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Topic: Caning of Maid servants
Any body have any incidents relatedvto this- pls share

by guest Tue Jul 13 13:39:10 UTC 2010

Yes,, Maid servants can be deal with by caning,, I have 2 maids ,, females servants,, I only beat their palm on mistakes..

by guest Tue Jul 13 14:20:52 UTC 2010

In our house we have servant boy, 9 years old. If he does anything wrong my mother pinches his stomach or underarm.

by guest Wed Jul 14 02:10:01 UTC 2010

I am now studying 11th std, and my mother works as a maid. During my 8th std summer holidays, my mother fell ill so she asked me to perform the maid duties in the house she was employed. And since i worked considerably slowly than my mother, after 2 days the madam in that house asked my mother to take me as a 24-7 servant boy for one month in their house. And since they offered more money my mother and told that i would be treated properly my mother allowed me to work as a 24-7 servant.

There were 4 members in that house - madam, madam's husband, their daughter and son. For the first two - three days they treated me well but after that they started to beat me for even small mistakes. Some times even if i did not do any mistakes they just punished me.

Most of the time they would twist my ears, pinch me under arm, make me stand in murga .

by guest Sat Jul 17 06:28:10 UTC 2010

Ok,,, guest,,, this was a nice movie,, from where can I get it??

by guest Mon Jul 26 07:06:29 UTC 2010

We had a maidservant at our village home. she was about 25 years old and my grandmother used to cane her regularly for any misdeeds. The maid used to wear only lungi and blouse. A cane always used to be kept in the work area behind the kitchen. She used to be caned at the back yard.

by guest Mon Oct 04 12:59:27 UTC 2010

I have a different experience. During my school days, I had been spending my vacation with my grandmother. I had a few local friends and we used to hang around near the temple in evenings. These guys were looking and making cat-calls at girls coming to the temple. Though I was a silent observer, as a member of the gang, some one complained to grandmother about me. In fact, I had more visibility as my family was a well known one in the locality. Grandma decided to deal with me seriously. She was pretty old and decided that her trusted maid Madhavi would do the honors. She was a buxom lady of 40 years age and a mother of 2. Grandma asked her to tie me up to the window bars and give me 12 strokes with a chooral across my bums. Madhavi complied happily. My lungiwas removed and the cane was applied across my bums and thighs. First two or three were aplied lightly. Then grandmother intervened and insisted that I should be punished harder. Madhavi had no hesitation to oblige her and i started to cry aloud after every single one after that. When it was over, the skin had blistered and I could not sit down for a week. (Later I was punished my mother also for the same crime.)

But the worst was the grin I saw in Madhavi's face after that. She used to remind me about that day for many years. Once she told me that to my wife also. Thus I was caned by a maid.Any one had a similar experience ?

by Jayaraj Sun Dec 05 02:32:03 UTC 2010

when i was small until 12 years old i was often under the care of a maid, Suseela. My parents were often working. When i was naughty, Suseela would give me a chioce of either be reported to my parents or she could inflict the punishment herself and therefore not report to them. i always choose to be punished by her. as a results, i had to experience caning, slappings and ear twisting from her. Suseela was then about 18 years old and a pretty girl. now when i reflect back it was great to be beaten by such a beautiful woman.

by Jegan Mon Dec 06 07:05:11 UTC 2010

i was so naughty once when i was about 12 years old and the maid who was around 19 slapped me in front of my mother. My mother supported her because she knew i deserved it.

by Partiban Mon Dec 06 11:20:05 UTC 2010

it is very normal for maids to beat the children under their care. many parents give them permission to do this because the children spend much time with the maids and therefore have to assume some responsibility for disciplining them. my parents those days even bought a cane for the maid to punish me if i go out of hand.although i was close to the maid and she was fond of me, she would cane me when she felt it was necessary to punish me.

by guest Wed Dec 08 08:16:43 UTC 2010

I remember my old days .during 1980 i worked as a servent in a home of a business man.They were were high.owner, wife 4 children , grand mother was there.grand mother only50 .His sisters daughter also was there in home.i was 18 age at that time.most of the days hard work was there.if any mistakes done like forget to wash the varandha with water like that, I was punished by chooral by grand mother and madam both.I was allowed to wear only lungi at home .no shirts in side the house.It was a big house.Sir also punished me well.In the evening, I done oil massage on his legs. If he feel I am doing that work lazy , he slapped me on face.Then I become very neat.

