it is pleasures for her and me also,we do it evrey week.

by Darren Sat May 26 14:22:45 UTC 2012

to Freddy---why do you not answer miss Ela? Is it because you are a trouble maker and just like to stirr up strife? I think so--we are better off without you.

by Mike Sat May 26 20:03:54 UTC 2012

any lady teacher get wet by beating boys??

by ajay Fri Jun 01 16:46:43 UTC 2012

TO ME IT DEPENDS ON THE CLASS??????????????????????????????????

IF IT'S 100% BOYS -----SHE CAN'T CANE A GIRL !!!!!!!!
IF IT'S 100% GIRLS ----SHE CAN'T CANE A BOY .!!!!!!!!


by slim jim Sat Jun 16 05:41:39 UTC 2012

That is an obvious answer..but what if its 50--50 girls and boys?

by Freddy Sat Jun 16 18:13:01 UTC 2012

I am just appointed as a techer at chennai. Because i am new to this field i am not so sure about the punishment . I am a 25yrs old lady . And this forum seems good to know all about the punishment . I have not read all the scripts of this forum but miss ELA i am looking foreware to your suggestion . Btw all r welcome.

by Saranya ayar Mon Jun 18 08:40:16 UTC 2012

To saranya. I am Mike (Michael) who is in constant posts with Ela. I look on this Forum sometimes to see who is writing.. I advise you to key in to Forumjar(slash)forums(slash)cardiff forum and there you will see "Indian cultures & traditions in Cardiff area" If you click-on that title, you will be able to scroll the posts of Ela and me.We discuss caning and smacking of school students in India's methods.

by Mike Mon Jun 18 11:17:34 UTC 2012

SARANYA--- Where are you on the Cardiff forum? please reply there or here.

by Mike Thu Jun 21 13:18:13 UTC 2012

To------------>>SARANYA--------------->>Ela and I (Mike) have given you up as lost!------------------Last request-----------please write on the new Forum(Cardiff)

by Mike & Ela ARE WAITING FOR YOU! Fri Jun 22 14:21:56 UTC 2012

to Alisha----------PLEASE WRITE AGAIN-------- I MAY BE ABLE TO HELP YOU-from Mike

by Mike(Michael) Sat Jun 23 09:04:29 UTC 2012

OK Tinu---this is a very bad case of a Teacher being brutal and a bully. Are you girl or boy (I think a boy because you mentioned "shorts") What district or state are you in? What your age when she punished you this way?

by Michael Sat Jun 23 14:06:04 UTC 2012

I have scrolled back on this Forum and wonder what has happened to dear TULIKA--the very bright 13 yrs old girl with whom I had many interesting and informative correspondence back in January-Feb this year.. I do hope that you will post again here,Tulika! I have lost madam Sucheta (Ela)she has now left the forum forever. So please reply me soon Tulika.thank you. from MICHAEL.

by Michael (Mike) Thu Jun 28 19:00:34 UTC 2012

do lady teachers enjoy caning boys? yes most do to show the auhtority

by Freddy Sat Jun 30 10:29:11 UTC 2012

ok so time to close this topic its been aired long enough.

by WEBMASTER Sat Jun 30 11:35:09 UTC 2012

To Sir Michael,
I have found this forum "Indian Cultures in and out----" and got shocked for two reasons, one---you were here, discussing with Miss Ela and two--- you looked for me when I was not in this forum. I will be very glad if you come back again and discuss with me. I am waiting for your reply. PLEASE COME BACK-------

by Tulika Tue Jul 03 15:11:40 UTC 2012

to TULIKA---Well it is pure chance I have seen your script here--because I was not intending to write any more, especially because of the "Webmaster's" script has closed the topic.. But because I am a compassionate man-- I cannot refuse to converse with you, dear Tulika! We had very fruitful conversations in the past and on the other Forum too.. I am still rather sad that Ela has cut me off quite suddenly (see a week ago script) and I understand her reason as far as my "problem" goes. However I do not understand why she did not want to continue talking about her School and her future plans when she is married and her family--which I became interested in. In truth, I am very sad about it her sudden departure and often moved to tears. You call me "Sir Michael" how funny and sweet of you ha ha! Just please call me Michael--I know you are so young-yet so VERY grown up in thought and outlook and knowledge.. I remember being very impressed with your comments and scripts in the the early months of Jan-Feb-March etc. Well anyway I am willing to write you if you would like. Over to you! from MICHAEL. I am no longer "Mike" as that is the nickname Ela asked me to be--but since she has gone away, I am reverting back to my proper name of Michael.

by Michael. Tue Jul 03 15:39:53 UTC 2012

To Michael,
I can do nothing about Miss Ela (as she left the forum). But I can inform many things about her as she teaches Life-science in our class. I didn't know about Miss Ela's marriage to Sir Supriyo. But I heard that rumour. Sir Supriyo is a very good teacher, he never uses corporal punishment. He behaves very friendly. Nobody saw Sir Supriyo to get angry. But Miss Ela? You know her very well. But don’t mind Sir, I know her much better than you----- I tasted her punishments for many times. I still can feel that pain. She spaxnks very hard. Her other punishments are also very scary and painful. She spaxnked me for many times in room 6 and classroom, practiced many other punishments also on me. Once she gave me the “pencil punishment”. I cried very loudly. Her spanxking makes me cry for an hour. I am very scared of her. Our new HM is also another terror to us. She also spaxnks students mercilessly. .
I intend to write in the other forum named (Indian cultures and traditions-----) it is because in this forum some writers (especially the "guest") make nonsense and rude comments often using slang. So I would prefer the other forum. And in that forum we will be able to discuss many things about Indian cultures and traditions. And I will improve my English writing to an educated British. But perhaps I will not be able to answer you everyday. I have my studies. So sometimes you will not find my post for two days or may be more than that but please don’t leave the forum then because I will of course come back. Please correct my English if I wrote something wrong.

