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Topic: Buying a CANE from shop
Anyone has seen any teacher or student buying a cane from shop? Or any parents in presence of their child? What do they discuss at shop??

by Saleena Sun Mar 28 14:09:52 UTC 2010

Good post jayakumar.
Everyone plz post their experiences (stories) alone.. Plz dont post qns and destroy the beauty of this thread. We can make this the best thread in this forum... :-)

by Administrator - Saleena Sun Mar 28 15:10:00 UTC 2010

Excellent post by Jayakuaarr and Snigdha. I'm describing one. It was 70s. I was a boy of 2nd standard. I had to enter a good school of my town next year. Admission test was up around four months. It was autumn vacation. Mom, who was a college teacher, told me you must get chance on the admission test now a day your academic ton seems not sound enough to satisfy me, I have decided to purchase a rattan cane for home. In our town rattan cane stick was available in weekly market only. There was no cane furniture shop at that time. She took me to the market around 11 am. First she went to a cloth shop. She purchased some unstitched cloths for me and herself for wearing at home later she stitched those at home. Those cloths were for my pyjama and shirt and her salwar and kameez. However then she went to some other places for buying some other things and finally come to the place where rattan cane is available. Three persons separately stood at the side of the road with bunch of long long rattan canes (mostly more than 10 feet long). Mom wanted to purchase one stick and told them she wants a lighter one. The cane seller took out a thin rattan which was around 5 feet long and told you are lucky enough usually less than 10 feet is not available. Mom swished that in to air 2-3 times got impressed with the hissing sound and purchased that cane. She told the seller to cut that in two pieces. Those canes were remain open not rapped while she came back home with me. Near getting to our house some of our neighbor aunties were there. They asked mom what are the things you purchased. Showing the bag containing cloths which was carried by me mom replied she purchased some cloths for stitching home wearing salwar kameez for herself and pyjama shirt for me and some other things. Seeing two canes they were looking each other whispering and finally asked mom about the purpose of those rattan canes. Mom told those were for me to prevent mischief and others. Aunties wanted to take those canes swished in the air for few times and brought back to mom. Mom advised them to purchase rattan canes to up hold home administration on children and adolescents. Aunties were again looked each other and whispered. They looked at me and those canes. I saw some sympathies on there eyes as they thought about the up coming tough days for a poor boy. After coming back to home mom always kept one cane in one corner of her bathroom for allowing enough moisture getting soaked to that cane which would keep that cane more swinging and prevented drying out. Another one cane (already have moistures from the previous day) she kept at the top of her cup board. That cup board was not so high so that any person who could enter to her bedroom could see that cane and they could easily understand the matter that she was ruling me with that cane. However after that when ever she sat with me during evening studies she took that cane with her. The time when she didn’t sit with me but I was studying she came to my room few times, walked around me taking the cane in her hand. She beat me very few times before admission test. But due to the fear of that cane I concentrated more in my studies. Our house was near to a very big open play ground (same area like a stadium). First time I was caned with the rattan cane for coming back home very late at the evening mom was tensed came out home and searched for me. That was around two months after purchasing that cane. I got admitted to that school obtaining 3rd position in that admission test.

