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Topic: Caning in BSC Nursing Colleges out of Kerala?
I am doing BSC nursing in Andra Pradesh. We are getting heavy caning on both palms. mostly 3-3 on each palm. if anybody have the same incidents. then sare this forum.

by Teena Mon Oct 04 11:30:41 UTC 2010

I am working in medical fields,,, I give palm caning to nurses when they did mistakes

by guest Tue Oct 05 05:20:07 UTC 2010

I am doing nursing in karnataka. We are also caned on our palms. It is very painful. Mostly two strokes one after the other quickly on which ever palm we extend, but very hard. Thick canes are used and the palm becomes hardened where the cane falls. we massage immediately and apply balm to reduce the pain.

Teena, can you describe any caning you got? And from whom?

by shalini Tue Oct 05 21:45:19 UTC 2010

Spare the rod, or end up in jail. That's the latest warning to teachers who resort to corporal punishment. The Ministry of Women and Child Development has issued a new set of guidelines that bans physical punishment of students.

First violation of the ban will invite up to one year in jail, or a fine of Rs 50,000 or both. For subsequent violations, imprisonment could be extend to 3 years with an additional fine of 25,000 rupees. Heads of schools will be responsible to prevent corporal punishment. Teachers found guilty could be denied promotion, and even increments.

A child rights cell will be set up in all schools where children can lodge a complaint.

Apart from this, the government is also working on the final draft of the Prevention of Child Offences Bill where even parents, realtives and neighbours can be punished for hitting children. The draft bill is expected include not just physical or saxal abuse, but also verbal abuse, molestation and ragging

Read more at: hDDp:SLASH SLASHwwwDOTndtvDOTcomSLASHarticleSLASHindiaSLASHindian-government-bans-corporal-punishment-in-schools-38661?cp

by Biju. Wed Oct 06 01:48:26 UTC 2010

Rupanti ,,, you must say who are you ( male or female,,, teacher or student)and why you want to msg me,,, I do not give my emails without good reason

by guest Fri Oct 15 18:29:07 UTC 2010

I'm a female school teacher want to discuss caning events.

by Rupanti Sat Oct 16 17:02:55 UTC 2010

you wear churidar or sari? pokkil kaaniykkumo aanpillaare adikkan kai pokkumpol?

by Rameshan, Mumbai. Sun Oct 17 10:38:32 UTC 2010

Tina, mail me.

by Rupanti Wed Oct 20 07:34:36 UTC 2010

I m a nurshing student in karnataka. We get palm caning almost everyday. It is very humulating to us. Sometime our palms have become swollen and parallel lines appear due to heavy caning.It is very shamful to receive caning at this age.

by abantika Wed Nov 03 11:18:08 UTC 2010

abantika,,,, why shamful.... It is a punishment for your mistake,,, do you wish to kill ill people

by guest Sat Nov 06 06:55:59 UTC 2010

I teach in a nursing college in karnataka. Most students are very careless in their approach towards studies. Nursing being what it is patients can die if something wrong is done and the doctor and institution will be held responsible. So all teachers including me are instructed to severely punish such students. I regularly cane students on their palms and thighs. I know it is painful. But there is no other way to get a sense of responsibility and seriousness from these students. I also make them spend more hours in the college as punishment.

by Mary Mathew Sun Nov 07 21:02:53 UTC 2010

hi mary, what is your age?.

by guest Thu Nov 11 19:01:28 UTC 2010

your are right you should cane your students but not in there hand but on there back will be try it .this will work.

by vishnu klm Fri Nov 12 08:23:01 UTC 2010

I am also doing Bsc Nursing. Last day i got heavy beatings on my both palms for mistakes. both of my palms skins are broken and lot of red parallel lines are formed. It is very painfull but i accept it.

by Teena toms Fri Nov 12 12:26:38 UTC 2010

I am a nursing student at banglore. there is also caning punishments.When ever they cane. it will be on both palms. but i refused to take strokes on my right palm so they will give it on my left palm but it will be more powerfull. two or three days in a week we get mAximum eight srokes.

by rajika raj Fri Nov 12 12:39:30 UTC 2010

Caning is obviously accepted but what ages are the students?

by guest Tue Nov 23 19:18:32 UTC 2010

I am 25 years old and has been teaching after doing MSc in Nursing. My students are mostly in the 17 to 21 age group. A few students are older. There are even a few who are over 30. The older students are slow and get more punishments. The younger ones are more sharp, but lazy and carefree. I am able to improve the grades of the lazy ones with regular use of my cane. I have got my share of the cane from the teachers during my student days. I know how the fear of the pain made me study hard. There are weekly tests and based on the performance the severity of punishments is decided. And they have to learn the answers and again spend overtime with me rewriting the wrong answers. If in this second attempt any one fails to write the answer, I cane them mercilessly. Most of them used to cry hoping to reduce the punishment. Now they know that hardwork is the only way to avoid punishments.

by Mary Mathew Wed Nov 24 19:38:15 UTC 2010

It is interesting that some students are over 30 and are understandably slower but if a caning improves their work then it is justified despite their age.

by guest Thu Nov 25 11:44:06 UTC 2010

interesting the nursing student's are caned on the hands makes writing harder you would think it would be better given on their bottoms

by joey7399 Tue Nov 30 00:14:50 UTC 2010

In the class where 3 or 4 students sit on a bench, when questions are asked and the right answer is not given it is easier to ask them to extend their palms and give 2 or 3 quick strokes and get on with the class. Teachers are supposed to start their classes with questions from the last days topics and give report on the performance of each student (as per ISO-9000 quality procedures we follow). So if students do not study, the teacher's grade goes down. Now you know one more reason for the teachers (including me) meting out severe caning and also spending over time with the weak students. We teachers also get dressing down from the principal maam regularly (no punishments, but as worse) if students grades are not good. So the caning is almost a ritual and mostly on the palms. If sides of thighs are being caned, it would be for a more serious lapse and strokes would be very severe since you dont have to aim too much - you can cane with good force. Most of the students cry after I cane them on their thighs.
Palm caning does not make writing harder. We use thin or medium thick canes only and no major damage is there. The sting is very painful for a minute or two. There will be some pain if you press the place where the cane landed for a day or so.

by Mary Mathew Tue Nov 30 19:06:17 UTC 2010

Mary Mathew, don't you feel odd caning students older than you?

by guest Thu Dec 02 04:13:28 UTC 2010

but, Mar Mathew, have you tried using softer approaches like advise or or other punitive measures instead of immediately resorting to the cane? especially older students should be matured enough to respond positively to such means of punishments. surely they must feel shy and humiliated when caned by a younger person, even if it is their teacher.

by guest Fri Dec 03 06:08:45 UTC 2010

If the punishment for poor work is a caning then this should apply to all students. Older ones should not be treated differently.

by guest Fri Dec 03 13:09:32 UTC 2010

is that to say, Mary, if assuming elderly students in their 40's and 50's become your students, you would cane them too? is there any age limit to which you would consider other approaches?

by guest Mon Dec 06 01:15:35 UTC 2010

I agree with guest that punishments must be same for all students. Students in their 40's are not there. All students know that the college prescribes caning for not performing well in their academics. So the caning is done like a ritual. No softer measures. I have myself been at the receiving end not too long ago. I know how effective the fear of the cane is. There are too many things to distract students. I remember going with my friends to the movie and not being able to complete home work. Even today I shiver to think of the severe caning that we got.

by Mary Mathew Tue Dec 07 23:50:31 UTC 2010

which means, Mary, i can assume that if, due to any reason, there are students in their 40's or 50's in your class, you wouldn't cane them right? you would resort to some other means is it? there are many classes, especially part time where the teachers are about half the students age although it may be unlikely in nursing courses. However what would your approach be if there are such senior students in your class. you have clarified that you have no hesitation caning students in their 30,s. then how about 40's and 50's or even more? are you sure being caned by a girl young enough to be their daughter would help these students?

by guest Wed Dec 08 01:22:30 UTC 2010

Guest, there is nothing wrong in Mary Mathew caning older students even those in their 40's and above. Her relationship with them is strictly that of a teacher and student. it is a rule in education that students who are careless and do not keep up with their revision are punished by teachers, the methods being decided by the teachers.the older students should in fact understand this better. This in no way means that she is disrespecting people elder than her as it is nothing personal. it is merely enforcing actions necessary to produce academic results which is actually for their own benefit.If she gives them respect befiting their age and seniority otherwise we should wellcome her for her efforts in improving her students. soft measures while theoritically seems reasonable does not work much in practise.

by Dinesh Thu Dec 09 02:53:00 UTC 2010

actually Dinesh i am not questioning her intentions or morality of her actions. just only exploring the concept of caning senior students over their 30's. does it yield benefits or dampen their morale? is it better to talk to them first and advise them instead of immediately reaching out for the cane? do they retaliate on being caned at their age? while soft measures may not work for teens how about the senior adults? i presume any teachers firm in their belief on caning punishments should be able to adress these questions.

by guest Thu Dec 09 07:07:09 UTC 2010

I agree with Dinesh. In a class you cannot have differential treatment w.r.t age, marital status etc. I think I memtioned earlier that I spend extra time with the weaker students especially the older ones in addition to punishing them. The punishments and the aftermath - the fear of getting caned again makes them work hard and many get to find work and help raise their family. I think I am doing a good thing by ensuring that they work hard. The caning is not as bad as what is made out to be. Yes, it is painful, sometimes very painful. But it does not leave any lasting damage. When you get it you wish you had avoided it.

by Mary Mathew Mon Dec 13 00:55:03 UTC 2010

have you had male students in your class Ms Mary? If you did, would you cane them as well regardless of their age?

by Rohan Tue Dec 14 03:41:57 UTC 2010

Mary, i salute your good intention in helping the weak students having their long term wellfare at heart. i'm just not sure that your caning approach is effective across board. it is not just about inflicting discriminatory caning according to age but definitely those in their tens would take it differently compared to those older or much older than you. would it not demoralise them instead of propelling them to work harder? what is your experience regarding this? have any students quit their course after you caned them? i'm just exploring the pro's and con's of caning especially to elderly students and not intending to undermine your sincere efforts.

by guest Tue Dec 14 06:41:53 UTC 2010

do you inflict other form of physical punishment, Mary? Like pinching, face slapping and ear twisting. how effective are those methods compared to caning, in your opinion?

by Davinder Tue Dec 14 14:03:36 UTC 2010

There are no male students - it is an all girls college. I have taken tution classes for class- 10 students earlier to earn some money. here I have caned both girls and boys of around 15 years. But i am not sure whether males will take the caning at an older age although i know a friend of mine who canes class 12 boys who are up to 18 years old in her tution class. I dont give other punishments like ear twisting. Caning is a very formal sort of punishment and can be quickly administered. The students have improved their performance due to the punishments.