by Tulika Wed Jul 04 05:59:32 UTC 2012

to TULIKA Of course, my dear.... I follow all your sentiments. Now we will go to the other Forum >>>>

by Michael Wed Jul 04 07:24:50 UTC 2012

Hi Micheal, As you have guessed i'm a boy. I'm from chennai, tamil nadu. I was 12 yrs old when this happened.

by guest Sun Jul 08 03:59:32 UTC 2012

To boy from Chennai. My name is Michael not Micheal. Please sign your proper name if you want to ask me about something. What are you talking about? "was 12 yrs old when this happened?" Please explain your question clearly.And I have not "guessed" anything about you---so let's please be accurate -- and stop putting words into my mouth. Now ask your question.

by MICHAEL (note how to spell it!) Sun Jul 08 18:15:54 UTC 2012

As I thought---another fake poster.

by Michael Thu Jul 12 15:06:45 UTC 2012


by slim jim Sat Aug 04 09:35:12 UTC 2012


by slim jim Tue Aug 14 21:57:20 UTC 2012

I used to teach accountancy to young adults at the local adult education college. They were all girls, mainly Indian, and were surprised that there were no punishments (because these were not allowed).

I used to use the cane on summer camps, and would have enjoyed caning the girls on my course. As I was not allowed, I gave private tuition. I always started sessions with 12 canes on the bare mottom to keep the student alert. Then when mistakes were made they got 6 for each. I really enjojed it and so did they. It produced results!

by Timothy Tue Aug 28 15:43:31 UTC 2012

opposite to Timothy in our school the young lady teachers caned and smacked us teenage boys up to 17 years old , most us played then up as we knows they would cane us. this forrum topic is right on.most ladies like canning boys

by Freddy Sat Sep 01 20:01:43 UTC 2012

Met a girl on the bus last night. She taught geography in Accra. She mad e her students do handstands against the wall then cane them for five minutes. It was fun - if they couldn't remain upside down, she would tie them to a rope, then beat them harder for another five minutes. Their bottoms had beautiful stipes - how lovely!


by guest Thu Sep 20 11:10:36 UTC 2012

very fantastic yar!!!!!

by raju Thu Sep 20 22:16:57 UTC 2012

hi..i would like 2 share my experience...wen i was in class 8 i had a mam called renuka teaching me geography...she was abt 28....she was a real terror..during her class all the students would b actually shivering...she doesn like misbehaviour..she doesn't like anybody talking during class hours..she doesn't like anybody with incomplete homework..she doesn't like anybody scoring low marks...according 2 her everything should b perfect..once after our exams she distributed our mark sheet..i was the only one who got less than 30 out of 100...i knew i am going 2 b rewarded for that..and when she was distributing other papers i was sitting and chatting with my friends..she noticed even that..then finally my time came..she called me..she asked 4 my paper..i never expected the time i had scribbled in the paper....its like adding fuel 2 the flame..hmmm then she was terrified..she caught my ears and screwed it very badly..i was almost in tears...then she told me 2 come and meet her after the school..i went 2 the staff them all the teachers had left..i actually went 15 mins late..she was actually waitin 4 soon as i went she caught my ears again and twisted it very by one..then she removed my shirt and then she ordered me 2 remove my shorts and kneel then she had gone 2 have tea.and when she got back i was still with my shorts..she got really wild..then she held my tummy and started twisting it very badly till i removed my shorts..then i was kneeling down with my inner wear..after 20 mins she took a long cane and came near me..she told me 2 stand up.she kept the cane on the table and asked me 2 come closer and spread my legs..she caught my inner thigh just below my privates and started pinching it very badly..and she ordered me not 2 move..and she told me if i move i'll have 2 face the worst..i tried my best not 2 move.and once i couldn't control and i moved..then she got wild and she caught my nipples and she started pinching it..i was crying again..she ordered me not 2 cry again..she twisted both my nipples 4 almost 5 mins..then she went bak to my thighs,..then my ears..after pinchin me all over.....she took the cane and she ordered me 2 remove my inner wear and hold the desk..which i was hesitaing,.but i knew if i don't do it ill have 2 feel the pain i removed it fully..i was nude.i bent over the desk..then she gave me 10 strokes on my buttocks and thighs...she said this s ur last warning and next time you do this i'll punish you more severely..that was my worst experience..

by tinu Sat Sep 22 08:11:45 UTC 2012

This all started with the simple question of whether lady teachers enjoy caning boys and it then went on to whether boys enjoy that experience.It does not happen in England any more but I can assure you that there was certainly one lady teacher in the 1950s who enjoyed caning boys and used to spy on them to find excuses for caning them. She was unmarried and had no children. I think this was her sexual outlet.I would not say that I enjoyed the caning itself but the undressing and bending over did have a bit of excitement about it.I was only eleven but I had bodily sensations when getting undressed. She was certified insane about twenty years later.