by Ashim Tue Mar 30 20:42:26 UTC 2010

I also had a similar experience. Whenever i see a rattan cane this incident comes to my mind. I am from dubai. I did my schooling there. After completing my 10th std i came to my native place, calicut in kerala, with my parants. Me along with my mom and cousin sister Athira, who was also of my same age, went for shopping. We went to a big supermarket, i said because it was one of the biggest supermarkets in calicut but nothing compared to malls in dubai.. :-) . We purchased dresses and some fancy accessories like earrings,bangles and all. Then we went to another section to buy school stuffs for Athira like books, bags and all. Then i noticed a bunch of sticks at the corner of room. I asked Athira why are those sticks kept there. She told me that since its school re-opening time many parents and teachers buy rattan canes. I was still confused. I asked mummy what is rattan cane. She said that in kerala schools use rattan cane to punish children if they misbehave. I was really surprised to hear that since i was never caned before. I asked Athira "Have you ever been beaten with a rattan cane?". She smiled and said many times and it was very painful also. She also added it is really painful getting caned on palms compared to over skirts and only lady teachers cane them over their skirt. I asked mummy if it was right. Mummy told me that she was also caned many times on her childhood and it was really hard to get caned. Mummy took Athira to buy uniform cloths for her. Meantime i went near that canes bunch and closely examined it. It was nearly 2 foot long thick as my middle finger and brown in colour. I took one cane out of the bunch and to my surprise it was really light. I was really curious to know how it would be to get caned, may be my childish foolishness. Then i went near mummy with that cane in hand and asked her if we could buy this thing also. Hearing that the salesgirl, in fact a women older than mummy, who was cutting uniform cloth started smiling. Mummy told me that "Day after tomorrow we are flying back and why do you need it?" and asked me to keep it back there. I told her " I wanted to know how it feels". Mummy ignored me and even Athira was laughing at me. I got really angry on seeing her mocking at me. I tried to hit her on face and her spectacles fell down and got broken. Mummy was really angry and i've never seen her so furious and went near Athira and consoled her as she was crying. Saleswomen told mummy that her daughter is a very naughty and rebel girl. She also added that if it was my daughter i would have given given her a good dose of the cane. Mummy told her that she was right and snatched the caned from my hand. I was totally afraid and embarrassed. Just 5 mins back i asked mummy to cane me and now i dont want to be caned. Mummy pulled my left arm along with my cotton skirt to one side and started beating me. Mostly over thighs and some over my butts. I've never seen mummy so angry before. She caned me hardly and quickly. She gave me 6-10 strokes within a few seconds. I've never felt so much pain in life. I started rubbing my thighs and butts naturally and to add to my humiliation Shinni Aunty and family, one of our family friends, came to that section at that time. On seeing mummy with a cane in hand and me and Athira crying aunty asked what happend. Mummy narrated the entire incident to Shinni Aunty and after hearing the whole story she stared at me and told me that i am a naughty bad girl and gave me a good stoke with her hand on my caned butt. It was really painful. I jumped up and started to rub my butt like a small child. I was really embarrassed. Then mummy asked the sales women to pack and bill all the things we purchased. I was standing shamefully with head down. Then i heard mummy telling sales women to pack that rattan cane also. I was shocked and asked mummy the same question which she asked me before "Day after tomorrow we are flying back and why do you need it?". Mummy stared at me but didn't

by Sithara Wed Mar 31 09:40:32 UTC 2010

Mummy stared at me but didn't tell a word, it conveyed all the meaning. I was quiet again with my head down shamefully. Meantime Athira recovered from that incident and started smiling at me. Before entering the car i said sorry to her and hugged her. Mummy was also cool by that time and hugged me. As i sat on the seat of the car i said Ouch involuntarily as my butt was still burning like a fire. I said it hurts very much shamefully. Hearing that Athira said she knows that and also added that its more painful if it its on palms. Then mummy took out the cane from packet and said that we can try it after reaching home laughingly. I said No loudly and we all were laughing. Mummy kept cane back on packet and drove off to home and thats the end of story. I was never caned in my life after that. It was my first and last experience with a rattan cane.

by Sithara Wed Mar 31 09:43:05 UTC 2010

is there anyone who wants to enact school punishments in real life.
I m from mumbai & having been doing role play of school punishments in real life .I like punishments like situps , kneel down , ear pull , murgha , spanking , caning etc

by amit Thu Apr 01 14:04:27 UTC 2010

i see a girl who is in churidar buy cane from a shop
(angadi kada) once .i embrassed seeing that she is a beautiful girl and my freind told that she was a msc student taking maths tutions in home

by guest Thu Apr 01 19:20:22 UTC 2010

Good post jayakumar,sithara,rmkumar,Ashim and snigdha.
Everyone plz post their experiences (stories) alone...And dont make it too short and anonymous writting.. Plz dont post qns and destroy the beauty of this thread. We can make this the best thread in this forum... :-)

by Administrator - Saleena Fri Apr 02 05:02:32 UTC 2010

Akhil.. u r really an idiot..
Do you knw how much time i took for texting(drafting) my post like Jayakumar,Ashim and sitara.... Plz understand that this thread is not for posting your pranks or any other personal requests by giving ur email ids and all. U havent got any manners at all. As mentioned earlier this thread is only for posting caning stories(personal experience) related to buying canes. If u have any other intentions plz start a new thread for it. Plz dont destroy the beauty of this thread. Its a humble request not only to akil but to all.