by Mary Mathew Tue Dec 14 21:12:52 UTC 2010

Mary, you cane a lot of your students, both in college and tuition. have you faced opposition or protests from any of the students relatives like parents, husbands or other guardians? how do you deal with it or how would you deal with it if the situation arises?

by guest Wed Dec 15 04:25:36 UTC 2010

write something on the thread

"different punishments to wife from your ideas."

by guest Wed Dec 15 09:55:27 UTC 2010

I have not faced protests from students or parents. The school students for which I used to take tution (I dont do it anymore) never had any issues since it is considered normal practice and parents mostly recommends or requests that their children be disciplined if they dont perform well in studies. I had a lot of parents coming and requesting me to punish their child as he or she is lazy and grades are bad in school exams. They take their parents for granted and many parents do not want to punish their kids themselves. In the case of nursing students, many are from poor background and husband or parents want their child to succeed and earn much needed additional income although the student is inclined to be lazy. i had husbands coming and telling me that "She is very lazy - please help her so that she passes the course. It is only because of the fear of your cane that she opens the books"!!! So fear of the cane is good for majority of the kids (90%). There are probably 10% kids who are self-disciplined and probably does not even require the teacher!!! But we cannot have systems based on the minority. I feel bad when a good student occasionally has to be caned for not doing homework or not answering a question. But if they are excused, the others will feel that there are different rules for different syudents. Unfortunately administration is a machinery and works best without emotional discrimination. And as I told you earlier, I dont expect anybody to protest - But if they protest, the fact remains that it is a free world - they can move to a less demanding environment and achieve less. It is a personal choice. The system cannot change for them.

by Mary Mathew Thu Dec 16 21:01:53 UTC 2010

Guest, Mary has a very strong point. Even before the students join the college i'm sure they are aware of what they are in for. even if not, as Mary correctly pointed out, it is a free world and they move to a college which does not practise caning. If the parents or husbands of these students themselves request Mary to severally punish their children or wives, they must perceive her as a responsible, dedicated well meaning educator who is able to bring the best out of her students. Even the students once clearing their exams and position themselves in better rewarding jobs would be eternally grateful to her. Even you have acknowledged her intentions and sincerity. Sounds to me like a win win situation for all involved. If the swing of her cane can eventually yield benefits to everyone, i suggest Mary to persist with her canings. it does not matter if she canes male students even older than her if she had any. i fully agree no regard should be given to the age, gender and marital status of the students when implementing canings. once that is done it would demotivate those who receive the canings as they would perceive unfair practise by the teacher.

by Dinesh Fri Dec 17 06:32:12 UTC 2010

i wish i had you, Mary, as my school teacher. i would probably been accepted into a more prestigious institute of higher learning and been even better off than i am now.

by Davinder Fri Dec 17 09:21:02 UTC 2010

Mary miss,I am also studying nursing @ bangalore famous hospital owned nursing college,where all girls are from kerala in the age group of 17 to 18 years at the time of joining first year.It is 4 years course,and all teachers are kerala mams in the age group of 24 to 28 years.severe caning going on for all students ie first,second,third & fourth year totlling about 230 students about 8 to 10 students could't continue course because of heavy canins and left in the middle of the course.
we have one mam by name nisha looking similar to kerala actress parvathy menon and we all fear her so much.lAST WEEK SHE CONDUCTED A TEST IN ANATOMY AND MANY STUDENTS FAILED.NISHA MAM KEEPS 3 TO 4 RATTAN CANES IN THE CLASSROOM AND ALSO STAFF ROOM.

by RIYA Fri Dec 17 10:01:42 UTC 2010

Mary,you stated in one of your emails that you cane students 'mercilessly. Doesn't that mean that you cane them without having regard to the damage it could cost them? it means maximising the pain they endure, right? have you ever considered the health conditions of certain students may not permit them to sustain such sever beatings? we have heard news before that students have died after being beaten by teachers. if something like that happens or they suffer some form of permanent injury, you ideals of free world would be put to severe test.the legal consequences can be dire. please consider

by Logan Sat Dec 18 05:41:02 UTC 2010

Logan, to be fair to Mary, i don't think she intended to actually inflict severe bodily harm to her students. She did that to coerce the best out of them for their own good.i believe she is a good teacher. Still i agree that very severe punishments should be avoided as unintentional harm may be done to students. numerous strokes of caning on the palm or other parts of the body can do unintended damage which could put all the efforts of a good teacher like her to waste. When merciless caning is applied it may not be possible to control the severity of the pain anymore.

by Guest Sat Dec 18 09:38:28 UTC 2010

is it correct in banglore there is caning punishments for nursing students ? if any body getting like this then share the incidents.

by Vishali Sun Dec 19 13:24:17 UTC 2010

Mary had already indicated earlier that her caning does not leave any lasting damage. when she said 'merciless' it means inflicting severe pain but not without regard to their safety.she does this because she feels the students desperately need to be made aware of their shortcoming. i believe she can exercise control of herself while administering the canings and make sure no permanent or life threatening injury is sustained by the students.

by Dinesh Mon Dec 20 06:13:25 UTC 2010

Mary Miss,

what type of cane u use (rattan, bamboo, Switch or other)? What about length and thickness of the cane? Do all teachers carry canes while coming to class in your college? What do u wear while in college? What is the student's uniform?

by Rupa Wed Dec 29 21:08:53 UTC 2010


by retired principal Thu Dec 30 10:30:07 UTC 2010

Please respond to retired teacher's comments Mary? although i'm certain that you aren't beating your students for enjoyment you should categorically deny it yourself

by guest Fri Dec 31 03:23:38 UTC 2010

i don't this retired principal make any sense with his topic and make bad for all principals at any school i could understand if young male teacher will write that but principal and with experience no ,no sense at all

by teacher Sun Jan 02 06:01:16 UTC 2011

When I said mercilessly, it meant that I cannot show mercy and avoid punishing them, just because I feel bad about it - many students would plead for avoiding the punishment. On whether caning is required or not, already I have given the background. On the principal's comment above, none of the teachers here are wild - They are very much in control. There are no 40 year old students, but I dont think that age has anything to do with it. I feel bad that caning has to be done.

I am surprised at Riya's comment above that it took 1 hour to cane 8 girls. It would not take more than a few minutes.

by Mary Mathew Wed Jan 05 23:21:08 UTC 2011

won't you then feel uneasy caning a student in his or her 40's or 50's Mary if you had any? they are about twice or more than your age

by guest Thu Jan 06 06:06:47 UTC 2011

If punishment is a must consider the following controls:
1. make sure student is active person
2. do not beat any student you angerey anger
3. take care not to harm children
4. avoid sensitive areas of the body as a facial
5.make sure physical punishment not to cause injury for the students
6. do not repeat corporal punishment for same offence

by guest Sun Jan 09 12:13:38 UTC 2011

I am 19 years old, studying for Nursing in a college in Karnataka were students are caned. There are tests and assignments regularly. We have no time to rest. For students like me who are slow in studying, it is very difficult. Questions may be asked by the teacher at any time during the class and if one is unable to answer, the teacher mostly would cane the student on the palm. Minimum of 2 strokes on the same palm is very common. If a student fails in a test, they are made to stay back after class hours every day for 1 to 2 hours and made to learn the failed subjects. At the start of the session, the teacher(s) will call us to their desk and scold us for failing in the tests and cane us on the side of thighs during the scolding. Then we get 6 strokes on each palm before starting to study. We get this every day till we are ready to take a new test. If we do not pass the test, the punishments will continue. Normally we take the test in a day or 2.

by jessy Wed Jan 12 21:17:49 UTC 2011

how old are the students generally at your college Jessy? how old are the teachers? do th teachers cane students older than them like how it apparentlly happens in some nursing college?

by guest Sat Jan 15 09:56:07 UTC 2011

Students are of around 18 to 21 years old. There are about 5-6 students who are older, closer to 30. Many teachers are around 25 years old and some are as young as 22 years. There are older teachers too. All teachers cane us. Older students are also caned like in post above. Every teacher's caning is different. Some teachers, especially younger ones cane very frequently and no class passes without a few students getting caned. There are teachers who cane rarely, but when they cane, they really give it to us. But, I would admit that caning is very very painful, especially on the palms.

An interesting thing is that all of us used to stretch our fingers while extending the palm to receive a caning so that the skin on the palm is stretched tight. The pain will be reduced in this case. This was found by the teacher's and now we are not allowed to do that.

by Jessy Wed Jan 19 20:59:40 UTC 2011

don't the older students ever refuse the punishments Jessy? i mean they are older than their teachers and must feel very shy to receive the canings from younger teachers. do the teachers use other forms of punishments as well like murga, pinching, face slapping etc?

by guest Thu Jan 20 07:49:56 UTC 2011

jessy can you contact me on messenger yahoo my ID is handstrapping

by guest Sun Jan 23 19:15:27 UTC 2011

No student can refuse punishment - what ever the age. The teachers have already taken the degree and have work experiance and hence "Senior". When they ask us to extend the palm, we just extend it and recieve the cane. The first time I was caned, the pain was so shocking that when the second stroke came I withdrew my hand. The cane just swished in the air. The Miss was very angry with me and gave me two extra strokes on the side of my arm just below the sholder. There are some students who can easily take the pain. For me, every time I get caned it is a very bad experiance.

by Jessy Mon Jan 24 20:27:11 UTC 2011

how old are you Jessy and how old is the youngest teacher to have caned you? are there any male students studying for nursing course?

by guest Tue Jan 25 03:43:31 UTC 2011

are these nursing tutors?

by guest Tue Jan 25 18:15:00 UTC 2011

As mentioned in my first post above, I am 19 years old. It is a ladies only college. Youngest teachers I think are about 22 years old. There are two of them who are real terror for us. They in my opinion are sadists and cane us for the smallest of reason. Probably since they are young, they do this to ensure that we take them seriously. If you so much as breathe in their class, you will be caned. You wont believe it, I got 6 strokes on the same palm just because I dropped my pen on the floor and I had to get up from my seat to get it from where it had rolled to!!

by Jessy Tue Jan 25 22:20:37 UTC 2011


by MS KASSAR Wed Jan 26 21:09:47 UTC 2011

why palm caning is more respect to the sudent ? when you the teacher punish the students mean disrespect for them if you resect the students don't beat them up specialy when the student much older than you that question for both ms Kassar and ms Mary

by guest Thu Jan 27 06:58:11 UTC 2011

how old are you Ms Kassar? what do you teacher? how old are your students and do you have both male and female students?

by Janseer Thu Jan 27 11:20:51 UTC 2011

I completely agree with Ms Kassar as regard palm punishment is more respectful to the nature of being human and of being not into s e x...and because punishment is highly related to s e x,,and even butt spanking is a part of s e x play...and although punishment itself may provoke s e x stimulation,, but to very lesser extent when applied to palm

by handstrapping Thu Jan 27 15:05:38 UTC 2011

how deep is your knowledge about the relationship between punishment and s e x stimulation? is it due to experience or reading that you are making this connection?