by guest Wed Dec 08 09:36:49 UTC 2010

write something on the thread

"different punishments to wife from your ideas."

by guest Wed Dec 15 10:01:42 UTC 2010

hi.i am from chennai...during my school days we had a maid at home...saw was given all the responsibilities at parents used 2 go for work and get back late in the night...she was given the duty to look after me...evn my studies i got 2 sit in front of her and do..finish my home works and show t to her...she was very friendly.but wen t comes 2 my studies she used 2 b very strict....she ll ask 2 sit and that time she ll b doin someother work....wen she gets back mostly ill b playin with somethin...she used 2 get real wild...then she used 2 give real hard piches on the inner thighs...her favourite place was inner thighs...and i used 2 cheat her sayin i have studied and stuff.and once in school exam i failed in 2 papers...she got real wild after she got 2 know this...that eveni i got from school..i saw her cookin..i went 2 have bath..i got out only with my towel around my waist...she came 2 the room asked me how did i fail in 2 subjects??.i told her i dint study well..she got wild...took a cane...removed my towel...gave me good caning sll over my body..t was really painful..and addin fuel 2 t...she started twistin my ears..she pinched my tummy badly....i was infact nude...then her favourite place...pinched the inner thighs badly..pinched t for almost 5 mins.....just below my balls....horrible t was..i started the end she hit my penis with her hand...held t in her hand and said next time better study well if u need this..i got really scared..from then wen ever she used 2 punish me..she used 2 squeeze my balls...that became her way of punishing...

by guest Sat Jan 22 02:40:34 UTC 2011

The caning of a maidservant by an emoloyer is abhorrent even if she is a child and if it just because of a mistake that is even worse.When I was a child over half a century ago the only time a girl was likely to be caned was at school for truancy or theft.Very few girls truanted or stole because they knew the consequences.

by Anna Sat Mar 05 12:01:24 UTC 2011

madam give murga punishment

by guest Mon Mar 07 05:35:12 UTC 2011

my madam makes me murga for 2 to 3 hour then kick me also sit on back she call me bhensa and i have to carry her o my back

by guest Mon Mar 07 05:37:19 UTC 2011

In our house my maid servants are not allowed to stand in front of my family members. They need to kneel always to take order or serve us. My mom made it very clear to them and any disobedience is treated severely. We punish them if they make mistake or do not follow rule. Generally they have to do sit-ups holding ears in front of us and each time they stand they get a smack on head or whip at the leg. Sometimes when my mom gets angry they need to do up to 200 sit-ups continuously. Making them kneel beside our TV facing towards wall when we watch movie is a common punishment and at the same time fun for us too. Whenever my mom sits to watch TV she always orders somebody to message her foot and punish others for their faults till that time. So if you see our living room when we watch TV you will see all most all servants are kneeling or doing sit-ups holding ears till my mother asks them to stop or sends them for other work.

by Sujata Sun Apr 24 13:02:44 UTC 2011

i am 24 years aged mail servent.I forced to do this becasue of our house loans are very high
daily i am getting several punishments

by rejeesh Tue Apr 26 10:51:06 UTC 2011

sujata mam ,can u give a job in your home as servent.I ready to obey u and mam

by govind Tue Apr 26 10:55:33 UTC 2011

Do you want to discuss and read about caning experiences? visit the below link and

replace the [dot] with a .


The best cane stories ever....

Subscribe to the blog and get notified via email when new expereinces are posted.

This forum is moderated and only valid expereinces are posted.

Oneline replies and unnecessary comments are not permitted.

Please feel free to post your own experiences and exchange them with other users in

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Visit the site, subscibe, leave your comments and share your experiences.

by guest Sun May 08 03:35:31 UTC 2011

nice creation sujata

by guest Thu May 12 17:25:05 UTC 2011

I am a 16year old 24*7 servent and my miss is very hard to me.if i do small mistake then i made kneeldown for 2hours if i did any big mistake then she made me naked for the rest of the day and kneel down me all knight to the main gate with chain on my the morning the passerby saw me as a naked obidient servent boy is punished.they also treat me.

by arun. Fri May 27 08:27:19 UTC 2011

i m servant for my own sister. she beat me with wooden scale on my bottom of the hand while my mistaks.she spitted on my face while kneeling.i shoud kneel down throughout the night outside of her bed room when made mistaks.

by sister_slave Sun May 29 05:25:31 UTC 2011

arun give your phone no to discuss about punishments please.