by guest Sat Sep 22 19:57:49 UTC 2012

This all started with the simple question of whether lady teachers enjoy caning boys and it then went on to whether boys enjoy that experience.It does not happen in England any more but I can assure you that there was certainly one lady teacher in the 1950s who enjoyed caning boys and used to spy on them to find excuses for caning them. She was unmarried and had no children. I think this was her sexual outlet.I would not say that I enjoyed the caning itself but the undressing and bending over did have a bit of excitement about it.I was only eleven but I had bodily sensations when getting undressed. She was certified insane about twenty years later.

by guest Sat Sep 22 19:57:49 UTC 2012

...i was a male teacher in africa....i taught only girls and used the cane a lot to keep order....i caned them in front of the class and gave anything up to ten strokes depending on age....they had bare bottoms......most cried and screamed but as they get older some seemed to enjoy the experience...i did not do it for pleasure but to encourage them to obey the rules...which most of them subsequently did...but some of the older ones....i could see their nipples harden...and usually beat them harder....

by guest Tue Sep 25 14:39:31 UTC 2012

this guest is done all for own his plesures

by guest 2 Thu Sep 27 18:28:24 UTC 2012

Is any miss here willing to correct an older student using corporal punishment?

by guest Mon Oct 01 12:12:46 UTC 2012

madam farhana made me murgha

by aloo Wed Oct 17 19:55:33 UTC 2012

Tulika Here is Mike again! Are you yet allowed use on this Forum? Can you tell me if miss Ela is still teaching at your school? I have lost contact with her, and would like to regain contact. Would you be able to help me do that without putting yourself in any danger?

by Mike(Michael) Thu Oct 25 18:23:07 UTC 2012

I search a real (former) female teacher from United Kingdom who still believes in corporal punishment and teaches at the same time the english language to me so that I can progress very fast in learning the language . i prefer home tuition if possible. You can contact me if interested by

by yves Fri Oct 26 18:04:43 UTC 2012

To michel,
sry.i can not reply 2 u.i was busy with my reply me and we will share a lot about punishment

by Saranya Thu Nov 01 17:10:09 UTC 2012

TO SARANYA of Chennai. By chance I looked on this Forum and saw you had posted. Do you want to change to "Cardiff Forum" --- either that or "Celtic Sea Forum" but reply me here first th confirm then we can disuss your punishment methods. from Michael (Mike)

by MICHAEL Tue Nov 06 20:40:13 UTC 2012

Saranya--YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS NOT VALID. Please type it again correctly.

by Michael Sat Nov 17 15:09:28 UTC 2012

Idont know about others but atleast I do enjoy boys caning in front of girls of same class no doubt they are immune from such humiliations. What i want is their bare caning but its not possible.

by Rujutha Tue Nov 27 11:48:48 UTC 2012

Hi Rujatha, where are you form? How old are you?

by Robin Wed Nov 28 12:35:45 UTC 2012

f djv fh hjh fhfh

by merdaccia Thu Dec 13 03:33:16 UTC 2012

It is quite obvious by reading the above posts that SOME lady teachers DO get a sexual pleasure out of caning or smacking boys. But so do SOME male teachers! So what? Are you blaming the female teachers only? Lets have a bit of common sense please!

by Bernard Mon Dec 17 20:19:08 UTC 2012

Sory to all.specialy to MIKE i was dead busy with my shedulde.nw i will replay in regular u r thoughts r welcome.

by Saranya Fri Dec 28 08:23:52 UTC 2012

To Saranya, I am new in this forum. Are you a teacher? Do you punish your students? How do you do it?

by Aniket Fri Dec 28 10:38:12 UTC 2012

Yes i m a teacher.and i punish my students very badly.i have differnt ways of punishment for different standards . You tell me the age groups and i will tell my process .

by Saranya Sat Dec 29 08:42:11 UTC 2012

To Saranya, so let me start from the age groups of 6 to 8 years old. How do you punish them?
May I ask you a question if you don't mind? How old are you? And where are you from?
Please reply soon>>>>>>>>>>

by Aniket Sat Dec 29 09:44:37 UTC 2012

Saranya-- I am in contact with miss Ela. If you want ask her question-then please ask on EARL FORUM. You also find Tulika who is a student at miss Ela's school. They can answer your questions of how to punish the lazy kids aged 6 to 13 yrs of age.

by Michael Sat Dec 29 21:13:41 UTC 2012

I was a teacher back in 1960 when CP was allowed. I taught at the primary,junior school. had the sanction to send any child to the school head which would mean the cane. I was unhappy about that so I took care of things myself in the stockroom which formed part of the class separated by a door. I would take the child across my knee and use my hand which was kinder to the child rather than the cane from the school head. In my time there I did witness a few children being caned which was something you do not forget.
The child bending over, the sound of the cane and the yelp of the child at each stroke.
Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Wed Jan 09 21:00:50 UTC 2013

I was a teacher back in 1960 when CP was allowed. I taught at the primary,junior school. had the sanction to send any child to the school head which would mean the cane. I was unhappy about that so I took care of things myself in the stockroom which formed part of the class separated by a door. I would take the child across my knee and use my hand which was kinder to the child rather than the cane from the school head. In my time there I did witness a few children being caned which was something you do not forget.
The child bending over, the sound of the cane and the yelp of the child at each stroke.
Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Wed Jan 09 21:01:08 UTC 2013

I was a teacher back in 1960 when CP was allowed. I taught at the primary,junior school. had the sanction to send any child to the school head which would mean the cane. I was unhappy about that so I took care of things myself in the stockroom which formed part of the class separated by a door. I would take the child across my knee and use my hand which was kinder to the child rather than the cane from the school head. In my time there I did witness a few children being caned which was something you do not forget.
The child bending over, the sound of the cane and the yelp of the child at each stroke.
Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Wed Jan 09 21:01:29 UTC 2013