by guest Fri Jan 28 03:07:56 UTC 2011

have you caned the female student aged 45 and others around that age Ms Kassar? how did it feel caning women around 20 years older than you? how is their experience? can you relate the experience? are there boys too in nursing college?

by Janseer Sat Jan 29 08:02:45 UTC 2011

Jaseer the older student are more obedience thant the youner ones ,yes i did punished the 45 years old several times and always she stretch the palm and take the punishment very smooth my feeling about it for me i don't like to punish even the youngest student but students can't preform without the punishemts ,a lot of times at break time or after class's i set with them drinking coffee or tea and they talk to me about the punishment if i hit hard they will say that i hit them hard and i try to tell to be prepared to the class's in order to avoid the punishment and they do understand my situation and they tell me they are never mad of me they get upset and shy because i am younger than them some times i visit them at their homes and meet their kids and husband even i am younger than them but they always give me the respect and all the time they fear and scared from me.

by Ms Kassar Sat Jan 29 21:17:02 UTC 2011

why is the 45 years old studying nursing at that age Ms Kassar? although you my not like to punish in general surely it must feel very different caning someone 20 years older than you right? do you visit her home too? do you know how old her children are?

by Janseer Mon Jan 31 06:38:20 UTC 2011

Ms Kassar is not better to punish your students ,murga,standing in the corner ,kneel down punishment better than beating them and it's more respectfull fot them and you not embaress them and your self any i looked at it's bad and real humiliation for young lady to beat older people dons'nt matter you are teacher or any thing else even the parents when their son or daughter gets older they will never beat them by avoiding phyiscal punishment and adopting other forms of punishment still you make the corretion you are looking for as a teacher and by punish your students mentaly better than phisically

by Ms Marybeth Mon Jan 31 06:40:40 UTC 2011

wouldn't some other form of punishment like deducting marks or direct reprimand be better Ms Marybeth? a 40+ year old woman kneeling down in front of the class may not necessarily be less humiliating than palm caning

by Rustam Mon Jan 31 11:06:20 UTC 2011

do you have any hesitation whatsoever in caning older students Ms Kassar. i mean would you cane elder men and women in their 50's or 60's too if they happen to be your student?

by guest Tue Feb 01 03:49:24 UTC 2011

It is quite right that older students should be punished with the cane like the younger ones but would it not be less humiliating for them to be kept in after class to be caned or does the punishment have more effect if it is instant?

by guest Tue Feb 01 09:21:25 UTC 2011

Thanks for all of you Marybeth,Rustam,and guest it's true and i indicate that i hate to hit small kid but at the same time i obay the rules and regulations of the college i don't make the rules i just obaying the rules and the rules gives me the full authority and the power to graduate good students and does not matter how old the student since they choose to enroll at the college they the students knows the rules too and they knows coropral punishment is adopted at the college and students take the punishment and they are fully understand it's for their own good.
and for me as a teacher when i send the tests results to the management and they see the 45 years failling all of her tests then i will asked to show what i did to improve her if i don't care about her doing home work and studying every day what i am going to say she 45 years old and she is older than me so i can't punish her then i put my job and question mark every time i punish student i record it and the reason the student took the punishment for i used to punish students just minutes before break time and i meet them at the cafteria and they are still in pain of the punishment and they come to me and offer to buy me some thing and then i set with them and we talk like best freinds while they rubing their palms so when your best freind make mistake you can't just stay quit about if you like your freind then you should correct it.for the guest comment about keep the students tell the end of class and punish them in privet i am with it but the management looking at at different way if student misbehabe shoul be punish right away to remember the reason been punished for punishment is humiliating specialy for older students jes it is and it's another reason to punish the student in order to avoid been humiliated and preform good and i don't know if i have students in their 50's or 60's they might be punished too if i have the authority to so yes i will do it because it's part of my job and as Ms Mary beth recomendation murga or neel down and all of this mental punishment i will say no and it's better for the student to take the punishment much better than staying 30-60 minutes holding the ear or standing in the corner it's real bad punishment and even deducting from the grades it will make the students careless the punishment it's the most perfect to control and get better students

by Ms Kassar Tue Feb 01 20:08:45 UTC 2011

Ms Kassar, just imagine yourself standing with a cane in front of a 50 or 60 plus year old man or lady old enough to be your parents. and then lifting up the cane and striking their palm hard. wouldn't you feel jittery doing that regardless of your role as their teacher?

by Harbajan Wed Feb 02 06:02:30 UTC 2011

Harbajan our live built in real and fact and not imagination i realy surprised to see 45 years old still going to school and it's unnormal and their is no way to have 50 or 60's years old students and should be at my grandparents age i get too shy to punish the 45 years old girl and i will never lay a fingure on any student at that age if it happend to be so so thank you and by the way are student or teacher ?

by Ms Kassar Wed Feb 02 21:30:20 UTC 2011

i thought in your previous response you stated that you would punish people that old as well as it's part of your job. i'm working now. when i was in college female teachers around my age have given me palm caning but only once most of the time and occasionally twice for serious offense. no times have i seen any teachers caning students as severely as how some of these forums state. that's why i also find some of these postings imaginative. i wonder how people can take, say 8-10 cuts in one palm and that too on a routine basis.

by Harbajan Thu Feb 03 03:05:55 UTC 2011

Harbajan with your post i under stand that punishment is their and younger teachers punish students at their age or older now the number of stroks is vary for me i could give 2 stroks and leave students in pain for hours and to give 8 stroks and keep give less pain when ever i give more stroks it's for humiliate the student only because the longer i leave the student infrom of me the more humiliate the student is our job to enforce the student to preform better

by Ms Kassar Fri Feb 04 09:34:00 UTC 2011

Ms Kassar!
Can we exchange views by mail.My Id ms.cchandan@rediffdr

by guest Sat Feb 05 02:23:57 UTC 2011

do you then use the 'more strokes less pain approach' to the older students or otherwise? are you sure more humiliation better academic performance?

by Harbajan Sat Feb 05 08:16:14 UTC 2011

yes Harbajan more light strokes will improve the academic performance for the students the longer the student standing infront of me and changing hads for the stroks more humiliation for him and then the student will have the pain of humiliation and not the real pain of hitting

by Ms Kassar Sun Feb 06 16:11:14 UTC 2011

I been reading all of these posts but i think all of these just stories i don't think any person in his or her 40's will alowed young teacher to beat him or her why ???

by guest Sun Feb 06 16:19:48 UTC 2011

The simple answer seems to be - you want to gain certain qualifications that's why you are studying. You know the system and what the consequences are if you do not work hard and get good results. I assume older students are grateful for the chance to study and the prospect of being caned does not put them off.

by guest Mon Feb 07 08:27:49 UTC 2011

have you also come across these situations guest when young female teachers cane older men? are you a teacher and male or female?

by Dharman Mon Feb 07 08:35:37 UTC 2011

yes Dharman i been at the receiving side to the punishent not too long and i am now at the giving side i took punishment from young teachers females and male young teachers and i am now at the giving side i punish students much older than me and the older the student show more respect and less argument when they due for punishmetn younger students all the time arguing and trying their best not be punished

by guest Wed Feb 09 05:48:52 UTC 2011

are you a female or male, guest? how old are you and how old are the students you punish?

by Dharman Wed Feb 09 05:59:25 UTC 2011

ms kassar is right our math teacher calls wrong doing students to the front of the class and she line us facing the class and before she start giving the punishment to us she wait more than 10 minutes so we so embarassed by the students looking at us and the other out side teachers and students passing thru the corridor and looking at us and when start the punishment she waits minuet with the hand open and rubbing the palm with the stick before she applied the strokes it's so humiliating when i have my had raised and the palm open waiting to the stick to land and my palms it's better for me to take 6 strokes with no waiting than this way specialy when i see some body looking at me from the window of the corridor while i been punished , i did ask the teacher one time why she doing this and taking her time when she punishing us ,she answered the more time is more humiliating for the students

by Teressa Wed Feb 09 06:01:25 UTC 2011

Teressa How old are you...?

by guest Wed Feb 09 16:36:19 UTC 2011

I am 21 years old

by Teressa Thu Feb 10 05:27:55 UTC 2011

Teressa,,, do you sometimes think that you deserve this punishment and may ask for it?

by guest Thu Feb 10 08:10:59 UTC 2011

how old is your teacher Teressa? are you studying in a college or school? any male students there? what is their average age?

by Ragu Thu Feb 10 09:05:34 UTC 2011

to Ragu the math teacher is 46 years old and we at college older student at my class's in the late 20's but i see some older students at different major their is boys and girls and teachers punish both boys and girls so boys get punished by female teacher so the female students get punished by male teacher when ever i get punished i never rejected because i know i did some thing wrong and i earn the punishment most the time we ask the teacher for break they do some times but most the time when ever i do mistake teacher don't give a break i feel the pain of the stick but i feel more pain when i been punished infront of other students or the other teacher and students passing thru the corodur while we getting the punishment and to annswer the quest question i don't think any body will ask to be punishmed does'nt matter how big the mistake they made so yes i beleive i deserve it when ever i get punished and all the time i ask the teache for mercy but i will never ask or tell the teacher to punish me becasue i am misbehaving but i will say that i been into fight with other girls and when we report to the management office the dean of the students asked the principal officer to suspend us for a week and then we asked the student of the dean we are ready to take any punishment she will see it good for us in order to avoid been suspended

by Teressa Fri Mar 04 09:14:16 UTC 2011

Teressa did the dean listen to you and changed the suspention with punishment if so what kind of punishment she gave you ,how old the dean of the students

by Saraj Fri Mar 04 13:56:05 UTC 2011

yes Saraj me and 3 more girls we took the worst punishment ,the dean gave us very hard beating she is 38 years old and she is too tough and hard punisher

by Teressa Sun Mar 06 20:26:33 UTC 2011

how she punish you teressa could you explain that punishment

by guest Mon Mar 07 05:31:45 UTC 2011

in order for the dean of students agree to forget about our suspension first thing she did and start with me first ,she ordered me stand infront of her my hands down and she applied four slaps to my face then she did that to the other girls while she hitting other girls on the face she asked me to take my shoes off then one girl at her office put me on the punishment stage made just for bare foot punishment ,i felt too humiliating when i am laying on the floor my legs up and it's terible moment when the dean came with thick cane and start hitting my foot i can't remember how many times she hit the feet but it's too hard after she done with all of us she asked us to be hones who start the fight and i said that's me she ordered the other girls to leave and she asked young lady at her office to bring the stick and she informed that lady to hit my palm 4 each palm the lady is too young ,she gave that punishment with all of her power it's too hard she never let me to rub my palm or the foot after the punishment she kept me of about 30 minutes stretching my palm infront of me ,she ordered me not to take them down untill she tell me to do so other wise she will repeat the palm punishment

by Teressa Tue Mar 08 21:13:34 UTC 2011

is that young lady even younger than you Teressa?