by snigdha Fri Apr 02 18:04:05 UTC 2010

Recently we have made our own house at Siliguri. The other day, me and my wife visited a famous cane furniture shop at Siliguri in order to have some good furniture for our home. While we have been sitting on a sofa in the Reception and going through the catalogues of some standard furniture, a lady entered the Reception with a boy of around 10-11 years of age (her son) and went straight to the main counter where the Manager of the shop was sitting. My eyes at once glued to her & followed her movement. She is in her mid-thirties, looking gorgeous in her sari-sleeveless blouse outfit. She is fair-complexioned, possessing a beautiful face, having a sharp chiseled nose with flared nostrils. Her wavy shoulder-cut hairs & her brown-coloured sun-glasses have added attraction to her beauty. I could clearly hear the conversation between her & the manager. She was searching for some good punishment canes, to which the manager replied that they do sell the punishment canes exclusively for home use, but not for the schools as this is banned. She clarified that she needs canes for use at home only. The manager then called a salesman and asked him to take her to the punishment cane counter, which is inside. The boy remained at the main counter. After a while, she came back with two thin rattan canes, about 2.5 ft long & 1 cm. in diameter. The manager then prepared the bill and asked her to give an undertaking on the bill that these canes will be used exclusively at home only. She then paid the bill and left the shop. My wife, while going through the catalogues, was also eagerly watching the whole episode. After the lady has departed, she told me that of late Bappa (our son, who has just reached his teens and is a student of Std. VI) is becoming disobedient and faring poorly in his studies and therefore needs to be treated strictly and corrected accordingly. She then, to my utter surprise, asked me to buy some punishment canes for her also so that she could resort to caning Bappa whenever needed in order to correct him. I asked her to go inside and choose the same herself. She went inside and after a while came back with two thin & swishy rattan canes. We have visited the shop to buy some good furniture for our home and left the shop by buying two punishment canes instead.

I will soon come back again with the story how my wife resorting to her canes to discipline her son effectively.

by Soumitra Sun Apr 04 06:04:24 UTC 2010

Thanks Ramkumar, you are correct. If you want correct size of best chooral (canes) you can visit korappath stores at round trichur. Many schools are buying canes from there. In girls convent schools are bulk buyers, light thin canes are available in best quality and in cheap rates. I am a regular visitor of that shop and seeing many canes are sold in a day. From very thin to heavy thick canes are available and without any shine even young girls are purchasing it.

by a natibve of trichur Mon Apr 05 05:23:26 UTC 2010

Hi All,
Post more about incidents related to buying cane from a shop.

by Admin Saleena Fri Apr 09 08:43:11 UTC 2010

Excellent post Soumitra. Please mail me rupanti58@gmai

by Rupanti Sat Apr 10 10:42:00 UTC 2010

Good post Ramesh..
Guys share more such experiences..
And make this thread lively.. :-)

by Admin Saleena Sun Apr 11 15:22:44 UTC 2010

i am working in a govt high school in kerala as a peon one day i saw headmaster brought a long chooral and kept in the office evening everybody left from school he took that chooral and go to the kitchen ,i followed and watch him what he is doing there,first he put oil on the chooral and heat it very well then i ask him sir what is this he said now you see this colour of the chooral it will be more power full than before.then he start using that chooral from the next day i have a lot of caning experience from him.

by guest Sun Apr 25 03:36:59 UTC 2010

All Sri Lankans Welcome Here

to meet more Sri Lankans!
just, visit us!

Feel Free to Post your caning experience there

by guest Mon May 10 16:55:03 UTC 2010

Shameena! Can tou exchange your experiences with me? Then give me your E mail ID.

by Priya Tue May 11 03:21:13 UTC 2010

15 yrs back i was the class leader(10th std) of Govt Higher Secondary school. So i was asked to buy a new cane by the class teacher Ramesh Sir. The reason was during mid term exam class performance was really bad and majority had failed. So he decided to give a good dose of the cane. I knew that i would also get the cane as my exam was also bad. I was supposed to get a new cane on Monday after the weekend holiday. I was staying in a rural village. So i had to go to city to buy a new cane. I was totally worried on that weekend. Finally i told my elder chechi about it and cried a lot. She scolded me first and asked me to brave in tough situations.She also added that its high time that i need a good dose of chooral as i am not at all interested in studies these days. Chechi was 7 yrs older than me and was doing graduation at that time. She was also married and staying at city with her husband. I went to city with her and visited a cane furniture shop. She asked for a rattan cane. The shop keeper asked her for what purpose she needs the cane. She told him for school use. Then he took a long stick(thick one) and a very slim (valli chooral). He asked which one we want. Chechi asked him which one is better. He replied that both are good for school use and valli chooral is better. At the same time the other thick one is good if used over cloth. I was stunned to see those furious cane. Chechi asked him to pack both canes. I asked chechi y she bought 2 canes as only 1 was required. She told me one is for her personal use. I didnt understand. Then we went to her house in city 4 lunch. After lunch i was examining those canes carefully. I asked chechi which one should i take to school. Chechi smiled and asked me which one i prefer. I told her the on which i less painful. She tried both canes on her palm and told me that valli chooral is more painful on palms. I told chechi that only girls are caned on palms and boys on thighs and butts. Chechi smiled and told me that in that case take this valli chooral to school. I asked then y she bought the other cane. She took it in her hand and told me that it is for home use on me. I begged her that i dont want any caning at home from father or mother and i wont take it home. She agreed but now she would give me a good dose. I thought she was joking but she was serious. She asked me to turn around and fold my arms and gave me 4 strokes after pulling my pants to one side. I was rubbing my butt and running around the room after that. I promised her that i will study well. Next day i was about to leave to my home when she asked me are u sure that u do not need this thick cane. I said a big no.