I was a teacher back in 1960 when CP was allowed. I taught at the primary,junior school. had the sanction to send any child to the school head which would mean the cane. I was unhappy about that so I took care of things myself in the stockroom which formed part of the class separated by a door. I would take the child across my knee and use my hand which was kinder to the child rather than the cane from the school head. In my time there I did witness a few children being caned which was something you do not forget.
The child bending over, the sound of the cane and the yelp of the child at each stroke.
Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Wed Jan 09 21:01:29 UTC 2013

I was a teacher back in 1960 when CP was allowed. I taught at the primary,junior school. had the sanction to send any child to the school head which would mean the cane. I was unhappy about that so I took care of things myself in the stockroom which formed part of the class separated by a door. I would take the child across my knee and use my hand which was kinder to the child rather than the cane from the school head. In my time there I did witness a few children being caned which was something you do not forget.
The child bending over, the sound of the cane and the yelp of the child at each stroke.
Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Wed Jan 09 21:04:17 UTC 2013

I was a teacher back in 1960 when CP was allowed. I taught at the primary,junior school. had the sanction to send any child to the school head which would mean the cane. I was unhappy about that so I took care of things myself in the stockroom which formed part of the class separated by a door. I would take the child across my knee and use my hand which was kinder to the child rather than the cane from the school head. In my time there I did witness a few children being caned which was something you do not forget.
The child bending over, the sound of the cane and the yelp of the child at each stroke.
Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Wed Jan 09 21:04:17 UTC 2013

I was a teacher back in 1960 when CP was allowed. I taught at the primary,junior school. had the sanction to send any child to the school head which would mean the cane. I was unhappy about that so I took care of things myself in the stockroom which formed part of the class separated by a door. I would take the child across my knee and use my hand which was kinder to the child rather than the cane from the school head. In my time there I did witness a few children being caned which was something you do not forget.
The child bending over, the sound of the cane and the yelp of the child at each stroke.
Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Wed Jan 09 21:04:20 UTC 2013

I was a teacher back in 1960 when CP was allowed. I taught at the primary,junior school. had the sanction to send any child to the school head which would mean the cane. I was unhappy about that so I took care of things myself in the stockroom which formed part of the class separated by a door. I would take the child across my knee and use my hand which was kinder to the child rather than the cane from the school head. In my time there I did witness a few children being caned which was something you do not forget.
The child bending over, the sound of the cane and the yelp of the child at each stroke.
Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Wed Jan 09 21:05:46 UTC 2013

I was a teacher back in 1960 when CP was allowed. I taught at the primary,junior school. had the sanction to send any child to the school head which would mean the cane. I was unhappy about that so I took care of things myself in the stockroom which formed part of the class separated by a door. I would take the child across my knee and use my hand which was kinder to the child rather than the cane from the school head. In my time there I did witness a few children being caned which was something you do not forget.
The child bending over, the sound of the cane and the yelp of the child at each stroke.
Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Wed Jan 09 21:05:47 UTC 2013

I was a teacher back in 1960 when CP was allowed. I taught at the primary,junior school. had the sanction to send any child to the school head which would mean the cane. I was unhappy about that so I took care of things myself in the stockroom which formed part of the class separated by a door. I would take the child across my knee and use my hand which was kinder to the child rather than the cane from the school head. In my time there I did witness a few children being caned which was something you do not forget.
The child bending over, the sound of the cane and the yelp of the child at each stroke.
Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Wed Jan 09 21:06:05 UTC 2013

I was a teacher back in 1960 when CP was allowed. I taught at the primary,junior school. had the sanction to send any child to the school head which would mean the cane. I was unhappy about that so I took care of things myself in the stockroom which formed part of the class separated by a door. I would take the child across my knee and use my hand which was kinder to the child rather than the cane from the school head. In my time there I did witness a few children being caned which was something you do not forget.
The child bending over, the sound of the cane and the yelp of the child at each stroke.
Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Wed Jan 09 21:06:06 UTC 2013

I was a teacher back in 1960 when CP was allowed. I taught at the primary,junior school. had the sanction to send any child to the school head which would mean the cane. I was unhappy about that so I took care of things myself in the stockroom which formed part of the class separated by a door. I would take the child across my knee and use my hand which was kinder to the child rather than the cane from the school head. In my time there I did witness a few children being caned which was something you do not forget.
The child bending over, the sound of the cane and the yelp of the child at each stroke.
Mrs Josephine Simmonds

by Josephine Simmonds Wed Jan 09 21:06:06 UTC 2013

To Mrs. Josephine Simmonds,
Where are you from? How old were you when you first got the teaching job? How old the students were?
I am very much interested to know your experiences. Please reply soon.
And please don't click on the "Post a comment" option again and again. The technology of the forum is sometimes just disgusting. It printed your post for several times. Please reload the page before posting a comment. Please don’t forget to save your post before reloading. Not doing so, you will lose your post at the time of reloading.

by Aniket Thu Jan 10 14:58:59 UTC 2013

to Aniket. Excuse me asking-but are you from India please? I want to know about the different policies of states in India with CP. I know about Bengal area because I am in touch with some teachers in a school in West Bengal. but I want to know about further south of India towards the Sri Lanka direction in India's mainland towns .like Chennai etc. Can you help with information please.