by Jeremy Wed Mar 09 06:01:35 UTC 2011

Jermey i don't know how old that girl but she looks too young ,she is not adminstrator she is one the college girls and just helping with the office work

by Teressa Wed Mar 09 20:07:56 UTC 2011

Teressa is it normal at your college to let girl students punish other girls since she is just girl at the college why she punish so hard is it the Dean orders to her or just she is the one at her own giving hard punishment

by David Thu Mar 10 05:04:31 UTC 2011

Yes David their is program at the college to have the students involve with the management some students for extra credit at their free time help at office the Dean asked her to punish my palm but she never told her how hard to apply it she apply it at her own i find up that girl she punished more student she always punish hard she raise the stick way behinde her back shoulder

by Teressa Fri Mar 11 08:49:55 UTC 2011

I would find it difficult to hold my hand out for the cane off another student. What would happen if you refused.

by guest Mon Mar 21 07:27:06 UTC 2011

guest you right it's hard to be caned from another student but it's the fear from extra punishment we must obey the orders just when we are at school one of the students is called the class monitor or head girl she is always punish us at the palm if we make any mistake ant the break time (between class's ) we used to take the punishment from the head girl to avoid harder punishment from the teacher ,but at the college i felt insulted by being punished by another student

by Teressa Fri Mar 25 09:43:48 UTC 2011


by guest Sun Mar 27 05:11:41 UTC 2011

Teressa is it your first time taking bare foot punishment what other type of punishment you took at college or school where is the harder punishment school time or college time do you ever got punished more by the young girl do you ever punish any body or have chance to do that

by guest Fri Apr 01 07:47:01 UTC 2011

Teressa why you not rejecting taking the punishment from another student is more humiliating for you did you see the girl in cafteria or at break time what's your feeling about it is the girls punishment harder or softer that the teachers is these girls just allowed to punish the palms only or they do foot punishment too when you serve at the dean office do you have the authority to punish other students

by David Sat Apr 02 14:47:14 UTC 2011

David it's up to me to reject or not the girls their have the same power and authority as the dean and any teacher it's humiliating to me and any sudent to be punished by co-student they do hit hard and leave us with sever pain at my palm every time i get punished by the girls even i see the girls at the college yard or cafteria it's normal for me ,the girls get the direction from the dean how many stroks to apply and where to applay it they do punish the foot or the palm not just the palm but for me i just took palm punishment from them will when it's my term to severe at the dean office may be i will be allowd to give punishment i don't know about that

by Teressa Sun Apr 03 04:04:35 UTC 2011

Teressa is the dean and the girls at the dean office do the same as the math teacher kept you waiting for while before they apply the punishment or it's different at the management office you mentioned it's more humiliating for you other students and teachers looking at you while you are waiting to get punished is it the same at the dean office

by David Mon Apr 04 04:43:13 UTC 2011

No David at the dean office students take the punishment quick and ordered to go back to their class's no waiting their but every time i report to the dean office their is too many students their waiting for punishment from different class's it's humiliating too when you have freind from other major seeing you getting punishment i think for both is humiliating

by Teressa Fri Apr 08 07:30:08 UTC 2011

how often you report to the dean office is punishment in the class by teachers permitted do you ever got punished by any teacher and how hard is it ,how old is your teachers are they male or female who hit harder male or female do you have any male students at your classroom

by Jhone Sat Apr 09 04:20:47 UTC 2011

Jhone class punishment is their and teacher punish students at the class room and the students sent to the dean office for too many reasons like coming late to college ,misbehaving or severe mistakes which it's punishable by the dean or the head teacher in the start of the day too many students report to the dean office for punishment for several reasons i been helping the dean at her office for the second week part of my help their i been punishing students every day some times i punish older boys and girls off course by the direction of the dean of students

by Teressa Fri Apr 15 09:09:30 UTC 2011

how old are the male and female students you punish Teressa? how do you feel about punishing them?

by Kesavan Fri Apr 15 10:30:48 UTC 2011

how is your feeling when you hit other freind students do male or female students threaten you for hitting them hard ,do you enjoy to hit students or just remembering your punishments and try to be fair and apply soft hits on other students

by Salindra Fri Apr 22 07:52:37 UTC 2011

Teressa,, the original post in the most upper page was about nursing students... are you studying nursing?,, are there male teachers in there? do your college search for teachers from outside your country?

by Teacher MD Sun Apr 24 12:07:43 UTC 2011

Ms teacher i can't understand your question and what you mean with your post ,but i am not nursing student i at college for different major could you explain !!!

by Teressa Mon Apr 25 07:00:09 UTC 2011

Teressa,, OK I understand that your college is not for nurses (the topic title was about nursing),, but the other half of my question,, do your college need Teachers from outside your country??

by Teacher MD Wed Apr 27 05:14:38 UTC 2011

Ms Teacher MD i am just student at the college and i don't know if they are hiring or not if you are looking for job

by Teressa Fri Apr 29 06:43:32 UTC 2011

Ms Teacher Md are you male or female do you teach at the present time and were do you punish the students or like to work at college adopting the punishments

by guest Sun May 01 08:45:10 UTC 2011

teressa cn u describe an incident in which u or ur frnd got beaten

by prakash Sun May 01 13:54:49 UTC 2011

Guest,, I am a Teacher working in medical field,, but in my country,, there is no punishment for nurses by beating,, although,, many of them deserve it,, that is why I am asking... I am Male Teacher as I said in my first question asking about Male teacher students are all females prepared to be nurses

by Teacher MD Sun May 01 15:24:49 UTC 2011

Teacher MD which country are you from do you like to have teaching job where you cand punish your students

by guest Tue May 10 06:55:56 UTC 2011

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by guest Mon May 16 05:11:21 UTC 2011

Guest,,, YES I want to be in teaching class where I can punish my lazy non-studied nurses,, I am in Lebanon,,,

by Teacher MD Fri May 20 14:26:20 UTC 2011

how old are those students you cane Prameela? are they older than you and how old is the eldest girl?

by Suraj Tue May 24 08:37:22 UTC 2011

Prameela,,, my students aged 15 - 18,, what is the age range of your students,,and are all the teachers there from India? and what exactly the certificates and the scientific degree the teachers have to practice their job as teachers for nurses?

by Teacher MD Tue May 24 16:28:38 UTC 2011

I think student nurses who must accept the cane during their training, even at a mature age, are fortunate, akthough they may not think it at the time. I think they will learn to obey and to respect authority and they will also learn their subject properly and as a result they will be better nurses and better people.

by sama Wed Jun 08 18:23:22 UTC 2011

have you encountered or observed any situation where old students even in their 40's or 50's being caned by young teachers like in their 20's, Sama whether in nursing or any other courses?

by Jevan Thu Jun 09 08:49:25 UTC 2011

Sama are you teacher or student ,you have the right words regardless of the student age the student will learn to obay and lesson and be good all the time because they will fear the punishment for me as teacher even the rules says no punishments but i am adopting physical punishment at my students i do punish my students at the palm in private at my office

by Ms Barha Fri Jun 10 11:29:25 UTC 2011

I am a married woman in my twenties and I work in the office of a wholesale warehouse. The supervisor is an unmarried woman of my age and we are punished for timekeeping or minor errors by having to kneel to have our face smacked and by squatting in the yard during our toilet or lunch break.
Occasionally after a serious incident or repeated offences we are also sent to the owner's office to be whacked with the plimsole or to hold our hands out for the stick, if we want to keep our jobs. Two of the women are older than me. R, who is in her forties and whose daughter also works in the office, made a mistake which cost the company significant money and cost two of the truck drivers commission. She went to the office yesterday to take her medicine like the rest of us.

by Sama Fri Jun 10 13:16:35 UTC 2011

Where are you from sama is the owner of the company male or female i could under stand raising the skirt for female but for male how old the secretary who punished you and the other workers on the hands did she hits older employees than her too

by guest Tue Jun 14 12:54:04 UTC 2011


by meena Sat Jun 18 17:18:51 UTC 2011

hai mary miss,
you are doing absolutly correct......
i am also taking home tution...
in my class some body dont do the home work no age bar, no gender, i hardly punished(around 12 to 15 storks )on a days i took my cane all of them will tell right answer....

by guest Sat Jun 18 17:26:19 UTC 2011

hai mary miss,
you are doing absolutly correct......
i am also taking home tution...
in my class some body dont do the home work no age bar, no gender, i hardly punished(around 12 to 15 storks )on a days i took my cane all of them will tell right answer....

by rani Sat Jun 18 17:27:52 UTC 2011


by m Sat Jun 18 17:28:44 UTC 2011


by guest Sat Jun 18 17:29:46 UTC 2011

to answer your questions, guest
The owner is male. The secretary is his wife. An appointment to be beaten with the slipper is usually for the next working day, so you can dress with modest underpants. The secretary and the female supervisor will also be present to witness the punishment.
Yes, two of the women in the office are older than the secretary (and older than the owner)and a third has now started work. They get the same treatment as everybody else not, you understand, that it is an everyday occurrence.

by Sama Mon Jun 20 08:45:05 UTC 2011

how old are you Taleen and how old is the female supervisor? does she hit employees regardless of their age and seniority? how about employees in a higher position than her? how are they punished for their mistakes?

by Karunas Tue Jun 28 11:34:51 UTC 2011

Taleen why u have to take the punishment from her since you are just employee like her and have the same duties are'nt you feel insulted from her punishment what happen if you refuse to take the punishment

by Justine Tue Jun 28 20:37:32 UTC 2011

justine,, I will answer instead of Taleen,, yes Taleen and the punisher are both employees but each has a different job,, the punisher is her job to punish,,,, and if Taleen refused to take her punishment,, it is ok,, but there will be cut from her salary,, and if there is everday mistake,, then at the end of the month she will pay from her money to the owner...

by Another owner Sat Jul 02 19:47:13 UTC 2011

Justine i am just an employee and she is incharge and the boss and i choose to get punished instead of paying money out of my pay check if i refuse to take the punishment then i will pay the penalty out of my pay check and about been insulted yes punishment is insulting but i understand it's my job and i get paid for my time i should be with more respect to the time in order to avoid any punishment

by Taleen Mon Jul 04 12:41:59 UTC 2011

taleen what country you in.are you married. is cane or other stick used to punish your palm. how many stots.are you in factory or office.are you wear uniform or skirt and jacket. what do family think of punishment. what your age.