by Ajay Tue May 11 07:56:47 UTC 2010

nice post ajay..any other experience?.

by guest Wed May 12 07:47:18 UTC 2010

Nice post Ajay. what happended when you handed over the thin cane to your Ramesh Sir. Please explain.

by Rupanti Fri May 21 06:06:29 UTC 2010

this thread is for sharing stories related to buying cane from shop only...

by Ajay Mon May 24 07:13:41 UTC 2010

Anyone got such experiences plz share...

by Ajay Mon May 24 07:14:17 UTC 2010

I am doing my engineering at Chennai right now. I would like to narrate an incident which occurred 4 years ago, in the month of May 2006.

I was never caned at home until I reached the 10th standard. During my 9th standard vacation while I was at home, Sreedharan sir who was a high school teacher came home in order to invite my father for the inauguration of his newly built 'Rattan Furniture Shop'. He had taught my father in the high school and I have heard that he was a strict disciplinarian who had used cane without any mercy.
My father wished him and welcomed him home. Sreedharan sir asked my father how he was doing and to this he replied that he was doing great. Then he invited my father for the inaugural function and then they spoke politics and village news. When sir noticed me, he asked me my name and the standard I was studying. I told that I was Abin and that I had finished my 9th standard. My father then told that I was very bad in studies and that he was thinking of bringing cane into use. Sir was shocked to learn that cane was not used previously upon me. He told that in that case it was peak time to start caning me. He added that the whole future will be based on the 10th standard results and he emphasized on the need to cane the teenagers to discipline them.

By this time, my mother came from the kitchen with a glass of lime juice. I think she had heard a bit of our conversation on her way from the kitchen to the room we all were all sitting. Serving the lime juice to sir, she told sir that she had thought of caning me at several occasions previously and she said that she was blocked my father at all those times. She added that she is not going to spare me by any means on that year. My dad stayed dumb at this. Meanwhile, sir had finished the lime juice which was served to him. My mum asked me to take the glass back to kitchen. I was a bit curious to listen tho their conversation because I smelt that she was going to discuss something personal to sir in my absence. Anyway, I took the glass from the table and left the room. But I stopped walking when I reached the next room. If I stand there I could listen to whole of their conversation.

I heard mum asking sir where to obtain good canes from. To this sir replied by saying that if she could come to his shop on the next day, he could provide her good punishment canes after the inaugural function. I was really shocked to hear about this initiative to buy the cane and the glass in my hand slipped, fell down and broke. Mum came hearing the sound and understood that I had been listening to their conversation. She got hold of my ears and dragged me to the room sir was sitting and told sir that still pulling my ears that I had been hiding behind the wall and was listening to their conversation and that I had broken a glass. Sir called me near him and made me sit with him. I was wearing a shorts which ended just above the knee. He rolled up my shorts with his right hand. Now whole of my thigh was exposed. He slightly slapped my thigh a few times and told my parents that it was not nice to leave the teenager boys' thigh without any punishment marks like my thigh and he advised my parents to start caning me.

Sir told that he had gone to take a fresh stock of punishment rattan canes on that day and said that it was there in his car. He said that if my mother wants, he could give one cane at that time itself so that he could do his inaugural sale that day itself. My mother was happy at this and she pleaded sir to give me the inaugural dose too. He agreed to that. He went out and opened the car door and pulled a cane which was as thick as my forefinger and as long as 2.5 to 3 feet from the bundle of cane he had in his car. He swished it in air. He asked my mother to bring some oil and a lighted candle. My mother did as he asked. He applied some oil upon the cane and then showed it over the flame of the candle saying that it will give long life and flexibility to the cane. No

by Abin Mon May 24 08:21:55 UTC 2010

intresting abin.please share your mom's caning

by radhika Mon May 24 13:13:34 UTC 2010

I can share with you in confidence.Pl. give me your E-mail ID.

by Priya Thu May 27 02:11:31 UTC 2010

I appreciate your language, Abin.
Nice description too..
Post similar experiences...