by sister_slave Sun May 29 05:26:51 UTC 2011

sujatha may i come as a slave boy to your mother.i will obey your rules.i will submissive to your mother.

by slave Sun May 29 05:30:48 UTC 2011

i hv 4 maid servent.i wanna punish one of could i punish him, give me some suggestions.

by Tonu Sat Jun 18 18:40:19 UTC 2011

I am a maidservant 40 years old. I am working in England. When I'm punished for doing anything wrong I have to stand in the corner hands on back for about 60 minutes

by Paula Sat Jun 25 22:58:09 UTC 2011

Are there any maids who have the same experience. Am I not too old to stand in the corner for punishment?

by Paula Wed Jun 29 12:48:08 UTC 2011

I was then 11 years old studied in class five. We had 2 maid servants one is aged 13 and another one was 35. My mother allowed the yonger maid and the son of elder maid (aged 7). At evening when mom taught me also she taught them and caned all of us for mistakes. She also caned them like me for other mistakes. All of them studied up to graduation level and in job now.

by Kabir Fri Jul 01 11:26:47 UTC 2011

now i becomes servant of sme madam who makes me murga call me bhensa she now enjoy to makes me murga and ride on my back i have to wash her clothes feet toilet seet she even order me wash her sock daily and smell her socks

by guest Fri Jul 08 08:52:50 UTC 2011

my mistress give me murga punishment and rides on me i wash her clothes smell her socks and event her lanterin

by guest Thu Jan 19 04:49:05 UTC 2012

I miss my mom a lot I have a personal butler,driver,3maids.They treat me well but I miss mothers love morning butler knocks for food and asks my menu I'm just 8 I need a life of independence but my mom doesn't allow that,includes eating maids feed me I'm grown up,and maids take turns to apply paste I'm not even allowed to brush my teeth or even take bath.i feel odd when friends see me in my house treated by 6 people and there is one person at my back all day even when I sleep I'm not allowed to live like others if I need to go to school my mom made a reason to make my driver stand behind felt odd for some days but now I got used I understood that a belong to a rich family and I need much I'm 14 now but still maids brush my teeth and bathe me and they are neat if not my mom gives punishment of no food they get the same food like me they are treated well but my mom will get very angry and punish them if they don't care for me if they don't come when I ring the bell especially now they r trained and call me madam being elder to me so they aren't canned anymore

by guest Fri Jan 27 15:32:26 UTC 2012

i was servant in family there was 5 ladies i have to do all of ther work wash clothes ,they makes me murga ,kicks me and rides on my back on whole varanda for alteast 3hours

by guest Sat Feb 25 06:15:20 UTC 2012

i was in school in class 12th ,we have only madam in our school ,i enjoy to get murga punisment from them they makes me murga for whole day and sit on me and rides on me and kicks me and call me habsi langoor ,after school they call me and say me and offer me slave job in their home ,i ready for this now i do foolwing work for them and remaing girls in hostel these girls are ma students my works are feet massage of allof them, washing clothes and toilet ,they makes me murga and rides on me ,i wash their feets and drink that water .

by guest Tue Feb 28 05:54:45 UTC 2012

x test

by guest Sat Mar 24 21:23:57 UTC 2012

x test

by guest Sat Mar 24 21:25:11 UTC 2012

mrs Sajata`s can cause damage in the knees ?

by guest Sat Mar 24 21:33:47 UTC 2012

reading in this forum how members of the upper class treat their staff, I know that capitalism is a bad system

by guest Mon Mar 26 19:49:24 UTC 2012

Dear friends, I’m a Chinese and by chance I had watched some Indian movie clips on YouTube. Many of them contain scene of the humiliation on maid servant, and this excited me. So I want to know whether it is considered normal or humiliation for a servant to do the following jobs:

1. put on , take off shoes and socks for master or madam.
2. Offer foot massage ,clip toenails for master or madam.
Does someone have this kind of experience whether you act as the maid or the master?