by by guest Tue Jul 05 10:53:31 UTC 2011

Guest i am single 24 years doing clerical work at factory at the office ,a stick is used for the punishment and the number of stroks is depend on how much the pay cut will be i been punished several times the most i got 12 stroks on both palms that punishment for me being careless and make the company lose profit but for coming late the most i got 6 stoks they are hard and lot of pain coming after the punishment since i am doing clerical work some times it is hard for me to hold the pen or use the keyboard at the computer their is no uniform for the office employees but the dressing codes should be respectful dress like skirt and shirt or suit yes my parents aware of the punishment me and other employees take at work

by Taleen Thu Jul 07 12:12:16 UTC 2011

Taleen 12 stroks mus be very hard to take. Is it flat stick or round. How you ease pain to continue working. Do you rub hands and tuck them under older men and women, even married,get same punishment. what is oldest man and woman to get stick. have you seen them go back to desk rubbing hands and under arms with sting. what if man and wife in same office. when you last got palm punishment. what country you in. is this usual custom for workers there.

by by guest Mon Jul 11 10:47:12 UTC 2011

Yes guest 12 stroks produce lot of pain and took me longer time to reduce the pain i use too many things to reduce the pain the best is to soak my hands in cold water it will reduce the pain but the sting of the stick stays for a longer time every employee is subject to punishment if they arrive late to work or get lazy or any other mistake first paycut will be the penalty or warning to dismiss the employee from the job for week or more then the employee will deside if he or she will change the pay cut for punishment since i am working at the office i do witness too many punishment for male and females been punished the last time i got 6 hits last week

by Taleen Mon Jul 11 14:37:33 UTC 2011

Guest,, you asked Taleen which country she lives?,, Any country can be,, it is just a contract between owner and employee,,whatever the country is...and NO as an owner,, I never use married couples in my company..and I think Taleen's company too...

by Another owner Mon Jul 11 17:09:31 UTC 2011

Taleen is the punishment at your company been explained to every employee before they start working do they give you the choice between pay cut and punishment do you or other employee punished by male supervisor or just the lady supervisor the only person punishing the employees what kind of stick she used

by guest Tue Jul 12 12:40:06 UTC 2011

Yes quest before we get hired and when we get the company rules punishment is one of the rules and it's explained to every employee the female supervisor and her assistant and the office secretary the only ones do the punishments most the punishments for the employees working at the machines done by the secretary but the dept.managers and the office clerks most the times get punished by the supervisor or her assistant they do punish male and female all the same using flat stick about 150cm long and 2cm thick

by Taleen Thu Jul 14 13:29:23 UTC 2011

Taleen ???????????? 2 cm thick,,,, this is impossible,, there is no 2 cm thick stick,, my stick is 0.5 cm thick and is very thick,, 2 cm thick can not be catched properly,,,, go and measure it Taleen

by Another owner Thu Jul 14 16:26:48 UTC 2011

Yes it's 2cm wide not thick and it's oak wood i don't know the thikness it's thin stick

by Taleen Fri Jul 15 11:08:16 UTC 2011

To another owner first are you male or female do adopt punishment at your work place how you punish the employees and why?

by guest Fri Jul 15 11:09:38 UTC 2011

Yes guest , that is my adopted system in my company,, and for the nature of my work,, most employees are females,,, we are 2 owners,,male and female,,why I punish my employees?? read what Taleen wrote,,, how?? mainly palm punishment by me,, for more offensive sins,, my female partner is responsible for bottom punishment

by Another owner Fri Jul 15 15:56:37 UTC 2011

Sama you say older woman R in her forties was sent to office for punishment.Is she also married. did she get stick on hands or slipper on buttoks. When she came back to desk was she shaking her hands and tuck them under arms. was she dressed modern style - shirt, skirt and tights.

by guest Mon Jul 18 10:39:59 UTC 2011

to another owner, do employees have choice of hand punishment or bottom punishment? Is bottom punishment easier for them over clothing?

by guest2 Sun Jul 24 09:19:58 UTC 2011

No guest2,,, No choice for the is not a game...I am not involved in bottom punishment,,, however,,my partner beat them on knickers not bared (pain is the same anyway)

by Another owner Mon Jul 25 06:54:37 UTC 2011

do nursing tutors cane ?

by guest Thu Jul 28 13:41:27 UTC 2011

Yes guest, and they cane very severly.
I have joined B.Sc.,nursing course last year in a college nr bangalore on NH with very good campus,and high allround walls and iam from karnataka and all others are kerala girls.The college has over 200 girl students doing nursing of 4 yrs. Now, i thought happy to join college as i thought there is no caning in colleges.Of course i was caned in my school till +2 very severly.On the very first day of our course which started in sep 2010,we wer told that caning is very severe in the college.Here, most teachers are from the same college who have finished 1 yr & 2 yr ago and are kerala girls of age 21 or 22 only.

Subjects are difficult and mams told us that there would be severe caning even for minor mistakes.
Yesterday in the model exam i was caught by jecintha miss for copying from chit.She caught me and gave very severe caning on my palms 6 strokes each on my palm with a thin rattan cane.MY hands are swollen with red stripes and palm skin damaged with blood clots, severe burning sensation and because of pain i howled loudly urinated few drops inside my uniform.More over to divert attention from pain miss asked me to uteer ..,one, thank u miss untill the last stroke and all girls have to say these words at the time of receiving strokes.Tears rolled down my cheek and stained my face.I think miss canes karnataka girls very severe. she made me to kneel down with my hands up above my shoulders for rest of the examination.I am ashamed to get beatings from kerala teacher but all my teacher are from kerala. what to do? Pl suggest.

by shruthy Wed Aug 03 17:57:52 UTC 2011

Shruthy you just got for wrong doing the teacher did good your punishment should be much harder how you going to be good and honest nurse if you cheats that's mean you not going to take care of the patiants and sick people what you need to do study and be good to avoid the punishments i know to get hits by cane is too hard and make damage to the skin

by Nancy Thu Aug 04 12:22:29 UTC 2011

Shruthy,how can u say such nasty things about kerala teachers?I am also from kerala and teaching @ nursing college in karnataka.All kerala teachers are fair & give severe punishment to all students and don''t discriminate.If i were in your teacher place i wouldhave given much severe punishment.

by Asha Menon Thu Aug 04 16:02:29 UTC 2011

can you describe some of the punishments you give your students Asha? how old are you and how old are your students generally? is it real that such severe punishment of nursing students are taking place in places like Kerala and Karnataka?

by Jeeva Fri Aug 05 02:53:20 UTC 2011

At nursing schools punishment is common their and it's nessecary and for the benefit of the students and that's will bring very good nurses after they graduate for me i am teacher at nursing college and i did graduate from the same college 25 years ago and i worked as nurse for 15 years and i been teaching for 10 years i do apply sever punishments for mistakes and the most punishments the students get for arriving late and at the hands on class's no mistakes allowed their heavy punishment for any mistake because these students will be in charge for other people lives

by Ms Lindsey Lubics Fri Aug 05 11:37:42 UTC 2011

jeeva,before seeking information from me,tell me abt urslf,age,sex,job or study,place and y ur fascinated abt teenage girls punishment in profesional colleges.

by Asha menon Sat Aug 06 02:14:28 UTC 2011

nothing really about teennage girls punishment Asha. there is so much in this forum about punishment in nursing college and punishment of students by very young teachers. so thought about exploring that a little.I am no more studying and am 32 years old from S'pore. i'm working as an Accountant. when in college i have been slapped twice by young lady teachers and one of them was only a year older to me. no cane was used in all my classes throughout college life. it was not a practice to give organised corporal punishment and the slaps i and some of my classmates got were out of anger at the spur of the moment. only the lady lecturers do that. so it is quite interesting for me to read that caning actually occurs in colleges (not only nursing) in Kerala and Karnataka. so just want to hear your side of the story. thank you

by Jeeva Sat Aug 06 05:51:21 UTC 2011

Thanks jeeva,for ur intro & clarification.
u seem to be a thorough gentleman unlike most others in the forum.
I'll post most authentic information as to what's going on in professional colleges in SI,not only nursing colleges but engineering and general colleges and high society schools in a couple of days.Bye for now.

by Asha Menon Sat Aug 06 18:57:35 UTC 2011

Ms Lindsey what's the most hard and memorable punishment you give to a student and if been punished when you are student what is the hardest you took do you try to copy your teachers and punish your students the same way they punished you

by Jacklyn Sat Aug 06 20:27:46 UTC 2011

Jacklyn i can't call any punishment is memorable i did gave lot of punishments an it's daily their is no day pass by without punishing students for me every punishment i give is hard some students cry some students don't , i received lot of punishments during my school days and college days but the most one i still remember the punishment i took from the head nurse after i graduate and start my job training when the head nurse find i mix the medication between patients seh find it before the patient took the medication she asked to her office first she start by slaping my face she did slap my face more than 10 times then she gave me 20 stroks at my palms with leather strap without leting me to rub my palms for more than hour my face burning and my palms burning and that's my best lesson for me to watch and take my time before i do any thing

by Ms Lindsey Sun Aug 07 11:13:18 UTC 2011

hi,, I am a doctor,,, not from East,,, I agree with all who insist on punishment,, but not agree on severe punishment,, I actually punish nurses work with me in the same way by strapping their palms,,, but not severe and not to leave them with bloody marks on their palm,, there mus be limits

by Dr. M Sun Aug 07 20:08:13 UTC 2011

ok thank you Asha. bye

by Jeeva Mon Aug 08 01:43:48 UTC 2011

Dr.M since you adopt punishment then not will tell if your punishment is severe or not the ones who receive the punishments will tell if her punishment is severe or not like ms Lindsey said when ever she punish her students some of them cry that mean the punishments is hard and can't handle it that's why they cry from the pain and the one's don't cry the punishment is not too severe on them even ms Lindsey when ever she applies the hits she apply it with the same force for every student and i don't read any of the posts mention bloody marks every punishment will bring with it some kind of pain and that's the reason we are the teacher punish our students to put some pain on them to enforce them to behave and obey the rules

by Ms Cathy Mon Aug 08 10:36:47 UTC 2011

Corporal punishment in schools occurs when the teacher or the "adult-in-charge" purposely inflicts pain upon a studen in order to stop that studen's unacceptable behavior and or inappropriate language. It is also used to prevent the studen from repeating that behavior or offense and to set an example for other students are you young female teacher do that and acting like an adult when you punish your students specialy when your students older than you

by Ms Conie Mon Aug 08 13:34:28 UTC 2011

Ms Conie you right with every thing you said and yes young female teacher even some times at younger age but yes she is acting or taking the rule of the "adult in charge" she is in charge when she punish older student unless it's neseccery and needed to change inappropiate behavior in order for other students to avoid doing that behavior talking about my self teaching mostly all students older than me never hesitated to punish any student i am not acting like an adult but i feel that i am the adult and like i am at older age when it comes to punishments

by Ms Davaranda Tue Aug 09 13:07:42 UTC 2011

Ms Conie are young teacher do you act like an adult in charge do you realy beleive hitting older students than you ,i think what you ment with your post that young female acts like adult in charge and they need to change their habits and stop beating older students because adult can't beat other adult

by Cathrine Tue Aug 09 13:12:52 UTC 2011

Ms Davaranda, how old are you and how old are the students you punish, male and females? don't you meet objection from the older students you punish and where do you teach?