by Dafydd Fri Jan 11 08:13:27 UTC 2013

To Dafydd,
Yes, I am from India. And I live at Bardhaman district, in West Bengal. So it's impossible for me to inform you about the school punishments of Chennai or other South Indian states. I am very sorry Dafydd. I am not a teacher. I am a Government employee. But I am very curious to know about School Punishment experiences.
Where are you from Dafydd?

by Aniket Fri Jan 11 11:04:40 UTC 2013

Aniket. Is your town near Kolkata? I am in contact with a school near Kolkata. I live in UK. I get my information from some Teachers in the school I refer to. For the sake of their privacy I cannot give you the name of the school or the town it is in. If you want to correspond with me privately, please give your e-mail address. I will certainly exchange my experiences and information with you. Are you a new teacher?

by Dafydd Fri Jan 11 12:38:41 UTC 2013

To Dafydd,
Kolkata is very far from Bardhaman. Some of my relatives live in Kolkata. So I can inform you many things about the schools of Kolkata and Howrah (another district which is near of Kolkata). My uncle works in the Head Office of the West Bengal Secondary Education Board. He has a lot of information about the West Bengal schools.
But I cannot write my email id in this public forum. Many other people will know it and they may not have a good intention. Still I am very eager to help you. Dafydd, you can tell me the name of the school. I don't see any problem in it. You don't have to tell me the names of the teachers for the sake of your privacy. We may discuss about the topic in another forum.
I am not a teacher. I am a Government Employee.

by Aniket Fri Jan 11 15:06:07 UTC 2013

to ANIKET. According to Google maps,your town is approx 35 miles from Kolkata--no great distance! Do you usually exaggerate your statements? No. I will not name the School, or the teachers or the HM. because it might put them at danger, especially if you work in Government circles.In fact, I will not discuss with you any further in this Forum. It is too public. And the topic is very personal. Thank you. Goodbye.

by Dafydd Fri Jan 11 16:25:15 UTC 2013

To Dafydd,
You are wrong. Bardhaman is almost 100km far from Kolkata. I do not exaggerate my statements. Please check it again. I am not lying. See the map of West Bengal, you will surely know that.
I am not that type of person who put a person at danger. If you don’t want to write me anymore, that’s fine! But I am not lying.

by Aniket Sat Jan 12 05:05:56 UTC 2013

To Aniket. Yes I apologise to you. I looked again at the map. I think I read the scale wrongly the first time. Sorry, I am not calling you a liar. There is an Indian laws which say that coporal punishmant in schools should stop. I know that certain schools that it is still done. May is that some districts opt out of this, do you know this?

by Dafydd Mon Jan 14 13:43:57 UTC 2013

To Dafydd,
I am glad that you have understood your mistake.
Indian laws say corporal punishment must not be practiced but not a single school of any state follows this rule. In West Bengal, the education minister and the members of school board commission consider corporal punishment as a very important practice for rectifying the undisciplined lazy students. Sometimes I also think that the rule of abolishing corporal punishments from schools is not appropriate for the naughty and disobedient students of Bengal. They will stop fearing the teacher if the corporal punishment is abolished. My younger sister is a school teacher. She also says the same thing.
But I am always against of brutality. The government is also very conscious about that fact. Teachers will be arrested if they punish students brutally.

by Aniket Tue Jan 15 08:38:56 UTC 2013

to ANIKET there is a world of difference between proper corporal punishment and brutality. but sometimes teachers or Hm's got angry when punishing a student and this is a bad thing. They must not be angry. but it is also a bad thing that the schools do not take any notice of the Laws which are made to protect students from bad teachers or HM's. It would be a prosecution case for the School if a child complained to the police. It is deceitful for a carte blanche refusal to obey a law which has been democratically stated. At worst, it is anarchy. So schools ought to take the Law seriously. If anybody broke the laws of the land then the whole country is just a rabble and hotbed of unrest,lawlessness and anarchy left to its own to cause civil war within its own state. The schools should abide by the Laws.

by Dafydd Wed Jan 16 19:21:28 UTC 2013

To Dafydd,
I am sorry for the late reply. I was busy in my official purposes.
The teachers are never angry when they punish students. An angry teacher can harm the student and the Head Masters and Headmistresses of all schools are very much careful about that fact. They keep a firm eye on all the teachers. If any teacher breaks the law, he or she is warned by the HM. Besides that, teachers discuss everything with the guardians. This is called guardian meeting. The guardians can complain against any teacher if he or she is wrong in teaching process. Guardians vote the teachers. And one teacher is selected every year by the voting of the guardians as the best teacher of year in the school. If guardians complain against a teacher, the school board commission becomes very strict against the teacher. Brutality is never tolerated in the schools of West Bengal. The teacher will be immediately sacked if he or she treats a child in a brute manner.
Indian government has strictly forbidden all kinds of corporal punishments. But this is absurd. Some students are so rude and spoiled that they will be out of the control of the teacher if corporal punishment is not practiced. The insincere children will be very lazy in study if they realize that they won't be punished by the teachers for their laziness. Besides corporal punishment, students are not afraid of any other punishment.
I have no experience of teaching students. My younger sister is a teacher of a renowned Government school. I came to know about the present school punishment system of West Bengal from her and my uncle who works in West Bengal Secondary Education Board.
Some government rules cannot be followed. Government said any boy or girl above 18 is an adult. But a very few Indian boys and girls aged 18 or 19 can live without the help of their elders. They are still fully depended on their superiors. But this is quite unbelievable for the people who live in Western Countries.