Please say something about.

by 李楠 Tue Mar 27 12:47:57 UTC 2012

HI sujatha mistress,
I wanna become maid to you and your mother Mistress.

by guest Tue Jun 05 05:37:05 UTC 2012

i am slave of girls in pg , they punish me

by guest Mon Jun 18 06:47:54 UTC 2012

hate capitalism and capitalists

by guest Fri Jun 22 07:10:19 UTC 2012

I was nude before my maid's daughter who is my class. She always see me naked

by Raj Sun Nov 18 17:22:05 UTC 2012

I would like to subscibe to the forum how do I do this.thankyou

by guest Thu Dec 13 10:56:46 UTC 2012

hello Sujata,how many maids do you have in your household.Its good to know your mother has strict rules for them,ordering them to kneel will always know there place,and they will serve your family members well.Do they wash the floors on there hands and knees,as maids should.I would be pleased if you let me know.thankyou

by guest Sat Dec 15 23:03:23 UTC 2012

ilike some lady hit me 0094773188176

by guest Thu Jan 10 18:34:21 UTC 2013

ilike some lady hit me 0094773188176

by guest Thu Jan 10 18:34:22 UTC 2013

I have worked as a male maid on may occasions. ONe of the ladies I served would not hesitate to cane me for any work not up to standard and certainly any disobedience. Another lady I worked for on day a week as her cleaner would also cane me or use the strap if she had enough time. I did not have to do anything wrong she just liked to punish me

by maid angela Fri Jan 11 08:42:03 UTC 2013

wen my maid does somethin wrong i make her murga... i have 4 maids for diff purposes... so i have a schedule tht on every saturday wen i wake up i order a;ll the maids.. i have ordered them to finish everything b4 12 because then i wake up(for saturday) n then i asked all 4 maids to becum murga for 2 hours n jus to add sum fun i ask them to make sounds like murga... after this punishment they r released. but for evry small mistake i give them punishment... when i watch tv i ask my msid to massage my body and other servants are either in murga posture or they r doing uthak baithak...
mere ghar mei ik na ik maid to zaroor saza mein rehti hai...
last note meri maid nai bahat bura soup banaya tha.. so first i slpped her then i asked her k wo 50 times uthak baithak kare aur usk baad main ne usai deewar ki taraf mun kar k kaan pakad k khada kar diya for 2 hours fir main ne usko murga banaya 1 ghante k liye....
jab bhi koi guests aata hai to ye hota hai k koi ik ko main saza deti hun usually kaan pakad k khada hone ki ya agar mera mood kharab ho to murga bana deti hoon...
wen my maids doers huge mistake like ik dafa meri maid ne mera ik kapra jala diya tha to main nai usko nanga kar kk murga banai rakkha 4 ghante aur phir usko kaan pakad k khada rehne ko kaha for da rest of da day aur uski saza raat k 1 baje khatam hoi.....
murga wali saza mere ghar main bahat common hai for maids

by guest Fri Jan 18 03:24:04 UTC 2013

its good you have 4 maids what type of clothing do they wear do they hand mop the floors or do they use mopping tools if you know were i can get private videos of maids cleaning floors please let me know i will give you my e.mail address.

by guest Mon Jan 21 15:05:07 UTC 2013

I would like to be a servant of Sujata mistress.

by Unknown Sat Jan 26 15:49:14 UTC 2013

We have a maid servant in our home. She is actually the widow of our uncle childless. As she needs to be taken care by someone we give her shelter and she is treated as maid only however no need to pay her anythin. My mother gives her punishments caning is usual she has to kneel down upto three hours continuously.

by guest Mon Jan 28 02:06:52 UTC 2013

does anybody know were I can get private film clips of maids filmed while they are working,please let me know.I will pay all expenses.thanks to all..

by guest Sun Mar 10 08:03:13 UTC 2013

These are ero tic stories of some maid punishments in India

Google "Literotica Indian Maid Punishment Rashida"

by Tarek Thu Mar 14 14:30:09 UTC 2013

It was 40 years back. My mother had 2 maid servant girls, they were brought from village. Ours was a very large house with 3 big families staying together as a united family. My mother was in charge of the servant girls. They were never allowed to work together, only time when they could speak to each other was while sleeping. Their work started at morning 4 am and continued until midnight. There was practically no freedom to them. They had to kneel down when speaking with mom or any elder members of family. Had to hand mop the whole big house, do all cooking, washing and cleaning. For any silly mistakes, mother used to beat them like anything. In fact there was a small work area for beating these girls. My mom sent these girls to work in relatives homes. They were often like slaves.