by Raslan Wed Aug 10 01:58:13 UTC 2011

no Cathrine young teachers they do their job they are teachers and they not acting they are adult and they are incharge and the only one's incharge for their students and class room and yes adult could contol and punish adults the punishments could be physicaly or mentaly too many teachers much younger than their students all over the world those teachers could punish any age student if inappropriate behavior done the punishment could be physical if corporal punishment allowed or mentaly like dismiss the student from the class or cut from the student marks it's all punishment for me i am not a teacher but i am the Dean of the students i am now 26 years old and i been at this job for 5 years of course physical punishment is strictly adopted and it's restricted only at my office before me or any of my staff punish any student full investigation will be done on the offense that student did and if the student find guilty then will go thru the punishment then me or other staff member will adminstor the punishment their is no acting the way you meant it cathrine with my post it's the same when i say teacher or adult incharge yes i agree to punish or what you said beat older student if i find that punishment will change that inappropriate and unacceptable language or behavior

by Ms Conie Wed Aug 10 11:38:30 UTC 2011

Raslan i am 23 years most of my students are older than me i teach computer sceince at short term learning center offering these class's for low cost yes most the time students feel embaressment to get punished from younger person if i have to punish any student if they agree to take from me i will give the punishment and if the student rejected i will send them to the management office i never force any student to take my punishment i been teaching for two years now when i start teaching most students will prefer to go to the managemetn office and not to be punished by me but still that doesn't hold me to keep doing my job and i never take it as personal even the management head manager asked me to try to control my class and force the punishment at the class room

by Ms Davaranda Wed Aug 10 11:48:41 UTC 2011

So Ms Davaranda why you not enforcing the punishment and force evey student to take your punishment since you are able to punish any student do you give hard punishment that's why the students choose the management staff ,by sending the students to the management office and not enfoce them to take the punishment from you make you look weak teacher even at your supervisors may be will consider that you can't fit to the job since you can't control you calss room and your students

by Principal Akeel Wed Aug 10 19:33:06 UTC 2011

Mr principal i know how it feel for older student to stand infront of teacher holding the palm out to be punished even if that teacher much older than the student still it's too much embaressment and humiliating i try to be fair to my students and i wished i could be too tough and enforce every person to take the punishment from me ,but now and after i have warning from the management to have better control at my students it wil be my choice to send the student to the management office for punishments then Head teacher gave the advise how to handle hard and misobeydiance students so my rules will change and punishments will be done at the class room i am not a hard punisher i am too fair even i do love to punish that make me feel that i am in power even when i send the students to be punished at the management office i feel i am in power so when they come back from their punishment and i see the pain at their faces make me feel happy too

by Ms Davaranda Thu Aug 11 10:38:07 UTC 2011

Ms Conie how hard your punishment and how many stroke you apply in single offense what instument you use to punish the students and were you punish them

by Jena Thu Aug 11 10:46:43 UTC 2011

Ms Conie in your career do ever find your self hitting student random to enforce regular punishment just if student refuse to show palm for punishment do ever have to hit that student like slaping the face apply stroks at the thighs or arms how you handle this situation since you highest level to meet with the students

by Jandra Sun Aug 14 11:58:37 UTC 2011

There is no real dicipline that is more effective than physical punnishment. Policy makers have reduced the effectiveness of teachers and administrators to nothing and then we wonder why students dont behave and test scores are low. Combined with larger class sizes lower budgets and teacher cuts due to standardized tests the education system has become a joke. An additional point of interest is the FACT that parents make excusses for their childs behavior instead of backing the teacher or school. Physical punnishment teaches students that there are real consequences for their actions, and to confuse this with abuse is insane. Obviously there is a cut off when this is effective and a high school senior wont respond the way a 6th grader would. Peoples have become a child worshiping society. Children are not in school to have fun, they are there to learn, and behave and so that they may contribute to society when the time comes. Punnishment is also to be administered by an administrator not a teacher.

by Janet Edward Sun Aug 14 17:19:55 UTC 2011

Jandra i am the adminisrator incharge to see misbehaving or wrong acting students but i am not the highest power at college i do see students refuse to show their palms or obey the orders for the punishments i never hit any students randomly or apply face slaping at any one i am her well trained to handle any rejection and i never take it pesonal my job to punish and not to beat up the students their is lot different between beating and punishing student is human has his or her own thinking if they refuse to take the punishment from me i will refer them to the head teacher which she is in more power and authority than me she could suspend the student if they insist of refusing the punishment and she is in power to punish the way she find it to fit the offense .Her i would like just to agree with Ms Janet post and she is right with every letter she wrote

by Ms Conie Mon Aug 15 11:29:58 UTC 2011

Does anybody know any vacancy for a MSc Nursing(pediatrics) in bangalore colleges ? Pls let me know, my sister is searching for one.

many thanks

by Angre Thu Aug 25 10:31:22 UTC 2011

My name Watija i am second year at Nursing school i am now 27 years old teacher will punish us for even small mistake the worst punishment i got 2 months ago from one of my male teachers he is around 45 years old he gave me 10 stroks at my palms for not doing my home work i stayed 3 days in pain and the marks of the cane still showing at my palms male teachers are more harder when they punish us and they use thin cane and applaying the punishment too hard but female teachers use flat stick and they hit with less force

by Watija Sat Aug 27 18:15:50 UTC 2011

yes. I am also a nursing student. Mail teachers cane us harder than female teachers. They use thin long cane and give avg 4-5 stocks.By their powerful stocks our palms are swollen. They not only cane us but make us standing on bench with holding ears punishment.

by sahana Sun Aug 28 17:54:38 UTC 2011

Sahana,,,, Watija,,,where are you from?

by Teacher MD Mon Aug 29 15:30:51 UTC 2011

I am from Pakistan

by sahana Tue Aug 30 09:48:16 UTC 2011

Sahana,,, are your age is above 20 years?? are all the students in your college are females? how is the range of student ages?

by Teacher MD Tue Aug 30 10:28:50 UTC 2011

I am studying in 2 nd year BSc nursing in bangalore city hospital owned college in central part.Yesterday i wrote my second year university exam.I was caught by the squad member for copying from bits of paper,which i carried to exam hall without handing over to the teachers.Squad mam handed over the slip to our principal mam.She got very wild and insulted as our's is very strict examination centre.It was about 30 mts before the close of exam @ 4-30 pm & on the last day of the exam.Principal mam is only 26 yrs old and very beautiful young lady.I was dragged to the principal's room and made to kneel down with hands raised in front of suad mam for more than 1 hr as they were busy receiving papers from teachers and sending to university after packing.

Principal mam is a terror with regard to copying which every teacher views very seriously in our college.I knew that a good dose of the cane was in sore for me.Mam's chamber is spacious and good number of rattan canes are kept on the top of the cup board.Mam told me that she is going to punish me very severly.Suad mam from other college was also sitting in the princi's chamber just to witness my punishment.
Mam gave me 8 strokes on each palm with a long & thin cane of about 1 cm dia & abt 4 ft long.It was hell with me yelling after each stroke and all the teachers were ordered to witness the same.
My palm skin was fully red with welts all around the palm.It was the severest punishment i have received so far.

by Anita Wed Aug 31 17:32:59 UTC 2011

I am 20 yrs old. Average age of students is 18,19-22,23. As Islamic culture male teachers have to stand at least 3.5 ft distance to female students. So the length of their cane is 4 to 5 feet. It is a thin rattan cane and it makes a painful stress on palms. But female teachers us short scale or duster and it does not stress any marks on palms.

by sahana Thu Sep 01 17:47:40 UTC 2011

Sahana,,,As isalamic culture,, I think all of females studnts cover their hair (Hegab),, right?
and I think as Islamic culture,, male Teachers should not hit female students at bottom,, but only on their palm..right?

by Teacher MD Thu Sep 01 18:57:37 UTC 2011

Absolutely right.

by sahana Fri Sep 02 18:22:54 UTC 2011

sahana,,, can I add you to my messenger yahoo,, if you have one,,,,

by Teacher MD Fri Sep 02 19:08:51 UTC 2011

Very difficult. We r frm diff country. U knw relation. On a public forum we can discuss, bt nt by mail.

by sahana Sun Sep 04 18:44:23 UTC 2011

Sahana,,, Ok,, thx

by Teacher MD Tue Sep 06 17:38:11 UTC 2011

insane using physical punishment to correct the behavior of adult students

by abc Wed Sep 14 00:57:08 UTC 2011

WHY ABC !!!!

by guest Wed Sep 14 11:59:02 UTC 2011

All students should be treated the same. If the cane is the accepted punishment for poor work and misbehaviour then adults should be punished just like younger students.

by guest Sun Sep 18 06:23:29 UTC 2011

In our country, female students are getting maximum punishment even in college also. Caning, standing with holding ears for long time, standing on bench with holding ears, kneel down with holding ears (even outside class room...... some time on the field or near college gate). Usually punishment from male teachers are harder than female teachers. Male teachers cane female students mercilessly.

by sahana Mon Sep 19 18:30:02 UTC 2011

Sahana,, could you take a shot of this punishment and upolad to youtube

by Teacher MD Tue Sep 20 08:09:15 UTC 2011

You can see corporal punishment in colleges in Pakistan in different sites in utube. Basically boys post these shots. But it is highly restricted to use cell phone in educational institute in Pakistan. If person is caught, he or she may be suspended or may gets severe corporal punishment.

by sahana Fri Sep 23 18:10:05 UTC 2011

You can see corporal punishment in colleges in Pakistan in different sites in utube. Basically boys post these shots. But it is highly restricted to use cell phone in educational institute in Pakistan. If person is caught, he or she may be suspended or may gets severe corporal punishment.

by sahana Fri Sep 23 18:10:09 UTC 2011

One day one of my class mate ….. a married girl of 27 yrs old having 2 kids was caught by our sir for using cell phone in class. Sir caned her mercilessly (I saw her complete swollen palms after that) and then made her kneel down with holding ears just on the middle of the field for one hour. Many outsider people looked her. Her age, social status could not prevent her from punishment. I will definitely share some views in this forum off and on.

by sahana Fri Sep 23 18:10:51 UTC 2011

One day one of my class mate ….. a married girl of 27 yrs old having 2 kids was caught by our sir for using cell phone in class. Sir caned her mercilessly (I saw her complete swollen palms after that) and then made her kneel down with holding ears just on the middle of the field for one hour. Many outsider people looked her. Her age, social status could not prevent her from punishment. I will definitely share some views in this forum off and on.

by sahana Fri Sep 23 18:10:55 UTC 2011

Sahana,, Ok,, I know very well it is very difficult in Pakistan to use cell phones in shooting videos,, but may be from outside the school,,from nearby building,,as some in youtubes did,,

by Teacher MD Fri Sep 23 18:52:34 UTC 2011

We have to stay under strict guardianship of our parents or husband. In college maximum girls are married and husband is their legal guardian. I am very lucky that I have no sister wives. Because here many girls have sister wife and husband punishes all wives severally if he thinks it is right.