by Aniket Fri Jan 18 09:15:53 UTC 2013

To Aniket, OK thank you for all that. it is good to know that a close eye is kept by HM on the teachers at their school regarding corporal punishment. There was a case reported on TV and in newspapers about St Martineire school in Koltaka and a teacher and HM was prosecuted for brutal treatment of a boy in their school. I wonder if your younger sister teaches in a co-ed school in Haora? What is her name? I have a friend who teaches in a school in Haora--but I cannot tell the name of my friend, for the sake of privacy on these public forums. I get much information from the schools in Haora district, both Private and State schools. But why has the Indian Government banned all forms of corporal punishment? Does the ban apply to ALL the schools,or only the State-funded schools? Why don't they recognise that it is impractical to forbid it? I do not see their problem.

by Dafydd Sat Jan 19 19:52:05 UTC 2013

To Dafydd,
The incident of St. Martineire was a tragic accident. The convicted teacher and the Headmaster were punished by law. My sister does not teach in any school of Howrah district. We live in Bardhaman. My sister teaches in Burdwan Municipal Girls' High School. It is not a co-educated school. It is a government High school for only Girls. My sister’s name is Amika Dutt. In West Bengal, all teachers of the Government schools and the under government schools are the members of the same association. So my sister may know the name of your friend teacher. I will not push you to tell me the name of your friend. But if you would tell me as a friend, nothing bad would happen to your friend. At least you can tell me the name of his or her school.
You have asked a very good question Dafydd. Why doesn’t the Government understand that the banning of corporal punishment is impractical? I also don’t know the answer. Perhaps your friend knows. I think the persons, who created the rule, also don’t understand it. Corporal punishment is never practiced only in the schools established by Swami Vivekananda, a famous monk of India. Those schools are not for common students. Only brilliant schools can pass the admission tests and study in those schools.
Sister Nivedita, Swami Vivekananda’s discipline, also established schools for the girls. But corporal punishment is practiced in those schools.

by Aniket Sun Jan 20 10:06:42 UTC 2013

Aniket. I still hesitate to give my friend's name or her School. I do not trust these Forums. Some bogus and nasty people can cause trouble, and have done so in past. but I can tell you that my friend's mother is HM of Nivedita Girl's school in Kolkata. From this you might know who my friend is. but please do not give her name in these forums. But if you like, I will tell you the first and last letters of her, (and her mother's) surname. The first letter is B and the last letter is E. My friends nickname begins with E and has four letters to her first name. She is well known excellent Teacher of Life-Science and has Awards from the Indian Education Chief. Her school is one of those schools you mention in the name of Swami Vivekanada. Could I have your permission please, to tell my friend the name of your sister and the school in which she teaches? Does your sister administer CP to her students? If so, what is her method? I would be interested to know that. Thank you for your trusting nature---but please be careful of names that you write here on the Forums.

by Dafydd Mon Jan 21 13:44:25 UTC 2013

To Dafydd,
Now I have understood that why you did not mention the name of your friend and her school. You are right. Many bogus writers write here. This is not a safe place to discuss anything personal. Yes, you can tell your friend about the name of my sister and the school where she teaches.
My sister sometimes uses corporal punishment to control the naughty students. Students fear her very much. I will ask her to know more clearly that how she punishes her students, then I will tell you.
I have already got news about the awarded teachers of Howrah district from my uncle who works in the head office of West Bengal School Board.
Five teachers of Howrah were awarded in 2012 by the Education Minister. I have known their names.
1. Mr. Sujoy Ghosh from Howrah Zilla School
2. Mr. Ratan Mullick from Howrah Zilla School
3. Mrs. Juhi Roy from Howrah Girls' High School
4. Miss. Sucheta Banerjee from B. E. College Model High School
5. Mrs. Roma Saha from Tarasundari Girls’ High School
Did you find the name of your friend in the list? If you did, you don’t have to mention it for the sake of privacy. You will only tell me “Yes” or “No”.
I will soon know the name of the Head Teacher of Nivedita Girls’ High School. The school is the best school for girls in Kolkata.

by Aniket Tue Jan 22 16:13:22 UTC 2013

to Aniket. "yes" the name is on your List. I would be interested to know the exact method your sister uses of CP for the Students. What is the ages of the Students in her Class? You will easily find the HM of Nivedita school for Girls. She is also a strict Disciplinarian. Please do not name her on this forum. but the surname is "B" and I'm sure you will know her identity. yes that School is very good in the Education system. it is also one of the strictest for student discipline! I think there must be a link between the two---don't you!

by Dafydd Tue Jan 22 16:55:25 UTC 2013

To Dafydd,
I will never write the name of the Head Teacher of Nivedita Girls’ High School. Be sure about that.
What link between two? What are you saying Dafydd? I am sorry; I didn't get your words. My sister punishes her students by giving strokes on their palms with a wooden ruler. She also canes her students on their bottoms. She does it inserting their heads under the bench. She also punishes the girls by striking on their bottoms bending them over her knee. This over the knee punishment is very popular in all over India. I think it’s rather embarrassing. She teaches seven to thirteen years old students. Is he or she a strict teacher or lenient teacher? Does your friend also punish his or her students? How he or she does that? I want to know your friend’s student punishing methods in detail, if you don't mind to share.