by Rajeev Sat May 29 05:11:18 UTC 2010

very nice
pls continue

by guest Fri Jun 04 15:41:11 UTC 2010

There is an article in yesterdays Manorama(Thrissur edition) about cane selling in the shops.The article says cane selling is very fast in the school opening season like the last years.That means caning continues in our schools still after the banning of corporal punishment in schools.Teachers saying in the article is, cane is only just for control the students and not for applying to them.Anyway from the article I understand there is an awareness started in the public that corporal punishment should stop like the developed countries.
you can contact for more detail,thsr2010atgmaildotcom

by sj,Thrissur Sat Jun 05 17:52:52 UTC 2010

In Trichur district all the stationery shops nearby schools are selling school canes. It is a very clear evident that teachers, parents etc. are buying it. Even now a days chooral is available with big supermarkets also. From very small shops to big supermarkets chooral is available, that means it is a must now days for controlling students. You can buy any type of canes from even very small stationery shops in Trichur.(from very thin to thick one). Schools some shops are supplying in bulk (each bundle containing 100 sticks) about 24-27 cms. Nobody can control caning punishment in schools, unles parents protests. Most parents are not against caning punishmnets in schools for considering the future of their wards.

by a parent Mon Jun 07 04:52:26 UTC 2010

plz share any experience (stories) related to buying cane from shop. Do not post small comments and destroy the beauty of this thread. Sorry not to hurt anyone intentionally. If anyone from trishur has got any experience related to buying a cane from shop plz do share.

NB: Plz post only stories related to buying cane as posted by many people including me.

by Admin Saleena Mon Jun 07 17:55:40 UTC 2010

very nice smitha

by guest Thu Jun 17 12:15:46 UTC 2010

please carry on more!

by 1 Sat Jun 19 02:03:59 UTC 2010

caning story...



by guest Sun Jun 27 04:29:02 UTC 2010

put some more stoies, very intersting!

by guest Tue Jun 29 16:19:44 UTC 2010

I was regularly directed by dad to purchase cane for caning me.It was kept on the table at home so that everyone can see it and understand how strict he is.He always ordered me to take it and give him before caning.Also the caning process will long more than half hour.First I have to strip the pants (not underwear) and stand before him.He will be sitting on chair.He will ask me questions.Unsatisfied with my answers,he starts caning one by one.At last it becomes severe and unbearable.I cry loudly and request him apology.I am now 20.Now he has reduced the frequecy of caning to twice in a month.Will he ever put an end to my caning.Any one can reply?please

by Nitin Ranjan Sat Jul 10 14:11:54 UTC 2010

Where are you guyz...
Kindly write more stories regarding purchasing cane.

by Admin Saleena Mon Jul 12 05:44:46 UTC 2010

My father was a school teacher - a strict one at that, according to his students. At home as well, he was pretty strict. During my school and early days of college life, he used to give me liberal doses of cane whenever I committed some mischief. He had purchased the cane for home use from the nearby town where his school was.

After I reached my degree studies, he made some 'amendments' to the 'punishment procedure code'. Instead of doing it himself, he delegated the duty to my cousin (whom I consider as my own elder sister), with full authority. And she accepted the duty whole-heartedly. Initially, she used father's cane which was in my custody. One day, the cane was broken accidentally as it got trapped between the drawer and side of the table in which it was kept. Then my father asked me to buy a new one - for two reasons: one, he was working in a different school away from the town, and more importantly, he felt that having to buy the cane myself will be a 'punishment' in itself. Somehow, I also liked the idea - if not anything else, I'd get to choose the cane!

I decided to buy the cane next week, because we had end-of-semester holidays and I had some other work also in the town. I went to one of the stationary shops which used to sell canes. There were only two - three customers. As I was looking at the bunches of canes kept in a corner, I found myself in a rather uneasy situation. Usually, it's school teachers or students who purchase canes (for school) and rarely, parents or those who conduct home tuitions. I didn't fit into any of these categories - neither a school student, nor old enough to be a teacher or a parent. Moreover, the shop - keeper knew my father (and me) pretty well - my father had worked in the school nearby for more than a decade. The shop-keeper was somewhat confused seeing me looking at the canes. He asked me why I was looking for a cane. I said it was for father. 'But he could have bought it like he used to earlier...' 'Yes, but he's not coming to town nowadays and asked me to...' I tried to disguise the reply. Still, the shop-keeper had his doubts. He looked at me curiously, and, as if he sensed something, asked me: 'Seems that It's for ...' Before he completed the question, his attention was diverted by one of his staff as one of the customers was waiting to make payment. Relieved of the embarassment, I returned to my search.