by MrKum Sun Apr 21 11:42:03 UTC 2013

Ek baar main eek ladki ko Bathroom mai Nahate hua dekha lakin vo bra pantee pahanee hue thi mujha seniors ladies ne dekh liya Seniors lades ki head aayi aur mujha mere face joor se 5 10 slap kiya mera face laal ho gaya maine sorry boila per chua lakin wo nahi mani unhone kaha sabak shikhana jaroori hai unhone nanaga hone ko kaha lakin manine baat nahi mani do ladies ne mera Sarre Blouse khol diya aur kaha Nanga to mai tereko karoongi hi is per mine apna bra bhi khol diya phir kaha ki Nanga matalb fuuly naked samjha maine apne Petticoat bhi kholkar Nanga ho gaya Mujha Nanga hi marte hua girls hostelmke chakkar lagwaya aur phir murga banawaya Kamar niche hone per chuttar par teji se marti thi. 10 minute murga banne ke baad mre dono hath baandh ke bhoot pitai ki aur kaha Jhakene pe sharam nahi aayi dekh liya tu aaz sabke samne nanga hai mai bahoot shame feel kar raha tha Mazak udaya isne ladko ko bra pantee mai dekha isko Nanaga dekho Nanga Ladies are very enjoying this punishment Phir 50 baar Utthak Bathak lagwayi aur phir sabhi Ladies ke par apna shir Rakhwaya sabhi Ladies enjoy kar rahi thi Nanga ko to bahut acha sabak mila Phir Baad mai kan pakad ke bulwaya ki asee galti nahi karoonga uske baad unhone Saree Blouse pahnna ko diya yahi punishement 10 dino tak mila Mujha Pahali baar ful;ly Nanga hoke Punishement mila. Isme unhone meri khuch Nangi picture bhi khichi aur video liya. Aap sabsa anurodh hai ki is punishement ke bare mai punishement sahi tha ki galat Yes or No ayasya de . I wait your comments

by reetynanga Fri May 03 18:48:34 UTC 2013

Punishing one's maid is right and proper. Disobedient maids deserve to be slapped, flogged and ordered into murga position for as long as the Madam desires.

by Lady Claudia Sat Jun 15 15:23:24 UTC 2013

Ordering one's maid into the murga position whilst one watches television is a jolly good idea. I always keep a cane close by so I may cane the maid if she deviates from the murga position. I require my maid to always kneel in front of me when receiving orders. She is forbidden to speak to anyone but me, and eats from the centre of the kitchen floor so that she may not lean against the wall. Controlling the servant's food intake is an excellent means of instilling obedience.

by Lady Claudia Sat Jun 15 15:30:01 UTC 2013

Dear Lady Claudia, would you like to take a male servant in your house?

by guest Sat Jun 15 23:24:50 UTC 2013

my madam was very cruel to me she daily kick me and makes me murga for whole day and even ride on me in ground she force me to wash her clthes and also clthes of girls in girls hostel she makes me peon in girl hostel and i have to wash the clothes of all girls even shoes and socks and also toilet girl makes me murga in toilet also

by bal Sat Aug 10 17:45:29 UTC 2013


by guest Mon Sep 16 06:51:29 UTC 2013

i was slave in girls hostel ,there i wash dirty clothes of girls ,clen their shoes socks toilet and madam of hostel makes me murga ride on me girls also ride on me making me me murga

by guest Fri Oct 04 06:00:04 UTC 2013

I remember when i was a child, our servant girl had problem to wash my under wears, my mom gave her a punishment to stand on knees for one full day in sun light without food or water. After her punishment, mom asked her to hand sweep and hand mop the whole house too. Pooor girl was crying all the night.. Anyway after that she did not had any problem. :)

by MrKum Thu Nov 07 16:11:24 UTC 2013

I remember when i was a child, our servant girl had problem to wash my under wears, my mom gave her a punishment to stand on knees for one full day in sun light without food or water. After her punishment, mom asked her to hand sweep and hand mop the whole house too. Pooor girl was crying all the night.. Anyway after that she did not had any problem. :)

by MrKum Thu Nov 07 16:11:24 UTC 2013

The servant girls also were not allowed to talk to mother standing mostly they feared to do, they would either kneel or just obey mom's commands. Another funny thing was when our family had lunch or dinner together, they had to stand the whole time serving us food until the last person leaves the chair, then they would have to clean up every thing, and it was funny to see the poor girls eat food. They had to take food from separate plates kept for them sitting on floor and at center of work area. Mom's point was they should not lean against a wall. Mom would give them hundred tasks when they were eating.. I still remember the plight of these silly girls..