by Aniket Wed Jan 23 11:42:58 UTC 2013

To Aniket. OK thanks for your reply. The link between the two is that the HM is the mother of my friend on your list. The name of my friend begins with "S" Now you know who she is---but DO NOT type her name on Forums. You describe same method of punishment as she uses herself in her School. Except she does not put students head under bench to "cane" the bottoms. She rarely uses a cane. her favourite method is to put them OTL and bare the buttocks by folding the pants. She smacks with her palm or a thick type wooden ruler, and sometimes with a paddle. this is for students aged 7-12 both males and females. The bare-bottom span king is not done in the classroom. It is done in empty room during Tiffin time or after school. Boys of 13-15 she uses a thick but short stick with a flat side and spa nks on their clothed bottoms while they stand with hands to fore and eyes closed! I don't know why she tells them to close their eyes! The HM of her school is also female and often she will send a student to my friend for punishment.

by Dafydd Wed Jan 23 21:19:51 UTC 2013

To Dafydd,
Your friend has many funny methods of punishing students. The Head Mistress sends students to her for the punishment. Why? The Head Mistress should punish the students.
Yes, I have guessed the name of your friend. But I will not write her name here. It is very good that mother and daughter both are in same profession.
Does your friend punish her students very cruelly? The strict teachers look very horrible. It is nothing but my imagination. Some strict teachers of my school were very ugly. My sister is very sweet in looking but she is a very strict teacher. How your friend looks like?

by Aniket Thu Jan 24 15:14:50 UTC 2013

ANIKET. My friend is very pretty I think--but remember that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" In other words---one man will say a girl is pretty---another man will say he thinks she is ugly. Yes the HM sends them to her because she is very hard span ker and she does other methods of punishments too. the pencil between fingers and pressing fingers together she uses on late-comers. but her favourite is OTL spa nking. Why do you say her methods are "funny" ? can you explain better what you mean? Do you mean extra-ordinary? Yes that is right---you have the correct person. She was also a Monitor when she was at school herself. She has span ked over 3000 bottoms in her ten-year career! The School is well-known for strict discipline.

by Dafydd Thu Jan 24 16:47:54 UTC 2013

To Dafydd,
You are very wise Dafydd. You are absolutely right that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". I remember that once in my school days, I used the quote in an essay and got very good marks. I think you are a very religious person. Don't mind my words Dafydd, if you are not so. I guessed reading your sentences that you know the philosophy of religion. It was my observation. Originally my job is with the common public. We snatch away the extra-lands from the rich people and distribute the lands among the poor people. So we deal with a lot of people every day and that has taught me to read one's mind. And I felt that you are a religious person. But I am a human being. I can make mistake and my mistake ought to be forgiven.
I realized the reason that why the Headmistress sends the students to your friend. But I am saying why your friend takes other's duties? She is giving too much labour in her job. My sister says that it makes her very tired after beating many students.
The Headmistress must know that how to administrate a strict discipline. The Headmistress must not be depended on any other teacher. If she depends on your friend then actually your friend should hold the post of Headmistress. Your friend deserves the honour.
I used the word funny to mean "interesting and extra-ordinary". She has a good sense of humour. I can realize that knowing her punishment methods.
She used to punish her mates in her teen-age life? Then she is a born disciplinarian.
Dafydd, is there no way to see your photo? I am very eager to see your photo and show you my photo and my sister's photo. But I cannot write my private email id here in this forum. So how can I do it? Will you please advise me something?

by Aniket Fri Jan 25 09:30:43 UTC 2013

to Aniket, I have not received any mail from you. please check that you have the correct address as my recent post tells. Be careful to put (dot) after 'b' in addition to the final (dot) after 'mail' and the correct number with no gaps. I await your Mail or post on this forum. Do NOT give your own adrs on here. I will get it from yours when you send me a mail.

by Dafydd Sat Jan 26 03:51:26 UTC 2013

Aniket. yes all ok from you re E-mail. I reply soon

by Dafydd Sat Jan 26 10:01:35 UTC 2013

why lady teachers are this partial?? i hope they should be given the same punishment in public

by guest Wed Jan 30 13:40:42 UTC 2013

to guest. Please give your name, and you do not make your question clear. What is it that you are asking? Or, what are you stating? Please be more erudite.

by Dafydd Wed Jan 30 21:07:31 UTC 2013

I do confess that I really enjoy caning sr boys of class 11 ,12th in presence of girls who r always spared .Ifind out one or other reason n make their bottom bruised.

by Neerja Mon Apr 15 02:58:55 UTC 2013

I boy Mujha ek baar Ladki ko chadne par Mera Sarree Bolouse bra petticoat kholke Nanga Kar ke Chutta h pe 100 dande mare aur 100 bar uthak bathk lagayi Hi Neeraj Dayfold ankit isper comment de.