by guest Mon Jul 19 07:32:48 UTC 2010

Cont'd from above:

I was still looking surprised, hloding my selected cane in my hand. The teacher was waking to to the nearby section, obviously looking for some book. Then she noticed me and immediately recognized. (she had seen me a few times with my father). 'How's your...' She was about to start enquiring, may be about father, when she saw the cane in my hand. 'Hey! is that for your father?' 'Hmm..' 'But why doesn't he... ah... I see.. may be It's for you, right?' She smiled. 'hmm... yes...' 'So, he's still giving you 'doses'..?' 'er.. no... it's not him...' She looked confiused. Then I explained to her about my cousin. 'So there's someone to set you right... That's great..!' She joked. 'Yes, of course.. It's a better option than father - better in any sense.' I smiled. She nodded as if agreeing with me even as she looked keenly at the cane I had in my hand, as if 'analysing' it and at the same time thinking of something else. Suddenly, she popped a surprise: 'Hey..! do you need my help to choose the best one for your sister?' She had that 'wicked' smile back on her face - the same smile that she wore when she 'helped' the girl. I sensed trouble. 'Hey..! No..! I know you may be eager to pay back to me what father gave you a decade back...!' She understood that I had sensed what she meant. 'That's good! I don't want to 'pay back' because whatever I got from sir (referring to my father) at that time was well - deserved, But I do hope your cousin - sister would give you the best that you deserve...!' She laughed. 'And, by the way, your selection looks the best one among the lot...! Hope your sister would be very happy!' 'Of course she'll be very happy...! After all, it's not always that one gets a chance to give a dose of cane to someone who is not a 'boy' any more..!'

Ending the conversation after a few more minutes, I left the shop with the cane and some other stationary items. The young teacher was still in the shop when I left.

by guest Mon Jul 19 07:34:00 UTC 2010

hi ramya,what is your brother's age?.can you please eplain one incident in which you had been got severe caning by your mom?

by guest Tue Jul 20 12:43:26 UTC 2010

where was that shop situated

by guest Sat Nov 27 11:18:01 UTC 2010

Dear lalina in which school does she teach is this a boys school please reply soon

by A guest Fri Dec 03 19:03:35 UTC 2010

Lalani did she punish daily?give brief

by Guest Tue Dec 07 05:41:09 UTC 2010

I saw a young lady buying a cane from a cane shop.she selected on cane and waved it checked its flexibility

by guest Fri Dec 10 21:43:36 UTC 2010

i saw a young lady buynig a cane from a shop,because of curiosity,i followed her till she got onto a bus.

by guest Fri Dec 10 22:01:10 UTC 2010

Today i saw a police woman buying a thin long rattan cane from a shop. Then she handed over it to another police woman sitting in police jeep and they left. I am sure they are going to use it in police station.

by guest Wed Dec 22 14:10:58 UTC 2010

Write something on the thread "different punishment to husbands from your ideas"

by Guest Fri Dec 24 06:37:10 UTC 2010

Y no new stories?

by guest Fri Feb 11 13:35:39 UTC 2011

my maths teache caned me yesterday for not doing homework.I still have marks on my bums.

by guest Mon Feb 28 17:15:52 UTC 2011

Share stories please

by guest Tue Mar 01 09:45:07 UTC 2011

caning has been banned,these stories are fase.

by guest Sat Mar 12 22:31:20 UTC 2011

Last week I spoke to a lady in a shop where cane an item for sale,in cherpu, near thrissur,she is the shopkeeper.She said ladies are the main customers for cane.Today (that day) also a lady purchased a cane for her plus2 daughter for not study properly , she added.Another type customers are Girls taking tution.

by sj,tsr Fri Apr 08 17:26:53 UTC 2011

I am a School Teacher. I buy canes from a village fair. I buy a bundle of canes for other teachers too. It is cheap to by 50 canes at a time. I make a small profit also.

by Rebeca Wed Apr 13 08:21:32 UTC 2011

Hi Miss Rebeca,Can u punish me with your cane.

by guest Thu Apr 14 22:53:29 UTC 2011

NO. I will not punish anybody without doing wrong. Don't be silly.

by Rebeca Fri Apr 15 05:31:37 UTC 2011

caning story

please leave ur comments

by guest Sun Apr 24 15:49:31 UTC 2011

today my aunty came to our shop. She told me to select a good whippy cane fom the bundle of canes we sell. So I selected the longst cane in the sense that it will be used in the class room since she was a teacher. Before leaving the shop she met my mother and I herd she tellying my mother that she is going to use it on her daughter. Infact I am loving her daughter and have a secret affair with her. Now I am scared because I know that my aunty will thrash her. Today I couldn't sleep even. Tommorow I will meet her and appologise for my mistake.