by MrKum Fri Nov 15 18:22:57 UTC 2013

The servant girls were punished frequently. We had a part of the work area in our house where my mom used to punish the girls. None of us dared to go there or see the punishments. Kneeling was very common, they had to kneel on hard surface with hands held up with a heavy object to hold. This was very common. Another was beating on the buts using stick, usually after removing their pavada. Sometimes, when their pavada becomes that torn, we will be able to see the wounds of the beatings. We will fear mom then, but mom will say the servant girls should be punished severely, then only they will be loyal, obedient and hard working.

by MrKum Wed Nov 20 19:00:30 UTC 2013

Hallo Mr Kum,in my opinion the situation you describe is very awful.To much of hard work and some of these punishmentns can seriously damage health.I`d like to know when the things in your description happened.Are there similar conditions today? Do you have maids too? Iam european.I must confess that our economy exploits cheap labour in Asia too.(Import of cheap clothes for example).

by guest Sun Nov 24 19:49:37 UTC 2013

There were additional rules also. When we take food they should stand up wearing a covering on their body(sort of an apron) serving food. They have to stand until last person leaves the table, after that they have to clean up every thing, wash all the dishes and arrange back every thing. Then only they were let to have food. And that too, they would have to take food sitting on floor at the centre of the kitchen. Mom's point was they should not lean on any wall while taking food. Also, if they went out, they were not supposed to enter house using front door, they should use only kitchen door at back. Their dress was also strict - they had to wear blouse and petticoat(underskirt) only if they were sent out they were allowed to wear half sari. They used to tie a coat (apron) at home to cover the belly and also head cover was there.

by MrKum Wed Dec 11 03:45:35 UTC 2013

I remember mom insisted their dress rules very severely. Always apron needed to be wore else it would reveal the belly as men were present in the house. Hair was also strictly tied with cloth and put inside cotton towel else if their hair gets into our food its bad for us. Even while hand mopping also, apron was compulsory. When mom sent them to work in relatives houses they were allowed to wear half sari. They liked to wear half sari a lot if they excessively enjoy, mom would make them kneel outside. It was fun they kneeling in front of our house the others who travel on the road also laugh at it.

by MrKum Mon Dec 16 17:24:01 UTC 2013

MrKum. What was their age? Can u describe one severe caning from ur mom which they got?

by guest Wed Dec 18 10:58:29 UTC 2013

Im looking to buy some films of kamwalis hand washing floors and doing household work does anybody know were I can get them thanks..

by guest Sat Mar 22 14:54:00 UTC 2014

I am an experienced housemaid, used to hard work, long hours, and strict discipline. Are there any strict ladies in need of an unpaid servant?

by maid alice drudge Mon Oct 06 10:38:28 UTC 2014

I used to order my maids to massage me every night when I used to sleep. Lastly they were ordered to suck my feet to remove the juice.

by X Fri Oct 24 17:37:55 UTC 2014

the servant girls used to touch mom s feet in the mornings after she wakes up. before she wakes up only they had to clean all the house bath rooms toilets mop floor wipe tables etc. else mom would become angry. it was fun they getting ready for day s work

by guest Tue Feb 10 20:01:32 UTC 2015

the servant girls used to touch mom s feet in the mornings after she wakes up. before she wakes up only they had to clean all the house bath rooms toilets mop floor wipe tables etc. else mom would become angry. it was fun they getting ready for day s work

by mr kum Tue Feb 10 20:02:59 UTC 2015

Putting hair inside towel, wearing apron over skirt and blouse perfectly even though they were given only used clothes. apron was stitched and given as noone else needed it. I used to enjoy seeing their back especially bra strap inside blouse.

by kum Wed Feb 11 04:15:59 UTC 2015

Their back would reveal petticoat skirt, apron strap over it, saree blouse and bra inside it. i used to enjoy back very much. Front was fully covered with apron as it was really thick cloth and also they wore it through out the day else given punishments.

by mr kum Thu Feb 12 03:50:17 UTC 2015

Their back would reveal petticoat skirt, apron strap over it, saree blouse and bra inside it. i used to enjoy back very much. Front was fully covered with apron as it was really thick cloth and also they wore it through out the day else given punishments.

by mr kum Thu Feb 12 03:51:48 UTC 2015

even i want 2 be a servant

by guest Sat Mar 14 08:49:59 UTC 2015

were the servant girls barefooted or were they allowed to were anything on there feet

by guest Mon Mar 16 16:07:55 UTC 2015
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