by sahana Thu Sep 29 15:25:36 UTC 2011

My husband is a school teacher and when he receives any complain from our college he punishes me. It is not only on hand but for his punishment some time I can not take seat easily for 2-3 days. So it is quite difficult for a Pakistani girl to ignore college rule. Because for that she will get punishment from teachers along with her husband.

by sahana Thu Sep 29 15:26:54 UTC 2011

I always think it is unreasonable to be punished twice for the same thing. What was the point of your husband caning you again?

by guest Thu Oct 06 15:25:10 UTC 2011

ohhhh that's great

by guest Fri Oct 07 04:32:00 UTC 2011

arkengilum chandiyil adi kitarundo

by sinu Wed Oct 12 11:15:27 UTC 2011

Chandi, kaivella kitti adi potti

by Shobha, arts college muthukulam Mon Oct 24 18:26:41 UTC 2011

Shruthy, How often did you get caning till now? How severe are the canings? You have said that you think Kerala teacher is caning karnataka girls very severe. For similar reasons, are Kerala girls getting lighter punishments from that teacher or simply let off with warning? Did you receive caning along with Kerala girls at the same time and felt that you were caned much harder? What are the experiences of other Karnataka girls in your college? What are the normal reasons for which girls get caned in your college? Is it for smallest reasons also like accidentally dropping a pen in the class as mentioned my Jessy here? Please share your other experiences.

by Shilpa Sat Dec 03 18:48:02 UTC 2011

Jessy, 6 strokes on the same palm just dropping the pen. It is just to inflict maximum pain that all 6 were given on the same palm. I have absolutely no doubt that it was not intentional but just an accident. For the kind of terror and hell you are undergoing, nobody can even think of dropping the pen in their dreams. Nobody in this forum has so far criticized such inhuman punishments. How can such punishments for reasons similar to that help the students to improve their academic performance? I think that the teacher had been at the receiving end (Obviously because she has passed from the same college 1 or 2 years before), and now she is giving every bit of what she received with INTEREST to her students. What are the other smallest reasons and non academic reasons (I think they just try to find fault in anything and everything) for which students get caning by you or others you have seen and heard (from your seniors)? Please share. Do you stay in the hostel? Are there punishments in Hostel too? Are your parents aware of all such punishments? (The details, reasoning, severity and the total effect of punishments - not just there is corporal punishment). Are you allowed to cry loudly at least when you get such severe pain? I have read that in other colleges some teachers punish more if you cry loudly but crying with lesser sound allowed. Are you allowed to rub the palms after each stroke? (May not be- going by your narration as your teachers intention is to inflict maximum pain)

by Shilpa Sat Dec 03 19:20:00 UTC 2011

Shruthy, thanks for reply. I have to discuss lot more. My exams are going on. You can get more details about me in the topic "DEGREE AND PG LEVEL CANING IS CORRECT ?" in the same School punishment forum. There I have been regularly interacting with a team which is identified as "1234abcd". My finding is they are very good and with very kind heart. Please read the topic I mentioned above. We will discuss more once my exams get over.

by Shilpa Sun Dec 11 09:32:43 UTC 2011

1. After that severe punishment on 30th Aug 2011, were you let off or debarred from that exam?
2. Did they send your last paper to university for valuation?
3. Did they inform your parents?
4. What are the other types of caning you received? What frequency and What reasons?
5. DO you also feel that Karnataka girls are caned more severe than Kerala girls as felt by Shruthy?
6. Which state are you from?
7. Can you also answer questions put by me for Shruthy?
Please share
Please share

by Shilpa Sat Dec 17 17:51:01 UTC 2011

Shilpa,sorry i couldn't reply as i was busy with preparation for internals till 23 rd dec.

1.My case was strong for debar from exam for 2 years.They had seized all chits and recorded the entire episode with witness and if that had happened i was not allowed to take any university exam for 2 years minimum.I was let off with another session of assembly caning.
The next day being the last day of exam only with one session ie morning 9 to 12 noon and the last day of exam,all the girs(240 in number) were asked to assemble at 2 pm in the assembly my class teacher mam gave a brief account as to why the special assembly and told girls what would happen if they copied in the exam.Principal mam along with observer mam and all teachers were there.
I was summoned on to the dias where 2 rattan canes with similar thickness round in shape with 2 cm dia and about 120 to 130 cms long lay on the centre table near principal & observer mam.The cane had knots about 8 to 10 inches apart.I was to take caning from principal again in the presence of the observer mam,she agreed to hush up the matter without booking me for copying and there by saving me 2 precious years of my career.She agreed to this as i profusely apologised to her to save my career.She had discussion with principal mam late in the night and both told me that i have to be caned in presence of all girls of the college as it is a serious offence and also that i hve to get further punishment for this favour.They also said it is a befitting lesson to me and also other girls will be frightened about the consequence of copying.
I received 12 canings, 6 on each palm.I was made to take my position with face turned towards assembly girls at the centre and front of the dias.My palms were already swollen due to lst evening caning by principal.I knew this is going to be the severe caning aimed at frightening other girls and i prepared mentally for this severe caning.I hung my head in shame as i faced the college girls and princi mam approached me with the cane.She positioned herself left of me and i opened my left palm and as mam tapped my palm with cane and i held my hand very tight to reduce the intensity of pain.Mam gave a stern look and started swetting in my palm noticing this mam took aim and gave a severe shot on the middle of the palm,i howled with severe sharp
shooting up,next followed with same intensity on the same spot,which made me to jump in pain soon i settled down to receive the rest 3 with severe shaking of my left hand.I saw two parallel red lines were formed on my left palm.Now i had to show my right hand which had same fate with another cane lying on the table
and i was crying profusely with tears rolling down my both cheeks.

2.Yes, my paper was sent university for valuation.

3.My parents were summoned and they had sign my apology letter and submit to principal mam with warning that any repetion of the act would result in my removal from college.

4.Many types on many occasions for as simple as being late to class ,not submitting assignments,for incomplete practical record book and for not able to answer in daily class,failing in internals and university exam.

5.Yes ,surely karnataka girls are receiving severe punishmentsa as all teachers are malayalees and most students are malayalees. more over head girls are malayalee girls only and they make sure we get severe punishment by framing false charges that we are not doing assignments and home works.

6.I am from the state of karnataka. There are only about 4 or 5 girls in each batch that is a max of 20 girls for this 4 years professional course.

7.I have not seen her post and hence can't react.

by Anitha Tue Dec 27 14:11:52 UTC 2011

ANISHI (Anitha Shilpa) 1: Dear Anitha, Thanks for your reply. I feel very sorry for your sufferings. I understand what you are going thro'. I may be just a year elder to you as I am in 3rd year Engineering. (I finished 5th Sem exams on 22nd Dec 2011. I am labeling each para for easy reference and discussion in future.

ANISHI 2: You can get more details about me in the topic "DEGREE AND PG LEVEL CANING IS CORRECT ?" in the same School punishment forum. There I have been regularly interacting with a team which is identified as "1234abcd". My finding is they are very good and with very kind heart. My brother and myself are greatly benefited by interacting with them. We are continuing to get more and more benefited. But the posts are very very lengthy. If you find time, you can save that entire topic first and then remove portions other than the ones posted by them and me and read them. That may be useful to improve your academic performance. (Entire topic is too huge to read and I think you cannot find time for reading all contents) IF YOU DO NOT FIND TIME AND DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO WHAT I SUGGESTED, I WILL DO IT FOR YOU AND SEND YOU A MAIL IF YOU POST YOUR MAIL ID. NOW I HAVE LOT OF TIME AS MY EXAMS ARE OVER AND I HAVE HOLIDAYS.

ANISHI 3: (Q8): I do not understand why 2 canes were kept for your punishment and Why 2nd cane was used for your right hand. Does it increase the pain or if your principal mam used the 1st cane itself, will it not be as effective and painful? Was it a precaution - In Case one cane is broken or damaged during punishment, the 2nd is kept as reserve?

ANISHI 4: (Q9): Were you left alone in suffering on both occasions i.e. evening and night after exams and next day after assembly caning or there were some friends or teachers or warden to console you? Did they give any treatment in your hospital for reducing your pains and injury to palms?

ANISHI 5: (Q10): How did your parents react with you after they came to know everything? Are they aware of other severe painful punishments received by you on other occasions?

ANISHI 6: I have more questions. Will ask later. Please Do not Forget- I am here to do whatever LITTLE I can do to help you within my LIMITS as an ELDER SISTER. Please do not hesitate to share anything.

by Shilpa Wed Dec 28 04:51:12 UTC 2011

Lyubov, Are you from Russia? I am guessing from your name. also from your name, you may be male. What happens if you refuse the punishments? If you are from India, can you say which state?

by Bhavya Fri Jan 27 00:43:47 UTC 2012

Sorry my friend is telling me Lyubov is female Russian Name. Just tell what happens if you refuse punishments. Can you complain against Punishments to higher ups in Russia?

by Bhavya Fri Jan 27 01:03:41 UTC 2012

Bhavya i been informed that we will be subject to some kind of punishments if we have any wrong doing then we don't have any choice just to obey her and take the punishment so it will be less severe

by Lyubov Sat Jan 28 19:49:07 UTC 2012

Lyubov, Is my friends' guess correct that you are a Russian girl. Some other friend is telling me you may from any EX-Soviet country also. Please confirm. Is it very common in your country that nursing students are punished so severely? Can the head nurse fail you or something like that if you refuse to obey her and take her punishments? Also please share punishments in schools and colleges of your country.

by Bhavya Wed Feb 08 21:52:33 UTC 2012

Nisha, I sent a mail two days back. Waiting for your reply. If you have not received it, please reconfirm your mail id or send me a test mail.

by Bhavya Thu Mar 01 19:39:00 UTC 2012

I am Indian, and was caned when I was a boy in an African school for drawing an obscene cartoon of our mam. She walked in and saw me completing it. She immediately ordered me to turn around and face her desk. I was in shorts, and she gave me twelve very severe canings. The caning was so severe that it caused a splinter of the cane to go into the back of my leg. She took me to the nurse's office, where the women gave me two injections. One a tetanus needle, and the other a penicillin. I apologized to her and never repeated that mistake.

by Raju Mon Mar 05 22:29:26 UTC 2012

Bhavya where you are stdng? I m a med student from kerala Its something cruel to give canings to nursing students.

by Abhijith Fri Mar 16 16:53:50 UTC 2012

Nursing is very popular in South India, it is not so popular in other parts of India. There may be corporal punishment in nursing colleges in South Inida but I doubt whether it exists elsewhere.

by Amit Fri Apr 27 04:12:17 UTC 2012

I like Caning Very much . I want Caning from Ladies. Please Cane me wilsonred@rediffmaildotcom

by Santhosh Kumar Mon Apr 30 07:03:06 UTC 2012

There are many private nursing colleges in south India where corporal punishment (mainly caning) is still applied on students.

by guest Wed May 16 09:34:49 UTC 2012

I want Caning from Ladies. Iam Santhosh 9400390776

by guest Mon Jun 11 12:02:55 UTC 2012

caning with steel ruler is most effective

by deepa Wed Jul 11 08:23:00 UTC 2012

caning with steel ruler is most effective

by deepa Wed Jul 11 08:23:01 UTC 2012

I am Dr Thomas chandi Maths Teacher with Cane drthomaschandi40@rediffmaildotcom

by Thomas Chandi Tue Aug 28 07:57:35 UTC 2012

I am Dr Thomas chandi Maths Teacher with Cane drthomaschandi40@rediffmaildotcom

by Thomas Chandi Tue Aug 28 07:57:35 UTC 2012

Surely caning students on the palms prevents them from working properly and defeats the objective of the punishment.