by Deepak Sat May 07 03:46:24 UTC 2011

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by guest Sun May 08 03:25:54 UTC 2011

deepak, how old are u and ur aunty,s sister?

by arun Sun May 08 03:48:44 UTC 2011

can u tell me a shop in bangalore where i can buy a cane? thanks

by kumar Sun May 15 18:29:06 UTC 2011

in bangalore is available plenty at sivajinagar near the busstand there is a row of cane furniture shops. we used to get it from there.

by guest Mon May 16 04:57:43 UTC 2011

visit our blog mentioned above

by guest Mon May 16 04:58:10 UTC 2011

Arun, I am 19 and my aunty's daughter is 17+. Her daughter told me that she used the cane only once ( 5 strokes )and that was very severe. She told me that she will show me the cane marks when we got married. The best thing is that my aunty has given consent to our marrage and we will get married in two weeks time. According to our custums we get married first go on honeymoon and after one month we will have a ceremony. She is a very good girl.

by Deepak Wed May 18 08:28:43 UTC 2011

Deepak, if your marriage went on as you claimed, your parents could find themselves in some big trouble, because you, being only 19, are very much under-age for a legal marriage, and under-age marriage is a crime as per Indian Law.

by VP Sun Jul 03 03:06:35 UTC 2011

I am searching a shop for buying a cane. The shop from where I had been buying the cane had stopped selling it. I am settled in Chennai and I am basically from Kerala. Could someone suggest me a place from where I can buy a cane? It has become am extreme necessity to discipline my naughty teenage children. Currently I am using coffee cane since I can't get the rattan cane. But it's leaving long lasting marks on their thighs.

by Vinaychandran Fri Aug 26 13:30:46 UTC 2011

I am searching a shop for buying a cane. The shop from where I had been buying the cane had stopped selling it. I am settled in kottawa and I am basically from Colombo. Could someone suggest me a place from where I can buy a cane? It has become am extreme necessity to discipline my naughty teenage children.Currently I am slapping since I can't get the rattan cane. But it's leaving long lasting marks on their thighs.

by rohini Sun Sep 11 10:14:53 UTC 2011

no new stories??

by guest Sat Oct 08 17:28:45 UTC 2011

Rohini There are many shops selling good canes in Colombo send me your e-mail id to I will send you the palces where you could get a good canes

by mahinda Sat Oct 08 17:34:26 UTC 2011

This happened in the early 1993. I am a brahmin and we like in an agraharam near the east-fort. I was doing degree from sanskrit college. My mother used to take tuition at home. She was a retired teacher from kendriya vidyalaya. She takes from class 5 to 12th mathematics. Most of her students were 10th std. She was really strict, and it was like any donkey will learn mathematics if they attend her class. There was a lady sweeper in mother's school called Valsala. Her daughter Santhi was poor in studies and failed in 10th std two times. It was her third attempt. So she asked my mother if she could teach her. I heard her saying to mother "Teacherude chooral kashayam aanu avasanathe margam..". My mother said okay. Then she asked about fees. My mother told her no fees required, if possible buy one new cane.

by abilash Sun Nov 27 10:19:03 UTC 2011

abilash, amma aa chooral kond valsalayude ammaye adicho? pls share that incident? how namma cane her?

by guest Tue Nov 29 16:44:36 UTC 2011

I went and sat in the room beside classroom and started reading a book. After 5 mins amma came to with her paper in one hand and the new chooral in the other hand. Amma was really angry asked " Entha padikathatu" She said "test ulla karyam marannu pooyi.. next time padichukollam" .Amma " Maravikku best medicine chooral aanu"

by guest Mon Dec 05 03:42:16 UTC 2011

abilash we cant understand your language please describe with english again

by guest Tue Dec 20 20:02:16 UTC 2011

Anyone plz share your experience.

by Abilash Fri Feb 17 04:51:32 UTC 2012

Guys i have a story but it will take time to draft and my exams are going on. So i will post it after one month

by ? Wed Feb 22 18:04:24 UTC 2012

kindly share it..