by Nanga Thu Apr 18 08:57:57 UTC 2013

Main Bahut Naughty tha. Ek baar Hostel mai rahta tha girls hostel thodi door par tha. raat ko 10 ke baad Male ka aana Girls hostel mai ana allow nahi tha. Mujha ek chaal sujhi kyoki mare girl friend hostal mai rahati thi. Maine socha ki Ladies ki dress jana parmallom nahi padega. Mai Poora ladies dress mai Saree , Blouse Bra Petticoat pahanakar Payal bindi laga ke aur nail polish bhi laga ke chal diya mujha koi nahi pahachana lakin mai jab girl friend ka pass pahucha to to ek seniours ko sandeha hua. thodi deer baad wo aayi aur boli tum yaha kasa aaya unhone tu ladka hoke raat ko saree blouse mai aaya hi unhone mera face par 3,4 sab kiya mai daar gaya sorry bola laidhar maree girl friend ne bhi mera saath nahi diya ubhone kaha tereko punishement to mai doongi hi Unhione mujha NANGa Hone ko kaha Kaha ki tu apne aap hoja nahi to mai forcely karwaooungi Maine aapni saree blouse khol diya baad mai unhone mera BRA, PETTICOIAT bhi kho l diya mai Pantee nahio pahna tha.aur mai poora nanga hogaya tha.Mujha Nanga hi marte hua girls hostelmke chakkar lagwaya aur phir murga banawaya Kamar niche hone per chuttar par teji se marti thi. 10 minute murga banne ke baad mre dono hath baandh ke bhoot pitai kiMai keval Payal bindi pahaner hua mai Nanaga khada tha. girls hostelp mai sab ladies merako Nanga Punishement dekh kar rahi thi enjoy kar rahi thi mai kafi shame fell jkar raha tha. unhone hi mujha 100 baar uthaqk bathak lagwayi phir unhone 100bar Neel down bhi karwaya bbad mai butt par100 100 dande aur mare baad mao maine sabhi ladies ke charan chu kar maafi maangi yahi p[unishement 10 dino tak mila. yha tak ki maina NANGA HI sbhi ladies ka chran chua. Is par mreee kuch NANGI PIctures li Aap sabhi se requst hai ki mujha jarror batayee ki choti se galti ka bada punishnent jarroori tha ki nahiJarroor comment I wait ur comment

by reetynanga Sat Apr 20 06:46:04 UTC 2013

I am very pleased to see that in some countries corporal punishment is still employed as a method of disciplining pupils. i wish it had not been banned in the UK.

by Tara Thu May 09 21:41:23 UTC 2013


by akil Fri May 10 17:44:03 UTC 2013


by akil Fri May 10 17:51:12 UTC 2013

Hello Sara, I agree that humiliation should be a part of a boys punishment, and making him stand naked by female teacher while she punishes him teaches the boy to behave proper.

by RT Sat May 18 22:46:12 UTC 2013

Most countries have abolished the corporal punishment of children in school not because it is wrong but because it is out of touch with modern thinking and it is open to abuse particularly bare bottom smacking or caning.I was at school many years ago in the uk.Caning was fairly common then but usually through thin cotton shorts on the bottom. Caning on the hand was banned as it is clumsy and can break a finger. One lady did it on the bare bottom probably illegally but nobody complained. Looking back I think she got some naughty pleasure out of it but I did not realise that at the time.

by michael Sun May 19 20:27:41 UTC 2013

I am horrified by some of the comments by lady teachers who confess they love caning boys: when they grow up, far from respecting women, they despise them and hate them. No wonder there are so many attacks on women in India. It's your fault.

by UK visitor Mon Aug 19 07:42:43 UTC 2013

To UK visitor,
How can you be so sure that men are attacking women in India for the canings? Teachers have the right to punish their students. Will the students be savage and barbaric like animals and attack the lady teachers for this reason? From where did you earn this knowledge?
In UK or USA, corporal punishment is banned. But can you declare it with ample proofs that the women of USA or UK don't suffer from men attacks?
Caning has nothing to do with raxxpe. It is the nature of some animal like men who are unable to control their sensual hunger. No intelligent person would ever find any link between caning and raxxping.
You have a very poor idea about India.

by Aniket Mon Sep 02 17:26:42 UTC 2013

Your answer is right and correct dear Aniket. UK visitor is talking out through his hat. He is probably an animal in sheep's clothing. ha ha from dada (you know who!)

by Bxxxn Wed Oct 02 21:32:14 UTC 2013

ounce my school teacher gave me 10 cane strokes 5 in each palm in front of the class. then she made me hold my ears hands crossed and she made me walk to the middle of the school ground. school ground is a gravel ground with no grass. then she asked me do you know how you'll be punished next? even though I knew how she is going punishment me next,I look down still holding my ears didn't say a word. then she said keep holding your ears and get down on your knees. I slowly got down on my knees. I had to kneel down on bare knees in gravel in direct sun for a 30 mins. then she made stand in front of the class next to the wall. I had to hold my caned hands little above my head stretched horizontally. this is so embarrassing and painful to hold hands like this.

by spintz Mon Oct 07 08:12:53 UTC 2013


by guest Sun Apr 27 17:14:20 UTC 2014

I am from kochi 35 years old ilikket o becaned by lady teacher

by guest Fri May 23 09:57:27 UTC 2014

Any lady teacher is from Kochi?

by guest Fri May 23 09:58:46 UTC 2014


by RUTA Fri Aug 22 12:59:06 UTC 2014

you like to punish and make the boys to feel fear and respect you when you cane them Ruta?

by coolsub Mon Sep 15 08:31:25 UTC 2014

I still enjoy a strict caning (42) hard strokes still in school clothes or knickers even having left school and need more lady teachers to give a strict lesson Inuktitut. Kres(at)postdotcom

by kres Sat Sep 27 06:21:45 UTC 2014

What happened to Mrs Simmonds? Are you still writing here? Please return to talk, I think you are from UK? So am I !

by Dafydd Fri Nov 28 15:17:06 UTC 2014

Don't waste your time with Mrs. Simmonds. She only pretends to be interested in discussing ritualistic bottom warming.

by Jeremy Fri Dec 12 18:01:30 UTC 2014

Hallo Everyone!

by robert12 Sun Jan 18 20:16:03 UTC 2015
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