Would it not be more effective for them to bend over and be caned across the buttocks instead?

It would be interesting to hear of any of the students would prefer to bend over instead of holding their hands out.

by guest Wed Sep 19 12:54:43 UTC 2012

guest it's better to hold the hands and get punsihed on the palms better than bending it's too humiliating to bend and get punished at the buttock i been forced to bend and take 8 stroks at my buttock once and i rejected all the time after the pain stays all day so keep rubing the bott but when i got punished at the hands yes it's painfull too but not as much as the buttock

by Henry Wed Sep 19 13:17:48 UTC 2012

I think it is better to be caned across the buttocks. Caning on the palms can be dangerous if a strike hits on the fingers by mistake and damages tendons. Swollen palms can also prevent you from holding pens or doing other work.

I would not be humiliated if I had to bend for a woman tutor and the pain is about the same.

by Usha Thu Sep 20 08:24:42 UTC 2012

My hands so swollen after caning I could not work. I am 21 student and am slower at learning than some. If I had choice I would bend for caning across my buttocks.

Do any teachers cane across buttocks?

by Davinder Fri Sep 21 12:28:01 UTC 2012

No doubt, palm caning is sometimes painful. But being caned on buttocks is very humiliating.

by Amit Fri Nov 09 03:51:27 UTC 2012

I will give BUTTOCKS Caning. wilsonred@rediffmaildotcom

by Santhosh Kumar Sat Nov 24 06:28:02 UTC 2012


I would not mind bending for caning on my buttocks from a female teacher. Better than palms

by Davinder Sat Nov 24 15:00:00 UTC 2012

Hello Anitha, I am Vinutha a teacher in a Study Center in Bangalore. Recently we decided not to introduce caning in our study center. I am continuing in this forum for curiosity. I felt very bad after reading the discriminatory treatment to Karnataka girls in Karnataka itself. Can you share your other experiences and the experiences of other Karnataka girls whichever you have seen or heard?

by Vinutha Wed Jan 23 01:49:56 UTC 2013

i am studying in nursing college.. palm caning is very common here. luckily i have beautiful palm but here i feel unlucky of it. almost every day i got caned . but yesterday was worst. due to my bad result my mam asked me to come in front of her and rule out my hand. she just rubbed my pure white reddish hand skin with stick and them she hitted hard 3 stokes on one place . it was very painfull. she asked me for my next hand and she also warned me not to rub my palm other wise she will hit from starting. i showed my left palm. she hitted that also with full force. then again she asked my right palm, and like this she beated me very hard total 18 stokes on both hands. after my punishment i was crying and my white palm had become bluish right now also i am having pain. this was the worst punishment ever in my life....

by shweta Thu Jan 24 19:22:18 UTC 2013

i am studying in nursing college.. palm caning is very common here. luckily i have beautiful palm but here i feel unlucky of it. almost every day i got caned . but yesterday was worst. due to my bad result my mam asked me to come in front of her and rule out my hand. she just rubbed my pure white reddish hand skin with stick and them she hitted hard 3 stokes on one place . it was very painfull. she asked me for my next hand and she also warned me not to rub my palm other wise she will hit from starting. i showed my left palm. she hitted that also with full force. then again she asked my right palm, and like this she beated me very hard total 18 stokes on both hands. after my punishment i was crying and my white palm had become bluish right now also i am having pain. this was the worst punishment ever in my life....

by shweta Thu Jan 24 19:22:20 UTC 2013


I am sorry to hear about your painful palm caning.
I prefer caning on my buttocks. Would you prefer to bend for caning on your buttocks if you had a choice. It stings but is less painful

by Davinder Tue Jan 29 15:42:54 UTC 2013

I am a 44 year old housewife doing Msc in a pivate college.Teachers are very young(youngest is 22).All teachers give hard canings on the palms.I am not able to keep my palm open for 2 consequtive strokes.Every day we get canings.Younger teachers cane more.Our class teacher is renu maam.She is around 23 but her caning is terrific.Every day she asks questions.She asks hard questions to the older ones.If we give wrong answer,she gives 5 strokes on the palm.Yesterday I got it.My daughtr (23) know about this.She always tell me to study,otherwise I might be caned.She personally knows some of my maams.They inform her when they cane me.Our teachers sometimes make us stand on bench also.This is really shameful.
Once my daughter had an oppurtunity to see me being punished by renu maam who is a fiend of my daughter.I failed in a class test.Maam informed this to my daughter.I didn't know about this.In the class papers were distributed.maam asked the students who got below 40 percent to stand outside in row.I stood outside.Maam started punishing one by one.There were 8 students including me.I was standing last.Suddenly I saw my daughter near the balcony watching all this.Next was my turn.maam asked my daughter to come near.She came.Maam told her that your mom is not studying well so she needs to get the cane.I extended the after one she gave 6 cuts on the right palm.My palm was burning.after caning she made us stand on kneels with hands up for the remaining period.I could see the sadness in my dughter's face.I promised her that i will study hard.

by suja Thu Jan 31 17:31:14 UTC 2013


That is terrible. You should not have 6 cuts on one palm. As I said in other posts I would prefer to be caned on the buttocks if I must be punished.

Would you prefer to bend for cane on buttocks?

by Davinder Sun Feb 03 14:06:50 UTC 2013

hmm orupravishyam eantai socks thazhitiyitta madam adichathu.

by anithya Mon Mar 04 01:31:42 UTC 2013

no davinder,I don't prefer butt caning.Normally there is only palm caning given here.But if some teacher gives it we have to receive it,since we obey teachers.But for now no one gives butt caning.Some teachers beat us on the shoulders with a thich stick or scale.Last week I got this from Maya maam for not answering question.She gave 4 horrible cuts with a steel scale.the pain is still there.
There is one deepa maam who gives hard pinch while we give incorrect answrs.Apart fom all this standing on the bench just after the caning is the most difficult task.
After the caning,the whole body will be shivering and we badly want to sit somewhere but the teachers don't allow this.Instead they ask us to stand on the bench.

by suja Fri Mar 29 11:08:06 UTC 2013

Suja, Why is the whole body shivering after caning? I thought the palms or the body shivering before caning due to fear. Is this shivering after caning happening only with you or other students also? Or is it because of your age?
How long will the body be shivering and when does the shivering start? Is it after the first stroke or before the first stroke while waiting in queue?
Please reply.

I agree with you- Butt caning may be less painful but Palm caning is respectful.

by guest Sat Apr 06 02:24:01 UTC 2013

Caning is a very good Punishment. I am a Maths Teacher. I cane my students.I am Taking Maths for Entrance Students.If we use Cane we get very good results.If a Student make a Mistack by His Carelessness I show him his mistake and after realising him his Carelessness I take the CHOORAL and give him or her 4 beat on his or her Palm or sholder. wilsonred@rediffmaildotcom

by Santhosh Kumar Wed May 08 09:24:16 UTC 2013

kollam nurse oke engne adi kitumo..

by anandhu Thu May 09 16:55:06 UTC 2013

cane me, reply

by guest Tue Aug 13 12:43:58 UTC 2013

give caning only on the buttocks or thighs and not on the palms because the fingers may break.especially to girls because they hav big fleshy ass and it will absorb all the strokes effectively.

by amal Mon Sep 16 19:47:07 UTC 2013

I like cane and I have interest to get beat on buttocks with cane from girls. If anybody is there to give beat please reply me and I ready

by anjali Thu Feb 06 12:22:17 UTC 2014

hey,everybody stopped caning nursing students??

by guest Sun Feb 16 16:05:27 UTC 2014

My friend, lets call her Soumya (not her real name) was a tutor in a nursing college in Karnataka. Soumya was an average looking girl, short, lean and with typical mallu looks.
One day she was out on a hospital visit along with her class. How ever instead of spending time at the hospital 4 of the boys went out and were roaming around. Soumya somehow came to know about this and she was furious, as any mistake by the students would result in the teacher being scolded by the principal.
Soumya didnt wait for the students to get back, she asked some of their friends, found out the guys where abouts ,tracked them down and took them back to the hospital premises.
She then grabbed a cane and asked the boys to come forward one by one. To each boy, all of whom were much bigger in size, she administered 4 strokes each, 2 on each palm. They were wincing with pain but took the punishment silently.
Soumya told me later she was scared if the boys would hit her back, since there was hardly any age difference between them. But her authority probably scared them and they were very obedient in taking up the beating.
Later couple of the students developed blisters on their palm, a fact which made Soumya sad!
I dont know how the students behaved with her since then but from whatever i heard i believe they never messed around with her after that.

by Princepurple1979 Sat May 03 15:23:33 UTC 2014

Anybody wants Caning Call me 9400390776

by guest Mon May 26 13:37:40 UTC 2014

suja how many times u got punished in front of your daughter?

I continued studies after marriage and got punished many times. one day my guardian was called by the Principal. that time husband was guardian. When he was called in chamber Prioncipal madam , my class teacher and class head girl was also present. of course i was also present there but not on seat, kneel down on floor. I was bare footed in skirts and my heads were down. The discussion continued over an hour and still I was in that kneeling position.

by Ramanika Sat Jul 19 11:57:48 UTC 2014

suja how many times u got punished in front of your daughter?

I continued studies after marriage and got punished many times. one day my guardian was called by the Principal. that time husband was guardian. When he was called in chamber Prioncipal madam , my class teacher and class head girl was also present. of course i was also present there but not on seat, kneel down on floor. I was bare footed in skirts and my heads were down. The discussion continued over an hour and still I was in that kneeling position.

by Ramanika Sat Jul 19 11:57:48 UTC 2014

did your kid saw you in kneel down position in school

by guest Thu Aug 07 18:00:05 UTC 2014

did your kid saw you in kneel down position in school

by guest Thu Aug 07 18:00:06 UTC 2014

No I quitted studies before they were born. I got kneel down after marriage but before my kids birth.

by Ramanika Wed Aug 13 06:42:54 UTC 2014
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