by guest Thu Feb 23 15:50:26 UTC 2012

kindly share it.. so that we can make this thread alive

by abilash Thu Feb 23 15:51:08 UTC 2012

kindly share it.. so that we can make this thread alive

by abilash Thu Feb 23 15:51:10 UTC 2012

pls share it. we r waitimg anxiously

by guest Sat Feb 25 03:02:04 UTC 2012

in a city i with my sister in law visited a road side shop for some wood cane for curtain,at that time i was in engg college,my brother married in that year,so for shifting new city and home decoration i was given duty to accompany her in purchasing.when we were purchasing wooden rod a 12yr boy came for thin cane ,shopkeeper asked to wait,thereafter after cutting making thin he handed to boy,sister in law asked for reason he told that his madm will punish him for mistakes,than she asked whether he got caning he replied no.than for fun she told that come my home i will give u preventive medicine for it.the boy come with us .she was knowing that boy,because he was her cousin brother,but boy was not,boy told that will u communicate to my mother that i have been punished in school so please dont cane him,she told ok.but from where black and blue marks will come on back,so boy requested to cane him so that he can show his mother those marks,otherwise his mother will give more severe punishment.sisterinlaw was reluctened to cane,because in her childhood she nither got canning a nor caned any one.but becuse of boy requested her with touching her feet,than she gives her node,than she told boy to become murga and removed his shirt and kept her feet with slipper on his kneck and given sound caning,marks come on his back,she left her,the boy has gone home,she informed his mother on telephone.his mother welcomed his son and told him u got canning from ur cousin sister,here we started laughing,when my brother got this information,he asked to join her in school instead of office.

by mns Sat Mar 03 10:32:26 UTC 2012

guest of feb. 22, pls share ur story. i think u r free now

by guest Sat Mar 31 15:15:06 UTC 2012

anyone plz share experinces.

by guest Thu Jun 14 17:38:18 UTC 2012

Ouch from the cane it's painful

by guest Mon Nov 12 12:55:38 UTC 2012

any body know any caning shopping calicut pls reply

by arun Sun Dec 16 04:51:04 UTC 2012

I am looking for a vintage cane that has been used in a girls school or prison. Antbody know of resourses for this?

by guest Sun Dec 23 06:09:56 UTC 2012

I am a Maths Teacher. I have a Good Collection of Choorals. wilsonred@rediffmaildotcom

by Santhosh Kumar Fri May 10 04:52:15 UTC 2013

pls post new stories...

by guest Sat Mar 08 11:18:28 UTC 2014

Myre ,,,,,,,, chooral koothil keetiya anubhavangal panguveku

by Kundiyadiyan Fri Aug 08 13:44:21 UTC 2014

Njan ente molude pavada pokki panties oori choolal konde adichu, eniku kambiyayapool ente andi london adichu

by Poorimon Sat Aug 09 14:43:06 UTC 2014

Hi kundiyadiyans. Post story about kundiyadi with cane

by Anoop Tue Aug 12 14:56:10 UTC 2014

Cane kaanichu penninte mulaykidayil andi vechu, oombhichu

by guest Tue Aug 26 14:11:17 UTC 2014

Myre chato?

by guest Tue Sep 02 15:46:34 UTC 2014

I am a past school student when I was caned lots of times with different canes and usually on the bare. I really miss this experience and still need much caning. If the any teachers or prefects wishing to practice or test new canes please email me. Kres(@)post(dot)com

by Kres Fri Sep 05 06:04:52 UTC 2014


by guest Mon Nov 24 15:00:48 UTC 2014

I my self is a teacher ! I have two girls ! I love to use the cane on my students and my kids ! I would cane them until my anger is finish ! Normally I would cane 20 times ! I cane in the butt ! I think the butt is the best place to cane !

by guest Mon Jan 19 15:04:49 UTC 2015

I normally cane my student for careless or I will pull their ears !

by guest Mon Jan 19 15:06:08 UTC 2015

I normally buy cane from a rattan shop ! I love to buy a lot of canes ! I will buy thick thin ! One shot buy 40 it's only 10 ringgit ! I will soak all once I use it !

by guest Mon Jan 19 15:08:02 UTC 2015

One day I saw a family came into my shop ! Which i am the boss ther! Then the mother ask me if there is any cane which can cane until it's bleeding ! Then I point to the most thick and a most thin cane ! And I pass it to the lady ! And the mother ask his daughter to show her palm ! And then the mother cane her twice with the thick and say I will let u try both and I will try both too the mum said ! After that I say I will help u to try ! And u saw that the daughter was so naughty and I point to both of the cane and she say ok I will buy two ! And then while the lady walk out of my store while pulling her daughter ear ! And ask me where to hit ! And u say the butt will be the beat and palm ! But remember I said let them pull their ears first and use their hands to hit their butt ownself first only u start !

by guest Mon Jan 19 15:15:32 UTC 2015

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by valsala Thu Mar 05 06:11:29 UTC 2015

nice post more stories

by admin Tue Mar 10 15:10:40 UTC 2015
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